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last i heard (3 hrs ago), tes was on layover for the final leg of her trip back and couldn't wait to get home so she could sleep n stuff.
Congratulations, Fina!!! That is wonderful news.

((((Mandi, Sidecar, Dusty, Q-spice, Rosie Vee, Amilita, Anoushh, Lady L, Bunny, DM, Mornington, Pixie, Lively, and Tes wherever she is))))

SapphMan's dad is out of the hospital, and SapphMan is back home with me. Hurray for both of those things! F-I-L is still not 100%, but getting stronger every day. Thank you all so much for your thoughts, vibes and hugs. You rock, as usual.

Anti-kvetch #1: Very fun cook-out at a friend's house yesterday. Saw lots of friends, some of whom I hadn't seen in a few months, and consumed way too much good food and too many cocktails.

Anti-kvetch #2: We got a brand-new air conditioner (window unit) for $34. Woot!
ugh, what an exhausting weekend (it wasn't the plan but we worked on landscaping all weekend (except for a brief art/music show thing)-- it looks better but still isn't where i want it to be). and i'm at work with the worst sinus headache ever. i think i'm gonna ask the boss if i can go home. then i've got a lot of work to do getting things ready since my mom will be here on friday! then after she leaves we'll be having a (urgh!) guest-- the mr's sister is moving in till she can get on her feet- if this is more than 4 months i'm going to kill someone!

anyway, love to all busties & hope everyone is good & had a great weekend! *mwah!*

i've been trying to read and keep up with what's going on, but i haven't been ablke to get over here to respond to anyone in forever and it's making me crazy!

i have a hellacios sunburn on top of the remnants of a bad sunburn from last weekends soccer game. <pout> it friggin hurts. i can't raise my arms high enough to brush my hair properly...

speaking of which... I CHOPPED MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!! it was so long that i was sitting on it, almost down to the tops of my thighs, and now it's barely to my collarbone!!!!!!!! it's crazy, i can't get used to it, yet i love it! and yes, i donated it to Locks of Love. all told, i think i lost about 18 inches of hair. it's nuts! but it's cute!

anyway, i gotta blast outta here and get back to the house 'cause kids are gonna be home (much too) soon...

Oooh, everyone is getting their hair chopped! It's fun to get a dramatically different cut, I think. I actually have an appointment, finally, for next week. I really want bangs, but it's summer, so that would mean having them wet with sweat and plastered to my forhead most of the time, so maybe not.

So it's finally happening with the Mr.'s sister moving in, huh, crassy? Wow. Can you make a time limit on the stay? I hope you have a good visit with ya mamma!

Yay for sapph man's dad being out of the hospital and yay for sapph man being home with you!

Yay for a kvetch-free day for bunnyb!

Thanks for all the pictures, pixie! Love the bob, and you and the Mr. look so sweet on the cruise! Awww! And such gorgeous kiddos! Wowee. I love seeing what the kvetchies look like!

mornington...skeleton embroidery?! Sounds so cool! Any way I could see?

Congrats fina! An engagement trip sounds so lovely! Whenever I see giant rings or hear about giant ceremonies, my first thought is that they could've taken a great trip with that money.

Yay for rosev's car! My car is a '90, so power windows and a CD player sound so luxurious and fancy to me!


So lesse...inner tubing was fun, despite getting rained on HARD for about 20 minutes, right when we got to the river bank. Ha. But then it cleared up totally and was beautifully sunny.

And in the news...they found 2 dead bodies from the flooding in homes here last week. Yeah, from 8 months ago. And this levee they just repaired shifted and sank like 6 feet overnight, and other repairs just aren't done. We still don't know about our evacuation cottage, but I'm keeping my parts crossed.

Also keeping 'em crossed for sidecar's job!

Love to all!
wow, damona! 18 inches! ***anti-sunburn pain vibes*


yay for sapphmandad getting better & out of hospital, & yay! for sapphman being back.


(((rosev))) ***anti-landlord vibes***

(((bunny))) - I'm just about to pm you! The netherlands... hmm, clogs?

and where is ((((mando))) today? Are you being looked after & able to put your feet up petal?

I seem to have gotten much more done today, even though I think I've spent more time away from my desk. Revision still sucks serious arse, though.

I spent a couple of hours this evening cleaning the kitchen. My hands have got that horrible papery feeling that comes from being submerged in water for ages while I did two sink-fulls of washing-up, and then from the cleaner for the hob. I had to use a wire brush to get some of the crap off. I hate housework. It might be terribly bad of me, but I think my ambition in life is to get a job that pays enough money to pay somebody else to do the dusting.

bitch bitch moan moan here.

(((lively, amilita, ladylib, dm, dm's mum, fina, sidecar, sonik, vesica, txplum, tallgirl, msgoof, tyger, lys, north, quantum, anoushh, tes, & everyone I've missed)))

why can i remember all those names & not the insertions of the brachiocephalic muscle? Honestly... my memory appears to be selective
~*~*~*strength for the entire sapphamily~*~*~*~*
(((mando)) sorry you had such a trying weekend! But glad you have been feeling flirty lately!

(((Crassy and her sinuses. Sinai?))) and ~*~*~*headache begone~*~*~*

(((sonik and her heart))) glad you're feeling better honey, and I do understand getting overly invested in your work because you love it, but remember, (and I can only say this not act on it myself) your body deserves rest and nourishment as much as your mind, and sometimes those things have to be separate. Very impressed and pleased you are being interviewed!

Congrats on such excellent grades Qspice! It couldn't happen to a more deserving and brilliant chica.

Congrats to Roseviolet and Sheff for the continued success of the move and the car acquisition! What a wonderful omen for Sheff's work to be taken to a fun movie!

(((((amalita and her neighborhood))))) I hate that this repair/renewal is going so slowly!!! Ugh, national priorities are so screwed. Glad you are keeping such a good attitude though.

Ooh, almost forgot: CONGRATULATIONS FINA AND FINAMAN! Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Fina!!!! ;) If you can't run off to Gretna Green, you should go to Vegas! And I love the idea of an engagement trip instead of a ring.

(((mornington))) I totally understand that kind of blue, gross feeling. But you rule and we love you.

((((sidecar and her lungs, damona and her new hairdo and her healing skin, tes and hopefully her safe travels, bunnyb and her fun boy, pixie and mr. Pixie and two minipixies!!!, DesignerMedusa and DesignerMedusaMom -- it breaks my heart to hear your mom feeling so down on herself, but the fact that she has a daughter who believes in her and supports her will make such a difference -- I know someday she will see herself through your eyes and see how great she is. For how else could she have sucha great daughter (s)???))))

(((any bustie I missed))))

I have been pulling myself out of my funk, slowly. I had lunch with a former professor who I really admire; he's done all this amazing human rights work but doesn't make me feel like either a moron or a shallow person for working for a firm, and he's worked with the Firm on some cool human rights projects. If he weren't married with three children, and OK the teeniest bit full of himself, I would have a crush on him, now I just crush on his cute children.

I was in Philly for one night, hanging out with two of my best friends from law school, it was deeply good. And I have vowed to be more active about hanging out with the rest of my friends, so I am kicking my own ass a bit.

Kvetch: despite my express refusal of her kind offer, my mother gave me three visits by her housekeeper, who I love like a relative (while the housekeeper who raised me died when I was fifteen, R. came soon after, and is a really sweet woman) and now I have to clean and vet my apartment (no condoms, sex toys, or lingerie anywhere she could find them), and arrange parking for her, and make sure the building manager doesn't scare her because she doesn't speak such great English, and deal wtih the seriously weird feelings I have about having someone clean my apartment when 1) I live ALONE 2) I could damn well clean it myself and 3) it's just piles and piles of books and art supplies and she's not going to know what to do with it anyway. And I'm a brat for not liking my Mom's present, and being furious that she didn't listen to me, and put me in the position of sending poor R. away.

Anyway, I really need to work, I have written a novel, but I missed you all.
If anyone is interested, here is a site with short video updates of what things are like here:

I'm gonna go back and watch some of the old ones.


edited to take away the direct link, to keep my stuff here more private, oops. now that i have a blog, i know you can see where people link from, and go check out the origins
Did anyone else lose the lounge for the last few hours???

I'm back from my mini-holiday, which was awesome, but now have a presentation first thing tomorrow to prepare so am technically too busy to be in here! But I was relieved I could even post again, so I did.

Holiday was wonderful. You should all visit Croatia in May.


Glad all is getting better in sapph-land.

Congrats fina and mr fina!!


I did, so I just came in through the back way.
woohoo for fina & finaman!

(((damona))) that sucks about the sunburn but yay! for liking your new 'do!

amilita, awesome news about your paperwork-- i completely finished my office yesterday! i was so happy i kept going back in to look at it.

*fingers crossed* for sidecar's interview!

cute pic pixie! love your hair!

(((dm mom))) it's good that she's saying these things "out loud", i think it will help her to heal (it's even better that she's going to talk to someone about it!) it's so hard to do!

(((nola))) jeez! i just looked at that video, i can't believe that's the condition of things 9 months later!

we're meeting w/the mr's sister tomorrow night. we're drawing up an agreement about our expectations (like respecting our house rules, not leaving food out, keeping her room in order, no letting the cat out or feeding the pets people food--that kinda stuff) we're going to have her initial each line and sign it before she moves in. we're also going to cap the length of time at 4 months (of course personally i wish it was shorter, but she has to get back on her feet...). tonight we're having a dinner with a woman i work with who is a social worker & manages a residence for women. i'm hoping she'll give us some insight into the problem. we think she is learning disabled but has never been diagnosed. my worst fear is that she'll endanger my fur-babies or never ever move out. if it was my sister i'd want to help her though, so i have to at least try working this out for the mr. i can't say it's easy though.

the site is up now, at least for me, but i did have trouble before. i didn't know there was a back way? do share pixie...
I know others have said they come in through discus, and they would have to tell you the actually web address. I cheat. I google bust and my user name and it usually pulls a couple of threads and I click on one and I'm in.
(((crassy))) it sounds like a good approach to your s.i.l's problems. body parts crossed for a smooth - brief - visit & her getting sorted!

yay! for syb's mini-hol, & hope the presentation goes well

(((amilita))) that video was scary scary stuff. It must be awful to see all that destruction. We don't hear much about new orleans now over here... it makes me sad, and so angry too. I'm gonna tie myself in knots for your evac cottage!

(((faith))) yay! for feeling brighter. Hopefully R will be cool & understanding and you will be ok with the clean apartment. and 'nk you for nice words.

for amilita. It will be a bag, I think.

I have just managed to have a wholly adult conversation with my father in which I didn't swear at him, use sarcasm, make pointed comments, or cry afterward. Goodness... here comes the apocalypse. Making plans to go to a family wedding in Ireland this summer... my cousin is getting married. I don't have a lot of family, and I haven't seen anyone on my father's side for about ten years! So... a trip over might be in order.

Work work work blah blah blah. I had a mini-breakdown this afternoon when H texted me to say Daphne was out of food. This sends me into panic-overload, and I get horribly stressed. It turns out she has enough food for a few days yet. He's sending the gf out. (I buy all of Daphne's food, bedding etc, all H does is keep her). He rang me up in the end because he realised he was making me even more stressed; I think he might be coming to the realisation that I'm not going to see Daphne while he's not there because I can barely cope with talking to him.

Yet another epic... I appear to be writing on here instead of interacting with humanity. oh well.

((((fina & finaman, pixie, mando, damona, lively, sapphy, sapphman & dad, dm, dm-mum, rosev, bunny, dusty, quantum, ladylib, ladylib's co-worker, north, sidecar, sonik, txplum, tallgirl, everyone else))))
kvetch: no-one is kvetching this week! Are we all happy? I have kvetching to do but I don't want to be a thread hog!

kvetch: I am very crabby and beyond tired of the good threads being ignored. It upsets me too when people stay away because of the under-bridge nutjob. Actually, I would stay away but I'm procrastinating and need the lounge to do that successfully. What's irking me though are BUSTies engaging with the tr*ll and not the tr*ll itself and I'm annoyed that it's annoying me.

where are roseviolet, mandolyn, txplumwine, lively, sidecar? I want a mandopalooza update! Where is everyone this week? :-(
(((((bunny)))))) I'm here, having insomnia as usual. I've even got kvetches too! My gall bladder is acting up again, feel kinda crappy :-( I've been really good as far as diet goes, and working out but the weight that I'm beginning to lose is what is making it act up. So there is no winning. I can't afford to do the surgery right now, so I just suffer from time to time. It blows, but eh, could be worse.

Will be back later to properly vibe and hug everyone.
I'm up super early to drop my car off to see if the place that fixed my air conditioning for lots of money last August can fix it again for cheap...if not, I'm taking it somewhere else. They had to retrofit it and all this stuff cuz it's so old.

So no car for the next few days, I imagine, as they are super busy...I'll be BUSTing a lot, bunny! I'm gonna come back and address everyone properly later.

Oh, and Happy Hurricane Season! Uh huh. I'm definately in a funk. Slightly ironically, we should hear about the evacuation station (cottage) today. Very nervous, but trying to pretend I'm not. Our gallery partner, with whom we put in the offer, says that if you are meant to get a house, you get it...I am trying to believe that.

glad to hear it amilita!

~*~*~*~get that hurricane cottage vibes~*~*~*~*

Finding those bodies 8 months later is just horrific. I noticed that New Orleans and the hurricane season are all over the BBC news website today; I am glad there is still a focus on NoLA and the repercussions of last year whilst looking towards this year.


Oh, pop over to CG - our beloved mornington posted a site that almost had me peeing my pants! I'm less crabbit now!

(((bunny))) i just heart you to pieces, you know that? and you can hog all you want, i love reading your posts.

i'm here, but a tad stressed. i'm superhappyexcited about saturday, but i always overthink before a party, i want it all to be perfect. the anticipation & planning unnerve me, ya know? coupled with the mr working OT and not being around to help, and a horrid case of tired, sad, i'm-a-huge-fat-whale PMS ... well, you get the picture. i don't want to unleash my self-absorbed crabby ass on y'all.

(((mornington))) awesome about the conversation with your father! how far away is h's place & is he coming back & if so, when? any time is too long not to see your bun bun! and hey, that dino is awesome, did you stitch it?

(((bunny))) you're never a thread hog for kvetching! hell, that's what this thread is for!

(((lively))) hope your bladder gets normal soon!

~*~*~cheap air conditioning fix for amilita*~*~* and even bigger vibes for *~*~*get that cottage*~*~

amilita, i just read that antionette k doe put her late husband ernie in the running for mayor --that cracks me up! we got to visit the mother-in-law-lounge and it was awesome, i hope they can get the lounge back up and running soon.

(((mandi))) i just cleaned my whole house up for my mom's visit & feel similarly stressed -your company will be a lot funner though! i wish wish wish i could go, i want to try to call at least- can you e-mail me your #?

i got the bedroom in tip top shape last night, all that's left before my mom gets in on friday is to clean up the bathroom, wash the guest room sheets, put all the winter clothes we've been storing in there in the attic, and planting some flowers in the pots on the entry steps. the poor mr. has to cut 3 slats for the bathroom door though, that's gonna be a pain! i'm stressed, i always feels like my mom judges me and i think she'll find fault with something--i'm crossing my fingers for a pleasant visit though- it's only 4 days, so it's not terribly long.
i tried to get on bust yesterday and the site was down. sniffle. nothing really to report. i am bored to tears at work and beyond ready to go home. tommorow a friend and i are going to craft all day and i am sooo excited. o and pixie, i am still working on your thing...i hit a snag and ran out of the material i was using. oops. but don't worry it will get done.

(((amalita))) the a/c in my car is not working either and it is like a sauna in there. i feel like i am going to have a stroke every afternoon that i come home from work.

(((mornington))) yeah for mature conversations with your dad!

hugs and kisses to all of you!!

I'm desperately trying not to post too much. This is what happens when they send me on study leave

(((ladylib))) woo! for crafts
(((crassy))) ***de-stress vibes***
(((((mando))))) we love your crabby self! ***de-stress vibes*** for you too
(((lively & lively's gall bladder)))

anti-kvetch: Spoke to my ex on the phone today. It's the first time since lambing that we've actually spoken, and the first time he's rung me. Admittedly I did ask him to, but ages ago (I hate calling him as he never, ever calls back, and has been known to loose his phone/switch it off for weeks at a time). He's feeling blue because he's been technically unemployed since december (he has a few casual jobs though) and is living at home still, so I'm fretting about him. And he's good to talk to 'cos he knows enough about me not to have to ask questions. He's also the only person who takes the news that I'm going to therapy/seeing the doctor with total calmness (he was the first person who recommended I see someone, back when we were first together)

kvetch: I have to go into oxford street tomorrow, to drop the boy wonder's laptop off for repairs. And then I have to go hunting for a textbook, because they've just confirmed that we do have animal husbandry in our written exams (as well as the oral exams they stressed). Argh! I have ignored this in my revision, my revision plan, and in every way possible. I have notes that need writing up since november. I probably should have known about it, but they never actually specify anything (or specify where the specific information can be found). Sometimes I hate this university.


we should have hooked up when I was in your city...I'm certified to install refrigerants. Ironic, eh? It's part of what I do for a living.

If they converted your car to the new refrigerant, I'd imagine this fix will be cheaper, as they shouldn't need to retrofit again. Hopefully it's just out of freon. Did they switch it to 134a?

If they just did all this last fall, I'd be willing to bet they had a loose hose connection or bad shrader valve that let the refrigerant leak out.
Bleh...I feel like ass today! I have had a migraine headache since last night! I have a feeling it is hormaonal because asprin hasn't touched it.

Where is Roseviolet hiding?

~~~waves at library~~~ no rush, hon.

Hi to everyone. I have decided my life is dull and boring...or at least the parts I feel at liberty to post about. Bunnyb, I totally understand your tr011 frustration. I admit I should have left it alone, but now my fingers to itch to type something everytime I am in ATWT. Now if we could just do somethign about all the newbies starting new threads in here.
oh poor ((((pixie))))

have you tried eating sweets? My mother, the queen of hormonal migraines, swears by sucking boiled sweets all day, and drinking sprite with a tablespoon or so of sugar in it.
pixie, that is my kvetch this evening and I've just blown a newbie out for yet another new thread. Oops. I have anger issues just now.

However, I came in here (should have first instead of opening new thread; in this kind of mood I should ignore all threads non kvetch or buffy or books related...) and I smiled and perked up. Mainly thanks to the wonderful mando, I heart you to pieces too, sweetie. Oh, and your party is going to be the bomb and I only wish I could be there!

kvetch: my appointment with tutor has been pulled forward tomorrow morning which means doctor's appt will have to be rescheduled to next week. I really need to see her though for peace of mind.
Going to be late night doing work to present her with tomorrow.

anti-kvetch (yes, even in my fragile state I recognise one!): I get to see the boy tomorrow and all weekend, he's been at home ill with flu all week and I've meeeeeced him.

Love to all.
((((bunny)))) psssst... check you're mail sweetie. *mwah*
sorry for double-post:
Tutor emailed back to say that we could meet Monday instead as doctor's more important which threw me into a teary panic. I had to get boy to make decision for me and he said my health is more important and that this was the best solution. So doctor's tomorrow and hopefully I'll be in less of a flap tomorrow.

eta: ah, not a scary double-post and I have mail from lively! runs to look...

eta: email right back at ya, luv. Now off for some peppermint tea...
Mornington...funny you should say that about sweets...I called Mr. P and begged him to bring me home some cookies and cream ice cream. I have also been fantasizing about carmael fudge brownies, but that would actually require effort.
apparently it's something to do with blood sugar levels in the brain - it has an effect on the expansion/contraction of the blood vessels (I have a feeling it's contraction followed by a sudden expansion) which causes the pain. I always know when I've got a migraine coming because I crave sweets

*goes back to eating icecream & reading about burping cows*

I've been feeling terrible the last two days with severe stomach pains. Went to the ER because I thought my appendix had burst. So they did a urine sample, took blood which I hate doing and took x-rays. Conclusion was either a stomach flu with no vomitting or stress induced pain. I think the pains are going away after using a heating pad for almost nonstop for two days. It's really amazing what stress can do to the body.

Mom DM went to her first therapy appointment today, and she was very happy with the therapist. So that should be one less stress for me.

((pixie)), do you take any medication for your migraines? I take Imitrex, and it has been a blessing.

((bunny)) Ypur health is important, take care of yourself.

((mornington)) Good luck finding the textbook.

((crassy)) Good luck with your s-i-l and your mom.

((mando)) I wish I could come to the Bustie get together, maybe next time.

((amilita)) Get the cottage, and cheap repair for the car air conditioner.

((ladylibray)) Enjoy the crafting.

((lively)) Gall bladder feel better.

((syb)) and ((faith))


((Good News))
Feel better vibes for (((designermedusa))), (((pixie))) and (((lively))).

De-stress vibes for (((mornington))), (((mandolyn))) and all you (((busy lurkers))) out there.

The doc prescribed me anti-depressants; I'm a bit freaked but also relieved, y'know? Appt with tutor rescheduled for monday and now I have something concrete to tell her, not just "I'm not handling stress too well". The boy is being a star, which helps lots.

undies: white t-shirt bra and yellow shorts with lace trim and bow (match the top I'm wearing - thought I would dress more brightly than I was feeling!)

Have a great weekend and hope mandopalooza is a blast! I'm seeing Bon Jovi tomorrow which should cheer me up :-).

Thanks for the love, right back at (((ya)))
((((Mandolyn))))) just cause. Lots of ~~~soothing everything go as smooth a puddin'~~~ vibes your way darlin. I am sure everyone will feel the warmth of CasaMando, it is after all, your home sugar plum! I must admit to being a teensy bit sad and jealous that I don't get to have my mandi hugs in person. But I am so stoked for all the BUSTies attending Mandopalooza. YAY for Mandopalooza! All of us BUSTies unable to attend look forward to stories :-)

((((bunny)))) cause I lurves ya so

((((mornington)))) you too sweets

(((treehugger)))) nice to see you 'round here :-)

(((designer)))) Owww, you poor thing. I can empathize. I hope you are feeling better.

((((anoushh)))) just wondering how you are sweetie. ~~healthy-happy vibes for you~~~

(((crassy, sybarite, fina, faith, amilita, pixie, rosev, dusty, ladylib, damona, sonik, sapphy, skc1, qspice, lys, polly, north, plummie, tallgirl, sidecar, vesica, msgoofball, antiotter, seabird, tes - wherever she is, and anybody I missed ))))

I am up at 3:30 a.m. my time, second night in a row. I am an insomniac, but this due to the gall bladder acting up. The dotor prescribed Vicodin for me. It helps dull the sharpness of the pain but does not take it away. I'm still awake but not writhing around in pain. Today, I am beginning this icky sounding natural regimen. We shall see if it helps.

Hugs and kisses for all xoxoxoxo
Just popping in to say hello! Been busy cleaning and organizing and weeding and shopping. I want the house to look perfect when the homeowner arrives tomorrow.

Pixie, I found an envelope yesterday that I thought I mailed to you weeks ago. It's been sent out now, so watch your mailbox!

~~~~~ soothing de-stressing vibes for DM, Pixie, Mandi, and all of my darling Kvetchies ~~~~~
DM...usually Excedrine migraine knocks out when they are regular migraines, but I have yet to find anything that will touch hormonal headaches. I am feeling somewhat better today. AT least I don't have the light sensitivity or the feeling like I am going to throw up. Just a normal dull aching pain. I really need to look into getting a new Doctor and chiropractor now that I have insurance.

Bunny, which antidepressant are you on? I used to take Lexapro. That stuff can work wonders.

****well-ness vibes for all sick kvetchies***


(((bunny))) yay! bon jovi! yay!

(((mando))) hope mandopalooza goes fantastically. Which I'm sure it will.

kvetch: I'm supposed to be going out tonight with my flatmates & some friends... I've bought tickets, the band are excellent, and it looks set to be a brilliant night out. but... I'm feeling hopelessly antisocial, irritable, and weepy. I wish I could get myself out of this stupid mindset, but nothing seems to be working. I hate people seeing me like this, when I'm not sure how cheery I'll manage to pretend to be.

*lowers general mood*
ok... anti-kvetches: haircut tomorrow! I'm currently resembing a 1940s Cousin It; my hair is getting all wavy and pretty in the front, but it's an unholy mess at the back. I also can't see. Exciting things are going to be done, involving dye. One day, I will have to break down and find a hairdresser who doesn't live a three-hour car drive away. But not just yet.

I'm procrastinating again. Therapist appears to think my procrastinating is linked to my moods; I have to agree with him. I've gotten worse all week in both terms of mood and procrastinating. I will stop now.

oh... pants. Pink girlboxers, black bra with printed abstracty-roses; the roses match the pants.

Well, Mornington, maybe we can lighten your mood - and everyone else's - by throwing a little par-tay in here! Who else is up for it? I'll just whip up some mimosas over here. Anybody care of some brownies? Pixie? :-)

I feel like partying because I found out that one of my dear friends - The Ballerina - will be working here in NC for a few weeks!!! EEE!!! Please cross your parts that this works out. I would really really love to see her.

My only kvetch is that, even though I've been wearing rubber gloves while cleaning, my hands are a bit hurty from the cleanser. But is this place ever sparkly! I even scrubbed the mailbox and the lawn furniture, people. It's insane ... but in a good way.

Undies: white lace thong with a black lace balconet bra.
So. jealous. of mandopalooza. And Mando, it will all go swimmingly, I know it. Fret not!

Mornington, I feel like that too frequently; as if really I'd most like to do is watch a DVD on my own...all the time. But once I get out and chatting to people I feel better... so hopefully you will too. If not, just concentrate on the band for awhile, hopefully their excellence alone will lift your spirits.

It is sunny sunny sunny here, and the beginning of the weekend feels too soon considering I was sunning myself elsewhere on Monday and Tuesday. But I ain't complaining. And work continues to go well, hooray!

Bunny, bon jovi were here 2 weeks ago and were reportedly awesome. ... Johnny used to work on the docks... Have fun.

DM and lively, hope you both feel better soon!

Baby blue boyshorts with flowers and white t-shirt bra.

I'm having a sorta bad week...PMS and Hurricane Season. Yay!
At least there is good news with my car...he recharged my a/c (wish you could have done it, too, treehugger! :-) ) but he didn't charge me AND he put oil and dye in there so if it stops working again, we can see where the leak is. I'm highly pleased with that, especially because I need new front tires!

I was up by the mall, so I got some of my favorite key lime truffles from Godiva and a green gingham button-down shirt from the Gap. That is cheering me up some!

Huh...I've been feeling an oncoming that feels like it could be a migrane eventually. Plus my neck aches, and I often have something muscular going on when I get a migrane. I'm drinking some green tea for the tiny bit of caffeine. What is all this about hormonal migranes? I'm gonna have to look into that. I have never kept real track of the timing of my migranes...I don't get them often.

I have an Rx for Relpax (It's newer than Immetrex, but I don't know how they're different), and without insurance as I am right now, they are $28 each! Worth it, but you're supposed to take them as early as possible, but I really have to wait until I'm SURE it's a migrane. I need to buy some of that Exedrin Migrane...what's in it I wonder? I'll look online.

I lurv everyone, and I'm sorry I haven't addressed you all specifically, but I've been keeping up and thinking of everyone specifically in my mildly achey brain.

Oh, and still no word on the cottage! I called our real estate woman and she's in the hospital (G** love her, she is always at the hair salon or on vacation or having a remodeling emergency...I have sympathy for her very real problems, but it's getting frustrating!) So she gave me the listing agent's number and I left a message...

Oh and can I request vibes for my brother? He's getting a hernia repaired, and it should be about over by now, but good thoughts can only help!

**wishing I could come to mandopalozza**
Bring on the brownies RV! God knows I do not need them...but GAWD! MR. P brought me my cookies and cream ice cream last night. Yum! Minipixie had an infamous ice cream falling off the cone and onto the floor incident! Too funny!
I have to kvetch about something that happened last week...I didn't mention it then , but it is still bothering me. Minipixie fell at her Papa's house and busted her knee pretty bad on the pavement...looks like it might even leave a scar...anyway, daddy put a couple of bandaids on it and mentioned it as he dropped her off at my house later that umm..later that night the dog jumped up and knocked off one of the bandaids. People, my exasshat had not even washed the dirt off the scrape! I had to hold her down while she screamed bloody murder trying to clean this thing off and put antiseptic and neosporin on it! Now the man injures himself often enough he ought to know the correct way to administer first aid!
ooooh, brownies! any left?

I went; I left it until the last minute & pitched up just before the band came on. They were brilliant as usual. I do feel a bit better (as syb so rightly predicted) but I didn't stay for the dj set.

(((amilita))) migraines run in the family, and both mine & my mother's are hormone-influenced. The nice (!?) thing is, they are kind-of predictable for me, so I'm never out of painkillers. Keeping a record might be a good idea. oh, & ***get that cottage amilita***
(((pixie))) and (((minipixie)))
(((amilita's bro)))
(((rosev))). Parts crossed!

Ok, bed time! Night all!
Hey, you all. I'm not so good at kvetching...but I wanted to thank you for the warm welcome. :-)
Oh, treehugger, you don't *have* to kvetch to stop in. It's just such a great thread, so many sweetie pies hang out in here. I love all BUSTies, but the Kvetchettes are a super special group :-)

pixie, it's fluoxetine I have. Well, not quite yet, the boy is picking up my prescription whilst I type like a daemon. I'm lucky as the boy's dad is a medical rep so any Qs I have I can ask him.

I had a nice lunch out yesterday with friend (including a lemon cheesecake martini - yuuuuuum!) and have quality boy time for the entire weekend.

Looking forward to Bon Jovi tonight, I've seen them live before and they're great.

Have a delectable weekend (((everyone)))
Good evening Busties!
*hands out fudge brownies to all*

I have been very industrious today. We put up a screened tent like awning in our back yard today. then I proceeded to sweep up all the tree droppings and leaves that have accumulated on both my porches and in my car port. I also mowed my entire yard. And to reward myself, I am making brownies. We also got to eat dinner under said awning and have a nice picnic.
It has really been nice to havew something to occupie me so I don't strangle our children who are getting us back for being so good last weekend, by being holy terrors this weekend!

thank you all for the vibes and kind words. mandopalooza was a rousing success, i believe. a good time was definitely had, even if i feel horrible that i didn't make more time to sit and chat with everyone. i'm somewhat of a sucky, overthinking hostess sometimes.

but it was ever-so-cool to see long-distance busties, dusty and chat and sukouyant and lunasol, and car's new little adorable bug ... and my bitches, heven and walkingbitch, and the local gals, who i always adore seeing ... and to meet some previously un-met utterly delightful busties, too ... 19 total busties (and two honorary busters)!

i'm happy and all aglow from the bustie love. but yeah, a wee bit exhausted, too. i fully intend to completely let my household chores go to pot for the next few weeks. dust, grime & clutter, have at it!

funny aside: since walkingbitch graciously offered to come early and lend a hand, i asked my mens to go pick her up at the train station, before they left for The Banished Isle of Mens (aka, long island, home of the outlaws). so danny makes a limo sign with her real name albeit in ball-pt pen that she could barey read so she could find them easily. how fricking CUTE is that?!

((((mando))))) glad it went so well! i so wish i could've gone.

so, um, hi everyone! i've been lurking all week but i just haven't had time to come in and say hello. work was FREAKING INSANITY this week. i cannot believe i'm not going on vacay until October. I could totally use a week off now. le sigh. i should hear about the promotion i interviewed for this week. the interview went really, really well. i'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but my parts are all crossed.

in good news: best pal C got engaged to her long-time love last weekend! we took them out for a fancy dinner to celebrate. and here i thought i wouldn't be going to any weddings this year! it should be a very fun, very casual event. her ring is awesome too--it's citrine and it's gorgeous.

((((mando, mornington, bunnyb, rv, lively, sapphy. dusty, syb, pixie, ladylibrary)))))
Yay for Mandopalooza being a smash! ((((mandi)))) now get some well deserved rest :-)

*keeps toes and fingers crossed for sidecar*

So Bunny, how was Bon Jovi?

(((everyone))) hope you all had fantastic weekends and stayed cool!

Wow, summer has officially arrived where I live. It was farking 103 out yesterday! I spent the weekend at my sis's, either in the pool or in the central AC. We only have a lame ass wall unit AC that barely cools down the livingroom and costs a bloody fortune to run for too long. So, that means I will be practically living at my sisters. Fortunately she is only about a mile away, this summer. Last year it was a good 45 minute drive, that is if there is no traffic. which is pretty much only if it's in the middle of the night in San Diego County anymore. We bbq'd yesterday and then today we went to a Belgian restaurant called Excelsior Brasserie for dinner Our friends band was playing on the patio. The atmosphere was gorgeous, the clientele not so much. It's near the ocean in snooty La Jolla, home of the nip-tucked-coked-out-bored-society-lady with nothing better to do than throw herself at our very married friend. Gag! But the food was pretty good, the music was great and seeing old friends is always a good thing. I slathered my pale self with plenty of sunscreen but still managed to get a little bit of a sunburn on my shoulders. The thing is, I am so butt white that I don't ever tan. I get an uneven, rash like burn, which peels and then I get freckles and go back to being pale. What's the strongest SPF that actually works, anyone know? I've heard anything above 45 is a waste, but I need the big guns. Anyhoo, I'm off to have a nice cool shower. *mwah*
I soooooooo don't want to work today.

That is all.
Hello all.! All that yard work felt great while I was doing it, but yesterday and today I can barely move! I also got up Sunday and did a butt load of dishes by hand. I do not know what this cleaning streak is that has come over me this weekend. I even scrubbed a toilet yesterday..I almost NEVER do that unless we are having a big party! Weird! But Mr. P likes it. I am not usually the cleanest most organized person in the world.

Anyway, Mr. P has his next interview Wednsday to finish up his certification. We are crossing our fingers that they will give him his license number in this interview because it is holding up his ability to apply for actual jobs.

I cleaned the bathroom yesterday...I may mop today. I straighten all the time but don't clean nearly enough.

While helping scrape old linoleum tiles off the concrete floor downstairs, I got a (popped) blister the size of a dime on the palm of my hand. Ow. At least I'm right-handed.

Somebody fell into the bathtub yesterday.

Yay for Mandopalooza! If a kiddo made me a limo sign, I would love him forever! So adorable!

My brother is doing well; thanks for the vibage!

I read up on hormonal migranes; very interesting! I'm gonna start marking my calander when I get one...I'm lucky to have only had 4-5 ever...and they definately started more because of stress, but I feel like now they come around my period.

This weekend I went to a couple estate's something I used to do a lot when I was living in my hometown. I got a 20's picture frame and a book from '45 called Women's Medical Problems and a few postcards. It was fun to get back to doing something that I used to do before I ever met the Mr.; something that is totally ME. Not that I think I'm losing myself or anything, but just that I want to make sure I keep in touch with a part of myself that is totally separate. Make sense?

How was Bon Jovi, bunnyb?

Good luck in getting that number, Mr. P.

lively, I'm so pale I glow in the dark...I buy the highest SPF I can find, but some of the higher numbers do seem silly. Like 48? Really?

Keeping parts crossed for sidecar.

Sending love and vibes to everyone!
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