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cross-posted from The Take it Outside thread, this is why I have been avoiding kvetch because I'm feeling so hurt, shocked and betrayed and reeling from it. It's not directed at all of you (and also not just kvetchies, lurkers too) but those who I have been there for and supported or even just those I interact with on a daily basis:

My problem is that I care too much: when I see people hurting, when people are being bullied or abused, the state of the lounge, when there's discord... and I always get shit for it, for trying to do the right thing. Maybe I shouldn't bother; it's not like any of you leapt to my defense when girltrouble threatened to stalk me yesterday (yeah, you don't want to involve yourself with the crazy person and receive abuse too so you reach for the ignore button, fair enough, but some PMs of support would have been nice). I may be taking this outside but I'm directing it to anyone in the lounge who interacts with me: did anyone care how I was feeling yesterday? and yet I still tried to be nice and spread harmony but who is looking out for me (besides yuefie)? I would have anybody on this board's back in an instant if the roles were reversed ... if it doesn't involve you then don't become involved as the victim/receiver/dumpee can look after themslves? Well, maybe I can't, or only can with some expression of support because there's only so much one person can take on by themselves. Oh, and this isn't completely a pity party; it's outrage that something so ugly can go uncommented on in the lounge.
Hi all. Sorry I havent been posting, but I just hate it when I come to get away and my refuge is fighting. So, Started the new job, should be able to post a little, not a ton, but lets face it, its been like 2 years since I posted a lot and on a regular basis.

I love my new job so far. I'm just in training, so its the boring part before the somewhat monotonous part. smile.gif

Anyway, *****calm vibes for the entire lounge***** and (((((((love for you!)))))))
((Bunny)) I am sorry you are feeling isolated in the wake of the ongoing shitstorm. I do think that when you choose to represent another Bustie or Busties, you put yourself out there and thus in a vulnerable position. Not that this in any way accounts for the subsequent vitirol hurled in your direction; any and all abusive statements are ugly, and as you say it is disturbing to see them in the lounge at all.

I hope you don't mind me replying to you here; I thought I'd respond in the place I first read your post just below. We have some RL things in common which is one of several reasons I am glad you are on BUST.


Yuefie, meant to say I was glad to hear Art's infection wasn't as serious as first feared. And vibes as requested...

Sidecar, I'll be viewing Music and Lyrics later this week so I am glad to hear it is charming (rather than, say, cheesy as hell).

Feel better amilita!

I am just back from getting a facial. I accept these are not essential but when they leave you feeling as good as I do right now, I'm tempted to get them more regularly. Mmmm.

Now to return to the work I neglected over the last 2 hours...
PNP!!!! So good to see you!!! I really hope you get to play with us sme more now. I miss you!
And remember to get together with my BestGalPal soon, okay? She's holding onto a little gift that I got for you. wink.gif

zzzzzzzz sleepy vibes for Yuefie zzzzzzzz
~~~~~~ soothing for Sashie ~~~~~~ Here's hoping that she is just fine. smile.gif

Congrats on the recognition and appreciation, Sidecar! It's wonderful to feel appreciated at work. Glad to hear you liked the movie, too. I've kinda been wondering whether I should see it or not. I really should see Pan's Labyrinth first!

Sybarite, that facial sounds fantastic.

((((((Bunny)))))) I'm sorry to hear you were feeling so very hurt yesterday. In the past, I have gotten involved in the flamewars, often trying to put out the flames. But I found that it upset me greatly & as a result, I often could not eat, could not sleep, and took my frustrations out on people in my real life (my husband, my mother, etc). Since I'm feeling a bit ... well, delicate lately, I'm just ignoring certain people and certain energies right now - both on-line and in the real world. For my own survival, I must do this. I'm sorry if this choice has hurt others, but I just have to take care of myself sometimes.

Kvetch: SOOOOOO many phone calls today! Everyone is crawling out of the woodwork and calling me this morning. One friend was having a terribly awful morning, another friend was updating me on his approaching surgery, my brother's best friend is getting married, and my mother wanted to make sure that Sheff's birthday present arrived. I'm afraid I'll have to turn off my phone just so I can get things done today!
bunny be mine, you are SO loved. i am so sorry that all of this craziness is going on in here. this is my refuge, and where i come to feel warm and fuzzy, it was so frelling upsetting to see the vitriol, everywhere, even in the MAS thread.

i admit that i have stayed out of the fray. part of that was because i just don't have the time; part of it is because i felt that i had had my say. i said that i would respond, just once, and then ignore any other posts. i think that it is easy to care too much. i've had so many people in my life tell me that i was too sensitive, high strung. ((((((((bunny coelhinha)))))))) i think one of the reasons that you and i feel such an affinity for each other is that "throwing our hearts into the ring" thing that we share.

~*~*~*~*~*~ peaceful blue sky meets the sea while a mermaid combs her hair vibes to bunbun ~*~*~*~*~*~

syb, i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurv facials. lurv. i always feel so pampered after them! even if my skin is a bit pink from the deep cleaning.

((((((((amilita)))))))) feel better, minha querida!!! tell me more about mardi gras. obviously, i know that a lot of it is like my carnaval, but it sounds as if you start sooner than we do.....i haven't looked at a calendar lately, but i really want to say that carnaval starts this weekend (friday) and goes through NEXT mardi.....(tuesday!)

i wonder if i would be capable of giving up wine for lent this year? i wonder if i am out of my mind even thinking of such a thing?

~*~*~*~*~*~*smoooooooth sailing surgery vibes, sashie!!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

PiP, glad to hear that the new jobby job is going well. i cannot BELIEVE that it has been two years!!! how long ago did you and i chat about your situation back then? surely not two years!!! woah.

i understand how you feel about your safe place not being one anymore. (((((((pink))))))

mandomyheart.......i just want you to know that you are amazing. you are being so frelling courageous. it takes so much effort to do what you are doing. i admire you more than ever. and some year, some month, some day, some hour when you least expect it, plat and i are going to come and play a round at your club just so we can hug you.

fina, we have a mixture of grey and blue in our house in the USA. it is full of cathedral ceilings and odd angles. we have light grey and darker grey and a midnight blue on some of the half walls. you might want to consider doing one color -- say a blue-grey -- and do various walls different saturations of the same color. does that make sense? that way you can deal with the light issue (more in some parts of the room than others) as well as the red velvet drapes. you might also want to get some floaty lighter colored panels to go behind and under the red velvet, that way during the summer months you can tie the velvet back and have the panels there covering the windows, so that light and breeze can get into the room.

music and lyrics, sidecar? i am SO out of the loop here that i don't even KNOW there is one!! i am -- gasp -- loopless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luci and rosie: happy belated and future anni-loperaries!!!!

rose: am happy happy happy to give resto recs ANY time. two of the best restaurants in the area are in derm (rhymes with germ): nana's and magnolia grill. they are $PENDY though, so be forewarned. re sheff's bday, have you found Morgan Imports near brightleaf square? they have THE best cards. whole foods has good ones, too. oh! and fowler's!!! and oh what IS the name of that resto right in between the two of those places??? it is owned by the same guy (scott) who owns nana's, and it is really good, too.....bah. my mind is a sieve.

dusty, darling: i know that you are out there lurking!!! i actually RECEIVED a piece of REAL MAIL last week!! it only took a month, and i have NO idea how they found me, but......maybe if i sent you my addy you could send me another yummy post card???? i miss you.

hell. i miss all of you!!! rose, you had better not make plans for next thanksgiving!!! light and bike boy (gracie's parents) are preggers again (oops) so there will be at least FOUR babies/toddlers next year at the party this year. who knows? elle might be on her way there too! (that is her auntie tes aka aunt noreen having a wishful thought!)

shout outs to everyone i've missed -- plummie tes' ass, sapphy, sixela, sonik, billybonka, stargazer, pixie, polly, mornington, raisin d'etre non cornflake girl, plat-i-tudes, maVin, QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ!!! and you and you and *scans thread* -- you three over there in the corner!!!

hugs and kisses and silly wasabi encrusted yellow tail!!!

well, my plan of not getting sick didn't work...ugh.

((bunny)) i luv ya, i've only been paying a tiny bit of attention to the flamewars.

((yuefie's pup))

ETA: hey tes! carnival season here starts here on 12th night, then Mardi Gras is on the 20th this year. the parades are more condensed (especaially now) have the kick-off and then not much else for awhile...except king cakes all over and purple/gold/green decorations everywhere.
((bunny))- did you get my PM?

Mmm, I'm so looking forward to Paczki Day! (pronounced poonshki, I think.) So yummy. Not looking forward to Le Boy observing Lent, though. I respect his religious traditions, even if he's half-assed about them- he goes to church on Christmas & Easter and does the fish on Friday thing for Lent. He doesn't give up anything, though. But it's such a pain in the ass to have mandatory fish on Friday. I love fish, I just don't want to schedule my life around it.

The people from the insurance company I interviewed with FINALLY called me back today, but only to tell me they're going to have a meeting about me this afternoon or first thing tomorrow morning to make a decision and will call as soon as that's done. It's about damn time. **fingers and other parts crossed**

((Yuefie)) yay for Art's progress! I hope everything goes okay with Sashie, too- Tana's got a grape-sized growth on his elbow that I need to have taken are of. Like yours, I think it's just a fatty tumor. I've poked and prodded it and nothing feels weird- I don't think it has any nerve endings in it, because he didn't react at all. But it's getting a little big and droopy. I hope the vet doesn't give me a hard time about it when I go in. But it's hard to justify a non-emergency trip to the vet when I don't even have health insurance right now (I had to beg my gyno to refill my Pill scrip even though I haven't been in for my exam.) He's up for his yearly exam next month, so job or no job, he's going in.

((amilita, tes, rose, syb, pnp, sidecar, pixie, stargazer, lucizoe, fina, candycane, raisin, msp, mornington, dusty, anyone else I missed))

~*~*~job, money, health, family vibes to all!!~*~*~
Just a quick flyby to say that Sashie came through with flying colors! Thanks for all the vibage for her and for us in general, always. I am going to finally be a woman of my word and have that little hiatus I mentioned (several times over) while she is recuperating and I have family in town. Thanks to all of you for being so supportive and wonderful. I really am blessed to have you all as friends, "virtually" and in my heart for real. I'll be updating in my blog(s), I'm yuefie on LJ and livelyupurself on MySpace, so if you are there, friend me! And again, thanks a zillion for everything.

((((((((((((kvetchies)))))))))))))))) ~~~~super all purpose long lasting vibes~~~~

WHAT HAPPENED TO BABY SASHIE?! I have to catch up with you, Yuefie!

Just a drive-by to say hi to everyone... I'm off-line for a day and I feel like there's so much I've missed here! Ugh. Like Tesao, I just DON'T have the time (or the capability) to be online when I'm at work. It's just not possible. And I probably won't be online all THAT much this month, what with everything that's going on and upcoming holiday in Cambodia (har har, not exactly, but I have that song in my head). Try not to miss me that much, but I'll pop in over here or on LJ when I get a chance.

Anti-kvetch: I bought a bathing suit yesterday and I didn't have a meltdown in the dressing room!

Hugs to all of you who need them.

Popping into a few other threads before I go to class tonight.
Tes, yes indeed, almost to the day, two years! lol. We've come a long way, yes? I know I have.

YAY for healthy doggies!!!

and YAY for not scaring yourself in a bathingsuit!

and for DONUT DAY! poly, those look yummy! good luck btw!

GASP! CARNIVAL!!!! EEEEEE! pretty costumes!!! fun! party! eeee! I WILL go to Carnival one day!

Rose, I miss you too! I was thinking about calling her, since I get paid pretty soon. smile.gif


*~*~**butt wiggle to all youz all! Cause I LURV YOU!**~*~*

((((yuefie)))) & ((((sashie)))) & ((((art))))
((((bunny)))) *snuggles*
((((polly)))) my grandmother's catholic, it's fish every friday in her house. i know what you mean.
((((pink)))) yay for the new job!
((((raisin)))) yay for swimsuits!
((((tes, mando, raisin, syb, pixie, anoushh, amilita, sidecar, luci, fina, star, sassy, billy, candy, dusty, crassy, plat, msp, everyone))))

kvetch: German and ExGoth had a mini-falling out over EmoBoy last night. He and German were getting all smoochy and ExGoth got grumpy. I'm confused and a bit lost, but hopefully they'll sort it out.

antikvetch: see the "things you say" thread. I belive it may be an official boy-girl thing with F now. He's currently *this minute* looking for plane tickets. squee! I'm mad. totally ga-ga.

kvetch: I have another cold. and my purse got stolen out of my bag on monday, so i have to get a new bankcard, drivers license etc... and had to ask my dad for cash until I can go to the bank with my chequebook. it couldn't happen at a worse time, BoyWonder will be here on friday and I was going to do a big online grocery shop to make sure there was plenty in the fridge for him. I think we'll be ok though.

((((kvetchies)))) big soppy damp smooches to you all. even you.
(((kvetchies))) love, and thanks for it. I'm sorry, I don't have much more to give just now as beyond drained.

morn, yay for luv!

I'm Catholic but fish on Friday? eugh, I don't like fish (except for prawns, salmon, tuna steaks and mussels).

Had lovely dinner with boy's mum and then saw nerina pallot in concert -who was fantastic- and came home and online to the most draw-dropping of shitstorms.
I've been offline a lot lately, too. Martini's office bathroom exploded (did I mention that?) so he's working at home for the forseeable future, so I can work late or he can meet me somewhere post-work, because we don't have to run home and check on the dog. Plus, my work has been pretty consuming, and I haven't wanted to get behind, especially since my best work friend is leaving at the end of next week. She's in my department so until we hire someone (usually a three-month process) I'll be taking on a larger workload (ugh), so if I can use the time she's still here to get ahead, that would be pretty great.

And I dunno ... I don't mean to offend anyone, but in the bit of time I've had lately to go online, I'd rather make jokes about the crazy astronaut lady or talk about movies than dig in deeper to a situation that I personally find untenable and feel as if I've made the statements I'm willing to make about it. I hate to think that I made anyone, and especially you, bunny, feel isolated or as if I don't care. It's not the case; like Rose, I just feel compelled to focus my energies elsewhere.

((((((sashie)))))) So glad to hear she's okay!

Raisin, what is the countdown to Barbados?
double-post to add: Bunny, when I posted a moment ago, I hadn't read CF or the argument thread today. Jesus H. Christ. Add me to the having your back list.
The very word "Barbados" sounds like an expression of joy, doesn't it? Perhaps when people get excellent news, they should jump up & down & cheer "Barbados!!!"

That's so funny about the fish-on-Friday thing. I never knew that there was some religious reason for it. Now I feel quite ignorant on all things Catholic ... which is funny because so many people have mistakenly guessed that I had a Catholic upbringing!

It's so good to see you so happy, Mornington. smile.gif

Yay for Sashie! What a trooper!
(Raisin, Sashie had a dental cleaning, a couple teeth removed, & the removal of a harmless tumor from her body.)

Sheff just called to say that he is on his way home, so I gotta dash! See you lovelies tomorrow!


kinda sleepy right now so it will be quick.

yeah for bashie getting better!!

antikvetch: my tub pipes were frozen, which is why it backed up. but, it is fixed and i took a good shower, buffed, and now i'm all relaxed.

did i mention sleepy??

so glad to hear sashiepupper is okay. i love that dog to the moon and back again.
and her mama, too. *smooch*

(((tesao))) your kind words have moved me to tears. good ones. today was a really crappy day for me. and you lightened my heart considerably. bless you.

(((bunny))) flamewars suck. but there is always the risk of being burned. this is about all the words o'wisdom, cliche as they may be, that i can muster right now.

i do believe i'm about to get burned now too. maybe even to the core.

not what i really fucking need. i should've stayed on hiatus.

sincere love to all.
((mando)) somehow you got left out of my hugs earlier. Very eloquent post in the flame-y threads today. Better than I could have done.

Yeah, the fish-on-Friday thing, no offense to any Catholics out there, but it's just a big marketing scam...most of the people at the time when these rituals were started were fishermen...what's a good way to drive up bid-ness? Tell people they're committing a sin if they don't eat your product at least once a week during this period of time. ((Sigh)) Really, I don't have an issue with Catholics- my mom was raised strict Catholic and most of her family still practices, I've got aunts and uncles who are/were priests and nuns...I just think they've lost the point of their religion in all these ridiculous rules.

Ooo, frozen pipes, stargazer? That sucks. At least they didn't burst.

ETA: I was trying to get more info on the fish on Fridays thing and I found an article that says the Vatican lifted the ban on meat on Fridays over 40 years ago....I emailed my mom to ask her what the heck was going on.....not that it really matters- it's a great excuse to have sushi once a week smile.gif
*creeps back in after llooooonnng absence*

Hello! This is my first post in about 5 months. I hope someone remembers me. Otherwise I'll have to head over to the newbies thread and start over. I've been lurking occasionally, but every time I log on it seems to be in the midst of a major shit-storm. Feminism means different things to different people, and the lounge should be a suitable forum for discussing these differences - heatedly if necessary - but when names like 'fuckstain', nasty bitch' and 'sociopath' are being flung about then a wrong turn has been taken somewhere. Anyways, the 'Apologies' thread seems a positive, reassuring move.

I'm glad to see that everyone is present and correct. And that mornington is adorably boy-struck. Awwww!
I can't possibly catch up with 5 months worth of news. I'll just offer my hugs to all.

I'm still in Architect Boy's snuggly green dressing-gown and my pillow-feet slippers (those booties made out of duvets - you know what I mean. I don't know why I call them 'pillow-feet'...), trying to decide whether it's worth venturing out of the flat into the several inches of SNOW! I was supposed to be going to college today, but I know without even calling the station that the trains will be all buggered-up.
*dances through thread*

snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

*smooches (((((mando))))*

polly, that's the major reason I'm not a practicing caflic. too many stupid rules and predjudices. that and i always missed sunday midmorning party games at prep school because the catholic service was waaay too fucking long. hey, we were only allowed one chocolate bar a week at school. party games had prizes. sugary ones. it rocked. if there is any guaranteed way to turn a pre-teen off religion, take away her weekend sugar fix and make her listen to a fat man drone on in latin instead.

((((funnybird)))0 hello stranger!
((((bunny, raisin, yuefie & shashie & art, sidecar & martini-the-exploding-toilet-man, rose & sheff - happy birthday sheff! -, tes, plat, pink, sixela, sassy, star, billy, mavin, msp, walkingb, everyone))))

snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

*and exit*

ooh, pants. white boyshorts with blue polka-dots and little red bows on the leg. no bra as i've only just got up and i'm not dressed yet.
The usual fly by post...

I've been very busy and haven't had much time to read/post. Tes has kept me up on some of the vitriol. I must say one of the reasons I have chosen this kvetch board as my home is because it is populated with some of the most wonderful, warm, supportive people online that I have ever seen. You know, we deal with so much shit in our real lives that it is like a little safe refuge to read this thread. It's so sad to me that other areas of bust have literally become an un-safe place to be.

((bunnyb)) Chin up, darlin. You are loved here. This is your e-home.
((Mando)) You are such a sweetie. Stick around, ok? Tes and I are serious about that round of golf.
((sidecar)) Maybe keeping it light is a good thing!

(((mornin, amilita, rose, raisin, star, yuefie, polly and all kvetchies cuz i don't have time to read back much further))))

Kvetch: Dry, cold air is wreaking havoc with my sinuses. drip drip drip


Anti kvetch: endurance still on the rise!
(((plat))) thank you

mandolyn, there's getting one's fingers burned and then there's that, and that's all I'm sayin'. Well, that and the fact that I don't like the implication that I brought this on myself.

morn, sweetums, it's only Thursday! I freaked for a moment there, thinking I was going to miss my train. Funnily enough, no snow here (yet) but the boy got some.

welcome back funnybird! what happened with uni?

*~*~*~work vibes for sidecar~*~*~*~

{}{}{}no more frozen pipes stargazer!{}{}{}

Like yuefie, I'm taking a few days hiatus: I'm off to the boy's tomorrow and not back until Tuesday so that will give me time to calm down but I'm not going to get over this and forget about it and presently I'm not sure if I can remain a part of these boards.

fuck. it is and all. this is what happens when i take wednesdays off... i usually have thursday off. unsure.gif
Uni today or uni in general? Today I decided I couldn't be arsed; apparently the lecture I was planning to attend was cancelled due to the weather anyway. In general? I finally got all of my essays written and submitted last month. Having made such a meal of the whole thing I now live in fear of getting my marks back, so much so that I'm avoiding my supervisor altogether. Cod, I'm pathetic!

Could this be the first time ever that the south of England has snow and Scotland has none?! Mornington, we should go out and play in it before it's all gone! You're in North London too, right?

I'm trying to force myself to leave the flat. **wishing for some wellingtons**

bwah-ha-ha! bustie snowball fight... i say we build a snowlady with boobs and all

it looks like this near me
IPB Image

and i've already been out in it. they haven't salted the pavements, or cleared the residential roads off green lanes... mad.gif i nearly fell over several times walking Indigo.
It has been snowing here but it's not sticking. I always get a little sniffy about snow here as it's nothing compared to what we got in the Midwest (and to what it's still getting as I type). Yes, I am a snow snob.

I have been busy and am suddenly busier again. I have a big-ass thing to write and I keep getting interrupted with other shit that is another person's responsibility. I am off down the country next week to write this up and I cannot fucking wait. It's getting chaotic in my RL world.

Squee for mornington! I read what you posted he said. Gotta love the eloquence. smile.gif

*waves at funnybird* Nice to see you!
FunnyBird!!! How you doin', sweetcheeks?! Good to see you in here! Those pillow feet sound amazingly comfy.

((((Plat)))) You're such a dear & I'm so glad you've joined these boards. Continued health and healing for you!

((((Tes)))) Wherever you are, I hope you're having a great day!

Mornington, thanks for the pic. That is beautiful!!! Sorry to hear it's so slick out there, though. Poor little Indigo!

~~~~~ warmth for StarGazer's pipes ~~~~~ Yowza! Glad they didn't burst!

Polly, that's funny that this old "sin" was renounced 40 years ago! Think your Mom will keep it up in light of the new info?

((((((Bunny)))))) Hope you find some comfort in the arms of your boy. I sincerely hope you come back to us next week! There are so many good people in this community - so much genuine warmth and love - that it's worth holding onto. smile.gif

((((((Mandi)))))) Same to you, love. My mother always tells me to focus on what is good and positive in this world - to embrace and nurture the things that feed your spirit. Sometimes I lose my focus a bit, but I always feel better when I take her words to heart. Yes, as cheesy as it sounds, it still works. smile.gif

Last night was The Big Game 'round these parts (Duke vs UNC). And I guess I am a bad girl because I did not watch a single second of it! ohmy.gif Maybe I'll start to care when I've lived here longer. But then again, I never watched all those OU vs OSU games, either, so maybe not!

Anti-Kvetch: Today is Sheff's birthday!!!! (Thanks for the early good wishes, Mornington!) He has already opened all of his gifts, but I'm thinking about running out and getting him a little something extra. We're not sure what we're going to do for dinner, but we know we'll be cutting into his special birthday fruitcake. Fingers crossed that I made it correctly. It's been sitting in a cabinet for a month & I keep worrying that it's going to be crap. Eep!
Morning, kvetchies! I know I've been busy running for mayor of Lurkersville, but I wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate y'all in here (yeah, I said y'all, and I'm not takin' it back! wink.gif ). Specifically, I am (k, I just checked the thesaurus for “impressed” and “amazed” and nothing quite fit, so moosh those concepts together and insert that word here) at how how truly thoughtful you are. And I don't just mean the sweet way you include me in your (((hugs))) even though I don't post regularly, I mean that you read and genuinely consider each others' posts and reply accordingly with your best thoughts. And even though that kind of investment can lead to, well, some of the hooha that's been going on, it's also the reason I keep coming back. So, I'd just like to say, “thank you”.

((((mando)))) I don't think anyone can ever hear this too much: You are wonderful. I try not to measure myself by others because it's generally not productive, but when I find depression/anxiety becoming too much, I like to read your posts and hope to handle life with as much strength and grace that you do.

(((yuefie))) that goes for you too!

((roseviolet)) I think you could run the UN. Obviously they are suffering from lack of puppies! Oh, and (apropos of nothing, I was born in that "Pink Palace" hospital)

((tesao)) to the girl from Ipanema, all I can say is when you post I go “ahhhhhhhh

((bunnyb)) you, my dear, especially fit what I was saying above. I understand your need for a break after the past few days, but I hope you will come back afterwards and continue to post because you do listen and thoughtfully consider others' replies, and that is rare enough in the world.

Okay, the outside world is calling my name again. Apologies for not individually catching up with everyone.....

((((Kvetchies....*best Miss Nancy voice* especially YOU)))
funny bird, i call them my pillow feet, too! (um, not that i have any here in africa. i have them back in the US they are red with blue bottoms and STUFFED with down. i lurv them!) heeeee! nice to see you back, we haven't forgotten you!

bunny be mine: please take a hiatus if you need one. stay away as long as you need to. but: please, pretty please???? come back??? i will have a huge bunny sized hole in my heart if you leave forever. besides, if you leave, who will be my luv slave????

all of the kvetchies who de-lurked to send vibes and love to doodle: i heart you all SO much. thank you. i hope dooooooodling pops in soon to be able to read all of those posts.

plat: will we EVER like our hair??? dry.gif i love it when you tell us that you have to face the dreaded hair washing!!! (okay. let's face it. i love it that you are posting here. how cool is THAT??? i meeeeeeeeeeeece you!!!)

mandomyheart: ask plat sometime about my bout with panic attacks. and turning into a badger wife who would.not.come.out.of.her.hole. got all puffed up and was all claws and teeth whenever anyone tried to drag me out of the house. i told you that i admire you because you are getting up and getting dressed and going out that door and DRIVING and it is so so so hard to do that. you are an inspiration to all of us. i'm so glad that i know you. and someday, plat and i WILL know you in real life, too! bet on it!!!

okay, rosiev: you HAVE to tell us who won the game. i am a tarheel. plat is a blue devil. mr hotbuns is a member of the wolfpack.

happy birthday to sheff!!!! i'm SURE that his fruitcake will be yummerific! i want to come to your house and eat lemon cookies and pumpkin goo and chicken and sausage and and and !!! are you going out to dinner or are you staying in and cooking? (if i am ever THERE for my birthday, the four of us need to go out and celebrate feb. bdays the weekend between sheff's and mine.....)

stargazer, i'm glad that it was only frozen pipes and that they thawed without bursting, and that you are clean AND buff once again!!! yay! for hot water to bathe in. it's the simple things in life, i tell you!

i am back in maputo, roseviolet, and muito happy to be "home". meems the african attack cat was actually happy to see me! she didn't bite me ONCE yesterday. AND she actually came and sat next to me on the sofa while i read. (she is back to her bitchy self today. i have been bitten on the calf TWICE since i started this post......)

i'd like to be able to post pictures to flickr or some other host site, but i never seem to make the time to figure one of those things out. for anyone who is interested, i do have some public posts with photos of maputo, madeira, vamizi island (where mr. hb and i spent christmas) and eventually some of my garden in the states as well as photos that mr. hb took from my flat of the views from my windows. they are on my live journal, my user is name is ......anyone want to guess???? you get one try. rolleyes.gif

fish on fridays. we ALWAYS ate fish on fridays when i was young. it was one of those "minor sins" to eat meat on friday. you know, the ones where you just had to hang out in limboland? i always wondered what happened to all of those people who were in limbo because they ate a burger on friday instead of a fish stick. but what i remember is that it was all the time, not just during lent.....

i'm one of those recovering catholics, but i like the idea of giving something up for lent. it gives me pause to think about the great creator, the universe, that something bigger than me that is out there but who knows what it is?, god, allah, yahweh, whatever. it just makes me stop and think about what i have and how MUCH i have that is good in my life, and that i can think about others who don't have anywhere near as much each time that i make the concious choice not to have whatever it is that i have given up for lent. chocolate was easy. cheese was most decidely NOT. i think wine might be impossible. maybe i should do cheese again. if all i had to eat every day was bread and cheese and salad and fresh juicy fruit, i would be happy.

polly: i'm afraid that the cheese might just wear ME. how embarrassing! ohmy.gif

sixela: that was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet! seriously. did you know that they actually took a street in Ipanema and CHANGED THE NAME to the name of the author of that song?? it's pretty cool. and, of course, there is a bar there called Garota de Ipanema. it has pretty good food, too.

but now you have to tell me who miss nancy is!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ get that big ass thing written soon vibes for syb ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

i don't know about snow in the midwest, but i DO know about snow at Jackson Hole (is that considered the mid-west? oooops. my lack of geographical geekiness is "snowing"!!!) keep your tips up, you hear me???

i don't think that i have anything to kvetch about today. how faboo is THAT??????

hugs and kisses and poor silly goblin sharks!

glad you're home safe n' sound, tesao.

many happy returns to sheff! *flings sparkly confetti upwards*

(((sixelacat))) & (((tesao))) your words leave me breathless. not that i feel i deserve them of course. (fodder for today's therapy, methinks. i've NEVER been able to take compliments.)

k. no more nice things about me. y'hear? cuz i just realized why i'm crying at today.
i'm 8 days away from the red tent. gah.

i don't mean to go melodramatic dramaqueen, but you guys are my lifeline.

(((group hug)))

i'm afraid i'm not up to catching up with everyone today. but i DO have new undies for tomorrow! *tease*
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Feb 8 2007, 09:33 AM) *

Polly, that's funny that this old "sin" was renounced 40 years ago! Think your Mom will keep it up in light of the new info?

Ha, ha! I should have clarified- like Tes, my mom is a recovering Catholic. She did Catholic elementary school, high school AND college, and hasn't been to church since then (marrying my dad, an agnostic Jew, didn't help). But my grandma's in denial about it, so she tells my mom all about the goings-on of her parish (it seems weird that she doesn't ask my mom about her parish, but I guess denial's a powerful thing.) Where my grandma goes to church, in Missouri, is becoming really conservative. They used to be pretty middle-of-the-road, but the new guy in charge seems to want to set things back about 500 years and is doing everything he can to keep women as uninvolved as possible. Even my grandma is considering leaving. I was really disgusted to get a Christmas letter from one of my mom's cousins, talking about her son, who's in his 30's and a recovering alcoholic, who spent the last election season "educating voters about the Catholic church's stance on moral issues" rolleyes.gif Oh, he must be fun at parties. Humanist and I are so grateful my mom got the hell out of there as soon as she could and we weren't raised around them. I love my mom's family, but I love them more 600 miles away!!

Anyway, Le Boy was raised Catholic, but always went to public school. His church was pretty liberal- they always talked about love and acceptance more than sins and hell. But he just doesn't feel the need to go to church on a regular basis (laziness is a big part of that, too, he'll admit)...I'm okay with picking and choosing what parts he wants to observe, it's just this fish thing that irks me. I will cook fish when i want to cook fish!!

ETA: I wished Sheff Happy B-day in the b-day thread, but I'll do it again here! Happy Birthday!! We need some little party emoticons- I'm not good at posting images.
That's funny that your boy picks and chooses his catholicism too! I dated a catholic for 2 years...and he almost never went to confession, I saw him eat meat all the time, even during lent., if he gave anything up for lent, i sure didn't know about it, and only went to mass when it was his turn to pass out donuts! We used to get in big arguments though because he was divorced and felt that remarrying would automatically send him to we eventually broke up, because I am not going to be the cause of anyones eternal damnation!

(((kvetchies))) Very quiet in the lounge today...all things considered, I think that's a good thing!(((hugs))) to the Busties on Hiatus!

aww, it's sheffles' birfday! happy birthday, yo!
(that means it's mine too wink.gif)

uhmm tes, isn't jackson hole in wyoming? that's not usually considered the midwest. usually that's part of the mountain states.

i got a new job of sorts... start later this month. will be interesting to say the least!
hugs to bunny cause she needs em...

everyday is Paczki Day! where I live, cause I live in Greenpoint, land of the Pollack.

and they are evil. very evil.
Happy happy birthday, Q!!!!! What are you doing to celebrate? Eating something fabulous, no doubt! Congrats on the new job! Is it local or do you have to move again?

I love my mom's family, but I love them more 600 miles away!!

Ha ha! That's certainly a common feeling, isn't it? This especially holds true for me and my brother, M. He drives me INSANE if I have to spend more than 1 day with him. But when we're seperated by hundreds of miles, we get along great!

Poor Pixie and her old Catholic man. I always thought that his big hang-up was that if he married you then he'd have to finally admit to his mother that he divorced his first wife! At any rate, you're MUCH better off now. smile.gif

~~~~~ soothing for Mandi ~~~~~ My tent time is fast approaching, too.

While I was running errands I came across a couple more homes for sale. I saw one that looked PERFECT and I thought it would be in our price range, but no. Despite appearances, there are a couple of acres attached to the back, so it's more than 100K out of our range. Ouchie. I guess the good news is that the countertops in the kitchen are ceramic tile and I HATE tile countertops. So it's all for the best, right? Right?!!?
It's with a heavy heart that we mourn the passing of another great Texan...... Anna Nicole Smith. She's now dancing around that great pole in the sky. That sounds tacky, doesn't it? I'm having a hard time taking this in, bear with me. cool.gif

Oh but Rose...didn't I tell you...he told his mom....after I had already gotten engaged to Mr.Pixie and he decided he wanted me back and was ready to try and get an annulment..and yada yada...Yeah...I am so much better off!

We've had a really boring day at the office...everythign stopped for like 30 minutes when we heard about Anna Nicole Smith! SO bizaar...ahe was so young...and her poor baby! I mean, first big bro dropped dead at the hospital, then no one knows who the father the mother drops dead! That kid is headed for major therapy!
(Cross-post with Okayers)

IPB Image
I got the job!!

IPB Image
Yay Polly!!!!
I guess I do know how to post images- here's a visual happy birthday for Sheff, QSpice, Maimy and Katie:
IPB Image

I found some "adult" birthday cake images (boobie-shaped cakes!) but I thought that'd be a little weird going to Sheff tongue.gif
Congratulations Polly!
IPB Image

Congrats, Polly!!!!!

Cute cake!
congrats, polly!

happy birthday to sheff and qspice! (and maimy and katie, too? Wow, a lot of people's parents were busy some weekend in late April, eh?)

~~soothing for mandy too~~ my red tent has been closed since july but reopened with a vengeance this week. blargh.

i've had kind of an eh day. at least i have a much-needed haircut to look forward to.

also, i'm a bit weary with all the angst going on around here. I probably shouldn't have looked at it or gotten involved, as i knew it would just make me feel angsty, but sometimes i can't help myself.

*bursts into thread through the okay-kvetch secret passageway*


sidecar....I hear you on the angst 'round here...'tis no good. Thankfully, I think its simmering down now...seems like there's a busty dust up pretty much monthly, but this one was bad.

And a very MERRY BIRFDAY to Sheff!!!!

*slips back through the secret passageway*

yay ((((polly))))!
You go, Polly!! How cool for you!!!

((((mando))) Wish i could give you a big hug in person and make you some of my famous healing chicken soup.

(((bunny))) come baaaaaaaack

((rose)) we need to catch up again soon! Happy bday to the mr.

((yuefie))) just cuz

((sidecar))) I hope your hair doesn't give you angst (see below).

((all kvetchies)))

Tes: Nope, we'll never like our hair. For the record, tes and I have admittedly very unruly hair. Both of us have difficult hair- very very fine. Mine is probably much finer, but I probably have more of it. And Tes is much better at styling than I am and her hair behaves slightly better in general. So, with hair washing being such a chore after my surgery, I just fucking dread having to do it before a full-day of work. Hence, The Wig. My staff pretty much had a good laugh over that one. And I have a very large selection of golf hats for the weekend.

So with that being said....
Kvetch: Have to wash my fucking hair tomorrow morning. Meeting with some brass.
Kvetch: Now that I am getting more active, more body parts are starting to announce their presence.

Anti-kvetch: Big progress aerobically these days!!! Still have to regain lost muscle mass, but things are coming along!
(crosspost from okayland)

*****DOODLE UPDATE******

I just called doodle's BFF, but got one of her daughters on the phone, and got exactly this info: "doodle's doing good." Hee....I love teenager answers. I asked for more info, and got "she's still in the hospital, but doing good."


Well, I'm glad to know that our doodle is on the mend, however lacking in details the report might be!

*slips back through the kvetch-okay passage, whispering g'night to all*
Thanks for the update turbo- glad to know she's improving. Can't wait until she's back!

i can't to hear about it at the next midwestern mamas brunch. so cool.

(((mando))) i'd still give you a hug if you were dripping in blood. don't care. you need the hugs!!


rose, i hope you tell your hubby a whole bunch of busties are wishing him a happy birthday. smile.gif

turbojenn, thanks for giving us the update!!

*~*~*continued healing vibes for doodlebug*~*~*

(((plat))) that is so awesome about your progress!! keep it up!!

(((tes))) i'm giving you a hug so you can smell how fresh and clean i am! biggrin.gif thank goodness for unfrozen pipes!

mornington, so what't the deal?? you got a boyfriend??

i forgot to mention that sassygrrl's move went well. she just furnished her place. she is working on getting 'net connection and then she'll be back Busting. she wanted me to tell ya'lls she was doing good.

kvetch: it is freakin' cold here. can i get a witness from sidecar and polly?? my thighs were frozen. and i gotta lot of meat on these thighs.

antikvetch: met up with my friend for coffee and some delicious apple pie ala mode. had a little bailey's with my coffee. nice. it was so good to see and talk with her.

(((mornington, bunnyb, qspice, PiP, pixie, amilita, anoushh, designermedusa, raisingirl, sybarite, sixelacat, yuefie, dusty, mavin, fina, faith, billy, sidecar, polly, sassygrrl, turbojenn, and other kvetchies)))

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