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I thought the kvetchies would enjoy, right now, this total dose of cuteness.

Wow...I stepped away from the computer for a day and missed a lot!

Thanks for the kind words and apologies about the August blow up. Unfortunatly, that is the reason I am usually the last person around here to know when something is going down in another part of the board. I tend to stick to just a couple of threads to avoid some of the people who were involved. Tes, I'm sorry I haven't been around to have your back, but you know you are loved. Sometimes ignoring is thebest thing. In my case, I stepped away for several days and people got tired of fighting with themselves.

I know who you are referring to..and all I can say is, I wasn't too fond of her first identity, and the feeling hasn't gotten much better. Although it wasn't until a week or so ago, I even realized that the two were one in the same!

Anyway, much love to anyone. Pregnancy has been kicking my butt this weekend. I'm just so tired...and soooo cold! I've vibe individually when I can!
maybe we should plan a surprise attack on the okayers again??

we need to lighten things up again and have fun!

bunnyb and mornington, think of something. you busties are clever and cute!!

paintball attack? big and bold splashes of colour? i.e. SPLAT!

or we could win through cute overload (thanks treehugger, I needed that).

mornington and I are cute and clever; we also spawned the hottttness that is British males (even though we are both female and need the sperm to do that, and the fact that they are older than us huh.gif).

not doing so good today, my testiness has spread to IRL friend and we had blow-up.
Speaking of overloading on cute, I urge my fellow Americans to turn the television on Animal Planet today. They're airing a program called Puppy Bowl III. As far as I can tell, the entire show is just puppies playing. That's it. Scampering, jumping, scratching, barking puppy dogs. And it'll be on for the next 12 hours!!! The mind boggles.
Ah, rosev, the artist! That's one of the reasons I guess I have been so mentally's been sucky just having to look at this stuff on the wall that he barely worked on. Two sold at the opening, and virtually NO ONE has been in to see it after that...don't forget his work was not expensive and that he has bragged about how many sales he would bring in, etc.

Ok, so then yesterday it all came to a head when a fellow gallery owner called us to say he went to a certian arts community meeting and was trashing the gallery!!! And basically since the opening, I've been wanting to take the show down, but we have stuck to our commitment, but that was the final straw, and we took it all down and emailed him to come get it...and I got to vent a little in the email, too.

And of course he emailed back that it was all a misunderstanding or whatever, (Don't believe him one bit...not solely because I found an email from Dec. 29 that said all the work was finished, which was a complete and total lie) but he is going to get his stuff...and at least it does not seem to be escalating in any way, so that's good.

And again, all I can say is that we learned A LOT through this experience, and that will help us in the future. And I think unbeknownst to us, he reputation around town is not good, so I do not think this will harm us in any way...I just want it to fade away into nothing. I totally deleted everything about his show off the gallery website. Yup.

Congrats on two years, rosev!!! I totally know what you mean about feeling like it's been longer in some ways and feeling like you're getting started in's weird.

I'm off to nap before work- yuck! Well, yay! for nap and yuck! for work. And I'll be sure to share all my Mardi Gras pictures...I'm determined to get together a costume for the big day this year, which I never do. At this point, I just have a hot pink sheet that is destined to become some kind of dress...

happy elopiversary, rose and sheff!
(((amilita))) what a headache
((mornington)) I hope you're feeling better today.

I am watching Puppy Bowl right now. And don't forget--it features the Kitty Half-time show!
Happy anniversary RoseV and Sheff!

What happened to Surly? And I'm still pouting about Sapphire. Amilita, good to see you around though.

I'm sorry The Artist is such an ass, but I do find your recounting of his idiocy very amusing.

Treehugger, that avatar of yours is way cute.

((Yufie))) seems like you've had way more than your share of bad health stuff w/ your loved ones this last year.

(Did I say that already? I can't remember, but it's worth saying more than once.)
hells yeah, bunnyb!! paintball with giant loud font!! turbojenn's mr. is an experienced paintballer so she might have some skills. rolleyes.gif let's do it!!

i will respond to all of the posts tomorrow. i have a MAJOR kvetch with my mom who won best actress at a val party today.


off to unclog a the tub. yuck.
commiserations to Chicago BUSTies for the superbowl sad.gif .

paintballing would be fun; I'm taking a lounge hiatus, though, I can't deal with all this shit anymore and it's making me resent genuine BUSTies, especially the poor deluded fools. See? can't do it, won't do it anymore. wombat is going to continue to pull her shit against more and more of us unless more people take a stand; yes, she doesn't listen but if there's a united call out of her actions? I'm tired of being out on a limb and receiving crap for it, especially when I know I'm in the right.


eta: perhaps not the best of times to have a kvetch v. okay paintball fight, doodle's ill in hospital sad.gif.

doodle's in the hospital? say it ain't so! what's going on?

happy elopiversary, (((rose & sheff)))!

treehugger, that was tres cute indeed. thanks for that.

kvetch: our superbowl plans were foiled by the mr's damn work schedule. but we still had a fun time at home, pigging out and enjoying the game. (and prince! and i'm not even a fan, but purple rain in the rain was borderline epic!) but i chickened out of driving to my bro's without the mr, so i'm blue about that. two steps forward, one step back. le sigh.
yeah so my hiatus lasted a couple of hours (my name is bunnyb and I'm a bustaholic). I don't want people to feel bad for not speaking out -that's not what I'm about- I'm just frustrated, and then some, nobody needs to flog themselves.

(((mandolyn))) and (((auralpoison)))

poor doodle is indeed in hospital (plat and tesao have more info - kidney stones and infection) *~*~*~*kick ass health vibes for doodle~*~*~*~*

belated elopiversary rose and sheff!

fina, breakups (especially fo the marriage kind) suck. Also, we do have another house and moving in April.

Prince rocked, you gotta love him. Purple rain in the rain was fab and that was the only part I tuned in for (after a SaTC marathon).


(((((((((AP, the leader of my pack))))))))

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* no more icky pregnancy vibeage for pixie ~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~**~

*puts on kickin boots*

*stomps all over pregnancy pain that is kickin pixie's butt, leaving only yummy new baybee vibes*

sorry i missed the puppy bowl, but VERY happy not to have put up with the other bowl thing.

i am in the provinces in the center of the country, on my laptop. the connections are very iffy here,

but i just had to stop in and kive all of my kvetchies some good lovin'.

rosie, i hope you chose ethiopian!

speaking of good foodage, there is faboo vietnamese food in a teeeeeeeny hole in the wall in durham -- Bahn's. it normally only serves chinese food, but on wed and sat, there is YUM best fried tofu i have EVER had. check it out sometime!

i just KNOW that this connection is going to freeze any minute!

let me say

hugs and kisses and silly silly manta rays and mako sharks!!!

[color="#6600cc"]and ***************************************whoooooooooooooooooooooosh! i'm gone!

Happy Monday, everyone. What's happening with everyone this week?

~~~~~~ soothing for Pixe & MsP & all the prego Busties ~~~~~~
Of my friends who've had children, I noticed that there were some times when they were so sick of being pregnant that they just didn't even want to talk about it anymore. I since decided not to bring it up to my prego friends unless they introduce it to the conversation. Afterall, there's more to these women than their pregnancy & that should be acknowledged!

Bunny, don't leave! There's soooooo much good in this community. Don't let a bad apple ruin the whole barrel for you.

Tes, hope you get great things accomplished at work! And thanks for the resto recommendation. Gotta check that out!

Mandi, staying home for the game sounds lovely. I hear that the roads can be pretty dangerous after the game anyway, what with all those drunken football fans.

Stargazer, sorry to hear that things are unpleasant with your mom. And your drain. Yuck!

Amilita, so sorry about all the drama with the asshat artist! Reminds me of some of my more hellish theatrical experiences. Ugh. But it's all over now, yes?

Sidecar, I flipped over in time to see some of the kitty half-time show! I loved that they even had a specially glitter stage for them. So cute!

(((((F & dad & fam))))))
((((((Plat)))))) Because she can use all the recovery vibes we can muster.
((((((Doodle)))))) Her problems with the kidney stones started about two weeks ago. I don't think she's posted since I left for Seattle! Poor poor thing. Fingers crossed that the antibiotics kick in soon.

Thanks for the elopiversary wishes! We chose Indian & it was sooooooo quiet! Only one other couple was in the restaurant. Frankly, I was just glad they were open because a lot of the restaurants in our area had closed just for the game. Who knew the Super Bowl was a major holiday!
Kvetch: kvetchies feeling the need to leave because of frustration over the recent asshattery

Bigger kvetch: that this happens time and time again and there just isn't any effective way to deal with it!

I'm sorry people are getting frustrated that more people aren't joining in the fray.. I know for my part, I don't feel like we ever accomplish anything except raising our own blood pressure.

I did watch a little of the puppy bowl last night! Too cute!

(((rose, bunny, yuefie, Mandi, mornington, Tes, amilita, stargazer, sassy, fina, faith, billy, polly, sidecar, pnp...I know I am still missing people.YOU))))

I love you gals, I hope I haven't pissed any of you off.

I get impatient and cranky.
Bunny, glad to hear you've got new digs lined up. I should be coming through in a few weeks for stained glass time and tapas and wedding dress shopping, will let you know.

Thanks for the vibes re Finaman's sister. She's actually doing ok so far, has begun to accept that it is actually really over, and she's been to see the lawyer (which she put off doing for months), and told the principal at her kids' school even. She also hired a personal trainer to come over and kick her ass into shape, which is really good news because we were pretty afraid she would retreat into her cave/house and lose all self-esteem and hopefully she will fight against that.

Kitty half-time sounds awesome.

The ferret people don't need my help until later in the spring when the breeding season kicks in, but I'm going to visit soon just to say hi.

Anoushh, Surly's on LJ and just bought a hizzouse in London with Elroy, they moved in last weekend I think. Muy exciting!

We're having such indecision with paint colours in the living room, it's doing my head in. We're doing the hallway next cos at least we have found a good colour for that.

I'm gonna need some super-strength mystery vibes around 3 pm CST. I'll explain eventually, I promise.

(((hugs to all)))

Mystery vibes for (((sidecar)))
~~~~super duper strength mystery vibage for sidecar~~~~

((((((kvetchies))))) I love you all and I am sorry for all the arguing. But sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Bullies get under my skin like no other.

~!~!~!~ super-strength mystery vibes for Sidecar ~!~!~!~

That's wonderful news about Surly & Elroy! Please pass on some good wishes to her from the non-LJers. smile.gif

Fina, what colors are you considering? Maybe we can help.

GGG, I don't think you've said anything that would piss me off, but I haven't read everything you've written! wink.gif

Kvetch: Pixie, you may want to brace yourself for this.
I just got the official word from my mother that the hospital in my home town will be closing within the calendar year. And it isn't because the town is shrinking (I believe it's the 5th largest city in the state). And it isn't because the hospital is broke (they just built a new hospital up north near another rival hospital in a smaller town). Instead, it seems that they are closing it because not enough doctors live in that area and they don't want to drive that far. Honestly. That's the reason my mother was given. I cannot tell you how shocked and angered I am by this. I used to work with the mayor so I have half a mind to call him & ask what the hell happened that he let the hospital slip through his fingers. Seriously, WTF?!?!?

Anti-kvetch: My mother will still have a job. She'll be moved to one of the other hospitals owned by this company. Thank goodness for that, at least.

Kvetch: My "O" key is sticking. I keep having to toggle back and add O's throughout my posts.
~*~*~*~**~*Mystery vibes for Sidecar~*~*~***~

Interesting about the hospital Rose...not to offend your mama, but their ER wasn't very efficient and I think the newer hospital in the area has just gained the popularity of the doctors and the patients. Having worked at the newer tries to have an ER wait time of less than 30 minutes....everytime I have ended up at mamarose's ER it has been several HOURS at least! And I don't think I have ever seen a full fledged doctor in there. It's also not a full service that is against it too. I'm just really curious what they will do with the building now and all the doctors offices around it. I hope it is not another big eyesore like Wal Mart's abandoned buildings smack dab in the middle of town!

Maybe MamaRose will be working at the "pink" hospital by the time this micropixie is born!

~**~*~**~soothing hairbrushing vibes for Yufie, mandi, and Bunny~*~***~*~
~?~?~?~?~?~?~? giant JUMBO extra large SUPERgrrrl mystery vibes for sidecar~?~?~?~?~?~?~?~

amilita, i forgot to tell you how PERFECT that crew would be for me!!!! i just loved it. mardi gras is so different than carnaval but so similar in many ways. i need to come to nola and experience fat tuesday for myself sometime in this lifetime!!!

pixie and yeufie and bunny and mando: i think that you have every right to say how you feel. what has been going on lately just isn't right. i really would like to talk about legal prostitution in nevada and holland and see if legalizing it makes things any better. but no way am i going to go back in that thread. it is a lightening rod.

i still think that ignoring is the best thing we can do. attention seekers who don't get it are more likely to go and seek attention elsewhere.


rose, i hope you DO try it out! (i can also give you the names of our fave restos for "celebrations", including the one that mr. hotbuns proposed to me in!!!! they are spendy, but sooooooooooo good!!! plat knows them, too. she is good at finding new places with yummy foodstuffs to eat!)

ooooooooooooo. fina is going shopping for dress. re the paint? pickwhatever you want and slap the paint on. if you hate it, you can always just paint over it!!

g-cubed, you know i love you, you tiara thief you!!!! MWAH!!! wub.gif

hugs and kisses and silly orange roughy!

Well, the problem with the ER is that (1) it wasn't big enough to service such a large community and (2) not enough doctors and nurses were assigned to it ... because, obviously, the Boad of Directors did not feel like spending the money out there. I mean, if they felt like spending the money, they wouldn't be closing the place! It's stupid that they haven't been putting money and attention where it is desperately needed. And of course, all of the people that clogged up that ER will now be forced to go to the newer hospital you mentioned, thus clogging them up. Think they'll be able to maintain that 30 minute turn-around time when everyone from BA & Coweta are forced to go there, too? I doubt it. So I fear it's going to become a giant clusterfuck. Ugh. As for Mom, she will not be at the Pink Palace. She will be at the heart hospital in their ER & they're so desperate t keep her happy that she even gets to keep her same hours. Hooray!

If you have any more questions, Pixie, feel free to send me a PM. smile.gif
~~*3:00 PM CT super secret vibes for sidecar*~~
*~*~*good vibes for sidecar*~*~*

it is a little past 3pm here. i hope things went well for her. unsure.gif

(((((((((bunnyb)))))))))))) glad you came back!! you should post your new pic in the say cheese thread. you look adorable!

((((((((rose)))))))))) happy anniversary! i'm glad your mother got a job at another hospital!

(((((((amilita)))))))) sorry about the difficult artist. but, yeah for mardi gras!

(((((((tes)))))))) you can never get enough hugs for your silliness!

yeah, we should probably hold off on the whole kvetch vs. okayers fun 'til doodlebug is feeling better.

*~*~*~*healing vibes for doodlebug*~*~*~*

sassygrrl said her move went fine!

kvetch: i forgot how depressed my mother gets around her bday. it is almost like she is pissed for being alive another year. this is a women who told me in her mid40s that she had a dream that she would not live past 50. when my mother turned 50, i told her, "happy birthday, you're still alive." yeah, mom was always good for throwing the whole abandonment thing at me my whole life. she didn't sound like herself on the phone. tense, nervous talking, and not listening to me. whatevs. so, my tub is backed up. talked with my stepdad to see if he has a snake so i can unclog it. call my mom to see if we can stop at walgreens for some liquid drano. she seems perturbed. my mom doesn't like to have her plans altered. alittle disagreement ensues about which walgreens to go to. the one by my house or her house. nothing big. i'm like," why don't we go to the one by my place?" my mom, "well, why don't we go to the one by our house? are you gonna put the drano in right after we get it? do you need to go right back to your place?" i had to reexplain my reasoning. i know this sounds so stupid. my mother loves power struggles. she is a very stubborn woman. not the go with the flow type, as much as she will brag she is. when i correct her, she tells me i'm yelling at her. we get off the phone. and i'm thinking, you know what, we should just get to the house. my relatives are waiting for her and she's already pissed. i get in the car and she asks me where to go. i tell her just to go to the house. she gets mad at me. i tell her just to go to the house. then proceeds to tell me i'm yelling at her. she is silent the whole ride home. because she has to have things done her way, we go to the walgreens by her house. she drops me off in front and drives off. she is gone for about 10-15 minutes. she is pulling an attention getting scheme. i tell my stepdad what happens. he tells me how he's in the shithouse too because supposedly he had a tone to his voice. argh. she finally arrives in her dramatic glory telling us how she had her surprise all figured out. not at once telling people she is happy. she pretty much ignores me the rest of the night. half asses saying thank you for her gift. the ride back to my place was very quiet. my mother loves to pull the whole withhold of love and affection as a way to punish me when she is mad at me to induce guilt. *sigh*

kvetch2: so, course i was eating probably more than i should have out of anger. the stress and eating of wrong foods gave me TERRIBLE heartburn during the night. i slept on the couch. tummy is feeling a little better.

kvetch3: the tub is still plugged. i gave up on the snake thing last night. i'm gonna try it again and if i still can't get it then i will call the landlord. i slept in this morning because i was up throughout the night with the sore tummy so unclogging the drain was not a priority this morning.

kvetch4: sorry for the typos. i've gotten in the habit of not wearing my glasses when i post. um, i should wear my lenses.

antikvetch:sorry for the terribly long post, but i'm just tired of my mother's immature mindgames. i've had to deal with it since i was a kid. but, i know i'm doing better emotionally because in the old days that shit would've just eaten at me. i would've felt bad, taking responsibility for the situation, even though i did nothing wrong. makes me think of the grey's epi where mcdreamy tells meredith something to the effect that people fight and move one. it is not the end of the world. i'm glad i didn't let my mom let loose my sense of self.

(((((((((((((((((((((raisingrl, dusty, polly, pixie, fina, amilita, anoushh, PiP, sassygrrl, designermedusa, sidecar, mornington, treehugger, ggg, yuefie, faith, sonik, sybarite, and other kvetchies)))))))))))))))
*><*><*><*><*super-secret super-strength vibes for sidecar*><*><*><*><*
((((tes)))) yay for internets in the wilds.
yay for surly's house!
((((rose & sheff)))) happy elopiversary!
****get well**** ((((doodle))))
((((fina)))) & yay for ((((finamansister))))
((((pixie)))) & ((((msp)))) & thier bumps & all the other pg busties
((((amilita)))) boo on asshat artist. may he never get another show
((((yuefie)))) acos
((((syb, sassy, faith, ap, ggg, anoushh, treehugger, dusty, crassy, mavin, qspice, everyone))))

bit better today, but I'm shattered after a long day. luckily I haven't got to be in until midday - and Indigo is coming with me for my practical live anatomy class. He's going to be a model biggrin.gif . He's feeling very cuddly today, which is nice... if a bit bony. skinny dog. although he's put weight on since he came home, so he no longer looks like a skeleton

Sheesh. I don't read for a few days, and I miss the whole firestorm. It sucks, feeling like you're left to fend off the wolves by yourself. There was an old thread on men's role in feminsm that culminated in this super-trolly guy telling me, "I'm a feminist. You're a cunt." And what made me burst into flames, on top of this guy's anti-woman language and behavior, was the women who minimized it. Whooo, crazy-making. I started cutting way back on the boards after that.

Whew. I do tend to hang on the bitter. It's a thing - I'm always afraid if I forget how I got shit on, I won't see it coming the next time.

Aaanyway. Bunnyb, I'm seven weeks along. My friend warned me I found out waaaaay too early. "You're going to be pregnant forever!" And it's true. I've been telling people I'm due in September... 2009.

Speaking of crazy-making - sorry about the power struggles with mama, stargazer. I'm sure I'd be the same way in your shoes, so take this with the appropriately sized grain of salt, but I'd try just not to engage her. Don't play into her games. Clearly she gets something about the power plays, or she wouldn't do it. Try not to give it to her. Again, easier said than done, I know but maybe something to think about. (MrP's mother is one with the guilt and the games and the nonsense. And at 37, he still hasn't figured out how to deal with her.)
(((((stargazer))))) Sorry honey. Mind games suck. But family mind games are the worst. And those of the parental variety, ugh. It sounds like you were damned if you did and damned if you didn't. It's not your fault she wants to be a drama queen, and you should not be the one wracked with guilt over it.

I just got off the phone with grandpa who informs me that his arrival just might have been moved up! He is eager to get here sooner, rather than later to visit Art in the hospital. His doctor pretty much gave him the go ahead for travel plans, so if he can switch his fight with minimal hassle, they will be here sometime around the end of this week! They are supposed to try and wake Art up tonight, so please keep all your parts crossed that it goes well. I wanted to be at the hospital but someone needs to babysit for Jen and that someone is me. Sashie is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. She is having her teeth cleaned, an extraction (or two) and also this huge fatty tumor removed from her chest. The tumor has been there for quite some time, the previous vet did a biopsy and concluded it was benign. But it has steadily grown, and the new vet said if we don't remove it now it will get so big that it was impede her mobility. He says she is in great health overall, aside from her bad tooth and the tumor. Her heart and kidneys are great, and he expects her to have a few more good years. So hopefully no complications will arise as far as the anesthesia and infections go.

((((((everybody))))) wub.gif

(((msp))) you totally get it; I hang onto the bitter too and it's not healthy but it's also my defense mechanism at times. My loved one who is pregnant is at very early stage so we'll all be waiting forever too, she's probably about the same number of weeks as you, now I think of it as we found out on Jan 5th.

(((star))) don't apologise for the long post, you need to vent and that's what this thread and kvetchies are here for.

(((sidecar))) I was vibing in lurking mode. The last thing I wanted to do earlier was kvetch. Anyway, I hope it -whatever it was- went well!

So, I've wasted my day busting and embroiling myself in such shit; I don't need to be that upset. Anyway, I'm off to bed to read and hopefully unwind.

eta: I'm feeling really unloved around here just now but I know that's me being insecure as I have received some lovely PMs today.


You know, just in case it wasn't clear before.

I leave my computer off for one measley day and I can't believe the firestorm either, MsP.

And yesterday was freaking fabulous, really, with no computers on chez Raisin. I might make it a habit to do that at least one day a week.

Flying off now to post in a few other threads...
well, I guess I missed the firestorm as well. I've become more of a lurker in here anyway.

(((stargazer))) I'm sorry you have to deal with your mom acting that way. My grandfather is kind of like that and it drives everyone in my family crazy, dealing with his temper tantrums and whatnot.

I've just got one kvetch: I am so sick of my stupid prof talking down to the entire class and just being an asshole in general.

((((everyone else)))) I hope there aren't anymore blowups or jerky people to deal with (not that I'm judging anyone cause I'm not even 100% sure what happened)
Hiya candycane. boo on assy professors. It's prolly best to not know what happened at this point.

Sidecar, I hope everything worked out!

((((Msp & Pixie))))) ~~~happy bean vibes~~~

Mmm, I made some yummy pasta for dinner tonight. I whipped up some fresh pesto, tossed it on some angel hair with grape tomatoes, and the little grape tomato sized balls of fresh mozzarella. DAYUM it was good!

((((((stargazer))))))) Martini's mother loves the mind games. The important thing is, hard as it is, not to let yourself get embroiled in them. It's good that your stepfather is aware of how she can be, too. It's good to have allies in a situation like that.

thanks for the vibes everyone ... I think they were moot, but I do appreciate them. I had an interview, and it's not like it went badly, but it showed me that while my skillz are indeed mad, I am but a big fish in a tiny pond, and if I want to move over to the big pond, I kinda need to start over in the big pond, and I'm not sure I want to do that. I don't mind being in the tiny pond, as long as it stays warm and pleasant, but forces are starting to pollute it. (Thank you for putting up with this godawful tortured metaphor.) When (if?) I feel up to it, I'll probably go more substansively into the details in El-jay, but it'll be friends only (sorry nonLJers). I'm reluctant to ever talk about work on the Internet, and this is more career ennui than anything else ... sorry to be so vague.

(((((everyone)))))) I was offline most of the day, so I missed much of the brouhaha ... oof. I don't want to rehash anything, but suffice to say, I'm glad things are being brought into the open, whether everyone understands why or not. Asshats vex me too.
bom dia, kvetchies!!!

it is around 6:30 am here. i have trouble sleeping when the sun comes up, which is EARLY....a little before 5 right now. (it's summer for the antipodeans) i couldn't go back to sleep, so i thought i would just get some work done on my laptop, and........there is wifi in my hotel room this morning!!! how COOL is that?

we are going to go and visit some of the HIV/AIDS clinics today to see how things are going and talk to the people involved. we don't support any of the clinics in this province, but being able to see how others do things is usually a great way to learn new things that we might not have thought of.

then it's back to the workshop to listen to the things that the provincial health directors would like to look at via operational research and help them with protocols. it should be an interesting day! i just hope i don't fall asleep because i got up so frelling early!

((((((stargazer)))))) family drama is THE worst. it has always freaked me out, and while i have gotten better at dealing with it, it still upsets me more than anything else i know. i think maybe because of the mindgames -- we know all of each other's buttons, and we are still playing out the sibling rivalry for my now dead father's attentions. SO messed up.

((((((candycane girl)))))) assholes do VEX me!! your professor sounds like a total douche nozzle. i hope that the class goes by fast and that you have the choice never to have to take one of his classes again!

msp: it is so great to see you posting in here again. it is too bad that there had to be a crazy storm going on in here, but hopefully we have dealth with it and can finally move forward. i have parts crossed for that.

i have to go and shower. dont WANNA, dont WANNNNNNNNA.

hopefully the wifi will make another appearance later today and i'll be back.

hugs and kisses and silly squid!
I love metaphors, sidecar! At least you know that you've got what it takes rather than getting to the interview only to feel like you're not good enough. That's my biggest fear when I get out into the real world.

thanks for the vibes tesao. I'm lucky, it's my last semester so after this I never have to see evil prof's face again! No more getting five emails a day from him or listening to him lecture on and on about how we "should know this by now!" especially when it's something that none of our profs have ever talked about. ever. I have a three hour class with him tomorrow. ugh.
ooops! take a shower and miss crossposts from sidecar! querida, i'm sorry that you work has been polluted. (i, like candycane, thought it was a great metaphor!) and i'm also equally sure that you could jump over to the big pond and all would go swimmingly!

anyway. i also understand your reluctance to talk about work related things here; it is too public. i generally take my work rants to LJ as well. it's okay. i bet everyone else understands, too.

and candycane! soooooooooooooo glad to hear that this is the LAST semester with this fuck chop. at least you have that to hold onto while you are stuck with him for three what i am sure will seem endless hours!!


yay! for grandfathers showing up earlier!!!

i'm procrastinating. i should go downstairs and eat breakfast, is so cozy here in my (teeeeeeeny) hotel room.
(((Stargazer))) Sorry your mum is being like that. Even if you're kind of used to that behaviour it's still sucky.

(((Sidecar))) I feel your pain honey!

Candycane, wow- professors emailing you. Contacting you voluntarily, personally, in any way, really. How the world changes! I feel ancient now!

Rose, it's so kind of you to offer to help with paint colours. I feel really stupid that we can't figure this out, but am coming to realize it's a difficult room to work with. Lovely, but tricky when it comes to light because it's so variable. One corner of the room has a semi-circle added on to it, like a big 10-ft diameter bay window. The windows face north and east so there is great light but not usually direct light. All winter in the evenings we have the curtains drawn to retain the heat; these are dark red velvet, a bit ratty and faded but overall pretty slick. However this means that this corner is quite dark with the curtains drawn but full of light all summer when the curtains are open (and we're very far north, so have super long nights in summer). We originally wanted to do a very dark green or blue on the walls because the ceilings are high enough and the room big enough to get away with a dark colour, and if we leave the ceiling, cornicing and skirting boards all white it shouldn't feel too closed in. But with the dark red curtains and dark walls it's going to feel like a dark cave and we don't want to make the room feel smaller. So now we are thinking a light grey-blue for the walls, will look nice with the curtains, but will it be too drab with the summer light? Will get a test pot and see.

Anyway, due to personal preferences, yellow, orange, red, purple and brown are all out. Finaman is picky with greens- can't be too minty, can't be too olivey- so blue seems to be the best option. Although we like the dark blue we're afraid of the consequences. Mid-range blues aren't quite right either. But I hate pastels so the light blues are tricky too.

So much navel-gazing over paint, it's embarrassing. It's just that it's the first place we've owned so we're finally not trapped into having to have white (or the dreaded MAGNOLIA) walls, but we want to absolutely love it, too, yet know we'll likely only be here a few years so don't want to have to repaint when it comes time to sell it.
Sidecar, I was lurking not posting yesterday but did think of you at 3pm CST. I hear you on the small pond/big pond dilemma. I have no doubt you have the skillz to make the move, but if you have to make up ground that could be frustrating. I am sure you'll figure out the best way forward.

((Stargazer)) Man, my mom and I used to have the worst fights along similar lines. When I was younger and at college, she flew me home once for Christmas, then chewed me out for standing up to her when she was being unreasonable. She basically said she didn't pay all that money to fly me over so I could be unpleasant. Since then I pony up my own fare and expenses.

We get on so much better now and there's so much I admire about her... but oy, the pettiness back then. Life is too short!

And candycane girl... I hear you. I hate patronising professors: way to put people off academia.

fina, do you absolutely have to keep the red curtains? It would probably give you more paint options if you pictured the room without them, then you could just add new ones that go with whatever colour you choose. Either way, blue-grey sounds nice.

And yeah, my prof just loves to send us emails. Here are some of my personal favourites:

"I'm back!!!!!!!!!" (and yes, it had that amount of exclamation points)
"15 people were not in class yesterday. I will not tolerate such a flippant attitude."
"Assignment #1 has been posted." Everyone then proceeds to the website where it should be only to find that it has not, in fact, been posted.

Anyway, sorry for the derailing.

kvetch: I've been feeling all weird and dizzy since yesterday, so I'm not in class today which means that I'm probably missing something important.

anti-kvetch: Since I was at home, I was here when the Purolator guy came with my new phone! Which is strange because I actually dreamed about getting it last night.
Candycane, yeah I do have to keep the curtains because the windows are so huge (there are 5 of them that make up the bay window area, and they are only single glazed), we need heavy curtains for heat retention and it would cost about £1500 to have new ones made. Not happening!!

Your prof sounds like either he is new to email or new to teaching.

Ugh. So much crap being slung around lately. I think it's the weather, the current events, and the new format.

One of my philodendron-like hanging plants had mealybugs. Mealy-freaking-bugs! Ick. My initial gentle attack was unsuccessful, so I spent an inordinate amount of time yesterday on a several-tiered approach - handpick bugs, soak dirt off the roots, rinse the plant in alcohol and water, then repot in potting soil which was not only out of a bag, but also unnecessarily sterilized in the oven (I was paranoid). If they come back after this I might have to build a shrine to their resilience.

I booked a restaurant for our happy elopement dinner, so yay for that. Except Mr.Luci has been really demoralized by his family's behavior, so now he's in a pout about celebrating. I keep telling him we don't need to invite them if they haven't shaped up by the time invites go out. Bah.

(happy belated elope-versary rose and sheff!)

fina, that's tough on the colors. I'm having a similar problem with this place - 14 foot ceilings are nice and all, but at night it feels cavernous. I'd like to eliminate that feeling, but because of dimensions and the placement of certain features, painting is more complicated than usual. But I'm a big advocate of it, especially if you're going to be there longer than six months. You should be comfortable in your space, not just tolerating it because you plan to move in a few years. Leaving aside the cost of velvet, if you know how to do straight seams on a machine (and have the time), you could replace the curtains yourself for cheaper than your quote. Especially if you consider using different materials, or sacrificing a bit of bulk. But if fabric stores and such aren't your thing it can be daunting and an annoyance. wink.gif

Which is something I need to get on. We have these heavy honeycomb blinds, but they don't cover the areas where I can feel breeze. BREEZE. Coming through the windows. Ugh.







Shit! I'm running late...I need to layer up and venture forth into the arctic...

(((((rose))))) (((((mandi))))) (((((bunny))))) & ((((mornington)))) ~~~extra tight hugs and blue skies & sunshine vibage~~~

happy elope-versary wishes, future and belated!

((((((doodlebug))))) ~~~~extra super duper mega strength kidney healing vibes~~~~

(((((sidecar, polly, dusty, msp, pixie, faith, sybarite, fina, amilita, pink, anoushh, dusty, tesao, plat, luci, stargazer, sixela, sassy, ap, candycane, flanker, billy, mavin, plummie, tg, crassy, walkingb, sapphy, funjules, lurkers, everyone)))))

Art had his eyes open and was responding to Jen last night, yay! I am heading up to the hospital around five to see him, then I have a dinner date. Not a real date, an old "friend" called me up and asked me out for some thai or sushi. I figured, why not?! I think my grandpa is arriving in Phoenix tomorrow, his girlfriend's son lives there. They are renting a car and driving out here to San Diego, so I am not exactly sure when they will be arriving. But it could be as soon as Thursday, eeep!

amilita by...fina, i think blue-grey on the walls would be great. it's the color i was going for on my living room and dining room walls, a medium blue-grey, but really, after i nixed the brighter blue on the ceilings, it just pretty much looks blue. i'm ok with that, but i learned how much the colors around another can effect the perception of it...and i picked a new ceiling color that brought out the grey as much as i could and still worked with the room. so i'd suggest painting test swatches, which you probably already would have done. me, i just rush out and buy a bunch of paint!

during work last night, i got to feeling very yucky...sore throat, sinus congestion, lightheaded. i got to leave an hour early and went by the drugstore and got tons of stuff, including stuff to try to nip it in the bud. just woke up and feeling a bit improved...i gotta go visit mamma this weekend, so trying so hard to not get very sick!

thanks for all of the vibes and support, Busties!!

my mom actually sent me an email today asking when i needed to go grocery shopping. she didn't call me, but i guess it's a sign she's trying to "communicate" with me. blink.gif grown ups can be so weird sometimes! rolleyes.gif

(((sidecar))) well, as long as you are ok with it. i can totally understand not wanting to talk about work stuff on the internet. you never know what workplaces will bring stuff up from the 'net.

Polly, did you hear from that place about a job? still on the hunt?? inquiring minds want to know...

(((((((((bunnyb)))))))))))) i think you need it 'cause i haven't seen you post in here yet. taking a break?

(((tes))) you are so awesome for the work you do in africa!

sybarite, yeah, my mom is vindictive. she would do things for me then throw it in my face, which is why i hesitate to ask her to help me with things. she is getting better though.

fina, i would love to see how the place turns out. post pics perhaps?? i love my place to be very relaxing. i try to promote that vibe. ask polly. she had a hard time leaving my couch!! i love to induce comfort with my company.

**wonders where mornington is** unsure.gif

*~*~*feel good vibes for amilita*~*~*

((((((yuefie & art)))))) that is such awesome news!!

(((luci))) the outlaws can really be a pain. sorry mr. luci is not getting support from them.

*~*get well vibes for hanging plant*~*

kvetch: i got really lazy about trying to snake the tub that i called the landlord to call the plumber. i think they won't come out 'til tomorrow. so, i've been sponge bathing and washing my hair in the sink. oh well. the bathroom is the only thing i really despise about this apartment. nothing but problems.

antikvetch: i think i'm gonna go do some reading. i'm getting use to not having the roommate around. nice and quiet.

(((((((fina, pixie, raisingrl, sidecar, mornington, mando, mavin, plat, qspice, and other kvetchies))))))
(((star))) I'm here, just laying low. Or I was.
I could really care less anymore who is right and who is wrong. I am just tired of all this crap, and I'm about to put a whole mess of busties who I used to admire on ignore.

Ya know what this place needs? Puppies! Click on the link to see some clips from the Puppy Bowl. smile.gif;bclid=36994943

Fina, sounds like you don't have a lot of color options! Are you sure you wouldn't be willing to try smething other than blues and greens and greys? The walls in our living room are a nice, warm yellow treatment - various subtle shades of yellow. It isn't to sunshiny or pastel-y. I've really grown to like it.

Sidecar, I hope you find a solution that makes you happy!

~~~~~~ healing for CandyCane & Amilita ~~~~~~

Hooray for Art! Here's hoping that he continues to improve.
~*~*~*~*~ safe traveling vibes for Yuefie's various family members ~*~*~*~*~

Luci, I hope the elopement dinner works out for you & Mr. Luci.

And speaking of elopement, thanks again for the good wishes, everyone!

((((((((Stargazer, Sybarite, Pixie, Mornington, Mando, Bunny, & everybody!)))))))))

Kvetch: Headache. Bleh. And Sheff is working late. And his birthday is Thursday and I need to get him a card & maybe another present.
~~~feel better amilita~~~
(((art))) oh, that's great news yuefie!

Fina, my house is a lot of bright warm colors--a warm orange and a brick red in the living room, the same brick read in the hall, a brighter orange in the dining room, yellow in the kitchen, and a deep wine color in the guest room. My bedroom is a pale green and my office is a very bright blue. I think I might choose a new color for the office this year (maybe; I put in a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf last year and don't feel like moving them to repaint) and do a lighter grey-blue in the bathroom. Or I might not paint at all.

I have had a headache all week (as well as my first period in months; joy). I wish it would just let up.

We went to a preview screening of Music and Lyrics tonight -- it was very funny and charming, starring Hugh Grant as, well, Andrew Ridgely essentially. We also ate at the (seriously) upscale bowling alley/bar attached to the movie theater. We went with some close friends, and we all split the deep-fried macaroni and cheese appetizer. Weird but delicious (although that seems like something that should've been invented in Wisconsin).

Thanks for the job vibes ... I'm feeling better about stuff today. I got a little recognition of appreciation that went a long way. The tiny pond might be clearing up again as it was.
ugh. insomnia is kicking my arse tonight/this morning.

thanks for all the love for art. he is still asleep but now it's from the pain meds and not the heavy sedatives they've had him on. hopefully they will be able to decrease that enough so that he can not be so groggy, but it's a good thing they are keeping him comfortable. poor guy.

If I may, I am requesting some everything go okay for my old lady pupper's surgery vibes, pretty please.


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