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I took today off too, and I just got up. I'm feeling better, but still not there yet. I'm glad I took today off, I think it would've been rough if I'd gone in, and I wouldn't have been productive. The body aches are gone, thank goodness, and I think my fever's broke. All I need now are for my sinuses to clear.

I just read a Molly Ivins obit that noted she was fired from the New York Times for calling a community chicken killing festival a "gang-pluck." Hee. She will be missed.

funjules! good to see you.

~~~(((for all those in need)))~~~ I'll be a bit more individualized when I'm feeling better.
Oh Anoushh, I'm sorry if I offended you! There's no way you can avoid overnight flights when going from the west coast of the US to England; there's just too far to go. But this wasn't an international flight. And it left at 11:30pm and landed before sunrise. It's obvious that the people on-board intend to sleep during the flight. So why take a baby on it? Why not just take a flight in the morning? A part of me feels sorry for the mother because she certainly looked tired and frustrated, but I also feel that she did it to herself - and to the rest of us - so my sympathy is greatly limited. Thank goodness I don't have a business meeting to attend today like some of my fellow passengers.

Mandi, congrats on the new addition to the family! As for the baby's size, I hope your little cousin comes to realize that no one means to offend. As long as birth announcements mention a baby's size, it will be a topic of discussion. And I'm sure that people are honestly just thrilled that the baby is so wonderfully healthy. Better than being underweight, right? smile.gif And the thing is people LOVE to talk about newborn babies, but there's just so little that we know about them! So it's just normal for people to focus a lot of attention on a specific feature like the baby's name or the length of the mother's labor.

~*~*~*~ healing for Sidecar ~*~*~*~

Pixie? Where are you? Are you coping okay in the snow?

Plat, glad to hear you get to work from home today.


~~~~~~ smooth move for Sassy ~~~~~~

(((((((((((( endless love for Art ))))))))))

(((( Billy )))) Just 'cause. smile.gif

Kvetch: I feel so dehydrated. Bleh.
Oh, no offense taken! I'm just hoping he copes with the flights well.

Yeah, 11:30 at night is insane. I mean, that's asking for trouble. All I can think of was that it was an emergency, she has a stupid family member who made the reservation, or she's mentally impaired from the lack of sleep (which I can sympathise with these days...)

Glad you enjoyed Seattle--I think it's lovely. Portland should be next on your itinerary!
Hi Rose! This nothing campared to the ice storms a couple weeks ago. The streeets aren't even bad, and school isn't even closed! Glad you enjoyed Seattle! I miss living up there sometimes...especially when you consider the reason I left. Sorry about the baby on the flight! When we went to Europe, the kid behind me and smokeboy kicked the back of our chairs almost the entire flight! I thought I was going to go postal after a while! The mom completely ignored our dirty looks!

Mando, congrats on the new family member! People always seem to find the tackiest things to say to new moms, or pg women too, for that matter! I'm getting really tired of being asked how I feel every day at work....umm..I feel pregnant! It's usually not terribly pleasant, but I know the ends justify the means!

Speaking of being pregnant...I had my 12 weeks appointment today! I had a really great Ultrasound! We got to see a really good view of the spine and the heart, and the baby was kicking and wiggling all around! Mr. Pixie took off work and went me. It is really starting to feel more real now!

~*~*~*~*healing vibes fo rthe sick Busties~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*super strength vibes for Art and fam having to deal with the loser donor.~*~****~**~

Yay for your ultrasound pixie!

and congrats to mando-family on the new arrival. boo hiss, people are so tactless.


Sorry for my lack of individual vibing, but you are all vibed for.

We just got word from the doctor that he wants a family meeting this evening unsure.gif . It seems that Art's fever returned and spiked quite high today because he has yet another infection. This one is an infection that is breaking out in a rash of blisters all over his body. They haven't determined the cause or how deep the infection is running just yet, but they suspect it could be cellulitis/staph which is very serious. This is just too much. I am worried that his body is just too worn down to fight much more and with all the antibiotics he's been given, his system unable to fight all the infections off. I just don't understand where all these infections keep stemming from. It's all so frustrating.

(((((((art))))))) & ((((((yuefie))))
yay for ultrasound ((((pixie))))! do you know whether the bebe is a he or a she or is it going to be a surprise?
((((mando)))) yay for the new arrival. people can be so tactless, but i agree with rose that people focus on the immediate facts because they're excited, not out of meanness. and i - personally - like bigger babies because I'm no so scared I'll break 'em. Both me and my brother were large babies too.
((((walkingb)))) you make me laff.
((((rose)))) yay for pretty snow!
((((sidecar)))) feel better soon. and what syb said, except no garlic and plenty of honey and hot water!
((((anoushh)))) you have to make an overnight flight, though. people are much more understanding, but I'll cross my fingers for you that he sleeps lots. A lot of babies are good as gold on flights, it seems to be toddlers that cause havoc.
((((plat)))) acos
((((sassy)))) ****smooth move****
((((bunny, tes, star, sixe, billy, candy, syb, faith, fina, funjules, everyone))))

just got a message saying F's dad has taken a turn for the worst. I wish I was closer so I could do something, I feel so useless and helpless and far away.

ok, postitivity: took indigo out with the college dogs yesterday, they went for a potter around the park. Indigo's got a touch of upset tummy, but it should pass. I'll go into the health store and pick up some arrowroot to put in his food. Indigo is going to be allowed into my live anatomy classes, which will help him be more confident around others, and means he won't be alone in the day; it also means he gets to hang out with Billy and Charlie - and hopefully another greyhound belonging to one of the staff, once her legs are better. I've also volunteered to walk Billy and Charlie if they need someone to take them out.

antikvetch: new jeans. at bargainous price (despite being expensive).

kvetch: more of a moan. No-one bothered to tell me that I would be expected to have my brother for half-term. I don't mind having him here, but I wish our father wouldn't leave it up to him to have to ask me if he can sleep on my sofa, it's just not fair on him. If I'd known, I would have rung him and invited... I know the result is the same, but dad is too much of a wanker to see that he feels unwanted. the message i got was "the mother-in-law [stepmother's mum] is at dad's. I think I'm being hidden away so i don't 'accidentally' say something stupid" It just makes me so angry that he's going through all the shit I went through, and I know there's going to be this feeling until both of us have moved into our own houses permanently.

right. bed. (((((kvetchies)))))
(((((((((((yuefie & art)))))))))))))))

*~*~*sending out healing vibes for art*~*~*

rats. i was hoping art was getting better.

rose~that is so awesome you got to meet PiP! i'm glad you had a safe and fun trip!

((((((((mornington))))))))) i just wanted to give you a squeeze! smile.gif

kvetch: i'm kinda freakin' out (in a good way) about things I need to get done. Research mainly. I feel like I need to get things in order before I find out if I need to move at the end of the month.

kvetch2: my friend forgot about our coffee get together. a good thing though. i was feeling bummy. but, since i had makeup on and was dressed, i decided to still go grab a cup of joe in this freezing weather! yeah, i'm crazy.

antikvetch: bought tons of birthday cards today. i didn't realize i knew so many people born this month!

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Feb 1 2007, 01:26 PM) *

It's obvious that the people on-board intend to sleep during the flight. So why take a baby on it? Why not just take a flight in the morning? A part of me feels sorry for the mother because she certainly looked tired and frustrated, but I also feel that she did it to herself - and to the rest of us - so my sympathy is greatly limited.

I'm sure she didn't do it to piss anyone off. Could be it was less expensive than a daytime flight. Or the family's schedule prohibited an earlier/later flight. Or the baby had flown quietly in the past. I'm certain an already tired and frustrated mother is mindful of the fact that she's being blamed and derided by the other passengers, all the while trying to quiet the fussy baby in her lap. That can't be easy.

QUOTE(pixiedust @ Feb 1 2007, 04:17 PM) *

I'm getting really tired of being asked how I feel every day at work....umm..I feel pregnant! It's usually not terribly pleasant, but I know the ends justify the means!

Honestly. I'm ready to post a sign on my office door - "I feel tired, hungry, and cranky. Quit asking." But besides that, I'm fine. Even more annoying is the co-worker who, all of a sudden, talks to me like I'm a puppy. I'm having a baby - I'm not actually the baby myself. But she keeps cooing over me, and it's driving me up a wall.
(((yuefie))) i'm so so sorry to hear this latest bad turn for art. this is all so heartbreaking. i don't even know him, but no one deserves this type of hardship. i hope it helps to know i'm kicking up my prayers to miracle-strength.

(((sidecar))) try to enjoy your day off. and i'll chime in with the ginger tea, honey and brandy. if nothing else, it'll induce a lovely nap.

stargazer, not crazy, luv. going out on your own - even just for a latte - is a very cool & brave move, IMHO.

(((f's dad))) sorry to hear the bad news. thinking all good thoughts.
(((mornington & bro))) i'm sure he knows you love and want him. you're a good sister.

rose, glad you're home safe n'sound, and that you had so much fun! and god love you for always looking on the bright side, but i gotta point out, when it's YOUR kid that people are sniggering at, you get irrational. danny's a big boy, and i still get defensive when people point it out. (nevermind that this entire country is too fucking weight-obsessed as it is). plus, lil cousin is a super-sensitive soul to begin with, not to mention her haywire hormones at this point. i think it's her sister's nastyass comments that are bugging her the most. i told her, "she's just jealous cuz she wants a girl." yes, i'm a bitch, i fully admit.

pixie, "I'm getting really tired of being asked how I feel every day at work....umm..I feel pregnant!" made me laugh! glad to hear all is well.

can i add my utter & extreme delight at plat being here regularly? one of us, one of us ...

antikvetch: excellent therapy session yesterday.
antikvetch2: excellent lovely happy fun reunion with brazilian gay boyfriend last night. wonderful food. ubernoisy trendy restaurant - definite panic attack fodder - but i dealt swimmingly. the pinot grigio's helped. rolleyes.gif

white lace wacoal, old ratty panties. note to self: must lingerie shop soon.

msp: nice to see you, you cranky mama you!
((((Yuefie and art)))) I hope they're keeping him in a sterile environment; it sounds like he's susceptible to anything going around just now--so scary and frustrating, as you say.

Belated congrats to the extended mando-family! And mando, if the sister's being a bitch herself, you pointing out her motivating factors is simply informative. wink.gif

Mornington, sorry to hear about your bro... the mister's ex is flaky about their daughter's travel arrangements and visits to us, making her feel like an inconvenience more often than not. I hate it when parents don't prioritise their children's need for consistency and security above their own crap--sorry if that sounds harsh towards your dad. You are indeed a great sister.

Great impromptu drinks gathering last night--some fantastic and funny conversations with a great group of people. Who knew academics could be fun sometimes?? It also makes up for an evening characterised by a series of faux pas on my part earlier in the week...

Nicer-than-they-sound turquoise mesh knickers with the inevitable mismatched white brar.
(((yuefie and art))) oh darlin', this is such a rollercoaster and I hope he's all well soon.

(((F's dad))) and (((boy wonder)))

belated congrats to auntie mandolyn!

pixie, should we be knitting pink bootees or blue? msp, how many weeks along are you? The person I know who is pregnant (hardly anyone knows as still too early) is ill, she's hardly eating she feels so nauseous and not up to doing much sad.gif. She's so stressed that something is going to go wrong.

undies: pink/purple (the colour of the leopard print decorating the lounge) girl shorts with ribbon tie, no bra as in bathrobe.

kvetch: the reason I'm in bathrobe? I cancelled meeting friends as I have a killer headache and had just come out of bath when I realised I was too dizzy and in pain to go anywhere; I haven't moved since.

(((yuefie & Art)))

((kvetchie preggos))

((kvetchie sickies))

((Mando)) Yay for good therapy sessions. I miss that feeling!

((Stargazer)) Good luck with all your preparations- I think I missed something- did you get one of the internships or are still waiting to hear back?

kvetch: Le Boy and I are on the 3-movie Netflix plan. We usually get one for me, one for him and one we both want. He hasn't watched the one for him or the one for both of us. I watched and returned mine yesterday. I didn't think Netflix would already have it processed, so I checked the queue today to make sure one of mine was at the he loaded it with a bunch of his choices at the top, and Netflix must be processing much faster than usual, so now some b-grade horror movie is being shipped out rather than the next disc of Gilmore Girls. Grrr.
mando, you would think i'm crazy if you knew how cold it was. but, the coffee was delicious!

((((((((((bunnyb))))))))))))) what kind of pain? take care!!

*~*sending out get well vibes for bunnyb*~*

polly, i didn't get an internship position yet. i just listed on a computer site the programs i liked. that's all. what's up on the job front??

okay, i'm off for a nap. i gotta work tonight.

undie report: pink undies and boring white bra.

They're supposed to let me know today...three and a half hours until my contact there leaves for the day...we'll see what happens.

I just took the dog out for a walk and some kids had made a big snowball- looks like they were shooting for a snowman by didn't make it past the first part. My dog noticed it out of the corner of his eye and got freaked out. I had to drag him over to it so he knew it wasn't going to attack us. He took a couple steps forward, sniffed it and backed away. "I still don't trust it!" laugh.gif
Still 4 more weeks until we find out if the micropixie is a boy or girl. All boy vibes are welcome! The doc tried to peek yesterday, but there was no cooperating! But my appt for the big ultrasound is March 1st.

~*~*~**continued vibes for Art and Yuefie~*~**~*~***~

~$~$$~$$~$job and internship vibes~$~$~$~$$~$~$

Polly, that is so funny about the dog! I took a dog to an Indian museum a few years ago(unexpected stop in the middle of summer and it was too hot to leave her in the car) and she got freaked out by a stuffed buffalo....she wouldn't even look at it!

Good coffee sounds so delicious!

~~~job/health vibes as needed~~~

I just sent an email to volunteer with the ferret rescue society. I'm really excited about it. I hope they let me take them for walks.

We got insulation installed on Tuesday- for free!!- and I am so thrilled to have a moderately warm flat now!

Our lives are a bit drama-filled these days as Finaman's sister's marriage is breaking up, her husband has been a lying shitbag and is being really assy about the whole thing, but she still loves him, and there are custody issues, etc. Finaman is really concerned about it/her and is having trouble absorbing the whole thing because people just do not get divorced in his family. In my family pretty much everyone has been divorced so I am a lot more strategic and less emotional about it. It's all very sad and frustrating and you just know it won't be properly resolved for years. Bleh.

Glad you enjoyed your quick trip to Van, Rose. Very productive!

Bunny, do you guys have a new house to move into? Or was that already lined up?
Crappity crappity crap.

I just found out that our mortgage company increased our payment amount effective November 1st because our tax bill increased and they needed to put more money into escrow to pay it. You'd think something like that would warrant big bold letters on a florescent sheet of paper, but no, they added it as practically a footnote to an account summary they sent us last September. So for the past 4 months, I've been paying the regular amount and now the tax bill is due March 1st and there's next-to-no money to pay it. So now we owe over $2200 by the end of the month. Plus all the other bills. If it gets bad, we'll be able to have Le Boy's parents bail us out, but I really don't want to do that.

And with an hour to go, I still haven't heard from the people at this job.

It is my fault for not looking at the notice more carefully, but still. Maybe they could make this a little easier for those of us who are more visually-inclined rather than financially.


ETA: On the upside, late last month, I paid a double payment on one of my student loans, so I don't owe anything until next month for that. I'd forgotten about it, and that extra $$ means I can pay off the final balance of $99.42 on the other loan. Even though I still owe $3100 on the first one, it's nice to know the other one is over and done with.
((((polly)))) crappity crap indeed. my sis went through the same thing with her mortgage co. last year. you'd think something like that would warrant a separate notice and not a little footnote. sheesh. ~~~serenity now!~~~

((((finaman & family)))) it's difficult to see your loved ones struggle through that sort of thing.

(((((pixie))))) ~~~~happy healthy baby (BOY) vibage~~~~

(((((msp))))) ~~~happy healthy baby vibage for you too~~~ I don't get why people talk to pregnant women as if they are suddenly infants themselves. so lame.

((((anoushh & not-bob))))

((((sidecar)))) hope your sinuses clear up quick!

(((((bunny)))) ~~~headache be gone~~~

~~~~sickies feel better~~~~

~~~~job & internship vibes a plenty~~~~

(((star))) I think it was fab that you went out anyway!

(((((mornington))))) how's indigo? and ms doris floppyears and petey boy? any new piccies to be seen? ((((((boywonder)))) boo hiss on wanker dad and evil stepmother. and poor ((((f & f's dad))))) it's hard not to feel helpless, but it's good that he has you to lean on for moral support sweetie.

((((mandi)))) for all the hugs and stuff.

~~~~easy move for sassy~~~~

(((((molly ivins)))) RIP. gang pluck, heh. she will surely be missed

((((amilita)))) where are youuuu?

((((raisin)))) ~~~tropical breezes~~~ wink.gif

laugh.gif at walkingb's post, that was hilarious.

(((rose, tes, plat, faith, dm, syb, plummie, billy, pink, sixela, crassy, flanker, mavin, luci, candycane, everyone)))

The rash turns out not to a bacterial infection (like cellulitis, thank maude) and seems to be more likely a fungal infection due to all the various antibiotics he's been on. Whew. It's a huge relief that it's not cellulitis, as that can be life threatening. I was told it seems to have already begun to clear up some today. They are keeping him asleep for another couple days to try and let the rash clear up a bit more because they are concerned about his level of discomfort. His fever has been hovering around 100.9, which a heck of a lot better than the 103 it was. I know he is a fighter, I just worry that his body is going to get tired of the fight. Thankfully he is young and strong.

kvetch: I ordered an item on the net and the company chose UPS for delivery. According the the tracking number it was delivered on the 31st and left on the porch. There was no package left, so I called UPS. Turns out someone at UPS took it upon themselves to change my apartment number back to the one I moved from in the back building. The driver left it on the wrong porch without a signature, most likely because it was raining that day. The UPS person was very apologetic, and said the driver should not have left it at all. The people who live there now claim to not have received it. Who in the hell knows where the package is now. So I contacted the company I ordered from per USP's instructions so they could put a trace on it and then resend the package to me. The CSR guy tried to tell me it was MY fault because *they* didn't have an apartment number on the order sheet. Now that is complete BS, as I am sitting here looking at the confirmation email complete with an order number AND my shipping address, including the apartment number. I tried to stay calm but was clearly getting annoyed. I managed to not raise my voice at him. I explained how I was reading the confirmation email and my address, both billing and shipping had my correct apt. # listed and he demands to know "what email are you speaking of?" UM, perhaps the email sent directly from the website of your business, ya fucktard. I am sure he could hear my annoyance, but I still didn't yell. When I asked how it is they were able to bill my credit card with an incomplete address the guy says "Now calm down miss, don't get hysterical." OMFG, did he really just say that to me?!

anti-kvetch: I hung up, called back and got a woman on the phone. When I explained to her what the previous CSR had said she could not apologize enough. They are resending my item to the correct address with a signature required and a $25 credit for the inconvenience.

Yuefie, it's good to hear some somewhat good news about Art, even if he's not totally out of the woods. And good for you with the CSR- that's just obnoxious. But so cool that they gave you the credit. Mind if I ask what company it was? The mortgage co. CSR was pretty good, but I hate when they're obviously in this huge room with a million other people and no sound dampening and you can hear all this din around them- so hard to understand.

Belated hugs to ((fina))- divorce isn't common in my family or Le Boy's so I understand Finaman having a hard time with it. Hugs to his ((sister)), too. That sucks.
It was Sprint/Nextel. The sad thing is I've actually had far worse customer service with T-Mobile and Verizon both. At least the other two people I've dealt with through Sprint were beyond apologetic for the one person who was an idiot. And yeah, the $25 credit is great. Verizon could care less if you stay or go and T-Mobile, feh. Crap coverage, even crappier customer service.
QUOTE(msp @ Feb 2 2007, 09:17 AM) *

Honestly. I'm ready to post a sign on my office door - "I feel tired, hungry, and cranky. Quit asking." But besides that, I'm fine. Even more annoying is the co-worker who, all of a sudden, talks to me like I'm a puppy. I'm having a baby - I'm not actually the baby myself. But she keeps cooing over me, and it's driving me up a wall.

I totally missed this post yesterday! I totally relate! I just wanna say," you got 30 minutes? My clothes don't fit right, I have to pee every 10 minutes, I usually feel like vomiting even though I don't, and I'm here at work when I would much rather be at home taking a nap! Happy?"

kvetch: woke up early because vivid pg dreams were bring up shit from the past.

antikvetch:did the taxes last night....refund! Score!

Glad Art is getting better!

(((love to everyone)))
QUOTE(yuefie @ Feb 2 2007, 05:49 PM) *

It was Sprint/Nextel. The sad thing is I've actually had far worse customer service with T-Mobile and Verizon both. At least the other two people I've dealt with through Sprint were beyond apologetic for the one person who was an idiot. And yeah, the $25 credit is great. Verizon could care less if you stay or go and T-Mobile, feh. Crap coverage, even crappier customer service.

I have Verizon and the other day I called them because I hadn't received the refund for the new phone I bought back in November. I had sent in the copy of the receipt, but had forgotten the UPC code. I thought I had sent it back in December when they notified me. I called them and said I sent it in, but no refund. They were really nice about it and said it probably got lost in the mail, and they'd have the check processed anyway. Last night I was going through some stuff on my desk and found the envelope- I'd never mailed it! Oops! Usually companies will do whatever they can to try to get out of refunding $$, so I was really pleased that they just took my word for it, even if I was unintentionally lying.
kvetch: for the first time today I added legitimate BUSTies (well, wolves in sheep's clothing) to my ignore list. I can't deal with other people's neuroses any longer and am tired of biting my tongue (yes I haven't lately but I can't be the only one who does it all the time), the tongue biting is becoming too frequent as every post is passive-agressive, inciting or plain whacko claptrap. This is a kvetch because of the need to do it. I also can't allow people of no worth to anger me so. Oh, and the other person is plain obnoxious and everything that tesao was accused of being (tesao, however, is exonerated in the eyes of everyone not wearing outerwear with restrictive sleeves).

anti-kvetch: the ignore function.

kvetch: feeling the need to add more people who I know are going to piss me off.

kvetch: being online for 10 minutes today has only succeeded in royally pissing me off; my friend has done so too as I need to bite my tongue with her. I seem to be doing that a lot today; I also have irrational anger directed at most people.
kvetch: missed skyping/im-ing with plat AGAIN because of the flakey servers/networks/internet connections here.

kvetch: can't im or skype with nieceoid elle because HER computer bit the dust

kvetch: had plans today that got cancelled

kvetch: have to work tomorrow

kvetch: shrub, congress, unapproved budgets and continuing resolutions. if you have ANY idea what any of that means, i feel for you and give you many booby-squishing hugs

kvetch: have to fly north tomorrow for a workshop with "the enemy"

anti-kvetch: donor will be at same workshop, may get some good "schmoozing" networking time with them.

anti-kvetch: listening to hours on end of tori (5 cds back to back) which always gets me going.

anti-kvetch: mister zeeee ber ah!

anti-kvetch: crazy pregnant kvetchies that make me laugh

mandi, i'm pretty darn happy to see plat here so regularly, too! how awesome is it to have my bff be a bustie? woooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo!!!

(((((((art))))))) so glad to hear that he is doing better!

yeufie, you are a doll. you always make *me* feel better. i fart in the general direction of that asshat CSR!

rosiev, glad you had such a good time on your trip to the left coast!!

which makes me think of (((((((anousshka and notbob)))))))

((((((raisin)))))) you rock, babe. you know why! (you know LOADS more than the man with the golden gun!)

fina, if you get to walk the ferrets, you MUST take photos!!!!

speaking of photos, we neeeeeeed more piccies of any furbabies that are not camera shy!!!

why did i never realize that carolina biscuits are featured in Me and a Gun?

kvetch: i am starting to get a headache. i don't want to pack. i am doing the "act as if" my therapist always told me to do.....acting as if this trip will be fun. if i act as if it is, it will be, right?

hugs and kisses and silly sillier silliest of fishes!
(((bunny))) please don't let the fucktards get to you so much. easier said than done, i know. i've been thinking of taking a bust break myself, probably for the same reasons as you. but then i realize that the Good Busties - especially the new lovely peeps i've been meeting - are worth any and all irritating asshats.

"Now calm down miss, don't get hysterical." see, now, THAT would make me hysterical. good that the other rep made good, but i'd still shoot off a disgruntled email. then again, i'm on a mission to fuck with every.single.rude.telemarketer who calls the club lately. i very politely interrupt them, get their name, and the name of their company AND their website ... and then try to POLITELY let them know we're a private golf club, we have no need of their services, we don't take these calls, and they're never going to get thru to the "decision maker" (unless i lie and tell them i'm the decision maker) and i don't want to waste their time because i've been a telemarketer (three months of SHEER HELL) and i know that time is money yada yada ... and they invariably hang up on me mid-schpeil. so i write to their company, mention their name, describe what transpired, highlight their RUDENESS, ask to be taken off their calling list or i'll report them to the BBB online, and recommend they spend more money on customer service seminars. so far, i might've gotten two nastyasses fired or at least in trouble. i feel absolutely no guilt. yes, i'm on a mission alright.

(((fina & finaman))) divorce wreaks havoc. period.

(((tesao))) your trip will be fun. this i deemeth!

(((polly))) same crap happened to us two years ago ... right after we'd refinanced our mortgage. i think we enjoyed a whole 3 months of lower payments before the fucking taxes/escrow kicked it back up to almost our initial higher payment again. it was very depressing.

kvetch: we don't feel up to having our regular superbowl party this year. and god forbid anyone should invite us anywhere. (well, my brother finally did, but late and half-assed.) i'm more than a little pissypants about it. and feeling guilty at the same time. but i'm just not up to cleaning and figuring out a menu and all that crap.

i need to shake this pissypants mood. blergh.

My apologies. Sorry for fanning the flames, but I just had to give Tesao another shout out for her absolute grace under fire. I know I needed to just keep that little tidbit of nastiness to myself, but alas, I could not. I am thinking of taking myself a little BUST vacation because this latest round of nastiness has seriously gotten under my skin. Frankly, I'm disappointed that more BUSTies have not stepped up to the plate and called this harassment out for what it is and defended Tes. The continual harassment of another member, the accusing said member of being a sociopath (with what, their degree in mental health?!) and just being an all around jerk to many, MANY other BUSTies is just plain unacceptable. All the while everyones seemingly ignoring it for the sake of peace. Sorry, but that is bullshit. I'm all for peace, but FUCK that. Many of us have witnessed this idiots ranting and persecution complex display itself. Some of us have had our own run in's with said moron. The fact is we have a bully in our midst and she is targeting someone who (thankfully) won't even stoop to her level. She keeps doing it because the general sense is it's okay, just ignore it.

I love the community here, I really do. I especially love Kvetch, but I think I need to take a break. Period. This is not a flounce, just a rational decision to step away before I become completely irrational and begin to act like the pathetic loser who has nothing better to do than practice their armchair psychology.

((((((kvetchies))))) you all rock my world, each and every one of you. And thanks a zillion for all the continued love, support and vibes.

I'll be back when I can calm myself down enough to not see red, literally. And in the mean time, I'm on LJ or MySpace so I'll see ya there. *mwah*

(((((tes))))) mostly acos wub.gif
((((yuefie)))) & yay for ((((((art))))) getting better
((((bunny)))) *cuddles up*
((((mando)))) may I cheer you on? tongue.gif
((((pixie)))) daaaang. i wanna know! biggrin.gif and boo on hormonally-influenced dreams.
((((polly)))) yeech.
((((fina)))) & ((((finaman)))) & ((((finamansister)))) divorce is always horrible
((((star)))) acos
((((syb)))) I've said worse... I know how your mister's daughter feels sometimes.
((((msp))))) ****multipurpose pg vibes****
(((((sassy. sixie, mavin, walkingb, billy, faith, raisin, plat, rose, everyone))))

kvetch: going to the supermarket at one o'clock and they'd already sold out of guardians. mad.gif

dorris is sitting behind me, making weird crunching noises.... funny bunny. i think she's eating. I haven't seen pete for days, he's camped out under the sofa.
IPB Image
and indigo is asleep on my bed. we had a nap together earlier.

antikvetch: phone call from F in which we actually had time to talk. squee. apparently his dad is having bad reactions to the chemo they're trying; the regular stuff gives him riger's syndrome, so they've been trying this semi-experimental treatment and he reacted so badly they called the family up. But at least they know what's causing it. They're going to try something else now.

right. I'm off to find dinner and do... something. maybe a bit more work.

(((((kvetchies))))) you make my world go round, you know that?
I have to confess, if this is the person I think it is, the very first person I put on block was her old name, and her new name went on last week; things have been better since then. I know this is a community and we give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I know that you can't like everyone and we've all had our blowouts -- but there's a difference between miscommunication, misunderstandings, and personalities that don't mesh and someone who is just nasty and performs character assassination because she knows everyone will say, "Oh, let's just move on and pretend this didn't happen." One of the things I hate about online communication is that some people feel like they can talk in ways they never would in real life (for example, accusing another community member of being a sociopath) and then expect people to just go about their normal visit to this place.

Many months ago, in another thread, the poster in question went on about how someone at a barbecue quit talking to her, supposedly because she went to a state school, and I didn't feel bad at all about noting that it might have been because she's unpleasant. I would feel way more catty about this if she hadn't proven it true, repeatedly, across several threads.

And you know what? I'm going to take this opportunity to say: Pixie, I am very sorry about the blow up that surrounded you back in August. That's a case of misunderstandings, miscommunication, etc. You've been so gracious and become such a wonderful part of this community, and I'm glad you gave us a second chance.

/total derailment

(((mando))) So feel your pain -- we have become the "party house" among our friends. No one else in our social group has barbecues, parties, anything, because they expect us to always do it; beyond that, we rarely get invited to other people's homes for dinner. I really didn't want to have a Super Bowl party (if for no other reason than I hate the fricking Bears) and hoped someone would invite us, but no. So we're making chili and having one or two other friends over to watch the game. Not quite a party, but I was hoping someone else would do something this time. I told Martini that we're now on party strike.

I finally feel better. I don't think it's a coincidence that I also started using a neti pot this morning. Thanks for all the vibes everyone.

(polly) My escrow has gone up every year, but we have automatic payments, so we don't have to do anything, it just gets adjusted automatically. Still, it sucks. I wish the mortgage companies would just add an extra 10 percent onto what they take -- for me, for example, it's only an extra $2 a month or so, but given that my escrow amount is off about $10-$15 a year, it would mean I'd never be off.

((((fina and finaman)))) Martini's best friend's divorce was a total, total nightmare. It's so hard, whether you're used to it or not.

((((love to the preggos)))) How do you feel? hee

((((annoyed busties)))) we'll get through this.

((((tesao)))) safe trip!

(((sidecar))) you reminded me why I love this place. However, it's sad that I need reminding.

I'm with yuefie: when someone's (and, yes, sidecar, we're all on the same page) posts make me so incredibly angry then it is time to back away/remove oneself from a negative situation. For the love of maude, she pissed me off in the Harry Potter thread! I am avoiding threads she frequents and should know better than to pop my head into others and I'm not sure if the ignore function is going to cut it (WHY does it have to have the "view this post" option?) GRRRR! I am with yuefie all the way - what really pisses me off too is that more BUSTies didn't step in, that everyone is pretending nothing is wrong which is accepting it IMO. This is a kvetchie this has happened to, and a sometimes kvetchie and an established okayer; what happens when it's yuefie or I? does anyone have our backs? no, and that's what is really upsetting. We are supposed to be a loving, caring and supportive community and yet we allow a bully to spew forth vitriol disguised as amateur psychology.

The only thing she says that I agree with is that we shouldn't be silent and simply play nice.
Oh, believe me, I CAN PLAY DIRYT.
does anyone have our backs? no, and that's what is really upsetting.


Sorry to derail further ... but here I go: I would argue that a number of us have had tesao's back, and I'd have yours and yuefies when the time came for me to have it, and I doubt I'd be alone. But (and this is important) I think the poster in question has shown that she's not responsive to the way she affects others, and she seems to see (from my POV) taking the other side or listening and reacting positively to others' reactions to her behavior as backing down or losing. That's it fundamentally -- it's posited as a "me versus the world" situation, not a "how am i interacting with the community" type of situation. I know I'm probably making y'all crazy, beating a dead horse, totally getting offtopic even for kvetch -- but I find that directly engaging at this point is just about as useful as getting a bicycle for my fish. The best way to handle a bully (and I think this is a crucial distinction, as I don't see her as a troll) is to avoid/ignore/walk away. And that's what I've chosen to do, as there's no indication that she's willing to play, much less play nice.

Say what you will about the maddy/girltrouble blowout in the porn thread a few weeks back, it emerged from a legitimate disagreement about how they saw feminism, and I think they tried to reason their way out of it before it, well, devolved.

um, what sidecar said. especially about pixie. i nominated pixie for her graciousness in the awards thread a while back, but i'd like to say here that i'm also sorry & ashamed for my part in that whole debacle. you really have a big heart, pixie.

and as for speaking up, been there, done that. even tho i don't like butting into threads i don't normally even peak into. and it was pretty much wasted breath. i didn't even get acknowledged by the people i was defending. (not that i did it just for recognition, but still.) and with this 'goofy git'? jesus, talk about banging your head against a wall!

it's also kinda hard to harry someone off a board who other people seem to like. i learned my lesson in my own little bruhaha with someone who was very well-liked, several years back. (and believe me, i was pretty pissy that more people didn't speak up for me then. and i was even more pissier towards the "can't we all just get along" people.) now i just try to keep my distance from the crazypantses. this place is too important to me to let them ruin it for me.
I'm agreeing with Sidecar. I think - I hope - Tes knows how much we love and support her, and if we don't argue with the bully then she's left talking to thin air.

back to regular posting... kvetch: talking adverts on the internets. grr.
mornington, and everyone else: no worries. tes knows how much you all love her. thanks so much for that GREAT shot of indigo!!! i hope that pete is all right, holed up under the sofa. has he done this before?

pixie: i'm not sure what the dust up was in august, but i'm very very glad that you didn't go on a permanent break. and thrilled that your new life and partner and baby is going so beautifully.

i don't honestly know what the right way to deal with this bully situation. me, i'm going to ignore. not sure if it will work as long as there are other people who are friendly with her or haven't run across her nastiness and so therefore haven't had the full on experience thus far.
biggrin.gif tes, pete's fine. i can hear him thumping about. he's just laaazy, he does it every time he's given free range of the living room.
*enters sheepishly*

mando, I know you were there, I'm just being testy, and sidecar you've been down that road before. I know the people who matter are aware of exactly what she is, I suppose that's all that matters. I'm going to go with the ignore thing and hope for the best and hope yuefie does likewise; the lounge would be a sad place without us (but heavenly without her).

kvetch: gum ache from wisdom tooth sad.gif probably has a lot to do with my grumpiness.
aw, bunny, I don't mean to make you feel sheepish or bad or anything -- I'm just trying to explain why maybe it seems like some of us are being quiet. That's why I am, anyway.

And to follow up in case I was unclear, in my apology to pixie -- I'm super glad you came back, because we didn't really deserve a second chance, and I feel bad for my own role in that debacle as well. I don't want to dredge up old bad feelings, but I never apologized and it's something I've been wanting to do for awhile. I coulda done it by PM, but I felt it was important to do it publicly.

People, I can smell! Seriously, breathing through my nostrils is the most amazing thing ever. I haven't felt this great since Monday or so. Neti pot, you have changed my life.

Kvetch: My BC pills usually stave off my period entirely but I'm having my first one in months right now. Ouch! My poor ovaries.

kvetch: It is really awful, bitter cold.
K. time for a group hug.


but a special tight hug for (((bunny))). who i greatly admire for never being afraid to speak her mind.

antikvetch: i just came clean with mamasan about the anxiety thing. i don't know why it took me so long to tell her. i thought it was just temporary. then it was the holidays. i didn't want her to worry or blame herself. (she's phobic.) and she was so warm and supportive and understanding. keeping this from her was killing me ... what a weight off my shoulders.

antikvetch2: bro came thru and invited us over for the superbowl. not entirely sure if we're going (the mr's on call). but we probably will, even just for a little while. he's got a flatscreen tv the size of montana.
awww man, I'm back already and it hasn't even been 24 hours! I'm not addicted to BUST or anything, nah, not me blink.gif

First off I want to clarify when I said I was disappointed that more people didn't stick up for Tes, I did not mean that everyone from Kvetch should go pouncing on the offensive person in the other threads. I know you'd all have my back, or bunny's, mandi's, mornington's, or any other BUSTie who was being picked on. I just mean the people who addressed the dust up as if both parties were equally at fault for the thread derailment, that's what irked me. Tes responded in a very mature manner, and tried to let it die. That person is continuing to derail the thread, continuing to harass Tes and that just makes my blood boil. I FUCKING HATE BULLIES. She is no better than the fuckstain sixth grader who harassed me every single day of first grade in school for having fat cheeks. I agree that directly addressing the attention whoring will do nothing but fuel the fire. I was just so sickened that she had to start it up again when it was clearly over. See, there's proof to anyone who is unclear who the instigator in the situation is. The whole brouhaha died down, and she just had to start it up again. Either the person is just a clueless, sad, pathetic, pea brain or any attention will do. /rant

I love you guys, all mushiness aside. I do. For reals, yo.

ETA: I just got back from one of those "Passion Parties" and couldn't resist booking my own. Oh how I wish you all lived nearby 'cause it should be a blast. I am making it a pajama party 'cause, well 'cause I am always looking for an excuse to have everyone in their jammies! I made sure to book it for the weekend before grampa and his lady friend arrive. No matter how liberal my grandfather is, that would have been uncomfortable for someone huh.gif

I just want to give all of you massive hugs and goose the bums of a few extra-special ones (but not Indigo, because I think that might scare him).
*sticks derrier out, ready to be goosed by raisin*

I must warn you, I am as much of a gooser as I am a goosee.


wtf?? *rubs head*

wow. i need to read the thread to see why peeps are frustrated. that sucks.

i'm off to catch a concert in this freezing weather. gonna see redd kross tonight. i still need to cook dinner and dress. argh.


i will read through the posts later tonight.

**flies out**
you won't scare indigo, raisin. he's only scared of mens.

I've just come crashing down for some reason. Oh fuck. I can't sleep and I've been crying for the last hour and then some.
What this thread needs is a really sleepy dog:

IPB Image

She's only afraid of our doorbell, vacuum cleaners, the Swiffer, the noise our phone makes, horses, and sometimes my mother-in-law, so as long as your not one of those things or holding one of them, you should be able to goose her.


We're staying in and watching dvds tonight because it's way too freaking cold to do anything else.
*enters sheepishly*

I'm sowwy for bringing the negativity in here Kvetchies. To try and make up for it I bring you another vision of cuteness, specifically portly kitty cuteness:

IPB Image

I think I forgot to mention that Missy had five kittens on Jan. 24th who are all SO friggin adorable! I will try to get some pictures to post soon. She had two black w/ white paws, two striped/spotted tabby's (like her) and one that is black with some stripes. I had to send her back to Jen (Art's gf) a few days before she delivered because she kept attacking Sashie. She got my poor puppers on the mouth pretty bad one night and I knew it was only going to get worse once the kittens were born. I went over there today and hung out with them. She was fine if Jen or I touched the babies, but if anyone else came near she hissed and sat right on top of them. So while the party was going on I sat on the floor with her and the box of kitties so she would know the babies were still safe with all the strangers milling about in the house. I think she really just wanted all the lovies for herself though. I thought her neediness was mainly because she was preggo, because until then she seemed a bit aloof. But ohhhh no, she still wants me to pet her until my arm falls off tongue.gif

Sleepy doggies are so precious.

All I've got to say is that it's -10 right now. Actual temperature, not windchill. Windchill is depressing.

Wish I was curled up at tes's right now - they're a balmy 88. Instead, I've got a fire and a cat...
(((((((((((tes & bunnyb & yuefie))))))))))))) big boo to bullies!

(((((mando))))) you are just overcoming obstacles left and right! so proud of you! you are awesome!

(((sidecar))) so glad to hear you are feeling better. i must get a neti pot now. and congrats on having a chill superbowl sunday! and i still love you even if you hate da bears.

(((fina))) sorry to hear about relative's divorce. things always get weird in the family when any separation is involved. eeck.

(((mornington))) good you were able to talk with F. i love the pics of the kids (i.e. animals).

*~*~*sending out get job vibes for polly*~*~*

(((pixie))) i don't know what went down in august. but, either way, i'm glad you're still here!

*~*sending out boy vibes for minipixie in the making*~*

(((rose))) just wanted to give you a squeeze!

((((raisingrl, qspice, amilita, anoushh, PiP, mavin, plat, sonik, sassygrrl, and other kvetchies))))

maybe we need another snowball fight?? a fun way to get our aggression out?? or, more pics of kitties and puppies will do...

tomorrow is superbowl sunday, which i normally don't watch, but since da bears are in it...that's where i'll be. my mom's bday is tomorrow too. so, the whole family will be together. actually, my uncle is gonna surprise her with a couple of relatives coming to her house. they will get there while my mom is on her way up to pick me up. she has no idea!

off to bed so i can make myself a huge breakfast tomorrow!!

((((((((((((more hugs to the kvetchies)))))))))))))
amilita's cold for here, but nowhere near -10!

Gosh, I dunno why I've been so MIA lately...and this time, I'm way behind in the archives. Usually, even if I'm not posting too much, I'm still skimming and vibing silently. I guess I feel busy, though I'm sure not getting all the stuff done that I need to! And I've missed some drama, it seems...

Anywho, tonight was my very favorite Mardi Gras parade, Krewe du Vieux! It's the last one that goes through the Quarter, but it starts in my 'hood so it's just a quick walk's very satirical (local politics and such, mostly) and has horse-drawn floats.

Here's a sweet horsey for my sweet kvetchies...gotta link it cuz flickr isn't working now. You can follow the link to more pictures of the parade.

There is one Krewe called Spermes and they carry spectre-like things with well, look. If Miss Tes lived here, I'd do all I could to get her in that one! (I don't post in the LTAS threads much anymore, but I used to!)

Mwah! to you all!

And definately looking forward to some kitten pictures!!! I have a gift to work on for my mamma's 70th birthday, then a trip home for same...then maybe I'll be back in regular posting mode. 'Til then, I'm thinking of you all- all the time, seriously.
You know, if there's a tr**l or bully around I try not to get involved, mainly because (as sidecar said) there's no point in engaging with someone irrational, but I hope you all know that if things got ugly, I too can play diryt.

(((Mornington))), I hope you are feeling better.

*waves at amilita*

Today of all days I am sheepishly happy not to be in the US with all the superbowl madness. Although chilli sounds like a great idea... (makes cunning shopping/cooking plan)

Reading the conversation here yesterday reminded me afresh how much you all rock. I hope everyone is having an awesome and stress-free Sunday!
Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you are each enjoying it in your own special ways.

[cautiously glances around to see if Raisin & her fingers are lurking near my hind quarters]

((((((((all of you)))))))) Just wanted to say how much I loved reading the things that were said in here yesterday. I usually think of the Bust community as a great big family. There will always be occasional arguments between family members, so I accept that the atmosphere will get heated from time to time. But I also feel that if I'm not already part of a certain conversation when it escalates, it is often better for me to stay out of it. My involvement may only drag the mess out even longer. Plus, it can frustrate me terribly and keep me from sleeping at night. But the thing is ... well, in every family, there is a person or two that you just can't stand (for me it's my Uncle Jim). So if you need to ignore that family member in order to maintain your sanity, then that's just the way it is. It doesn't mean you love the family any less.
((((extra hugs for Sidecar & Mandi))))

Mornington, thanks for starting the pet parade! It makes my heart feel warm & happy to see all of these adorable pets. Love them! While in Seattle I took some photos of my god-cats (yes, my own little furry god children). Gotta post some of those.

Amilita, love the pics - especially the High Anxiety Munch float! Please share as much of Mardi Gras with us as you can. I'd like to live vicarious through your photos. smile.gif By the by, whatever happened to asshat artist? Did he manage to sell anything at his show?

~~~~~~~ waves of warmth for Q ~~~~~~~ Thank goodness for cats - nature's natural electric blanket.

Stargazer, that's such a sweet thing for you all to do for your mom! I'm sure she'll love it.

Have we heard from Sassy? Do we know how the move went?

((((((endless love for Art))))))) Yuefie, how is your finger? And will you be honoring us with kitten piccies anytime soon?

Just so you all know, PrettyNPink will start her new job on Monday morning! Hooray!

Last night Sheff and I went out to someplace new - a pub in Raleigh. We had a little table next to the fireplace, drank some cider, & ate some traiditional UK food (bangers & mash for me, fish & chips for Sheff). A shame it was so noisy, but it was a Saturday night, afterall!

BIG anti-kvetch: Today marks two whole years since Sheff & I eloped. Hooray! Two years of marriage down. Sometimes it seems like we've been married much longer, but other times it feels like we're just getting started. In honor of our elopiversary, I am going to make some traditional spicecake cupcakes! In our group of friends, spicecake has become the official desert of elopement (and yes, there's a silly reason for it), so we always have it on our elope-iversary. smile.gif
Kvetch: I don't have all of the ingredients, so I need to go shopping. Whine.
Anti-kvetch: Did I mention the spice cake? Plus, we're going out for dinner tonight. Either Indian or Ethiopian. I'm hoping that restaurants like that will be fairly empty due to the super bowl.
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