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(((((tes & mamae)))) ~~~continued vibage~~~

((((sickies)))) ~~~feel better~~~

Hope everyone has had a nice, relaxing or productive weekend. (((((Kvetchies))))))

I'm happy 'cause my beloved best guy pal came to hang out with me on the couch to watch movies and talk this afternoon since I was not up for going anywhere or doing anything much. I'm still recovering from what is likely the worst flu I've had. evar. But yay, my ears are actually popping now, one nostril is unplugged and I can sort of hear. My throat still feels like I swallowed a razorblade and my voice is terribly hoarse. Urgh, drinking juice has been like rubbing lemon juice on a papercut. My poor nose is so sore and rudolph looking. It's all peely and I had three bloody noses over the weekend. Three! I am so not a pretty sight right now. But the fever is gone now.

Speaking of which, Art's condition is not improving. His fever is back and they aren't sure exactly why. He should be getting better and isn't, which is worrisome to us all. I guess the doctors are having some sort of powow tomorrow to discuss his case. *frets* unsure.gif

(((Tes and Mamae)))

(((Art & Yuefie)))

(((Mandi))) Yay for driving!!!

I bought some matching black mesh embroidered plus satin ribbon undies and underwire bra, and that's what I wore on Friday.

Mr. Dusty went to the rally in Washington on the weekend. One of our buds got to sit on the podium and interview Susan Sarandon. I stayed home and did crafts.
polly, here's what was probably the most helpful thing about formulas i know for excel: $ fix a formula to a cell ($b$4)/row (b$4)/column ($b4). so if you stretch a formula down a column and across, and want it to keep the first entry in the column as a number in the formula, you use the b$4 method. if you want to stretch a column down and across and keep the first entry in the row as a number in the formula, you use the $b4 method. if you want to stretch it down and across and keep a certain cell in the row (such as a cell with constants), you use the $b$4 method. it takes alot of practice, but once you've got it down, it's aces.

i listened to hillary talk the other day. one of my dad's friends (a dem politician, o'course) got me in. it was interesting, but i'm no more a fan now than i was before.
(((stargazer))) i'm sorry for your loss, hon. but i'm so proud of you for dealing so well with going back to work. go you!

*superstrength healthy vibes for (((yuefie))) & (((art)))* that poor kid needs a break already. damn, i feel so bad for him.

(((tesao))) any more news on mom? so sorry about your work woes. hopefully all will calm down this week. you don't need the added stress.

(((dm's mom)))
(((bunny))) *mysterio vibes a-plenty*
*good jobbie news for polly*

how cute is it that fina made rose's cheese bread?

kudos to mr. dusty. he's a good man.

had a decent weekend, involving more driving (altho it had to be cut short due to yet another attack, but the boys were supportive and didn't make a big deal, and i'm trying to see it as a triumph and not a failure); furniture shopping (who knew the world was filled with such FUGLY & ridiculously expensive living room sets these days?); and a completely fabu new japanese restaurant find.

I failed my driving test an hour and a half ago. Upset and annoyed with myself; I didn't fail on anything serious and only one thing - doing everything too quickly (not speeding, but approaching junctions and roundabouts too quickly).

I'm booking it again and the boy is such a rock and even offered to pay for it.

oh, bunnyluv. i'm so sorry. next time you'll ace it. i deemeth it!

Barbaro euthanized; owner calls it "the right decision"

i just went and had a little cry in the bathroom.
ok. maybe not so little a cry.
i know it's for the best and all, but still ... i was so rooting for that brave & gorgeous animal. and i loved how tenderly his owners, and so many fans, loved him.
Hey gang! This is a bit of a stroll-by & I've only skimmed the arcihves, so forgive me.

(((((Tes & Mamae)))))) Hope you're doing okay, love.
((((Plat)))) Are you feeling any better, sweetness? Think the steroids are working out of your system?
((((Bunny)))) What a crap reason for failing someone! Grrrr.
((((Mandi)))) He was a much beloved horse. And luckily, I think he knew that before he passed on.
Glad to hear you liked the bread, Fina!

((((((((ALL of you!))))))))

BestGalPal and I are going to meet PrettyNPink today! WEEE! I always get nervous when I meet Busties, so my tummy is a little flip-floppy with excitement. smile.gif
~~~~healing for art~~~~~
((((tes and mamae))))
~~~feel better yuefie~~~
(((bunnyb))) I failed mine, too. You'll get it on the next try!

I had a phone interview this morning with an interesting publisher. It went very, very well. They'll be getting back to me in the next few days about setting up an interview for some freelance editorial work as well as some full-time positions that will be a good fit for my skills. It'll also be more money, in any case, so that's good.

The only big concern I have -- well, remember my friend who split up with his wife (now my ex-friend) in spectacular fashion back in 2004? She used to work there. It's been about four years, but she was the employee of the year in 2002 or 2003 (I think) and I'm a little nervous that someone will make a connection between the two of us.

Rose, I hope you're having a great trip!
Just a fly by...I'm home sick with a massive headache today! Anyway, just wanted to give soem love to the kvetchies.

Rose, when are you going to be home...been wanting to call you, but I don't want to interupt your time with BGP! Have fun meeting Pretty in Pink!

Sidecar, does she still work there? If not, I wouldn't worry that much about it.

Poor Barbaro...on his way to rainbow bridge.

Qspice, thanks for the formula info! I work with a spreadsheet that someelse created that has one of those types of formulas and I never did know why the formuls worked, so i have always been afraid i'd mess it up, or God forbid have to make a new spreadsheet with similar data!

(((love to you all)))

If'n ya want to, Molly Ivins' breast cancer is back for the third time and she is apparently seriously not well. Maybe some bustie vibes focused towards Texas? She's such an incredible, tough, inspiring woman and this is totallly sucky.

((teseo and mum))


*runs out of thread, incredibly crampy and cranky*
~*~*~*bustie vibes for Molly Ivins~*~*~*

~*~*~*continued vibes for Yuefie & Art, Tes & Mom~*~*~*

ETA: Almost forgot ~*~*~*vibes to Barbaro and those who loved him. Poor horsie.~*~*~*
RIP Barbaro. You were a beautiful horse, and the crazy people on his message board brought me more than my share of joy, and his too, I'm sure.

No, she's not there now. She left the company a few months before the marriage imploded and, in fact, now lives in India. So I'm not too worried.

I saw that Molly Ivins is really sick, too. That's terrible. Fuck cancer.
Job vibes for (((Sidecar))). I had forgotten about your friends. That was very sad.

My friend, the X, is teaching a course, and my best buddy at work is taking it. So I have *two* people complaining at me on Mondays. Its weird, I tell ya.
Oh, I want to meet PrettyNPink! I hope yinz have a blast and I expect a full report.

Bunny, you're obviously in good company with those of us who failed our test the first time around. One day you'll be able to laugh it off, TRUST ME, lil' sis. I was mortified at the time it happened and never thought I'd live it down, especially when it seemed like my entire graduating class knew about it before lunchtime.

Tired. Drained. Spent. Crawling under the Kvetch duvet now...
I've booked take two already; need to get it out of the way.

(((yuefie and Art)))

Have a blast rose and pink!

RIP Barbaro.

I don't know who Molly Ivins is unsure.gif .

Tonight was spent with pizza, chocolate and Mystic Pizza (mine wasn't too mysterious).

The boy's sis is coming over from Vancouver in a couple of weeks for a weeks foliday, can't wait to see her!

*smooches*, I'm off to bed, I have to go to work-paid-for-doctor for independent medical report in morning and then modelling for lord_farquhar (he's aging me).
((((tes and mamae))))
((((yuefie and art)))))
((((barbaro)))) it's for the best and he's at peace.
((((molly irvins)))) I'm with bunny, who is she?
((((dm and mr dm and momdm)))) crossing fingers and thinking of you
((((bunny)))) you'll do it next time. Oh, and you have me hooked on Amy Winehouse and i want to see the aged you!
((((rose)))) I'm jealous! have fun
((((dusty, pixie, msp, sassy, sixie, star, candy, everyone))))

*crawls under duvet to snuggle ((((raisin))))*

finally got to speak to F... his nutty-ex kidnapped his kittens over the weekend and I think the poor boy has had enough.

Otherwise, H is back in town... took Girly 1 and me shopping (well, drove us to the shops) and entertained us. He has offers for uni in september, and his gf, TinyT has an offer to start med as well, so there are many reasons to celebrate.

right, uni tomorrow. bed. (((((everyone)))))

((polly)) I hope you hear good news from the second interview.

((bunny)) Sorry you didn’t pass your driving test, you’ll pass next time. I really liked Volver, amazing female empowerment.

((yuefie)) Feel better


((tes and mom))

dusty, sounds like Mr. dusty and friend had a fun time at the rally. I saw some of it on tv.

mando, glad you had a nice weekend.

((sidecar)) Glad the interview went well.

((pixie)) Feel better.

mornington, yay for friends getting good news.

((Mr. DM)) Successful interview, get the job.
Heh - sorry for being so US-centric. Molly Ivins is a Texan-based journalist/columnist who has made this whole Unholy Reign of Bush Terror palpable through her humor and honesty, unlike most of the mainstream media out there. She's an amazing writer and woman - one of the few female genuinely progressive voices on the national stage (Katha Pollitt and Amy Goodman spring to mind, but I don't think as many people recognize them as often as they do Ms. Ivins). Anyway - the point is - she's amazing and necessary and cancer blows!
Evening fly by:

((Bunny)) You'll make it next time! if it makes you feel any better, I flunked my first driving test. Never made it out of the parking lot. The guy asked me to back up, and I did so. Right into another car. Test over and done with. Game, set, match. Don't worry, you will pass the next one! biggrin.gif

Rose- hope you are having a great trip! Yes, my energy level is much better now. I think the roids are finally out, so I'm just left with regular weakness and deconditioning. Baby steps. Small victories. It's slow going, but at least an upward curve.

((Mando))) same thing- remember the baby steps and small victories! That will help you to forget about the hideous furniture selection.

((pixie)) feel better.
((tes))) hope things calm down at work and your mamae is stable.
RIP Barbaro
(((yuefie and art)))) health vibes
(((Sidecar))) serious job vibage continues

((((((((((Kvetchies, all of you))))))))))

Kvetch: We're starting our budget cycle at work in a week. It's the time when everyone goes insane. More so than usual.

Anti kvetch- made 30 minutes on the treadmill today at 2.7 mph. Still a slow place, but certainly a little victory!!!
Fly-by because I am sooooooooo damn exhausted. I guess the lack of sleep caught up with me today, because I have felt super tired. My eyes especially feel like shit. Such a shame, too, since BestGalPal and I spent the whole day with PrettyInPink! And I must say that her name doesn't fit her. She should be called GORGEOUSinAnything! Holy crapulence, peeps. PNP is beautiful! And fun and sweet and positive and silly and great and she got along really well with me and BestGalPal and was even able to handle BestGalPal's slightly abrasive side that peeks out occasionally. wink.gif I just feel bad, though, because I was sooooo damn tired & I felt like the two of them did most of the talking. But in the end, that was very good & they're going to try to get together again. So yay!

Tomorrow: Canada!

i heart bustie meet-ups!

(((sidecar))) i'm twisted like a pretzel, with all parts crossed for you + this new publishing company. it sounds perfect.

vibe request: little cousin is going into the hospital today. her due date was saturday, the baby's big, her blood pressure's high, she's not dilating ... so it's inducement city. please send all-good-birth vibes her way?

confession: i'm a little weirded out with all these new babies coming. i feel like i'm going to lose little cousin ... and my sister ... and my bro's going to become a dad at some point soon. it's all going to be so strange and different.

i'm already in love with these wee ones, that's a complete given. but i've got this thing inside of me yelling, don't you dare expect me to babysit. stemming from the fact that no one was there for me when danny was tiny, except my mom. my bro and sis were off being young and footloose and fancy free, without a care for anyone but themselves (and we were all under one roof, too). so, um, yeah. now it's my turn.

i sure as hell hope this vindictive selfish bitchy old lady inside of me softens the minute i hold these little ones. and of course the good part is, i get all the fun and good stuff and then get to hand them back. heh.
sidecar!! this sounds like the realio trulio dealio! how WONDERFUL for you!!! various body parts crossed...

((((((mandomyheart)))))) everything's all right, yes, everything's fine! close your eyes, close your eyes now, and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep....~*~*~*~*~*~*~ inducement and all-good-birth vibes for little cousin~*~*~*~*~*~

bunny b mine? i, too, failed my first driving test miserably. well, maybe not so miserably as plat, but.....that takes some doing, you HAVE to admit!!

brief update: i wore trousers to work today. when i do that, i always wear a thong to prevent the dread VPL!!! so, aroung 4 pm this afternoon, i go to the restroom. and just happen to look down at my pants.....and! (plat, this is for YOU --- DON'T LAUGH!!!) i had the thong on the wrong way. NOT inside out. i had one of my legs through a leg part, and the other leg....was through the waist part. i had not noticed all day, including around 4-5 trips to the loo. honestly, it FELT no different at all!!!

for those who are keeping score, it was a baby pink thong with a matching baby pink satin brar.

hugs and kisses and silly silly anglerfish!!!

Aw, thanks for the vibes everyone! We'll see what happens. I'm feeling confident.

In other news, I went home sick at 1. I got into work and what seemed to be a minor cold came on in full force. I slept all the way home. Now I'm having some chili for lunch, then going back to bed. Hopefull I can keep it from getting any worse.

love to all...
laugh.gif at tes's chonie snafu. hilarious lady. ~~~continued vibes for tes-mamae~~~

((((plat)))) YAY for your exercising victory! ~~~more healing~~~

(((((sidecar))))) ~~~continued vibage & feel better quick!~~~

((((bunny)))) 'tis ok babe, it happens to the best of us wink.gif and I think making the appt. for the retake was a smart move. best to jump right back in. *smooches*

((((mandi)))) I wub you, I do, I do. yay for driving triumphs! and I can understand the whole babysitting thing, but can also easily imagine you melting once you hold them. it just sucks to always be the one stuck as the sitter for all. I am quite familiar with it. And I am sure if I had my own, I'd hear nothing but my own echo when I asked for help though blink.gif But the little ones always make me melt, no matter how determined I am to take a tough stance! ~~~easy, safe birthing for mando-cousin~~~

yay for rosie & pink's meet-up! sounds like a good time was had by all.

((((dm & dm-mom)))

((((molly ivins)))) FUCK cancer.

((((dusty, polly, mornington, luci, pixie, sybarite, sonik, faith, billy, fina, anoushh, raisin, amilita, msp, sixela, sassy, stargazer, candycane, everyone))))

can I please request some specific vibes for art? they are giving him a tracheotomy today, any time now, even though they haven't been able to get his fever back down because they are basically backed in to a corner. of course it's risky but what choice do they have? and his kidneys haven't gotten any worse, but they aren't any better. and now there has been mention of his pancreas as well. ugh. he is just too young for all this madness.

ETA: I need some extra super strength kickass BUSTie vibes right now concerning Art. His biological father-come-lately is currently at the hospital challenging his adoptive mom's authority, trying to invoke some "parental rights" though he has never been a parent to Art. All this while Art lies unconcious and in the balance. And sadly, the paperwork that should straighten this whole mess out can't seem to be located. Please keep your parts crossed and send some massive vibes to the hospital for them to know what's what and straighten it all out quickly. That poor excuse for a man deserves a pox the size of mars.


*goes back to working*

(((((((((Yuefie & cousin)))))))))))
(((art and Yuefie)))
Damn, it's been a loooooooooong time! Who da hell are these people?!? tongue.gif

I could never, in a million, zillion, trillion years ever hope to catch up, so how has everyone been?
Holy crap! It's FunJules!!!!!! How are you, baby?! What are you up to? How is the husband? Stick around & give us an up-date, mkay? I miss you!

((((((((Art's family))))))))
~$~$~$~ jobby vibes for sidecar ~$~$~$~
((((((Tes' mamae))))))

Apologies to those I missed. This is really just a pseudo-drive-by to say hello. We went to Canada today! Weee! Not for long, though. We just drove up to Vancouver for a few hours, but it was long enough to (1) buy some Fluevogs (2) eat some sushi and (3) stop by Lush. Very productive! But I wish we could have driven around town & seen the waterfront and done a bit of sightseeing. Oh well. At least I got my very first pair of Fleuvogs at the official flagship Fluevog store. A very nice souvenir, I must say. smile.gif But I'm still kinda shocked to think that I now own a $200 pair of shoes. Eep!

Wednesday is my last day in Seattle. I'm taking an overnight flight back to NC, so I will arrive at home early Thursday morning. Maybe I'll muster up the energy to post then, but I'm making no promises!
(((((((((yuefie and art)))))))))))) healing and hospital vibes

(((mando and cuz))) everything will be ok!!! Really! So it shall be written... so it shall be done!!

((rose)))) Have a safe trip home!!

((((Sidecar))))) Sleep well and feel better soon, ok?

Tes: BWAAHAAAA HAAAAAAAA ermph errrrrrrrrrr (electronically muffling huge belly laugh at undie debacle)

Kvetch: This morning is hair wash day. Post surgery, hair washing just consumes waaaaay too much energy, holding hands above head, standing up styling, etc. Bleah. I did buy a wig for such occasions, but today isn't a good day to wear it- too many meetings.

Anti kvetch: still on an upward curve healthwise, with the occasional dip, but generally upward.

Dude. 3:48 AM someone started doing a Michael Flattley or whateverthefuck his name is from Riverdance impersonation. I gave the yelling and jumping around in concrete boots on a wood floor about ten minutes before I threw on a pair of jeans with my nightshirt on and my braless wrecking ball tits swinging and headed upstairs.

I must have looked special cause my hair was in every direction and I have some kind of cold in my eye that is gluing the left one shut, my glasses were on all crooked and I had on my winnie the pooh slippers. I knock on the door and it's open so I push it open a lil further and say Hey

A young (20 something) looking guy comes to the door all "HEYYYY" and stops short. "Can I help you?"
I went nuts. "You are FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT? It's 4 IN THE FUCKING MORNING. Some of us WORK. Can you keep the CLOGGING down to a minimum?"
Now Chad comes to the door. Chad and Jonah live together upstairs, not gay, just roommates and Jonah is touring with STOMP so they are subletting his room. That's right, to my own 18 year old horror in steel toe boots.
Chad (coming to the door half bombed with a tumbler of some type of booze wobbling in his hand: "Zuba I'm sorry, you know how it is he's 18, they are young and ..."
Zuba: I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. Chad, you're not FUCKING 18 dude. Tell Brittney, Paris and Lindsey to keep it down and also tell your young boy to pull the bed away from the wall and maybe throw down an area rug before he fucks again ok? Really. I'm fucking pissed."

So needless to say after I go back downstairs, laugh at what I look like and then realize I'm all wide awake at 4AM. I smoke a bowl, and try to go back to bed for two hours. I think I finally fell asleep around 545 or so. I got up at seven, tried to degunk my eye, took a shower, cleaned the snow off the car, (dude could I enjoy my new car for 5 minutes before cleaning snow off it 3 fucking times already? I've had it for like a week.)
Anyway, both ears are killing me, I have a sore throat my eye is all gunky and I wanna go home. Whine whine whine

I gotta go buy wet cat food, and kitty litter tonight, and a new 20 dollar fucking Feliaway air freshener so Bob doesn't get all stressed out and shit in random spots around the house.

umm I scared the fuck outta him last Friday morning at 4:30 AM when he started banging some chick Jack Rabbit style, BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM (quick succession here), with lots of Oh oh oh ohs and yes yes yeses ala porn style, (don't they have classes in faking it?), stop for ten minutes and start again. It woke me up because his futon was banging against the wall and floor so hard that I woke up in a dream that I was on a crashing train, (funny now, not so much then). I started yelling, woke Ed up, banged on the wall and was like "PULL THE BED AWAY FROM THE WALL NOW MR. 10/10"!!!!
oh yes yes I did. and he was mr. 10/10 because it went like this 10 mins of bamabamabamabamabamabamabam 10 minutes of silence, and toliet flushing, then bamabambamabmabambamabam

I feel so old. I remember when I was the 4 AM take home bitch, but Lord I never faked it, and even bombed had the courtesy to keep my voice down and stomping round to a minimum.
Thank you, thank you, thank you all for the vibes. The surgery went well, so far so good. Bio-donor-loser invoked his rights, stepped on everyones toes and still didn't really get what he was after. Though he may be the one signing any legal papers as far as authorization of procedures goes, Nancy is still listed at the number one family contact because Art made that request himself and it was stated in his chart. So the losah is still being bypassed as far as info goes, the nurses can't stand him, the doctors will not call him back, he is still low man on the command chain. So unless he wants to camp out at the hospital 24/7, he has to get his info from Nancy. HA.

Just wanted to update, be back later to vibe ya'll, properly. *mwah*

(((yuefie and art))) karma will get loser dad in ass.

hee, walkingbitch and tesao made me giggle.

*waves at funjules* I don't know you but know you're missed around here.

plat, you are a sweetie, y'know that? like yuefie, mando, rose, mornington, sidecar, tes, pixie, designermedusa, tes, star, six, fina, faith, amilita, crassy, dusty, all the kvetchies - you're one of us now.

*~*~*~get that job sidecar~*~*~*

kvetch: counselling not going too well, or kinda not; yesterday I had very nice doctor (for independent medical report) who was great but the direct questioning and going over the past really took it out of me and I bailed on my counselling session today (in agreement with counseller as I just wasn't up to it). Maybe it's a sign but this evening I got phonecall from other counselling service I was on waiting list for and a session has become available for next week.

anti-kvetch: I heart yuefie wub.gif for telling me about BPAL's new Neil Gaiman scents - SQUEE!
I wub you back, bunny. And it was my pleasure biggrin.gif
I heart Rose. AND her BGP! I hope to convince her to bring her husband up here and then eventually move here! MUWAHHAHAHAHA!
I just read that Molly Ivins died. That sucks a bunch. She was one of the few journalists in Texas who would speak the truth to the politically powerful.
(((yuefie))) I'm glad to hear that things have turned a bit more positive for Art.

RIP Molly Ivins; such a funny, smart writer, it's a damn shame that cancer has taken her down at a mere 62 while Cheney still smirks in his undisclosed location.

I have the flu. I'm currently wrapped in two blankets and shivering. It sucks.
RIP Molly Ivins sad.gif

The good news- Al Franken's running for senate in Minnesota!

((Yuefie & Art))

((Sidecar)) I'm sending you virtual chicken soup!

((Hugs to all))
Funjules! I had a baby so I'm not caught up either. Good to see you.

I'm so sorry about Molly Ivins.
yeah for yuefie and art!!

*~*~*sending out get well vibes for sidecar*~*~*

((((bunnyb)))) i hope you are feeling well.

well, i ranked the internships tonight. now, i just wait until the end of feb.

kvetch: argh. i try to be understanding with the roommate. he is so irresponsible. he owes me money. he still hasn't been home. he's paying rent for a place he's not spending much time at. blink.gif don't understand. even if i stay here in the windy city, i will need to either live on my own or find a new roommate.

antikvetch: my mom's bday is this sunday. also, it's the superbowl, which is really big here since the chicago bears are in it. man, if they win, then this town will go nuts.

antikvetch2: well, i've gone from 0 to 60. from being a hermit, afraid to go have alot of plans. but, it feels good. i've been getting out and catching up with friends.

oh, and send out some good moving vibes for sassygrrl. she got her own apartment and is moving this weekend.


morning before running off to work.....anyone have any coffee that they can toss this way?

hee! plat, i told you that the kvetchies were FAB. now you know that first hand, PLUS they know why you are my BFF and my BGP!!! reaaaaaaaaaaaally glad that things are gradually improving! keep it slow and steady, okies? PROMISE!!!

walking bitch, Feliaway is worth the price tag. it works. and YOU are da bomb. i just scared my cat into the other room over 10/10 man,and then it got even worse with 4 am take home bitch!

so so so sorry about molly ivins. sad.gif she was the first one to call shrub shrub. i will miss her, the country has lost a great journalist who wasn't afraid to put it out there. even more so because she was texan.

yayayayay!!! for funjules!!! good to see you here! (i need to get back over to live journal to try to catch up with people!)

HUZZAH for ART!!! (and in the meantime, fuck chop bio-donor-loser! asssshats DO VEX me!!!!!)

(((((((((mandomyheart)))))) a'cos.

oops. must run. have boring meeting today. gods help me. 2 hours of usgovt blah blah.

hugs and kisses and silly silly silly oarfish!!!

RIP Molly Ivins; she was a Texan and was the first woman to call shrub shrub? wow.

(((sidecar))) I'm sending you some virtual chicken soup too (although mine will be colder than polly's as further to go) but you can never have too much chicken soup; you can, however, have too much chicken noodle soup as it smells.

(((star))) that is such a positive sign that you're out and about and doing things, it makes you feel better in itself, doesn't it? I haven't had to make such an effort recently to do stuff and have actually had fun (with people other than the boy, the boy was never an effort to see probably because I miss him so much).

kvetch: I'm well, just fragile; I'm very weepy and panicky. The boy broke down on the motorway on way to work this morning and I woke up to his message telling me that and really fretted as he waited for AA. He's okay now and enroute to work, car in garage.

kvetch: I also have tooth/gum ache from wisdom tooth.

Did I neglect to mention that we sold our house? Here comes the stress of packing ... hee, I'm pleased for bunnymama and we received more money than we were hoping for.

Rabbit rabbit!

I just want to hibernate under the duvet. Work yesterday was hellacious (detailed in eljayland) and I'm not looking forward to today for one minue, except for the minute that I put on my coat to leave at the end of the day.

Vacation now. Please?

FUNJULES! You little tease. I mean that in the best way.
(((bunny))) <blushing> awww, thanks, you are a sweetie too! Chin up, the boy is ok now! But that phone call must have worried you to death.

((sidecar))) Feel better... wish I could make you some real chicken soup. I am famous for mine. I hardly cook anything anymore- just too lazy when I get home from work (and when you have a BFF who is a gourmet chef, most of my stuff rather pales in comparison). But, I do make a hell of a chicken/noodle/matzo ball soup. Whenever on of my staff has surgery or gets really sick, I do make it for them. It is very healing.

Walking B: I just cracked up at your post! A much-needed morning laugh!!!


Kvetch: we're expecting snow/freezing rain today. YUCK. The schools are all closed and not a drop of precip has fallen yet and it's 8:30. Major contortions at work, too.

Anti-kvetch: Well, because driving in bad weather could be really dangerous to my fusion, I get to work from home. Yay!!!!

(((Sidecar))) feel better. My friend swears by an (admittedly unpalatable) mixture of lemon juice, ginger, garlic and whisky, if you can stand it. I often think too that getting ill is your body's way of forcibly slowing down--which might make sense for you as you've been busy lately!

The US can't afford to lose a genuinely critical and articulate journalist. RIP Molly Ivins, indeed.

LoL WalkingBitch's post. I used to have these neighbours upstairs who would start chanting in a group at 3am on Thursdays, leading to a succession of Rosemary's Baby-type dreams for me. No shagging though, for which I suppose I should be grateful...

I am busy in about 4 different directions, which is kind of annoying as all I want to do is hide away somewhere and write this damn chapter. /tormented writer denied her muse, moment
*calm blue water vibes for those in need*
*superstrength healthy vibes for art*
*moving vibes for sassygirl*

lovin' the walkingbitch & funjules & anoushh & pip & billybonka drive-bys! hoping to hear more from them.

stargazer, i'm so glad the universe is aligning for you!

antikvetch: lil cousin had her baby! a girl. 10 lbs, 2 oz. c-section. all is well, except the baby had fluid in her lungs, so mama and baby can't really be united til later today. and i feel so bad for cousin, because everyone's making a fuss over the baby's size. i know how she feels. danny was nearly 9 lbs when he was born, all the other kids in the nursery were tiny & petite, and everyone would point and gawk at him. i just tried to tell her to smile and let it go, she's got a beautiful healthy girl (who she won't be afraid to hold and sling over her shoulder, the perks of having a large kid!). but yeah. people can be such stupid callous fuckwads.

i'm so relieved. i was worried.

i'm embarrassed to admit i didn't know anything about molly ivins. but i've read up on her now. a true loss.

So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

See, told ya everything would be ok!!!!! wink.gif

(confession: I would have obsessed, too)
Anti-kvetch: I'm home!
Kvetch: I'm exhausted. I got very little sleep on my overnight flight due to a screaming baby in the row behind me. Who the hell brings a baby on an overnight flight?!?! Grrr.
Anti-kvetch (IMHO): It's snowing! It's so beautiful. Love it.
It's strange to spend a week in the sunshine in Seattle & then return home to a snowstorm. How backwards is that!

I'm going to go crash. I'll return to vibing individually after I've gotten some sleep. I missed you all! It's good to be back. smile.gif
Mando, tell her that baby is tiny compared to this one:,00.html

(Um, we'll probably be bringing notbob on an overnight flight to the UK.... I hope he's not going to scream....)
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