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~~mamae and tes' family~~
((momDM)) I'm pretty sure that's illegal too.
~~calm blue waters for mando~~

Delurking to ((((((((((Tes and Mamae))))))))
((((((mamae))))) (((((tesao & tes-sis))))) sorry sweetheart.
~~~~~~~~~super strength & comfort vibes~~~~~~~~~

((Tes & Mamae))

I had a second interview with the insurance company today. I think it went well. I'm so tired though. Le Boy and I both tossed and turned all night and kept waking each other up. I've been trying to fall back asleep, but I don't think it's going to happen. I should just stay awake so I go to bed at a decent time tonight. Time to get myself off my nocturnal out-of-work sleep schedule.
Tesao, my sweet, my heart goes out to you and your mama.

Will be back later if I have time, but back to lurkdom for now...
(((Tes and mamma and family)))

off to work soon...
pssst, what do you call your vajayjay thead over in LTAS - check it out!

Best of luck with second interview polly! Here's hoping you catch up on your sleep too.

More love and some virtual hairbrushing the way of darling (((tes)))
I ended up falling asleep. unsure.gif

I will wake up by 10 tomorrow.
I will wake up by 10 tomorrow.
I will wake up by 10 tomorrow.
No matter how late I stay up tonight.
(((((((((tes & mama)))))))))) i hope things turn around for the best.

(((((((((mando))))))))))) i hope things work out soon for you. i'm getting just as frustrated about not finding the right meds for you. hang in there with those panic attacks.

((((((bunnyb)))))))) things will get better. trust me.

*~*~*~*sending out positive job vibes for polly~*~*~*~*

*~*~*~*safe trip vibes for rose*~*~*~*~*~*

i just got back today. i am pooped. i will write more tomorrow after a good night's sleep. i just wanted to send out some hugs and shout outs after peeking in here. i will read the thread tomorrow.

((((mornington, sidecar, plat, faith, pixie, raisingrrl, and other kvetchies)))))
{I wrote the below and then some before catching up a bit more. My darling Tesao, all my love and energy to you and your beautiful Mamãe, wherever her journey is taking her next.}

*dashes in running her mouth a mile a minute, and completely fails to type anything of importance in*

Helloooo Kvetchies! I've been on quite a roller coaster ride for weeks. But it's been positive in sum, so yay! Love you all and take care of yourselves.

*trips over her own toes as she dashes back out*
((((((((Mamae & Tes & fam))))))))))))))

(((((Mando))))))Feel better..i had panic attacks in middle school for a short while and just last year i discovered they actually were panic attacks. A good friend of mine has them too at the moment, very frequently, and when it happens-and in between- it almost feels like it's not going to go away. But it will pass ( as in : it will go away completely. I still kind of know what it felt like, but it doesn't upset me anymore). Hang in there.

((((Bunny)))))Glad to hear the sessions went well.
I saw you using "i'm finding it ____". I wrote this once during an english lesson in middle school and my teacher said that it was wrong. I said to her i used it because i read it somewhere in a book, but she didn't believe me and said it had to be "I'm thinking it's___" nothing else. Stupid huh?

(((((((Designermedusa's Mom))))))Surely that can't be right?! Some people just don't think! I hope this gets resolved quickly.

$$$$$Get the job, Polly!$$$$$

This afternoon/ evening i'm going swimming with a galpal. Well not really swimming, more floating, because it's this crossover sauna/ salt water bath/ bubblebaths with all kinds of scents and oils thingie. I'm so looking forward to that moment when i go into the water and make a lazy stroke...ahh! We sure can use this kind of relaxation!

((((((Tesao, Plat, Mando, Designermedusa, Bunny, TxPlumWine, Raisingirl, Mornington, Pixiedust, Stargazer, RoseViolet, Pollystyrene, Amilitia, Divala, Sidecar, Faerietails, Yuefie))))))
hmm, interesting sonik; I don't think "I'm thinking it's ..." would work at all and neither would just find as it wouldn't express the transitory feeling of it (I may be finding it beneficial just now, but I may not find that next week). Please don't let me be that type of teacher. It reminds me of a scene in a book I read recently where the protagonist, when he was younger, wrote an assignment on Raymond Chandler and his teacher told him that it was a good fictional peice but that the assignment asked for a real writer, not an imaginary one. I really hope that is a true story, I may even ask the author who is one of my friend's myspace friends.

have a safe and fun trip, rose!

welcome home stargazer! hope the interviews went well.

~*~*~*wake up at 10am vibes for polly~*~*~*~

kvetch: the boy's absolute sandman hasn't arrived in post yet. grrr.

anti-kvetch: he'll be here tonight.

~~cont. vibes for tes and mamae~~
(((texas!)) Girl, you need to stop by more.
*waves to sonik* "I'm finding it" isn't interchangeable with "I'm thinking it's..." if you ask me. I would've left it if I were editing.

Speaking of which! Those magic Bustie vibes kicked in overnight. My goal this week was to query one new publisher per day for freelance work, and one of them wrote back and said, "Hey, I know you were interested in freelancing, but would you consider full-time or contract work?" And I'm open to either, depending on the situation, so I have a phone interview Monday! Hooray. It's a good, well-respected company with great benefits so maybe this will work out. Eek.

(((tesao & mama)))
(((yuefie & art)))

yay, sidecar!

safe & fun trip, rose!

polly? you awake yet?

"But it will pass (as in : it will go away completely.)" (((sonik))) you don't know how much i need to hear that. big fat thank you smooch, darlin.

(((stargazer))) i'm feeling really good about the new med. i don't even care if it's just the placebo effect.

speaking of magjick bustie vibes ... *drumroll please*

antikvetch: I DROVE LAST NIGHT! in rush hour city traffic. only a short distance, to our hair salon. but still. with the mr and the kidlet in the car. i have no idea where i found the nerve. i think it was a combination of not really thinking, just getting behind the wheel. and the fact that the mr was there, and i didn't HAVE to. and i only had two minor near-freakouts. (red lights are my newest bane.) and i DROVE HOME ON THE THRUWAY! only a few exits, but i've been avoiding it and taking the service road since october.

yeah. the ativan helped. but still. i feel a tad invincible today.
maybe it's because my hideous roots are gone, and i'm miss sassy blondeyblonde again.
hey. never underestimate the value of hair therapy. wink.gif
go mando.
proud of you sisterfriend.
you need to call me tonight, k?
Yay sidecar!! That's great news; fingers crossed for the phone interview!

Ongoing thoughts for (((tesao and mamae))). I PM'd you, tes.

And (((mando))) whatever works. Excellent on both the driving and the hair. It's january. We all need good hair or we'd never leave the house.

I am infected by the flamewar thread and now feel the need to retract the above statement.

I could do with some decent sleep too stargazer; I hear you. Hope you're caught up!

A band with a guy I know in it is playing here soon. I haven't seen said guy in over 10 years and am wondering if it would be cool or weird to meet up (if even possible). No nefariousness involved.

Work going well. Long may it last...
((((mando))))) hooray! *does cheerleader moves learned in previous life*

~~~yuefie and art, tes and mamae~~~

Welcome back, stargazer!

Syb, there's a band you and I talked about that's going to where you are near soon. They were here when I was there; why can't they ever play in a city that I'm actually in, dammit?

I have finally caught up on my work. Phew. I've got stuff to do, but it's not 8,000 things that are all pressing. What a relief. I feel like I've been crazy-busy since I got back from Ireland at the end of November.
stargazer works in borders! I knew there was a very good reason for loving that girl (other than her fabulousness). star, I was lurking in midwestern mamas, in case you think I'm stalking you.

yay, yay, yay for mandolyn!!! way to go.

the boy will be here in about 30mins - squeeeee!

i want everyone to know just how much all of you mean to me. your vibes have been coming through loud and clear. thank you, rose violet, for popping into the okay thread to let them know. i've been having trouble concentrating ---- VERY bad for work! and having to think about what to say has just seen me dissolve into tears.

muito thank you to okaylanders who have popped into kvetchlandia to send vibes to my mother, my family and me. divalla, you should never ever forget that you were the first bustie EVER to talk to me! years later, i find that that is still important, as is your virtual friendship.

syb -- i need to read my PMs. i just know that i am going to break up when i do.

my sister in finland has made reservations to go and "say good-bye" to our mum. neiceoid elle is thinking about coming down. not sure if she will make it.

i can't go until mid feb -- 3rd week or so. not because of work; because if i go sooner, i lose my tax exempt status. and there is no way i could pay that back to the IRS. grrrrrr. no loopholes. i've had 4 or 5 people check on it, and have dug through the website myself.

((((((plummie tes' ass)))))))) i'm SO happy to see you.

please forgive me for only sending out generic vibes once again.

lame-o, i know.

get well, get that job, find your balance, it is okay to mourn fishes, especially silly ones, knock em dead phone interview, catch up on sleep NOW, bon voyage/boa viagem, yayayay!!! for being caught up at work, big HUZZAH for meds that work so far, wake up at 10!!!! all purpose generic vibeage for ALL of you out there!

need to catch up on my own sleep,but FIRST!!! must play with mimi the african attack cat. she LOATHES me being on the computer. i am at HOME, i am supposed to be paying attention to HER!! like any cat, the house really belongs to her, and she wants to make SURE i like the way she did it.

hugs and kisses and silly silly ama ebi!!!

i am thinking of each and every one of you. you are the most amazing people i ever could have imagined wub.gif


*pokes head in*

I've never been in here before. Alas, I don't really have anything productive to say. biggrin.gif

*waves bye*

Tes, darling, thank you for popping in and giving us an update - on you, as well as mamae, and your plans. Sending white light to you and your family, as ever. ((((((tes, mamae and family)))))
It was a little closer to 11, but pretty good without an alarm set. There's a postcard on Post Secret this week that says, "I secretly like not having a job so I can stay in bed while everyone else has to get up." ohmy.gif How'd they get inside my head?!?! I'm such a sleep enthusiast.

At least I managed to get up and dressed and run errands fairly early- usually I shlep around until 3:00 or so (what was that fun word someone had for this awhile back- foosing or something like that) I went to the electrical supply place and got the lamp components I needed so I can put together the Japanese spherical lampshade I bought. Last night Le Boy and I went to the furniture store so he could see the couch I found. It's $1500 cheaper than the other one, but it's basically the same color as the living room walls (and it's the only color it comes in), so since we're saving $$ by not getting the expensive purple couch, we're just going to paint the wall behind it purple. I think a $15 can of paint is a better deal than the more expensive couch. Can't wait until we get our tax returns so we can afford it all- did everyone hear they extended the tax due date until April 17th? My birthday!

(((More hugs for Tes & family- that sucks that you can't leave until February.)))

(((Mando))) yay for driving!!

(((Sidecar))) yay for catching up and potential jobs!!

((Hugs to all))

I have confidence things will improve for you. It may be two steps back more than steps forward now and then--it's not a linear process--but I'm confident things will improve for you. Yay for driving. (I still say my biggest accomplishment in life was driving in London. Driving is scary in the best of circumstances.)

And I desperately need a haircut, so I wouldn't underestimate the value of hair therapy either. No idea who to go to.

(((Tes and Family))))

Yay for Txplumwine sighting! PM me w/ your email if you want to see notbob (ie, baby) photos.

Kvetch--had my second dream las t night--that I remember--that notbob was kidnapped and I was desperate to find him and people weren't helping me and I was terrified. Last time in the dream it was the same, but in the end I found him, and he was ok (though he was a girl in the dream..... But was ok. Still a horrible dream.)

Kvetch--got to go already. Never any time these days! Someday I may catch up. Sort of. Possibly....
*waves at anoushh and not-bob*

(((((Tes and mamae and family))))) ongoing. My family mostly live far from me too. I hear you on this, I think.

Sidecar, that's them. I think they're breaking europe which is cool.

I have the house to myself and I like it way too much!
Awesome, Mando! Way to go with the driving and hairtherapy.
*~*~*~*sending out continued good vibes for tes and her family*~*~*~*

((((((mando)))))))YEAH!!! I'm so happy for you. It is a great thing that you were able to get out there and drive. Things will get better slowly but surely. It is hard to believe I had the terrible panic attacks (little and major) last year. It will happen eventually. You won't even have to think about it anymore. It will come.

*~*~*~*sending out continued driving and good hair for mando*~*~*~*

polly~yeah for waking up at 11! seriously. i had the same problem when i took a leave from work. i wouldn't get ready until 4 or 5 in the late afternoon/early evening. going for my internships helped me to get back into my groove. i wasn't as lazy today as i have been in the past.

sonik~have fun floating!!

bunnyb~i will admit i was wondering how you knew where i worked. and you can stalk me!! biggrin.gif as long as you are armed with lush products! have fun with the boy!!

syb~have fun at the concert. i'm getting into concert mood again. i think i'm gonna see redd kross in feb. in fact, i need to buy tickets online later.

*~*~*~*sending out job vibes for sidecar*~*~*~*

kvetch: i hate unpacking. i started to do it last night and finished it off today. i need to gather stuff for my taxes too. just waiting for my W2s to come in soon.

antikvetch: i don't remember my bed being so comfortable. the pillows seemed fluffy and the blankets seemed all cozy. it was good to sleep in. i also took a nap later in the day. it was a nice relaxing day.

my interviews went well. everyone was so friendly in texas. took a drive to austin, which was a lot of fun. then, i flew to boston where i got to enjoy some pretty snow. very picturesque. it was cool be to a sorta jetsetter for a week. i won't know where i end up for my internship until the end of feb. i could easily see myself at any of the places i interviewed. heck, i would just be happy to get a position. i'm not being picky!!

(((sonk, syb, polly, bunnyb, mornington, faith, mavin, qspice, sidecar, designermedusa, anoushh, amilita, PiP, pixie, rose, raisingrl, yuefie, and other kvetchies)))
Just a fly by to say, Rosie texted me earlier that she made it safely to Seattle. I don't know if she'll be online while she's there.
You're right, Sidecar, the two (finding/thinking) aren't interchangeable. This teacher never learnt us we could use the first in english and insisted only the latter existed.
She was a very nice woman, but not really teacher material.

I slept like a log and woke up at 8 am. I'm currently at my galpal's apartment. We'll go get some coffee as soon as she's back -appointment at half nine- and i'm looking after her cats in the meantime. The cats are so cute, but one of them just doesn't listen. Apparently the only thing that makes her listen is a bucket of cold water. I'm not going to try it out though.

Turquoise bra and red bjorn borg boxer with gold tennis ball print (gift from my sis)

Hi Culturehandy! Take a seat *offers some sesame cookies*

Yay for driving in rush hour traffic! That is quite an accomplishment, Mandolyn! You will get there!

(((((((((Ongoing vibes for Tes & Mamae))))))))
The inevitable Friday morning fly-by!

Sidecar, hope you get that job!!
Mando- go girl!

Vibes for all (((rose, anoush, bunny, morning, pixie, star, polly, syb, rose, and of course my darling tes))))

Damn, I wish i knew everyone so i could call them out.

Kvetch: allergies suck. I am drowning this morning

Anti-kvetch: It's FRIDAY!!!!

Undies. Can you guess? Yeah, white cotton. Again. snooooorrrrreee.
Working from home and not getting as much done as I should be. Nothing to report, everything's gone quiet which suits me just fine. I need headspace to put together my next chapter. /all about me-ness

Going to see Blood Diamond later and looking forward to it. I'm in the mood for a grandiose thriller, as long as it doesn't hit me over the head with stereotypes.

Sorry to hear about your allergies Plat! Half my family suffers from hayfever so I know it's no fun.

Black knickers and no brar as at home.

Is anyone else having trouble accessing the lounge today?
Yes, the lounge is veeerrryyyy slow, as in loading.

Off to a meeting. Friends who were initially coming as well all cancelled. Bleh, now i have to sit there on my own, since i have some difficulty networking now and then. The room will be cluttered with cliques and ofcourse i won't fit in ....
anti kvetch: free beer.

anto kvetch: bought a blck 60's dress with bow in front. Galpal bought the same one. We're so 16 yrs old!

It's been slow for me, too.
(((plat))) I feel ya. I'm now on the Rhinocourt Aqua daily and it's made a big difference for me.

Tonight, we're going to the opera, which meant I finally cleaned off my lower-heeled black boots from when I went to Ireland. It was weird to find bits of the Hill of Tara stuck to my shoes after all this time. It should be a good night. I haven't been to the opera in a year, and it's one of my favorite things.

Anyway. I should probably get some work done; I've got a big book to edit in the next couple days. Fun!

black lace Wacoal minimizer, black boyshorts

undies: hot brink padded t-shirt bra and black girl shorts with pink bow and "kisses" written in diamantes on side.

syb, Blood Diamond is a contender for tomorrow, as is Bobby (the boy wants to see Rocky).

off for fabulous Indian food, mmmm.

Blood Diamond is impressive. Its politics are occasionally problematic (as is usually the case with Hollywood films set in Africa) but less so than I expected, and overally it is very critical of the diamond sourcing in Africa... and of the consumers who buy them.

di Caprio goes from strength to strength. He's excellent in this; had me convinced he was a Zimbabwean mercenary.

Now I want to go back to Africa.

Hope you and martini enjoy the opera sidecar!
bad day at work (crap politics ie: idjit wall street fucktard moguls who think they know everything and treat us like shit on the bottom of their shoes) + concern for people i love who are depressed + general emotional exhaustion = BMW time.

bailey's. malibu. whiskey.

drunken post soon to ensue.
((((((tes and mamae))))))
((((mando)))) *hairbrushings*
yay for interviews ((((star))))
((((plat, syb, bunny, sidecar, polly, sonik, yuefie, pixie, rose, dm, anoushh, amilita, raisin, faith, mavin, fina, sassy, sixela, walkingb, msp, everyone))))

blechy flu appears to have toddled off for a bit... i spent most of yesterday in bed feeling grotty. I now just feel all dopey and in need of a hug. I'm hoping for good news about F's dad soon, he's been in and out of hospital since the new year and - I'm so selfish - if he's not stable in a good way, F is going to have to postpone his visit. It's been making me blue as there's not much anyone can do but wait and see.

GODDAMN it shouldn't be so fuckin' hard to find an affordable hotel in a good location, SHOULD IT?!

Yeah. Didn't think so. Yet it is.

I think it's BMW time as well.

Plat, I'm no better; the majority of my underwear is black cotton.

"Plat, I'm no better; the majority of my underwear is black cotton."

Yeah raisin, those of us with a massive history of yeast et al infections are relegated to the cotton variety. I do have a few different colors, though. Maybe 3???

Happy BMW's to the kvetchies!
Good night, food drunk. Le Boy's parents took us out to our favorite upscale burger place, then we stopped by the nearby mall for the Apple store. I looked around the mall for a little bit while Le Boy was in the Apple store....found out they have a crepe stand in the mall, so we got dessert crepes. Le Boy got Nutella and I got banana. Don't know why I didn't think to ask if they could put Nutella on the banana one. Poop. Tomorrow we're getting up early to see Children of Men at the local theater that only charges $4 for shows before noon.

(((Good night and hugs to all)))

no new word on mamae. she saw a neurologist on wednesday, everyone seems to feel that she had another stroke, or at the very least a TIA, she is scheduled for a CAT scan next week. haven't been able to talk to my sister the pennwe since wed, though, it has been crap weather here and when that happens the cell networks fall apart. strangely, i seem to be able to get text messages even when the phone part won't work. i guess written words are easier for electronic waves?

the whacko sister in finland has actually taken the news to heart and has already purchased a ticket to go and visit to (her words) "say goodbye to R" (she calls mamae by her name, doesnt call her mom or mother or whatever. i think that might be a finninsh thing, as HER kids all call HER by her name, too. hmmm. somehow that makes me feel better -- i think)

anyway, i still can't go back to the states for at least another month without dreadful financial penalties that i can't afford. sad.gif

on top of all of that, i had a REALLY bad week at work. i made a really bad decision which i should have brought other people into, except that i thought that those other people were TOTALLY against what i was trying to accomplish. turns out that they WEREN'T, they just didn't like the fact that this originally came as an order from the NY office and they didn't like THAT. miscommunication on many (3-4) levels. i wound up really hurting my favorite employee, which made me feel even WORSE. i've been staying in my office with the door closed working on deadlines for friday. it was good to have mind-engaging work, so i didn't have time to think about all of this stuff.

blood diamond was shot here in Maputo. they built a bar on the beach for it (haven't seen the movie, but have heard that the bar is really sleazy in the movie). they tore it down after the shooting was completed. loads of money spent on materials that could have been used to build houses for the dirt poor and the homeless, but.....i guess i have to balance that with the fact that they employed a LOT of mozambicans while they were here, so that at least was money that did more than make a movie.

the mountains that you see in the film aren't really there, they are all computer generated. the rest, though? that is where i live.

eta: oh, and from the trailers and ads that i've seen, leonardo de caprio has gotten the South African accent DOWN. if i heard him i would think he was south african.

Drive-by! Just wanted you all to know that I am safely in Seattle & having a blast. It is truly amazing how much we have accomplished in the last two days. The BestPals will surely be sick of me before the trip is over! smile.gif Anyway, I am thinking of you all often.

((((((((Hugs for Tes & her mamae))))))))))
I'm so terribly sorry you're having to cope with all of this right now. My thoughts and my love are certainly with you.

((((all of you))))
Rose, glad you made it to Seattle, and are having a great time with friends.

((tes and her mom))

Polly, Mr. DM and I are getting up and going to a $4 film before noon as well, can‘t beat that price.. We’re going to see Volver.

((morning ton)) Hope you feel better.

((F’s dad))

((mando)) Sorry you had a crappy day at work. I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Bunny, have fun with the boy.

Sidecar, hope the opera was fun.

Sonic, the dress sounds cute.

Syb, glad you enjoyed Blood Diamond. I’ve yet to see that or The Departed, and now they are getting so much attention awards wise.

Star, glad the interviews went well.

Yesterday was Mom DM’s last day at work. She is surprisingly not that upset about it, but I think that’s because she has so much on her mind with my grandfather being sick. She just isn’t up to fight the termination, even though it’s not right. Mr. DM got some bad news yesterday, he got a denial letter for a job he really wanted and interviewed for. This makes something like 8 interviews, and he’s only waiting to here back on 1, the rest were a no. I am seriously concerned for his well being, as he went to the doctor the other day and his eye pressures were up. I believe this is because of stress, now he has to go have a procedure done to hopefully lower the pressures. I just don’t understand why he can’t get a job, he acts and dresses like a professional and is such a people person. I’m going to try to make him relax this weekend.


(((Tes))) I'm sorry work was shitty this week. Not really what you need right now! I do know what you mean, though, about work sometimes being a panacea--I've felt that way myself.

With the film, I'm glad and relieved they hired so many locals... the credits seemed to reflect that but it's good to hear it confirmed. They also shot in S. A. and Sierra Leone.

(((DM and mom and dad))) I can understand you mom's point of view; sometimes it's not worth the serious and possibly prolonged stress to fight for something like that. Although, maybe if she documented it all she could go back and contest it later?

Have fun RV!
(((((((((((Tes))))))))))))- I will be on messenger this morning before going out. Will try later if i don't catch you. Hope the weather holds up so we can chat sometime.

(((Designer)))). That just sucks for the Mr. and Mom. It can be so frustrating when you know you've got the goods but for some reason, you just aren't getting hired. It can wreak havoc with the self esteem and cause major stress. Sending job finding vibage.

Having a big breakies this morning at our favorite breakie hangout, then have a work event to attend. A competitor is opening up a HUGE new health complex and the brass wants some of us management to infiltrate. It would be kind of fun, sort of a spy mission, except that I know 1/2 the doctors and providers there already. Oh well. Sitting here busting, His Highness is purring very loudly, and for the moment, life is good.

Kvetch: wish I could give an in-person hug to my gal tes. And win the lottery so she doesn't have to worry about money and can go see her mamae right now.

At the moment, no other kvetches. Must be the drugs kicking in. laugh.gif Sure I'll find something else to kvetch about later in the day, though.

Meeting (designers union) went well. And i had a good time during the party afterwards, talking to people.


((((((((((And all of you)))))))I'm too hangoverish to name you all individually, but rest assured you are loved!!!)))))))))
(((((((((tes)))))))))))))) keep us informed about how things are with mama!

*~*~*~*get well vibes for mornington*~*~*~*

((((((designermedusa + mr. dm + family))))) at least your mom is able to put things into perspective about how the termaination can allow her to be there for your dad. and i hope something comes through for the mr.

*~*~*~*sending out good job vibes for mr. dm*~*~*~*

polly~what ever happened with your job interview? unsure.gif

plat~i'm sure tes can feel you virtual hug.

sonik~i'm glad things went well for you.

ok. i'm off to make some breakfast for my tummy. i'm hungry!!

antikvetch: i haven't been to work in 3 months since the depression/anxiety stuff. yesterday was my first day back. it felt really back to be into the swing of things again. i felt really good. everyone gave me big hugs and was happy to see me, which was cool 'cause i've only been there for 7 months. good feeling.

kvetch: i have to go to a funeral tomorrow for my uncle's mother. she was a great women. i would always talk to her as a kid. i always remember her playing solitiare in her room. and, i'm talking oldskool style, not on the 'puter. she lived a long life though.

No news yet, stargazer- I had the second interview on Wednesday and they said they'd decided in 2-3 days...I didn't hear anything yesterday, so I'm assuming they'll call on Monday.

My staffing agency person called yesterday to tell me about a new position she found, but she needed me to redo my Excel assessment test...I'm putting it off so that if I don't have to do it if the other place hires me. I hate that fricking assessment test and I know I'm not going to do any better (I did pretty well the first time I did it, but I don't have a lot of experience with formulas- I can add two cells together, but that's about it. This job she found requires formula skillz, though. Pbbt.)
Polly, good luck avoiding the test! I always find formulas really difficult in Excel but Quattro Pro was much more intuitive. Sad that Excel is the standard.

We had a dozen people over on Friday for our Burns Supper, Rose's cheese bread was SO GOOD, actually all the food turned out just great and my first time making a cranachan (traditional Scots dessert with Burns suppers- whipped double cream, whisky, honey and toasted oatmeal, in layers over Finaman's raspberries frozen from last summer) was a success. I piped in the haggis on my grandfather's bagpipe chanter and people wrote really amazing speeches again this year. Think everyone had a really good time and we have pretty much got the house back to normal.

It's been a lovely and warm weekend for once so I went for a nice walk up the local hill and got test pots for painting the hallway and living room and got some advice re stripping the paint in the bathroom and today I went for a good run.

Happy weekend winding down to all!
Burns Night sounds like so much fun, except for the haggis- can't get into that...I recently found out I'm more Scottish than I thought (we always thought we were mostly Irish), so maybe I'll have to learn more about it and celebrate it. That dessert sounds awesome!

I decided to make Tom Kha (Thai, coconut milk-based chicken soup) and spent the last 2 hours driving to every Asian/international produce place within 10 miles looking for kaffir lime leaves. Couldn't find them. Damn. I think I can substitute lime zest, though. Not the same sad.gif
fina, sounds like a lot of fun! (aside: boy's sis was stopped at customs in Vancouver a few years back 'cos she was smuggling in many haggis for her Burns' Night). I love cranachan with raspberries, and orkney fudge ice cream. We had chicken stuffed with haggis and blackpudding and turnip mash and whiskey sauce. mmmm, food.

star, yay for being back at work! it takes guts and I admire your strength; I have that to look forward to in March.

Did anyone hear about the director of Blood Diamond objecting to the Oscars (or its sponsors or whoever) asking all the nominees to wear diamonds? interesting stuff.

designermedusa, what did you think of Volver? I really enjoyed it; was such a good film.

(((tesao))) much love and vibes your way, chica.

(((raisin))) a'cos.

(((everyone))) sorry I'm skimming as tired and missing my boy and pmsy.

could I ask for some mystery vibes please, especially around 1530 GMT tomorrow? thanks.

had great weekend with the boy, Indian food was a highlight and Bobby. I now miss him lots.
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