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I'm on the hot toddy. it's gone to my head. so...

love to (((((everyone)))) and...

it's a shite photo but:
IPB Image
((mornington)) Yay for cute bunnies.

((mando)) Mom DM just started on effexor as well. So far no problems, but everyone’s body is so differently. The doctor should have given you samples so you didn’t have to buy the prescription before you know it if works for you. I hope you are feeling better.

((plat)) Yay for being able to exercise.

((raisin)) Did you find a bathing suit? I saw a bunch of cute ones in Target, but I need to tone up first.

((tesao)) Hope you get a good nights sleep.

((bunny)) Yay for a cute haircut and color.

((rose)) I hope you can sleep tonight since last night was restless.

((fina)) Yay for a clean house, and buying a nice jacket.

((pixie)) I hadn’t been in Payless in awhile, and they had some really cute shoes. I’ll probably get the shoes you got eventually because I love polka dots.

Today was kind of lazy, went for a walk this morning, then went to breakfast and mainly slept most of the day.

Let’s start the week right with a Happy Monday.
Good morning, everyone! How are you all?

Mornington, the bunnies look so adorable! Glad to see that they're getting along.

((((((Mandi)))))) I'm so sorry you're going through this. I tried Effexor, too. It was helpful, but I had problems with it. How many drugs have you tried so far? For me, third time was the charm (Prozac). I was also on a low dose of Amitriptyline after my grandma died, but I think that is used very very rarely now.

(((((Plat)))))) Good for you for exercising! Are you working full time again?

Yesterday was not so great for me. I developed a terrible headache & took some meds, but they didn't put a dent in the pain. So I had to wait 5 hours before I could take another dose. Luckily, that took care of it. But in the mean time I was reminded of those days loooong long ago when we didn't have any pain meds at all. I'm certainly glad I wasn't born back then.

For those who are interested, I posted the recipe for the lemon gems in the Barefoot thread. They were so good that I'm seriously thinking about making more! Tes, I thought about making my own curd, but we have a jar of it in the fridge so I just used that.

It's a bit chilly here this morning. There's a thin layer of ice over all of the trees & it looks soooo pretty. I'm sitting here, looking out the window at our pines & thinking, "Wow! It actually looks like wnter!" Luckily, Sheff didn't have much trouble getting out because we put his car in the garage, but that brings up one of my big problems about house hunting. Most of the houses around here do not have a garage! Nothing at all! That is practically unheard of in Oklahoma, but here it seems to be the norm. Recently I found a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house with no garage. How can a house that big have no garage?! I just don't get it.
kvetch: It's freezing here, so much so that I considered wearing two pairs of socks; I didn't and should have worn my toes socks anyway. The sun is shining (which makes driving a bitch) and it looks all crisp but gah it's too cold; at least I'm not wet though.

kvetch: I'm crabby but I'm premenstrual (like clockwork I'm grouchy and emotional exactly a week before due) and annoyed as mum was supposed to post the boy's birthday postcard (a cupcake for my cupcake) and now it's not going to arrive in time for his birthday tomorrow sad.gif. It's bad enough I'm not going to see him on the day.

anti-kvetch: I will see him on Thursday smile.gif.

anti-kvetch: cottage cheese with pineapple.


eta: sometimes it's exhausting sitting on the fence and you get splinters and a sore arse; I can't think of an equal analogy to describe getting into the thick of it.
It's cold here, too. I suppose I should be used to it (I've lived nearly my entire life in the upper Midwest) but argh, I still go crazy when the extreme cold kicks in.

((mando)) i suspect antianxiety/mood stabilizers/whathaveyou aren't that dissimilar from hormonal birth control, in that you have to try out a number of meds for which you have to pay more than you'd like, and find what works for you via trial and error. You'll get there; sorry effexor ain't it.

~~feel better for rose~~

aw plat, i'm impressed you worked out! i have no motivation, although I packed my gym clothes with my work stuff today, so I will go this evening, I will!

Still so quiet today at work -- most people come back from conference tomorrow and Wednesday. I've been much more productive than I thought I would be, but today I am so not motivated.

My new Wellies have blue polka dots. I wore them to dog class yesterday (Sophie now has an intermediate certificate as it was graduation day) and they were so warm and dry.


Yesterday we skated up and down the river chasing a hockey puck. Mr. Dusty even bought me a hockey stick. Then after we changed back into our boots, we took a shortcut home and I went through the ice and ended up in cold water up to my knees. Ack. I should have gone with my first instinct and had a hot bubble bath as soon as we got back to his place, because when we got back to my place we found out that the hot water was off until this afternoon. *I* am wearing two pairs of socks, but only because I am wearing motorcycle boots since my other ones are still wet.

A lot of people in this city don't have garages and have to park on the street at must be so stressful.
bunny, i would LOVE to have you be the bunny i so desperately need to cuddle with! (so, those of you with bun buns, do they really like to cuddle??? the way some cats do???)

and while i'm at it, let me help you with those splinters! i've seen some of those fences that you have been sitting on.....and they are NOT pretty!

long day at work. need to get to bed early again, many apologies for not vibing everyone individually.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ much love and vibeage of whatever kind my fab kvetchies need ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

hugs and kisses and silly marlin!
Oh my busties! First thing -- I just caught up on archives, and in no particular order here are my hugs:

((beloved Tes who should be abused by NO ONE but whose kvetchies will always have her back, bunny the brave and outspoken, no more headaches for rose but yay for sheff and looking at saturn and making lemon gems, strength and perseverence for Mandi in her quest for the right med I hope either the bad side effects go away and you get some relief or you get something new and effective, amalita and banishment of asshat artists, designermedusa and job vibes for her mister, mornington and freakish and sweet bunnies, fina and her gleaming oven, plat, quantum, a tiara for doodle's snow woman, get better to sassy, yueffie and family and pancakes, sixel and her delicious nutella, everyone under the duvet, pixie and her retail therapy, the unshushable and unquenchable and welcomed TG, and anyone I may have inadvertantly omitted, I love you all)).

Kvetch: still on the fence about mathboy. I like being with him but he's not always super conversational on the phone, and while it's good to keep our relationship pace slow to have him live so far away (45 minutes), it's hard to have the face-to-face time that we need. I don't like feeling insecure and unsure. We're so different -- he leads this isolated monastic life and I am super social, he's more religious than me, and the intimate side of our relationship is good but really different than what I am accustomed to. But. I love his company and I do want to really get to know him and also let this be a way to deal with tamping down my anxiety about dating. So I will let it unfold.

Antikvetch: lovely brunch with friends, a friend's birthday party, and yoga class with the mathboy made this a nice and eventful weekend. And even work is cooperating by being interesting and not super-stressful.

Except I also saw Babel and HATED it. I can take that to the movie thread. OK no more procrastinating!
Speaking of hockey pucks, Dusty ... At our dinner party this weekend, our guests noticed the hocky puck you mailed to me last year! They thought it was so super cool that my Canadian friend mailed that to me ... and that you didn't have to put it in a box or anything! So my coolness quotient went up thanks to you. biggrin.gif

And speaking of Canadians, I'm going to Vancouver! Woo hoo! But just for a day and a half. The BestPals decided we should run up there during my visit to Seattle. We're taking a boat that will travel overnight, so that should save us a lot of time. I'm so excited!!!!!!

[jumps around room with delight]

And Sidecar? Those boots sound ADORable. I want a pair!

ETA: Cross-posted with Faith! So the MathBoy ... is it possible he just isn't a phone person? Sheff really hates talking on the phone. Luckily, I kinda forced him to get over most of that when we had an ocean seperating us, but he still prefers to keep phone conversations short. Is MathMan better about this in person? Or do you get the feeling he's a cold fish no matter what?

Amilita, what happened with the artist? Vent it all out to us. We can take it.

hehe (((tes))) tongue.gif

faith, it could be as simple as opposites attract with you both and having to compromise; the boy isn't a huge phone conversationalist and much prefers 1 on 1 (and our interaction is so different then) but with a LDR now he has to make effort.

rose, I am so envious! the boy's sis is in Vancouver and I meece her; I could do with seeing her, even for a day and a half.

we've received a bid for the house - squee (and it was a viewer who we thought was a time waster)! we're waiting for the survey to come back and to see if someone else who is keen (she viewed twice last week) makes a higher offer.

eta: my tummy is upset and I feel so ill. Off to bed with my kitty.
bunnymama told me of patient she had today named Brian Wilson, that amused and cheered me up (the title of famous barenaked ladies song).


yay on the house bid (((bunny))), but boo on the tummy ache.

(((faith))) I agree, perhaps mathboy is just not accustomed to phone conversations and needs a little push in that area. I know a lot of people who are that way, but if you live fr apart he needs to understand the importance of trying to communicate better on the phone with you.

(((((rose)))) just 'cause

((((tes)))) hugs & kisses and a coupla tushy pats for good measure wink.gif I think you are an absolutely amazing woman for the work you do, for the support and advice you give, for just being yourself and even more so for how you are handling the incendiary comments made by someone who clearly has had issues with you from the start and would *so* love to project that on to you.

~~~~warmth for sidecar & all the other freezing BUSTies~~~~

so when is your tropical vacay raisin? we get to see pictures, right?

((((anosuhh & not-bob)))) how are things going, sleep wise?

((((amilita)))) I second the come and vent here comment, cause yes... we can handle it.

((((mornington)))) oh the cuteness is enough to make ones head explode!

where is crassy? and msp? and plummie?!

hi tallgirl, nice to see you 'round.

(((((plat)))) yay for excerize! ~~~continued healing~~~

((((mandi)))) extra tight hugs

hi to our moonlighting kvetchie, doodleug!

((((polly, dusty, dm, pixie, fina, billy, luci, mavin, everyone I missed))))

off to the hospital to get an update on art's condition. last I heard his fever had reduced so yay for that. *keeping toes and fingers crossed*

kvetch's: one completely plugged nostril, one that's runny. postnasal drip. sore nose. scratchy throat. cold feet. loudly snoring dog. loud tomcats who howl outside your window at 4 am.

anti-kvetch's: loudly snoring doggie who warms your cold feet. super soft tissues with lotion for extra sore nose. real sudafed instead of the fake crap they put in everything now. hot tea with honey and lemon to warm you up. the comfiest bed. ever.

(((yuefie))) vit C vibes your way, chica.

rose, when are you leaving for Seattle? have uber amounts of fun!

kvetch (other than nimrods): I sent the boy a cute text yesterday saying how excited I was to see him and he didn't reply because I used the word "squee". He admits that he has an irrational anger towards the word and he knows it is kvetchie speak but he says for a twice graduated English Literature student it is lazy of me to use made-up words. Hmph, boys; that's the last time I squee about him.

Fly-by Tuesday post to the wonderful kvetchies!!! Wish I had time to call all of you out.

(((Rosev))) Feel better, girl- I'm not working full time yet, but up to about 6 hours in the office. With rest, of course. O Canada!!! Vancouver! What a blast!

(((Yeufie and Art))) toes/fingers crossed for more healing.

(((mando))) Keep trying- there is a med out there for you with your name on it.

(((sidecar))) Tee hee, Tes and I always joke about the motivation thing for exercise. I'll tell you, barely being able to make it to my mailbox 5 weeks ago was some pretty serious motivation. As was boredom sitting around the house. I just hope I can keep it up.

(((bunny))) tummy vibes

Kvetch: tried to check in on bust at work during lunch and got the dreaded "This Site has been BANNED according to company policy" aka, the "Message of Death". So no kvetching for me at work. Sigh. Relegated to fly-bys in the am.

Anti Kvetch: actually going to work again and being able to work with less rest periods.
Well, Bunny, I say that a twice-graduated English Literature student should be well aware that the language is constantly changing and evolving - that this evolution is the very nature of language - so he needs to pull his head out of his butt & realize that "squee" is spreading all over the globe! Besides, it's an expression of joy! How could that possibly be wrong? biggrin.gif

~~~~~~ continued healing for Plat ~~~~~~ Good to hear that you're getting out there. Those small steps will be strong strides before you know it!

~~~~~~ continued vibes for Art ~~~~~~
Yuefie, the people in OkayLand are talking a lot about the neti pot lately. Have you ever tried one?

((((Mandi)))) How are you feeling today? Any better?

I forgot to say so yesterday, but I was sad to see that The New Orelans Saints did not win the football game. I really wanted them to make it to the super bowl.

I have to admit that I'm actually pretty sad today. We lost a fish overnight. We noticed yesterday that she could no longer move the back half of her body. She was able to move around a bit by moving her front fins, but that was it. It was as if the back half of her body was paralyzed. So we knew the end was near. But it's still sad. And yes, I know it's silly to be sad over a little guppy, but she was one of the first things we got in our new home and she was the mother to many of the little guppies we have in our tank today.
RIP Lyman

I think I'm going to make more lemon gems to cheer myself up.
Today is my last day at work! I have announced to my boss that I intend to be wholly useless today. He said okay. After this, I will take 12 days off, then start at I'm so excited, and I really want cupcakes. Confetti cupcakes with the raimbow frosting stuff.. mmmm so good.

(((RIP Lyman))))
What are Lemon Gems?

Bunny, Squee is not a made up word. It is a sound that a little boy named Todd Casil made in the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comic book and so "Nny" (as Johnny likes to be called) dubbed him Squee. So, its not a word, its a sound and a silly comic book characters name. Tell him to take his hoity toity english literature buttface-edness and shove it. Pop culture knowledge FTW!

((plat)) Yay for work! Kinda. BOO for no bust! You can try to train the firewall on your machine to allow it... "bust" is a naughty keyword.

(((Wigglebutt lovey dovey dancey dancey for everyone else!)))

Pink, lemon gems are delicious lemony cookies. I posted the easy-peasy recipe over in the Barefoot thread a few days ago. Soooo gooood. But I found out that today is National Pie Day!!! Today we are encouraged to perform Random Acts of Pie-ness. So maybe I'll make some sort of pie instead & deliver it to all the people who have to work late with Sheff tonight. Hooray for pie!

By the by, thank you for reminding me about Squee & JtHM. So twisted, but so right. Hope you enjoy escaping from your job!

I was actually thinking on Sunday that I have a hockey puck at home, because I bought two and only actually sent one. When I sent the hockey puck to Rose, the woman at the postal outlet didn't get that I wasn't putting it in a package and she sold me a bunch of huge stamps that didn't fit on the puck. One of them had horses on, so I sent it to Mornington because I figured she probably likes horses smile.gif

Any acts of pieness on my part are necessarily random. I made one in about 1991, and another in about 1998.
x-post with cobs.

kvetch: friend who treat me like shit and really hurt me, for no apparent reason sad.gif.
RIP Lyman. ((rose)) Don't feel bad. That fish meant something to you and Sheff. There's no shame in missing one's pets, no matter their form.

(((bunny))) I'm so sorry to hear that. You deserve better.

Good luck with the new job, pink!

My best work friend came back from her honeymoon today. Hooray!

Also, I dragged my ass to the gym last night, ran for a half-hour and lifted weights. I think I might do it again tonight because it felt so damn good.

Kvetch: My work's antispammer is not working AT ALL.
kvetch: Not one call for all the jobs I've applied for, dammit. Come on, people, I'm awesome at what I do!
Antikvetch: At least it's still quiet here.
Man, now I want cupcakes too. I can never find any good ones in the UK. There are lots of other amazing sweeties here but not on the cupcake front.

Rose, let me know if you want my top Vancouver tips. I was just there in November and lots of my favourite places are still open from when I lived there 10 years ago.

I am slowly but surely talking myself into buying an iPod. Just a teeny one though. Can't really afford it but but but...
Do not go gently into apple-ness fina! I have a zen creative mp3 player: it takes DL tunes from all sources (except possibly the maw that is i-tunes) and you can record interviews with it too. Also, aftercare is significantly less of a pain in the ass, not that it's given me any problems in 18 months despite daily use. I highly recommend.

*not shilling for creative, honest. I just hate the i-madness...*

(((RV and sheff and the other fish)))

Had a good productive and encouraging thesis meeting today. Yay for decent feedback.
iFunniness....and to cheer up the bun.....

IPB Image

(((all of YOU)))
Fina, any Vancouver recommendations are welcome! Keep in mind that we'll be there on Sunday & Monday - that's it! Not a lot of time to see the sights, I know. And it doesn't help that so many things are closed on those days! But we're going to see what we can do.

Sybarite, shill away! Some of my favorite people have worked for Creative.

I drove around the area a bit today and found the most GORGEOUS neighborhood. Holy crapulence, peeps. Every house was spectacular. And, of course, expensive. I found just one that was for sale & they are asking for approx $440,000. Ouch.

In honor of National Pie Day, I am making a french apple pie. Yum!

That iDementor is hilarious! laugh.gif
RIP lyman (((rose and sheff)))

fina, I'll need to get your recs too when I finally go to Vancouver (hopefully we'll both be around in three years when I can afford to go). also, I'm all about the ipod love; I have a pink ipod mini but the new nanos are soooo cute!

thanks sidecar and six. I'm feeling shitty, I may post in the "I have a bone to pick with you" thread when up to it. Synopsis: I invited her to concert last week and as of yesterday she is going with other friends; we've both been "off" with one another, I think she hasn't been there for me when I've needed her and she thinks I talk down to her as if she is stupid (other friends agree with her). yeah, so I'm not feeling too good about myself.

kvetch: rude newbies who stick their ******* oar in.
I love my iPod. And my iMac. I switched from PCs back in June. Martini just got one with the video player and it is pretty sweet. I'm not an apple kool-aid drinker though; the new iPhone looks like a piece of crap.

Uh, I've never noticed the wide variety of smileys we have now. Is this one Ninja Smiley? ph34r.gif I will totally defeat you with my stealth posting moves now that I have Ninja Smiley on my side! Seriously, what would you need a ninja smiley for?

((bunny)) Maybe you two can schedule a chat to work things out after both of you have cooled a bit?
She's suggested meeting up next week but I'm not sure yet, I don't know if I'm up to it (it concerns me that in my depressed state one things sets me off and I'm a wreck, I no longer have any resilience or coping mechanisms).

ninja smiley is definitely for when you're being stealthy i.e. keep edgy whilst I liberate the nutella from tes ph34r.gif
where's stargazer? and crassy, I waaaaant crassy back!

the boy is an apple whore. I love going into the apple store and going into itunes and playing Dire Straits "Walk of Life" full blast.
((bunny)) boo to friends who lack the ovaries to address problems directly and maturely

rose, I had no idea it was freaking pie day! who gets to decide these things? Is there like, a secretly well-funded pie lobby in this country? I'm picturing a contingent of angry pastry chefs waving rolling pins on the steps of the Capitol, demanding recognition.

sybarite, I'm annoyed by the i-madness also. Leaving aside the fact that I think they're a tremendously inferior and overpriced technology, every second person you see in this city has white cords trailing from their ears into their pockets. On the train, I totally get it. Close proximity with a bunch of strangers with whom you're hesitant about making eye contact, plus it's boring, so yay music. Walking around on the street, grocery shopping, etc...not so much. Insulating yourself from the verbal cues of others does not make a polite society. ...okay. I'm getting ranty. Stopping now.

kvetch - I'm all alone for three days, which is no fun when one is depressed. I had all these plans for shifting furniture and accomplishing some house stuff, but all I wanna do is eat ice cream

further kvetch - just got an email - mr.luci's company wants to keep him in France even longer *facepalm*

antikvetch - my new walking client is a Japanese Chin. Tiny dog with enormo-tude. He has one tooth on his bottom jaw that sticks out of his lips sometimes. I'm in love.

antikvetch - I did dishes. So what I broke yet another wine glass... rolleyes.gif

*job vibes for sidecar*
Rosie, I'll PM ya. Pls let me know if you don't get it cos it seemed to crash when I hit send...

I love the ninja smiley!

See, Finaman has a Creative and it works ok sometimes but is also pretty crap a lot of the time. And my office is all Mac-based so I'm already feeling the Apple love... I will look again at the Creatives to see what the new ones are like, but the wee iPod is really teeny and has a clip that would be great for running, that's all I really want it for. If I'm running 2-3 hour training runs for the half marathons this year I think I'll get a bit bored without some tunage. Hmm.
It's also really good on armband (for running or in gym) as practically weightless.
fina, is that like, a ghost of Lincoln arising from a flower bed in your icon? If so - awesome. If not - still awesome.

(I hope you weren't defending yourself against my little rant - if you want it, get it! It's just around here it seems to be indicative of a greater hive mentality which I find depressing. It's a symptom, not the problem. Music good!)
I think Stargazer is in San Antonio doing her interviews.

Whole house full of Apple whores here. Oy. I agree, though, sidecar- the iPhone does look dumb (Le Boy did not hear me say that!)
No, it's our Sigmund Freud action figure. He has a cigar in one hand but it's too small to see it in this pic. He's very photogenic and likes to travel! This one is from the Kukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands.

We actually take more pics of Sigmund than ourselves when we go anywhere. A bit sad really!

No probs Luci, totally understand the dislike of the hive mentality! If I didn't have Finaman telling me all the time that his Creative is not working again I would be more inclined to try a non-apple product.
Hee. I been to Keukenhof! Put me off tulips for years. Give me Butchart gardens anyday...
Forget the tulips, I want the action figure! I found one here. I'm so gonna order one.....
I want Freudian slippers.
((luci)) Japanese Chin’s are so cute. How do you like being a dog walker? I think it would be fun.

((syb)) I have a Creative Zen too, it’s about a year and a half old and it works great.

((sidecar)) Get a call for the jobs you applied for, and yay for working out.

((bunny)) Sorry you are being treated badly by your friend.

((rose)) Sorry to hear about Lyman.

((yuefie)) Feel better.

Mom DM was told today that Friday will be her last day at work. She was basically fired because she needed a couple days off because her father is terminally ill.

VM is new tonight. Yay.

i'm slightly (read: very) drunk and we got kicked out of the club because ex-goth got a nosebleed. this girl gets nosebleeds if she so much as sneezes too hard so... stupid club. but just to say:

omg i want a freudian action figure
rip lyman ((((rose))))

i cannot type. thank maude for the back button. kisses and love to all,
I got it, Fina! Thank you so much!

DM, so sorry to hear about your mom. That is sooooo fucked up. Sounds illegal, actually. dry.gif

~$~$~$~ vibes a-plenty for Sidecar ~$~$~$~

((((Bunny)))) Sorry to hear about the friend trouble. Things like this are so hard to deal with when you're already feeling low.

My BestGalPal used to sell that Sigmund Freud action figure at her old store. smile.gif

Luci, I'm with you when it comes to the iPod madness. I don't own one. I think I would only get one if I were a runner or spent time on trains or something like that. But in my day to day life, I usually prefer to have my ears open & able to hear the world around me. Besides, I hate the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on music & having it all attached to this one little machine that could very easily get lost or broken, losing the music files forever. I wouldn't mind having the video one on long flights, though.

Hooray for Mornington's drunken posting! Hope your friend is okay.

Thank you all for the vibes about Lyman. It's very sweet of you. [blows kisses around room]

The rest of my day turned out to be very nice. I made a french apple pie for Sheff & his co-workers (since they're staying late at work this week). I took that in & went out with Sheff for his dinner break, during which we discussed feminism and Oprah (see my post in the Corn Cob thread for details). Then ate pie with his co-workers, met some of the new guys & chatted with the guys I've known for longer. And then I met up with Whino for drinks! A nice way to spend a Tuesday night, I must say.

(((((((kvetchies))))))) ~~~multi-purpose vibes all around~~~

Thanks for all the feel better vibes. I feel like crap on toast. I am so stuffed up that my teeth and ears ache from the pressure. I'm having a hard time hearing and it sounds like I'm in a tunnel. I just had a warm shower, PJ made me hot chammomile tea with honey and I'm about to snuggle up with a fat shot of nyquil and my warm, cuddly pooch. G'nite darlings.

************* fly by ****************

my mamãe is in very bad shape. my sister is with her, and tells me that she believes that mamãe is giving up, and is getting ready to die.

i'm scared, upset, freaked and don't know what to do.

just wanted to ask for vibes -- that the right thing happens, no matter what the right thing is.


((((((((((tes))))))))))) I will certainly send some vibes your way.

(((tes))) I am so sorry sweetpea, sending vibes you and your mamae's way.

(((yuefie))) feel better chica.

(((designermedusa))) how horrible for Mom DM; rose is right, that sounds illegal.

(((sidecar, mornington, rose, mando, polly, pixie, fina, faith, faerietails, syb, dusty, sassy, six, star, amilita, anoushh, crassy, plat, pink, mavin, billy ...)))

kvetch: still feeling low.
anti-kvetch: second phone counselling session today.
anti-kvetch: the boy will be here tomorrow night.
anti-kvetch: noone can dislike bunnies, no matter how hard they try.

(((((momDM))))) that sounds highly illegal to me.
(((((bunny, yuefie, rose, mando, pixie, anoushh, amilita, billy, plat, fina, faith, candy, sixe, sassy, star, dusty, crassy, syb, plat, tg, sidecar, pink, mavin, everyone))))

the snow has settled.
you have snow? no fair; it's as dear a green place as always here.

how's the head, sweetums?
(((((tes)))))- I hope kvetchie vibage will add to the email vibage.

General kvetch and vibage for all: loved ones and pets who are sick or dying, friends who treat us badly, potential employers who don't call, depression. Bleah. All bleah.


Brief anti kvetch: His Highness is sitting next to the computer flopping his large foot-long tail on the keyboard and either esc-ing me out of this, or typing words in what looks like Aztec. If there is such a language. It is making me laugh.

Plat, zipping off to work with dirty hair because the very thought of spending extra energy washing it makes her want to crawl back under the flannel sheets.
(((tesao))) I’m so sorry to hear your mama’s not doing well. I don’t even know what to say, other than I’m sending you and her all sorts of warm tight hugs.

(((rose))) & (((lyman))) so sad. all god's creatures, great and small.

(((bunny))) I know how upsetting blowups with friends can be. Most of my emotional unravelings in life have been falling-out-with-friends-based.

(((sidecar))) the perfect job is a-comin. have faith, darlin.

*healthy vibes aplenty for (((yuefie))) & (((art)))*

(((dm))) & (((momdm))) wow. That sucks. Evidently her employers have never heard of the family leave act. She should fight it.

Pip, congrats on the new jobbie!

getting kicked out of a club due to a nosebleed sounds a bit callous. huh.gif

(((faith))) & (((dusty))) & (((fina))) just cuz.

(((plat))) you’re an inspiration.

lol@ sixelacat’s harry potter i-thingie.

I’ve barely touched my ipod (danny’s handmedown mini). It’s too intimidating. I’ll gear up with it when walking season is back.

Kvetch: Two nasty driving near-panic attacks last week have undone me, as has the meds-from-hell over the weekend. (started new med yesterday, crossed parts & allgood vibes please?). I’m already stressing driving danny to our hair appts tonite. I pray the mister can come with. I hate being such a fraidey cat. I want this fucking shit to resolve itself already.

Antikvetch: at least it’s a sunny bluesky day. That does help. as do all of (((you))). sorry for being a one-track whineypitypartygal lately. i'll try to whine about other things.
I love i-HP; it's fab and cheers me up immensely. I'm planning to watch Goblet of Fire on dvd in a little while, thinking it will do likewise.

(((mando))) sending med works and no drving panic attack vibes your way and then some. also, think how good it would be to have dave in your ear so often.

plat, I love typing kitties. mandoo just sits on my laptop and headbutts the screen.

counselling was tiring but good, I'm finding it beneficial.

`~*~*~**~Healthy vibes for Tes's mama and Art, Yuefie, and the other sick kvetchies~*~*~*~*

I got an ipod for Christmas...I wasn't sure I would use it much, but now I love it! It is great for when Mr. Pixie and I are both on the computer and he is playing games that say the same stupid sayings over and over again until I want to scream! I also take it in the car for when our girls get too hyper...and high pitched! There is something about being trapped in a small space with high pitched noises that makes me want to crawl out of my skin!

(((mornington, Bunny, Yuefie, Rose, Tes, Plat, Raisin, DM, Mando, all kvetchies)))
((((((((((Tes' mommy))))))))))
(((((((((( much love and strength for Tes )))))))))))

DM, please check out the Family Leave Act. I hope this helps your mom.


((((((all of you))))))

Just a drive-by, as I have tons to do today. I will be in Seattle in about 26 hours! ohmy.gif
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