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I've been posting for almost 4 or 5 years now, I think... Much more than 100 someodd posts. stupid dingos.
(((((anoushh!)))) I was just thinking of you and not-bob earlier. how's it going sweetie? we all know how super busy you are and fly-by's are just fine. as long as we know you are okay it's all good. right gang? smile.gif

and (((amilita))) we are always here for vibes darlin'. kvetch is our little support network and I can think of many times when I didn't have time for much besides a fly-by request for vibage and nobody here batted an eyelash.

and (((pink))) you're here now!

whether or not we have the time to be here on a daily basis or not should'nt have any bearing on the support we get. none of us seems to only stop in for self serving reasons and then disappear. we sometimes get busy with the curve balls life throws us. one of things I love most about kvetch is that as tight knit as it feels, we are also inclusive and welcoming. it's why I stuck my foot in the kvetch pool at all. it was mandi and rose who made me want to stick around after I first delurked. hee, I'm gushing. can ya tell I loves me some kvetchies? wub.gif

((((mornington)))) glad it's okay. your blog made me nearly split my side with laughter. I feel you on the hormone issues babe, I do, yessiree ma'am.

stay safe from the grocery stampede billy!

~~~~good luck, good fortune, good weather, and good health for all~~~~

((((((you)))))) Yes, ((((((YOU!)))))) wink.gif

I am getting ready to head up to the hospital to check in on Art's condition. I want some unfiltered answers because, while I know everyone involved is concerned and worried, sometimes people tend to put their own spin on things. I would just like to hear it straight from the horses (doctors) or at least the jockey's (nurses) mouths. Thanks again and again for all the continued vibes for him.

baby blue bra, baby blue & navy paisley hipsters matching my baby blue sweater and blue jeans, heh.

Aw Yuefie, why so blue? biggrin.gif Seriously, though, I adored your post. I was reading along, nodding & thinking "I need to give that woman a big hug!" and then you said that I'm one of the reasons you stuck around Kvetch & I totally blushed! What a sweetheart you are. wub.gif
(((((( big love for Yuefie))))))
~~~~~~ more vibes for Art ~~~~~~ Here's hoping you find out something. Might be tough to do on a Friday night, though.

((((((Annoush, Mr. A, & NotBob))))))) They say the real estate bubble has burst. I'm looking for more evidence of that, though.

Forgot to give an undie report earlier. My unmentionables aren't really worth mentioning today. Pink cotton cami with built-in bra & polka dot cotton thong. I think it sounds cuter than it looks.

Since I can't watch Ugly Betty, I am watching the TV broadcast version of Bridget Jones' Diary. It's amusing to see how they're getting around all the swearing.

~~~~amilita: get through it!~~~~
~~~~warm up, warm up, warm up!~~~

Yeah, I don't know how many posts I'd have between my three names and (gulp) five years on here. I think it would actually make me sad -- I love you peeps but I spend way too much time on these series of tubes!

ah, mortgages. Our condo is spread over two mortgages. I would like to upgrade to a house from a condo, have a second bathroom, or perhaps even space for a garden, and it's just out of the question. I just don't have $400,000 for a two bedroom house that needs work.

humongous HUGS for yeufie (((((((((yeuf)))))))))

you just said it all PERFECTLY, querida. thank you for that, and for making me feel better about my less frequent appearances here in kvetchlandia.

i know that i feel exactly the way that you said, that everyone in here is so wonderful, and supportive, regardless of all of our differences or how often anyone posts. i don't care how often anyone is here, i think of you all just the same, even years after people have gone. (remember the woman who posted here who had the pirate alter-ego?? she rocked. and boy oh boy do i miss sapphire! i still see HER ORANGENESS, monstah and aslan and car and and others from time to time in live journalandia (i'm actually HERE more than i am THERE!) but sapphire has vanished. and where in TARNATION is her loveliness the hottie ms. tes'ass plummy wine????? and tall girl??? sad.gif

ANY way:

((((((amilita)))))) no worries!
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* get through the opening tonight!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
this dude sounds like a complete and total ass hat cubed!

(((((anousshka and notbob))))) that SUCKS about the house market.

(((((((rosiev and sheff))))))) i'm sorry that you are still missing your home, darling. believe me, i understand!

~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~ house and money vibes for all who need them!!! ~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~$

sidecar, we have two mortgages, as well. we have a mortgage and then we have a line of credit that we got as a second mortgage because i didn't have a full time job and we needed the extra money. so we understand.

((((((((plat, my bff!!!))))))))) i know how much you HATEHATEHATE that weather! you should have asked someone to come and pick you up! i hope that you didn't DRIVE in it yourself!!!

i'm soooooooooooooo happy!!! biggrin.gif tongue.gif that you seem to have turned a corner in the recovery process, though!!! that is WONDERFUL news!!!

((((((mandomyheart)))))) you are the reason that *i* am here in kvetch. i think that you are THE.AB.SO.LUTE bestest, and i am sure that you look every bit as delicious as you sound. i've never met you, but i've seen photos, and you certainly looked HOTT to me! when it comes right down to it, what makes people attractive to me is who they ARE, that shines out of their eyes and hits me right where it counts. it has SO little to do with what anyone looks like. probably the most gorgeous people that i was ever with (the footballer -soccer player - comes to mind) were THE least sex-ay and interesting as soon as i got to know them. everyone who has met you says how lovely you are, and how warm and wonderful, and i KNOW that you are the bestest mom out there (besides mine, of course)!! speaking of which, how is his danniness???

~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~* continued vibeage for art ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~*~*~*~* WARMTH for OKLAHOMA~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

can't believe how long it has been, rose! i hope that things get better soon. i'm wringing my hands worrying about your parents and pixie and mr pixie and the mini pixies and and and !!

PnP! i can't believe you are finally getting a new job!! (hey, it could be worse! remember the job with the people who put the blow up GHOSTS on the stairs???? heee! rolleyes.gif ) WE know that you have been here for more than 100 odd posts!!! i share your fate -- somehow i think that i have more than 700 posts, myself!! how SAD that you won't be able to kvetch, though. sad.gif i meeeeeced you so when that happened the last time.

YAYAYAYAY for martini's unexpected RAI$E!!!!

mornington, i would gladly share my unmentionable drawer with you! i have two of them now, after all, one here and one at the house where mr. hotbuns lives.

plat can vouch for my under things. and how often i buy new ones. ohmy.gif

((((((bunny cool.gif))))) glad the counselling session went well.

and here is another HUG for mandomyheart ----(((((((((mandi)))))))) -- just A'COS!!!

eeeps. KNOW that i am missing people. everyone i missed, please consider yourselves vibed and hugged, you can be sure that i thought of you when i read the archives. my senior moments are just more closely spaced lately, and i can't remember half of what i used to!

hugs and kisses and silly silly silly sea chameleons!!!

I find myself nodding along with a lot of what many of you have said about being here/not being here.

It's funny, Mando asked me what other message board I was hanging out at for the few years (more than that?) I was away from Bust. I seriously wasn't anywhere else online; I didn't have a computer of my own and never had much of any time between jobs and schooling to Bust from public computers. Like many of you, this is pretty much the only place in the world of the interwebs that I've called home. The other places that were ever my second and third homes had connections to Bust, but they've all (sadly) disappeared by now.

PrettynPink, I'll miss you! But I'm happier for you that you're leaving the crappy job.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. For the first time in a long time, I have practically nothing planned and it's exactly what I need. And it will give me time to do some research for the vacation! Whee!
I have met Mando, and all her modestness aside, she is totally hot. Her hair, in particular, is amazing. I hope to be as fun and beautiful and awesome when I'm her age (and I really don't mean to make you sound old sweetie, 'cos you're not, I'm just a young'un!)

I still hear from sapphy from time to time, although it's been awhile. She's still selling her jewelry on her site. I think Sapphman's dad got sick, and things got really tough after that (he was often visiting his family and she just didn't have time to bust between her own business and her job).

Chillin' in my bathrobe this morning, after some particularly nice portions. God I love being married.

Also? Hillary is running for president! I'll be voting for Obama, myself, but I'm so excited about our primaries: a strong, smart woman; an African American idealist, and Bill Richardson, too? It's so great to have a slate that isn't just old white men and John Edwards trying to capture the vote of right-leaning soccer moms and investment bankers.

Ya'll are right about how great everyone is...Kvetch has been a huge source of support for me since the floods. Which reminds me, I went to this support group thingy yesterday morning...all nurses from my old hospital. And it was really nice to make some connections and be with folks who understood without having to explain anything...and who all seem like they are functioning so well but then say things about their inner turmoil, which makes me feel not so much like a nutcase. One woman went into anaphylactic shock (as in, airway closing off) at the Convention Center due to a medical condition she has that can be exaserbated by stress...she had epi-pens with her, which saved her life...because when she called 911, they said, sorry and good luck. Left me speechless.

So, thanks for the art show sympathy. The art...not so good. He's bragging that he did it all (collage-y pictures) in less than 24 hours. Well, it shows. And is that something to brag about? Gah. It borders on embarrassing for us...I hope everyone is having pre-football game parties or something...I wish the game were tonight. At least I woke up happy this morning cuz I know it is closer to being over!!! Goddess, give me strength. I suspect some words are gonna be said by the end of the night...I know I have about a billion bubbling up inside, fighting to come out.

Love to everyone! The next election will certianly be exciting!

...when Tes posted in Monstah-orange...that color made me so glad...I may start using it.
I heard about Hillary this morning, but wasn't at all surprised. Definitely saw that coming! But Sidecar, I hear that Obama has just started an exploratory commitee. He isn't officially running ... yet! smile.gif I have a feeling that if he doesn't run, he'll still be asked to run as V.P. so one way or another, I hope we see him in the white house soon!

Tes, I was also wondering about Plummie this week. I know someone who lives in her town & he said that there was ice on his palm trees this week! Eep!

Speaking of the cold, I saw that 47 people in Europe were killed by that storm! Goodness, that's just awful. I haven't heard from the family in England, so fingers crossed that they haven't suffered.

Yet another storm has hit Oklahoma. Snow and sleet. Siiiiiiiiiiigh.

ETA: ^^^^^^ kicks in sensitive places for damn irresponsible, unprofessional artists!! ^^^^^^^
Damn dingo ate my post! So here's the condensed version...

The storm hasn't actually hit here yet, Rose. There is a little sleet downtown, but not here. It did get warm enough to clear the streets yesterday though! Feh on PSO for not getting your parents electricity back on yet!

(((Tes))) I have a UTI too! I had them most of my last pregnancy I have been drinking cranberry juice, but it obviously wasn't enough! What really gets me is that it took 2 weeks for my doctors office to get back to it had that much longer to get worse!

~**~*~*~*~*healthy vibes for all~*~**~*~*~*

~$~$$~$$~job and gallery vibes~$~$~$$~$~

((((Bunny, Mornington, Mando, Raisin, Yuefie, Sidecar, Billy, Plat, Tes, Rose, Amilita, Pretty))))
~~~fly-by hugs and kisses~~~
I love kvetch and I'm going to end up only checking in here as some of the posters elsewhere are driving me mad and attacking one of my most beloved of kvetchies is the last straw.

will be back later, once I'm calmer, to vibe individually but love to all.
That's funny..I was just about to come in a post something similar about how kvetchies are so much calmer and less given to spewing and imploding!
I think we need to hang a sign in the newbie's thread about not drinking the water...or ruffies in the mimosas or something!
yeah well I spewed and exploded. Kill me, stuff me, mount me.
*obeys* tongue.gif

my bunnies are lying in their litter tray together. the freaks.

amilita, that artist is an asshat of the highest order. pox on him.

((((kvetchies)))) 'just wanted to come in and spread some love. and plague germs to whoever wants 'em
(((((((mornington's bunnies, the freaks)))))))))

---that just slays me, mornington!!! biggrin.gif tongue.gif

((((((bunny cool.gif)))))) i don't think that you should be killed, stuffed OR mounted. well....MAYbe mounted. if it is ME, since you are obviously my love slave. ohmy.gif

maybe xanax in the mimosas would be better, pixie.

mornington, i think that the plague germs should be given to amilita's um.....(non) artist.

ai, ai, ai, ai. i'm tired. my brain hurts.

hey, bunny b???? i think that we need a litter tray to snuggle in together.

um, I'll pass on the litter tray but how about a cosy king-size duvet? tongue.gif

yes, perhaps xanax would be better, I don't think we should condone the use of the date-rape drug, pix.

(((amilita))) asshats in all forms vex me. What an accomplished artist he is!
ooooooooooooo, that's right, bunny! you have that wonderful new bedroom!!! okay, a duvet snuggle it is!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~ survive those winter snow and ice storms, everyone! ~*~*~*~*~*

i should probably be in bed, asleep, but i'm feeling really stressed out. i have a very high stress job, kvetch is a safe harbor for me to anchor in. the leeward side of the island, if you will.

i'd just like to take the time to thank all of you for that, your support means the world to me, more than i can ever tell you. i'm not even sure that i would have been able to move here without knowing that i would have all of you to lean on. it is really difficult to be here alone, without all of the close friends that i have left behind with the love of my life. and my kitties. obrigada.

hugs and kisses and silly fishes-- which in portuguese, is much funnier:

abracos e beijinhos e peixinhos maluquinhos!
Sorry..I mean t that we should warn against ruffies in the mimosas...something is definitely up with the lounge lately. .
I'll snuggle in the just gotta make room for the micropixie belly! had been raining here all day! I know..probably better than the expected snow...and it is helping melt the ice..but is is damn cold rain!

Antikvetch: retail therapy! We went to the mall and I got some super cute red wedges with polks dots!
((Hugs and kisses to everyone))

Can I crawl under the big lounge duvet? I'll bring the nutella....

Having a crappy day. Bad case of a stomach virus, and McGeek is being a total asshat.

Antikvetch: I got my hair cut in this cute sexy bob, and now want to go flirt with total strangers so they can buy me drinks... smile.gif
You know as much as I would like to give that particular BUSTie the benefit of the doubt, especially seeing as she has gone out of her way to be particularly nice to me recently, this is definetely an ongoing beef she seems to have specifically with tes. I've noticed it, others have noticed it and there was a brouhaha over it in Okay a while back. Sad when someone can seemingly contribute so much to discussions and then turn around and pick apart a fellow BUSTie with an air of viciousness that makes me shake my head and think, am I next?

At risk of sounding like a broken record (hey, remember vinyl or am I just old?!), I love, love, love and appreciate each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. ((((((kvetchies))))))

I am hiding under a duvet, literally, with my sis tonight. We are watching cheesy movies and hanging out with Ben & Jerry. She's PMSing bad, and I'm, I don't quite know. I guess just kinda blue. I'm worried about my cousin of course. But more specifically changes in his condition that are reminding us of things mom went through. The good news is, the incisions in his right lung have healed well and it has reinflated, and the infection in his colon is going away. But he now has a blood clot in his left leg. They had to put a filter in to catch it and are concerned that a small one might have hit his left lung because now he's having problems there. Also his kidney function decreased over night and they aren't sure what to make of that just yet. They are saying the infections are clearing but his fevers continue. That could be from the antibiotics and his body fighting everything. Also we've reached the point where it's dangerous for him to stay on the ventilator any longer without risk of permanent damage, yet he is not breathing well enough on his own to be removed from it. The tube has begun pinching off and the doctor said they will most likely have to do a tracheotomy. We are meeting with the doctor tomorrow so any extra super duper vibes would be fab right about now sad.gif



is there still room under that duvet? I have insomnia and it's driving me insane.
*brings in huuuge tray of Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl toast topped with Nutella*


you all seriously rock. and that's all I have to say.
[crawls in under bottom edge of duvet & playfully tickles the toes of my darling Kvetchies] May I join in? smile.gif

((((((((((much love for Art)))))))))) Oh, that dear man. I really wish there was something we could do for him. He's been through so so much. Yuefie, would it be too weird if you told him that your on-line friends are thinking of him?

Pixie, glad to hear that the ice has turned to rain! Fingers crossed that it all gets better from here on.

As for the other stuff going on, I only read a teeny tiny bit of it many hours ago and I'm not sure what's going on over there now, but I'd like to say that I truly love Tes. It has been such a pleasure to know her on-line for these many years. And meeting her in person was just beyond wonderful; there are no words that could express my gratitude. Tes has always been so warm and loving and generous and encouraging and such a source of positive energy. I feel that we are truly blessed to have her as a member of this community.

But ya know what? No matter how wonderful a person appears to 99% of the population, there will always be that 1% that just doesn't get it. None of us are immune to that. Hell, I'm sure there's probably a couple people on these boards who are sick and tired of my goody-two-shoes, can't-we-all-just-get-along attitude. But you know what? That's okay. Can't please everybody all the time, right? smile.gif

[snatches nutella-coated piece of toast & gives Sixelacat a smooch on the cheek]

Well, the dinner party was another success! We had them over early (6:30) and some people were already drunk before 9! So after many hours of playing poker & quite a few giggles and TONS of cookies, the gang decided to drive back home (and they all live about 45 minutes away, so they'll be getting home just before midnight). It was a really nice time. Yay smile.gif The only down side is that I only have 2 cookies left! Oh no! ohmy.gif

We're taking advantage of the rest of the night, though. Sheff is setting up the telescope in the front yard. We're hoping to get a nice look at Saturn before heading off to bed.
((rose)) Glad the dinner party was a success.

((yuefie)) Movies and Ben and Jerry’s sounds like a fun.

((yuefie’s cousin))

((sassy)) Yay for getting a cute haircut. Hope you feel better soon.

((pixie)) Sounds like the shoes you bought are cute. I saw some like that at Payless, but I’m trying not to shop this weekend. Although I did buy a dress and earrings. I love shopping.

((amilita)) Sorry about the artist being a dick. I have been hearing so many things about New Orleans lately, and that always makes me think of you. On Trading Spouses Friday they had a family that lived in Louisiana, and it talked about Katrina. My sister has this cd by a singer called Catie Curtis, and apparently she wrote a song about Katrina that won a big award. Just heard the song today, and it’s a really nice song. Wondering what people in N.O. think of Angelina Jolie and Bard Pitt moving there? I think if I lived there it would annoy me, but not sure.

((sidecar)) Glad Hillary is running, and Obama too. He’s a little too religious for my tastes sometimes, but I still like him. Why is John Edwards running, no way is he getting the nomination.

((raisin)) I’m having a sort of a do nothing weekend too, and it has been nice.

((anoushh)) Mr. DM and I really need to buy a house/condo/townhouse too. We are living with my parent’s and that’s making me very moody. Twin DM and I sold our townhouse a few years ago, and even though we really needed to sell it I wish we hadn’t.

((bunny)) Glad your phone counseling went well, and shopping is always fun.

((pip)) Yay for getting a new job.

((tesao)) Hope you are feeling better, and your uri is not back.

((mornington)) Glad your boobs are ok.

((polly)) Hope the interview went well.

I hope all the ((busties)) are having a nice weekend.

I have found myself lurking, but not posting as much as I used to. I get home from work, and I am just exhausted, not because of work but because I am constantly worrying about Mr. DM not having a job. I need him to get a job like yesterday, so far this month he has had some interviews, but no good word yet. It’s very frustrating because sometimes I feel like I am carrying him, but I still must be emotionally supportive. ((Please let this be the week he gets a job.))

Mr, DM, Twin DM and I went to see The Last King of Scotland on Friday, and we all thought it was such a great film. Mr. DM almost got sick at the end. Such good acting by Forrest Whitaker.
*drives through Kvetchland in the '67 red Mustang convertible*


I built a snowwoman today, but she doesn't have a nose. Does anyone have a carrot they can spare? Also, I think she could use some sparkly accessories, if anyone has any extras!
(((Cousin Art))))

Sorry about the blechy stomach bugs, PMS, blueness, stressed-outedness and all other malaise around here. I think the dreary weather is giving us all cabin fever around here and we're turning on each other. It's getting out of hand and I'm grateful that as of yet, it hasn't infected Kvetch. ~*~*crosses parts for our healthy kvetchie immune systems~*~*

I just don't get why certain people don't get the difference between constructive criticism wanted constructive criticism and just plain ol' nastiness. I fully admit that I'm a "shoot first and ask questions later" kind of person, but I tend to save it for the people who are obviously trolls, and I try not to get involved in Bustie-on-Bustie crime (thanks to whoever came up with that!)

Rose, I love your "can't we all get along" nature. It keeps me grounded and gives me something to aspire to.

And I love Tes's eloquence, ability to find good in people, yet still be brutally honest when the situation calls for it. Just because a certain person seems to have issues with coping with other people's successes (making herself look foolish and has proven this in several threads) don't let it get you down honey! That goes to anyone who's been targeted, too!!

My interview went well, DM! They're going to call in their top choices for a second interview, so hopefully I'll hear something this week. I have an interview on Monday with the locationally-challenged place that my friend from my old job works at. It's a little far away, but there's a lot of plusses there, and I think the pay would be more than enough to make up for the extra tank of gas a week it will take.

I hope we all wake up feeling better tomorrow. ((Hugs to all))
So I'm sitting here, reading Kvetch, minding my own business, right? Had a good night out with my mum, feeling in high spirits, checking up on my gals online, everything's groovy. Start whistling a bit.

Husband fucking shushes me. Shushes.Me.

Oh, gonna be like that now, are you?

So now I'm sitting here, whisper-ba-da-bumming the Bonanza theme song on endless loop (ask Plum if it's not annoying when I do that), occasionally pausing to whisper-chant "fuck you fuck you fuck youuuuu", and ignoring him as he keeps updating me every 5 minutes about what he's doing to try to make his new video capture card toy work right... not that he's noticing that I couldn't really give a rat's ass.

It's a grand time in the Tall house toniiiiiiiight!!


Oh, and HI! *hands out kisses and candy* biggrin.gif

and vibes to all who need, particularly ailing cousins. ((hugs))


EDIT: He just told me that I should go on to bed instead of waiting up to have sex with him tonight. BWAH!! Like he's got a chance of getting any anyway!! bwahahahahahaha!!!!!

(ok, I'm done now. smile.gif )
good lord, i just read the latest brouhaha. *giant eyeroll* she was extremely unpleasant to me when she first started posting way back when; glad to see her old personality has stayed in place with her new name. but you know, if i recall correctly, we're all just extra-hard on that one bustie because her parents were working class, so we automatically look down on her. because, you know, no one else here went to a state university or had poor parents or has student loans that they'll be paying for decades to come.

ahem. sorry to derail and be so bitchy, but that woman drives me bonkers.

((((tesao))))) i got your back babe. you are such a class act.

DM...they are the ones from payless! I saw them on a commercial and made Mr. Pixie take t the mall today specifically so I could get them! I have small feet, so if I don't them when I see them, they are always out of my size...and they were on sale!!!!

yay for a good intrview Polly!

((sassy, yuefie, rose, and the others snuggling in the duvet!))

C'mon Tes, we love you! There is room for you too!

As for the latest, if indeed it is still the latest (I'm counting three, if I'm behind again someone nudge me) That particular Bustie seems to be having lots of these types of issues lately.
Apologies for cross-posting, but in my favourite online guitar instructor's blog, there is this video where....well, you simply must see it, that is all.

Wild Thing Video

I really need a do-nothing weekend as well, that was supposed to be the plan this weekend but we had crazy social plans and yesterday was super-productive so it's ok. I cleaned the oven for the first time ever, and it gleams! And I cleaned the microwave too, and decided the trim in the kitchen needed a third coat so painted that on, and I went shopping and bought a really fab jacket, and it's white so I can wear it as a wedding coat so it was ok to spend the money!!

My winter pansies are flowering in my window boxes and they're awfully pretty.
(((pixie))) yeah, what you said is a nicer way of what i said. your shoes do sound super cute.

it is really cold and snowy here today. my dog got me out from underneath my duvet, however, at 7:15, much to my chagrin.


Ain't *nobody* messes with my girl. Nobody. I've known tes for 23 years and you will never meet a more good-hearted, intelligent, fun-loving, extroverted, and delightfully capricious person. Never a dull moment. Which is why I love her. And if I were into that sort of thing, I'd be her love slave, too. biggrin.gif

((Tallgirl)) Sorry, but I got a giggle out of your post. A friend just brought me back a tee shirt from Key West that you might want to try to find. All it says is "FUCK YOU, You Fucking Fuck". Wear it around the house for a bit and see what hubbie says. laugh.gif

Gods, I don't know how you guys keep up with all the posting!!! (((generic vibes for all kvetchies))))

kvetch: cold and rainy today. Don't feel like exercising, but must!!!
anti-kvetch: still feeling pretty good. Have dropped from 85-year-old woman speed to 70-year-old! Only 20 more years to go!! I am really hoping this is a big turnaround in my recovery, but still cautious!
Glad you got a giggle out of it, Plat - that's why I posted it, after all. smile.gif I don't know if it came off that way, but I found it totally amusing on the whole, which is why I felt the need to share. I love the guy, even when he's being a lughead.

Nice to meet you, BTW! Any friend of Tesao is a friend of mine.
Tallgirl wrote:
"Glad you got a giggle out of it, Plat - that's why I posted it, after all. smile.gif I don't know if it came off that way, but I found it totally amusing on the whole, which is why I felt the need to share. I love the guy, even when he's being a lughead. "

It did come off that way! I was very amused- after all, they are men. And when they are being vintage men, you want to laugh and kill 'em at the same time.

"Nice to meet you, BTW! Any friend of Tesao is a friend of mine."

Ditto on that, for sure!!

Ok, going to exercise now. After taking a nap. :-)
400, sidecar? one of my good friends bought a 4br bungalow for half that... but it's down by marquette.

i heart tes oh so very much. she's generous and funny and smaht and caring and i hear she's one helluva cook. in other words, echo what everyone else has said smile.gif
Hi there, Plat! That t-shirt is hilarious. I can just see you in it with one eyebrow raised as if to say, "You got a problem with my shirt? Hmmmmmm?" laugh.gif I was just thinking of calling you, but I think I'll let you take your nap, instead. ((((((Plat))))))

Doodle, that video is great!

Fingers crossed for the second interview, Polly!

TallGirl, hope you two aren't driving eachother up the wall today! Sometimes Sheff and I get into the stupidest little arguments about the most bizarre things, so I certainly know where you're coming from. But then again, so does anybody who has ever lived with another human being! wink.gif

~~~~~ warmth for Sidecar & Pixie ~~~~~

Kvetch: Couldn't get to sleep last night. Couldn't really sleep in this morning, either. Bah. And now I'm watching Nigella and thinking "Why did you leave salt out of that damn recipe?! I trusted you!!!" Am also feeling slightly dehydrated after all of that wine last night.
Yep, quantum, that's how it goes on the north side, unless you're way, way north. it's getting better. they all used to be much higher than 400.

heat kicked on around nine, thank goodness!
now i have the bonanza theme doing a continual loop in my addled brain. thanks alot, TG! tongue.gif

(((sidecar))) & (((yuefie))) & (((tesao))) for your kind words.

(((art))) (((yuefie)))

kvetch: new antidepressant from hell has turned this into quite the miserable weekend. i'm speeding like a mofo, can't concentrate on anything, about to jump outta my skin .... and this one's specifically geared toward quelling anxiety. heh. yeah. right.
Mandi, which drug are you on now? And how many doses have you taken?

400?!? Ouch. See, that's why I'm glad we didn't move to a huge city.
TG, even in my blue funk I got a chuckle out of your post. Don't mess with the bull young man, 'cause now you're gettin the horns!

BUSTie on BUSTie crime is lame. C'mon, save that nastiness for the trolls!

I echo what all have said tes, we adore you *smooches*

and sidecar, your post was freaking hilarious.

((((((mandi)))))) ugh. sorry sweetness. ~~~soothing~~~

yay for dinner parties, but boo hiss on bad weather, funky moods, general achies & illness and idiotas.

((((((kvetchies one and all, and lurkers too))))))

Thanks all for the extra vibage, hugs and good thoughts. Just got off the phone after updating grandpa on all recent developments. I could hear the apprehension in his voice when he said "Oh, okay." after I told him they said they have to do a tracheostomy but that it's only temporary. Then he blurted out exactly what I thought when I first heard it: "Well, that's what they said with your mom and they never took it out." *sigh* I think we all have to remember that he is younger, more resilient and is not suffering from Lupus like my mom was. We all have our baggage and it's difficult not to carry our past worries into the present.

(((yuefie))) and (((art))) is gramps still planning to visit? is PJ's birthday next weekend?

(((mando))) I'm soothingly brushing your hair darlin'.

sidecar, your post cracked me up! I remember the incident when she targeted you. The womanl has issues and then some.

if my sides weren't splitting enough, tallgirl posted another amusing post! hee, glad to see that all the laughs are in here.

dm, I LOVE shopping! I can guess which part Mr DM was almost sick at. ouch.

lord_farquhar did my hair today and I'm even blonder and have cute, choppy bob (sassy, we can be bob sisters! *bobbity bob*) or maybe it's a pob as longer at front?
rose, today's day 2 of effexor XR, 75 mg. they cost me $50 fucking dollars. i'm ready to flush 'em. oy.
I was on Effexor for 3 days and it made me soooo nauseated I had to stop taking it. My mom's been on it for years though. It could be that you and Effexor just don't get along, or it could be that it will take a few days to work things put with it. Maybe your dr. could tell you how long you should wait?

I just stopped after 3 days because I felt I was ready to go without meds.

Don't get discouraged- you'll find the right medicine for you!!
**********************fly by!!!*************************************

because i have to get up super early tomorrow and be coherent, because i will be dealing with people from washington dc, and we all know how that goes. sad.gif so anyway, i need to get my happy ass into bed, like yesterday.

i adore each and every one of you! muito thank you for your friendship, for getting my back, for letting me snuggle under the duvet with you, and generally just for letting me be a part of your lives. you are all amazing women.

in addition, side car and tall girl and plat with her florida keys t-shirt all had me in hysterical laughter. this is a good thing.


boo on nigella for forgetting the salt!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* art ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

polly is gonna ROCK that interview, just like connor and WILD THING

yes, she is.

qspice, i still have dreams of a cook off with you. and any other bustie who wants to join in. sounds like rose is a good candidate. fried egg lemon cookies!!! heee. rosiev, did you buy the lemon curd or make your own???

okay, no more putting it off. bed. i ought to be sleepy, but i'm NOT. i know i will be tomorrow, though, when i am talking to the big potatoes at 7 am. meh.

*looks around for a greyhound to cuddle with, or at least a bunny*

hugs and kisses and silly silly red snapper!

*offers herself as bunny to cuddle*
((((mando))))) extra tight hugs

yay for new cute do's bunny!

yep. PJ's turning 29 on the 30th and grandpa is coming out sometime in Feb. around the 20th or so. we have plans to take PJ to the mexican restaurant we've been going to since before he was born, when grandpa gets here. he and pj both love that place. And a plus is they remember my mom and treat us like family. I can't wait to spoil granpda and his lady friend Fran with some homemade pancakes. all the the family recipes grandpa hasn't had in years and whatever else their little hearts desire. (oooh, how unfeminist of me! heh wink.gif )

Is there still room under the duvet?

I really want those lemon gem cookies, RV!

M's two buns in the litter tray, that is the cutest thing evar!

Tesao, you are such an inspiration to me. Every time I get that wanderlust feeling of "I should have taken that job in Africa," I remember that I'd have a friend on the continent. cool.gif I totally admire you for having the fortitude to go over there and do work that needs to be done.

Well, so much for an unstructured weekend. I really didn't do anything of consequence and now I feel bad for "wasting" my time. I've got to get over that shit. All I've managed to do today was work myself up into a frenzy over bathing suit shopping. Oh yeah, and read half of a book. That ain't so bad.

Had the same experience with lexapro. Needed to start taking it because, well, depression/anxiety kicked in pretty good when my body was just not working after surgery. Lexapro is also supposed to be good for anxiety, but when I started it, I was a shaking, jittery mess. I had to back off to 1/2 the lowest dose. The med woman gave me the lowest dose xanax XR to offset the jitters while we waited to see if the lexapro kicked in. Unfortunately, you have to wait a few weeks for these anti-D's really kick in. Seems to be working a little better now.

Good luck with the whole med mess. It can be tough to find the right med or combo of meds.

Oops, addendum:


I ended up on the recliner for a short while, then actually exercised!!! omigod.

Would love to hear from you soon.

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