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((((mornington)))) feh on stupid doctor's offices. may a fire be lit under their asses so you can be put at ease.

~~~continued jobbie vibes for sidecar, stargazer & anyone else who needs them~~~

~~~university acceptance vibes for candycane~~~

~~~stay warm and sunshine vibes for all~~~

ugh, I hate when I can't locate specific ingredients rose. good luck with that!

(((((bunny, mandi, dusty, polly, sidecar, faith, syb, fina, stargazer, amilita, sassy, sixela, crassy, plummie, tes, platt, pixie, rose, flanker, billy, raisin, luci, pink, anoushh, dm, mavin, qspice, candycane, everyone)))))

thanks for all of the vibeage!!

i leave for san antonio tomorrow. i probably won't be 'round for the next week. i will miss all of you!! but, i will have fun down south and in the northeast. i was tryin' to see if any Busties in the Boston area would be able to get together when i'm in to town. that would be cool.

kvetch: there is some flamewars going on in some threads. it is getting heated. argh. not in a good way.

ok. i need to do some packing.

(((mando, yuefie, fina, mavin, polly, sidecar, raisingrl, faith, dusty, designermedusa, tes, qspice, sassygrrl, candycane_grl, mornington, rose, pixie, and other kvetchies)))
Flamewars? Guess I haven't been reading as many threads as I thought. Hope it all gets sorted out amicably. I tend to think of Bust as like a big family ... sometimes we fight a little, but we usually get over it & still love one another in the end. Usually wink.gif

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ continued vibes for Stargazer ~*~*~*~*~*~*~
~~~~~~ ->-- safe travel vibes for SG, too ~~~~~~~ ->--

~~~~~~ continued vibes for Art ~~~~~~


I talked to my mom today. She is still stuck at her best friend's house. Unfortunately, her BF's grandson (who is also riding out the storm there) became extraordinarily ill yesterday (vomitting, etc.) and now Mom is afraid that she has caught the bug, too. Being that sick at home is bad enough, but feeling that sick away from home is much worse.

By the by, it's still terribly cold in Tulsa & the situation isn't getting better. I can't believe that it's Wednesday and my parents are still sleeping away from home.

Anti-kvetch: I found some currants!!!! And I found G&B cocoa powder, too. And G&B bars for MUCH cheaper than my old source! It was a good shopping day. smile.gif

Kvetch: One of our guests for our dinner party this weekend says he can't make it. And why? Because some new version of World of Warcraft is coming out. He said that he'll be at home playing it on-line "for the forseeable future". Hrmph. The eye-roll smiley is not nearly dramatic enough to express my true feelings about this.

And today I found a house for sale that looks reeeeeally cute. And I think it's within our price range, too. Not that we're actually looking for a house, but ooooooh it's soooooooo tempting to call the realtor & ask for a tour!
heated stargazer? it's the temp of molten lava in those threads. I don't know what went down and I really don't care, since when was it ok in this lounge to be abusive to another BUSTie? so incredibly abusive, that kind of name calling isn't on, I don't care who you are. yet, people are just ignoring it.

kvetch: I'm getting annoyed by the lounge and what really upsets me? being ignored, and I'm talking about this thread.

~*~*~*continued vibes for stargazer and mornington~*~*~*~
(bunny, I think people are ignoring it because the target started it. She went into a sensitive thread in which she admittedly really didn't belong, then proceeded to behave just like a troll, berating and attacking the sexuality of everyone posting in it, because in another thread she had a disagreement with someone that got crazy. It was like Jekyll and Hyde, I tells ya).

eta - I don't have skin in this game, incidentally, just relaying what I saw
((((rose)))) pfft. world of warcraft. although yay on the chocolate. i found an organic food place near the doctors; it's a bit of trek otherwise, but when i'm in the area, sooo tempting. so much g&b. have fun in seattle!
((((bunny)))) acos
((((yuefie)))) & ((((art))))
((((candy)))) *crosses fingers*
((((fina)))) when you find the money fairly, send her my way.
((((raisin)))) yayyayyayyay!
((((luci)))) count me in on the commune, although my marketable skills are sitting around and moaning.
((((sassy)))) yay on the flat!
*waves at pink*
((((mando, pixie, tes, billy, crassy, amilita, anoushh, syb, faith, sixie, everyone))))

i think my hangover has subsided. I went out with ExGoth and German (and 'lova came along for chinese) and met up with two friends of EG. There was much drinking (nice boys kept buying us all drinks) and much dancing to noisy rock music. I didn't get home until half four, and stayed up until six talking to F (it's the first time we've really been able to sit down and talk since he started working again - he's been so busy moving house and working towards a promotion). I was pretty much sober by then, but there was no way I was going to make it to 9am class. I've spent most of the day asleep or cutting fabric for a jacket.

oh, I did meet the Welshman for coffee. it was awkward. he's moving to manchester for a job, so i went as i still feel a bit of a bitch. but... what was i thinking? he doesn't find my tales of sheep amusing.

right, sleep... love to all
(((bunnyb))) you're not ignored!! i'm surprised you didn't notice my mention about buying lush products. smile.gif things have settled down.

ok. off to finish packing.
"he doesn't find my tales of sheep amusing." mornington, you can always make me smile, girl!

(((bunny))) come on, sweetheart. you know we love you.

(((art))) bad things like this make me wish i had majick powers. (((yuefie)))

(((tulsa peeps))) i also wish i controlled the weather.

paying off the mortgage. hmmm. what an alien concept. certainly a feeling i'll never know.

(((stargazer))) safe trip, doll. i'm gonna meece you.

fraid that's all i got. i'm whipped & incoherent tonite. but at least i feel better than i did last week. i even worked late today, came home, MADE DINNER, and did my yoga. go me.
Yep, it is still bad is still closed. I am going in to work tomorrow just to pay bills that can't wait until next week. If anything, the streets were WORSE today than they have been up til now. All the melting/refreezing is making them just so slick! And...we are supposed to have snow this weekend! oy vey!

~*~*~*healthy vibes, especially Yuefies cousin and Rose's mom and little G~*~*~*~*

Very jealous of everyone taking trips...especially since going to Wal Mart has been the highlight of our week!

*staying the F away from flamewars...*

(((love to the Kvetchies)))

((((bunny)))) sweets, I don't think anyone here has been ignoring you. Correct me if I am wrong, but are you referring to the apology you made for "offending" anyone with the story about the baby Noah? I just think nobody responded to that because nobody here was offended.

(((((pixie))))) happy tenth week! may the severe weather calm down for you.

~~~~continued warmth, job and health vibes all around~~~~

((((((kvetchies)))))) when was the last time I told you all how much I lurves each and every one of you to bits? 'Cause I do. And those vibes you've all been sending Art? Pure magick. His fever dropped quite a bit today and he showed a small improvement in his breathing too. The nurses allowed Jen in to visit him for a bit. Not out of the woods, but a few steps closer. And I saw mom's bff Cathy tonight! We hung out and told stories about my mom, looked at my photo albums, laughed, cried and made plans to hang out again when time permits. I did tell her she has the open door privilege here and that I waive my usual requirement of a phone call first before dropping in. She was honored.

(((((((((BUSTIES)))))))))) ~~~~~soothing and calming all around!~~~~~~

I don't want to know where and I don't want to know why. If there is a fight between two BUSTies and it has turned in to nasty name calling, I do not see how that can be okay. But whatever, I'm sitting this one out. I have too many things going on my real life, so my virtual life needs to take a back seat. Meaning I do not care to spend my precious time nor what little energy I have left devoted to jumping into the fray of the semi annual board pissing contest.

Flame wars, abusive behavior and name calling? Oh my! *runs away with eyes covered*

((bunny)) Assuming what yuefie said is right (she usually is wink.gif ) I for one wasn't offended. I'm glad those people got something good out of such a tragedy. I don't think it means you (or most other people) are disregarding all the really bad stuff that happened- we have to find some joy in stuff.

Off to find the flamewar- sad to admit this, but I'm always up for watching trainwrecks.
*enters sheepishly*

I'm sorry, I was feeling down and emotional yesterday and got grumpy. You were right yuefie, it was about baby noah (I saw an interview with the parents yesterday and I didn't feel so bad for initially only seeing the good, the embryos were saved two weeks after the hurricance, not straight away when resources would have been better spent).

polly, did you find the trainwrecks? sheesh, I wish I'd never looked but prying my eyes away is difficult!

star, I did notice! I just wasn't up to proper posting yesterday. Glad we have another convert and you bought some of the same products I did so we can compare notes.

we have some snow here but it's too wet to lie properly. sniff.

(((yuefie))) acos.
(((mando))) go you! the yoga will hopefully have lots of positive effects.
(((mornington))) not amused by your sheep stories? pfft, you're well shot of him.

(((polly, star, pixie, lucizoe, rose, fina, designermedusa, sidecar, dusty, tes, plat, sixelacat, txplumwine, sonik, faith, mavin, prettynpink, anyone I missed.)))

*snuggles up to (((bunny))))*

i cannot get a doctors appointment. apparently the best thing is to turn up at the surgery at half eight and wait. sad.gif
*snuggles right back*

bloody doctor's surgery! so you'll be there at half eight tomorrow with sleeping bag to get this stress out of way?
probably. i'm going to try again...

edit: different receptionist, different reaction. the doctor is going to call me back.
Hey, gang! Guess what?! We have SNOW!!!! Our first snow in our new place. And it's so pretty! I need to run out & take pictures.

Mornington, when that doctor calls you back, be sure to tell him how the other receptionist treated you. He needs to be made aware of that! As for the Welshman, have you officially washed that man right out of your hair?

And for the Americans out there ... doctor's surgery = doctor's office. smile.gif

((((((((continued love and healing for Art))))))))

((((Bunny)))) Sorry I forgot to comment. That happens sometimes. I get a bit flaky. wink.gif

((((Mandi)))) Good for you for getting so much done yesterday! That's marvelous progress. Keep it up!

~!$*~!$*~ vibes of all kinds for StarGazer ~!$*~!$*~

I envy the people with easy access to Lush! I think my nearest Lush store is a few hours drive away. And poor Pixie is even further away from a Lush store! Sooooo unfair! [weep]

And speaking of Pixie, I hear that 8 inches of snow are expected there this weekend. This is not good. Last night as I lay in bed, I imagined all those heavy layers of ice and snow and began to wonder how well my parents' roof is handling all that weight. Eep.
((((((warmth for the Pixies)))))) Thanks for the vibes for my mom & little G. Hope you're feeling okay today! Be careful on those roads.

So that house I saw that is for sale? It is within our budget! However, the price is suspiciously low. It's 5 bedroom/3 baths and they seem to think it's worth the same as the 3 bed/2 bath that we're renting now. Seeing as the location is rather close to us, I can't understand the discrepancy. Hmmmmm...
Is someone ignoring (((Bunny)))? Its not me, is it?

Bah! Snow. Its covering up all those potential art supplies that are waiting for me on the sidewalk and in the gutter: bits of people's earrings, rusty washers, plastic Jesus...oh, wait, I already found the plastic Jesus.

Whoa. Why is doctor's office causing (((Mornington))) so much stress?

because the receptionists are a mix of sadistic, incompetent and just plain dim. but i finally have an appointment tomorrow!

((((pixie)))) eep! snow!
((((rose)))) pictures! please! and yes, finally, washed out of my hair. we are going to "remain friends". pfft.
((((dusty)))) what are you going to do with the plastic jesus (i personally want one of those virgin mary statuettes to put in my garden with a bondage gnome)
((((polly)))) *passes popcorn*
((((yuefie)))) acos. & ((((art))))
hehe dusty, no, just me being an ass.

plastic Jesus? "I found Jesus, he was hiding in the gutter the whole time".

I have a thing about receptionists, i.e. I don't like them (gross generalisation I know) but doctor and school receptionists are a breed apart. I once had a horrible school receptionist/secretary who said within my hearing -and to a teacher- that I had such an attitude problem. I think she was under the impression I thought I was better than her.

off to have some vegetables.
Bunny, I hear ya. There are some BAD receptionists out there. And this is coming from a person who has worked quite a few years as a receptionist! I think some receptionists get jaded over time; they forget that, while they know the rhythm and the policies of the company, most people who call or stop by are not familiar with the little details. In my opinion, a truly good receptionist is friendly and sympathetic and works on behalf of the customer. Of course, my employers haven't always liked it when I had that opinion, but the thank-you letters I've gotten from customers cancels that out. smile.gif

[raises eyebrow at bondage gnome] Something tells me that our homeowner's association wouldn't be too fond of that. A damn shame, too!

Dusty, I want to see the plastic Jesus! I have a little plastic nun finger puppet. It makes me happy.

I'm going to make a fruitcake while watching Yentl. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Rose...the current housing market could be responsible for the prices of the 2 houses. It has really gone into a slump in te last 6 months at least. And think of my big 4 bedroom house, it's almost the same sq. footage as the D house...And we paid a LOT less for it!

8 inches of SNOW! Dear God! I hadn't actually heard the amount until I read your post and we quickly looked it up on the news site. Snow on top of ice....I'm never leaving my house again! We finally dug my car out of the 3-4 inches of ice covering it last night!

We have some happy fantasic news! Mr. Pixie is getting his student loan check today! The excess is enough to pay off all of his major credit cards! Yay! That is going to save us so much money a month!
I know...still has to be paid back in the future...but the interest rate will be a hell of a lot better than the cards!

I'll admit I had to go check out the train wreck. I didn't even have the slightest urge to step into the fray this time. It seems to be the same old frustrations of one person telling another they aren't "feminist enough".

(((Mornington, Yuefie, Rose, Bunny, fina, faith, sidecar, mando, sybrite, pnp, sassy, lurking kvetchies)))
In my job, I am the 'professional' and patrons go through the receptionist first. It has been a real eye opener to me to hear how many people who were really nice to me over the years treated the receptionist like shit. And she was way more polite than I, just had less authority to give them what they wanted. The receptionist I have in mind retired. Early maybe, she wasn't telling.

I was thinking of making a pocket shrine with the Jesus. I just wouldn't know what to do with it once it was made smile.gif
QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jan 18 2007, 11:08 AM) *

I'll admit I had to go check out the train wreck. I didn't even have the slightest urge to step into the fray this time. It seems to be the same old frustrations of one person telling another they aren't "feminist enough".

Pretty much....what's the feminist equivalent of a pissing contest?

Argh- doctor's offices receptionists. My biggest frustration with one was in Dec. '05, I made an appointment for my Yearly Exam with my doctor at her new office. The appointment was made for January and I gave the receptionist my insurance info. A month goes by and I go in for the appointment only to be told that the office no longer works with my insurance company, so I had to pay for it up front and file my own claim to get a meager portion of my money back. And why didn't they tell me this in December when I made the appointment? There's no way they didn't know when I made the appointment that they weren't going to be working with the ins. company effective 1/1/06. Major pain in the ass.

~*~*~boob vibes for mornington~*~*~
~*~*~potential house vibes for rose & sheff~*~*~
~*~*~more health vibes to yuefie & family~*~*~

((hugs to all))
hmmm, what IS the feminist equivalent of a pissing contest?!

It will run its course, like any other flamewar. There are some good, well-meaning mediators in there; however, I do think the lounge should have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to viscious, aggressive verbal abuse. Otherwise, we're going to have one too many hummingbirds in an enclosed space.
I think unless one is quoting, I don't know, a song from South Park or Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, there should be a limit on how many times you can use the word "fuck" in one sentence. That's just me. And I love the word fuck!

((bunny)) I wasn't ignoring you either, promise.

Boring-ass useless training all morning. At least it's quiet because everyone's gone.

((rv)) When we bought our place, it was a similar thing -- perfect location, lots of space, ridiculously cheap. We thought it had a poltergeist, but it turns out it just lacked a garage and had been on the market awhile, and the owner wanted to get rid of it.
Bunny - I just assumed someone had said they were offended via PM, and I didn't want to contribute, but I was not offended. It's like if people do little human interest stories -- e.g. the kitty (and an embryo is not like a kitty a realize) survived the fire; it doesn't mean that it's not horrible that people died, but it is a grace note. It almost underscores the sadness of the rest of it.

Where's the trainwreck?

Yay for magical bustie vibes!

No one should treat receptionists crappily and vice versa. Like you guys, I am often in a dilemma when that happens -- on the one hand, I don't want to be someone who cops an attitude with someone overworked/underpaid, on the other hand as a human being I don't want to be disrespected. I find it's the most intense when it's already a scary situation -- esp. medical! -- and I can brush it off more easily in other circumstances.

~*~*~* toasty vibes to the snowed upon ~*~**~
~*~*~* health vibes to sickies and sick relatives ~*~*~*

Kvetch: I keep fucking up important forms and it's frustrating and embarassing, I think my secretary thinks I am an idiot, though she's so nice about it (she sees me like a kid, probably because I act like one, and gives me hugs).

Antikvetch: For the moment at least, the mathematician and I have patched things up. It's all very new and tentative because we have SO MANY differences and I wouldn't call our chances for the long-term excellent, but he's so sweet and good, and I haven't been involved with a really "good" guy for so long. And this will sound totally fucked up, and says perhaps more about me than my relationships, but this is the first person I have ever been with who is clearly "smarter" than me (in the raw brainpower sense, not all the other important axes we know are important like emotional intelligence, etc.) and I think it's really sexy.
Or Deadwood or Miles Davis' autobiography, to add to the list Ms. Sidecar.

I changed eye doctors a few years ago, mostly because I was fed up with his office staff, ie. his wife. Every time I called there was some kind of problem. The last straw was when I called to complain that I cut my finger on the packaging for my contact lens (hey, it seems fairly reasonable to me that the person who SOLD it to me might want to pass on my complaint to the manufacturer, and while I didn't lose any limbs, opening my contact lenses shouldn't be occasion to draw blood). Anyway, she laughed, and called me 'poor baby'.

I don't know why the embryo story would be offensive, unless people died because the embryo was saved?
Or a Quentin Tarantino movie. Sidecar, that made me giggle so! there were a lot of expletives and, hey, I can swear like a trooper when I'm cross but fuck wink.gif.

For anyone who doesn't want to know where the trainwreck is, avert your eyes: [size=1]faith, it's two-fold in the porn thread in f-word and the floggers thread in ltas[size=1].

kvetch: it's freezing here and all slushy as wet.

anti-kvetch: very excited as kinkykatykins and I are going to see Amy Winehouse and Mika next month; I'm also seeing Nerina Pallot and Dave Matthews so February is definitely gig month.

eta: as for the embryo, someone made me think about how people who lost relatives/pets/were stranded and went through hell would feel to know resources had gone to save embryos; however, as I said earlier, it was two weeks later ... I still view it as a ray of sunshine in a cloudy time and as Noah's mother said: it was a miracle.
Oooo-weee! I didn't even see the ltas thread. I couldn't even read most of that, partly because I'm just not into BDSM- just not my thing, but I get why some people like's just too disturbing for me to read in detail.

Kvetch: Yesterday, when Le Boy was cleaning the ice off his car, he snapped the windshield wiper arm clean off (not the blade, but the arm the blade's attached to.) I let him take my car to work and guess who got to take his car into the dealership? rolleyes.gif

Anti-kvetch: It was covered under warranty and we didn't have to pay them anything!! And it made for a nice excuse to go next door to the furniture store where I found yet another couch I like (for $1500 less- downside is that it's in that fake suede-y material that I don't like.) Also stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond and got some stuff with my gift card including the softest, snuggliest throw blanket they had. Can't wait for it to be cold in the living room so I can use it!
Hi, ya'll! I've been lurking, but too work-y and stressed to post...

Bunny, I almost did post about the embryos, but I think I had to rush off to work or something...I'm kinda meh about the whole thing, but I'm not a big fan of invitro anyway. (whole 'nother bag of worms!) And while some hospitals did not get fully evacuated for almost a week, I think by two weeks, just about all the humans (who wanted to get out) were out, so that is good, at least.

I was sorta appalled by a certian friend, who, right when I got home, went on and on about the animals...and you all know I love animals, but I was like, uh, human over here! Had to save my own life and all...and you know, there are folks still at the Convention Center!

I've gotta try to post later when I can focus better and give shout outs to all you lovely Kvetchies!
Hi, Kvetchies! ::hic:: I'm a little buzzed, bu t it won't affect my typing, nosirreeeJane!

Bunny, I didn't take your embryo story the wrong way, either. Silver lining and all.

I miss the days of being able to check in on the Lounge while I was at work.
I have an interview tomorrow with these people. Y'know when you go into a place like Target and there's those displays of CD's with cheesy relaxation music and easy listening collections, and you can push the buttons to sample the music? Yeah, that's them. As long as they don't pump that crap over the PA system, it would be okay. It's in the same office building as my staffing agency, so I'm stopping by there for a pep talk before I go in.
Good luck polly!

(((((mornington)))) boo hiss on the runaround!

(((((amilita, sidecar, dusty, mandi, raisin, rose, bunny, pixie, faith, stargazer, sassy, sixela, dm, billy, mavin, plummie, tes, platt, candycane, fina, everyone)))))

Hee sidecar, love the list. I too have much love for the F word. But sweet baby jesus, can ya give it a rest?!

The feminist equivalent of a pissing contest? See the porn debate and BDSM threads! Prime example there, ladies. The last thing I need is for someone to tell me of yet another thing I am not something enough to belong to that "club". I mean what's next? I'm not a feminist because I like pretty lingerie and sometimes wear make-up? Oh what, because I enjoy cooking for others, does that disqualify me as well? To that I say, piss off. But abusive behavior, still not ok either. Although I can see how one might get that angry at someone who had previously been known to engage in civilized discussion and has now been shown to be quite a narrow minded, judgemental fool who delights in stirring up shit and refuses to STFU and butt out of others sexuality. But then there is the freaking out and lashing out at others who were not attacking that again, is just not cool. We all have bad days, sometimes we are touchy and things are misunderstood but geez, step back and take a deep breath. Hell, take a chill pill if you must, but calm down. Okay, so ya got me. I took a peek. My nosy nature got the better of me. *hangs head in shame*

I've had a good day today. This afternoon I got to hang out with my girlfriend Monica and the adorable Lily who has the people at the sushi place where had an early dinner wrapped around her little finger. They made a special dish of noodles with broccoli just for her, brought an extra bowl of rice so she could have her own and brought out stawberry mochis for dessert. On the house! She sure is a cutie and a charmer. Art is pretty much the same today. While an improvement would be nice, him not getting any worse is a relief. And I am so excited because bgp called to tell me that he is taking the weekend of the 27th off so he can come and party with us for PJ's birthday. I'm stoked since due to our schedules we rarely get to hang out and I've been missing him a whole lot lately.

Good luck on today's appt mornington! *fingers crossed for good news*

Nice to see you faith! I agree: the smart=sexy big time. One of the things I love most about my mister is his superbrain.

Getting busier here and not before time. Basically I have to write 2 new chapters and redraft the others over the next four months. There is now officially a fire under my ass.

Mismatched (as ever) black mesh knickers with pink ribbon and white brar (it shows the girls off to the best advantage so I probably wear it too much). Happy friday all!

The storm that went over Europe is over, at least over here. I don't know how the weather in Britain or Germany is, but it was wild yesterday. People justfell to the ground because the wind was so strong. Bits of rooftop stuff came down on the streets, trees went down. Windows blew out of buildings. 5 people were killed. And there was no train traffic whatsoever, so about 5000 people had to stay where they were at that moment. The water was more than three metres above the normal level.
I left my workingplace before it got dark, the weather station advised not to go outside anymore because of falling trees and branches and the like.
And today the sun is shining, like nothing happened.

I got back from the hospital this morning. Turns out that they don't know exactly what this skin disease is either. They suspect it's ----- something with 6 syllables i already forgot. The doctor put me on antibiotics and a salve and i have to come back in 4 weeks. Then i had pictures taken; it was in a studio in the hospital. It felt a bit weird having pictures taken while staing in your bare ass. Well, i'm certainly not the only one who's done that; there are people doing it for a living i suppose.

All else is fine; i'm busy and the assigments keep piling up. I hope it will keep on this way. Although i really shouldn't complain. I did that to a friend on the phone and he cut me off (in a positive way). Like, are YOU going to whine now?? Please. I need a reality check sometimes.

Yay for snow! And a house for a good price!

And another Yay! for Mr. Pixie's student loan check!

vibes for (((((((((Polly)))))))))


((((((((((((Mando, Sidecar, Yuefie, Roseviolet, Bunny, Dusty, Stargazer, Pixiedust, Faith, Amilitia, Raisingirl, Sybarite))))))))))

ETA: black bra with lacy straps on the back and blue undie with orange lining+ the number '68' in glittery orange on the front.
((((sonik)))) the wind was crazy here; bins kept getting blown over and indigo and i didn't make it too far as branches were coming down in the park.
((((yufie)))) & ((((art)))) yay for lilly!
((((faith)))) yay smart. intelligence definitely = sexeh. even just intellectual curiosity is an attraction for me.
((((syb)))) don't burn your bum-cheeks ***no stress***
((((polly)))) good luck!
((((amilita)))) even a big animal person, people come before animals. that's just silly.
((((sidecar)))) fuck is the best swearword ever, but it does loose it's impact when over-used. one of my favourite books (Christopher Brookmyre's quite ugly one morning) opens with the words "jesus fuck" - and i'm hooked immediately
((((bunny))) i'm jealous... amy winehouse!
yay for mr pixie's student loan!
((((dusty, rose, pixie, mando, tiddly raisin, tes, billy billy where are youuu, sassy, sixela, candy, star, luci, plat, fina, anoushh, dm, mavin, msp, everyone))))

so... the official report from the doctor is: it is apparently normal for nodules to develop in the late teens/early twenties (eh? where does it say this?) and it's probably nothing to worry about. it might be a side effect of the bc pill i'm on, in which case coming off might be a good idea. if it doesn't calm down after my period, go back, or if there's any change. i'm not coming off the pill as i'll take tender boobs over eight-day bleeds and three-day migraines and cramps, thank you. but the doctor was very nice and reassuring.

daft story: i rang F yesterday and got to hear him playing with his friend's baby daughter. too cute... seriously, i must be hormonal, 'cos i almost got broody. blink.gif . but still. awww. he's good with kids. the madness.

Indigo has taken to sleeping on my bed with me. i'm not sure who's sillier - him for doing it or me for letting him.
Friday fly by - anti kvetch (or maybe kvetch?)- I am able to work a little more, so i just don't have time or energy at the moment to keep up with all the kvetching!!! Tres bummer. So here's a generic health (no more skin diseases, nodules, depression, etc), job finding, good work days, and pleasantness vibe for all the kvetchies!

((((((((((KVETCHIES!!!! ALL OF YOU!!))))))))))

Kvetch: well, Rose loved the snow around here, but I must confess, I hate it. Wreaks havoc with my business, and, the thought of driving right now is terrifying, especially just 2 months out of a 2-level cervical fusion. And BRRRRR. Thank the deity it will melt today. However, more winter weather is possible Sunday. BLEAH!!! I love living here in most ways, but if I didn't have such a marvelous network of friends/doctors, etc, I'd be moving somewhere more tropical. Even 3 months of winter is too much! Amazing, coming from a former New Englander.

Anti kvetch: Fingers and toes crossed, but I may be turning a corner with my recovery. 3 good days, a little more energy, able to pick up cardio just a tad. Trying to progress slowly and not overdo. Small victories.

Friday Boring undie report: white cotton bikini, white cotton bra. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
glad you're feeling better, plat.

(((windblown busties))) i was thinking of youze. too scary!
(((mornington))) i'm relieved to hear doc doesn't think it's anything serious.
good luck on the interview polly!

yuefie, i meat to say earlier that your reunion with cathy made me teary. and that lilly sounds like a little charisma character!

bunny, color me tres jealous of your going to see my love, DAVE. i'm still not over his not playing the garden last month. *weepwail*

antikvetch: our first snowfall last night - not enough to cause any road hassles - and everything looks absolutely gorgeous. and now there's a blue sky ... it's breathtaking. again, i feel guilty for those of youze buried in ice and snow, but it feels good to have some normal weather phenomenon for a change.

black panties, black brar ... wearing a rather sexy outfit ... hair is completely behaving ... sucks that i feel like a beached whale. blech.
Kvetch: A bad headache on a day when I have sooooo much to do. Here's hoping the Excedrin Migraine kicks in soon.

And I'm a bad person because I haven't called anyone this week. I can think of a few people (including Plat!) whom I meant to call, but ... well, I guess I just haven't felt phone-y this week.

I hadn't heard about the bad weather in Europe! Oh my goodness, Sonik, I hope you're all okay.

As for here, the snow and ice were all totally gone by this morning. Sigh. It was nice while it lasted. And it isn't that I'm a crazy person who craves multiple feet of snow on the ground at all times. I know that can get old. But a winter without snow is a sad thing. As I write this I'm watching a TV program about Switzerland, so it is feeding my need for more snow.

(((((((((HUGE hugs & love to you all))))))))))))
I love Christopher Brookmyre too, Mornington! Haven't read QUOM yet though, I don't want to read them all too quickly or there won't be any left. I'm the same way with Tom Robbins too actually.

Although England got nailed in the storms it wasn't so bad in Scotland, we had a good blizzard yesterday but the snow was all gone in a few hours. Glad you got home ok Sonik!!



i'm using my friend's computer.

interview went well. i really like the site. i tell ya more later. gotta go eat now.

oh, and polly...a feminist pissing contest? we piss sideways! tongue.gif although, i did pee in this horse type trough in new orleans years ago. so, maybe i win! biggrin.gif


**flies out**
kvetch: not having had the time to bust much at ALL this week

kvetch: popping in this evening after work to enjoy some LTAS busting and finding it full of nastiness.....and NOT the kind i was looking for, either.

kvetch: NEVER thought that i would say i was sorry to have read the LTAS threads.

anti-kvetch: first draft of grant renewal budget is DONE and sent!!! wooooohoooo!

anti-kvetch: pale lilac demi-brar, half heavy lace, half dotted mesh, split in the middle with a purple ribbon threaded through with a pink ribbon that ties into a bow between the breasts. matching thong, dotted mesh in the back, heavy lace with the same purple and pink ribbon bow in a small triangle in the front. SEX-AY.

kvetch: missing the snow

anti-kvetch: NOT missing the idiota drivers.

anti-kvetch: LOVING the warm summer weather here!

kvetch: soooooooooooooo tired, it has been such a long week. i've not been sleeping well at all, and i think that my URI is coming back.

anti-kvetch: tomorrow is SATURDAY!!! i don't have to work!! i can SLEEP all i want!!!

yayayayayayayay for all the good stuff out there, and a POX on all of the bad stuff!

*spins in circles like Taz and disappears in a puff of smoke from the thread*
The weather forecasters have missed it big-time here today. We're supposed to have 6 inches of snow by now instead of sleet. We may get hit yet; snow is forecast for tomorrow, also. Weather-forecast-induced hysteria at the grocery store has been the biggest problem.

Sonik, hang in there. I was just looking at some pictures on Reuters.... overturned cars, people stranded in railway stations, huge fallen trees.

Mornington, hooray for good news!

Hugs to all.

Grey boxer briefs, of course!

that's great, stargazer! best of luck.

~~weather vibes~~ We've had a surprisingly pleasant year; it's cold today. but that storm sounds awful. Stay warm and safe everyone!

I just had a fairly successful shopping trip and found out that Martini got a raise. So hopefully the rest of the weekend will be as enjoyable/pleasant/happy. All I need to do now is figure out what to wear with the blue polka dot Wellies I just bought. I'm glad it's quiet here, because I've been very sleepy. I stayed up late to go see Ryan Adams last night (got home at 1) and it was surprisingly good.

green underwire, beige boy shorts.
Kvetch: I have been inactive in the lounge for far too long. I no longer know everyone, and my count still says I'm new. sad.gif

Kvetch: I'm quitting my job on tuesday, and I dont have a computer at home, and I dont know how much I'll be able to Bust at my new job.

AntiKvetch: My last day in this purple cubicle basement hell is tuesday! laugh.gif

Kvetch: bad vibes in the lounge.

((((pink))))) you will be meeced! but yay for quitting!
((((tes)))) I want your underwear drawer
((((fina)))) QUOM was the first Brookmyre book I read. I adored it.
((((sidecar)))) yay martini!
((((star)))) yay!

been feeling all PMT-y. urgh. but spent most of the evening giggling at Black Books & Ugly Betty.

White bra, white boyshorts with pink & green apple print.
Ugly Betty was good, I like it smile.gif. I then *shamefully* tuned in to the grandmother of reality shows (the creators are who we have to blame for the rest of the gunk on TV) but, y'see, it's media studies again, it's an "international incident" after all! what can I say? I'm attracted to controversy, who would have guessed?!

yay for the 1001 posts mornington! glad the doctor was positive if a little vague (I wasn't aware of the nodule thing). oh, I'm also wearing my elephant bracelet today and kinkykatykins and a cashier complimented it so feel proud smile.gif.

PnP, we do meece you and we will meece you more. I hear you on the bad vibes, it seems to be breeding like fungus.

plat, glad you're feeling better.

rose, how's the head?

~*~*~*~go away tes's UTI~*~*~*~

star, all parts are crossed for you!

I had my first phone counselling session today and it went well, I'm calling back next week. I also had a meeting with my manager and her manager which also went well and they're being supportive.
Shopped too (boy's birthday Tuesday and bought him the leatherbound Absolute Sandman and the Disney Pixar complete dvd collection) and met kinkykatykins for a peppermint tea (and a very brief birthday celebration) which was fun and, all in all, a good day, bumped into three different people I haven't seen for a while too.

undies: hot pink bra with cream trim and matching girl shorts.

eta: mandolyn and mornington, I wish you were coming to see dave and amy with me, respectively!
I hate to ask for vibes when I've been so MIA...but can I do it anyway? We're having an opening tomorrow night, and I've tried to avoid talking about it online just in case...oh it's silly, but I was just trying to be discreet. I don't think anyone in town knows I'm posting here, but...

Anyhoo, the artist has been so difficult to deal with from the beginning! He solicited us to let him have a show and here it is the day before and he's still working on the pieces...and he hasn't been working on them for long, either. The whole show has been morphing around from the oringinal proposal...the postcards list performance as being one of the elements of the show, and I don't think there is any.

He was supposed to be here at 3 pm...pushed up by him from 10 am...and then he called after 4 saying he had emailed at 4 to see if we could do it at 7:30 instead!!! After we told him we had a party to go to early this evening. Our partner yelled at him over the phone, and he was supposed to be on his way. I'm hiding upstairs, and I think he may be here.

Oy. I'm trying to be zen about the whole thing...I have low expectations and am planning to drink heavily tomorrow night...but he's working my last nerve.

Whew. I feel a little better now. Love ya'll.
~*~*~*~*~*~ vibes of success and serenity for Amilita & the gallery gang ~*~*~*~*~*~
That artist sounds like a real piece of work. rolleyes.gif Luckily you'll be done with him after this weekend, right?

Bunny, I miss bumping into people. That still happens to me whenever I visit T-town. But not in the new town, of course.

~~~~~~ soothing & healing for Art & Tes & Plat & Mornington & Yuefie & everybody ~~~~~~

Breast nodules are normal at that age? I didn't know that. But then again, I have a cyst the size of a shooter marble in my brain that I'm told is harmless, so who knows! smile.gif

PNP, congrats on leaving the old job & going to the new one! Sorry you may be around even less, though. Did a dingo get you a while back? Because I know you've made a lot more posts than it says on your profile.

Congrats to Martini on the raise! WOOT! It's so nice when good things happen to good people.

Hope you got your hands on some bread & peanut butter, Billy! Be careful out there.

~!@$~!$ continued vibes of all sorts for Stargazer ~!@#~!@$~ Glad to hear tha you feel so good about the interview!

Bunny, it sounds like you had a really good day. Yay! smile.gif

~~~~~~~~ waves of warmth for Pixie & my fam & all of Oklahoma ~~~~~~~~ Both of my parents are working so I don't know if the power is back on at their house, but I seriously doubt it. Yesterday Dad stopped by the house just to check on it and take all of the food out of the fridge & freezer. I can't believe it's been a whole week since they've slept in their own beds!

Kvetch: The Headache that Refuses to Die. Yes, I'm still in pain. And I didn't get nearly as much done as I meant to today. This is bad considering we're having friends over for dinner tomorrow night. Bleeeeeeeh.

Sheff has to work late tonight, but I don't know how late. Maybe 2 or 3 hours(?). As long as he's home before midnight I'll be happy. I thought I'd use his absence as an opportunity to watch last night's Ugly Betty, but it isn't available on the ABC website yet. I shouldn't complain, though, as I know the UK Busties are only seeing the 2nd or 3rd episode this week. Hope you ladies are enjoying it!
QUOTE(fina @ Jan 17 2007, 05:27 PM) *

In other news Finaman's sister (who is my age) is just about to pay off her mortgage after just 8 or 9 years. While I am happy for them and know it came at enormous emotional cost I am also seethingly envious. I want a money fairy. And a house-elf who is good with paint.

I don't blame you in the least. I would be too.

I want a house to house a house-elf. I'm despairing of the local real estate market. Why did it wait until I sold my house--for a tiny profit I was happy with and which I used to make payments on my student loan--to go insane? Now we can't afford anything.

The little guy always knows when I get started on something. He's waking up now. I didnt mean this to be such a fly by, but that's life these days.


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