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thanks for the burns night info. sounds fun!

**yuefie's cousin****yuefie's finger owie!!**

i am amused by auralpoison. are you sure you meant anchovies? ya know, um, sausage sounds so similar. what idiots.

we had pizza last night. i was happy the cinnasticks were right. last time i ordered them, they had sprinkled cinnamon on garlic bread!! blech!

dusty- yay for doodly draws lol

faith! hi!! hawai'i is nice. mm. i miss it. i was back there a couple months ago (was also born there)... and ze love threatens still to move there.

wow, mornington, you've been mighty productive! **soft boobie non-squishing hugs**

pixie- yay for stupid coworkers going away! boo on lice, tho. glad your house won't be infested

**safe preggo vibes to bunny's pal and mr amilita's sis**

**get the job Mr DM**

tes- all those places sound like lovely rendez-vous spots! I wanna come along. Ze Love thinks I am silly for wanting to go to places like Romania...

rose- yay for telescopes! boo for exchanges tho.

ze mavacado's bday party was lovely. lots of family and friends came and she has all sorts of new toys. we even got a slurpee machine. oy. so today is cleanup day.

antikvetch: m-i-l is gone!! woo!
Hey all, just a fly by in between storms...We keep losing our power so there has been much suckage here this weekend! Last night we had pizza by candle light for dinner! It wouldn't be so bad, but minipixie freaks out when the lights go out and of course we are having to keep a close eye on some of our animals that can't handle the heat being off. We almost eveacuated to the inlaws last night because they haven't lost power at all yet...
Rose hope your parents are safe and warm where ever they are!
Yay for more preggos! I love minipixie and I'm going to love the new one, but man,do I ever HATE being pregnant! I'm feeling really good about the fact that Mr.P and I are planning to make this the last one.
(((((tes, mornington, bunny, faith, fina, dm, polly, mando, sidecar, amilita.....)))))
fwiw tes, i kept hearing all sorts of fabulous things about budapest from my old coworkers. but, i also hear good things about istanbul. i think either would win!

we haven't had any winter storms -yet- ... i haven't seen snow since i left ohio. it's pretty weird, because there were a few inches of snow in ohio when i moved, and here, the bulbs are starting to push up. it's supposed to snow today, but we'll see if that actually happens.

skool starts up again next week. i'm excited, i missed skool and while i couldn't get all the classes i wanted, the ones i did get are pretty interesting.
~~~~~ waves of warmth for Pixie & the family & pets ~~~~~ It's scary when just keeping your pets indoors still isn't enough to keep them safe from the weather. Just last night I was wondering how we'd keep the fish warm if we lost power in an ice storm. Hope things get better for you soon.

MaVin, I hear that you can make some fabulous frozen margaritas in those slushie machines. wink.gif Glad to hear the party went well.

Q, which state are you calling home now? I've gotten so confused!

The bulbs are pushing up here, too. This is especially strange because the bulbs outside are further along than the paperwhites that I'm forcing in a pot indoors.

I'm thinking of going to Seattle before the end of the month. With all this crazy weather, this idea is sounding more insane every day!
self absorbed pity party ahead, feel free to skip over!/
Rose...the answer to that is to fill pop bottles with hot water and float them in the tank...obviously won't work once the hot water tank empties, but until then...My birds, the gecko, and the Glider all need temperatures above 65 degrees. So we had to cover the bird cage with a blanket, the gecko got a hot water bottle, and the glider got to ride around in a pouch under my shirt.

I'm getting big time cabin fever now! Unfortunatly, the storm warning has been extended into Monday, so I am guessing we will be off tuesday as well. The temperatures are not supposed to get above freezing at all this week! It got warm enough to melt some ice today between storms, so the roads are really going to be a mess later!

I think what really sucks, is that we aren't even getting things done that we should....I'm afraid to do laundry because I don't want the power to go out in the middle of a cycle./end rant
Hugs to all. Weather is crazy everywhere, hey. I am in the middle of a non-event summer. I don't like the sound of those ice storms, but if it means I would get to carry a glider in my pocket....

KVETCH = MOVING + PMS!!!!!!!!!! I am Ellen's pulsating forehead vein.

Antikvetch = dreaming of travel... Tesao, I have been to budapest and istanbul. Budapest is pretty cool - a lovely city on the Danube with interesting culture and architechture, but I liked Istanbul better - it depends what you're after. I am really interested in history and cultures and religions, so Istanbul was all about that, being the city which is said to span the West and the East! I would love to go to Marrakech... I would love to have any destination on the horizon.....
(((pixie))) it's just starting to hit here. i've been thinking about your pets and you all this weekend. i can't imagine ice storms are terribly common by you, and to be on your third or fourth day of this ... ugh. i hope you all stay warm!

i hear istanbul is great. But tesao, you're such a force of nature, you two could go anywhere and have a great time.

i am now on page 346, thank you very much! I caught some big errors (easily fixable but big nonetheless) during my post-bust editing last night, so I'm glad I stayed up late to get ahead.

~~job vibes for those in need~~

and I'm counting myself among that too (is it okay to vibe yourself?) I put in for yet another promotion at work; we'll see if this one happens or not. it wouldn't even be that much more money but it'd be much more interesting than what i'm doing now. I've also applied for six jobs at various publishers around here. I keep waiting for someone to call and it keeps not happening.

i have tomorrow off, and so happy that i do. I need to be more realistic about how I spend my free time. Making extra money from editing is great, but taking three assignments, all rather large, and having them all due in a two week period was not a genius move on my part. I need to have some fun!
I'm back..feeling a bit better! We finally got stir crazy enough to go outside and chizel 3 inches of ice off Mr. Pixie's car so we could go get some mexican for dinner! Thankfully teh frightening Oklahoma drivers (who have trouble if it starts to sprinkle) were all at home so the roads, though slick were empty and we had no problem getting to the restraunt. It felt so great just to be out of the house...of course we came home to another power outage, but they got it fixed realitively quick this time. They said on the news like 144k people here are without power and it could take 3 to 4 days to get everyone restored for good! Thankfully we are on the same grid as a school, so we get priority!

Anyway, I just wanted to vibe everyone since I didn't earlier!

~*~*~*~warmth for the other midwestern Busties in the ice storm~*~**~

~$~$$~$~$$~job vibes~$~$~$$$~$$

~**~*~*~*pregnancy vibes~*~**~**~*

!@#!$$!%!&&!moving vibes~!!~@#~$~$%^

lotsa love to :Rose, Mornington, Bunny, Yuefie, Sidecar, Tes, Amilita, mando, PnP, Dm, Sybrite, Q Spice, Mavin, and teh whole kvetchie gang!
I lurked yesterday, but didn't have time to post. Not that I have a whole lot of time right now to post, either...

My vote is for Marrakech (sp?), Tesao, but like Sidecar said, anywhere you go you're going to have a good time.

I'm in serious need of a vacation to someplace warm and tropical. Cue Simon LeBon singing "Rio"!
Happy Monday, peeps!

~$~$~$~ promotion vibes for SideCar~$~$~$~ Page 346? How long is this thing?!

~~~~~~ more vibes of warmth for the Midwest ~~~~~~ Hope you are holding up okay, Pixie. And good luck to you, too, SideCar! It is pretty common to get one ice storm a year in Oklahoma, but this thing has been like 3 storms in one! Tulsa had sleet & freezing rain on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. Madness! Reminds me of the storms when I was a kid & we would go without power for 5 to 7 days.

I spoke to SmokeBoy yesterday & he hasn't left the house since Thursday (Ice + broken wrist = no driving). My brother, R, got stuck out in it on Saturday & it took him a loooooong time to get home, but he was proud to say that he did not spin out at all. As for my parents, last night was Mom's last shift at the hospital until next weekend, so she'll be trying to drive home this morning. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that there is no power out at their house.

Thinking about all of this ice certainly makes me long for exotic vacations! And all of this talk of traveling doesn't help. However, it looks like I am headed towards colder climes; I'm going to buy tickets to Seattle today. It isn't Rio, but the BestPals are there & that's all that matters. smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: Aunt Flow as left! The crotch carnage is over!!!
I now have a visual of Simon Le Bon leaning off the side of his huge white yacht to the strains of 'Rio'...

Fingers crossed you hear from the best of your potential employers sidecar!

Bloody hell, holy mad weather batman! WTF is going over there? I hope everyone affected by the ice and storms is nice and warm with working cable and a lot of good food to hand.

Tesao, have you considered dubrovnik/croatia or even montenegro? I went to dubrovnik last year and loved it: such a gorgeous city, with lots of lovely outdoor cafes/restaurants and beaches nearby. 'Twas very touristy though; I hear good things about montenegro: even better beaches and far less punters!

Saying that, the mister was in istanbul last year and really liked it.

Had a lovely weekend but no sleep last night due to the mister's operatic performance during the wee hours. Tossing, turning, muttering and snoring. I love him but I feel like my head is full of rocks today. But an oddly (for me) intense bout of PMS is beginning to ebb away. I was feeling psychotic on Friday!
**vibes to all the cold and seeking employment**

We got a bunch of snow here. It looks like Winter! I felt pukey this morning, so I called in from work. I feel bad, but that's just bc the pharmacist who answered the phone is a jerk and was like, we figured you'd call in. You're the furthest away. Well, ptoo on him. I should've gone in and puked on him!

Anywho, Ze Love and Mavacado are here and I have tomorrow off with them, too. A nice, snuggly 4-day weekend! Woohoo! Just wish I didn't feel so guilty. I feel better now. I should be at work. Sigh.
(((pixiefam)) & (((rosefam))) & all others being adversely affected by nasty weather. yikes.

i feel guilty for wallowing in my own pity party about our past three days of fog/rain & drizzle. I’m such a brat. but I had a very meh borderline depressive weekend, and am in sore need of sunshine & blue skies.

Lol @ “I should've gone in and puked on him!” & “crotch carnage” & “I am Ellen's pulsating forehead vein.” Not, however, making light of your sitch’s.

sidecar gets the puritan work ethic supercape. I’m tired just thinking about all the work you’ve been doing!

(((amilita))) too scary! Keep us posted. and good for you for marching last week. you're my hero.

(((mornington))) you’re not overacting, tho i doubt it's anything serious. I hope you get an answer this week, so you can rest easier.

(((yuefie))) ouch. that hurt just reading about. hope cuz is doing better.

(((bunny’s pal))) all parts crossed all goes well.

tesao, i like the "class on myself" idea – thanks for that. i actually have homework, she wants me to keep a journal ... practise turning negative thoughts into positives, or something along those lines. i'm not quite sure, actually, and not really up to it. taking a break this week ... looking forward to not having to deal with the Thursday “dread”. or writing that check.

kvetch: have yet to hear back from nice GP doc, regarding weaning/switching meds. It’s probably because it’s a holiday weekend. But now I’m paranoid that she thinks I’m High-maintenance/Annoying Email Patient.

kvetch: working on a holiday.
antikvetch: regular plus holiday pay. which doesn't suck.
((((((((Mandi)))))))) Fog, rain, and drizzle make up a recipe for depression. Hope you see the sun soon.

Up-date: The power is out in my parents' neighborhood. The neighbor has plenty of firewood, so he's keeping the pets warm. But Dad is staying at the hotel that is next to his work and Mom is now staying with her best friend (who lives 1/2 a mile from where Mom works). So they're all safe, but Mom is worried about the water pipes freezing in the house while they're gone. She says this storm reminds her of the one that hit about 10 years ago when my grandparents were living out by the lake. During that storm, the ice was so bad & it stayed so cold that many people in rural areas were stranded for weeks. They actually had helicopters drop food for people living in my grandparents' area. I don't think it'll be quite that bad this time, but according to the weather reports I've seen, Tulsa won't see the other side of 32F until Thursday or Friday.

Meanwhile, it's 70F in my neighborhood. Wish I could blow some of this heat out west!
(((Sunshine and good weather and healthy tits for all)))

Tes, we count too, if you're giving us the report.

We've had freezing rain this morning. I'm not sure whether to wish for sunny skies or a snow day, except that we have a meeting tonight and Mr. Dusty has three more episodes of Deadwood to watch before the DVD goes back tomorrow.
(((Rosefam))) Thankfully our electricity has stayed on since last night! *knock on wood* I actually got brave enough to do laundry today. But no schools are opened tomorrow, so that means I'll have another day off..whoo hoo!

And I am proud to say that I FINALLY got the Christmas decorations and the closet sorted out today! Depressing that it took me that long. But It's done now. Mr. Pixie can stop stubbing his toe.

Thinking of everyone with the cold and ice! Yuck. I'm not sure if things got up into St. Louis near my family. Keep safe and warm, all of you!

Gotta work tonight and tomorrow...and we have an opening on Saturday, so later in the week, I've gotta do all the stuff to get ready for that. And let's just say that this has been, by far, the least fun art show experience I've ever had. Actually, the only unfun experience. And we haven't even opened. *sigh* Not so excited about anything this week.
IPB Image

Sunshine and blue skies for Mando and every Kvetchie wanting some.

Scary ass weather (((pixie))) and (((rose's fam)))

"healthy tits for all" - hell yeah!

I'm bursting to tell you who is pregnant but I promised.

Wonderful weekend but jonesing for the boy Jones already.

Saw The Last King of Scotland yesterday and it is such an amazing film.

Tes, never been to any of those places but I think wherever you are, you'll be happy as you'll be with Mr HB.

I finished the book proper at 4:30 (and it was 430 pages. Synergy!) and was done with my final look-through by 6:30, all while watching the extras and a couple audio commentaries for the Dr. Who Series 1 DVD. Oh, and dealing with my uncharacteristically annoying dog, who did not want to go to the bathroom in the snow, but insisted on trying at least four times in one hour, and then further ingrained herself by stealing half a sandwich out of my hand while I was on the phone with a recruiter. (I was eating lunch when I answered the phone, thinking it was Martini, so I didn't put my sandwich down.)

Things went nowhere with the recruiter; the pay and responsibilities were beyond right for me but they admitted that they expected most people to work 55 or 60 hour weeks, and I just can't agree to that. Still, it was nice to have someone see my resume and think of me!

I am definitely giving myself a break after this. Strangely, I had a really good idea for a novel based on something I discovered while editing this book (which was a list of songs for children) and will probably spend the next couple weeks doing research while I get started.

~~~warm up vibes for the okies~~~
~~~get through it vibes for amilita~~~
(((hugs for mando and bunny))) lots of blue skies heading your way!
((mornington)) i'm sure it's nothing; i hope it gets settled soon.

ok. i've killin' time today. i need to make it fast.


need some major good luck vibeage for tomorrow. i have my first internship interview. i hope i can sleep. i need to look purty tomorrow. it is snowing here, which is nice. but, a little harsh. the ice storm woke me up the other night. ice and snow...what a mix!

i will let everyone know how tomorrow goes!

sunshine and lots of hugs to everyone!
*~*~*~interview/promotion vibes to Stargazer and Sidecar*~*~*~

Kvetch: I just got back in my house after being locked out. Le Boy and I went out to walk the dog around 10:30, and each of us assumed the other had keys. Ummm, no. Neither of us had them. We were locked out of both our condo and the building, so we figured that we would see if any of our neighbors came or went so we could at least get in the building. After 15 minutes or so, no one came. It's about 20 degrees F, and the dog was shivering, so we came up with a plan- I sent Le Boy to the motel around the corner to use their phone to call my parents. About 20 minutes later my dad showed up (with a warm car! The dog was so happy!) and we went back to their house and called a locksmith. We met the locksmith back at our place and we finally found a neighbor to open the main door. Then the locksmith opened our unit door. $165 later we were back home. We'll never forget our keys again. Plus, the locksmith now has the number off our door key, so he can re-create the key using a machine in his truck. We need to get some extra keys made anyway so we can just keep them at my parents.

Anti-kvetch: went to dinner with Best Gal Pal and her husband for some verrrry good Italian food for a restaurant we had a gift card to. Had Osso Buco. And Bananas Foster.

Off to sleep, warm and snuggly under the down comforter!
****job vibes for sidecar and stargazer****

((((polly)))) I live in fear of that happening.

****warm up everyone****

((((mando)))) acos. that kind of weather is just depressing, though. it's like that here and it just brings me down

((((bunny, yuefie, raisin, sixe, sassy, pixie, rose, mavin, tes, bunny, amilita, anoushh, everyone))))

i'm on my lunch break. thinking of extending it to have lunch with Girlies 1 & 2.

antikvetch: the world's sweetest email from F.

~!~!~!~ internship interview vibes for Stargazer ~!~!~!~

((((((Polly)))))))) What a nightmare! So glad your parents were able to help you, though.

I've never eaten osso buco, but I was thinking of making it sometime. It just sounds like something I'd like.

Sidcar, congrats on getting the project done! And best of luck on the book. I'm intrigued by the idea. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Bunny, I think we can safely guess that I am not the Mystery Pregnant Person. I bet it isn't Stargazer, either. wink.gif How are your hands feeling?

And Mornington, how are the boobies doing?

Sassy, when do you get to move into your new place?

Pixie, how are you holding up in the cold? Are things starting to look better out your way?

Where is Yuefie?

((((((love for Mandi)))))))

Dusty, what happened with the weather?

~smile.gif~smile.gif~ happy art show vibes for Amilita ~smile.gif~smile.gif~ Even if these vibes don't work, at least it'll be over soon, right? [shrug]

(((((((((( all of you ))))))))))))

Well gang, another weekend is coming up and, yet again, Sheff & I are throwing a little dinner party. It's all part of our evil plan, you see. I lure them in with a home-cooked meal and then they have to stick around and play card games - specifically, whatever card game Sheff has recently invented. Luckily, these people enjoy trying out Sheff's new games, so it's all good! Plus I get to cook lots of nice food & don't have to worry about tons of leftovers. It's a win-win!

And I'm going to Seattle. I leave in a little over a week. I am insane, aren't I. Oh well! At least I get to be with BestGuyPal for his birthday. Guess I better buy him a present now! Eep!
me me me kvetch, sorry.

fucking receptionist at the doctor. told me my appointment was for three, but in fact made it for two. so i still have aching boob and no idea why. oh, and the receptionist on duty couldn't make me an appointment for tomorrow, so i have to ring up at eight fucking thirty in the morning and hope to get one.

disclaimer: it is NOT a BUSTie who is pregnant, someone IRL who I am very excited and hopeful for and who will more or less make me a real auntie smile.gif.

Seattle sounds like fun, rose! Can you visit Seattle Grace hospital for me and swoon?

Sidecar's new venture has me intrugued and excited too; it sounds as if it is going to be a fun, challenging and enriching experience.

~*~*~*~get that internship star!!!~*~*~*~*

Hee, I'm modelling for friend (and gay hairdresser) Lord Farquhar again in couple of weeks and he's aging me 10, 20 and 30 years! should be a hoot.

*GASP* I LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO SEATTLE!!! I will have a busty near me???? AND that busty will be ROSE???? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

A baby was born from an embryo saved from a flooded clinic in New Orleans during Katrina; a positive and heartwarming story. The baby was named Noah, as in Noah of the ark.
Color me jealous Rose! I wanna go back to Seattle so badly! I still have friends in the area. You have to go to Pikes Place for me! You will LOVE it! And yes, Seattle in January...probably crazy!

The storms are over now...we are just waiting for the ice to melt enough to go back to work. When we dug Mr. Pixie's car out last night is had close to 3 inches of solid ice, all over it! You should have seen me out there with a butter knife chizeling ice off! Someone told me yesterday that the roads were fine...but totalled their car this morning, so I think I will continue staying home until I have to go back to work!

~$~*~$*intern vibes for Stargazer~!*~!*

PnP..when you say you live "next to " Seattle, where do you mean? I used to live in Wenatchee.

Bunny, congrats on your mystery preggo!

*~*~*~*~comfy boob vibes for Mornington~*~***~
I live in Bremerton. I will soon be commuting to Seattle for my new job.

and yes, its crazy right now, with the snow and the hills and the tards that live here. Two inches of snow and people lose their f-ing minds.
No should see Oklahoma drivers when they see snow! At least people in Washington are used to seeing it! I was only 17 when I lived there so I learned to drive on snow packed roads....the people here scare the piss out of me!
Have you ever been to Leavenworth? I used to hang out there almost every weekend. I doubt Rose can get there in January, cause it's a ways down Stephans pass...but I loved it! It was like Octoberfest every freaking day!

~~~good luck, safe travel, feel better, happy healthy preggo's & non sore boobage for all who need it~~~

~~~~~blue skies & sunshine for all~~~~~

I wanna go to Seattle! I wanna go to Pikes Place!

I'm around, mostly lurking rose. It's a little difficult to type with my owie finger. boo on being a giant klutz!

oh good lawd don't get me started on San Diego drivers. a mere sprinkle causes five car pile-up's. I can't imagine what would happen if it actually snowed here. man this artic front is really screwing with everyone! my bff shannon called me squealing the other morning 'cause she woke and up and looked out her window to see a blanket if white. it's not like it's never snowed where she lives but it is a once in a blue moon type thing and they usually know it's coming. It has been strangely cold for S.D. too. when I took Sashie out to potty early am, there was a sheet of ice on the lawn blink.gif here that is a rarity. but there's no global warming or anything. no, not at all. damn tree hugging hippies tongue.gif

The unofficial city motto of Chicago is "If you can't break at least six rules while driving, you shouldn't be behind the wheel." Seriously? Worst. Drivers. Ever. I'm definitely one of them, too.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I have a basic idea and plot, but I need to do some research first, on a couple time periods and music related to them specifically, as well as children's music in general. I'm actually excited to get started on this, which I haven't been about anything in awhile.

Polly, I've locked myself out of the house so many times with the dog in tow that I finally gave an extra set of keys to my neighbor and two other friends, both of whom live a couple blocks away.

~~go stargazer go~~
((mornington)) what a fucking drag. I hope you can get in.
I have a comfy couch, yuefie. You can stay with me.
I think everyone should hop in their cars next week & head out to Seattle. It would be keen!

PNP, we will have to work on getting together! I think I'll be staying within a couple of miles of Pike's Place Market, but I'm not exactly sure where (I'm camping out on the BestPal's couch). If there are any must-see places you could recommend to us, I'd appreciate it!

I'm just so excited that I'll finally get to see my best friends and my god cats. It's been 9 whole months since I've seen them!

I reallyreallyreally need to go shopping for ingredients for Sheff's fruit cake. Fingers crossed that I can find candied citrus peel!
Apologies to anyone who was offended by my post about the embryo. I only read it as an uplifting story and really didn't think of the fact that embryos were saved when people were left to die sad.gif.
I will come up to Seattle!! smile.gif

Kvetch: I got my period at work today, and almost had a seizure.... and cramps.... ugh.

Anti-kvetch: My roommate picked me up from work so I didn't have to walk home in the cold.

Anti-kvetch: The best friend met Mcgeek this weekend, and they got along.

Whoa, Kvetchies, is there something going on in the universe? I swear, I was just writing to one of my friends in Seattle.

Kisses for Yuefie's mangled finger.

I think that residents of every city like to complain brag about the bad drivers. Civic pride, yo.

I have some potential news, but it's in white for those that get jealous easily:

I'm trying to plan a trip to the Caribbean next month.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Heh. Exact place is yet to be determined.
sassy, you're welcome too!
....and my company is having its winter conference there this week!
I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone!

I'm surprised that after finally getting a huge amount of snow and ice, I actually didn't have much trouble getting to school today. However, one of my locks was frozen shut so that sucked.

kvetch: I showed up at school for 9 only to find out that our teacher wasn't there and we wouldn't be having class till 1 in the afternoon.

anti-kvetch: I have finally finished the process of applying to my dream university and now all I have to do is wait and hope for the best.

good day to all!
I get to move into my new place Feb 3rd, but I can move some stuff in the week before...
((((kvetchies)))) I hope everyone is safe and keeping warm.

unsure.gif Can I please ask for some emegency vibes for my cousin Art. He's developed severe colitis, his temperature has been peaking at 104, he is still on the ventilator, his lungs have not really improved much and things are just not looking good for him.

*~*~*healing vibes for yuefie's cousin Art & yuefie's wittle finger*~*~*

HI, PnP!!! *waves frantically*

i've always have wanted to go to seattle. someday. now, i have a list of wanting to visit Busties across the country and UK. smile.gif

*~*sending out good job promotion vibes for sidecar*~*

rose~have fun in seattle with bestguypal! are you feeling better?

sassy~Yeah for apartment!! You will have to send me your new mailing address...I think I'm gonna send you something in the mail to your new place.

polly~that sucks. my friend and i exchanged keys to help each other out. it was so cold out too!

so, i had my interview today. it was very interesting. the site involves their current interns in the interview process. i sat with a current intern and psychologist. hard to gauge how the interview went. at one point, the psychologist was talking about the golden globes. don't know how i came across. i can tell they are looking for a good personality fit. we'll see. i'm pooped as i was running all day. my interview was at 1130am. i got up early to have a good breakfast. went straight to my ND appointment. then, to pick up my mom from her job. we then went to Lush and Kiehl's for beauty stuff, which leads me too...

antikvetch~i'm hooked. i love lush. seriously. i got so many goodies. *drool*

antikvetch2~the makeup i bought worked great. really covered up my acne well. cool.

kvetch~i get kinda neurotic when i leave to go out of town. i like to leave with my place clean for some reason. lots to do tomorrow. i leave thursday morning.

(((mavin, tes, dusty, deisgnermedusa, PnP, raisingrl, mando, amilita, annoushh, mornington & her animals, candycane_grl, and other kvetchies)))
~*~*~*vibes to Yuefie and her cousin~*~*~*

And Anthony Bourdain last night was about Portland & Seattle, so I'm wishing I could go there. It looks so cool. The 14-year-old in me wants to go lay flowers by Cobain's old house.

Unfortunately, I don't know any of my neighbors well enough to give them a set of my keys. Le Boy's brother lives less than 2 miles away, so we could give him keys in addition to my parents and if they weren't home, we could walk to his brother's. We didn't call on them last night because they're early-birds with little kids and we didn't want to wake them up.

~*~*~*continued job vibes to Stargazer & Sidecar~*~*~*

((hugs to all))
~~~get that promotion~~~ (((sidecar)))

~~~get that job~~~ (((stargazer)))

yay for your new aptartment sassy! ~~~easy move~~~

yay for tropical vackay plans raisin!

~~~~more blue skies and warmth for all~~~~


ugh polly on the being locked out. I've done it but my poor sister has made a habit of it. the good thing is that now I am a 5 minute drive instead of a 50 minute drive away, so she keeps a spare set here.

thanks for all the vibes and kisses for my mangled finger, it's still very sore. and super duper thanks for extra vibes my my cousin. I believe that bustie vibes are indeed magikal and he sure can use as many as possible. The doctors will not allow anyone to visit except his mom and girlfriend and only for ten minutes. And they have to wear gowns, goves, masks, etc, the whole nine because they are worried about any other bacteria or whatever being passed to him. They've begun giving him another type of antibiotic, one of the big guns. Poor baby, he's been so heavily sedated that he hasn't been awake enough to know it was his birthday. I know he has a strong spirit and is fighting this but it' so touch and go which is scary. And those 104 fevers are not to be taken lightly.

I did get a ray of sunshine in all of this, which is part of the reason I am up at 2 am. My sis and I managed to track down my mom's best friend Cathy. We lost touch a few months after my mom passed away and have been looking for her since. Last night it suddenly occured to me to look up her kids names on MySpace. Sure enough I found the profiles of her boys and told my sis about it. She immediately sent a message to one of them. Sure as shit, Cathy called tonight and we were on the phone on a three way call for hours catching up. She said she had been trying to find us too but had no luck. Turns out she lives in the next town over from us. She's coming over tomorrow night, squeeeee! I adore her, she's so hilarious and had me in stitches on the phone. I absolutely cannot wait to see her!!

~*~*~*~*~* super-duper-healing vibes for Yuefie's cousin, Art ~*~*~*~*~*
~~~~~ soothing for Yuefie's finger, too ~~~~~
Glad to hear you got in touch with your mom's best friend. Hope you have a good time together!

~~~~~~~ warming vibes for all the frozen folks ~~~~~~~
Yesterday morning BGP awoke to find a surprise layer of snow. And this morning, a friend of mine in Dallas called to say that they got some surprise snow, too! Could my are be next? It's already below freezing here. Hmmmm!

Raisin, what an exciting trip! Yay!

Stargazer, thanks for asking! I am feeling much better now.
~$~$~$~$~ more job/internship vibes for SG ~$~$~$~$~

~!~!~!~ dream-university-acceptance vibes for CCGirl ~!~!~!~

It's strange how much Seattle stuff I've seen in the media lately. There was a show on the Food Network that was all about eating in the Seattle area. And then I saw the Anthony Bourdain show the other night. It is as though there's this Seattle vibe in the air! Creepy! But I mainly decided to go because I found a good ticket price ($200 round trip!) and because BestGalPal has a week off work. smile.gif

Sidecar, what days will you be in Seattle? I arrive in one week (next Thursday morning). Any chance you'll still be around?

And Sassy, aren't you in the southeast now? I was thinking that you were in the Georgia/South Carolina area. That would be quite a drive for you!
~~~~~~~~ soothing for Sassy ~~~~~~~~

Kvetch: Where the hell can I get my hands on some currants in this damn town?!?!? And candied orange peel?!?! Ugh! Making fruitcake in Janurary is proving to be a major pain in my ass. Guess I'm going to have to alter my recipe a bit.
Eeeeeeee!!! raisingirl!! How fun and exciting! When we were throwing around the idea of actually eloping somewhere I was looking up locales there and it looks soooo beautiful.

(((yuefie and cousin))) Little by little, yes? Much vibeage

Oooh, Seattle...I've been itching to get a look at the Pacific Northwest for a while now. As much as I like NYC, I'm really missing being able to have a garden, animals, camping and taking a hike without massive amounts of train transport. But I also love public transit. Sigh. Why won't someone just give me tons of money without strings so I can live in both the city and country? Hmmm??? wink.gif Oooh, BUSTie commune, anyone? I offer excellent cooking, sewing and gardening skills.

Have fun, rose!

polly, I have locked myself out countless times, be it the apartment or the car. It's really embarrassing. Fortunately, our security door is on a keypad, so I was able to get in the building, then sit on the stairs until Mr.Luci came home to let me and the groceries inside. Sigh.

All this travel talk makes me want to go somewhere.

Stupid employer has yet to give me my direct deposit forms, so I can't actually work because I won't get paid. Grrrr. I am bored and depressed and unable to actually engage in any of my hobbies, despite all the time I have, because they are expensive and I don't have the cash.

Anti-kvetch - there may be someone in Mr.Luci's office interested in buying the car. Ahh, the car, which, all told, costs $500 a month and does nothing but take up a space in a lot 20 miles away. Freaking car.

~~yuefie's cousin~~

Oh, rose, I realize I was being totally stupid. My company *is* going to Seattle, but I am one of the few who has to stay here (crud). Today is a lot of people's last day in the office 'til next week. I'm pretty excited about that, actually. I have some administrative things to catch up on while it's quiet, so that'll be nice.

re: the neighbors -- well, I live in a six-unit building, so we can't help all being friendly! It makes it a lot easier than a few years ago, when hardly anyone was friendly, but then we had 80 percent turnover. I think the woman who lives next to me will probably sell over the summer; her kid will be starting school next year and she'll either be in Rogers Park or Wicker Park, both of which are not super-convenient to where we live (well RP isn't so bad, but she wants to live near school). And then I'll have to find someone else to save my ass when I get locked out.

Anyway. I should probably get some work done. Raisin, I hope you go the calm blue waters!
Vibes for (((Art))) and (((Yuefie)))

(((Sympathy for Mornington))) Years and years ago, I was scheduled to see a surgeon to check out a lump in my breast. I think I was booked in for an appointment two weeks ahead, and I didn't think I could wait that long to find out if I had cancer. One week later (and one week before my scheduled appointment), I was lying around at home and I heard this totally patronizing voice on my answering machine saying I hadn't shown up for my scheduled appointment. I didn't know whether to cry or get angry. I was probably a tad snippy when I called back and she did apologize, but it was heartbreaking to think I could have got it over with a week earlier.

(((Yuefie's cousin)))

We got a wee bit of snow here but it was mixed with rain so I don't think it'll stay. Our flat is absolutely frigid so last night I had to basically beg Finaman to call the people about insulation. We can get a grant that will cover almost all of it, but he just won't freaking call them already to make it happen. I NEED 10 inches of the good stuff in the ceiling asap.

In other news Finaman's sister (who is my age) is just about to pay off her mortgage after just 8 or 9 years. While I am happy for them and know it came at enormous emotional cost I am also seethingly envious. I want a money fairy. And a house-elf who is good with paint.
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