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I'm the financial freak-out here, sidecar. Probably because I'm the one who deals with the bills, our joint account, plus my own account. Le Boy just thinks everything gets paid on time (ha! We've never had anything shut off, but I'm sure we've come close) and we have money to go out for sushi or Thai or whatever and he can buy a videogame whenever he wants.....I'm the voice of reason in the house.

Well, this is the irony of it: he also pretty much just buys himself whatever and doesn't think about how day-to-day expenditures factor in. But if I, for example, want to take a portion of our savings account to pay the balance on our credit card, I have to spend a month talking him into it, because "OMG, our savings!" Not realizing, of course, we're actually saving a lot more money by not carrying a balance. He does pay a lot of the bills, just because they're in his name and come automatically out of our accounts. Without going into specifics, he has a certain fixed dollar amount that our accounts should never go under, and when they do, he kinda freaks out, even if they're for good or necessary things. But at the same time, he doesn't think twice about how much he spends on books or comic books.

(((polly))) that's great news about your hearing! What a relief!
Hooray, Polly! What a relief!!!

Pixie, sometimes it's nice to end a birthday quietly. I rang in my 30th birthday by watching a Formula 1 race & crocheting an afghan. Nothing fancy. The 30th birthday can be kinda stressful, though. Turning 31 is MUCH better! Guess you'll get to find that out before the year is out, right? smile.gif

I am definitely the one that freaks out about money. Mom says that I inherited it from my grandmother and I definitely believe it. It's silly in a way because we're really doing okay, but I freak out anyway! Every once in a while I go off the deep end and I ramble to Sheff about how we need to buy a home & pay off my car & plan for retirement and how the hell are we possibly going to stay off the streets in our elderly years because there's a very good chance that I'm going to survive to see 100 and I don't want to die alone & naked in an alley!!!!!! Poor Sheff patiently sits there until I get it all out. Then he reminds me of the responsible things we've done with our finances and just basicly says "It's all gonna be okay." Then I take a deeeeeep breath & calm down. At least, until the next month when I flip out again. rolleyes.gif

As for the telescope, I definitely think we'll get one. But Sheff has learned that I freak out much less about major purchases like this when we take the time to research our options. So he has spent many hours on the internet, reading astronomy boards & telescope reviews & such. It looks like the one he wants costs just over a thousand dollars(!!!). But it has the features that both of us like & a guy who lives in our area owns one & has taken some amazing photos with it. So I think that maybe possibly we'll go ahead & get it so that Sheff can have it in time for his birthday next month.

And speaking of his birthday, I'll tell you all what I'm hoping to get for him, but I'll post it in white so that Sheff can easily avoid seeing it. wink.gif

I am going to buy him a star! Seriously! You can register a star in a person's name through the International Star Registry. They send you a star chart & the star's coordinates so that you can find it yourself. Can you imagine how much fun it will be for us to look up his star on his telescope?! The only problem is I'll never be able to come up with something this romantic ever again, but it's worth it.
Bunny, I'm never eating polenta again if I can help it, and am certainly not serving it to my friends on Burns Night! What a faff that was! Will def. get the caboc, and the company that makes that has a couple of other cheese that look interesting too. I also have a chili cheese from the farmer's market and I hope to find a Scottish blue from the fancy deli in Perth. So the cheese board will be rockin'!

I thought I might still have a crush on the Faceman but I hate the baseball cap with the 'B' he's always wearing, so I think I'm over it. He must be covering up some hairline recession.

We finally went to see Borat last night so tonight it's serious painting time... I did some of the tester pots on the living room walls and holy fuck is it ever going to be dark green in there! Um.

I'm not saying nothing about the money talk because the only way I can wrap my head around continuing loan payments, wedding saving and no pension planning is firm denial.
LOL...Sidecar...that is exactly how Mr. Pixie is! He can seriously freak sometimes if we don't have at least $200 a week left over from bills for food and gas, but at the same time, he's always stopping at the game shop to pick up this or that, and nickle and dimeing us to death! He was whining that Christmas was tighter this year than last, until I pointed out all the gifts to himself that he had been buying all year long!
Me, I don't usually freak until we can't pay a bill, or when he gets into a nickle and dimeing phase!

I'd also classify us as having an Arbor Mist budget. it's better than Beer, but not quite up to white wine yet!

Rose...I was seriously cursing you a few minutes ago trying to figure out how to read the "white " portion of your post!

Kvetch: my company is changing insurance plans, now this pregnancy is going to cost a lot more than we previously expected.
Antikvetch: It's still seriously better than what I paid when I had minipixie!
QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jan 10 2007, 02:33 PM) *

He was whining that Christmas was tighter this year than last, until I pointed out all the gifts to himself that he had been buying all year long!

So true, Pixie!

And I think your idea is excellent Rose.
Well, after a bit of research, I've changed my mind about Sheff's b-day present. Click here to see why. Oh well. At least I have other ideas.

Kvetch: I just remembered something that I REALLY need to do! Eep!
qspice- i am starting over. i am taking a couple classes at a tech school then transferring into a pre-pharmacy program. then, eventually, i go to pharmacy school! whee!

pixie- *squee* i love hearing you talk about being pregnant. makes me smile. :-) boo to the insurance plan changes

polystyrene- yay about the hearing! and a purple couch sounds awesome! yay! (i was giddy when i got my bright red one)

rose- a telescope sounds like a good investment. and you can show us the pics! i am a space geek... please share.... and boo to the idea being quashed. it was a nice thought tho.

i am sleepy. but i have cadbury creme eggs (heaven!!) and i ordered ze mavacado's bday cake tonight. it will be curious george, whom she adores. yay!

kvetch: m-i-l comes tomorrow eve. so i should clean...
((mavin)) Yay for crème eggs and ordering the birthday cake.

((pixie)) Sorry about the insurance changes.

((fina)) Have fun painting. When Twin DM and I owned our townhouse we always wanted to paint, but were too lazy.

((polly)) Glad the unemployment thing worked out.

((rose)) I can understand your hesitation on the telescope. I always want Mr. DM to have everything he wants, but it’s not always possible.

((bunny)) Yay for seeing the boy soon, and eating yummy food.

((luci)) Congrats on the assistant gig.

((sassy)) Boo to the migraine, but congrats on the apartment.

((yuefie)) Get some rest.

((syb)) It’s hard to pass up a clothing sale.

((raisin)) Yay for a good day.

((raisin sis))



About finances I am the worrier. I take care of all the finances, and pay all the bills. Even when Mr. DM is working I take care of the bills. He wants to take more on especially when he gets a job. I always think we should not spend, and when I shop I feel like I shouldn’t have.

Mr. DM has been down lately because he doesn’t currently have a job. His seasonal job ended in December. I’m trying to be supportive, and I feel so bad for him.

I found out today that my grandfather has terminal cancer, but we don’t know what kind of cancer. I’m not close with him, but I know it’s going to be very hard for Mom DM.

tes-yeah, i lurked yesterday, but not up to posting. lazy me.

polly- yeah! i'm so glad things worked out in your favor. omg! you don't have heat! blink.gif it is cold here! *~*gives polly heating pad*~*

bunnyb-take all of the time you need to get better. seriously. i'm glad i took an extra month and a half. i'm going back to work in 2 weeks. i'm excited and nervous (2 words i've been using alot lately) 'cause i know everyone is gonna ask what happened to me. but, i ain't gonna lie. it will be getting over the initial part. i hope you are feeling better

kvetchies & SOs with money-yeah, one thing i don't miss about being in a relationship. i was in charge of paying the bills with my ex. good times. *insert sarcasm*

kvetch: i've have been SOOOOO lazy. really. it is unreal.

kvetch2: today i was feeling blue. lonely. cried. took a long nap. blah.

antikvetch: i am obsesses with sweet potatoes and avocados. really. i've been living off of that for the past 2 weeks. and wheat free gluten free bread. oh, and i had the bestest strawberries from trader joe's. i'm obsessed with trader joe's too.

(((fina, mavin, qspice, polly, sidecar, rose, pixie, tes, designermedusa, dusty, mornington, bunnyb, yuefie, raisingrl, amilita, annoush, and other kvetchies)))
I called the maintenance guy and now it's nice and toasty. Maybe a little too toasty....could be the shepherd's pie, too, though. That stuff sticks to your bones. Yum!

Mmm, sweet potatoes and avocados. There's a diet that's supposed to help rosacea (which I have) where you eat mostly salmon and avocados. I'd have no problem with that. There's a restaurant by my house that has a really good salad bar. They had a whole bowl of avocado wedges and I loaded up on them the last time I was there. I love them so much.
i've lurked without posting here sooooooooooooooo many times that sometimes i could SWEAR that i had actually posted!

can i just say how much having a PURPLE reclining ANYTHING seriously rocks???? wooooooooooo hoooooooooooo!!

rosiev: i see why you changed your mind. HOWEVER, that said, what is to stop you from doing it all on you own? in white: you pick the star. write up your own certificatge, using fancy fonts and fancy language, name the star after him and you or just him, or whatever. present him with the certificate and then it is still romantic and there is no expectation that it is really going to be recognized by any group -- just by the two of YOU. even more romantic, in a way!
polly, WHAT a relief! i'm so glad for you!!!

pixie, that birthday sounds perfect. it sounds a lot like mr. hotbuns and my new years eve. we had no special dinner, just cuddled and watched movies and drank bubbly all evening. didn't drink the bottle of really special champagne that he had brought for the occasion, because we were still drinking a local (south african) wine......but it was just perfect. (made me miss him all the more, because the truth is that what i miss isn't so much the fabulous fun fancy vacays that we take, it is MUCH more the day to day cuddling and just having someone you love around to share things.

this thread is making me hooooongry!! avocados, salmon, sweet potatoes, strawberries, trader joe's, shepherd's pie. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! my meusli with orange bits and bulgharian yogurt pales in comparison.

the posts about burn's day remind me that ONCE AGAIN, i am missing my burns night. BAH. so much fun, eating haggis and cheese and downing whiskey and reading poetry aloud..... sad.gif so, um, yeah. maybe mr. hotbuns will be able to go this year.....

so, i've got to go and get ready for work. not even going to go into the madness that work has been lately.....suffice it to say that congress not approving the budget has caused an uproar in the non-profit international development sector, because if that budget isn't approved, neither are our funds, and there is no guarantee that we will get approval for them....other priorities now. forget that stopping this program is guaranteeing more that 100,000 adult deaths, and another 23,000 child deaths. bah. *must not think about that now. must just do work while i can and there is money for me to*

heavy sigh.

so, i will leave you with hugs and kisses and silly silly yellow fin!!!
(((designermedusa, mom DM and grandpa DM)))

yuefie, what's the latest on your cousin and dad? loadsa 2007 stop sucking vibes your way.

stargazer, thanks. I'm ok, just having a low week. I've been lurking but not posting too.

rose, I like tes's idea.

polly, yay yay yay! and the purple couch sounds funky (in a good way).

fina, I've had polenta other times and it's actually quite nice! was weird combo.

dusty, I received your card today - thanks! I haven't been, but really should as such a pretty place.

kvetch: my hands still hurt sad.gif. I'm tired of them hurting.

anti-kvetch: Seeing the boy tomorrow! I am *so* excited, it's as if I haven't seen him for ages (but then, I used to see him every day and got used to it again over the holidays). Today will be spent packing mainly! Need to decide on the books I'm taking for journey up and down and meeting boy's mum later for glass of wine (just the one, trying to cut it out to lose the weight!) as she has a birthday gift to give him so he has something to open on the day (rather than 2 days later when he's here).


Kvetch: Bleeeeeeeeding. Pardon me for not posting much at the mo'. I'm just going to sit over here & wait for the drugs to kick in. Mmmmmm ... druuuuuuuugs ... happy.gif

Thanks Tes (and Fina) for the suggestions!

And Tes, are you suggesting that there is a Burns' Night in this area? Would you be so kind as to tell me where? [batts eyelashes furiously] You can send it in a PM if you'd like.

Today I must ...
1. Buy opera tickets for me & my friend J.
2. Stop by dairy for milk
3. Buy some more groceries
4. Moan ... and not in the good way
My first Burns' night was spent being whirled around a ceildh by a skilled be-kilted dancer called Hamish, after I drank 3 vodkas. All very authentic except for the vodka.

I miss Burns night; it's such a good way to perk up January.
Sniff. I have absolutely no plans for Burn's Night sad.gif (yes, I am Scottish). The boy's flying up that night, however, so maybe we could squeeze something in. I can recite fully Burns' "My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose".
kvetch: just got a new job, that is really quite easy, but here it s the first and i think i already miss being unemployed. i talked to my ex who is leaving a good paying job cos she wants to walk and train dogs in El Lay. i guess she has the self-employed feever too. but she made it sounds so good. i want to lay around and paint. maybe it will put a fire under my butt...
welcome girltroublebutta, and congrats on the new job! i hear you on the wanting to stay home, though. but i bet it's gonna be a very good thing indeed.

*hotwaterbottle soothing for rose's tummy*

(((stargazer))) because i don't want you to cry anymore. (pssst, i've been crying all week too. probably a good thing. i hold too much inside.)

happy belated bday wishes for mr pixie! i don't even remember 30. le sigh.

so wonderfully nice to see mavin again!

(((dm))) so sorry to hear about your grampa. here's hoping he's got good docs at least. that's half the battle.

*continued healthy vibage for yuefiecousin & yuefiepapa & sashiepupper*

polly, i think i gained 3 lbs just reading that MEXICAN CHOCOLATE CAKE recipe! and woot on the asshats withdrawing their appeal!

sassy, congrats on the apt! i know how much this means to you.

sybarite: re godspell: i had a fierce crush on john the baptist ... hee ... and still love the music.

can i request some good-therapy-session vibes for today, 3:30 - 4:30 pm EST? i am in desperate need of hearing certain things, and certain decisions being made, switching meds being one of them. i'm feeling quite defeated this week. sad.gif
**designermedusa and g'pa and mom, stargazer, tes, rosiev, girltrouble, mandolyn**

I don't know what Burn's night is, but it sounds fun!

Ze Mavacado is asleep on the couch and I am eating a very good but messy orange. Mmm. Cleaning for the m-i-l and doing laundry today. Bah.

Antikvetch: my mommy has been depressed for a couple months now and finally called the dr! she is on meds and such. Yay for mommies feeling better!
Glad to hear that your mom is getting some help, MaVin. Those first steps are always the hardest.

Congrats on the job, GirlTrouble! Returning to the working world can be SOOOO tough, but once you start getting that paycheck, you'll appreciate it more.

~~~~~~ good therapy vibes for Mandi ~~~~~~

Bunny, why do your hands hurt?

((((((((((DM's mom & grandpa))))))))))

((((Stargazer)))) I think I know a little too well how you must be feeling. Just read my kvetch. sad.gif

((((((((ALL of you))))))))

Kvetch: Still feeling crappy, both physically & mentally. I found out that the opera thingy is sold out, so I hope my friend isn't pissed at me for not getting the tickets earlier. Dammit. I'm so disappointed in myself about this. I meant to buy them days ago (last Friday, actually), but it requires me to drive 45 minutes in one direction, find this place I've never been to before, and then find my way back home. And no, you can't buy the tickets over the phone or on the internet; you have to buy them in-person. And the idea of spending an hour & a half on the road & trying to find a place I've never been to just to buy these tickets ... well, it's overwhelming. Since returning to NC, just finding the energy to get dressed has been a major feat for me, so I just couldn't find the courage to do it. And who knew that opera would be so damn popular around here?!? Ugh. It doesn't help that the lady who answers the phone for this theater is BEYOND rude.

Anti-kvetch: There's a different - and better - operatic opportunity for us next week. I sent an e-mail to the friend to see if she can go. Fingers crossed tha she'll accept my apology and agree to go to this other thing, instead.

Kvetch: Sheff and I have definitely been less happy since returning to NC. We're both pouty and moody and on the brink of tears. Could we both be suffering from PMS?
rose, I mentioned the other day: I have nerve irritation in my hands caused by fluid retention which is why the doctor has told me to lose weight.

kvetch: bunnynana and her bloody passive-aggressive comments "oh my, bunny is living the life of riley" (in reference to me going to see the boy but really directed at me not working). ARRRGH.

eta: anti-kvetch: I've just hit 2000 posts smile.gif.
(((rose))) i had to laugh when you mentioned about pms. i was wondering if i was down 'cause of it too. i've been LAAAZY this past 2 weeks. my monthly bill is due to come this weekend. blah. i hear you on not wanting to get dressed or do anything. could it be the january blahs too? i hope your tummy feels better!

(((bunnyb))) yeah, to seeing the boy! did everything go ok with you getting the next 4-8 weeks off? ouch. sore hands.

(((mando))) i REALLY hope you hear good news! *cross fingers* let us know how things go.

mavin-yeah for your mom! my mom is having an aweseom year since she has been taking care of herself, i.e. losing weight and socializing more than just staying at home.

girltrouble-self employment? yeah, sounds like fun. being home has been nice. i would miss having coworkers to gossip with and hang out.

What is a Burns' night? *feels stoopid for asking*

((((tes)))) for all of the good work you do! and for the silly silly yellow fin!

kvetch: man, i feel like i am being harassed by telemarketers ever since i got a LAN line. terrible. and now on myspace, all of these emails i get asking to join marketing groups. i'm getting harassed on line and IRL.

kvetch2: i could not get any sloppier. it is unreal. *kicks butts to finish cleaning*

Burn's Supper/Night

The boy's mum and I are planning a mini supper since the boy will be here.

Yup stargazer, I'm officially off work until March smile.gif.
~~~~~everything go right for mandi~~~~~

~~~~pms be gone for all~~~~


sorry 'bout the lack of individual vibes. I'm reading and vibing for everyone, just tired. thanks for all the vibes for my family.

my cousins surgery turned out to be very extensive. we thought it was going to be a routine procedure that would be two hours tops. on the fifth hour we were all pacing and chomping at the bit for some news. it took a while for someone to come out and update us, which was frustrating. when they finally came out at midnight they told us he was in surgical ICU on a ventilator. he still is there, and stable. they are keeping him heavily sedated and on the ventilator to allow his lungs and body to rest and recuperate. none of us had any idea how much damage had occurred to his lung, not even the doctor. it was not until that had opened him up that they saw how extensive the damage was. his second and third lobes of his right lung were not even functional. they had to remove some damaged tissue but were able to save the lung completely. they said something had been attacking the tissue there for quite some time. he is so *lucky* he got sick like he did or they possibly would've not found out how much damage there was to his right lung until it was too late. at this point he is looking at an intensive and slow recovery but is expected to make a full recovery. whew. poor guy, his 26th birthday is in 3 days. and his poor girlfriend, she has been a trooper.

Went to the march against crime today...felt good to be around a lot of sympatico people and to do something, but now we gotta see if anything changes. This city...I love it, but I'm so frustrated. Thanks to all of you who thought of me when you saw news from here...

I called in to work tonight...bad me! But I need a mental health day. I finally read the email I sent out right after I escaped NOLA, and the assignment I have from my shrink is that I need to write down everything I can remember. Eep. But I've been dealing with it mostly by putting it out of my mind, and it's only so long you can go like that until it starts messing with you anyway. And that's where I am. She had a term for it, but I can't remember. I'm going to start writing tonight; I feel kind of on a roll and I want to go with it.

Anti-kvetch is that I finally started on my crazy quilt yesterday. Yay!

Love to all!

I don't have cable, but I think Anderson Cooper's show on CNN tonight at 10 east coast time is supposed to be all about New Orleans.
(((amilita))) i told you you should write about it. i wasn't thinking for therapeutic-purposes at the time, but it certainly make sense. and you're a damn good writer, too. i bet once you start, it's going to take on a life of its own. i do hope it helps, hon.

(((yuefiecuz))) poor poor kid. *healthyvibagehealthyvibagehealthyvibagehealthyvibagehealthyvibage*

bunny, yay for 2000 posts! boo hiss for booboo hands.

(((stargazer))) & (((rose))) for the vibes. it was a good session. i think. details over in the depression thread. i'm not even up to cross-posting. *heavy sigh*
BLAMMO! Drive by kvetch.

Why is it when you order a pizza with anchovies they ask if you really want them? I ordered them, didn't I, goddamn it!?! Of course I want them! I demand fishy, salty goodness!
boo on pizza order takers (my kvetch is when I order garlic butter on base along with normal pizza base and then they send pizza with no tomatoes; um no, that's bread with some food thrown on top).

complete drive-by as I'm going to be late for train if not careful (and need to order taxi as such an icky day out). I'm off to see the boy! have a lovely weekend all!

(((mando))) a'cos.

undies: purple bra with lace and ribbon straps and matching thong.
A fly-by kvetch- need to rest before my couple of hours of going to work.

((((yuefie and cousin, amilita, rose, mando, and all kvetchies)))))

Tes has informed me that Friday is undie day in this thread. Well, I told her that I would be boring, since I am a cotton kind of gal and not into frilly lingerie. She assured me that color and style count. SOOO, today- Fruit of the Loom White cotton french cut undies. Bra-less, since I'm still in my jammies. But will wear flesh-toned front hooked olga bra with "natural shaping". Ok, say it. BOOOOOORING.

Kvetch: Overdid it on Tuesday to the point where I was worthless through Wednesday. Really frustrated.
Anti-kvetch: Recovering faster from overdo's....
screaming fast fly by, at work....

this report just in: dusky blue satin underwire demi bra with mesh inserts of lighter blue bows and ribbon trim; matching mesh thong with ribbon trim and crystals.

oooooooooooh. SHINY!

You're wearing fancy underwear in Mozambique, Tes?

Black underwire and red cotton bikinis. I woke up ten minutes before I was due to leave the house. I am doing a blg clean of my bedroom and last night I was trying to get it all back in place before Mr. Dusty sees it. In my travels, I found a doodle I had done to try out some fabric crayons, so I looked around for something to transfer my doodle on to, and the only thing I could find that seemed appropriate were a pair of pale pink high waisted cotton underwear (french cut). So. One day when I have something I could actually wear with high waisted underwear, I will have some doodly draw's.

Yay for Mandi's therapy session!

Yay for Amilita and writing and crazy quilting!

(((Yuefie and fam)))
(((Mando))) Glad the session was more good than bad. Good for you.

(((Yuefie and family)))

Really nice light blue flouncy silk knickers and a boring-ass white bra.
OK, so I was gone for a long time on vacation (Hawaii!) and got back Sunday and have been busting my ass at work to catch up as well as seeing the mathematician, who I like but am afraid we are too different to actually work, so I have major archives to go through. I'm not caught up, but for the moment:

RIP Oscar kitty, Doris bunny is adorable, RIP fishies, go to hell criminals making New Orleans' recovery harder (and this from the girl who got called a "hug-a-thug" for representing inmates) but thank Maude for the people willing to stand up against it, get better those who are sick, courage and help to those seeking help, boo to irritating inlaws, yay CHEESEBREAD and cake recipes, congrats on all good apartments - getting them and decorating them, hope all benefit snarls are smoothed, and I hate anxiety for me and thee.

Love you all lots and lots.
(((yuefie and fam)))
(((mando))) therapy can be really good! promise!

I didn't fully dry my hair today because it's unseasonably warm, and the front part fell into some nice Veronica Lake-esque waves. A good hair day makes everything better.

have a nice trip, bunny!

i've got a boring weekend lined up. I have a freelance assignment that's very good in terms of money and it's easy money, too (essentially, I am adding commas to a long list of songs, and italicizing some album titles in these lists), but somewhat dull. It's exciting, because it's a full book, 428 pages, so it'll be very good to have this on my resume when I try to land bigger publishers. But! I have 290 pages to go by Monday. I'm giving myself a break from freelance work, and looking for it, when I'm finished with this. I'm glad for the opportunity, but I haven't much enjoyed the last two weeks of working hard all day, then going home to work for another couple hours.

bright blue body by VS bra, peach felina boyshorts
((mando)) I'm glad your appointment went well

heh, dusty, I'm picturing you cackling and ironing designs onto your underwear a la some crazy project runway contestant...I'm not sure I'm finding this so funny, but I feel now I must go purchase lots of cotton undies so I can also personalize them...weekend project!


((sidecar)) work-almost-done vibage

*relaxation for all*

Yikes - had two hits of some really, really intense weed last night. I've never had weed that hit me so hard, so quickly. It was neat, but the combo of the nice drugs, too much Indian food and coffee and just generally treating his body like crap lately hit the mister really hard and he wound-up spending hours laying on the bathroom floor after, well, throwing everything back up sad.gif poor thing. He's still not feeling well, but dragged himself into work.

Gots to get myself moving. Going to the library and grocery shopping, finding out if my father-in-law is actually coming into town or not (hoping NOT - ugh), doing some other mundane crap...

Ah, incidentally, red lace bra (best bra ever) and commando

((((mando)))) yay for good therapy
((((yuefie))))) & ((((yuefiecuz))))) & ((((yuefiedad)))))
((((bunny)))) you need the break ****get better hands****
((((luci)))) & ((((mr luci)))) ***stay alway FiL***
((((dusty)))) i want personalised undies.
((((plat)))) ****get better faster but don't rush it****
((((ap)))) mm, anchovies on pizza... silly pizza man.
((((amilita)))) acos
((((star, rose, sassy, girltrouble, candy, mavin, msp, pixie, faith, syb, fina, sixela, pink, raisin, everyone))))

i've been really bad at posting lately for some reason... but i have been lurking.

kvetch: my boobs hurt. i'm going to the doc's next week to get them checked out as i'm a few weeks off the flow, and this isn't the first time. they've been hurting on and off for a couple of months; i'm finding it hard to sleep on one side, as one hurts more than the other, right on my bra-line, so even that hurts (however, jiggling when i walk hurts too). fuckin' boobs. i'm paranoid 'cos sometimes i think i've found a lumo, and the hurty one is the boob with an dented nipple that i've had since i was twelve and they were all for checking me out for cancer then

doris is really settling in; she comes up to my hand but won't feed from it yet, and she's such a love. she's also learning to ignore indigo. Pete is kissing her as I type. aww.

mama is coming back from belgium tonight and off to algeria tomorrow. she's just split up with P, so we're having pan-fried chilli squid, then chocolate cheesecake with berry compote. i've made grapefruit and berry juice for tomorrow (the berries take the sharpness out), and the rest of the berries are going to frozen yoghurt. aaand i even read through the lecture i skipped (i should have gone, it was Sticky, and he's brilliant - he did the study last year on how prenatal diet affects postnatal development by feeding pregnant rats on donuts and crisps.

off to walthamstow market with Girlie 1 for fabric shopping. We saw Pan's Labrynth yesterday and it was good.

oh, and haircut with highlights. and i dug out the recycling big from where the neighbours hid it. *polishes little miss productive halo*

pink padded bra that's soft as hell, pink flower-patterned net shorts that don't quite match.
Kvetch: Terrible headache and, of course, continued bleeding. I've spent most of the day on the couch in my robe watching Dr. Who. So there will be no undie report from me today. [smiles weakly]

~~~~~~soothing & healing for Yuefie's cousin~~~~~~

((((((((Plat)))))))) With any luck at all, you and I will feel much better next week and we can go out to lunch. Fingers crossed!

((((Faith)))) So good to see you! Was Hawaii wonderful? What did you do while you were there?


Sidecar, here's hoping that they're paying you well for this job. Sounds like it might leave you cross-eyed!

Bunny, somehow I missed that the health problems were affecting your hands. Eep! Hope it eases soon. Have fun with the boy!

((((((Mornington's boobies))))))

(((((((Mandi)))))))) Some very good things have been said in the depression thread lately. I hope you've found it helpful.


A major ice storm is headed straight towards my family (and Pixiedust, of course). My parents will have to go out and work in this mess, though. I hope they stay safe. Looks like a doozie.

For the first time since October or so, Sheff and I don't have any plans with anybody for the weekend. Maybe we'll go out on a date or something. Just the two of us! Imagine that!
Yep Rose, it's doozie! North of Riverside is nearly impassable already...they sent me home at 11:30. Unfortunatly, Mr. Pixie is stuck out there teaching until 3:35! It's not bad here in B.A. yet. Your dad will probably have some trouble coming home from the airport. Anyway, Minipixie and I are already home and not planning on leaving again until Tuesday! There was a run on Wal Mart last night-Totally insane!! Unfortunatly Mr. Pixie's minipixie is goign to miss her weekend with us because there is no way he can get up where she is after he gets off.

kvetch:The ice storm

Antikvetch: Mr. Pixie's mini has lice again, so I am not terribly sad she is missing her weekend! ( they've decided it is her daycare where she is getting it. So mom is going to move her somewhere else!)

Antikvetch: a co worker that annoys me handed in her two week notice yesterday!

undie report:...white cotton( I'm pregnant, so just be glad I can still get into some!) and a purple VS bra.

(((vibes, love, and hugs to the kvetchies)))
Dusty found a Doodle! Bahahaha!

Friday report: braless, but
hot pink cotton knickers.

I'm going to open a bottle of vino and rearrange furniture, probably also Bust in the process. Spending Friday nights at home is the best thing evar

Bunny kisses to you all.

kvetch: THREE bloody hours my train was late by (weather damage to overhead lines so had to stop loads) and this was a train to London (I had to make a change) as mine was cancelled! Grrr, we went straight for dinner though and I'm here now and all good.

(((mornington's boobs))) Is your mama ok after split?

(((rose's head and tummy)))

(((yuefie's nail))) pre-emptive vibes - I'm a mind reader.

faith, so good to see you! did you happen to see any of the lost cast? like the gorgeous sawyer?

so... someone very dear to me is pregnant and I'm very excited but it's very early days and she had a miscarriage a couple of years ago so lots of nerves and parts being crossed. Any vibes would be appreciated.

~~~~mr pixie get home safely~~~~

~~~~healthy pregnancy vibes for bunny's loved one~~~~

~~~~~rosev's tummy & head feel better quick~~~~~

((((mornington))))) owww. ~~~~~boob soreness be gone and everything be ok!~~~~~

hiya faith, glad you're back and that you had a hawaiian vacay!


hee bunny, you mind reader you tongue.gif

the pre-emptive vibes are appreciated, sadly it's more than just the nail, I broke the finger. you know, that's what I get for wearing jeans I know are too big and too long for me. my sis has warned me and pleaded with me to toss them but noooo. so instead of listening I trip and slam my pinkie into the doorjam, lift the nail clear off the bed and break the finger. go me! it hurts like hell, it's on my right hand (and naturally I am right handed) so it's makes it very difficult to type (I hate to hunt & peck, ugh) or do just about anything and now the splint is irritating my hand. yikes! my friday night has consisted of me babysitting for cousins gf's son, cooking dinner, loading the dishwasher and trying to wash the pans all with my left hand. fortunately it was a fairly simple thing to make but still took me twice as long as it usually would. and the kiddo kept racing his truck across the kitchen foor right behind me. if you all could've seen me, I am sure you would have gotten a few giggles out of it. last night my cousin woke up while we were visiting and squeezed our hands and blew kisses to us when we were leaving. he also flipped the nurse the bird when she wasn't looking after she rather harshly snapped for him to move his leg. I mean c'mon lady, have at least a little tact when working with patients in the ICU!

undie report: lavendar bra with light pink trim, lavender bikinis with white polka dots and pink bow.

((star)) I just noticed the Dorothy Parker quote in your signature. Yay for Dorothy Parker.

((polly)) Yay for heat.

((mando)) Hope the therapy session helped.

((amilita)) I wish you luck with the writing.

((faith)) How was your vacation in Hawaii?

((mornington)) Hope the boobs stop hurting.

((rose)) I hope you feel better.

((pixie)) Good luck dealing with the ice storm, and I hope the Mr. gets home ok.

((bunny)) Sorry your train was late.

((bunny’s friend))

((tes, syb, girlt, mavin, yuefie and family, aural, plat, dusty, sidecar, luci, raisin))

This afternoon I started feeling really tired at work and then felt like I was going to through up, but after I ate dinner I felt better. Mr. DM, Twin DM and I went out for Tex-Mex tonight, and it was yummy. Then we went to Twin DM’s and watched a comedy special. I’ve got a three day weekend with Monday being MLK day. This weekend I plan to see three films, exercise, a little shopping and eating some tasty food.

White bra and white and blue undies.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
(((((faith)))))) YEAH!! Welcome back! *waves* How was Hawaii?

((((((mornington)))))) please let us know how everything goes. i hope you are ok.

(((rose))) my fellow bleeding sista. i started my period today. damn. you know how they say when women get close they sometimes start similar cycles. maybe all of us Busties are symbiotic in some ways. we tend to go in depressions, weird dreams, bleeding in similar cycles. of course, i'm totally being silly about this! tongue.gif

((pixie)) rats. mini pixie got it again? blink.gif

(((yuefie))) poor finger. heal soon.

have fun bunnyb!

((designermedusa)) i hope you're feeling better. and thanks for the props!

(((tes, amilita, sidecar, polly, raisingrl, mavin, qspice, sassygrrl, sixelacat, plat, and other kvetchies)))
antikvetch: the stash from shopping with Girly 1. Fleece, cotton, jersey, and leopard-print that's going to become a jacket. I've already made a hoodie from the fleece - despite a few setbacks with the sleeves (what i get for not working from a pattern). but i like it; it's warm for lounging around the house.

mama is fine - she wanted the split, not him; P was very upset and is convinced there is another man (which is nonsense, mum just doesn't want a relationship). but she went back to algiers this morning and seems quite bright and jolly. F commemmorated the occasion by ringing me - drunk - at six in the morning. He did check to see if i was awake first (I was). Silly boy.

(((((kvetchies))))) thank you. i'm probably overreacting, but thank you all the same.
I had a successful shopping day, too, mornington. We're going to a triple birthday party tomorrow for Le Boy's nephew, who turned 1, and his cousin's two daughters, who turned 5 and 1. They're all December birthdays, but it would be too much that close to Christmas, so they waited until now. I had to go to two stores, but I got 3 great toys, all around $10 that look like they cost more. They're all wrapped so purtily, perfectly matching bows and all. And, since I had a gift card to one of the stores, I bought myself a new purse from the clearance rack and a copy Raising Arizona for $10- it's one of my favorite movies and I don't know how we lived without it for so long.

Now we have his other nephews 1st birthday next month and another round of birthdays (including mine!) in never ends!!!

((mornington, stargazer, yuefie, raisin, bunny, sidecar, amilita, mando, DM, pixie, rose, faith, mavin, qspice, sassy, six, plat, tes, dusty, candycane, sybarite, msp, luci, aural and anyone else I missed))
I just noticed in my post from yesterday I meant to type throw up, and I typed through up. Oops, I hate when I make grammar/spelling errors.

Mr. DM had a interview today for a job that really fits his skills. I am hoping he gets it!

Yikes...we just had a guy in our alley. It's an alley that you can only access through the tiny back yard. We were wqtching TV and heard him bustling around down there...we live on the 2nd floor...and called the cops. They came pretty fast...maybe 5-10 min. And they caught him. It looked like a very wasted guy...probably just out of his mind with some substance and not so much trying to break in. But who knows?

We are pressing criminal tresspassing charges. We gotta do it, right? If ya call the cops, you should follow through. That's our part as citizens, right? Oy. That was scary.

~~~good luck Mr. DM~~~

Yay for Polly getting some good shopping finds!

(((mornington))) Also, been meaning to say Squee! about Doris.

(((Yuefie- ow!))) and (((cousin)))

~~~preggo vibes for Bunnyb's loved one~~~ Hey! And the Mr.'s sis needs somma those, too! She's early, early, early...and it's a secret, but the Mr. guessed it. Would be the first of a new generation over on his side!

Pixie, girl, you ain't that preggo that you can't put on your drawers, now! Ha! Hope all is going well...

Oooh, luci, weed and Indian food bring back pleasant memories for me...Ah!

Sidecar, how's the work going?

Mando, you did, indeed tell me to write. So far, I'm doing it in little snippets of memory, not so eloquent, but it's what I can do now.

(((raisin, stargazer, faith, plat, teaso, sybarite, sonik, dusty, everyone)))

I'm not a football fan, but I do hope the Saints win...I wouldn't venture out tonight either way, however.
(((amilita)) yes, you should press charges. i'm glad it was some wasted confused guy and not much else!

this reminds me of when some wasted guy jumped over the fence from the abandoned house next door, broke into our basement and tried to steal our weed wacker. on memorial day. while the person who owns the unit next to us was outside barbecuing. she asked him what he was doing, and he said "uh, looking for my cat," then jumped over the fence to the other house next door. we called the cops; they didn't catch him, but they did find our weed wacker.

today, i made a lot of progress. i got to page 222, or more than halfway done! i think i might work a bit more tonight, as martini just went to bed! i gave him some guff for leaving his best girl alone at 10:30 on a saturday night. i'll just have to spend some time with my new boyfriend christopher eccleston and watch some of the doctor who dvd instead while i add commas to lists. that'll show him! wink.gif

((polly, mornington)) nothing makes me happier than a good deal.

bom dia, kvetchies!! i am sitting here groggily at polka dots and pink bow sported by the ever so lovely yuefie!!! querida, here are some
~*~*~*~*~*~ feel better soon, poor broken finger vibes for you~*~*~**~*~*~*~
and continued birdage displays by your cousin... he sounds like he has a great sense of humour. this is me, tes, blowing kisses back to a completely unknown man because i like his spirit and he IS related to you!!! wub.gif

dusty, darling -- and why NOT sexy frilly lacy undies in Mozambique???? have to keep my spirits up, you know!!! cannot allow myself to slip even though no one will be seeing them except for meeemoushka and myself!

mornington, querida, i would be more than happy to offer you my boobie-b-better pattened massage. absolutely free of charge. *leer* cool.gif it sounds as if your mum's split with P is going better for her that for him. she sounds fascinating! algiers! and lovely food for the two of you! how do she and the lovely indigo get along?

(((((rosie v and tummy))))) if i were there, you and plat and i could have a slumber party. i would lend you alexei the world famous Russian Casanova and fuzzy heating pad to make your tummy feel better. i would make you chicken canjica from is very lovely chicken broth made from bones and reduced down, lightly seasoned with salt and lemon, with rice cooked in it until the rice falls apart and requires no mastigation whatsoever. so healing. and we could make fun masks with clay from the red sea and giggle at each other, and i would wash your hair and brush it until it shone. we could tell silly stories and look at cutebabyphotos on the internet until our eyes exploded and generally have a great time.

~*~*~*~*~*~good, full term pregnancy vibes for bunnyb's friend and for amilita sis~*~*~*~*~*~*

HUZZAH for new generations!!!

oh, DM, orgasm!! there are NO mexican places here, and the ever so infrequent "mexican" specials just AREN'T. sad.gif i shouldn't complain. i am very happy here. but oh! for some goodies from TJs so that i could whip up my own mexican!!!

faith!!! so good to have you back!!! was hawai'i wonderful? i love hawai'i. my middle sister was born there.

~~$~~$~~$~~$~~$ get that jobby job vibes for mr DM!! ~$~~$~~$~~$~~$~~

i don't watch what is called "american football", but i am VERY happy for amilita and the SAINTS who don't need to wait till february to celebrate!!!! nola could use this!!

rose and stargazer: i just FINISHED my moontime. i think that stargazer is RIGHT! this is NOT the first time that a number of us have been cycling together!!

pixie, family and rosiev's family: hope that mr. pixie got home safely, and that damage from the ice storm and tree limbs breaking and crashing on cars and other things and automobile accidents and downed power lines are all kept to a minimum and all of this rights itself soon, and that everyone of your loved ones is all right!

raisin d'etre: did you move furniture whilst drinking wine and prancing around ONLY in those pink panties??? too bad i couldnt be there! that sounds like my kind of evening! (rivalled perhaps only by lucizoe's evening of a bowl and indian food.....although there is no reason that those two things could not have been imported into our wine, frilly underthings and furniture rearranging!!!!)

mandomyheart - how did the therapy session go? i used to like to think of my therapy as taking a "class on myself" - in detail. it was really interesting to examine myself under such a large microscope, and to have someone there to keep me on track to face the bad scary dark parts as well as those that were sunnier. (((((mando))))) NOTHING is worse than anxiety attacks. they have completely FROZEN ME in the past. NOT fun.

PROPS to sidecar -- page 222, hunh?? le blerg. i charge MORE for editing than i do for direct translation, because editing is SUCH a frelling pain. you are going great guns! keep up the great work!

amilita, you must press charges! things need to get back to normal there. people need to be pressing charges for REAL issues, and not for all of those trumped up idiotic things that were downright humanitarin in tes' book. hmph. i've got your back, amilita. you are still my hero.

let's see:

kvetch: found out that what i had that made me feel so dreadful last week was tonsillitis. i didn't think that people even got that any more!

kvetch: mimi the african attack cat refused to go downstairs and buy ice cream for me.

anti-kevtch: t'would appear that my tonsils, glands, throat, nose have all been cured. NETI POT. i'm telling you, it works.

anti-kvetch: mr hb and i are trying to decide where our next rendez-vous should be. haven't decided WHEN yet, and that WILL play a big role. however, he suggested Rio, I suggested eastern europe (budapest, romania) he sugested istanbul, i suggested maracech. i'm liking the istanbul idea. anyone ever been there? (or budapest, romania or marakech?)

hugs and kisses and silly silly silly sily HAKE!!!
*wanders in*

((((tes)))) Budapest is pretty enough, but Bucharest in Romania is the dumps. Not a nice city - although the mountains are lovely; Transylvania is stunning. I've heard good things of Istanbul. oh, and Indigo and mama adored each other.

((((yuefie)))) owwww. ****get better finger****
((((polly)))) mm, shopping bargains are always good.
****good luck mr dm****
Thanks for the vibes for my family & friends in the heart of the US. The first wave of ice hit on Friday, but another ice storm hit them yesterday. Sooooo scary. I haven't heard from my parents, but I certainly hope they are okay. I have a feeling that both of my parents are just sleeping at work between shifts. At least I hope so. The roads look so scary.

The weather has been soooooooo strange this year. Yesterday I spoke to 3 friends across the country - Dallas, Seattle, & Las Vegas. They were ALL freezing & all of them has seen snow or ice within the last 24 hours. Yup, even in Vegas! But here on the east coast, it's nice and warm. Lately it has actually been much warmer here than in Los Angeles! So strange.

~~~~~~ healing for Yuefie's finger & Yuefie's cousin & Yuefie's dad & anybody & anything that Yuefie loves! ~~~~~~

HOORAY for the NOLA Saints!!!! I'm not a big fan of American football, either, but I am thrilled to hear that the Saints are doing so well this year.

And hooray for bargains, too! Shopping is fun, but it's much more fun when you get a great deal.

~smile.gif~smile.gif~smile.gif~ healthy pregnancy vibes for Pixie & Bunny's loved one & Amilita's SIL & FallJackets & Pepper & all the other pregnant Busties ~smile.gif~smile.gif~smile.gif~

~$~$~$~ jobby job vibes for Mr. DM ~$~$~$~ Hope you're feeling better today.

Tes, that slumber party sounds soooooo fantastic. It'd be even better if Elle could come down, too. smile.gif As for your travel plans, I have zero experience with any of those places, but I'm thrilled that you & Mr. HB are taking the opportunity to do new things and see new places!

~~~ more vibes for Mornington's boobies ~~~ (((((( snuggles for Doris))))) Your mother sounds like a fascinating woman, Morn.

SideCar, we are big fans of Christopher Eccleston in this house - especially that northern accent. "Lots of planets have a north!" Tee hee.

~~~~~ soothing for my blood sista, Stargazer ~~~~~

Speaking of star-gazing, we now own a telescope! Weee! Last night we took it out and looked at Saturn & various star clusters & such. There's a little problem with one of the motors, though. Yes, our telescope has a motor. It helps the telescope stay focused on an object while the earth rotates. It also has a computer system on it that will automatically find various celestial objects for you. But the motor isn't working properly, so Sheff has to see about getting it returned. Bah. He's pretty bummed about it.

But life isn't all bad. My period symptoms are almost totally gone. And we went lots of places yesterday. For instance, I saw the capitol building for the first time. And we found a little cafe where I had a pumpkin steamer (yum!) and later in the afternoon we got some gourmet Mexican-style popsicles (Tes, you probably know the place of which I speak!). And for dinner I made cheese bread & stew. Good times. smile.gif

((((((((Much love and light to all of you))))))))
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