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*********sapphman & sapphmandad**********


(((rosev))) urgh. can i amend pixie's suggestion - add "petty" in front of "bitch".

antikvetch: O - who's known me since school - being uber-nice. Normally we just mock each other over msn (it's my personal mission to keep his ego in check) but he was all concerned. bless.

kvetch: I have an exam. I haven't passed one end-of-module exam so far, and this one doesn't look too hopeful. I'm also having problems concentrating on revision.

Hi everyone! We went up to Natchez yesterday to look for an evacuation station...and found the cutest cottage! We are putting an offer in today, so please vibe for us!

It's a foreclosure, so we just have to make an offer and then wait.

It's small, but old and solid. We are making the offer with our gallery partner. How nice it would be to just drive up there with all the animals whenever there is a hurricane, as opposed to going all the way to our parents' homes or looking for a hotel! (I don't really have confidence in the levees) Or just having a place to get gal friends always talk about doing a getaway weekend, and we could do it all the time if we get the cottage.

Trying not to get my hopes up. Oh, but here's the funny part: ya know how old estates/country homes/historical homes have names, like Tara? Well, the last owner made a sign for it calling it "Cama-little" so we said we'd have to change the sign to Camel Toe. Ha. Our other name possibility is Camilita, after me!

rosev, good luck with the neighbor. What a pain!

mornington, good luck on the exam!

sidecar, feel better!


~~~~~Sapph man's dad~~~~~ please keep us updated as you can! I'm vibing extra-hard for him.

((everyone else))
Thanks for all the vibes and love.

SapphMan just called me from the hospital. They have admitted his dad. Tentative diagnosis is that he probably has a respiratory infection (is running a 102 fever). I have urged SapphMan to talk directly to a doctor, because when we hear things from his dad it is always, "No big deal" and his mom's version of the story is that FIL is in dire straits. So there is no way really to get the truth (somewhere in between those extremes) except talking to a medical professional directly.

*deep breath* Okay, now that I've heard from him I think my stomach is a little less tied in knots and I will try to eat some lunch. Thank you all.

~*~*~*~get that cottage, Amilita~*~*~*~
*~*~*~*feel better, Sidecar*~*~*~*
(((Sapphy and fam)))

House-vibes for (((Amilita)))

Promotion vibes for (((Sidecar)))

Ahem. When do we get yer new address, Ms. RV?

The other day (well, I guess its been a few), I was telling Mr. Dusty about Chewy and how Amilita had jokingly offered to deliver Chewy to any Bustie within an eight-hour drive. Then I suggested that it wouldn't be too hard to persuade Mr. Dusty to go on a road trip to NOLA to pick up a kitten. He laughed and admitted that it would probably be a harder sell with my cats than with him.
Hee, that's cute, Dusty. Yeah, two of mine still don't know what to do about Wally, but at least they don't try to kill him.

Sapphy, I'm glad things seem to be under control and are getting addressed. Scary.

Well, they want us to correct something on our offer for the cottage and to fed ex a new form (as opposed to faxing it, which is goofy but oh well) we are thinking they may accept our offer! Trying not to get my hopes up. And I'm already stressing about running around, securing our financing. First things first!
((ladylibrary's coworker))

((sapphman's dad))

rose, your neighbor sounds like she needs to get a life. Hopefully she will stop being a so petty.

pixie, I'm so glad you enjoyed your honeymoon.

((sidecar)) Get that promotion.

((amilita)) Get the cottage.

Nothing interesting this week, work is really tiring me out now that I've taken on more work to help a coworker.

Lost season finale tonight, I really hope it's good.

((Good News))

Hi All!!!

I feel so bad for checking in just now..i need to do this more often..ah, time theft eh (been reading nickel and dimed). I come in here and start reading and i suddenly know why i love you guys so much..the familiarity, like pulling up a chair and hear how things are going with fellow busties. Not that you people are far out of my mind when irl.

Pixie, so good to hear about yr honeymoon!I'm glad to hear about your day with minipixie. Those little things (although they're important)are worth so much.

(((((((((Ladylibray's co-worker)))))))

(((((((((((Sapphire and boyfriend and fam)))))))))))

Mando, you're so considerate to keep us in the know about Barbaro..poor horse ((((((Mando)))))

Last week i was ill, due to a stomach flu. It was weird, i went to this party of a friend of mine, he was turning 30, so i figured i'd go. P was ill already, but i had a fun evening, meeting all kinds of comic artists at the party, and we had to be in full tennis regalia. It turned a bit surreal when we were all head banging to ice T's "body count" track in our tennis gear.

In the train back the next day i got ill and it was no fun getting back home, extended by more than an hour because of delays and whatnot.
I made some soup for myself..and here comes the weird part..i had to throw up at night and all this soup came out..i must be a real good cook, because in the midst of barfing i thought:"well that soup really is tasty!..

When getting better i found myself floating between working and taking time off to attend parties (one devoted to an exhibition of friends of mine, a comic artist collective of 4 and one devoted to the presentation of a beer named after the illustrious aforementioned foursome, the kickoff of the Haarlem Strip Dagen (fest dedicated to comics)). Hey free beer, what can i say.. the perfect way to end a Monday.

Everything's fine over here..i have made more time for my hobbies (sewing for now). I had this strange hart beating, up to the point where i couldn't sleep because of it. I went to the doctor, but my blood pressure was normal. And since i took more time off, i haven't had it anymore. So less stress and more relaxing is the ok thing to do.

((((((((Amilitia, Sybarite, Dusty, Anoushh, Mornington, Sidecar, RoseV and Sheff, Bunny, Vesicapisces, Fina, Raisin, Pollystyrene, Pepper, Designermedusa)))))))))))))))
thanks for all the vibes. we are taking donations at my work to help her pay for the rest of her lease so she can move out of the house she and her boyfriend were renting. it is such a sad situation. apparently he was an alcoholic and had some other internal issues. i just hope this did not totally damage her or her son. i can't imagine finding a loved one dead in my home. especially under those circumstances


ok so this week is getting bizarre. i came into work this morning to find out that somone fell off one of our balconies and died. he was found early this morning. it totally has me creeped out. i wish i could go home...

in better news i am off to chicago for the long weekend for my couisin's wedding. the bf and i are leaving friday. thank god. i need a break.

hope everyone is doing well!
Geez, ladyl, that is creepy. All these horrific things...glad you're going out of town this weekend.

Sonik, I love when you update us! Don't worry if it's not frequent.

I haven't gotten much done this week with all the cottage stuff...I hope we'll hear today. I can do all these little things, like mail stuff, go to the store, pick up prescriptions, etc. and I never seem to get to the big stuff, like painting the walls. The Mr. is the opposite. He'll paint the walls but have no food in the house. He really used to be a lot skinnier before he met me because he'd eat like two cans of veggies or beans for dinner. Cold, straight from the can. All he had before I moved in was a mini fridge, and I made it a condition that he get a normal-sized refrigerator.

How was the season finale of Lost, designerm? I'm excited for that to come out on DVD so I can watch it. I found a group to watch the Sopranos with on Wed. nights...we are on episode 7 now. And tonight starts my favorite, So You Think You Can Dance?, so I've got to figure out my new VCR, cuz I can't be tied to my house on Thursdays. AND I'm excited for Project Runway 2 to come out on DVD next month! TV talk: BO-RING! Sorry.

Wally's new favorite toy is a balled-up piece of paper. It can literally keep him busy for hours, which you want, because otherwise he's following you around, biting your ankles. He carries the paper around like it's dead prey.
(((((( continued love for LL's coworker ))))))
(((( and love for LL because she SOOOOO needs a break right now ))))

((((((Sapphman's dad))))))

~~!~~!~~!~~ adorable cottage vibes for Amilita ~~!~~!~~!~~

Sonik, that heart rate stuff sounds scary! Hope you're feeling better.

$$$$$$ promotion vibes for Sidecar $$$$$$


Dusty, I'm so sorry I've been neglecting the postie list. I think I've held off sending it out because ... oh, because I'm a wimp. I guess it means that I have to accept that I really LIVE here now - far away from fiends and family and everything - but I'm still in denial about that. Hmm. Maybe I'll work on it tomorrow while waiting for the new bed to be delivered.

Kvetch: Our power went out this morning. So strange because it's actually really nice out.
Anti-kvetch: It's back on now :-)

Major Anti-kvetch: Just got off the phone with Tes. Is that woman fabulous or what! We're going to go out tomorrow night. Sheff & I just have to figure out what we want to eat. Hmmmm ... decisions, decisions ...

Also, please note that I have already worked out for an hour today. So I'm being a very good girl. Yay :-)
(((lady library))) That is sooo messed up! I'm glad you get to go out of town. *keeping my fingers crossed that you catch the bouquet!*

Poor Rosie! Denial sucks. There have been a lot of times here recently where I am signing my new married name and thinking it so bizarre that it is not still Mrs. Dust.

Speaking of the postie list, since I didn't get my cards on the honeymoon...where is a good place around T town to get some cute ones now that Lulu's is gone?

I am very frustrated right now. We have done everything we can to keep both Minipixie's on the same weekend schedule, but Mr.P's visitation doesn't change in the summer and mine does drastically. Mr. P's ex has been very accomadating up to this point, but she is clearly getting tired of switching weekends, and I have basically had to throw up my hands and say the visitation will fall where it will for the summer and when school starts again we can get back on track. It would have been very nice to have every other weekend to ourselves since by next summer we will probably have a baby and then we won't have a night alone for 18 years!

I'd also like to ask for some job vibes for Mr. Pixie. He has his first teaching interview tomorrow at 11 CST. He has been in a foul mood since we got back from the honeymoon because he's afraid he won't get a position and will be forced to do something he hates come August.
He doesn't have enough confidence in himself even though I keep reminding him that he is half way through his masters degree, has a year's worth of teaching experience at the college level, and has fabulous test scores. He has an advantage over your average just out of college teacher looking for a position.
The school system he is applying for could be very good...or very bad! It has 2 magnate schools that are rated in the top 300 in the nation, but the rest of the school system sucks big time. So if he could get hired at one of the prep schools it would be fabulous!

(((sapphman's dad)))

Amilita, if you get the cottage we may have to have a Bustie con there! Mr. Pixie would love a good excuse to go to NOLA. We heard a rumor that the ship we took our cruise on might be moved there permanently when they are ready to start doing longer cruises out of that's not that much further from us than Galveston.

Oh and Rose...I am so jealous! Iwould love to meet the fabulous TES. I haven't even lurked in the LTAS threads since she's bee gone.
(((pixie))) i sent you an email, check it when you have time. **~job vibes for mr. pixie**~~

go rose on working out!! i lifted weights yesterday for half an hour and my legs felt like jello. how is tes? lucky girl. hope your dinner out is splendid.

can not wait til work is over. i am dying of bordem. i also heard that the news is already showing the info about the guy who fell off the balcony. ug. want. to. leave. now.

(((sapphy & sapphman))) sending superstrength good thoughts sapphman's dad's way.

(((ladylibray's co-worker))) that poor woman. i can't even imagine. (((person who fell off the balcony))) gah. how awful.

*tons of positive vibes for amilita & camilita* hee.

(((sonik))) it's always nice to see you in here! and even tho your blood pressure is good, you might want to lower and then stop your caffeine intake. whacky heart stuff can be hard to diagnose, but that's always the first thing they tell you to try.

*energy vibes for designermedusa*
*healthy vibes & crossed parts for sidecar*

*ace those exams and concentration vibes for mornington* who i adore for saying those nice things about me being a good mom, cuz yes i'm still obsessing about the "annoying mom" comment.

rose, your neighbor needs to CHILL. our crazy ex-landscaper neighbor actually came onto our property and cut off all the tree limbs on our dying tree two years ago. yeah, the tree was dying, but how DARE he? i was pissing mad and all for making a stink. but the mr just asked him to please not do anything like that again, for his own safety. in hindsight, i'm glad calmer heads prevailed. animosity ain't worth it sometimes.

you guys are so sweet, indulging my horsie love. :-) do any of you know about the ponies on assateague island (crassy, i think you do, right)? i think we're going to actually go to the pony penning festival during our vacation! as a lifeling fan of the marguerite henry books, this will be a dream come true! i'm running around telling everyone about the ponies. (and yes, getting strange looks.)

bossman and i just had a twisted & comical conversation about tongue (as in, the meat). if anyone were taping us, i think we'd BOTH be sued for sexual harrassment.

"but what does it taste like?"
"it tastes like tongue."
"but i've never had tongue so how do i know what it tastes like?"

you get the drift.
Mandi, I've been to Assateague, but not when they were rounding up the ponies. Actually it was in Sept. and it was freaking cold there (but beautiful.)

A guy fell off the balcony at a ritzy high-rise here about a month ago - he was walking the owner's dog, the dog jumped up on the edge, the guy lunged to grab it and went over. (The dog wasn't hurt, BTW.) I can't imagine how the owner could live there after that.

Rose, if we could send you posties, maybe it would start to feel like home a little...

black wacoal lace minimizer, beige satin granny control-tops.

kvetch: nutso phones due to holiday weekend. apparently all the grand poobas of wall st have decided to get a few rounds in before the rains come. and i get to go thru this all tomorrow, too. joy.
antikvetch: nice fat paycheck - woot!
White nipple concealing VS bra. I am not wearing any underwear.

Lots of love to you ladies!!!

Happy Friday Kvetchies!

wow, lots of multi purpose vibes for all.

(((((person who fell off balcony))) & (((ladylib's co-worker & son)))) poor things :-(

(((Sapphy, SaphMan & SaphMan's dad))))

(((sonik))) ~~healthy heart vibes~~

((((Rose)))) gah, jerky neighbors. hope you and Sheff have a fabulous time w/ Tes, you lucky ducks!

oh vesica, that story is awful.

~~~~get that cottage vibage for amilita and the mr.~~~~

~~~~lotsa luck sidecar, on that inteview!~~~~

((((annoush)))) how are you feeling mama? that lady sounds like a dreadful wretch. Good thing you will be getting away! who needs that sort of nastiness, especially over YOUR body, YOUR pregnancy, YOUR child, YOUR choice. Stupid twit.

(((pixie))) so glad to hear you had a lovely honeymoon!

((((mandi, skc1, amilita, sybarite, dusty, plummie, tallgirl, crassy, ladylib, sidecar, mornington, bunny, faith, fina, raisin, lys, polly, northpole, anoushh, pepper, rosev & sheff, tes, pixie, vesica, sapphy, msgoofball, designer, seabird, antiotter, kmp, doodlebug and anybody lurking or that missed, YOU)))))) lotsa love, hugs and vibes!

Lemme see, lime green & aqua lace trimmed bra, with matching panties. Got a couple dates this weekend, so I'm going to go get my nails done, after I work out. Got my ultra frizzy & curly hair cut last week and it wasn't a disaster, yay! I even deviated from my rule of only letting a very gay man cut it, and let a woman to do it. She did a great job, pulling a bunch of the bulk out, texturizing it and didn't cause all my curls to fall out. She was even able to straighten it out sucessfully and it lasted for more than 10 minutes. Usually my hair starts to curl up in the car, on the way from the salon and is a hideously bumpy/wavy/frizzy mess by the time I make it home. I even took a picture of it that night, after a day of shopping and it was still staight! This woman was amazing. Of course, I will na'er be able to get it that straight myself, so I am wearing it curly. I love the cut.

*hugs & keeces*
Happy Friday vibes for all!!

(afraid I'll forget someone, so I'd best not make a list of names :-()

Underwear update? I don't think you're interested in what a guy is wearing ...

But in case you are wondering, today's are boxer-briefs, like this (, except in black.

~North "ummm, yeah, I modelled for that pic ... [I wish!]" pole~
(((((ongoing vibes for ladylibrary)))))

Thanks for the vibes and advice. Since i've been ill (better now) i took strictly rest. And i feel better, my heart beats normal again. The whole thing for me is to take rest. Because i love my work so much i confuse it with leisure sometimes. Maybe that's a weird thing to say, but drawing defines me for a part. So when i have to focus on me and not my work i have do define myself again by other things. Like me and hobbies, and doing other things. Does that make sense?

I worked on answering questions about my work today, since there'll be an interview with me in a dutch magazine about design. So cool!

Black microfiber bra and ditto black seamless undies.

And i wanted to thank you all for the vibes for Tungsten. We never saw him again. Well, that's life. The sweet cat had a good life while he was with us.

Boy it has been slow in here today! ((lively, sonik, Rosie, mandi, amilita, crassy,library,north, skc1,dusty, vesica, sappy, and everyone else i missed)))

Kvetch: our A/C appears to not be working. We just bought this house in November...former owner died last month....But she just replaced it in Septemeber so we are hoping that whatever is wrong is covered by the warranty.

Mr. P had a great interview today. There is only one small but substanital catch...He passed his certification test and he will be certified by the time school starts, but he found out it is illegal for a school dstrict to actually hire him without certification. This would probably explain why only one distrcit he has applied for has actually interviewed him. All beurocratic red tape and all. I am just wondering how so many people who graduate in the spring end up teaching by fall? Anyway, he is looking into calling in a favor that might at least get him an interview at his district of choice and then he will just have to convince them to keep the job open until he gets his paperwork. In the meantime the place he interviewed today is looking into seeing if they can technically place him on the ok to hire list so he can move onto the next phase of the process or if he i stuck in neutral until the paperwork comes through.
~~$$~~$$~~ oodles of job vibes for Mr. Pixie ~~$$~~$$~~
So glad things went well for him! Oh, how I wish I had connections for you on this one. Mr. P sooooo deserves to get a great teaching job.

((((Sonik)))) So sorry about Tungsten. And I understand how the thing you love to do can end up draining you, too. Last fall when I worked on 3 plays in a row, I really wore myself out and needed to rest. But when I have a lot of free-time (like now) I go stir crazy because I don't know what to do! And then I slip into a funk & wonder if I'm better off being super busy.

And Sonik, when that magazine comes out, you will give us a translation, yes? Hmmmmm??

Forgive me, but the word "Assteague" makes me giggle.

((((LL's co-worker))))
((((the family of the person who fell))))
((((SapphMan's dad))))
(((( horsies and kitties and bunnies and all beloved animals ))))
(((( Busties ... especially Dusty ))))

Anti-kvetch: At work today, Sheff's boss took the entire company out to see the new X-Men movie. How cool is that?!

Undies: white cotton thong with multi-colored polka dots.
((rose)) Good for your for working out. I know I feel so much better when I exercise. That's cool that Sheff's boss took them to see X-Men. I hope you have a good time with Tes.

((Mr. P)) ((pixie)) Hope the air conditioner get fixed soon.

((sonik)) Glad you are feeling better.

((lively)) Yay for a great haircut.

((mando)) Yay for a nice big paycheck.

((amilita)) Continued good luck for the cottage. I thought the season finale of Lost was ok, but I wanted more answers.

((LL)) Have fun in Chicago.

Undie report: black bra and turqoise and whie undies.

It's Friday, and I have a three day weekend! I'm so happy, and am planning on much relaxing. Twin DM was on a business trip to California and she bought me a gift, yay for gifts.

I hope everyone has a very nice weekend.

((Good News))

yay for feeling better, lively haricuts, long weekends (and mini breaks), great big paychecks, gifts, rose meeting tes and tes meeting rose (I am so jealous of you both!)

belated undie report: orange, padded, cotton w/ lace trim bra with matching low-rise shorts.

kvetch: I am missing a book sale at the Women's Library today (they are relocating) as I need to do coursework. Although really this would be beneficial, I am sure, to my work...

anti-kvetch: I've had a really enjoyable couple of days. On Thursday I went to an illuminating and thought-provoking lecture at uni by visiting Harvard lecturer and leading scholar Elaine Scarry; afterwards, to mix it up a bit, I went to see X-Men 3 (which I enjoyed - twas fun!); last night I went ten-pin bowling with my team-mates from work and had look at city's new, HUGE, indoor ski/snowboarding/sledging slope which is inside the same, new entertainment complex as bowling lanes and now I am spending weekend with boy working/chilling out and bicycle building (the latter is him).

Anyway, smooches to all and have a fab weekend!

Hey kids!

SapphMan's dad is somewhat better, not great, but mostly just getting bored in the hospital and saying that if all they're going to do is make him rest, he can do that at home. So SapphMan is coming home today, he has two freelance jobs that are due next week, and then he will return to TN if needed. Thank you all for your vibes!

(((Sonik))) It just breaks my heart that your dear little Tungsten is not with you. I hope he is off somewhere having many wonderful little kitty adventures.

Would love to type more but I have to get dressed (I'm nakey except for a black satin robe) and dash off to catch the bus to work. *Mwah!*
*continued healthy thoughts for sapphmandad*

(((bunny))) just cuz i love to see you so happy. (not that i mind when you're not. you know what i mean, yes?)

(((sonic & tungsten))) so sorry, luv. i was wondrun, but sort of afraid to ask.

d-medusa, enjoy your 3-day weekend for me? i'm still a crankster that i gave up part of mine. even tho i get treated like a queen here, i'm making OT and i really have no good goddamn reason to be such a brat at all, other than i can.

pssst, rose? assateague!

north, thanks for that yummy linkie. and, you know, you could've implied it was you. how the hell would we know otherwise? hee.

charlie, you are such the tease! you need to post/dish more, darlin!

lively, i want pictures of your new 'do!

kvetch: i miss billy. he's forsaken us. *sniff*

antikvetch: i got to flirt with a semi-cute bodyguard/security dood/detective yesterday. i think he was flirting back. i'm actually not sure, that's how out of practise i am. le sigh.
assateague... *snort*


((((sapph & sapphman & sapphmandad))))


yay! for ((((bunny)))) & her weekend

yay! for gifts indeed, ((((dm))))


((((pixie)))) & *****job vibes for mr pixie*****

hehe... thank you for that north! twas all of the good.

((((lively))))... photos photos photos!

((((amilita)))) has wally made any progress with growing into his ears yet. I'm hoping not. & ***vibes for that cottage***


((((skc, dusty, vesica, syb, crassy, annoush, polly, fina, and I know I've forgotten people so... EVERYONE))))

Been a busy busy few days. My exam was a bit "meh" really - it honestly could have gone either way. Went to the counsellor, and I've got to look at a whole pile of literature & see what course I want to follow. He doesn't want me to start form of therapy until september/october - as my summer is a bit disjointed & I'm not going to be in one place for more than a few weeks. I've also seen the doctor, and have a pile of stuff to read about antidepressants as well. woo!

On the other hand... new shoes (photos in the shoe thread in ab fab - bunny you must look especially, as you quite possibly will die of hysterics) and went to see the da vinci code with mum last night. Was good, but not worth the hype - and I still think Tom Hanks wasn't the right choice. But good.

ok... dinner. and then I have to tidy my room. Because quite frankly, it's a mess.

***weekend vibin'***
*pssst.. mandiluv, check yer mail*

p.s. check MySpace mornington. oh and I just lurve Daph's page, tooooooo cute!
Hey, all. Hate to disappoint you, but I didn't get together with Tes last night. Actually, I'm really worried about her! Every time I called her house, I got a busy signal. I left a couple messages on her cell phone, but still haven't heard back. A really bad storm hit the area yesterday, so I wonder if that could have caused a problem for her. I hope she's okay!

And sadly, I found out that a member of the Tulsa theatrical community died suddenly (Smokeboy called to break the news to me). So I'm in shock about that. I don't think you knew him, Pixie (He taught at Booker T and performed in A Christmas Carol every year).

But! The good news is that I have a CAR!!!! Woo hoo! Sheff and I went to the Toyota dealership today & left with a Carolla. So I can finally leave the house again!

Mando, I have also been wondering about Billykins. I miss seeing his sweet self around here!

In honor of MaVin (because I miss her, too) ...
Sock Report: Navy blue with white, pink, and green polka dots
Rv..wasn't neicoids wedding supposed to be today? That would worry me to that you haven't heard from her. Maybe she and Mr. Hotbuns just could bear to be apart?

We ahd Mr. P's minipixies bday party today. it went really well. we got our cruise pictures developed and showed everyone. Now I just need to get them scanned and up on flickr. The kids are actually being pretty good this weekend. this is the first time in a long time that we haven't spent most of the day hiding in our room wondering what we have gotten ourselves into with 2 kids.

Mr. Dust is being especially amicable lately. Obviously that automatically raises my guard. He told me he didn't mind switching weekends around or whatever so that both minipixies will be on the same weekend schedule...and yet when I had to pick minipixie up from his parents house last night and I had to pee really farking bad, he wouldn't let me come in to use the bathroom....This is a house I used to live in for Christ's sake! And I also find it amazingly ironic that he swears up and down that he doesn't care about my new life and does not read up on me here at Bust...and yet everything I bitch about on here seems to get taken care of within a few days. I mean I was just bitching about the summer schedule in another thread a few days ago. Yeah, so I am not buying it!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
i just got back to the hotel from my cousin's wedding reception. it was nice to see all of my family. i feel like shit though cause my period is so heavy i have to wear two pads and change every few hours. my back and stomach just ache. other then that i have had a really great timee and the bf and i have really enjoyed ourselves. i hope everyone has a great weekend.

o and rose let us know about tes! now im worried. sending special ~~**be ok tes**~~ vibes out to her.

Just thought this might be gratifying (it was for me)

"America's model housewife turns feminist as husband abandons her."

Pixie, so glad to hear that the party went well! Can't wait to see the pics from the cruise.
And the neicoid's wedding was a week ago. Tes is scheduled to return to Africa today, so I certainly hope she's alright.

~~~~ soothing vibes for LadyL ~~~~

Anoushh, thanks for sharing the story. Definitely an important lesson to learn! Guess I need to start job-hunting again, hmm?

Kvetch: Woke up early with a miserable headache. Le blurg
RV and LL I uploaded a couple of new pics. If someone will tell me how I will try to post one here for all to see.
argh! *rant incoming*

this damn fancy-schmantzy dictaphone won't play back more than one file at once. I want to record files to listen when I'm going to sleep, and it requires me to sit there & physically change every damn file. I should have stuck with my own tape dictaphone. (that and possibly murder my brother, who not only knew this was what I wanted it for, but didn't give me any of the damn software to support it)


I cannot see Daphne because H is going away, and I don't feel comfortable around his girlfriend/flatmates enough to sit on the floor, crying into her fur (which I can get away with when he's there). I can't tell him I don't get on with his gf enough to go round because he wants us to be really good friends. But if I bring Daphne here, it seems like I don't trust the gf to look after my bun (which, considering daphne bullies her, I don't). And we're having a flat inspection on friday so she can't be here anyway.

oh, and mum's gone to belgium and I have to be *fine* while she's away because I it'll upset her partner (P, who she hasn't seen since feb). And it'll upset her, and she'll have a rotten holiday.

'scuse me. bad day
Oh Mandy, you're very welcome; I'm glad you enjoyed the link :-)

But you know I could never deceive anyone, and especially not fellow Busties/ers!

Maybe one day, with a few (thousand) more sit-ups, I'll be able to look like that, and then you'll definitely be first to know.

~North "sending good vibes all around, and to US Busties, enjoy your Memorial Day" pole~
Hey ya'll! I'm going inner-tubing on the river tomorrow! Yee haw! I got an invitation late today, so I ran to the store for beer and lemonade in cans and sammich fixin's. Yay! It's one of my favorite things.

I've worked hard all weekend on getting all our papers organized...I never combined the Mr.'s and my stuff (I have files for stuff, he puts things in drawers, so I'm essentially taking over) AND we had all our stuff since the hurricane just in a big tote bag. So that's pretty much done! Crassy got all hers done, so I had to, too! Plus, I really needed to get an evacuation folder together.

Still no word on the cottage...this would all happen right before a holiday weekend. Ah well.

Hope everyone is doing well...mornington, pixie, rosev (I wrote a comment to you in another online world :-) ), anoushh, ladyl, lively, sappy, bunnyb, mando, designerm, sonik, northpole, dusty, vesica, crassy and everyone else!

(((sapphman's dad)))

hope tes checks in with us or with rosev...
rosey, her cell gets bad reception at the house on a regular basis.

north! what's shakin?

i've been hardcore lurkin coz man oh man, life is BUSY. 3 week grad class, moving to ohio w/ kitties for a 7mo contract, needin to finish my application to transition from a non-degree grad student to a degree one, techno things not working, blah blah blah.

but i got a 3.84 last term, and i'm getting an a/a- in my current class, so yay.
Woo hoo! Keep kickin' ass, QSpice! I can't belive you're moving again. You're going to know this country better than any other Bustie on the planet!

~~[^]~~ continued get-that-cottage vibes for Amilita ~~[^]~~
You remind me that I have a good deal of filing to be done, too. Gotta do that this week!

So Northie, think you'll stick around and become a regular Kvetcher? :-)

(((((( big hugs & a bowl of ice cream to Mornington ))))))

Pixie, can you just post the URL? If that doesn't make you feel comfortable, you could just e-mail it to people. You're using Flickr, right?

(((( continued love for Sapphman's dad & LadyL's co-worker ))))

I got some mail from BestGalPal this weekend! She gives good mail :-) She is far from thrilled with living in LA, though. But she got a job that I think she's going to like. And yesterday she & BestGuyPal went to some store where they sell every type of soda ever made. So at least she's seeing cool stuff, right? Any of you have any recommendations on non-touristy things to do in LA?

Kvetch: Feeling sickly today. Again. Stressed out and dehydrated. I'm not sleeping well, either, which I also blame on stress.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff doesn't have to work today! I think we're going to take my new car for a spin :-)
Ok..lets give this a try.Us having dinner on the cruise I wish we had taken more with our didgital camera...Gonna take forever to scan in the other three rolls!

Today we are going to attempt to put together a tentlike screen for the back yard. Mr. pixie decided to do this at 9pm last night and we wound up in a tiff because it was dark and the whole thing crashed down on my head as he just sat there looking at me...
We also have some friends coming in from the city.

hey everybody! this week was crazy busy, so i've pretty much been lurking hardcore myself. I caved on Friday afternoon and got some antibiotics, so I'm only really starting to feel better now. I still have the cough, but the congestion is dissipating. I also haven't gotten up before 11 one day this weekend, and I suspect that helped.

We were supposed to have our kitchen floor replaced on Friday, but after pulling the old floor up, the contractors discovered that the original floor was in terrible shape and needs to be replaced before we can put tile over it. They can't come back for two and a half weeks, so our kitchen looks like an old-timey saloon.

Oh, and my interview went well. I don't want to say more so i don't jinx it. Fingers are crossed, though.

((((((busties)))))))) happy three-day weekend to the american busties!
Looking good, Pixie!

Hey there stranger to North!

Finaman and I hosted a fab dinner party on the weekend. At one point it looked like it was spiralling out of control but in the end we had just 8 people which is perfect when you only have 8 plates and forks and chairs... We made too much fab food as well so won't have to cook for days. Love it.

And I have News: Finaman and I got engaged. We were lying in bed one sunday morning a bit hungover and he surprised us both by asking and I said sure so it's official. We're not actually going to do anything about it for ages as we're a bit tapped these days and don't even know what country we should have this event in and it will probably all be horribly complex and we can't even elope to Gretna Green because we have other friends doing that next year and it would be tacky to copy them. Still, it's fun being all luvved-up. We're going to Sardinia in the fall for an engagement holiday because I don't want a ring.
Congratulations to fina and finaman! Yay for love!

((sidecar)) Feel better and good luck with getting the promotion.

pixie, nice pictures. Looks like you had fun.

((quantum)) Good luck with the move.

((amilita)) Have fun tubing and that cottage will be yours I'm sure.

((mornington)) Boo for not getting to see Daphne.

rose, yay fre getting a car.

((sapphman's dad))

Lets see my weekend was pretty relaxing. Mr. DM and I stayed with Twin DM, watched many home design shows, played tennis, ran laps, went swimming and went out to eat way too much.

One sad part of the weekend was, my mother sent me a really sad email she sent to my father saying she felt like she was stupid and unable to find a smarter job among other things. It was really sad because I had no idea my mother thought of herself as stupid. To me that's rather harsh, but she has agreed to see a counselor to work through her issues mainly the relationship she has with her father. He was an abuser, and it has seriously hurt her life and continues too eventhough she is in her 50's. Anyways that's probably way too personal, but I'm so glad she has decided to get help. There are some things that she needs to get past and discuss that family can't help her with.

I hope all the ((Busties)) had a nice weekend.

((Good News))

congratulations, fina! such exciting news!

pixie, you two make a cute couple!

*feel better NOW vibes for sidecar*
*virtual hairbrushing for mornington*

quantum, you are one smart cookie!

(((north))) just cuz it's so nice seeing you in here again.

(((lively))) you are tres adorable, luv! thanks for the email.

eta: (((d-medusa's mum)))

kvetch: another non-weekend shot to hell. between working, having to deal with s-i-l's nastyass family, not being able to sleep in, supporting the kid in his parade while it was 90 degrees in the shade, and then cleaning the house yet again all fucking day, i'm a total crankster. the only bright spot was shopping with sunny and the delicious dinner she made for us saturday night. hoping this glass of pinot grigio perks my soul up enough for the bbq at mom's (which i really didn't want to do, but i've been Neglectful Daughter lately, so you know how that song goes).


yay! fina & finaman! congratumelations & *flings glitter*

lovely pictures pixie - looks like you really had fun

(((dm & dm's mum)))

(((quantum))) good moving!

(((sidecar))) feel better & *fingers crossed*

yay for (((rosev))) & her car - and feel better


x-posted so (((((mando))))

(((ladylib's co-worker)))

(((north, lively, crassy, mando, anoushh, vesica, sapphy, bunny, lys, ladylib, sonik, msgoof... and everyone I've forgotten)))

blergh. I hate revising. My concentration levels are dreadful & I'm just about ready to enter the olympic procrastination team. Ah well, hopefully I'll get into the swing of things & it'll be ok in a few days.

anti-kvetch: ice-cream. and i've done my work for today so I am going to make some earrings, or maybe design a piece of embroidery (I want to do another skeleton).

***monday love for everykvetchie***
Many congrats to Fina & FinaMan!!!! How fantastic! A part of me is seriously tickled by the idea of the two of you running off to Gretna Green. You might have to reconsider!

Pixie, the pics look fantastic!! The new haircut looks great. The color is really nice, too (You're right - it's much nicer than the browner color you had in early April). You look especially smokin' in that brown dress. Mrowr! And, of course, the Mr. looks rather dapper & very handsome :-)
I also looked at the b-day party pictures. T looks really happy!

((((((DM's momma)))))) It's never too late to start therapy. Hope it helps her to feel better about herself.

xxxxxx crossed fingers for Sidecar xxxxxx
------ solid floor vibes, too ------

(((Mandi))) Poor over-worked thing! Glad to hear that Sunny's taking care of you for us, though.

~~~~~ get-into-the-swing-of-things vibes for Mornington ~~~~~

Anti-kvetch: Sheff says that, since we got the car, I seem more confident & more like my old self. What a difference a set of wheels can make, hmm? This is all good because I actually want to drive and explore new places for a change.

Kvetch: Too bad this week will be devoted to The Return of the Landlord. The owner of the house will arrive this week & we'll all meet for the first time. So I'm going to make sure the place looks absolutely perfect for her. So basically, don't be surprised if I'm MIA this week.

Anti-kvetch: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. And neopolitan ice cream. And owning a car with air conditioning.

Yay for Fina and Finaman! The thought of you running off to Gretna Green like a couple in a Georgette Heyer novel almost makes up for the fact that I'm suddenly feeling like I missed a memo somewhere. Very happy for you!

Yay for Rose and the postie list!

I'm sorry (((Mandi))). If it makes you feel any better, I have to clean up for my catsitter again and I don't know when in the next three days I'm going to do that. Plus, my bathroom ceiling is dripping because the seal on the toilet of the upstairs neighbour was totally gone. It occurs to me to wonder why it is my job to clean up other people's pee in my bathroom when clearly I have no control over the maintenance of toilet seals.
Yeah fina and finaman! I'll also jump on the elope to Gretna green what if other friends are doing it. It is YOUR wedding!


!*!*!*concentration vibes for Morning!!!*!*!*!*!

RV...Yeah for air conditioning! Old Blue didn't have air did it? And thanks about the hair..I am defintiely likeing it and Mr. P wants me to keep it this way for a while. (also if you went through the pics...I wore the biker chick shirt when Mr. Dust came to pick up minipixie this morning...*giggle snort* You should have seen him staring at my arms through the door!!! But hey, he has no room to critisize anyone elses fashion these days!)

((Dusty, DM, sidecar, Amilita, LL, north, and everyone else I missed))

I love this thread. I swear I am staying away from ATWT these days!
CONGRATULATIONS fina and furture hubby! I am so happy for you both :-). Is it seven years you've been together? Reverse of the itch! Now he just has to age gracefully and obtain more hair on his chest .

pixie, I think I'll be joining you in staying away from ATWT! Your pics are lovely (any wedding ones yet?), your hair is very pretty and the mini-pixies are absolute dolls - too cute!

(((mandolyn))) and (((mornington))) those are the longest, most tender hugs I can give. You both deserve to be hugged often and my someone who knows how and when.

Oh, and mandi, I totally understood what you meant about seeing me happy, thank you, I'll readily admit to be crabbit of late!

(((sidecar))) everything is crossed for you!

(((designermedusa))) and (((her mum))). It hurts so much when your mum is hurting.

(((everyone else)))

happiness, health, jobs and house vibes!!!

any word from tes yet?

kvetch: none today! the coursework continues but I'm past it. Actually, I'm not but I soon will be.

Anti-kvetch: the boy has an induction day in London next Friday (the same day as I go down, although I arrive later. speaking of which, mornington, if you want to meet up then PM me? No pressure, though, I know it's intimidating meeting complete strangers, even if they are busties!) Anyway, he feels funny staying at my aunt's and uncles's (he's only met them a few times although they get on wonderfully) and said he would fly back that night but flights were working out as really expensive so he's staying overnight and we get to go for dinner and spend the day together Saturday :-).

another anti-kvetch: in work we are having a major World Cup charity event over the next few weeks and I'm one of the charity reps and spent most of this evening (yes, although it's a bank holiday here and I work for a bank we were still open) decorating our area (we've been assigned The Netherlands as our theme - the themes are world cup team countries) and arranging fun and profitable things to do. All proceeds are going to Breast Cancer Care so I'm feeling quite pleased with myself to be working so hard for such a worthy cause. Any fundraising ideas or The Netherlands themed ideas (hint hint sonik!) would be appreciated!

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