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I keep forgetting to thank Mornington and Bunny for the Xmas cards! They were waiting for us when we picked up our mail the other day. Many thanks! smile.gif

Hooray for sleep! Congrats!

And Mandi, Prince is already in Vegas! My college pal who lives there got to see him for FREE last week! Her boyfriend's company gave him the tickets (they were worth $700!). She said it was wonderful. Prince performed some James Brown songs in honor of his passing, as well as some of his older songs (but left out some of the jucier stuff). She loved it and said that Prince is by far the sexiest man she has ever seen. Here's hoping the ticket prices drop so that we normal folks can see him!

As for the cheese bread, I got the recipe from a cook book by the people from America's Test Kitchen & Cooks' Illustrated. I'll post it in the Barefoot thread later.
(((Sidecar and martini))) So sorry to hear about Oscar. I do think you did the right thing.

*flying by, back from the health club (go me) and about to do a bit of work...*
((polly)) Some companies have a policy of always appealing....I used to have to deal with that in one of my old jobs. Most of the time it goes in the favor of the employee unless they did somethign really wrong, like stealing or something to get fired.

Yay for new fish!

We took our tree down this morning! Of course I in my pregnant state decided it would be a good idea to rearrange our storage I pulled everythign otu....and then got to tired to bother putting everything back in! I'm hoping to get it done slowly over the rest of the day!

I'm also taking Mr. Pixie out for his birthday shopping today! He turns the big 3-0 on Tuesday!
**hugs to all who need it esp for the deaths going around**

Hey all! I have been trying to catch up, but generic vibes'll have to do for now.

I need to get here more often! I have been sleeping this weekend and thought I'd pop in here. I have been sleeping a loooot lately. Dr is running blood tests and such to figure out why. *yawn*

In important news, my wittle Mavacado is two years old! Friday was her birfday. Awww. She is a very happy 2 year old. And cute to boot. Doesn't seem like it has been 2 years already, tho. Wow.

I gotta go clean now. I want to clean up so I can do some scrapbooking I have been neglecting (like 2 years of baby pics, wedding pics from 4 years ago...) and I start school in a couple weeks. Eeep. (I am going back to school! Whee!)

Smooches to all!
((bunnyb)) but, i do love you too!! *pats her wittle head* good bunny!

the weird dreams are not from my anti-depressant (lexapro to be exact). it has to do with my concern that i won't do well on my interviews and i will miss getting an internship position again this year. self-doubt and not asking for help. for instance, i had another weird dream last night. it had to do with competition and my lack of skill. it was a vivid night Busties! in 2 dreams, i was playing sports (volleyball and softball). in my dreams, i was a shitty ass player. my 3rd dream, i just signed up at a workout club. i had trouble getting in. i kept walking in circles. i had on 2 different pairs of shoes...a clog and a gym shoe. i kept walking past the employees and i didn't ask how to get in...i wanted to figure it out on my own. my friend on the other hand asked for help (in her usual diva-ish manner), but she got the job done. so, yeah, insecurity is creepin' in....

((mando)) yeah for sleep! i've never slept 8 hours in my life. that's awesome. you go, wonderwoman, all the world is waiting for you!!

(((sassygrrl))) that's awful about the seizures. damn. do you think you need different meds or an increase to help?

((polly)) damn. that is really shitty. i hope things work out in your favor.

((((raisin)))) big hugs for you during this time.

((pixie & mr. pixie)) are you going through the nesting period of pregnancy? happy bday to the mr!

*~*get well soon vibes for designermedusa*~*

((hugs to mavin, fina, tes, sybarite, sonik, mornington & bunnies, sidecar, yuefie, dusty, and other kvetchies))
((((polly)))) urgh. suckage. hope it's all straightened out and in your favor, promptly!

(((((sassy)))) sorry about the seizures sweetie. my brother has them too and I know how upsetting they are to him. I hope the docs can figure out a theraputic dosage that is balanced enough to keep them at bay. feel better soon!

~~~~continued soothing for ((((sidecar & martini)))))~~~~

and (((((raisin & raisinsis)))))

~~~feel better quick~~~~ for ((((dm)))) and any other sickies!

yay for a good nights sleep for mandi!

((((nightmare plagued busties)))) eeeek. you cant count me in on the bizzaro dreams this weekend. I don't even know if I could explain them exactly, but one had to do with sashie having gargantuan puppies that looked part st. bernard, part beagle and were easily half her size at birth and me getting a call that they had all mysteriously died, including sashie. it was eerie, I woke up in a sweat and had to wake sashie up to squeeze her. something in the air, I tell ya.

~~~~~~nightmares be gone~~~~~~ & ~~~~~~~peaceful slumber~~~~~~~

rose, I am sooo jealous of your friend seeing prince for free! I've been carrying a torch for his royal purpleness since I was 11 and have missed several chances to see him. I've promised myself I will not make that mistake again. And I might have some company since my niece has taken a sudden liking to him. my sis can't stand him, never could so she mutters under her breath when my niece and I crank up a song in the car and sing along, heh.

((((plat)))) ~~~~continued healing~~~~

(((((tes)))) yay for tropical paradise con mr hotbuns! tongue.gif

((((((mornington)))))) for the cuteness that is ms. doris floppyears! more doris, more doris!

(((((bunny)))) just 'cause

(((((msp & pixie)))) ~~~~happiness & healthy growing bebe's~~~~

(((((dusty, syb, mavin, stargazer, amilita, plummie, anoushh, crassy, qspice, billy, fina, sonik, faith, everyone))))) just cause you're all such sweetie pies and I really do appreciate the support system we all share.

today was just weird. I was not down but my strange dreams left me feeling a little off. I got a call about my dad's blood pressure being sky high and the rehab place needing to call his doctor to authorize medication to bring it down. when I spoke with him he was all worked up over some bell disturbing his sleep (the call bell for the nurses) all night long. I had to talk him down, which was getting a little frustrating. I finally promised to bring him some ear plugs and he calmed down. he's never been as easily aggravated as he seems to be lately. I did get some good news though. my cousin is doing a lot better. his lungs appear to finally be responding to the antibiotics. they will be doing another procedure tomorrow and he will likely be discharged on tuesday to go home. I think he might stay with me for a few days, since their roomate smokes and that will obviously irritate his lungs.

thanks everyone. i can't believe how hard i've taken this. may i never have a weekend this hard in awhile. i hope next year, no one dies. even a cat. today's better. it helped to have other pets to come home to. it's still weird -- the house is a lot quieter.

(((polly))) zanylanie, i dunno if she's still on here, but she's a lawyer-to-be who might be able to help -- faith, too, although I forget what her specialty is. If you've got the backup info you have, you'll probably be fine. I'm sure most places appeal as standard procedure, as who wants to pay money if they can get away without doing so on a technicality?

(((stargazer))) you're gonna rock your interviews! promise.

Nesting...maybe a little. More of a dread of when I know I won't be able to do these things. I have a huge attic...and a really big closet under my stairs...and The attic is nearly full of baby crap left over from minipixie and I know I need to pull it all out and go through it and get rid of a lot of stuff to make room for stuff from the new one. After all, even if I have a little girl, I will want to buy her some new clothes so she doesn't need all of minipixie's cast offs. SoI thought it would be easier to move the Christmas stuff to the closet instead of stacking it up back in teh attic in front of theoxes I already need to go through. The biggest problem is that we moved in rightefore Thanksgiving an effort to get theouse company worthy we threw a bunch of boxes into the closet and several have yet to be unpacked. That is my chore for the week. Unpack those boxes or toss them.

(((sidecar))) I thought about you earlier when we went to the pet store and they had a bunch of kitties for adoption. I have an old lady kitty and it is sad knowing she probably won't around too much longer.

(((all kvetchies with nightmares))) I've been having bizzar dreams lately too, but those are fairly common in pregnancy. It's bad when your hormones run amuk even when sleeping!

(((Raisin, Mornington, bunny, DM, Stargazer, Rose, Plat, Tes, Yuefie, Mavin, the whole gang))))
(((polly))) that sucks. g'luck with phonecall.


(((stargazer))) sounds like anxiety to me. Get those interneships!!! Sending you lots of vibes and positive thoughts.


~*~*~*~sweet sleeps for disturbed slumber kvetchies~*~*~*~

I'm feeling a bit meh. I'm missing the boy so I'm just pottering around until Friday when I go to see him. I think my main problem just now is that I'm bored but I'm not ready to go back to work yet (hopefully the doctor agrees with me tomorrow); I've reached the guilt stage about it but one more month.

Anyone see the story about the couple shot in their home here in NOLA? The one where she died and he survived? Their toddler was unharmed. He is a doctor who worked with low income people and she was an artist; both sound like good and kind people. Exceptional people.

Well, they lived just a few blocks away from us, one street down. And it's just sad and overwhelming, all this crime here. But another sad thing is that I'm so wrapped up in my own mental mess these days that I feel like I'm more numb to it all than I should be...I'm kinda having this weird resurgance of feelings related to the days after the floods. And my shrink has a plan to desensitize me...I have to write down my experience and...yuck.

But I am going to the march against crime on Thursday. At least I can do that.

Trying to keep up lately...wish I had a cute new picture of Wally to post, but he hasn't struck any good poses lately.

Good luck with the call, polly!

((sidecar and martini, again))

So, so tired from work last night, so ((you))
(((((continued love to Sidecar & Martini)))))

((((Amilita)))) I was wondering if you knew that family. I hear that all the murders last week have been the final straw for many people who returned to NOLA. Such a terrible shame - all of it. My heart will be with you at the march on Thursday.

((((Yeufie's dad)))) Good to hear that your cousin is improving. All good news is a relief! And I love the idea of you singing yuour heart out to old-school Prince. smile.gif

MAVIN!!!! Sweetie, come back more often! And bring pics of Ze Love & the Avocado! Best of luck at school.

Bunny, how long has it been since you left work? Is the company making you stay in contact with a therapist of some sort?

Pixie, good luck with those boxes! I have a lot of filing and sorting to do and I keep avoiding it. Bleh!

~*~*~*~ vibes of calm & confidence for Stargazer ~*~*~*~ You'll be fab, sweet stuff.

Yesterday Sheff and I went to the local astronomy shop & looked at telescopes. Sheff really wants to take pics of planets & nebulas & such (and I think it could be fun to explore the sky together). It is amazing how telescopes have changed since my brother got one 25 years ago! These things are so amazingly fancy. You can get a telescope with a computer & GPS system built into it. And if you want to look at a particular planet or star, you just have to type it in and the telescope will find it for you. Astounding! But if you want to find things the old-fashioned way (as Sheff would like), you can turn off the computerized system.

The problem, of course, is that the telescope he really likes costs more than one month's rent. EEEP!!!

Anti-kvetch: For the first time in months, I worked out today. It wasn't as long of a workout as I used to do, but I didn't want to risk hurting myself. I figured that something was far better than nothing.

ETA: I put the recipe for the Cheddar Cheese Bread in the Barefoot thread. Sooooooo goooooood!!!
Cheese bread sounds amazing. It is so cruel that Finaman is allergic to cheese. I hardly ever get to make anything with cheese in it unless I want to be eating it all week.

We're painting the kitchen walls and ceiling a cream colour and the trim is a super glossy cherry red. It looks amazing but takes ages to get the trim/wall borders looking good because it's an old flat and there are no straight edges anywhere. The cabinets are flash Ikea ones, grey with frosted glass, so thank cod no painting of those is required. The backsplash tiling is blue. The cream walls look so much better than that hideous green (and I generally love green!) and the red gives it all some zip.

Next up will be the living room (kind of a pine/emerald colour, but we're not sure yet how dark we're brave enough to go; and Finaman has now reneged on his agreement that a lighter green ceiling will look elegant against the white cornicing and dark green walls, grr), then the hallway, and if we don't burn out by then, the bathroom. Might even put new flooring in the bathroom but we'll see. I fully expect this all to take months!

(((Amilita))) That's so awful.


Good luck on the reorganization of everything Pixie!
Rose you can stop hounding me now! In going through the boxes last night I found the missing section of the divorce decree and the all important information! I also found some specfic clauses that referenced the kind of issues that have been arising. So now it is safe and sound with the rest of it should the need arise.....Now I really need to get a fireproof lock box. We have a "secret cubby" in our house that is just big enough for a safe or lock box and I'd like to get one to put all our really valuable papers and credit cards so we won't use them!

Kvetch: the kitchen is still littered with boxes.

Antikvetch: Me and the Mr. checked out a new restraunt/bar last night. It has buzztime trivia which we got addicted to in Branson. We are so gonna be spending a lot of time there!

Fina congrats on the decorating upgrades! I am hoping we can finally start doing that sort of stuff to our house soon. So far we've been putting all of our decorating money into furniture, but we are almost done with that. My kitchen has a lovely 70's yellow and orange fruit and striped wall paper that has got to go! It also has beige berber carpet.*puke* so we want to put down some wood floors and a modern wall paper. I don't understand..the rest of the house was not decorated that bad...I don't knwo why the kitchen was! And the old owner left us enough wall paper to entirely wall paper it again!

(((amilita))) I can't even imagine what you guys are going through down there! Mr. Pixie wanted to take a trip there for Spring Break, but I told him I didn't think it was time yet.
Pixie, you didn't mention that priceless wallpaper you have in the upstairs bathroom! wink.gif Congrats on finding that paperwork! Woot!!! Nice to know I don't have to nag you anymore. biggrin.gif So where is this new restaurant? I don't think I've mentioned it here, but my brother, M, runs a trivia night at a bar in his city. He says it's a really fun way to spend an evening with friends.

Fina, the colors sound gorgeous! Glad to hear you don't have to paint the cabinets, too. As for the bread, go ahead and make it & share it with some cheese-loving friends or co-workers!

Kvetch: I just spent way too long loading photos onto my blog. Whenever I would preview the post, things looked fine. But then I published it and everything was totally screwed up & I had to go back and re-do almost everything. Annoying, but a good lesson to learn. If any of you would like to see the pics, just send me a PM & I'll give you a link to my blog. smile.gif
Pixie, yay for organization! I wish I had a secret cubby in which to hide things. *grumbles* I did have a pretty interesting huge Victorian wall safe in my last solo apartment, but alas, it would not lock.

((amilita)) that's awful

fina, your kitchen sounds fantastic. Thus far all we've done in our apartment is paint one wall. It's really great, but I wish we could do more. Unfortunately the landlords, while awesome people, are not too keen on paint.

bunny, I'm a firm believer in taking as much time as you need

((sidecar)) I'm so sorry about your kitty

kvetch - mother-in-law weirdness, selfishness, and general insanity

antikvetch - actual mommy's sanity and wisdom

further strangeness - I had a dream that I gave birth to a kitten in a ditch. My dreams have been weird lately.

pixiedust would bring up the bathroom wallpaper....which I have just recently discovered is also 1 layer down in my downstairs bathroom too. The old owner had a weird sense of humor...the bathroom has a paper of different types of old fashioned toilets, bedae's, sinks, and tubs. It's in the kids bathroom, so it doesn't bother me much!

The new restraunt is on 71st near your's called Buffalo Wild Wings! It's kind of like a Hooters without the big breasts and tacky outfits!

kvetch: Mr. Pixie's ex bounced a check here where I work...and since it is under his minipixie's account, it of course, flagged my last name, so now I am going to have to help my boss with the collection process. unsure.gif I hope I can stay out of it as much as possible. But I am pretty sure the contact information we have up here is incorrect.

Having a secret cubby is kind of have to know it is there and take a screw out of the wall to get into it. The kids don't even know it's if it ever got to hectic, I could always go in there and hide! tongue.gif
hee, pixie, my inlaws love buffalo wild wings. but in the town where i went to college, it was a total meatmarket pickup spot. So I like to think of my stodgy, old inlaws hittin' the town whenever they go there!

fina, good luck with the painting! I need to touch up my interior paint this year (my house is mostly reds and oranges, although my bedroom is a light green, my kitchen is a creamy yellow, and my office is a bright blue). I also need to redo my bathroom, but I think I might need to bring a pro in for that. My neighbor's bathroom leaked into mine, so she's going to pay to replace my ceiling, but I also need to install a proper ceiling fan and fix the broken window that's been held together by duct tape for two years. I kinda feel like if we're going to do that much stuff, we should just rip the whole damn thing out, put in a nicer floor and tub, too. But I doubt Martini would go for that.

Thanks for all the love everyone. I really appreciate it. Putting the cat down was really sucky, and I'm glad I've got you guys for support. And also, to make me feel less stupid about being so upset about a cat.
I haven't been keeping up lately - so I'm sorry if I miss you out! i have been reading, just not posting... feeling a bit low, I'm coming down with a cold.

((((pixie)))) yay for redecorating. Sometimes I wish I could repaint this place; the yellow bedroom walls aren't really "me"
((((luci)))) weird dreams. hope the mil goes away.
((((rose)))) me me me! biggrin.gif
((((sidecar & martini))))
((((amilita)))) I hope the therapy continues to help.
((((fina)))) yay decorating! sounds good!
((((polly)))) yeech. that sounds like madness, but you seem prepared and on top of it. arseholes to the lot of 'em.
((((bunny)))) I know the feeling
((((star)))) acos. you will be fiiiine
((((plat, mando, yuefie, raisin, tes, sassy, sixe, anoushh, mavin, dm, msp, billy, everyone))))

first day back at uni. Mad Anatomy Professor (henceforth known as... Mad Anatomy Professor) stared at me and then declared "you're back!". I've been back a whole term, petal. Bless him, he's a sweetheart. Just insane. blink.gif . We also have a new lecturer, who replaced the dotty French lady we had - i used to hear so many people complain about her accent, but i used to get annoyed with half her lectures still being in french. The new guy seems very nice.

Back in tomorrow; mama is here until wednesday morning, we're going to get our hair cut and she's getting new glasses.

mm, hot lemon and ginger tea. i feel all blocked and weird. oh, and i had my bus pass taken off me by the inspector as proof of it not having enough on it for my journey. grr.
Sidecar, belated condolences to you and the kitty. Don't feel bad about being distraught; the unconditional pure love from a pet is nothing like the love from a person. I was a mess when my first pet I had as an adult died; I took the following day off of work, that's how upset I was. So please don't feel stupid about your grief, okay? I hope you find comfort in the fact that you gave the kitty a wonderful life. xo
sidecar, I would be completed devastated if anything happened to mandoo and bubble even thinking about it so do *not* feel stupid!

(((mornington))) being back at uni should help, gives you something to focus on. I am so incredibly bored but should be savouring this time as it is the first time since 1986 that I've had a break from education! Also, I'll be starting to volunteer at the bunbun's school and going back to work soon.

luci, thank you, I feel I do need more time.

fina, I can maintain my lady who lunches and shops lifestyle because I receive full pay for 6months! oh and those colours they are fine.

rose, I've been off for just over 4 months.

kvetch: sick line expires tomorrow, have early appt with doctor and hope he agrees with me that I shouldn't go back yet.

anti-kvetch: speaking of decorating and buying bookcases from ikea, I am planning both. The bunnies have had a bid accepted for a house and ours goes on sale at the end of this week and, all prevailing, we'll be moving in during April (Good Friday to be precise). I'm planning a raspberry accent wall with surrounding lilac/dusky pink/violet colour with a few chinese blossoms painted by moi and probably billy bookcases as they are cheapest and I need a few.

anti-kvetch: I passed my mock driving test today! woot! I just hope I pass the real thing.
please forgive my not being up to individual mentions. you all know i love youze, yes?

just wanted to give a special magick-mirror shout out to lucizoe, cuz she hasn't been in here in a while.

and another tight hug for (((sidecar))).
and one for (((amilita))).

and to kvetch that i must've been living under a rock, because i had no clue there was a stage production of edward scissorhands. and it's like, interpretative dance or some such shit. i think it's hitting broadway soon, albeit for a limited engagement.

this is 952 ways of wrong, people. wrong. can't they bring back godspell for chrissakes? why must they consistently fuck with screen brilliance? oy.
yay for your cousin, yuefie!

**happy preggo organizational vibes for pixie** your bathroom wallpaper sounds so amusing! sounds like the sort of thing i would pick just to be odd

**amilita** be safe. scary when that stuff is so nearby.

rose! smooches! i am gonna try to be around more, i pwomise! we are working on ze mavacado's website. when i find out more, i shall share pics :-) and yay for exercising!

fina- your colour combos sound lovely. i am jealous of the green living room. i want a green living room, but it opens into the dining room and i don't know how appetizing it would be

bunny- your decorating ideas sound nice, too. wanna come over here and paint some chinese blossoms for me? i really want to paint something near my buffet in the dining room. it has a fancy arch that is just waiting for something...

also, i read bunnyb's post wrong. i read "if anything happened to mando" and i thought, yah, i would be devastated if anything befell my darling mandolyn, too! ;-)

speaking of mandolyn- a stage production of edward scissorhands?? whyyyy?

i had a great day at work. i made my boyfriend feel dirty. (my work bf, i am still married) and generally had fun. and i got to discuss labyrinth's messed-up-edness there too. (I saw it for the first time this weekend)

i can't believe i have to start studying again soon, tho! i go back to school the 21st. although my classes (all 2 of them) are online (excuses to bust!!), it has been so nice being out of school!

my mavacado is watching donald duck cartoons and cracking up! so cute; i must join her!
Just a quick fly by cause I haven't been here in quite a while.

Amilita, I heard about that couple, they were on the cover of the Globe and Mail this Saturday.

Sidecar, I'm sorry about your kitty. I can't imagine what it must be like to have to put down a pet.

((((everyone)))) just wanted to send some positive vibes out to everyone!
fly by because i'm at work on my lunch hour!

((((((((sidecar))))))) oh, sweetie. i'm so sad to hear about oscar. don't let anyone tell you (not even yourself!) that "it was just a cat". oscar was a death in the FAMILY. he WAS a part of your every day life, he lived with you, indoors, he was -- a member of the family!

you are grieving because it was a HUGE loss. my heart goes out to you. even though mimi the african attack kitty has been exceedingly stand-offish lately, i would be SO LONELY without her and her presence in my life. i'd be more worried about you if you didn't grieve.

(((((amilita))))) how horrible! i don't see how you can keep going. i know you may not feel courageous, but you are filled with courage in my eyes. you went back. you are continuing to fight to make a difference, to make things return to whatever "normal" they can. having courage doesn't mean that you aren't scared, or upset. you are there, doing your best. you are a hero.

*tackles maVin*

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! a maVin sighting!!! HUZZAH!!!!! maVin, we need to see pictures!! of you or ze MaVocado wearing silly hats or deely boppers, or socks, or SOMETHING!

*covers her in kisses*

just keep coming back, está bem???

((((((mando)))))) a'cos. a'cos i love her.

kvetch: i just found out that what i had was TONSILLITIS!!!! eeeep!
kvetch: i don't have the time to mention and vibe everyone individually. sad.gif

hugs and kisses and loads of silly fishes to everyone here!!!! wub.gif
(((mavin))) lovely post and lovely to have you posting in here again. second, third, fourth request for pics of ze avocado! I would come across the pond and paint cherry blossoms if I could, I'm not even sure if I'll make a good job of it but it's a sweet idea.

The doctor has extended my sick line for 8 weeks (hmmm, be careful what you wish for?) and told me I have to go for therapy within that time. The therapist he has recommended has a waiting list of 12 weeks or £40 for a one hour session (it's free if I wait). I also have a nerve irritation (my hand has been cramping and suffering from tingliness) caused by fluid retention caused by weight gain so he's told me to lose weight. I wanted to lose weight anyway but now I need to.

love to all.
Bunny, please do join us in the WW thread even if you're not using WW as your weight loss method.

I had an awesome day at work yesterday and we even had a visit from someone who is like an old friend despite the fact that I just met said person yesterday (someone from another company we do work for), but it doesn't mean that I want to fuckin' work today in any way, shape, or form.

And thank you so much for the well-wishes for RaisinSis and her friend who died. You're very sweet. This week and the following weeks/months are going to be hard on her.
Sidecar, I agree with everyone else who has said don't feel silly about being sad. Oscar has been in your and Martini's life for years; it's natural to grieve.

From reading about him elsewhere, he sounds like he was grumpy yet charismatic. I love disdainful cats: I always think of them as simply being discerning.

(((RaisinSis))) I think loss hits hardest this time of the year.

I'm actually happy to be back working away at the thesis; I felt like I was neglecting it (well, I was) over christmas. these next four/five months in particular are crucial so I need to produce chapter drafts a go-go.

Mando, we sang Godspell at school. 'Preeee-pare ye the light of the world...'

Fina, I don't know what I would do if I were allergic to cheese. That's half my weekly food intake right there.

Amilita, what tesao said: you're very courageous indeed.

I am broke but I can't.stop. buying. black clothing. Skinny leg wool trousers on sale at Gap; new black boots (essential, in fairness) and I'm about to go out and buy the black sweater I saw this morning. My excuse is that all three are at sale prices...
A cheese allergy would be my worst nightmare! Although maybe quite welcome just now as it is my weakness... (raisin, I've joined you over in ww)

Black clothing is so flattering, hence justified! Bunny must not spend on clothes as bunny will drop dress sizes over the coming months and nothing will fit! Also, no book buying as have too many still to read. Should save enough for beach holiday with that alone ... and it's quite the incentive.

Amilita, you're a hero. It was Yuefie (and her blog) who reminded me today that those in New Orleans are all heroes, but especially you, chica!

I've read and napped and not much else today, both were great smile.gif.

(((Sidecar))) Pets ARE family, but we don't normally have to decide when to have our family put down, so it is a special kind of heartbreak.
I suppose it's better to have a cheese allergy than a chocolate allergy, but it still sounds terrible!

Sybarite, you've just demonstrated one of the reasons why I avoid shopping if possible. I'm always tempted to buy things if I go out. But if I avoid the shops, I rarely think of anything I need other than food.

It's so good to see MaVin around here some more! smile.gif

((((((((((Sidecar & Martini & Raisin & RaisinSis & Amilita & Yuefie & YuefieDad & Pixie & MicroPixie & Mandi & Bunny & Mornington & Doris & StarGazer & Sybarite & Tes & CCGirl & absolutely every last one of you))))))))

My kvetch today is that I need to confront my mother about something. This past summer I suggested that we should throw a party for her and my dad for their 40th wedding anniversary. Well, Mom loved the idea, but she's gotten rather carried away. Instead of a nice party in their hometown surrounded by friends, she has turned it into a full week-long vacation in Florida (that the family & many friends are being pressured to attend), capped off with a party that seems to be a re-staging of the wedding she wished she had had. Frankly, she is becoming a bit ... obsessive. She has already reserved rooms for at least 16 people, but I think only 6 have confirmed that they'll go. She is going to rent a space for the party/vow-renewal, but is trying to figure out which day will work best with the rest of her plans.

The thing that worries me is that she never refers to this as a celebration of the years she has spent with my dad. Instead, she is completely focused on re-staging her wedding & trying to drown out the memories of the little mishaps of her original wedding day (and of course, my dad gets to have no say in the matter). Granted, her wedding day wasn't perfect (she got a small stain on her dress the day before the wedding, she got stuck at a railroad crossing on her way to the church & arrived 10 minutes late to the ceremony, it was oppressively hot, & the power went out just before the reception), but after 40 years she should move on already! Yesterday she called me up and started talking about flower selections (yellow roses perhaps?) and whether she should have a buffet or a sit-down meal. But it wan't until she suggested exchanging pinky rings with my dad that I got truly terrified. My dad is NOT the pinky ring type. Something must be said. I'm fine with them having a party, but I feel that my mom is putting the emphasis on all of the wrong things & she is setting herself up for a major disappointment. This shouldn't be about drowning out old memories, but celebrating them! And at the very least, my father should get to have some say in all of this.
OMG! Rose I started laughing so hard I had to pee when I pictured your dad with a pinky ring! Perhaps a Gold watch might be more appropriate? I could understand if she wants to renew their vows or something, but a full on sit down to meal type of fancy wedding? wonder she gave your father dance lessons for Christmas! I'm sorry, I am laughing so hard right now...your poor father! I hope she throttles back a little!

Today is Mr. Pixie's 30th Birthday! You would not believe how badly he has been dreading it! Now he can't go around telling people I am 30 and he's only 29 anymore! Does anyone have any easy, fabulous recipies for some type of chocolate cake? I'm tempted to just buy one, but I know a home made one would be so much better if I have the energy to cook one.

I can't imagine having a cheese allergy! Of course Mr. Pixie just doesn't like cheese, so I don't get to cook with it was much as I used to. Now I just wait until food is done and then dump cheese on top!

QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Oct 12 2006, 03:44 PM) *

I made this chocolate cake last night for my mom's birthday and it was soooo worth the trip to the chain grocery store for that Dutch-Processed cocoa. It was one of the most moist cakes I've ever had. I added extra cinnamon and the flavor was perfect- a real chocolatey flavor, without being super sweet or overly rich. The "glaze" was interesting- maybe I had too many nuts (not really possible, IMO), but it was more like a layer of chocolate coated nuts on top of the cake- it didn't harden, but it didn't run down the sides or anything. And for being made from scratch, it wasn't very difficult or time-consuming.

Hey Pixie- above is a post of mine from the barefoot thread for an excellent chocolate cake I made back in October. I still dream about that cake....hmm, BGP's b-day is coming up- maybe I'll make it again.

Cheese allergy? It would have to be completely life-threatening for me to not eat cheese. A little gastrointestinal discomfort wouldn't stop me.

((hugs to all))
Oh gawd, tell me about it, Pixie! [puts head in hands & suppresses sobs] I thought of Mr. Pixie and his hatred of cheese while I made that bread this weekend. Oh well ... more cheese for the cheese lovers!!! Wish him a very happy b-day from me. smile.gif

Polly, that cake sounds really interesting. Is the cinnamon very powerful? I'm not very fond of G&B's Maya Gold, so I'm curious how this compares.

I had a little talk with Mom just a bit ago & let her know my concerns. From now on, the focus is all about the anniversary. I told her that there's nothing wrong with them renewing their vows and all of that, but I don't want her going all Bridezilla on me! She seemed to understand my concerns. She said she kept on bringing up the old wedding day fiasco because she was trying to legitimize this party to other people. I told her that 40 years of marriage is all the excuse she needs! As for Florida, Mom knows that I think it's a bad idea, but she is determined anyway; she wants a family vacation. So that's that. And as for the sleeping space for 16, she has already checked & the timeshare company says she can cancel the rooms without any penalties, so that's okay. So she is covering her bases, thank goodness. Mom agrees that I have many good points & she apologized for freaking me out. So she has calmed my fears a bit, but I am still in charge of making sure that she doesn't go off the deep end.

Where is everybody?!?! Is everyone out fulfilling new years resolutions or something?

I went ahead & posted a new piccie of me & Sheff in the Say Cheese thread. My husband is such a hottie I just couldn't help myself!
I got the apartment! I found out yesterday morning, and I move in Feb 3rd! Now the trip to IKEA to actually get furniture begins. I also think I can move some things in early. They also do a really cool pet exchange, which means I could get a kitty! I haven't had my own place or a pet in a number of years. I'm really scared, but I'm very excited. There's this kick ass farmer's market about 20 minutes away....

Kvetch: I have a really bad migrane due to the increase in meds, so I took the day off.

Polly, could you post the recipe?

Hee polly, a little gastro discomfort doesn't stop me from loving cheese. Thank maude for lactaid! I don't know if I could cope with an actual allergy to cheese *fans self*

happy b-day to mr pixie. a homemade cake would be nice if you've got the energy pixie, but I'm sure your honey would be just as pleased with anything you came up with, as long as you are together.

rose, you and sheff are an adorable pair.

yay sassy!! ~~~~migraine be gone~~~~

more hugs & lovies for ((((sidecar)))) & ((((raisin))))

and for ((((amilita))))) who is definetely a hero to me.

and for ((((everyone))))

I'm extra tired and kinda cranky today. I had a little bout of insomnia last night. and when I finally managed to fall asleep was when missy decided that I needed to get up and pet her. poor thing is so miserable. she's huge, she's waddling around. and she uses her stuffed doggy as a body pillow, which too cute. I don't know why but I am just chilled to the bone today. can't wait to get to my warm bed!

ETA: I just got a frantic call from my cousins gf. apparently instead of being released today, he has to go in for surgery. I don't quite have all the details as I couldn't get her to calm down, but it has something to do with his lung function. they believe if he doesn't undergo this procedure he may never regain the full function of the lung again. he's freaking out because of course the anethesiologist had to explain the risks and have him sign consent forms. all he heard was "there is a chance you may not wake up" and he has hit the wall. she is accross town at work, has a job interview for a position she desperately needs in an hour, and has to pick her son up from daycare after that. I told her I would meet her at the hospital when I leave here and PJ volunteered to babysit for her. ugh, vibes please.

Yay Sassy! I love that Ikea-induced high! Poop on the migraine, though!

Here's the recipe, in case that link didn't work:


Active time: 35 min Start to finish: 2 hr
For cake
2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter
1/2 cup Dutch-process unsweetened cocoa powder
3/4 cup water
2 cups granulated sugar
2 large eggs
1/2 cup well-shaken buttermilk
2 tablespoons vanilla
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt

For glaze
2 cups chopped pecans (71/2 oz)
1/2 stick (1/4 cup) unsalted butter
1/2 cup half-and-half
1/2 cup confectioners sugar
5 oz fine-quality bittersweet chocolate (not unsweetened), finely chopped
1/4 teaspoon salt

Special equipment: a 9-inch tube pan or 12-cup bundt pan

Make cake:
Put oven rack in middle position and preheat oven to 350°F. Butter cake pan well and dust with flour, knocking out excess.

Melt butter (2 sticks) in a 3-quart heavy saucepan over moderately low heat, then whisk in cocoa. Add water and whisk until smooth, then remove from heat. Whisk in separately sugar, eggs, buttermilk, and vanilla.

Sift together flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt into a bowl, then sift again into cocoa mixture and whisk until just combined (don't worry if there are lumps).

Pour batter into cake pan and bake until a wooden pick or skewer comes out with a few crumbs adhering, 45 to 55 minutes. (Leave oven on.)

Cool cake in pan on a rack 20 minutes, then loosen edges with a thin knife and invert onto a plate.

Make glaze:
Spread pecans in 1 layer in a shallow baking pan (1 inch deep) and bake until fragrant and a shade darker, 6 to 8 minutes. Cool pecans slightly in pan on a rack, about 5 minutes.

Melt butter in a 2-quart heavy saucepan over low heat, then stir in half-and-half and confectioners sugar. Add chocolate and cook, stirring, until smooth. Remove from heat and stir in pecans and salt. Cool glaze until slightly thickened, about 5 minutes.

Spoon glaze over top and sides of cake (cake will still be warm) and spread with a small offset spatula or knife to cover completely.

Cooks' note:
Cake (with glaze) can be made 2 days ahead and kept at room temperature in a cake keeper or covered with an inverted bowl.

Makes 10 to 12 servings.

You could completely omit the cinnamon or use less, Rose. I, and the rest of the family, are cinnamon fiends, so I added extra. Really, the rich chocolateyness from the Dutch Processed cocoa (you have to use that- can't use regular cocoa, for chemical reasons), the moisteness and the nut topping are what will really get you with this cake.

P.S. Glad you talked to your mom and you both have a better understanding of each other. And you and Shef look so cute in that picture!!
Polly, that cake does sound good! I don't have very many of the ingrediants though. I'm tempted to just make a box cake and dump cherries over it like we did for the groom's cake at our wedding. He'd really love a Carvel cake, but the only grocery store in town that carried Carvel, stopped! I'd like to do something really cool because we already went out with his parents this weekend for his birthday, and we went shopping Sunday and he picked out his presents, so there isn't anything for him to open tonight. And it is his 30th! If our bank account wasn't still recovering from Christmas, I would go out and buy him something to surprise him with tonight. I guess I'll just have to be content with cooking him lamb steaks for dinner.

I'm with you guys...I hope to never get diabetes, because there is no way I could give up sweets and carbs permanently. I love cheese almost as much.

(((yuefie's cousin)))
Maybe if I use Scottish cheddar I could make cheese bread for our Burns Night Supper in a few weeks. Finaman doesn't have to eat it and he won't feel left out because bread is not a standard on the Burns Supper menu. Bunny, do you approve?!

Can't believe the Mavocado is 2! And you're going back to skool Mavin!

Then again, Dirk Benedict is on Celebrity Big Brother now and I can't believe he's 60...

Bunny, aha! 6 months paid leave is amazing! Good luck with the therapy...
Fina, that's just sad. One of the things I miss about the UK is great cheese (admittedly not always easy to come by, but thanks to Neals Yard Dairy and when I couldn't make it there, thanks to Waitrose I was regularly supplied. I think your Burns night idea is a good one.

Anyway pressed for time as usual, but wanted to say also that there is NOTHING SILLY about being upset about a beloved pet's death. I swear, I think there is something wrong with people who can just brush it off.
(((Sidecar and Martini)))

And amilita, I"m glad you checked in. I've read about the rash of murders, including the case you mention and have been worried about you. That totally sucks. Honestly, what is wrong with this country?

Happy Birthday Mr.Pixie!!!

Mr.Luci will be 30 in May. He doesn't speak of it. Ever.

Sucky insomnia, yuefie. I've been getting it too. Last night I made the cat cuddle with me on the couch while my brain whined at me to My valerian root backfired on me. I hope you get some rest tonight. (and indeed, let us worship at the altar of lactaid. Magic pills!)

((yuefie and cousin))

sassy, that's so cool about the apartment! Nothing quite like that relief one feels when they know they have a place to live. wink.gif

Not a peep from mother-in-law, yet. Unfortunately, Mr.Luci may have to call her to obtain his birth certificate. He's trying to be firm with her, but he needs his passport ASAP and the necessary certified copy (for which we had to cough up $70) still has not arrived, despite having been ordered over a week ago AND expedited. Bleh.

On the plus side, I didn't apply for a costuming gig I came across on craigslist, instead deciding to just offer my free time as an assistant and they want me! So I get my foot in the door without having my head in the noose come dress rehearsal, and that's good enough for now.

Rose, you and sheff are too cute. I'm tempted to post pics of me and Mr.Luci to start a cute-off. Bring it!! wink.gif
Happy birthday mr pixie!!!

(((yuefie's cousin))) oh boy, I am vibing so hard right now for the op. I hope everything is ok, (((yuefie)))

fina, of course I approve! you should also try to pick up some caboc as that is the most indulgent of all cheeses. So, are you making polenta to go with the haggis? wink.gif My sickness benefits are amazing, I am very lucky in the job I have, even if it doesn't feel like that all of the time. oh, and I am *so* pleased to have you posting here regularly again, I've meeced you.

Is it wrong that I still have a crush on Dirk "Face" Benedict? I almost had a geekgasm when he pulled up in the A-team van! Yes, I was made in the eighties.

luci, I thought of you today when I read in the book I'm reading that mother-in-law is an anagram of woman hitler! yay for the assistant gig!

mornington, happy new hair do?

sassy, YAY YAY YAY for the apartment (and possible kitty)!

rose, you are a wonderfully happy and sexaaay looking couple!

kvetch: I have a headache, grrrr.

anti-kvetch: the boy and I are going for sushi this weekend and he's cooking for me the other nights and I'm so excited about seeing him (yes, it's only been a week).
smile.gif biggrin.gif tongue.gif laugh.gif ((((hugs for all of you!!! *wigglebutt dancey dancey for your pleasure!*))) laugh.gif tongue.gif biggrin.gif smile.gif

a cheese allergy in WI here would be deadly ;-)

yay for new apartments!

**yuefie's cousin**

no pics right now, sorry. but, uh, i am wearing socks with penguins today. and lily is wearing elmo jammies :-D i will play in say cheese as soon as i can

i got my textbooks today!! i is a real college student! (ie, i am broke. owie. $250 for 2 books)

busy day at work. sleepy. i also just edited my honey's application stuff for a professorly job he is applying for. just don't let me go into how he is applying to the college we went to and i never want to return to. it's nowhere near here and i refuse to move up there. so nyah to him. argh.

what are you going to skool for now, mavin?
omaude. please tell me that it isn't true that no one has posted since Q did??? please??? where IS everyone??

*looks up and down empty thread*

*hears wind howling down the barren corridors*

*watches tumbling tumbleweed go swimming by*

hugs and kisses and silly tumbleweed fishes???

Morning, gang! Anybody have any funky dreams last night? I found out that a few of my friends have been having bizarre dreams, too. Sooooo strange.

Pixie, what did you end up doing for Mr. Pixie's b-day?

Hey Q, how are you?

And how are you feeling today, Tes? Any better?

Mavin, are you still studying pharmacy stuff or are you turning in a different direction? Here's hoping you & ZeLove don't have to move.

Hooray for Sassy's apartment!!!

[playfully slaps PNP's butt] Miss seeing your sweet ass around here, hon!

I got a lot done yesterday (major cleaning & such). And I was prepared to make something nice for dinner, but Sheff was in the mood for pizza. Soooooo deliciously evil, considering we're both thinking we could lose a pound or two (don't let the photo fool you - we've both put on weight since the wedding). Oh, it was so tasty! Yumnumnum. Now I'm trying not to eat the leftovers. Focus on the fruit! Fruit good!

Sheff is thinking more and more about getting a fancy telescope. I think it sounds fascinating, but I'm a little worried about the cost. Last night I told him that he has champagne tastes on a beer budget. He argued that we are now on more of a nice-white-wine budget. He has a point, but I think that after so many years of financial struggles, a part of my mind is still convinced that I should be living on a tap water budget. I worry about money a lot. I just can't help myself. unsure.gif
rose, the telescope (and the pizza) sounds good, seems like something you might enjoy for a long time, if not forever. there are sillier things on which to spend $ i'm sure.
We didn't really do anything too special for Mr. Pixie's bday. I ended up buying a cake because he got out of class really early last night. By the time I got home, I was feeling pretty bad, and he was tired. He didn't even want me to cook the dinner we had planned, so he went out and got us hamburgers and we just cuddled up and watched TV the whole night! We did so much of the celebrating this weekend, that it was just rather anti climatic. But he said he was glad we weren't trying to do a whole lot last night night because neither of us was really up to it.

I almost would have welcomed weird dreams last night. I have been having the hardest time sleeping this week even though I am dog tired! I ordered a special pregnancy pillow from ebay and I am hoping that it will be here tonight.

I am also in that weird transitional phase where I don't fit into my regular clothes anymore, but I look a little funny in maternity clothes becuase my bump isn't big enough yet. Blech!
Thanks for letting me rant.

((((Rose, Bunny, Mornington, Pretty, Tes, Q, raisin, sidecar, amilita, mando,Yuefie too many kvetchies to list them all....))))
((pixie)) well, it sounds like you two had a nice night, all things considered! sometimes quiet is good.

(((rose))) we've had some similar money growing pains. Martini is from a somewhat well-off family and his mother is obsessed with not spending money (now that's a fun combo, let me tell you) so whenever we dip below a certain point in the checking account or if we spend a certain amount of money on something, he starts freaking out. and i'm like, uh, dude, let's come back to reality.

tes, i was working and sleeping! i have a big freelance project due next Monday, so I'm a little less fun than usual.

(((much love to all the busties)))
Beer/White Wine/Champagne Budget laugh.gif I think we're in a "nasty hangover from cheap beer" stage right now. Le Boy could be making more money- he's just mentally stuck in his job. Granted, I don't think he knows what he wants to do with his life...his degree is in English, he's working at a high school as a data training specialist (basically, he teaches teachers how to use the grade book and attendance software that the school has been phasing in over the past few years.) A lot of his job is really menial- generating reports from data bases, processing report cards, etc. He hates it, but I don't think he knows where he wants to go from here. He loves video editing, but I think he's afraid that if he turned it into his job, he'd end up hating it (that's what happened with me, with photography....I was super photo-girl in high school and my first year of college, then I got burnt out and didn't even take a picture for a few years. Couple this with the traditional vs. digital photo revolution and I'm just starting to accept digital photography and get back into it now.) Hopefully, if I get this new job, we'll move up to the white wine status.

Anyway, enough rambling and onto my good news: my asshole former employers WITHDREW THEIR APPEAL!!! The D.o.E. judge called me a few minutes before the hearing would have taken place and said they faxed them to let them know. She still has to make a decision, but I don't think it will be an issue.

My internet and phone (we have VOIP phone) were out from 9:00 last night until now. We had to have a tech guy come out. I was all freaked out because the D.o.E. had my LAN line # and I had to call them to switch it to my cell phone....then it turned out to be a non-issue anyway.

When we get our tax refund we're going to buy a new couch. We found a couch we love at LaZBoy- it's a sectional and it's purple. It's not cheap, but LaZBoy is pretty good quality and it's not a totally unreasonable price. But we're still shopping around. So we went to another store last night and the furniture was about twice as much as LaZBoy. The saleslady was really snobby, and as soon as she figured out that the one we were looking at was a little out of what we planned on spending, she basically ignored us. Um, how about suggest something cheaper or talk about the finance plan?!?! Bitch.

Oh, and to top it all off, our heat isn't working. The one week lately when it's actually been cold here (it's 25 degrees F right now) and it goes out. It's about 60 in the house....we slept with the down comforter and a bunch of other blankets. I have to call the maintenance guy to come fix it. There's just so much going on today with the hearing, internet/phone, Le Boy's friend is coming over tonight and I have to shopping for dinner....I've gotten 6 hours of sleep and I want a nap!!!

Hi PnP!!

Sorry Mr. Pixie's b-day was a letdown, Pixie.

I'm the financial freak-out here, sidecar. Probably because I'm the one who deals with the bills, our joint account, plus my own account. Le Boy just thinks everything gets paid on time (ha! We've never had anything shut off, but I'm sure we've come close) and we have money to go out for sushi or Thai or whatever and he can buy a videogame whenever he wants.....I'm the voice of reason in the house.

((Hugs to all)) Must not take a nap...must go shopping. sleep.gif
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