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OMG Rose! I had no idea the center of the universe had a website! laugh.gif I haven't been there in YEARS! Now I may have to take Mr. P...

My appt went splendid...My ultrasound was perfect and the baby is measuring exactly as it should, so now I can settle down and nest and stop worrying that something bad is going to happen.

Mr. P could use some vibes though...he's having a rough day at school. A student assaulted him before Christmas, and was given a 45 day suspension. This morning he found out the kid was allowed back to class yesterday (4 day suspension) and the principal didn't even bother to tell him...another teacher did. So now the union rep is on the way and they will have to have a sit down with the principal after school.

***waves at the rest of the kvetchies****
*~*~*vibes for Mr. Pixie~*~*~* That sucks! My MIL is a teacher at a local high school and last year she was doing hall duty. She asked a girl for her ID when she was in the hall when she wasn't supposed to be and the girl told her to "fuck off". MIL told her that she was going to write her up for it and the girl shoved her against the lockers. A couple of the security guards came to help and the girl started fighting with them, putting up a good fight for a 110-pound stick. They had to pin her down. Turns out she had been suspended EIGHT times before this for violence (or verbal threats) with staff and students. MIL pressed charges (I think through the school, not the police) and there was a hearing and stuff. The girl was Russian and had lived in Russia until the last couple of years. I don't know if she was living with other family there and came to the US to be with her parents or the other way around, but whoever her guardians were, they were ready to send her back. I don't know if she got permanently booted out of the school after that or what.

Yay for healthy babies, though!!~*~*~healthy baby vibes for Pixie & MsP.~*~*~*
yay for baby news! no twins?

the teaching stories are freaking me out ... I need to start writing my application for my postgraduate diploma in education unsure.gif .
Hooray, Pixie! So good to hear that things are progressing nicely.
As for Mr. Pixie, I am furious on his behalf. That is absolutely wrong. I cannot believe that the principal didn't even talk with him about this! I hope the rep from the union can sort things out and offer him some good advice.
~$~$~$~ job-at-a-safe-school vibes for Mr. Pixie ~$~$~$~

Visiting the Center of the Universe certainly brought back memories for me, Pixie! I mainly took Mom there because I found out that my eldest brother had never visited it. And that's just wrong! So I showed it to Mom so that she could take R there the next time they see an opera or play together.

And for those curious non-Tulsans out there, here's what makes the place magical. There is a small circle (about 1 foot in diameter) on a bridge in downtown Tulsa. If you stand on this circle, face in any direction and talk, you can hear your voice echo. BUT your voice will still sound normal to anyone around you. No one else can hear the echo - just you. There's a strange tin-y quality to the echo, too. Step out of the circle, and the echo is gone. It's pretty cool.
No twins Bunny! -the mister is breathing a big sigh of relief!

Mr. P heard back from the union rep...the kid is appealing the suspension, so until the hearing he is allowed back in school, BUT he was not supposed to be allowed back into Mr. P's class, so teh rep told him how to handle it and so far so good. I'm sure he has made a big enemy out of the principal for getting the Union involved but this principal is a bigger problem than his students! The guy literally will not inforce rules or punishments because he thinks he can "reach" these little thugs and "change" them. I am being quite literal about calling them thugs too..many of his 9th graders already have PO officers! So while the Principal chases after his dream of being an after school special, he has completely undermined the authority of all the teachers there. The Union is already trying to get the Principal removed after this year! And how hard would it have been for the man to have just let Mr. Pixie know what was going on?!!!

I remember the Center of the Universe was THE after Prom place to go!...and I don't think it had anything to do with echos!
(((((anoushh & not-bob)))))) ~~~~~soothing for you both~~~~~

congrats MSP!!!

and pixie, so glad things are progressing well and you can be put at ease. a huge boo hiss on the principal of mr. pixies school. SHAME on him for undermining the authority of his teachers and disregarding the safety of his staff and students by allowing a student to assault a teacher and sending the message to others students that punishment will be minimal. and we wonder why it's difficult to keep good teachers in our public schools. I am embarassed by this ignoramus principal's actions.

thanks for your advice rose! I tried calling but didn't get very far. my dad's healthcare is tied to UCSD Medical Center, which is why he has seperate doctors for everything. they are referring him to a cardiac specialist, he's already seeing the renal specialist and a nuerologist, which is why his general medicine doctor's office hasn't been much help in the information department. the nurse I spoke with from the renal clinic informed me that they want my dad to attend a class where they will explain the dialysis process and options and suggested I go with him to get more concrete answers.

((((((everyone)))))) I am vibing for you all, even if I don't list it individualy.

I am going up to the hospital with my cousins gf again. we went last night for a couple of hours to cheer him up. so far they've determined he has a strep infection in the fluid around his lungs, plus viral pnuemonia causing both lungs to be filled with fluid. they've been giving him IV antibiotics for the strep infection and gotten some of the fluid out of one of his lungs without it collapsing, and it has begun to break it down on it's own, slowly but it's still progress. they are hoping that once all of the fluid is out, the other lung will follow suit in breaking it down on it's own. he was in good spirits last night cause we brought him one of his favorite movies, Dumb & Dumber, for his PSP. he was a little loopy because he's been in so much pain from the fluid retention in his lungs and all the procedures, poking and prodding that they've been keeping him comfortable with pain medication. so we hung out and watched his movie with him and got to see him laugh, which was nice.

(((annoush & not bob))) remind me to tell you the story of the cat scratch when danny was a toddler. ye gods, i nearly died from the guilt!

*continual loop of healthy vibage for yuefiecuz & yuefiepapa*

(((sonik))) hopefully it's nothing serious, and the doc is just being thorough.

*doing the snoopy dance for msp's news!!!*

rose, glad you're home safe n'sound! i love your mama stories. actually, think i just love your mama. biggrin.gif

pixie, so happy to hear all is well ... you must be so relieved!

that tesao .... such a tease!

(((sidecar & oscar))) you know i went thru the same thing with chelseakitty, so definitely email me if you need a shoulder or advice.

off to make the kid a real dinner. like a real mom. for once.
eta: the mr just volunteered. so i get to slack. yet again.
Little sister told me that someone she's very close to is on death's doorstep.

What is it with this time of year? So many people I know are very ill, and one death was one too many in the last month.

My heart aches for the little sis. She really looks up to this woman and she's too young to die, damn it. I said I'd light a candle for her tomorrow, but I hate how I feel so powerless in these kinds of situations.

Oh, and fuck you, cancer.

Okay, now I'm way too sad.

Sorry I'm not up for individual comments, but you know how it goes. (((((everyone))))) a'cos
Oh, I just lost a long post! I was vibing you all separately, even though I'm a little behind in keeping up. Dang. Too tired to rewrite.

So: ((yuefie, dad and cousin)) ((anoushh and notbob)) ((sonik)) ((mr. pixie and micropixie)) ((sidecar and oscar)) ((raisin's sister's friend)) ((rosev)) ((anyone I'm not naming who needs it))

Congrats to MsP!

and hello to...tesao, bunny, polly, mando, sassy, mornington, designerm, everyone!

Work=busy. Upcoming art opening on the 20th that I just can't seem to get energized about, but need to get it in gear. Trying to plan a party for my mom's 70th birthday in early Feb...I'm sorta the one taking the bull by the horns, which is fine, but I just spoke to one brother who needs to see what else is going on that weekend. OK.

And then there have been some family incidents/drama on my mom's side, including her sister dying this week. Poor mamma.

Good things are: Went to the gym today. Got Vietnamese food tonight. Going to see Dreamgirls tomorrow night.

Despite the good stuff, I'm looking forward to my therapy tomorrow morning. I'm feeling weird and overwhelmed. Just kind of off, ya know?
kvetch: i have a doozy of an upper respitory infection, complete with fever, dark yellow-green goo that could double for wallpaper paste, sore throat so bad that i have cried several times, and made me afraid to swallow.

kvetch: my girl plat is going through so much and i'm not there to help her.

anti-kvetch: busties ARE.

amilita, grrrrr on your brother. don't clueless sibs make you crazy??? i want to throttle him. has to check? ummmm, what could be MORE IMPORTANT??? your mother will be so happy because of this, and she won't always be around for him to "make it up to her". what part of that does he not get? can i put on my stompin boots and kick some bro butt for you???

(((((((mando my heart))))))) we all love you. you are the best mom around. ask any of us. hell, ask DANNY!!!

and may i just say: yayayayay!!!! for preggers kvetchies?? go MSP!!!! go pixie!!!

coos and squees over not!bob!!!

rosiev: sheff loves you just the way you are because you are so wonderful just that way!!! hmmm. i need to post those pix of us!!

the whole school thing is such a dilemma for me. if the kids aren't going to learn anything there, suspending them is not really a punishment -- except as an extension of the problems that they already have. we can't have kids acting out violence on teachers, but if teachers don't care and quit because of the violence, what exactly has been solved? it is such a no win situation.

*depressed now*

and cancer? you SUCK. and hiv/aids? you REALLY SUCK. grrrr.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ no more violence vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ cancer be gone vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~*~


i loved the story about yeufie's gf's cousin and dumb and dumber. muito thank you for that.

and plat? there's something about mary is my FAVE stupid movie. i love the super hero costume scenes! and the hair gel!! hee.

kvetch: i don't WANNA go to work. but i really, really have to. i guess it is more a "i don't want to admit that the holidays are over and mr. hb is gone and i don't want all of that to be, so i would rather stay at home and be an ostrich. (i've never seen one do that. i wonder if they really do.)

anti-kvetch: it's friday! and i'm only staying at work for half a day!!!

love and hugs and kisses and silly skip jack!!!!!
((poor tes)) Get well soon.

Don't stomp my brother...he actually does a lot for my mom, but I was put off by what he said. Cuz, yeah, unless he's gonna be out of town, WTF? Thanks for being willing to kick some arse, though!
(((tes, annoush & not-bob, sidecar, pixie, rose, sonik, amilita, sassygrrl, polly, designermedusa, dusty, faith, sybarite, mornington, bunnyb, and other kvetchies)))

i probably shouldn't give virtual hugs. i don't want to catch everyone's cold. tongue.gif

so much vibeage needed in here!! i just tried to get as many as i could!

colds be gone for everyone!! shoo!

well, my roommate is doing better. he is staying with his folks cuz that boy does not take care of himself. he needs his parents to make sure he gets fed. he really needs to find himself a wealthy man to take care of him. my parents' dog is doing better. who knew dogs could get pneumonia? and my great uncle is being moved to a temp. nursing home until he is stable enough to go home.

kvetch: i've become such a slob in the absence of my roommate. i REALLY need to clean the apartment.

kvetch2: i'm sad about taking down my christmas decorations this weekend. i love christmas lights. they make my house look all warm and cozy. boo.

ok. i hope everyone is feeling well soon!
QUOTE(stargazer @ Jan 4 2007, 11:15 PM) *

kvetch2: i'm sad about taking down my christmas decorations this weekend. i love christmas lights. they make my house look all warm and cozy. boo.

That's why I just don't take mine down until St. Patrick's Day or so! smile.gif

Glad your roommate, family, and dog are getting better.
((((mr. P)))))That sucks. Like everyone else in here i can't believe the principal is acting like the way he's acting. Sadly these things happen all the time.
A good friend of mine has worked a couple of years as a teacher and at one point his authority was undermined by a colleague in front of the class. I heard about all the games the staff played which made doing his job virtually impossible. And these were kids who needed a firm hand.
I got the idea the people working there were not interested in teaching whatsoever. One teacher was afraid of losing hours to this friend of mine, and she was his 'supervisor' kind of. SHe even talked behind his back about how 'poor a teacher'he was to the principal and other colleagues. He always got the blame when something wnt wrong, oftentimes it was her fault.
Anyways, i hope things get resolved for Mr. P and that for once, there is some kind of transparency in how to handle cases like this.

(((((((((((Tesao))))))feel better soon!

Best of luck iwth your show, Amilitia!

Polly, i like your avatar!
Happy 2007, everyones!

(((Yuefie and Yuefiedad)))

(((Sidecar))) I'm really glad we all got together and threw a big party for my Mom's 70th birthday.

(((Sonik))) Did that hurt? I know someone who couldn't walk for days after she had bits snipped from her girl parts.


I think Christmas lights should stay up all winter.
*sincere & loving, healthy, protection-from-illness vibes for sick kvetchies & sick kvetchie family & sick kvetchie friends and sick kvetchie family friends & all sickly pets* i wish i really had a magick wand.

(((raisin & sis & pal))) that's heartbreaking.
(((amilita's mom & fam))) ditto. i'm so sorry for your loss. you & bro must make extra-sure the party is a good one.

i NEVER take my white "fairy lights" down. when we have anyone over at night, it's all about the fairy lights and candles. the dimmer the better ... to hide the cracks in the walls. somehow they even diminish the offensive cardboard still covering a part of the kitchen ceiling. k. well. not really.

kvetch: trouble sleeping, all week. awake at 5:30 am today, not even a bladder issue, the mind kicks in, the gears get going ... and that's all she wrote. must incorporate better eating and exercise and start sticking to a night time ritual.

black microfiber comfy panties, new white lacy wacoal. i'm all about the contrast today.

eta: you can call me al is playing on the radio. where's my longlost conga-line julesy when i need her?!
(((raisingirl, lil sis and lil sis's friend and family))) sad.gif.

(((amilita and her mom))) were you close to your aunt?

(((tes))) vit. C vibes coming your way. Oh, and "I would rather stay at home and be an ostrich"? laugh.gif my sentiments exactly. Which is why I'm asking the doc for another month off work as I can't face going back yet.

(((mandi))) try a dream tea or dream inducing lush products?

(((everyone with pneumonia and respiratory problems))) The boy's uncle's longterm gf's mum died on new year's eve from pneumonia, it's sad as they didn't have a wonderful relationship but told each other on Christmas day that they loved one another, despite problems.

I bought more lush products today smile.gif and a beautiful skirt from monsoon on sale and a new fitted sheet and pillowcases for another new bedding set I have that I'm going to put on tonight (and jump into after a lush bubble bath). Had a lovely day shopping and lunch with the boy's mama.

I'm going to miss my Christmas tree and lights too, sniff. My nana said last night that everyone has their's down and noone bothers any more. I wish I knew who this everyone was! She is so bah humbug, grrr. I have pink fluffy fairy lights for my bedroom that i'm going to put up to soften the blow of losing the white lights.

undies: non matching pink striped girl shorts and purple bra with pink polka dots.

In my family, the Christmas decorations say up until 12th Night (January 6th).

((((((Raisin's sis' friend & family)))))

((((((Amilita's mom))))))

Darling kvetchies, you know I love you more than I could ever say, right? 'Cause I feel I don't express that often enough. This thread is just a big bowl of sweet, delicious peaches. Mwah!
((((((((all of you and your families and your friends and your families' friends and, of course, your fur babies))))))

The automatic fish feeder did not work properly while we were gone. Sadly, we lost a lot of fish - mainly the baby guppies. That isn't too bad as guppies are known to eat their young sometimes even if food is plentiful. But we lost one of my little panda catfish and I'm very sad about this. I love my pandas. And I know it sounds silly to get upset about the loss of a fish that is only about 2 inches long & is bound to live a short life anyway, but oh well. sad.gif

To put this in perspective, Mom told me that a woman from our family church is going through a rough time. She and her husband had a long history of taking in tiny foster babies that needed special care (premies & the like). Well, her husband developed a horrendously fast-growing brain cancer this autumn. So they had to give up their latest baby. Then her husband died. And now that foster baby has mysertiously died while under someone else's care. The baby was 9 months old. The poor woman is so heart-broken.

Kvetch: I am very grumpy & sad today. So pardon me for not giving out too many individual vibes.

Anti-kvetch: We're having another dinner party tomorrow night.

Question: What dessert goes best with white chili and cornbread?
*waves sparkly wand leaving white fairy dust behind*

away with sadness and grumpy vibeage!

((((raisin, raisinsis & family, amilita & amilita mom, sonik, sonik's friend's doggie, yeufie and yeufie dad, mando, dusty, fina, sybarite, rosiev, polly, anousshka and not!bob, sidecar, pixie, sassygrrl, designerm, faith, mornington, bunnyb, EVERYONE!!!!!))))

rosiev, i am so so sad to hear about the loss of your sweet baby panda fishes! sad.gif

answer to dessert: ice cream! to cut the chili heat.

or sopapillas. with ice cream!

or chocolate lava cakes. with ice cream!

i have a recipe for chile pecan ice cream somewhere. it rocks. i also have one for a boozy vanilla ice cream. but i don't know if you have an ice cream maker.

i'm with dusty. little white lights are disney lights, not christmas lights. they should stay up always! a'cos!

amilita, i'm glad that your brother helps. we have "one of those" in our family who doesn't, much, so i am quick to jump. i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that my middle sister the pennwee decided to be the one to take the bull by the horns, and to plan our mamae's 70th birthday party. she LOVED it! hope yours goes as well.

(((((((mando my heart)))))))

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ peaceful, deep dreamless sleep to you ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

mmmm. sleepage. that sounds like what i need!

*toddles off in general direction of bedroom*
bit of a fly-by... if i've missed anyone out I'm very very sorry! I have been reading, promise!

((((raisin & raisinfam, yuefie & yuefiedad, plat, tes, mando, amilita & fam, anoushh & notbob, rose & famfriend, pixie & mrpixie, polly, sidecar, syb, bunny, sonik, star & roommate & stardog, everyone who's ill, msp, mando, dm, sassy, sixe, everyone))))

i brought a new bun home the other day. Her name is Doris - she's terribly pretty and sweet, but terrified of Indigo - not that I blame her. He's fascinated, but completely not bothered by Pete (in fact, I think he was glad to see Pete!).


maude, i've become such a slob in the absence of my roommate. for reals. gotta go clean.

underwear report: ugly pink underwear. not my fav.

oh, and i started a new thread in family and friends for Busties who are caregivers or just need support for dealing with someone who is ill. check it out if you need a place to vent, get advice, or support. thank the name of the thread to sixelacat. smile.gif

**flies out**
Ok, sounds like all the kvetchies are having issues and stuff-

So: (((((((((ALL KVETCHIES)))))))))) too numerous to list all, sending whatever spare energy I have to make everyone feel better and heal from sickness and loss.

RoseV: let's be grumpy together. Misery loves company. Or maybe company cures misery????
Tes, my dear gal, I hope you are feeling better soon. Green glop from orifices does not sound like fun. Talk soon, ok?

Kvetch: Starting to spend a little more time in the office. I'm tolerating it well, but it was nicer to work from home for a bit and hang out with His Furry Highness.

Kvetch: Progress is still dazzlingly slow, and endurance is low.

Anti kvetch: One of my ex-patients, who is the consummate Jewish mom, found out about my surgery, called, and brought over enough food to feed an army. And it was damn good food, too.

Anti Kvetch 2: Made it 3 more minutes on the treadmill today. This next one is anti and kvetch at the same time and will make Tesao happy: got a stern lecture from one of the cardiac rehab nurses... and all of the PTs who work for me. They won't let me exercise without supervision, so whenever I come in to do PT or exercise, one of them monitors me. Tend to want to overdo a bit... I am a typical medical professional. A shitty patient. Got scared enough last week to behave a lot better, though.

Patience, grasshopper.

Rose, that's too bad about your fish, and so sad about the family from church. I had a cousin who died of a weird respiratory thing while in foster care (this is the dysfunctional end of my mom's family) when I was little. Very sad.

Mornington, I got your card the other day, and bunny, I got yours today- thanks so much- so cute!

((all kvetchies, family and friends thereof)))

ETA: Yay for new bunnies, Mornington!
we took down the decorations yesterday. i wasn't particularly heartbroken because they were pretty slackery this year - just the nativity and the tree.

hey tes, did my pm ever reach you? i know one i sent to raisin took forevER to gte to her. weirdness!

aww, rosey, i'm sorry about your fishies sad.gif

mz p (my cat, that is, not msp) is currently dozing on my toss pillow and pretending she's invisible. i really should take a photo because she's so adorable like this, but my closet's gross.
(((((plat))))) now, you LISTEN to those professionals. they KNOW what they are doing. (unless THEY are the ones that are sick and need rehabilitating. blink.gif


seriously -- overdoing it just makes it worse for ourselves. if i had listened to my surgeon waaaaaaaaaaaaay back when, i might actually have a functional left knee.....i'm muito happy that there is someone else to watch out for you while *i'm* not there to monitor you and pester you (you are almost as much fun to tease as meggiethevampireslayer! but that is because you are dying your hair blonde and driving an suv and talking on the cell phone while driving. heeeeeee!!! rolleyes.gif

are you abdooling alone this morning? say hello for me!! i'll be around if you want to tawk/skype/chat/whatever. i'm not making ANY plans for this weekend that don't involve sleep or a computer or a glass of wine. none. i am going to sleep until the sleepiness is GONE.

kvetch: sleeping a lot makes me have THE weirdest dreams. weirder than usual.

anti-kvetch: they are GREAT writing material!!!!

kvetch: i can NEVER remember all of the plot curves!!

Q: pm???? nope. sorry. it must be with the package you sent to the USA addy. huh.gif i often wonder what happens to all of this stuff that never gets where it is supposed to.....taking up storage space somewhere out there in the web we weave......

is mz p a new kittie? or just a new name for phantom??? go ahead and take a pic. you don't have to POST it!!! cmon. go on. you'll be glad that you did!!!!!

stargazer's room: CLEAN THYSELF!!!!!

(btw, that Ho's Support name is priceless!!! three cheers for sixela!!!!!!)

mornington!!! yay!!! you're back!! with indigo cuteness!!! and bunnies x 2!!! pictures, please??????
Well, another fine woman has lost her life because of breast cancer.

Happy 12th day. I want to see pictures of Doris.
((raisin, sis & friend-of-sis's family)) I'm so sorry.
(((raisin, raisin's sis and friend of sis's family))) my heart goes out to you all.

(((rose))) sorry about the panda catfish. T was working away from home years ago when we had an aquarium and the heater broke, bunnymama fitted replacement but a few of the fish ended up boiling sad.gif.

yay for doris who is incredibly cute! reminds me of one of the rabbits on the Christmas cards I sent out! (polly, weird that your's arrived so late...)

speaking of post, and tes mentioning lost parcels: one of the Christmas parcels sent to the boy's sis that was sent to wrong address turned up at her house! her 30th birthday gift is on its way to Ireland though as boy's dad covered return address (seemingly the central sorting office of the world is in Ireland).

forgot to tell you that we had a bird in the house yest! must have got into attic somehow and made way to bunbun's room, mum and mandoo - dunno which was bigger scaredy cat - were both distressed but bird managed to make its own way back out.

Be very jealous: I ran into Monster last night. Um, for those of you who remember her; we've had a lot of new faces since then.

Do-ris! Do-ris! Do-ris! Show your cute bunny face!
DOR-IS!!! DOR-IS!!! DOR-IS!!!!!!

c'mon, doris, we have some sad, low, lonely, troubled kvetchies that NEED YOU!!! (they include me.....)

dusty, is she still adorably

((((((((raisin and 12 year old friend)))))))))
k. i'm jealous.

(((raisin))) i'm so sorry, hon.

(((rose))) sorry about your fishies. that's sad. if it puts a smile on your face, heven just got a fish - it might be a beta, i forget - named *wait for it* lovecow. there's a story behind it, of course. wink.gif

that is heartbreaking, the church family. that poor woman. perspective indeed.


welcome to the kvetchie furfamily, doris!

kvetch: another infernal 5:30 am wake up this morning. i finally gave up at 7:30 am and got up and read, and then fell back into a sound sleep for 2 hrs. but, still ... yet another broken sleep. i so look forward to catching up on my sleep on weekends. very cranky. very out-of-sorts. argh.

eta: (((tesao))) i'm sorry you're low and blue and troubled, too. i can well imagine why. tight hug.
yes, that is a tragic story about the church woman. why does there have to be so much sadness (natural, no less)?

(((tes))), you're missing mr HB? I can empathise, if not to the number of miles between you and your hunny.

zzz~zzz~zzz sleep vibes for mandolyn zzzz~zzz~zzz

I seem to have frittered the day away somehow.

eta: I've just bought the cutest and sweetest pink sock monkey to keep me company when the boy is not. Hmmm, does that sound filthy? unsure.gif
>(((((plat))))) now, you LISTEN to those professionals. they KNOW what they are doing. (unless THEY are the
> ones that are sick and need rehabilitating.

We're medical professionals. That makes all of us f*cked up by definition!!! I hope you are feeling better really soon, hunnee.

Ok I'll bite: so "who" is Doris?? Sounds like a furbaby to me. If so, I want a Doris fix too!

Kvetch: DAMN YAHOO MESSENGER. Was trying to talk to Tes, and there is sometimes this interminable lag between messages. So, I thought she wasn't there when I wrote even though she was logged on- went to lie down and rest, phone rang and answered it. Then of course, all of a sudden, 11 lines of messages come through. Sprang up to do a brb message, and kablooey. Gone.

Anti-kvetch: it is sunny and 77 degrees today in January, in NC.
We had to put Oscar down this morning. It was very sad, and the vet was very compassionate. We both cried and scritched his head. He, appropriately, growled as they took him out. It was the right decision (he threw up five times on Tuesday and every day since) and he'd dwindled to 6.9 pounds. He had a hard time moving around last night and really wasn't happy or healthy. It was very hard. Doing the right thing always is.
(((sidecar and martini))) I'm sure Oscar is prowling around without pain across Rainbow Bridge with Rose's panda cat fish who he's not eating as they're cat fish.
(((sidecar and martini))) I've been there, but at least you know you did do the right thing.

Such a painful, painful thing to do and experience. My heart goes out to you.
((((sidecar & martini)))) you did the right thing and he's happy and at peace now
((((raisin & raisinsis)))) my heart goes out to you

((((mando, tes, bun, polly, syb, rose, dm, pixie, yuefie, plat, dusty, amilita, anoushh, everyone))))

doris says hi: IPB Image
(((sidecar))) I've been through it several times and it doesn't get any easier. But, it is good to know he's in a better place.
(((sidecar, martini & Oscar))) Rose and I used to work in a vet hospital. It was alwasy hard when we had to put animals down, but soemtimes it really is the best, most humane thing to do.

Rose, sorry about your fishies! Minipixie still morns the fish she lost in the fire last year! I'm eventually going to set her up a tank here.

And Mornington, Doris is such a looker! Have fun with your new furbaby!
(((((raisin & raisinsis)))) I am sorry ~~~extra tight squeezes and soothing~~~

(((((((sidecar))))))) ~~~extra tight hugs~~~ I am sorry for you and martini. I know it had to be hard to do, but harder to see oscar suffer. there's no easy answer and you've done the right thing. not that saying that makes it any easier.

((((((rose)))))) sorry about your fish too

(((((tes, plat, mandi, bunny, mornington, pixie, amilita, syb, dusty, polly, dm, msp, billyb, crassy, plummie, faith, fina, everyone)))))

sorry there is so much sadness and heartbreak going around. here's hoping 2007 starts to shape up in a hurry.

might I just say that I am completely smitten with ms. doris floppyears and eagerly awaiting her MySpace page *hint hint* wink.gif

Doris is a-DOR-able.

(((Sidecar and Martini))) Mr. Dusty says it still hurts when he thinks of having their cat put down about 2-3 years ago.

(((RV and Pandafish))) I used to have tropical fish, but when my parents and I were out of town, my brother got really stoned and tapped on the glass and broke the tank.

Monster is more hot pink than orange, I think. At least her hair is.

Sleepandhairbrushing vibes for (((Mandi)))
(((sidecar))) so sorry to hear about your kitty. sad.gif

(((rose))) bummer.

(((mornington))) love the bunny!

(((tes))) hugs to cheer you up!

(((mando))) same for you!

(((polly, dusty, faith, sonik, sybarite, bunnyb, yuefie, designermedusa, plat, qspice, and other kvetchies)))

well, i think the wand of Tes's worked cuz the cleaning is getting done. now, onto taking down the christmas decorations. i've been having some weird ass dreams too. i had alot of scary dreams. i guess those are called nightmares. blink.gif about being chased and people trying to hurt me. that's not cool.
why thanks stargazer, I love you too! I know, I know, you were talking about Doris ... wink.gif

~*~*~*~go away nightmares~*~*~*~ are you on anti-depressants? It's just that when I was having nightmares my doc changed mine to one taken at night to sedate me - it worked and no more frequent scary dreams.

where's crassy been? I hope she's ok.
Star, I've been having weird nightmares too lately. Hmmm...

Kvetch: I had another seizure this morning. Luckily, I was at home. Still, it's taken me all day to feel better.

Kvectch: My friend is being a total pissant. I called him to tell him about the seizure, and he actually said he didn't have time to come see me. WTF? Not to mention that he's jeolous of my boyfriend. Asshat.

Anti-kvetch: I guess the apartment vibes worked. I saw it last night. Best part: built in bookcase! I'm nervous and excited all at once. I haven't lived on my own in about 4 years or so. But, I'm going to have a blast decorating it! I plan to move in in Feb. Also one of my co-workers works for IKEA, and so I'll get a rad discount. smile.gif


((multi-purpose vibes for everyone))
I've been sick since Wednesday, I had to miss two days of work. My whole face hurts from having so much congestion.

((sidecar,martini, oscar)) I'm so sorry to hear about Oscar.

Kvetch: I got a Notice of Telephone Hearing from the state Dept. of Employment. I've been receiving unemployment benefits since I got fired back in November. I had to have a phone interview with an adjudicator from the DoE at that time, I told her my side of the story and I was granted benefits. I got this notice saying they're going to call me at 10am on Wednesday regarding an appeal that was filed by my former employer. WTF?

At the bottom of the notice it says, "The issues to be considered at this hearing are: Was a timely protest of the claim filed by the employer? [then it lists some Illinois statute number- I looked it up and apparently, if the employer wants to appeal, they have to do it within a certain amount of time] Was the request for hearing filed within the 30 day time limit?" And then, I won't bore you with the rest of the legal mumbo-jumbo, but basically it says "Was the employee fired for a good reason?" Whether I got myself fired by knowingly committing insubordination or there was something in the work environment that caused me to quit, that kinda thing. Or if they fired me for no good reason, which is closer to the truth, IMO.

I've had the notice for a couple of days, but for some reason it took until now to get freaked out. I went on the DoE's website and it says that they can reverse their decision to grant me benefits and I'd have to pay all the $$ back. Based on the issues they list, though, it sounds like my ex-employer tried to appeal the decision, but didn't do it in time, which makes the question of whether or not I was fired for a good reason or not a moot point. On the DoE's website, there's a number you can call to get one hour of free legal advice. I'm going to call on Monday. You can submit evidence on your own behalf (documents or have witnesses testify for you) so I printed out a couple of emails (I was smart enough to feel a little uneasy about the sitch there and sent them to my home address) and I may call my staffing agency person who got me the job to have her testify that they got nothing but positive feedback on me.

Also on the DoE's website, it says all parties will be present on the call so that each side can hear what's being said. That's a little nerve-wracking. Are there any lawyer busties? I'd like to get some more advice from anyone I can.

(((more hugs for raisin, sidecar and yuefie)))

Adorable bunny, mornington!

I've been having wacky dreams too. My last dream before I woke up this morning was that I was at an office where I was working, just a regular office, but part of my job was that I had to pop the heads off lizards- they were like the Geico Insurance Gecko and it was really realistic, so I could feel these lizards in my hand and I had to snap their necks and pop off the head- WTF? Ooo, scary- when I googled images of the Geico Gecko, I found this. I swear, I didn't see that before my dream.

((sassy & DM- sorry you both feel lousy!))

(((everyone else)))
(((Sidecar))) I'm so sorry honey.


(((Sassy))) But yeah for Ikea savings!

Good luck fighting The Man, Polly.

Am hoping to finish painting the kitchen today (though will more likely be tomorrow), it's driving me mad having painting shit everywhere and all the kitchen things everywhere but the kitchen. It looks SO much better though. Canadian busties might find this amusing: we've had to fix some mistakes the last people did, or at least cover them up better, and each time we've asked each other: what would Mike Holmes do? Putting aside the obvious answer that Mike Holmes would have hired professional painters who would have had the whole flat done in a day.

I've taken down my xmas decorations as well but have left up the elf clothesline because it's too cute.
((((((((Sidecar & Martini)))))))) I hope you find some comfort in the wonderful memories you made with Oscar. I'm sure he loved having you two as his non-fur parents.

((((((Raisin, Raisin's Sis, and Sis' friend's family)))))) Fuck you cancer, indeed.

(((((Sassy))))) Hope you are feeling better today, dear heart. The apartment sounds wonderful!

Polly, does the notice say anything about when they will conduct the telephone hearing? I think my brother had to do one of those and it was scheduled for early in the morning (7am or something crazy like that). Oddly enough, his was cancelled at the last minute, so I can't ask him for advice for you. But definitely call for that legal advice on Monday! You don't want to fly blind on something like this. ((((Polly))))

~~~~~~~~ healing for Tes & DM & everyone else who has this nasty bug that is going around ~~~~~~~~~~

((((Plat)))) Thanks again for calling yesterday. It's good to hear that you're getting out more now!
~~~~~ continued recovery vibes for Plat ~~~~~

Fina, best of luck with you painting (and please tell us that you are not going through the nightmare of painting the cabinets, too!). Gotta love Mike Holmes! I bet he gets a TON of e-mails that basically say "I live in Town X. Could you recommend a good contractor in my area?"

So strange to hear about all of these nightmares! Is there something strange happening in the atmosphere that is causing all of these dreams? Or, like Bunny said, can we blame it on anti-depressants? When I was on Prozac, I had very freaky dreams and I began talking in my sleep during the first couple of months. All of that faded away once my body got accustomed to the drug, though. I wonder if Sheff misses the bizarre things I'd say in my sleep back then ... wink.gif

Thank you all for indulging me and hugging me over the loss of the fish. I'm not so worried about the guppies now (circle of life, etc.). I was starting to feel very concerned about my lone panda catfish because they are very social fish & love to interact with other catfish (they like to swim in unison in fancy patterns, as well as sleep nestled together on the bottom of the tank; it's fun to watch). I was worried about my little panda-cat because it didn't have anyone to swim with, sleep with, etc. & he was starting to act kinda listless. All alone in a tank full of guppies & tetras. We've all had that feeling, right? So yesterday afternoon Sheff went to the fish store and got some more catfish so that my old panda-cat won't feel lonely anymore. These new fish are a slightly differnt variety of catfish, though (same size and mannerisms, but slightly different markings) so I am hoping that they will be welcoming and allow my lone panda-cat into their family. Fingers crossed.

Anti-kvetch: The dinner party was great! Lots of food, lots of alcohol, lots of card games. I made this cheese bread that was sooooooo yummy. Definitely the hit of the evening. In fact, I have a ton of white chili left over because people just focused on that delicious bread! Yum!

HUGE Anti-kvetch: Doris!!!! She is fabulous, Mornington! I wish I could reach through my computer and stroke her widdle ears. Adorable!
(((raisin & sis))) sending you all my love, sweets. hope church yesterday helped.

(((sidecar & martini))) please try not to feel guilty. you did the Right Thing. please believe me.

(((polly))) what a mess. fucking bastids. but it sounds like everything's pointing in your favor. (and kudos for doing that email thing!) fingers crossed it all works out.

rose, cheese bread recipe please?!

*feel betta NOW vibes for DM & sassy*

fina, what color are you painting the kitchen? we'll be undertaking that task-from-hell ourselves soon.

(((stargazer))) & (((dusty))) just cuz.

antikvetch: 7+ hrs of almost uninterrupted sleep. k, with the help of my blue benzodiazepines, but it was worth it. i feel like wonder woman! *clicking wristie-things together* but um, yeah, definitely some weird-ass dreams.

antikvetch: the seahawks beat the cowboys! we loathe & despise the cowboys (sorry, TX busties), and the hawks are my brother's team! of course, i must root for the giants, but still, i'm so happy for lil' bro. last year was tres thrilling, cuz his dream team had FINALLY made it, despite the heartbreaker finale. (did you all hear prince was doing halftime show? guess he's warming up for vegas. hee.)
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