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*******fly by!********

(((((((raisin and family)))))))

((((((mandomyheart's sil and family)))))))

special love to plat for taking care of meggie the vampire slayer and alexei platinovich while mr hotbuns is here with me!!!! how are you, darling??? how is your neck? how is dudling??? did you eat chinese on the 25th??? i meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece you!!

rosiev - that is so sad about your lovely little wedding b&b! we thought it was bad enough when the b&b where we got married (in raleigh) was sold to another owner, but at least they kept it as a b&b!

YAYAYAY!!! for sugar gliders, they are sooooooooooooooooooo squee worthy!

PNP --congratumalations on the new job!!!

mr. hotbuns and i are back from paradise, he is sitting here in my living room and we are drinking bubbly. he says i should say "happy holidays from the african queen"

AND a special note to Qspice from mr. hotbuns: where the hell is the package????

boas festas e que todos seus sonhos sejam realizados no ano novo!!!


yay for mornington being back!

yay for the African Queen posting! I had to stifle a loud laugh (boy sleeping) when read "meggie the vampire slayer" as I instantly thought of psycho- ex friend (then again, she wishes).

(((raisin))) a'cos.

yuefie, have a fantabulous green party!

pixie, we may go to Fort Lauderdale that week, instead, we don't have accomodation finalised for that part of the holiday (a week either side in Kissimee).

Heh. African Queen. Pardon me while I swoon over Bogart and Hepburn...
Hi to the too-elusive billyb and fina!! Billy, I'd add arrogant to stupid and incompetent, myself...

Best of luck for your ultrasound pixie; I'm sure all will be well.

Belated (((raisin and family))) Enjoy messing up that kitchen!

So exciting about your sister mando!! My best friend is preggers too and I'm keeping up with all the developments. I want to be the cool 'auntie' who spoils him/her!

I'm been offline for days now, as my office is closed until 2 Jan, but I thought I'd check in for NYE. The mister and I have been extraordinarily self-indulgent, eating all the xmas leftovers, drinking wine and catching up with BTS which we've just discovered. Call us the super-geeks.

The wedding was absolutely lovely, really moving and beautiful. It helped hat the couple involved are just so right for each other. I was also informed that my voluminous skirt was very 'of the moment', apparently.

Tonight we're going to the mister's friend's place for a small party. At this stage I'm almost all indolenced-out. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work on Tuesday, eating veggies again and doing tae bo.

An early happy New Year to all! This place remains special to me and I'm so glad people continue to stick around through tr**lness and the other odd skirmish. I hope each of you has an absolutely awesome 2007.

*Goes off to update 2007 diary in nerdy fashion*
just a fly-by to ...

- shout out a happy birthday to my beloved (((billy)))! i hope that storm didn't wreak havoc in your neck o'the woods, and you're doing something fun and/or relaxing or both today!

- plant a welcome back keece on mornington's leeps!

- say glad-you're-together-and-having-fun to tesao & mr hotbuns!

- give extra-tight hugs to (((sybarite))) & (((raisin))) & (((bunny))) & (((yuefie))) just cuz.

- say thanks for the love for lil sis ... much appreciated, as always.

antikvetch: i was so blue yesterday, but my cousins party was much better than i'd hoped, and the sun is shining and i'm not hungover and i had a good solid 10 hours sleep and i'm feeling soooo much better today. now it's off to clean a little and then head off to our dear friends' home for another party. woot!

i hope 2007 brings us all our hearts' desires. we deserve nothing less.
Happy New Year's Eve to everyone! Hope you all are healthy and happy and warm. It has gotten soooooooo chilly around here. Brrrr! It doesnt help that Sheff and I have been watching "Life in the Freezer" (a nature program all about Antarctica & South Georgia). Looking at all of that ice and snow on television can certainly put a chill through your bones!

Happiest of birthdays to my Billy Boy!!!!

((((Raisin)))) Good to see you in here. So, what are you up to in the kitchen?

Contrats to MandiSis! There is something extra wonderful in knowing that a new girl will be in the family soon, isn't there? smile.gif Sorry to hear you've been feeling blue, but I'm glad the party cheered you. Maybe we should send you some party vibes, hmm? (((Mandi)))

~~~~~~ happy ultra-sound vibes for Pixie ~~~~~~~
So glad that you and the Mr. & the girls could come over last night! And I hope Mr. P can get his own Wii system soon. wink.gif

Congrats to PNP on the new job! Hooray!!!

Sybarite, glad you had fun at the wedding! Sounds so fun & romantic.

Yeufie, you understand that we expect a full report on the green themed party, yes? wink.gif

It's Mr. & Mrs. HotBuns! Together again! Woot!!! [bows deeply to the African Queen & King]

And Mornington made it home safely! Yay!

And Bunny is with her beloved! Yay!

And people around here seem to be doing pretty well, actually! Yay! It's nice when Kvetch is full of good news. smile.gif

So, are any Kvetchies going out to big parties tonight? I originally wanted us to go all out - me in a gorgeous dress, Sheff in a suit, fancy dinner, maybe dancing at a ball downtown, the works. But it's COLD! And Sheff only brought a sport coat instead of a whole suit. And we didn't make reservations. And who wants to hang out with a bunch of drunken strangers? And then drive home while the roads are crowded with those same drunken strangers? So instead, we are going to hang out with K (who was my bestest friend from 6th - 12th grades) and her husband and baby. Yay!

Strange paradox of our visit: You know how people say that once your friends have kids they never end up going out with you anymore? That is sooooooo not true! We've been having a hell of a time getting in touch with our child-free friends, so the only friends we've seen in the whole week we've been here are the ones with kids! How bizarre is that!

Kvetch: Did I mention that it's been cold? And rainy? And did I mention that Sheff forgot to bring his coat? He brought his sport coat, but no regular outdoor coat. And did I metion that it's been cold and rainy? Yeah. Poor thing.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff had a surprise wedding anniversary present made especially for me & he fully intended to wait to give it to me on February-elopement-anniversary-thingy, but he decided he couldn't wait anymore. So yesterday I got to open a lovely box containing a beautiful pair of earrings. They're kinda dangly in a lovely Victorian-style: white gold filligree around pinky-red rubies. The rubies match the stone in my necklace. Just gorgeous. And I know that they're only meant to be worn on special occasions, but I feel like wearing them all the time. smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: I'm feeling a lot of hope for 2007. And that's a nice thing.
Rose-it was great hanging with you guys last night, although the pizza did a number on the Mr's stomach!

We are being the boring pregnant couple tonight. Took Mr's minipixie home today, my minipixie will be in bed at 9 and Mr.P picked up seom sparkling juice for me to drink at midnight.

And did Rose mention it is Freezing outside! OMG! We actually went to church this morning and it was ok when we walked in, when we got out the temp must have dropped 10 degrees!

Kvetch: The mister turned too sharply coming out of Rose's parents drive way and we ended up in the ditch! My car is now covered in mud!

Antikvetch: Sheff came to the rescue and pushed us out!

Happy New Year, Kvetchies!!!
A Happy New Year to all! I was going to go to Mcgeek's party, but at last minute we got into a fight over me being passive-agressive. Great. And, he wonders why I don't trust him yet.

Total anti-kvetch: My father is giving me a trip to UK for my birthday!!! I wouldn't be going until April or May. However, doesn't that rock??

Also, saw the new apartment on Friday. I am so excited to have my own place! I just now have to pass the creidt check.

((love to all and happy new year as well))

I hope 2007 is great!

*crashes through the Kvetchland skylight, dangling from a rope and a grappling hook, dressed in head-to-toe black and looking like a sexy superspy*

Hi everyone! Just dropping in to say Happy New Year! Buon Capo d'Anno! Bonne Année! Feliz Año Nuevo! Gutes Neues Jahr! Gott Nytt År! Hauoli Makahiki Hou!

I hope the year ahead brings you all the peace and light you are searching for!

*climbs back up the rope and disappears mysteriously into the night*
IPB Image

Oh, and because New Year's Day in the Gregorian calendar is really all about Easter....

IPB Image

Ukranian Easter eggs! biggrin.gif
Happy New Year Kvetchies!

I never really go out for New Years, but we did go out tonight- just to a small party at BGP and husband's house. I made cheese-stuffed bacon-wrapped shrimp. They were a pain in the ass to make, but they were pretty tasty. BGP had some leftover frozen hors deurves from Trader Joe's- the best ones Roswere these little squares of puff pastry with a chunk of feta cheese and some caramelized onion on good! Oh, and I made baklava, but for some reason, it came out really soggy. Still tasted good. I had one Magner's (an Irish hard cider) and some Moscato at midnight. I'm not a big drinker, so that was a lot for me. I was okay by 2, when we left. I am so ready to get in bed now, snuggled under the covers with an episode of Buffy to put me to sleep. smile.gif

Rose, that necklace sounds lovely!

((Hugs to all))
L'shana tovah, Kvetchies! Hope everyone stayed safe and had a blast. GB and I were feeling the quiet, so I asked Knitter A, hereafter known as The Enabler, to join us for nosh, knitting, and videos. We watched some episodes of Titus, then checked out Love Actually - even better the (finally) second time I saw it! Lots of good kitty time and knit chat.

We're winding it down - GB is in bed, and Enabler is reading on my couch (as is tradition for many of my NYE guests since high school); the Buddy Cat is chowing down, the Fuzzbutt is nowhere to be seen, and I'm doing one last thing on the computer.

I wish for all of us - whether 2006 kicked ass, or sucked it - that 2007 be much, much better, happier, safer, and more peaceful.

And if I'm not mistaken - I missed my BUSTiversary a few days ago! If I scratch my back, can I consider that the seven-year itch and call it done?
happy new year everybody!!! polly we had those tj's caramelized onion feta tartlets too, ohgh they are so good. k, I am drunk and probaby shouldn't be trying to type anything out right now. the party was fab, tho we did deviate from the green theme with pomtinis, black martinis, french martinis & pink elephants. it was all so good too. we had our party crashed by some weird neighgbor chick who I got an icky vibe off, but thanksfullyt she stubled back to her place where she left her 3 mo. old baby and boyfriend sleeping. we also watched taladega nights tonight, which is SOOO stupidly funny. maybe not, but it was to our drunk asses. the best part is when the french guy says "hakuna matata, bitches". I think thats my motto for 2007!

I wish you all the best in 2007.

Could i request some vibes please? My friend lost her dog and the dog still hasn't returned. That means it was alone somewhere when the fireworks started at 12 cet. I hope she'll get her dog back. It must be so frightened.

Thank you RoseV, Polly and Mornington for your christmas cards!!

I'm already up after 5 hours sleep. I can't sleep well when i had quite something to drink. I'm already fretting over the noise we made last night, and if the neighbour will be mad again. Yes i know unsure.gif
Happy New Year from George and Carmella!

IPB Image
*~*~*~*~bursts into thread holding sparklers in one hand, champagne in the other and blows kisses*~*~*~*~

The hotel was out of this world and we had a wonderful, indulgent and romantic night. I ate too many chocolate dipped strawberries and had a fabulously huge bubble bath with jo malone products before dinner. We watched The Break Up after dinner (um, maybe not the cheeriest film to bring the New Year in with!) and a jazz band was playing on the mezzanine stairs outside our room and at "the bells" a bagpiper! then a fireworks display.

belated happy birthday to billy!

*~*~*~*safe return for sonik's friend's dog~*~*~*~*

yuefie, I'm lovin' the thought of hakuna matata, bitches being a 2007 motto!

oh, and doodle cracks. me. up.

polly, I think I will be spending my Jan 2nd watching some Buffy! yeah, that sounds good. As does lots of reading and kitty time, plummy.

fina, meant to say: your elves clothesline sounds fantastic! wee free men indeed.

sass, I'm apparently passive-agressive too (and an aggressive drunk) rolleyes.gif . So... does that mean we UK BUSTies get to meet you in Spring 2007? Squee, if it does!

(((mando, mornington, raisin, rose, amilta, anoushh, pixie, syb, sixelacat, stargazer, sidecar, tesao, everyone I've missed...)))

things I'm looking forward to in 2007:

lots of reading
time with the boy and other loved ones
my new course
meeting and making new friends
the final Harry Potter book
a holiday in the sun
more BUSTing
Happy new year, darling Kvetchies! Yuefie, your party sounds like a wild success! Polly, sounds like you enjoyed some fantastic munchies, too. And Bunny, the live music sounds fab. And all of those homey, cozy NYE celebrations sound very nice, too!

And it's funny that you mention Wee Free Men, Bunny (and Fina? Was that really you?), as I just started reading it! I have trouble with some of the Scottish-y bits. I keep having to ask Sheff to translate. smile.gif

~*~*~*~*~ dog-finding vibes ~*~*~*~*~ My heart goes out to your friend & her dog, Sonik. I hope the pup finds his way home soon.

~A~A~A~ apartment-getting vibes for Sassy ~A~A~A~

As I mentioned earlier, Sheff and I went to visit one of my oldest friends (my old BGP). She and her husband used to live in California, but they moved back to T-town shortly after we moved to NC. And holy crap, their house is HUGE! More than half of the rooms are empty because they simply have no use for them right now. And their little boy is adorably sweet and so quiet! Anyway, we played games & drank champagne & had a lovely time. I really wish we could spend more time with them. Maybe I can talk them into visiting us sometime.

Kvetch: Nightmares. Two of them. Ugh.
Kvetch: And feeling bad that I haven't developed a successful career like my Old BGP. If I just had a good job, Sheff and I could afford a gorgeous big house like hers.
Anti-kvetch: Sheff loves me just as I am, thank goodness. And I think he's the best thing to ever happen to me. Such a truly wonderful man. He makes me feel very lucky.
Anti-kvetch: I don't have to clean that enormous house!

By the by, Sheff left today to return to NC, so any travel vibes you could spare would be appreciated!
Fly by Happy New Year to everyone! Haven't had a huge amount of energy to read and/or post this week.

Hugs to Sonik's friend for her doggie.

RoseV: Safe travels, and call soon.

Doodle: Love the kitty pictures!! My "little" boy should show up to the left...

Mando: I hope your mood improves.

Tes, my dear, I know you are probably "recovering" from Mr. HB's visit. A little, err, saddle sore?? laugh.gif

Tes does not exaggerate about her tortie, Meggie the Vampire Slayer. I always play a little game with her when I take care of them- it is called MMM (Make Meggie Mad). I see how long it takes for her to get pissed off with me. It's kind of easy- all you have to do is pet her, or if she is really in a snit, walk towards her. I think we set a record this time. I only let her outside 2 of the days I was there, so she was trying to be really nice so I would let her out. Reached an MMM of 5 minutes. Wow!!!

Kvetch: medical setbacks this week. Was feeling a little better last Monday, started to slowly increase activity the next 2 days, and ended up short of breath for the entire day (not normal). Now of course I was anxious (which didn't help), but that didn't start after I realized that 2 hours after a 15 minute walk that I was still short of breath. Lots of tests. So far, all negative. I am hoping for best case of just profound deconditioning due to spinal cord involvement and bad reaction to steroids. Weakness just sucks. I could handle pain a lot better.

Anti-kvetch: Had a couple of friends over last night and we agreed to watch a stupid movie. The agreed-upon stupid movie was "There's Something About Mary". The laughs felt really good.

Anti-kvetch: feeling a little better today. Trying not to overdo.

Not sure when I'll be posting again, but my best to all the busties in 2007. You all deserve the best year yet.

Happy New Year, kvetchies!

We didn't go out last night except right at midnight we went to this Christmas tree's been going on for some years, apparantly, but it was my first time. People take over this wide neutral ground between the two sides of the road and set off tons of fireworks, and then just before 12, light the pile of trees...there's also a bunch of the noisy kinds of fireworks embedded in the pile. Boy, do those suckers burn like mad! When someone brings a tree to throw on the pile, everyone cheers, and then while the fire is burning, people run around it. If the wind changes directions, you may get a bunch of sparks and soot falling on your head. It was also so hot at the very beginning that we had to back way up. I wish I had brought my camera! There were cops around, but it felt sorta dangerous, like about 20 people were gonna need ambulances any minute.

Then we came home and I tried to watch my new DVD of Goodfellas, but it wouldn't read! Boo. Work tonight and the next. Boo again. At least the sun is has been gloomy day after gloomy day 'round here.

Sounds as if everyone else had good times, from the cozy and quiet to the drunken parties...

~~~Sonik's friend's doggie~~~ Hope he comes on home.

~~~Travel vibes for Sheff~~~

~~~increased strength and health for Plat~~~

I liked Talledega Nights, too, Yuefie.

mmm...anything with carmelized onions. I think I need to go find some food soon.

I tried to come up with resolutions, but I can only really come up with: take care of myself like I should. This covers lots of ground...exercise, making time for friends and creativity, all that stuff.

So anyone else do resolutions or have things they are looking forward to in the new year, like Bunny?

Mwah! to all of you!
*Ducks head in.....*

Just wanted the say Happy New Years to all the Busties!!!!

Happy New Year everyone! We hosted a party this year; most people left about 2:30 this morning. It was a lot of fun. We had pulled pork, meatballs, guacamole, sweets from Trader Joe's, spinach dip, crudites, and mini-pizzas that I made. We also have a lot of leftovers! Our friend B., who is very close to us, stayed over rather than walk home at 4 am and then this morning the three of us watched a Bond movie (You Only Live Twice) and ate cinnamon rolls. By "this morning" I mean "noon." Plus, the Badgers (my alma mater's football team) won their bowl game against Arkansas, so 2007 is off to a good start for me.

I hope the same for all of you!
~~~sonik's pal's dog~~~ come home!
Happy new year.

sidecar, sounds like you had a nice party with some tasty food.

amilita, taking care of yourself sounds like a good resolution. I want to eat better, exercise more and concentrate on a hobby.

((plat)) Much energy to you.

rose, sounds like you and Sheff have had a nice visit home. Yay for pretty earrings.

((sheff)) Safe travel.

bunny, so glad you and the boy had a nice time together at the hotel.

((sonik’s friend)) Find the doggie soon.

yeufie, yay for the green party.

txplum, Love Actually is such a great film.

polly, sounds like a nice party.

sassy, yay for the UK trip and hope the new apartment work out.

pixie, glad you had a quiet night at home.

mando, yay for parties.

syb, glad the wedding was fun.

Mr. DM and I returned from Newfoundland. We had a relaxing time visiting family. I got to meet his grandmother, great aunt, aunt, uncle, cousin and friends for the first time. Everyone was very nice, and we ate so much food. My MIL is always fun, we all played Scrabble, ate much food, visited friends, shopped and just hung around. The weather was really cold, and it snowed some days.

Last night I fell asleep before 12:00, but briefly woke up when Mr. DM turned the tv on a little after 12:00.

I know this year brings us good things.



i had a quiet party of one. i was suppose to go to my folks, but i was being mucho lazy. i opted to sit home and watch a marathon of ab fab on bbc america. i was happy. i figure i did enough going out and getting drunk on NYE in my 20s to sit one out. plus, with everything that has happened this year, i enjoyed laying low.

*~*seding out good vibes for sonik's friend*~*

kvetch: pretty soon i have to go buy makeup. i HATE wearing makeup. i only use concealer on blemishes here and there. but, with my acne these past months, now i need all over coverage. yuck. oh well.

antikvetch: in a a couple of weeks i will get a haircut and buy an outfit for my interviews. yup, in 2 weeks, i start the internship interviews! i'm nervous and excited.

((sassygrrl)) i hope everything works out with the apartment! and what's up with McGeek?!?

Just wanted to pop in and ~~~~~~~everyone find exactly what you are looking for (apartments, pups, general health and happiness)~~~~~~~~

mostly lurking, but I am thinking about all of you and appreciate you all greatly and wanted you to start the new year knowing you are all fabulous!
so nice to see sixelacat & gingerkitty & plummie & dm & plat & doodle's adorable kitties!

*superstrength come back little sheba vibes for sonik's friend's pupper*

and tons of birthday love for my favorite sometimes-lurker, (((msp))), who i meece terribly in here.

hugeass kvetch: first day back at work in 12 days. ugh. i'm not even awake yet. *yawn*

back later. mwahs.
Thank you! I actually came by to thank you for the card - for some reason, my email to your yahoo account keeps bouncing back.

MrP and I are going to wander some museums, then we're headed to a nice Japanese place for dinner. I'm very pleased. I may have mentioned that we've officially started worked on making some BabyPs, so I've got to get as much as sushi in my belly as I can, while I still can. smile.gif
Oh my gosh, MsP! I must have missed that the first time. Good luck on trying for the BabyPs! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
((((msp)))) happy birthday & *crosses fingers*
happy belated birthday ((((billy))))
***come back sheba**** ((((sonik))))
((((raisin)))) acos
((((plat)))) ***no more setbacks****
((((yuefie)))) i'm jealous of the cocktails but ***go away hangover***
((((mando)))) ***wake up***
((((gkitty)))) acos she is teh sweet
((((bunny)))) yay for romanticness
((((doodle)))) *steals kitties*
((((dusty)))) thank you for the card!
((((polly)))) you too! it was lovely to get so much post when i returned!
((((sassy)))) bleh on mcgeek but yay on the trip! may i plot an extravagent kidnapping?
((((txplum, north, rose & sheff, amilita, anoushh & notbob, syb, faith, sidecar, pixie & the micropixie, everyone))))

this year... i plan to work at a steady pace, take care of myself, and just... concentrate on the good stuff.

weird moment today - running into an old school-friend (from prep school, so i must have been... eleven when we shared a dorm) on the bus. we're planning to hang out soon; we just lost touch.

indigo didn't want to leave my grandparents today; he's been spoilt rotten. mama is here, she's in the uk for a while and has lost her suitcase keys. mellow.gif

hope everyone had a good new year!

*drives by to liberate kitties from mornington, returns plat's kitty to his rightful owner...or is it ownee?*

Happy Birthday, MSP! How many spankies is it?

*chases after MSP with a riding crop before driving away in a '65 red Mustang convertible*
A belated Happy Birthday to MSP.

~~~sonik's friend's pup please come home!~~~~

((((((plat)))))) ~~~continued healing and no more setbacks~~~

((((((everyone)))))) I hope the new year has gotten off to a good start for you all.

So far it hasn't been too good for my family. I found out today my dad has end stage renal failure and must begin dialysis immediately. They also told him he has a bone disease, but he couldn't remember what they said specifically and is unsure of which one he has. He found out last week but didn't want to tell me until after New Years. I just feel so shitty that he had to find out alone because I was unable to go with him to the doctor that day sad.gif Also my cousin was taken to the emergency room and was admited. His girlfriend had to pick him up at work because he could hardly breathe and almost passed out in the break room. So far we know he has double pnuemonia, and his lungs are 30% filled with fluid, which they are having to remove through a very painful procedure. They could only do so much at once because they were afraid of his lungs collapsing. His oxygen saturation was in the 80% range, which is no good at all. The good news is his heart is fine, and there is no clot in his lungs. At first they were concerned he was having or had suffered a heart attack because his heart rate and blood pressure were so high when he first got there. Then they thought perhaps it was a clot in his lung because of the pain and his inability to breathe. The kicker though is they think he might have some strange strain of virus besides the pnuemonia, but tests results are still pending.

I sure am hoping things get better, 'cause this is not a good start unsure.gif

((((yuefiedad))))) & ((((yuefiecousin)))))
(((yuefie, yuefiedad and yuefiecousin)))
(((yuefie & dad & cousin & sashie))) oh, you poor thing! no more bad news for you, darlin. this i deemeth! sending fast & furious & superstrength healing vibage westward.

congrats on your good news, msp! please do keep us in the baby-making loop ... wink.gif

kvetch: too little sleep.
antikvetch: too much barfly fun last night.
kvetch: i won't be seeing beloved cousin again til march. he's heading to FL for the winter. it's breaking my heart. sad.gif
((msp)) happy belated!

our cat is very sick. oddly, he is also in renal failure. he went from 10 pounds in September to 6.5 when we took him in last week. he now has special food and medicine he gets twice a day. we go in again on saturday for an evaluation, but i'm not very hopeful. one thing we were supposed to watch for was diarrhea and vomiting, as he can't afford to do that much, and he's had one or the other every day this week. to be honest, as much as i love oscar (who admittedly is not the nicest cat but we love him) i hope the vet can tell us something definitive. it's hard to make decisions like this for someone who can't tell you how he's feeling.

(((yuefie and Fam)))


~*~*~*~*~*safe travel vibes for Rose as she flies home today~**~*~**~*~*

Happy Belated Bairthday MSP!

(((raisin, Mando, Bunny, Mornington, Fina, Faith, Billy, the rets of the Kvetchies)))

belated happy birthday msp and mini-msp vibes!

~*~*~*safe travelling vibes for rose~*~*~*~

kvetch: being informed as I'm halfway through cooking an organic roast that we no longer have a fan-assisted oven (and haven't for 18 months). well, no-one told ME! Hmph, thanks guys, I could have food-poisoned my own ass.

eta: I'm a bit of a grouch today; I think I'm going to spend tonight curled up in bed watching some sex and the city/reading/eating chocolate.
((sidecar & oscar))
((yuefie & family))

Everybody get well soon!
Awwww sad.gif ((((((((oscar)))))))) (((((((sidecar & martini))))))))

Thanks for all the love and support my darling ((((((kvetchies)))))))

I am waiting to hear back from dad's doctors now. He can't remember the name of the bone disease, but is sure it's something other than Osteoperosis. They also told him he has an enlarged heart/dilated cardiomyopathy. I just need to speak with the doctors so I can see what his exact diagnosis and treatment options are. No news on my cousin, which I am taking as good news. Oh, and someone siphoned my gas last night. The fun just never ends!

People still siphon gas? WTF?

(((your dad))) I hope you can get your dad's doctor on the phone and get a more definitive answer. I don't know how old your dad is, but we always call Martini's dad's doctors directly, just because his parents get confused while the doctors explain things to them, plus his mom is hard of hearing and won't wear a hearing aid, so sometimes she gets things wrong. It's really frustrating to have to deal with your parents as patients sometimes, on top of the illness stuff.
((yuefie dad)) ((oscar) ((martini and sidecar))

I should be getting my apartment by this weekend. I plan to move out before my birthday next month. Mcgeek is still being a bit of a dick, so we're spending a weekend apart. My landlady is being uber-bitch

Yes, I'm so excited about going to the UK in spring. Looking for going in May.

((Happy New Year))

Anti-kvetch: Taking a note from bunnyb and watching SATC and eating chocolate. smile.gif

~~~~~get that apartment sassy~~~~

~~~~~soothing for oscar & his fur-parents~~~~~

Yes indeedy, people still siphon gas! I think I mentioned the jerkoff we had a run in with in the parking lot in my drunken (and embarassing) post. Yeah, well the manager kicked his ass out last week for siphoning gas from other people's cars. He was here Saturday, apparently visiting some "friends" in the back building (the one I used to live in) which is when he was blocking the way for any other cars to get out, hence our little shouting match. The funniest part of that whole thing was him kicking the door of his own truck in. That was pure comedy! So yeah, the air of one of my tires was let out too, but no actual damage occured. I had written his car make and license plate info down the other day, and gladly passed that along. The manager was quite apologetic and assures me that the management co. is looking in to hiring a security company to have a patrol car to take a jaunt through the parking lot every hour or so during the night and also asking the Santee Sherrifs to do the same. The strange thing is that my cousins neighborhood is having a similar problem with the gas siphoning and they are in a completely different town. I picked up a locking gas cap today and it sounds like it's time for locking gas caps for all! I never heard back from my dad's doc, he is out of town still. And the Kidney Clinic was not of much use to me. They gave me the standard answers (same info I got off the net) but nothing about my fathers exact prognosis. So, I plan to continually harass these people until I get some freaking answers.

I was hoping Msp would turn up for her b-day! happy birthday, if a bit late.
And you are one of those people I would love to see having children (by which I mean you'd be a great parent, not that I have any special agenda about people having children if they dont want to) Good luck!

Yuefie, I used to work in a dialysis clinic during my social work training. I may not be able to offer you anything more than the info you've already gotten, but feel free to pm me with any questions and I'll do my best to help out. And thanks for thinking of us in previous posts!

Sidecar, I also have experience with kitty kidney failure (unfortunately) so feel free to ask anything about that too. I will say my mama kitty lived for several happy years after her diagnosis and starting the special food.

I just want to say that I'm officially unhappy that Sapphire no longer seems to post here. And other people too, but that's the one I"m thinking of now.

Poor not-bob has had a bad couple of days. Yesterday I put him on the bed and stupid me--put him on a pillow. I turned my back for a split second--just checking if I'd broken a glass--and THUMP. He fell off. It was horrible. He cried louder than me, but I cried longer (after making sure he was ok and getting him settled down/comforted again.) I swore I was going to make sure he never fell like that. Never again. I felt so, so, so awful. And stupid.

And later in the day he started showing signs of a cold that I was hoping he wouldn't get from my parents. And just to make him really miserable he went to the doctor today and had his first shots. Poor guy. Dr. did give us the option of coming back, but after speaking with the mister (who had the day off so came with me to the appointment) we decided to just get it over with. He's not a happy camper tonight, but grandma, dad, and I are taking turns cuddling him.

And the doctor said he's just fine, which I knew but it was nice to hear. He's gone from 25th% in weight at birth to 80th percentile, and 50th percentile in height to 75th percentile now! He's been busy growing. And he's recently discovered how to bicycle his legs on purpose and has several sessions a day of bicycling away and really enjoying it, espeically if he can kick against you in the process. And the last couple of days seems to have discovered his tongue and is moving it all around his mouth, poking it out, etc. He's also working on all kinds of new sounds, my favoring being "goyng" which he's only said once so far.

I don't have any pictures publicly posted yet, but the mister has a livejournal account with a couple.

I swear I was going to say more, but I can't remember. Par for the course these days.

I was just thinking of sapphy, too -- I wore the necklace she made for me last week, and I hoped she and Sapph-man were okay.

(((notbob))) poor thing

Oh, poor baby Oscar. And poor PaYuefie. And little notBob's head! Oh boy. I love it when babies get all excited and do the bicycle legs! It is the cutest thing evar.

Shit, I was going to write more... have to find a good shirt to wear. Might be back if I don't trip over something in the dark. ::YAWN::
Thanks for Bustie vibes!!!! The doggie is back. Apparently she was taken into an asylum and they couldn't check for marks because she was too afraid.
A couple of years ago there was a huge disaster in a dutch town in the east of the Netherlands. A fire works factory exploded and boroughs were wiped away completely. My friend lived there while this happened and the dog is traumatized because of that.
Anyway, my friend called me a minute ago if i can help her move some closets so i'm going over there seeing how the doggie's doing. I bought a package of doggie snack strips.

I went to the hospital yesterday because i have some strange looking stuff in my 'bikini line' area. The doctor said it's hard to treat and they cut out a little piece of skin to do tests. My, this isn't what i had expected. I thought she'd give me some salve and that would be the end of it. But it's probably a skin disease, although it's not malignant or anything. I have an appointment in two weeks and then they'll tell me what it is, i guess.

I think i'll book a table at the Thai restaurant tonight..nice people, great food. It's great when food is so fresh as it is served there and they really know how to prepare vegetables.

(((Mando)))Ptoo on not seeing your cousin..

((((Yuefie, family and cousin and dad))))))That's too much to take on, and the year has just begun. I hope you'll get the info you need about their condition and that they will feel better soon.

Happy belated birthday fto MsP!

$~$~$~$~$ apartment vibes for Sassy $~$~$~$~$

((((Sidecar &Martini & cat)))))))

((((Raisin, Bunny, Amilitia, Mornington, Doodle, Pixie, Polly, Anoushh, NotBob)))))))

And you are one of those people I would love to see having children

Thanks! Well, if the missed period and the positive test results I got Tuesday are any indication, I think you're gonna get that chance sooner rather than later...
oooh msp! how exciting! what is it with BUSTie pregnancies lately?! *crosses legs*

~*~*~*sonik's bikini line~*~*~*~ an allergy, perhaps?

(((anoushh and not-bob)))

SATC and chocolate (and sugary sweets) worked such a treat that I may do the same tonight! Last night it was Depserate Housewives and SATC, tonight Grey's Anatomy and SATC.


eta: I started the annual BUSTie awards thread in Media Whores so get awarding!
Congrats MSP!

Bunny, It isn't just Busties! At the other boards I belong to we had about 3 times the normal amount of people get pregnant this month (it is a TTC board) and several people I know IRL got pg too.

Speaking first appointment is today! I am so nervous! I've gotten over the initial, what if something is wrong and now I am worried about the possibility of twins because my mom is a twin, and her mother had at least 2 sets of twins...and of course the chance goes up as you get older.

Yay for the doggy coming home!!

~~**~*~*~apartment vibes for Sassy~~**~*~**~*~

(((raisin, Mornington, Rose, Yuefie, Mando, Kvetchies))))
Hooray for the return of the puppers! Thanks for the update, Sonik.
~~~~~~ healing for your mystery skin problem ~~~~~~~~

~!~!~!~!~ healthy pregnancy vibes for MsP ~!~!~!~!~ What a great birthday present to yourself. smile.gif

~!~!~!~!~ healthy pregnancy and good appointment vibes for Pixie, too ~!~!~!~!~

~~~~~~~~ soothing for Plat ~~~~~~~~~ You poor thing! You must be so frustrated with all of this. How long does it take for steroids to get out of your system, anyway? A couple of months?

((((((((Yuefie's Dad))))))))
((((((((Yuefie's cousin))))))))
((((((((Yuefie!)))))))) Here's an idea: call and ask for the doctor's nurse & see if s/he can give you further details about your father's diagnosis. My mother (a hospital RN for more than 40 years) always suggests asking for the doctor's nurse whenever the doc isn't available.

((((((((Oscar kitty & his momma)))))))) Sorry you're going through this, Sidecar. My family knows how hard that is, so my heart really goes out to you.

(((((Anoushh & little NotBob)))))) He's grown soooo much! Sounds like you're doing a great job. smile.gif

~m~m~m~ smooth move vibes for Sassy ~m~m~m~

((((((((((ALL of you))))))))))

I got back to NC last night. I came soooooooo close to missing my flight out of T-town! There was a hold-up in security (not me - some guy ahead of me) and I had to run down the concourse. They announced that my flight was closed just as I got in view of the gate & had to yell, "Wait! Please let me on! Pleeeease!!!" and they let me. smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: Mom and I had a fabulous last day together. We went to our local jeweler (they have made so many things for my family I cannot begin to list it all!) just to have our rings cleaned & inspected & to look at the pretty sparklies. Then we went to Ulta to play with make-up & perfume. And we drove through my old neighborhood just to enjoy the sights. And I followed that by taking Mom to downtown Tulsa and showing her the cool stuff that has popped up in that area (including a great gallery where they teach people to blow glass & a tiny lunch place that makes fabulous salads). I topped it off by buying a "Tulsa Rocks!" t-shirt from a local shop & taking Mom to The Center of the Universe . It was the perfect way to end my visit.

Kvetch: Cough cough cough. Cough cough. Cough.

And now I gotta buy groceries! Have a great day, everyone.
*jumps on her black arabian steed and chases after doodle*

hey! give me back my leather crop!!!!

happy new year, eveyone, i'll be back as soon as i catch up with this crazy woman!

*leaves kvetchies in dust*
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