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((((((mornington))))) oh holy jeebus, that is just wrong! you poor things. ~~~~straighten this mess out now, ya bastids!~~~~ dry.gif

boo on allergies! I am so allergic to down that not only will I wake up congested, wheezing and with a sore throat, I will also have the most fitful sleep full of nightmares I can't seem to wake from.

I just got back from the mall and I must say that shit is crazy! I had managed to avoid it, but needed a few last minute things. my sis is on her way to the urgent care, she left work early because she wasnt feeling well and couldnt stop coughing. the cough worsened and now she can barely breathe. I feel bad cause she was calling me to take her and I didn't hear my phone from all the noise in the mall. unsure.gif

((txplum)) Boo to itchiness.

((mornington)) I hope the housing situation gets better.

((bunny)) Yay for the boy being on his way.

((syb)) Have fun with your family.

((sidecar)) Yay for time off.

((smokeboy)) I hope the surgery went well.

((rose)) I hope Sheff makes it in tonight.

((polly)) Sanity for shopping.

((yuefie)) You braved the mall today. Traffic was really backed up on my drive home from work because so many people were going to the mall.

((yuefie’s sis)) I hope she feels better.

Mr. DM and I are flying to Newfoundland tomorrow to visit his family. This is the first time I’ve met any of his family except his mother. I don’t know if I’ll be online, so I want to wish everyone a very happy holiday and new year. May the new year bring everyone what they want.
Holy munchkins it's early! Off to the retail job to help all those last minute quote Polly, "calm blue ocean! clam blue ocean!" biggrin.gif

~~~~allergen-free holiday vibes for all sensitive kvetchies&kin~~~~~~

~~~~safe and pleasant travel vibes~~~~~~


~~~~GIANT red tape cutting scissors~~~~~ for mornington
I survived- the stores weren't actually that bad. It was the drivers. I had to honk at two people, who after several seconds, just didn't think the light was green enough to go through the intersection. But I got books and a small toy for all 5 kids in the family and the rest of the ingredients for the au gratin potatoes and cookies I'm making.

Has anyone else seen Groovy Girls? They're sort of the anti-Barbie, and they sell them at Target. They are so cute- positive body image, trendy-without-being-trampy clothes/makeup, and you could give them to younger girls because they're soft, not pointy and hard. I'm a little disappointed in the accessories, though. They had a skater doll, and I thought, "oh, how cute, a girl skater doll!" Unless the girl is named "Josh"....but, it's a start.

OMG, and they had this other doll across the aisle from the Groovy Girls that, I swear, was worse than those Bratz dolls. I looked on Target's site and I can't find it, but they made Bratz look like Raggedy Ann. I swear, they must have based that thing's face off of Janice Dickinson. It was hardly clothed. I was so disgusted. I grabbed my Groovy Girl for Le Boy's cousin's daughter and ran!
Polly, the idea of something worse than Bratz is truly horrifying. When I was a little girl, I didn't even like Barbies (I was all about the stuffed animals) so I really really don't understand the appeal.

~~~~~ healing for Yuefie's sis ~~~~~~ Hope she starts to feel better soon.

~~~~~ calm blue ocean vibes for Sixel ~~~~~~

My sympathies go out to all of you who've been shopping &/or working in retail over the last few days. I've been out in the madness, too. I make a point of being extra helpful and pleasant to people at this time of year - especially the shop employees. It makes the whole situation a lot more pleasant for everyone involved, in my experience. But I have NO clue how to make things go easier on the roads. That is by FAR the worst part. Madness!

Anti-kvetch: Loooong lunch with Pixie & Mr. Pixie & my mom yesterday. We went to the lunch buffet at the Indian restaurant & ended up staying for 2 hours! There was no one else in the restaurant but us. It was great!

Anti-kvetch: Sheff arrived last night - 24 hours earlier than expected! And my brother got here safely, too. Plus I got all of our shopping done & almost all of the wrapping; I have two more things to wrap and I need to make Sheff's fudge, but that's it! Yay!

But now it is time for a nap. smile.gif

mmmm, Indian food. I may just have to indulge in some tonight.

I'm popping by to nominate Dusty for sending the sweetest, most loveliest (and craftiest) card smile.gif. And to say that mandolyn is a doll for sending an e-card. You're all in my thoughts and have a beautiful Christmas/holidays/belated Solstice (mornington, wherever you are I hope it's wonderful).

Off for late brunch then to art galleries and museum with the beau.

Well, okay, I'm not posting this from a WiFi connection at a wet bar in Rio. I STILL want to go somewhere warm and tropical!

Merry Christmas Eve to the Kvetchies who celebrate it, and a happy long weekend to all of you. I am DONE with my shopping and I stayed up late wrapping everything last night. I really hope the siblings get a kick out of their presents, because I was giggling to myself as I was putting their gifts together. They involve family in-jokes from when we were little. I love stuff like that. Oh, and apparently things seem to be okay in the family feud department. ::crossing fingers:: Who knows?

I'm still having a residual kvetchy moment from yesterday, and that's missing a dance class because of the shopping I still had to do. Stupid Raisin! I really wanted to go, and yet... I didn't. Again with the time management problems. ARRRR! I know I say this all the time, but I SERIOUSLY need to work on this procrastination problem.

Bunny! I got your card as well. So wee, so adorable! Thank you. I am so sending out cards next year. See, again with the time management... Sending mail makes me happy.

RV, I was picturing you going into the swanky salon, asking for purple highlights, and making the hairdresser pass out from hearing such a request. Ha! I still think you should do it when you get home. I'm a horrible instigator!

Mornington, oh my gosh, I hope everything gets sorted out (even if you have to come home?)... wow. That's a little wacko.

Sidecar, I hope your vegetables come out well! Heh.

I hope Sashiepuppy is getting better.

Mando, did you wear the save the cheerleader, save the world tee?

Northpole, how have you been?!

I'm trying to squeeze in a screening of the new Zhang Yimou movie, Curse of the Golden Flower, this weekend. I've heard mixed reviews about this one, but I love Gong Li, so I'm a-going.

I might not be online much in the coming week with the out-of-town visitors, so xxxxxx's and oooooo's to everyone, especially to the Anoushh family and Notbob's first Xmas!
i give up. second post just got eaten... all well, we're in the house, stolen the ambassador's tv, seen lots of sheep destined for the eid slaughter... and it's finally stopped raining.

hope you all have a merry, stress-free, healthy, happy christmas!!!

(((((mando, yuefie, bunny, raisin, rose, tes, pixie, star, sixe, sassy, north, dm, billy, plat, txplum, msp, walkingb, mavin, syb, sidecar, polly, pink, faith, everyone))))

oh, and blue pants.

You're two days late with the unmentionables report! rolleyes.gif
you and me, raisin, busting from a wetbar, someplace warm and tropical. o that we could save our pennies and actually make that come true someday!

we finished wrapping friday, so i was actually able to get my xmas baking on. first time in many years, and it felt good. yesterday we did the potato chip cookies, which was more work than i remembered, but danny helped (and cleaned up, too, bless him!), and they came out superfab. this morning was the big soft ginger cookies. but i fucked up and accidentally put in too little butter, so they came out like cracked, ugly ginger snaps. i'm trying not to let it ruin my mood, but i'm so disappointed. those are the cookies that mean christmas the most to me. maybe i'll try again this week, since i'm on vackay. (yay!)

so now it's off to the outlaws in a few hours, to begin the festivities. i'm praying we time it right and the traffic won't be that terrifying. my poor mama will be all alone tonite, first time ever, i think. she says it doesn't bother her, she's got plenty to do. and tomorrow, we'll all be together (sans my preggo lil sista, sniff sniff) with her all day. that's more important to her anyway.

merry merry and happy happy to all who celebrate. you're all deep in my heart ... today, tomorrow, always.
Potato chip cookies, mando? Please share! I love chocolate dipped potato chips, so I bet the cookies are pretty good.

Raisin, I love Raise the Red Lantern- I had to search all over the interweb to find a DVD of it (this was a few years ago; maybe it's easier to find now.) I saw it in a film class in college, originally, but I haven't seen anything else by the same director. I'll have to look into it more.

I'm making cookies and wrapping presents today. Also doing laundry at my parent's house. They're in Kansas City right now, visiting my mom's family. Tomorrow, Le Boy is going to mass with his brother while I, the heathen, stay in bed. Ha!
ho ho ho! we're visiting my family...busy, having fun! eating dinner at my brother's house tonight...steaks from the fancy butcher and a key lime cheesecake like our wedding cake! yum.

we are heathens, too, polly! family at mass...we had portions and showers and now waiting for the phone call to meet up...must run, they should be calling any minute!

hope everyone is having a fun, peaceful holiday. mwah!

p.s. LOVE raise the red lantern...didn't that director team up with that same actress a bunch of times? i liked 'em all, but i think that one may have been my favorite.
*skids into the thread on be-socked feet*

Hello Kvetchies! Just a quick stop-in to say Happy Whatever You Celebrate, and I hope you all find the peace and light you are looking for this year!

*passes around tray of Baci chocolates*
*dances into kvetch with homemade fudge & cookies*

Happy (Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus) Holidays lovelies!

Mandi, my first batch of fudge didn't turn out. I was sorely disappointed, but then I ran back to the market and picked up more supplies and tried again. I'd never attempted making it on an electric stove, so I should cut myself some slack. The second batch came out perfect. Anybody want some? I also made mexican wedding cookies (aka russian tea cakes, snowdrops, etc.) and a christmas tree shaped red velvet cake with green cream cheese icing and a tiny bit of coconut across the top for the snow. I am just hoping the cake came out moist. As much as I love to cook I am by no means a skilled baker, so it's a crapshoot! PJ freaking made out like a bandit this year. I kept finding the coolest things that had his name written all over them so I *had* to get them rolleyes.gif Thanks for all the vibes for my sis. She is feeling a bit better today. Yesterday I went over and made breakfast for her, because I knew she hadn't eaten since the day before. She was thrilled to wake up to pancakes, sausage and hashbrowns. Today we braved the mall and it was surpisingly not bad. I suppose it was because it's Sunday so people were either at church or watching football. Still those moronic drivers with death wishes though. Seriously. I saw a terrible accident right outside of my complex yesterday while waiting at the light to turn. Some idiot couldn't wait a minute to let the garbage truck pass, so they pulled out right in front of it. The driver of the truck slammed on his brakes and skidded right in to the car. PJ said you could hear the metal crunch all the way in the back of the complex where we live. I was just praying for the people in the car, and thinking how now there is a family who is having a very unhappy holiday. It was bad enough that the driveway to my complex was blocked off for several hours, so I went back to my sisters. Everyone in my family has been super sick with this nasty ass cold that attacks your chest and turns in to pnuemonia, and I've somehow dodged the bullet so far, knock on wood! Oh and Sashie is feeling a whole lot better. Of course she can't for the life of her understand why all she gets now are these special lamb & rice treats. She's like, wtf, where's the good shit mom?! And Missy is enamoured of her doggie sccratching toy I got her. She sleeps curled up with it, she sleeps on it, she bites it, bats at it and even gets a little randy with it. But no, she doesn't scratch it blink.gif . But still, it's true love: IPB Image

(((((((((everyone))))))))))) ~~~~~~happiness and warmth for all~~~~~~

Merry Christmas, Busties/ers, and Happy Holidays, too! Especially to all those "holiday orphans" (like myself) who hold loved ones dear in the heart, but not in the arms.

IPB Image

~North "wishing you the best" pole~
Drive by to say thanks for the card Bunny, thanks for the good wishes Raisin and everybody else, thanks Fina for notbob's gift (where is she these days), Mandolyn and Car for all the advice and support, and all of you for being here and being fantastic.
Merry late Christmas everybody! I am completely exhausted from the experience! Sunday, Mr. Pixie and I opened our gifts from each other, and went to my mom's house for my family celebration. Yesterday, we had to get up early, drive 2 hours away to pick up his minipixie from her other grandparents, come pick up my minipixie, go to Mr. Pixie's dad's hoouse, come home to unload teh car, so we could fit more gifts, Got to Mr. Pixie's mother's house, then come home and let the minipixie's open their Santa gifts! Today we still have to take them back to my mother's for more gifts!! I think I need a bigger house!

We had a family member die over the weekend. It wasn't a very merry holiday after all. With the funeral, I'll get to see more extended family members who live far away that I've been missing, but not really seeing them under the best of circumstances. The relatives that were already here visiting, I just want to spend all day with them and not be earning my keep at the office. Do I sound like an old fart to say that time with those I'm close to is the best present of all? Because that's the truth, Ruth.

I'm being pulled in too many directions.

No movie report, as I didn't go.

Mando, I would soooooo save my money for that kind of vacation. Next winter? Because you know my name is Rio and I dance on the sand, just like that river twisting through a dusty land...
((raisin and family))

Driving home tomorrow...can't wait to see the kitties...not looking forward to the load of stuff I need to get done, or work looming on the horizon. But it's true, raisin, that it's all about the people we love, and I'm so glad I got to see all my family.

P.S. I went to Trader Joe's today (with my neice) and was sure to get some vodka sauce! Thanks for the tips on what to buy, kvetchies!
(((((((((raisin))))))))) that is heartbreaking, I am sorry for your loss. It's so true that being with your loved ones is the best gift.

yay for a TJ's visit amilita!

((((anoushh)))) how was not-bob's first christmas?

pixie, I am with you on the exhaustion.

I was off work today, but not because I was enjoying it. I came down with a horrendous stomach bug that my cousins step-son brought home from preschool last Friday (carrier monkey!). He had it Saturday and I figured I was in the clear. But... nope. I slept most of yesterday, when I was not wretching or in agony. It was a sad sight around here, because nobody was feeling particularly well between the stomach bug/head cold/pnuemonia. The dinner went unmade, save for the mashed potatoes I was making when I first realized I was not feeling so hot. All those baked goods, still sitting on the counter and nobody feels like enjoying them! But we were all misersable together, as a family. And I did get the cutest pajama pants from PJ and a purse I'd been eyeing, so that takes the sting out a bit, I suppose wink.gif

Hope everyone elses holiday went smoothly and painlessly. I'd love to hear some happy holiday reports.


((((((raisin)))))) i am so, so sorry.

i went to work today, but it was a total waste. i accomplished, like, three things and then blew the rest of the day. I may as well have read a book and thrown pencils at my ceiling.

feel better yuefie!

(((raisin))) I’m so sorry. My condolences to you and your family. what a horrible time to lose a loved one.

My s-i-l’s uncle passed away Christmas eve. He was sick, but still … not a very happy holiday for her and her family, either.

(((yuefie))) your poor family. Sending out all the get-better-NOW vibes I can muster.

Polly, I promise to share the potato chip cookie recipe soon. they are quite yummy, but chocked full of sugar and butter.

Our Christmas eve with the outlaws was excellent. We played a type of cranium where you have to either use lettered-dice, or draw a picture or mold with clay to get your teammates to guess what it is – it was quite the hit of the evening. Along with the save the cheerleader, save the world sweatshirt I got my niece, who shrieked, immediately put it on and refused to take it off all night. I think I won. Hee.

Christmas morning at casa mando was nice. I disguised danny’s nano in a proactive solutions box, and definitely “got” him. Hee. He got me the silver cross necklace I wanted.

The afternoon at my mom’s was nice. My bro graciously stayed with us all day, but I could tell his heart was with his wife (she went off to spend most of the day with her grieving relatives, but didn’t want to ruin his family time). I’m sad about her loss, but it was very nice to spend that much time with my brother. His inlaws don’t understand the concept of “sharing” or “splitting the day”, so we usually only see him for a few hours at best on holidays. Everyone loved the gifts I got them. I got my two favorite perfumes, and not one but three sephora gift cards – wheee! My sister crocheted me a beautiful, soft scarf … but our hearts were heavy that she wasn’t there.

Yesterday was our relaxing day. Today I must get the kid out and away from the video games a bit, even if it’s just to one store and the diner for lunch. and even tho I just got my period (day 50, so all hell hath broken loose) and I feel like utter crap. We’re both depressed that there is not one single good movie we want to go see. at least we enjoyed pirates of the carribbean last night. hmmmmm, johnny depp ... hmmmmm.

i may drop by for a few fly-bys this week, but i must start getting ready for my cousin's party that i'm hosting on saturday night. um, not that i know how many people to prepare for, cuz godforbid any of them are courteous enough to rsvp or anything. grrrrrr.


((((((((Raisin and family)))))))) I'm so sorry. I hope you and your family find comfort in your time together.

Mandi, I'm sorry to hear about your SIL's uncle, too. Such a rough time to lose family.

~~~~~~ healing for Yuefie & sundry ~~~~~~

The internet connection at my parents' house has been terrible. It wasn't even working for a couple of days. We've managed to get it going a bit for now, but a technician will be coming out on Friday to try to figure everything out. Eep.

Kvetch: My brother, M, is such an annoying asshole. So selfish and irritating and doesn't care a bit about others. He's easily the most irritating person in my life ... and most of what irritates me about him is how his behavior hurts my mother, yet he is somehow completely oblivious to this. The whole family walks around on eggshells when he's home. and sadly, Mother won't let me call him out on his behavior because "we only get to see him a few days out of the year." Well, when else are we supposed to tackle this problem?! Ugh. No wonder he never keeps a girlfriend for very long.

Anti-kvetch: He flew out today ... thank gawd. We'll have a much better time with my family now.
(((raisin))) sorry to hear about your loss.

((yuefie)) i hope you feel better soon!

christmas was very interesting for me. friday evening i got a call from my roommate's mother to tell me he was in the hospital with double pneumonia! i knew something had to be wrong with him. on tuesday when we were both watching tv, his breathing really worried me. at least he is in the hospital.

i awoke on christmas day to my mother telling me my great-uncle was in the hospital after suffering a stroke. he is doing better. still having tests done.

oh, and my parents dog has pneumonia too! what is with everyone getting sick this weekend!

antikvetch: i got some awesome Christmas gifts. great jammies to wear! great music to listen to!

kvetch: christmas cookies! i was so tempted several times to grab one. but, i didn't! my mom told me there is always next year. damn detox! *shakes fist* oh well. i do feel better. it didn't help though that my grandmother send this kick ass cookie platter with my favorite cookies on there.

mando, i love potato chip cookies. great mixture of salt and sugar. man, i'm drooling just thinking about it.
Potato chip cookies???

*mind and taste buds boggle*

Fly-by to say I hope you all had a great holiday break with minimal stress and maximum food.

We are just back from family xmas which was awesome, although sleep-deprived as the mister and I were put up in the doorless front room. Had a great time anyway.

We are off to a wedding later and I am a little apprehensive in case the snug-fitting top to my outfit doesn't accommodate my post-xmas dinners self. *fingers crossed*

Must check out archives...
hey all. happy holidays!

(((raisin))) I am so sorry for your loss and for (((mando's SIL's family))) too.

(((yuefie))) get better soon!

(((stargazer, her friend and great-uncle))) a pox on pneumonia.

(((designermedusa))) hope meeting the boy's fam went well?

pixie, did you tell minipixie about the minutepixie?

anoushh, hope not-bob had a first -albeit oblivious, I'm sure- first Christmas!

syb, hope you had fun at wedding!

(((everyone))) I miss you lot.

I hope Santa was good to all you who believe, I was a very spoiled girl smile.gif. I also hit the sales on Boxing Day (the 26th) and Lush do the best sale ever: spend £15 and receive ANYTHING free (i.e. an item worth more than £15) so I have another gift box (bunnymama bought me one for Christmas too) and have one for a friend's birthday. Lush products and books are definitely my holiday anti-kvetches.

My kvetch? my boss. She really needs to leave me the fuck alone. I was preparing myself to return to work on the 9th January (New Year, new start and all that jazz) but to hell with that. Grrrr, I am so wound up, need to go to bed and curl up with book and chocolate (no shortage of both in my stockings).
Helloooooooo? Goodness, it's quiet around here lately! Is everyone on break? Have any Kvetchies returned to work yet?

I think I need to make potato chip cookies. Yup. Think so.

Stargazer, sorry to hear that so many of your loved ones have fallen ill!

Have fun at the wedding, Syb!

((((((((continued love for Raisin's family & Mandi's family))))))))

Are there any pics of NotBob out there for us to see?

Anti-kvetch: New camera from my darling husband for Xmas. That man is good! We've already taken some nice piccies which I will be sure to share with you all soon.

Anti-kvetch: Saw some friends & their baby today. Also ran into an old family friend at a store (the last time Sheff had seen him was when this man was in the hospital, so it was a relief to see him looking so much better).

MAJOR Kvetch: The adorable little B&B where Sheff & I got married has been bought out by some developers. They want to expand it into a "bistro hotel", adding 4 new buildings onto the lot & "renovating" the original, historic building. The very idea makes me sick to my stomach. I wish I could find the old owners and ask them why they sold the place. sad.gif

Hey all! We're back home...trying to unpack and do laundry and all that.

Anti-kvetch is I just found high thread count sheets on overstock dot com in a full size! Not so easy to find at bargin prices. Woot.

minutepixie...cute name, bunny!

Guess you won't be spending anniversaries at the supersized B and B, eh, Rose?

Get some good sleep tonight, syb!

Glad the detox seems to be working, stargazer! Good for you for sticking to it during the holidays.

Mwah! to everyone!
Potatoe chip cookies sound.....interesting!

Sorry for everyone who had illness and death strike during the holidays...sure seems like a lot of people did this year!

Mr. Pixie and I ran off to Branson for the day yesterday. We went to see the Dickens Christmas Carol, but unfortunately they had taken a lot of liberties with it and lost a lot of what we felt were important components to the show. But it was nice to just get away for a little while. The minipixies each went to stay with a grandparent which is always a treat!

We did tell the minipixies about the impending micropixie. T was wholey unimpressed, but since she already has 2 siblings under the age of 2 at her moms, it was probably the best we could hope for. I don't think my minipixie really comprehends what is happening yet. She wants a little brother but proclaimed that she "is too small to be a big sister yet"! It'll probably get more exciting once I get fat and she can feel the baby move.

Rose, sorry M is being such a brat. Has he always been this way?

Woot for the new sheets! I love new sheets! Especially high thread count ones!

I my favorite present this year, besides my sugar gliders, is my Nano! I asn't sure I wanted an IPOD, but I love thsi thing! I am a downloading fool now!

potato chip cookies

1 lb butter (yes, one pound = 4 sticks = one box!)
1 cup sugar
3 cups flour
2 cups crushed potato chips (2 cups after being crushed, we prefer plain ol' wise. the easiest way to crush them is in a large ziplock baggie, then pound away. you'll use a little more than a standard medium-size bag.)
1 tablespoon vanilla
1/2 cup chopped nuts (we prefer walnuts)

- mix all ingredients except the chips, then add chips. dough will be slightly wet and sticky.

- drop by generous teaspoon onto ungreased cookie sheet (once on the tray, we try to mold them to
make them as round as possible, but i suspect it really doesn't matter.)

- bake for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees. underneath should be slightly light-golden brown. (this batch seemed to need 12-14 minutes. of course, it depends on the oven and the width of your cookie sheet.)

- sprinkle with confectioners sugar when cooled.

- for cookies with so much butter, they are exceptionally "light"!

tonight's antikvetch: panera bread broccoli cheddar soup & whole grain baguette, warmed, of course. hmmmm .....
tonight's kvetch: 300+ channels, and there's nothing on tv. which is why god invented tivo. i should've asked santa for tivo. but we need new living room furniture desperately. le sigh.
It looks like Kvetch is going out with a fizzle this year sad.gif Comrades, Kvetch one last time in 2006, I implore you.

It's wet and cold here today with some snow on the way. Perhaps only 2-4 inches, but we'll take it!

As I reflect upon 2006, I can't escape the ridiculous mess that this so-called administration has led us into. One must wonder if they are stupid, incompetent or both. My vote is for "both". We've been fighting in Iraq longer than we were in WWII and now Bush says he has a "plan". It's four years late. Here's to hoping 2007 provides some clarity in this murky world.

Here's also my gratitude for this community. I'm a second string minor league player here, but I still enjoy the bond we have. Be that as it may, I know my underwear are as good as any smile.gif Grey boxer briefs!
A pound of butter?!?! My arteries are seizing at the very thought. I'll have to make them sometime when we're expecting company so we can spread the cholesterol around a bit. wink.gif

(((((((( much love and comfort to Raisin and family today ))))))))
~~~~~~~ soothing for all the sickies ~~~~~~~

Hi Pixie! Sorry the trip wasn't perfect, but hey. It's Branson. They gotta tinker with things, unfortunately.
As for M ... yes, he has always been this way. Remember when we were all in London and we ate at the Texas Embassy? Remember how he just sat there, quiet & sullen & refusing to participate in any conversation? That's what he's like at Christmas dinner every year (In fact, you've had Christmas dinner with me enough that you might remember that, too). It's as if he thinks that he is sooooo much better than us and it is such a huuuuuge chore for him to endure our presence for even a few moments. And while the rest of us - my parents, my other brother R - have grown and developed more adult relationships with one another, M comes home & reverts back to an annoying teenager. In fact, just take a sullen 15 year old, add the selfishness of Scrooge & the pickiness of Goldilocks times 10 and then you will have my older brother, M. I only hope that he's a more generous and loving soul when he's away from us.

Hooray for great sheets, Amilita! My old bed is full size so I know very well how hard it can be to find nice sheets of that size, let alone finding them on sale! Woot!

And no, I have no wish to spend anniversaries at the super-sized version of our beloved B&B. In fact, I was thinking about driving by this week and just looking at it for a spell. I fear that the next time I'm in town, the lawyers will have succeeded in getting the zoning approved and the whole place will be ripped to shreds. I'm so sad that the ladies who used to own and run the place decided to give it up. The new owners plan on hiring some sort of "brand" hotel company to run the place. So a dear, historic hotel that used to have many connections to this community will soon be run by a faceless corporation. Siiiiiiigh. sad.gif

Anti-kvetch: A technician came out today and fixed the internet connection! Hooray!

Kvetch: My dad has the flu. He is sooooo sick. I fear my mother may be coming down with it, too. Fingers crossed that sheff and I stay healthy!

Edited to add my undie report. Thanks for the reminder, BillyB!
Blue cotton thong with pink polka dots all over it. On top I'm just wearing a white tank with a built-in bra (it's laundry day).
*dancy dancy* Micropixie on the way!

*dancy dancy* mmmmm potatochip cookies! So bad they're good!

*dancy dancy* Awesome christmas gifts!

*dancy dancy* I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!! I interviewed on wednesday, they called me back on Thursday and I start in February making more than I am now! YAY!

Undies: Rainbowey striped boyshorts and purple bra.

(((((((((((my busties)))))))))))))))))
Hey Rose, we could get together and do potatoe chip cookies...Mr. Pixie says there is no way in hell he is eating anything like that! I'm pregnant, so it sounds fantastic! We need to get together anyway before Sheff goes back to NC.

And I know how you feel about the B&B, we'd be horrified if Hayes House did something like that! Thankfully, with it's size and location, it isn't likely. I was just thinking the other day that we need to make the reservations for our first anniversary!

Yay for the new job PnP!!!

Kvetch: friend of mine who is due the same day had an ultrasound today and found that her baby stopped developing 2 weeks ago. This really scares me to death since I haven't had my first appointment yet and the only thing I have to help me know things are going well is my increasing quessiness. 6 more days until my appointment and ultrasound!

undie report: none! I'm on vacation!
Hello hello! I've been having some internet connectivity problems but we finally determined it was the anti-virus software causing the trouble. Stupid stupid.

Anyway hope everyone had enjoyable holidays, and extreme sympathy to those who had deaths in the family or otherwise difficult times. (((Raisin)))

The lad and I have been off all week- don't go back to work until next Weds actually! It is the first time in ages that we have had so long off without having to go anywhere. We've been outrageously lazy (the flat is so cold one HAS to curl up under a blanket all day!) but are now pulling our boots up to begin painting the flat tomorrow. Yes, acid green kitchen begone!

I made an amazing wreath out of wine corks and gold ribbon and we have the cutest mantlepiece decoration ever: a wee clothesline with elf clothes hung from it. I love it to bits.

Congrats to Pretttynpink, and Pixie, and happy first festivus to Notbob, and mad love to Billy and everyone else too.
eeeee. I miss my sugar gliders!!! they died for unknown reasons. sad.gif They were so wonderful though.
OOH! Someone who actually knows what sugar gliders are! I am always having to explain them to people. I have a 6 month old little boy named Gizmo. The one in my AV was only a week old when that was taken, her name is Gidget. I'll be getting her in February when she's weened! I'm sorry yours died , PnP! I love my little guy so much!
yay for a fina sighting! and for prettynpink posting and for getting a new job!

(((pixie's friend))) that's so sad.

not much to report here, loving seeing the boy lots although he's off for lads' night out tonight. today we played crazy golf and ate. I've eaten lots of Christmas chocolate too and think I'm off to bed to eat more and finish my book.

undies: blue boy's shorts with pink dots and non-matching purple bra.

(((you and you and especially YOU)))

eta: oh, booked my driving test today (practical), not telling anyone when it is just that it's some time in January so any spare vibes would be much appreciated.
(((((pixiefriend))))) as many of us no doubt know, that is heartbreaking sad.gif

you are right pixie, increasing nausea is a good thing! and again, congrats.

(((((raisin))))) you're in my thoughts sweetie ~~~~continued copng and soothing vibage for raisinfamily~~~~

a huge boo hiss on sickness and sadness

but yay for sephora cards, mandi!

and for new jobs, internet troubles being fixed, nice sheets, enjoyable holidays, yummy goodies and tried & true grey boxer briefs wink.gif

(((((bunny, rose, mornington. dusty, sidecar, polly, plummie, faith, amilita, crassy, billy, fina, anoushh, sizela, sassy, sybarite, designerm, stargazer, northpole, flanker, qspice, tes, plat, msp, wb, mavin, luci, fairie, everyone)))))

I am finally feeling better, whew. what a week it was, the nausea was unrelentless. good news is my pants are sagging, heh. my girlfriends are coming down for the weekend tomorrow and I am so excited. just hope my tummy is recovered enough for all the goodies we've got in store. we are doing for a green theme, for prosperity. I've got cilantro roasted pecan dip, spinach-artichoke-jalapeno dip, green tortilla chips, spanakopita triangles, green pea & potato samosas, and angel hair with pesto. for dessert I'm making a pistachio cream pie which is really just pistachio pudding in a shortbread crust with crushed pistachios over sprinkled on top. I've got new pajamas and all my appletini fixings ready to go, including green rimming sugar, pippin apple slices, sour apple straws & apple jolly ranchers for garnish. my brother, ever the rebel, is sporting a mohawk to ring in the new year. I think it's because he enjoys the looks of shock from the people in our complex laugh.gif my dad's hip is healing up, but he is not feeling so well otherwise. he has an appointment today with the kidney clinic to see what the deal is with the kidney disease diagnosis. I wanted to go with him but couldn't take the time off because I was sick all week long. sashie is feeling better, missy is getting wider (and miserable!), and my car needs to pass the smog test tomorrow, so any spare vibes would be greatly appreciated. *mwah*

black & hot pink polkadot undies & black lace push up cause I'm feelin' sass-ay

wow, green themed, how cool - sounds like a hoot! you must have guacamole tho! and green pepper and cucumber crudites... maybe PJ could temporarily dye his mohawk green and sashie and missy could wear green ribbons!

*pass smog test, car*
How could I have left off the gaucamole? That I do have planned! Oh and cucumber crudite is perfect. I will, however, skip the green pepper since all involved (aside from PJ) loathe them. But I do have blanched green beans and asparagus, and also green goddess dip. Any other ideas? I'm sure that' already plenty, but hey, it's partay time! I'm sure PJ would have no problemo with going green and Sashie would gladly wear her green sweater, but poor Missy woudn't fit into anything comfortably and would shred me to ribbons if I tried tongue.gif
Well, it's been a while since I popped in here.

(((((raisin))))) I'm really sorry to hear about your family's loss. I hope everyone is doing okay, I know how hard it can be to lose someone right around Christmas.

(((((pixie))))) healthy vibes for you and your micropixie!

yuefie, that's an awesome idea for a party! I hope it turns out great.

mmmm, asparagus. guacamole is of the utmost importance and deliciousness. Brocolli? and no cheese, so maybe some apple cheddar or a garlic one?
A green themed party sounds fantasic! That would be so much fun! Guacamole sounds so great right now too...*mouth watering* Poor Mr. Pixie may have to go back to the grocery store!

*special hello keeces for longlost fina and 'second-string' (who will always be first string major league, in my heart) billy for popping in*

(((pixie))) everything will be fine. try not to worry. i'm so sorry for your friend.

and on the same note, my sister got her amnio results today, and all is well and the beanie baby is HEALTHY and it's a GIRL! *squee* i truly didn't care - i just wanted it to be healthy, my sis is 36 and hasn't taken the best care of herself these past, oh, 10+ years - but now i'm really really excited that we get to buy little girl's clothes! and, yes, i know that's flamingly sexist of me, and i so don't care. *squee again*
squeeee for mandikins! yay for mando-sis & a healthy mando-niece-to-be!

*waves at candycane*

and special *smooches* for (((bunnybun))) for all the ideas

Actually I do have cheese, it's saga basil havarti slices. I just keep omitting things. And duh me, broccoli is an obvious and good addition! I just got back from Target where I found green candied nuts and green shimmery napkins and plates for 75% off. Yay for clearance sales. On a not so great but nonetheless green related note, there is a bright lime green wet spot of unknown origin on my freaking lavender & white paisley duvet! dry.gif It would (no doubt) be of child or animal origin. huh.gif So now I must strip my comforter off and add it to the already mounting laundry of the evening. At least if I get all of this done tonight, I can party the rest of the weekend!

(((yuefie))) a'cos. Gotta love those fluorescent lime spots ... or not.

yay for a mando-niece! I understand what you mean about baby girl shopping, there are so many pretty things out there! I recommend Robeez for booties, they're adorable! I bought Arron the giraffe ones.

So, Saddam's been executed. Any thoughts? I don't think it's going to solve a thing and I'm anti death penalty anyway.

Forgot to tell you my major anti-kvetch: the boy and I and his parents are booked up for Disneyworld, Florida for summer 2008 (2 weeks in Kissimee and one week in Miami)! I am *so* excited! It will be my first visit to American soil, the boy has been to Disney loads (we've been to Disney Paris together). SQUEE! Summer 2007 will be the boy and I and an all-inclusive beach resort somewhere.

Off to pack as going to the boy's, to fancy hotel tomorrow for new year's eve then back to the boy's on New Year's Day until he leaves on the 2nd. Sniff.

Have a happy weekend and a great new year!
Wow..a week in kissimee and a week in Miami..that will be a bit of culture shock! I guess it depends on where you stay in Miami, but it is a pretty dirty, crime filled city. Certain areas, english is the second language! It reallt freaked me out to go into a Wal Mart and hear all the announcements in spanish! But then again, we weren't in the beach or resort area. Hope you have a lot of fun at Disney World! We are hoping to take the kids in 2008 also. We were actually planning to take them this year, but there is no way I am going to Disney 8 months pregnant!

As much fun as buying little girl stuff is....we are REALLY hoping for a boy! Out of my mother's 25 grandchildren...4 are boys...and 3 of those are adopted! I've always wanted a little boy and this will probably be our only child together.

Well, I guess I am off to do housework. ((((busties))))

I'm baaaack... and off to the grandparents tomorrow to pick up indigo.

eid mubarak (((((kvetchies)))))

Wow, Kvetchies, thank you so much for all the vibes and thoughts for the Raisin family. This is going to sound corny, but it has been really touching to read everything. It's been a trying week. I'm laying low this weekend, spending more time with the fam and also making a mess in the kitchen.

An early Happy New Year to you all!

I'm really looking forward to 2007.
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