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*ducks in*

what the? ahhhhhhhhh!!!

*runs for cover in the igloo while throwing snowballs in every direction*

who wants some Bailey's chocolatini's?
*waves white flag*

I have a post to make! now I've read the archives...

Indigo was a star on the train - he lay down and went straight to sleep. He adores my grandmother, wasn't sure about granddad, but they went for a walk this morning and all appears to be well. He decided to sleep on my bed while I was there (a super-narrow campbed) and I think they're going to leave it out for him. He's getting spoilt rotten and they adore him!

I'm off to algeria in the morning, and I haven't got a clue if I'll get the internets while I'm out there (we don't have a house yet...) so I'll be back after christmas. have a good one while I'm gone, d'you hear?

*crosses fingers for the micropixie having my birthday* biggrin.gif
****get well plat****
belated happy birthday crassy! ***get well***

(((((yuefie, bunny, mando, raisin, star, sassy, sixie, pixie, tes, dm, syb, faith, txplum, tg, billy, amilita, anoushh, candy, plat, dusty, crassy, polly, sonik, ap, sidecar, flanker, qspice, pink, msp, walkingb, mouse, doodle, the rest of the okayers, the lurkers and everyone else)))))

*puts down flag*
*throws snowball*
Have a great holiday in Algeria, mornington! (It is a holiday, I hope?)

*lobs snowballs made of frozen Irish cream*
*wakes up from drunken stupor in the igloo to shed a tear, missing mornington already*
*vaguely wonders about the agony of a hot buttered rum/mint bailey's/brandy hangover*
*chuckles about BOB & shudders once more about the afropenguittens*
*lapses back into alcoholic haze*

picture i wish i could post, but it's not letting me and like i have the fucking patience grrrr ...
Mmm, frozen Irish Cream ((Homer Simpson drool)) Thanks doodle!

Well, I'm happy to report that my stomach issues seem to be gone. I've eaten several items today of varying richness and greasiness with no ill-effect. One of which was a bite of Le Boy's Arby's sandwich, and that would instantly kill anyone with an immune-system disorder, so I must be safe.

I went to Costco today and got a boxed set of Roald Dahl's books for my 4 1/2 year old nephew. He can't read them yet, but soon enough. Not sure what to get for his one year old brother. Or 5 year old cousin. ((Sigh)) Going to have to hit the bookstore in the next couple of days. Perhaps the B&N by the Trader Joe's tomorrow. I'm on my last TJ's multi-vitamin, so I have to go there anyway. Sadly a $20 limit on each kid doesn't buy much these days. I'm not ready for Christmas- can I have another month? Nah, probably better to get it over with, like ripping off a band-aid.

I also bought some duck at Costco today, after I tried some a sample. Soooo good. It's pre-cooked, so I'm not going to do anything too creative with it, but I need a good side dish for to the Barefoot thread.

((mando, mornington- miss you! Happy Holidays in Algiers (better than Holiday in Cambodia, right? tongue.gif ), candycane, six, rose, sybarite, amilita, pixie, visiting Okayer's, bunny, anyone I missed!))
(mando....if this post an image, you have to have the direct link to the image itself, not the page it's posted on. In Netscape/Firefox, right-click on the image you want to post, and then select "view image"...use the URL of the page you end up at to post your image. In Explorer, right-click on the image and select "properties"'ll see the proper image URL in the dialogue box.)

What in the hell happened here?!

Sheesh, I'm out all day bringing home the bacon so I can fry it up in a pan, and you kids are having SNOWBALL and CHEESEBALL fights? Um... that's, like, totally no fair.

IPB Image

Well, on to half of a real post.

Plat, welcome to the funny farm!

Yuefie, many thanks for the card. It's adorable, as is your handwriting! Hee.

Mmm, Algerian men. Save a few for the rest of us, okay, Mornington?

*drives by Kvetchland on a cheesemobile, shooting plump cheeseballs from a sub-machine cheesegun*

Google image search for word "cheeseball," page one, random results:

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Good night, fair Kvetchies, and thank you for a lovely day of hijinks and hilarity! You have been very worthy Snowball Fight Day 2006 opponents, and you are very gracious losers as well. tongue.gif Please join us in Okayland any time - we'll be partying all week!
I am officially done Christmas shopping! Whew! I can live without that for another year!

Mr. Pixie's weekend is a no go because of a prior committment that we couldn't reschedule, but we may sneak away some time next week and let the girls spend some time with their Grandma's and cousins!

Rose, I don't know if you will check this again before your flight, but it's too late to call...`~*~*~*~*safe travel vibes~~*~*~*~**~ And....Mr. Pixie and I will be dining at the India Palce at noon either Thursday or Friday, would either day work for you?

~*~*~*~*~safe travel vibes for Mornington and any other traveling Busties!*.~*~*~*~*~*~*

Sorry I missed the snowball fight! I actually had to WORK today!

((((kvetchies...and a few okayers!))))
Oh man, I missed the big snowball fight? Sheesh, well slap me on the tush and call me a party pooper huh.gif

(((raisin))) glad you liked the card. my handwriting is adorable? thank you sweets. I think it's messy, and all over the road but then again, that would be me!

polly, I cracked up at your Holiday In Cambodia reference down below cause I was listening to that earlier today. I am a closet DK fan, heh.

have fun mornington ~~~safe travel vibes~~~

~~~hot toddy's and soothing for crassy~~~

~~~~stay well vibes for all busties~~~~

my cousins gf took me to get my nails done as a christmas present. I was complaining about how awful they were looking yesterday, so she stopped by after work to kidnap me for a few. they're a shiny and pretty ruby red, and they almost match my hair. I've got both of my nieces spending the night, so I've had to wait for the computer to be free for a few minutes. we made banana bread and have been playing nurse for poor sick pj who is suffering from a bad head/chest cold. my dad is getting settled, I am going to go up to see him tomorrow. I can sleep so much better knowing he is somewhere nice and somewhere he can get the medical attention he really needs. can't wait to see him, just keeping my fingers crossed I don't get this helacious cold that everyone else seems to be suffering from.

*hugs & snuggles for all*

*takes Yuefie up on the first part of her demand* Ooo, and thanks for the card! GameBoy LOLed too!

*dashes through thread on the way to bed, flinging warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookies like mini Frisbees as GameBoy trails behind, setting down bottles of berry-infused vodka*

*is heard to say, through a mouthful of baked good, as she dashes away...*

"God DAMN, that's a good cookie!"

*GameBoy catches a flung cookie and munches it, waving at the Kvetchies as he goes*
Just checkin' in, seein' what the cool kids are up to.

IPB Image

Looks like no good to me! j/k

Glad everyone's havin' fun smile.gif
*peers into thread*

well, frell!

yeufie, it looks like i missed all of the fun, too! maybe we should slap each other's tushes?? or just go all the way and slap tush to tush??? now, THAT would be plenty of fun! it just might make up for missing out on the frivolity!

mornington, enjoy algeria! (or if you have already departed, hope that you had a great time!) we all knew that yout sweet greyhound would be a star on the train! tell him that all of his bustie aunties are SO PROUD of him!!!

holiday in bff plat (*waves* hi, hunnneeeee!*) has a book called holidays in hell. that sounds suspiciously like a chapter in that book. if so, i am sure that it is hysterically funny.

rosiev: thank you SO Much for visiting plat on sunday! she was so down, and she really had a great time with you. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand -- i can NOT believe that Mr. Fussypants actually jumped up INTO YOUR LAP! he *never* *ever* does that!!! he has never done that to me, that i remember! sounds as though the waffles AND the pasta were a big hit....but not as much as your delightful company!

plat!!!! *throws self at plat and gives her huge non-neck bothering HUG*

how wonderful to see you in here!!! did you miss the snowball fight, too? bummer, hmm? (will answer your email soon. am waiting for a conference call to come through, and don't want to get really involved in something new before it starts.)

huge hugs for mando my heart, because. just because.

hurrah!!! for pixie finishing christmas shopping!!! go you-fie on you!!! huh.gif

polly: what a great gift for your nephew! and, as you say, perhaps a bit precocious for a 4 1/2 year old, but he will be MOST appreciative once he can read!!!

->- - -->-- ->-- ->-- safe travel vibes for all travelling kvetchies!!!! ->- - -->-- ->-- ->--

*picks up cooled and slightly mushed oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from floor of thread*
*takes big bite*


hey, ms plummie! these are faaaaaaaaaaahbulous!!! just like the woman who made them~~~

sweet, intoxicating, exotic??????

yep, that would be YOU!

NORTH!!!! how lovely to see your pole poke into the thread!!! how have you been???? i've missed you! email me!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~more soothing vibes for crassy~*~*~*~*~*~*~


hugs and kisses and silly silly silly linguado!!!
a northpole appearance! it's a christmas miracle!!! dood, any chance of an update?

*reciprocal hugs for (((tesao)))*
*hello wave & healthy vibage for plat*
wet sloppy kiss of thanks to doodle & (eta: Q) for the image lesson. methinks you've probably just created a monster ... mwahhaha!

there's rumor of a drunken karaoke fest, today, 12 pm EST. bwah!

IPB Image

kvetch: i sure as hell can use something to distract me from obsessing over how badly the mr fucked up last night, by doing his xmas shopping without checking our bank acct balance first fuckmegentlywithachainsaw. all he had to do was wait two frickin days (his payday, my xmas bonus day). because i have things i must purchase today. grrrrrrrr!
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Dec 19 2006, 09:01 PM) *

(mando....if this post an image, you have to have the direct link to the image itself, not the page it's posted on. In Netscape/Firefox, right-click on the image you want to post, and then select "view image"...use the URL of the page you end up at to post your image. In Explorer, right-click on the image and select "properties"'ll see the proper image URL in the dialogue box.)

Actually, with firefox, you can right click on the image and select "Copy Image Location" and get the URL of the image directly into your clipboard and all you need to dothen is paste it into the textbox!

QUOTE(northpole @ Dec 20 2006, 01:20 AM) *

Just checkin' in, seein' what the cool kids are up to.

helloo you crazy canuck!

QUOTE(tesao @ Dec 20 2006, 09:27 AM) *

->- - -->-- ->-- ->-- safe travel vibes for all travelling kvetchies!!!! ->- - -->-- ->-- ->--

speaking of traveling! i finally mailed that package to you. dunno if it'll get to mr hb before he leaves to visit you, though. it SHOULD get there today, though!

in other news, i am coughy, sore throaty, and didn't get as much packing done last night as i had planned. whoops. fortunately, my bro will be here to help tonight. and, normally here, they take leaving employees out to lunch their last day. but, because my oddball butt is leaving mid-strike and my group is on three different shifts, that's not going to happen. so, they gave me flowers and a gc to my favorite lunch place! *sniffle* i will miss this place.
*festive drive by*
Just completed my final deadline of 2006 and am off to (hopefully) buy shoes, meet friend for coffee and cake then meet other work friends for many drinks.

I hope to be in here over the next few days but want to wish everyone well for the rest of this pre-xmas (or other holiday) week!

Hi and welcome to plat; we'll miss you mornington; stick around Miz Txplummie; (((mando))) just 'acos, and a special shout-out to the evil doodle for posting what looks like that geek from forgettable 80s movies dressed up like Michael Jackson. And a happy christmas to you too missy!

(Just funnin' there btw)

Mince pies to all and sundry, including anyone I forgot!!

*sets off on jingling, be-belled sleigh...*
hello all you lovely kvetchies (and guest stars)!

Just got some baking done....*passes out trays of warm lemon bars with raspberry and cream cheese*

~~*~~*~~*~~super strength seasonal vibes of health, wealth, and happiness~~*~~*~~

I am getting my overly anxious butt out of the house today for last minute Christmas shopping, then dinner and drinks at a swanky bowling alley (yes, "swanky" and "bowling alley"'s an odd little place that has all these great couches and serves great retro cocktails).

Sorry I'll miss the drunk karaoke fest! Probably just as well, I tend to sing old country songs in those situations....and "you picked a fine time to leave me, Luciiiiille" isn't terribly festive tongue.gif

*blows kisses to everyone*
I'm joining sixela in passing out some backed goodies. I ended up making banana pecan muffins, along with the pumpkin struesel bread, and banana bread. And I don't mind if I do six, mmmmmm yummy raspberry, & cream cheese lemon bars.

yay for syb meeting the last deadline!

anymore cheese balls to throw? I lurves me some cheese.


I just got a call from pj that sashie is yelping, shaking her head and scratching at her ear, so I am leaving here at 3 to take her to the vet at 3:30. can I please request some extra be healthy vibes for her? and some vet-not-cost-too-terribly-much vibes would be greatly appreciated also. I know I'm sounding scroogie, but pawhumbug... tis the season to hemorrhage money! of course her health comes before anything else, I'm just in the mood to complain.

(((Sashie and Yuefie)))
*throws some wensleydale and cranberry balls and some white stilton with ginger balls into thread*

~*~*~*feel better vibes for sashie, crassy, q'spice, plat, polly~*~*~*~

~*~*~*inexpensive vet fees~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~belated safe travel vibes for mornington and rose~*~*~*~*

the wrapping is coming along nicely and today I dressed the tree (late for us but been busy). that's about it for the update - the boy here in 2 days!


((plat)) Welcome.









((sashie)) Hope she gets better. ((yuefie)) Low vet bill.

((bunny)) Yay for the boy visiting.

((rose and mornington)) Safe travel.

((crassy)) Happy belated birthday, hope you feel better.

((quantum)) Feel better.

I woke up with a neck and headache this morning, felt like I was going to throw up, but I started feeling better.

Greetings from the land of Oral Roberts, kids! I flew in to see the 'rents today. And I have the post-flight headache to proove it. Bleh! But I'm here & I'm safe & I already spent some time cuddling with the adorable Emily pup (that would be the dog featured in my old profile piccie). And that's all good.

Doodle Darling, I truly adored the cheeseballs post, but I wonder why, pray tell, you claim that we lost the snowball fight? With all the free food and alkeehol that was tossed our way, it seemed to me that the Kvetchies came out on top! wink.gif

Yuefie has uttered 3 of my favorite words of all time:
Holy moly, that sounds sooooo amaymay!!!!

Sixel, I am highly intrigued by the idea of a "swanky bowling alley". What exactly makes it swanky? Do they spray the rental shoes with Chanel #5? laugh.gif By the by, if you want to sing country songs, I think Pixie and I are pretty much bound by law to join you.

Now I've got Garth Brooks songs in my head. Did I tell you that my parents saw him & Trisha Yearwood at Target? I find this amusing since he did all those ads for Wal-Mart!

Pixie, Mom and I were just talking about how we need to go to the Indian place this week! Let me talk to her about it. Thursday may not work, though, because I think she scheduled a hair appointment for me at a fancy schmancy hair salon ... so fancy that I'm afraid I don't have anything nice enough to wear to this place! Think they'll let me walk into Miss J's in tennis shoes? Or will I be turned away at the door?

Tes darling, t'was my pleasure to hang out with Plat! We're going to have to get together in January, too.
(Which reminds me that I need to write back to Neicoid. Isn't it kinda odd how I'm getting all wound up in your real life? Bizaaaaaaarre!)

-->- oooo -->- safe travel of all kinds for Mornington & QSpice & Mr. HB & my darling Sheff & any family and friends out there -->- oooo -->-

~~~~~~~ healing for Plat, Q, DM, Crassy, Polly, Sashie, yuefie's Dad, & everybody else ~~~~~~

Mom just said that dinner is done, so I better run. Toodles!
***passes rum cake around the lounge****

Kvetch: My family is mad at my boyfriend for getting the flu. We're still going to SC in a few days, but I guess they don't want me to get sick. However, right now my therapist has this also. Flu sucks.

Anti-kvetch: Going to hang out with my gal pals on Friday night.

Yuefie, I got your card in the mail! Yay! smile.gif

Getting over some bad depression/anxiety today. I almost broke down in tears at work over some bitchy client of mine yelling at me over the phone. Normally, I wouldn't give a fuck, but I got really angry today. Probably due to all the holiday stresss.

is the coast clear?

*looks around*

all of the snowball throwing made me turn around and go back inside. yup, i'm a wuss. i rather be comfy in my jammies inside, thank you. tongue.gif

now singing! i think you are all drunk on eggnog!

~~~~feel better vibes for all the sickies~~~~

~~~~safe travels for all our BUSTies venturing out~~~~

~~~~extra warm snuggles and hugs and anxiety be gone vibes for all ((((darling BUSTies))) suffering from the holiday blues or doldrums~~~~

a rare northpole appearance, it is a festivus miracle biggrin.gif stick around!

mmm, sassy bought rum cake and bunny brought some yummy sounding cheese? I may never leave!

rosie, the pumpkin streusel bread was in fact YUMMAY. my cousin, who claims not to like pumpkin, would not stop raving about it. the banana muffins were demolished, luckily I set a few aside to take to my daddy tomorrow. I am planning on making red velvet cupcakes, fudge and brie with caramelized onion, cranberry & pistachio topping next. god, I am fattening everyone up, muahahahahahaaaaa.

mornington & bunny, I got the cards from you both today. I needed those smiles

dusty, thanks for all the extra love, my dear wub.gif

I am glad gameboy got a giggle out of the card. and *ahem* plummie, I await your offer of giving in to my demand wink.gif

oh wait, did I see tes offered too? woohooo, it's a PARTAY!

((((mandikins, dm, stargazer, syb, polly, sidecar, raisin, amilita, crassy, sixela, sassy, anoushh, qspice, sonik, mornington, bunny, faith, flanker, pink, rosev, pixie, billy, northpole, plat, tes, msp, wb, mavin, tallgirl, doodle, ap, candycane, luci, faerie, lurkers, anyone I missed)))))

so the vets verdict was that my poor puppers suffered a bad allergic reaction to something she ate. by the time I made it home to get her, she was shaking her head like mad. both of her ears were inflamed so badly they were bright red and hot to the touch. she also had a rash all over her belly. at first I thought it was the doggie cookies she got for christmas the other night. but then I found out that my cousins step-son was over and had been eating a happy meal and was dropping bites of chicken nuggets and french fries to her. I knew there was a reason I loathe McFeh's, their food is pure foulness! anyway, they did a swab of her ears, irrigated them, gave her an antihistamine shot, and prescribed ear drops, a course of steroids, some salve for her skin and some antihistamines. he said sometimes dogs get very sensitive as they age and that because I feed her high quality food she doesn't normally exhibit any symptoms of bad allergies. she does sneeze a lot though, like her mama. he also said she has a tooth on the top that needs to be removed as soon as possible, before it abscesses. she was scheduled for her annual teeth cleaning in febuary, so I will just have to move that on up. off to fold two tons of laundry and plot my next baking project... xoxoxo

((Yuefie & Sashie)) I had a friend whose sister's dog was allergic to chicken- maybe that was it? She was highly sensitive and because a lot of dog food uses chicken in it, she'd have to make her own. She'd have big containers in the fridge and freezer full of ground beef, peas and carrots for the dog. A few times, I was tempted to eat it myself; with some mashed potatoes and a little gravy, it's practically shepherds pie!

I have a pseudo-job interview tomorrow. It's with the staffing agency that's handling one of the jobs I applied to online. I'm still going in full interview suit . Damn, I have to get up and do laundry tomorrow. I'm sure I'll still have to interview with the actual company, too. And, to further complicate things, someone I knew at the insurance company I worked for before my last job, the new place she's at is hiring a receptionist. She talked to the HR guy and apparently, he's basically said he'll give me the job. Downsides- don't know what it pays, and it's nearly 20 miles from my house. It could take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to get there, depending on lovely Chicago traffic. And yes, I checked- no good way to take public transportation, unless I want to leave about two and a half hours earl and take a train and two buses. No, that sounds sucky, and I'd spend as much in fares as I would on gas. Rather be in my own car, thanks. I told my friend that I'd see how my thing tomorrow goes and I'd give her a better answer next week.

((Hugs to all))

ETA: For anyone feeling depressed, this always makes me feel better. (Totally safe for work and all, unless you work for someone who still calls them "Freedom Fries")
Aw rose. You have such a good attitude, that you can interpret consolation prizes as a "win!" Way to go, girl! tongue.gif

*hands out potted poinsettias and cyclamens in the thread*
well, bugger me with a rusty spoon... I have fucking wireless internets in my hotel room. Fucking hell, ladies and northpole, this is class indeed.

i also have a jacuzzi. biggrin.gif and hot and cold running cats.

mornington with an unexpected wireless connection. why doesn't this surprise me in the least? it's another christmas miracle! having a hard time with the hot and cold running cats, tho. blink.gif

is rose having her hair highlighted today? i'm a-quiver with excitement!

*kickass interview vibes for polly*
*calm blue waters & echinacea vibes for sassy*
*echinacea vibes for dm, just in case*
*get better quick vibes for my virtual dog, sashiepupper*
*more healthy vibage for yuefiepapa*

kvetch: tonight's danny's xmas concert. he's not in the jazz band, nor is he in chorus, and when he is on stage with the concert band, he'll be in the way back. he says we may catch "a glimpse" of him. i'm just hoping i can deal with the overheated, crowded high school auditorium (that building holds many a bad memory for me), with rude parents with clanging cell phones letting their little brats run wild ... oy. maybe i'll wear my save the cheerleader, save the world tee-shirt & chucks, just to raise a few eyebrows. hee.

antikvetch: you have to see my boy in his tux (required, luckily we can rent locally). he's the handsome-ist thing eva!
WOW Rose...Miss J's? In tennis shoes? Can you borrow some pumps from your mother? I've never actually been in there, I try to stay away from snobbish places like that! But if you and your mom can make the Palace on Friday or even today, let me know. You'll have to leave a message on my cell because I am stuck up front on the receptionist desk.
And funny about Garth....almost everyone I know who has run into him, it has been in target!

Yuefie, hope the pupper feels better!

Mornington, swanky, swanky!

Sorry I have to keep this short...trying to do my work plus the receptionist job. Blech!
sheesh pixie, make rose more nervous than she already is about her hair (the highlights), why dontcha?

Is Garth from T-town? I'll sing along to Garth, Dolly and Shania.

(((sashie))) poor pupper. mandoo has a food intolerance to ... wet cat food and several varieties of dry so we have to buy him expensive stuff in one flavour, poor mite. yuefie, thanks for the card to the boy and I and mandoo! your's and rose's both arrived today so feelin loved.

running hot and cold cats? I take it it's taps shaped as cats? riddle me again, squire. mornington, lovely surprise seeing you here and colour me greener about jacuzzi!

oh, I have more delicious cheese to share today: white stilton with chocolate and orange (I kid you not, it is divine).

(((sassy and mcgeek)))


rose, we want photos of your hair! also, I thought you were going home for Christmas but is this just a visit beforehand? that is also lovely of your mum to treat you.

(((mando))) you'll get into Christmas spirit and be fine! pics of danny in his tux please!

(((everyone I've meeced and the deluded doodlebug)))

Busy day: Christmas food shopping with bunnymama, C and Arron visited to exchange gifts (bought him set of first blocks and a baby's 1st Christmas romper suit with matching reindeer bootees and hat) and then the bunbun's nativity play - she was upgraded from a shepherd to Mary!

Tonight is more wrapping. Only one more day til the boy arrives! Contemplating booking a fancy schmancy hotel for the boy and I to stay in on New Year's Eve...

passes out gold, frankincense and marshmallows before leaving.
She'll be fine Bunny...but she is going to one of the most exclusive shops in town...think Saks 5th Avenue type place! And they probably do have a dress code even for shoppers! And Garth isn't actually from Tulsa....he's from a little town down south of here called Mustang, but he and Trisha live in a suburb of Tulsa rigth near my in laws. They seem pretty regular people. They always getting spotted out at Target and Albertsons (grocery store). We actually get quite a few celebrities through here for being in the middle of nowhere. Harrison Ford's son owns a restraunt here and he's there a lot. There is also a small Church of Scientology here so John Travolta and some of those guys have been spotted around.

ooh celeb central!

the salon sounds v swish too.

booked the hotel for hogmanay, champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries on arrival. (syb, think famous white hotel close to uni with a number in its name?) squee! so excited, will be fabulous to have a night of indulgence (and big bath) with boy.
Whoohooo for fancy hotel on New Year's Eve! Some friends and I did that last year and it was soooo much fun! Sounds v romantic!

Rose, have fun gettin' your hair did! I'm sure whatever you wear will be fine. Oh, and the bowling alley is the Pin Up Bowl and Martini Lounge, if that gives you any idea....

*breaks out old 45 of "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma"* duet, anyone? (sorry, bun, I don't know any Shania, but I know I've got some Dolly around here somewhere....)

And speaking of celebs, George Brett came into our store to get a new cell! And he's funny! We were showing him how to do stuff with his contacts list (and trying not to be all bug-eyed over all the famous people's numbers in there) when one of our reps goes "oh, you've got Kevin Costner's number....". His reply: "Oh, yeah, I need to call that guy. I saw Waterworld, he owes me $8.50!" laugh.gif

Mornington, for some reason you made me picture menopausal cats running about your hotel room blink.gif Glad you have interwebs access!

~~~~impressive interview vibes~~~~ for Polly! And thank you for that GORGEOUS pic, it really did cheer me!

Speaking of gorgeous: **wolf whistles at Danny in a tux** wear your Heroes T, Mando! Do it do it! You're the coolest mom evah!

((((yuefie and sashie))) ~~~~antihistamine vibes for Queen Sashie~~~~ poor puppers, cheap food gives me a tummy ache too! (Oh, and I got your card today! So cute! Thank you!)

Drat, gotta cut this is calling!

((((everyone I missed)))) and ~~~*~~~*~~~multi-purpose vibes for those who need them~~~*~~~*~~~

yay for swanky bowling alleys and fancy hotels!

~~~~~kickass & take names interview vibes for polly~~~~~

~~~~kickass christmas concert vibes for handsome devil danny~~~~

~~~~~Sickness stay the H-E-double-hockey-stick away vibes for all~~~~~

~~~~~feel better vibes for all of the already sickie-poos~~~~~

I found out sashie had eaten a corn chip that someone dropped, and she is allergic to corn. I'm sure the fatty fried chicken nuggets and fries didn't help. It is disgusting to me what conventional pet foods are made out of, feh. Most contain chicken byproducts (nasty!) and corn, which a lot of dogs are sensitive to. I had no idea how severe her intolerances to certain foods are because I feed her Innova Senior which is pretty decent stuff. The vet said had I gone the cheaper route, she would have had such allergy problems from the word go. Figures she'd be an allergic mess like me! The meds are making her act weird though. She's kinda grumpy, and almost depressed. And she is extremely thirsty and SO hungry. She demolished the entire bowl of food in one sitting, which she never does and I even gave her a little extra. The she snuck in the other room and went after Missy's food, but luckily PJ caught her. The vet called me a little while ago to check on her. They said all of those things are on par with the meds effects and not to be alarmed if she gains weight and wants to eat everything in sight. They said the medicine contains prednisone, which I remember my mom gaining weight from taking. Oh, my poor pooch.


Poop sh*t f*ck and all of that pretty stuff. Tes and I were going to have a skype pity party this morning and freaking Time Warner Cable internet service decided to die for the last 5 hours. Rat bastards that they are.... don't they know that us gals need our support in our pitifulnesss (is that a word????)

Well, at least we got a few text messages in.

Anti kvetch- I think I figured out how to put in a picture for my account. If so, please bow to His Highness. If not, you won't know what the hell I am talking about!

Hope everyone who isn't feeing well gets better. <hugs>
Happy Solstice, everyone, from my home to yours!

IPB Image

(P.S. - you can't see him, but Georgie is hidden behind that tree.)
I heart mornington for

well, bugger me with a rusty spoon...

Best expression EVAR!

Glad Sashie is going to be ok. My friend/dog trainer who I trust implicitly in all things dog recommends Innova food--I give it to Lily.

Bunnyb--thanks for the card! Belated thanks to Rose for the postie.

Mando--boy in a tux--awwwww!

That's all I've got time for now.

((rose)) Hope you had fun at the salon.

((yuefie)) I’m glad to here sashie is doing better.

((polly)) Good luck on your interview.

((mando)) I hope Danny’s concert went well. Did you wear the shirt?

((sassy, stargazer, morning ton, pixie, bunny, sixelacat, plat, pip, anoushh))

Tomorrow is Friday, I’m ready for some time off.

Happy Winter Solstice, indeed.

For your evening dose of cuteness, I bring you sleepheads:

IPB Image IPB Image

Happy (belated now, I think) Solstice indeed!

I have a list of what are really fairly minor kvetches. I'm only going to share one. In the three years since I started knitting, silk is the only animal-related fiber I've been able to use because I'm several things, apparently. Definitely mohair and angora. Apparently most anything that comes off a sheep. But I decided I'd see if alpaca, considered "hypoallergenic" because the animals don't produce lanolin and the hair structure is different, might be OK. So I handled a friend's alpaca/silk stuff at knitting tonight. Lovely and soft. Gorgeous color.

And 10 minutes later, my face started itching. At first I decided it was psychosomatic, but when it continued for the next two fact, is still going on now, coupled with itchy eyes and the sniffles...I figured I was SOL. So, enh, I stick with my cotton, silk, and microfibers. There are worse things.

Anti-kvetch: sugar overload, consisting of my own oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin bread, as well as Snarky's awesome gingersnaps, and lovely, lovely lemon-poppy seed scones from knitter L. Also, some fantastic belly laughing fits.

OH: and all this, preceded by two workdays filled with the cookie-gasmic gazes visited upon me by my co-worker boys, PLUS an e-mail from the Big Boss complimenting my pumpkin bread!

Finally: off work tomorrow, and ostensibly until Wednesday, though I may need to do some work before then. I can live with that if I don't have to actually be there.


{{{{yuef thank maude sashie's OK ooo CUTE, d-medusa, anoussh hi miss you how's not bob?, pink, doodle darling you rock, plat WELCOME...any friend of tesao's..., mando as usual your kid rocks and so do you and wear the FUCK out of that Heroes t-shirt goddamn it (I'd rather have a Vote for Petrelli t-shirt, but STCSTW is fun), everybody else far and wide (including North "whatever happened to my pithy captions?" Pole) and holy shit TIRED so good night}}}}
bit of a drive-by this...

we were supposed to be moving out of the hotel today, and into the temporary accomodation. now, the embassy has known mama has been coming out since july 2005. admittedly, for the first six months, she wasn't going to be allowed to bring me and BW, but that all changed in january. She's been here since september - as has the heavy baggage, which we haven't touched since sept 05, and still can't get into as she has no house. She's been living out of three suitcases for a year, in three different countries. There are people who arrived after her who have been in thier houses for months... and these people are going back to the UK for christmas. We're here because the guy who shares her office announced that he was going home for christmas. She was told she's be in her own house by november. then december. then christmas. then temporary accomodation for christmas, but at least she's going to be able to do her own cooking instead of living off room service. The management officer, who is supposed to be sorting this out, is throwing a fit over the cost of the hotel.

The temporary accomodation has one fucking duvet in it, and sheets for one double bed. there is no tv, no dvd (which we were promised! - as post standard, everyone has digital and a uk satelite secure phone due to conditions here), and all the sofa cushions are stuffed with feathers. as are the three pillows. Mama is severely allergic to feathers (as in cannot be in the same house as) and asked that there be synthetics so that she doesn't have a fucking asthma attack.

We don't know what we're doing. At the moment, we might move into the head of the Close Protection Unit's house (Uncle R, as I call him) because he's going home to his family. Then again, we might fly back to the uk in the next few days.

(((((kvetchies))))) sorry for the me me me. I'm thinking of you all and reading the archives.


(((mornington))) that SUCKS, royally. Beauracracy, grrr.

Allergies also sucketh (((mornington's mama))), (((txplumwine))), (((sashie))). Without fail I either develop an allergy or break something over the festive perios so fingers xd for me... I am so accident prone, yesterday I stood on the bunbun's foot as I was disembarking from car, walked into a open cupboard door and hurt my shoulder and later on disembarking from car again I majorly hurt my knee. Sigh.

yay for fly-bys from prettynpink and anoushh!!!

boo for no skype party for tes and plat.


kvetch: bought Harry Potter audio books for bunbun online and GoF in 2 parts; part two arrived on Tue and another part two arrived today. Grrr.

anti-kvetch: the boy is on his way!

off to meet friend for lunch and exchange gifts and pick up some last minute gifts (all books - reminding me: polly, Roald Dahl box set is a fabulous gift, I bought it for the bunbun a few years ago and she loves the books (as do I))

undies: new purple bra with matching thong (has slight snowflake pattern in the mesh/lace and has purple velvet trim an bows).

eta: my graduation photographs also arrived in post, which will make for nice additional photos in frames!
*fly-by, um, again*

(((mornington and fam))) that sucks. Maybe moving into Uncle R's place is the best solution? I hope it all gets sorted asap so you can all relax. Good luck!!

Bunnyb, I know well the place to which you refer! Lovely spot for NYE, sounds fabulous! /hotel slut moment

(((txplummie))) boo on allergies; enjoy your break!

I'm off to stay with family for the next few days. The mister is seriously unwell so there may be juggling of accommodations as he needs to rest. I don't actually know what we're going to do; fingers crossed we sort out something.

In case I can't pop in, happy happy happy solstice/holidays/christmas to all!! Eat and drink lots and have fun!!

hey remember me?

I am officially on vacation until Tuesday, then I have a two-day week, then a five-day weekend. I sent six things to the printer in the past five workdays, plus a Web site I redesigned went live. My Christmas wish is that my workload does not remain the suck when I get back.

(((mornington))) That's really unpleasant. I hope it gets settled.
~~~anti-allergy vibes~~~
(((mando))) I couldn't see Danny's picture, but I bet he looked handsome.

I'm watching WGN Morning News. Larry, the ultra-wacky coanchor is not in, and he's been replaced by some stuffy dude who is not funny at all. The monkeys have taken the day off on that show. What a disappointment; yesterday, they were showing clips from The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Well, I need to get some coffee, clean up my apartment, bake some cookies, and send a shopping list to the outlaws, since we're cooking all the vegetables (no hash brown casserole this year!). I'm sure I'll pop in again, but happy holidays to those who celebrate!
Morning, all!

~*~*~*~* allergen-free vibes for Plummie & MorningMom & Sashie & Bunny ~*~*~*~*

~$~$~$~$~ interview vibes for Polly ~$~$~$~$~$~

[shakes fist at Time Warner Cable on Tes & Plat's behalf] Don't get me started on TW Cable. Because they refuse to carry Bravo, I now have to watch Project Runway on the internet days after everyone else. Oooooooh, they do vex me!!!!

Drive-bys from Pink and Annoush! Hooray!

((((((Mandi)))))) Just 'cause.

Hooray for everyone being on vacation for a bit! WEEE! I wish this meant that more people could play around here, but I'm afraid many of us are still a bit busy. Today I have to buy a few more things for people, as well as have lunch with Pixie. smile.gif

~!@#$%^&*(( Vibe Shmorgasbord! Help yourself to some lovin'! ))~!@#$%^&*

Newsy bit #1: No, I didn't get any color put in my hair, but that's for good reason. This hair appointment was a surprise gift from my mother. And quite frankly, I rather wish she'd asked me for some input because I (1) would have chosen another salon I know and trust and (2) would have had time to think up something nice to do with my hair! As it was, I was sent to her own hairdresser at the ultra swanky ladies-who-lunch department store. So I basicly got a trim. That's it. No color because Mom didn't schedule an appointment that included such things, but I don't know if I would have wanted to trust that salon with it anyway. The vibe there just isn't what I'm going for, you know? And you know ... [whispers] I think Mom may have been a bit disappointed because I looked EXACTLY the same after the cut as I did before ... and Mom did NOT tip well at all! Eep! As for the color, though, my natural color really is quite nice and I still don't have any grays, so I think I'll just remain a Dye Virgin for a while more. I'll let y'all know when I finally throw away my promise ring. wink.gif

Newsy bit #2: SmokeBoy's surgery was not yesterday as we originally believed, but it will be today. In fact, they should be putting him under right about now. The damage to his wrist is far worse than he knew (I'll spare you the horrific details). I imagine they'll be implanting a good deal of metal into that man today. Poor thing.

Newsy bit #3: Sheff has gotten SOOOOO much driving done already! He's in Tennessee at the moment, so everybody wave!! biggrin.gif I have this secret hope that he'll decide to just keep driving and driving and driving and that maybe maybe he'll arrive tonight. Fingers crossed!

Grr ... must run ...
My undies proclaim that Naughty is the NEW Nice. That means, by declaration of my panties, it is time to run amuck!
AMUCK, AMUCK, AMUCK, AMUCK!! (Wasn't that an Animaniacs joke?)

My job situation may be improving. I don't feel like re-posting it all, so check out the "Why can't I just stay unemployed?" thread if you're interested. Hopefully, I'll have good news next week!

((Mornington, Bunny)) Boo on housing issues and allergies. I'm not super allergic to down- I can do down comforters, but not pillows. Too close to my face. I wake up all congested.

I still can't believe your cable doesn't carry Bravo, rose! It's practically a basic channel. Do you have analog or digital cable? I know around here, in ComcastLand, they're taking channels off their basic analog package, basically forcing people to go digital if they want channels like Bravo, Sci-Fi and Discovery Health. Fortunately, when we moved in, Comcast wasn't in our condo complex (say that 5 times fast!) so we went with this little company called "WOW!" and we just have their basic analog package, and we still have all the channels; obviously, not the premium ones, but I can't think of any we're missing, unless there's ones out there I've never heard of. My friend is a medical nut and she's so jealous that I get the Discovery Health channel. I get to gross myself (and Le Boy) out with watching surgeries and stuff. Fun! **waves to Sheff in TN** Is he driving to meet you in OK?

I'm still in my PJ's. Le Boy was supposed to get off work a little early. He's bringing lunch home from our favorite Jewish deli- I'm getting a sandwich with the rarest, most delicious roast beef I've ever had. And I'm getting a 1/4 pound of their tuna salad- so delicious. Not exactly the most Kosher lunch, but I was eating sausage gravy and biscuits while lighting the menorah last night, so what's the difference?

We have to go shopping tonight. Borders and Target. Oh, crap, and Costco and the regular grocery store, too. Calm blue ocean, clam blue ocean!
actually it was Hocus Pocus
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