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My computer has a gremlin or something, but by some miracle I am here! I'm hoping I've managed to solve whatever the problem is, but we'll see if I can get back online again.

Welcome plat! Here are some more ~~~~~quick healing and feel better vibes~~~~~ for ya smile.gif

rose, you are an angel. and thanks, I really liked the card.

you too crassy, polly, and sassy! I lurves getting *fun* mail, but bustie mail is extra special and totally brightened my day.

amilita, you are so not a bad kvetchie my dear! you are just busy. *mwah*

where's my (((mandi-luv)))? ~~~soothing just incase vibage~~~

congrats pixie!

((((anoushh & not-bob))))

((((aural))) that sucks. majorly. ~~~quick healing, smooth move~~~

((((bunny, mornington, dusty, sidecar, plummie, tes, sixela, raisin, stargazer, dm, syb, dm, sonik, flanker, qspice, billy, prettyinpink, msp, everyone))))

My papa is doing quite well. so well that he began refusing the pain medicine. He was transferred him from the hospital to a rehabilitation place today and he began his physical therapy. Thank you all again for the vibes.
The nieces birthday party turned out well, but we did have a little drama. One of the parents dropped their child off at the WRONG place. Yep. Didn't even stick around long enough to make sure the child made it inside to the party. My sis got a call from the mom who had already driven across town by the time her daughter found a freaking pay phone to call her. The girl is only 13 for crying out loud! So I ran over to the other place and picked her up. When I pulled up she was standing out front looking mortified. So I gave her a hug and she started crying, poor thing. I had to sit on my hands and clench my teeth when the mother came to pick her up, I wanted to slap her into next week!
I had some friends over for dinner tonight and we had a little gift exchange. Sashie got the cutest "Twelve Doggie Days Of Christmas" tree shaped box of cookies. She went nutso for them. It was hilarious to watch her wait for one to be taken out, her little eyes bugging out of her head. Can't remember if I mentioned this already, but I found her a t-shirt that has a flea with a candycane and it says "Fleas Navidad". Missy is most certainly pregnant and getting so plump. I bought her a scratching pad shaped like a dog (heh) to try and save my couch. She doesn't like to scratch it, she just likes to sleep on it blink.gif

polly, pre-emptive strike executed wink.gif. the okayers don't realise that we're just all so lovely in here that we would melt the snow!

welcome plat! *~*~*~continued good health and feel better vibes for you~*~*~*

yuefie, yay for your papa feeling better. what an irresponsible mother - grrr.

CONGRATS again pixie! I am so pleased for you and sending you easy pregnancy vibes (there seems to be something in the water in the lounge with the amount of pregnancies recently!)

Over the last three days (well Saturday as no post on Sunday) I have received beautiful kvetchie cards from sonik, mornington and polly. Squee. Are you all feelin' the love? cos I am.

gift exchange and cheese & wine with kinkykatykins last night - she's crafty and made me a beautiful scarf and a mix CD smile.gif.
must go and wrap more gifts now, I think I'll be doing that most of the week before the boy is home.

(((rose, tes, mando, mornington, yuefie, polly, amilita, sassygrrl, stargazer, sixelacat, dusty, anoushh, sybarite, sidecar, plat, pixie, sonik, billy, anyone I missed...)))
It's Plat! Yaaaaaay! Welcome to Bustiland!

As for the Okay-ers, I'd like to think that they will avoid smacking me with snowballs since I offered them the gift of waffles yesterday. I would like to think that, but we shall see. wink.gif

Many thanks to Yuefie & Dusty for the postal love!

~~~~~~~ soothing vibes for Plat & her weakness, AP & the surgery & movine & all that madness, Yuefie's dad & his hip, GameBoy & his tummy, Pixie & her morning sickness, and everyone else ~~~~~~~

I have soooooooo so so much to do today. I fly out in less than 24 hours and in that time I need to do some laundry, tidy tidy tidy, pay rent, go to the post office, call my uncle, PACK ... oh lordy. I better start making a list!

Hope you all have a splendid Tuesday!
My brother broke his wrist feeding an elephant. Come to think of it, if we don't get winter sometime, we will be feeding elephants around here eventually.

I bought xmas cards of what I thought was a typically Canadian scene, sleigh, snow, etc., but it turned out to be based on a Swedish painting. That will teach me to buy my cards at Ikea, heh. I'm kidding, I didn't buy them at Ikea.

(((Yuefie's))) my hero.


Calming vibes for (((Rose))) and (((Amilita))) and any other travelling Busties.



Feelbetter (((Polly)))

I think we should pelt the OKers with candy canes.
so yesterday was my birthday and guess what i got? bronchitis! yay. i had to sit in a dr's office and then wait at the pharmacy and i nearly coughed out a lung. my brother came to visit later in the day and that was fun-- but i couldn't drink last night even though we went to the chinese/polyponesian restaurant that serves the huge 'volcano' drink that comes with a flame in the middle and long straws --and of course the rest of the crew ordered it. i had fun talking w/brother and getting to know his new wife though.

i'm back at work to complete the gifts for the kids even though i feel like arse and i have no voice. the mr. got his work to give and i only have to get 22 games/toys by thursday. please continue w/the vibes. we've got the neediest kids covered but these 22 kids are very low-income too.

thanks for the love y'all. sorry this is so self-absorbed again i just can't get away from work long enough to read the archives! i'll try to skim them later if i can but tonight i'm wrapping gifts again at borders for the humane society (sunday we were pumped- we made almost $500). then i have to go home to make tons of fudge since it's everyone's gift this year. ugh.
*sneaks gingerly into Kvetch, dressed in a pirate costume*

Good morning kvetchies! December 19 is Snowball Fight Day!

*lobs big fat snowballs all around*

It's on!!

*whiff, whiff, whiff*

ARRRR! An early holiday prezzie from The Okayland Village Council!

*rolls giant snowball down the hill and into Kvetchland, then mysteriously vanishes*

IPB Image
Good morning, Busties!

Welcome Plat! Glad you are feeling better!

Thanks for the congrats, everyone....seems a little more real now that we are telling people!

Thank you Yuefie, Rose and Dusty for the cards!

(((crassy))) it sucks to be sick on your birthday!

Wheeee! Rosie will be here tomorrow!!! I hope we have time to get together this time!

Mr. Pixie suddenly got it into this head today that he must take me out of town this weekend before I get too pregnant to do anything.

Anyway, Hope everyone else is doing well!
*melts the snowball rolling towards us with the power of the kvetchie care bear stare* tongue.gif

dusty, your brother broke his wrist feeding an elephant? blink.gif

(((crassy))) belated birthday fishes 2 ewe.

pixie, how sweet of the mr.
*drives by Kvetchland on a snowmobile, shooting plump snowballs from a sub-machine snowgun*


Take THAT, Kvetchies!!!

*drives off over the horizon*

IPB Image

doodle, i got your back!

*looks around* whooa, it's weird in going into the apartment next door that's layed out exactly like your apartment except mirror image and different furniture.
*ducks for cover*

where are my kvetchies? The baboon and I need back-up stat!
IPB Image
knowing those okayers they're going to play diryt. poodle mentioned yellow coloured snowballs... who has my back?
"It was always snowing at Christmas. December, in my memory, is white as Lapland, though there were no reindeers. But there were kvetchies. Patient, cold and callous, our hands wrapped in socks, we waited to snowball the kvetchies. Sleek and long as jaguars and horrible-whiskered, spitting and snarling, they would slink and sidle over the white back-garden walls, and the lynx-eyed hunters, doodle and I, fur-capped and moccasined trappers from Hudson Bay, off Mumbles Road, would hurl our deadly snowballs at the green of their eyes."

*runs around quoting dylan thomas and lobbing snowballs at everything in sight*
Are you having fun yet, Kvetchies????

IPB Image
*tiptoes into the thread on purple snow shoes*

*lobs cherry flavored sno-cone snowballs into the crowd*

Bunny, your baboon doesn't scare me one bit!! (okay, maybe a little)
IPB Image

photographic proof of mouse bravely snowballing bunnyb and her (quite sharply dressed, may i add!) baboon!!!!
*hiding out in here. willing to share hot buttered rum. even with okayers. leave that scaryass penguin thing outside though please shudder*

congrats, pixie!
happy belated, crassy ... MWAH!
we'll win out with cuteness!!!

IPB Image
I've got you bunnyb!

Those Okayers think they're so smart with their images and literature... what they really need is to be pelted anew with more (perfectly rolled) snowballs!!

*pelts accordingly*

No fair using a gun doodle, you, you, gun-toter you!

Our baboon will kick your collective Okayer butts!

*revels in immature buffoonery*
ARRRRR!!! You think you can beat me in a snowball fight? Well, you CAN'T! I'm CANADIAN! I could make perfect snowballs before I could even WALK! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

IPB Image
We not only have a baboon ...

IPB Image

We have the mother-truckin' Gummi Bears, bitches!!!! So you go ahead and hiiiiiiiide in your fancy shmancy dragon fort, Okay-ers! We'll be waiting. tongue.gif
*waves white flag*

Ok, let's have a ground rule that if we discover our image stretches a thread, we'll change it or shrink it or something.

Ok? biggrin.gif

*drops flag and runs off*
uh oh, you guys.......i think your baboon likes our st. bernard a little too much. someone's gotten into the brandy reserve, i see.

IPB Image

*pelts snowballs as you all stand around in shock*
Canadian you say? In Wisconsin we're packing snowballs as we emerge from the womb... and I don't need a fancy thread-stretching image to prove it!

*throws yet more snowballs*

*admires the cuteness of small children and bunnies*

Reluctantly and briefly waves white flag in return... before re-commencing the pelting.
Wisconsin...isn't that where the CHEESE comes from??

*throws snowball made of grated cheese at sybarite*
baboon?! eep *hides* i come back and you've fuckin' let a baboon in here.

*runs backwards, throwing snowballs*


with my snow-eating caped pengiun!
IPB Image
he's our mascot and he's very cute! he's in okayland pelting them HARD.

*stands to left of mornington, taps her right shoulder*

*runs after mouse*
*tips snow down her neck*

I have a fear of baboons. No, really.
Hey mornington! Over here! (Heh.)

IPB Image

(ETA: psst, it's the baboon from Eddie Izzard's mimes. He's a bit punch drunk, that's all.)
Baboons can be mean and will steal your food. It's probably good we have such a fierce animal as our mascot though.

Doodle, if you think throwing a ball of cheese at me will make me angry.... mmm, cheese.

*briefly leaves the fray, but returns after discovering cheese is grated and getting all over the place*
he may just be a monkey but baboon's ass sounded meaner...

IPB Image

you think you'll frighten us with CHEESE?! bwhahaha - passes around the bottles of red wine (and port for those thus inclined) to go with.
oh, jesus, more scaryass penguin thingies! *guzzling hot buttered rum, evidently all alone in my high-dork factor inflatable snow fort*
i got chased by a rabid male baboon when I was six. fucker was the same size i was and he had big yellow teeth

mm, cheeeeese.

doodle, catch this!

IPB Image

*takes wine and goes to join mando*
Oh ya!? Take this, Cheeseheads!

IPB Image
*strategically throws a curveball so that it bounces off mando's inflatable fort and hits mornington in the back of the head*

YES! in the internets i actually have athletic coordination!

*steals doodle's hat*
IPB Image

*puts it on mouse so she can't see*
*blindly lobs snow in all directions*

where are you finding these terrifying afropenguittens????
Oh girl, you did NOT just make fun of my red hair.


IPB Image
IPB Image

they come when they're called...
yah? i gotta try that.


IPB Image

mornington, that is cool bizarre cool weird cool um....


*pauses to send in the Okayland Village Rescue Saint Bernard*

Just to show that we're not totally evil, Bernie here has a big keg of brandy 'round her neck, and I expect all you survivors of Snowball Fight Day 2006 to be drunk within the next couple of hours.

IPB Image

But you'd better get your brandy now, because if your baboon starts dry humping Bernie again, I'm taking her back home.
Oh, my. What did I wake up to? *blinks, stretches, yawns*

I may need to crawl into Mando's igloo for some hot buttered rum with a coffee back.....
*ducks under flying cheese balls and snow balls*

I'll keep the baboon off Bernie and pass out the brandy!

IPB Image
psst... someone get a basket to collect the cheese!

*takes refreshing swig of hot buttered rum and passes around a bottle of poitin that'll make your eyes water*

*flings snowballs around like a whirling dervish, hiccuping*

Can someone in the igloo (aka Ground Control) show me how to post images? /luddite-ness
syb, go into New Reply instead of Fast Reply. There is an image icon on the toolbar. When it comes up, paste the URL of the image into the dialogue box.

Back later, got to get my paycheque signed!
One basket comin' up!

IPB Image
I see you, Mouse!

IPB Image

*Restocks Mando's igloo with Mint Bailey's*
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