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BOM DIA, my beautiful kvetchies!!

first, i have a MAJOR KVETCH: there is a car outside, whose horn (or alarm that sounds like a horn) has, for the past one hour and seventeen minutes, been beeping rythmically beep beep beep beep beeeeeep, repeat at least one hundred times or however many repetitions it can get through for approximately fifteen minutes. then it stops for about 10 minutes. just when you think "ahhhhhhhhh, it has stopped!" it starts up again. my head is pounding and i want to find the owner of the car and STRANGLE HIM.

okies. maybe i can concentrate now that i have that out of my system.

all this talk about trader joe's is making me ravenous! i had lovely, sweet, fresh, ripe pineapple for brekkies (they call it mata bicho here in mozambique -- that means "kill the beast", hee.), but it is not doing a THING to keep me from droooooooooooooooling. especially now that i know that there is one where mr. hotbuns lives!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

anti-kvetch: qspice has applied for a job there! rosev and qspice and i could have a bustie cook-a-thon!!! maybe sarah raz could come visit her parents, who also live there, and join us!!! wooooo hooooo!

kvetch: i don't live there anymore. sad.gif

anti-kvetch: i am there at least once a year!!!

(((((((yeufie and her father)))))) that is so hard, can you feel the vibeage???

faith: BOOOO for 15 hour days!!! yayay for being oddly proud. YAYAYAYAYAYAY for freedom in hawai'i!!!!! what island(s) are you going to???

bunny b bootiful: doesn't that make you crazy?? i esp. get annoyed with people who ask things like "when will you be able to stop taking pills" or "how long do they think it will take for you to get better"! grrr. i can stop taking the pills any time i WANT, if i am prepared to deal with life and energy sapping, paralyzing panic attacks. bah!

mando-my-heart: come and join me and bunny in her new cozy, comfy, nesty bedroom!! we can have a group hug and brush each others hair and eat bon bons. and drink bubbly! tis the season, is it not???

sassy: stupidprick boys = annoying. i think you've hit on plenty of reasons for him to be that way. the question is, does he realize that he is reacting this way, or is the behavior something that happens and he has no clue that he is doing it (and therefore capable of changing it)? big hugs for you, too, querida! the holidays are certainly living up to their reputation of being a very depressing time for MANY MANY people!

anti-kvetch: this holiday period being the way that i remember it being, warm, summer time, beach, sun, long days.....frell me green and red, but does that ever HELP with depression. whoever invented holidays like christmas and valentine's in depressing winter months should be shot. and i personally believe that february should be banned. maybe even discontinued ad infinitum!

*hands mistletoe to raison d'être*

here, darling, have my share.

*sprays raison anti-overcommitment potion and hands her a bottle of thyroid cancer repellant*

(((((((((raisin girl))))))))

side car, i agree with star gazer. no more crazy working hours! (no lunchbreak x 2) + freelance proofing project at night + missing holiday party to work = Le Blerg and an unhappy martini!!! cool.gif


several hours later: whew. i am sure that this post will be totally out of date and i will have cross posted with at least a dozen others! i had to stop kvetching to get some urgent work done -- payroll. i'm sure that there will be loads of happy people because i took the time to get it done while they could still get to the bank, though. hmmmm. so it that a kvetch or an anti-kvetch????
I would love to be in mozambique for xmas! Bliss! *waves at tes*


And ((((((Mando)))))) take it easy on yourself, you hear? Avail of your dr and therapist as you need to; that's what they're there for.

I love your ball dress mornington!

Have a fab time in Hawaii Faith!!! More lovely weather as per mozambique + no work! Enjoy!

I have a (self-set) deadline TODAY which has been made considerably more stressful as my office PC conked out yesterday.... it's a worm virus, so my files should be okay but it means I have to work from home while the mister's here. When I'm writing it just works better if I decamp to my dad's place; the peace and quiet lets me focus. As opposed to now, when I'm dealing with the IT dept and stressing about files and trying to fight off a cold... whinge whinge whinge.

Oh well, it's Friday and I will have this in by weekend's end if not before--I feel claiming computer problems as an excuse is a little lame, considering I email drafts to myself all the time to keep them safe.


Black mesh knickers with pink ribbon and no bra because am at home.
nooooooooooo no discontinuation of february!
(says the february-born aquarius)

although, then i'd be permanently in my upper-20s...
Yeah, that ain't happening, Tes; it's my birthday month, too!
raisin, want to guess what month i was born in??? (no fair you answering, qspice. i've already TOLD you!)

*blows kisses at sybarite*

moooooooooooooornington!!! i TOTALLY forgot to mention how FAB you looked at the ball! (the dress wasn't too shabby, either! wub.gif)
Heh. Let me take a WILD GUESS! You seem like a Pisces (I say this and I know jack shit about astrology), so I'd say the second half of February.

Oh, Mornington, I saw the photos, too -- you totally DO look great in a dress. Love the cut and the print of it, too.

Look what I found for the rest of us who don't live in Chicago! Video clips online! I used to watch WGN when I was a kid and we had a dish.

Hanukkah starts tonight. Mmm, latkes! Oh, sorry, wrong thread.
IPB Image
she's not a pisces
Tudo bem, Tes, tudo bem. Bom dia a todos.

I like to spend some time in Mozambique
The sunny sky is aqua blue
And all the couples dancing cheek to cheek.
It's very nice to stay a week or two.

(thank you, B. Dylan)

Mornington, you did indeed look lovely. Best wishes for you and your dad, Yuefie. I spent some time with my parents on Wednesday. Considering their ages, they're doing very well, but it's heartbreaking to see them slowing down so much.

Navy blue boxer briefs

Okay, then, I'll go in the opposite direction and say July... (I suppose I could check the birthday thread...)
you are cooooooold cooooooooold coooooooooooold! biggrin.gif
Raisin, it cracks me up that you're into WGN. I guess I take it for granted, living in Chicago. And because my dad works there. Yep, he's the floor director for the 9:00 news. So when the news is over (when Tom Skilling stops talking....oh, that man!) and they pull the camera back, that's my dad standing there giving hand signals. Tom Skilling's a nice guy, and I wouldn't want to be in his shoes right now (with his brother and all.)

Oh, and when Bozo was still on, my mom was his seamstress. She'd fix THE Bozo costume in our house. It would just reek of clown. wacko.gif
((yuefie and dad))

Happy Hanakah Jewish Busties!

Tes...I may have to come visit Rose if you guys start a cook off in NC!

Mornington, you do indeed look fab at the ball!



(((the rest of the Kvetchies))

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Been keeping busy at work and don't have enough time to do much Busting!
Polly, does your dad ever work with the people from WGN Morning News? In all honesty, that is one of my favorite shows. It's what happens when the monkeys take over the asylum. I've never seen a local morning news show like it.

Yeah, I've been running myself ragged with the work lately. It's kinda my fault, kinda not. First, I overcommitted, but that was, in part, because one of my coworkers hasn't been taking on his fair share of work, and I have been taking up his slack. My boss is aware of this, and she told me that I can't do everything myself and I need to ask for help when I need it. On top of that, a project that I thought I'd have time to work on later got moved up a week at the last minute, I had some crazy administrative bullshit to deal with...yeah. My job (and I never bust about work but I need to get this out) has just gotten too overwhelming. I feel like my workload is constantly expanding, and nothing's being done to accomodate that. I think I'd be fine with being overworked at the level I am (and with the things I have to do) if I were paid somewhat better. But the reason someone works in nonprofit publishing, as opposed to real publishing, is that you get certain benefits (like a lighter workload!) to make up for the fact that you're not as well-paid.

So yeah, I think I've hit a wall here. Plus, I have to spend about half my time designing Web sites and collateral, and my heart just is not in graphic design. If I could just project manage and edit journals and books, I'd be so much happier. But my department head (my boss' boss) is slowly de-emphasizing editorial, so the chances of that happening are slim.

I've kinda been holding this in for awhile. I mean, my husband and my IRL friends know about my frustrations. But I never, ever talk about work here, and work has been keeping me from really being honest in here about how I'm doing. I feel like no matter how hard I work, I never get ahead. And until people start retiring, there's not anywhere for me to go inside this company. Unfortunately, I can't afford to go freelance full time, and most of the publishing jobs in this area involve a rather unpleasant commute (like 3+ hours a day) and I'd probably go crazy.

I think I need to figure a way out of here, but I don't know what that is at the moment. But I'm stressed constantly. I mean, I don't even feel like putting up Christmas decorations (which I haven't -- not even a tree) because using the weekends for anything but relaxing just sounds like too much.

sorry to fly in and out with no personal vibes unsure.gif , but i have to ask for some myself.

i have to get 200 kids (clients) gifts for the holidays and i only have about 115 gifts, and i'm not in on monday and running around all day tuesday picking up gifts. please send vibes that i can get every kid something to upwrap!


Sorry, he mostly works with the night crew. I'm not much of a morning TV person (I'm hardly capable of communicating before 10AM), so I've only seen the Morning Show a few times and you're right- it is the monkeys running the asylum. I saw it a few days ago when they had the cooler races- people riding around an inflatable track on coolers (like this one) with wheels an motors attached. It was too much for my sleepyhead to handle.

That sucks about work though. Can you have a "Come to Jesus conversation" with your boss?
((((((SideCar))))))) You know, just last night I was thinking about you & wondering how your job was treating you. So sorry to hear you're suffering through a rough patch. I wish I had some fabulous advice for you, but I certainly hope that you find some peace soon.

~~~~~~~~ continued soothing for Yuefie's dad ~~~~~~~~

~*~*~*~*~ gift-giving vibes for Crassy ~*~*~*~*~

Q, last night Sheff drove me past this house that was positively coated in Xmas lights & it made me think of when we visited the bible college together! This house is just beyond over-kill. During our quick drive-by, I counted 5 plastic light-up Santas in their yard. Five! And I'm sure I missed some others hidden amongst all the light-up candy canes and reindeer and trees and ... wink.gif

Tes, have you spoken to/gotten an e-mail from BFF? I'm planning on calling her later today.

Good to see you, Pixie. I was wondering where you've been hiding!

Hi, Billy! smile.gif

(((((all of my lovely Kvetchies))))))

Kvetch: I would like to feel healthy, please. I now have headaches & bleeding to add to the cranky chest. And I have shit to do! Bleeeeh!
(((sidecar))) so sorry about the work situation. i'm glad you were able to open up and vent about it in here. do more so, if you need to. the graphic design world in print and media does seem pretty competitive in this town. one of my good friends (she was at the bustie get together) works for clear channel. she has told me about how difficult it can be. it's all about networking. let me know if you need her info. she's always willing to talk with someone about the biz. get some rest!

(((rose))) that's horrible. headaches, bleeding, and cranky chest?!? you know, i just read an article that said women get more stressed around the holidays. what we go through to make the holidays nice...

Polly~can i tell you how cool it is that your dad works at WGN. seriously. and your mom did bozo's costume?!? doubly awesome. i loved bozo's buckets. the wizard kinda scared me....

(((crassy))) good luck! you will get more gifts!

(((tes, mornington, sybarite, sonik, raisingrl, pixie, polly, sassygrrl, qspice, billy, and other kvetchies)))

I GOT ANOTHER INTERVIEW!! YIPPEE!! this interview is in bedford, massachuesetts. i was so relieved. now, i just need to hear from 2 more sites. phew!!

multistriped underwear sans bra....i need to jump in the shower....

*~*cabbage patches out the room*~*
((((yuefie)))) & (((((yuefie's dad)))))

yay for interviews ((((stargazer))))
((((sidecar)))) so sorry to hear work's tough. but it's good you can vent in here.
((((rose)))) urgh. get better soon!
((((crassy))))) ****gift vibes*****
((((syb)))) ***get that deadline****
((((tes)))) i hate hate hate hate hate hate hate car alarms.
((((raisin)))) fuck you cancer & hope you find someone to kiss!
((((billy, mando, pixie, bunny, faith, polly, sassy, sixe, sonik, qspice, all the kvetchies))))

thank you *blush*

I'm off to the grandparents tomorrow with Indigo. any vibes to spare for us to survive the three-hour train journey! and I have a headache.
I'm guessing tes is an Arien, she seems like and Arien (and I can say that as I'm one too).

(((tes))), hunnybun, you have no idea how much your post cheered me up, nesting with you and mando sounds like heaven.

(((yuefie))) healing vibes for your dad.

(((sidecar))) no stressful work vibes

*puckers up to (((raisingirl))) under virtual mistletoe*

(((mornington))) asshats of all ages. good luck tomorrow with indigo and journey.

(((crassy))) gift-finding vibes your way

(((polly, stargazer, rose, pixie, mandolyn, amilita, sixelacat, sybarite, billy, anoushh, sassy, sonik, quantumspice...)))

undies: pink pants and pink bra (non-matching, different shades)

I am StReSsEd, I spent way too much money Christmas shopping today and I'm tired of having no money but I like to treat others and treat myself and the boy is cross with me for being irresponsible and and *bursts into tears*. I'm off to curl up in bed with a new book.
*cabbage patches back in*

i got another interview. brings me to a total of 3 interviews. yeah!

*cabbage patches back out*
congrats stargazer!

WGN Morning News is the best show ever. Polly, it might be worth waking up at 8:30, I swear. (I would Tivo it if Martini would let me.) Once, my friend Anne saw two Elvis impersonators perform "Who's On First" on WGN Morning News until finally one pulled out a fake gun, shot the other one, and then said, "You're no Robert Goulet." I wish I'd seen it. It sounded awesome. My favorite of all time was once, their air conditioning broke, so they had a faux-telethon to raise money to get the air conditioning fixed, hosted by Svengoolie and featuring a William Hung impersonator. Seriously, everyone who watches it once is a total convert.

Thanks for the work support. I applied for a new job today that sounds like a good fit at one of the local universities, in the journalism department. Having read Dooce, I'm reluctant to write about work at all on the Internets, especially since I know there are people on the boards who work in the same company I do or know people I work with. But it's been such an overwhelming part of my life lately, that I feel like I'm holding back in here by not talking about it, and you guys are such a big part of my life.

Anyway, I'll post something more substansive tomorrow. Tonight was Martini's company's holiday party, which was high on free booze and a little short on food, so I'm a bit tipsy. Also: Like Dunder Mifflin, the company gift this year was robes. Hee.


confidential to syb: i'll write you back tomorrow; thanks for the note!

((((yuefie's dad)))))

Happy weekend, everyone! Anyone have any plans?

~$~$~$~$~ jobby vibes & interview vibes for SideCar, Q, Polly, Stargazer, & anyone else who wants 'em ~$~$~$~$~

~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny, Mandi, Crassy, Sidecar, Raisin, & everyone else feeling stressed out ~~~~~~

~~~~~ healing for Yuefie's dad ~~~~~ What's the latest news?

====== happy train-traveling for Mornington & Indigo ======

Sonik, I got the card! Soooooo kick-ass & definitely the highlight of my day. I think I'm going to use it as a bookmark so I can look at it all the time. smile.gif

Sybarite, how did things turn out for you at work? Hope your computer problems got sorted.

Sidecar, I have never been more intrigued by a morning show before. Why doesn't Martini approve of you putting it on the TiVo?

Tes, how was the work week? Did things calm down for you on Friday? ((((hugs for Tes just 'cause))))

I spoke to Tes' BFF last night & she is feeling weeeeeeak, but is in pretty good spirits. I'm going to her place tomorrow for brunch & girlie time. I've been instructed that I must make her go on a leisurely walk, as well. Should be very nice smile.gif

Kvetch: Last night my friend, V, called me - tipsy and crying - because some dim-witted lady at her company's holiday party said the following to her: "You're so sweet and pretty! Why don't you have a boyfriend?" Honestly, how was V supposed to answer that question? Should she have told this lady about her failed marriage & how it felt to get divorced at 25? Or should V have told her about the guy who broke her heart a couple of months back? What kind of question is that? Anyway, it really hurt V & made her feel terribly self-conscious & alone and freakish because she was the only person at the party without a partner. And in her tipsy state, V was convinced that she was never going to find someone and she would never get to have babies and and and ... Luckily she sobered up considerably as we spoke, but I'm still annoyed with that lady for asking that question.

Anti-kvetch: V's co-worker, H. When H heard Captain Clueless ask V that question, H stepped in, quickly changed the subject, took V away from the area, & got her a drink. Granted, V probably didn't need the alcohol, but I certainly appreciate that someone stepped up to help her.

Kvetch: My body is confusing the crap out of me! I woke up yesterday morning thinking that my period was starting, but then it stopped just as suddenly as it began. I'm not usually the sort to experience spotting, hence the confusion. Fingers crossed that my period doesn't re-start while I'm on the plane on Wednesday!
Yay Stargazer!

Kvetch: Still in the midst of Christmas shopping. Have no idea what to get my parents.. unfortunely, they go out and buy whatever they need/want every year. Makes it impossible to shop for.

Kvetch: Cramps suck! I hate getting my period at work. sad.gif

Anti-kvetch: The boy and I made up sort of. I think he's not even aware of his behavior, which makes it a little better. He tends to just shoot his mouth off, and then apologize 5 minutes later. I never know if what he says first, is what he really means? Anyways, the ex wife is coming to get some of her things today. So, I'm staying away from that scene. Going shopping with a girlfriend tomorrow. I need some time with my gal pals.

$$ job vibes for everyone who needs them $$

Kvetch: My bitchy supervisor actually questioned her email yesterday. "Did you get my email?" "Yes." "Well, what did it mean?" WTF? You wrote it!! So, need a job and a new apartment for the new year. Those are two of my Christmas wishes. I don't like the fact that I'm not doing a job with purpose. My Americorps job was stressful, but at least I knew I was helping the community. Ugh.

a quick update flyby as I'm on my way out to the hospital. the surgery went well, he is still in pain but has been able to actually rest with the pain meds. now comes a very slow and painful recovery, but at least the surgery was successful!

thanks a bunch for all the vibes. like everyone says, BUSTie vibes are magik and I especially appreciate the vibes of my ((((kvetchies)))). hope you are all well. *hugs & kisses*

((((yuefie & dad)))) yeah for your dad doing better! i hope you are well too.

((sidecar)) good to hear that you are applying to other places. let us know how it goes. the university gig sounds interesting.

((sassygrrl)) that's funny. how could your boss not know what she wrote?

((rose)) that sucks about your friend V. i get that often too. being 31 and single. it sucks. sometimes, it is like when bridget jones went to the couples dinner party as the only single person. married people always wonder why single people are still single. it stinks.

i hope everyone is having a good weekend!

{{{{YuefPop and his girl}}}} Good news, sweets. Keep us posted and you get some rest too.

Woo hoo StarG!!

{{{{rosie}}}} Hope your body figures itself out. Feel betta!

We just got back from my company Christmas party. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more, but GameBoy was in a funk and fell asleep in the lobby. He picks tonight to tell me he's been feeling really off lately, and not in a physical sense. I hate hate hate that he bottles things up - I knew the health stuff and his sucky job were getting to him, but I really didn't know how much things have been bothering him and I would have let him stay home if I had. I'm desperately torn between being worried about him and being supremely annoyed that he was such a stick.

I think perhaps the worst part was that I looked *so* cute tonight. Like, the best I've looked since the wedding. My hair is really long and it totally did what I wanted it to, and I did my makeup so perfectly, I think it's my once-every-two-years occurrence. Plus I wore one of my favorite dress-up dresses: burgundy, simple cut, lace overlay, short sleeves, v-neck. The same one I wore in TallGirl's wedding. smile.gif The good news: there is a photo. I don't have it yet, but I may post it when I do.

I got to dance once, a bit of swing to "In the Mood." With - guess who? - my boss!

And at this point, I'm torn between rambling on and just not wanting to go over anything else. I think I'll go with the latter and bid you all good night.

{{{{anybody I missed}}}}
ahhhhhhhhhhhh. good morning, kvetchies!! (at least i think it is for MOST of you by now!) i am drinking coffee and eating 2 minute eggs on toast. mmmmm. comfort food!)

rosiev: you are an
**angel** for going over to see my BFF !!!!!(i've been trying to talk her into busting! her name would be platysma, or plat....if i called her that, would people remember it?) she is really looking forward to it. she has been so DOWN. she can't lift anything more than 5 lbs, it kills her (painwise) to lift her arms above her head to wash her hair, her arms and legs are really weak. this really sucks, because it means that she can't do much of anything -- pick up her cat, do laundry, cook, 5 lbs isn't really very much. a chick flick, waffles and girl talk sound PERFECT. oh, and a short, leisurely stroll. she will try to overdo it, don't let her! she overdid it two days in a row (thurs and friday), was totally wiped out, and then, wanted to DRIVE to WORK yesterday!!! i made her promise me that she wouldn't. in writing. jeeeesh. (let us discount the fact that i would be just as bad, if not worse. huh.gif

((((((yeufie and yeufie dad))))))))

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ deep restful sleep from the sleep fairy vibes for yeufie dad~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

YAY!!!! for stargazer's interviews!!!! congratulations! um, what is cabbage patching????

Q, if you get a job near mr hotbuns and roseviolet and sheff, you must AB SO LUTE LY promise that you will STAY there until i get back, me ouve??? i have totally lost track of how many times you have moved since i have been busting! six? seven? in what, 4 years? (gah. have i REALLY been busting for 4 years???) um, sorry that i talked to elle for almost three hours yesterday. blink.gif we couldn't believe it, either! let's try again today, all righty tighty???

sidecar, i understand about the work stuff. i don't talk much about my work issues here, either. those are reserved for locked posts on live journal. the last thing i need is for someone i know from work to read my kvetches. i'm glad to hear that you are looking around for another place of employment!!!

re the WGN morning news show: we used to GET that station in the states (well, i suppose that mr hb still does!) but i had never heard about that show until now. i'll have to remember to catch it the next time i'm in the usa! it sounds hilarious!!!

((((((((sassy))))))) omgwtfbbqimho, your boss is a WHACKO. um, she doesn't remember what she wrote??? was she being serious???? huh.gif how close do you live to your parents? is there something that you could give them that would involve your time? or being with you?? i've been giving platysma (BFF) 1-2 dozen of my crabcakes every year. frozen, so that she could eat them whenever she wanted. she doesn't cook much (although she CAN), so it was a great gift: easy, fast, fun, delicious, and she thought of me every time she ate one. could you have them over for dinner? make them something? make them a CD mix of songs that you think that they might like? gifts like that always make me really happy.

bunny b baybee, you are such a doll. *BIG bunny hugs!!*

sybarite, did you make the deadline???? stoooopid computers!

nice to see you in here, pixie!!!

~*~*~*~no panic,cozy,comfy,it's okay mandomyheart, bunny(should that be bunnet?) crassy mcyappypants, raison d'etre & anyone who needs them~*~*~*~

i hope that mornington and indigo did all right on the train!!!

rosiev: i survived the week! the little Big Potato VP has departed, my director is in brasil, and so are half of the other ex-pat staff. mr. hotbuns had a bit of visa/passport/ticket trouble (i know, can you imagine ALL THREE?) but we believe that they are in order and he will be here FRIDAY!!!!! yayay! and then on sunday we head for paradise. we will be back by the 28th. i want to hold a little "do" for my staff that are still around; but not sure what sort of response i will get. thinking the 29th. i'm going to send out a little note tomorrow suggesting that date and see who can make it before i decide where to hold it. lalalalalalala.

((((((hugs to mr. bonka and his boxer briefs, tes'ass plummy wine (acos i MEEEEECE her!), polly, sixela, anoushh, sonik, amilita, tallgirl and the tall family, and everyone else that i have missed))))))

eta: NONE of you has guessed right about my zodiac sign!!! heeeee! Qspice, you keep QUIET!!!

cross post with TES'ASS!!!! woooooooooooo hoooooooooo!!!! and oooo baybee! do you evah look GOOOOOOOOD!!!don't forget the picture!!!!!

hugs and kisses and siiiiiiiiiily kingclip!!!!
Happy sunday all!

I have not yet met my deadline but will do later today... which makes for a fun sunday for me and may explain why I'm DL'd xmas tunes and popping by here instead of working on the damn thing. I was pleased with what I wrote before but now I've made it more complex and it's wrecking my head. I will edit for clarity later and breathe a big sigh of relief once it's off.

The PC at college is still on the fritz and I have to assume it won't be fixed tomorrow. Such a pisser, but I refuse to stress myself out hassling IT when it won't do any good anyway. Thank cod for the laptop.

Fortunately all I have to do this week once this is submitted is write some film stuff, find recipes, finalise xmas shopping and fit in some socialising and I'm all set. It's mostly fun stuff anyway.

Mornington, hope the train journey was stress-free!

Yuefie, glad to hear your dad is out and recovering.

(((RV))) feel better soon! Btw, I find flying does weird things to my cycle, so maybe keep that in mind on Wed and try not to let it bother you.

Tes, I hope your and Mr HB have a lovely lovely holiday in wherever paradise is!

Miz plumwine, do show the photo if you can. Sorry to hear about GB; silly boys and their silly 'manly' tendency to keep things to themselves.

*off to do some work* Later skaters!

Drive by!

Anti-kvetch: Sheff & I went over to a friend's house last night & other friends came over (mostly Sheff's work colleagues, but people we've already seen before outside of work and really like). We had SUCH a good time. Played games on the Wii (a couple of the people there hadn't played yet, so it was especially fun!) and ate and drank shots (!) and then played Texas Hold 'Em and just had a really good time. MUST get together with the gang again soon.

Kvetch: Woke up this morning to MASSIVE bleeding. Guess my period finally decided to start. dry.gif

Anti-kvetch: I am determined to see Tes' BFF (or Plat, I guess!). So I am going to take drugs & cover the lower half of my body in absorbent cloth & prepare for a nice time. And there will be no worries about me pushing her too much on that walk, Tes, as I'll probably be hobbling a bit myself! wink.gif

Gotta make waffle batter! Toodles!
tes! i really can't chat today - busy packpackpacking ... sorry sad.gif stupid moving! but saaaaaaaadly if i were to be offered the job i applied to in nc, i would be leaving in august coz it's an 8mo contract dealio.

and, i am moving for the 9th time since aug 03. or is it 10th? i lost track. BUT now that i have a steady home for school, til i graduate, the only time i'll be moving is for contracts. and to be honest, i've decided to not seek any more contracts that require me to move because i am.sick.of.moving! plus, i have this interview for a ft position in my hometown that will give me flex time and $$ for grad school while being not in my real career aspirations, so i shan't feel guilty about putting in only 40 hrs!

and with that, i'm going to go to red robin for chili chili. the only thing that would make chili chili better is if it was in a bread bowl!!
damn, woman! if *you've* lost track, how can we mere mortals be expected to keep up???

has it really been since august of 03 that i have been posting?? woah. busting is addictive. um. like none of us knew that already. rolleyes.gif

i hate moving. i don't know how you do it.

BUT!!! bwaahhaahhaahah!!! you will be moving closer to lime!!! hee!

(sorry, i couldn't help myself!)

no chili chili for me today. roast chicken. smile.gif ha! i have an OVEN!!! it only took 6 months......

~*~*~*~*~*~*~* write, syb, write! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

rosiev, by the time you read this, i hope that you are feeling less crampy, that you and plat (my BFF!) are giggling and squeeing (okay, she isn't really a squee-er, but you know what i mean) and eating nummy waffles. (eeek. i hope you brought a waffle maker with you!!! i don't know for sure, but would be willing to bet just about anything, including mr. hotbun's love for me, that she doesn't have one!!!)

love to alllllll of you!!!

hugs and kisses and silly silly tripefish!
Made my deadline!

Thanks for mornington and tes for spurring me on!

*whooshes off again*
i actually don't remember when you started busting, tes! i was just using that as a reference coz er i recently posted over at bpal about how many times i've moved since i got into bpal, and i didn't move between aug 03 and oct 03 smile.gif you've had your lj since nov 03, and i'm pretty sure you were busting for awhile before then... in any case, i moved 2-3x/yr from '97 til aug '03, so just add that many more moves from whenever you started til then!

though, talk about bustiversaries - car's gotta be hitting her decade mark soon if she hasn't yet! i'll be hitting mine in about a year... holy crap! and if memory serves, so will lys and raisin!
QUOTE(quantumspice @ Dec 17 2006, 01:43 PM) *

though, talk about bustiversaries - car's gotta be hitting her decade mark soon if she hasn't yet! i'll be hitting mine in about a year... holy crap! and if memory serves, so will lys and raisin!

Holy crap is right! Life is funny.

Tesao, congratulations on getting an oven. Ain't it grand?
Another drive-by! Hope you'll forgive me. smile.gif

Q, although I'd love to have you as a neighbor, I'd much rather you be happily settled somewhere that provides some more job security (and paying for your grad school ain't too shabby, either!).

Hooray for ovens! And speaking of cooking, Tes, I did indeed bring my own waffle iron. And waffle batter and some muffins and other things. I made her some dinner, too, so hopefully that will make life easier for Plat for a day or two! We had a very nice time; she is so easy to talk to, I feel like I've known her for much longer! Think that's because I know her through you? wink.gif Anyway, I was AMAZED by some of the things we have in common! We're going to get together again when I get back into town.

Anti-kvetch Extraordinaire: Amazingly enough, my bleeding and cramping were not at all bad today! I'm guessing that it's because I've been spotting. Instead of feeling like I was hit by a truck (like I usually do on Day 1), I was just fine & was able to drive and cook and all sorts of things. Hooray!

But now I am tiiiiiiiired and must rest. I'll vibe everyone appropriately after a bit o' shut-eye. smile.gif
It's five years for me in February, if you can believe that!

((everyone)) just a quick fly-by before I head to bed.
tes, i don't know how to explain the cabbage patch dance. it is a dance from the late 80s/early 90s. um, could anyone help me out? it was a dance of joy for me. *giggles*

sybarite-cool that you met your deadline.

qspice-i don't know how you've handled moving so much. good luck with this move!

rose-yummy! waffles! sounds so good! i'm really craving some french toast with bacon.

this weekend was quiet and bummy for me. i mean that in a good way. i had the apartment to myself, sat and watched alot of movies...pretty much just chilled. oh, i've become addicted to sweet potatoes. i love to put them in the oven and eat them with a little butter. even though, i use soy butter. but, it is so awesome with some veggies.

tes, i don't know how you functioned without an oven! i love to bake.
Good morning all! How is everyone coming on getting ready for Christmas? We are ready for it to just be over! We almost have everything bought, but we haven't started wrapping yet. And I have been chasing an ornament all over ebay. (Rose remember teh one you gave me when I was pg with minipixie?) I wanna get one for pg SIL, but it is retired and I keep losing the stinking auctions. If I don't win one today, I give up!

Anyway, Boo for moving, Yay for new friends!

Yuefie, anything new with your pappa?

(((mornignton, Bunny, tes, Sybrite, Lys, Raisin, and teh other busties!)))
~~~~~~ much healing and soothing for Yuefie's daddy ~~~~~~

Mornington, how was the trip?

((((((HUGE hugs for our darling Plummy))))))

All of these decade-long Bustiversaries are amazing! I joined Bust back in ... [thinkthinkthink] March '01. Yup. Pretty sure it was March. So almost 6 years! Does the Seven Year Itch apply to Bustiland?

Stargazer, that sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. What movies did you watch?

Tes, here's a video of the Cabbage Patch. smile.gif
And just so ya know, Plat's big fluffy cat took a liking to me and actually jumped into my lap and let me pet him for a minute! Plat said you would appreciate how rare and amazing that was. biggrin.gif

Gotta cut this short ... Smokeboy just called ... he broke him arm & is having surgery later this week. Ooooooouuuuuuch.
Drive by kvetch!

I have to have surgery on my ankle shortly after Christmas & am required to be off my feet for six weeks. I just received notice that they are renovating my apt & I have until January 15th to be out. I have to have surgery, recover, pack, clean, & find a new place to live in less than a month. Hooray for me.

Karma. She's a bitch, yeah.
thanks roseviolet for posting about the cabbage patch!!! biggrin.gif

AP~argh. i wish i could help you pack and such. good luck with surgery!!
Ahem....I've been "busting" to say something for almost 2 weeks, but was afraid of somethign happening again....but since it was announced at work, I think it's time that I tell my Bustie family, I am pregnant again! I am almost 6 weeks along! So I should have a micropixie in mid August!
Woohoo, Pixiedust!!!

Yesterday, I helped Santa give out gifts to children of striking Goodyear workers. It was a humbling please, if you can, hold off buying any Goodyear tires until the strike is over.
i think some of usw's demands are unreasonable.
Yay Pixie! I always feel bad for women who are due in the summer, especially towards the end. Must be miserable....though I don't think winter would be much better- I'd be afraid of falling over on the ice, which I'm as likely to do not being pregnant!

I've been fighting a stomach bug since yesterday morning. Nothing projectile or anything, just nausea and stomach pain; still, it's not the worst stomach thing I've ever had, but I had a 100 degree fever and just feel wiped out. In the past 36 hours, I've had two slices of toast, a can of chicken soup and a little applesauce. I accidentally bought the regular applesauce instead of the natural unsweetened kind. That much sweetness was just too much to handle. I'm not as weak as I was yesterday and no fever, so I think I'm on the mend. Unfortunately, it's put me a couple days behind on housework and I found out my BIL's stopping by tonight- he's having hernia surgery tomorrow, so he's giving Le Boy cash to go buy a computer for his wife for Christmas.

And I still have to make Christmas cookies. I'm giving out 15 little bundles of cookies this year. I'm usually not into making cookies (too tedious- I'd rather just make a cake and be done with it) but with our cash-strapped situation, we've had to cut back on "real" gifts for friends and family. I'm making three kinds- cream cheese cookies, Irish lace cookies (I posted both of the recipes in the Barefoot thread, if anyone's interested) and the chocolate peppermint cookie bars (recipe posted in the Midwestern Mamas thread)

I got your card today, yuefie! Very cute! ((hugs to you, your dad and your menagerie!))

((aural)) That sucks. Do you have someone to help you pack and move?

((quantum, dusty, stargazer, rose, sidecar, tes, sybarite, raisin, plummie, sassy, bunny, mornington, crassy- did you get it all done? and anyone else I missed))
QUOTE(quantumspice @ Dec 18 2006, 03:05 PM) *

i think some of usw's demands are unreasonable.

How so?
((polly)) Feel better.

((dusty)) Good for you for helping children in need.

((pixie)) Congratulations on your pregnancy.

((aural)) Good luck with your surgery.

((yuefie’s dad))

((star)) Glad you had a nice weekend.

((rose)) Sounds like you had a nice time with Plat and your other friends.

((syb)) Hope you made your deadline.

((tes)) Enjoy your time with Mr. HB.

((txplum)) Glad you had a nice time at the Christmas party, sorry GameBoy wasn’t feeling well.

Twin DM and I went to see Melissa Ferrick and B*tch on Friday night. It was such a great concert, and B*tch signed my cd. Saturday night I made nachos and we watched a dvd called Laughing Matters about female comics. This weekend was kind of chill. I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Oh, ya'll, I've been the worst kvetchie! But I've been skimming the last week, and thinking of everyone...SO thrilled to have gotten cards from some of youse! Thank you!!!

Getting ready to work then leave town...will try to write a better post before we go! Mwah!
"Rosiev: you are an [/color]**angel**[color=#6600CC] for going over to see my BFF !!!!!(i've been trying to talk her into busting! her name would be platysma, or plat....if i called her that, would people remember it?) she is really looking forward to it. she has been so DOWN. she can't lift anything more than 5 lbs, it kills her (painwise) to lift her arms above her head to wash her hair, her arms and legs are really weak. this really sucks, because it means that she can't do much of anything -- pick up her cat, do laundry, cook, 5 lbs isn't really very much. a chick flick, waffles and girl talk sound PERFECT. oh, and a short, leisurely stroll. she will try to overdo it, don't let her! she overdid it two days in a row (thurs and friday), was totally wiped out, and then, wanted to DRIVE to WORK yesterday!!! i made her promise me that she wouldn't. in writing. jeeeesh. (let us discount the fact that i would be just as bad, if not worse. huh.gif "

Hey my hunnnneeeee Tes! Yes, this is the post I promised. Also posted in the OK thread. Roseviolet was a total sweetheart. Not only did she make yummy waffles, but she also made a lovely pasta dish that weighed less than 5 pounds. We talked girl talk, watched Memoirs of a a Geisha, and she was lovely company. I was completely pooped, so it was a very short walk and I did *not* drive. So there. Still overdoing, but just got permission to take 12 full days off starting Thursday. Will try try try to be good. Yes I will.

To the other busties- hello! And many thanks to the vibes that Tes says you have sent. I'm sure they will work wonders in no time. I will try to pop in occasionally and join the fun. I am a kvetch from way back. It is in my Jewish heritage, so I'm good at it. Just a busy girl in general, but my recovery from surgery will give me a little more time to be online. As tolerated, of course. Trying not to overdo. Really.

And again, Roseviolet, if I didn't say it enough in my email and phone call, thanks so much for your time and company. It meant the world to me.

Tes- love you, and will write soon.

Welcome Plat! Get well soon!

The Okayer's are plotting against us....anyone up for a preemptive strike? biggrin.gif
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