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hello lovelies!!

well, it is official. i'm going to interview in san antonio on jan. 19th. now, i need to look at airline tickets. got a couple more rejections. i have 8 more places to hear from. oh well.

((crassy)) i hope you feel better soon.

((bunny)) good to hear the new anti depressants are working for you.

((mando)) just cause you need some cheering up.

((yuefie)) mmm, banana cake. damn detox.

((mornington)) put some clothes on gurl! wink.gif

((tes, polly, pixie, raisingrl, sassygrrl, sonik, sidecar, and other kvetchies))
Aw...I didn't buy cute cards this year. I bought a bunch of OK ones with the intention of sending out a lot to relatives and friends of the family with an update letter...kind of in lieu of a wedding announcement, which never happened. Next year, I'd like to get back to making holiday cards.

This morning I woke up around 7 am and puked a few times...weird. I think it was because I've been sort of chronically overeating lately, even though I usually have the stomach of steel. I gotta improve my eating habits...especially because my mom left me a message this morning that another of my dad's brothers had a massive heart attack last night! I like this uncle, but it sounds as if he is recovering well...goodness. Did I mention that heart disease runs in my family? (said with scarcasm)

Really, really gotta take better care of myself...I take my good health for granted. If there are any good genes in our pool, though, I may have gotten cholesterol levels are always good when I get those checked. Still should be exercising.

Anti-kvetch is that someone made an appointment to come to the gallery tomorrow afternoon to buy "some stuff!" Here's hoping that means more than one thing...but really, I'm just thrilled any old way. And the art writer for the daily paper is coming by Friday...the Mr. is HORRIBLE at recounting conversations, but it sounds as if he may possibly write up a couple of the artists showing with us now. Very exciting to get press!!

Have fun at the Christmas ball, Mornington!

Cute Mandoo! Yay for antidepressants kicking in, Bunny!

Syb, I agree with your point about personal service expanding and all that. I don't mind cleaning, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood.

Yay for Brutus, Yuefie! Still envious of those who decorated for XMas. I got into the holiday spirit a bit yesterday when I got some shopping done.

Yay for the interview, Stargazer!

(((Polly, Tes, Mando, Pixie, Sonik, Sidecar, Crassy, Faith, Designerm, Dusty, Anoushh, and everyone!!!)))

Gotta work tonight and tomorrow night...sorta anxious, but I'm sure it'll be OK.
Congrats on the interview, Stargazer! Have you been to San Antonio before? My mother adores the river walk there; she and dad try to visit every year.

Amilita, congrats on all the attention for the gallery! Fingers crossed that the Mystery Patron buys oodles of stuff tomorrow.

And congrats to Pixie on finally arranging to get that electrical problem sorted out. Working parents with little kids really need dishwashers. Neeeeeeeed!

Yuefie, I love that you named your tree Brutus. That's friggin' adorable!

Bunny, it's good to hear that you're adjusting to the drugs. It's such a relief when you finally start feeling the benefits, isn't it?

((((((((You! Yes, you!))))))))

Kvetch: I've been a big hermit for the last 2 days. I didn't even get dressed today, which means I did not leave the house which meand I did not mail the international Xmas cards like I meant to do. Bah. I sent Sheff a text message informing him that he needs to take me out tonight just to break me out of this funk.

Anti-kvetch: I bought Xmas gifts on-line. And Smokeboy bought some Xmas gifts on my behalf with his huge store discount at work. So even without pants, I managed to accomplish things today!

HUGE anti-kvetch: I just got off the phone with Tes' BFF! We're going to get together this weekend to watch chick flicks & eat & such. As you may recall, this is Tes' friend who had surgery recently, so I'm going to make sure that she takes the time to relaaaaaax & just have a good time. smile.gif
Yay for girlie-time, Rosev...and for taking care of Tes' BFF.

Oh, and apparantly San Antonio has a great art scene, too, Stargazer.

I just bought 3 skirts from Made With Love By Hannah...this one in green, this one in pink, and this one in brown! And I just bid on some sets of Stila Lip Glazes on eBay. Why do the holidays always make me buy a bunch of presents for myself? I really, really need the clothes, though...I gotta look cool going around at art galleries and stuff representin', right? And I have very little stuff that fits right now.
employee holiday luncheon today. the good news is i won an excellent bottle of pinot grigio by putting a hole in one. (i work at a golf club.) i always thought i could be good at golf. oh, and i didn't drink too much and make a fool of myself. in fact, i went back to work and helped bossman with an emergency fedex.

the bad news is, i'm in some sort of deep blue funk. last night, i actually found the energy to work out to counter it. tonite, i'm relying on the grinch. (the original, of course.) it might help if i would start bleeding already dammit. mad.gif

i sucketh for not individually addressing, so please ... consider yourself hugged.
((raisin, polly, syb, mando, dusty, sidecar))

((crassy)) Feel better.

((stargazer)) Good luck on the interview.

((yuefie)) Yay for a nice Christmas tree.

((bunny)) Yay for the cure kitty.

((mornington)) Have fun at your Christmas ball.

((pixie)) Yay for getting the dishwasher fixed.

((rose)) Have fun with Tes’ BFF.

((amilita)) Those skirts are cute.

((mando)) Yay for winning wine.

This is post #1,000 since I was last eaten by the dingoes to say my in-box of PMs has been shaved somewhat of its maximum capacity. I think someone might have sent me a message that got bounced back to her, because my message now reads that I have -1 New Messages. blink.gif No comprende!
V quick fly by to say

((((((((rosiev, you rock!! my BFF is SO happy and says that you are such a sweetie!! hee. we know THAT)))))))

speaking of BFF, she has been down and in some pain. she has an appointment for an x-ray today and with the neurosurgeon tomorrow. she didn't ask, but i thought that some bustie vibeage was in order, because she is really scared that something may have gone wrong and that she will never recover from this.

MUITO thank you to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of you. PROMISE to be back later to kvetch properly!!!
~*~*~*~tes's BFF~*~*~*~*~ that is so cute that roseviolet is looking after her.

(((rose))) sometimes days in jammies are needed. I had four days in them last week and I still managed to get a lot done smile.gif. Y'see my philosophy (unhealthy or not) is why dirty clothes when you're not going anywhere?!

nekkid mornington! how was the ball? is the dress wine-stained? photos?

(((raisin))) breathe. It's infuriating, I know, especially when TPTB don't answer you.

(((mando))) yay for a hole in one!

(((stargazer))) I have no idea how you are managing to detox over the festive period but hats off to you girl!

(((amilita))) v. pretty skirts and you deserve to treat yourself. I was going to buy the first one in the red.

(((designermedusa))) a'cos. Oh, and I think you meant "cute" cat but "cure" cat is so true!

(((tes, pixie, polly, yuefie, sixelacat, anoushh, crassy, sidecar, sassygrrl, sonik, sybarite, txplumwine, anyone I missed)))

anti-kvetch: driving lesson cancelled as window wipers not working properly and relieved as icky outside and don't wanna venture out so day of tidying, organising and maybe wrapping gifts for me.

anti-kvetch: received Christmas card in post this morning that says "to my auntie at Christmas", it's from baby Arron smile.gif.

anti-kvetch: tickets to see Dave Matthews also arrived so can put them in boy's stocking inside CD box smile.gif (thought they were going to arrive after Christmas and was fretting and was going to write him an invitation instead).
Hey Bunny, you can still send me your address, if you'd like a christmas card! That goes for everyone.

Thanks for the compliments, people. I made the drawing after visiting berlin. The tower in the backgorund is the "Fernsehturm", situated in the eastern part 'mitte', the center of Berlin.

sinterklaas was fun, there was a discussion of the pony, but i think eventually everything will pan out fine, pony included.

I got a thingy to bake pie in, 3 small bowls, icluding a pink one with a kitty face in it. It's Rat's eating bowl. I got 2 plastic plates with a very nice design on it, and washing cloths.

Last week i had an assignment that fell through, and one that i couldn't do because i had to do that in the weekend. I teached a class Saturday, so there was not enough time to take on the assignment. Boo.

Yay for press, ((Amilitia)))! And especially that apple skirt (imho) is gorgeous!

((((Stargazer)))))best of luck!

(((((Mandolyn))), yay for the wine &the hole in one!

ETA: yuefie, i PM'd you.

Bleh. The public tv channels changed their programming. That means i've missed my favourite programmes (extras and Shameless) for 4 weeks now because of that bloody soccer. A commercial channel broadcasted 'wire in the blood' and then they stopped it, saying it would be back in a month..yeah right. It just stopped. I'm so tired of my intelligence being insulted on tv. No, i'm not interested in home/anything makeovers (except queer eye for the straight guy, but that's not on anymore), lame comedy's, re-re-re-re-reruns and films that have been on the telly for about a gazillion times.
On a better note; on Sundays there is an 1 1/2 hour long interview on tv with interesting people, like David lynch, Iggy Pop.

(((((((Roseviolet, Designermedusa, Tesao, Bunny, Polly, Raisin, Dusty, Pixiedust, Yuefie, Mornington, Sybarite)))))
~*~*~*~*~ good health & good news for Tes' BFF ~*~*~*~*~ Who is taking her to the appointments, Tes?

Congrats to Mandi on the hole-in-one! ((((((much love for Mandilicious))))))

Amilita, those skirts are sooooo cute! I feel tempted to buy one for myself.

Mornington, please tell us that you had a fabulous time at the ball! Sounds so dreamy.

Sonik, sounds like you got some nice gifts! Glad to hear you had a good time.

Hooray for Raisin's 1000th post! Sometimes I wonder how many posts some of us have really made on these boards & it boggles my mind. Here's hoping the situation with the PMs gets fixed.

Bunny, that card sounds so adorable. Hooray for getting the tix in time for Xmas!

Anti-kvetch: Sheff and I went to the local Mexican place for dinner last night. Soooooo goooood. I hadn't had Mexican since October, so I really needed that! Plus, Sheff and I hadn't been out to eat in at least a month, so it was really nice to sit there & talk without all the distractions of home.

I have promised myself that I WILL mail Christmas cards today! I have plenty of international things that need to be weighed & affixed with airmail stickers. Last year we forgot to put an airmail sticker on my MIL's card & it arrived 2 months late! So I'm going to be extra picky about that this year. I have a package to mail to BestGalPal, too, so the people at the post office are going to haaaaate me today.

ETA: Bunny, I've got a card coming your way. Same for Yuefie, Sonic, & Pixie. Anybody else want some postal love?
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Dec 13 2006, 12:16 AM) *

This is post #1,000 since I was last eaten by the dingoes to say my in-box of PMs has been shaved somewhat of its maximum capacity. I think someone might have sent me a message that got bounced back to her, because my message now reads that I have -1 New Messages. blink.gif No comprende!
That means you were sent a PM that was tracked that the sender deleted.

In other news, I threw my resume to a company in the tes-RV-sheffles area! I lust after the position, 'deed I do. Doubt I'll be considered - it's for my new degree program, so I've only got a handful of courses.
Oh Q, that would be soooooooo fabulous! Can you imagine the amazing meals we would all have together? Oh my gaaaaaaaawd!!!!
~~$$~~$$~~$$~~ jobbie vibes for Q ~~$$~~$$~~$$~~

By the by, I mailed out all of my international cards today. The guy at the post office said that they did NOT need airmail stickers. Hmmm. Fingers crossed that they arrive before Xmas!
good luck q'spice!

hmmm, rose, I had to airmail sticker mine ... who knows?

can I ask for some parcel finding vibes please? the boy's mum posted the boy's sis's birthday parcel to Vancouver last month and it didn't arrive but still posted their Christmas parcels. She realised yesterday (when Christmas parcel arrived from the other direction) that she had put the wrong address on both parcels! the number of house doesn't exist and now they don't know where any of the parcels are! both boy's mum and boy's sis v upset.
qspice-good luck!

amilita-that's cool about the art scene. i'm planning to spend the weekend there to check out the town. i've never been to san antonio.

rose-yeah, i read that about the river walk. must put that on my to do list too.

bunnyb-i don't know how i'm making it this festive season without sweets too! smile.gif

nothing much to report. i'm at my 'rents place. it is nice that they are so close. who knows? i could be living somewhere else next year.

yay for big trees (i love that you named it yuefie!)

stargazer, awesome news about the interview.

(((bunny and mandoo))) ca-yoot!

(((amilita))) good news about the press, i'm *crossing parts* that the appointment maker will buy a lot of pieces... oh, and i asked for the bukarest skirt in pink or this skirt in navy for my birthday and something came in the mail last week addressed to the mr. from hannah, so maybe we'll be twins! i love love love her skirts-- so cute. i wish i had the gingerbread one to wear to a few x-mas parties.

(((mandi))) hope you're feeling better. the grinch is on tonight? crap! i've got a meeting tonight. argh. i try to catch it every year.

~*~*tes' BFF *~*~*

*~*~*~find the parcels*~*~*~ is there a return address on it?

~*~*get the job q-spice*~*~*

i'd really love to have someone clean my place, especially cause the mr. and i both work around 50 hours a week --sometimes even more, when we get home on weekdays we're too exhausted to clean after cooking and on weekends we can't do anything else if we take too much time cleaning. i also am allergic to dust and pet dander, so whenever i clean i'm always coughing and sneezing. prices are hefty for cleaning services but i think we could swing it if i cut back on a lot of un-needed spending- we're working on that right now anyway.

pixie, count me in on loving my roomba!

i still feel craptastic but better than monday, i took off yesterday and slept the whole day --i had really weird dreams but it was wonderful to sleep after not having slept for 4 nights in a row.

so much to get done before my brother comes on monday, i've got to get all my families gifts to send back with him, plus finish some house projects, clean the house, bake at least some of my x-mas cookies and i'm volunteering to wrap gifts for the humane society 2 days over the next week. and i decided to make fudge as gifts for co-workers and neighbors, i'm now regretting that idea but it's too late cause i've got all the stuff including the cute little boxes for it.
yay for stargazer!

((((tes bff))))

mornington, we'd love to see pics from the christmas ball smile.gif

cute skirts amilita & crassy!

(((mandikins))) extra lovies

~~~~parcels be found~~~~ ugh, that sucks. (((bunny-family)))

~~~jobbie vibeage for qspice~~~ been meaning to tell you thanks ever so much for the con panne recommendation. yummers!

~~~~feel better vibes for all~~~~

((((rose, plummie, sidecar, polly, sixela, pixie, sassy, dusty, raisin, sonik, sybartie, pixie, dm, tes, billy, everyone))))

Missy is definetely preggers. We've got about six weeks till the teensy mews of kittens will be filling the place. She has chosen my closet for her nesting spot, so I need to clear out the corner for her. She is such a super affectionate purring machine now. And she desperately wants company at night, hence my constant yawning. She likes to attack Brutus, who is hulking up nearly the entire dining area. I tried to take a picture but couldn't get it to come out clearly enough to be able to see just how fat this tree is. I'm working on the cards and will hopefully mail them off tomorrow. I'm just about finished with my holiday shopping. I just have to find something for my niece, because what I got for her so far is for her 12th birthday, which is Saturday. She's all about skulls and Napoleon Dynamite. So I got her pajama pants that have skulls. a nightshirt with a gliitery skull, a set of jammies that have skulls w/ bows, Napoleon Dynamite slipper socks that say "Dang",and a Napoleon Dynamite & Tina postcard. We are taking her and a group of friends Cosmic Bowling on Saturday. That should be, *ahem*, interesting wink.gif

So I was kind of bummed out yesterday when I realized that the family fudge recipe was in the box of christmas stuff still being held for ransom by AHK. I mean, yeah, I could make one of other zillion recipes. But what I really want is to make the same one my mom, gramma, and great-gramma all made. I've made it a bunch of times over the years and know the timing and ingredients but can never remember the exact measurements. Why I didn't put the recipe in one of my cook books, I have no idea. But then I rememered my grams once mentioning how it was a Red Cross recipe, so I just googled it and lo and behold Red Cross Fudge. And that is it, exactly! Yipeee!

Bah. I had a horribly busy night and today got woken up by the phone and barking dogs...why are there barking dogs only when I'm trying to sleep today? Have they been around before and I just haven't noticed??

Last night I got semi-bitched out by a front of a patient...for not waiting for them to deliver the baby (the residents did it) when the heart tones were down, way down for a very long time. Good part is I know we did the right thing and the baby did well. And the charge nurse backs me up. So there.

Oh, and the Mr. is downstairs with the crossed...

Crassy, I really, really wanna be skirt twins with you! But that Edelweis one is super-cute, too.

Yay for Mexican and Red Cross fudge!!!

Sonik, I hate when sports interferes with TV I like...I like TV too much, but that's a whole 'nother thing.

So, Yuefie, do you have to feed a pregnant cat a special diet? Or just extra food? I wish I could see the fur babies when they'll have to post a million pictures.

Gotta go find some food...
you're all killing me with the fudge talk (rose is at it in another thread too)!

I spied me some mornington at ball pics and she looks very glam and pretty.
yuefie! i'm so glad you like con panne! my coworkers and i usually took it up to topside (which, erm, unless you work on the base, not an option - but it's gorgeous, the top of the bluff, outside seating, FABULOUS view) or over to the picnic area on shelter island (take shelter island dr off of rosencrans or canyon to shafter to shelter island dr). eating yummy sammiches and chips on the bay is a great way for lunch.

there's an italian joint across the street from con panne that's got a good meatball sub, too. but, my love for con panne is strong tongue.gif

btw, have you tried their cookies? divine! (and, incidentally, i loved taking their bread to make sammiches at home)

bread and cie is another great bakery - mmm hillcrest, if memory serves.

oooooo fudge! i don't have anything to make fudge with.
Buyer-man bought two photos! So great...this pays for the whole party, including postcards. I'm sure we'll have a show where nothing sells, but I sure is gratifying when we make 'em!

Oh, and ~~~package-be-found vibes~~~ for bunny!

Where are the Mornington pics? *heading over to say cheese to look*
((((mando)))) I have bad memories of the grinch, but I've never seen the original. F was telling me about it last night though... hmm.

((((bunny)))) hope the parcels get through! that's terrible.

(((((qspice))))) ooh, fingers crossed for that job!

((((amilita)))) I read the article! yay for publicity!

((((yuefie)))) yay fudge! and yay missy but I hope you get some sleep. If I remember, you have to feed a more until she stops lactating, but only a little more while she's pregnant. You might be able to get special food for lactation like you can for dogs...

((((crassy, star, sixe, sassy, raisin, pixie, rose, syb, faith, polly, sonik, tes, dm, billy, everyone))))


the ball was good fun - except for the overpriced drinks (seriously, seven quid for a vodka and mixer...) and having to wait aaages to get to the food, dancing and dodgems. But it was lovely; no-one on the table I didn't get on with except for one girl, but in a way it's not a proper do without her to irritate everyone. Got rather drunk, but no-one got too drunk... and we didn't even drink all the alchohol we smuggled in.

Met G for tea today - and exchange of presents after he promised me a mixtape. Then he came onto me. Which was unpleasant... and rather spoilt a lovely afternoon with a good friend.

oh, and once again, i got the bill for my council tax. I don't have to pay council tax because I'm a full-time student, but the council won't accept the certificate from uni as it doesn't state the number of hours per week I study (and yet they didn't contact me to tell me this)... so I had a court summons last week I was told wouldn't go ahead (and so I didn't attend) and now I'm being told the bailiffs are coming round in ten days... mad.gif
Oh la la! Love that dress, Mornington, and you look great in it!
Looks like you had fun mornington! And I agree, you look fab in that gorgeous dress.

Qspice, haven't had the cookies yet, but now I'm curious! Oh Hillcrest, how I miss living nearby. Yes, Bread & Cie is delicioso. Trader Joe's actually sells Bread & Cie items, which means now I don't have to drive all the way in to San Diego to get some decent bread. I will have to take some bread home from Con Panne next time I make it out there. My mom used to take us out to Shelter Island all the time for picnics, but a Con Panne picnic? Sounds like a plan for a nice warm day.

Amilita, from what I've been able to find online, it's suggested to feed them kitten food for the extra nutrition. But it was also suggested that it's best to start with a mix of kitten food and the regular stuff, which is what I'm feeding her. Apparently it's normal for cats to eat double what they ate pre pregnancy, which would be about what Missy is currently eating. I'm also giving her a treat of a little canned food mixed with dry every other day.

She's a funny cat, she turns her nose up to treats and couldn't be bothered with people food. But heaven forbid you leave the bag of cat food accessible, she will tear right through the bag to get to it. Sashie on the other hand is a garbage disposal and will eat anything humans are eating. She eats veggies of all sorts for snacks, her favorite being carrots and peanut butter. What's worrisome is that she has acidentally gotten hold of things containing chocolate on more than one occasion and made herself sick. Around here she is known as the candy thief. She has carob "Choco-Drops" which she loves, but she still circles like a vulture when someone is eating sweets. I just saw a recipe for doggie cookies and I think I'm going to make some of those for her for christmas smile.gif

oh yes, kitten food is excellent for pregnant cats! I knew there was something we were told to recommend...

indigo has developed a taste for tortillas. plain flour tortillas. rolleyes.gif and shredding tissue. Earlier I'd found he'd picked up my dress from last night and added it to his blankets.
Sashie must be in contact with Indigo as shredding tissue, or any paper really, is her favorite pastime!
My Mabel is a paper-shredder, also! She likes to start at the corners, and I've deposited checks, sent in various paperwork and returned borrowed paperback books that have all been Mabelized. (I offer to replace the books, but no friend has taken me up on it)

Speaking of Trader Joe's, when I visit my mom, I wanna bring back some stuff from there...what are the best bottled sauces and pantry items to stock up on?
Indigo has a thing about envelopes too. He hasn't done a thing since he arrived, but the other day he sat and watched Pete as he threw his paper around... and since then he's been shredding like a loon. The first time he did, he looked at me as if to say "see! I'm just as good as the bunny at this" biggrin.gif
Amilita, I adore TJ's simmer sauces for quick weeknight dinners! The Spinach Punjabi, Masala, Curry, Morrocan Tagine, and Thai Green Curry are all good. The Cuban Mojito is great for fish, especially if you throw in some sauteed onions and capers. The only one I've tried so far that I don't care for is the Korma. Haven't tried the Marsala one yet. I also like their Basil Marinara. That's the only one of their pasta sauces I've tried so far, as I usually make my own. But it's great for those nights when you are out of time or don't feel like it!
i didn't care for the marsala sauce. i really like the cuban mojito as a marinade for chicken, and then reduced into a sauce. the moroccan tagine? fucking awesome. my mom braises flank steak in it, on a bed of sliced baby eggplant, zucchini, and carrots. it is sooooo good. and mmmmm the thai green curry! i really liked the mexican pepita simmer sauce, but they got rid of it. haven't tried the spinach punjabi, though.

and yes, the basil marinara is great- and yuefie? you NEED to try their vodka sauce. i used to be on this huge kick to do my own spaghetti sauce, but i'm afraid the vodka sauce owns my soul. as does the tomato basil. the roast garlic's not bad, too.

my kitties are apparently starting to act up. i left them with my parents at thanksgiving - i figured that all in all, it was better to leave them there than to move them again. they don't mind the driving so much, but the adjustment from 1 person to 5 to 1 and from 2 kitties to 4 to 2 is a rough one and it usually takes them about a week to recover, and with me moving four weeks after thanksgiving, i didn't think it was fair - they'd have 2 adjustment weeks (thanksgiving, the week after), be here for a little less than two weeks (during which point i'm trying to pack, which stresses them out as well), and then have another adjustment time. it saddens me, because i adore my cats and hate having to leave them behind.

yay for kittens! my cats were fixed when they were knee high, so there shan't be kittens from them... but i've always wanted to have some. i love kittens.

(everyone watch as yuefie and i turn this into the kitties and cooking show! tongue.gif)
((tesao’s BFF))

((bunny)) Oops I meant cute cat, I guess I should proofread before I post. Yay for the concert tickets.

((bunny’s family)) Find the parcels.

((sonic)) Hope your tv shows come back on. When sports take the soaps off Mom DM gets mad.

((rose)) Glad you and Sheff had a nice night out.

((quantum)) Good luck on the job search.

((crassy)) Hope you feel better, it sounds like you're busy right now.

((yuefie)) Are you going to keep any of the kittens when missy has them?

((amilita)) Sorry your night at work was bad, but yay on selling some art.

((mornington)) Glad you enjoyed the ball. You looked very happy.

~~~~~ continued vibes for Tes' BFF ~~~~~

~!~!~!~ parcel-finding vibes for the post office ~!~!~!~

Love the pics, Mornington! Sorry your friend hit on you, though. Bleh. Where's the nose-wrinkling smilie?

I, for one, am fully supportive of all talk relating to kitties and food and even kitty food. smile.gif

Yuefie, sounds like you're feeding her exactly as you should. It's best not to chage a cat's diet aburptly, lest her digestive system rebels. And hooray for finding that fudge recipe!

I have never ever tried vodka sauce. Neither has Sheff (In fact, when I just asked him about this, he began to rhapsodize about his mother's rum sauce that she serves over Christmas pudding. Sounds lovely, but really has nothing in common with vodka sauce!). I may have to find our new TJ's & hunt this stuff down. Is it in the refrigerated section or with the other jarred sauces?
I've yet to try their vodka sauce, but generally really like it so the next time I make in to TJ's I shall definetely be picking some up!

I am planning on keeping one of the kittens for sure. I think Missy will be going home to my cousin eventually, and I will be heartbroken without all the special kitty lovin's I've again grown accustomed to. I know myself and it will be hard to part with any of those adorable little critters. Plus I think PJ is dying to have his own furbaby. I will try and not steal it away, hehe.

Okay, so on to the serious business. I am here, with a heavy heart, to request vibes for my dad. He had a seizure, fell and broke his hip sad.gif I know that hip fractures can be very serious, and what really worries me is that he has a host of other health issues, including kidney failure. I am not sure what his course of treatment will be yet, but I am going to try to leave work tomorrow to go up to the hospital so I can speak with the doctors. Also, I think it's high time a social worker got involved and helped me in convincing him that he needs to be somewhere that offers a higher level of care. *sigh*

{{{Yuefie and YuefieDad}}}

Bunny, did you send off that puzzle? I would have said would be your best bet, but puzzles the size you mention seem quite rare. I did find one or two in the stores I mentioned, so let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Just a quick stop, as I am feeling a bit....scattered. Much work drama in the past week (can you say investigation? I knew you could....) No anxiety here.... unsure.gif

At any rate, know I am vibing you all (I can PDA-lurk at work, at least).

And extra ~~~~~healquick yuefiePops~~~~~~ for yuefie

Oh, and the paper shredding reminds me of this vid.

bunnyb, here in the states if a package is undeliverable it's kept in a "dead letter" room at the local post office. Could someone call the local post in Vancouver? Maybe the packages are there.....

Be well everyone!

Just making a super quick post.

I really have no kvetch's today, only one giant anti-kvetch: the semester is over!! No more stress! I just feel much better now that it's over.

sending some healthy vibes out to (((yuefie's dad))). I hope he'll be okay.
(((yuefie and yuefie's dad)))

any chance that both you and PJ (I meece him) can keep a furbaby each or too much?


keep the parcel vibes coming! post offices have been contacted but there's something about a 28 day holding period although the birthday parcel has been lost for longer. I feel the need to go read Terry Prachett's Going Postal.

thanks dusty! the boy managed to track a 6000 pc puzzle online, shipping from N. America to save on postage costs.

(((morninton))) grrrr, BOYS.

KVETCH: I have a leak in my lovely new bedroom. A leak that woke me up at 5am, the incessant dripping (into a bucket on one of my bookshelves) is driving me nuts. If only it would stop raining - it's been constant dismal and torrential rain for 6 weeks now. I want nice crisp and dry weather or snow, rosy cheeks and rudolph nose I can handle, sodden drowned-rat look is wearing thin.

{{{{yuefie's pops}}}}}

i didn't want to go to work when it was still all dark and spooky out, so i'm working from home. i think i'll go get breakfast after the sun is done coming up. if i get everything done today that i want to be done, i'll be able to roll out my application tomorrow and then spend next week doing the ultra boring transition reports.
~~~~((((((soothing, healing, & love for Yuefie's Dad))))))))~~~~ That dear man! Has he had seizures before?

......./ drip-stopping vibes for Bunnilicious ....../

~!~!~!~!~ more parcel-finding vibes ~!~!~!~!~

Sixel, here's hoping that investigation doesn't focus on you! (((((Sixel)))))

~smile.gif~smile.gif~smile.gif~ good-news vibes for Tes' BFF ~smile.gif~smile.gif~smile.gif~

Going to work in the dark is awful. It's especially bad when you have to go home in the dark, too.

Hooray for the end of the semseter! Did I mention that my brother aced calculus again? I'm so proud of him!

Kvetch: My upper chest has been hurting pretty much constantly for about a week. My chest just feels tight all the time & I often feel like I need to burp, but I usually can't. That's part of the reason why I haven't been sleeping well this week. There's no burning, no coughing. Just tightness & pressure. It's starting to drive me nuts!
(((yuefie & yuefiedad))) i'm so sorry to hear that, luv. especially since he seemed to be doing well over thanksgiving.

sixel, that's the cutest frickin thing i ever saw. thanks for sharing!

*parcel-be-found & leak-cessation vibes for bunny*
candy, congrats on the end-o-the-semester!

i used the TJ's vodka sauce on my penne a la vodka for mandopalooza. i'm a vodka-sauce snob. it's delish. and rose, it's in the regular canned aisle.

kvetch: i woke up at 4 am and couldn't get back to sleep. and i'm not bleeding yet. wanna take bets i burst into tears the minute i step foot in therapist's apartment this afternoon?

(((Mandi))) Ugh on poor sleep. I take it you weren't up gloating over your holein1. The penne were delish.

one of my favoritest easy dinners is shrimp with vodka sauce and penne! i like to add a pinch of crushed red pepper, but i'm a freak like that.
*~*~*~ fly-by to my beloved kvetchies ~*~*~*

I have only skimmed the archives and I apologize. (((yeuffie and her dad)))

I have been working 15 hour days, but I did get a few hours off last Saturday to go out with the math professor again. It was fun, but sort of strange. Can't remember if I mentioned it here, but he's extremely serious and I am not (possibly due to that whole math professor thing) and I can't tell if that will work. But I did not sleep with him, of which I am oddly proud. We're going to get together again this weekend, when I will be FREE. I don't intend to come back for THREE WEEKS (two of which will be spent in HAWAII) and whoa I need to lay of the caps. Don't know if the next week of vacation will fly, I may have to come in for a few hours each day. I just want a life back. And then I can give you all the attention you deserve!
faith, you're going to Hawaii? colour me greener! looking forward to further info about math professor (the night before my graduation our class met for celebratory drinks and for some reason that I can't remember now we were trying to work out 18% of something, how many English Master's graduates does it take to work out a percentage? several more than it should).

(((mando))) I read your letters. feeling your pain sweetpea and brushing your hair like a hair-brushing daemon. when did you start the wellbutrin (that's the miracle pill, yes)? doc said yesterday that it normally takes body 3-4 weeks to adjust to new medication.

kvetch: speaking of my depression: my clueless manager phoned tonight and asked me whether the doctor was "investigating" the underlying causes of what was making me feel down. I told her no, a chemical imbalance is what is wrong and I'm clinically depressed and not "down" goddamit.

anti-kvetch: relaxing bath with lush ballistic and book then grey's anatomy and more Christmas shopping online. now I'm going to sleep and I have a reprieve from the chinese water torture, here's hoping it's a permanent reprieve.

****yuefie's dad****
****tes' bff****
((((faith))))) have fun in hawaii
((((bunny)))) bah on her.
((((mando)))) acos
((((sixe, rose, candy, qspice, pixie, sassy, star, raisin, yuefie, tes, syb, everyone))))

antikvetch: wrapping christmas presents and spending hours on the phone to F talking nonsense about Crazy Irish Joke-Telling Man (syb, you met him...) and Mad Paddy and Be A Winner Man and all the other local nuts. And threatening to walk him round Westminster on a lead if he doesn't at least pretend to be sensible. blink.gif

kvetch: dropped Pete off at Grenwich for his holiday. He is making friends with a girl-bunny, but I didn't like leaving him. Even Indigo's been looking for him.

antikvetch: the baby buns at the rescue - the lady breeds mini lops to show and they were soooooo cute. they gave me bunny kisses

kvetch: my father. is a xenophobic arse. He cannot deal that I live ten minutes from a synagogue in one direction, fifteen minutes from a huuuge mosque in the other, the nearest bank is the Cyprus Bank, my corner shop sells Polish beer but is run by Turks... I happen to like it round here. Oh, and he went on and on and on and on about Boy Wonder's search for a uni and how he preferred Cardiff to Central because the stage management tutors at Central were all camp. And he implied that he didn't want BW being taught by anyone who wasn't a straight white... wanker mad.gif . The fact that his son can be as camp as a row of pink tents when the occasion takes him doesn't seem to have impinged on his consciousness. Mind you, this is the man who told my mother I looked "dykey" in doc martens and short hair. Fuckwit. How the hell am I even related to this man. He reads the sodding Daily Mail.
((yuefie and yuefie's dad))

Bunnyb, Also relaxed with a lush ball, and going to watch Smallville and Grey's Anatomy with a glass or two of wine. I didn't know you were an english masters graduate. I may get my masters in that!

Faith, awesome about Hawaii! Yay!! smile.gif

The rum cake went over very well at work. I for once, didn't get in trouble for anything. One of my coworkers also made chocolate fondue with some kaluha in it. Needless to say, we were very silly today. It helped that my supervisor wasn't there!! smile.gif Going to eat the rest of the rum cake tonight. I only had one small piece.

Trying to find a decent holiday top to go with a new pair of jeans for the holiday party my mum is throwing for Christmas. Everything is halter tops, and my arms are freaking huge right now!! Boo.

Kvetch: The boy is being a prick. We got into another arquement about my family, and he said point blank that he was "NOT part of the family." No shit asshat! Fuck, with that outlook, he never will be. He thinks that just because he met them at a crappy restaurant that he no longer has to see them. I wonder if this stems from the fact that he doesn't talk to his family. Did I mention this was before work? And, his divorce was final on Monday? He told me that his personal life will no longer melt into his professional life. I tried not to laugh.

Depression hit me hard yesterday, so I took the day off work. I also felt a seizure coming on. It didn't happen. I'm waiting to bleed. This medicine is weird. Last month my period was horrid, now it's a little late. But, I'm getting all the PMS symptoms. Ugh. I really miss my sister, but I fear that it wouldn't be a good thing to call her. Damn.


I want a kitty!! sad.gif

boo on morningtons dad.... sad.gif
So you know how I haven't been in here for a few days? That's because work is kicking my ass. Honestly, I didn't take a lunch break the past two days I have been so busy. And at night, I have a freelance proofing project taking up my time. I've been so freaking busy, I'm actually skipping my office party tomorrow to get some work done. Bleh!

~~~~yuefie and yuefie's dad~~~~~ I hope he's okay and they figure something out.

Amilita, I like the mole sauce. It's refridgerated but yummy. For pantry stuff, I think you can't go wrong with the rosemary crostini or the chocolate-covered peanut butter pretzels. The pumpkin butter is good, too.

(((Mando))) acos!

Hey everyone, I'm totally drained these days. Working my ass off at work and have been avoiding Christmas shopping as I've done jack shit as far as being crafty this year. Just overcommitted all around and the last thing I want to do is step foot in a store so I can buy more stuff for people who already complain about having too much stuff. The kids are a different story; this is a holiday for them. Also, my car is dying and I don't know WTF I'm supposed to do this winter, either let it sit and hibernate under the snow or kill it off preemptively (sp?).

Thyroid cancer relative who I love so much isn't 100% in the clear, either, and I'm not feeling very cheerful with this news. mad.gif This is probably the real reason I can't get too excited about Xmas (despite all the other family problems). Fuck you, cancer.

I'll just be glad when everything goes back to normal in January. Just a couple more weeks. I'm just bummed that I have no one to kiss under the mistletoe -- or that I even have any mistletoe, for that matter.

Mmm, TJ's vodka sauce. I had that for the first time at Minky's house. It must be in the Bustie blood!

Wish I was going to Hawaii, Faith! You little Macadamia nut, you. wink.gif Have a fantastic time.

Time to curl up in bed with a book. Will be glad when it's tomorrow at this time; I have old friends to see, a Nutcracker performance, more classes with beautiful men in leggings/tights (pretty please), and shopping malls to avoid.

Oh, and who the hell sent me a message, tracked it, and then deleted it before I had a chance to log in and read it? Color me curious. (Thanks, Quantum, for the 411.)
Sorry for being selfish again, but I am so drained. I promise I am vibing for you all. (((((kvetchies)))))

My dad is having surgery tomorrow and is in a LOT of pain. The mega strength pain meds aren't doing much to ease it either sad.gif . Thanks for all the vibes for him. Be back to do a real update soon. Lots of hugs and love for all.

((((yuefie)))) i hope things go well with your dad. *`*sending out healing vibes*`*

((rose)) you too! get well soon!

Mornington-yeah, isometimes you gotta wonder if it wasn't for the genetic resemblance how we are related. family.

sidecar~you have going non stop for the past month. make sure to take care of yourself!

(((((mando))))) i know things are rough right now. it is good that you are addressing these things. it will take awhile. don't be so hard on yourself if you have a rough day.

sassygrrl~men can be such asshats, but i still want one.

raisingrl~i hear ya on wanting someone to kiss under the mistletoe.

faith~so jealous of you going to hawaii. awesome. enjoy yourself. and tell us all about it when you get back.

gosh, so many things have been posted in here. cats and food. thank goodness not together!

(((pixie, amilita, designermedusa, sybarite, tes, dusty, candycane_girl, and other kvetchies)))
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