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(((crassy))), sweetums, it really is wonderful to have you back as you are a ray of sunshine and your last post made me firstly beam and then giggle ...

mandoo is a haughty gent with a laconic and derisive tone (RP accent) with one brow continually raised.

watching Nigella Lawson's new Christmas programme and getting into the spirit (not that I was ever out of it); I must begin wrapping some gifts -in the sweet paper that has a holly leaves covered in snow design- and experiment with making florentines as additional gifts. I think we should also do an across the seas card exchange.

Hmmm. If I could get my cat to *stop* talking...he has a kind of whiney/bossy voice and he never shuts up, especially when Mr. Dusty is around.


The deadline has already passed here for guaranteed card delivery overseas by Xmas, but I must write to my godmother anyway. Must must must.

Crassy, we have a voice for our dog, too. He's totally Napoleon Dynamite. The cats at my parent's houserose, have voices, too. Milo, the big Russian Blue, is Strong Sad.

((Yuefie)) That's what we're here for, and I'm glad it's almost over.

((Sassy)) Good that you have a job during the holidays, but I think that place is definitely toxic and glad you're looking into someplace new and legal help.

((rose, raisin, bunny, sonik, candycane, stargazer, pixie, mando-where are you???, anoushh, mornington & pete (the epitome of fluffitude!!), tesao, dusty, amilita, designermedusa, sybarite, faith))
Bunny, i don't think 'sinterklaas'derives from'santa claus', it's definitely st. Nicolaas. Sometimes dutch words resemble english ones, especially the frisian language, spoken in the north of the netherlands (in Friesland, that is, not in Groningen, the neighbouring province).

P's sister siad she thought it was sweet that you people cared about the pony.

Raisin, ofcourse i will send cards overseas! That goes without saying. You'll get my address in return ofcourse.And the same goes for Rose and everyone in here! I would love to send cards to people who matter to me and those especially include you Busties!

Perhaps people here are a bit cautious giving out their address, btw. I totally understand.
sassy, I'm glad to hear that you weren't actually fired but I think it's great that you're looking for a different place to work. It definitely seems like they're discriminating against you.

I would be up for screwdrivers but I have to keep my head clear and focused until next week. After that, it'll be vodka, vodka and more vodka.

Speaking of screwdrivers, Raisingirl, where did you find that cartoon? It looks so familiar but I can't place it.

((yuefie)), those are closure vibes especially for you!

positive vibes for everyone else. I don't know about you guys but it's only four in the afternoon and the sky is all gloomy and gray, so it's kinda depressing. But I always figured that's what Christmas lights were for, to brighten everything up!
Hey everybody! It's time to play Kvetch Up Catch Up! Here we go....

((((sassy))) I'm so sorry you have to work for such losers! Have you checked with your state labor board to see what the requirements are for filing a discrimination complaint, or is it different for gov't jobs? My best advice is keep a journal of what is said/done by whom, with dates and times. It's not as good as intercepting a memo that says "let's get rid of the wierdie, she intimidates and scares us", but (since that only happens in movies-of-the-week) over time the journal can be the next best thing if you do need to file a complaint. ~~~~~better job with more pay and fabulous co-workers vibes~~~~~

(((mornington))) there's a word for you and F: SMITTEN! May it blossom into full-fledged LIKE. Yay! Oh, and just for you, I've figured out how to get streaming radio on my PDA-thingy work gave me, so now I can walk around everywhere listening to BBC4 through the wireless headset, and nobody knows. You're right, it IS all I need! biggrin.gif

(((bunnyb))) soooo jealous of you and mornington's skate 'n bookshop adventure! Congratulations on graduation (and I don't think I ever said, but I LOVE that you worked my sig line into your dissertation). I'm glad you had such a wonderful time in London (and have the bruises to prove it wink.gif ).

(((yuefie))) Raisin had the best advice, y'all! Knock one back and enjoy your fabulous, roommate-free, AHK-less new apartment. And woooo for being an upcoming kitten godmother! They'll look so cute cuddling with Sashie! Dream about that!

(((stargazer))) Yay for getting to use a car for a bit! They're a bit like friends' kids I suspect: lovely when you don't have to deal with the day-to-day dreck of ownership. Have fun on your daytrip! And ~~~~~~just the right internship to suit all your needs vibes~~~~~~

(((faith))) I am so with you on the Math conversations! My BFF double majored in physics and astronomy, and her favorite subject was quantum mechanics! She can explain it so I get it, in a "I'll never be able to explain it to someone else" kind of way. Ironic that she's an analytical chemist now. Anyway, everyone gets quite the chuckle when I use the tip calculator on my mobile! I'm glad the date was good, I hope you have more!

(((rosev))) glad the dinner party went so well! Perhaps the new friends know of good local places, since they've been there a while? I know how hard it can be to be new, I'd moved about a dozen times by age 20. Given how long it takes to really settle in, you are adjusting beautifully! (btw, what did you make them for dessert?)

(((pixiedust))) I SO wanted to see pix of the "angry reindeer"! And although it's mostly cleared off now, I am with you on the bad driving after the roads clear kvetch!!! I will never understand why people get SUVs, just to drive them 10 mph down the highway at the first sign of inclement weather. Asshats.

(((dusty))) I love that you (and the Mr.) are an entire riot squad! Canadian busties are TOUGH!

(((crassy))) It's good to see you around more! I'm trying to crawl out of a depression myself, so it's especially good to see someone else getting out there and posting. Congrats on getting your tree up, I bet it makes the whole place just seem nicer and a bit easier to deal with.....

(((raisin))) Fie on anxiety/tummy pains! Glad you are feeling better. I wonder what a ticket to Rio for Xmas costs.... biggrin.gif Oh, and for dinner tonight, I am having a huuuuge plate of shredded steamed Napa cabbage. I've been craving it ever since you posted that in the Foodie/Troll thread!

(((sonik))) that is sad about your friend's pony. Do you think the new owners would let her have a last visit with it (if they aren't too far away)? And yay! for free Sinterklaas stuff! Maybe you can get extra goodies for your Sinterklaas celebration on Sunday.

(((candycane girl))) SOOOO jealous of your seasonal LUSH job! I would be in the bath 24/7 if I had access to discount LUSH! And I'm laughing at your rush on contraceptives....two of my workmates are pregnant right now, and stories of difficult labor make me unconsciencely cross my legs every time!

(((amilita))) CCG just makes me even gladder that your labor wasn't difficult! How is the gorgeous NotBob? I'm curious, is Wally allowed in his room? My gran always had stories of how newborns and cats aren't supposed to get along, but oddly no friends or family ever had cats/babies at the same time so I have no idea how much is old wives' tale....

(((sybarite))) congrats to your best friend! I hope you are enjoying Copenhagen, even drizzly it must be beautiful! I have a soft spot for Arne Jacobsen myself....

(((mando))) where aarrrree youuuuu?

(((((DM, plummie, sidecar, polly, billy, tesao, msp, wb, faerie.....YOU))))))

So, I've been battling this silly stupid depression/anxiety muck lately. I've started to post and never finished a couple of times, and it's getting harder and harder to leave the house. I know I need to find a good therapist, it's just, you know, they're all OUT THERE. Santa needs to drop one down my chimney (and, for that matter, give me a chimney). Plus, having had some bad therapists back in the day, I'm a little wary of test-driving new ones out. I'm really afraid I'll just stop with the first one I try because it's such an effort to keep looking (no, not talking myself out of even trying THERE rolleyes.gif ).

Major kvetch: Losing a job I never had. I've been doing my job plus someone else's out of neccesity lately (I can't do mine if she doesn't do hers, so I've been doing most of hers too). She's pregnant and going on maternity leave soon, and made it abundantly clear she doesn't really want to come back to her full time job anyway. I didn't really want her job, so didn't respond to all the early hints that it could be mine for the asking. When I visited Chicago my BFF talked me into going for the job, as I was doing most of it anyway. When I got back (before I had a chance to bring it up) my boss told me another person's job in our office is being eliminated after Dec., and he wants this other person to have the job I'd just decided to go for. Moral: procrastination kills, people!

So as not to end on a downer...Anti-kvetch: Winning a football bet I didn't even want to make in the first place! Thanks to OU on Saturday, my boss owes me lunch at the wonderful Thai place around the corner! Woot!

eta: Polly! My cat Chicken (20lb grumpy claws that he is) sounds like Strong Bad!
whee! ((((sixe)))) tongue.gif is all i say to you. oh, and yes, radio four is the answer (please please please tell me you get to listen to the archers). and boo on the job-loss.
(((((crassy)))) pete has a grumpy voice, he's always muttering and mumbling. Indigo doesn't say much; he's very quiet and shy... I don't think I've really got his voice yet.
(((((raisin))))) acos
((((sonik)))) I'm terrible at christmas cards - I still haven't gotten to the posties yet. I'll try to remember to pm you! I'm gonna do a batch... I hope
((((sassy)))) yay for resume and not getting fired!
(((((mando mando where are yooooou)))))
(((((bunny, candy, dusty, pixie, rose, stargazer, faith, syb, polly, dm, billy, tes, amilita, anoushh & notbob, msp, mavin, walkingb, damona - where is damona? - tyger - and her - txplum, tg, and everyone else))))

antikvetch: today, Indigo joined me on the sofa for a cuddle. he lay down with his head in my lap to be stroked. It's the first time he's done this and I feel weirdly touched. like we're bonding and really getting somewhere.

antikvetch: new glasses. photos... in say cheese. I feel very sexeh librarian (thank you bunny!)

other than that... N came round for dinner, it was nice to hang out and chat. I had to get firefly on dvd after watching serenity so I've been watching that too. I figure I'm going to skip out on the mumbling that is the Goat lecturer, and see if I can do any more christmas shopping (because there is no way in hell I'm going on a saturday!). I'd love to send christmas cards out too, so if anybody wants, pm me. it might encourage me to get my arse in gear with this.

Yello, all! I know I've been all Lurky McLurkerness lately, but you know I'm here...though perhaps not reading as in-depth as I used to. At any rate:

{{{{sassy}}}} What an asstastic way to be treated, but at least you have some time to get your ducks in a row now. All best wishes that a much better job soon drops itself into your lap.

{{{{yuef}}}} I saw your LJ post about the AHK a few days ago. Here's to you, better off in every way.

{{{{everybody in the depressed-ucky zone}}}} It makes my shoulders slump to see so many of you. Lots of love and good chances for it to get better, whatever *it* is.

{{{{mando}}}} You seem to need this extra-much lately, and I'm such a slacker.

{{{{crassy}}}} Don't know if I mentioned how much we missed you!

eta: yipe! {{{{anoussh and not-bob}}}} I knew there was someone else that really needed specifics! I'm thinking of you often and hope things are getting better for you.

{{{{rosie, tesaowowow, candy, sixe, sonik, m-ton, dusty, polly, and everyone on the pages I can't see right now}}}}

So my boy cat sounds a bit like the original voice of Garfield from the TV specials, but slightly deeper and less nasally. And my girl sounds sort of like the PowerPuff Girls - or, does anyone remember a (U.S.) commercial from several years insurance or investments or something...and the narrator is talking to a guy in the delivery room with his wife, running through all the things that his new daughter will need in her life (bicycle, first car, college tuition)? And at the end of all this, the narrator mentions a fancy wedding, the doctor holds up a new baby, and they animate her, saying in this little bitty voice: "With ice sculptures!" Well...that's what my Fuzzy Girl sounds like.

Um, yeah. I know, I know. wacko.gif

And finally...GameBoy has been having some tests run over the last couple of months due to, shall we say, digestive issues. I went with him for a follow-up with his GI doctor, and it seems that he has a mild form of Crohn's. Not great news, but easily treated in his case. He has another colonoscopy in February, but it's fairly well confirmed at this point. I liked the doctor, and she really seems to know her stuff, plus she was patient with our questions and answered us thoroughly, and as if we'd understand her. It made us both feel a lot better.

Anyway, any and all continued vibes for good maintenance on this front are very welcome. Right now, GB is having a good time calling his friends and saying, "Good news! I don't have ass cancer!"

That's enough out of me...much love and see y'all soon!
I think my dog sounds like Nico (of Velvet Underground/Warhol fame). I like to sing "These Days" to her in a heavily German-accented voice, and change the lines to "I've been out walking/I don't do too much barking these days." Yeah.

((((kvetchies))) I'm not in here much, but I'm lurking and thinking of all of you.

(((special hugs for plummie))) I too am glad that Gameboy doesn't have ass cancer.
Santa Claus is probably a derivative of Sinterklaas.

Yay for no asscancer!
I was having a blonde moment: santa claus derives from St. Nicholas and so too does sinterklaas.

Dusty, do you happen to know of any good jigsaw/game stores in Canada (random, I know)?

yay for no ass cancer! *~*~*~maintenance vibes for gameboy~*~*~*~

(((mandomyheart))) I meece you sweetpea and hope you're doing okay ~*~*~*more virtual and soothing hair-brushing~*~*~*~

sixelacat is fab, isn't she? it is such a funny signature and had to be used!

oh, and amilita and anoushh morphed for a moment causing me tres confusion!

y'know who else is fab? tesao! I feel inspired by her to volunteer to work with children in Mozambique over the summer, the deadline for summer 2007 is tomorrow so it will probably need to be summer 2008. Gives me time to learn portuguese.

I too want to send Christmas cards and will need to do it as soon as so PM me with your details (although I have a number of kvetchies' addresses already)!

mornington, how you lovin' firefly? It is exceptionally good, is it not? and that makes me cry even more that it was cancelled so prematurely.

~*~*~*~pain-free healing for AP's broken ankle~*~*~*~ how did it happen?

so, those with talking cats, have you bought anything for your kitties for Christmas yet? I need ideas for mandoo ... he's on a diet and has a cat-size stocking.

minor-kvetch: sleeping late
anti-kvetch: gourmet jelly beans and dipping in and out of some Proust.

*waves at txplummie* I too am glad GB doesn't have ass cancer! (Commencing ongoing health vibes anyway)

(((Mando))) Dude, if you knew how many times I have thought 'what did I say/do at the work party/event etc'. Honestly, most people are too busy worrying about what they have said or done, and in any case I'm sure you weren't particularly wayward. Put the magnifying glass away and come in and say hi! smile.gif

Sixela, I bought some Arne Jacobsen glasses! I would love to furnish my whole house from this stunning design emporium in Copenhagen. Sadly, I could only get xmas and weddings presents for other people.

Sassy, keep on looking for another job... even if they didn't fire you, your bosses are atill asshats who you need to get away from.

Dusty, sheesh... your int'l postal deadlines are even worse than ours!

Kvetch: The mister's ex is being typically flaky about her xmas arrangements with their daughter, which of course potentially fucks with our plan-making. It is much harder on the kidster and the mister than on me, but this woman's total disregard for anyone but herself pisses me right off.

Anti-kvetches (in the plural! Yay!): Am getting hair cut today. Have just about figured out what to wear to this upcoming winter wedding we're going to. Got paid more than I expected from radio reviewer thing. Mister's new yuletide habit of feeding us cheese n' port each evening as 'part of Christmas'; never mind that it's only 7 December...

Now if only I could get some work done...
Good morning, darling Kvetchies! How is everyone?

Hooray for no ass cancer! Thank goodness the docs were able to rule that out. Best of luck to him on the Crohn's treatments. If you can hunt down Heven, I'm sure she could give you more real-life experience info on it.
~~~~~ soothing & healing for GameBoy ~~~~~

Mornington, you have the most adorable pets! Glad to hear that Indigo is getting more and more cuddly with every passing day. Love the glasses!

((((((Sixel)))))) Depression tends to make me hibernate, too ... which just makes me feel worse. It's as if the depression knows that in order for it to survive it needs to keep you isolated, so it makes it much more difficult for you to leave the house. I overcome this by making myself go out to just one place that I know I'll like (a local park, the gourmet food shop, etc). Usually after that one stop I already feel so good that I end up staying out & going to other places, too. And if that doesn't work, I get a friend to drag me out. Inspirational music may helpyou get out the door, too (LeTigre works well for me).

Which reminds me that I was thinking of Polly and Sassy yesterday while listening to Le Tigre's Feminist Sweepstakes. smile.gif

Welcome home, Sidecar!



(((((((( Plummie & Bunny & Dusty & Yuefie & Pixie & CandyCane & Polly Sassy & Sonik & Syb & ever'body ))))))))

Our dearly departed Gary Cat sounded like an older Marlon Brando. He looked kinda like him, too!

This morning I am doing laundry whilst listening to Regina Spektor. I have a few errands to run, too, so I probably won't be around much. Here's wishing you all a brilliant day!
mornington, are you okay? just read headline on bbc about tornado and it hit road literally around corner from where my aunt lives (where I was staying until two days ago) and they are fine and house fine but she saw it! I know it's not the area of London you live and study in but checking! i'm totally freaked!
bloody hell, bunny... I didn't notice anything! Good to know your aunt and uncle are ok! (actually, it wsa a bit windy while I was walking the dog). migod, that's just damned... odd. Actually, it's blowing a gale again now...

yay for no asscancer!
yay for volunteering bunny!
yay for haircuts!
yay for sidecar being back! (pretty photos, btw)
(((((txplum, tes, rose, sidecar, mando, yuefie, pixie, sassy, sixe, bunny, crassy, dusty, poly, syb, faith, sonik, billy, amilita, anoushh, everyone)))))

I've spent the day watching firefly and sleeping. I might get up and do some work, but I just don't feel like it. I think I'm going to hibernate a little.

kvetch: the parcel my brother needs on saturday not being delivered... and I don't know when it'll be delivered tomorrow. I hate being pinned to the house even when I'm not planning to go anywhere.

i'm around, my pets. you're all such loves asking for me, you really are. i'm just feeling a tad overwhelmed and not up the individual vibing, i'm ashamed to admit. i'm not even up to reading even one page of archives, which is a major faux pas, i know. plus i'm actually busy at work. (imagine that!) hence my lurkmode.

nutshellwhineypantsupdate: my heart sonogram didn't show any abnormality. i don't even have mitral valve prolapse, which is ironic, since i've been thinking i have a faulty heart valve for 20+ yrs. so. the doc agrees that my "spells" were probably anxiety-based, and now i'm "just" anxious about being anxious. i haven't had anymore outright bouts of lightheadedness, but i feel it's lurking, waiting to pounce, for lack of better description. i have my first therapy appt today. which, yes, i'm anxious about. i'm just so sick of having this hanging over me, and working so hard to keep it from everyone but a handful of confidants. i want the meds to kick in already, dammit. everyone else on wellbutrin says it helped them right away. maybe i need to up my dosage? trying to be patient. it's only been two weeks.

i'll try to catch up proper later, or tomorrow morning.
and thanks again for the love & concern. know that it's reciprocated. *keeces*
yuefie, wow, it's been a year!! you really rock for getting through it and putting it all behind you!!!

i love our pets' personalities -- they could all hang out--adorable.

count me in on not thinking sassy's workplace deserves her!

sonik, yay, i'm totally e-mailing you my snail address after this post...

(((sixelacat))) i'm totally with you on not being able to find a good therapist. i don't actually think i've ever had a good one, i really hope you find one though and i hope i get the courage to try again too. it's hard. i'm also trying really hard not to sink into my isolation instincts surrounding my depression. i realized i missed out on a lot the last few months.

mornington, sounds to me like indigo likes to practice his voice at night! it is so sweet that he laid his head in your lap. i wish zeke would do that on the couch- but he has never tried once to get on it, can you believe that? i guess it's better not to train him to do it then cause he's not allowed (the mr's rule) on the bed. he's really big so i guess that's good, still i wouldn't mind snuggling him at night esp. when the mr's away. and re: posties- don't worry i haven't gotten to them either!

(((txplum))) awww! missed you too! ((((gameboy))) thank gawd for no ass cancer!!!

sidecar, i do similar lyric changes with zeke, only it's usually about the girl dogs at the dogpark who chase him *imagine zeke's gravely 'nawlin's voice here* "bitches love me".


bunny, zeke and enzo have 'paw' shaped stockings with their names on it. enzo's getting a long stick with jingle bells, feathers, and fish-shaped catnip toys attached via ribbons, plus a new scratchpad and some treats. zeke is getting a new stuffed toy, and treats, and maybe a santa suit.

(((mr. syb & kidster))) that sucks, but yay for cheese & port!
Yay for (((Mandilicious)))' heart! Eek for anxiety attacks, they suck.

I only know one game/puzzle store, Bunny, so I have nothing to compare it to. Is this something someone would want to visit in person? Because its in the basement of Cumberland Terrace in Toronto and the Science Store is a short underground walk from there in the basement of the Holt Renfrew Centre and it has some cool stuff too.
dusty, it's more for somewhere we here can buy a jigsaw to send there (Vancouver), it saves on postage and delivery time so the boy is looking at Northern America for anywhere online selling big jigsaws (3,500-500 pieces).

crassy, mandoo will probably be receiving toys too as his diet does not allowe treats and he is immune to cat nip.

(((mando))) still thinking about you darlin'.

cheese and port sounds like my kind of advent! although I would substitute red wine for the latter and even more cheese for the former.
BAH. just wrote huge long post and somehow managed to delete it. i think i need to get some sleep. heavy lurking vibes to alllllll of you. esp. mandomyheart.

and plummy -- do you happen to have my MZ phone number???? so very glad that gameboy does not have ass cancer. love that he is getting a kick out of telling people that. can HEAR him doing it.

dusty -- i still have fan man putting a smile on my face every day.

bunny b badd -- do you have any idea how FABcool it would be if you came to MZ????

crassy -- yappy pants? is it really you???

*waves HI to milo*

love to all. sorry for the short post.
(((tes))) my love, I just did same exact thing. ugh!

whoa and wtf to crazy ass tornados in london! glad everyones ok (((morn, indigo & pete, bunny-family)))

(((plummie)))) YAY to no asscancer ~~~healthy vibes for GB~~~

((((mandi)))) *lovies*

((((crassy, amilita, dusty, bunny, raisin, sidecar, rosev, polly, stargazer, faith, pixie, syb, sonik, sixela, anoushh & not-bob, everybody))))

I'm pretty sure the screwdrivers ya'll pic raisin posted was from Natalie Dee. But if not, this one is: IPB Image

That one is just for AHK. I haven't heard anything back, which is no big surprise. I figured he would want to drag this out, as drama queens tend to like to do those types of things tongue.gif . My sis just called and pleaded with me to get out of work early by any means necessary, because the niece has been away at 6th grade camp all week and she wants us to hang out on her last child free day. So I am out of here in a few to play hooky. It's like high school all over again, hehe.

Mandi, hang in there, sister. This too shall pass. I know I'm not around much, but I'm always rooting for you.
Aww, thanks, y'all. Look at all the "no ass cancer" vibes! Y'all rock. I thank you and so does GameBoy. Rosie, I have thought much of Heven in all this, and GameBoy has mentioned her several times as well. I only wish that her case was as mild as his is.

{{{{mandoriffic}}}} Way back in my teens, they checked me for heart stuff when I was having panic. They discovered the high blood pressure, but I still think it was "just" panic. Bad enough, huh? I've been down that scary, sometimes no-warning, can't-breathe chest-crushing road in the past, and I wish I could do more than wish it was better for you. Give the Wellbutrin a bit more time, and remember that if it doesn't help, there is almost certainly something else that will.

{{{{tesaolicious}}}} I do not believe that I have your number there. Perhaps you can send me it and I can get a phone card or some such?

I must note that it is back to the land of TG for me this weekend, and another round of sitting with the TallKid! Envy me. You know you want to.

Finally: the entire reason I delurked today was to tell {{{{crassy}}}} that I almost pissed myself trying to laugh quietly at work at "bitches love me." oh. my. god. funny.
Thanks for checking in, Mandi. Congrats on having a healthy heart! Please let us know how you felt about your therapy appointment. ((((Mandi))))

Good to see you, Ms P!

Yuefie, I hope you have fun with your sis!
[farts in general direction of AHK]

((((((((all my Kvetchies))))))))

Anti-kvetch: I found the local Sanrio store! And I spent $30 there. That amount of money goes really far at Sanrio. smile.gif

Kvetch: I'll be spending a big chunk of the night addressing Xmas cards & writing little letters to the family overseas. Man, this is going to take a lot of time. Bleh.

Anti-kvetch: Company Xmas party tomorrow night at a steakhouse. Hooray for free filet mignon!
((((((mando)))))) *smooches*

((((crassy)))) I suspect Indigo of talking to himself. He definitely talks very quickly - he's got a touch of irish in him though, so he's a charmer biggrin.gif and take pictures if you're putting zeke in a santa suit! (I'm thinking of getting Indigo some jammies for new year... because he gets chilly!)

((((yuefie)))) I shall give ahk the two-fingered salute. he's a knobber. and yay for skivving off work.

((((kvetchies)))) and indigo sends cold-nose sniffles.

Squeeee! The thought of Indigo in little doggie PJ's is cracking me up from the cuteness. Please do it, and please post pictures. I'm sure it would be cute enough to submit to Cute Overload!!!

Yeah, I keep saying I'll get around to starting my Xmas cards. I decided that I have enough boxes of leftover cards from Christmas's past that I'm just going to mail out a mix of them this year, rather than buying new cards. I usually buy 2 styles of cards, so hopefully no one will get one they got before, though it's pretty inevitable. I have to get around to going to my parents to dig through my old stuff to find all these cards, though.

Mando, so glad you have a probable answer to the heart issues and now you can proceed from there. Good luck with therapy!

((hugs to all))
(((mando))) well, at least you know your heart is ok. but, we know in here you are all heart anyway. i totally understand not having the energy sometimes to even post, or anything else for that matter. occasionally, i still get the racing heart thing (usually in the morning). i didn't notice any changes until after 3 weeks of being on meds. i hope your session with your therapist goes well.

(((bunnyb))) i feel like a total ass, but i did not know tornadoes can happen in the uk. really. i mean, the wizard of oz didn't take place in the countryside of england. i always think kansas or the south...but, now i'm rambling...good to hear your family is safe.

(((mornington))) oh those glasses are very cute on you! tres chic.

(((rose))) i've become real lazy and i will spend the extra money to make things easier for myself in terms of christmas cards. i was so happy to see hallmark (on their website) will print a signature for you and print your mailing addresses on the envelope. all i have to do is slap on a mailing label. no more carpal tunnel from writing all of those cards! yeah, i've gotten so efficient that i have mailing labels for christmas saved on my 'puter. i love christmas cards.

(((sonik))) thank you so much for sending out christmas cards to us busties! my roommate and i are bummed that we have only received 2 cards, but we had to remind ourselves that it is only the first week in december.

(((tes))) i love how you swirl in and out of here. you sure do make an entrance! i love it.

(((txplum))) congrats on the cancerfree diagnosis! good holiday news.

(((crassy, faith, dusty, designermedusa, sassygrrl, sixelacat, prettyinpink, polly, yuefie, sidecar, raisingrl, amilita, anoushh, and everyone else here)))

another busy day. it was freakin' cold here. terrible. i feel kinda scattered, but i know i've gotten alot done these past 3 days. cool.

kvetch: another rejection from an internship site. boo. total: 2 nays-14 undecided.
My Christmas card will involve my dog and a headband with antlers. Color you jealous!

On a less cheery note, my mom called to say that one of my uncles died. Some of you may remember this fellow as the guy who never sent a card or called my mom when my brother died and then later, allowed my grandmother's family home (which he committed to buying from my grandma but never actually paid her for) to be repossessed by the bank for a home-equity loan he and his evil ex-wife took out and again, never paid (and he "borrowed" $8,000 from my grandma to "save" the house shortly before it was repossessed). Anyway, he was very sick. He had diabetes, which he didn't treat, and heart problems. I feel very bad for my grandma, as it's only been three months since my grandfather died.

But mostly I feel awkward. He did some other stuff that was pretty bad before the thing with my brother and the house, so I haven't had much respect for him for a long time, and I chose to discontinue what little of a relationship we had after the two most recent things. I never wished him ill, but I felt he was a toxic presence and I wasn't interested in indulging it. It's not that I'm happy that he's dead, but that I don't feel any real sadness or anything. I feel pretty guilty for feeling nothing, actually.

(((mando))) hang in there kiddo; I'm pulling for you.
(((crassy and mornington))) at the international bustie commune, our dogs would have a good time at the dog park.

stargazer, I didn't know you could have tornadoes in the UK either! came as a double-shock to me.

tesao, it would be tres magnifique (excuse the affectation but sometimes french adds a certain je nais se quois wink.gif) if I could make it to mozambique! hopefully you will still be there in 2008 and it's not another one of my pipe dreams.

we have such a great support network in here for depressed kvetchies, everything that has been posted in the last couple of days I have identified with (((my fellow depressed kvetchies))) but I thought I was beyond that point myself, that I was "getting better". today, however, I can't motivate myself out of my PJs. I was supposed to meet friends for coffee and go to a Proust reading group but gah, I wanna stay at home so I cancelled (making up an excuse too). I know it's important to keep myself busy and not to wallow and I've been resisisant (well, not really, motivation wasn't an issue in the last couple of weeks when I've been so busy and with my boy ... and interestingly, my sleep pattern wasn't disturbed either when I had the boy lying beside me) but today is a down day.

undies: in grey and pink PJs with pale pink pants beneath (by which I am saddened as they have a hole in the back and they are my favourite, most comfiest pair of pants).

(((msp))) I feel honored you delurked for me, babe.
(((plummie & gameboy))) sorry to hear it’s crohn’s, but relieved to hear it’s not the scary C. and I truly appreciate the empathy. But you know that.
(((bunny))) iffen you want a kick in the arse to get out and do stuff, lemme know. But you know, I don’t see anything wrong with wallowing. It’s a form of “nesting”, regrouping, I think. But then, I’m biased, since I’m a wallower from way back. Just as long as you don’t let it gain utter control, doll.
(((mornington))) just acos.
(((stargazer))) your kind words lift my spirits greatly. Thank you. Sorry to hear about the internship rejection. I’m keeping all parts crossed you get good news soon.
(((sidecar))) I’m sorry about your uncle. But you shouldn’t beat yourself up for not feeling bad. He doesn’t sound like a very good person. But, you know, r.i.p.
(((yuefie))) i'm sending AHK superstrength DON'T BE A DICK vibes, fast & furious. i doubt it'll work, but you never know.

Rose, enjoy your filet mignon tonite! And good for you and sonic and polly and stargazer and the other good-soul busties for sending out cards. I think I might’ve sent out a few last year, just to busties, but not this year. i suck. My theory is, I’m off the week after xmas, and I’m hosting a cousin’s party on the 30th, so I’ll be baking and cleaning … and yeah, I have no idea why this is rationalization for not sending cards, but in my twisted brain, it is.

Therapy went ok. She seems very warm, an excellent listener, and I like what she had to say. Even a few things that made me feel a little proud of myself. But I sort of got unnerved by revisiting more than a few traumas within 1.5 hrs. the “dredging” is what’s scared me off from therapy all these years as it is. and then there was making the check out at the end. I can’t help it, paying someone to listen icks me out. But I have to get past that. I’m not paying for her friendship, I’m paying for her professional help. but it's a weird relationship, isn't it?

she did ask me what kind of support i have. and i was vague. which bothered me when i left. i'm going to make sure i tell her next week that i have a WONDERFUL support network, which happens to be an online women's community. because you are all fabulous friends - fuck the "RL" vs "virtual" definitions - even tho i've never spoken to or met many of you.

(((group hug)))
I forgot to say this earlier, but many thanks to the UK Busties for telling us about the tornado! I wouldn't have heard about it otherwise. Luckily, it avoided all of my family members, but it's still frightening to think about it. Glad to hear you're all okay. (((((Mornington & Bunny & all of the UK Busties)))))

Mandi, it's so good to hear that the therapy appointment went well. I'll agree that it feels kinda weird in the beginning! In the early appointments, my therapist spent a lot of time listening to me and just getting to know me - my history, my quirks, etc. I imagine your therapist will be similar.

Sidecar, sorry to hear that you're going through such complicated feelings. I think I'll feel similarly when my estranged Uncle J passes away.
((((((((much love and strength for Sidecar's grandma))))))))

~!~!~!~!~ acceptance vibes for Stargazer ~!~!~!~!~

Polly, you're doing the exact thing with your cards that we are. I have 4 varieties of leftover cards from previous years. I'm just desperately trying to remember which cards we gave to whom last year! Eep!

Bunny, it's okay to spend the occasional day on your own. But tomorrow you should at least get some proper clothes on. Two days in a row in your jammies isn't usually a good sign. Take it from me! wink.gif

~~~~~~ continued vibes for GameBoy ~~~~~~

Another day, another bunch of errands to run!
Mando, I've been wondering how you've been; I sent you an email.

Yay, no ass cancer!

No guilt vibes for Sidecar.

Yeah, Natalie Deeeeee! That's it.

IPB Image

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday. I was so happy, thinking I could lounge around for a bit (heh) before heading off to the studio, but then the reality hit me that -- OOPS! -- the work week isn't over yet. UGHHHH. Snap. But let's not talk about work. And so tomorrow's the Craftacular in NY and I still don't know if I'm going to go! Der. I do feel like throwing caution to the wind (cliche) and blowing off all obligations and plans this weekend so I can go frolic in NY and meet more Busties.

Where has WB been? Mando, have you talked to her on the phone?
(((Mando))) I always found that moment of handing over the money a bit weird too. I'm really glad you like your therapist though; that's kind of everything, in a way. And as for support, at one time the lounge was the only place I could truly vent and it's still so important to me. So yeah, I'd say here =support network.

How jealous am I over RV's free filet mignon?!

Sidecar, I'm sure you know you're entitled to feel however you feel. It's natural to feel conflicted when someone you know dies, even when they are less complicated than your uncle. Sounds like you're working through it all in articulating it, which is good.

(((Stargazer))) Just cause you're a sweetie. My fingers are crossed you get good news re. an internship soon!

I just came from a screening of A Prairie Home Companion. It's like Altman filmed his own eulogy. It's haunting and funny all at once, even though the Lohan is in it.

Cotton patterned bikini knickers (laundry crisis) and nude brar, for use under thin-ish sweater. Oh, and my hair is in the cutest razored bob and looks fab, if I do say so myself...
tes, 'tis me indeed. glad to be back and to see you!

(((mandi))) glad it went ok. i was thinking about you yesterday. i don't like paying either, it feels weird. i wish they'd just have the receptionist ask for payment at the begining. i've got to go back to therapy and find someone who i can talk to, didn't like the last lady and then when i missed an appt. she didn't even call to see if i was ok!!!

(((sidecar & grandma))) it's normal to feel mixed feelings in that situation

cute pic, yuefie. *~*~*uncomplicated interaction to get things back from asshat*~*~*

(((heven))) anyone heard from her? i saw this girl yesterday who looked so much like a 15 year old heven i did a double-take.

(((txplum))) how old is tallkid now? and speaking of bitches love me, i think i'm getting zeke this shirt for x-mas.

zeke is the best, he lets me put any clothing on him as long as it doesn't cover his paws.

(((indigo & mornington))) please post pics if you get the jammies. awwwwww!

speaking of cute puppers- sidecar, i'd love to see the pic of sophie w/antlers. i was gonna have a pic of zeke w/santa on my cards- we were doing pics w/santa as a fundraiser for the humane society but i had to work at my real job and i missed it. sad.gif

(((bunny))) i know how it is. i'm seriously thinking of cancelling plans tomorrow to go to that bust craftacular in brooklyn --but knowing i've cancelled a lot of stuff in the past and the fear that my friends will think i'm flaky is prevailing so far. btw, any other busties going to be there? raisin e-mail me direct if you decide to go, i'll look for you.

(((stargazer))) *~*~get perfect internship~*~*~

sybarite, your hair sounds cute- i desperately need a new cut. or at least to color my roots. so lazy and broke though.

black lacy boyshorts and mint green lacy underwire. both favorites.
Crassy, that shirt for the puppers is great!

Heven spends her time on LJ now, yes? It would be good to know how she's doing.

Has anyone heard from PrettyNPink? I was thinking of her a lot today.

Undies: Pink satin thong, pink lace brar. I'm a pretty little princess!

Anti-kvetch: I've gotten plenty done today. Sent some important e-mails, paid bills, bought groceries, finished laundry, gave myself a manicure, & visited the new yarn store down the way. Now I just need to iron Sheff's clothes for the party & my to-do list will be completely finished.

Kvetch: The above paragraph makes me sound like such a stereotypical housewife. Ugh. I really am a feminist. Honest!

Anti-kvetch: As I mentioned, I stopped by our town's new yarn shop today. The owner is a sweet lady. The place certainly doesn't have the cool vibe of my old shop in T-town, but the owner seems very nice and is willing to teach me lace. With her help. I'd like to make a pretty shawl for my mother-in-law.

Pseudo-kvetch: She had this fantastic book of Victorian lacework & tons of the photographs were taken in Cambridge. Lots of pics of Kings College & the Clare College bridge & so many sights that are familiar to me. Made me feel rather homesick for England.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff just called & he's getting out of work early today. He'll be home in just a few minutes! Hooray!
Aww, Crassy! You just made me LOL again. AWESOME. Take pictures of Zeke in the shirt!

I am loving the knitting content today...great picture, Raisin! I feel that way a LOT.

And Rosie, you go on ahead knitting a shawl with your bad self. Plus: *poke* you are doing important things for yourself and your household. Do not give yourself feminist shame for that!

Oh: TallKid is almost 2 1/3. smile.gif He's very cute and Very Tall Indeed.

I am wearing a nice new dusky purple smooth-cup bra that gives me great cleavage, but sadly...Period Panties.

Kvetch: serious crimson tide.

Anti-Kvetch: I'm off today, stopping by my favorite LYS on my way out of town, and, well, GOING TO SEE THE TALLS!!!
Haha, I thought it sort of looked like a Natalie Dee comic! I am addicted to her and her husband's work.

((sidecar)) I have an uncle that I really do not like and I'd probably feel the same as you if he died. Don't beat yourself up about it.

anti-kvetch: I am now done with exams. All that is left to tackle are three more assignments and a ginormous group presentation on Monday. I can see the light!

happy vibes to everyone!
Omigod..i clicked on a thread in Bust and i got the 'temporarily unavailabe'thingy. Thank Maude it was just a hitch in whatever it was in.

Those cartoons are pretty funny.



((((Plumwine and Gameboy)))))I'm relieved to hear he can be treated.

Sybarite, because you were mentioning your hairdo in the same sentence as your underwear, i thought that your 'other hair' was shaved into a cute bob!

black bra and green undies with pink rim and yellow print:"Beach island Resort Pacific Spirit Girls Fun Enjoy". That text is not too short for my big ol'ass.

P is off to some party with a friend of his. She's sleeping over. He cleaned the whole house. I was teasing him, saying she should come over more often so the house would be cleaner..i don't think i will see her as i have to work tomorrow. She's rad, doing two studies at once and somehow managing to exhibit her work too.
I'm at home, have to get up at 6.30 am i'm teaching a class at my old art school two saturdays in a row. It's fun, but it's also something i'm a bit nervous for (the night before) because i'm sort of playing things by ear.

I got a compliment from a friend/colleague of mine today. I sent him a drawing about the whole habeas corpus ordeal in the U.S. He was like: Dude, stay on your own territory. I'm the political draughtsman, remember?! All in fun ofcourse. But i'm beginning to realize this is something i can do as well. Especially if i can throw in a dose of pop culture..

I visited a psychoogist for a period of time. I never had to pay since it was covered in health insurance. But i can imagine paying for revealing quite some things about your psyche is a bit odd.

The tornado thing in the UK was covered by the news here tonight.

P's mom called me today. Se said she'd tried to call his sister, but she didn't answer her phone. I know P's sister forgets her phone and doesn't hear it ringing when she's in the livingroom. Their mom asked how she dealt with the selling of the pony. I said she was pretty upset. I could tell from the noises on the other side of the line that p's mom was crying. She said that she was determined to seek out where the pony would go exactly and if things didn't work out, the pony would come back. There have been rows in the family before, and i know P's mother is worried things might end up to the same sort of situation. But i told her they should come this Sunday. I think in the end, things'll be alright.

((((Bunny, RoseV, Sybarite, Crassy, Candycane Girl, Dusty, Tesao, Yuefie, MsP(good to see you!), Mornington, Polly, Stargazer, Raisin))))))

Somehow the computer shut down and oh miracle! i got this long-ass post back! I'll stop now, not be pushin my luck...
Woohoo! I sent out an application....I'm in the same funk as Bunny and everything keeps getting put off because staying in bed is a better option than trying to get a job, right? Anyway, I think my staffing agency person is flaking out on me, so I have to be more aggressive with finding my own job. Novel idea. I talked to my cousin, the dentist and she said they're looking for someone with dental office experience, but if that doesn't happen, I'm their first choice. Even if that happened, I suspect the pay isn't great. I applied to a customer service position- not great, but it pays several K more than where I was.

((sidecar)) We all have relatives who we're less than thrilled to be related to, and as unfortunate as it is when they die, it's perfectly understandable to have mixed feelings about it. I can name three off the top of my head that I don't see myself being sad about when they're gone. I wish they were nicer, happier people, but they're not.

((mando)) glad the therapy went well. You'll get over the awkward "paying for someone to talk to" thing. They are there to do a job, even if that means listening to your intimate details. And I'm so happy to be a part of your support system!

((rose)) Don't feel guilty about doing household chores. Somebody's gotta do 'em. So jealous that you can knit. I can sew, but can't knit/crochet/embroider, etc. Too complex. I tried knitting b/c my sister got into it, and I can cast on, but I can't get any further than that. I don't know why.

I'm dying my hair right now. Going to the salon was just getting too expensive ($90 for color and cut), even before I lost my job, so I've done it myself the last two times. It's a pain in the ass but for 1/10th the cost, it's worth it. I'll post before and after pictures!

((hugs to all)) Can't wait for tomorrow's Chicago Bustie Festivus/Christmas party! Are you going, sidecar?
(((depressed Busties)))

Would love to see pictures of the Bustie pets all dressed up.

Sorry to Bust in and ask for vibes, but the minipixie's need then! Mr. Pixie's minipixie has had headlice since Wednsday. She is supposed to come to our house this weekend, but the lice is still so bad, her mom decided to keep her home. She's had to have her very long hair cut off and it is pretty tramatic!
And my minipixie got since home from school today throwing up, and now she is running a fever!

My love to everyone....
No time, as our opening is an hour and a half...but checking in and skimming as my bath runs! Vibing as I read, of course.

(((Sidecar))) Similar thing happened to me last week...I mentioned it in a post...but my uncle who I actively disliked died of a heart attack. It's a weird feeling...I wasn't happy he died, but not sad at all. It brought up a lot of sad/unpleasant memories.

And (((Mando))) I wanna write later about some advice that's been helpful to me from my shrink about anxiety, but can't the meantime, I'm thinking of you. The whole therapist relationship is weird, but I must say I mostly just love it for its, that someone is focusing on me and my well- being! Even if it's for money.


Please, please, pictures of pets in jammies and tshirts!!!! Picture from me of Wally soon to come!!! I'm trying to find him a Santa hat.
*fly-by on way to sleep*

that would be sleeping in my new bed with new bedding and, boy, does it feel lush. when bunny's in a funk she likes to burrow in a new bed and in clean jammies well, it's nice but it was really bunnymama who motivated me- by kicking me up arse- to finally sort out bedroom and new bed. tis all pretty now.

after an exhausting day doing that I watched In Her Shoes on dvd whilst eating pizza and then chocolate. I am now going to read in my new bed with new bedding - did I mention it was cosy (a 15 tog duvet!)?



(((depressed kvetchies)))

(((the minipixies - all of them)))
I'm here Rose. Just been lurking and sticking to LJ mostly.

You're only thinking of me cause you're wearing me. wink.gif

(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(All y'all)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)
Crassy, I'll definitely let you know if I'll be there tomorrow. As of now, I'm undecided (don't feel like making a road trip, too late to buy a train ticket, I'm sure)... need to sleep on it.

(((tucking all Kvetchies into bed with fresh sheets)))
((raisin, pip, sonic, candy cane, TX plum, crassy, syb, star, yuefie))

((bunny)) Enjoy the new bedding.

((amilita)) Hope the opening goes well.

((mini-pixie)) Feel better.

((polly)) Good luck on the job search. I find as my hair gets longer it gets harder to dye my hair myself.

((rose)) Have fun at the party. You can do housework, and still be a feminist. Mr. DM does not iron, so I iron for him.

((mando)) Mom DM went to therapy for awhile, and it really helped her start working out some issues she had from her childhood. I’d love to see a therapist, but I always makes excuses like I don’t have the time or money.

((sidecar)) Sorry to hear about your uncle, but I understand your feelings. I have the same feelings about my grandfather. He had done many bad things to many of my relatives, and I don’t have any feelings about him.

((mornington)) I saw a really cute furry bunny in a pet store tonight, and I thought of Pete.

I was tired this week, so I didn’t get online much. Yesterday was Mom DM’s birthday, we celebrated by getting fried chicken and red beans and rice. Not sure what I will be doing this weekend, depends on Mr. DM’s work schedule.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Pictures of my hair:

Before: Blah.
After: It's festive, alright!

Look at my huge Irish head in those pictures!

And, as a bonus, here's a picture of my dog from last year, dressed up for Christmas! No, he is not missing an ear, the other one got folded down by the lights and he was too paralyzed with fear to move to free it!

ETA: DM, my hair used to be about twice as long and I had to buy two packages of dye to do it. Now I can get away with one. At least when I bought two, I could be pretty darn sure I'd have enough; now there's just enough hair that I'm a little worried everytime I do it that there won't be enough.

Also, got an email confirmation that my resume was received....we'll see if I hear from crossed!
hey, everyone, thanks for the assurance. amilita, I remember your post about your uncle and I remember thinking, "wow, that's how i feel about one of my uncles." It's good to know I'm not alone.

Polly, your hair is tres festive! And I can't make it tomorrow. All my pals have been scattered about for the past month or so--tomorrow's the first Saturday in a month where I haven't had houseguests, been a houseguest, or attended a wedding myself--so one of my closest friends is having a get-together at his house so we can all catch up. Bustie festivus sounds like it'll be fun, so I'm bummed I can't make it, but Miss Stargazer was extremely gracious in letting me off the hook.

((((the minipixies)))) You people with much admiration. I don't know how you do it.

(((bunny))) your bedding sounds nice.

I went out with some coworkers post-work and had a good time, but forgot how smoky bars are anymore. I had three beers in four hours and was a bit tipsy, but even after that faded, I felt so gross. I wish we had a smoking ban. I hate being up in the wee hours, sucking a cough drop, because I was around smoke (no one at my table was smoking either!). I mean, even my hair smells.

Today I wore a beige bra and peach boyshorts. very exciting.
fly by to tell all of the depressed kvetchies that i have been there, and not so long ago....mandomyheart, i have an anxiety disorder. wellbutrin by itself doesn't work for me. i have to have an anti-anxiety med, too. wellbutrin by itself just made me hyper. which is better than depressive, but SUCKS for anxiety. different meds work different for different people. and it takes at least 2-3 weeks for any effect to really be noticeable. so don't give up hope!!!!

as for therapy, yep. count me in there. for yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears. think of it as taking a course in yourself. that always helped me. i wasn't paying someone to listen. i was paying someone to take a class. focused on ME. sort of scary, but less weird, somehow.

here is something that you will ALL like!
Add me to the depressed kvetchie list. I woke up on Weds, and just started bawling. It really hasn't been good all week. I didn't lose my job, but they're still acting like class a fucktards. We got in trouble for talking yesterday. All this bullshit about teamwork, and we get in trouble for talking to our teammates? Also, there was a board meeting that no one told me about. Can you feel the love? I'm glad I'm still sending out resumes. Amen to therapy. Been in it for 4 years and counting. My therapy this week helped a little.

On a health note, saw my neurologist this week. It's been over 2 months since my last seizure. My warnings are coming back, which is a good thing.
The last two meds I was on, I didn't get a warning for a seizure. I just went into the damn thing. Also, my migranes have gotten better. We're just going to keep on the same dosage of the med I'm on, and just hope for the best. I really love my doctor. He doesn't bullshit me, and talk down to me. Also, he's got a great sense of humor.

Mcgeek is being a special type of asshole this week. He's frustrated and not sure why. But, it's coming out in ways that I don't like. I don't know if we're both anxious about going to the rents for Christmas. I have a feeling it has to do with his divorce being final next week.

Anti-kvetch: I have decided to go back to grad school(and this time, I mean it!) I'm going to get my masters in communications disorders, b/c I have always wanted to be a speech pathologist. They only admit 20 people a year in January. So, that gives me a year to take all the tests and get all the reccomendation letters. I have some Americorps grant money from my last job, and I really miss school. I am going to apply to Georgia State and Portland State. smile.gif So, that's good news!

My crazy landlady is giving me shit for her not having any heat. We got into a fight b/c I was at Mcgeek's house twice a week. Well, he has heat.
It was just stupid. I'm not her daughter, and if I'm paying my rent, she shouldn't care.

Hi, Pretty! Thanks for the link to your blog. I really like the entry about the leaves.

~~~~~~~ soothing for the Mini-Pixies ~~~~~~~~
Poor dears. I'm concerned about T's hair, though. I got lice a couple of times when I was a kid & my mother never cut off my hair (and I had a LOT of hair!). She was the school nurse, though, so if anyone was an expert on getting rid of lice, it was my mom! If you need some advice, I'm sure she'd be happy to talk with you, Pixie. She's working this weekend, but you can call her Monday.

~*~*~*~* no-more-seizure vibes for Sassy ~*~*~*~*
Sassy, I'm glad to hear you have a neurologist that you trust. I looooooove my neurologist. Such an amazing, insightful man. Back when I was seeing him regularly, I felt that he understood me even better than my therapist!

Hope the opening was a smash, Amilita!

~$~$~$~ job vibes for Polly ~$~$~$~
I like the new hair color! Mrowr! I've been thinking of doing something similar with my hair. I think a nice natural dark red could look good on me.

Or maybe purple. Would it look ridiculous for me to get purple hair at the age of 31? I just feel that since I'm not working, I should take advantage of the situation and maybe do something crazy with my hair while I can get away with it. It would certainly keep me from looking like a boring ol' housewife!

Hooray for bunny & her new bed! There's something truly fabulous about a new duvet, isn't there? smile.gif

DM, how is the Mr. doing? Is he happy to be back down south?

Tes my darling, I owe you a PM! Simply put, I never ever check my Bust e-mail addy anymore. I'll send you my regular one. Next I just need to get up the courange to call M & A & others & meekly ask them to spend time with me. I'm such a shy geeky little soul! It takes a lot of courage for me to be friendly. My BestGalPal is truly gifted at making friends wherever she goes, so I just think to myself, "What would BestGalPal do?" and go from there. biggrin.gif

((((((((((joy and love and peace for all y'all)))))))))))) And yes, I really do say "y'all" sometimes. But not often. You can take the girl outta Oklahoma, but you can't take the Oklahoma outta the girl!

Here's a run-down on the events from last night.

Kvetch: Less than an hour before we had to leave last night, I started feeling soooooooo sick. Nauseated & overheated & terrible stomach cramps. Awful. For a while I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to go to Sheff's company party.

Anti-kvetch: I managed to force myself to feel better. Took a super cold shower (which oddly helps me a lot when I'm feeling nauseated) & forced myself to get dressed. We ended up leaving 20 minutes late, but that only means that we missed some of the pre-dinner cocktail hour. Not a big deal.

Kvetch: Felt too sick to eat all of my filet mignon. Oh well.

Anti-kvetch: Had plenty of fun talking to people and meeting more of Sheff's co-workers. They seem to really like him there. I even got to chat with the company president & he was just pleased as punch to have Sheff with the company. Yay!

By the by, there was an open bar. Sheff and I just had a couple glasses of wine, but some people went a little overboard. We left shortly before 11 because some of the guys were trying to convince Sheff to get smashed & he just knew that if he drank too much he'd say things he'd regret later. It would've been fun to stick around, but I don't blame him one bit for wanting to avoid that situation.
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