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Crassy, check your e-mail!

Much better today. Still rather full of grossness.
(((rasin & family)))
(((txplum, bunny, syb, mando, msgoof, sapphy, dm, anoushh, lively, polly, rosev, sidecar, everyone I've missed)))

I find that my procrastination levels are actually higher when the weather is crap. Maybe it's the rain... or maybe I'm just easily distracted.

Counselling was better today - he's decided that talking about my family may be too "distressing" for me, and wants me to have a think about the different courses he's suggested - going to the doc, continuing counselling in a couple of different styles, and so on. I told him today that I didn't feel I was getting any positivity from his sessions. My mother wants me to see the lady-counsellor she saw when she was getting divorced. If we can find her, I'll give her a go - she will at least not be confused by my lifestyle/upbringing as she's associated with my parent's employment. And I think I'm going to have to go to the doc.

But I'm going for lunch with a friend - one of my mother's male cronies who fills in for my father (he loathes my dad, and works two doors down from him, in the same damn building, so I'll have to be sneaky) and to collect the flat keys for my mum. And I'm seeing Daphne.

at some point, I will also be doing some work
Thanks kittenb!! :-)

((Good News))
((((raisin & family)))) FUCK YOU CANCER!!!

Can I get some employment vibes for my brother? He is up for a new job that would get him away from his current one (which is making him miserable). I want my little bro to be happy.

Anti-kvetch: Free passes to a sneak preview of The DaVinci Code tonight!
((everyone)) I haven't had a chance to read since Wednesday morning and now I'll be out of town until Monday night- going to Kansas City for my mom's cousin's daughter's wedding. It will be a modest affair, with a mere 450 guests. Ridiculous.

Anyhoo, I'll catch up when I get back.

I have that job interview today before I leave town. On the upside, I got a message from someone else at the place who said "I'm another manager here and I saw the application and resume you faxed over yesterday and I'd be interested in interviewing you, too." Oookay!
~~$~~$$~~$$~~ jobby vibes for Polly, Sapphy's brother, & anybody else who needs them ~~$$~~$$~~$$~~

And a hearty fuck-off to all cancer everywhere.

Still feeling poorly over here. I think I've actually been a bit feverish, but I don't have a themometer so I can't confirm that. Just weak and I tire very easily. So back to the couch I go.

(((((( disinfected hugs for all of you ))))))
(((raisin & cuz))) any more news today?
*grossness go away vibes for (((plummie)))*

polly, sounds like you have two in's for that job. sweet!

*happy job for sapphy's bro*

antikvetch: we have a closing date for the loan ... WOOT!
kvetch: i was just belittled & intimidated by the ms mcbitchface-closing-lawyer-secretary. she called at the absolute worst time office was crowded with talking coworkers and just rattled off a bunch of things we need for the closing. NONE of which i understand. weep.
Oh my gosh! I'm gonna come post properly soon, but I just wanna say that I think the best possible person just came and adopted Chewy!

I actually got a wary feeling about her on the phone, but wasn't prepared with any questions or anything...and she was just like, where do you live? I'm on my way...but when she got here, she seemed so nice and she's clearly a cat lover. She had boarded her cat for the hurricane, and the facility flooded so she was just really decisive about getting another. And she's gonna keep him inside and get him neutered and get him a kitty sibling!

I'm so happy and spazzy and full of adrenaline! She said to him, "So many people are going to love you!" (she has kids) I am so relieved! And she said I could call anytime and check on him.

Love to all!
Congrats to Chewy on his new home, and to Amalita for being so successful a guardian angel.

(((mando))) do NOT let evil lawyers or their secretaries intimidate you. I know nothing about real estate but I can legal bullshit with the best of them if you need help (just post if you email me because that account is sorely neglected).

~*~*~*~*no more sickness for sidecar~*~*~*~*
(((mornington))) I hope you find the right shrink for all your needs, you deserve good help, not to be made to feel worse.


Congrats on the positive job message Polly. I totally understand about insane family weddings, may you find some cool relatives or nonrelatives to hang with.

((raisin and fam))

~*~*~*grossness begone for TXplum ~*~*~*~*~*

(((crassy, sybarite, doodlebug, sappy, msgoofball, bunnyb, designermedusa, annoush and her belly, lively and her teeth and electricity, northpole and every single busty)))

kvetch: blues, and becoming disenchanted with my job. It's not a big surprise (gasp, large lawfirms are not devoted to the public good) but some disappointment with individual folks. Sigh. Doesn't help that Mr. Fling is being weird, or that I am feeling unattractive and chubby. Yuck.
Drive by lovin' for all you KVETCHIES!!!!

Wellness, happiness, love and good times for all!

yay! for chewy and (((amilita)))
(((faith))) bah to weird, disenchantment, and the blues.
(((mando))) bah to evil lawyer-secretary thingies.
(((polly))) ***interview*** woo for the other manager though? and get through that wedding
***job vibes for sapphy's bro***
(((raisin & raisinfamily)))


kvetch: does this count as a kvetch? H has found a third (and possibly a fourth) person to live with us. He's a petal, I've been having a go semi-regularly for weeks. But... I'd started house-hunting for two-bed places, and there are loads. I found a really nice one. Perfection. And now this... I'm just a grumpy cow, but I've got gut-instinct misgivings - this girl is only going to be living with us until jan/feb, and she's a friend of H's (she is, in fact, his ex). And while H thinks he can deal with me & my mental shit, I'm not sure a total stranger could. Plus I'm just damned sick of living with strangers.

Kvetch round two: utter twit of a friend's boyfriend who got up my nose, my flatmates' nose, and generally irritated the fuck out of all of us. He's a know-it-all, and I lost my rag when he said "girls shouldn't have short hair". Hello? I told him to get out if he was going to make proclamations like that.

Anti-kvetch: my mum sent me the biggest bunch of flowers (only my mother would send flowers to someone she knows hasn't got a vase). That and I'm tempramental again.

***big, irritable love for all**
(((all you lovely Busties!)))

Crassy, so sorry I misread your conundrum :-(

I found a program (Mac only, I'm afraid) that converts Pagemaker to Quark, but it's not cheap! (although says there's a 14-day free trial, I have no idea what/if there are limited capabilities and features in the trial version) Here's a link:

Also, I didn't dig up any reviews of this product outside of the forums contained on the markzware site, nor did I find any "back-up copies" (nudge nudge, wink wink) on any of the torrent sites I've visited.

Trying to continue to hammer your way through the conversion to .pdf might be your best bet, unless you can write-off the cost of the software as a business expense.

Best of luck :-)

~North "why do things have to be so difficult sometimes?" pole~

Hi to all you wonderful Busties, have a great weekend!

I have the boy back! Woot! As of tonight. We're going to see The Da Vinci Code; tomorrow we're going for lunch and shopping as we haven't had the freedom to do that for so long; the Casino with friends tomorrow night; chilling on Sunday (I have some work I need to finish.)

undie report: baby blue satin hipster briefs with black bow on front and "I love you I want you I need you forever and ever and ever and ever" written in black on the ass and black push up bra.

Love to (((all)))
Gosh, Fridays always seem to be pretty slow around posts have all been self-centered lately. I didn't realize how worried I was about Chewy until he left; I always felt as if he wasn't getting much attention in the bathroom by himself and it made me feel so bad, especially not knowing how long we'd have him. So, so glad he is with a new family!

Also, I am feeling so much better...still that residual cough that seems to last forever, but my brain feels clear! I also didn't realize how foggy I felt until I felt better...

So, I wanna say:

Yay for bunnyb having the boy!
Yay for mornington's flowers and having a better 2nd appointment!
Boo for faith's blues and job disenchantment!
Yay for mando's closing date for loan, but Boo for rude people who try to intimidate!
Boo for rosev's continuting illness!
Yay for polly's job possibilities!
Hi to designerm and sybarite and crassy (whom I'm gonna email properly soon) and msg and doodle and lively!
Hope txplum and sidecar are feeling better...
~~~employment vibes for sappy's brother~~~
(((raisingirl's family)))
and ~~~general vibes~~~ for anyone I didn't mention by name
and sonik, where are you?

And anoushh, I would be so excited if you had a home birth! I originally became a nurse in order to become a certified nurse midwife with hopes of doing home births...but alas, I realized I wasn't suited for the job, really. And I sort of became wrapped up in the more typical, medical world...I'd like to get back to more of a mix with holistic interests, just in my personal life.

Anyhow, I suppose it depends a lot on where you're moving and that state's laws...or if you'd be comfortable with a lay midwife and all that. Please keep us updated, or maybe I should start lurking in the pregnancy thread to hear how things progress...

I hope you're feeling well! 16 weeks! Time flies...

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I'm gonna do some cleaning and make some phone calls...I feel productive for the first time in about a week!
**drive by**

happy friday everyone!! hope you all are doing well. it is nice and warm here today which makes me want to get out and do stuff. i think i might just do some cleaning around here though with the windows open. i love fresh air!! also i just bought this book called Tease on how to make a million cool crafts with t-shirts. i can't wait to start on a project. i highly reccomend it to any crafty gals out there.

bra/panties report: silky black boy shorts with tank w/ built in bra. i am hot today!

have a nice weekend everyone! i'm doing some more work around the house but i'm going to try to at least have a little fun.

black minimizer and black cotton boyshorts!
*flings in*
(((ladylib, bunny, crassy, amilita, northpole, anoushh, mando, vesica, dm, lively, syb, polly, rosev, doodle, txplum, sidecar, tallgirl, raisin & the raisinfam, sonik, and everyone else)))

blue mesh low-rise briefs with little printed roses and bright pink lace around the edges. black t-shirt bra! Oh, and bright pink cami.

kvetch: my flatmate hasn't done the washing-up for weeks, most of it is hers. She sat and watched me do it all, and didn't offer to help or say thank you.

*flings out, waving happy weekend*
Okay, I lied, it turns out the hotel I'm in has wi-fi. I only brought the laptop to watch TV in the car, which, as it turns out, makes me nauseated. Poop. But woohoo for wi-fi!

I'm here with my mom, my aunt and my favorite cousin (even though she's become politically conservative over the years- we just don't talk about politics and have fun anyway.) We went to the store and loaded up on junk food, so it's all good. It was like 50 degrees when I left Chicago and it's like 85 here! So hot, had to crank the AC in the car- at least gas is about 35 cents cheaper here!

Not sure what's going on with the job- the interview went well enough, but the pay starts at $5,000 less than I'm making now. I could make up the difference with quarterly bonuses and overtime. After 90 days, you're elligible for the bonus program and they re-evaluate your salary based on your performance, but I doubt they're going to bounce it up $5000!! This interview was with the person I was originally scheduled to talk to. I'm not sure if that guy who called me the night before was considering me for a different position or what, and unfortunately I told him I would be out of town until Tuesday. I need to tell the other lady what my decision is, so I can't really wait to talk to him to make that decision. I guess I could ask him if this is a different position or what. My dad thinks I should ask if they'd consider hiring me at my current pay, but wait a year to re-evaluate it. It sounds like they wouldn't do that though. Customer service people are about a dime a dozen, so if they don't hire me, there will be someone else to fill the spot.

So glad your kitty has a good home, Amilita!

Mando, don't let them run circles around you- I had so many people giving me conflicting information when I was buying a house. Make sure you pin down someone who you trust and have them explain things to you like a two-year-old and get everything in writing!

((raisingirl)) Hope recovery's going well for your familymember!

((everyone else!!))

Ok, so we had a little party given for us yesterday by some friends of the mister's so people could say goodbye before we move. His friend's partner actually said to me--after offering me drinks as in all alcohol--"oh, are you being 'good' and not drinking?" in a tone of voice that clearly meant "oh, are you being one of those silly, uptight moms who actually thinks that not drinking alcohol while you are pregnant might be more important than your own self-indulgence? Silly you."

It sure reminded me of why I want to leave here.
anoushh, happy trails lovely! and ppffftt on her, she's a silly cow eh? good for you.
Ok, I know it's the weekend and everything, but I sure feel like a thread killer.

I'm trying very hard not to be anxious about what needs to be done in the next few days. Not succeeding a whole lot, though.

PS--thanks Pepper.

1222 um, sophie says hi. she's not really understanding that I need to use the laptop without her poking her nose onto the keyboard.

how is everybody? Work was crazy this week, I'm still a little sick (though it's slowly on its way out) AND my inlaws came to visit! That actually went pretty well (really!)

(((anoushh))) best of luck to you on the move and with the baby!
((((everyone else)))) hope you're doing well! i should be able keep up a little better this week. much love...
[crawls out from under rock]

Anoushh, when do you fly out? And how are you moving all of your stuff, anyway? Are you leaving anything in England? Goodness, it must be so difficult to deal with all of this on top of being pregnant. You are most certainly in my thoughts!

~~$$~~$$~~$$~~ jobby vibes for Polly ~~$$~~$$~~$$~~
... although I must say that $5000 is quite a lot to lose. I just hope you find a place somewhere where you're happy & well compensated. Be sure to give us all the details on the crazy-huge wedding!

So glad to hear that Chewie found a home. He looks so much like my deal ol' Ariel kitten. Sniff. I still wish that she lived with me instead of Smokeboy, but ... oh well.

Allergies are hitting Sheff hard this weekend. It's probably because he did soooooo much yardwork yesterday. Poor thing just could not stop sneezing yesterday & he's just sniffly and miserable, despite the fact that he's been taking his allergy meds everyday. It looks like I'll have to take over the outdoor maintenance around here just to keep his poor head from exploding.

Well, for a 450 person wedding it was okay, actually. There were 450 invited, I'm not sure what the final count was- we're having dinner with the bride's parents tonight, so I'll find out. The ceremony was in an old fashioned Catholic church. My great uncle who is a priest flew in from Hong Kong to do the ceremony. It was your average Catholic wedding. My mom's uptight cousin and her parents were sitting behind us and gave us a look when none of us got up to do Communion. Um, I wasn't even Baptized, so don't give me any of that crap, lady! On the way out of the church, everyone was given a rose and we yanked the petals off and threw it at the bride and groom when they came out.

The reception was in the dining hall of a Catholic school (hmm, sensing a theme here!). It was a brand new building, and it was actually pretty nice. They had lots of nice flower arrangements (I'll upload the pictures when I get home and post them.) So that's it.

We have to go to this dumb family picnic today (I say "dumb" because there's all this family drama around it that I won't get into- waaaay too long a story!)
*flings in*

(((sniffly shef & rosev)))
(((polly))) hope the picnic goes well ***anti-drama***
(((sidecar & sophie)))
(((anoushh))) bah to the silly woman.

((((((((((everyone))))))))))) hope everyone had good weekends, unbeset by illness, silly people or worries

Spent the weekend with my mum. Woo! Now I'm busy thinking "i have done no work... argh". Ah well. Disection of the larynx, lungs and heart tomorrow, busy busy busy (I'm timetabled to be in from nine until six).

*flings out*
Thanks for all the good vibes! I hear that the family member is doing as well as can be, recovering at home. I hope to see him in the coming days. He's already teasing me about wanting me to knit him a "cancer scarf," so it's nice to hear the surgeons didn't remove his funnybone while they were removing the other stuff.

Mando, I'll write to you when I've got some W-burg tips for you. Haven't forgotten!
((sapph's brother)) Get the job!

Yay for Chewy getting adopted.

((faith)) I hope you feel better about work and Mr. Fling.

((mornington)) Glad you got to spend time with your mom.

((raisin's fam)) Glad your family member is doing well.

((mando)) Yay for the closing date.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I felt like ass on Friday, so I stayed home. I had a bursting migraine, and along with that I threw up a lot. But I felt better by the weekend, hmmm maybe work gave me the migraine. Anyways, the weekend turned out nice, nothing special just relaxing.

I hope everyone's work week starts off right! Three day weekend coming up for us Busties in the U.S.

((Wonderful vibes for all Busties))
**drive by***
We made it home! We had a lot rain and rough seas on our honeymopon, but it was nice. I didn't get to buy post cards though cause I ran out of money and like everything else in the touristy areas...ungodly expensive!
I got a rude suprise this afternoon in a conversatiopn with my ex. It seems somehow I managed to sign our divorce decree without noticing that in the summer vistation lternates on weekly basis, starting with the dad having the first week after school is out( which was Thursday) So now my ex has had minipixie for 10 days and is being a petty, vindictive little bitch aboiut the fact that is HIS week with her! Keep in mind up until this vacation the most he has ever spent with her is 4 days in a row! I am trying to stay positive about this "extended honeymoon" and reminding myself he goes out of town regularly and is going to miss some of his weeks...and of course, what goes around comes around so next time he misses time with her and wants to make it up...he can kiss my ass!
At least i get to see her Tuesday because we have our next therapy session then...and even better news, the therapist left a message on my phone that because we are doing family counseling, the state is going to pick up the tab!!!
Anyway, I will post more about the honeymoon tomorrow, but the food...was out of this world! We have had so much steak and lobster this week we actually turned down a free meal to Red Lobster or Outback!

Psst..RV...there was that prediction about a rosebud...ahem...that isn't why you are tired and run down is it?

((((((hugs because i missed you guys so much))))

glad to hear chewy has a home. but i sure will miss the little fella. too cute.

*head pat for sophie*

welcome back, pixie!

polly, glad you survived the wedding. 450 guests?whew! scary!

raisin, good to hear cuz is doing well. and another hearty FUCK YOU BARBARA TO CANCER, for good measure.

antikvetch: good weekend. caught up on chores, much-needed sleep and even got in a little fresh air and *gasp* exercise.

kvetch: i keep tearing up about poor barbaro, the horse that broke his leg during Saturday's Preakness. i wish i wasn't watching when it happened. poor, brave horsie. i hope he makes it.
Morning all.

It's Monday and it's *cold* here, for May anyway. But my work is going really well and it's stopped raining, so there are reasons to be cheerful. I also had a great weekend, albeit a low-key one. I'm off on the mini-holiday next weekend though so I can live it up then!

Hope everyone else's Mondays (that feels grammatically wrong somehow) are going well so far...
pixiedust here's my run down on the cruise. It rained...a lot! It rained Sunday, a little Monday, all day Tuesday, wednsday, and stormed Thursday! Wednsday we were in Jamaica, and the rain was light and we were climbing up a waterfall and getting soaked anyway, so no biggie. Thrusday we were supposed to be in Grand Cayman, but we couldn't port because of the weather which was dissappointing. Cozumel was great(and sunny) but there is still a lot of devestation from last years hurricaines! We went to playa del Carmen to see the Myan ruins of Tulum which is usually in dense jungle....there was not a tree to be seen! But we had a FABULOUS veiw of the caribbean sea and we climbed down the cliff to the beach and it was a little piece of paradise, but we didn't have our suits because we didn't realize the ruins were near the water.
We swam with Dolphins in jamaica and each got our picture taken with the dolphin "kissing" us. That was really cool. We went to several art auctions on the ship (mostly because they had free champagne)and I found out my husband took art history in college and he got called up on stage and answered a lot of quiz questions. Smarty pants got them all right whereas the other two people up there didn't have a clue!
There wasn't a lot to do on the ship unless you wanted to spend a fortune, drink, gamble or all three at once, but that just gave us a nice excuse to spend lots of time in our cabin snuggled up watching movies. They had shows every night and they were cool. And we laid out at the pool the days it was nice.
We decided we are definitely getting old because we were in bed before midnight every night so we missed out on a lot of the activities we would have liked to have done.(but hey, it WAS our honeymoon!)

In other news...Mr. Pixie got his test scores back from his alternative certification for teaching. It was 2 tests, 300 pts a piece possible...his scores...291 and 287!!!!He is such a smarty pants! So now he can offically begin looking for a teaching job in the public school system in case he doesn't get anything at the college level.

Hope everyone is doing well. I have a weeks worth of work and e-mails to catch up so I will be sporadic the next few days.
Drive by with (((hugs))) for all...
(((pixie))) i just emailed you to get honeymoon details and here you are! i have always wanted to swim with dolphins. that is so cool. it sounds like it was really beautiful. glad the rain did not ruin your time.

my real reason for coming here is to get some vibes for a co-worker of mine. her boyfriend commited suicide last night. they had been fighting alot and he moved out of their house and everything. he came to her house that night before she got home, smashed her mothers vase and then shot himself. i feel so awful. i don't know what to say to her. she has a young son who lived with them and i don't know how he is taking it. so any vibage for her and her son and her boyfriend's family would be appreciated.

much love to all the busties.

Wow...that is pretty awful! My ex attempted a couple of times during our divorce, but I think it was mostly for attention because most people who attempt more than once and really want to do it, succeed.
(((co worker, her son, and boyfriends family)))

I am very glad to be home even though I feel really disoriented since I have been used to walking on ship tossed by rough seas for a week.

I am even ok with the stupid custody arrangement now because I can see some definite advantages, and summer really isn't that long. School starts August 17th! Just so long as I get to take her on the trip we have planned for Labor Day weekend which is also my birthday.
Pixie, I think I have climbed up that waterfall in Jamaica as well, it was really cool.

(((LL's coworker))) Wow, how unspeakably awful.

We had a great weekend away at a folk/celtic/whatever music festival. All the hippies in Scotland go there, it's amazing. The halloumi cheese pita is imprinted on my brain it was that good. I got really drunk and fell in the river but apart from having wet wellies all weekend it was fine, I just had to wear my hiking boots instead but it wasn't quite as muddy as usual. My friend F (who you met, Bunny) was wandering around all night asking people to determine the size of her head. Apparently her hat was too small and she was really concerned by it.

hehe, I can imagine your friend F doing that! Sounds like a great weekend!

Mine was lovely, having the boy back for the full weekend was beyond lovely.

Vibes for Ladylibrary's co-worker, how horrible.

Vibes for Barbaro, I didn't read the story as know it would upset me.

Yay for the pixie couple having a great honeymoon!

And yay for sybarite having a productive weekend! I'm not being productive at all :-(.

Not to worry bunnyb, recent productivity has ground to a halt. I'm just suddenly not in the mood to work (heresy!) As if we're all usually so in the mood to work... anyway. Welcome to Laziness Corner.

But I am going to interview some people for my chapter this afternoon, so I will be accomplishing something.

(((Ladylibrary's colleague and son))) Just be generally sympathetic LL. I would imagine it's less what you say than that you're saying something at all.

Mornington, hope the flat hunting/move stuff is going better.

I cannot wait to go away this weekend. I feel my social life has totally dried up and blown away. Hopefully by Saturday it'll be dinner and a bottle of rose with friends in the middle of a centuries-old piazza...

*fingers crossed against rain*

((((((((( endless love for LadyLibrary's co-worker, that poor little boy, and everyone else in that family ))))))))))
Suicide is just so devastating. Suicide has touched Sheff's friends and my family. So I know that this family will need love and support for a long long time. They will certainly be in my thoughts.

~~~~ soothing feel-better vibes for DesignerMedusa & Raisin's family member ~~~~

Pixie!!!! Welcome back, hon! Tell me, when is a good time to call you? We haven't been able to chat in aaaaaaaaages!

And no, there is no little rosebud at this time :-) But I have been so stressed out (especially about money) and not eating as well as I should, either. I think that's why I've been so sick. But I've decided to start exercising a bit. Haven't done that in years! So hopefully I'll start getting better.

Good news: After a lot of research, we finally got the car insurance nightmare ironed out. It's still going to cost more here, but we got it down to a reasonable rate. Thank maud! I'm still amazed by the enormous rates some of those companies wanted to charge us. Geico actually wanted to charge us nearly $7000 a year!! To insure one car!! Pure insanity. Thank goodness I found a much much better rate with the company I've used since I got my license.
RV...Minipixie and I have a therapy session tonight until 7, after that I should be free.

I know this probably should go in the little pieces of happiness thread,BUT I got to have minipixie last night after all! We took her to Toys R Us to look for presents for Mr. p's minipixie bday this weekend. Then we had happy meals at McDonalds(they have build a bear toys right now)and as I was putting her to bed, she told me she had been afraid that I had gone away forever like her MiMi. Mr. P was in the shower so I crawled up in her bed with her and she started kissing me and hugging me and then she just started jabbering away and telling me stories and secrets, and I realized we have been so stressed out over the wedding and honeymoon lately I have really missed those type of moments just cuddled up with my baby!
Mr P was telling me last week that he would like to find some time to spend alone with his minipixie from time to time too.
SO now we can resume real life and I realized today just how happy I am for the first time in my life! I have a husband, kids, a nice house, decent job, car, and I am not worried where my next meal or paycheck is coming from.
(((Ladylibrary's coworker))) he killed himself in her home? and she found him?

(((Vesicapisces))) 'cause.
(((ladylibrary's coworker))) how heartbreaking. i'm so sorry, luv.

yay for mother-and-child reunions! i could barely deal with two days away from my boy. even tho he jokingly referred to me as "annoying mom" last night, and it still stings. :-(

for bunny (and anyone else who might be interested): barbaro is doing really well! he's fought the odds so far, and they're cautiously optimistic about his chances of survival. the thing that touches me most about this is how much this horse is genuinely loved, by his owners, his trainer, his fans .... it's enough to make you have faith in people again.

sorry to go on about this. longtime horse-lovah here. thoroughbreds especially make my heart go pitter-patter.
Dusty - thanks for thinking of me :-)

Mandi, do you remember Ruffian? That's all I could think about when Barbaro pulled up.
yes, i do remember ruffian. i watched it as it happened. i cried my heart out. her break was actually not as bad as barbaro's, but her jockey couldn't pull her up, she fought too hard to keep running. barbaro's jockey saved his life.

done now. honest. *sniffle*
(((ladylib's co-worker & her fam)))

(((pixie))) glad to hear you had a good honeymoon & spending time with minipixie

(((syb)))... please oh please can I come to laziness corner!

(((mando)))... no, you're his mom - and you're a good mom too!. You ought to hear the names the boy wonder calls our mum ("stumpy" is, and always will be, my favourite).

yay! barbaro

(((raisin))) & (((rasin's cousin)))


Introduced mum to Daphne (and H) today... mum was impressed, but Daphne's fluff triggered her asthma so they won't be great friends. Daphne got confused, because she could hear my voice, but it wasn't coming from me - she really wasn't sure what to make of mum!

other than that... had irritating argument with my father - as my mother put it "he seems to have progressed so far in a career requiring communication, but he seems to lack communication skills". I lost it at the point where he asked me what exam I had when I'd spent half an hour the last time we spoke explaining my exams to him. This was shortly after we exchanged "how are you?"s. Bah.

Anyhow... bed time. I need more sleep.

**wednesday vibes**
Drive-by vibe request...

SapphMan has gone to Tennessee because his dad is sick. Chest pains, feeling cold all the time, and refusing to go to the hospital (some of you may remember, FIL has a long history of heart problems and stubbornness). Latest phone call this morning: FIL passed out during breakfast and is now en route to the hospital in an ambulance.

I'm awaiting news and holding down the fort here, SapphMan insisted I stay home, as our pet-sitters are all either out of town for extended Memorial Day vacation or, in the case of our friend K., recovering from major surgery herself. Plus I am supposed to run the shop by myself this weekend while everyone else is out of town for the holiday.

Anyway. Feeling scared, stressed, wishing I could be there with SapphMan, and glad I'm not there all at the same time. Thanks in advance for the vibes.

*~*~*~*uber vibes for SapphMan's father~*~*~*~*~*

kvetch: coursework and missed deadlines and feeling like a failure.

kvetch: bank charges

no anti-kvetches at this time.

love to (((all)))

p.s. where's lively? if you or your lovely brother are lurking then know I'm thinking of you, i'm just busy.
(((((((( much love to SapphMan's father and the whole family ))))))))



Pixie, I tried caling your cell phone last night, but got the voice mail. When you get a chance, give me a ring (I still have my old cell phone number). And if you need me to, I'll call you right back so you don't have to pay long distance!

Kvetch: Irritating neighbors who need to get a fucking hobby.
Last weekend when Sheff was mowing along the ditch in the front yard, he accidentally went over the property line by a few feet. He mentioned it to me, but I told him that I'm sure it wasn't a big deal. Well! Was I ever wrong! The neighbor actually went out and took pictures of the "damage" done to her lawn and e-mailed the photos to our landlord. In the e-mail she went on to complain that she likes her grass to be longer and that it will take weeks for her lawn to "recover from the damage". Can you believe this?!?! How fucking ridiculous! Children are dying in Africa, but this bitch is hyper-concerned about the grass in her ditch being uneven?!?!?! Please!

Anti-kvetch: Luckily, our landlord seems super nice and understanding. She already let the neighbor know that we "certainly meant no harm". She also said that when she first moved into this house she had to work out a few "kinks" with this neighbor, but they've been able to work things out & she's sure it will all be fine. [heavy sigh] Hope she's right. I really don't want to be living next to an annoying busy-body who reports our every move to the landlord.
Sorry Rose..I was painting minipixie's toenails when you called and didn't hear the phone. I almost called this morning on my way to work but was unsure how late you sleep in. And it's not long distance on my cell. Also I am hoping to upload a few pics on flickr in the next few days. STILL don't have the wedding ones yet and I am getting impatient. I need to take all my film in and have it developed....I think I have close to a dozen rolls and throw away cameras...some of them could so old that they have pictures of people who are no longer in my life on them. But 3 are from the honeymoon.

If it wouldn't make things worse(and probably even if it did)....I would take a hose out to the ditch and water you neighbors grass and tell her in your most sugar coated sicky to the degree of being insincere voice that you are going to make sure it dosn't take "weeks" for her lawn to recover...or you know how my evil mind works...I'd have Mr. P out in the middle of the night pissing the word bitch into the grass so it will die.

Much love to all the rest of the busties. Must get back to catching up on ast weeks work.
~~~~~~sapphman & dad & family~~~~~~

((mando)) thanks for the barbaro update!
((ladylib's coworker and family))

Still coughing my lungs out...bleh. But: I have an interview on Friday for a promotion to a better, more-me style job at work. v.v. exciting.

in the meantime, i need to get some work done. love & kisses to all y'alls!
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