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I'm currently listeing to the song "Autumn Sweater" by Yo La Tengo. I heard it 7 years ago when i was drinkingwith my roommate in her room. I didn't know what the title of the song was, never could find it. Just 2 weeks ago i heard it again on internet radio. I just love retrieve songs like that and i still like the track very much..

((((((Candycane girl)))))


black microfibre bra and ditto undies.

Have fun, Sidecar!!

Speaking of undies, i try to get my illustration-friends to engage in friday afternoon drawings about politics/what happened in the world. Well, do you say, what do undies have to do with that? Well, i made a drawing about LaLohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears about flapping their private parts out and about. Those lazy friendsof mine need to get off their asses and dish me something in return!

Anyway, i would like some snow, just for the atmosphere/effect. I mean, it hasn't even freezed here yet. I really think i shouldshift to my summer jacket again, it's too warm, much too warm for this time of year. I'm afraid Holland will be the first country to dissappear below water level as a result of global warming.

I'm typing this post from home on a wireless network which is not ours. P says we really should get one for ourselves.

And i'm getting used to our kitty. she's so sweet. I had to make a switch from Tungsten to this one, he was so special. But i think everyone thinks that about their kitty, which is natural. Ialways have to lift Rat up real high, so she can oversee everything, like cooking. She's not really interested in food, just cuddling, talking and playing with old laces. I can't resist taling to cats on the street, i guess i'm turning in to a crazy catlady already!

(((Pollystyrene, Bynnu, Faith, Billy, Sixealcat, Roseviolet, Stargazer, Yuefie, Mornington, Crassy, Pixie, Amilitia))))))
((hot chocolate to all my busties that are buried under snow and ice))

((Candycane girl))
((sonik, I love Yo La Tengo!))
((everyone else I'm forgetting))

Kvetch: I didn't get the apartment. I went to put my huge deposit down, and found out that the rent had gone up by $50 dollars. I just can't afford it. I could barely afford it when it was the rate it was at before the rent increase. Not to mention the woman didn't even remember me. RED flag. Anyways, got very sad. So craving Nutella right now. sad.gif

Antikvetch: Going to go see Sedaris's Santaland Diaries tomorrow night with McGeek. Yay for good plays!

Rose, Shepherds Pie is a all in one dish. Hmmm.. maybe a cobbler or really good ice cream(Toffee Pudding actually sounds great!) to go with it for dessert. Damn, now I'm craving it. Have a blast. smile.gif

Underwear report: freeballing
*sleepy drive-by*

ooookaaay, I just called F sweetheart. wasn't really thinking. apparently his ex is feeling insecure about me, and he's had a rough day. gah. helpless.

black girlboxers, billy, you underwear... tyrant. tongue.gif

((((sassy)))) feh on her. mad.gif
((((crassy)))) I meant to say, yes, Indigo's an ex-racer.
((((sonik, mando, yuefie, raisin, pixie, amilita, sidecar, sixe, tes, anoushh, everyone))))

~~~warmth for all the frozen BUSTies~~~

yay for sidecar being at the beach!

and for sixela having her laptop back!

(((((mandi)))) cause I lurves her always

sonik, if talking to cats makes you a crazy cat lady, then I am an insane animal lady! I talk to all animals. Call me nuts, sue me, whatevs. I love them and the way they respond to it makes me feel it's okay. And I kind of enjoy the looks of annoyance I get from others who do think I'm off my rocker.

(((((sassy))))) Nutella is soothing to the soul wink.gif Methinks some Nutella wontons would be great at some point this weekend. Maybe even tonight, if I am feeling ambitious. I have the wrappers in the fridge, the Nutella in the pantry and I've even got marshmallows & bananas for variations.

Missy kitty is making me feel so much better about my shitty day. She just attacked each sheet of paper as it came out of the printer, silly girl rolleyes.gif She and Sashie have decided that the other is okay, as long there are no sudden moves. They both lay on the couch at the same time, at opposite ends of course. Last night I had Sashie next to me, and Missy on my lap, petting them both. I have a sneaking suspicion Missy is pregnant, as my cousin failed to mention she hadn't been spayed. I would've taken her in myself to be fixed had I known, but I can't bring myself to abort the kittens if she is. I know all about the pet overpopulation, but I just can't. What makes me think she is preggers (besides the obvious fact that she is an unspayed female who was outside for a week) is that she is super lovey dovey, especially to me. And she's taken a fancy to my room, which is the quietest place in the apartment. She also has a thing for Sashie's bed, and my closet, which she appears to be nesting in. And she is eating like crazy. So I read up and it says that gestation is about 65 days. You know they are pregnant when their nipples turn pink at 3 weeks along, then you have six weeks of them chowing, cuddling, sleeping and nesting. I would guess she's probably about a week to a week and a half along. She's so sweet, and she keeps standing up on her hind legs and hitting the door knob. Too cute. I am finding myself quite attached to her, but I think I will keep one of the kittens and she can go back to my cousin when they are ready for her. I will be taking her in to be fixed though, before she leaves my care.

(((sassygirl))) I'm sorry to hear about the apartment thing but maybe it happened for a reason. After all, the whole red flag thing with the woman not even remembering you.

(((((everyone else)))) this just seems like a stressful time of year in general in addition to personal stuff that we all go through.

Personally, I've been feeling pretty shitty lately. I know that it's just because I'm stressed about school but I was feeling lately like I can't even say anything without someone making a snarky remark about it. I just can't wait for this semester to be over so that I can just go to my part-time job, make some fudge and have lots and lots of fancy holiday cocktails.

oooh, also, antikvetch! My friend had a baby this morning! Unfortunately it was something crazy like, a 36 hour labour before they finally went ahead and did a c-section. She's gone through a lot and it will take a while for her to recover but overall, she's okay and her new baby boy is healthy! (now we just have to find out how her hubby was through the whole ordeal)
bom diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

it is saturday afternoon, around 14:30. my holiday in the usa was wonderful, crammed with good things and medical appointments, i left early wed morning and got home late thursday evening and went to work yesterday and we had our "day of co-fraternization" with staff and families all afternoon and then i came home around 20:00 and couldn't sleep so i cheated and took half an ambien. woke up once at 4:30, managed to go back to sleep, woke again at 10, tried to get up, feed meems, realized staying awake was NOT an option and went back to bed. let's see how long i manage to stay awake THIS time!!!

it is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to be able to sleeeeeep.

but first! must say that meeting rosiev and sheff was SO GREAT!!! they were both exactly the way that you think that they are! and were a definited highllight of my trip. the first busties that anyone in my family has MET!!!! yayayayay!!! tooooooo much fun, much squeeing and drinking of bubbly ensued!

i will go and scan archives now. back later. (if i am still awake!)

hugs and kisses and silly lung fish!
Hey everyone! Hope you're all staying warm and dry. It wasn't sunny, but it was a pleasant 75 or so degrees so I spent the afternoon picnicking and napping here, at Caladesi Island State Park (the number two beach in the US). We're having a really great trip so far. I'm kinda nervous about what awaits me back home.
Happy Sunday morning, everyone! I am in the mood for toast today. Warm, happy toast. I just can't decide between the pumpkin butter or the lemon curd. Or the lime marmelade or the strawberry preserves or the apple butter or the grape jam or just plain old butter. I'm spoiled for choice & frozen with indecision.

[leaps upon Tes' luscious bod, hugs her tightly, & places a big wet smooch right on her cheek]
Hi, honey! Good to have you back! Can I say again how much I looooooovedlovedloved seeing you? I think every time you come back home, Mr. HB needs to throw a big party just so that you can see tons of loved ones all in one night. That way I can seeeeeee yoooooooou without feeling like I'm robbing time from your other loved ones. smile.gif

Sidecar, that place looks AMAZING! Hard to believe that a place that gorgeous really exists! Hope you're having a truly splendid time (and taking plenty of pics).

(((((CandyCaneGirl))))) Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time, doll. You've got finals coming up pretty soon, yes?
~*~*~*~ get-through-finals-with-sanity-in-tact vibes for CCG ~*~*~*~
Reading about your friend giving birth made me wince. I'm going to try not to think about how painful that must have been.

Yuefie, I don't know whether to offer my condolences or my congratulations re: the potential for kittens. I know it's best to have one's pets fixed (my family always does), but kittens are sooooooooo damn adorable!
Here's hoping it doesn't freak out Sashie too much.

Sassy, sorry to hear about the apartment. How long can you stay at your current place? And how was the play? I've read the SantaLand Diaries, but never seen it.

Sonik, I hope you get to have some special bonding time with your new kitty. I know it was hard to lose Tungsten, but I'm sure this kitty will bring you plenty of joy, too.

((((((Amilita)))))) How was the mini-gallery-shin-dig? As for work, when you say "redundancies" you mean that they keep talking about the same things over and over again, yes? I ask because for a moment there I went into English-Mode & feared that you meant that a lot of people had lost their jobs ... which sounds silly for a hospital in NOLA, now that I think about it.

Pixie, you only got half of a foot of snow? My mom said that they got about 12" at their house. It was really bad since nobody plows their street. Mom's car got stuck at the end of the road & then the battery died, so she had to walk the last 1/4 of a mile or so in all that deep snow In the middle of the night while wearing hospital scrubs! Poor Mommy! Luckily, they have sweet neighbors who pushed her car home the next day.

((((((((Mandi & Crassy & & Faith & Bunny & Mornington & Faerie & Stargazer & Polly & Billy & Dusty & Anoushh & Raisin & Sixela & eeeeverybody))))))))

Kvetch: It was so freakishly warm here this week, but it was snowing where my friends and family are located. That somehow made them feel further away than ever. sad.gif

The dinner party went pretty well. Unfortunately, two of our four guests could not make it because one of them, J, got in a bad wreck on Friday & she was suffering from those Day After Pains. They think her car is totaled & the poor woman is having a lot of pain in her neck and back. Luckily, her car was a big, sturdy thing so she could have been much worse. Sheff said it sounded like a really bad wreck, so I'm super worried about J now, but I'm sure her boyfriend is looking out for her. Anyway, K&S were still able to come & we had fun with them. We ate drank, played on the Wii, watched a movie, blahblahblah. I thought they were new to the area, though (since K just started at Sheff's workplace about 6 months ago) but they've both lived here for years. So they aren't on the same Newbie status as we are. Kinda a shame. I was looking forward to meeting another newbie who would know what I've been going through.
(((midwest blizzard sufferers)))
(((j))) glad it wasn't worse, and that your dinner party was a success, rose.
welcome back, tesao!
*so freaking jealous of sidecar & martini*
(((candy))) (((new mom friend & bebe))) 36 hrs and a c-section? been there, done that. my heart goes out to her.
(((sassy))) i'm sorely bummed the apt fell thru.
(((sonik))) no kitty can take the place of our Special Kitties. but they do create new niches in our hearts all their own.
(((bunny))) just cuz.
(((yuefie))) cuz she's my rock.

my weekend thus far:
1. pretty much making a drunken fool of myself at a work-related dinner/dance fri night. in front of bossman and bosslady. and yeah, we're all tight, and yeah, they were both tipsy too, but still ... i so dread x 1000 facing them at work tomorrow. cringeworthy doesn't even cover it. gah. thank god everyone else there were strangers i never have to see again.
2. having to wake up at 6:30 am yesterday to go fetch the fruit for the band fundraiser. which took all of 10 minutes. these band parents are fucking sadists i tell ya.
3. dealing with a family restaurant party, with way too many loud, obnoxious little kids running around, while exhausted and slightly hungover. definitely a circle of hell.

the good thing is i have the house to myself right now, so i can work out my angst and self-loathing on my filthy cluttered abode.

((((rose)))) & ****get well soon J**** glad to know the dinner party was a success!
((((mando)))) acos I too make a drunken fool out of myself and know it will all be fine
((((sidecar)))) _so_ jealous. it looks gorgeous!
((((candy)))) good luck in the finals!
((((yuefie)))) yay for kittens! but boo on miss kitty being up the duff (it sounds like preganancy to me) I hope sashie copes ok
((((sonik)))) I talk to all animals. constantly. cows, pigs, rats, hamsters, bunnies, dogs... occasionally I even talk to people. And I love Rat's name!
((((tes, bunny, pixie, sassy, sixe, flanker, syb, faith, amilita, anoushh, txplum, billy, crassy, dusty, everyone getting snowed on, and everyone I've forgotten as well))))

kvetch/maudlin moment: last night... went out with the Welshman. He took me to see Avenue Q, which was brilliant. But... I don't think we're going to get back together. I just can't see it happening

antikvetch: F. we've spoken a fair bit over the weekend and emailed (both drunk and sober) and... yes. *blushes, looks at floor, smiles*. we're going to, as he put it, burn the bridges when we come to them. That boy has me grinning like an idiot.

antikvetch: indigo nearly passed his bronze KC good citizen award. For his second ever lesson, not bad! I'm ridiculously proud of him. We just have to work on getting him to stay - he likes to stand with me, not at the end of the lead.
I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Twin DM and I went to Sing Out for Aids on Friday. Mostly female performers with Betty headlining. It was a nice night, and all the money raised went to charity. I worked out on Saturday and Sunday, and saw the film Fur.

(((rose, designermedusa, sassygrrl, mando, sidecar, polly, candycane_girl, tes, amilita, pixie, anoushh, mornington, yuefie, sonik, and other kvetchies)))

well, all of you busties wanting cold and snowy can have it! it was 16 degrees here. make sure you buy some gloves when you come home sidecar! we got no more snow, which is good.

i spent the weekend at my folks. still here. catching up in the threads in the Lounge. it was nice to just relax and bum with my mom. plus, she cooked for me. not bad. my mom really loves cooking. oh, and to keep busy. she's gonna cook a dish for my bustie get together this saturday. cute.

hope everyone had a good weekend!
Polly, you definitely have a point about ignoring newer people to the threads - that's my secret kvetch fear, when I individually respond I am totally paranoid (1) that I will forget someone and (2) that they will think I don't care about their kvetches! And all the more so with a new person.

((bunny, just cuz.))

Yeah Morning, grinning like an idiot over F -- that's excellent! and Congrats to Indigo!

DM - I felt so strange during world AIDS day, I felt like AIDS has retreated in my consciousness (pushed out by the war? Do I only have room for a finite # of tragedies? How sad is that....) and there was a time in my life I was much more activist. Good to have a reminder.

~*~*~keep warm stargazer and pixie and the cold ones~*~*~~*

Mando -- I am sure you were not an idiot, though I know the feeling. I bet you were fabulous and fun. And remember, everyone, even (or especially) folks from work understand that in social settings, people are allowed to cut loose a bit!

Rose, glad your dinner party was a success despite it all. Bom DIA Tes!! So good to see you! Sidecar, that place looks awesome -- I am so jealous. ((yeufie and kitty, candy and relief of stress coming soon, sassy and incoming apartment luck, sixel, polly, crassy, amalita, annoush and notbob, sonik, everybustie)))

My weekend - lots of work (still there in fact, yes at 7pm Sunday evening), went to a friend's bridal shower (fine but every girl there except me and my BF just got married or was planning a wedding, so there was an understandable but boring obsession with ivory/white/cream, number of invitations, appetizers, civil v. religious ceremony and on and on and on. However I shouldn't complain since I am invited to this shindig and get to eat all the tasty food.

I went on a date with a professor of math -- um, I like to think I am all smartypants and everything but I stopped taking math in high school. Idid not apply to a single school with a hard math requirement (even Columbia with it's crazy core curriculum doesn't require math per se and I am good at science). My inability to calculate a tip is legendary. So it was hard to follow his specialty (applied math to quantum physics). I liked him, but he was a little stiff, I am chalking it up to first-date jitters. Problem is, he lives like 45 minutes away (in another town) -- seems like a lot given how busy I am. Whatever, we'll see.

And the guy I was "seeing" in the spring who really hurt my feelings is getting pissed that I won't return his calls (um, after six months almost of silence from him), and it's stressing me out.

Anyway, my kvetch is I have to go back to friggin work now.
Kvetch: Mcgeek was in total asshole mode from the time he picked me up to go see Santaland Diaries. Whatever. I'm really pissed off at him. I figure we had such a great weekend last weekend, that maybe we had to get thru a bad one. Still it doesn't excuse the fact that he was taking out his frustration on me. I asked him what he was frustrated at, and he didn't even know. WTF?? Boys are such dickheads!!! Although, Mcgeek did tell me that he felt guilty for being such a shithead.

Still really sad about not getting the apartment. I keep telling myself it's for the best. Maybe I'll find a better one for a better price. I can stay at my place for a while longer, but it's the no heat thing that's getting to me. I really want an apartment of my own,and right now I just have a room. Ah well.

Anti-kvetch: Santaland Diaries was brillant. Definately, put me in the holiday spirit. smile.gif

Mornington, so jeolous of you seeing Ave Q. I really want to see that, and didn't get a chance to last time I was in NY.

((rose, yuefie, stargazer, crassy, faith, polly, bunnyb, dm, rose, mando, sidecar, teseo, candycanegirl, anyone else I forgot!))


I am in drizzly Copenhagen as part of a visit with old and dear friends. We all had a fab time although I'm still reeling from the fact my best friend in the world is newly pregnant. ¤reels some more¤

I love Copenhagen and am off to do some shopping for nifty design stuff shortly. I love scandinavian design.

Faith, I'm writing a Ph.D thesis and I stopped taking math after 11th grade. I hear you.

¤Waves at Mando the sassy blonde¤

Have some scandi letters! æ, ø, å...
Mornin' all. It reeeeeally feels like a Monday to me today. Ugh. I feel so achey and dehydrated. Hope the rest of you are feeling more refreshed & chipper.

(((((Mandi))))) Hope today goes well for you. I have a feeling that BossMan will be far more forgiving towards you than most other bosses. Chin up, dearheart!

Mornington, I hope you had fun at Avenue Q! I would love to see that show! As for the Welshman, it sounds like it's time to put him out to pasture & focus that attention on F. Mrowr! Give Indigo a scratch behind the ears from me!

DM, it's always good to hear about you spending time with Twin DM. Makes me wish I had a twin, too.

Glad you got to enjoy some home cookin', Stargazer!

Faith, it is always so good to see you in here.
(((((( huge hugs for Faith ))))))
Sorry to hear you've been working so hard. Are you still considering working in a different field or have you decided to stick with your current job? As for math, the last time I studied any math was back in 2000 when I was preparing for the GRE. Haven't had to use any of it since. Sheff uses complicated math at work all the time, though, and on the rare occasion that he starts to talk about it, my eyes glaze over. wink.gif

Sassy, glad you enjoyed the play! Sorry the company wasn't as pleasant.
~!~!~!~ apartment-finding vibes ~!~!~!~

Ooh! Scandi letters! Now I wonder what their keyboard must look like. Glad to hear you're having such a fab time, Sybarite! Congrats to your BGP!

[blows kisses at Tes] Good to have you back in the Lounge, sweetheart. smile.gif


Kvetch: I had a dream that the owners of this house had decided to sell it. And I was sooooo excited that we might be able to buy it! But Sheff was reluctant for some odd reason. So I woke up feeling frustrated.

Anti-kvetch: Spent tons of time on the phone with friends yesterday, including 3 whole hours on the phone with Whino. We probably should have just hung up our phones and met at the local pub!
Good Morning, kvetchies!
I am so glad to be out of my house and back at work today! I really start getting depressed if I am stuck at home too long, and we really didn't have the money to go anywhere or do anything even after the streets got good enough to leave the house. I did get 3/4 of Mr. Pixie's christmas shopping done online this weekend and I know what else I am getting him. We finished teh minipixie shopping last week. We just have a few presents for the in laws left to get and then we are through!

Kvetch: I left the house early this morning because I got ready early, but I was still late to work! The snow is ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD...not the road itself and yet people were going 10 mph on the major highways!

((mornington)) I agree, it's time to cut Welshman loose!

Rose, sorry you don't feel well!

Congratulations to Sybrites friend!


((((bunny, amilita, mando,Dm, Faith, Fina, Billy, Tes, and everyone else))))

Ugh, it feels like a Monday to me as well, RV.

I have had huge stomach pains this morning. I'm just getting all worked up about work, don't mind me.

6:30 on a weekend morning for a 10-minute errand?! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

Sidecar, nice weekend, eh?

I was going to write some other stuff, but the pain is a little distracting right now. Fuck me.
~~~~~~~ soothing for Raisin ~~~~~~~

Pixie, I admire your shopping! I haven't bought a single Xmas gift yet. Zip zero zilch. Sheff has told me just one thing that he wants for Xmas, so he isn't being terribly helpful. dry.gif T-minus 3 weeks! Eep!

Just got off the phone with my pal in Vegas & there are patches of ice on the ground there. In Vegas! Amazing.

(((Rose))) It will happen.


(((Mandi))) been there, done that, I'm sure you were fine. How's your health?

Hmmmm. Have I been snoozing? Who is Mornington's mysterious F who makes her blush?

A coupla weeks ago Mr. Dusty and I were volunteered to be (two of us) security/crowd control at an event organized by our local peace group where they brought in a speaker (that would be George Galloway to you British busties). I found out on Saturday that at his next stop, a university in Montreal, the university brought in the riot police to do the same job. Hee.
(((amilita))) hope the gallery preview thing did well!

(((sassy))) the apt thing sucks but maybe it was a sign-- how does it just go up $50 like that, i don't think i'd want that woman as my landlord.

sonik & yuefie, i too am an animal talker --what's worse i even give them little voices sometimes and 'have them' make sarcastic remarks to mr. mcnasty. yeah. certifiable.

nutella wontons-----gah!

sidecar, that beach looks awesome!!


(((pixie))) people probably don't know how to drive in snow there since it doesn't happen often.


wow dusty, that's pretty serious! it was only you 2?

gawd- my head feels like there's a rattle in it! it's the combination of a killer hangover yesterday, no good sleep over the weekend and head cold. i guess when you mix 2 drinks together that should count as 2 drinks not one? that means i had 9 drinks in a few hours! agh. i think i had fun though.

we were supposed to get snow today, i'm sort of sad that we didn't, but at least it seems cold enough to kill nasty germs.

i put up my x-mas tree yesterday, it's gorgeous-- but i set up the whole thing too close to the door of the garden room so now the room is stuck open until january --i don't think i want to risk moving it and i'm so not taking the ornaments off and then putting them back on! most of them are german glass so i don't want to break 'em. enzo however is not worried about breaking them, i caught him playing w/some low hanging ornaments twice yesterday.
((((faith)))) I took math until I was eighteen... and that just sounds confusing!
((((syb)))) & congrats to your friend
((((sassy)))) at least he apologised! but yay for santaland!
((((rose)))) acos tongue.gif
((((pixie)))) you're doing better than me on the xmas front!
((((raisin)))) *gently hugs*
((((dusty)))) was galloway any good? I don't really like him, I have to admit. He seems a bit... I don't know. F is the new... possibility biggrin.gif
((((mando, crassy, sidecar, anoushh, amilita, billy, tes, sixe, yuefie, everyone))))

antikvetch: ice-skating and book shopping with the wonderful bunny! it was brilliant fun & so good to see her. (the new blonde bunny, for the record, is teh hott). Busties are the bestest fun.

I'm just about getting the christmas presents together. I've got to get a few more bits, but I'd say I'm halfway through. I only have to buy gifts for four people... how hard can this be? blink.gif I did a little bit of shopping in the natural history museum shop while waiting for bunny - bought a book for Gramps, and a stuffed glyptodon that was just ridiculously cute. Indigo has a soft toy fixation, because he immediately stole it. I'm going to have to get him one.

Kvetch: having a massive three-hour gap in the middle of tomorrow. Soooo tempting to just stay home.

Antikvetch: I'm still grinning like an idiot.
Kvetch: I'm getting fired tomorrow. For making an doctor's appointment, and wearing (wait for it) jeans. Keep in mind, that half of the staff wears jeans. Fucktards. They've been pissy since I had the seizure. I'm just really depressed. The pisser of the whole thing, is that I only took 3 weeks off. I had 3 months if I wanted them. Need some strong job vibes.

Still angry at the boy, but at least he apologized.

Anti-kvetch: I'm still applying for other jobs, keep telling myself that it's a good thing...
((sassy)) I’m sorry to hear about you losing your job. Get a new better job where they treat you right.

((mornington and bunny)) Glad you two had a nice visit.

((crassy)) Yay for Christmas trees.

((raisin)) Hope your day went well.

((pixie)) Good for you for getting almost all the Christmas shopping done.

((rose)) Yay for nice long phone calls.

((syb)) Have fun shopping.

((faith)) Did he talk about math all night?

((star)) It’s nice to have a relaxing weekend.

((sassy)) sorry about the job. sad.gif

kvetch: well, i got my first rejection from an internship site. 1 down and 15 more sites to hear from. oh well. it is really out of my control, but it sucks. here's hoping i hear some good news in a couple of weeks.


Yes, he was very good, Mornington, he's very articulate. I don't know if all British parliamentarians speak so well, Canadian ones certainly don't.
I love the mental images I have of Dusty...carrying heavy things on your shoulders, standing in for the riot police, etc. You're tough!

So jealous of people who have gotten XMas shopping even partially done, like Mornington...I went to the bookstore the other day and just bought a few things for myself...but I was thinking of other people!! I have ideas, at least.

Keeping my fingers crossed for stargazer...

Sassy, forgive me if I'm being too nosy, but this isn't the first job you've lost where you belive it's because of your seizure disorder, eh? What would you think of starting to arm yourself with some labor laws and backup...I guess I'm thinking of getting information from the ACLU or something. And I'm curious, too, about the frequency of your seizures and whether your doctor thinks you could get them more under control, or if you're about at the level he thinks you will remain? Again, I don't mean to be too invasive...because my Mr. has epilepsy, I've become much more interested in seizure disorders, and ya know I'm an RN, so I'm interested in these kinds of things anyway. I feel really lucky that with some medication adjustments and with me sort of staying on top of him actually TAKING his medication properly, he has been seizure-free for...lessee...8 months. Which is longer than his usual. Anyhoo, (((sassy.)))

Crassy, hope you're feeling better. So jealous of anyone who has a tree, as well! I was going to decorate this year, but it's just not doing to happen. I'm feeling too overwhelmed with everything else.

Speaking of which, I realize this morning that I just need to worry ONLY about things that must be done this week, so basically, anything that has to do with the real opening this Friday and in addition, preparing for my neonatal reussitation certification on Friday afternoon. And at least my work schedule is easier...just Wed. night instead of Wed. day and Thurs. night!

The preview of the show went fine...only a handful of people showed up, which is about what I expected. The fun part is that the artists hung out with us and we got to know them more. The disappointment was that the guy from the weekly paper came by and took pictures, so we hoped for a write-up this week, but we didn't get that. He may still do it, but it's great when it corresponds with the opening. Ah well.

((rosev, faith, designerm, pixie, raisin, sonik, yuefie, tes, all of youse))

Oh, and Yuefie, Wally is doing so great! He's the best, best kitty. He fetches. He just sat on my leg!!! Ow! He just bit my foot, which means it's time to throw the ball for him. He likes to drink my bathwater, and will put his front paws on my propped-up calf when I'm in the tub...but the other day, he was balancing all four feets on my leg! It was so funny...he was wobbly, but didn't fall in. Not that he hasn't done that bunches of times. I'll post a picture sometime soon...he's so big!
Good Morning all! I am wearing reindeer antlers....why, you may ask? Because I've had a very hectic and shitty morning and my secret Santa gave them to me last week and I decided that they would do for an attitude adjustment! And thay work! It's hard to be a pissy pants when you know you look ridiculous!!

Argh! I saw my chiropractor for the last time last night. Not because I wanted to stop is actually working, but my fucktard PCP and insurance company won't authorize anymore vists. And I could pay $40 /wk to keep going, but I just can't swing it right now with Christmas. So that is depressing. I hope I can start again in January...but I am going to have to put minipixie in a DayCare Center, so I am not sure I'll be able to afford it then either.

Oh yeah..and Christmas is nickle and diming me to death! Chip in $10 for my bosses present...and then all the parties we are going to that need gifts to exchange..blah! I'm glad I almost have the regular Christmas shopping done.

Anyway...for my vibes...

(((Sassy))) that really sucks! I would look into the ACLU thing! That is really ridiculous!

(((amilita))) I get that way sometimes too...I just have to remind myself that i can only deal with one day's worth of problems at a time or I get overwhelmed.


Where has Bunny been?

((yuefie, Rose, Mornington, Dm, plummie, Fina, Fath, Tes...everyone else))

Sounds like a Christmas TV special gone awry: "The Very Angry Reindeer"

Sorry, that just popped into my head after reading your post, Pixie, and I had to share.

((Sassy)) I don't know what would suck more- going into work knowing you're going to get fired or having it sprung on you. ~*~*~job and continued health vibes~*~*~* Oh, and I agree with Amilita- do you have any legal grounds for discrimination?

((hugs to all))

Oh, ok, I thought it was just my imagination that Sassy had already lost a job over this. That's not right. And I'm a tough union chick, hee.
(((((sassy))))) ~~~huge hugs and super vibes your way~~~ I agree, it sounds like discrimination and should be looked in to.

((((stargazer)))) wishing good things for you

((((anoushh & not-bob))))

((((mandi)))) for everything

feel better (((crassy)))) and any other busties who are feeling under the weather.

~~~extra special broken ankle healing vibes for aural~~~

(((((dusty, faith, plummie, sidecar, polly, pixie, rose, mornington, dm, raisin, billy, syb, fina, sonik, bunny, sixela, tes, msp, wb, mavin, cstars, faerie, candycane, anyone I am forgetting)))))

yay for rose & tes and bunny & mornington. I can't wait for the day I get to hang out with busties in real life!

amilita, I would love to see pix of big wally smile.gif

In fact any cute pics any of you dears have to post would really help crankypants yuefie out. A very angry reindeer indeed. That would be me right about now if I were wearing the antlers.

asshat king emailed me back this morning about my christmas stuff. Supposedly he will allow my cousin to pick my stuff up. We'll see. It just pisses me off that I am still having to even think about that guy. dry.gif

I'm baaaack!

/off to read archives.

eta: eeeek, it took me almost an hour to read them! ah well, I'm fairly caught up now but overwhelmed with everything that's been going on and it's only been a few days! pixie, I was in London from Friday and hence able to meet the lovely and smiley and smitten kitten mornington.

to get it out of the way: candycane, because you've been around for 3years that makes it okay for you to come into a thread and not introduce yourself? kvetch is like a community in itself and we have often compared it to a large dinner party where we talk and laugh and cry together; would you sit down at a table during the meal and ignore the conversation and start speaking about yourself? I think not. Perhaps you didn't intend to sound elitist in your post but you certainly came across that way. \snarkiness.

(((polly))) and (((faith))) a'cos.

(((sassy))) whoah, what a sucktastic few days for you. I am sorry for the apartment falling through (and consequently a delay on becoming a kittymama) and the job and mcgeek woes. I agree with dusty and amilita that it sounds as if there are grounds for discrimination there.

(((crassy))), hun, so glad to come back and see you regularly posting again.

(((raisin))) and (((mando))) soothing hairbrushing vibes for you both. mando, what is it about christmas nights out and shamefaced stories? I never fail to have the worst hangovers afterwards and imagine the same this year after our alterna-night out (indian food and a gay club).

(((yuefie))) what is it with the asshats? psychobiatch ex friend is rearing her medusa-like head again too.

yay for kitties sonik and yuefie!

yay for holidays sidecar and syb!

(((amilita))), (((dusty))) (((rose))), (((pixie))), (((tes))), (((mornington))), (((desingermedusa))), (((anoushh))), (((stargazer))), (((sixelacat))), (((billy))), (((txplumwine))), (((fina)))

My graduation dinner was lovely and my weekend in London was wonderful: it was amazing to have so much one-on-one time with my boy, incredibly blissful. Wicked was Wicked and we shopped and saw Casino Royale and Happy Feet at the pics and visited the Tate Modern and British Museum and ate fabulously and *swoons over romantic weekend*. I also had a v bad fall in the shower and a not so sore one at ice-skating (quite the acheivement for me) so bruised and sore. mornington also introduced me to a fantastic bookstore where I indulged, obviously. My Christmas shopping is going well too (yuefie and mando, did I tell you that I bought the boy tickets to see Dave?)

*blows kisses at everyone here*

i don't have time to post. but i don't want to do the work i'm supposed to be doing, and i wanted to see how everyone was doing, so i am lurking. and reading. and vibing. and hugging. and loving you all.

also giggling hysterically at:

the very angry reindeer

picturing pixie in antlers

thinking of faith listening to MATH all night long

dusty protecting a parlimentarian

thinking of amilita's adorable wally!


losing a job because you had a seizure???? wtf???? talk to a lawyer, sassy!! everyone else has this one right! they can't do that sort of dren! ass holes do VEX me!!

christmas nickle and diming yeufie to death

broken ankles sad.gif

ass hat kings

pixie having to stop chiropractic

(raisin, thank you for tori love!!!!!! )

i'll try to pop back in again soon.

hugs and kisses and silly silly tuna toro fishes!

(((sassy))) that sucks i'm *crossing parts* you'll get something better

hey there, dm! *waves*


(((amilita))) awwwww! my cat used to fetch -then he stopped when i got zeke. i think at first he was afraid to run with abandon and then he just got lazy.

(((pixie))) that sucks about your chiropractor, do you think you could talk to your pcp or to the insurance co. i didn't think it was possible but i complained about something to my human resources person and she called the co. and actually got me extra visits to one of my docs. and if don't know if this helps but last year i saved tons of $ by giving all my co-workers an emergency kit' --i put bandaids, clear nail polish, toothbrush strips, safety pins, a sewing kit, lip balm, and lotion in a box i decorated. i bought everything in big package sizes, opened them and divided it, it only cost about $3 per box.

(((yuefie))) i don't know about the asshat situation but that sucks. should i call women's avenger 'cut a bitch' to take care of the situation?

(((bunnyb))) awwww! i'm glad to be back too.

ooooh, lookie, it's tes!!! it's been a long time girl, hope things are well.

it's amazing i have a tree up-- i'm draggin my arse on getting anything done (i have to clean the house big-time before my brother and new sister in law visit for my b-day) the place is a wreck, but the tree makes me happy so i prioritized it.

i'm doing ok on the present thing. probably because my brothers & i decided not to exchange since we're all trying to save money. in addition, i'm going splitzies with them on a large gift for my mom. i still want to send her something little though. i won't see my family for the holidays this year- it was too expensive (and confidentially it was too dramatic.)
pixiedust guys made me laugh for the first time today! "the very angry reindeer!" Indeed! They took a flight across the room when someone threatened to take my picture.

Glad you had fun in London, Bunny. I am very jealous that you got to meet the Fabulous Mornington! I am hoping to make it across the pond one of these days and see her myself...

(((Yuefie)))Men can be such ASSHATS!
and what about me? do you not want to travel across the pond to meet the fabulous me? *pouts* wink.gif
((((pixie)))) *feels special*
((((bunny)))) tongue.gif
((((yuefie)))) a pox on asshat king.
((((amilita)))) second/third me on the Wally pics!
((((tes)))) acos
((((sassy)))) talk to a lawyer! they've treated you terribly and I'm sure there must be something to back you up!
((((stargazer)))) I have my fingers crossed!
((((crassy)))) yay trees!
((((dm, dusty, rose, sixe, polly, billy, raisin, faith, syb, sonik, faith, everyone))))

bwahahaha on the angry reindeer laugh.gif
for yuefie:

IPB Image

I'm getting my new glasses tomorrow, yipee!

kvetch: indigo barks in his sleep. F forgets to put his keylock on his phone... guess how much sleep I get?
kvetch: we lost the goddamn cricket. and we were bloody winning it too.

The Boy Wonder's hockey pads are meant to be arriving tomorrow - all nearly two week's rent of them. I've got to sign for them... so naturally, I won't be in.

I'm not sure if I'm doing a tree this year - I won't be here for christmas proper anyway. I think I might see if I can get a little mini tree or something to take out to Algiers. We still don't know if we'll be in a hotel or not - and if we're not, whether our boxes will have gone through inspection. I wonder how much christmas stuff I can get in my suitcase? huh.gif

antikvetch: F being silly long-distance style. I'm going dotty, I really am
Oh crassy, it's the ex, the asshat king that I had all the drama with last year.

I never got all of my belongings and he contacted my best guy pal and some other friends to supposedly give them back to me. We'll see how that works out. He is still as smug and condescending as ever. I've decided it's most important for me to take the high road here and not take the bait and give in to his sarcastic remarks. I just want to get my stuff and be done with it. Besides, acknowledging them is only going to fuel the fire. It's best if he doesn't get the fight he's so obviously looking for rolleyes.gif

Thank you, everyone, for listening and for all the vibes. And morn, that vision of fluff really made me smile smile.gif
Sashie snores so loudly that she has been keeping me up at night!

ah, taking the higher road... sometimes I do -I've tried to conduct myself with dignity with pyschobiatch medusa- but sometimes I resort to the snarky. weird how both of our vexing asshat situations revolve around belongings... through the whole "holding bracelet over extreme heat" farce, I brought up the fact that she loaned a suit of mine (which I had temporarily loaned her) to a friend without asking me and neither of them ever returned it to me. I was going to let it go but it was the principle of the thing after she went wacko about bracelet. Anyway, received email from girl she gave it to who never knew it was mine, thought it was a give-away and gave it to a charity shop when she moved city.

I need to stop crying over Veronica and Logan's relationship in Veronica Mars but the sweetness kills me and makes me miss the boy more (yes the boy who I last saw yesterday morning).

must go to bed.

well, of course, I'll come see the Fabulous Bunny if I make it across the pond again! Hopefully next time it won't rain every bloody day I am in Scotland!

Rose...have to share....something reminded me of the crotch game tonight and I was explaining it to Mr. Pixie....and I came up with the best one ever! "so easy, even a caveman can do it!" Bwahaha! We said it in relation to his ex.

yeah for bunnyb being back! i missed you!

very busy day today. i had access to a car! wee! i don't have a car and who would've thunk i would feel such freedom in an automobile. so, i went for my visit with psychiatrist and ran alot of errands. i was so exhausted and hungry that i took a nap this evening. a nice solid one. my roommate and i might go for a drive tomorrow just to get out of town. nowhere big. but, just to be out. we don't care if it's cold!

thanks for all of the support! dec. 15th is when sites may start contacting me for interviews. seriously. 2-3 interviews would make me happy. i figure i might be hearing rejection news in these next couple of weeks from sites that do not want me. pfft. i just want to be done with school and get my doctorate already!

crassy~yeah on getting the tree up! christmas lights really make me happy.

mornington~hey, i don't know if you have shared about this F man. spill the beans gurl!

yuefie~so, you're the disgruntled reindeer i've been hearing about? smile.gif

alright. hugs and kisses to everyone! (dontcha know i walk around with a mistletoe above my head)

hope everyone is well!
well bunnyb, I certainly wasn't trying to sound elitist. Excuse me for making a post on a message board without properly introducing myself. I think everyone else has moved on but just for you here's a little introduction:

Hi, I'm candycane_girl and I like to visit the Bust messageboard whenever I have time. You can usually find me in Becoming Healthy, The Depression Thread, Elyse Reads Bust, Reel Life or lurking in the shadows of Crimes of Fashion.

I just wanted to come in and say a quick hello to everyone. I know everyone can get a bit stressed out at this time of year (for me personally it's thanks to exams and crazy gigantic group assignments) but hopefully everyone can at least find one thing to make them happy. For me, it's taking baths. I've got a seasonal job working at Lush and I have become a bath addict ever since. There's nothing quite like a nice hot bath to relax you at the end of a looooooong day.

happy vibes to everyone!
oooh, one more thing, thanks for all the positive vibes for my friend who is now a mother! I haven't had a chance to visit her partly because of my schedule and partly because she's probably still going through a lot of physical stuff. I'm afraid that when I visit her she'll be going through the baby blues thing and get all weepy! But as soon as I see her and the new baby boy I'll give a quick update.

man, just the thought of a complicated 36 hour labour makes me want to use condoms, the pill, a diaphram, spermicide and any other contraceptive I can think of.
I 've just catched up on the archives: re; math..i took math until i was 14. I can't grasp any of it. I remember being really sad that i got a 3 (10 being the highest grade) on a test in middle school. I had studied the stuff i had to know for 4 weeks! The teachers advised my mom to get me to drop it in 3rd grade, i'm just not a math person.
P is. And when there's a quiz on tv with a math related question in it, he takes the time to explain. And i actually understand then. So i guess it had also a lot to do with my insecurities as a teenager. So yay for people who do math big time. Respect.

Where's Sapphire? Anyone seen her lately?

Crassy, that's so funny about the little voices you give the animals! I can totally picture it!

P's sister is living with us for 6 months because she has an internship at the hospital in our town. The day before yesterday their mother called to say they had sold the pony. P's sister was very upset. This pony has been as much as family for 15+ years. It's sad that there wasn't a chance for her to say goodbye to the poor animal. P's father is getting retired next year and they want to travel more, which means they can't take care of the old pony. But really, this was a (too?) quick decision.
Anyway, we're celebrating "Sinterklaas" this sunday with P's family, so we'll se how it goes.

I just came back from the supermarket, and because i had bought something i got a free package consisting of a children's book and candy. Yesterday was official "Sinterklaas", so supermarkets need to get rid of this sinterklaas related stuff.

I'm busy getting my Christmas cards ready. If you might want a Christmas card made by me in your mailbox, feel free to PM me your address!

(((((Tesao)))))Good to see you around!

((((Mando))), a little late about the party/fool/drink thing; but i think because of drinking and having fun/ being more loose in company of people with whom you only have a work relationship, makes you feel more embarrased the next day than you need to. Sometimes we tend to see our actions through a magnifying glass, when others don't even notice. I bet you were great company, don't fret!

Mornington, that bunny is too cute! it almost doesn't look real! Too much (is that possible) cuddling-factor goin on, methinks.

Sassy, that is outrageous! There must be laws that protect you against narrowmindedness of employers. I hope you'll find a good job without prejudice (((parts crossed))))

(((((Bunny, Candycane girl, Pixie, Yuefie, Stargazer, Roseviolet, Designermedusa, Amilitia, Pollystyrene))))
candycane_girl, what's with the attitude? I've been away since your first post and after reading the archives I responded to your posts in reply to polly's and mine so, no, everyone had not moved on.

stargazer, thank you! I missed kvetch so much! good luck with interview news - I hope it's acceptance news!

pixie, I'm no rainmaker (I wish I was) but I would take myself down to London to meet you, any of you.

sonik, that is so sad about P's sister's pony sad.gif. oh and very sweet of you to offer to post Christmas cards! I would love to post kvetchies cards for the holidays. Belated happy sinterklaas too (does that derive from or is it the derivative for santa claus [besides St. Nicholas]?)

joins stargazer with the mistletoe wearing to give you all smoochies.
Drive by kvetch---

Well, I didn't get fired. They pulled me in to discuss this past month. My numbers were good. So, it's basically going to be they are going to watch me for the next 6 months or so. I still think it's discrimination due to the seizures though. In my maniac state, I did update my resume. Started sending it out Monday night. One of my goals for the new year, is to get a job in the new year. One that isn't so damn corporate. I can't believe that were on me about wearing jeans, when half of the staff does. Whatev. I'm still going to have a lawyer on hand just in case.

Thanks for all the support my lovely busties.

((multi-purpose vibes for all))

On a health note, it's been over 2 months since I had a seizure. Does a happy dance now... smile.gif
This is a long one! Hold on...

Oh, Tesao, you got the package! Yay yay yay! Tori love! Mr. Hotbuns will bring it to you later this month, right?

Soooo glad to know I ain't the only animal talker here, you bunch of crazies. wacko.gif

Crassy, did you drink your 40 before you left the house in order to contribute to that hangover? hee hee!

Ice skating and book shopping with Busties across the pond! Awwww.

Sassy, ugh, I hope you find a better job in the meantime through all this mess. Bastids. I hate coworkers/bosses/colleagues who are like that, all petty and shit -- but seriously, more than that, there has to be a discrimination case here.

Amilita, I was going to do Xmas decorations as well this year, but I'm kind of giving up on the idea. I have lots of lights around, but no tree. And your kitty likes to drink your bathwater?! That is too funny.

Reindeer antlers, Pixie? If you take pictures at home, it could be next year's Xmas card!

Yuefie, for you and you alone (not especially cute, but funny?):

IPB Image

A toast to taking the high road over asshats.

Sonik, I love your art, will you mail cards internationally? And Bunny, you too! Oh gosh, I'm so behind on cards, trying to catch up this coming weekend.

Petey has fluffitude. I think I learned that word from CO.

Stomachache is gone. Monday morning was brutal; the afternoon was better. Here I am, I went after this job I wanted so badly, I got it, and now it's like I have to battle my dual demons of perfectionism and performance anxiety every single day. At least yesterday I didn't have any physical manifestations of my stress. And today I won't, either (knock on wooden surface). Sheesh. I have to give it time, though, because everyone tells me that it will get better. How soon is now?! *cue the Smiths*

I don't know WTF I'm doing for Xmas. Too much family drama; too bad it's too late to escape to the Bahamas... or is it? Actually, screw the Bahamas; I'd go further (farther?) south where the water would be warm enough for swimming.

And the stupidest kvetch in the world: I can't find my glasses anywhere. Gee, maybe it's because I can't see?! cool.gif

No apologies for the novella this time. wink.gif
Screwdrivers! Woot!!!

And for the record, I think people who don't talk to their animals are the crazy ones.

~~~~~ calm blue waer vibes for Raisin ~~~~~

Sassy, I'm sooooo glad to hear that you still have your job. I think if they had really wanted to fire you, they wouldn't have told you about the meeting the day before, so I seriously had my hopes up for you! Definitely send out your resumee, though. You've been facing too much hostility there since your diagnosis.

AP broke a bone? How did I miss that!?
~~~~~~ healing for AP ~~~~~~

Mandi? How are you doing, sweetie?

And where is Sapphie? And is MsP taking another break from Bust?

((((hugs for Anoushh & Not Bob, wherever they are))))

Sonik, if you send me a card, I'll send something to you! Perhaps it'll make me get off my butt & mail our holiday cards, too. Gotta do that!

~*~*~*~* interview vibes for Stargazer ~*~*~*~*

((((((((MASSIVE hugs for Yuefie)))))))))) I'm glad you're using an intermediary so you don't have to face King Asshat. Grrrrrrr.

Pixie, that is a HILARIOUS entry for The Crotch Game!! I'll have to share that with SmokeBoy when I call him.

Hooray for ice skating and reindeer antlers and Chistmas lights!

Anti-Kvetch: I am watching a show about traditional Irish and Scottish love songs. Can't understand a single thing they're singing, of course, since the songs are so ancient, but it's very pretty. And the scenery is reminding me of all the little towns in Scotland and northern England that I love so dearly. Like Kenmore. And Bakewell. And Bakewell tarts! Yum! smile.gif
happy st. nick day to anyone who celebrates it (i got a cd in my shoe this morning!) the mr. got chocolate, a little game, and hand and footwarmers for work. fun!

bunny, everybody wants to travel cross the pond to see you!!! smile.gif

mornington, that bunny is heart-breakingly adorable! indigo barks in his sleep? i guess he's having a dream? zeke growls in his sleep and 'runs' sometimes. he snores too, but i find it really cute!

(((yeufie))) oh yes, the asshat from hell, yeah i remember his antics well. the bastid!

sonik, i was just thinking of saphie yesterday. i meeced her but thought she was probably around when i was on 'hiatus'.

(((p's sister))) that is sad she couldn't say goodbye to the pony!!

(((sassy))) glad you didn't lose your job but it is a good idea to send out resumes and have a lawyer on standby!

raisin, actually i drank a big coffee before i left that house to put me in a party mood! ~*~*find glasses*~*~

re: cat and dog "voices": enzo my gay boycat is all high pitched and he's a sarcastic diva. zeke the dog is a southern gent with an edge, he's got a gravely 'nawlins accent. yeah, i'm sure this certifies me as crazy!! they crack the mr. up though.

rose, the reason i think it's bad is not because i talk to my animals but that i have them answer back sometimes!

i'm done decorating the inside of my house for x-mas, it looks fabulous, i've got to post a pic soon. i also got this plug-in air-freshener pill thing from target that smells like gingerbread, so my house smells like christmas too!! now if only i could get the outside decorated (i don't have a ladder i'm using one of those poles with hooks which is a pain in the arse!) my roof is quite steep! maybe i'll do the entryway and the walk tonight and worry about the icicle lights for the later. better do it before it snows, last year the real ice in the gutters where i was trying to hang the little hooks was a nightmare!

Omg raisin, I wanna *smooch* ya right on the forehead for that one. Glad your tummy is feeling better.

It's true, Pete does have fluffitude. There is no way I can not smile when I see that vision of fluff!

Yay for you not getting fired (((sassy))), but yes, keep sending out the resume. You deserve to be somewhere you don't have to walk on eggs shells. It sounds to me like they are just looking for an excuse.

(((((rose, tes, bunny, sonik, mornington, sidecar, dusty, polly, crassy, amilita, anoushh, mandi, billy, plummie, dm, pixie, stargazer, sixela, ap, luci, faerie, candycane, msp, wb, mavin, tg, sapphy, damona, ladylib, all MIA kvetchies, lurkers, er'body I missed))))

Thanks for the extra hugs and all the love. This time last year was when I was going through what was likely the most stressful time of my life, rivaled only by my mothers passing, you all are what got me through the massive shit storm. This temporary stress and annoyance is a cake walk in comparision. It's just hard in the sense that it's dregding up a bunch of memories of it all, and that irritates me. Last night I had a wickedly crazy nightmare involving AHK, as he will now be referred to. But it should be over soon, and I can finally have some real closure on that chapter.

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