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yay for kitty back safe and sound (with muddy boots)!

(((pixie))), are you ok? hope there's not going to be a return to longterm drama with the ex.

mornington, I meant to say that I loved the cross stitch! I like one I saw maybe in this month's BUST of a rainbow unicorn.

(((amilta))) boo for the forwarding of the photography show and thanks for the therapy love smile.gif.

went shopping with bunnymama early this evening as the suit trousers that arrived from Next for my graduation were too long so we went to change them but ended up buying a completely other suit! also, the trousers and blouse I bought previously (elsewhere) I ended up disliking and bought a long suede effect skirt and black blouse with granddad collar so much happier.
yuefie~yeah for the kitty coming back. boo for you feeling ill. i hope you get better soon.

bunnyb~that's great the family will be getting into therapy. oh, and i want pics of this hairdo.

mornington~pms sucks royally. the pain will eventually go away.

amilita~oh boy, i remember my hospital orientation years ago. so, boring. but, you get paid for it. i do miss working in a hospital.

sybarite~that's awesome about the go ahead with your thesis. good luck!

pixie~well, i hope you get to have fun with the boss away. sorry your day started off rough.


i just got my shelves! so, i will have projects. oh, and i still never got around to decorating my house. my unemployed roommate and i were just talking about how we are getting tired of being in the house. maybe i'll go for a walk later tonight. the weather is simply gorgeous here. maybe along the lakefront.
hi, i've been sorta a recluse lately due to depression, new found issues surrounding my father's death, a never ending cold, lots of work, and general anti-socialness. i haven't even seen any of my friends in weeks. i still lurve ya though and i'm trying to break out of the funk. i meeced you.
((((((crassy)))))) ~~~extra tight hugs and lots of feel better vibes~~~

(((yuefie)))hope you feel better, glad Miss Kitty is back!

Bunny...You and me both. Hopefully putting her in daycare will end the drama because I won't have see him daily.

This has been a rough day! Not only is my boss out with a hurt leg, but the receptionist that I cover for at lunch time was rear ended and went home so I am stuck up front all day! I so do not want to have to be upbeat and cheery on the phone today!

Crassy!!! So good to see ya here...sorry things are rough right now.

(((((crassy)))))) good to see you checking in!

((((pixie)))) asswipe. him, that is. i read the letter thread and... mad.gif
((((yuefie)))) and yay for miss kitty muddy-paws being back home! ****feel better!*****
((((stargazer)))) I have days like that. A walk will help.
((((bunny)))) I must go back to therapy. It's just making that step. yay for shopping! and nice people who understand bunbun!
((((amilita)))) boo on previews moved forward.
((((mando, anoushh & not-bob, polly, sidecar & martini, rose, syb, faith, sassy, sixe, everyone))))

Nothing to report. Except... the boob still hurts a bit, but everything else has gone away, thank cod. I watched the first part of a drama based on the tsunami in thailand (I can remember being in tears, and mama putting her name down on the embassy volunteer list and our friend P being worried sick about our friends who were out there - they were fine, thankfully) and cried a little.

I bought Indigo a new bed the other day, so he has a bed in the living room so he can sit with me in the evenings. Today I moved a few of his toys and his blanket into the living room to encourage him (he lay down once, I praised him and went to give him a biscuit, he took the biscuit and ran away)... he spent the next few minutes picking up each and every toy and carrying it back to his bed in my room. All with this look of "you're so untidy" in his eyes. laugh.gif
(((crassy))) missed you, sweetpea. come back and play with us.

(((yuefie))) sorry you're oogly. hope it passes. and thanks for asking, i'm dealing. a bit shakily, though.

the mr met chazz palminteri today (brand new mcmansion, fershit plumbing). and met billy baldwin too. brush with fame!


I (and others) have been saying this for years!,,1958687,00.html

Anyway, still can't really sit, so for now that's all from me.

The crappy head cold I have has now gone to my chest. Ugh. I did manage to work half a day at work without falling asleep at my desk. I ended up going home due to a bad migrane, and almost having a seizure. Double ugh. Tis the season to get sick I guess. I realized that half of the office has whatever I have (the cold not the seizures). The weirdest thing? My boss was okay with me leaving.

Mando, Chazz seems to freaking cool to me. Yay for brush with fame. smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: I plan on watching my new season of Northern Exposure tonight. Also, parents are being super cool about Christmas. No talk about the move to SC either.


(((yuefie) Sorry you're feeling ill, but the kitty is adorable.

Star, cool for shelves. Projects always cheer me up.

Off to bed. Damn I'm craving Nutella.... don't have the energy to head to the store.

Crassy, good to see you! SOrry you've not been well. Take care.
(((Crassy))) I was wondering where you were! Hope you feel better and everything works out.

((sassy)) Poo on colds and seizures.

((Mornington)) So funny about Indigo and the toys. Such a neatnik!

((Pixie)) Sorry about the daddy drama. What an ass.

~*~*~job vibes for Sidecar & Martini~*~*~ No news for me yet. I just emailed my cousin to see if she looked over my resume yet.

~*~*~Uncle Buster vibes~*~*~

((Anoushh, bunny, sybarite, amilita, mando, stargazer, yuefie & kittie, raisin and anyone I missed.))

ETA: Late breaking news- did y'all hear about the woman in Colorado who was being fined by her homeowners association for putting up a peace sign shaped wreath? They're letting her keep it up now. I guess the jackass association president had to change his phone number to an unlisted one smile.gif Ha!
Huh?? That's just crazy, Polly. Peace on earth...

((((Mornington)))) Your dog must be adorable!

(((((Yuefie)))))Yay for the kitty returning!

((((((((((Crassy)))))))))))Good to see you here.

Mandolyn, he met these celebs on the job? Wow.

Must.keep.working. I looked at a website of a famous illustrator with lots of famous clients and lots of coverage..i bet she worked really hard for it. Bust sometimes it makes me feel like a loser. Like, can i get interesting clients without living in Manhattan? Sheesh, i should get working instead of thinking like this, which leads me obviously nowhere.


effing opticians fucked up my effing appointment - it seems they didn't book me in at all - and now i have to miss a second lecture. argh! mad.gif

((((anoushh)))) bmi always seemed odd to me

Squeeeee! I've been talking to a friend online for over a month now....and she just moved here over the weekend! Now I have a new friend to go out with this the weekend!

Polly that is crazy!


y'all are the best! thanks for all the hugs, i think i'm gonna stick around. still trying to play catch up.\

yay for the return of kitties! boo for asshat trouble!


(((pixie))) yay for new friends!

(((sassy))) feel better!

~*~*polly get the job*~*~*

and keeses to amilita & mandi

yay for sidecar & martini!!

mornington, who is this indigo feller? he sure sounds cute smile.gif
Kvetch- I've been on hold for [checks display on phone] 45 minutes with the fraking dept. of employment to try to get my unemployment benefits. Just because I don't have a job doesn't mean I don't have anything better to do!

Anti-Kvetch- I FINALLY got my avatar to work! Woohoo! Now my profile message makes sense.

Grrr....they finally picked up. 48 minutes of waiting for a 30-second phone call to answer my simple question. I've GOT to get a phone with speakerphone because my neck hurts.
((((polly))))) I hate being held on hold.

((((crassy)))) meet Indigo. Indigo, meet crassy. Indigo sniffs computer screen. yawns, and pricks his ears.

I have new glasses. Wheeeee! And R, my ex-flatmate, made me mincemeat for mince pies! Bless his cotton socks rolleyes.gif

((((mando, sonik, bunny, yuefie, pixie, rose, dusty, anoushh, amilita, syb, stargazer, sassy, sixe, sidecar, everyone))))

Meeting some old girlfriends from school tomorrow. Feeling a wee bit miffed because the Engineer is being a pain in the behind about coming to north london (Ex-Goth and German both live a little south of me, so Camden is perfect for pubbery)... and plus she doesn't know about the depression/medication/etc. She met Welshman at the Girlies b-day party, and was pleasantly rude to him. So no doubt I will get the third degree. Yay. dry.gif But seeing Ex-Goth and German is a major anti-kvetch.

ph34r.gif edit: was it here we were talking about fainting goats? well... I got sent this today. pfft. too funny.
((crassy)) Congratulations on popping up to say hi - that's progress when you're depressed. So sorry you're having a hard time.

((yuefie and the return of her kitty and no more sickness, stargazer, bunny, amilita, annoush and ze bebe, mando and her mr the swanky celeb socialites!, sidecar and martini, mornington and assorted fabulous pets, polly SO sorry you were in hold purgatory, I hope they weren't playing awful music/recordings, rose, pixie and her new going out friends, go-away colds for sassy, job vibes and health vibes and family vibes and work vibes and mood vibes for everyone))

First meeting with a great shrink yesterday, I feel like a huge load has been lifted. I don't know what I was thinking, trying to wait until the meds were settled -- she's awesome. And I actually started a diet today without giving in to self-loathing induced candy binges. Things are looking up!
Hi, Crassy! So glad you stopped by. (((((Crassy)))))

Faith, congrats on seeing the counselor! (((((Faith)))))

Polly, I am growling on your behalf. Grrr. (((((Polly)))))

Hooray for new friends, Pixie!

Sheff just called, so I gotta cut this short.
((((((((ALL of you))))))))

Uncle Buster has a pace maker ... installed? fitted? What's the right word? At any rate, he has a permanent pace maker now & is recovering from the surgery nicely. And my momma saw her eye doctor & she has healed even better than expected. So it's all good.

Me gots to make din-din now!

tired. tipsy. early start tomorrow as graduating then off to london with boy and seeing mornington and be back tuesday.

love to all.

(((crassy))) good to see you back.

(((mornington))) love the avatar.

*off to bed to have at most 6hrs sleep*
kvetch: I lost my favourite necklace today. I took it off when I went to see my chiropractor and I put it in my purse. I looked in my purse later and it was gone. I fucking love that necklace, I wear it almost everyday and the best part was that I got it on sale for four bucks!! And now it's gone forever. I know it's silly but it's just another thing to add on to a bad day.
where is everyone?

kvetch: people continually thinking that this thread is the complaints thread only.

candycane_girl, sorry about your necklace. In future it would be nice if you read a thread before you randomly posted in it to obtain the general feel of the thread.

anti-kvetch: having a super day but wish I hadn't bothered checking in here.

sonofasapsucker! i just wrote this whole thing and then accidentally deleted it. ugh!

(((polly))) i love my speakerphone for that very reason

mornington, indigo is adorable!! *gently pets indigo's sweet floppy ears* is he a rescued racing dog? his coat is amazing --looks like a tiger!

faith-thanks. i'm trying to break out of it and lose all the assumptions and notions and just begin to really grieve-- i've put it off way too long thinking my dad was strong and would want me to be stoic. i can still be strong and grieve dammit!

(((faith))) glad to hear about the counselor!

(((rose, rosemom, uncle baxter)))


(((candycane))) that sucks!

We are buried under an inch of ice and sleet...and we aere supposed to have 10 to 12 inches of snow in the next 48 hours!!! Rose do you EVER remember it snowing more 2 inches here? EVER?
The nice thing is that I am snowed in with Mr. Pixie. The bad thing is i still need to venture out sometime today to go get minipixie and go to the grocery store. Yeah...I should have gotten the groceries lat night...but our weathermen are NEVER right about snow!

Anyhoo..hope everyone else is having a good day. We are going to light a fire in our fireplace and hibernate for the next few days.

((((Kvetchies...because tehy get it!))))
Ah..a fireplace..the adiea of hibernating sounds great to me right now!
I hope you get everything done in time. 12 inches of snow is a lot!

After a hard day of work, i'm going home, cooking. Sauerkraut or carrots with lots of onions...
And some Gl├╝hwein.

Some idiot kept honking the horn of his car for the last 5 minutes. Because he picked someone up. It it so much trouble to actually get out of your car and walk those 4 metres to ring a bell?!?!? I opened my window and shouted 'hey!" I'm making it out like i was tough, but the guy probably didn't even hear me..hee.

Anyway, i'm off to home, cuddling my kitty.

(((((((All of you!!))))))))
(((((Crassy))))) You can, indeed, grieve and remain a strong woman. And even if you're feeling weak, just remember that we're here for you.

((((Bunny)))) Deeeeeeeep breaths, dear. smile.gif Hope you have a fab time with your boy & Mornington!

((((CC Girl)))) That sucks! I hope they find it at the chiroprator's office.

Pixie, I remember quite a few bad snow and ice storms. Especially back in the '80s! In fact, that's probably the last time we got 2 feet of snow 'round those parts. I think the worst storm in recent memory was back in December of 2000 when we had TONS of snow during the same week that I had to take the GRE (they rescheduled my test, which almost NEVER happens) & the snow managed to stay on the ground for a couple of weeks. Now that was unusual! I hope the girls are enjoying the snow. Be careful out there!

BestGalPal says that the snow up in Seattle has been amazing. Apparently it rarely snows there, but it's been dumping down on them all week. And my brother just called to say that he had to brave the bad weather because he had a calculus test today. Only one other student showed up. The good news is that he aced the test. Hooray!

How is the weather for everyone else? It's currently sunny & 71F here. tongue.gif

((((((((all you lovelies))))))))
(((((((mandi))))))))) ~~~super tight hugs and all the soothing vibes I can muster are coming your way right about now~~~ do let us know how the appt. goes when you get the chance, k?
((((((anoushh))))) I hope you are healing up, you poor thing.
(((((crassy)))))) there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a little emotional when grieving. It's not like you're falling apart about it or anything like that. It's so good to see you around darlin', hope things get better for you quick.
(((((faith))))) cause you are such a sweetheart.
((((mornington & bunny))))) color me jealous.
((((bunny)))) congrats! I hope your graduation goes well, as does your trip. ~~~~safe travel~~~
(((((polly))))) ugh, I lose my mind when placed on hold forever. Most often I actually forget why I am on the phone in the first place and when the person finally answers I sound like a doofus.
((((sonik)))) we had some jerkoff honking for fifteen minutes last night, 'til finally some neighbor guy went and yelled at them. I mean really, is it that hard to get out of the car? dry.gif
((((sassy)))) how are ya feeling?
~~~continued work/career vibes for polly, martini & sidecar, sassy, anyone else who needs them~~~
((((amilita)))) been meaning to ask, how's our little buddy wally doing? not so little, I bet! would love to see new pics if you get the chance smile.gif
((((raisin)))) cause I always miss her and I'm still waiting for her to take up residence is my kitchen wink.gif
(((pixie))) hibernating near the fireplace sounds splendid.
continued healing vibage for ((((rose's uncle)))))
happy birthday to the one and only aural poison!
((((dusty, billy, msp, fina, stargazer, sixela, cstars, plummie, tallgirl, mavin, anyone I missed))))

feeling mostly better, but my balance is still a tad bit wonky. not that I am the queen of coordination or anything on a regular basis, but this just a smidge more than my usual klutziness. right ear is still kinda plugged up, lots of sinus pressure, but the rooms have stopped spinning and I can walk around without running in to things. gah, I need to go see a doctor, insurance be damned. I'm working from home for the remainder of this week, which is nice. missy kitty has apparently decided that I am her new favorite person, which has made her real "parents" a little jealous. she follows me around from the moment I walk through the door, and even sits at the bathroom door and waits for me. this morning I saw her paw coming underneath it, how cute! as soon as she sees me, she begins to purr, which is good for the ol' ego tongue.gif . she is currently curled up in a little ball at my feet.

quick fly by.

Still feeling sick. Damn cold. Thank you for asking yuefie... If it doesn't stop by next week, I'll going to a doctor to get some drugs. I have solace in knowing that half of my office are getting sick with the same thing. Misery loves company I guess.

Anti-kvetch: Putting the first deposit down on the apartment tomorrow. I found out today that I can have a kitten! Also, I will be able to move in by Jan 6th. Yahoo! Now, to find furniture and a washer/dryer....

So jeolous of snow! All we got down here was rain... not that I didn't love it though. I splashed in puddles with my cool stripped rain boots. smile.gif

((multi-purpose vibes)))
Hi lovelies!

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. This week at work has been a freaking whirlwind. It started off on Monday with me just dragging my ass in after a very awesome long weekend (I wanted to be anywhere but the office, you know how it goes), and it's ending tomorrow with another big milestone. I'm soooooooo excited but it's also combined with a whole lot of butterflies. I have to take a lot of these milestone-type steps before I'm officially full-on promoted, so that's why it's been so uphill for the past few months. I totally love it, though; I am kinda sorta in a long-term engagement (heh) with my work, yet don't want to make it my life (GAWD that would be so boring) but also working hard at making time for outside interests and seeing friends. Sometimes I totally suck at time management.

Can I just toot my own horn for a moment? My boss is quite pleased with my work product (and I can't tell you how great this is, how understanding he is); it's me that needs to stop being so hard on myself. Please just think good thoughts for me tomorrow that I rise to the occasion and the performance goes smoothly. Yeah! I keep meaning to write more about this on LJ, but that never seems to happen.

Oh, to be snowed in and to lounge around in front of the fireplace... swoon... so cozy. I wore a t-shirt today and no jacket; it was beautifully unseasonably warm.

Bunny and Mornington hanging out together? So very jealous. Bunny, congrats again on the degree.

Yuefie, I always miss you, too, my sweet.

Sassy, congrats on the apartment! No moving back to the 'rents, whoo!

Oh my gosh, I should really get to bed, and this little one...

IPB Image

...needs some attention as well.

xxxxx's and oooooooo's to you and I'll try to be better about catching up in ye olde Lounge. I do what I can, but really need to work on getting enough sleep because it affects work performance -- not so great when I need to be on! on! on! no wavering of concentration! for sustained periods of time. Yeah.
bunnyb, I have read this thread on a regular basis for the past few years that I've been a bustie. For the most part it seems like a nice place where people can vent and talk about what's going on in their lives and offer others support. I am not just randomly posting.

Hey all! I finally got my laptop back from Dell repair, after it had a feline-related accident. 20 pages of archives to catch up on! At least this week is almost over. My goodness what a month!


~~*~~*~~*~~new&improved! multi-purpose vibes~~*~~*~~*~~

I'll be back in a day or two after I get all caught up....
That must be nice to have your laptop back, sixelacat.. One of my friends has a Dell and it's totally messed up and he can't afford to get it fixed.

Argh, it's 5am and I can't sleep because of all the crazy ice/rain tapping against my window.
I've been having sleep issues for a couple weeks; I'm sure part of it is anxiety, but part of it is that I'm naturally more of a night person, so if I don't have a reason to get up early in the morning, I let myself stay up late. Last night I forced myself to go to bed at the same time as Le Boy, but woke up at 5, after only 6 hours of sleep. Now I'm wide awake! wacko.gif

There's now about 6 inches of snow outside and it's still coming down. They haven't plowed our parking lot yet, and I'm watching my neighbors trying in vain to drive. This guy I can see from my window has been rocking his car to get out of his parking space for about 10 minutes and he's only 1/3 of the way out. One of those days I'm glad to not have to go to work. Except I may have an interview later today. Hopefully my staffing agency person got it scheduled for Monday.

Yay for work achievements, raisin. I assume that's your bunny? He looks so soft and velvety! Must resist snorgling the screen!

Welcome back six! "Feline-related accident"?? Cat fur or pee? Or did it get knocked over? I have friends in the computer repair business and I've heard all sorts of horror stories involving animals and computers.

Candycane- I think the issue is that we're a microcosm of the boards, so no matter how long you've lurked, your first post here being a complaint, rather than greeting us, introducing yourself, etc. is just sort of awkward and random. If you've lurked here that long, you'd see that this thread is as much about sharing general stuff about your life, positive and negative and mostly relating to each other. A post from someone who's never posted here before, solely to complain about something is out of place. We're a tight group, and we welcome newcomers, but introduce yourself and ease into the conversation before dumping on us.

((yuefie, sassy, rose, crassy, sonik, pixie, everyone else!)) ~*~*~*~warm and toasty vibes to all~*~*~*~
White rabbit! Happy first of the month, everyone!

((((((Raisin)))))) Such a busy bee you are! It sounds good to hear you so excited about your work. As for tooting your own horn, just keep on tooting & we'll play along with you! Toot toot!

I long to bury my face in that fluffy bunny fur. Sooooooooo adorable!

Polly, I'm sure you can reschedule the appointment if they made it for today. Stay safe and stay home.

Hooray for the return of sixelacat's laptop! What was the "feline-related accident"? Did a certain fur baby walk across the keyboard in just the wrong way?

CandyCane Girl, did you ask the chiropractor's office about your necklace?

~~~~~~ soothing for Sassy and Yuefie ~~~~~ Hope you both make it to the doctor soon.

((((((((all of you))))))))

My head feels sooooooo muzzy. I had funky dreams last night, so I still feel discombobulated.

Yesterday Sheff invited some people from work to come over this weekend, so I will be spending the day cleaning the house & shopping in preparation of this dinner party. Soooooo much to do! And I'm still trying to nail down the whole menu (this is our first dinner party since the move, so I'm a tad nervous!). We're keeping it casual & Sheff has requested Shepherd's Pie, but what do you serve with that? Isn't it an all-in-one dish? Or do I need side dishes? And what should I make for desert? Decisions decisions ...
I'm in Florida visiting my parents. I flew out just before the snows started.

(((everyone))) have a great weekend! I'm going to hang out and go to the beach tomorrow. It's 80 degrees here!
/living vicariously through Sidecar. dry.gif

ETA: I as having a brain-fart and wanted to make sure I was using "vicariously" correctly, so i checked; this was one definition of the word:
occurring in an unexpected or abnormal part of the body instead of the usual one <vicarious menstruation manifested by bleeding from the nose>

i have enough problems dealing with normal menstruation, thank you. blink.gif

((((sidecar)))) what polly said.
((((rose)))) mm, shepherds piiiie. carrots and green beans and other vegetables. i have such shepherds pie cravings
((((raisin)))) & (((mr wonderbunny))) I too wish to toot your horn
((((sixe)))) yaaay! *smooches*
((((sassy)))) get better soon but yay on apartment!
((((yuefie)))) yay for miss kitty. she is cleary a cat of sense.

so... got excessively drunk and silly with ExGoth, German and the Engineer yesterday... I'm feeling a tad tender today. And now I'm going to ring F, because due to my inebriation/crappy phone, we managed to not actually manage to talk to each other. after i've gone down the offie for some more juice and snacks.
Ahem.... this really is Friday, so these posts sans underwear are not altogether complete. For me, it's a departure from the usual grey boxer briefs to navy blue.

When she flies home, I hope Sidecar gets stuck in the air for several hours while the runways are being cleared. It would only be fair, methinks. On the beach... pfft.

We had 5-6" of snow here in W. Texas which will mostly be gone by this evening. The roads were a lot better this morning than I expected. Hurrah for that.
Quick, Billy! Run out and throw some snowballs why you still can!

Sidecar, that sounds so fun! Hope you're having a blast.

And I cannot make an undie report because I'm still in my robe. And nothing else. I'm doing laundry, though, so I have a good excuse!

Okay, I'm reeeeeeeally going to tackle some chores now.
I think all posts are welcome, and kvetching really is on target. As a major complainer, I don't like to see complaints/frustrations seen as dumping on us. I don't want to be a tight group, I want to be an inclusive group. Just my $0.02. Sometimes you need to vent, and that leads to knowing each other better, etc.

Work is about to speed up and I am dreading the return of no life. Oh well, it's only for 2 weeks (that's the big dropdeadline. Then I get a looooong vacation. I had a nice sushi dinner with my BF last night, celebrating that she passed her comps and turned in her big paper. Unfortunately one of my ex "stopgap measures" (which is what my friends call my random men) is now calling me after treating me pretty badly, I am annoyed.

I rarely do the undies report, but since I don't want Billy to be alone: Cosibella mesh undies (sooooo comfortable) and pretty white bra with bows. I am well-dressed underneath my clothes, outside....different story.

I am jealous of the snow! It has been weirdly hot and humid here, with rain. But I think it's going to get colder soon, and feel like December.

Safe travels Sidecar!
~*~*~*hot chocolate and fireplace vibes for the snowed upon~*~*~*
~*~*~* good sleep vibes for the bad dreamers and insomniacs ~*~*~*~*~
~*~*~* good vibes for pets including fluffy bunnies, computers, jobs, finding of lost objects, hangovers subsiding, NO nosebleeds, and anything else a Bustie could want ~*~*~*~*~*
Well, I certainly didn't mean to dump on anyone. It's just that I was having a very bad day and I've been a part of this board for 3 years so I didn't really didn't think I would have to make an introduction.

Just out of curiosity, for all of you getting the snow, where do you live? I'm in southern Ontario and right now it's just been lots of rain.
*another quick fly-bee*

The laptop was knocked off the table, right on its charging port (with the adapter plugged in, of course) by an overly jumpy 20lb feline who'd had his bottom nipped by his rambunctious brother. Poor thing scrambled across me to get away, giving me a nice scratch in the eye. Didn't end up being too serious, although I will admit, a small, secret part of me kind of wanted an eye patch. More pirates=less global warming!

Soooo jealous of you fair-weathered folks (and those escaping to fair weather-enjoy the beaches, Sidecar!). My 45 minute commute was 2 hours home yesterday dry.gif

Rose, how about a nice tossed salad with, and bread pudding for dessert? Ooohhh, Sticky Toffee Pudding even......

Eeek, not as quick as I'd meant! I'm late I'm late I'm late!

woops, almost forgot: padded beige brar (boring, I know, but baby it's cold outside!)

I really must go....
what faith said.

welcome, candy. delurk with us more. i'm in NY, where it is presently 65 degrees, but rainstorms and a cold front approacheth.

yay for repaired laptops! i too want to know what a feline-related accident is? (eta: thanks, sixel!)

billy, you're mean. sidecar deserves her beachtime!

nutshell update:
1. heart sonogram went fine, won't get results til next week.
2. still feeling oogly, mentally, physically. but have a really good support system, especially you guys.
3. have an appt with a therapist for thursday. very hopeful about that.
4. am now a sassy blonde again.
5. totally can't remember my underwear, but i bet there's a minimizer involved.
When I said "tight", I meant close-knit, as in we've all spent time building relationships with each other and value each other as much as our IRL friends. I didn't mean to make my comment sound as if we're exclusive to new people. But half the time when someone new pops in here to complain about something, we just ignore their comment, which I think is more rude.

I know I didn't mean to come off as a Kvetch snob, and I don't think bunny did either, but I think our thread is misunderstood- people think we're just a random comments/complaint thread (i.e. the way the confessions thread is for random confessions; there's not really any flow or conversation about what people confess to.)

I hope candycane does stick around (I've enjoyed your comments in the Gilmore Girls thread and the movie thread!) but I thought bunny's comment needed to be clarified.
I've come to complain. I am having a supercrapifragilistic day sad.gif

But not crappy enough to not send out hugs for (((((everyone)))))

or do an undie report: black lace bra, matching cheeky panties.

(((pixie, polly, and candycane and all those buried in snow & ice)))


(((yuefie))) that ear thing sounds shitastic-- i've always had major ear issues and they suck big time. and sorry about your crappy day. *hands yuefie a big piece of chocolate cake*

(((sassy))) boo on feeling shitty but big yay! for apartment and even bigger for getting a kitten!

(((raisin))) hope things go well! such a sweet bunny -love the black ones, he looks so soft!


mornington and bunny in one place sounds so fun! i'm jealous too!

it's amazingly warm here i drove all the way to work w/my window down-- of course terrible traffic meant i was only doing 10mph most of the way, but still!

kvetch: i'm waiting for softward to download and it was almost finally done and the wind blew a picture of my cubicle, i bent down to pick it up and bumped my computer turning it off-- so now i have to wait while i download it again! ugh! mad.gif

thank gawd it's friday. my best friends b-day is tomorrow so i plan on getting sloshed good and proper. i'm also going to try to put up my tree tonight- if it comes out nice i'll post a pic!

oh, almost forgot: hot pink lacy brar and black silky boyshorts.

sidecar~wow. i love to be on a beach right now. very awesome. enjoy the rays!

sixelacat~so good to have you back! smile.gif

mando~sorry to hear you are still shaky. but, yay for being a sassy blonde again!

well, it didn't snow as much in the city as they were harpin'. it snowed worse in the 'burbs. going to my folks this weekend. nice change of scenery. it sure is cold. good to be inside with a warm cup of tea.

underwear report: NONE! yeah, i'm freeballin' it...
pixiedust snow bunnies are in the midwest. I know lots of people are used to having snow by now...but out here in Oklahoma and Texas, it is rare to snow and even rarer for it to actually stay on the ground!

That said it does appear that we only got 5-6 inches where we live and it is starting to melt off. and the city came and cleared our street, which they didn't do yesterday, so I am guessing we won't really be snowed in.
But we did take minipixie outside and built a snowman while we could! I think it is her first real snowman!
And we had hotdogs cooked in our fireplace last night for dinner. i am generally not a hot dog person, but they just taste better when roasted in your own fireplace! And I had a nice cup of eggnog...with plenty of NUTMEG last night! tongue.gif

Rose, have fun with your dinner party!

Mornington, glad you had some good inebriated fun! I haven't gotten to do as much of that lately as I'd like.

(((Sidecar, six, faith, yuefie, mandi,Billy , stargazer, Crassy, all other kvetchies)))

Undie report...purple boyshorts..and no brar since I am in a nice flannel nightie!
Oy! I don't even have time to catch up because I need to get myself fixed up and settled down before our extra opening tonight...cuz we still have to have the big one next Friday, this is just tacked on like a preview.

So, orientation all week...boring but OK except today I felt like I was gonna flip out. I hate redundancies and I hate feeling stuck somewhere...and I had to take a general medication test, and I really only deal with OB/GYN drugs. Bleh.

Then after a long, long line at the post office I had to wait in cuz I really wanted to get the invites for the REAL art opening out today, I returned my mom's call from earlier in the day and find out my uncle died of a heart attack last night.

Now, this was my father's brother, and he was not nice in general and not nice to my dad especially, so there's no love lost. But it was my dad's birthday earlier in the week, and I had a bit of a hard time with that this year...some are better than others, and this wasn't the worst, but not the best, either. I miss him. So now I'm just thinking about those painful memories that are tied to my uncle and my dad and I feel sad. Bleh.

We are going to (finally) see For Your Consideration tonight, but I wish we could just skip the whole gallery thing and go out for a nice dinner then to the movie. I don't want to be around people I don't know. Or I wish I could just be alone and watch DVDs. Instead, I have a little time for a bath and some chocolate in the bath and then I gotta get downstairs. At least the gallery looks beautiful. It's always exciting to have new work up on the walls...this month it's all photography.

~~~Love for all~~~ Big time.
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