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((((anoushh)))) heal quick hun!

my kitchen is flooded. the ceiling is leaking. through the fucking light. aaaaahhhh.

i want some goddamned breakfast and I don't want to have to paddle to get it.
Be careful, (((Mornington))). Sounds like a good day to go out for breakfast, but then its always a good day to go out for breakfast.

(((Anoushh))) Ouch!


Hang in there, (((Sidecar)))

Yay for (((Yufie))).

The X gave me his old ipod. Last week he gave me his old palm pilot. And which one of us actually has an income? That would be me.
yes, be careful mornington! breakfast out is the best.

yay for a great time with tes and her family and friends, rose! so glad you had a wonderful night as you've been needing laughs. Colour me greener over your night.

(((anoushh))) lots of thoughts and healing vibes flying your way m'dear

dusty, men and their toys are one of the greatest mysteries to me... in the last couple of months the boy has bought an obscene amount of inches flatscreen monitor (I can't remember how many, just that it's HUGE, and I don't recall whether it's plasma or LCD or whatevah) AND an XBox 360 + games (and he bought a Nintendo DS Lite over summer) AND he's now looking to buy a blackberry even though his palm pilot phone is 3 months old and in the new year he's looking to buy a new (cos he has one) mac mini or some apple mac computer (he has a laptop from work and an i-book and a mac mini and a PC). He also has the gall to tell me that I'm spending too much on Christmas gifts for others, but don't you see, darling, that's giving to other people? /rant

I'm in a fragile state today - v emotional and crabby all at once. First, I oversleep AGAIN (my sleep pattern is screwed) and had a headache when I woke, Second, I found out that my papa, nana and the bunbun aren't coming to my graduation dinner next week: my papa is going back to Ireland tomorrow and it's St. Andrew's night and the bunbun's school have a big party so her and my nana are going to that; I'm very upset but I felt bad anyway that we were missing bunbun's school night (I only realised last week that my graduation was on St. Andrew's day and became more excited that we were going to Scottish restaurant). I also feel cross but I realise that my graduation doesn't mean much to them as they don't understand (my nana even asked bunnymama how I could afford to take so many people out to dinner) but I so wanted my grandparents to meet the boy's family as there may not be the opportunity again... I also wanted a family meal for the sake of it because that doesn't happen very often, if at all. I also feel guilty and silly about being cross that my nana chose her ten year old granddaughter over her twenty-five year old granddaughter. Third, after I cried for quite a bit I logged on laptop and had email tiff with boy.

I am also stressing about a conference tomorrow where I am chairing a panel and whether the boy and I will be able to go see Wicked next Friday in London with my aunt and uncle grieving, we can't afford a hotel just now.

Apologies for the long and self-involved post.

Four posts already and NO UNDERWEAR REPORT?! Well, I shall rectify that. I'm not wearing any! Wearing just PJ pants and tank top all day in an effort to do all things domestic. There's rabbit fur everywhere -- he's shedding up a storm, but at least he's letting me brush him without too much complaining.

RV, I'm so envious. Did you (the collective you) take pictures?

I realise that my graduation doesn't mean much to them as they don't understand... Bunny, that's hard. I've been in similar shoes as well; my heart goes out to you.

I lost at every single game of Scrabble yesterday. I rule. wacko.gif

Anyway, I'll be on/off most of the day, but must go now -- dishwashing time! This is exciting, Busties, no? Mwah!
Awww, I'm sorry, (((Bunny))). When I got my masters degree, I invited my mom to convocation and she said, "I have to check with my friends to find out if that's something you do". WTF?

I am tired and cranky and menstrual today.
I'll second that Raisin...not a single stich of underware! I'll love lazy days in my PJ's!

Rose, yay for uncle Buster, and yay for fun with Tes!

Mornington, why is your kitchen flooded?

Bunny, I understand. Some families seem to think high school graduation is the only one that counts...and my family didn't even come to that because my parents lived on teh other side of the continent.

Yuefie, that sounds so fabulous! I wish our Thanksgivign had one as well. it wasn't bvad per se, but Mr. Pixie's sister had people at her house for lunch, so we waited until dinner to do ours, so she and his mom and step dad couls come....We all thought it was her husbands family that was at her house, but it turns out their dad, his girlfriend, and teh bitchy sister who wouldn't come to our wedding were all there. Mr. Pixie and his mom were both deeply hurt that they weren't invited and neither one of them said much. Then everyone left right after dinner becuase no one felt the holiday spirit, and I just wante dto cry! I made a fabulous dinner, but it might as well have been sawdust!


I too am refraining from shopping. It's no fun with Rose to try on clothes with!
(((((anoushh))))) ~~~continued healing vibes and lotsa love~~~

and lotsa big hugs and soothing for (((((bunny))))) ((((((pixie)))))) & ((((dusty)))))

and continued vibage for ((((mandi))))

((((mornington)))) wtf is up with the ceiling leaking through the light? I hope you've got that under control, sounds kinda scary! I had that happen once, not fun at all.

sidecar, so glad to hear it went okay for ya. so what is she making for christmas?

yay for rose & tes, and sheff & mr hotbuns and everyone having a blast together!

hey polly, how was your holiday?

(((((raisin))))) swimming in a sea of bun-bun fluff and goin' commando eh? I hope you get all you need to done but still manage to relax too. and fwiw, I would gladly have you here for dessert anytime mah' dear smile.gif

(((((amilita, faith, syb, sassy, stargazer, plummie, billy, sonik, flanker, sixela, ap, pink, mavin, wb, msp, everyone)))))

OH my gosh, that pumpkin pie was FAB rose. It was the best pumpkin pie I've ever made, so I highly recommend Paula's recipe. I did add extra spices, vanilla and used my vanilla infused sugar. The stuffing and turkey were both demolished yesterday! I made an extra huge batch of stuffing so my sis could take a little to a party she has this afternoon, and since it didn't make it to today I am making her a fresh batch right now. My apartment smells divine again. I don't know what it was with this year, but everything turned out *perfect*. My sis took over the making of the yams this year, following our family recipe, and did a wonderful job which really made her day. The turkey was the best I've ever made, as were the au gratin potatoes. I expect to have a house full shortly for all the leftover ham and potatoes, so I just whipped up a batch of cauliflower with the leftover cheese sauce from the potatoes. I refrained from any shopping, and honestly, can't be bothered with all the crowds. I enjoyed my lack of stress so much, I refuse to leave the house except to take the pooch out for a walk. I just don't want to sully my joyous mood with having to interact with crazed shoppers.

undie report: NONE! I'm still in my jammie pants, goin' commando just like raisin wink.gif

So much for going commando. My nipples are chafed. wacko.gif

That is all.

p.s. Yuefie, can I move into your kitchen? I'll do the dishes to earn my keep.

I don't think you're silly, Bunny_b. I felt sad that none of my family was at my graduation from college.
Everybody else's family was there. (Luckily I had my boyfriend).

It's an important and sentimental event. Possibly have a little celebration party/dinner with family some place closer to them, over Christmas or summer or something?

*back to the occasional lurk*
nooo, i am moving into yuefie's kitchen. mine is still leaking. i will cuddle sashie.

the plumber/electrician is coming round tomorrow - the light fizzes when you turn it on. it seems that the shower/pipes upstairs is/are leaking... hence the paddling pool.

((((bunny)))) i know the feeling, petal. pm me if you need a place to stay, love, I have a double futon.
((((raisin)))) oh, the fluff. luckily pete is not shedding - he's settling for biting me when I try to trim his nails instead.
((((dusty)))) ben&jerry's chocolate therapy? it is gooood.
((((rose & sheff, tes & hotbuns, mando, polly, sidecar, anoushh & mr.a and notbob, flanker, sonik, amilita, pink & irishboy, luci & mrluci, sassy & mcgeek, stargazer, sixe, txplum, billy, mavin, wb, faith, dm & mr dm, wombat, lurkers, everyone))))

the welshman came round today... brought me flowers. I'm still not sure if we're going to be "a couple" again (the whole reading this/myspace blog still kindof makes me wary that every time I write something he'll read and object) but we'll see. I honestly don't know - I kindof wanted him to make more of an effort to be more "pushy" (not pushy as such... just efforty). Ah well. In the meantime, I have a rather nice bottle of wine, some ice-cream and good tv. yay me!

white pants with purple hearts and lace trim. no bra, I can't be bothered, as i didn't leave the house.

(((((kvetchies))))) have a good friday and weekend!
forgot it was Friday so: hot pink bra and pink pants with black trim and "floozie" across ass.

(((mornington))) you made me well up again! you are such a sweetie, thank you. I'll need to call my aunt tomorrow. yay for wine and ice-cream and tv!

(((raisin))) and (((dusty))) and (((yuefie)))

(((wombat))) thank you for de-lurking to say that.

(((pixie))) what a horrible thing to do over the holidays. I'm sure you're cooking was appreciated and full of more holiday spirit than they were.

I had tea, delicious lemon meringue PIE and then some wine with the boy's mum and a good, long chat and then when I came home had another one with bunnymama. She is furious with my nana, especially as she hasn't apologised to me, and feels embarrassed that the boy's family are making more of an effort than some of my own.

pixie, we don't have high school graduations here and my grandparents were out of the country for my degree graduation (and were horrible to bunnymama for her's the year before). I spoke my mind a little to my nana this evening and made it known I was upset but I'm glad she's not going now as we'll have a far nicer and more relaxing time without her.

Hey all! I had an OK Thanksgiving but a great day today, hanging out with a couple girlfriends. I miss having girl time, and we've made different efforts at reconnecting, but now I'm not depressed and my one friend has a new, less stressful job, so I think this won't be such a rare thing.

One thing we did was go change our social security cards to our married names! Yay! It's been over 2 years for her, over 1 for me...we wanted to get new driver's licenses as well, but the DMV was closed today. In one shop, we found these drinking glasses with single letters on each, so we bought ourselves ones with our new last initial. It feels a little freaky to have my new name be official...I kept my old last name as part of my middle name.

(((Love for everyone...rosev, yuefie, mando, pixie, mornington, raisin, faith, tes, polly, designerm, sonik, bunny, wombat, pixie, dusty, sidecar, pink, luci, sassy, anoushh...all of you!)))
((bunny)) sorry for the family strife over what should be your happy time.

((mornington)) water coming through the light? That would freak me out.

((pixie)) sorry your Thanksgiving sucked. I'm sure the food was good, even if the relatives were not.

My Thanksgiving went well. My pumpkin chiffon pie was really good, there was a minor landslide on one side of it- I need to figure out a way to cut down on the liquid a little- it was kept cold and it was mostly set, but one side just sort of collapsed when I took off the springform ring. But, it still tasted good and that's all that mattered. My stuffing came out really well, and the dessert at the inlaws was well-received, with no bitching. I am bringing whatever I damn want for Christmas. Christmas is actually easier because my parents go out of town and my family here is the Jewish side, so they don't care what I do for Christmas. But there's no competition for our time, so even if it's not my family, at least there's not the hassle of traveling and everything. I was soooo stuffed after my family, and only ate a bite of turkey (and later, a slice of my tart) at the inlaw's.

Good news- my cousin, whose house we went to yesterday, is a dentist and she's looking for a new front desk person. This is the third time she's needed a new one in the past year or so, and she's sort of offered me the job before, but I was always working somewhere else. We didn't really get a chance to talk about it last night, but I forwarded my resume to her today, so hopefully I'll hear back from her soon. She's actually my dad's first cousin, so she's in her early 40's, and her husband is her office manager, so I'd be working closely with both of them. We're pretty close and she's been a role model for me, as a childfree-by-choice woman. She's a great aunt to her sibling's children, the way I'd like to be to Le Boy's nephews.

Well, I'm off to another family dinner- we're just having Chinese with some relatives who couldn't make it yesterday.
Bunnyb, neither my dad nor my mum were at my master's graduation, even though I got a bloody first. They all had good reasons, but... yeah. I hear you.

*drunken posting commencing, or continuing...*

So I'm in LOndon and met a really really good friend I haven't seen for years. Then I got back to where I'm staying and randomly went on for a drink with a stranger. He was interesting, studying actually in my field and nothing untoward happened (obviously as I'm here) but... eeesh. London has a weird weird weird effect on me. I have always, even when living here, fallen into random encounters one way or another...

I have been stressed and just under it recently. I dunno. Really, I just wanted to hang and go nuts a bit. Life is good but I worry about myself sometimes.

Back home tomorrow which is sounding comforting and warm right now.
(((polly))) yeah for you! i hope you get the job. i will send out good vibes for you. your food sounds delicious. make something yummy for our get together. don't use sidecar's mother in laws recipe for fruit salad though! tongue.gif

sidecar~that's great about the outlaws leaving early. at least you and martini get some alone time. are you still gonna catch a movie?

yuefie~pumpkin pie! i missed the sweets this year. damn...

(((bunnyb))) sorry about your family not being there for your graduation. it is a big deal and you put in alot of hardwork. your family should show up as a sign of support and a way to honor your achievement. good luck on your conference presentation too!

(((anoushh)) i hope the pain goes away soon.

(((mando))) i'm so glad to hear your visit went well.

(((dusty))) damn, cramps. yeah, i was struggling myself with 'em yesterday.

(((mornington))) wine and ice cream. yum! although, ice cream with some pie and a cup of coffee sounds better. but, i think that is just my own craving! damn, detox...

((sybarite)) yeah, i've been there. school can get to a person. london is not the only place where random things happen to people...that's my life story...

(((pixie, amilita, designermedusa, sassygrrl, faith, tes, rose, auralpoison, and other kvetchies)))

spent thanksgiving with the 'rents. i had a good time. my mom really outdid herself. she worked hard to make things for me to eat being on this detox. she made a version of pumpkin pie (minus the crust and sugar) by altering the tasted like the real thing. my mama's awesome.

kvetch: i had a rough day today. i was crying real hard. my mom comforted me. not feeling pretty today. still dealing with my face since the cystic acne breakout the past couple of months. tough day. not good on my self esteem. argh.

kvetch2: I WANT A COOKIE!! gosh, i feel like an addict...wait, i think i am...

underwear report: blue bloomers sans bra
Bunnyb, that sucks about graduation. I'm so sorry.

Huge emotional kvetch coming up. I've been crying for an hour, and it won't fucking stop.

Thanksgiving (all be it stressful with meeting the boys inner circle of friends) was great. The only mistake (if you even want to call it that) was having to be dragged over to the hostess's brothers house for pie afterwards. You all know the boy is divorced. The 6 of us walk in (there were 2 married couples, and a house full of smug married preggers!!), and C introduces Mcgeek. "And you must be his wife!" I just stood there and forced a grin on my face, and M stood rather frozen. I realized later that he only sees this woman maybe once a year, and to go thru both stories (of his divorce, and then him meeting him). But it landed like a lead balloon. By the grandmother's rational, she saw a couple, she automatically assumed.

Also, the house was very tiny, so trying to fit 12 people in there for pie/ice cream was just odd. Bad use of living space. Cute house and all ,4 bedrooms and 3 bath, but weird fucked up living room/dinning room. We ended up breaking off into groups, and the 6 of us were stuck in a corner gabbing about reality tv.....

Go back to C's house, and I'm still a little flipped. I asked one of his friends, if I looked like her. Apparantly, she was blond (the ex). So, at least I don't look like her. N gave me a weird look though. I tried not to bring her up, b/c I am having a hard time with it right now.

So, today I'm talking to the rents on the phone. I thought we were still trying to finalize Christmas plans. My mother told me some really weird news. She said "this concerns you, your job, and Mcgeek..." "Um, ok."

"Well, if things don't work out on either of those (dating M or my job), we want you to move to Savannah or Charleston to be closer to us."

WTF????? I thought they were going to give me hints about Christmas!

I understand they are concerned. Mainly about my health. I think that's great. And, yes. I haven't put
down any money yet on the apartment. My father doesn't want me to sign the lease. It just throws a huge monkey wrench in my plans. I know they want to give me options, but isn't this a little much??

They know I mainly want to move to Portland. But, that's a while away. I'm just trying to get my health under control first. Everything else is secondary (including my job and dating Mcgeek) right now.

On top of all this, I have a cold. sad.gif


Star, PM me. For some fucked up reason, I can't get on myspace at Mcgeeks house.

((stargazer)) Good luck on the detox.

((yuefie)) Yay for a nice meal, and stress free day.

((polly)) Good luck on the job.

((amilita)) I hope your nephew gets a dog. Yay for the new official name.

((mornington)) Sorry to hear about the Welshman. Yay for shopping.

((sidecar)) I hate mayo, so that recipe almost made me gag. Glad the visit has turned out good.

((bunny)) Get the voluntary work you want. Glad you had a fun time at Pink, and I’ve never heard that joke.

((bunny’s nana))

((sassy)) Feel better.

((rose)) Glad to hear your uncle is better. I glad to hear your first Thanksgiving away from family was a good one.

((raisin)) I love Scrabble, but I’m competitive so I get grouchy if I lose.

((mando)) Glad the doctor’s visit went well, but sorry that your are sick.


Thanksgiving was nice, but lots of small arguments as usual when my family is hanging out all day together. We all went to see Bobby, it’s a tradition that we go see a film on Thanksgiving. The food was good, but the peanut butter pie wasn’t that great. Mr. DM got a Nintendo Wii on Wednesday, and we’ve been having fun playing it. I am so good at the bowling. Yesterday Twin DM and I went to see The Fountain, didn’t like it at all. Mr. DM has been working his seasonal job, and was promised more hours next week. Well he got his schedule, and he actually has less hours next week. It’s so disappointing. Mom DM, Twin DM and I went shopping at 6:00 a.m. on Friday. First we went to Kohl’s, and the line was wrapped half way around the store so we left. Then we went for breakfast and off to Target. I got four shirts, something for Mr. DM and a basketball for The Children’s home wish list at work.

G'morning, all. I woke up waaay early this morning with a nightmare. Hate that. Luckily, Sheff was wide awake, too, so this house was hoppin' at 7am. That feels sooooo wrong for a Saturday. We may need to take a nap later.

((((((Bunny)))))) I'm sorry about all of this. You really need support right now. Just know that you have a SLEW of Busties cheering you on who are very proud of all that you have accomplished!

Mornington, so sorry to hear about the new paddling pool in your apartment! Eep! Have things improved? Will someone be in to check out the wiring this week? Sorry the Welshman is giving you grief, too. Grr.

((((((Sassy)))))) I'm sure your parents are just concerned about you and trying to show you that they love you. They just don't always have the best way of expressing it. But no matter what, you are an adult and this is your life and you get to live wherever you choose. Do what feels right for you. They'll get over it.

Star, that was so sweet of your mom to make that pie for you. Best of luck with tha detox! Sorry if we're not helping you, though. [blush]

DM, glad to hear you're enjoying the Wii! I am surprisingly good at the bowling & really like it, too. I'm starting to get a hang of the golf now. Very fun.
~$~$~$~ more hours for Mr. DM! ~$~$~$~

~~~ safe return-home vibes for Sybarite ~~~

Polly, that job sounds like a great opportunity! Best of luck to you. ~$~$~$~ jobby job vibes for Polly ~$~$~$~

Congrats on the new name, Amilita! So, does your marriage feel more official now? I have chosen to keep my maiden name, but I am considering changing over to Mrs. Steel if we ever have kids. So I'm curious to know how that change feels.

Yuefie, how do you like the kitchen at your new place? If you're happier with it, then maybe that's carrying over into the food. Nothing like a great kitchen for inspiration! Sooooo glad to hear that everything is going so well! I might have to try out that pumpkin pie recipe at Xmas.

~~~~~~ continued cope-age for Sidecar ~~~~~~

((((Mandi)))) How are you feeling, sweetie?

((((((((Faith, Dusty, Billy, Anoushh & NotBob, Sonik, Raisin, Wombat, Plummie, & EVERYbody out there!))))))

Pixie, I'm sorry to hear that things went sour on Thanksgiving day. It sucks when all of that family strife rears its head during the holidays. Sorry we couldn't hang out, too. I must admit that I always had fun when you and the gang would come to my parents house for holidays. I miss having a house full of people!

In fact, I think that's one of the things that made it so fun at Tes' party. There were sooooo many people to meet with such interesting stories! They've all lived in such interesting places and done such fascinating things. And of course, they're all hysterically funny! We talked about eeeeeeeverything. From lawn ornaments to immigration to Battelstar Galactica to sex toys! It was fab! And Tes is the best host ever, as you can well imagine. And Mr. HB is so generous and funny and you can tell he simply adores her. They're the best couple. And Neicoid looks so much like Tes in the face! I couldn't tell that in photos from the wedding, but I could definitely see it in person! I am soooooo so glad we got to go. Can't wait to see them all again!

As for photos, Tes took some with her camera & Neicoid took some, too, so between the two of them, we might have some piccies to share.

Friday continued to be a fun day for us. My old friend, K, is in town (her boyfriend has family here) so we spent time with her. This person is BestGalPal's ooooldest friend & I met her through BGP, but we haven't really talked since I ran off to England 3 years ago. So we had a loooooot of catching up to do! But we had a great time chatting & playing around & shopping & such. We also met her boyfriend's whole family and hung out with them for a couple of hours. They love to go hiking in the great national parks, so they had plenty of great stories! I had a really nice time.

And now it's Saturday and I haven't a clue of what to do!
Hey all, Sounds like thanksgivign has prompted a few posts! Nothing like the holidays to provide family perspective!

Apologies for drama-queen post last night... basically what happened is I had arrived back at the hotel, looked into the bar before heading up and just got chatting to a dude there so had a drink. I like randomly talking to people when I'm away, but I think the fact he was a B-O-Y who I didn't know weirded me out afterwards.

Now I'm at the airport enroute home, where I will hang out with the mister. Yay yay yay... and nothing at all to do tomorrow!

RV, your evening with tes sounds lovely; so cool you got to spend it together and meet her family!

Mornington, meant to say before re. welshman: stupid boys indeed. However, I do approve of the flowers. Visible effort seems to be the way forward.

Sidecar, I'm glad you're able to reclaim some of the weekend from the inlaws. Enjoy!

Guess who had to watch Jackass Number 2 at 10am on Friday? Those guys are disgusting.

Anit-kvetch: I bought a gorgeous little black silk tank today, which I plan to base my wedding-attending outfit around. So excited; I never thought a formal outfit could look sex-ay at the same time!

Uncle Buster has had a setback. He's back on the temporary pace maker. If he can't recover, they'll have to put in a permanent pacemaker. My Aunt Faye is a wreck. Here's hoping it gets better from here.
(((rose))) sorry to hear your uncle had a setback. here's hoping the pacemaker works out for him.

sybarite~ah, you didn't sound drama queen at all. yeah for the black silk tank!

sassygrrl~i tried calling you today. we'll talk more about it.

designermedusa~wow. you had a busy friday! sounds like fun.


i'm off to take a nap. i couldn't sleep last night. only 3 hours. i think 'cause i fell asleep on the couch last night for alittle while. oh well...
(((uncle Buster))) Hope he gets better Rose!

We are in Half time of the OU/OSU game.

We heard from the other side of MR.P's family yesterday. His dad called to find out what we wanted for Christmas. Because of all the tension in the family and the fact that last year his dad spent over $200 on him, but only got me a $50 gift card, Mr. P told him we didn't want seperate gifts and that we just needed money to spend on remodeling our house and taking care of an electrical problem. This is a big deal since Mr. P is a big kid and loves to get as many presents as possible, but his dad openly favors him and his minipixie over me and mine. He also told his father very specifically what to get each minipixie so that they would get the same amount. SO yay Mr. Pixie!

We can't get ahold of his mom though. We would really like an explaination for the cut and run on Thursday. I hate family drama.

hey all--yesterday was exhausting. MIL acted typically, like a child, and I was more than happy to be rid of her today. We drove them back to Indiana to get their car and then took my grandma to lunch. Martini is now playing video games and we're going to go see the prestige.

My sinuses are still plugged up, unfortunately. Ugh.

((((everyone)))) enjoy the rest of your weekends, ladies!

~~~get better Uncle Buster~~~
~~~~peace and good times for all those who had to deal with holiday drama~~~~

I liked The Prestige, Sidecar...hope you do, too. We're going to see For Your Consideration tonight. How was Bobby, Designerm?

~~~~Uncle Buster~~~~

Rose, my name change feels sort of anti-climactic in a way, just because for the last year, I sometimes used his and sometimes my original name. But I feel pretty strongly that I want to just have it one or the other...I can't tell you how many people go by one name but legally it's another, and that can get frustrating when you have to deal with stuff like hospital registration or records. Annoying!

I'm glad I did it, but I'm also going to have to work on remembering to sign my name differently...and I have so many places to change cards, bank accounts, work, etc. Eep. I do feel a bit more officially married now...or at least I've got that "oh my gosh, I'm married!" feeling all over again.

Pixie, I'm assuming there is other stuff with your father-in-law besides the gift thing, eh? I don't think I could be annoyed at my in-laws for favoring their own kid gift-wise, but with the kids, that would be another story! I figure whatever my mamma gets me/us for the holiday is just pure fact, we all try to tell my mom not to get us anything at all, but she says she likes shopping for us all (8 of us, now that me and my siblings are all married!) But I really enjoy getting my mom gifts, so I guess I believe her. She has scaled back a lot lately, at least.

Oh, speaking of all that, I guess it's time to start figuring out the whole gift situation. I don't buy for that many people, but I have no ideas yet at all. Oh, except I think I'll get the Mr. some binoculars.






the upstair neighbour appears to have fixed whatever was wrong, so I no longer have an indoor paddling pool for a kitchen. He also offered to clean my outdoor drain... when I cleaned the damn thing myself yesterday (we had a thunderstorm this morning that brought down yet more leaves). He's creeeeepy, and I just don't like the idea of letting him into my house.

((((sassy)))) feel better, luv. they're only trying to do what they think is best, but might not realise that it's what you need.
((((dm)))) sound like a good thanksgiving, although boo on mr dm's hours. did they give him an explanation?
((((rose)))) & ((((uncle buster))))
(((sidecar))) ***go away blockage***
((((syb)))) yay sexay! and you didn't sound like a drama queen
((((pixie)))) yay mr pixie! (my mum's partner did the same with me and the Boy Wonder's birthdays, but I think it was because mine was just after he visited mum... but he and BW grate more obviously, even though he drives me nuts too).
((((bunny, yuefie, mando, raisin, stargazer, sixe, amilita, polly, anoushh, dusty, billy, tes, everyone))))

Been having a lazy day - long luxurious bath which I only got out of because I'd finished my book and the water was getting cold. F told me his dad got through the major op they wanted to do ok, but he's still out of it on the drugs. I think F spent most of thanksgiving in the hospital.

Took the hound for a walk, and he had his first run off the lead since his op... and an amorous rottweiler decided Indigo was his true love (and not for the first time). Poor Indigo was dreadfully surprised, as were several people walking past (especially when one of them said "you shouldn't be walking her off the lead if she's in season" - and I replied "he's a boy"). I ended up flicking the lead at the rottie - and he ran off - he's a big softie, so I wasn't worried about him attacking me, but I'd already pushed him away several times.

I'm getting my cross-stitch on - making the Boy Wonder's present (he is the victim of my wayward crafting on many occasions... but he asked for a piece).

((((kvetchies)))) hope you're all having good weekends!
Amilita..yes, there is a lot of family angst surrounding Mr. Pixie's real dad. I can't even begin to describe...He favors his adopted daughter over his two biological children and often treats them like dirt. He also gets very pissed off that they won't go on vacations with him because he always stipulates that their spouses can't go. Oh and he really hates feminism and all it stands for, so he and I butt heads constantly!!!

I also know what you mean about the legal names. There was only 6 month sbetween the time my divorce legalized and teh time Mr. Pixie and I got married. On some of my stuff I was my old married name and on some of it I was my maiden name(which was my legal name) It just didn't make sense to change everything over and then change it over again 6 months later.

Our team lost the football game. I only watch like 1 game a sure would be nice to actually see one where we win. Oh well, at least I'm off the hook for another year. And since they lost, we won't be going to a bowl game.

We bought our Christmas tree and decorated it today. The house smells all lovely and Christmasy now!

Today one of my roommates brought one of her friends into our apartment for like 3 minutes. She left him in the living room with me while she was gettings something in her room, and the whole time all I could think (excitedly) was "there's a boy in the house!" rolleyes.gif Sooooo pathetic! I'm at a 75% female school and there are even less male grad students (this is my second year here and I've only had a guy in my class twice the entire time I've been here...and they were both undergrads), and there is literally NO social scene in the area I live. None. Zilch. So basically my life consists of sitting at home every night with my other roommate trying to decide which DVD to watch and which place to order take-out from. *groans* I need some action, dammit. Some hot hot male action.
(((bunny))) i wish i could be there for your graduation, love. my parents missed my college graduation, because they were fighting. i didn't want to have to choose, so instead i played it down and told them not to come, but it still stings, after all these years.families do suck sometimes.

(((stargazer))) strength vibes for you, darlin.

and for you too, (((sassy))). i know that it might not have been said right, but try to keep in mind, having parents who will always take you back, and who want to help, is a precious thing indeed.

(((polly))) glad to hear a good job might be on the horizon for you.

(((rose))) pacemakers are not to be feared. my 57-yr old sil has one, and they put one in my gramma when she was in her late 80's. sending all good thoughts unc's way.

(((mornington))) sorry you had kitchen leakage. i feel your pain, since i still have cardboard on my kitchen ceiling, waiting to see if our leak is truly fixed. i think we're going to try to incorporate it into our xmas decorations somehow.

i'm still sick, but at least the fever's gone. thanks for the healthy thoughts &/or sympathy.

and somehow i fried my desktop hard drive. (and lost a ton of photos. which i'm DISTRAUGHT over.) so i'm on the kid's laptop. which is a bitch to use since i'm not used to laptops. at all. this has taken me FOREVER to write. but i just wanted to spread some quick love.

hopefully i'll be able to check in later on my virtually brand new desktop. seems that i've made a new ubervaluable techie friend today, thru another friend. who's giving me a suped-up loaded more uptodate hard drive, for $65! fingers crossed, it'll work.

but i can't tell you how upset i am about the lost photos. no one's fault but my own. i of all people should know better. *weep*

eta: well oKAY then! on the NEW 'puter ... which is cruising very speedily. new techie friend set it all up perfectly. god, i want to send him FLOWERS or something! and it turns out i didn't fry the old hard drive, and it wasn't a virus, it just gave up the ghost, all by itself. RIP, old pal.

any suggestions for external USB-port hardrives would be much appreciated. i will NEVER lose photos again, and soon i'll be an iPOD-podperson, so i'll have to backup music too.

today I have made juice, walked the dog, and done some cross-stitch. And done remarkably little. Oh, I explained cricket to F. blink.gif .

yay for feeling better ((((mando)))) hope it clears up soon!

bunny, I remember my dad missed huge chunks of my school leaving (we had speeches, high tea, chapel services, and then a ball) because my step-sister got expelled for the first time that day. Cod was I pissed with him. and her.

((((uncle buster))))

((((bunny, yuefie, pixie, faerietales - I know the feeling! - amilita, polly, anoushh, billy, tes, rose, stargazer, sassy, sixe, sidecar, dm, syb, faith, billy, everyone))))

Y'know, sometimes families are sucktastic and kvetchies are the family we choose for ouselves. My graduation and dinner will be fantastic, great company and great food (I also have a bottle of pink champagne to drink beforehand). It will be grown up and civilised without the bunbun (although I will miss her), my papa suggested to stay here an additional week (he's only going back for a week so wonderful timing to do that!) but he didn't and my nana made her bed... she knows I'm dreadfully upset and bunnymama is too and is making her know how I feel quite harshly. I feel bad as nana is now very sheepish but I'm still very upset and crushed. Saying that, I did buy her Christmas gift today.

The conference yesterday was lots of fun and very interesting and I was even inspired to write an article that has nothing to do with my studies and that I hope will also be a lot of fun. Atferwards there was a wine reception and buffet in the postgraduate club and my friends and I were there from 7pm to 1am drinking wine and I ended up sleeping over at their's as was too late to make my way home alone. Today, I went shopping smile.gif, I am almost finished my Christmas shopping! Almost. I also bought a couple of things to wear for myself.

(((rose))) and (((uncle buster and auntie faye)))

(((mando))) you poor thing losing photos.



yay for the presence of a boy!
yay for relaxing weekends! mornington and designermedusa, especially, your's sound divine.

mornington, your account of indigo's violation and what you said to silly woman (what is it with them?) had me holding my sides laugh.gif .

as for name change ... I use the boy's name for takeaway/reservations as it's easier and I'm looking forward to using it for real.


very tired today. my roommate came home drunk at 5am. kept me up 'til 6am when i had to help put him to bed. it was funny. BUT, i'm tired today. took a little nap. it's too early to go to bed at 7pm. so, i think i will put up my christmas tree. maybe decorating will tire me out.

i will give proper individual attention tomorrow after a goodnight's sleep. *yawn*
((((stargazer))) ugh, no fun at all. What a good roommate you are.

((((bunny))) It's slightly different, but my parents allowed my brothers to skip my rehearsal dinner because it was scheduled the same night as my middle brother's first hockey game of the season, for a team that he quit a week later. It was in another state, so middle brother stayed up all night and was grumpy and actually pouted and refused to dance with me at the wedding because my parents made him stay for the reception and he wanted to go to the hotel to sleep.

This is why I don't go out of my way for my family. I love them, but they made it very clear with this (and a few other things) that my wishes are never going to be their top priority--that what *they* want will be the top priority, and I'm not going to inconvenience myself for their sakes due to that. (My youngest brother also skipped my master's graduation because he *had* to work and the middle brother only showed up for the dinner, so my then-roomie came as a guest with my parents and Martini.)

It's caused some tension with Martini and I because he feels that way about his parents, but is so guilty for feeling that way that he will bend over backwards for them (see, for example, this weekend). We're working on the guilt, but I feel bad that he feels that way, and that I sometimes make him choose between pleasing himself and pleasing his parents.

(((((mando))))) poor dear! I hope you feel better. I'll email you some hard drive recs--we have two, a big backup one and a small one for moving files. Both are LaCie, and I highly recommend them.

I kept my last name, and the only time it bothers me is when we get takeout or make reservations, as my last name is unpronounceable, so I end up using Martini's anyway. I thought it would be a pain in the ass when we travelled, but it hasn't been at all.

(((uncle buster)))

(((the pixies)))


so today's lesson from kvetch is that while we all love our families and we can't choose them, they still make us crazy. At least we all have each other.

confidential to amilita: i liked the prestige, although it was disappointing in that the big twist was a bit obvious. all the same, enjoyable and really good acting by the Batman Repertory Theatre.
Blah. I'm having a sluggish day. I think I've just overloaded on carbs since Thursday, but I'm too lazy to make myself an omelet or something else protein-y. I finally got my headache to go away, though, so at least I'm not in pain. I'm bored. Le Boy is off gaming with friends, as he does every Sunday. TV sucks, I finished my disc of Gilmore Girls: Season 2 (catching up, since I started watching in the middle of the series).......

Le Boy wants to buy an iPod for his mom's birthday next weekend. Granted, we'd be splitting the cost with his 2 siblings, and we'd be getting her a mini, whichever's the cheapest one with a screen, but I was hoping to put off any December gift expenses for friends and family until at least a month or so after I find a job, have a couple of paychecks come in. Besides Christmas, in December, we have his mom's b-day, his brother-in-law's b-day, the b-day of our best friend's twin daughters, one of which we're the godparent's of, his nephew's b-day and his cousin's daughter's b-day. Yes, December is the other big birthday month for us (the other is April). Fortunately, I think everyone will be understanding if we tell them they're going to have to wait until at least January for Xmas and b-day presents, but I think he wants to get his mom's on time. Grr. I handle the financial stuff between us, but Le Boy has a hard time accepting it when I tell him we can't afford things, even now that we're on one income. I don't think I'd call him a spendthrift or anything, but he doesn't like to not buy gifts on time or at all for people. Unfortunately, I think that's the way it's going to have to be this year. unsure.gif

I emailed my resume to my cousin on Friday, but I haven't heard back. She may be putting off all work-related stuff until tomorrow. I'll email her tomorrow afternoon to see if she had a chance to look at it. The downside of this job is that it's about 12 miles from my house. Hmm, I thought it would be more than that, but that's what Google says. I'd have to start at 7:00am, but I'm hoping that there won't be much traffic if I leave by 6:20/6:30. It's in a very popular suburb though, so who knows what traffic will be like, but I think I'll be going in the opposite direction as most people. It's really close to Le Boy's parent's house. I'd get Friday's off, though and I know she closes the office between Xmas and New Years, which is nice. (((crossing fingers for this to work out))) I think it will, since she's basically offered me the job a few times before.

I went back and looked at the website of the place that fired me and it looks like they hired the temp who worked there while I was there to fill my position. I really liked her, so I'm not pissed or anything- I wonder how long she'll last, since she was as annoyed with the nasty co-worker (the one who got promoted out of the position) as I was. She was such a bitch. As much of a hassle as this has been, I'm glad I don't have to work with her anymore.

Oh my, I've babbled.

((Stargazer)) I hope you got the sleep you needed....I think I know what I'm making for the party....god, that's less than 2 weeks away!

((bunny)) glad you're looking at this positively.

((mornington)) sorry about indigo's indignity. Crazy dog!

((mando)) sorry to hear about the pictures! Le Boy takes care of our backup-ing. We have a Western Digital external drive. That's about all I know about it. I'm not sure if he backs up the iPhoto....I know he does his video stuff, though. I'll have to ask. ETA: We've had LaCie products in the past (an external CD burner, before they came standard internally) and Le Boy loved it, so I second Sidecar's rec!

((faerie)) Hope you find some hot male action smile.gif

((pixie)) yucky family stuff. But, ooo, Christmas tree. Maybe I'll do mine next weekend- have some friends over and do a little pre-Christmas breakfast party- make that pumpkin pancake mix I have and decorate the tree with them.

((amilita)) How was For Your Consideration? I heard it takes place in the 40's- does the whole movie take place then, or just the movie-within-the-movie?

((sidecar)) sorry about the sinuses and the MIL. Ugh, and the parental guilt...that sucks.

((rose)) Sorry to hear about Uncle Buster (is that really what you call him, or just a nickname for him on Bust? I'd like an Uncle Buster! smile.gif ) Like Mando said, though, I think a lot of people live normal lives with pacemakers, but it is another complication after what sounds like a complicated surgery.

((designermedusa)) You're a brave woman for shopping on Black Friday. You couldn't pay me to do it!

((sassy)) Sorry about the Thanksgiving and family weirdness....any place that has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths and is still tiny must be have poor space usage.

((sybarite, faith, raisin, yuefie, dusty, anyone else i missed!))
My family has been falling in the sucktastic category as of late, talking about Xmas in my presence when I know full well I'm not welcome at their house.

Deck the fucking halls, because the holiday madness has begun.

Anyway. Whatever. Other than that same ol' same ol' I love my family/I hate my family, I did have a really great long weekend and I'm sooooooo not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

Mando, I'd be so upset if I lost a ton of photos, too. I'm so sorry.
Mando, here's another Lacie recommendation. I just bought four Lacie 2.5" backups to rotate through the office for backups. They're small (easily fit in a pocket), fast, not expensive and (so far) reliable. The cool thing about the small drives is that they are powered by the USB port. There's no external power supply to worry about.

(((bunny))) (((raisin))) (((your name here)))

Good luck, Polly!

testing, one two three

I am so bummed, I wrote a huge long post with individual vibes (I know, a rarity for me of late) and I got a weird error messge that ate my post. I thought it might be happening to others, thus explaining the odd kvetchie silence.....
Faith, the Lounge has been hiccuping on me lately, too. Hmm.

(((((((Raisin)))))))) What the ... why on earth would you not be welcome?! Grrr.

~$~$~$~ job vibes for Polly ~$~$~$~ Give them a bit of time. I bet they just got back to the office today & are probably SUPER busy. But if you don't hear back from her in a few days, you might contact her again. As for the commute, I used to live in the city and work in the suburbs & the commute was fantastic!


~~~~ continued healing for Mando ~~~~

[waves at Billy] Have we talked about how the Formula One season ended? I can't remember! Have you been reading about next year's line-up? Looks like there will be 2 more drivers from the UK on the road! Woot!

((((((((ALL of you!!!))))))))

I haven't heard anything new about Uncle Buster. I've decided that no news is good news & he's probably stable, even if he isn't off the pace maker yet. Thank you all for the vibes and comforting words! And yes, we really do call him Uncle Buster. His real name is very common in my family, so everyone in my family with that name goes by a nickname. And Aunt Faye's first name isn't really Faye, but her real name is very unusual and kinda hard to pronounce, so my side of the family calls her by her middle name.

Good news! Yesterday we got to chat with my sister-in-law, S, in England and she has a great new job! She used to be a higher-up in the women's clothing division of Marks & Spencer, but she hasn't been very happy there for a couple of years now. Well, she found another posh job with a more upscale retailer of women's clothing! The company is one that I know all the UK Busties would know & probably some of the US Busties, too (Sadly, it isn't Monsoon. Happily, it's better than that!). Anywho, it's very cool and the clothing they sell is much more to S's style, so I hope she'll be happier there.
You're right, rose- I'll at least wait until tomorrow afternoon.
~*~*~no news is good news vibes for Uncle Buster~*~*~*
I have an aunt who has always been "Aunt Dool" to the whole family. Her real name is Margaret (I had to really try to remember what her real name was!) but when she was born, her brother was little and couldn't pronounce "Margaret" and tried to call her "Doll", but couldn't pronounce that right either, so his pronunciation stuck as a lifelong nickname.

I've been getting the "Server cannot process your request due to capacity" error a lot, too. If I hit Back, my post is still there, so i copy it to be safe and try again. Sometimes it takes 2-3 times before it goes through. mad.gif
I've been having that too - not just when i post, when i try to open threads.

((((rose)))) & ((((uncle buster))))
((((raisin)))) word.
((((bunny)))) yay for a fun conference
((((billy, tes, mando, yuefie yufie where are youuu, pixie, sonik, sixie, sassy, faerie, amilita, dm anoushh, everyone))))

I have a splitting migraine, backache, and my right boob hurts (tmi, I know). The Welshman rang up today - to ask if I'd give him another chance and if I'd like to go out properly on saturday - and asked "but... isn't there anything to do to get rid of them properly?" pfft. stupid boy. I deal. Admittedly, I didn't go to uni, but it was two lectures and meh. I stayed in, did some work, and finished my cross-stitch for the Boy Wonder (here) and... yes. chillaxed to the max, as all the cool kids say. tongue.gif Oh, and we lost the cricket. G texted me last night to tell me that Pieterson had gotten out first over (the fool) so my sleep was much disturbed.

And now, I'm going to bed. And I haven't even eaten the ice-cream I bought.
((mornington)) Hope the aches go away.

((polly)) Get the job.

((raisin)) Sorry your family is being sucky, glad you had a nice weekend.

((bunny)) Yay for Christmas shopping.

((mando)) Feel better.

((amilita)) I thought Bobby was good, but kind of slow. How did you like For Your Consideration? I liked it, but not as much as Best In Show.

((uncle buster))

((rose, faith, billy, sidecar, stargazer, faerie, pixie))

(((rose))) You know, all of my grandparents and my FIL have pacemakers, and all have had them for years. It's actually a very good thing for those with heart trouble. It made a huge difference for my FIL.

~~~feel better mornington~~~

I saw a preview screening of Children of Men, and it tore my heart out. It's an even scarier (and plausible) future than The Handmaid's Tale. Martini got some excellent career news today. I have to be vague for now, but when it gets closer, I'll fill you all in. We're very excited about it.
sidecar~cool. i'm excited for martini. will send out good vibes for you both.

(((mornington))) sorry your boobie hurts. pms? i used to get sore boobs during that time. oh, and nothing is tmi in here.

(((designermedusa, mando, faith, sidecar, pixie, amilita, anoushh, sassygrrl, polly, rose, billy, and other kvetchies)))

nothing much to report here. got some sleep. slept some more today. i get my shelves delivered from ikea tomorrow. yeah.

btw, sixelacat said her laptop should be back in her possession tomorrow and she will be back in here soon...
(((mornington))) definitely no such thing as tmi (remember moi and purplish-black nipples?) oh, and what exactly is that comment by the welshman supposed to mean? boo for the pain (begone!) and the cricket (begone too! only kidding wink.gif). Also, ice-skating tickets arrived today! and aunt and uncle fine with us to stay but your offer meant a lot.

(((rose and uncle buster))) ~*~*~*no news is good news~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~exciting career op for martini and sidecar~*~*~*~*

yay for ikea shelves! I'm waiting for a large Next order to arrive today and last time they messed up so I'm trepiditious.

yay for sixelacat returning!

been receiving the same message when opening threads and sometimes when posting where I do same as polly. VERY frustrating. (((faith)))

yesterday lord farquhar did my hair and I'm really pleased with it (although we suspect I may be developing an intolerance to ammonia) and last night I managed to be asleep by midnight and was awake by 9ish this morning so looks as if my sleeping pattern may be rectified *fingers crossed*.

hmm, the ache seems to have died down mostly. I have cramp instead, oh joy. oh, the pms. mad.gif

yay tickets! ((((bunny)))) I have no idea what he's on about half the time. I think it's almost ready to beat "you have green.... stuff... on your eyes" (hand gestures in my face). That would be my green mascara. dry.gif .

yay for shelves! Ikea is brilliance itself.

sidecar, children of men is brilliant, but scary because it's so... realistic. I loved it.


Indigo ran a couple of tiny terriers all over the park. He must smell good to boy dogs. I'm going into uni in a bit; still have the headache as well, but it's only one lecture and tutorial. I have an eye test tomorrow - new glasses! I feel like a change of face-wear.
(((mornington))) hope the cramp subsides asap!

Yay for good hair bunnyb. I'm finally getting mine cut back into its previous razor-y bob next week.

Sidecar, I too loved Children of Men, especially Michael Caine and Clive Owen. Excited for you and martini's career news!

(((Uncle Buster)))

RV, now I'm all curious about which company your SIL has moved to. Great news!

I am more chilled today than I have been for a couple of weeks, having finished a lagging and time-consuming freelance piece. Good meeting with advisors yesterday so all is go with the thesis.

Aaaand I get to visit yet more friends this weekend!! Spoiled I am.

syb, my hair is styled as straight long-ish bob (similar to "pob" as longer at jaw line).

morn, no comment about welshman dry.gif .

just met the bunbun's social worker for first time and he's really nice and interested in helping as much as he can. he's also interested in our family as a whole, especially bunnynana's manipulation of us so it all looks very promising, we're going to have group therapy.

Bunny, yay for good hair! My last haircut got royally screwed up and so I had to cut it really short to make it look's about as short as Mornington's and I just can't get used to it. I've always had really long hair until recently. I can't wait until it gets long enough to go back to a chin length bob..higher in the back. Thankfully it grows quick!

Mornington, sorry for the cramps and Welshman troubles. Men suck! Mr. Pixie is great most of the time, but I have little patience for other men anymore.

Sybrite, glad your job is going well. It always feels good to finish big projects!

Woot for shelves!

((uncle Buster))

I've had some of the error messages too when I have tried to post.

(((polly, sidecar, DM, amilita, plummie, everyone else)))

My boss is out today because she tore a ligament in her leg yesterday. It is kind of a good thing for me because I got in a huge fight with minipixies father this morning, and just really don't feel like doing anything productive work wise. I might just spent the day calling day care centers.
Well, I just got my new driver's license with my new fancy. And as a bonus, my picture is a bit better this time.

My kvetch is that due to some minor errors of other people, the local weekly printed our photography show opening for this Friday, when it's really supposed to be next we decided we'll just do a sort of preview this Friday. I just don't wanna be tied to the gallery any extra right now. Oh well.

I'm doing hospital orientation this week (today off) and it's boring...but easy money, so I shouldn't complain. And a few old collegues are coming on staff and my new hospital, so that's good overall and good to see them.

Mornington, love the cross-stich! Reminds me that I have a how-to knitting video from last XMas that I have yet to time now, but soon!

Bunny, yay! for therapy and promising horizons! Ya'll know I loves my therapy!

We never got to see For Your Consideration after all...forgot that Sunday was the Bayou Classic football game and it makes the French Quarter crazy, especially one of the streets that borders the movie theater where it was it remains on the to-see list. Instead, we saw Casino Royale, which we all liked. Want to see Deja Vu, too, partly just to support movies that were filmed in NOLA. I remember when they were was a hopeful sign for the economy recovering and all that.

~~~job vibes for Polly and Martini~~~

Gotta get some gallery stuff done!!!
((((mornington)))) cramps go away! and yeah, pishaw on the TMI here. My boobs hurt too, have for a few days now. that cracks me up about the boy dogs and indigo biggrin.gif

((((((uncle buster))))) ~~~continued healing~~~

((((sidecar & martini))))) yay for good news!

((((polly)))) ~~~work vibes~~~

((((mandi)))) how's it going love?

((((anoushh & not-bob)))))

(((((raisin, bunny, dm, amilita, faith, plummie, tg, dusty, sonik, fina, billy, sixela, sassy, auralp, stargazer, pixie, faerie, luci, msp, wb, mavin, crassy, cstars, everyone)))))

IPB Image this is me today, bleh. I woke up and when I got out of bed the room began to spin. I barely made it to the bathroom, and not without running in to the wall a few times on the way trying to catch my balance. It feels like a bad hangover, like I went out drinking, liquor, wine and beer, on an empty stomach. But no, haven't had a drop to drink since Thursday, which was just one glass of wine. I'm pretty nauseated & dizzy, I've got a headache and my ears are plugged up. So I am figuring the vertigo is probably an inner ear issue. PJ has these anti nausea pills so I took one of those, a decongestant, and some tylenol for the headache. Now I'm all groggy. I was asleep but Missy kitty came to my window again meowing like mad and this time she wanted to come inside. So yay for that, the prodigal kitty has returned.

ETA: and here she is, IPB Image looking quite relieved to be in where it's dry and warm. a storm hit here last night, so I figured we would be seeing her. note the dirty back paws, we'll be remedying that soon.

Yuefie, so glad the kitty came back! Big relief.
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