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(((sidecar))) that is why the in-laws are called outlaws sometimes. sorry for all of last minute hassles. why can't some people (esp. family) be considerate of other people? it's not cool to call 2 days before Thanksgiving to say you're coming.

bunnyb-yeah, the site still has bugs. which would explain the double post. i agree with the myspace comment you made somewhere in the Lounge. it was good to be able to keep in contact with everyone while the site was down.

(((rose))) your uncle is in my thoughts.

(((mando))) i hope you are doing better. i know today you were supposed to see your GP. how did it go?

(((mornington, pixie, tes, designermedusa, sassygrrl, aural poison, amilita, anoushh, polly, sixelacat, and other kvetchies)))

kvetch: well, i start a detox tomorrow. yeah, my timing for seeing a ND sucks, huh. thanksgiving week. so, i'm on a strict diet temporarily (hence the no sugar, etc). i have to make sure i eat before 7pm, do all of these drops...yada yada yada...thank goodness i'm not working right is almost like having a second job doing all of this stuff! all i know is that if i can get through the holidays without sweets...than i can do anything. seriously.

antikvetch: i spent the day with my mother. she went with me to the ND. did a little grocery shopping and other errands. i was able to get through the day ok.

antikvetch2: i sent my last internship application out today! yeah! all i have to do is wait for responses in mid-december. just give me 2-3 interviews...that's all i'm asking for. i applied to 16 internship programs.
Hey everyone! Ah, feels so good to click here and see everyones posts. I missed the lounge, but man did I ever miss Kvetch!

((((rose-uncle)))) glad the surgery went well

(((rose & tes)))) so glad you get to spend the holiday together!

((((bunny)))) headaches be gone

((((stargazer)))) what a time for your detox to begin

((((mandi)))) cause you are on my mind darlin'

((((sidecar)))) ugh. how frustrating. I too am very sad about Robert Altman sad.gif

(((((mornington, raisin, DM, polly, plummie, amilita, anoushh, billy, dusty, pixie, sixela, sassy, AP, everyone))))

The niece and I just got in from a day of shopping. Poor thing, I dragged her all over creation but she was a good sport about it. My girlfriend Monica and daughter also tagged along, so Amberly was entertained with the adorableness that is Lily. And I took her out for sushi, which her mom is wholly opposed to, so I think that helped too wink.gif She is sad about going home tomorrow, but her mom and I had a good talk today and she mentioned maybe going a little harsh on her. I agreed that maybe it's a bit extreme, because it doesn't leave much room for punishment if some huge infraction were to be commited. It was great to have today off to spend with her, and we still have tomorrow 'til lunchtime. I got all my grocery shopping out of the way. I was also hunting down a turkey platter since mine didn't make it. Seriously, we went to seven stores before I finally found one! What's up with that? Does nobody else in the world ever need to purchase a new one from time to time? I went to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond (sold out), Ross, Tuesday Morning, Kohls, TJ Maxx, and ended up at the cheesiest place, Big Lots where I found one for $5.00! So I went ahead and bought two. They aren't the most attractive but they will do. Then I found this salad bowl set made by Anchor Hocking from the Savannah line which has been discontinued for a few years. I've been searching for that and some of the other Savannah stuff to replace what I lost. I was actually hunting it down on eBay and almost spent double what I got the salad set for today! I'm hoping this means they will bring back the salt & pepper & cream & sugar sets, cause I already have the butter dish. Oh and I went crazy in Bath & Body Works with the creamy nutmeg scented candles, Wallflowers (oil warmers), and house spray. Mmm, my livingroom smells so good. I usually can't tolerate their stuff, but that scent is scrumptious! I also got these little doggie steps for Sashie to be able to get up on my bed from Bed Bath & Beyond. Last night my niece helped her up on the bed and she yelped really loud, and the same happened to me this morning so I thought they would be a good idea. But of course she turned her nose up at them. Anyhoo, sorry for thread hogging. Just feels great to be back!

((sidecar)) That sucks about the inlaws. We're going to my cousin's house first, for a mid-afternoon dinner, then to Le Boy's parent's in the evening. Fortunately, they only live about 15 minutes away from each other. I don't plan on eating another meal at the in-laws (Le Boy thinks he will- we tried to do this a couple of years ago and I've never been on more pain from overeating! It was horrible!) so I was just going to make a dessert. Le Boy hasn't called his mom to tell her this yet, I don't think. His mom's so weird about people bringing stuff. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a really, really good cook, and rather than trusting me to pick out what I want to make, she insists that I make these ridiculous recipes. Like, I don't believe in using those dehydrated potato flakes, and rather than letting me make mashed potatoes from scratch, she had me make this bleu cheese-broccoli casserole last year, knowing that I wouldn't eat it, since I'm not a bleu cheese person. And then they had these nasty mashed potatoes made with the flakes. Grrr. And she wouldn't *let* me make a dessert, since Le Boy's sister was bringing one. A crummy Baker's Square pie, which no one ate. Over one of my homemade creations. Who the hell turns down an additional dessert option?!?!? ((Sigh)) At least my family appreciates my cooking. This year? Screw her, I'm making my pumpkin mocha tart and there's not a damn thing she can do about it.

((rose & family)) Hope your uncle continues to improve!

((mornington)) I saw the dress- love it! It looks fabulous on you! The shoes, too, and the shirt!

Bunny, we ended up staying in. Maybe we'll see something this weekend. Probably Stranger Than Fiction. The Tenacious D movie opens this week. Am I the only one getting tired of Jack Black always being "on"? That's not really one I need to see in the theater. Sad that going to the movies has become so expensive and filled with annoying people who talk through the movie that I have to decide if the movie's worth seeing in the theater, in terms of it making a difference for the visuals or sound.

((stargazer)) Good luck on the detox!

((yuefie, sybarite, amilita, anoushh, DM, pixie, tx, mando, billy, everyone else!))

Ooo, Johnny Depp on Inside the Actor's Studio....damn, and I need to clean my kitchen.
((((Sidecar)))))I'm sorry that your inlaws are giving you a hard time. And i hope your ankle gets better soon.

((((Uncle Buster))))

(((((Stargarzer)))))good luck with the ((2-3)) interviews! And the detox.

Polly, a pumpkin mocha tart sounds lovely! Maybe your m-i-l is afraid of trying something new? This way she is still in control of the food which =safety.

I voted today. I have not seen any of the political debates on tv because i am so sick and tired of hearing how this country has experienced so much growth economically. Please. There is no excuse for a christian party to plainly rob the minimum incomes. Economic growth on paper says nothing. The leader of the liberal* right party even talked about 'jealousy tax' after the leader of the socialist party said that taxes only benefitted the rich. So appaerntly jealousy tax is that the rich have to pay taxes, maybe a little more, so that the weaker people can be helped. The right likes to believe that the 'weaker and jobless' are lazy and just 'sitting on their welfare'. I've heard so many stories that present the's appaling. I almost hate my country.

*liberal means something else here (sometimes it means: money loving businessmen). There are liberals on the right side of the political spectrum as well as on the center-left side.

Before i got out of bed this morning i had a dream in which i watched tv. i then fell asleep and when i woke up (still in my dream) i grabbed my cellphone cos i wanted to know what time it was. It was 9.02 am. Then i woke up from this dream and i did exactly the same; took my cellphone and it was..9.02 am. Weird.
Sonik, I loved Rotterdam and Amsterdam (we have friends there) but the political direction the Netherlands is taking is concerning. I always feel better after I vote during times like these.

(((sidecar and martini))) for dealing with indecisive inlaws from Indiana (sorry, couldn't resist). I feel your pain all the more as your chilled out thanksgiving plans sounded glorious. Can you sneak time to yourselves in around them?

And (((pollystyrene))) for recipe quibbles. What's with the pissing context over desserts? IMO it's all about control; she doesn't want you to show her up.

Busy busy busy with two very different projects both due next week. But I am off to London Friday for one night only to see an old friend, so that'll do for my thanksgiving treat!
Sybarite, Amsterdam and Rotterdam are great. And yes, the political direction is not good. The prime minister wants more personal responsibility, which in practice is a distorted view; taking away money from poorer people is not going to make them ambitious.
Are you still working on your thesis? And you did marry in Amsterdam, right?

RoseV, i hear you on the bleeding. I have cramps and my back hurts. My mom's theory is when you put a lot of strain on yourself, you're paying the price during your next period.

Oh, and i went to see a play yesterday evening, with a good friend. It was a comedy, somewhat raw, about coming to terms with a deceased. It was well done, especially the actress was great. I've never been to a serious play in a theatre before. I should do that more often.

During the Victor & Rolf frenzy a couple of weeks ago, i bought 2 jackets in a secondhand store. They're 40's style german 'loden' wool. They're very sophisticated and i paid 14 euros for the two of them! The lady working behind the till was like:"Well, it ain't no Viktor and Rolf"..haha, i couldn't care less.

(((((((((Billy, Mandolyn, Bunny, Yuefie, Pixie, Anoushh, TxPlum, Mornington, Amilitia, Sybarite, DMedusa)))))

can I get some vibes for my mum's friend? LadyLunch's left her husband - he's Libyan, the kids are grown up... - and done a runner on her uk passport. Only LaBelle (another friend in tripoli) knows where she is & we're worried. Hopefully her kids will be alright as they've got uk passports and don't live at home.

and I'm gone. (((((kvetchies)))))

Ugh. Yet another setback on the road to adulthood. Fully intending to get up at 7 in order to be at the parking garage and on the road no later than 10. 'Tis now nearly 9 and, as y'all can see, haven't even left the apartment yet. It doesn't help matters that for two days now we've been whinging at each other and whining "I don't wanna go!" Morale issues here. Six hours in the car. My parents by 6 pm at this rate, then dinner at his mom's the next day, then 6 hours back, plus 3 give or take for sitting in the fucking holiday traffic.

I don't WANNA go. I don't want to spend 18 of the next 72 hours in the fucking car in the fucking traffic. I want to sleep and then make my own turkey and all the accoutrements, drink too much red wine and fall asleep. Will I go directly to hell (which I don't believe in anyway) if I call parents at this point in time and say fuck it?


((((all kvetchies with holiday stress))))
Noooooooo...everybody is going to go offline for four days and it will be bo-ring around here for the rest of the week! Poo.

Bunny, not sure about this, but I don't think you can make your own Lush gift box...however, I don't think you get much of a price cut by buying the ready-made boxes, so you aren't missing out on that by making your own.

Sidecar, that sucks about your in-laws. Some stuff you need to be mentally prepared for...not just have it heaped on ya last minute.

Designerm, how ya feelin'? Hope it's better, definately not worse.

~~~strength to stay away from sweets n' stuff for stargazer~~~ Think how good you'll feel.

Yay for good shopping finds, Yuefie! And I bet Sashie will get good use of the steps, she just needs to get used to them and figure out they help and she likes 'em. Someday I may get some of those for my arthritic kitty; I see him struggling with the couch and bed sometimes.

Polly, you MAKE that mocha pumpkin tart, girl! I can't believe people would give a guest (even family) a recipe to follow unless it's mutually agreed upon! And I think I remember you mentioning the blue cheese broccoli thing from last year!

Sonik, sorry to hear you're having gov't frustrations, but I'm glad to know it's not just the USofA that can make one feel like that. Yay for plays! I'm going to see one Friday night, but it's another funny one...I'll have to be one the lookout for something more serious...

~~~Ladylunch~~~ What exactly does "done a runner on her UK passport" mean? Hope she's OK.

((Luci)) Good travels to you...or not! Didja head out, finally?

((Rosev's uncle)) Hope you have a great time with Tes and her circle tomorrow! So envious!

(((Love to anyone I didn't already mention)))

I worked last night and am only going to sleep for a few hours then do errands...then make a dish to take to a friend's house tonight. Actually, a broccoli CHEDDAR aunt used to make one and I've been fantasizing about it lately. So predictable, so good. Tomorrow, we go to our neighbors' house for turkey. Should be nice and low key.

It was my nephew's 13th birthday Sunday, and when I spoke to him, he was kind of down. He's been wanting a dog for years and I wish I could just buy him one...when he was 8ish, he wrote out a schedule of how he would take care of a dog...he wanted to show how he could take responsibility. He's such a sweet kid; I wish he could have some unconditional doggy love. I'm hoping my sis-in-law and brother will perhaps give him a great XMas surprise.
Oh my kvetchies I missed you! And wish I had more time to give you individual vibes (Sidecar, your post I had to respond to because that is my *worst nightmare* -- I hate unexpected houseguests. I had three this weekend, with various degrees of surprise, and at least the house was clean by the last surprise. But, you are an amazing daughter in law for doing this, and maybe you can plead a headache on mall day? I think then you should sneak off to a movie....).

Work has been seriously sucking and I am trying to figure out my options. I am going to Hawaii in late december early jan for a friend's wedding, and that's a big splurge financially, but I also think I need some time really and truly *away* to clear my head.

But, I saw the Dixie Chicks documentary last week -- SO GOOD -- and my brothers are in town and I am having coffee with my future sister in law tonight and I am getting my hairs cut for the first time since April. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel . She said hopefully. Love you all very very much, and it's cheesy but I am very thankful for each and every one of you.
soo... plans have changed. I'm back now. Pete bit me and is hiding under the sofa so I've stopped attempting to cut his nails for a bit biggrin.gif

((((bunny)))) you can gift-wrap items, and I think that at this time of year they do pick-your-own giftboxes.
((((sidecar)))) that sucks with the in-laws. slightly inconsiderate of them
((((luci)))) urgh, too much travelling. let us know if you go!
((((amilita)))) mm, brocoli cheese... I'm hungry now.
((((dm)))) hope you're feeling better!
((((faith)))) no reason.
((((yuefie)))) yay shopping!
((((polly)))) blegh on her.
((((sonik, syb, mando, rose, rose's uncle, pixie, sassy, sixe, dusty, anoushh, notbob, billy, everyone & thier families))))

All this talk of families has made me think of going up to the grandparents this weekend... but it's a long way to take Indigo. We're going up just before I fly to Algeria for christmas - Indigo is staying with the grandparents for the ten days I'm away - so not long to go.

kvetch: the welshman cancelled our date, so he can work. he's unemployed, surely he can spare an evening to go to the cinema (especially since this was the make-up for this weekend's fiasco). I'm just pissed for no real reason other than not being given more than a few hours warning, and because I was looking forward to tonight. I'm really tempted to announce that I'm busy this weekend... just to spite him. grr.

antikvetch: good tv and a clean house after an afternoon's housework.

so, yes, LadyLunch... basically, it's really hard to get a divorce in Libya, and under the law there a woman isn't allowed to get a visa out of the country without the permission of either her husband, father or responsible male relative (ie widows need thier eldest son's permission, etc etc). LL is British though, which means she doesn't need a visa to travel... she's left her husband in secret; the police wouldn't have done anything if he'd locked her in the house etc. It's not *that* uncommon among British-Libyan marriages... but they had what seemed like a pretty good situation. More a surprise than anything, although we're worrying about LaBelle - she needs to do a runner as well (imo, and in just about everyone's opinion), and without LL it'll be harder for her. LaBelle's going to pass on my number as well as Mama's so she's got a few more options.
Miracle of miracles, we managed to get them a nice hotel (in fact, the very one we cancelled the reservation at on Monday), expand our dinner reservations to four, and even found a cleaning service to come in this afternoon. So it's not the absolute worst nightmare, but it's not quite going to be the quiet, relaxing four-day weekend we had planned. (Oh, and Syb, they're from Ohio. But my gram lives in Indiana, about an hour away, and she'll let them leave their car at her house, so we're picking her up there.) Seriously, on Friday? We were going to go to the movie theater and just see movies until we got bored. Now, I'm going to the largest mall in the entire state. (It's the second-largest tourist attraction, and I have never been there my entire life. If I have to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, another place I've refused to go, I think a little part of me may die.)

So now all I have to do is get the car washed, buy some flowers for the house, and steel myself for a weekend of her pointing out everything we do wrong (She already noted that she wants to take Martini to get his "hair fixed right" as she doesn't like how he cuts it now). At least we'll have decent food. (((polly))) I feel your pain. I don't know if you were hanging out in kvetch last year when I described what my MIL (a terrible cook) served for Thanksgiving, but I'll leave you with the recipe for fruit salad she put out: a large can of fruit cocktail, a jar of mayonnnaise, and a box of splenda.

(((mornington's family friend))))
(((sonik))) it's hard to be diametrically opposed to the direction your country is going.
(((faith))) so good to see you.

Oh, Dusty, I am sure I'll be in here. Some bit of my sanity must be preserved.

Wow, mornington, I can (I think) see LL's reasons... is it maybe the best thing for her, especially if the kids are adults and away? I suppose LaBelle is kind of left behind support-wise now? I hope you hear from LL soon.

((faith)) good as always to see you!

(((Everyone else dealing with family-caused stress)))

I'm well away from family messes but this week has still been ass-tastic in all sorts of ways and I am officially fucked off. I am looking forward to seeing my friend but right now heading to London and the consequent chaos at airport security feels like just another hassle...

If I can get online this weekend you can bet I'll be stopping by...
*drags self in* I'm loaded with cold/flu and feel crappy. I slep for FIFTEEN hours so really feel like crap and yet I feel as if I could sleep some more. I had to cancel coffee with a friend and wanted to fly by lush today (thanks for the info amilta and mornington, I'll have a look - I looked at the holiday gift boxes online and some are nice but the leeway to add individual items would be nicer and they're less expensive although I'm sure I'll end up spending more money anyway.

For my graduation next week I'm having a family meal with my immediates, grandparents and the boy and his parents. Then the day after the boy and I go to London and we're staying with my aunt and uncle (who I haven't seen since June); my uncle's dad died though so now they're a bit stressed about having (invited) house guests, so I feel guilty.

*~*~*~*family and vacation stress vibes for all~*~*~*~

(((morn))), looks like it may just be you and I around over next few days. Oh and (((sonik))) - btw, been good to see you in here more often! My thanksgiving plans? Going for fusion dinner with kinkykatykins and then to see P!nk in concert.

(((yuefie))), HOW can your sis disapprove of sushi?! it's v healthy and delicious and I would have some tomorrow if it wasn't so cold out!

oh, I received can of pumpkin in post today (and goobers, and US candy for boy's stocking) so think I'll make a pumpkin pie or maybe a pumpkin mocha tart? (*hint, hint*)

(((DM))) you poor thing - Sunday sounded nasty.

(((mando))) how you doin' sweetpea?

(((raisin))) a'cos. I owe you a post and message.

(((stargazer))) I would have been suffering without myspace (received a much-appreciated add through it too).

~*~*~*~safe vibes for ladylunch~*~*~*~* morn, that's your mum's friend who was having marital problems you spoke about a while back, yes?

(((faith))) a'cos

(((sidecar))) cheesecake would be much-appreciated with me just now.

(((amilta))) mmm the brocolli cheddar casserole sounds great!

(((polly))) stranger than fiction would be my choice too.

(((rose))) have fun with tes! ~*~*~*~continued vibes for your uncle~*~*~*~

(((pixie))) a'cos

(((amilta))) a'cos

(((sybarite))) a'cos

(((anoushh))) yay for not-bob's first holiday!

and (((dusty)))

(((anyone I missed)))
Uncle Buster isn't doing so hot. He started having problems with the upper chambers of his heart, so he's been put on a temporary pace maker. Mom says that it would be much worse if the lower chambers were acting up, so it's not as bad as it could be. But still. It's not as good as expected. Looks like he may stay in intensive care for a while longer.

Can you say heavy sigh?

~~~~~ soothing vibes of sanity for Sidecar, Luci, Mandi, and everybody else ~~~~~

I should be around somewhat throughout the weekend.
premature happy thanksgiving to everyone!

sidecar~that's sounds like the grossiest thing ever to eat. really. i felt bad for you 'cause your original 4 day weekend sounded awesome. oh, and i hope you do not have to go to the cheesecake factory. good luck dealing with those crowds. and in defense of martini...i like his hair. i'm sure you do too. good luck with the outlaws.


i will be stopping by in here throughout the weekend. have a great one everyone!
Bunny, I'll be around this weekend too.

We don't have any family drama going on thankfully. Mr. Pixie's mom, stepdad, sister and brothe rin law are comign to our house. We all get along just fine. Excpet Sil is pregnant right now and overly sensitive because somehow she got it in her head that we didn't really *want* her to come. I was like,", were my Matron of honor, where would you ever get the idea you weren't welcome" so all is cool.
Then Saturday we have teh Bedlam football game for our state.

Rose, what is this world coming to when I am actually looking forward to a football game?! 13 years of being around men who didn't like sports...And sorry about Uncle Buster! I don't think I've ever met him,but you've talked about him so much, I feel like I know him!

((mornington)) I am so pyched to be getting jewlery that you made!!!

(((busties and Kvetchies)))
woot! we can have a wee confab, just us! (although I love everyone else!) I'm out all day Saturday anyway as helping out and introducing a panel at a Gender conference.

which of the jewellery did you choose? I don't wear earrings so went for the blue elephant bracelet as it is so cute and loved it when saw photos of the fair!
I'm getting the chinese lettering braclet and earring set! Ms. Mornington is so talented! I loved all her stuff and had a hard time decideing!
ooh lovely, pixie, our mornington is a very talented woman!

can I ask for some vibes over the next couple of weeks please? I am trying to arrange some voluntary work in a couple of schools, either in the library or hand-on with children helping with their reading for example. One of the schools I'm speaking to is my sister's which whill be challenging but rewarding (and would look great on application for teaching).
((((bunny)))) & ((((pixie)))) I loves you both.

fucking boys.

i appear to be saying this more and more frequently. le sigh.


edit: see the blog-blog. it's the only space i've got that he can't read.
(((mornington))) loves you too.

When you're saying it as often as you are cos he's continually winding you up, then sommat has to give. Thrown rocks at him, I tell ya.
I should be around over the weekend...

Sidecar, I love mayo, but when I read that recipe, I almost barfed. I pride myself on not being a picky eater, but NO, NO, NO!!!



~~~vibes for bunnyb~~~ I bet volunteering would help with your mood, too.

(((anoushh))) Hope you get taken care of a bit tomorrow...

~~~uncle Buster~~~ Sorry to hear what's been going on...

Yesterday, we had a patient whose mamma used to turn her out on the streets when she was young...of course to earn the mamma drug money. I didn't meet her, and not surprisingly, she was not a pleasant person...but I guess I'm feeling extra-thankful for my life, even with it's ups and downs. I sure am lucky.

mood? I'm in a mood?! wink.gif . True, it's to motivate me out of house (although I've been better in last week and have busy couple of weeks ahead) and give me a ...purpose? It's also giving something back to my sister's school. I'll be back in work after Christmas too so I need some routine beforehand to settle me back in to long days and I'll continue volunteering until Summer. I think I've made mind up to apply to do my teaching diploma (high school English) as I can return to do my PhD or go PT in a couple of years whilst still having a career useful worlwide.
Yeah, you know, I just think helping other people can be as theraputic as actual therapy sometimes. Not that I wanna stop seeing my shrink! But I do need to figure out some volunteer work. To help my MOOD, yeah that's right. tongue.gif
I'm thankful for all of you.

And I'm thankful for the good fortune in my life.

~~~~anti-holiday stress vibes for all who need them~~~~

Not sure if I'll be able to pop back in (I'll be cooking & eating & watching TV/movies tomorrow, then I have a lot of school work and other crap to do the rest of the weekend). But I will be here if possible so I can get out of MIA/lurker mode.

I wanna see your jewelery, mornington!

Time to bake a pumpkin custard pie...
The tart is made and the inlaws have been called smile.gif

Actually, we just left a message, telling them what we were bringing, but they haven't called back yet, so that's a good sign. Both of my desserts are made; I'm taking a break, them I've got to start cutting up veggies and bread for the stuffing. Then it all gets cooked separately and mixed together. I'll bake it all tomorrow at my cousin's house.

Sonik, I definitely think it's a control issue for her. The thing is, she's not close-minded about food- she tries all sorts of new stuff at restaurants, but she's got issues when it comes to food she eats at home.

Sidecar, that fruit salad <cough> "recipe" is making me nauseated just thinking about it. Couldn't at least have been with Cool Whip, so it's like one of those ambrosia salads? I can't stand that stuff, but the thought of mayonnaise and fruit is disgusting. This is the same person who's coming to visit this year? Is she making food? I hope you survive. Ugh, and a visit to the mall this weekend? ((shudder)) I don't want to think about visiting a mall. The upside to this unemployment thing is that it gives us an excuse to postpone all Xmas presents and December birthday presents until at least a month after I get a new job.

((mornington, pixie, sybarite, yuefie, flanker, bunny, faith, amilita, stargazer, rose & Uncle Buster, dusty, lucizoe and everyone else- Happy Thanksgiving to all!))

Oh my, how in the world did I miss that recipe the first time around? FEH! IPB Image I've seen fruit salad made with sweetened sour cream but MAYO?? Foul! (((((sidecar))))) wishing you a low stress holiday.

~~~~coping vibage~~~~ for all who are dealing with maddening family situations!

I am up, cooking. Just finished the stuffing, so it's ready to go in the oven tomorrow. I love getting a jump on the cooking, and it's more important now seeing as I have a small apartment sized kitchen. I baked up some delicious looking pies. I made one pumpkin, but I didn't use my usual recipe. I decided to try out Paula Deen's pumpkin pie recipe, which called for cream cheese. It looks really good, but we'll see tomorrow. I also took my first shot at a sweet potato pie. I found a few recipes that sounded good, I went with the pecan sweet potato and the southern style and kinda fused both recipes. That one looks gorgeous, probably the prettiest pie I've ever made. What's really nice is that this is the first year in many that other people are helping out with the cooking instead of it all being left up to me. Don't get me wrong, I love doing it and am still cooking the bulk of the meal but it's just nice not to have to worry about every last thing. I made a relish tray of marinated fresh mozzarella & grape tomatoes, aglio, sicilian, kalamata and colossal greek olives, sliced red & yellow peppers, blanched asparagus, cucumbers, roasted garlic & pinenut hummus, & pita chips, I'm making the turkey and a ham, my rosemary sourdough & sage apple sausage stuffing, au gratin potatoes (made with carmelized onion english cheddar - yum!), creamed spinach, my cousins girlfriends mom is bringing brandied carrots, mashed potatoes, and an apple pie. My sis is bringing the yams and a banana cream pie. Sounds like we aren't running short on dessert!

Kvetch: my boobehs hurt supa bad. I mean, so bad it hurts to wear a bra. Oh and my right ovary aches like the dickens. But I'm in very good spirits, so I suppose that is an anti-kvetch. I am so thankful the lounge is back and like flanker said, for all of you especially. Oodles of hugs and happy wishes for all.

Yuefie, I am drooling because of that stuffing. Mind sharing the recipe?
Here's the one I used. Added some garlic, though. Used challah for the bread. So far, it looks heavenly. I try to make a different stuffing every year.
I don't have a recipe per se, but I can PM ya and let you know what I used to make it. I'm just not sure on the measurements of everything. Unless I am following someone elses recipe, I am one of those a-pinch-of-this-a-dash-of-that-oh-yay-it-came-out-great-but-I'll-never-be-able-to-duplicate-it-again-cooks rolleyes.gif
That's fine- as long as I have an idea of the ingredients and a vague idea of their proportions smile.gif Thanks!
(((((kvetchies))))) happy thanksgiving! I may not celebrate it, but I'm thankful for all of you.

yuefie, I want that recipe too! I have a stuffing addiction. and you're making me hungry. drooling hungry.
Happy Thanksgiving! Hope y'all enjoy. You are certainly making me hungry!

(((yuefie and her boobies)))

(((mornington))) I have a stuffing addiction too! have you checked out Barefoot and Precocious, chachaheels shared some delicious sounding recipes with me!

As well as for the voluntary work, could I request vibes for my nana please? she's in a lot of pain but thankfully she's here in Glasgow just now so I can see her.

I still have a cold, have really bad earache and seeing Pink tonight. Freaky dreams again and had to arrange with the boy to phone and wake me by a certain time if he hadn't received my good morning text yet.

Happy thanksgiving for all celebrating it today!!! Eat lots of good food and quaff lots of lovely wine!

*trundles back to work... can you say martyr? smile.gif *

However, a yummy dinner with friends awaits me tomorrow and work is easing up... so I too am thankful!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The election results are in..the party i voted for has gotten a ot of votes. The christian party is still the largest, but in terms of 'winning' the socialist party (sp) is definitely one of the winners. The forming of a coalition will take quite a while, since there is no clear left or right majority.
The 'party for freedom' (bogus name; who's against it then) got 9 'zetels', and to be honest, it scares me, as this party thrives on the sentiments of fear the 9/11 attack has introduced us to. I know inducing fear is a powerful political tool and i don't think the people, aside from the higher-ups in charge, have ever benefited from that.

((((ongoing vibes for Roseviolet's uncle)))))))

Hey my fellow busties!

Everyone have a great Turkey Day, eat a lot...have lots of wine!!!

In good news, I'm with McGeek this weekend.... smile.gif

And I plan to get the apartment (at least put down the deposit) next week. Also, the job is getting better!

I love you all....

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans out there!

Mmmmmm .... stuffing. My favorite part! I've never made a sausage-based stuffing, but I'm thinking of trying that at Christmas. Combined with the apples and everything, it sounds like an amazing meal all by itself! I'm also thinking of salting my turkey at Christmas instead of brining it. It's a 4 day process, but I've heard that it's fabulous. I'll make a post about it in the cooking thread.

Yuefie, I'm really curious about that pumkin pie recipe. I'm trying Paula's pumpkin gooey butter cake today. I hate that it isn't totally from scratch, but it sounds soooooo tasty!

Polly, that tart sounds amaaaaaaaazing!

That fruit salad though ... [shudder]. But then again, I'm not a fan of mayo at any time.

So glad to hear that things are looking up for you, Sassy! Hooray!

((((Bunny's nana))))
((((Bunny)))) Hope your ears start feeling better before the concert.
~~~~ sanity for everyone dealing with family ~~~~

Thanks for the vibes for Uncle Buster. He is still on the pace maker, but Mom says that he has been sitting up and that there is good color in his cheeks. We're trying to stay optimistic. I've had a couple crying fits about this, though.

It's my first Thanksgiving away from family. Very strange and sad. And my family is so busy and their work schedules are so strange today that none of them will be celebrating a traditional dinner. When my mom's flight lands, she's supposed to grab dinner somewhere with my brother. My dad will already be at work, though. So even if I were back in T-town, I'd probably be celebrating with friends instead, anyway. So I'm trying not too feel too down about it.

At least I get to spend the evening with the fabulous Tes! I cannot tell you how excited/nervous I am about this. If dinner with Tes is anything like talking on the phone with her, I will spend a lot of my time tonight in fits of giggles! I will try my best to remind Sheff to bring his camera so you can see us all together.
Have a great time with Shef and Tesao, Roseviolet! It's sad that you can't celebrate with your family, but i hope you have a fab time despite that.

I'm working. The deadline for this assignment is far away, but i try to finish it anyway.

Sassygirl, i'm happy to hear good things are happening for you!

*back to work*
Happy Thanksgiving, Kvetchies!!!!

Still jealous of Rose and Tes....

Yuefie that spread sounds Devine!

Dusty! See, not all of us have left.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful people in my favorite corner of the interwebs. wub.gif

*~*~*~*~Non-crazy family vibes to those in need, especially Sidecar (that fruit salad makes me want to puke, and your original plans sound so perfect -- and NO CHEESECAKE FACTORY!)*~*~*~*~*

I have a couple of houses to visit -- I'm most looking forward to watching Doris Day movies and playing Scrabble afterwards. Gone are the days of a big Thanksgiving dinner -- everyone in the family splits off to a hundred different dinners. I'm practically vowing to start hosting my own turkey-free Thanksgiving next year for friends and family and make it a big free-for-all, no crazies or drama queens allowed. I also hate that a holiday of gratitude has to be centered around a dead bird and I want to do something about it. Phooey.

One thing I'm NOT doing tomorrow is shopping. No fucking way.

Amilita, that is so sweet about your little nephew and his pup-caring schedule.

Faith, I hear you (probably more than you know) on the work woes.

Yay for Family Anoushh's first holiday together!

Oops, I've had this window open for at least an hour now (was on the phone), so I need to cut this short and get dressed and movin'. xoxo
happy thanksgiving!

1. doctor's visit went better than i hoped. probably nothing to worry about, but a plan has been launched nonetheless.

2. i got a whopping cold from either the dr's office - where everyone was hacking up lungs left and right - or from the mr (grrrr!). i have a nasty fever, but heading over to mum's because i can't bear for her to be alone all day. luckily she cooks so i can just sleep on the couch all day.

3. i'm so very thankful for this little corner of cyberspace, and for all of (((you))).

sorry that i'm not up to catching up proper. it hurts to type. it hurts to look at the screen. wah.
Good morning/afternoon lovies smile.gif

((((((((mandi))))))) ~~~~extra tight hugs and feel better vibes~~~~

My place smells SOOOOO freaking fantastic right now. I am ready for a nap already though. Missy the kitty ran away a couple of days ago and in the middle of the night she came up to the window meowing like mad. PJ and I tried to coax her in, but she took off when she saw Bubba, another kitty that lives upstairs from us. The reason I am so tired is she came back 3 times, and meowed beneath my bedroom window. But every time I tried to let her in she would run off again! I guess at least she knows where we are and when she gets tired of running around with her boyfriend kitty and is hungry enough she will return. The good thing is that there are a lot of outdoor kitties around here, so coyotes don't seem to be a problem here. I lost three kitties who escaped and never returned, presumably to the coyotes who ran around my old neighborhood.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating. I wish I could have you all over for some of these yummies here.

Great news! Mom just called and said that Uncle Buster has been taken off all of the machines! The only tube attached to him now is an IV. And they're hoping to move him out of the ICU unit as soon as another room opens up. HOORAY!!!! Definitely the best Thanksgiving we could hope for. Thank you all for your vibes and warm wishes!!!

(((((Mandi))))) Poor thing. Such a shame that you aren't well enough to watch the dog show. The cardigan welsh corgi is especially cute this year (His name is George! So adorable!). Good for you for spending time with your Mom, though. I'm sure she appreciates it.

Come back, little Missy kitty! I hope the smells of Thanksgiving compel her to come in the front door and stay, Yuefie.

Raisin, that sounds like great fun!

I will not be shopping tomorrow. No way. Instead, I'll be meeting up with an old friend who happens to be in town. Here's hoping we can find a restaurant that isn't crowded!
(((((mando))))) petal, get better soon! but yay for mums and doctors plans
(((rose))) yay uncle buster! have fun with sheff & tes & mr hotbuns
(((yuefie))) come home miss kitty! I want yummies
((((raisin)))) sounds like fun to me
((((amilita)))) that pupper-plan is too cute
((((bunny, sonik, syb, polly, pixie, sidecar, anoushh and anoushhfam, faith, tes, sassy, sixie, mavin, flanker, pink, msp, walkingb, everyone))))

hope everyone is having a happy thanksgiving/november 23rd. eating lots of yummy food and drinking lots as well.

so... flaming argument with the welshman, we're "on a break"... I just got more and more wound up; had we actually had an argument before I really flipped then it probably would have been fine. I don't know, I feel a bit of a bitch now, but part of the problem was that I felt... sidelined and waaay down his list of priorities. So I want him to make an effort to make up. Grr. boys. Part of me is quite happy without him, really.

antikvetch: shopping with the girlies. new shoes and slippers and underwear.

Indigo turns four tomorrow, we will be celebrating - with a ham bone and treats for breakfast (mm, milk and raw eggs... well, he likes it). we might get a pizza and share that. yes, i mean the dog. he likes pizza.

edit: fuck you ponting. yes, you, you bloody aussie. you too cooley. traitor. fucking 346 for 3. harrumph. it's ashes season again. yes, the cricket. damn aussies appear to be hitting us all over the ground again. *goes to listen to radio all night at swear at flintoff*
(((mornington))) yay for shopping! "On a break" will forevermore remind me of Ross and Rachel in Fiends. Although it's not as cliche as "you complete me" (and obviously completely deifferent setiments). Oh maude it's Cricket time, been trying to avoid it.

(((mando))) much soothing brushing of the hair for you and *proffers hot orange juice or tea with honey to curb that cold*.

yay for uncle Buster!!!

boo for missing kitties, that saddens me sad.gif.

~*~*~*~*HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDIGO~*~*~*~*~ (it is our time!)

Hope you all had/are having a wonderful thaksgiving! I am thankful for a fabulous, loving and wonderful boyfriend and great family and friends.

So, Pink told a Thankgiving joke tonight that you'll probably know: If the Natives Americans had chosen to kill cats instead of turkeys then every year Americans would be eating pussy.

Dinner and gig were fantastic - Pink puts on a fantastic show (I saw her a couple of years ago too) and I like that she enjoys mixing the old tracks with the new ones. Spending quality time with Kinkykatykins was lovely, as was dinner.

Off to bed so *smooches*
Thanks for kind wishes, everyone.

I'm having very painful problems with a rogue suture or two on the very serious tear I had--so remember this before you say that a super fast labor is a good thing! It has downsides, and that was one of them.

I can't sit so am not really posting, but have skimmed.

Do want to say glad Mando's visit went well. I've been thinking of you.

Best to everyone.
(((((((anoushh))))))) ~~~~quick healing and pain away vibes~~~~

(((((everyone))))) ~~~~best wishes for all~~~~

Oh man did dinner turn out fab this year. Today has been an absolutely beautiful day, completely stress free. This has to be the best Thanksgiving of my adult life. I am so thankful for everything I have, and am so glad to be in an entirely different place than I was last year. And again, the food was fan-freaking-tastic biggrin.gif

I survived Day One. We went out to dinner, and it was delicious. I found out that she's cooking for Christmas though, and she's pretty insistent that we not help. At least I have a month to prepare.

Oh, and they're leaving early Saturday. And we talked them into going downtown rather than to a mall.

I'm also thankful for all of you -- I hope everyone had a fantastic day. I'm now going to enjoy a beer. A well-deserved beer.
Just got home! Tes is woooooonderful, of course. Mr. HotBuns is truly fabulous, as well. So is Niecoid & Tes' BFF & the BFF's mom and ... well, I could go on and on. And my nose feels tingly from all of those glasses of bubbly. And Tes and I giggled and squeed a lot. But you probably could have guessed that on your own, couldn't you. wink.gif Suffice to say that Tes has some excellent people in her life and we made some friends tonight & had a truly wonderful time. That was the hardest I've laughed it quite a while. Yay!!!!!

Okay. Bed. I'll vibe properly in the morning.
((((((((((YOU! Yes, YOU!)))))))))))))
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