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(((mando))) i'm proud of you for reaching out for help. it is the first hurdle in feeling better. i feel better being at home. of course, because i have control of things. i have a chicago bustie get together in december at my home and i know i will be able to get through it 'cause all of those busties are great and i feel comfortable around them. it is really about having a good support system. you definitely learn who your friends are when times are rough. and that sucks about some of the people in your life not being supportive with your secrets. you have support in here! (((more hugs for you)))

(((tes & Bff))) yeah for seeing mr. hotbuns! and your bff has many good vibes for her surgery.

(((rose))) i forgot to mention something about your uncle yesterday. let us know how he does.

(((mornington & indigo))) it is a little cute though to watch them struggle with the cone. maybe that sounds mean. but, my folks dog kept trying to walk into the doorways and furniture in an attempt to knock off the cone. silly dog.

((sonik & sybarite)) i know what you mean about making time for yourself. i realized that is why i was so grumpy and unhappy this summer. and it just got worse in the fall. telling myself i don't need to work the little retail job as much. i can approach my doc work with more attention. i don't feel all over the place. also, not wanting to go out. i really am a homebody. i've been trying to make things less hectic for myself.

((bunnyb, raisingirl, Sassygrrl, designermedusa, sidecar, dusty, faith, luci, polly, sixelacat, amilita, anoushh, and other kvetchies))

where is sixelacat?? i hope her visit to the windy city went well.

underwear report: black underwear sans bra. i hate wearing a bra.
((mando)) glad you've found a new doctor! I hope he/she can help more than the other one.

((stargazer)) Busties are a great support system, over the internet or IRL- please, please let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

((rose)) I hope whatever you decide about grad school works out!

((tes's friend))

((bunny, sybarite, pixie, mornington, sonik, raisin, sidecar, luci, sassy, yuefie, DM, anoushh, amilita, pip, faith and anyone I missed!))

No news on the job front. I found a bunch of ads online- I just have to create some cover letters, attach my resume and reply. I haven't heard from my staffing agency person since I had that interview on Monday, which worries me a little. I have to call her today.
Hey everybody! Thanks for asking about minipixie..she seems better today, although she told her daddy earlier that her tummy still hurts, but at least she doesn't seem to be puking or having diarrhea that is an improvement.

So I was officially a bigger person today without needing to be. I have Minipixie for the Thanksgiving Holiday, basically Tuesday night through Monday morning, but The ex and I have alwsy kind of divided up Thanksgiving day because it has always been a major holiday for both families. So I actually offfered to let him keep her until noon on Thrusday so she could spend soem time with him since he gave her to me last year because his mom (Karen) had just died and his family didn't celebrate.
It was so weird though. I asked him what time they would be done with their festivities and he made a comment to the extent of"well mom isn't around anymore to screw up our eating time, so I can have her ready whenever". I just totally didn't know what to say. His mom was notorious for saying we'd eat at 2 when in reality it would end up being closer to 5...but to say something so...disrespectful about her when she's only been gone a kind of icked me out a bit!

(((busties& bustie families)))
Pixie, do you think they will eat a thanksgiving dinner at all?

Hot pink lacy underwire and hot pink mesh g-string. On the inside. On the outside, I was a little dismayed to find myself striding down the street wearing a steelworkers' jacket and motorcycle boots carrying a 30 lb. bag of kitty litter on my shoulder.

Dusty, you sexy thang smile.gif Cat litter really cements the image.

The Usual: grey boxer briefs.
I unexpectedly had my performance review today, and it went well.

Anyway, in a half-hour, I'm off to get my nails done in honor of the BFF's big day.

((((((much love to you all))))
~~for tes' BFF~~
(((((mando)))) good for you.

beige underwire, white bikinis. sooooo boring.
Dusty...I really don't know. Their family situation is really weird. His dad has a couple of girlfriends so it may just be he and his brother..or his girlfriend if she comes up. He said at this point he had no plans for the Holiday at all, but I figured minipixie should still see him. besides, may this will put him in abetter frame for bringing her to me early on Christmas. I'm not supposed to get her until 1 pm Christmas day which is so late to me!
Do you take turns with holidays (i.e. you'll have minipixie next Christmas, he'll have her thanksgiving)? To not see your child on Christmas morning when she wakes up to what Santa's left for her seems pretty harsh. I know things are acrimonious between you but could you not share Christmas morning? In a few years Santa won't exist for her and it's really sad to miss out. Sorry, if I offend, I know it's not your fault but there must be a fairer compromise in custody cases I think for the child's sake.
Pixie, I'm thinking that Smokeboy might cook something up for Thanksgiving. Maybe not a whole turkey with all the trimmings, but something. He inherited a love of cooking from his momma, but as for Pixie's Ex and the dad ... well, they might get involved if they decide to fry a turkey. wink.gif There's no way that they'll make anything fancier than waffles before noon, though. As for Christmas, I wonder if they'll even feel like putting up a tree. It's going to be really hard for them to not have Karen around. I fear that this year may be harder than last year. Maybe their aunt will come to town and make things more official. She's good at that sort of thing.

Sidecar, congrats on the performance review! Will this help you get the other job?

[wolf-whistles at Dusty]

Bunny, whenever you and the boy come up for air, be sure to tell him we said hi. wink.gif

~~~~~~ continued vibes for Tes' BFF ~~~~~~ I get to see Tes in less than a week! Weeeeee!

My uncle's heart surgery is scheduled for Monday morning. Mom will arrive there on Sunday evening. When mom told her brother that she was going to be flying in, he cried with relief. Aaaaaaaw.

So what is everyone doing this weekend? I think Sheff and I are going to play with our new Nintendo Wii. These babies wont hit the shelves for a number of days, but Sheff's company is giving one to us early. Just don't tell the neighborhood kids!
((((dusty)))) whoo sexeh lady! tongue.gif
((((rose)))) it's a sign! do it do it if it makes you happy ((((rose's uncle))))
((((pixie)))) yay for minipixie being better!
((((polly)))) fingers crossed still!
((((bunny)))) remember: you need to breathe. and eat. biggrin.gif hi to the boy and.... hehe. she sounds a fooooool and you're well rid of her.
((((stargazer)))) acos I hope the new veggies do you good!
((((mando)))) eep! yay for new appointment ****nice dr vibes**** and plenty of thoughts
((((luci)))) it doesn't matter how often you come in, you've got a lot going on. but it's always good to see you!
((((sonik)))) you need to concentrate on you. and yay for new kitties!
((((tes)))) & ((((tes' BGP)))))
((((sidecar, billy, syb, sassy, sixe, raisin, pink, dm, anoushh, amilita, everyone))))

red knickers, black bra-vest.

I took a picture of the hound before I took his collar off himself. Bless him.

Shopping tomorrow for a dress for the christmas ball. mellow.gif . I have a love-hate relationship with this kind of shopping.
Wow, am I sensitive to caffeine- I had about 3/4 of a 1 liter bottle of Coke this afternoon, around 3:30pm (I don't usually drink pop, but I was out running errands, I was thirsty and it looked good.)

It is now 5:05am and I am just going to bed. I seriously did not feel tired until now. Good thing I have no plans until 2:00pm tomorrow (ha, today, duh!) because I hope to sleep until at least 12:30.

Le Boy went to bed hours ago. Hopefully I'll fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow....
very quick fly by because i am in an airport wi fi zone in south africa living on purchased time.....

so far so good. first leg over. drinking vodka tonics.

polly, are you sure you don't have jet lag?? 5:30. woah girl! hope you sleep late saturday!!!

sonik! i'm really glad that you quit your soul sucking job!!! get another kitten!!! they are always better in twos!!! rolleyes.gif

dusty, you have just won my heart. again.

*waves magic wand*

poof! of smoke!

mornington finds perfect dress!


sidecar, who needs sexy undies when someone is as sexy as you are all by themselves????

(((((((billy, bunnyb, sixela, sassys, syb, raisin, pink, dm, anoushh, amilita,mornington -what is a bra vest?)))))

(((everyone i missed))))))

must fly! heeeeeeeeeeeee!)))

very quick fly by because i am in an airport wi fi zone in south africa living on purchased time.....

so far so good. first leg over. drinking vodka tonics.

polly, are you sure you don't have jet lag?? 5:30. woah girl! hope you sleep late saturday!!!

sonik! i'm really glad that you quit your soul sucking job!!! get another kitten!!! they are always better in twos!!! rolleyes.gif

dusty, you have just won my heart. again.

*waves magic wand*

poof! of smoke!

mornington finds perfect dress!

(um, what is a bra vest?)


sidecar, who needs sexy undies when someone is as sexy as you are all by themselves????

(((((((billy, bunnyb, sixela, sassys, syb, raisin, amilita, pink, txplumwine, tg, dm, anoushh and notbob, mandomandomando )))))

(((everyone i missed))))))

must fly! heeeeeeeeeeeee!)))
Very quick fly by...

The apartment got approved!! All I have to do know is put down a deposit!!!

Happy happy joy joy dance!!

((multi-purpose vibes to all)))

red pjs with little black yorkies on them....and silly blue/green stripped slipper socks on my feet.
I just read the job posting for my job on Craig's List.

Yep. I took a personal day yesterday and they posted an ad for my position at around 3:18PM.

Good ole Karma though. That bitch destroyed the restaurant (our company's other business), this morning during the wee hours. Her justice is swift when wrongs are evident. I love that bitch. Apparently the people who own the building were doing renovations in the rental units upstairs, left the (very flammable, trust your wood flooring expert here) sanding dust in plastic bags, which caught fire, burnt a hole through the floor and subfloor and the ceiling of the restaurant, reulting in extensive damages where they have no ceiling, no lighting, tables, alcohol umm, yeah. Karma. Love that bitch.

So I guess now I DO have to get another job. Going to start looking (as I'm sobbing and reaching for my bong as I type this), and try to start fresh with the new year.

Fuck me with a badger held spoon.
((((((((((((WB)))))))))))) I have no words. My jaw is in my lap as a type. Karma indeed!

Congrats, Sassy! 'Bout time some good news came your way. smile.gif

~~~~~~ ->-- safe flying for Tes ~~~~~~ ->--

~~~~ more soothing for Tes' BGP ~~~~

zzzzzz restful sleep for Polly zzzzzz
and because she probably needs it, too ...
zzzzzz restful sleep for Amilita zzzzzz

Aaaaawww ... poor widdle Indigo! Hope you have some fun while shopping, Mornington. Whenever I have to shop for something extra fancy, I always take the time to try on the ugliest dresses on the rack. It's hilarious! Mom and I still talk about a horrifying lime-green prom dress I tried on for her nearly a decade ago.

A ton of my friends are traveling towards T-town today for a massive get-together. Lordy, I wish I were there! But my pal, V, said that she has some "hilarious voice mail messages" from me on her phone that she's going to play for everyone as the night's entertainment. So I'll be there in spirit, I suppose! biggrin.gif

As for me and Sheff, we have been enjoying the Wii. I have found that I am far better at bowling with the Wii remote than I am in real life, whereas Sheff scores pretty evenly. I need to work on my golf swing a little bit, though. I may do that later this afternoon.
(((((walkingb))))) they're twunts and you're fantastic. enough said.

((((tes, mando, polly, bunny, yuefie, syb, rose, sixe, sassy, pixie, sidecar, faith, msp, mavin, tg, txplum, billy, dm, luci, dusty, everyone))))

I hate hate hate hate hate dress shopping. Apparently my boobs are too small, my hips too big, my ribcage too deep, or I'm just damn funny-lookin'. dry.gif I can see myself getting insanely stressed over this when it really doesn't matter, but damn it I want to look good. *huff* At one point I managed to look like skeletor in a cocktail dress... and then the michelin man. in the same damn shop.

tes, a bra-vest is one of those things that looks like a cami, but has an inbuilt bra. at least that's what I call 'em.

I'm gonna go take my irritation out on the welshman. and eat dessert, damn it.

(((((kvetchies))))) sorry about the me me me, I needed to say that.
I only slept until 11. That means I get to take a nap later this afternoon, though!

Dress shopping sucks, Mornington. They make clothes for women with unattainable body types and the rest of us are stuck taking our clothes to the tailor to get them to fit properly. Pbbt.

So, I need some input- we have a gift card to Loews movie theaters that we need to use before they start charging an inactivity fee. I don't know what I want to see, and here are my choices:

Fast Food Nation
Stranger Than Fiction
The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D

Any suggestions?
Holy shit WB. You're right about the new year. I was sacked once (when they found I applied somewhere else) and seriously, it was the best thing that could have happened. You're better off if they can't appreciate you. (((WB)))

You are gorgeous mornington *tuts* I've found a lot of the dresses out there which look good on the hanger are more-or-less unwearable once I get them on: too low cut, impossible to wear a bra under... and that's when I can get them over my head in the first place. Can you shop again Monday morning when it's less hectic?

I am going to a party tonight where there will be karaoke. I am very scared.
Oh, I hate dress shopping, too. I went to a hipster place with my friend who is basically willowy, and this dress in large was tight on her hips! I mean, that is her proportiontely "bigger" area, but not a large! I was cracking up...I knew there was no point of my even trying anything on.

Right now I'm so unhappy about my body, I don't like any clothes shopping at all. Which is much to my husband's displeasure, cuz he's sick of seeing me in the same few things that fit me. I bought some jeans and he was giddy with happiness. I'm at least eating better these days, and I'm gonna figure out how to fit the gym back in my schedule...anyhoo, BOR-ING.

Thanks for the sleep vibes, Rose! I do need 'em, but I gotta save 'em for tomorrow, when I can catch up.

Today, a marching band came by our house/gallery, and I got so excited! The very first thing I thought was I wish I could show Mando and Danny! They even had the dancin' girls. I'm not sure why they were marching, but I think it may have been because they are newly back into their school. They were good.

Polly, have a good nap!

WB, so sorry, but yeah, you're probably better off without them.

~~~early vibes for Rosev's uncle~~~

Tes, have a great visit home!


Sonik, I totally vote for another kitty...two kitties curled up together or grooming each other is the bestest thing in the wide world. Sometimes it can be rocky while they get to know each other, but it's always ended up good or great for me.


We're going to go see the Roller Derby tonight. Missed the first 2 bouts due to sell out crowds, but I bought these tickets in advance.

ETA: Good luck with karaoke, syb! I wanna hear about it...I've always been too chicken, myself.
Rose...I just found out they are doing the whole Thanksgiving thing TODAY at K&R's...Of course, I bet everyone gets sick since I told J that minipixie should not be around many people this weekend...Karma may take a hand!

As for Christmas, yes, bunny, it switches, On eof us has her from teh begining of Christmas break until 1 pm on Christmas day and the other has her from then untilk school starts againa and it switches every year. The only good thing about having her the second half of Christmas break is that the break is about twice as long which allows for vacations and stuff. Mr. Pixie's minipixie is on the same schedule. It seems the standard children of divorce holiday schedule.

WB...I can't even imagine! Karma indeed! I hope you find something better!

Mornington...I defintiely feel that way every time I go clothes shopping! It's good thing my mom is a steamstress and can alter things to fit me because I usually have to get things a size too big to fit everything nicely.

Sybright have fun with Karaoke...the Mr. and I will probably do that as well tonight since our origional plans fell through.

(((amilita,Tes, Polly(I vote for the Christmas one)Sassy and everyone else))))
((((morn))))) dress shopping BLOWS when the clothing is made for mannequins, not real, live women.

((((anoushh & not-bob)))) just cause they are on my mind.

((((wb)))) I too love that bitch Karma. Hope things work out for the best employment wise.

(((((mandiluv))))) cause you are in my thoughts always. ~~~soothing~~~ good luck with cousins baby shower today babe.

((((rose-uncle))))) & ((((tes's bff)))))

polly, I say go for Nightmare Before Xmas cause it's in 3D smile.gif

yay for naps, roller derby, and scary karoke parties!


I agree amilita, two kitties all curled up together is the cutest. I used to have a pair of little kitty sisters named Janis & PJ and have so many cute shots of the two of them all curled up, grooming eachother and sleeping all entertwined. I think I forgot to mention that this IPB Image furball hellion, Missy, has taken over my new home. She is my cousins kity who has been a guest and just might become a permanent resident. She has grown very attached to PJ, and has finally stopped stalking and terrorizing Sashie. The two seem to have come to some agreement to just ignore eachother. I think the spray bottle is what forged such an agreement though wink.gif So I let her in to my room today (much to the chagrin of poor Sashie) and this is her IPB Image currently lounging on my bed. Sashie doesn't know what to make of a unfriendly kitty being on her mama's bed, so I am going to take her out for a nice walk so she doesn't feel quite as betrayed.

My niece, the sixteen yr old, is coming to stay with me for a few days since she is on vacation for the week and grounded from everything under the sun. No phone (cell or otherwise) no computer, no tv, no movies, no friends, no going anywhere or talking to anyone, really no outside contact except for me. And this is for six weeks. Seems rather drastic and harsh to me seeing as she got a D on a progress report, not got caught sneaking out her bedroom window in the middle of the night. I just can't imagine what they would do if she were *really* getting in to trouble. But, it's not my place to say. All I can do is try to alleviate the stress between them. I thought she would rather be bored at my place with Sashie to coddle, rather than sleeping fourteen hours a day, staring at the wall to pass the time and fighting with her mom when she gets home. Oh, to be all angsty teen again. NOT. My other niece brought her bad math grade up since she began working with a tutor and it has made such a difference in her entire attitude. We are taking the girls to Dave & Busters for dinner tonight, which took some pleading and convincing on my part for grounded niece to be allowed to go. It will be her first outing in several weeks and I can tell she is SUPER excited. Oh and I have a dinner date tomorrow. Thanks for all the words of encouragement, re: the ex asshats smear campaign. Eh, whatevs. I mean if folks who know me hear it and believe such blatantly vicious lies, then they don't really know me at all. I just wish people could behave like civilized ADULTS instead of resorting to character assassinations because they have no other way to hurt you anymore.

((((((kvetchies)))))) for always being here when I need ya.

Polly, I would see Fast Food Nation but only because an old friend of mine from college is in it. smile.gif Have you seen Nightmare Before Christmas before? If not, then see it!

((((Mornington)))) Sorry to hear that shopping was so unpleasant.

Hooray for Amilita and the marching band! It's nice to hear that spontaneous things like that still happen in NOLA.

Did I mention that my old high school band won nationals this year? Pretty damn exciting!

Sybarite, just sit back and enjoy. And head for the hills if some couple decides to sing "Paradise by the Dashboard Light." That song goes on foooooreeeeeveeeeeerrrrr!

Pixie, K&R? I'm blanking on who that could be. Hint please?

Yuefie, Missy is adorable! Have fun with the niece tonight. Here's hoping that having fun doesn't piss off her parents, too!

(((((more love for WB))))))

I am boooooored. BoredBoredBored. Maybe I should convince Sheff to take me out to the movies or out to dinner or something. There are some plays that I'd kinda like to see, but none of them have happy endings, so I think I better avoid them this week. Bleh. It's just driving me nuts to think that so many of my friends are hanging out together right now and I'm stuck here.

[wanders off to play Wii Golf again]
Rose..your and I never went there...but the big ranch up in Talala...
And yes, I was going to tell you about nationals! I couldn't help wondering if Mandolyn saw them when she went to Danny's competetion

Oh, yes, I've seen Nightmare Before Christmas- it's one of my favorites. I'm not sure what we're going to do. We were going to go to Wildfire because we have oodles of gift certificates that we got for Xmas last year and then go see the movie. Well, we went to dinner early and then we were going to go to the movie. Dinner took a lot less time than we thought, so we came back home....I'm in a food coma (mmm, skirt steak!) and vegging on the couch seems like a better idea than sitting in a theater (I never got that nap!) I called the customer service number for the gift card and they don't charge the inactivity fees anymore, so we can use it whenever now.

Off to watch Little People, Big World and fall asleep....zzzzzz.....

((happy Saturday night vibes to all!!))
oh, (((wb))). that blows in 92 different places! i'm so sorry they've kicked you in the heart once again. but i also can't help but think you're better off without them. you gave them blood, and they never appreciated you. i'm shitgrinning about the restaurant!

i am so picturing that band, amilita! too cute you thought of us!

rose & pixie, our high school band doesn't compete nationally. we're only regional, and even that is small scale. i think. actually, i don't even know what "nationals" means. (?) but i do hope you'll all look for us in the upcoming spiderman 3 flick. unfortunately it was filmed in june, before danny was in the band. but still, tres exciting!

sassy, congrats on the apt! *breaking into a rousing chorus of "moving on up" from the jeffersons*

missy looks like my mom's cat dan (short for dannon). i miss that old fella.

and i'm sorry, but that grounding is pretty darn extreme!

kvetch1: danny and i just had a bit of a tussle over his report card, meanwhile he didn't get anything lower than a B-. (i think. it seems they do letter grades for progress reports and number grades for quarter grades ... wtF?) he insists he's doing fine, because he's in all high-honor classes and he's had a crazyhectic 2+ months. my feeling is, true, i'm proud of you, but since when do you settle for B's? he thinks we're too demanding, i don't want to quash his self-esteem, but i also don't want him to get into the groove of laurel-resting ... gah. parenting a sensitive teen is a fucking tightrope walk!

antikvetch1: lil' cousin's baby shower was nice.
kvetch2: except for her fuckass sister. who didn't do anything for the party, and got jealous when she found out ~I~ did the favors ... and then proceeding to grab up every single extra sesame street chocolate lollipop (so cute!) to give out to the kids at her little brat's birthday party in two weeks! fucking cheap twat! i intend to tell everyone at that party that they're leftovers and more than likely stale. because i'm the queen of spite, oh yes indeed! *gnashing of teeth*

antikvetch2: relaxing night ahead, and the netflix du jour is the da vinci code.
((mando)) Are B’s bad on a report card? I think I got all A’s on occasion, but B’s are good. Yay for the baby shower being fun and a relaxing night with a NetFlix. Mr. DM watched a NetFlix tonight as well, Word Play.

((polly)) Have a relaxing night as well.

((rose)) I saw Fast Food Nation today, who’s your friend play? At first I thought I liked it, but as the afternoon went on, Mr. DM, Twin DM and I starting dissecting it, and decided we didn’t like many aspects of it. Oh, and I told Mr. DM that you and Sheff got a Wii, I think he’s a bit envious.

((rose’s uncle))

((yuefie)) Missy is a cute kitty, and I’m glad Sashie is sort of ok with her.

((amilita)) Have fun at Roller Derby. I’ve always wanted to go.

((syb)) Have fun at karaoke.

((mornington)) Shopping is fun, but it can be frustrating if you are looking for something particular and you just want to find it already.

((wb)) Good luck finding a new job.

((sassy)) Yay for the apartment.

((sidecar)) Yay for a good review at work.

((pixie, tes, bunny))
Mandi, I'm sure Danny's grades will pick up now that band season is over. Just think of all of the extra hours he has available now that he doesn't have to go to practice. He'll be fine. But as for that pain-in-the-ass cousin ... what the hell?! Where is this bizarre competitive streak coming from?

Polly, the food at that restaurant looks amazing! Good to hear you had a nice time.

DM, I haven't seen the film yet, so I don't know if his part is big enough to gain much attention (I lost touch with Mitch after graduation, so I can't ask him!). The character's name is Dave. If you go to IMDB's page about the film, you can see his pic. Let me know if you noticed him!

And if any of you watch Law & Order on Friday nights, you can watch another college friend of mine play the new detective, Nina. Of course, these two are the exception to the rule. I know of a few other people who are pounding the pavement in NYC and LA. One of them is an understudy in the new Broadway production of Mary Poppins but even she has to take waitressing jobs to make ends meet. It's a very difficult business.
Well, it's about freakin time dry.gif

I seriously was beginning to think the lounge was a gonner unsure.gif ohmy.gif

And I really missed it, especially all of you Kvetchies.

Fer reals, though.
its back its back its back its back its back


i am now going to get *no* work done today
Yeah, the 'pending for update or deletion' got me freaked!
So glad it's back! I've missed you!!


What the fuck, Chuck?
*peers warily around* There you are!
***lurk! lurk! ****
HOORAY! It's back! Thank goodness! Has there been a post from the Lounge Lady explaining what happened? Did someone simply forget to pay the bills on time?

Hope you all are doing well & that you survived the last couple of days without too much stress. smile.gif

Kvetch: Bleeeeeeeeeeding. Ouchie.

Anti-kvetch: My uncle got through his open-heart surgery okay! Mom will call me later with the latest news, but it's looking pretty good. Thanks again for all of those vibes!
It's good to see Bust back in operation! One of the browser messages I got indicated the domain name had lapsed. That's happened to me before and was easy enough to let happen, but still..........

I don't post a great amount, but I do, indeed, lurk and I have to admit I felt a little lost over the weekend.

It's about time for everyone to wander off for Thanksgiving; I hope all the Busties have a stress-free holiday.
*massively relieved hello wave* IPB Image

rose, glad to hear unc's doing okay!

billy, you do realize stress-free holiday is an oxymoron, yes?

back later.
unless another domain disaster takes place. (!)
Ok...I need my fix! Withdrawls have been killing me!

((((((kvetchies)))))) I hate going that long without talking to you guys!
So how is everyone? Give us some up-dates!

I chatted with Tes this morning. Gotta love that woman! Such a shame she can't stay in town longer this time. But I am sooooooo looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with her & Mr. HB & the niecoid & everybody else!!!

Mom called again with an update on Uncle Buster. They got him to sit up, which is excellent news. I'll admit that I'm still a bit freaked out about this. I really really love my uncle. He is so much fun and so loving and has given me great relationship advice over the years and ... well, he's just a wonderful person.

In other news, some of my friends have had a big disagreement and I feel kinda caught in the middle. Gotta hate that.

Kvetch: Did I mention I was bleeding? Well, I'm bleeding even worse now. Uuuuuuuuugh. The first day is always the worst, which means I"m bound to feel better tomorrow ... thank our sweet, creamy lord.
Rose, sorry to hear about your uncle! And really, that group of friends...someone is always bound to be arguing! So jealous that you get to spend Thanksgiving with Tes!

Nothing major happening here. We bought a new chest for our bedroom Sunday night so tonight we will be switching that out and I get to use the old one as storage in the utility room so I am uber excited to clean out some stuff that is crammed into my kitchen!

I am ready for Thursday I think! I shoudl have most of my work done by end of day today so I spend tomorrow goofing off since I *have * to be here.
Oh, thank Christ.

How I found out we were back: I was standing half-naked in my bathroom brushing my teeth this morning, and GameBoy called out to me that he was FINALLY able to pull it up. Yep - he helped me search for info when I discovered the site was down, and has been checking periodically for me ever since.

Too much work to do to stick around, so {{{{everyone}}}}
Oh happy day! What a long weekend I had without you, sweet Bust.

I stayed home today (allergies=crap) and I had a doctor's appointment. My ankle problems are leftover from when I sprained it a little more than a year ago. I have to wear an Ace bandage when I exercise, quit running (boo!), and take two ibuprofen to help with the inflammation for the next month, and if things don't improve, then I'm going to physical therapy. Also, I now have to take my allergy meds every day, not just when they flare up, since that's why I'm getting sick every two months. So the lessons from the doctor today were take lots of OTC drugs.

I'm tres sad about Robert Altman. Definitely one of my faves.

Mando, I *am* having a stress-free holiday. It's because I'm not going anywhere and no one's coming here. Which I guess kinda defeats the purpose of holidays, but whatevs. I'm so looking forward to it (that's part of why I stayed home, so I could relax and feel better in time for the long weekend.)

Yuefie, I agree: that's an insane punishment.

Best Pal C's wedding was amazing, just so beautiful and so much fun. I almost can't believe it's over!

((((mornington))) honestly, for formals, I've had the best luck going to a second-hand shop or eBay, finding something inexpensive and then having my tailor go to town on it. I wore a gray satin strapless gown I bought for $3.50 at a thrift shop to the wedding. My tailor shortened it to tea length and took it out in the rib cage, and it fit perfectly. My alts were $70, so I figure I actually spent much less than I would have to buy it in a store.

so jealous rose! say hi to her!
and good news about your uncle

I found a dress for the ball... not quite what I had in mind, but it was inexpensive and fits. pictures in the usual places. tonight, i'm off to see modest mouse with G.

argued with welshman over the weekend (one day he will realise I suffer from PMT and will stop being a fool)... our "date" was a disaster (basically I didn't want to spend the weekend sitting on the sofa and cooking) as he didn't listen and never bought tickets for james bond... which was sold out. but sunday was good. indigo went to puppy training classes (the teacher, it turns out, used to work at the vet college, so knows all my lecturers). he was terrified, but did very well.

oh, and indigo likes strawberry cheesecake. blink.gif

so sad about robert altman. i loved gosford park

right... dinner, dress self, toddle out...

(((((rose, tes, pixie, bunny, yuefie. mando, billy, txplum, raisin, syb, dm, faith, polly, wombat, sidecar, amilita, anoushh, tg, mavin, msp, walkingb, sassy, stargazer, sixe, everyone)))))) i was worried.
Yay! Missed ya'll! Back when I have more time...
It's good to be home. I've been going crazy and I finished season 2 of Veronica Mars too.

~*~*~*~roseviolet's uncle~*~*~*~ and (((roseviolet))) and her bloodiness.

(((walkingbitch))) karma is such a sweet bitch.

yuefie, that seems really really harsh to me; she may rebel against the extreme authority. I maintain that you gain more with honey than vinegar. Oh and I loved what you said about deranged people who spread lies- karma has to get those bitches!

txplumwine, that is such a cute story! I was telling the boy last night that the lounge was down and he *teased* (I hope) that if he'd known he would have gone and bought the domain name. way to freak me out, BOY.

polly, which of the films did you end up seeing? I desperately want to see Happy Feet even though it wasn't on list (doesn't open here for couple of weeks).

(((everyone else)))

I am so tired: I couldn't fall asleep until 3am this morning and then I was up at 7am as was modelling for friend (and hairdresser) lord_farquhar. He's doing special effects make-up just now and had an assessment - I was a horserider (complete with hat and riding crop) who had fallen off horse and broken nose and given my hands and chin abrasions. So, the look wasn't very glam but it was lots of fun. I then shopped til I dropped and then had driving lesson. Since coming home I've dealt with family dramas and did a lot of online tasks (including more shopping for Christmas gifts) that needed doing.

My weekend was lovely although I had a hellish headache (I truly thought I was going to die; think it was side effect from new meds) on Sat but the boy and I went shopping anyway (he bought me beautiful and practical fur-lined winter boots as an early graduation gift) and then to cinema to watch The Prestige then home to his for pizza and episodes of House, by which time my headache had gone (eventually). Sunday was a quiet day where we went for brunch with his parents. So glad he's coming up next week for my graduation and then we're off to London for weekend.

yeah, for the lounge being back up!


yeah, for the lounge being back up!
Could kvetchies and lushlovers (especially mornington as in UK) help me remember something please? I know that lush sell gift boxes of products but is there an option to make one up oneself? I supposed if there's not a facility to do so I could buy the items anyway then buy box. I am obsessed with gift shopping, I love to give.

kvetch: I am STILL receiving error pages when I click on link and it is really pissing me off.

off to bed as oh so tired.
major kvetch: my freaking inlaws, after being given THREE opportunities to change their minds about coming here for Thanksgiving decided TODAY at 5 PM that they now absolutely must come here for Thanksgiving. We were lucky enough to find them a hotel and expand our dinner reservation to four, but now I have guests, I have to go the goddamn mall on Friday, and I somehow have to find time to clean my house (and not just clean--super-duper clean) between now and Thursday morning, when we have to drive to Indiana to pick them up because they refuse to drive into the city.

I stayed home today because I wasn't feeling well so I can't stay home from work tomorrow. If they'd decided at, say, 11 am, at least I could have done some cleaning today.

You know, I was going to make pancakes on Thursday morning and we were going to drink mimosas. We were going to spend Friday at the movie theater and do all our shopping on the Internet in our pajamas on Sunday. Now it's going to be unpleasant and stressful. Hoo-fucking-ray.
((rose)) I can’t figure out who your school friend played in Fast Food Nation. I had Mr. DM and Twin DM look at his picture, and the only character we can think of is maybe this college guy with long hair. Glad to hear your uncle is doing better.

((sidecar)) Sorry to hear your relatives are causing you stress about the holiday.

((mornington)) Boo to the Welshman not listening, and yay for Indigo’s training classes.

((bunny)) Glad you had a nice weekend with the boy.

It’s sad to hear about Robert Altman.

Mr. DM, Twin DM, Dad DM and I went to see Casino Royale on Sunday. I enjoyed it, mainly because of Daniel Craig and Eva Green. Sunday evening I got a migraine and my neck hurt, threw up and then almost passed out in the shower on Monday morning. I felt better shortly after, and definitely didn’t want to be sick for the long weekend.

Have a nice long weekend all U.S. Busties.
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