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Oh la la to the leopard peeptoes
~*~*~*calm and happy vibes to the job/existentially stressed ~*~*

I am having some serious existential angst lately -- my last single friend has coupled up and I don't have anyone to go out boy-hunting with. It seems small, but it -- coupled with my suffocating job -- has been really bringing me down. Plus I am having weird anxiety attacks. Oy.
(((faith))) hear hear on the future career stress and the anxiety.

(((polly))) hear hear on the depression.

(((mornington))) non-hear hear on the drunkenness, boo.

(((amilita))) & (((designermedusa))) a'cos. I shall not forsake you for Logan and Veronica but yowza, am I crushing bad. I just wanna hug him hard and y'know save him. tes, your thoughts on Logan?

deadline and internship and job woe vibes for syb and stargazer and, well, everyone.

been to doctor's today and have another four weeks off work (oh yeah baby, there was no way I was going back yet) and he has prescibed new antidepressants that I start Friday that will hopefully put an end to the scary ass nightmares/vivid dreams. I should also phone work counselling service although my kvetchies are all the ears I need and my work meeting is tomorrow.

I also went to ikea with bunnymama (cute pink boxes on castors for me to put order to the piles of books and put under new bed) and then came home and proof-read essay for friend kinkykaty. also spoke to friend A on phone and meeting up with her thursday which is pleasing as I need advice on uni and she's in same boat (I feel the need for a less expensive and stressful one just now).

*hello wave to mavin*

Good to hear mr dm found a job! Count me in also on the leopard peeptoe love.

(((Polly))) as the queen of procrastination, I feel your pain. I’ve been putting off reorganizing my closet for weeks now.

(((bunny))) i'm glad you have a good doc, and that you have bunnymama. and thanks for asking ... the band does a few local xmas parades & gigs, but other than the winter and spring concert, that’s about it. Danny opted out of winter jazz band, because he wants to explore other clubs and probably do the spring play. (eeek!)

(((stargazer))) putting the internship vibes on continual loop.

(((rose))) glad to hear your foot’s betta. Just don’t overdo it.

(((faith))) happy for galpal and all, but geez ... just what you didn't need.

Thanks for all the band commiseration, guys. fucking asshat judges.

Kvetch1: I too am having weird, mild panic attacks. It’s more than a little disconcerting. I’m chalking it up to my usual mid-november seasonal malaise. I’m trying to get into the holiday spirit, but deep down, I just plain hate this time of year. It doesn’t help that the weather has been dismal and dreary for three days, or that the club closes for the season on Saturday, so we go down to skeletal staff (and crap communal lunches instead of gourmet salads); or that my sister officially can’t make it for Christmas this year; or that my dad will be gone 10 yrs on Friday. it rains, it pours, the beat goes on.

Antikvetch1: one annoying office coworker has left us for a new job!

Kvetch2: his replacement may or may not be on the path to annoying. I automatically bristle when someone who’s known me for a day calls me by my nickname. IPB Image

kvetch3: so wishing i didn't download IE 7. so not in the mood for a new browser. IPB Image

kvetch4: i always feel so shitty, when i post when i'm in a foul mood. i should just delete this whole thing.
in case my "hear hear" comments are misunderstood: I identify with faith and poly but unfortunately not mornington sad.gif. The liver is evil and must be punished with the toxins of red wine!!!

eeek mando - spring play!

kvetch: people who do not reply to texts or answer their phone. boy, I am talking about YOU but annoyingly not to you. after our little "discussion" last night (yes, I'm being ironic since I was in a huff so didn't converse) I thought you would realise that the lines of communication needed to be lengthened, widened and looped around the bloody world, let alone the country.
(((((bunny))))) you really are a sweetie, you know that?
((((mando)))) eep, spring play! and boo on coworker and panic attacks. *mwah* acos.
((((dm)))) yay for mr dm's job!
((((syb)))) ***de-stress***
(((((polly))))) you need a hug. and a break - don't worry about not getting everything done immediately.
((((mavin, faith, rose, amilita, anoushh & notbob, stargazer, sidecar, yuefie, pixie & mrpixie & the minipixies, everyone))))

Went to the doc's today - keeping on the prozac for a good while longer as I'm pretty stable on it; it seems silly to come off it and risk another fuck-up. I'm a little hungover from last night - the ex-flatmates and H's gf TinyT came round and we drank a little too much and ate ice-cream... all good fun biggrin.gif . They looved Pete - although the hound was his usual shy self.

Tomorrow, Indigo has his booster jabs, and then we're going to hang out with the college greyhounds for the afternoon. Yay all round.

I'm watching monster.
DM, these? peeptoes
Kvetch: Still doing these bullshit meeting at my job. My cunt supervisor said that they would only been until the end of the month. Then, in the next sentence, she threatened that she was talking to HR. Um, so? I asked her why, and she said that was personal. WTF? I know that they have their policies and procedures but... oh, and another thing they ran some modem reports, and saw that I was on the phone for like 2 hours on last Friday. Last Friday was a holiday, so there wasn't much to do at work. It was a floating holiday, and I worked it to get the day after Turkey Day off.
Anti-kvetch: These bs meetings will only last for another two weeks.
Kvetch: Have huge migrane today. sad.gif
Anti-kvetch: I am applying for kick ass apartment tomorrow. At least, putting in the app fee. I am going to be living at the place I'm at now for another month at least. I don't feel like giving this woman a HUGE deposit, until I know a few things are stable in my life (my job being one of them).
However, I'm excited if I get it! Cross fingers. It will be the first time I've lived by myself in about 4 years!

((multi-purpose vibes for all))

Going to eat, and then off to bed.

Mandolyn, please forgive my ignorance on this subject, but what does it feel like when you get your panic attacks? Does anything in particular trigger them? I have a friend who sometimes gets panic attacks in big stores with florescent lighting. ((((((((Mandi))))))))

Bunny, I hope these additional weeks of leave help you to feel stronger. ((((((Bunny))))))

Morning, the idea of friends, alcohol, and ice cream sounds marvelous!

Faith, maybe one of these friends can go out with you anyway. I mean, they may have boyfriends, but they can still go out with girlfriends, too.

DM, what made yesterday a good day?

Polly, I hope they find a job you like better. But if you end up taking this one, just remember that you probably avoid the morning and evening rush-hours. And the sun will still be up when you leave work which will be a nice bonus. The down side to working normal hours, I've found, is that in the winter I usually don't get to spend a single hour out in daylight.

~~~~~~~soothing for Amilita~~~~~~~~~~

Kvetch: Feeling down today. I found out that one of my old friends is directing one of my favorite plays of all time. And I reeeeeeeeeally really really wish I could be in it, because it isn't done often. But it's in T-Town, of course. Not here. On top of this, I've been torturing myself by watching videos of one of my old classmates from college (who now has a major role on Law & Order) & feeling like a waste of flesh whose dreams have died. Not that I ever wanted to be on a TV show, of course. That was never part of my plan. I wanted to be a university professor. But that's another story.

[deep, heavy, shuddering sigh]

((((((((((all of you)))))))))) Really. It's nice to have this place.
~~~much soothing for (((mandi))), (((amilita))) & (((rose))))~~~

((((anoushh)))) how's little not-bob doing? how's your mouth feeling?

(((((bunny, mornington, faith, sidecar, polly, sixela, sassy, dm, dusty, billy, mavin, stargazer, faerie, AP, plummie, tg, sybarite, msp, pixie, crassy, everyone)))))

off now to make tacos for my sister for dinner, tomorrow is her birthday so I'm going to make a special dessert for her too. I was going to make some double chocolate brownies or a banana pudding cake w/ cream cheese icing, but now I'm thinking I may have to introduce her to nutella tongue.gif

maude, yuefie, you're killing me with the dessert talk! although, saying that, we bought dime bar cake from ikea. mmmm, cake AND Logan Echolls? I'm a happy girl and it was almost "kvetch? a long time ago, we used to be friends but I haven't thought of you lately" wink.gif.

(((mornington))) cos she's a sweetie too.

^*^*^*flat vibes for sassy^*^*^*^ and sucky work sitch begone!

(((rose))) what's your favourite play of all time?

off to bed.
Desert talk is not good for someone with severe chocolate cravings... smile.gif
Gosh, you all don't know how much I needed those soothing vibes! Last night was rough at work...sure miss feeling like my job is second nature and that I know my team well. Especially in an emergency. At least mamma and baby are doing well, or I'd be more bummed out. I keep feeling more and more comfortable, it's just taking a little time.

Thanks again, and I'll send out some vibes tomorrow, which is my day off with much to get done! I may just have to fit in some shoe shoppin', too.
I'm sorry to hear that so many are in distress.

I never know what to say after I haven't kept up with reading this thread, just know that I'm thinking about all of you.
So tired.....
I'll second that "tired," anoushh. I had one of those days at work where I just did not stop doing stuff all day. No time for a lunch break, even. Tomorrow, I'm in meetings all morning. My to-do list is out of control.

((((((mando))))))))) you're in my thoughts, sweetpea.

all of you are.

psst: syb, I don't think I'll hear anything until after Thanksgiving. We'll see what happens.

kvetch/antikvetch: So it's my parents turn for Thanksgiving, but because of the expensive flights, we decided to go there the weekend afterward. We invited my grandmother and Martini's parents up to Chicago for the weekend instead, and to our great surprise, everyone said yes. We booked a hotel for his parents, found a restaurant for dinner, and were surprisingly looking forward to it ... until today, when everyone bailed for legitimate reasons. So I'm bummed, but I'm kinda looking forward to a long weekend with my sweetie, a nice dinner downtown, and a lot less stress.
Just dropping by to say hi to my fav women!

Is anyone else sick of Christmas stuff yet? Everywhere we go there are Christmas lights and caroles and such. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet , people! I can only deal with one holiday at a time!

Rose, which play, where? Maybe I'll have to go see it for you. And...I know you aren't in T town anymore, but is there possibly a grad school near you where you could go now that you aren't having to work fulltime? It's never too late to go after your dreams again!

Yay for drunkeness!

Boo for depression and panic attacks!

Banana pudding cake....drooling!

So I am thinking about being unconventional for Thanksgiving and making a Germen Choclate cake instead of the staple pecan and pumpkin pies. Mr. Pixie does not like pie! Weird man! But anyway, it will just be us and his family so I thought I might give in to his desire. No one in his family is extreamly fond of pie. I will have a pumpkin cheesecake ball though! OMG it is heaven! We had someone selling gourmet foods come to our work last week so we could try it!

(((yuefie, mornington, bunny, Rose, amilita, raisin, sidecar, sybrite, faith, fina, dm, mandolyn, billy, I know I am still missing people! Love to all)))
~~~~~~~ soothing rest for Amilita & Anoushh ~~~~~~~~

Smooches to you, Raisin. Mwah!


((((((Sassy)))))) What was the point of your boss telling you that she's talking with HR and then telling you that she can't talk about it?! Ugh. I'm just so upset that they aren't more supportive of you. You were out of the office because you had MAJOR health issues! Seizures! Time in the hospital! How dare they treat you so creuly when you're dealing with this. Grrrr.

How are you feeling today, Bunny?

Yuefie, what did you decide to make for your sister? All of your ideas sound fabulous!

Sidecar, I'm sorry to hear that things didn't work out. But I'm sure that you and Martini will have a lovely time, just the two of you.

Pixie, I say go for it! You might as well make something that he'll eat, right? smile.gif

Kvetch: It just really hit me that this will be my first Thanksgiving without my family. It'll be the first time that I won't watch the Macy's parade with my brother (which we looked forward to every year). Kinda makes me sad. I should send him a card or something to let him know how much I'll miss him.

Thanks so much for the love, ladies. Definitely appreciated. smile.gif The play in question is As You Like It - my faaaavorite Shakespeare play. And oddly enough, the character I'd love to play is not Rosalind, but Celia. The part isn't huge (She's basiclaly Rosalind's best friend and nearly-constant companion), but I think she is just FABULOUS. Such a fun little character. The only Shakespearian character I might want to play as badly is Cordelia from King Lear.

By the by, when I went to England to study Shakespeare at Cambridge one summer, my friends and I went to an outdoor production of As You Like It. And - what do you know - Stephen Hawking was there!!! We were sooooo amazed and excited and we kept trying to get up the nerve to say hello to him, but we never did. Unfortunately, the production was painfully bad, but at least we had the thrill of spotting an intellectual celebrity. smile.gif And yes, Pixie, As You Like It is the play that you and I and our families saw at The Globe together. It was Rosalind's pants that fell down, exposing her bare ass to the crowd. Tee hee!!!

Last night I talked with Sheff about my depression about this. We know that some of the local universities have respected graduate programs in theatre, so he is urging me to look into them. I just fear that I'd simply be throwing money down the drain. There are soooooo so few opportunities for people with theatrical degrees. Plus it's been 6 years since I got my BA and two of my old professors who were willing to give me recommendations have died since then. So I have no idea who to ask for recs. Siiiiiiiigh.
RV, it's true that academia can be pretty competitive, particularly in the arts and arguably more so again in the performing arts. However... I'm pretty sure I'm older than you and I am only now writing my Ph.D, so don't let time away from uni stop you. I would research all possible uses for an MA and take it from there; arts admin could be one way to go (of several) for example, if you were interested in that side of things.

In short, weigh up the possibilities and go for it. My 2 cents. smile.gif

Pixie, German chocolate cake sounds yum, as does a pumpkin cheesecake ball. Wow.

(((anoushh))) It gets easier. Thinking of you and your mister and not-bob.

(((feel betta and betta amilita))) Sorry my vibes are belated!

(((Mando))) There's a reason it's called Kvetch and not Unnaturally Sunny-Ass Thoughts. Post what you want.

I am busy but not getting enough done today. Must.Speed.Up.
Humm...the images of your father's reaction to the pant dropping are indelibly burned into my mind, Rose! Mr.Pixie is so jealous of our trip and getting to see that in the Globe! We wanna go back sometime in the next few years. I would love to show him London and Paris since the exasshat didn't appreciate it as much as I did. And of course, go meet some UK Busties! Maybe we should try doing it together again?

And I'd really look into the school thing. If nothing else, it will give you something to do and give you a chance to meet a bunch more like minded people!

Sybrite the pumpkin cheesecake ball is out of this world! It is sold by Swiss colony Occasions. At first I did not want to try it cause I'm not big on pumpkin...but OMG! Smear it on a vanilla waffer and it is better than pie!
((((pixie)))) yes yes yes on the sick of christmas already. i too do not like pumpkin pie, so mr pixie is not alone.
(((((rose))))) you should definitely do it. there are opportunities, and as syb said you're definitely not too old.
(((syb))) ***speed up***
((((sassy)))) urgh. horrible woman. but fingers crossed for the flat!
((((sidecar)))) boo on cancelling but yay for relaxing holidays.
((((mando, sixe, bunny, yuefie, faith, polly, stargazer, tes, dm, billy, msp, mavin, walkingb, txplum, tg, everyone))))

Indigo went to the vet today (can I get a yay for discounts - I took him to uni's teaching hospital) for his injections. He was a star! not a whimper! and he sat on command! They think he might have an emphysema, but his heart sounds were obstructed by his panting, so they're going to check it out when he has his follow-up in a couple of weeks - he's not got any other symptoms. He's getting the snip & microchipped tomorrow. We played with the uni dogs as well - went to the park and had a charge around, and it was so nice to see him playing properly with other dogs. The day was spoilt by a bitch on the bus being downright horrid when poor Indigo was just standing quietly in the only space there was when we were on the way home.

Waiting for the welshman. he's making job applications and is late for dinner. but he's cooking. so it's alright.

Kvetch: Just found out last PM that apparently someone has stolen my credit card number and charged over $600 at a CVS in Florida (I live in MI).

antikvetch: Luckily, CC Company noticed the weird charges and notified me right away. They closed my account and say I'm not responsible for the money but now I have to put fraud alerts on my credit reports and be super paranoid about everything. Damn electronic money. It's much safer to use cash (though not very practical).
welcome jasmine smile.gif. If you care to read through the archives of kvetch you will see that a coupla of BUSTies have shared your unfortunate experience recently.

pixie, the mr doesn't like pie? he wouldn't fit into the troll thread then! you will all be happy to know that it is officially back on track now (undecided whether my tongue is firmly in cheek!) As for being sick of Christmas? hell no! but then I live for Christmas. We don't have thanksgiving though so I can only imagine that it must all be a little intense.

rose, love the As You Like It stories! my favourite is A Winter's Tale. I say look into the postgrad courses - what's the harm in looking? not all references have to be academic and maybe ex directors could act as referees? even bestgalpal?

(((mando))) (((Anoushh)))) (((raisin))) (((sidecar)))) (((amilita))))

(((mornington and indigo)))

work meeting went well, made my feelings clear and contacting them will now be on my terms. My male manager was v supportive (the female who has been bit of bully was quiet as she was minuting but I think I got my points to her across), feel relieved it's over and I may actually have restful sleeps now. beforehand I went for coffee with boy's mum and for dinner afterwards. I had mussels in tomato, chilli and chorizo sauce - mmmm.

forsaking you for some Logan now, smooches.
QUOTE(sybarite @ Nov 15 2006, 05:42 PM) *

(((anoushh))) It gets easier. Thinking of you and your mister and not-bob.

(((Mando))) There's a reason it's called Kvetch and not Unnaturally Sunny-Ass Thoughts. Post what you want.

For these two things alone I love you.

And I'm trying to believe you re: the first.

((bunny)) VM just pulls people in. I give credit to the actor that plays Logan because he makes him so appealing. I hope the new medication helps with the nightmares and bad dreams.

((faith)) Sorry to hear all your friends are coupling up. Sometimes I think Twin DM feels like that, and she feels like a third wheel around me and Mr. DM.

((mando)) Hope the new coworker is not annoying. Parents DM downloaded IE7, and they can’t stand it. I did get the address bar to show up for them though. I hope you are feeling better.

((mornington)) If the medication works you are right to continue taking it. Glad Indigo did good at the vet. When Lola (my boston) gets her shots she just stands there like there is no pain. She doesn’t like the fecal exam though.

((pip)) Yes those are the shoes. I wore them today, and they are not the most comfortable.

((sassy)) I hope things get better for you at work, and you get the apartment.

((rose)) Nothing special happened on Monday, it was just a nice day at work. I am feeling pretty good right now about my job and life in general. I understand you getting down , sometimes I wonder why I did not pursue a different career path. If you are interested in going back to school I say go for it.

((amilita)) I’m sure you will start getting back to feeling good about your job and the people you work with. You are really needed in your job, and that must feel good.

((sidecar)) I hope work is less hectic for you tomorrow.

((pixie)) German Chocolate cake sounds good. I think we are having banana cream pie, peanut butter pie and then something traditional for Dad DM.

((jasmine)) That sucks, good to know your cc company backed you up though.

((polly, syb, yuefie, raisin, anoushh))
(((jasmine))) whoa! my first thought was, who the hell could charge $600 at a cvs?! my second thought was, um, I COULD, quite easily, in fact. the mr tells anyone who'll listen that cvs can restock every one of their shelves from our bathroom cabinets. rolleyes.gif

(((annoush))) (((notbob))) (((mr))) wish i could come help. that little dood tugs at my ovaries, bigtime.

(((bunny))) glad your work meeting went well. i hope that lightens your load, darlin.

*special head pat for good dog indigo*

Unnaturally Sunny-Ass Thoughts. heh. (((sybarite)))

(((rose))) what pixie & mornington & sybarite said. don't wait until you're really too old ... like my age.

and as far as the anxiety attacks, i'm not even sure they are anxiety attacks. i'm getting these ... spells ... of lightheadedness. like i'm going to faint. like everything gets too loud and the world rushes at me for a second. and it's happening when i'm driving, but not every time. it happened 3 weeks ago, and i thought it was just because it was late and i was tired. but it happened again last friday. but i'm not sure i didn't bring it on myself, if you get what i mean. i wish i could call my GP, but i can't bear the thought of her belittling me again. i actually bought some lavendar car air fresheners today, and wore my favorite bpal on my wrist & took little sniffs, to ward anything off. (and yeah, took half a little pill). i know i need to talk to a professional about this. i just need to find the gumption to pick up the damn phone. and figure out if my insurance will pay anything. *heavy sigh*

(((sidecar))) & (((DM))) heartfelt thanks.

"I never know what to say after I haven't kept up with reading this thread, just know that I'm thinking about all of you." (((raisin))), imho that's the perfect thing to say.

i just remembered that i promised mom i'd bring a pumpkin cheesecake from trader joe's (to DIE for!) for thanksgiving. i need to call them and ask if it needs to be ordered. thanks for jogging my memory, pixie!

anti kvetch: danny got a haircut today! massive improvement! i'm just thrilled that he finally compromised. we've been battling for months. (meanwhile, i have nothing against his wearing his hair as long as he wants. i just ask that it's neat and clean-looking. which it wasn't.)

ok. off to do battle with The Closet of Clothes That No Longer Fit and figger out what i can throw together for work tomorrow. *heavy sigh redux*

Goodnight, you princes of Maine. You kings of New England. *mwah*
(((mando))) that sucks that your GP would belittle you for anxiety. not supportive. i hope you find a doc that will support you. i would get lightheaded too sometimes. a little dizzy. sweating. like i just wanted to sleep. figured out it was anxiety. panic. i know you will pick up the phone when you are ready.

(((kvetchies))) i hope everyone is well.

i've been procrastinating today. i'm dealing sending my one application out. bad stargazer. i was searching the 'net looking at stupid stuff. must get on track tomorrow.

kvetch: giving up sweets. i went to a naturopath doc and found out i have a sensitivity to sugar, chocolate, and wheat. there are others. but the big thing for me is the chocolate. i've been crazy all day! i must go to the grocery store tomorrow and get some good treats that will curb my sweet tooth. i want strawberries.

antikvetch: i contacted my boss today. talked about going contingent. basically, i would work occasionally. he was totally supportive and told me not to worry. he is so awesome. i think he knows i've been under alot of stress. plus, he knows i'm a hardworker. that's cool.

much love to everyone!
I'm still around...


I haven't read the archives yet, just thought that i should pop in here. I'll check back later, because luckily, i'm busy. I say luckily because i still have to get used not to have a job on the side. I really want to keep it that way!!

ok i really need some coffee..



Sonik, congrats on being busy! You are such a fabulous artist and it's wonderful to hear that you're having success doing what you love.

Stargazer, I would be freaking out if I couldn't have chocolate, too. Glad to hear that your boss is so understanding!

Mandi, definitely see a doctor for that. Find a new one if you have to. Your symptoms remind me of what I experienced shortly after my grandmother died. Some of it is certainly stress related, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken seriously (especially since it's happening while you're driving). (((((Mandi)))))

((((DM)))) Just because you are so good at acknowledging so many people. It's so good to hear that you're happier now that you're back down south.

((((((((Anoushh, NotBob, & Mr. A))))))))

Hooray for Indigo behaving so well at the vet's office! Such a sweet widdle puppers.

Many props to you, Bunny, for standing up for yourself! Bravo!

Pixie, Elizabeth is on TV right now. So I am watching Joe Fiennes and thinking of you! wink.gif

((((((((all of you))))))))

Many thanks to Syb, Mornington, Bunny, Mandi, and everyone for the support. I did a bit of research & it looks like the only area uni that has a program that interests me is UNC. Unfortunately, it's an MFA program & I'm not sure if that's what I want. Hmmm. The bad news is that their application deadline is January 1st. The good news is that the MFA program does not require me to take the GRE again (they'll allow me to submit my GRE scores from 6 years ago for extra consideration). Hmmmm. Still requires more research.

I still fear that it's a bad idea. There are just so few job opportunities for someone with that sort of degree & I am not willing to move away from Sheff. I feel as though I might as well build a bonfire and throw $50,000 on it. Bleh.

off the topic for everyone but damn, something needs to be done. hopefully people will start following madrids example!
I think the feminist outrage thread would be the appropriate thread to post that in, as then a proper discussion can ensue.

yes, off-topic, as this is not the complaints thread.

eta: god, now I feel obliged not to solely kvetch but grrrr I need to vent. Ex-friend spreading malicious lies about me and I heard today (y'know the ex friend who screamed at me in library that she wished I would die). Psycho-bitch that I am, I "burned and tried to destroy" her bracelet I had borrowed before returning it. wtf? it was a piece of tat that had rusted and the stone had fallen out -I did not try to prise it out but actually superglued it back in. It really angers me that she could possibly think (if she even does) that I would be that vindictive and that she's telling people -including strangers- that I am.
((((((kvetchies, one and all))))))

*waves* hey sonik!

((((anoushh, mr. anoushh & not-bob)))))

yay for DM's move back home, hope things settle down for you and the mr.

((((stargazer))) giving up wheat and sugar is hard enough, but no chocolate? yikes!

((((mandi)))) anxiety is the pits. I am wishing for a really understanding GP for ya.

((((((bunny))))))) I empathize with you love, I really do.

my kvetch: I heard today from a close friend, who is friends with friends of the ex-asshat king that he and *that* woman are soon to be married and that he is still smearing me every chance he gets. I don't care about the wedding part, more power to the happy couple but I mean, the continued slander needs to just effing stop. I don't bad mouth him to people who aren't aware of what happened, although I have every right to. The stories are such incredibly tall tales. Either that or I'm apparently quite the whacked out, physically abusive, drug addicted nutbag. Projection much??? The fact that his parents would believe and go along with any of it is just unfathomable to me. I mean I knew these people for six years and was a part of their family. But denial is a very strong and twisted thing, isn't it? Here's hoping that something ruins the *blissful* wedding day for him and that nasty tweeked out skank. Hopefully Karma will kick in soon enough.

(((yuefie))) I'm holding out for karma too but seething inside. They need to make stuff up about us as there's nothing true they can be gleeful about; we conduct ourselves gracefully and do not stoop to such lows. grrr. I am human, though, have rage issues and want to crucify the lying, posturing, bitch.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Nov 16 2006, 08:45 AM) *

Pixie, Elizabeth is on TV right now. So I am watching Joe Fiennes and thinking of you! wink.gif

We sooo need to watch the Cabana boy movie again!!! What was it called?

Man, I could really use some pie right now! Minipixie has a stomach virus so I am home with her today. Nothing could possibly compare to having her throwing up peptobismol on the stairs with the cat three stairs up throwing up a hairball! I wanna go to work! The nurse at the peds office wan't any help either. Yes, I've been pushing clear fluids...but what good does that do if it's coming out both ends! Grrr!

~*~*~**~*Karma~~**~~**~*~* for those of us who need it!
Pixie, I just looked up Joe's page on IMDB & I think that was Forever Mine. Lordy, that was a hilariously bad film!

I'm sorry that these asshats continue to vex you.

My mom called to tell me that my uncle had a heart attack last night. Luckily, the damage to the heart was minimal, but the doctors discovered that one of his heart valves is leaking, so he'll be having open heart surgery next week. The great news is that the doctors are giving him a 98% chance of recovery! Amazing! Modern medicine is simply miraculous.
Sadly, it is not Forever Mine. I have that is just as bad. I actually have to turn the sound off to watch that one!
Whoo Hoo! Mr. Dust came back into town and picked up the sick minipixie so Mr. Pixie is taking me out for Indian food since I had such a hard day! biggrin.gif
Indigo went to the vet... he is wearing a lampshade and feeling sorry for himself. It wasn't helped by not being able to get on the bus - we ended up catching the bus in the other direction and going to the Welshman's for an hour. Grr.

((((yuefie)))) & ((((bunny)))) what arseholes. a pox on them
((((pixie))) yay!
((((rose)))) think about it for a while, don't give up! ((((rose's uncle))))
((((mando)))) sweetie, I hope you find a new doctor!
((((sonik)))) yay for busy! that's good news
ok, my memory is shite so.... ((((raisin, msp, stargazer, sassy, sixe, anoushh & mr anoushh & notbob, amilita, walkingb, mavin, tg, txplum, dm & mr dm, faith, everyone))))

I now have Genesis songs stuck in my head. thanks to F. tongue.gif except the only song i can remember could bait a certain bridge-person...
Kvetch: So, because we have lost 4 people due to the fact that they quit their jobs, my supervisor is being less of a bitch. I had a really good day. And, she's not going to be there tomorrow! I guess that would be an anti-kvetch. I just have to take my happiness where I get it at this job.

Anti-kvetch: I'm meeting with the apartment woman tomorrow to give her the application fee. I plan to put down a small part of the deposit next week, to take the apartment off the market. Then, now I just have to look for furniture and a washer/dryer! smile.gif On to craigslist I guess....

Kvetch: My parents are coming into town this weekend... ugh. So not looking forward to that.
Anti-kvetch: They're taking to McGeek/I to a nice restaurant.

((Indigo)) Mornington, I woke up to Genenis this morning...

Roseviolet, how is your uncle?? ((rose))

Stargazer, glad your boss is being so cool about everything! So not cool that you have to give up chocolate! sad.gif ((stargazer))

Pixie, glad that Mr. Dust is coming into town,and yay for Indian food! Makes me want some now.

((bunnyb)) and ((yuefie)). What asshats!!!



((annoush and mr annoush and notbob))



Off to watch Seinfeld. So glad tomorrow is Friday. smile.gif

Hi y'all

I wanted to say I'm sorry for the jumping in and out of this thread that I am wont to do. The death of my friend, dropping out of the third college and losing my direction, the darkness of winter closing in, holidays, planning for the spring "wedding" dinner party. *ugh* I don't know, but I am just really fucking depressed right now.

I do read and I think happy thoughts for everyone, even when I'm not posting. I know I don't interact all that much and feel really shy and weird when I do (even after seven years), but knowing everyone is here, even when on the periphery, helps a good deal. I just felt like saying that.

(((busties))) (((bustie families))) (((bustie partners))) (((bustie kiddies))) (((bustie kitties))) (((bustie doggies))) (((bustie-loved critters of all kinds)))
(((((luci))))) that's a lot to deal with in a short amount of time!
((((yuefie)))) I remember when all that shit went down and how good you were to his mother when it happened. It's sick that they're repaying you like this.

((((everyone)))) Long day. I'm exhausted. Best Pal C's wedding is on Saturday, so I gotta rest up!
(((luci))) feel free to pop in when you want. the archives aren't required reading. hope some rays of sun sift thru for you soon.

katie, that's so sad.

(((indigo))) i always feel so sorry for lampshade critters.

(((rose's uncle)))

sassy, you must be so relieved that you've got a new apartment. one with lotsa heat, i hope!

a pox on those lying liar fuckers who vex my yuefie & bunny!

kvetch: i had another "spell" tonite. a little one in bossman's office, and then a major one driving home on the parkway. enough to make me cry and fess all to the mr. will be calling GP (the one who took over for my previous GP) tomorrow. i'm officially freaked.
(((mando))) please go see a doctor? a sympathetic one?

(((luci))) don't feel bad!


~*~*~*apartment vibes for sassy~*~*~*~

so, it's very late here but I'm a bit wired, just been on phone to kinkykatykins for over 2 hours after I received email from lying fucker's boyf (who is also ex friend, is a workmate and is also a lying wank). With reflection and laughs on phone the email conversation/trading of insults is actually quite hysterical and I'm feeling cleansed. y'see, I'm the sane one and that makes me happy! I need to share this from first email cos cracked me up: "I had a professional jeweller try to restore the cuff and told me it had been stripped by Extreme heat enough to bubble the base of the stone and then explain the chipping away as a prying attempt." WHY would you take a piece of market tat to a jeweller's? get a grip! oh yeah asshats do vex me but they also make me laugh so hard.

(((mando))) sorry you had another bad spell. but, i'm glad it has motivated you to contact a GP. if you can get a referral, i'm really big on seeing psychiatrists for depression, anxiety, etc. some GPs are not well schooled on psychotropic medications. but, if you have a good GP, then i know your doc will work with you.

(((luci))) i've missed seeing your posts! i'm glad you stopped in. alot of us have been going through some rough spells right now. myself included. stop by if you just need some reassurance.

(((yuefie, pixie, mornington, Sassgrrl, sidecar, bunnyb, rose, and other kvetchies)))

i went grocery shopping today. got a whole bunch of veggies and fruit since i'm giving up the sweets. but, i made myself a yummy dinner. i was proud i was able to go into the store without having a panic attack. it helps me to just stay focused and i get what i need to get done and go out the door. one small victory for me.

and what's up with all of the bad karma of psycho exes (friends/boyfriends/SO)? i figure if people spend that much time talking about you, then they really have nothing going on in their life worth talking about. move on people!

*~*sending out good karma vibes for bunnyb and yuefie*~*
hello, kvetchies!!!!! i've read a lot, but not all of the please forgive me if i neglect to mention everyone......i'm vibing all of you for whatever it is you need!

mandomyheart- i agree with everyone else.....hie thee to a NICE doctor soonest! ((((mando)))) what you are going through SUCKS. i wish i could hug you and hold you close and tell you that it was going to be all right. i also wish that i could kick that CREEP doctor in the crotch. or at least report him. ass holes DO VEX me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

((((((stargazer))))))) good for you!!! loads of veggies and fruits! did you get strawberries? best of luck with this, and hope that it fixes the problem!

(((((luci))))) whoa. i can't believe that one person has had to go through that much in one year! i'm v. glad to know that you are out there lurking and readind and vibing ---- you can be our luci angel!

a vile, pustulent POX on all lying men!!! just STOP it, okay??? lying SUCKS. and so do YOU, for lying.

((((rose and her uncle)))))

((((indigo and the elizabethan collar))))) animals HATE to wear those. i call them cone heads when they have to. it isn't nice of me at all, but they are so funny to watch when they wear them, and try to walk, and try to get them OFF!

rose? send me a PM with your NC phone number, okay? i'll call you when i get there!!!

i'm flying tomorrow!!! i get to see mr. hotbuns on sunday!!!!! yayayayayay!!!

by BFF is having her spinal column surgery today at 7:30 est, so she should be being prepped as i write this. please send her good spinal health fast recovery as little pain as possible vibes????

you are all so wonderful. i told her i was going to ask you all to think of her, and she told me that she thinks she understands now why i love you all so. tongue.gif
Turquoise bra, pink lacy thong.

I'm just not in the mood for anything during weekends. Just staying at home with videos and and drinks and P and our new kitty. Did i tell you about our new kitty? Her name is Rat and P got her from some weird artist. She is very curious and knows exactly what she wants, which is always what she's not allowed to do. Her fur is very soft and she likes cuddling. I've been thinking about getting a second kitty, but i'm not sure yet.

About not wanting to go anywhere weekends,..i just had it. After i quit my job i found that it had put much more strain on me than i thought. I couldn't sleep at night, have heart palpitations, couldn't relax. So i granted myself some time 'off'. That means working, but also not getting up too early, no late evenings working, taking walks, more exercise. Everything that i denied myself because of 'proving myself' or some such shite. I'm always feeling guilty of 'not having done enough work', which is ridiculous. And i've had it. I got some kind of panic attack on the street 3 weeks ago and now i finally see i have to take better care of myself. Four days of vacation in a year just isn't enough.

(((((Mando))))), take good care of yourself, hun.

(((Bunny))))), ((((Yuefie)))), Karma will come for those asshats, i promise! You are people of class for not stooping to their level!

RoseV, glad that your uncle has such a high chance of recovering. Good luck with the research!

(((((Indigo)))))In a sad way, i always find the lampshade funny-looking.

Sassy, yay for the apartment!


(((((((((Stargazer))))))))That is a great accomplishment!

(((((((((Tesao and Bff)))))))))))))
Sonik, I felt the same about my last 'paying the rent' admin job. It was hectic and demanding, and only when I quit did I realise how much it had stressed me out. I work so much better on my thesis now I'm not expending energy on that. Keep looking after yourself, especially in these November days!

(((Mando))) Try try try not to worry too much. I'm very glad you're going to the doctor with this; and although she (if it's the same one?) sounds fairly insensitive don't let her turn what you're saying around. You have a genuine cause for concern and her job is to determine what's wrong and to help alleviate it. Best of luck with your appointment; let us know how it went.

(((Tes' friend))) Right now should be about the right time? Hoping it goes smoothly and well.

(((Yuefie))) I remember all that stuff with the ex-dude and his mom. Short memories indeed. You're better off without these people remotely in your life.

Mornington, even when he's unhappy Indigo sounds adorable.

Lucizoe, I always like what you have to say. Take it easy on yourself: you sound like you have a very full plate.

The mister is off for a stag weekend meaning I get to sit and work on my chapter in peace, which is good because this week has been hectic and next week (and the one after) promises to be the same.

Working from home, so: black mesh knickers with black lace-ish pattern and no brar!
(((stargazer))) i admire your courage and i'm proud of you, hon.
(((tesao & BFF))) thinking all good thoughts for your pal and wishing you a safe trip home.
(((sonik))) congrats on your new furbaby! any photos?

(((sybarite, bunny, et al))) for the love & advice. didn't mean to worry y'all. unsure.gif

antikvetch: appt with new (hopefully nice, sympathetic and smaht) GP has been made, for tuesday morning. at least i made it past super-screening nose-y receptionist.

kvetch: why o why do i bother confiding in people who don't deserve my secrets, and who invariably say the absolute WRONG thing? when will i learn?
Happy Friday!

Thinking of Tesao's friend in surgery.

Friend is visiting from out of town and I so don't want to go to work. Boring black cotton knickers, no comment on the bra.

~*~*~*~*~*~ oodles and oodles and even more vibes for Tes' BF ~*~*~*~*~*~

~~~~ soothing for Mandi ~~~~ Tuesday will be here soon

~~~~~ soothing for MiniPixie ~~~~~ Sorry I forgot to send those earlier! I hope she's feeling better.

((((((ALL of you!))))))

Thank you for the vibes for my uncle. I'll be sure to give you all up-dates whenever I hear them.

Anti-kvetch: Looks like grad school would be a lot less than I originally thought since we would qualify for the in-state tuition rate. Hmmmmmm. Interesting. I still don't think I could get everything together in one month, but maybe next year? smile.gif

I have sooooooo much to do today, so I'm off. Hope you all have a good one!
wow, rosev, that's a sign! and if you think big and you could do it in a month, if you really wanted to. perhaps the tuition could be family's christmas gift? or is that too much to ask? I've asked my mum today for fur-line sensible boots for Christmas. Toughy though as I want them now!

*~*~*~*safe journey vibes for tesao~*~*~*~*

~*~*~* safe op for tes's friend~*~*~*~*

it seems that the posters who haven't posted as much as they used to and feel guilty for it always post the best ones - luci, faith, designermedusa... so sweet and lovely are those kvetchies (not that the rest of you aren't!)

yay for another kvetchie fur baby!

designermedusa, I'm addicted to VM and to Logan (Jason Dohring is amazing; my heart breaks for him but he also makes me laugh and he gives me butterflies ... and it's all good).

undies: torquoise bra and matching pants.

yay for the weekend! it doesn't make much difference for me usually -a lady of leisure just now- but this weekend does as the boy travels up tonight biggrin.gif .

eta: since it's underwear day check these out.
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