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Rose...I'm here...just haven't had much to say lately. I *think* everyone at our house is finally well...but of course that means we have to have more drama heaped into our laps. We just found out that Mr. Pixie's exwife is going through an ugly, and possibly violent divorce, so we are trying to figure out the best way to help the minipixie involved.

(((mornington))) Feh on Welshman! People who invade other peoples privacy deserve to find out things that upset and piss them off! That's what they are looking for anyway!

Congrats on passing the second time, bunny!

(((all busties with work issues!))) We are "restructuring" here and tensions are running very high. Blech!

((yuefie, raisin, sassy, faith, fina, amilita,tes, and everyone else)))
Tooth out. Emergency appointment.

Decayed to the bone. No wonder it hurt.

If that [English] dentist thinks i"m going to forget him for doing this to me.....

PS--I don't believe Raisin, Mando, Amilita are ugly and unloved. Not for a second.
((rose)) Yay for French pastry shops and friends meeting Tim Gunn.

((mando)) Hope you cheer up.

((bunny)) Yay for passing your test.

((mornington)) That sucks that W read Kvetch even though you asked him not to. Yay for Indigo going on the bus.

((raisin)) Sorry things are shitty for you right now.

((sassy)) Sorry work is so bad, but glad Mcgeek is being supportive.

((yuefie, dusty, polly, anoushh))

Tomorrow is Friday, I’m ready for the weekend.

Sorry, sorry, sorry!!
Since when are we the dumping ground for people's comments, constructive or not, that don't fit anywhere else?

I mean, do we need to re-start the thread and title it "Kvetch Up: We're not the complaint department", now that we can have subtitles?
sorry. please forget i said anything. won't happen again. i'm still alittle new to bust.
I don't even care that much about what you said, but the unsolicited criticisms in here are getting annoying.

That being said, I guess the "the boy" thing, at least for me, falls under the same reasoning that someone had to use a few months back when that guy showed up and started a thread telling us ladies how wonderful we are and how he supports us, blah, blah, blah, and it was like, "okay, thanks, but nice way to come across as patronizing." Which in turn started a debate about why it's okay for us to call each other "ladies", "girls", "gals", etc. And recently, there was also some debate, I think in the Community Forum, about the term "busters"....I guess from one Bustie to another, these terms are taken in the context they're intended- a cute, maybe a little diminutive but not patronizing way of referring to our loved ones and still preserve their identity. My feeling is that as long as it's not blatantly offensive, it doesn't bother me (I'll admit, I was a little weirded out by dechatrouge's term "House Girl", but I've gotten over it), but if it bothers you, then don't use the term.
happy friday kvetchies!!!!

today is a holiday for us -- it is the birthday of the city. what they are actually celebrating these days is when the city was "reborn" after the revolution against the portuguese and the liberation of the country. the name changed from Lourenco Marques to what it is today. there will much laying of wreaths and speeches, but there will also be a rock music competition as well as a rap competition. rap in portuguese took some getting used to -- in an odd sort of way, because it sounds exactly like rap. (duh, tes!) it is just weird to listen to it, understand it, and then realize that it isn't english. i hope that makes some sense to someone!!!

(((((indigo))))) getting lost and running all the way home. poor baby. how did you manage to leave him to go play dodge the cow patties, mornington? (your name always makes me think of a joni mitchell song! that is a good thing! biggrin.gif

and Welshman? if you are reading this, boo on you. this is a safe place for most of us, where we can kvetch about whatever we want without fear of any reprimand or reprisal. my mr. never reads bust. he could if he wanted, he knows my screen name, and he knows a lot about a lot of people here. but he doesn't. that is called trust. and you just broke that trust with mornington. shame.)

*cuddles up with bunny b and combs her fingers through bunny's hair*

go you for passing your test! and if those creepos keep hassling you, i will go and kick their kneecaps for you.

raisin, mandomyheart, amilita -- you may all FEEL ugly and unloved, but not a single one of you IS. ((((((r,m, and a))))))

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ nasty work situations GO AWAY and leave my bustie sisters ALONE ! vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

(((anoussh and her now gone tooth. )))) ouch. you should really contact that asshat dentist in england. how is notbob??? hugs to the both of you, and lily, too! how do lily and notbob get along?

~*~*~*~*~*~ keep all potential nasty violent breakup fall out issues away from any minipixies!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*

glad to hear that everyone is FINALLY feeling better, pixie!!

*climbing up on soapbox*

love my pugs and pollyester:

i can understand how a newbie might be confused by the name of this thread. i can also understand polly's first reaction. i think maybe i should pop over to the newbies thread and remind people that it is best to lurk in a thread and read for a while, get the gist of what the thread is about, what the community is like, before you post. that would have kept love my pugs from asking that question. which, if it were to be discussed, would not be appropriate here, but perhaps would be in the community forum or some other thread.

polly, thanks so much for your second response. there have been some weird posts going around lately, with people jumping all over someone else for no reason, and we aren't about that. kvetch is the most supportive place i know. that said, people use nicknames. some people may not like those nicknames. but are they worth arguing about, or even bringing up? especially the first time that you post in a thread? we all need to remember that this is like being at a party, where there are lots of groups of people standing around talking, and you just sort of drift from one conversation to another. if it isn't something that you would say in a conversation like that, it is a good bet that you shouldn't say it (post it) in a thread here at bust, either.

with the war in iraq, and people dying of AIDS and other people starving in asia, people still homeless in indonesia from the tsunami and in india because of the earthquake, how important is it if someone chooses to call their significant partner "the boy"? or that i chose to call mine "mr. hotbuns"?

/end soapbox

muito thank you to all for giving me a space where i felt safe enough to say that.

hugs and kisses and silly tilapia!

I really adore many of you here. Have I told you that lately? I had a fabulous night and I'm feeling slightly less unloved and ugly. And now I'm going to bed before the sun actually rises over here. ::yawn::

yayayayay!!! for raisin and fabulous nights!!!

i am here to ask for health vibes for my BFF. this is an excerpt of an email she sent me today (at around 3 am her time, she can't sleep she is so freaked out)

"I got the MRI on Wednesday and read it myself. I saw a prominent spinal cord compression at C5-C6. Ugh. I was on xanax, so I wasn't too spazzed about. First thing this morning, I went to the neurosurgeon with the films. He did an exam. Bad news. I lost my left finger extensors (which was why I had real trouble typing last night and this morning), my left triceps is gone. I am hyperreflexive in my lower extremities (signs of spinal cord compression). Parasthesias down both legs. Tomorrow I have to get a lumbar MRI to rule out anything contributing from my low back (standard procedure with lower extremity involvement). Also am having a flexion/extension xray. Getting re-exam'ed on Monday to see how the steroids worked. I know Dr.B well, though. Surgery is a foregone conclusion. And probably, next week either Wed or Fri. You don't want to f*ck to0 much with cord impingement. My freaking luck they will have to do a cervical and lumbar. FMH. Happy f*cking birthday, huh). "

oh, yeah. this happened on her birthday. she's worried, and frankly, i'm scared. at least i will be there on sunday, so i will get to be with her a bit afterwards......

i just know that bustie vibes WORK wonders. muito thank you all.
(((((tes))))) I couldn't have put it better. And I like cuban rap and some afrikaans stuff, so I know what you mean about the portugese thing - it sounds the same, but then it's not english. it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. hmm, just a thought here... my brother is referred to as The Boy Wonder because it's a family in-joke; he doesn't find it offensive as he know's the orgins of it (he spent an entire summer informing me how he'd do better than me at school - he was about thirteen - despite being more or less constantly in trouble for not working). I think it has to be considered whether the person finds thier nickname insulting or demeaning... I'd be willing to say that our loved ones don't.

((((raisin)))) *snuggles*
((((anoushh)))) uuuurgh. so glad it's out and over! how's notbob?
((((rose)))) yay pastries!
((((bunny)))) yay for passing! it is gig season indeed biggrin.gif
((((amilita)))) *snuggles up and plants hooverkiss on you* you are most definitely not unloved.
((((mando)))) the same goes for you, and you ain't ugly either. so nyah. *produced pete who proceeds to snorgle mando*
((((pixie)))) yay for betterness! and ****no fall-out on minipixie****
((((polly, billy, syb, dusty, faith, sassy, sixie, everyone)))))

The Springbok Nude Girls were amazing last night. It was weird being on my own, but I got befriended by a bunch of SAffers so that was alright. I was too tired to jump around much, but did dance along on the edges - I had a good view even though I was standing.

aaand I spoke to F last night, which was nice.

going to meet N for drinkies/dinner tonight - haven't seen him for aaages so looking forward to it; we'll has over the Welshman thing. I'm meeting him at lunchtime or thereabouts... don't know what I'm going to do. Gah.

and despite it being friday, I am wearing no pants. because i'm still in my pjs.
*drags myself in* I have the cold and been vomitting. Le blerg.

I kinda hate the edit function at times cos it causes tres confusion. From what I gather from the responses, there is an issue regarding some of calling our respective others the boy? I call him that IRL too, especially when people don't know him which you fine people don't. Any of his other nicknames would compromise his privacy (it's my choice to post here, no his) and any of our personal petnames are too personal. Oh, and we call one another -amongst other things- "baby boy" and "baby girl", is that disrespectful or affectionate?

As an aside: I have noticed recently that some people (and not necessarily newbies) are under the impression that kvetch is, as polly said, the complaints thread (um, that would be cobs up my ass) and promptly jump in with a complaint rather than reading the archives, even the last coupla posts, and see that we respond to and vibe others and, yes, we vent at times but we also discuss everything from Maputo holidays to cow fondling.

(((tes))) the combing of the hair is much needed.

~*~*~*tes's friend good health vibes~*~*~*~*

(((anoushh))) go away pain!

(((raisin))), hun, glad you're feeling better

(((mornington))) and (((indigo))) yay for great concerts and being befriended

Is it really Friday? I'm still in PJs so will report back later; usually I dress for the pleasure of underwear day; that and I am/was usually seeing the boy on a Friday.

Mornington, my mister (who I will call whatever the hell I want to) doesn't read anything I write here because he doesn't know the site's name and we have separate computers. He knows I post to 'some feminist website' regularly and who I've met IRL. For a few years now there's really nothing I've posted here that I would have a problemn with him reading, but I really appreciate having this place to myself, so that's our compromise.

Beyond that I'll say snoopers get what they deserve. He should have respected the fact you told him about BUST in the first place IMO.

Tesao, I'm sorry to hear about your friend! I've known too many people who's gotten seriously ill this autumn and I'd like to say a hearty WTF in relation to scary health conditions. I hope the surgery will help your friend.

(((anoushh and not-bob)))

Congrats bunnyb!

Friday and I'm busy but the weekend beckons, hooray!

Black mesh boyshorts and *gasp* matching black bra.
~~~~Big vibes for Tes' BFF~~~~ I, too, hope the surgery will be a good one.

Anoushh, yikes on your tooth!!! So glad you got it taken care of...or I should say taken care of correctly.

Just got home from work and I gotta go sleep so I can get up in less than 5 hours to have lunch with an old coworker. Nighty night!!!

This is going to be a good day. First, Sybarite matches! Second, I have grey boxer briefs. Third, I raised $440 for the Rotary Foundation on the spur of the moment this morning and Fourth, Republican ass has been kicked this week.

Big hugs to all who want or need them!
feeling a bit better although tired. I haven't eaten yet, though, only had some hot orange juice. It is definitely winter if I come down with icky flu. Could really have done with Veronica Marshmallow season 2 arriving in post this morn but, alas, it didn't.

C visited with baby Arron but he slept the entire time *pouts* but she's going to visit next week.

undies: fuschia pink padded tshirt bra and white girl shorts with pink spots and ribbons and diamante breast cancer ribbon.
~~~~~~~~ multiple vibes & tons of love for Tes' BF ~~~~~~~~ If there is anything at all that I can do, just let me know. If she needs a ride to the doctor's office, someone to cook dinner, whatever.

Pixie, I hope you and Mr. P can help his daughter get through this okay. That poor girl has been through soooooo so much. ((((T))))

~~~~ soothing for Bunny ~~~~ Poor thing! Hope you start feeling healthier soon.

~~~~ soothing for Anoushh ~~~~ Dental pain is the WORST! Thank goodness you found a doctor who could help.
~^~^~ sharp kick to tender places for asshat English dentist ~^~^~

((((((Raisin, Amilita, & Mandi)))))) Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, Raisin.

zzzzzzzz restful sleep vibes for Amilita zzzzzzzzz

Congrats, Billy! That kicks ass!!!

((((Polly)))) Just 'cause you kick ass, too. smile.gif

((((DM)))) How are things adjusting at the new/old place?

Mornington, will you be visiting the cattle on a regular basis? And are there any more sheep in your future?

((((((((ALL of you))))))))

Kvetch: I injured my right foot last night. It's hard to describe exactly what my foot did, but there was a loud pop/snap sound. The problem isn't my ankle, but within the foot itself. I elevated it and put ice on it last night in the hopes that I could keep it from getting too bad. However, this morning I woke up and it's still painful and it's still very difficult to walk on it. So I'm trying to decide if I need to see a doctor today or what. The problem, of course, is that Sheff would have to leave work in order to take me to the doctor (Since it's my right foot, I can't even drive an automatic). So. Hmmmmmmmm. What to do, what to do ...

Undies: White cotton thong with orange trim and a cute fox printed on the front. Foxy undies! Woo hoo!
I x-posted at the same time as tes!

(((((tes's friend)))))) *****get well*****

yay ((((billy))))!

(((rose))) for some reason I don't have any more practical classes until january, just lectures... although there will be a lambing practical in the new year I'm not going anywhere near sheep after that, and I'm planning on doing my cattle placement over easter - hopefully seeing some calving. ****get better rose's foot****

now I'm dressed, I can tell you... black pants with fuschia trim, black bra, fuscia cami.

off to the pharmacy - I've just discovered I'm out of meds.
((((Tes's friend)))) That sounds very scarey! I hope everything goes ok with the surgery!

((rose)) I can't believe your foot is still hurting!

blink.gif Guess I missed a conversation that doesn't exist anymore

((raisin)) glad you are feeling better hon!

((Bunny, mornington, tes, sybright, billy, DM and everyone else in the thread)) I love my kvetchies!
Martini is all about his nickname on here. He far prefers it to Mr. Stevie. He knows all about Bust, but I suspect he doesn't poke in here ever that I know of, and if he does, whatevs. I'm pretty sure he doesn't though because someone needs to keep the house running. smile.gif

I'm just back from the new Trader Joe's that opened near my office. Between the Dems taking Congress, Rumsfeld resigning, and this new development, this is shaping up to be the best week ever.

(((((mando))))) Sweetheart, you are a hot mom (c.f., The 40 Year-Old Virgin) and beloved. Cheer up!
((((bunny and raisin)))) You're not hot moms, per se, but you are also beloved and beautiful.
~~~~tes' BFF~~~
(((anoushh))) Sweet Jesus. If that doctor were in the US, I'd take this opportunity to seize the American dream and sue him.

((((rose)))) I did something similar to my foot about eight weeks ago, during a step aerobics class. I did RICE and stayed off it for two weeks, and it felt better, but still kinda weak. Now I'm having pain whenever I wear heels or overdo it exercising. My doc's on vacation next week, but I'm having it looked at. Let me know what happens with you.

(((pixie & fam))) what a tough situation. best of luck to you.

I'm wearing a mint green underwire bra and black boyshorts. Matching is so last week. wink.gif

Sheff knows all about my activity at Bust, but that should surprise no one since we met on here. I must admit, though, that I consciously refrain from talking too personally about our relationship on here. That is partly in response to how I was treated in the past by lurkers, but mainly it's just because Sheff isn't really annonymous here, so I am protective of his/our privacy.

Bunny, how are you feeling? Any better?

And how is your mouth, Anoushh? Has the pain lessened at all?

~~~~~~ more vibes for Tes' BF ~~~~~~ I may not be able to drive at the moment, but I'm still very willing to help your friend in any way I can. If she ever needs some support at all, please keep me in mind.

Well, I have decided not to see a doctor today about my foot. I'm just going to keep up with the RICE treatment (thanks for reminding me of its name, Sidecar!) and after this weekend I'll decide if I need to see a doctor on Monday. The good news is that my foot isn't throbbing with pain. In fact, when I'm resting it, I'm pretty much pain-free. So things are going very very well.

I also realized that if I stay home, Sheff will get off of work around 6. But if I make him take me to the doctor, he'll have to return to work and may not come home until 9 or 10. I don't hurt enough to put him through that.

But despite my foot, this is still one of the best weeks I've had in AGES!

yeah, i didn't even know how to respond to the posts yesterday. weird.

i think what you said was perfect Tes.

((rose)) i hope you get your foot checked out. i had the same thing happen with my left foot, snap, crackle, pop...hairline fracture of a bone on the side of my foot. i ended up being in a cast.

some of the Busties i've met have totally supportive husbands, boyfriends, it would surprise me someone would come on here to check out what is going on. But, you know what they say curiosity did to the cat...

*~*much love to everyone on here*~*

the weather in chicago has gone from indian summer to looking like a very fall day. gloomy, cold, blah.
(((rose))) I'm feeling better, thank you. I've eaten a little but still exhausted (despite nap) so probably going to bed soon. (((your foot)))

I'm bored. Wish I was seeing my boy this weekend.
I feel a sudden urge to start typing it "GameBOY." Wonder why.

In any case, GB doesn't read BUST unless I specifically ask him to look at something...I just don't think it matters that much to him whether I say anything about him or not, and I've never had to ask him not to read behind me - he just doesn't. Plus, I generally tell him straight up when he does something that bugs me - and I give him shit, in a fun way, if it's nothing serious (it usually isn't). I agree with Tes that feeling the *need* to follow someone around online is a violation of trust.

I do sometimes worry what would happen if my mother caught on, what with my history of bisexuality and polyamoury, and my habit of talking about how crazy she is... biggrin.gif but it hasn't stopped me in seven years, and she doesn't know this site exists.

*sigh* I hate that we even have to discuss this, for the reasons that we have to discuss it... {{{{mornington and others who have had that happen}}}}

Well. Kvetch on the sneaky note: a fairly new coworker has just been outed as a major shit-stirrer, in that she talks to everyone to gather information, and then shares it with pertinent parties. That sounds mild. What it means is that when several of us underlings go to lunch together and vent - even a little - she takes it back to those on whom we vented. To the point that she's gotten herself and others in trouble. To the point that she even did this between two *managers.*

I got a friendly warning about this today, and though I don't know precisely what she reported about me, I know I haven't said anything that could get me fired or that's even offensive at all. Still, it makes your stomach do flip-flops. I'm simultaneously pissed that she'd do such a thing - most of us have a good camaraderie - and that I gave away even as much as I did. I never completely trusted her, but there are things - mild though they may be - that I really wouldn't have said in front of her if I'd known. It's embarrassing, and I keep thinking I'm smarter than this.

Anyway! Anti-kvetch: as soon as I post this, I'm going to kiss my husband, stuff a couple more things in my suitcase, and beat tires up to the Land of TallGirl! Two weeks in a row...I scarcely know what to do with myself!

Love to everybody. Who's here to contribute, not just checking up on someone.

Have a great weekend!
Heh. McGeek knows about BUST. He actually said he preferred the nickname McNerd, but McGeek (which is a nickname he got from one my co-workers) fits better. Yes, we all love Grey's Anatomy at my work. smile.gif

Anyways, my last ex lurked on BUST and found out about me posting. I thought it was very rude, and one of the reasons that we are longer together. Hugh violation of trust. Asshat.

I know that McGeek has a blog as well, but we both have different computers, so we've always respected eachother's privacy. He just knows that BUST is "some feminist website." Heh.

((rose)) How is your foot?

Huge soothing vibes for Tes's BFF!

Bunny, you feeling better? Annoush??

Kvetch: Work ended up on a fairly positive note today. Although, I found out today that my supervisor has to reccomend me for a raise. And being she hates me, I doubt that will happen. Whatever. I'm so sick of this damn job, and the bs they have put me through. Apparantly, it really is a number game. Yes, very Glengarry Glen Ross. I almost starting quoting from the movie in this month's meeting, but figured that there weren't making people that have see the movie...

Anti-kvetch: It's the weekend finally. I plan to sleep, and shop a little. Also, look at the new apartment on Sunday. smile.gif


Have an awesome weekend!

muito super thank yous to the best kvetchies a girl could want!

this is directly from BFF:
I went over to bust and saw your post and the vibage from the gals. It was so wonderful. Please thank all of them for me!

hee. BFF knows about bust but doesn't post here. when i was feeling really down, between jobs and depressed, she used to check out the lounge just to make sure i was posting and okay.

i'll be back later; just got out of bed and need COFFFFFEEEEEE! c[_] c[_] c[_]

I have a blender!!! biggrin.gif I made grapefruit juice and a berry yogurt smoothie.

welshman is back. he's been very penitent (and you scared him, so he isn't gonna mess... or read. tongue.gif )

((((((kvetchies))))))) i loves you all
hehe, we do scare and if he doesn't mess with one of our kvetchies, we won't mess with him!

yay for blenders and caffeine (I may follow tes up on that idea just now).

tes, that is lovely about your friend; it makes me warm and fuzzy to know that strangers know we're vibing. It's like prayers that will be answered.

feelin' better albeit still sniffly. I now have a painful black eye - there is a photo frame of the boy and I on my bedside table with a heavy silver fairy and it fell on me early this morning and hurt. I'm really lucky it wasn't the back of my skull as it may have killed me or on the eye itself - ouch.

also having really vivid dreams again and had to text the boy to ask whether he had text me in the early hours to say that he was going to have a whiskey then go for the best handjob in manchester. the boy doesn't like whiskey and "the best handjob in manchester" is the advertising slogan for a nearby (to him) car wash. needless to say, I dreamt it and the boy thinks I'm whack.

*all good thoughts for tesao’s BFF*
*keeces for bunny’s booboo eye & rose’s hurty foot & yuefie’s toe/arm & annoush’s toof*
*makeup hugs for Welshman, for being such a good BOY*
*swift kick in the most painful areas possible for sassy’s crap superiors*
*another swift kick for plummie’s coworker, who obviously sucks at espionage, and, you know, karma's a bitch*
*woots for billy because he’s an excellent soul*
*buck-up little camper vibes for raisin, who rocks way more than she thinks*
*find a much better job anyway so nyah vibes for polly & faerietails*
*lotsa love for stargazer, cuz she's going thru a rough patch*

hugs for (((sidecar))), (((rose))), (((mornington))), (((tesao))), (((designermedusa))) & (((anoushh))) for the hugs & kind words. And special headscritchs for (((pete))) for the snorgle and for (((indigo))) for being such a smaht pupper for finding his way home to mama.

Kvetch: ironically, I’m sad that today’s the final band competition. And despite my hurty knee and back, and that it’s in a really icky high school stadium, we have to go, because we won’t be able to see the routine again until band night in june. also feeling hella guilty that i didn't go to more shows or do more for the kids. they're all like a family now, and i feel like the wicked stepmother.
Antikvetch: I’m tres relieved competition season is OVER. We get our lives back now!
Kvetch: (just in time for the holidays. Le blergh.)
Kvetch: these weekends of not seeing the kid for 12-15 hrs at a clip have weighed on me much. What the fuck am I going to do when he goes away to college? sad.gif

antikvetch: kvetchie kindness. smile.gif
Mornington, blenders rock! I was scoping IKEA and Target's website last night for all the cool stuff I need if I move. I really only have a coffee pot right now. This is what housewarming parties are for, I guess. smile.gif

Kvetch: My cold has come to kick me in the arse. Bummer. I wanted to spend a weekend out shopping and going to a few movies. Now, I'm all congested, and sitting around watching Wallace and Gromit. Not saying caving it for a day in bed and watching movies is a bad thing (or W & G for that matter... I love Nick Parks! Can not wait to see Flushed Away, which is what I was thinking of going to see today). Damn co-workers and cold evil house with no heat. sad.gif Hopefully, good thai take-out and oj will help. Is there a bustie cold going round? Gotta get back in bed. Lotsa love.

((good kvetchies vibes for all))
I am vibing all of you, each of you, specially.

I am a little foggy, a little stressed, and having some existential angst. I need to decide if I should pursue another job in light of the EXCITING election results, or if I should stick to the original plan and hang tight as a lawyer even though my job has been so so so so annoying lately.

You are all wonderful and make me feel better just by being here.

which of those job plans/strategies would you be most comfortable doing? you need to decide THAT before you go any farther.

i hope that makes sense!

ETA: whoa. that last sentence (the one i deleted) was incomprehensible. even *i* don't know what i meant!

whatever you do choose, faith, you will be GREAT at it. big hugs and little kisses to you, darling!

((((((tesao's bff, rose's foot, anoushh's tooth, bunny's eye, all other booboo's & illnesses)))) ~~~~owwies, & general sicknesses be gone!~~~~

Brouhaha's and scuffles be damned and unsolicited "help" outta kvetch please! I mean yes, we all make newbie mistakes but it *is* the polite thing to read up before foisting your "wisdom" upon the masses.

Glad welshman sucked it up like a big boy (heh) and realized snooping is prolly not the best answer wink.gif

((((faith, polly, sassy, dm, faerietails)))))) ~~~~job sitches smoothed out quickly~~~~

a huge pox on plummie's traitorous co-worker, feh on two faced idjits.

huge hugs & soothing for all busties going through hard times ((((((amilita, faith, stargazer, dm, sassy, raisin))))

(((((raisin)))) my gorgeous raisingirl, never underestimate your greatness. Makes me wish I could hop a plane to come out there to kick you in the arse, ya hear?!

(((((sidecar & martini, dusty & mr. dusty, polly & le boy, plummie & gameboy, DM & mr. dm, fina, billy, tes & mr hotbuns, msp, AP, stargazer, sassy, rose & sheff, pixie & mr. pixie, mavin, crassy, tg, wb, ladylib, damona, all kvetchies & loved ones, MIA kvetchies, anyone I missed & the lurky mclurkersons))))

((((mandi, mornington & bunny, & sixela)))))) for all the love and checking on me lots.

hey mandi, did'ja hear about the new dave cd? 2 discs, best of voted by the fans, 2nd disc is live. I'm listening to it right now and thinking of you my sweet. my cousin & his gf got that & the new foo fighters for me for hanging out with my little 3 year old buddy from time to time (techincally babysitting, heh). which made me all sniffly. I'm such a mushy marshmallow sometimes! Still in love with the new place and getting everything just right.


Faith, whenever I feel conflicted about something like that, I ask myself, "What would I do if I weren't afraid?" Somehow, asking myself that question helps me to put aside all the worry and fretting and allows me to focus on what I really really want. I hope it helps you, too.

Mandi, I was just wondering yesterday if band season had ended yet for Danny. Glad to hear that you'll get to see him more. And please don't fret about not being there for every.single.solitary.second of it. There's always next year. And the year after that. And the year after that.... wink.gif

~~~~~ soothing for Bunny's eye ~~~~~~ Good grief! As soon as you start getting over one thing, something else has to happen. Poor thing!

Plummie, sorry to hear about the co-worker. Some people just love drama too much. Bleh.

((((((Continued love for Tes' BFF))))))

Hooray for the Welshman's apology! Maybe there's hope for him afterall.

(((((((( continued love for all )))))))) Forgive me for omitting people. I suck. But you all know I mean well, don't you? smile.gif

Thank you all so much for the vibes for my foot. It is feeling better day by day, so I don't think I'll go to the doctor on Monday. I can walk on it now (Yay! Crawling sucks!), although I've got a bit of a limp, but I think that alone is strong proof that nothing is broken. I might try driving on Monday or Tuesday, but Sheff is urging me to take it easy. We shall see.

Anti-kvetch: Yesterday we went back to the patisserie and got some lovely pastries. Truly gorgeous to behold and tasty, too. Sheff got a danish with raspberries dotted oer the top. Mine was a tall, flaky, beautiful thing with raspberry jam in the shape of a heart on the top.

Anti-kvetch: After visiting the patisserie, we went to our favorite gourmet foodie place (Southern Season in case you're wondering, Tes!) and there was a man from Joseph Schmidt Confections giving out samples of their truffles.
Soooooooo amazingly decadent and wonderful! And he was fun to talk to, as well. Sheff ended up buying 18 truffles ... which is really something, considering the cost of these things. He tends to go a little crazy when it comes to gourmet chocolate though. smile.gif

Kvetch: This morning I took a look at my ass in the full-length mirror. Cellulite. LOTS of it. Makes me worry about the state of my arteries. So now I have these gorgeous chocolates taunting me ... begging me to eat them! But my body seems to be saying that celery would be a better option. sad.gif
(((faith))) you'll make the right decision. this i know. you're one smaht cookie, luv.

rose, your post just made me gain 5 lbs! IPB Image

*chicken soup for the soul vibes for sassy*

yuefie, yes, the new DAVE cd set is on my xmas wish list. hopefully b-i-l (fellow DAVE fanatic) has already gotten it for me. but i'm beside myself with grief that DAVE isn't doing his annual xmas show at madison square garden this year. beloved cousin and i had a pre-set date from 6 months ago. i'm crushed. (no pun intended.) ('k. little pun maybe.)

kvetch: unfortunately band season ended on a dissapointing note: we came in 4th (out of 6 bands in their class). which i can't for the life of me understand. their performance was brilliant. it's hard not to think that the judges are biased, because some of these other schools just plain suck (completely forgettable music, choreography/themes that make your jaw drop, and not in a good way). my heart's broken for danny (who was in tears when he got home) and for the seniors ... for all the kids. they worked so damn HARD. fucking asshat judges. grrrr.

antikvetch: but again, joy to the world it hath endeth!
mmmm truffles. I would settle for anything chocolatey just now. My moontime is about to commence and bunny needs some chocolate.


I'm currently coming out of the worst hangover I've ever had. I went out last night with Best Pal C and Best Pal A to celebrate C's last weekend of bachelorettehood (Martini was doing the same for C's husband-to-be). I wasn't in too bad of shape until we went to the last bar of the evening, which serves Belgian beer, and it was just one drink too many; luckily I live essentially next door to the place we were at but my pals insisted on walking me into the house. I only started keeping water down about 11 am this morning, and am now snacking on oyster crackers and Coke. I haven't been drinking hardly at all since I got back from vacay (one or two glasses of wine on the weekend) and while I had six drinks over the course of several hours, it was still a real shock. I'm back to the three-drink maximum now.

Sophie is now sleeping next to me on the couch. She and Martini attended a new obedience class today, where they learned some new commands and that Ms. Sophie is toy-possessive, so we're going to keep her toys in a toybox so she doesn't think every toy she's ever seen is HERS HERS HERS. I'll be joining them in two weeks, as our instructor is taking next weekend off to go to the Michigan-OSU game.

(((((danny))))))) oh, how disappointing! I'm sorry to hear the season ended on a low note.
(((((faith))))) What everyone else said.
((((rose's foot))))

Mmmm, truffles! I have to go to the mall on Wed. to buy new bras, and I'm gonna get a few key lime Godiva truffles while I'm favorite! I don't love the mall, but I can get some of those, it makes it more tolerable.

Gearing up to work tonight and tomorrow night...*sigh* I'm really not digging how night shift is messing with my life, especially after having a long while without it. Ah, well. I can't complain about the money...and we need it! The health insurance hunt is back on.

(((faith))) I know you will figure out what to do.

~~~sidecar's hangover, rosev's foot, bunny's eye, yuefie's arm, sassy's cold...are there other hurty parts out there?~~~

Yay for more free time for Danny! Sorry about the judging...

(((Love to all)))

Anti-kvetch: We saw Stranger Than Fiction last night, and I really liked it.

(((mando))) thanks for the hugs. and don't worry about not being there for every event. you are great! sorry about the band coming in 4th.

(((rose))) i'm glad your foot is feeling better.

(((sidecar))) oh, i remember having hangovers like that. that's rough. get plenty of rest. for some reason, greasy food always helped my stomach after a night of drinking.

((tes)) cool that your friend can see how supportive we can be in here.

(((faith))) change sucks no matter what part of your life. good luck in whatever you decide.

(((yuefie, amilita, mornington, sassygrrl, bunnyb, polly, and other kvetchies)))

all this talk of food and chocolate...i'm gonna eat some tamales now.
Just popping in to say hi to all. Smooches!
((amilita, mavin, stargazer, yuefie, faith, txplum))

((sidecar)) Glad you had fun with friends.

((mando)) I know Danny’s got to be disappointed after working so hard with the band., but I’m sure they’ll do better next year.

((rose)) I hope your foot continues to feel better.

((sassy)) Feel better.

((tesao and friend))

((bunny)) Sorry to hear about the black eye.

((mornington)) Yay for a blender.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I saw Babel and Stranger Than Fiction and went shopping and got two pair of pants, a cardigan, a pair of earrings and leopard peep toe shoes. Mr. DM got a seasonal job for now, he is so ready to be working again.
Need some vibes- have an interview today at 2:00 CST. It's a temp-to-hire job, working for a sub-company of Hewitt. Downside- hours are 7:00am-3:30pm. I'm not a morning person. But right now, beggars can't be choosers, and at least I'd get out earlier than most people. It's not too far from my house, but I'd have to drive up this road that they do construction on often, so it's totally unpredictable for traffic- sometimes it's a 10 minute trip, sometimes a 45 minute trip. That sucks.

Jill, my staffing agency person, told the person there about what happened at my previous job, and Jill said when she called my former employer, they just confirmed I was let go and said they aren't re-filling the position. Hmm, does that mean they're really not re-filling the position or just not re-filling it through the staffing agency? Whatever.

((Hugs to all))
*~*~*~*vibes for polly's interview~*~*~*~* I am so not a morning person either but anyone I've spoken to who does that shift loves finishing so early. every cloud...

(((danny))) that sucks for the band. so, do they not do anything for christmas, like carols? or is that the choir?

(((designermedusa))) your weekends always sound so much fun; I miss having the opportunity to go to the pics with the boy as often as we used to. saying that, we're going this weekend.

my eye is a nice yellow colour now. Veronica Marshmallow season 2 arrived this morning and I have a hearty crush on Logan so you may not see me for a few days!

(((designermedusa, bunnyb, polly, mornington, mando, yuefie, anoushh, pip, pixie, sassygrrl, sidecar, amilita, tes, rose, faith, and other kvetchies)))

polly~i sending good luck vibes for you. good luck!

bunnyb~well, the yellow color means it is going away. that's a good thing.

kvetch:i don't want to see holiday commercials yet. although i know it is not far away. and maybe the seasonal blues i'm experiencing make me not want to experience the holidays. maybe i'm being a little scrooge. humbug. not really. i love the holidays. it is a little bittersweet for me. i guess i'm having my charlie brown moment with all the commercialism.

antikvetch:i'm down to 1 internship application. i'm feeling pretty good about it. my plan is to work on it today. i already heard from 2 internship sites that they received my materials. now, i just need some vibes that all of this hardwork and anxiety will pay off for me in december.

~$~$~$~$~ interview vibes for Polly ~$~$~$~$~

((((((((Mavin!)))))))) Hi there, sweetie! How are things?

~~~~~ get that last application done, Stargazer! ~~~~~~~

I'm walking pretty normally today! Yay! So I need to do all of the cleaning and shopping that's been waiting for me for the last 4 days. smile.gif
Designerm, I wish I could see your new leopard-print peep toes! Sounds cute!

Polly, I missed the deadline for vibes, so I hope the interview went well!!! I'm not much of a morning person, either, but I find when I start work early, I'm sort of in a the time I fully wake up, I've got a few hours of work under my belt! But then there's not a morning person, and then really, totally not a morning person...

Stargazer, hope you finished that last application.

Rosev, Yay! for foot feeling better.

Bunny, don't totally forsake us for Logan and Veronica!

I'm tired from work last night and work tonight, too...and my body hurts. Neck, feets. I work hard for the money, so hard for it, honey!

I'm drunk. yes, i know it's monday. but...

((((bunny's eye, polly's interview, anoushh and notbob, amilita, stargazer's internship, rose, mando & danny, dm and her peep toes, the sudden appearance of mavin, yuefie, sidecar & her hangover, pixie, syb, faith, billy, tes, tes' friend, walkingb, everyone i've forgotten))))

did i mention the drunk? tongue.gif

mm, bed... *mwah* one and all
((polly)) I hope the interview went well.

((bunny)) Yay for season two of VM, and getting to see the boy.

((stargazer)) You will get an internship.

((rose)) Glad your foot feels better.

((amilita)) Yay for getting paid. I tried to put a link to the shoes, but the link doesn't work. I got them at Target.

Hi to mornington and her drunk self.

Today was a good day.

Thanks for the vibes everyone- the interview went okay. I'm not terribly thrilled with the job (not that I've heard back from them or anything)- it's basically a company that sends out all the documents to Hewitt's customers (other corporations hire Hewitt to handle their insurance, retirement plans and other benefits). It's not quite as tedious as putting together the orders, but more like making sure the orders get processed within 24 hours and are correct. Blah. If it gets to be next week and I haven't heard anything, I may do it. They didn't discuss pay or anything, so I don't know what that will be like. There's still at least 2 more leads my staffing person has for me, that she's just waiting to hear back on, then I'll interview for them.

I've been trying to stick to a normal schedule of getting up at a decent time (by 10) and going to bed by midnight or's not working so well. I'm also trying to at least get some of the big housecleaning jobs done, but that's not going so well either. I've been unemployed for a week now and I've only got half the laundry done. Haven't cleaned the bathrooms or the kitchen, or vacuumed anything. I did manage to winterize my plants and put the pots back out on the balcony, though. My house is kind of squalid right now and I don't know if it's the cause or the effect of me feeling depressed. I just feel tired all the time. I did manage to cook dinner tonight- pesto salmon and couscous with chick peas. Yum.

*~*~*~individual vibes for everyone in my head....really.~*~*~*
(((polly))) As I've said before, don't underestimate the effect of it being cold outside and dark early on your situation. Can you get some exercise in? It may help get the blood flowing again and wake you up a bit.

I agree you may as well wait and see what else comes up interview-wise, especially as you don't seemd thrilled with the place you interviewed for yesterday. In any case, all interview experience is good.

Speaking of which, any news arising from your interview Sidecar?

Good luck with getting an internship stargazer!

Leopard peeptoes sound adorable.

RV, glad the foot is getting better; I've had that happen (usually due to cheap and ill-fitting shoes) and its so frustrating not to be able to get around at your usual speed!

I'm meant to be working away at a chapter revision and instead I've been stressing about another project and being an asshole to my colleague/boss. I think I've sorted that one out and there shouldn't be any reprecussions but it was me being stupid and I should know better. Anyway.
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