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that sounds FABOO, bunnyb!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, HOW could i have posted without saying anything about sybarite's after hours foray into green and blacks and organic peanut butter?

although, i've got to say, what i would do would involve melting them and putting them into icing decorating tubes and making designs on body parts that could then be licked off..... ohmy.gif

i will see mr. hotbuns in 12 days!!! 11 if you don't count today!!!

*runs off to see if the repugnicans are getting slaughtered*

My staffing agency contact has already called me with 4 leads. I've got to go get my suit dry cleaned- it's all icky from my trip a couple weeks ago and I may have interviews this week! Yay!

Make sure ya'll vote today! I'm going when Le Boy gets home from work!
Just for Bunny:[url=IPB Image]my little sugar glider, Gizmo![/url]

That is great about the leads Polly! Hopefully, you will end up with something better!

Mornington, we aren't really the "house of Flu" more the house of upper respiratory infections. Mr. Pixie had to go to the doctor this morning for his. He got 2 big fat shots in the butt! Minipixie and I are almost better.


????I thought we couldn't post pics into a message...and I could have sworn I hit the insert link button....
awww, he's adorable pixie! another kvetch mascot, I feel.

hehe, tes said "repugnicans". so ... I take it the first female speaker in the house is a very good thing? oh, and wtf was up with laura bush's lips/lipstick?
((((polly))))) good luck with the job sitch


(((sidecar)))) super tight hugs

((((bunny, mandi, mronington, plummie, tes, faith, rose, pixie, dm, dusty, billy, everybody))))

~~~~multi-purpose vibes all around for everyone~~~~

and lotsa hugs for all my (((((kvetchies)))))

just a fly by to say I will have my internet hooked up on Thursday, yay.

Oh and to kvetch that I am such a super klutz I broke my big toe.


((((yuefie and her toe))))
((((pixie and mr pixie and his butt and minipixie)))) so cute so cute so cute
((((polly)))) yay! for good news on the job front and good luck
((((sidecar)))) acos
((((dm)))) yay!
((((tes)))) mm... that gives me ideas.
((((bunny)))) yay for scissor sisters
((((sassy, sixe, mando, rose, faith, syb, billy, everyone 'cos I know I've forgotten someone))))

Lily Allen tonight - she was really good.
I want a tortoise a tortoise a tortoise and they have baby ones in the reptile shop but I don't think I can justify spending the money.
F did not call and I'm sulking.
Indigo was practically wetting himself when I got back but he's a star for holding on. He's going to play with the college greyhounds.
The exam was exactly the same as last year's. Hopefully I've done better this time round.

bed! ((((kvetchies)))) night! all

Not sure where exactly to post this and not sure how I feel about any of it. Just talked to a friend from college last pm that I haven't talked to in about 6 months. Had a nice chat, catching up when she tells me "BTW I've been chatting with your ex on myspace and the phone and we kinda went on a date. Hope that's okay?!" My gut instinct was kinda ewww, but it's not like I still have feelings for him. We broke up 7 years ago and I broke it off. I'm married with a baby on the way, happy as can be. But still it feels kinda weird to have a close friend and an ex maybe dating. Not sure it will turn into anything though. According to friend, exboy says he just got out of a bad relationship and doesn't want to start anything right now (boy code for I don't like you that way). anyways, wanted to vent and get anyone's take on this weirdness.

So my person at the staffing agency told me I should file for unemployment. I've never had to do this before- how does it work? I told Le Boy about it and he says I shouldn't, but it seems like a pride thing. I'm not sure what to do.
Polly, in my state you can file right over the internet. Our state employement agencies have a website and you can fill out the application online. It's pretty quick and painless. It usually takes 2 weeks before they start to pay, and I wouldn't let pride hold you back. This isn't "welfare". The company that lets you go is the one who's paying. The companies pay into unemployment all the time and when someone makes a claim against them, their rate of paying in goes up. Some peopel see it as a way to stick it to the company that lets them go.
yeeeehaaaaaw first time in american history a woman is the third most powerful person in the country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Polly, some of your taxes go to funding unemployment. It's your right to collect on that. You should file for it -- it's not a pride issue. It's what's rightfully yours.

Also: omg! omg! omg! The Democrats won the House! Santorum is out! A woman is the speaker! I honestly never thought this could happen after the 2004 election.

A big Fuck You Barbara to Dennis Hastert, George Bush, Cheney and all the other war criminals who lost tonight. (Metaphorically anyway; Hastert won his seat.)

a woman speaker!!!

may i second sidecar's BIG FUCK YOU BARBARA to all of those heinous old white male warmongers in the i'm not just right,i'm better than you in the white house!

and it looks like my absentee ballot for NC may have actually helped!! we got back a seat there!!!

polly, you should file for unemployment. it isn't what you were making, not by a long shot, but as a wise kvetchie once said, it is your right. you have to prove that you are looking for a job while you are getting it, but that is easy enough. and you can (as pixie mentioned) probably do it right over the computer. i did.

i wish i was in the states to see all of the headlines SPLASHED across the papers today!!!

we may may may still take the senate. mccaskill beat talent in missouri! webb hopefully beat allen in virginia. santorum the religious asshole is out. even ohio voted democrat for senate. this may be one of the best days politically we have had since clinton won!
i am ecstatic!
nuff said.
(((group hug)))
wacko.gif Is it time to start a countdown on how long Shrub has left in office?

Well, I kicked more ass this year on the exam than I did last year, but still won't know for several weeks how I officially did. Thank you for all the good thoughts.

Kvetch: I just threw out a whole batch of soup because it was the suck. The smell was making me feel gross. It was a Moosewood recipe, too. I am not a big fan of Moosewood even though I'm veg. I don't think they're the end-all be-all of vegetarian recipes, and this little experiment just confirms my gut feeling. PISS ME OFF! Now I have nothing to eat for lunch.

I'm also sore from lifting weights three days ago. Three days ago. WTF?!


*~*~*~*~*~Getting-a-better job, unpacking in new apartment, bonding with new baby, mourning the untimely death of a brother, asshat managers should burn in hell, safe bunnies, well-behaved pups, and germs-be-gone*~*~*~*~

Oh, and one of the huge benefits of swtiching to my new job IS the benefits. I was freelancing before this new gig and it was murder not having health insurance. I literally did worry myself sick(er) earlier this year with a bout of bronchitis. My advice is to find a solid company to work for that offers health insurance -- that's what I say from now on, especially since I'm not in a position to rely on a husband for coverage. I will never go back to freelancing simply because I can't afford it -- on any level.

(ETA: Who here mentioned that I was quoted in the BUSTline? That was pretty exciting. hee hee!)
Polly, by all means apply for unemployment assistance. Employers (and perhaps employees in some states) pay into the state unemployment systems for so that there is help for those between jobs. If you're in doubt about the agency in your state, just Google the name of your state and "unemployment"; you'll likely find the agency listed, or look in the Yellow Pages under State Government.

I went to bed last night thinking control of the Senate was a lost cause, but I'm excited this morning. We may not have 51% by the numbers, but with the independents, we may effectively have control (assuming Lieberman can be trusted, which is iffy). We just need to get Virginia and Montana finalized, and that may take a while. I am absolutely energized by McCaskill's apparent victory over Talent and by Santorum's debacle.
i am so happy i could just skip!!!! lots of bad stuff happened (bans on gay marriages, prop 87 in california rejected, etc) but SOOO MUCH GOOD STUFF!

i really feel like crying with joy. i feel hopeful for the first time since dubya was elected a million years ago.

mass elected a black male democrat for governor-last dem we had was mike dukakis!!! yikes! plus, this is only the 2nd black executive ever elected? can that be right?

female speaker of the house, makes me want to just cum or soemthing. sorry that's gross but it's like so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!

even if we don't get the senate, i'm still happy. it feels like a real system with ya know, checks and balances. we haven't had that for years! i'm sooo excited to see what'll happen in the upcoming months.
I think the same thing billybonka; that the independents would provide effective control of the senate. Fingers crossed...

As for the rest: rock on.

I'm not living in the US but I am proud. Which feels good.

I am soooo excited about the election results. As Maddy said, it's like we actually have a system of checks and balances again! HOORAY!

A woman speaker. A WOMAN as the Speaker of the House!!! I just ... WOW!!! 'Bout freakin' time!!!!!!! [hops around room for a few seconds]

I'm also thrilled about Britney filing for divorce. Thuh-RILLED, I tells ya! When I first heard the news on TV, I actually clapped & bounced up & down on the sofa.

I kinda feel as though the world is shifting ... that things that have been wrong for so long are finally finally beginning to turn around. It's a whole new world, people. Yay!

And can I express the adorability of that sugar glider?!?! Holy guacamole!

[hops around room a little more]
How sad is it that we're as happy about Britney getting divorced as we are about the political shift? Hee hee! biggrin.gif
Holy shit! Rumsfeld is resigning!!!!!!

This truly is a glorious day!
Drive by to say WHOO HOO!!!!!!
woot, I'm not even American and that excites me! Montana won too.
*Gasp* Rose! That's fabulous! *This is running through my head*
now the dems just cant fuck it up!
Polly, your post made me guffaw! [ETA: BOTH of your posts, actually!] And the surprise of Brit-Brit leaving Cleuts was a major deal for me earlier. But Rumsfeld getting kicked out ..... baby, it don't get much better than this. smile.gif

I'm watching Bushy make his speech right now. He has already pissed me off, though. He said that when he spoke to our beloved new speaker, Pelosi, he chose to make interior decorating suggestions. I'm totally serious. He joked that he discussed draperies with her. Grrrrrrrrrrr.....
Well, I've had a crappy week so far, a lot of time on my hands and have to find joy where I can!
Re. Rumsfeld: it just keeps getting better. So excited over here!
anyone else having problems accessing the lounge or threads once in? I keep getting "service temporarily unavailable due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems". Grrr.
Bunny, I'm getting that sometimes, too, but refreshing the page has fixed it for me every time so far.

Plus this law on the books here that taxes art hanging in galleries...before it eliminated. So I've got the little, city yays! and the major, national yays! One local blogger wrote something like, I woke up and felt like an American again. And I thought me, too.

What kinda soup didja make, raisin? I have never found a cookbook where I like every recipie I try, but I do have some all-time favorites outta Moosewood.

I'm not a great improvisational cooker, but I at least have gotten pretty good at guessing if a recipie is going to turn out well. I used to be HORRIBLE at this and got excited about countless dishes that turned out this mexican rice that just called for tons of specialty chili powders. No onions, no peppers, no tomatoes. I just didn't know that it would be crap! I'm making this sweet potato, corn, and jalapeno soup later that I must say I'm a little uncertian might be really good, though.

I've been busy working...that is getting better, for the most part. Although I did have a very fast delivery the other night where I felt like my judgement was questioned by me and others...when out of the ordinary things happen, it's sorta human nature to do that. And curiously, that led to some old stuff related to the storm to come up, so good thing I had a counseling session already scheduled for yesterday! It was a good one.

I've been keeping up in my sleep-deprived haze, so from memory...

Mornington, how are Pete and Indigo getting on now?

Rosev, are you over your stomach thing?

Polly, by all means, get your unemployment!!! Take it from someone who had to learn to embrace charity, not to mention unemployment, which was my legal due!!! Glad you've got some prospects on the horizon.

Anoushh, I've been thinking of you tons!!! It's totally appropriate to greive, but I hope at the same time that you're not being hard on yourself. Sounds like you tried so hard, and taking care of your mental state is important and valuable!!! A priority to consider along with all the other considerations. Mammas matter, too! You rock.

Love to all!!!
*snoopy dances into kvetch with gimpy toe*

wooohoooooo. awww yeah, some silver lining is finally shining.

((((((huge group hug)))))

my internet is officially hooked up at home, but when I tried to access the lounge this morning I got that darn message, grrrr.




that is all. I'm excited and the shrub is still an asshole (he said that, rose? the man needs a swift kick).
soon the shrub will be derooted and on the recycling pile.

kvetch: my boss is bullying me; I am sick and fed up of her phoning me ... I am off with depression and stress, you calling me all the time is not helping much. She is making me complete medical disclosure forms to "help me"; unless you are going to pay for my antidepressants, no, work is not going to help and it certainly isn't at the moment. Grrr, she gets me so wound up and I need to go into work for meeting with her and her manager next week.

eta: (((yuefie and her gimpy toe))).
MAJOR kvetch: IDIOTS in CA kept the farking Groping Governator in office and the BASTID is (currently and has been since he took office) trying to reverse the wage increases and health benefits my union fought so many years for. So there's a chance that by the time I qualify for the insurance next year it will be gone because of him. I work for a County program and my pay technically comes through the State, which he doesn't like so he has been gunning for us from the word go. Seriously, that dude has a boner for us. He feels *we* do not deserve coverage, and if he had his way would eradicate my very job. I despise that slimy scumbag.

But yeeeehawww for the rest of the good news. GO Pelosi!

(((Yuefie))) I was soooo rooting for the Democrat who ran against Arnold in California, Angelides, since he spoke at our union convention last year. Poo.
I forgot to say happy moving! to Yuefie.

Plus, I'm so annoyed with the health care's a lot more to get insured through this Arts Council thing than I expected. It more than doubles for couples...I wonder if you can opt out of maternity benefits if you can document a vasectomy? Bleh.

Yuef, I was really bummed for you about the whole insurance thing. Is it gall stones you need treatment for? Any plan regarding that?
Thanks amilita! I am loving the new place. You know I've had hardly any problems regarding the gall stones recently (knock on dubya's head) but it's my left arm that is bugging me all the time now. It would just be great to have it checked out, and to not spend another year without coverage but thems are the breaks. Right now, with Schwarzenasshole at the helm and ready to take us out, I am most concerned with keeping my job at all. He has something against people with disabilites, I tell ya. Seriously, he was quoted as saying these people need to get out and work or it's up to their families to pay their way and not the government. Um, yeah fuck face. Some of these people don't have families with money or families to care for them, period. Just pisses me off to no end. Thanks for the sympathy my loves, it just makes me SAD that Californians didn't learn the first time around. As a native Californian, I am truly embarassed and ashamed of us right now.

*heavy sigh*

I feel sad that I live in GA. sad.gif

Kvetch: Almost got fired today for chatting with a co-worker, and doing my job. I'm basically going in tomorrow so that they can hand me my walking papers. Asshats. Not to mention, as you all know, I've been only back at work like 8 days, and my doctor is still trying to adjust my medication (as of last night I just had to reduce it). So, I haven't felt the best physically, and they just keep fucking with me!! Asshats. I need a job, but not this bad.

Anti-kvetch: My housemate and I went to a local Mexican restaurant and bitch about work and boys. smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek called. smile.gif I explained my horrid day, and told him that I needed some time off to be by myself and some friends.. Anyways, he thought I was breaking up with him. I explained that I wasn't, but I needed some space. Once, he understand that, we were cool. Still a hard conversation to have, but I'm glad I had it. I still got invited to the Thanksgiving with his buds.

Anti-kvetch: Oregon makes a great beer called Dead Guy Rogue. I found out my local liquor store. Yum.
I don't know your whole situation (either you haven't posted it, or I missed the post), sassy, but could you get them for discrimination based on your medical condition? The whole thing sounds fishy to me.

ETA: A micro-brewery in Utah makes a beer called "Polygamy Porter." They had it at the bars they set up at the functions we had when I was in SLC.
Ugh. I am feeling horribly ugly and unloved tonight. I've got at least three massive zits on my face probably because I've eaten too much chocolate this week. I also have too much laundry to do and I just think I'd rather get a new wardrobe than wash the shit I wear all the time. I'm sick of looking at myself. Ugh ugh ugh.

Why is it only Wednesday night? Sadness. Work has been crazy this week, nose to the grindstone, and if that wasn't bad enough, also full of gossip from the crazies. I hate that I'm thinking about this so late at night.


I'm sure I just need a good night's sleep.

Sassy, you don't need that kind of work environment. I say you bring one of those paper horn thingies that are blown at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, because in spite of it all I do think you have a tiny bit of celebrating to do if they do indeed fire you. Asshats!
booby squishing hugs and big lovely YOU ARE LOVED keeeces for raisin. sweetie, you NEEDED that chocolate. the zits will go away. (((((((raisin))))))) and when they are gone, you will still be as wonderful as you are now!!

polly, what did the polygamy porter taste like? was it a big seller? bet a lot of people just bought it becaues of the name!

(((((yeufie))))) ((((((sassy))))) ((((((polly)))))) all of your job sitchs SUCK.

~*~*~*~*~*powers that be, give the three above jobs that they will love~*~*~*~*~*

bunny b, wtf? doesn't this idiota recognize that she should be leaving you alone? can you call the HR people and politely ask if they can keep her from doing this? and get some sort of note from the doc backing you up??? what IS it with all the nasty job stuff happening this week???

tomorrow is a holiday here!! so essentially today is friday! yayayayay!! i am soooooooo tired this week. i feel like i could fall into bed and sleep 12 hours straight!

hugs and kisses and silly lion fishes to all kvechies!
((((((raisin)))))) *leaps and covers in big wet snogs* we loooove you! you are both teh sexeh and teh wonderfulness. It's true acos I say it.

((((sassy)))) she's an idiot. enough said. you don't need this and it sounds like discrimination to me.

((((bunny)))) fucker. yes, can you get HR to tell her off.

((((yuefie)))) yay for the new place and boo on the governator. ***get better gimpy toe***

((((amilita, rose, mando, pixie, syb, tes, billy, anoushh and notbob, dusty, dm, msp, walkingb, faith, everyone)))))

yay yay yay for the democrats taking the senate! that is extra-good news on top of yesterday.

kvetch: the welshman and I had a fight; he read kvetch (he's curious, I told him I'd prefer it if he didn't...) and decided to get jealous over assorted parts of my life. I spent a good part of the evening in tears; he left early this morning to go to the doctor (because apparently he can't shower at my place) and I still feel dreadful. And he's going to read this so I can't say what I want to.

antikvetch: going to see the springbok nude girls tonight - for the first time, and they've just reformed. I'm taking the Boy Wonder.

Indigo went on the bus yesterday. with me. he was very good (if terrified). soon he'll be coming all over the place with me (first stop... the vet.)

Right, I have to toddle off and play with the cows this afternoon. And by play I mean dodge getting shat on while I milk them, and come back on the train into central london reeking of cowpat. Joy.

edit: I just got back from walking the hound. he got lost and ran all the way home and I don't want to leave him on his own.

(((sassy))) fuckers. Their loss, both employee wise and money wise cos you can so get them on discrimination.

(((raisin))) you are the wonderful and you are definitely loved around here

(((tes))) a'cos

(((mornington))) oh yes you can say what you want. Okay, you didn't expressively say Don't Read but he should have respected your privacy; we need our places to vent. The boy wouldn't even consider checking up on me here (would you honey?) Boys. Idiotas.

Nightmares about work; it's getting so bad that I'm beginning to confuse my dreams with reality as I can't actually remember what's been said. I feel like weeping profusely. Tes, I have a doctor's note backing me up but I don't think they believe I'm depressed so they are doing their best to make me worse and keep me off work longer. Meh.

((((morn))))) lovie, that is out of line and frankly, a violation of privacy so if one takes the risk of reading up here, it is an assumed risk and their own fault. So ptoot. Mr Welshman, sir, kindly kick rocks and stop snooping or pull your skivvies up and stop whining about what what you read here.

I smell of cows and I'm going out on my own tonight. Feh on boys.

continued love for morn. I'd come with you if I was anywhere near. Oh, and Lily Allen was great, wasn't she? Definitely gig season.

so... a certain somebunny passed her driver's theory test second time around biggrin.gif.
Yay! for passing your test, bunny!!! I'm so sorry work is being bad to you...can you take any action?

I forbid the Mr. from reading this site...I don't let him read over my shoulder or anything. Sometimes I tell him about people or stuff that's going on. If you're going to snoop, you have to handle what you find out. Plus, a partner should get the message if you say you'd rather he didn't read this stuff. So, what Yuefie said. And so, (((mornington)))

(((raisin))) I've been feeling ugly and unloved lately, too. Generally feeling a bit down. I still think it could have to do with the time that silly? Plus, I've been working a lot lately. What was I thinking when I signed up for all these shifts? I really need to stick to 2 a week (and occasionally 1) or I'm going to burn out fast.

Are you going to do something nice for yourself this weekend or something, raisin?

Hello, everyone...tes, rosev, faith, mando, sassy, polly, you!
(((bunny))) congrats! i knew you could do it!
(((mornington))) color me tres pissypants at boys making you cry. yeah, i'm looking at you, welshman! mad.gif

ugly ... check.
unloved ... check.
*heavy overlydramatic sigh*
(((((((Mandi)))))) What's wrong, pumpkin?
((((((Raisin)))))) Sorry you're feeling down, too.

CONGRATS, Bunny! How fab! And as for things at work, I totally agree with the others. If they pester you again, contact HR.

Sassy, how are you doing today?

~$~$~$~ continued job vibes for Sidecar, Polly, Faerietales, & everybody else ~$~$~$~

Where's Pixie?

((((((Mornington)))))) Been there. Uuuuuuugh. I'm so sorry.

Anti-kvetch: I found the local French pastry shop! Holy crap! I even got to speak to the chef - a genuine Frenchman. I'm so glad I found this place. It's only 5 minutes from my front door. Weee!!!!!

HUGE Anti-kvetch!!!! HUGE!!!
BestGalPal just met Tim Gunn!!!!!
And she had a long conversation with him!
And she even told him about ME!
And he told her to thank me for being a fan despite all of the Vincent crap!
And I'm just going to faint now because Tim Gunn just thanked me!!!
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