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(((designermedusa))) I was coming in meaning to ask where you've been! What's meant to be will be and you're back with your family -including twin DM, yes?- and if you want it bad enough the move to NYC will happen again and be successful this time. It was a good night and I plan to do the same again tonight but this time with pizza!

(((stargazer))) I know how you are feeling, really I do. I've been on antidepressants since May and have been signed off work for six weeks so far and will be while before I go back. At the moment I'm thinking my dosage isn't high enough as I'm finding it difficult to motivate myself out of my pjs let alone the house.

rose, such a sweet story! I'm feeling much better, thanks, but fretting majorly about mandoo and can't take him to the vet's til parentals back. He's being sick less frequently but is still not himself and is spending a lot of time in my underwear drawer; he is sitting beside me just now and thanks you for vibes, continued ones would be appreciated.
((Rose, DM, Stargazer, Pixie, Raisin, bunny & mandoo))
((everyone else- I'm at work and only have a couple minutes left of lunch!))

Amy Sedaris was on Martha Stewart? How did I miss this? Pesky job getting in the way of my daytime TV watching! Do you think it would be on You Tube? ETA: Ta-Da! (Don't know how good it is, since I can't watch it at work!)

Happy [belated] Halloween! Happy Dia de los Muertos! Last night we went over to Le Boy's brother's house to celebrate with his kids, their sister's kid, and their cousin's kids. They were all so cute. His nephew (4-years-old) was a ninja and his cousin's daughter, also 4 was a princess. His other two nephews were Tigger and a pumpkin (both under a year) and his cousin's other daughter, also under a year, was a tomato- sooo cute!

((Sigh)) Back to work. Blech. Wish I had taken the whole week off, which Le Boy did. That's alright- I stuck him with dog-duty today, and he has to do dishes. To add further misery today, I have cramps and my sciatica hurts. Poop. Wanna go home.
((mandoo & mamabunny)))
(((annoush & bebebuster)))

*kickass interview vibes for sidecar*

(((designer & mr))) so sorry it didn't work out. also sorry i didn't get to meet you! *sniffle*

(((yuefie))) there's GOT to be some loophole they can find for you, insurance-wise! two measly weeks? that is beyond unfair!

(((sassy))) a new job is definitely what you need. fucking asshats. grrrr.

(((msp))) always nice to see you stop by! wish you were sent to my neck o' the woods!

mornington, sorry i didn't see your x-men post before. i liked it. didn't love it as much as the first one, or even the second one. you can probably figure out why. (don't want to spoil anything for anyone.) the kid gave it a 4.5 stars, tho.

my next wig purchase will be a storm wig. damn, but i love that 'do!

kvetch: hating on the job. as usual. at least bossman is back. last week, without him, was pretty unbearable. he also pretty much left my resume alone, revision-wise. high praise indeed. now i just have to get the nerve to start networking/job hunting, etc. *heavy sigh*

antikvetch: saved my chocolate consumption last night for my all-time favorite bakery brownie, another of which i've squirreled away for this evening's delight. biggrin.gif

kvetch: ate my weight in candy corn. ick. blink.gif

thanks for all of the support! ((rose)) ((bunny))

i'm feeling really good today. more relaxed. i slept alot. so, at least i have this time to concentrate on my internship applications. a good thing.

((annoush)) congrats! how did i miss you giving birth? congrats again!

((mando)) good luck with the job search. oh, and the storm wig sounds awesome...

((designermedusa)) that stinks. i hope things are better for you now.

((polly)) get better soon!

((yuefie)) good luck moving!

Kvetch: So, my supervisor was NICE today. It sort of freaked me out. Now, every day we have to come up with a "game plan" of tasks to do. She forgets that I do this every day, not only at work but in my daily life. Whatever. I just have to suck it up and go with it.

Kvetch: Plan to eat my weight in Halloween M&M's tonight. They were on sale at the store.

Anti-kvetch: I found and am applying for a job in Portland. smile.gif

Stargazer, I'm glad you were able to sleep, and work on the applications. Definately a good thing.

Mando, good luck on the job search. I'm right there with you now.

((yuefie)) ((polly)) ((bunnyb)) ((designermedusa)) ((annoush and baby bustie)) ((Mornington))

Unrelated anti-kvetch: Has anyone gotten Amy Sedaris's new book yet? I may get it sometime this month. Some of her recipes, and the book itself look really funny. smile.gif

eeeeee! I am FINALLY on track to start rebuilding my credit after my divorce/bankruptcy! I got my first credit card today! This has been a major undertaking because just about every CC company looked at my bankruptcy and wanted to charge me an outrageous interest rate or huge fees for the priviledge of using their card. Mr. Pixie also has a card through this same company and he has good credit..all our fees and interest rates are the same! I have been getting these preapproved offers for 2 years now, but they always came with my exhusbands last name on them and every time I tried to activate them under a different name(first my maiden, then Mr. Pixie's) I got denied. So I went ahead a activated this one with the old name....I just called customer service and the guy was really friendly and helpful and it is no problem at all now to get a new card with the new name! ...WOW! I don't think I've ever had a positive experience talking to a credit card representative before! Anyway, now I can start rebuilding my credit, so I am uber excited!

((((DM))))) I'm sorry that NYC didn't work out for you two. I hope you are able to enjoy each other and your families a bit more than you've been able to.
(((stargazer)))) i'm glad to hear you're feeling better
(((yuefie))) that is eight kinds of bullshit re: your health insurance.

My interview went reasonably well, although it wasn't spectacular, like my previous two. That being said, I never got an offer the last two times, so maybe this is okay. I felt good about it, as if it would be a better fit than my current position, but it won't be the end of the world if it doesn't happen.

So, Ireland! Gosh, I don't know where to begin. We drove around, from Dublin to Kilkenny, the next day to nearby Thurles (via Cashel, home of the Rock of Cashel and the best blue cheese ever). We went to the west coast on Day three, and I never wanted to leave. I was so relaxed, the food was so good, the pace was very laid back and it was just gorgeous. After two nights on the coast (including trips to a burial site older than Stonehenge, a couple ruins, and the Cliffs of Moher) we went to a college/market town in the midlands before heading off to Dublin. I saw loads of ruins--castles, monasteries, what have you -- and, of course, plenty of sheep and cows. I mostly drank Bulmers (a cider) and Smithwick's ale, but Martini made sure the Guinness was sampled. We had a very, very good time. Also, Irish radio is funny. I'll have pics up on Flickr this weekend, I think, and maybe write some stories in ye olde LJ soon enough.
hey sidecar

i spent 6 months studying in galway and i agree, i never ever wanted to leave the west coast of ireland. so beautiful. the cliffs of moher are crazy! and bulmers, goes down so easy but the next day, after about 15 of them, the hangover is brutal cause of all that sugar. but YUM. i am very jealous:)
Last night really, really tough--not making enough milk, hadn't got any sleep, and he was starving. With help of lactation nurse decided we had to give him formula, which really, really upset me. But he's getting adequate food now and I'm doing my best to do various things to stimulate milk production in the meantime. All is not lost. And he's at least getting enough food in the meantime.
(((anoushh))) from what I hear -although BUSTie mamas will be more informed than I- breast feeding is really difficult at first and it's NORMAL for it to so. My friend C had a really upsetting time of it to begin with and a horrible nurse who said it was all in her head.

sidecar, glad the interview went well.

kvetchI'm having a tough couple of days; I don't think my meds are strong enough and I'm finding it harder and harder to leave the house. I cancelled two things today: one meeting with my supervisor and lunch with a friend as I just can't face it. I want to watch the last three eps of Veronica Mars and curl up with my poorly kitty.

(((((bunny))))) go. to. the. docs. now. before I come up there and get you. tongue.gif . you will be fine, butternut, you just need to find the right level of meds.
((((anoushh)))) & ((((bebe)))))
((((mando, sidecar, stargazer, pixie, rose, amilta, dusty, faith, syb, dm & mr dm, sassy, sixe, msp, walkingb, tes, polly, everyone))))
zoooooooom I am off to play with the hamsters and the mice in the lab.
Sidecar, sounds like the interview went well. When do you expect to hear back?

(((anoushh and baby boy))) I'm sure you'll settle into a routine with feeding soon; it's early days yet.

This month is starting to turn into a social whirlwind, which rocks but is a little concerning as I also have a major deadline (again...) in the middle of it. Overnight trip to london to see an old friend; hen party and possible few days looking after my dad who's not well. Good to see people but I need to be organised!

It is a cold but lovely November day outside. It finally feels like autumn.
~$~$~$~$~ continued job vibes for Sidecar ~$~$~$~$~ Your trip sounds fabulous!

(((((( much love for Bunny and Stargazer and everyone who is feeling down )))))) Maybe those of us who are feeling blue should encourage eachother to get out more. We can give one another little assignments, perhaps.

((((((Anoushh)))))) You will be fine, dear. There's nothing at all wrong with using formula to help things along. All that matters is that your darling boy is healthy. You're providing for him marvelously well. You are a good, attentive, and loving mother. So just try to relax and enjoy this time.

Sassy, it's good to hear that things are a little better at work. As for the other job, would this be Portland, Oregon or Maine?

Hooray for Sybarite's busy social calendar!

And hooray for Pixie's improving credit situation!

((((((more love for DM, Polly, Mandi, Mornington, Yuefie, Faith, Dusty, and aaaaaaaall the Busties))))))

My chores today include laundry, grocery shopping, mopping the hardwood floors, and buying a duvet for our bed. It's going to dip down below freezing this weekend & I want to make sure our bed is nice and toasty.
Thanks guys.
I really am producing almost no milk and he was losing a lot of weight--I'm pumping to try to stimulate it, etc, and if anything it's getting less and less. But I"m giving him everything I can pump and I know we are doing everything we can. Made a thorough plan with the lacation nurse yesterday for the next few days. I got some sleep finally last night, too.

Thanks again--finding it really upsetting still. I'm not a candidate for a drug that, as a last resort, can stimulate lactation b/c of my history of serious depression, and that makes it even a bit harder not to feel like "it's all my fault, I'm not good enough" etc, , but I know you are right about what you are all saying and it really helps to hear.

PS--he really is the most beautiful baby in the world.
(((Anoushh))) Whatever breast milk you're able to produce is good for him...the glass is half full, not half empty! And like Rosev said so well, you're a good, loving, attentive mother! That's really the important part.

(((annoush))) i did both breast and formula, and happily so. and as far as i know, my son isn't the antichrist. don't fret, luv. it's all gonna work out fine. i promise.

i realize you might not want to publish his real name here, but we're gonna need a nickname!
when you have time though can you PM the kvetchies his name? I would love to know.
We don't have a name yet! M keeps threatening to call him "Bob"-said in Rowan Atkinson style--and I've called him "not-bob" in response.

We're working on it. He'll tell us when he's ready I suppose.

Middle name is Arra, though. A nice, Armenian name.

Milk supply seems to be less, not more. sad.gif
But again, thanks for everything everyone's said. I'll do what I can do and he'll do what he has to do and we'll make sure he's taken care of.

(I had formula too, so I know people can turn out ok, but I do need to hear these things again and again as I just feel so guilty, irrational though it may be.)

So again, thanks so much to everyone.
(((anoushh))) sometimes, some women have a difficult time breastfeeding in the beginning. a friend of mine did and she was worried she wouldn't be able to breastfeed. after a couple of weeks, she had no problem. you can still have the baby suckle from you for the attachment purpose if that makes you feel good. i know an adoptive mother who did this with her son when he was a baby. also, la leche is an organization which encourages breastfeeding. they have a book out. if you want to check it out. i'm sure they have a website too. take care of yourself.

(((bunny))) if you feel you need an increase in meds, then make sure you call your doctor. lots of well wishes for you.

(((pixie))) yeah for getting your credit back up. cool.

((sassy)) oh, that's awesome. i hope you get an interview with Portland. that would be supercool for you.

((sidecar)) sorry you didn't hear anything from the interview.

(((mornington, rose, mandolyn, amilita, and other kvetchies)))

i'm off to eat and nap.
not bob could be a very cute nickname. imho.

and i hope no one thinks that i mean to imply that formula babies are satanic. i'm just a major proponent of feeding kids any which way is best for them and mama, that's all. i preferred doing both because i couldn't handle the sole responsibility. i wanted to sleep. (36 hrs and a c-section, i deserved my sleep.)

i just felt the need to clarify. i know breastfeeding - or not - is a touchy subject in the lounge.

'k. shutting up now.

eta antikvetch: my boy just informed me that he's joined the school's animal rights club. and that he's seriously considering becoming a vegetarian. i heart my baby. smile.gif
"Well boy, what do you call yourself?"


"Isn't that a bit of girl's name?"

"Oh, it's short for, uh, Bob."

Yay baby boy annoush!!
(((anoushh))) I know everyone wants to breastfeed and I do think breastmilk is best, but at the end of the day, your baby needs to eat. *That* is what's most important, whether it fits in with your own philosophy or that of others. I think it's fine if he's on formula, and you need to do what's best for both of you. I honestly have no idea what I was fed, and I seem okay, if mildly deranged.

(((everyone who's feeling blue)))) It's a rough time of year. I don't think it's any coincidence that the days are getting shorter and people are feeling this way.

(((syb))) enjoy the travel, and I hope your dad feels better.

Re: the interview -- it'll be a few weeks before I hear anything. They haven't decided if they're going to look external, and they're thinking they'll do second interviews at some point. So it'll be at least three weeks before any decisions on a second round are made. I'm a little less positive today. I felt like I made a good impression, but I'm not sure it's the best fit for them (or for me), but it's a better fit for me than my current position. We'll see. I'm a bit in it for the money, too, so...yeah.
I was breastfed, but I'm totally deranged anyway! tongue.gif

I'm getting a haircut tomorrow, so I'll try to post pictures. Love to all!!

Oh, and I totally agree that the shortened days are making people's moods weird...definately happening to me.
Props to ya'll. I hope everybody's lives get better. (((((Kvetchies)))))

I refused the tit. Seriously. I'd just spit the nipple out & struggle to get away. I just think I didn't like milk. Still don't.

Kvetch: I cannot wait for the goddamned election season to be over. The slam ads this year have gotten *REALLY* ugly. A nasty bit of truth here & there, but mostly BS. There are even a couple candidates using disabled Iraq war vets to oppose the pull out. And don't even get me started on the domestic partnership law.
(((((anoushh))))) & ((((not-bob-bebe)))) tongue.gif what sidecar said, and stargazer too. the most important thing is that you're a good, caring mama who loves her boy.

(((ap))) the boy wonder (my brother) did that when he was a few months old. loves milk, just decided he wanted to be a grown-up
((((mando))) I know why you didn't like x-men3 as much. but did you wait until after the credits? and yay! for danny.
(((amilita))) pics pics pics!
((((sidecar)))) I still have fingers crossed though!
((((syb)))) yay for busy!
((((dm)))) hope it turns out - maybe it just wasn't the right time to make such a big move? you've been meeced sweets!
((((rose)))) mm, duuuuuvet
((((pixie)))) yay! good news!
((((sassy)))) I've crossed my fingers, toes and eyes for you with that job tongue.gif
((((yuefie)))) thinking of yooooouuuu

I scruffed hamsters and bunnies and mice and rats today. It was good, I had fun playing with the pig too. I'm still not entirely comfortable with the lab-animal thing; but this time the supervisor told us what they were doing - cancer research. so good things. it'd taken them three years to get the mice to the level where they could start thier research properly.

zoo photos on the flickr.... and nonsense written in the blog. I've had a constructive day biggrin.gif - spent most of the evening watching House and doing very little. Tomorrow I have to stare through a microscope at some blobs. mellow.gif with funny names like simple squamous epithelium. yay.
yes, you definitely have to wait til after the credits, mando!

now mornington is petting pigs, hehe.

yay for bebe not bob.

I was given the bottle not the breast (don't know why) and hate milk but that was more due to the lukewarm stuff they tried to give me in nursery until I refused.

that's all I have: veronica mars season one finished and season two on its way. need to drag myself to uni tomorrow and don't feel too bad about leaving mandoo as he's doing a lot better- only been sick once today.


I like "notBob" for a nick, too! And breastfeeding is different for everybody, you'll find the right balance....

I'm trying to picture mornington "scruffing" lab that like a scratchy-huggy type maneuver? huh.gif

So, major kvetch: I had an anxiety attack this morning at a diner and got a fun ambulance ride to the hospital. Wtf? I've been all bluesy-not-wanting-to-leave-the-apt, figured it was just winter coming and whatnot, but this was a little unexpected. I was supposed to be driving to Chicago today and got poked and prodded instead. sad.gif I'm going to leave here shortly and drive about half-way there anyway, and make the rest of the trip in the AM. Worth it even if I only get 2 days there, I *heart* Chicago that much! (but if I could request a few "don't freak out whilst I'm driving" vibes? I've made the trip a dozen times, but I've never had an anxiety attack before, either....kind of weirded out)

anti-kvetch: got my health insurance cards in the mail last week, so the whole episode will cost less than $100.....just in time! (yuefie, I'm sending major insurance vibage your way, as they initially told me the insurance wouldn't kick in until the first of next year, but I had a "status change" of part-time to full time, which qualified me for insurance now. I called and they changed it, maybe something similar would work for you? ~~~+~~+~~(hospital crosses) insurance NOW~~~+~~+~~~

bunny, welcome to the cult of Veronica Mars! It is a very fun cult of which to be a part.
((sixelacat)) May the weather improve upon your arrival.

Poor Martini is off at a screening of The Santa Clause 3. I kinda like bad-movie-screening nights though because I eat grilled cheese and chips for dinner, and I can't get away with that when he's here.
Oh, I approve of Ara as the middle name! Hee.

We could always call him Sarkis -- which is legitimately a male Armenian name, but I remember it also being used by the elderly people in my family as a general affectionate way to address the children, both male and female. But I like "not Bob" as well.

I spent the first month of my life in the hospital. MaRaisin visited me every day, but I know for the majority of the time I had tubes and stuff stuck into my itty bitty body in order to feed me. I've never even asked her if she nursed after that.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~Vibes to everyone in need*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I'm off to look at Mgton's pictures.
My cousin is Sarkis, so that would be confusing.

I should be trying to nap, but the mister isn't home yet and I'm worried about him. He left for work almost 13 hours ago. First day back and the bastards have kept him out this long? That's fucking inexcusable.
::laughing:: There's a Sarkis in almost every family*, huh?

Hey, they'd better give him tomorrow off! Sheesh. Hope he's home by now.

*Armenian family, that is.
(((sixelacat))) i totally understand the out of blue panic attack. dude, wtf? what is up with depression and anxiety this year? just curious. take care of yourself. (this saying is becoming redundant for me, I know). but, don't force yourself to take a trip if you don't feel up to it. if you do make it up to Chicago, then I hope you have a great time.

dude, i was so hungry that my mom had to start breastfeeding me on the delivery table. but, i wouldn't take formula. it was breast or nothing. funny.
Made it to Newton, IA, decided to stop for the night. 'Bout halfway there, I guess. I felt like if I didn't get out of the apt and just drive, I wouldn't have stepped out of the house until I had to go back to work on Monday. Blech.

stargazer, I'm totally blaming the mid-term elections for everyone's depression/anxiety this year. Cripes, it's so bad even bunnyb's affected! Away, away evil political ads *makes mysterious signs in the air*

Everyone has a Sarkis? In my family, everyone has a Bob. I have 3 uncle Bobs (one of my aunts first two husbands were both named Bob, in fact....). Even my dad's first name is Robert, but he goes by his middle name.....I guess that would make him a NotBob! tongue.gif

Hmmm, my cunning plan to make Chicago warmer while I'm there: Get my brother to find his Wonder Twins ring (we actually do have matching Wonder Twins rings!)....I'll freeze the lake and he can turn into an eagle to carry it off. That should warm things up!

Okay, off to find the elusive ice machine....
i'm just popping in to say that i am lurking and reading archives. i am SOOOOOOOOOOO far behind! all i can say right now is that there is no one in my family named Sarkis, and that PiP was a stunning bride, and that everyone who is feeling depressed and down is loved and thought of often by all of the kvetchies here, vibing you and hoping you all feel better soon.....

hugs and kisses and silly clown fishes
I saw somewhere that Lucizoe is getting married today! Congrats on making it legal!!!

(((((Sixelacat)))) Safe traveling for you!
(((((Anoushh & NotBob)))))) When did the Mr. get home?
~$~$~$~$~ continued job vibes for Sidecar and Sassy and anybody who wants them ~$~$~$~$~
~smile.gif~smile.gif~ vibes of happiness for Bunny and Sassy and anyone else who is feeling blue. ~smile.gif~smile.gif~

In Sheff's family, "Peter" is a common name. And in my family, we have a few people named "George", but we've given them all nicknames to avoid confusion, so in the end no one goes by "George" except for BestGalPal (even though that isn't even her real name!).

I got soooooo much done yesterday. I polished some of my old shoes, cleaned all of the wood floors in the house, scrubbed the upstairs bathroom, shopped for shoes (but didn't find any I liked), exchanged a dress, bought a new duvet & duvet cover, bought a ton of groceries, and then did a couple loads of laundry. Today I think I might just tidy and bake some cookies.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff's company is taking all of the employees to see "Flushed Away" this afternoon.
Kvetch: Sheff has a TON of work due today so after the screening of the film, he'll have to return to work & stay late. Poor thing.
I decided last year to take November head-on. It's cold, it's dark and it doesn't have christmas, hanukah or any other holiday at the end of it (not here anyway; USers get Thanksgiving), so if I'm not careful I'll spend it eating carbtastic food and guzzling red wine by the fire all month, then getting depressed. November can have teeth and it is easy to succumb to the gloom of long dark evenings, so I think it's important to be especially good to yourself, whether with extra vitamins or treats. Whatever works.

/feelgood soapbox

Sidecar, sorry to hear there will be a delay on hearing back. Maybe best if you try and put it out of your mind for now, if you can? And dude, sorry to hear about Santa Clause 3. Pass on my sympathies.

Anoushh, I agree with everyone's wise words. Moms in particular get so much guilt thrown at them which I'm sure simply adds stress. See what happens over the next few days and try not to worry; I've heard breatsfeeding can be slow to start too.

((sixela)) Calming driving vibes. Will some chilled-out music help during the journey?

On one hand I'm grateful I can't see the evil election ads, on the other I'm intensely curious. I'm sure there's no such thing as too low.

Mismatched (as ever) gray lace mesh knickers and black mesh brar.
So anoushh, this morning in the shower, I decided to help you out with your naming problem. So here's what I have for you for your baby's new name:

Batman Ara
GWB (pronounced "Gwib") Ara
Tomkruze Ara
NHS (pronounced "Niss") Ara
Sirloin Ara
Lounge Ara

If any of these work -- and really, all of them do -- just make sure to tell everyone that you got it from some lady you met on the Internet.

Congrats to lucizoe!

Kvetch: Monday is the two-year anniversary of my brother's death. It's really caught up to me quickly.
Sidecar, I pronounce "GWB" a little differently. It comes out as "ass-wipe" around my house. That's a nice segue into Tuesday being election day. If you've not yet expressed your opinion at the ballot box about the current crop of elected officials, please take the time to do that on Tuesday.

Navy blue boxer briefs today.
Sidecar, that made me laugh. Which is cruel considering my stitches.

((((sidecar)))) *snort* laugh.gif I say Batman
((((anoushh)))) & ((((notBob)))) actually, just call him Not Bob Ara. Did the mr get home ok?

(((syb))) sounds like a good plan to me. It's freezing here.

((((sixe)))) acos. scruffing is where you pick the small furry up by the scruff of thier neck - the bit of skin their mother carries them with. basically, you grab your mouse by the tail, plonk it on the top of the cage, press down and forwards with the other hand, and get enough skin between your thumb and forefinger to make sure it can't move it's head. You do the same to rats & hamsters except you don't pick them up first - and you put an arm under the bunny before you lift it properly as they can break thier necks that way \boffinry. here's a picture of a scruffed hamster.

((((raisin, rose, billy, stargazer, tes, amilita, pixie, mando, bunny, yuefie, msp, walkingb, everyone))))

congratumelations ((((luci and legally-officially-mr luci))))!

everyone in my dad's family is called Allan - either as thier first or middle name. He wanted to call the Boy Wonder Allan but our mum refused. He does have the same middle name as his dad though (except BW has the french form, dad has the italian, after his uncle).

Today I slept in lectures and read Farenheit 451 when I wasn't sleeping (and didn't look through a micromoscope). Tonight I am going to see The Gossip, tomorrow The Dresden Dolls. smile.gif . for free, because G apparently likes me still - or at least enough to guestlist me. The Boy Wonder has gone to dad's - he has to get up early for a hockey match - and goes back to school on sunday.

*mwah* & *****happy healthy vibes for all*****

oh, pants! ph34r.gif Black pants with white lace trim, white bra.
i really love this thread. we've talked about seasonal depression, breastfeeding, elections, and underwear. awesome!

sidecar~it's funny that you were thinking about the lounge while in the shower! funny. ((sidecar)) sorry to hear about your brother's death/anniversary. i hope you are well today.

((sixelacat)) yeah, for making the trip! you know what, the weather is suppose to warm up in Chicago next week.

kvetch: just adjusting to these meds. feel a little sleepy. so i might see if i can take the antidepressant at night. oh, and those terrible election ads too. at first i thought they were doing some halloween spoofs with all of the talk of ALIENS! uh, is so nice to know that my fellow Mexicans are compared with little green men in outerspace. maybe on election day i should just walk around in a spacesuit scaring the yuppies who live around me.

antikvetch: um, i'm watching licensed to drive right now. yeah, the coreys can help anyone's depression...


*~*~*sending out good vibes to everyone*~*~*
yes, mornington, he did. SO late. And he got a decent nights sleep and I got some too, (a little) and I"m going back to bed now. He should have an easier day today.

The person who did that schedule and let him do that really is a bastard, though. And an idiot.
sidecar, those were FABULOUS names for not-bob!!! but poor anoushhka!! if you have her in stiches.......


i am wearing a light blue lacy demi bra with little teeny blue ribbon bows.

and a light blue lacy thong with little teeny blue ribbon bows on each hip.

this is their premiere.


mornington!!! scruffed hamster!!! heeeee!!!

sixela, i hope that you are safely where you need to be by now!

~*~*~*~*~*~ be good to yourself!! november in the northern hemisphere sucks! vibes to syb~*~*~*~*~*~


mr. bonka. we need to expand your boxer brief wardrobe. seriously.

mornington or bunny, could one of youze please PM me about what i missed in the xmen credits? danny and i were too busy talking about the movie, and then we turned it off. and it was netflix, thus no longer in my possession ... dang!

congrats to luci & her 'official' mr! what a pretty day to get hitched!


(((sixelcat))) panic attacks are the suck. *massive understatement* glad to see you got there safe and sound.

*xtra-strength kickass pass-that-exam vibes for raisin*

(((yuefie & PJ & sashie))) hope the move went smooth and the new digs are just what the doctor ordered.

scruffed hamster. sounds like a band name to me. heh.

Tomkruze Ara made me guffaw and cringe simultaneously.

(((sidecar))) two years. it feels like yesterday. you know november sucks much ass for me too. my dad's ten-year anniversary is coming up shortly. it's actually good that lil cousin's babyshower is that day - something pleasant (excluding family dramarama, of course) to take the sting away, if only a little. circle of life.

sybarite, i like your plan too. i started taking my SAMe four weeks ago. not sure if it really helps, but i just can't stand this time of year. truly.

antikvetch: butternut squash soup.
antikvetch: feeling a little diryt today.
um, the two have nothing to do with one another!

and because it's in my head, and must now be in your heads too ... BWAH!:

oh oh we're halfway there,
oh oh living on a prayer
take my hand and we'll make it i swear
oh oh living on a prayer ...
*volunteers to get into billy's underwear drawer* tongue.gif

seriously, thier faces are the best bit about scruffing hamsters. they're all cute and lovely, then you pick 'em up and look at them and "gah! teeth!"

mando, I'll get on it... pfft, butternut soup is making mando diryt. wink.gif
Tes, work with me on this smile.gif You make it sound like I've only got a few to choose from. One brand fits me better than any other, so I have muito boxer briefs that look alike. No, they don't make a lavender model.

eta. Yowza, I missed the word "drawer" the first time on Mornington's post. The snort was heard around the office.
billy just had me in stitches too, morn, where's that blushing smiley? you may need it!

oh and did you PM mando?

whilst I remember: I was in Borders (bookshop) earlier (didn't buy anything for myself more's the pity but gift for friend's 30th) and I saw The Book of Bunny Suicides and it reminded me of the lounge (not as good as the shower wink.gif). Such a funny book and I'm a funny bunny. morn and raisin, you may find it a little bit sick, I've seen it before as the boy and I bought it for his sis.

Thomas is popular on step-dad's side (including him) and Con/Connie on mine (great uncle and the bunbun). Also, my aunt's name is a combination of my nana and papa's.

(((sidecar))) seems that Oct/Nov not good times for kvetchies. I think syb has a good point with us who are feeling down about the weather, I think that's my problem -or one of them- although I normally love winter. I have a few gigs to keep myself occupied this November so those should cheer me up.

Speaking of which: I actually made it out today. I had to go to uni to pay my obscene library fine and enrol for graduation then I indulged in some retail therapy (naughty bunny!) Now I have a lot of housework and packing to do before the family return from Paris - looking forward to seeing them. Off to Manchester early tomorrow and back Tuesday as Scissor Sisters gig Monday. (mornington, enjoy your gigs too!)

undies: white lace bra and white girl shorts with pink trim, pretty in pink written in pink on ass, pink hearts and silver breast cancer bows and diamante heart (yes, they're busy!)


eta: oh and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to mr and mrs luci!!!
so putting bunny suicides on my wish list ... totally twisted!

yes, i'm all good with x-men, thanks, bunny & mornington! *kissyface emoticon*

and tes, please ... do leave billy alone about his undies? fer chrissakes, most men wear older-than-their-firstborn, hole-y-then-hell tighty-whities that are now grey and droop halfway down their asscrack. (ok. well, maybe just my man does.) i cannot attest firsthand, but my educated guess is that our billy is probably one of the best-underwear-dressed men out there!
*insert blushing smiley here*
I couldn't resist, sorry. tongue.gif

bunny, I love love love the bunny suicides. yes, I have a sick sense of humour about these things.

kvetch: feeling fat 'n' blobby. illogical.
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