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rose, will it be possible for you and sheff to share a car? That really sucks that the insurance is so expensive. There are many states that have the same new driver rule like NC, but that's no consolation.

((sidecar)) Hope you are feeling better.

((amilita)) Hope you are feeling better too. Another kitten, awww. My friend now has about 8 cats as one just had four kittens.

I hope pixie's honeymoon is much fun.

((mornington)) Hope you are feeling well even after your therapist was less than helpful.

Mr. DM, Twin DM and I saw The Notorious Bettie Page last night. Today the family went to the zoo, and out to eat.

Happy Mother's day to mothers of human and animal kids.

((Good News))

So, here is the kitten, who will remain nameless because when I say adopting him out, I mean, like, to someone else.

I'm a little worried because he has what the vet says sounds like an upper resperitory infection, and you can see his left eye is runny, which can be related. He's not eating real heartily, and seems kinda lethargic. I'm thinking I'll take him in on Monday, probably.

I treated him for fleas, and his hair has some matting. If he did have an owner, they aren't taking good care of him, so I don't feel bad about that. We are keeping him in the bathroom, away from the other cats.

Ugh, sidecar, hope you feel better. I have a mild cold, but when I was out running around in the heat, my heart felt like it was working so hard, ya know? And I just feel wiped out. Gonna go buy a DVD player and come home and camp out on the couch for the rest of the day.

Bleh, car insurance! The rates in New Orleans are astronomical, so I sympathize.

Thinking of Pixie and husband!

Vibes to all!
Kvetch: Remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned I was applying for two jobs at an electronics store. Well, I did and I think I blew it. My uncle knows someone very high-up at the company, and I intentionally didn't tell him because I was very confident that I could get either position without help. I still think I could have. However, when my grandma heard I was applying, she took it upon herself to call my uncle and have him tell his friend to put in a good word for me. Well, the guy did more than just put in a good word, he got a hold of my application and talked to the people in charge of hiring for the two positions and had them call me, rather than going through human resources and getting an interview like everyone else does.

So far I've only spoken to one of the people from the departments, and I made a horrible impression. She called on a Friday night, I was in the middle of cooking dinner for a small party, I was totally caught off guard by her call. It turns out they want someone who can work regular 40 hours a week and then overtime whenever they need it. I sounded a little unsure about this on the phone with her, because it would really change my life. I am not a person who wants their life to work around their job, I want my job to allow me to have a life. I told her I'd think about it and she said her boss would call me to schedule an interview.

Well, he never called me and so I called my uncle's friend. He said that the woman I talked to said I told her I could only work specific hours and I wouldn't be able to match the job and they're moving closer to hiring someone else, so I'm out of the running. WTF? I never said that, I never gave her any specific times I couldn't work and said that I'd like to interview for the job. I thought about it for the past few days and had decided that I could do this for a while, not forever, I could work my life around it and the benefits of the job were worth it and hell, it's still better than where I am now.

So now I have a chance to go for the other position, the one I didn't want as much. I've got to go into the store to talk to the person who hires for it. I wish I had just gone through the regular channels, gotten a proper interview from the beginning. This sucks. The little depressed voice in my head keeps saying, "You're stuck where you are, you'll never get out of this crappy job." I don't want to settle for this other job, but hopefully it will pay more than where I am, I'll still get the benefits and perks and maybe in a few months, there will be another opening in the other department that I can apply for.

Anti-kvetch: I totally wowed my self-defense class instructors this week. We were assigned relationship situations that could escalate to a crisis, and how to respond to prevent that from happening. I was assigned "your partner threatens to commit suicide when you tell them you're breaking up with them." I was the last one to go, so I got to think of something good. I answered that i would say, "I understand that you're upset, but I'm not going to be emotionally blackmailed by you. I want to make sure you get the help you need, but I'm not going to feel responsible for your choices." One of the instructors was like, "okay, you've learned all you need to- end of class" :-)

Sorry for being a thread-hog!
((pixie's honeymoon))
((rose's insurance woes))
((sidecar's health))
((amilita and her expanding kitty family)) can't wait to see pics- Wally's so lanky!
((mornington)) therapist vibes- when you find a good one, it will be sooo worth it!
~*~*~*~job vibes for lively~*~*~*~*
((everyone else I missed))
aww, kittin! (((amilita & kitties))) - I got your email with the link amilita, it looks really great & I liked the sculpture you had there. Have you tried syringing something into the little one? It's not ideal, but it will get food into him - especially if he's not used to eating from a dish.

***pixe have a good honeymoon!***
(((rosev))) insurance is the only reason I haven't learned to drive yet; I hope you find somewhere cheaper


Summer is here, the cricket season has started. I've been listening to the test on the radio today - I'm hoping it's going to be a nice day tomorrow & they'll announce cheap tickets (they do that if it's quiet). The ground is only down the road from me and it won't last the full day. Although if sri lanka keep going on it could get tense. /obsessive cricket bore

Happy mother's day everyone! ***vibes to all mums***
*fly-by. Hehe, my step-dad just whispered to me that he's booked a late lunch at out local resturant, seeing it's mother's day and all. He was rather confused when I told him that mother's day was a month and a half ago and it's in the States (and Canada?) today. V cute of him and weird cos it says it on our Jack Vettriano calendar; being a Scottish artist I would have assumed it only had local holidays and not universal.

The boy's first Final is tomorrow; I'm anxious for him but am more confident in his abilities than he is. He finishes on Thursday which will be such a relief for him.

Had dinner at my friend KinkyKatie's last night; was lots of fun and I kicked her ass at Book Lover's Trivial Pursuit :-).

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas!

Still sick over here, not horribly, but enough to not feel like doing much. Bleh.

(((general vibes to all)))

No-name kitten is doing OK...his eye needs some attention, I think, cuz I doubt anyone will want to adopt him if it looks like a problem. He eats heartily sometimes, but this morning, not so much...he does much better with canned food. He's totally not used to dry. Thanks for your advice, mornington...I have almost tried to bottle-feed him a couple times, but I don't think I need to.

As he's gotten a little less scared, he has also become more playful. I've sent an email around with pictures about adoption but no responses yet...I feel kinda bad, but I'm not really excited about dealing with this little one. It just makes me stressed and kinda depressed. But I also feel like once you commit to doing it, you just gotta do it all the way. Surely someone will want him.


Yep, its mother's day in Canada.
just a quick drive-by to wish love to all the bustie mamas ... including bustie critter mamas - big fat mwahs all around!

kvetch: poor sunny has a migraine and is missing out on my mum's delicious ham. i wish there was something i could do for her. i feel so helpless, but i imagine letting her sleep is the best thing.

antikvetch: my boy had a good time in DC, but i'm so damn glad to have him home. and i'm so glad it's over. the anticipation for this trip was dreadful.
Happy mother's day to the momma busties!

And job vibes and wellness vibes and all-purpose vibes to everyone else!
(((((everyone))))) I felt like ass much of the day. Damn allergies. Hope all the mamas had a great day.
I was assigned the supervisor I wanted for my MLitt dissertation - yay! Hehe, it's not like I planned it that way...

The boy is sitting his first final in 10 minutes. I have everything crossed for him (even my eyes!) Thanks for the love mornington, and hope things are well with you.

(((sidecar))) boo to allergies (I'm a fellow sufferer)

(((everyone and their dogs, kitties and bunnies)))
sidecar, yes it's distiller that makes the pdf, i'll check in the setup although i think i already checked there. thanks.

rose, that sucks! when i moved from ohio to nj i couldn't believe how much more i had to pay in insurance --it's cause everyone f'n sues everyone for everything here. i wonder if shef can take some kind of 'defensive driving test' that would make it cheaper? we can do that here.

woohoo for pixie's honeymoon! *~*~*safe and super fun trip~*~*

(((amilita))) hope you're feeling better!
(((mr. amilita and kittens))) awww, that kitten is so ca-yoot! hey, maybe you could adopt kittens out of your gallery? they keep finding you, it's like they know they'll be taken care of! (oh, & i love your bathroom floor, hexagon tiles rule!)

*~*~*good luck to mr. bunny on his finals*~*~* yay on the supervisor you wanted, bunny!

(((polly))) that sucks, why would someone call about a job on a friday night anyway!?! is the other job for the same company?

yay! for safe & sound danny at home again!

i can't believe the weekend is over. all i did is work on the house --but i got a lot accomplished, i'm running over to the 'house of the gods' thread to brag...
Driving by to post an entry from a blog on a subject dear to Bustie hearts: guys who tell you to smile. This blogger died last week.
Dusty, that rocks. One less Mood Ogler indeed...

It's raining outside which means I can't wear any of the nifty summery stuff I unearthed from the wardrobe last week. Bah.

Kvetch: Bf wanting me to meet up with him and his young'un because she's in a strange mood and he doesn't want to deal with it alone. Don't get me wrong, she rocks and I'm always happy to see her, but he relies on me overmuch to smooth things over, when frankly that's his job.

Additionally, as it's still the middle of the day, I was thinking of, I dunno, working?

I'm crabby today. But overall life is still good... and I get to go on a mini-holiday in 2 weeks, hooray!

*goes off to focus on the silver lining*
geez, so much rain ... seems like it's raining all over the world!

sybarite, where are you going on your mini-vackay?

amilita, little no-name has stolen my heart. i so wish i lived nearby. big hugs to you for taking on another wee one, albeit temporarily.

polly, i bet you could undo any damage with the jobbie pretty easily. definitely go for it, even just for the interview experience. and don't feel bad, anyone calling me on a fri evening would catch me cranky as hell. when i managed the bookstore, i made calls between 9-5. i always tried to be considerate of 'civilians' having, you know, lives.

i had to read mornington's post 2x before i grasped that she wasn't talking about crickets the bugs ... hee.

kvetch: between working saturday and mother's day hurrying to-and-fro, i definitely didn't get a weekend. i'm going to be mega out of sorts all week. le blergh.
Hey ladies!

I went to the cat show on the weekend and saw 300 of the most beautiful cats in Northeast Scotland. So lovely and interesting to see all the different breeds and I just want to cuddle them all. I have decided I want my next cat to be an Abyssinian sorrel as they have the most beautiful fur I've ever seen. We are only 4 years away from allowing ourselves another cat!

I was wondering how you could possibly adopt another, Amilita! Hopefully you can adopt it OUT indeed.

The other highlight of my weekend (since I didn't get free tickets to the massive music festival in my armpit town that never has cool events like this- damn posties were stealing them!) was discovering there is now a Subway in town. Hiding on the second floor of a shit-ass mall of course but it exists and I can now have a proper sub again! Divine. As a former Sandwich Artist myself I am rather particular about my subs.

Face still the same but it feels like it's loosening a bit, I can move my tongue around that side of my mouth a lot more and Finaman thinks I am speaking a bit clearer. My pals on the weekend were disappointed that it is not more severe, I think they really wanted me to gimp it up for them. My ear has been super sensitive though, ringing a lot as the reflex in that ear is non-existent.

Bunny, glad you have been enjoying the weather- not quite what I would term a heat wave but hey! I bought some of those pork and apple sausages for the boy but he's not tried them yet. They look good tho.

Well done on the class Polly, that is the perfect thing to say. I too think you should try for an interview, it might be possible to imply that your situation was misconstrued by those not really in a position to know and be involved?
dusty, that's awesome. i had a guy do that this weekend and the mr. thought i was mean for telling him off. i'll have to send him this link...

(((sybarite))) are going anywhere?

fina--oooh a cat show! i would love that. i've been sweating the havana brown and the tonkinese (which amilita's no-name kitten reminds me of) for years.
I want a seal point Birman.

I wish I was sharp enough to do the snappy comeback when people say dumb things like that. My one, sort of all-purpose snappy comeback (delivered in a kind of stunned, worried voice) is, "wow... the black-outs must be getting worse, because I DON'T REMEMBER ASKING FOR YOUR OPINION." Wouldn't really apply to the "smile" people.

Belated xoxoxo to all the Kvetchy Mamas. I got to have late lunch/early dinner with mine as she & my sis were on their way back south from spending 3 days in the wind and rain for National Migratory Bird Weekend (no, I'm sorry, I'm not kidding.)
i'll take another sphynx please....mmm rubber kittys to love....

((((((vibes for all kvetchies)))))

i love that one, vesicapisces...i will have to steal it...
(((everybustie, everymom, and everykitten)))

kvetch: I am sick and still blue.
Aw, (((faith))) Wish I could cheer you up.

fina, glad your nerves are coming back to...uh, their senses! The ringing in your ears isn't something that even occured to me- how annoying!

When I read mornington's post about cricket season, I got this picture in my head of a cabin at night, trees silhouetted against a full-moon sky...and crickets chirping...and then I snapped out of it and realized it was the sport! So you're not the only one, mando!

sybarite, I am envious of your mini-holiday and wanna know where you're going, too.

Yay, crassy for getting so much done!


hope bunny's boy did well on the test!

Tee hee, rubber kitties. I would love to go to a cat show!

Mando, I wish I could introduce you to this fur baby, because you would have no choice but to bring him home...he is so, so sweet! Now when I go into the bathroom and talk to him, he stares at me with the big, blue eyes and kneads his paws. ~~~Melt~~~

But I got a request for pics from my craigslist keeping my fingers crossed. We just cannot take on another kitty right now.

Here's a better picture of his face.

Love to all of youse!
yay! for danny being home and safe. (((mando))) hope your monday is ok and you don't get too out-of-sorts.
yay! for bunny's supervisor being the right one. & hope the boy did good
(((faith))) feel better
(((fina))) I'm jealous of your cat-show adventures.
(((amilita))) - once again, kittin! he's a sweetie, hope you get him a good home soon
(((crassy, vesica, msgoof, syb, dusty, seabird, sidecar)))

kvetch: we drew the test. should have won by miles, but sri lanka put up an uber-fight and had the weather on thier side - there was rain and bad light. Bah. (yes, I am still wittering about the cricket. I'm addicted to it).

Other than that, uni uni uni - not too bad once I'd painkiller'd myself up (urgh, cramp) and electrophysiology of the heart isn't too bad. But now... bedtime!


((amilita)) Good luck on adopting out the new kitten.

((faith)) Feel better.




((fina)) A cat show sounds fun. I'm a smooshed face cat kind of person, like persians and himalayans.

((mando)) Glad Danny's back safe, and hopefully next weekend is less hectic.

((syb)) Yay for a mini-holiday.


((bunnyb)) Yay for getting the supervisor you wanted.



((polly)) Good luck with those jobs.


((pixie)) I hope the honeymoon is going well.

((Most perfect things for all Busties))

Work went by fast today, yay. But my tooth hurts.

((Good News))
(((DM))) My tooth hurts too, bleh.

(((kvetchettes))) belated BUSTie mama wishes, too the critter mama's too.

No word on the job sitch yet. Just opened the $214 electric bill and nearly fainted. Off to stress some more about bills & dinero. I'm looking forward to escaping reality with the 2 hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy tonight. I am late on the GA bandwagon, but I heart it so. Also going to catch up on the epi of The Sopranos I missed last night, if it's available thru On Demand yet.

be back later to vibe everyone individually.
*smooches* ((((everyBUSTie))))
$214 electric bill, lively? Wow! Is everything in your house electric? Mine's only about half that in the summer, and down to about $40 during the winter. I can't wait until July, when we will have lived here a year. Then we can sign up for the budget program with our electric company and they average your electric bills from the last year and bill you an even amount each month, so there's no guessing. Good luck on your job situation, too!

I'm feeling a little better about my own job situation. I went into the store yesterday to talk to the manager of the other position. She wasn't there, but I talked to her co-manager and she seemed really nice. I told them Thursday was the only good day for me this week, so hopefully they'll call and let me know if that's possible. I'll be so happy when this is over! Yes, crassy, it's all the same company. I know, Friday night? WTF?

Amilita, the new kitty's so cute!

Yup, $214.43 polly. Fan-fucking-tastic. I just paid the $64.43 to bring to down a rounded figure I can try to wrap my head around. Everything here is electric and I get the feeling some *ahem* boys have been running the AC whenever I'm not home, cause I'm the AC police. I hate to be hot or feel overheated, I seriously loathe it. But I also know how damned expensive it is to run the AC. Also, summer hasn't even really begun yet, so the heat we are feeling now is just the tip of the iceberg. If we can't handle this, then what are we going to do in August? I guess if they want to afford the digital cable/HBO/Showtime/dvr they'd better stop running it so much.
Crassy, with regard to your conversion project from Pagemaker to Quark Xpress, have you tried downloading the convertor directly from Adobe?

Check it out here:

(Sorry, I'm not sure if you're running Windows or Mac, and my Pagemaker and Quark Xpress programs are on my work computer, so I hope that link helps :-) )

~North "hope I don't look like a damn fool because I haven't invested the time to read all the posts that may have answered Crassy's question" pole~
I'm still sick. I stayed home from work yesterday, slept, got up and read for awhile, did laundry, then spent the rest of the night on the couch, reading and watching TV (though not Mr. President.) I'm not feeling gangbusters today, although better than I have in a week. Bleh. I wish this cold would just pass already.

aww, those sphynx kitties look like cute leetle aliens to me! msgoofball, you have one? any pics?


amilita, you know i asked the mr. last night if we could go to nola and get a kitty (any excuse to go to one of my favorite cities & get a cute kitty to boot...) unfortunately, he said it wasn't a good idea right now. poo! no-name is even cuter in the face pic. awww, look how fuzzy!

(((lively & dm's teeth)))

nothpole, thanks, is there anything that converts them the other way around though, from pagemaker 7.0 to quark? i still can't seem to get this file into a farkin .pdf. i'm pretty upset about it & at my wits end.


please everyone cross your fingers that my basement doesn't flood. it's been raining hard for a while and i went through a lot of almost flooded streets to get to work this morning (i should have taken the jeep since the mr. offered)
Hey, gang. Sorry I haven't been posting. I'm sickly, too. And unlike some of my fellow sickly Busties, I don't think I can blame it on a bug. I think I'm just stressed out. Bleh. But I'm thinking of you all while I'm camped out on the couch!

And in case you're wondering, Tes made it home safely. She left the BEST message EVER on my phone this morning. We're probably going to get together next week. I hope she likes me! I know I was so nervous when I met QSpice that I talked nearly non-stop during her two visits, so I'm scared I'm going to do the same to Tes & bore her to death!

Anywho. I'm feeling weak again, so back to bed I go.

(((((( much love to my darling Kvetchies because you all mean the world to me ))))))
Rose, say hello to Tes for me! And try not to stress. (Yeah, easier said than done, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to say it. Or else you can virtually slap me and tell me to shut up if it makes you feel better.)

Also, my insurance was HUGE when I moved here as to the UK insurers I was a new driver, though I'd been driving for 20 years. So I have sympathy.

Amilita, I would SO take that cat if we were going to be anywhere close to you when we move. I loooove Siameses!! I've been worrying I won't find a rescue siamese kitty when we are ready for one.
He's a cutie. You'll definitely find a good home for him. And Wally is so-cute-it's-probably-illegal cute! Great ears.

Lively, I'm with you on the $$$ woes. It seems we are hemmoraghing (sp?) money these days and neither of us have jobs now. I'm trying not to panic.

Fina, glad you are recovering. I do know about Bell's palsy, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't have been totally freaked out at first if it was me!

I'm having a hugely hard time being motivated to post so am mostly just lurking and reading. I'm preoccupied with al the stuff we need to do to move, trying to decide what to take and what to leave (we can each only take two suitcases of 50lbs each--it used to be 70lbs, for fucks sake!--and our carry ons will be the cats, so that's not much, really.) We leave on the 30th.

Also feeling better in the pregnancy (thanks for asking, lively)--16 weeks today--but though I'm not collapsing in a heap exhausted, I do get tired easily. Been going to the gym and doing some walking and a bit of other stuff here and there. Yay me. (also I can use the shower at the gym, where at home we only have a bath, which is a bit of a challenge with my sacroilliac joint acting up.) Heard the baby's heartbeat today at the midwive's visit. Trying not to freak out at the huge responsibility of becoming a parent. Seriously thinking about a home birth, which isn't what I was thinking at first.

Anyway, enough about me me me.

(((Sick/unwell kvetchies feel better soon)))
(((well kvetchies stay well)))

Oh, crassy or anoushh, I wish one of you could take this kitty. He is such a love bug! He's got big paws, and then with the darker brown on them and the fuzziness, it looks like he's wearing Chewbacca boots or something.

My ad goes in the paper this week, still have the one up on craigslist, sent out a mass email...I may take him to the Whole Foods on Saturday and sit outside with him in a box. The lady I sent pictures to emailed a thanks, but no furthur word...oh, and my vet suggested that once he's doing well with dry food, I could give him to the SPCA at that point. I hope I can avoid that, though.

I am, of course, getting a bit attached to him, but there is no way we are keeping him.

~~~flood stay away vibes~~~ for crassy! Don't take any chances when you're driving.

I'll post more later...I think I turned a corner with this cold, but I still feel kinda low energy.

Love to all!!
ok here's the link for my sphynx kitty one of the picts., he is grooming my husband. LOL
I love his belly in the first picture, msg! And the sweater...did you make it?
k. now i'm calling him Chewbacca in my head. i wish i could drive down there and adopt him too. wah.

*job vibes for polly & lively*

(((rose))) of course you're stressed. you just pulled off a big move and you've got car issues. hopefully everything will fall nicely into place for you soon.

annoush, how exciting! the heartbeat thing made it all seem suddenly too real, as i remember.

*anti-flooding vibes for the mcnasty's* i'm so over this crap weather.
*feel betta vibes for sidecar*

always nice to see you, north!

(((designermedusa))) thanks for the kind thoughts. saturday can't come too soon for me.

query: does anyone have any tips or suggestions on where to stay in or near williamsburg VA? we're visiting lil sis in northern VA for the first part of our vackay, but then we thought we'd hit up williamsburg & VA beach and then come back up by way of Chincoteague. as a lifelong Marguerite Henry fan, i've always wanted to see those little island ponies. the chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel is a bit of a question mark, tho. i hate bridges. i hate tunnels. this could be a problem.

and for those of you wondering if the mando family will ever make it to disneyworld ... not this year. this year is all about The Cheap.

i would soo love to take that kitten! i love the siamese kitties too, i think enzo has some siamese in him cause he's got that angular face, he fetches, and he talks -all the time! he 'chats' with me actually, i'm the freaky cat-lover who meows back in the same tone and we have 'conversations' this way --of course the mr. does NOT understand this!

msgoofball, your kitty is adorable. i love him in that sweater, too precious!! i'm assuming too that you made it?!

the rain finally stopped, so i'm crossing my fingers.

mandi, don't feel bad, our vacation this year is to ohio for my other brother's wedding, so it's not even a real vacation. plus a couple of friends & want to go to wildwood for a weekend. that would be my yearlong vacation plans! my dream is to go to oaxaca!
I swear, if any of you guys lived 8 or fewer hours away from me, I think I would deliver him.

And I'm calling him Chewy, now, in my head...but I'm still not keeping him. If I didn't have the Mr., I might.

The lady who responded to the ad said her husband said not now...but another lady asked for pictures...
I too am home today, for the second day in a row. Miserable cold for a couple of days, but much better today, though I could use a nap.

Mostly delurking to say: Crassy, e-mail me the file, anything that's linked to it, and some details (Mac or PC, how exact a match it must be, etc.) and I'll see about getting it converted. I have InDesign, which may have some bells and whistles that will help. Sorry you've had so much trouble. I looked too and didn't see another utility that would help you (but go North for thinking that far ahead, which I didn't). You'd think they'd make this easier, right?

Then again, I think the whole world should be using InDesign. :-)


I need a nap. ETA: Obviously, since I *said that already.*
(((rosev))) get better!
***crassy's basement stay dry***
(((lively))) & her tooth
(((DM))) & her tooth as well
***polly & her job***
(((amilita))) and **get adopted chewy**
(((sidecar))) feel better soon
(((txplum))) feel even better
aw, jake's a sweetie, (((msgoof)))


kvetch: I've just spent the past couple of days reading my lecture notes aloud and recording them to my brother's fancy-schmantzy dictaphone that plugs into the computer. The boy wonder lost the usb cord, so I bought a card reader to plug it in. It doesn't work. I'm going to have to try it on someone else's computer - which means installing the damned reader - to see if it's because I'm running a mac. argh! It would have been easier to have bought my own damned dictaphone.

hehe, crassy, my mum and I used to have conversations with our cat too. She used to put me on speakerphone when I rang home so I could talk to the cat when I was at school. Apparently this freaked the cat out, and she tried to groom the phone.

mando... the cheap is the good. And you'll be fine with the bridge. Would it help to do the driving (I'm assuming you're driving) - my mum has tunnel problems and insists on driving through them.

whew. long post. (((everyone))) again. 'cos. - oh, and I'm going to the counsellor tomorrow. be warned, I shall probably freak in here just a little.
((lively)) My tooth still hurts, but I think it might be getting better. Hope your tooth is feeling better. And that electric bill, ahhhh. We are lucky enough to live in an apartment that pays all our utilities right now, so I forgot how much a pain the electric bill can be.

((polly)) Good luck, here's hoping they call before Thursday.

((sidecar)) Feel better.

((crassy)) No basemant flood.

((rose)) Feel better. Have fun when you and Tes get together.

((anoushh)) Good luck with the move, and I'm glad you are feeling good.

((amilita)) Good luck on adopting out Chewy.

((msgoofball) The picture called Jakefat is so cute. Does he look fat because he has no fur or is he overweight? I don't know much about cats.

((mando)) I have no suggestions about the vacation, but I hate bridges too. I would rather be driving, but either way they terrify me.

((txplum)) Feel better.

((mornington)) I hope the dictaphone works out.

I took on a new job responsibility at work today, so now I shouldn't be bored for awhile.

((Good News))
Crassy, I've been to oaxaca and I say go! We stayed in a fantastic place in the city for about $60 a night. Great food, great markets, lovely people... aside from all the (other) americans, a lot of whom were all smug about 'discovering' oaxaca. Though why I think I'm different from them I couldn't tell you.

Mornington, are you seeing the same guy as last week? I meant to post before; I've seen a few counselors and there is no way he should be as cold and unsupportive as he's being. It's hard enough to decide to go and see someone; the last thing he should be doing is alienating you. And stick to your guns about the antidepressants. Good luck today!

Mando, Williamsburg is supposed to be lovely. You could try these guys:
I find them to be pretty reliable.

So jealous that RV gets to meet tesao! I get nervous meeting other busties for the first time too, fwiw.

It is rainy and icky today, which hopefully should dissuade me from procrastinating and ensure I get some work done. That way I'll feel less guilty when I head off to croatia (where it had better be sunny!)
*delurks* *ahem* Please forgive my attention-whoring ways once again, but I've posted new furniture/decor pics in the decorating thread, if anyone is interested. Thankyouveddymuch. *relurks*
I've just sneaked a peak, doodlebug, what a beautiful (and calm inducing, I imagine) home you have.

Ms goofball, I de-lurked as I wanted to say how adorable jake is!

Good luck with the counsellor today (((mornington))).

Sybarite, it's miserable weather here too and yet I still manage to procrastinate!

The boy's last final, and consequently last day of uni, is tomorrow and then I have my boy back :-).

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the Bustie mothers!

I survived the Mother's Day jewelry rush and also finished Crazy Client's necklace. Hurray! Now I can just sit back and wait for the money to roll in. I like that part. :-)

I've read the archives but can't possibly vibe & hug specifically, so here ya go: ((((you)))) and ~*~*~you~*~*~.

Feeling crampy, so am going to lie down with a bead catalog. That's kind of like working, right?
txplum, you're the best! I'm totally going to e-mail you that file today. would it be ok if i sent more than one? i'm having drama on the first but i have to do more than one.

~*~*chewy get a home*~*~*

mornington, my mom does the same exact thing, and her cat has the same exact reaction. funny! (i guess we know where i got the talking to the cat thing)

i used to be afraid of bridges until last year i had to spend literally 7 hours stuck on a draw bridge (on the part that separates!) during an ice storm. i actually can say i think that cured me (although i still get frustrated thinking of it)

sybarite, do you remember the name of the hotel & did you rent a car or rely on public tranportation? i want to see monte alban while i'm there. and did you fly in to OAX? and if so from where? also, should i learn spanish? and what time do you think would be best to go? sorry for the million questions, i'm planning the dream vacation hopefully for next year (when there are no farkin' family weddings!)

rose, you'll have a great time w/tes, i'm sure she'll love you! (make sure you tell her hello from all of us!)

bunny, woohoo for getting the boy back!

(((sapphy))) glad that necklace is done!

my basement did not flood. yay! but my allergies are kicking my arse today! boo!
Okay, Mando, I know you're going to see this message if I put it here. Your email cracked me up a lot and I will respond fully when I have time and info for you (in a couple of days).

Aaaaannnnnd, I have a family member having surgery at this very moment for a thyroidectomy, so some "fuck you, cancer" vibeage up the eastern seaboard would be much appreciated today.

Crassy: we stayed here, which was well located as well as lovely. We didn't fly into OAX but there are flights from Mexico City several times a day. I would pick up on a few phrases of spanish for getting by. We relied on our feet and took a bus to Monte Alban, which was amazing.

We went in March which was great, with temps in the low 80s, but make sure you don't go during one of the many Lent/Easter celebrations. They're worth seeing but the town could get busy then.

Hope that helps. I can put you on to some fab restaurants too.
/vicarious trip planning

Rain has stopped, for now, so I'm planning a dash for sushi and chocolate. I figure the one cancels out the other, right?
glad i could brighten your day, raisin. that's what i'm here for.

NOFOOLIN FUCK YOU BARBARA TO CANCER. and all good thoughts for your cuz, raisin. keep us posted.

sybarite, thanks for the trip advisor linkie. good stuff.

crassy, i actually remember your bridge fiasco. i got a panic attack just thinking of you on that bridge for 7 hrs. you're a brave cookie. (i know you had no choice but to sit there, but i think you're still brave for not going insane then and there.)

bustie meetings are wondrous things. take it from me. i keep meaning to tally up how many busties i've met, but then i know i'd sound pompous-as-hell if i posted it. but, um, yeah. it's gotta be a large number by now. soon to get larger.

bunny, so glad you get the boy all to yourself soon sooner soonest!

*anticrampster vibes for sapphy*

antikvetch: i get to see beloved cousin play tonite. with sunny. sometimes life doesn't suck. :-)
thanks for all the kitty the way, chewy is adorable...alas, no fur fur babies for me..unless they are dogs.

((((vibes for all the kvetchies)))

jake has quite a buddha belly...but i guess that would make him a walking purring good luck charm!
the sweater(sonny bono vest as i call it) i did make...there is another in progress. jake is a whopping 13 1/2 pounds...he is on a diet although he doesn't/wouldn't know it. we try to use the laser pointer for him to chase and the feather toys for him to "prey" on.

and i will throw a big FUCK YOU to cancer as well since it runs in the family/friends.

(Big hugs to all kvetchies cuz i know i am doing a drive-by)
He's out of surgery and in recovery. Family hasn't seen him yet.

And really, this whole day, this whole week, even, just needs to be over right now.
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