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Oh my gosh, Anoushh, that was fast! CONGRATULATIONS! Wow. Talk about speedy delivery. I'm so happy for you!

Shit, WB. Are you okay? Probably better in the long run that you quit? I've been wondering how you were doing, wondering why you weren't around. Does it make you feel any better if I tell you that you were smokin' hot at the Emmys? Because you were.

I sooooo don't have time for a more detailed report right now, but this morning is probably the only time I'm going to be online in the next couple of days. (More bank and police shit on Monday morning, oh joy, I can't fucking wait.) I get to gush first! Mando is super. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. But you already knew that. She's even more super in person. It was fantastic to see her after all these years and I feel so completely honored that she stayed up here after the train ride from hell just to spend time with her Bustie friends, myself and the hostess with the mostest (do I mention her here? She's a former Bustie, now on Eljay.) But anyway, the night went by so quickly and I cannot wait to do it again (more sangria!), next time without costumes and train trips from hell and my horrendously bad eye makeup all on very little sleep. I have to say, though, they both wear wigs pretty damn well. wink.gif They are genuine and warm and funny and gorgeous and salt of the earth and tell the best stories and I wish we could have spent more time together just hanging out. Mando, next time I will come down your way as long as there's no snow. cool.gif

And thanks to Mando, I've now been inducted into the BPAL cult. The imps were in my jacket pocket on the ride home and at that hour, the combined scents may have been the only thing keeping me awake.

Well, I'm pissed off that I'm up so early this morning, but someone forgot to shut off the telephone ringer this morning at 4:30am when she stumbled through the door -- but as it turns out I gotta be out the door in about 20 minutes and I don't even have my contacts in yet. blink.gif I don't want to do anything today, at least anything that involves leaving the house. There are black sequins all over the living room floor.

Fall-back-an-hour love to all and more booby-squishin' love to Mandolicious!

Must get coffee.

Okay, I guess this post wasn't all that short after all.
WOW...Congrats Annoush!

I've been getting the same error message! I've been googling my way in.

((((Yuefie)))) Hope you find plenty of help! Moving sucks!

We took the minipixies trick or treating last night at our zoo. We now have a major sugar high going on. Mr. pixie and I dressed up too...I'll see if I can't post some pics later.
We postponed pumpkin carving till this morning. I HATE the feeling of slimey punpkin junk! But I just finished roasting the seeds and they are yummy!
I carved my pumpkins last night, using the stencils on Homestar Runner. I made The Cheat and Strong Bad. If someone tells me how to revive the Homestar Runner thread I'll post pictures. Following turbojenn's method, I'm going to roast the seeds today! Yum!

ETA: Nevermind- bumped the thread and posted- no pictures yet, though!
Congrats Annoush!!

I am finally able to log on to Bust!

Kvetch: Still cold in this house.
Kvetch: That cool apartment that I really wanted is sold out for like 6-8 months. Figures. sad.gif

Anti-Kvetch: Lewis Black was super funny (my second time seeing him), and it was a treat to take McGeek there. We had a fabtabulous weekend. Many glorious portions. And, boy felt really sad that he had to take me home. Oh, I'm finally meeting his friends for Thanksgiving... yay!

Kvetch: So super nervous about returning to work tomorrow. I just don't want the "pity her" looks from my co-workers. I know that this is just anxiety. Cross all fingers and toes.

((yuefie)) Moving sucks.

((multi-purpose vibes for everyone))
Just a quick stop-in to say MAZEL TOV, ANOUSHH! And many blessings to both of you. We look forward to hearing more when you can manage it!

Doing OK here, done nothing of consequence today except eat REALLY good Indian food, knit two rows, and have a nice long nap. Though now that it's Fall Back, it was unnerving to go to sleep at 4 pm and wake up in the dark - at 6:30! It's the one and only thing I hate about autumn.

I made my best batch of pumpkin bread EVER this weekend and got tons of compliments on it. YAY. I love making good pumpkin bread!

Oh - and I have the day off tomorrow! Had Friday off too, but it didn't exactly count...too much to do.

congrats to anoushh, and welcome to the anoushhkin!!

i'm back, and beyond exhausted. but i stayed up 'til 10:00 CST, so i feel all accomplished. It was a great trip (and one of the highlights was meeting the ultra-cool sybarite!)

more details when i'm coherent...
Can't wait to hear more about the little anoushhkin, hee hee.

And more about sidecars vaycay, syb & sidecar's meeting, raisin & mando's meeting, and to see polly's homestar runner jack-o-lanterns !

Ahhh sassy, I am so envious of your seeing Lewis!

Hey plummie, care to share that pumpkin bread recipe (by PM or in the barefoot thread)? I wanna make some, but I don't care for the recipe I have and hate blindly trying others I find on the net. Pretty pwease, with sugar on top? smile.gif

I'm still amazed that Anoushh is a momma. Somehow her pregnancy didn't feel real to me until now. And another Bustie boy! Wow!!!

Sidecar is back already? It feels like she just left! Well, welcome back & I hope you and Martini had a wonderful time. Can't wait to see the pics!

((((WB)))) Just wanted to give you a bit of support on the job front. I have a feeling that you made a very brave and smart decision. Onwards and upwards! And by the by ... mrowr! The Emmy dress looks FAB! And I love that all of the Colbert Crew wore matching pocket squares to the ceremony. Too cute.

I, too, am jealous of the Lewis Black sighting. Especially because I have a feeling that he was in my area recently and I missed him. Which only compounds the pain I feel over missing Amy Sedaris not once, but twice last week. Oh woe!!! But at least one of our darling Kvetchies got to enjoy Mr. Black, so that makes it all better. smile.gif

Pixie, glad to hear you had fun at the zoo! How is your mom feeling?

Hooray for Raisin and Mandi's get-together! Woot!

Plummy, is the recipe kinda spicy? Because I'd love to find a great pumpkin bread recipe with lots of spice in it.

Bunny, your description of dinner had me positivelyy droooooooooling. You better be careful with those posts! A gal could short out her keyboard reading yummy stuff like that! wink.gif

Hooray for Tes seeing Mr. HB soon!

I'm still trying to figure out why Dusty got carded while buying condoms.

(((( special snuggles for Yuefie )))) Just 'cause.


I just got done watching an episode of The Fast Show, so I have all those bizarre catch phrases playing in my head right now, e.g. "Suits you, sir." "Scorchio!"

Kvetch: Lots of suckage happening today. I don't think I want to get into all of it. I posted some of it over in the wish thread in ATWT. But there's more, too, involving our damn car insurance agency. AGAIN. And just a general feeling of blah. Sheff says he wishes that he knew what to say to fix everything, but it isn't about him. Truly. I just have some internal issues that need tackling, so none of this is his fault at all. But I'm glad that he's listening & trying.

Anti-kvetch: I'm getting past that point of wanting to move back home. I want to make things work here. I don't want to give up and surrender.
Kvetch: But the work involved in starting a new life feels daunting sometimes. Uuuuuuuuugh.

Anti-kvetch: Went out with Whino on Friday night and had the BEST time. We saw half of a play with one of her friends (it was painful so we left at intermission). Then we went out and ate and drank and talked until 2am. That woman gives me hope.

I heard Christmas music while out shopping today. The bizarre part is that I heard it while standing in the Halloween candy aisle. That is NOT right! One holiday at a time, people! Please!

i, as usual, have ZERO time before hieing myself to work.

so, welcome back sidecar! loads of vibes for all that need them!!

will try to pop back in later!

hugs, kisses and silly silly fishes!
Here's a picture of my pumpkins! I had to do a little Photoshopping to improve the picture quality- my camera doesn't tolerate low light well, even with a tripod. I carved the H.R. logo into the side, too, but I had to alter it a little because the star is in between the letters normally, but I couldn't carve that much fine detail.
Yay for (((Anoushh!!! and fam))) Too funny!

Great pumpkins!

OMG, (((WB))), hope everything's ok...

We had a peace rally on Saturday, about 2500 assorted people with banners and musical instruments, etc. At one point we passed a woman holding a child of about 2 yrs, and the kid was smiling and waving like it was some kind of parade. Soooooo cute! So of course I waved back.
WELCOME TO THE WORLD BABY ANNOUSHKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to the mama and the papa and the extended family.

~*~*~* strength and new better jobs for WB ~*~*~**~

So jealous of the bustie meetups. I always feel too shy for them - like suddenly I will be robbed of the power of speech. It's lame I know. I should get over it stat.

Kvetch: big mean reds and blue sads. I had to work until 1 am last night (yes, on a Sunday) and Saturday was my first day off in a month. I am behind on a pro bono cert petition I really care about, I have cramps, and I am really really lonely.

Antikvetch - despite these problems, I think I am developing a little more emotional resilience, so maybe the new meds are finally starting to kick in.

(((every single bustie, more individual attention soon)))
Polly's got nice pumpkins. Hee!

{{{la bitch who walks}}} Lots of good vibes your way. Which I'm also imagining you may have been offered when you stepped out in that Emmy dress, because holy shit. Fucking awesome!

I took a recipe from Food Network several years ago and have tweaked it up to get my bread exactly the way I want it. Rosie, it's as spicy as you want it to be; the original uses about 3 1/2 tsp of spices total, but I use 6-10, depending on my mood. And yes, Yuef, I will post in Barefoot for you (and anyone else who's interested).

I want to know if Sidecar picked up an accent as well as multiple pints in Ireland. smile.gif

So far on my day off, there has been:

- sleep until 8 am
- two hours on the couch watching Carol Duvall on HGTV, then passing out with the boy kitty until 10:10
- a shower
- Pizza Rolls and ranch dressing

I'm still debating what to do with the rest of it, but so far I've gotten exactly what I wanted: hibernation. smile.gif

Huge MAJOR Kvetch: So, I got back to work today, thinking everything is okay. My boss looks at me, and says: Where's your letter? So, then I had to talk to her boss,and he had to explain to me that I needed a doctor's letter "in hand" to return to work. Meanwhile, making me feel as though I'm 10. "Go sit at your desk!!" And she had enough gall to ask me if I was on my second cup of coffee. Apparantly, the rumors are still a bzzing.

Went to the doctor's office. The letter stated that I could return to work 10/30/06 in the first paragraph, and it was dated last week!!! I don't blame the doctor's office or myself (which is who my company was blaming.. .asshats). Anyways, I go back to work tomorrow. This is such bullshit. So, looking for another job. I understand they want to cover their asses, but this is insane. And, they wonder why there is such high turnover.

Kvetch: My landlady has become an uber-bitch. I by accident let it slide that I was looking for a new place, and she jumped all over me about my boyfriend. ?? I said that I was looking for a new place for me not him. "Well, this isn't even serious yet!" and let out this bitchy laugh.

Better vibes for everyone else. I need a huge nap. Got a bad migrane. sad.gif Huge case of the mean reds today. Also, have horrid cramps.

Although, very proud of myself for not telling my company to kiss my ass.
I know that's what they want me to do.
Bom Dia to you too, Tes.

Like Tes, I was thwarted by a bad link (she set me straight). WTF? Things like that should remain constant. I was ready to post my grey boxer briefs on Friday and was stopped cold. So, there you have it 72 hours later.

Welcome back, Sidecar. I'm dying to hear all about Ireland.

Tchau, Tes. Tchau, Busties.
kvetch: ignorant, ignorant woman (not much, if at all, older than me) on the train this morning who was incredibly rude to me, told me to stop talking and go away, and then called me a fat bitch. All because I politely asked her whether she was sitting in my seat. My, someone got out of bed on the wrong side, had way too big a suitcase and a stupid looking cocker spaniel sitting ON the seat beside her. Grrr, took some restraint to control my violent urges.

Bunnyb, where we riding the same train? Same shit happened to me today.
And, what's up with the little pussy dogs on the trains? I saw four dogs the other day that were comfortabley riding in their partner's purses!

Oh my gosh!!! My computer breaks for just a couple days, and Anoushh goes and pops out a baby!!!!

Congratulations, Anoushh!!! Welcome, baby!!! What's his name? So exciting!!
Oh, annoush! What wonderful news! A new little buster! Congratulations! So looking forward to hearing your (seemingly record-breaking!) delivery story!

Anti-harrassed-by-insensitive-asshole vibes for sassy*

“… welcome back welcome back welcome back …” sidecar!

z-bitch, what the fuck chuck? you've worked there, like, forever! Call me when you’re up for a chat? And thanks for FINALLY sharing your emmy pics! Looks like you all had a fucking blast, in all your fine & fancy duds! cool.gif

(((yuefie))) email to come soon, sista.

(((plummie))) count me in on the punkin bread recipe lust!
and we MUST get raisin to publish her zucchini muffin recipe .... they are to DIE for!

Polly, great punkins! this is the first halloween in 10 yrs I haven’t decorated. But I was going away, and I thought we weren’t even gonna be home tomorrow night. Now it seems like we will be, so we have to scrape up maybe at least one of those fake lighted punkins and some candy. I guess. maybe. or not. Bah humbug. I'm just ready to skip straight to Christmas anyway.

So yes, raisin and I FINALLY got to meet! And twas a thing of beauty! she's like the funnest person eva! and so tastefully dressed! wink.gif *wink* But guess who fucked up royally and didn’t take ANY pictures of her raisin-ness? I so suck. I’ll share pictures soon for anyone who’s interested, but chances are you won’t know anyone but heven and me and monabear.

Speaking of which, I know half of you don’t even know who she is, but it was so good to see our m.i.a. heven again (and her delightful man and monabear and mergie and her new adorable kitty vera). It always makes me sad when we part, that we don't live closer to one another. She’s a peach and a half, that chick. and such a fun drunk!

And yes, it was a train ride from hell on Saturday. Downed trees, damaged wires, train stopped in the middle of a fucking texas chainsaw massacre forest for nearly three hours, with no electricity or circulating air or *gulp* working toilets. Not sure I’ll ever ride Amtrak again (and certainly never again in questionable weather!) without:

1. some kind of personal radio/cd-player (which I was going to bring but decided against at the last minute GODDAMMIT) or ipod. Because now I know that god invented ipods for mass transit riders. Because people are fucking.rude.assholes. Thank god I didn’t have any firearms or sharp objects, otherwise you’d be reading about the middle-aged woman who went insane on a dead train somewhere outside of providence, and the two little brown university chicks she murdered. If you look up the word “obnoxious” in the dictionary, you’d find their pictures. I kid you not. mad.gif

2. (annoush, close your ears) and the xanax goes IN MY POCKET next time. Not buried deep in the suitcase. good lord, i had to talk myself down out of about 4 mini-panic attacks. i think i read the same 10 pages of neverwhere about 20 times. (not the choicest read when you're grappling with claustrophobic-based anxiety on a TRAIN, either ... gah!)

But today’s trip home was a piece of cake (except for the whiny baby and all the cell-holes, including grampa cellhole who I think just got his cellphone and kept SHOUTING INTO IT and got 7 or more calls during 2 hrs). And catching up with my kid was lovely. But I could live without coming home to the roofers hammering (it fucking sounds like they’re gonna come THRU the attic in two seconds!) and pounding, with their very very LOUD generator going NONSTOP on my front lawn … Oy.
Home fucking sweet home. wacko.gif

and hey, it's dark now. get off my roof before you hurt yourself, guys! go home!

(((everyone, but 'specially annoush and SON!)))
(((((((anoushh and the little 'un))))))). I'm so pleased for you! Still can't believe he's finally here!
((((bunny)))) stupid woman. dogs shouldn't be on seats anyway
((((sassy)))) me too on the cramps and migraine. and feh on your landlady.
(((((faith))))) acos
((((walkingb)))) is everything ok? and you looked stunning at the emmys
((((polly)))) has the coolest pumpkins on the internets
((((tes)))) mm, patrick stewart tongue.gif
((((mando)))) what d'ya think. I looooove the xmen3. we x-posted ****quicken up roof work****
((((raisin)))) I am still jealous. photos photos photos. ****bank & police shit clean up****
((((pixie)))) yaaaaay for costumes!
((((rose)))) I saw a kid with an advent calender yesterday... it's still freaking october!
((((amilita, billy, sidecar, teh fantabulous yuefie, syb, dm, txplum, tg, dusty, everyone))))

soooo... snored my way through lectures today, then got serious cramps & a migraine in time for lunch with the welshman. two days early, so despite stacking up on supplies at the weekend, I had nothing with me... so had to go shopping again. Grrr. But I bought cds and books as well - the decemberists' crane wife and the holloways' so this is great britain? which is fantastic (I love seeing albums by bands who I "know" - I remember seeing them several times before they were signed). After afternoon meeting with tutor (zzzz) and lecture I went home and slept while the Boy Wonder made dinner. smile.gif

I'm going to go feed Indigo & go to bed. *mwah* & hugs to ((((everyone))))
Just a quick drive-by because I'm a busy little bee these days. Work shipped me off to Portland, Oregon, where I'm working with our coalition to defeat Measure 43, a parental notification proposal on the ballot. As usual, I've been blogging all about it. Portland is absolutely adorable, even more so with the fall colors. I got out here last weekend, and will be here through November 8. Poor MrP has just been staring at the walls since I left.

Congratulations, Anoushh!! Oh, so exciting.

Okay. Got to go!
So jeolous msp! Only been in Portland in the spring! I'll have to check out your blog..... smile.gif
*darts in*

Okay, wedding pictures are here! I recommend clicking through them as I took time to comment each photo, and some of it is funny.
Wedding photos

anoushh!!! YAY! congratulations!

Love for YOU!!!

*darts out*
Pretty, your photos make me cry!! But, in such a good way! It looked like an amazing wedding and kick-ass party! I'm so happy for you!

Annoush, what's the little bustie boy's name? smile.gif

I've got so much catching up to do, but thanks for the pictures, PnP!!! The whole wedding looks happy for you!!!
Great pics, PIP!

*waves to all* I'm feeling really down lately, I don't really know why, but anyway, I'm thinking of everyone and vibing even if I am not posting.
Love the pictures, PiP! I don't know how your financial issues worked out, but if you had to cut something out, I couldn't tell- you (and Mr. Pink) looked happy, looked like everyone had fun and that's all that matters.
LoveloveLOVE the photos, PnP! You look gorgeous. And the dress looks so perfect with all of those handsome, kilted men! Speaking of which, your hubby is yumtastic! And everyone looks so happy. My favorite pic is definitely the one in which you're both covered in cake icing. Second place: kilted men gettin jiggy wit it. Hilarious! smile.gif


Polly, those pumpkins look fantastic! I especially love Strong Bad. Fabulous!

[blows kisses at Plummy]

Looks like it was just a a terrible weekend for train travel for everyone! Poor things! Glad to seee you made it home okay, Mandi. Sorry it was such an ordeal!

Ah, Heven. How I miss that crazy chick.

~~~~~~ soothing for Mornington ~~~~~~

As of today, Sheff will be working until at least 8pm every night. Le Sigh.

Kvetch: Insurance companies. And various other car woes.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff overheard a manager at work telling a higher-up that Sheff is great and that he'd like to nominate Sheff for an award at work.

Kvetch: Only people who have worked with the company for 8 months or more are eligible for the award. Sheff has been there for just under 7 months, so he is ineligible. Grrr.
Drive by to say thanks to everyone for good wishes.

Woke up 3 am--no idea was in labor.

Born 8:58 am!

7 cm dilation in 1 hour!

All well. Not sure of name yet.

Got to go--crying again already.

He's lovely.
(((anoushh))) yay for sons and record deliveries!

(((pixie))) love the costume.

(((pink))) beautiful photographs. everything looks perfect, everyone looks wonderful and the dresses are out of this world.

The family have gone to Disneyland Paris for Hallowe'en (oh: HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!) and for the bunbun's birthday (thur) and arrived safely this morning. I am cat sitting and both the cat and I are vomitting so it's all lovely. I finally caved and bought series one of Veronica Mars so the kitty and I are going to curl up and watch that. He doesn't know that yet but he is, I want to give him some tlc.

Happy Halloween, everybody!!!!!
Hope you're all having fun out there today. smile.gif Are any of you dressed up?

Thanks for the up-date, Anoushh! I'm so happy to hear that you're both so healthy and happy and perfect. How big was this bouncing baby boy, anyway?

Bunny, sounds like you have a fabulous evening planned. Do you get a lot of trick-or-treaters in your area?

I decided to give Sheff a little treat for Halloween, so last night I snuck outside and put a card and a new CD in the seat of his car as a surprise. He LOVED it! When he found them this morning, he couldn't help but come back into the house to thank me. I swear I saw a couple tears in his eyes, too. Aawww! I love my sweet little Sheffy. smile.gif

Kvetch: Since Sheff has to stay late at work (grrr), I'm staying at home tonight & feeding the trick-or-treaters on my own.

Anti-kvetch: We have Junior Mints, Almond Joys, and Starbursts. Yum!
I wanna go to Rose's house! We have dumdums and smarties(minipixie and Mr. Pixie's favorites) Of course, I have twix and reeses in my office candy jar! I plan on dressing up and handing out the candy while Mr. Pixie takes minipixie around since it doesn't look like her daddy will be back in town. He is dressing as V for Vendetta...minipixie is Eeyore!

I feel sucktastic today! Minipixie has had a cough/allergies going on for about a week and I thought I had dodged the bullet, buit it looks like I have a sinus infection instead! I think that is why my mood is so bad! I stayed home with minipixie yesterday because her daddy went out of town and I didn't have a babysitter, and had to work somethign otu with a I am legitimately sick, but had some EOM reports to do, so I am here anyway!

I hope the rest of you are having a good halloween!
All my jetlag saved itself up for today. I just have to make it through another 4.25 hours, and then I can go home. whew. seriously, I'm so tired I could just stare at my wall for the next four hours and not once get bored.

So all you busties with kids or dogs that you dress up (my dog, alas, will not be in costume), please post pics! Nothing is cuter than kids and dogs in costumes.

Antikvetch/vibe request: I came back to word that I have an interview tomorrow for a big promotion. I'll meet with one person at 2 and then HR at 3. It wouldn't solve all my career woes, but I'd be into writing/editing and web stuff full time, plus it would be a big bump in salary. So I'm hoping I don't blow it.

pink, your dress was gorgeous. Loved the green bits.

anoushh--glad everything went well!

PnP, your wedding photos are gorgeous and you look fab! Thanks for sharing them!

Sidecar, I'm sure you'll ace the interview/s tomorrow but I'll wish you extra luck anyway! Grab a good night's sleep and you'll be right as rain.

Halloween has somehow crept up on me this year--it's been advertised forever and now suddenly there's fireworks outside. The neighbours have been by with their little girl; she's a cutie at the best of times but she was adorable in her tutu and tiara, even though she kept tugging it off. Maybe she's a tomboy at heart.

Anoushh, I'm so happy your labour was so fast and that you and your baby boy are well. So exciting!

*Waves to plumwine*

The first episode of the 3rd series of Lost airs here tonight (at last)... can't wait.
*majyck rejuvenating footrub for sidecar*

still laughing over 'Jesuslicious' & 'still blessing us'! pretty, you are so captioning my pictures from now on! you missed your calling, girlie!

and what a breathtaking wedding party you all made! i'm in serious awe.

you should try to lighten the photo of the ring-bearer using his pillow as a headrest, that's the cutest picture eva!

more later ....
or not.
~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny & kitty ~~~~~~ I could have sworn that I posted these vibes in my earlier post, but they don't seem to be there! At any rate, hope you're both feeling better.

~~~~~ soothing for Pixie, too ~~~~~

Sassy, how are you feeling? Did you get things straightened out at work?

~$~$~$~$~ job promotion vibes for Sidecar ~$~$~$~$~

oooooo Junior Mints for everyone! ooooooo

Kvetch: Sheff called to say that he has to stay at work even later than he originally thought. He'll even be eating dinner at work tonight. So I am aaaaaaaall on my own for Halloween.

Anti-kvetch: I think I'm going to turn this into Chick Flick night. Perhaps I'll while away the hours watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. Aw yeah!
Kvetch: OMG!!! So, I finally get things straight at work to go back today. And, instead of getting, "Welcome Back!" I get pulled into my boss's boss office. Yes! At 8:15 in the fucking morning. I got written up for not following policies. Keep in mind, I haven't been to work in like 3 weeks, and I got a raise at the end of Sept. Now, this written/verbal warning said for the last three months. Why didn't they address this issues months ago? And, if I was doing such a shit job, why did I get a raise? Fuck! I think they just want to find an excuse to fire me. And, I am NOT going to let them. Not to mention that all this stupid stress, could have caused a seizure. So, that's how my day began. Bastards. sad.gif So looking for a new job. I don't need this shit. Thinking of considering of going back to school for some IT certification. That wasn't my field in school, but it would pay more money than this job. And, I have an education grant that I can use from my last job.

Anti-kvetch: My co-workers were very happy to see me. smile.gif

Sidecar, job promotion vibes! smile.gif

(multi-purpose vibes))

I need chocolate!

((((pink)))) you looked stunning! and the photos were brilliant
((((mando)))) coooome baaaaaaaaack
((((sassy)))) *passes chocolate* that's just... wrong. wankers.
((((rose)))) ooh mr darcy! ****come home sheff****
((((sidecar)))) ****promotion vibes***** good luck!
((((pixie)))) hope you feel better soon
((((bunny)))) get well & you too mandoo
((((yuefie)))) where you be sweet?
((((raisin, sidecar, polly, dm, syb, txplum, tes, faith, sixie, everyone))))

watching the last few minutes of the secret policeman's ball - eddie izzard, the mighty boosh, many many people - and now jeremy irons is doing the serious bit. mellow.gif i really really don't do enough charity work

it was really windy here today - a tree branch fell down a few metres from where Indigo was standing; he was listening to it break and come down so he wasn't that surprised. We've only had a couple of trick-or-treaters; we didn't have anything to give them and just got wound up as the doorbell startled me.

antikvetch: my ibook is back and it is fixed! yay!
antikvetch: squee-inducing emailery biggrin.gif .

*mwah* ((((everyone)))) goodnight!


just flying by to say I'm lurking, but too busy to post properly. tomorrow is the offiicial moving day, and I'm still unsure as to who is helping and how much. I'm trying to not to be a stress monger but sometimes that's easier said than done rolleyes.gif

~~~~good vibes for all~~~~

*flings self at yuefie*
*covers in kisses*
*scoots off back to bed*

good luck tomorrow! ****go smooth move****

*comes back in to edit after realising she can't spell*
*smooches mornington right back*

ok, tell me to calm the heck down. i need a swift kick in the arse (tee hee)

Yuefie, calm the heck down. wink.gif
~~~~~~ smooth move vibes for Yeufie & PJ ~~~~~~
*swiftly kicks yuefie up the arse*



I'm still tender but kept everything down, mandoo unfortunately hasn't but he seems better and managed some water a little while ago. *kittymama fretting*

10 eps of Veronica Mars and a two hour phone conversation with Kinkykaty has been my night. No trick or treaters but the bunbun's lil friends know she's away and the front of the house is all dark so people probably think everyone's gone. I LOVE the bbc version of P&P, so much so I refuse to watch the Keira Knightley one.

i haven't posted in awhile because i was really down. depression and anxiety are a bitch. i called into work yesterday because i wasn't able to motivate myself to leave my house. very out of character for me. but, i visited with one of the psychiatrist i use to work with...and i'll be starting some medication. first time, i've ever been on meds. we both think it is temporary considering some of the stress i am under. i cried so much yesterday and today that it was draining just looking at the computer and trying to type. but, i am on leave from my workplace. and my general manager was very supportive of me, which helped. my mom is worried 'cause i've always been pretty sensitive and i'm pretty hard on myself.

(((sidecar))) sending you good job vibes!! good luck!

needless to say...i will have the next 3 weeks to visit here often.

over and out...
Seeing as how I live directly across the street from an elementary school, you'd think I would have had a lot of trick or treaters! This is the first year we have passed out candy at this house. Evidently, kids don't bother with the one sided dead end streets. I only had about 2 dozen trick or treaters....but I did have a very creepy incident! Some old guy came to the a pennywise mask! I just sort of flung some candy out the door and shut it again really fast!
Mr. Pixie had to come home and change because people were seeing his V for Vendetta costume and not opening the doors for minipixie. Crazy!

(((bunny and mandoo)))

(((yuefie))) I hate moving so much, I totally feel for you!

~$~$~$$~$job vibes for those who need them~$~$~$~$$~

I'm feeling a little bit better physically and mentally. Thanks guys for all the soothing vibes!
((((((everybustie))))) ~~~~good luck with work, health, chase those blues away and good things for all~~~~

I forgot to say Happy Halloweenie! I probably won't be posting much for the next few days, I won't have my internet hooked up and between work, moving and unpacking I'm betting I will be beat. Thanks for the vibes and ecouragement (and the arse kicks too, heh), it's all muchly appreciated. I couldn't get any decent pics of my little devil Sashie, they came out too dark to see and I couldn't keep her horns on longer than 20 seconds. So she ended up running around in a red t-shirt that says "Devil" on the back, hehe. My cousin & fam stopped by with the little one dressed as a turtle. His gramma made it out of felt pieces, and he was dressed in green sweats, his hair was green and he had green and yellow make-up on. He would dance for me and then I would put a piece of candy in his bag. This went on and on. He is soooo cute, he even sang his little preschool songs for me cause he wanted another twizler so badly. And as they were leaving he turned around and screamed "I love you Lala", which is what he nicknamed me all on his own. It made my night. So cousin says he is coming over tomorrow after work, he is borrowing the furniture dolly, and seeing if he can round anyone else up. Worst case scenario, it's PJ & him, and my gimpy self. It will probably take longer than it should, but we'll get it done.

Oh and a MAJOR kvetch: I got a notice in the mail today saying that I did not qualify *this* enrollment period for the medical coverage. This means I will go yet another year without coverage. Apparently my rehire date was two weeks short of the mark, therefore my qualifying date was two weeks past the deadline ohmy.gif unsure.gif mad.gif sad.gif

Kvetch: being called into my bosses office to "talk " first thing in the morning when I don't feel well.

Antikvetch: being told that the reason is to correct little mistakes now because I will have more responsibility at the begining of the year.....and a raise!!!!!
Rabbit rabbit!

I hope everyone has a terrific November where dreams come true, goals are realized, and lots of pumpkin spice bread is consumed.

p.s. I may not get around to reading the archives until this weekend, but I'm thinking of yinz.
((pixie)) Yay for the upcoming raise.

((yuefie)) That sucks about the lack of insurance. Did the move go ok?

((stargazer)) Sorry to hear about your anxiety. Hopefully the meds will help.

((mornington)) Yay for the book being fixed.

((sassy)) Good luck with finding a new job. No one should be treated like that.

((sidecar)) Good luck with the interview.

((rose)) That was a nice treat for Sheff suprising him with a card and cd.

((bunny)) Ten eps of Veronica Mars is a good night.

((anoushh)) Yay for having your baby boy.

((pip)) Glad your wedding was a happy one.

I haven’t been on in awhile, and I have news. Mr. DM and I moved back to Florida. I couldn’t take the stress of my workplace, and Mr. DM could not find a permanent job. I’m not really that sad because I ended up missing my family more than I thought, but part of me is angry that things turned out like this. Mr. DM has been really supportive, and he understood that this was the best thing for us.

Oh my goodness, DM! I was thinking about you just yesterday and wondering how things were going for you and Mr. DM. I'm so sorry that things were so rough for you both in NYC. Maybe you can give the big city another chance someday. ((((((DM & Mr.))))))

((((((Yuefie)))))) That's terrible about the health insurance. That sounds soooo messed up. Hope you have better luck with the move.
~~~~~~ smooooth mooooove ~~~~~~

((((((Stargazer)))))) Much love and support for you. And there's nothing wrong with taking medication when you're sick. Frankly, I think Prozac was instrumental in saving my life 3 years ago when I was in a deep depression. I hope you're feeling more peace soon.

((((( Bunny & Mandoo))))) How are you two feeling today?

Pumpkin spice wishes for you, too, Raisin!

Hooray for the approaching raise, Pixie!

[blows kisses at Mornington]

I had some very cute trick-or-treaters last night. One of whom (who was probably 2 years old & dressed up as a frog) saw our big aquarium and ran into the house to look at the fish! His mother was terribly embarassed, but I thought it was adorable. Thank goodness the house wasn't too messy!

I am watching Martha Stewart right now but only because Paula Deen is on her show today. It's almost as funny as when Amy Sedaris was on the show. Such a bizarre personality contrast!
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