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Sidecar, I've just emailed you... but yes, that would work as you're pretty central.

Glad you're having a good time (and hopefully got some decent weather!) Doolin is great, glad you got a chance to check it out.

Off to read the archives. I can concur that Indian food does indeed help a hangover though...
(((sidecar))) ta for checking in. i meece you horribly. glad to hear you're having an ab fab time! cool.gif really beyond jealous that you're meeting my beloved sybarite, tho. someday, someday ....

(((bunny))) so so good to finally "meet" you! you're frickin' adorable! and your guypalstylist seeing you while passing busses? priceless!

extra tight hug for (((yuefie))). because i know today is the suck.

(((karen & fam))) i remember how sad her passing was.

(((sassy))) hoping life starts treating you nicer, doll.

gigantor kvetch: we have a MAJOR FUCKING LEAK in our kitchen ceiling, probably coming from our bathtub drainpipe. the mr will have to open a huge gaping hole to fix this. that is, if his FUCKING IDJIT BIPOLAR boss will actually give him time off to do this. he's been working 18 hr days, because bossman fired employees. who lays off plumbers during heating season, wtf? and while the overtime is grand, the mr is overtired and stressed to the max. (he pretty much killed himself at the outlaws this past weekend.) he promised me to the moon and back that he'll get off early today and fix the leak. but i have my doubts. his goddamn puritan work ethic has always gotten under my nails. but this is a fucking emergency, helLO?

oh, and after weeks of miscommunication, now the roofer wants to start tomorrow. we're talking dumpster and crap all over our yard for a week (they're ripping down three layers, so it all will be brand new) ... i was so hoping it wouldn't start til next week. and the mr is being far too trusting, because our cousin gave this guy a stellar reference. i don't even think he's seen the certificate of insurance. gah.

i know that this too shall pass and ultimately good things will come of all this. but right now, today ... mandi = stressball. this is when homeownership really really sucks.

i'm afraid i'm not up to much else. so ~generic vibage~ for those in need.
((yuefie)) ((sidecar)) ((bunnyb)) ((raisingirl))

Mando, that frigging sucks!! ((mando))

Bunnyb, you're in the UK too?? keep forgetting! Yes, you're invited. Hell, all the UK Busties. Like I said, it will probably be in the spring. I know that
most fares are a little cheaper (and if I still have my job), it would be easier to take a holiday in the spring than summer.

Kvetch: Frigging DMV! I don't even drive, and they gave me shit. Then again, they are the DMV. I'll just have to go tomorrow. I had to go to the one in Decatur, but I had my roommate take me. I couldn't go to the one downtown near work, b/c someone would have seen me, and reported it I'm sure of it (huge run on sentence there..)

Raisingirl, I'm feeling much better. smile.gif Every day I am getting more energy, and able to do a few errands a day. I did run to get some groceries today.
Tomorrow, back to the DMV and post office. Friday, I plan on buying some shoes, getting coffee with a friend, and catching a flick. Thinking of The Prestige or Running with Scissors.

Also, doing some research on looking for a new apartment and a new job.
McGeek is still around, but we're giving eachother massive space right now. Oh, Lewis Black will be back in town on Saturday night. I am probably going by myself, but he so rocks in concert! smile.gif I need a good laugh....

((hugs to everyone))


sassy, just tell me when. good luck with apartment hunting.

kvetch: eeek - just caught bunbun watching sex and the city on dvd with the subtitles on! she "borrowed" it from my bedroom and then hid the box in her's - she's only 9 y/o (well 10 next week). when did kids grow up so quickly? of all the dvds she could have stolen but then she probably saw "sex" in the title. *frets about lil sis and the future of children in general*
Thanks bunnyb! Sorry to hear about bunbun. Wow. sad.gif

Anti-Kvetch: I found two apartments that I will look at over the weekend. One is right near a train station (good) and the other is near a bus stop(bad, but depending on where the bus goes). Damn Atlanta, and their lack of a decent public transit system!

Kvetch: My heater blew in two days. So, my landlady gave me another one. I just hope I don't get a bad cold from lack of heat. I'm really sick of being sick.
(((bunny))) eek. take her to ann summer s and scare her to death

(((sassy))) ****apartment apartment apartment****


(((syb, sidecar, polly, dm, tes, dusty, raisin, yuefie, rose, amilta, anoushh, pixie, everyone)))

off to bed. up early to molest sheep tomorrow morning. in the rain. in my sexeh boiler suit and steel-toe-capped wellies. blink.gif


((morington, bunny, sassy, mando, syb, sidecar, raisin, yuefie, rose, pixie, faith, fina, sonic, dusty, stargazer, amilita, annoush, tes, anyone else I missed))

Whew, last night in SLC. I still have to pack. I hurted my widdle foot today. I was walking into the bathroom stall at the convention center and my right ankle popped out of place as I put weight on it. It didn't hurt or anything, but I quickly shifted my weight to my left foot, but I must have had my left foot at a weird angle, and it felt like the bones in my foot, the metatarsals, ground against each other. It's not swollen or bruised or anything, but it hurts when I walk on it. Oh, and I get to make the long walk through two airports tomorrow! Joy!!

Also, I think I lost my amber ring. At least it was the regular amber ring I only got recently and wasn't the green amber Claddaugh I have. I'd have been really pissed if I lost that.

The wife of Le Boy's friend had her baby today. She's the one I don't really like; she had planned on a home birth, no drugs. She ended up at the hospital, pitocin, epidural, emergency c-section. As much as I dislike her, I feel bad that she didn't have her ideal birth. The cord was around the baby's neck (she actually started un-dilating, which I didn't know was possible!) and they had to do the c-section. Everybody's okay now, though.

Well, off to pack!! I'll check in tomorrow when I'm on the ground again!
Big old fat hairy kvetch: my mom had surgery yesterday....and my stepfather not only left the hospital before it was done...but didn't even bother to come back last night! When I finally go tto see my mom around bedtime she hadn't seen him since she came out of surgery and did not know where he was. I swear we are going to end up having a family lynching over this!!!
drive by...polly, her cervix may have been swelling...
My internet connection keeps fading in and out, so I hope this doesn't get lost!

Pixie, I cannot believe he LEFT!!!!! That's even worse than we suspected! Grrrrrrrrr. I mean, we know the man is kinda, um, wacky, but I certainly didn't think he'd do something like this. At any rate, I hope your mother is recovering well. Send her my best.

((((((((Yuefie)))))))) Hope you're doing okay.

Sassy, I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better. Best of luck with the apartment hunt and with the boy!
[Glares at DMV]

Bunny, has the BunBun had The Talk yet? I don't have any younger siblings, so I can't imagine what you're going through. Oh well ... could be worse, right? Maybe?

~~~~~ soothing for Polly's ankle ~~~~~
~~~~~~ extra soothing for the new baby and momma ~~~~~~

Mornington is fondling sheep again. Somehow this makes the world feel a little more normal again. wink.gif

Mandi, here's hoping your roof turns out perfectly!

((((((((Raisin and Sidecar and Sybarite and Amilita and Faith and Stargazer and Plummie and Billy and all of you))))))))

My mom had her second eye surgery yesterday. She goes back in for her check-up today, so I'm hoping she'll call with a full report later. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the hugs and vibes for me and Pixie and everyone re: Karen. I know it was a little harder for both me and Pixie since both of our mothers were having surgery right after this anniversary. It's been such a stressful week, so thanks for your thoughts.

Kvetch: Still sickly. This has been going on for a week now. My period finally started yesterday so I'm hoping this means I'm on the mend, but I still feel sick to my stomach every time I eat anything. I'm seriously considering going on a liquid diet for a couple of days just to see if it would help.

Kvetch: Sheff's employer said that he and everyone working on his project needs to start working a couple extra hours every day "for the forseeable future".

Anti-kvetch: I've been invited to go see a play with a couple of people on Friday.

Kvetch: I'm still sick! Bleh!
Soooooooooo sick. Ugh.

Sunday was a BLAST. I was up by 8 am and running errands and making bouquets. Rushed to the church at 3:15 and was locked into a little room to get ready. The ceremony was beautiful, but long. Jeebus. I giggled a lot through it cause friends and families kept making me laugh.

The reception was amazing. We got there around 6:30ish and lasted to the very end. We were some of the last people to leave. It was awesome. His uncle paid for us to have a hotel room and when we got there it was decorated with blown up condoms and ky jelly. They also short sheeted the bed. I didnt know what short sheeting was, so here I am, exhausted, trying to get into bed and I cant kick the sheet out of the way. I was very confused.

The next day we got up and drank mimosas for breakfast. His grandparents took us out to dinner, then a few of us went out for drinks and chats at the brewery.

Tuesday, we went with his aunt and uncle to Seattle. It was fun, except the whole being really sick part.

Yesterday, we spent the whole day being sick. We slept and watched silly movies and slept and coughed and such. We also picked up our gifts. Jeeeeeebus. Lots of stuffs!

So tired. I'm at work this morning. At least I only have a half day.

Thank you all for your well wishes and such. I now have to catch up on Kvetch up.
Superduper congrats Pretty! Sickness aside, it sounds like a really fun event -- the perfect kind of wedding where the couple enjoys themselves!

~*~* health vibes for RoseV and her mom, reduction work stress for Sheff~*~*~*


Bunny -maybe the SitC epis could be a good jumping off point for some talks about sex/romance -- I was never that into the show, although most of my friends love it and I know it's very smart and well-written (plus, very cool to have female friendships so central) -- but what always bothered me was the whole bad choices leading to unhappiness and then cycle repeating (OK plus the materialism, Maude, the materialism -- I knew a lot of women like that in NY when I first lived there) but maybe it could serve as a both a cautionary tale re certain sexual mistakes (depending on whta she saw, if it's bad) and a lesson on how TV is so different than real life (if it's good, heh)! A lesson that can never come to early or too often, since I had a really hard time distinguishing, and often held myself up to weird standards because of all the books/tv/movies I watched. I blame sweet valley for so many of my mistakes smile.gif

I love that Mornington molests sheep AND has steel-toed wellies.

All the haircuts are soooo purty -- if I finally get one I might post a picture for the first time ever - ooh the suspense -- just to be one of the cool kids.

(((pixie and her moms))) Hopefully stepdad was just clueless or freaked out - not excuses, but less ominous than alternatives. Hope a good talking to straightens him out!

~*~*~*no more aches and pains for Polly, and ring-finding and safe travel vibes~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*apartment vibes for sassy ~*~*~* my baby brother lives in ATL and I haven't yet visited him, I'm a bad big sister. I am also terrified of the DMV, which is bad because I *really* need to get my license.

Mando ~*~*~*~* impervious, cheap, and well-crafted roof for you soonest ~*~*~*~*

(((Syb, edit, raisin, amalita, stargazer, annoush, tes, dm, everyone I might have missed)))

Kvetch: med problems, work problems, life problems. I want a vacation!!!!!
kvetch: I am going to kill my brother. he didn't do any of his chores this morning (ring UPS, put sheets in wash) and left the place in a mess. I returned, smelling of sheep, expecting the welshman in a few hours, exhausted, to a house where not one clear surface could be seen. my mess, ok... but that stays in my bedroom. the rest of the house people have to be able to open the fucking door to get into and not have to step over damp towels before navigating an open suitcase, laptop open on the floor, clothes and school files and speakers and penknife and alarm clock, before moving half a ton of bedding off the sofa to sit down. cod. there were two square feet of empty carpet in here.

and when I'm done with Boy Wonder, I'm going to do nasty things to the Welshman, who is being useless. and going out with his mates when we'd arranged to have dinner. he didn't tell me this until four fucking thirty when I rang him to ask him when he was coming over.

((((pixie)))) & (((pixiemama)))

((((faith)))) they are all of the bitchin'

((((bunny)))) what faith said. how you, petal?

((((pink)))) congratumelations again! yay for good times!

((((rose))) & ((((rosemama)))) feel better rose!

((((polly)))) poor foot! ***no pain*** can you strap it up?

(((((sidecar, sassy, yuefie, sixe, amilita, anoushh, mando, syb, walkingb, fina, funnybird, tempest, treehugger, tyger - where are yoooooooou - and whoever I've forgotten and that means you too))))

I am now calmer.

she's not yet ten! no talk, not yet, waaaaah! I don't know, not my place (hey, I'm always here as "big sis" for her to come talk to but I'm not the one deciding to give her the talk and there's no talking to bunnymama, usually about anything...) I think it's curiousity, I'm not worried about her going out to do anything, I do worry though. /end of confusing thoughts. She's going to Disney Paris next week, maybe she'll regress.

I'm okaaay, want cuddles from the boy but will get those tomorrow.

(((rose))) and (((pixie))) and (((their mamas)))

(((polly))) and (((friend and unliked wife)))


(((PnP))) feel betta and cuddle up with the mr.

(((mando))), (((mornington))), (((raisin))), (((faith))), (((anoushh))), (((sassy))), (((sixelacat))) and (((everyone I'm missing)))
Fly-by, fly-by!

YAY, PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations again.

Today has been a shitty day at work. I've come home for lunch and I'm heating soup up on the stove. I feel like I'm kind of getting sick, but I've got to go to the gym tonight so I'll feel better. So sleep-deprived. And my Halloween costume isn't ready yet. There may be some last-minute knitting involved.

Bunny, your innocent baby sister should not be watching SATC! It's a horrible show, anyway. It's incredible that you have such a little sister, actually; when I think I could have a daughter that age, it just blows my mind.

Mgton, steel-toed Wellies! Marvelous.

Soup's literally on, so I must go.

I seriously wish I could stay home the rest of the afternoon. I'm in serious nest mode. Will try to catch up tonight, but I make no promises.

p.s. Mando, if you're reading this, I WILL write back to you tonight, my sweet. It's all good.
raisin, if it makes you feel better: biologically, she could be my daughter too. I know of girls my age who have children her age. There's no turning me against SaTC, I love it so, but it's the so unsuitable for her. Hey, I'm embarrassed watching it when anyone else is there.
(((polly))) hope your ankel feels better.

(((pixie))) that's not cool at all. i hope your mother feels better.

(((rose))) i hope your mom gets well too.

(((prettyinpink))) yeah for your wedding! boo for getting sick.

(((morington))) kick your brother in the arse to teach him a lesson.

(((faith))) a vacation would be nice, huh? where would you go?

bunnyb~you can talk a little about what she thought of the show. i was curious about sex at a young age. my mom had a talk with me when i was 9. just cause she's going to disney doesn't mean she'll regress.


kvetch: i'm kinda in a man-hating mood. especially after watching Oprah this morning. it had to deal with HIV positive men (they had Magic Johnson on) and women. most of these women were in relationships where they believed they did not need to use a condom. and they were infected while in an monogamous (well, at least they thought they were) relationship. irony...Magic Johnson probably got infected screwing around with most of these Basketball groupies in various towns. i think men will stick their penises in any accessible hole around. ugh.

antikvetch: i cleaned my apartment last night and it is sparkling. oh, and the second guy they had on Oprah said that our culture is glamorizing the exploitation of a woman's sexuailty. it made me feel good for a man to speak up about the mistreatment of women.
I realise she's curious, she wouldn't have stolen it and been wathcing it otherwise. My sister has behavioural and communication problems, however, and I don't know how to deal with this. I regressed at disney, maybe she will, is it so bad that I want her to retain her innocence? I wish I had.
Bunnyb, I wouldn't worry overmuch. I know what you're saying; it wasn't until the mister's 12 year old stayed with us and we were watching TV together that I realised how much of it is unsuitable for younger people. But so much of SITC is talk about sex; I would guess that almost all of it was over her head.

The mister's daughter and I passed a basement sex shop once when walking (city centre, not an especially dubious area) and she asked questions about it and I did my best to answer without going into The Talk territory. I got the feeling she was reassured because I did try and answer her honestly (as much as was appropriate), even if I was awkward.

Finally, my relatives took me to see some R-rated films before I was 10. One had sex and violence in it; the violence disturbed me far more, although the sex did make me uncomfortable. I think it's important to let her know she can ask your questions about it, clear up any mysteries or assumptions in her head. Her innocence is not lost forever, just temporarily dented a bit.

Mornington: that's so annoying! I think you'll have to be stern with him now; hopefully he won't do it again.

Unfortunately my mister does that, oh, every day.

Very belated congrats prettynpink!!! Feel better soon. The mister and I once got food poisoning together on a trip; it was bonding in a 'now you've seen me at my worst' kind of way.

RV, hope your mum's check-up goes smoothly!

After last week's workathon I have been faffing way too much this week. Which means I have the rest of tonight and tomorrow to get anything done. Me=slacker
Pink, glad to hear it all went so well! Pictures to share, hmmmm?

(((bunny))) it gets worse when they’re 14. believe me. But they know way more than we did. I think the innocence-factor is pretty imaginary on our parts. i'm still grappling with issues with my kid from last week, on this very subject. i fear i'm going to have to curb his internet freedom, even tho i'm loathe to let him think i distrust him. but yeah, last week was a rather rude awakening that he's no longer my baby. sad.gif


*super-strength healthy vibes for everyone who needs*

*grey-skies-are-gonna-clear-up vibes for raisin*

i miss sidecar and yuefie. sniff.

(((Faith))) & (((rose))) & (((sassy))) for the roof vibes/sympathy.

Antikvetch: The mr came thru. He traced and supposedly fixed the leak. Luckily it’s nothing major, nothing to do with pipes or the roof sitch. I feel betta (although paranoid and nervous that it’s really NOT fixed).

Kvetch: My tummy is oogly again today. It’s my own fault, for letting everything get to me so much. Oh, and the eating of pretzels and ice cream for dinner isn’t helping, I’m sure.

Congrats, PnP!!! So glad to hear you had such an excellent time. Welcome to the Married Ladies Club!

[glares in the general direction of Mornington's brother] Your sis ain't your maid. Got it? Grr.

As for the sex talk ... Part of the problem, I feel, is that society has developed this notion that a child's "innocence" is tied to their ignorance on the subject of sex. I think a child can be educated on the subject and still remain innocent. As we all know, it's perfectly natural to be curious about sex. And of course it can be difficult to talk about it because it's so personal. But to suppose that a child who has gained some sexual education has somehow lost her innocence isn't fair to the child. So if you manage to move past that way of thinking and focus on the normal curiosity that the child must be feeling, then maybe it isn't such a scary subject.

But that's all general-sex-talk talk. It must be difficult to find a way to broach the subject with a person with behavioral and communication problems. My heart goes out to you, Bunny-babe!

Talked to Mom. She's doing great! In fact, the eye they worked on yesterday is already looking better than the eye they worked on earlier this month. Hooray!

Bad news: Sheff is sick. He's on his way home. We're going to make quite the pair of sickies! Poor thing.
(((RV and Sheff and RVMom)))

(((Mandi's tummy and innocence)))

(((Bunnyb's sister not getting ideas from Sex/City...ack, think what it could do to her wardrobe wink.gif )))

YAY Pretty!!!

Kvetch: The super awesome apartment that I can afford in this great part of Atlanta called Atlantic Station is sold out for like 6 months maybe more. "We have some in April, but that depends on our tenants." The one that I can't afford, they do have. What the hell. I'm still going to go see them tomorrow. If I got the next one up, I would barely be able to eat. However, I know that I'm paying for location. What I may do is rent the cheaper of another apartment for 6 months (yet it's on the busline.. and no grocery store within bus ride), and then move into the one at Atl Station. Hopefully, by then the newness of how groovy it is will have waned a bit. This is why I don't like to move much.

DMV actually only took 20 minutes. Took me 3 hours total to get there. sad.gif
Damn transit.

(Bunnyb's sister not getting ideas from SATC)).

I loathe my roommates. And lack of heat in this house. sad.gif

Happy healthy vibes to everyone that needs them.

Anti-kvetch: Grey's Anatomy is on tonight! And I'm heading to Lewis Black with the boy on Saturday! Yay!
Antikvetch of the year involving a Kvetchie: I am meeting Mandolicious this weekend.

Are ya feelin' jealous, bitchez? Well, are ya?

This has only been, what, SEVEN EIGHT YEARS IN THE MAKING?!

That. Is. All!
I am so jealous of you both that no font or color can capture it!

FULL reports expected.

Rose, I think those are really good points about kids and ignorance vs. innocence.

Sciatica is killing me.
I had a cashier ask me tonight if I was a senior. And I was buying condoms, dammit!
(((dusty))) like seniors don't use condoms? wink.gif

*warming vibes for sassy*
*chicken soup healthy vibes for the shefs*

(((annoush))) i suffered from sciatica while preggo also, so i literally can feel your pain. luckily i was saved by a lovely chiropractor (heat massage only, no adjusting, of course) and a glider-rocker.

raisin, has it really been 8 years? i thought i've only been around since march 2000? ("only". heh.) regardless, i am peeing myself with gleeful anticipation!

beige panties, beige brar .... yawn.

*off to stalk yuefie*
I realize I've been pretty MIA lately...right now I'm totally preoccupied with the fact the the post office seems to be randomly returning our mail back to the sender. Every few days, I find out about something else...stuff from the bank, cell phone bill, and today, two Netflix movies that were mailed a week apart.

No one can give me any answer as to why this might be happening, which means, essentially, that no one can make it stop.

And I won't even go into the fact that no one is recieving magazines regularly...I got 'em for a couple months. That really doesn't bother me much, but on top of not getting stuff I really should get...argh. I'm totally gonna blow a fuse here. It's like taco-truck insanity all over again.

No wonder people are moving away from here like crazy!!! Geez. You can't count on anything. Nothing is as it should be.

Love to all...job vibes, health vibes, stress vibes, sciatic nerve vibes...every kinda vibes ya'll need, I'm sending 'em.
(((amilita))) That would suck so bad!

Yay for Bustie meetings!

Horray for the wedding going smoothly! Boo for being sick!

~!*!~**~!*~*!get well vibes for all~*!*~*!**~*~ I write as I am slurping chicken noodle soup.

Well, I have come down with whatever minipixie has had all week. We went tot he grocery store last night and I was so exhausted when we got home, I had just taken a cold pill and the phone rang.... my mother (who had been sent home 23 hours after a hysterectomy..fucking HMO) was in serious pain and my stepdad was panicking and couldn't do anythign helpful so I had to go out and buy her some medication and spent several hours watching her writh in pain unable to do anything! Thankfully she called me this morning to tell me the pain pills are finally starting to help and my sis is driving in from Missouri as we speak to help me nurse her since I have both the minipixies this weekend. is amazing how aware children are at that age...Mr. P's minipixie is 9 also.

Kvetch: I have been having trouble logging in the last 2 days!

I'm at the boy's (he's quickly playing with his new xbox 360) after a hellish train journey and about to get ready for dinner - we're going to an Italian I found online of which I hold high expectations.

colour me greener than I already am over raisin and mando meeting - in whose city?

dusty - that's appalling! reminds me of being ID'd on Monday night and indignantly replying "I'm 25!"

undies: sexy matching black mesh and cream lace balcony bra and french knickers.

*must stalk yuefie myself SOON, I meece her so*

Awww, color me tickled that I'm being stalked IPB Image

I've missed ya'll a bunch too. We are moving next Wednesday, on the 1st, so my posting may be a but sporadic for the next little while but I will be back soon. Thanks for all the love, and right back at'cha IPB Image

I'm glad to see some MIAs making appareances! I'm tempted to include my list of "now where is...." but I'll just keep hoping for now.

Ok, I loved these two phrases:

"Taco-truck insanity"


"peeing myself with gleeful anticipation"

Both so very useful and yet so very colorful.
Awww yeah, it's 5:00 on a Friday. I know I have tons of work ahead of me, but somehow not having to actually be at work for a couple of days makes me feel so much better. One would think a move within the complex would be easier but I am finding it not so much. We're moving to the front building which means either I have to have some really strong people to carry the heavy items all the way there (uh yeah, right), or find myself one of those flatbed dolly's to rent. I'm having a difficult time finding any volunteers this time around and my arm is shot. I was folding towels and it was aching, I can't imagine carrying loads of boxes. Ugh. Finding people without back problems or other such restrictions who are willing to help is like finding a freaking four leaf clover. Seriously, I'd probably have better luck finding a unicorn to ride to work. Hopefully my cousin will come through for me. PJ just helped him move last week, and in the rain no less. He's usually a good one for being able to count on but his truck is down and I know his work schedule is hectic right now. Ah, it will all works itself out, right? Tell me to shut up and stop stressing, please!

So I am at home now, on my laptop. Yep, the part finally arrived. YAY! So where is everyone at?

(((((anoushh)))) my heart goes out to you right now darlin. Sciatica is a bitch. ~~~~~ultra soothing~~~~~

mandi & raisin, color me envious, ya biatches! I kid, I hope you guys have a blast! And like anoushh said, full reports are expected.

(((((sassy))) ahem, you are going to see MY Lewis Black?? hehe. I want a full report of that too!

(((((amilita)))) ~~~~stop the madness and please, no more taco-truck insanity!~~~~

(((((bunnybun & and mornington))))) cause I missed ya too.

((((sidecar)))) I hope your vaycay has been a riot!

(((((faith)))) thanks for the hugs

(((((dusty))))) some people have absolutely no couth whatsoever. and those people should never be allowed to work with the public.

(((((pink)))) congrats!

((((rosemama, polly's ankle, anyone who needs health & get better vibes)))))

(((((plummie, syb, dm, tes, stargazer, fina, billy, rose, pixie, msp, tg, lurkers)))))

undie report: black w/ blue flames hipsters, black cotton push-up bra cause I was feeling kinda feisty today wink.gif

(((yuefie))) would that i could lend you the bucks for a professional mover. i've vowed that i'll never ever depend on family/friends to help us move again. actually, everyone is too wounded and/or ancient to lift and cart anymore anyway. sad but true.

bunny, i'm heading north. on a train. eep.
and yes, there shall be photos involving costumes, wigs and knitted things - which will be shared upon request.

kvetch: ok. how hard it is to search the member's list first before you choose a username on a message board? and wouldn't you maybe steer clear of variations of an advanced member's name? i tried to be nice. now i'm getting pissy. mad.gif

antikvetch: friday night netflix with the boy: x-men 3! (finally!)
((((mando)))) what happened? *rolls up sleeves and prepares dirty looks*

((((raisin)))) yes, I am jealous. more jealous that jealous does justice too.

((((yuefie)))) ****smooooooth mooooooooove**** I have meeced you


((((anoushh)))) just think, not long now, not long now my brother sat on my mum's sciatic nerve for two months. he was awkward even before he was born

((((rose)))) & ((((rosemama)))) & ****get well rose & shef****

((((pixie)))) & ((((pixiemama))))


****get warm sassy****

(((dusty))) wtf? blink.gif surely condoms don't have age requirements. Although, I've only ever been id'd now I'm over 18. strange

(((sidecar, faith, syb, polly & her ankle, pink the married laydee, sixie, billy and his pants, tes, dm & mr dm, stargazer, txplum, tg, everyone)))

The Boy Wonder has gone to play hockey. He didn't get up on time (indeed, only got up because I went in to wake him up) and so didn't tidy any of his things away. Naturally. Unfortunately, most of them involve wires, so I have to tidy up before I can let Pete out, or he'll chew everything.

Indigo has learnt how to play "which hand is the biscuit in?". We are still working on lie down, however. My dog is a genius. tongue.gif

I feel I ought to go do things, with it being a saturday and all. I suspect I might make a cup of tea and some food and go back to bed, however.

*mwah* to all and ****multi-purpose vibes**** for whoever needs them.

Ok, it's nearly 5 am here and I"ve been up for a couple of hours.

I'm having spasm-like pains around the area of my bladder. Feels very like what turned into the most excruciating experience of my life in May when I thought I was having a miscarriage, but it was a bladder infection--like none I'd ever had before. (At the time it was hard to know the difference b/w spasms in the bladder or uterus b/c they were of similar size and position. Now my uterus is huge, of course.)

Part of me thinks I need to go to the ER now. The other part says wait and see.
I just don't want it to get as bad as it was in May, and I certainly don't want to be coping with an untreated bladder infection during labor. (Though how I could have a bladder infection now--peeing approx every 20 minutes--is beyond me.)

I passed out in Sears the day after Christmas from a bladder infection when I was pg with Minipixie! Rose had to practically carry me to the car. I wouldn't let that go untreated too long! They ended up inducing me a few weeks later because it wouldn't go away with meds that were safe.

((((yuefie)))) We missed ya girl!

*waves at Mornington*

We are off to do the pumpkin carving thing today.
Um quit my job yesterday and nope don't want to discuss it yet. Still kinda shocked myself.

emmy photos, they may make you sign in for em.


pixie, pumpkin carving sounds so much fun!

mando is making like the cornflake girl ... safe train journey and happy bustie meet. raisin, you were quoted in hallowe'en bustline!

(((yuefie))) good to have you back sweetpea, smooth move for you.

having lovely lovely weekend, smooches.

eta: stunning pics wb! I love the one of you with Silas and Andy from Weeds!
Yuefie, I have moved house way too many times. It is stressful, both the psychological upheaval of moving and the actual bloody work involved packing and carrying stuff. Try to remember that it is a finite process and will be over with in a few days and then you have a nice new place. Good luck!

Anoushh, I hope your insides have settled down. More stress and discomfort you do not need! Fwiw, it doesn't sound like an infection but in any case I hope you feel better stat.

(((walking bitch)))

Having a fab weekend and the clocks go back tonight. I am way too excited about an extra hour of sleep!

Finally, sidecar is awesome. But you all knew that already.
Thanks for the encouragement, I need it. I don't know why I am so stressed about it. I think it's not knowing for sure who is going to help me get moved. I mean usually I have it all planned out in advance but this was all so last minute, being unsure exactly when. And it's in the middle of the week so that makes it harder to find help. My cousins gf said they know someone who has a furniture dolly, so I will see if I can borrow that. Speaking of my cousin, I am babysitting his cats right now because they woke up to a completely flooded house today. Somehow the fire sprinklers in the ceiling (they live in military housing) were set off, but nobody knows why. They just moved in last week and the worst part is that the garage, where all the unpacked boxes were, was hit the worst. Their roommates lost all of their wedding photos, as the shelf that held all their wedding mementos was siutated right underneath a sprinkler. PJ went over to help them drag all of the furniture and stuff outside. There are people there tearing out the carpet now, and it looks like they may have to knock down a wall or two as well. They were told that they are lucky the roof for the garage didn't cave in, because it is below the rest of the house and the water ran straight through the ceiling. So right now there are three very unsettled and upset kitties hiding under PJ's bed. And Sashie has been going nuts cause she can smell them and she wants to play. When I was in there playing with them I could hear her sniffing at the door. She kept shaking her head making her collar jingle to let us know she was there, hehehe. But I know they would tear her old ass up, so they get to hang out in there. PJ is none too thrilled about the litterbox in his closet, but I don't want the kitties to escape and there are boxes all over the livingroom and diningroom so it's easiest to keep them confined to one room. Okay, I am back to work now. I gotta get as much done as I can this weekend.

(((((kvetchies))))) ~~~~good vibes for all~~~~

It was labor. Fast!

Baby boy--7 lbs 5 oz.
Wow! Congratulations, anoushh! Hope all is well, and post more when you're able!!
YAY anoushh, congrats on your lovely baby boy!

thanks for the time reminder, syb, that could have been one hour less spent with the boy! and also yay for meeting the fantastic sidecar! sidecar, yay for meeting the fantastic sybarite! hope other BUSTie meet ups were just as exciting.

yuefie, hope the packing is going well. left you an eljay comment. yes, raisin, I too will blog at some point soon, maybe once the weekend is over and about the weekend smile.gif.

(((mornington))) a'cos. she is an accomplished and experienced fondler of sheep.

OMG anoushh, that is fast! Congratulations!!!!
congratulations anoushh!!!!

that was fast! post more when you're able! yay yay yay!! such good news!

Many congrats to you, Anoushh! And to the proud papa, as well! Woo hoo!!!!! What fantastic news! Hope you are recovering well and that your home is overflowing with joy today. Yay!!!

Kvetch: I haven't been able to access Bust consistently for a number of days.

Anti-kvetch: I'm here now. smile.gif
woooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! YAYAYAYAY!!! for anoussh and fabu fast fast fast labor and beautiful baby boy!!!!!!

~*~*~*~*~* happy easy moving vibes for yeufie ~*~*~*~*~*~

WB, you looked SMASHING at the emmys -- but you knew that! if you ever want to talk about the job sitch, we're here. in the meantime, ~*~*~*~*~*~ let things be the way you want them to be vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~

Kvetch: i have been unable to get into the lounge for days. SERVER NOT FOUND.
Kvetch: i cleared my cache, my cookies, my history, etc and still, SERVER NOT FOUND
Kvetch: i could get into the bust site, but NOT into the lounge!!!
Kvetch: i decided to try using Gates Ware to access the net instead of Mozilla Firefox, and it worked. here i am.

Kvetch: i LOATHE Gates Ware!

pixie, i wish i was with you carving pumpkins. no hallowe'en here. no pumpkins. no trick or treat.

we DID have a spontaneous holiday last week, though. on wednesday evening, we were informed by the ministry of health that the next day would be a national day of mourning, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the crash of President Samora Machel's plane over South Africa. no work on thursday. well, at least the office was closed. i DID work.

can i just say how much i love that mornington is such "an accomplished and experienced fondler of sheep"? and how much i love bunnyb for saying so?????

hugs for mandomyheart, just because. how was netflix night? i haven't seen xmen 3 yet -- but i'm sure i will, because HUGE Ackman is just soooooooooo hot. (patrick stewart is pretty damn sexy without his shirt, too) any more rumblings about your job???

more hugs for tes'ass plum wine, billy, tall girl, syb, fina, designer m, rosiev, pollystyrene, sidecar, raisin, sonik, and everyone else that i know that i am missing!!!

oooo oooo ooooo!!!! HUGE ANTI-KVETCH: i will see mr. hotbuns in less than a month!! i leave on 19 november!!!!

hugs and kisses and silly silly star fishes!!!
Seems several BUSTies have been experiencing problems logging in... I always use mozilla firefox and have had no problems; are you using a bookmark with the old address? What I think has happened is that previously when the old lounge address was used it redirected to the new one but that no longer happens, I don't think the old address exists anymore (google used to bring old address up in search but now it's the new one).

Well, as I'm posting: the Italian meal on friday met my expectations. I had an antipasto plate with chargrilled peppers, selections of meats (proscuitto I know was one), mussels, cannelini bean salad, chargrilled aubergine, bruschetta... and for my main I had Involtini di Melanzane (chargrilled aubergines stuffed with ricotta and pine nuts set on grilled polenta, roast vegetables and chargrilled asparagus drizzled with tomato sauce) that was to die for and finished it off with strawberries in balsamic dressing with marscapone. Beautiful merlot too.

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