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***quick drive-by***


i need to get ready for work. but, i'm so sleepy. i took a 1 hour nap! i went straight to dream mode. Maybe it was 'cause I was listening to classical music.

Hope everyone is well. I will catch up tomorrow.
Ok, I'm really having a rough day.

It's funny how a good haircut--even on someone else--can lift your spirits a bit, though. (Wish I had a decent haircut, but at least someone does.)
Very nice mornington!

I'm going to go back to bed for a bit. And I'm going remind myself that depression does not tell the truth. Things will get better.
Safe trip and fun vackay vibes for sidecar & martini! Have a GUINNESS for me. *staring pointedly at Billy Light-Beer, tongue firmly in cheek*

Mornington, tres chic!

Bunny, quit the nutella talk. *finger wagging/hands on fat hips* Cuz I’m ~this close~ to buying another jar. And we all know what I did with the last jar!

(((bunnynana & bunnygreatauntie)))

(((yuefie))) thanks for checking in, sweetpea. Do buy that cord on your own, please? I suffer so when you’re not online!

I so wish I could see sonik’s work, live in living color. With dusty. Le pout.

(((lurker tallgirl)))

Rose, how is BGP doing out there? Is she acclimating ok? i'm sad for you both, that you're so far away now.

(((dm & mr))) try to hang in there, good things are heading your way. I feel it.

Such a relief to see you resurfacing, (((wb)))! sorry life is treating you so insanely. check your email, dolly.

“I think the odious man should be muzzled and possibly killed, and she's watching him.” guffaw!

(((mornington))) (((rose))) (((dusty))) (((bunny))) for the job commiseration/hugs.
(((billy))) & (((sixelacat))) for the generic job vibes.

Today, I’m pretending it’s all ok. Or will be ok. Heck, maybe it will. In any case, the resume’s getting revamped (I just gave it to bossman for constructive criticism, heh) and circulated amongst friends/family. I know I’ve got it made here (except for the mush-brain-wasting-my-life part), but, well …hey, ya never know. I just ubercringe at the thought of job-searching during the holiday season. or during the winter doldrums. IPB Image

My son is dressed in black today, mourning his beloved mets’ loss. Poor baby. Hope he doesn’t get beat up. (we live in a yankee town. He silently smirked over their loss two weeks ago. Not a good move.)

Kvetch: I’m a little sulky that my username magnanimity didn’t even get acknowledged. One of you needs to spank me for being far too seventh-grade.

Kvetch: I’ve got a crap weekend coming up. More on that tomorrow. But I could use some safe-driving vibage around 10 pm EST. there’s a high-wind advisory, and I get to drive back from the outlaws with the kid over Scaryass Bridge sans the mr. I hate bridges. I hate wind. Gah. IPB Image
mando -the real, true mando- I'm there with you. Oh and raisin's comment cracked me up. fuck it, I'm sick of being the one defending newbs when sometimes they just plain irk.

Oh yeah, I'm in a crabby mood. for no reason other than I dunno, it's friday and I'm not with my boy. It's also payday and somehow I'm skint already. Oh and I have some uni stuff that needs sorting out.

thanks for the bunny irish contingent love. speaking of irish: i'll pass on the guinness but have a bailey's for me please, sidecar.

I forgot to hug yuefie when I was in last so (((yuefie)))

morn, love the hair. you look like ingrid bergman, I think. Some classic Hollywood actress anyway.

eta: nutella, nutella, NUTELLA tongue.gif
Okay, so I still don't have time to get completely caught up, but I skimmed.

(((((mandikins))))) tongue.gif oh no suffering for you my love! do not fret, I've just purchased a new adapter on eBay for a quarter of the price anywhere else I've looked. I hope they ship quickly!
((((anoushh)))) extra soothing hugs
love the new haircut (((mornington))), are there any new indigo and fluffball pete pics as well?
(((bunnynana))) and (((bunny))) meeced you too.
((((sidecar & martini)))) hope you're having a blast!
((((amilita)))) how's work going?
((((raisin)))) just cause *mwah*
AP, did you get that sitch with the apartment straightened out?
has anyone seen sassygrrl around or heard from her? I'm a little worried cause it's been a while and she hasn't been on MySpace either.
~~~job search vibes~~~ for mr. dm, mandi and any other BUSTies in need
((((sixela, billy, rose, plummie, syb, dusty, dm, sonik, polly, faith, fina, msp, wb, stargazer, pixie, maddy, tg-McLurkerson, tesao, kmp, damona & ladylib, all the lurkers, and apologies to anyone I missed)))

so I came home to tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. PJ & roomie are in an all out war and I am trying to be the referee. That's getting hard though, cause honestly, I would like to knock roomie on his whiny ass. I just keep telling myself, I've made it thus far, I can hold on a couple weeks more. He started out so seemingly normal and turned out to be SUCH a freaking headcase. That's two major errors in my judgment of character, which makes me think I seriously need to pull my head out of my ass. I'm off to pick up some boxes and get to packing. I'm still keeping my toes crossed that an apartment opens up sooner rather than later!

Mandolyn, I'm not taking the bait! I like Guinness as much as the next person, but what's served here pales in comparison to a pint in its motherland. Besides, you caught me at a weak moment when I professed my love for a lager wink.gif

Mornington, I was about to translate, but I've decided against it. You'll just have to google what I uttered to Sidecar tongue.gif Cute hair, btw. As you can see to the left.... it's the same old so-called hairdo for me smile.gif

It's great to see Dusty. Lately, only Dusty has posted less than I have.

Sidecar and Mornington, you both look so freakin' cute!

((Mando)) For the job stress and the bridge stress and whatever else stress ya got.

((Anoushh)) Things really will get better. I think of you lots in my little nursely way.

((Syb)) What's with all the nutty workplaces lately? Sheesh.

((Bunnynana)) and ((Bunny)) I'm crabby, too. For me it's PMS.

Congratulations, Sonik! It sounds like gonna be a really freeing move for is all about the head space, like Syb said. And I think you're extra fancy and important, that's for sure.

((Stargazer, Sixelacat, Dusty, Mornington, Billy, Yuefie, Polly, Txplum, Raisin, Rosev, everyone))

Kvetch: My Netflix are suddenly taking a long time to get here and then I got one with these stickers saying stuff about "No Forwarding Address" etc...WTF? And then we get a call from the bank saying they received some letters back!!!

We stopped our forwarding request back in December when we moved back into our house. Why, why, why is the stupid post office thinking they should be sending our mail somewhere else. Of course over the phone they are like, "Well that shouldn't be happening." Duh. I'm so sick of them saying they are functioning at 100% here cuz it just ain't so.

Anti-kvetch: I saw the Scizzor Sisters last night and had so much fun!!! The show was high energy. And my friend's friends from NYC love the band so much they came here for the show and they were all really interesting and fun.

My friend had told one of his friends what happened to me during the hurricane and he hugged me and told me how he saw the planes fly into the Twin Towers and we had this really sweet connection/mutual sympathy. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

Happy weekend, all! Have fun, Sidecar, although I guess you won't see this!

Oh, and Nutella! When our moms were here, they were selling Nutella crepes during the big art event...I think I may have to make some of those in my future.

ETA: Forgot to vibe Designerm and Mr. DM! ~~~job vibes~~~

And Yuefie, work has been nonexistant! They keep cancelling me...though I just took a call and accepted a Sunday night shift. I think I'm signing on as a flex staff person...a little less money/a little more requirements/a little more stabililty. I think I'm making the right choice.

((Yuefie and PJ))

bunnynana has to have a mri next wednesay and then an operation to remove slipped discs. She's going private as to wait on the Irish equivalent to the NHS would take over a year and she's in agony; auntie paying - £5000. I know it's really bad but I couldn't help thinking "oh well, there goes asking aunt for loan of money for phd fees".

amilita, for me it's POST menstrual stress.

(((yuefie and PJ))) a pox on headcase roomie.
yuefie, sassy just got out of the hospital after a bad reaction to new seizure meds. sad.gif She told stargazer she'd be up to posting soon, though, so I'm hoping she's feeling better!
(((sassy))) we've all missed ya love (and been hounding you on myspace)

amilita, meant to say earlier: I am so glad to hear a great review for the Scissor Sisters as i'm seeing them in a few weeks (very excited!) Also just bought tickets to see the Barenaked Ladies in April, it will be the third gig of their's I've been to.
OK all... let's get some pics shown of the hair... (only cause these are cell pics that are easily automatically sent to my flickr account)

K first hair cut that I had to get all the cute angled ends whispy pieces cut off of cause it didn't curl right, (looked like those straggly pubic hair ends that remind me of bad long island 1980's hair) It's also still blondey highlighted like:

Here is after I dyed it all Feria Brazilian Brown:

and here is it all curly:

K that done... hugs and love to all the vetchiness out there. and Mando and Jem owe me phone calls so twwwpt.

I just got home from work and MM is making dinner as we speak and the muthafucka made me peanut butter swirl brownies, which is only a vetch cause as much as I'd like one, I'd probably chuck it. I feel like warmed over dogshit along with a healthy dose of murderous PMS. What are we all on the same cycle these days?
Stupid wedding. Stressing me out.

I want a honeymoon! I dont get one cause of money and such. Stupidness.

I'm toddler tired. I want to throw a fit.

Sixe was Porky-piggin' it this morning! biggrin.gif


Whoa, check out all the love! Hee! I'm somewhat lacking in stuff to talk about, but I had to say hi. Hi!
(((sassygrrl))) (((yuefie))) (((mandolyn))) (((prettynpink))) (((amilita)))

i hope things will get well Busties. i don't know why...but listening to the Beta Band's Dry the Rain cheers me up when I need it. I've been needing it alot lately.

kvetch: why is my roommate afraid of interacting with me? he really does have problems. he always leaves the money he owes me in bills on my dresser. he doesn't hand it to me. wtf? just weird. that kid has no social skills whatsoever. in may, i will probably get my own place when the lease is up. that kid has become too odd even for me.


ok. off to try and be productive with internship stuff. i can't wait 'til nov. 1st when this stuff will be over with. well, for the meantime...

sending (((pink))) all my love and good wishes, hoping everything goes fantastically tonite and tomorrow!

wb, i can't believe your hair is gone! but if anyone can pull off any frickin' 'do in the universe, it's you. you are one stunning goddess!

i hope (((sassy)))'s ok. poor baby.

(((bunnynana & auntie)))
(((yuefie & PJ & shashie))) hurry up, november!

i utterly heart BNL. but the last two times i saw them in concert, they sort of disapointed.

anything DAVE cheers me up. right now it's crush. and snow patrol's chasing cars. what sweet sweet songs.

i am coming down with a cold. my throat is sore, and my body aches. sad.gif
but i'm forcing myself to fumigate my filthy bathroom.

rant warning: at least i'm not fumigating my m-i-l's beyond filthy kitchen. yes, that is our anniversary gift to them this weekend: ripping apart and redecorating their nastyass pukey kitchen. including ripping up the cruddy floor, installing a new stove, painting, new curtains, washing every single disgusting greasy pot and pan and dish and glass. i drove the mr down last night and dropped him off & we helped til midnight, before the kid and i thankfully escaped. thank god he's got a competition tonite. we're off the hook until tomorrow morning, when we head back ... to put everything back. and rescue the mr.

ya know, i know they're in their 80's, they can't clean like they used to. but when my m-i-l was younger and could get on her knees and scrub? she didn't! she was too busy reading and watching tv. omigod, is she the WORST housekeeper in the universe! i can't wait to see how quickly the filth creeps back. we're taking bets. if anyone had asked, i would've been happier shelling out a couple of hundred bucks and doing a restaurant party. but s-i-l dictated, so of course we had to go along with it. story of our lives.

fwiw, i would've traveled over the bridge six times this weekend, and would be there right now, scrubbing away with all the love in my heart, if they hadn't treated us like second-class citizens all these years. number one daughter and baby son get ALL the love and attention. my poor middle-child husband has alway been "the other son". and my kid has always been a fucking afterthought.

which is why i'm cleaning MY bathroom right now and blaring the good tunes and feeling ZERO guilt. lah di fucking dah.
\end rant.
I'm not really in the mood for a proper kvetch, but I just wanted to say that I hope Sassygrrl is feeling better soon. I miss her. And Anoushh, when is your due date? Every day you post here could be your last before you're officially a mom! Incredible. Is your husband making his own sandwiches at this point?! rolleyes.gif

Anyway, there's been some fraudulent activity on one of my bank accounts. Color me pissed off FURIOUS. Fucking hell. I'm counting down the minutes until my bank opens on Monday morning. I knew something was wrong a couple of weeks ago. I should have known better than to question my bloody buggery WOMEN'S INTUITION. Fuck. I'm really good with money, too. And I'm even better with SERVING UP JUSTICE. So watch out.

WB and Mgton, I approve of the haircuts.

((((Yuefie)))) a'cos

I'll post again when I have my head on straight. Ugh. (Then you can expect me to return to the novella-length posts.)
November 6th is the due date. I'm ready any, ANY time. My stomach (the skin on the front of my abdomen) has been numb for the last few days. Just when I thought I wasn't going to develop any new symptoms.....

Poor mister is mortified whenever mom does the "he needs help getting something to eat" thing. He's managing to make his own lunch for work every day, so he seems to be not starving. Imagine that!

Raisin, that sucks. Money stuff is so, so, SO frustrating. Here's hoping you get it sorted out quickly and efficiently. (Oh, and I hope you get whoever's responsible.)

I hope PiP has had a good day and has a good weekend.

Mandolyn, good for you! You have nothing, nothing, NOTHING to feel guilty about. I'm proud of your attitude.

Hope sidecar's trip is off to a good start.
I know I've kvetched all over the place, but I have another one. I was sure I had brought back my Johnny Clegg cds from the UK. "Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World" is one of my favorite albums ever. Now I want it and I can't find it. I'm annoyed. And the library doesn't have it.

Oh, and I hate, hate, HATE George Bush.
(If anyone is finding it annoying that I seem to be repeating everything three times, that's his fault, too. I don't know how, but I'm sure it is.)

Hey Busties!

I'm back! smile.gif

Still in SC (no, wait "purgatory") with the parents. I've been here since Tuesday night, and should be back home by tomorow night (Sunday).

Let's see, getting onto a new seizure med, and watching my parents get completely drunk each night, and criticize me and judge me about everything from my seizures, these hospital stays, my new boyfriend, and my weight.... oh fun. And, they wonder why I don't come home much?

I mean I guess I owe them a little something for running over to Atl like three times in one week, but jeezy chreezy I was the one in the hospital suffering from an bad reaction from a new medication. sad.gif

The boy (McGeek) is still in the picture (hooray!), and is picking me up from the airport tomorrow night. My parents think I'm going to run him off, which is such a nice thing to say to their daughter. Got into a huge fight at a restaurant, and wanted to really tell my dad to fuck off. And, I felt like I was going to go into another seizure (I didn't). He even told me (after meeting my parents, which I honestly did not plan to happen so soon): "I'm dating YOU not your family. I mean, they seem like great people, but I'm more concerned about you."

Should be heading back to work in a few weeks. The next couple of weeks are just going to be spend chilling out, and getting re-focused on my goals. And my main goal right now is to get better. smile.gif Also, have to find a new apartment, but one thing at a time I guess.

I've missed all of you, and thank you for all the love!


Anoushh, with you on the Bush hating. Although, it's really hard to hate Bush in the South. People love him here.

Raisingirl, I feel your pain. That sort of crap just happened with my bank. Eek. And, then I got a two hour lecture from my father about my horrid budgeting skills.

Just wanted to say that I love Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars. smile.gif
*waves at sassy* welcome back girl! feel better and yay for mcgeek being a keeper! Also, "Although, it's really hard to hate Bush in the South. People love him here" wtf? I knew people somewhere had to be voting him in but I preferred to think it was all a voting fix rather than people actually loving him.

(((raisin))) working for a bank I know how much that sucks sad.gif. yuefie does too.

(((anoushh))) almost there.

CONGRATULATIONS prettynpink, have a wonderful, beautiful day and remember that it's all about YOU!

having a lovely, relaxing weekend (although missing the boy, of course) which has been mainly made up of reading and watching Grey's Anatomy.


Well, the voting is fixed here as well. There was a bit about that in that new movie "Man of the Year."

Total wtf on Bush. I'm serious. I live in a very liberal (I would say 80-90% gay) area of Atlanta, and this asshole Sonny Perdue and all his evil people(Bush, etc) get in every year or 4 years! This is yet another reason why the west (Oregon, Washington, California) sounds so tempting to me. Plus, there's Powells, and I dig the weather more.

Hopefully, once I get this health thing under control. I'm thinking moving out there in 3 years or so, maybe less. It all really depends on my job, and in McGeek wants to stick around me. The boy is from MA, so he's very open-minded. Which is so damn cool.


Congrats Pretty in Pink!


I need more coffee! :0

((any other Bustie I have forgetten))
Many congrats to PnP! I hope some of the stress of these past weeks disolves for her today so that she can enjoy it. She certainly deserves joy today.

And you know, I kinda wish we had delayed our honeymoon. I was still so stressed out from the wedding day that I never got to just relax and enjoy the trip. I think I would have liked it much more if we'd taken the honeymoon around the time of our first anniversary. But of course, we were busy packing for our move then!

(((((( much love to Bunny's nana & aunt )))))) Dear things. They will certainly be in my thoughts.

((((Sassy)))) Sorry to hear you've been through such a difficult time. Here's hoping the new meds help! And hooray for wonderful geeky boys!

~~~~~~ soothing for Anoushh ~~~~~~

$$$$$$$ an end to bank woes for Raisin $$$$$$$$

Mandi, I think that is a very sweet and thoughtful gift that your family is giving the in-laws. I hope they appreciate it. Now tell us ... how was the latest band competition?

All of these marvelous haircuts! It's impossible for me to pick a favorite. You ALL look fab!

((((((((( much love to all of you ))))))))

Kvetch: I've been gripped by a tummy bug. It hit me Thursday night and kept me from going to the big company party on Frieday. SOOOOOOOO frustrating! It seems that every single time we've been invited to some group event - events where I might have a chance to finally make some friends - I end up catching something terrible. At least Sheff got to go and he seemed to have a good time. So that's nice. But I really really want to meet people and have friends over and such. I'm sick of spending so much time alone.

Anti-kvetch: a new mouse! So navigating the internet is easy again. Hooray!
(((rose))) is there any way it could be nerves? just that the illnesses seem to be so timely, sometimes the thing you want most is what makes you the nervous.

nothing like new pets eh? glad the dead mouse was replaced and the lilac is back. I've meeced the lilac (missing some red and purple around these parts this weekend too).

hope the pixie couple are having a lovely weekend.

thanks for the vibes for the bunnyfamily, only time will tell.

my weekend became less relaxing as I realised I needed to sort out my bedroom before bunnymama committed some bunny-cide (a'la medea). Sorting through books is heartbreaking, I'm not even selling them/giving them to charity but simply putting some in the loft as I have no room of my own, they've taken over. I'm trying to be ruthless but it is so hard, I want to sit down and read them all instead.

excuse me, but did someone say purple was missing around these parts???? languish NO MORE!!!

(((((((rose))))))) it still strikes me as the ULTIMATE cosmic joke that you and sheff moved to my area just after i had left! sad.gif

no matter! we will seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you boooooooooooooooooth for thanksgiving!!! yayayayayay!

i did tell you that we do this as an evening affair, correct?? i have my tickets and i believe that i am arriving in NC the sunday before tday and leaving the sunday or monday afterwards. stay in touch, email me or pm me or whatever. can't wait!!!! it will be a BIG one this year, with around 25 people! huzzah!!

PINK!!!!! Wishing you and the IRISH the very very very best of what is yet to come. you are an amazing woman, and i am proud to be your friend!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~ soothing love and soft vibes for bunny nana and bunny aunt ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

mando my heart!!!! you KICK SERIOUS ASS! even if you are NOT going back and forth across that bridge, you are doing something that they need. and YOU know that even if THEY will never deign to admit it!!!

so, now--- SPILL THE BEANS ABOUT THE BAND EVENT!!!!! we are all waiting breathlessly!!!

(((((((raisin)))))) *taps raisin d'etre with wand* bank and fraud woes BEGONE!!!!!!

*huge puff of smoke with silvery spangles emerges from wand*

what the FRELL is UP with the bank fraud??? this exact sort of thing happened about 2 weeks ago to my BFF!!! tooooooooo weird!

(((((sassy))))) here's to new meds! may they be what you want without any stoopid side effects! i've often wondered how jesse helms kept getting reelected in NC. and how, although i personally know of ONLY ONE PERSON WHO VOTED FOR BUSH he won anyway. wtf????

speaking of bush, anousskha: forgive me for guffawing out loud when i read that somehow, just SOMEHOW, it was bush's fault that you were repeating everything in triplicate!!! bwaaaaaaaaahahahahahaah!

stargazer, your roommate sounds as though he is avoiding contact with you. does he somehow see you as a threat??? then again, it could be that he has the hots for you. OR, he is just plain spased out. easier to be passive than active. boys are so silly. tooooooooooooooo weird.

*lifts glass of bubbly in honour of pixies!!!!! here here!!!*

((((yeufie)))) -- cuz i want to.

A TES'ASS PLUMMY WINE SIGHTING!!!! woooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo!!!

*runs out of room looking from side to side frantically for plummy!*

as she runs out of thread, kvetchies hear, quite faintly but quite clear:

hugs and kisses and silly silly spot!!!! tongue.gif

big fucking kvetch (that it is entirely my own fault although time conspired against me too): I have a £90 (yes, pounds) uni library fine for late fees. I can't graduate without paying it and I need to register for graduation the week after next. I am so skint.

yay for purple. do you think if I say there hasn't been enough money around these parts lately that some will magically appear?
Congratulations to PnP!!! I hope she and the Mr. are having a great time and people are being good to them.

I'm sitting around waiting to see if I'm actually working tonight or if I'm gonna get called off...I guess it's good that I'll be glad for different reasons either way.

Rose, hope you're feeling better soon. I was almost over this cold, and now my symptoms all seemed to shift a bit and it's like I may have a new, different mild cold. Bleh.

Bunny, that sucks about the library fine.

Sassy, yay for new meds. Hope they get you settled on an effective one soon. I have been trying not to jinx him, but it's been over 6 months since the Mr. had a seizure now that he's on a higher dose of his med...that used to be about his frequency. *parts crossed that it keeps up!*

((Anoushh)) I'm so excited for you!!! So, so close...

Love and hugs to all!!!
((((sassy)))) *flings self at sassy* hope the new meds get straightened out and yay! for mcgeek

((((Pink)))) congratumelations, sweetest! hope you and Irish are having a wonderful day! and a fantastic weekend

((((bunny)))) urgh, ****money for bunny**** (((bunnynana & sis)))

(((anoushh))) that's like... close. oooh.


(((tes))) acos

(((rose))) feh on illness. ***feel better*** and yay for mice!

((((raisin)))) ***get the bank sorted and pronto***

(((yuefie))) I miss yooooooooooooooooooou.

(((mando))) you are doing a good thing. now, spill on the band weekend before I have to tickle you over the interwebs.

(((sixe, pixie, stargazer, txplum, syb, fina, polly, faith, dm, everyone)))

The Boy Wonder got very very very very drunk last night, on beer and cheap white wine that tasted like sherry. I know I'm not supposed to laugh, but it was funny. He ended up sleeping at the girlies' house because he was so drunk... but he was very polite and quite recovered by the time he made it back here this morning. It was the girlies' twenty-first birthday party... and friday was Boy Wonder's 18th so we were all rather tiddly. I got to see an old school friend, The Gnome, and it was fun.

The craft fair didn't go as well as we would have wanted. Girly 1 and I made enough to cover the cost of the table, but not much more... I think it was really badly advertised and even we found it hard to find. So I have lots of earrings now... I think I'll have to ebay some of them or something.

Spent the day lounging around... Boy Wonder and Welshman get on, which is nice. We cooked bacon butties... and now I'm off to bed (after writing to F, it's his birthday tomorrow).


tesao~oh, he's as gay as the sky is blue. he's just passive aggressive and nonconfrontational. he's ALWAYS been like that. i've known him since i was 19 yrs old. i'm just tired of having a roommate, really. i'm tired of his immaturity too. like being awoken out of my sleep when his drunk ass comes home only to hear him screaming. uh, his schtick is just so tiring and boring. he looks content to live off unemployment. and then, he wonders why he's going nowhere in his life. *shakes head* oh well.


i did not get much sleep last night. and i think i'm going to bed now. it is 8:30pm here and i don't think i've gone to bed this early since i was an infant.

i will catch up tomorrow. seacrest out.

*head smacks keyboard*
Wow ..there are like 4 pages of archives! I read them...but I forgot to take notes and now i don't remember which vibe goes with which Bustie so....~*~*~*~Multipurpose vibes for all~*~**~*~~

I did remember that it was Prettyinpinks wedding!!!! I hope it went off with a hitch! wink.gif I meant to post something about it before I left Friday!

I love the haircut pics! Makes me wanna go get cut again!

Thanks for all the weekend wishes! We had a fabulous time! The trees were alll changing color and it was such a beautiful drive up there and back! We enjoied just spending time together without the normal everyday interruptions!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
Hello all!

Still in SLC....I want to go home sad.gif The scenery's nice, but I'm tired of getting up early and working my ass off all day. It's almost 11:30 here, and I have to be up at 7:00. I have to clean my room for the maid to come in tomorrow, since I've had the "Do Not Disturb" up for a couple of days and I'm out of towels. Meh. I want to just go to bed and sleep until 11:00 or so tomorrow.

So far, my moody coworker (see my post in "Work Sucks" or whatever the work rant thread is called, from a couple weeks ago) has been okay- I think it is stress that makes her so pissy, but the way she was to me was really uncalled for.

Well, ((love to everyone)), hope PnP made it through the day and her family behaved themselves.

ETA: Kvetches: When the maid was in here a couple of days ago, she moved my toothbrush. Grr. I wish they'd just clean around my stuff, change my sheets, empty the trash and refill the towels. Don't touch my stuff, particularly the stuff I put in my mouth. And, today, when I got back to my room, I discovered that the drug reps who are at this conference must have been given a list of the room numbers of anyone involved in the conference, so I have this bag of pharmaceutical brochures that I don't give a shit about. Straight to the trash!!

mornington, I'm sorry I forgot the craft fair was this weekend -some vibes were obviously in order- definitely ebay, ebay, ebay them! I love the small jewellery sellers on ebay, my sushi beaded bracelet arrived and it's teensy but cute. If I wore earrings I would buy some from you! but I don't so I won't, sorry but others will!

pixie, yay for great weekends! I'm seeing the boy friday *does snoopy dance*

stargazer, I read "uh, his schtick is just so tiring and boring" as "stick" and I was like, wtf? he's gay so how does she know his stick is tiring and boring? ohmy.gif hehe, made me laugh tho.

yay an amazon order just arrived - nothing like new books! yeah, I'm drowning in books and can't find library books in my bedroom but I can't help buying more especially when one of them is Neil Gaiman's Stardust. To be fair, most of the parcel contains christmas gifts and books for the boy that I've to take down this weekend.

so, seeing Lily Allen tonight with friend Clarabell and we're going for Thai first, really looking forward to it.

(((polly))) I hate having maids come in when I am staying somewhere for the same reason!

(((bunny, Mornington, yuefie, Rose, tes, raisin, faith, fina, sidecar, pink, sassy, all busties)))

I am having a frustrating day! We have a staff retreat Wednsday when I usually cut checks, and my boss is goign to be gone the rest of the week so I have to have everything done tomorrow and of course I got a stack of credit card bills in the mail today, and have less than 24 hours to track down all the receipts that people haven't turned into me! EEP!
((((((all)))))) Hope you're all having a happy Monday. Is it sunny where you are? It was so dark and dreary here yesterday that I felt like crying all day. For no reason. Hate that!

Can't wait to hear from PnP!

Tes, is it begining to feel Spring-like where you are? I keep wondering how strange it will feel for you to leave the warming weather of southern Africa to come back here where it will be on the verge of winter!

And can I express how thrilled I am to be spending T-Day with Tes?
Actually, I can't.
Because it's so fabulous that it's beyond words.
[cackles wickedly as everyone seeths with jealousy]

Poor Pixie having to do a week's worth of work in one day! At least you had a lovely weekend, though. smile.gif

$$$$$$ piles of money for Bunny $$$$$$ I had college friends with similar library fines. Sucks!

Mornington, I totally understand how amusing it can be to see your favorite guy drunk! Sheff very very rarely drinks to excess, but he's so much fun when he drinks! He giggles a lot and says hilarious things. Maybe I should make him drink more often. wink.gif

Polly, have you had any time to do some sightseeing? Or are they working you to death?

zzzzzz deep sleep for Stargazer zzzzzz

~~~~~ more soothing for Anoushh ~~~~~

Mandi, I hope things are looking better at work today.

Kvetch: I'm still having tummy issues. Sheff was having similar symptoms for a day this weekend, but he got past it. Meanwhile, I am still having some issues. Can you say sick-of-being-sick?

Bunny, most of these other outings have mysteriously coincided with the first day of my period ... which is becoming a truly miserable day for me since I went off the pill about 6 months ago. While I've braved a couple of these outings on that day, we've had to leave suddenly because the bleeding and cramps just gets sooooooooo bad. It sucks so much. I really don't want to go on the hormones because of how it affects me sexually-speaking. But I hate how this handicaps me. Bleh.

Anti-kvetch: Chai. And pumpkin bread. The perfect food for this weather.
(((Rose))) I hope you get to feeling better. I need to call you. Maybe tonight, ok?

((((bunny, pixie, polly, stargazer, anoushh, amilita, yuefie, syb, sidecar, raisin, mando, tes, sassy, sixie, txplum, pink, stargazer, walkingb, everyone))))

Welshman got fired today. He's making silly noises and moping, which I can't blame him for, but he's making "I want a job in london because you're in london" noises and that scares me.

Pictures from the fair in the flickr/myspace doodah...

*mwah* (((((kvetchies)))))

Arrrrgh! I had an entire post typed out and it was eaten dry.gif

mornington, I meece you too! and mandi, and sidecar, and bunny, and tes, and raisin, and, and... all of you.
((((sassy))) welcome back, glad you're okay!
((((pink)))) hope it all went splendidly!
((((anoushh))) ~~~soothing~~~

mandi, I love both of those songs. crush can always lift me. how can I stay down when listening to him coo such delicious lyrics? I can't!
(((syb, amilita, polly, plummie, sixela, faith, fina, billy, dm, stargazer, msp, wb, rose, pixie, tg, everyone)))

kvetch: nutjob roomie put egg shells down the garbage disposer and now it's hoplelessly clogged. and remember when I mentioned my left arm hurting? well it has not gone away and seems to be worsening. it's impeding my workouts now, I have to avoid certain machines because they send searing pain throughout the arm and all the way in to my neck. and I woke up with my ring and middle fingers stiff yesterday sad.gif wednesday will make six years since our mama left us and honestly it seems like last year to me. we are going to do dinner together at her favorite place. I tried to call it off but the rest of the family is not having it. my sis reminded me it's too easy for me to get down and anti-social and fall in to a funk and yeah, she's right.

anti-kvetch: sent medical insurance papers back, just waiting for my card to arrive. YAY! also, landlord says there is a slight possibility of a unit opening up around the 30th. any and all vibes would be greatly appreciated! we've inked the thanksgiving plans with shannon and her step-dad, I think we could all use the family togetherness and they are really excited to have us come. sis and I had lunch with kim on saturday and while we were eating she got a call from milla's mama to say she is still fighting and hanging on, yay! kim is feeling a lot better, but still not back to work. I can't rember if I had mentioned she was hospitalized a second time for infection, but she seems to be on the mend this time around. thanks for the all the vibes and love, you are all the best!

(((hugs to everyone))

Gawd, I need a drink (which I can't have yet) and a huge freaking jar of Nutella. Cadbury will have to do tonight.

Kvetch: My landlady isn't home yet (will be tonight) and I'm renting a room with NO heat. It's no wonder I'm sick(between hospital and flying last night). And my nutjob of a housemate got into a fight with me, b/c I asked to borrow her space heater for a few hours. Yet, another reason to look for a new place.

Are bad roomie busties vibes going around or something?

Kvetch: McGeek told me that he was "technically still married" last night.
WTF? He said he didn't want to tell me this in the hospital, and has known for three weeks. Should this be a red flag? And his freaking dog(the ex's dog) bite the crap out of my leg this morning(broke the skin, but didn't bleed), and I woke up to that. sad.gif

Anti-Kvetch: Even though my room has no heat, at least it's my room.

(((sassy))) wtf? penises, it's all the fault of the penises, NOT the estrogen (Grey's Anatomy ref)

(((yuefie))) for tomorrow and everyday. (((shannon))) and (((kim)))

(((rose))). y'know the boy wonder is morninton's brother, yeah? maybe not the favourite boy. Although saying that, the bunbun is my favourite girl just now, despite the fact that she has dimples on her back that I'm jealous of.

(((mornington))) and (((pixie))) a'cos.

so it's been quiet around here today, hasn't it? I'm rather tipsy but seemingly coping with the typing although doing it with one eye shut as it prevents my head from hurting. Both the thai and the gig were fab and we went clubbing (syb, to the cheesiest student venue in the dear green place) but not for long as clarabell working tomorrow, just as well as my head hurts.

(((rose))) i hope you feel better. is there anything else you can do instead of taking hormone pills? go into the alternative medicine thread and ask chachaheels. she's great with advice.

(((yuefie))) take care of yourself. you don't want to aggravate your condition.
*~*sending yuefie good apartment finding vibes*~*

(((sassy))) what a shitty roommate. seriously. you were in the hospital and she doesn't share her heater. good luck with finding a new place for yourself.

(((polly))) pharm reps push the most useless stuff. but, the free pens are nice. that's about it.

(((bunny))) hope you feel better soon.


kvetch: roommate's coughing. if you have acid reflux, may you shouldn't be drinking. maybe you need to take care of yourself. maybe you should find your ass a job so you can have health insurance. oh, and i am in the stretch to turn in my internship applications. hopefully by wednesday next week, i will be done. i need some good internship vibes!

antikvetch: i love naps. and i take them during my lunch break now at work. totally revive me.

Feeling a bit better today. Thanks for the vibes, everyone. I truly appreciate it.

Today is the first anniversary of Karen's death. So hard to believe that it's been a whole year. I find myself thinking of her a lot. Luckily, I can still hear her voice and her laugh, so that helps a little. Still, it's going to be a difficult day. I'm trying to think of a way to honor her memory. Any ideas, Pixie?
(((((((support for Pixie and the rest of our family today))))))


((((((((all of you))))))))
(((rose and the pixie and mini pixie))) I can't believe it's been a year either; am I right in thinking that Karen was a great cook? what about cooking one of her favourite dishes/baked goods or watching her favourite movie?

feel okay but during the night I thought I was going to die from the headache I had, the worst I've ever had but luckily slept it off.


eta: yuefie and her mum's anniversary tomorrow are in my thoughts too and going to her fsavourite restaurant is definitely a fitting menmorial.
ARGH! Rose, I knew the anniversary was this week, but I didn't realize it was today! Minipixie is sick and I had a migraine last night (that is why I didn't call). If you still lived here, going to a tea house would be the perfect way to remember her.....I'm thinking something that has to be with bears or boyds...pull out our old collections. I haven't unpacked the bears she gave me since I moved a week after she died. I have a picture of her and minipixie up on my flickr account. I think I'll print it out for minipixie tonight. She has to make a collague about herself for class this week anyway. I'll let her use that picture.

My mom has to go in for surgery tomorrow...I'll admit I've been really conflicted about it knowing that it is so close to the anniversary of Karen dying...we agreed minipixie should not come see her at the hospital. I'm really frustrated because I have to be at a meeting an hour out of town while she is having surgery!

Sorry to be a downer today.
(((Bunny))) Thanks!
(((yuefie))) (((rose))) (((bunny))) (((pixie)))

I hope everyone is well today. Busties, do what you need to make yourself feel better!

I have not been posting much because I have been in a wretched wretched wretched mood, due to work and general issues. But I wanted to say quickly

safe travels to those on the road, consoling thoughts and warm memories for those mourning the loss of ones they love, sparkly pink romance vibes for those that need them, gold and green money vibes for everyone (who doesn't need them!?!) , soothing work vibes (I am helping myself to those also), general all purpose health vibes for every ache, pain, sniffle or bruise, and know that you are each loved, loved, loved.

~*~*~*~*fly back to work
nobody does a fly-by like faith smile.gif, her words are always so inclusive and caring.

Indian takeaway helps a hangover.
((((pixie)))) & ((((pixiemum))))
((((yuefie)))) & ((((shannon & stepdad)))) & ((((kim))))
((((sassy)))) it bit you? was it trying to get you up or something? how long have he and his ex been separated? why is it technically instead of no longer?
((((bunny)))) acos you are teh sweet ***go away headache***
(((mando, tes, dm, polly, amilita, anoushh, sixe, stargazer, syb, fina, everyone)))

I slept in and didn't go to the first morning lectures - but I did go to the group work sessions. The Boy Wonder - my brother, rose - went to a uni open day today. he's so mature about it! blink.gif .

*mwah* and (((((everybody))))) ****multi-purpose vibes acos****

hee, I'm sweet smile.gif like a honey bunny. (((mornington)))

belated pic of new hair do. My friend and hairdresser lord farquhar text me yest to say that his bus had just passed my bus and that my hair was looking good, was rather funny.

still feeling a bit rough so off to bed. my ribs hurt -as if I've been doing tummy crunches- so I think I may have over-exerted myself dancing last night!
Kvetch: According to his lawyer, they are still married. I thought the divorce was final in June (this past summer). He did too. So, the divorce will be final as of Dec 12th.

However, they still split up the pets. The dog that bit me was hers. I guess I must have kicked it (by accident) in my sleep. And she woke me up. Also, there is a room full of her stuff.

My decision is to keep seeing him. Yet, I am going to try to not spend the night over there much. Because, I honestly don't want to be dragged into court. And I have no idea how vindicative this woman (the ex) can be.

Anti-kvetch: Very good therapy session. smile.gif

Mornington, still thinking of flying across the pond in March or April. I'll PM you once I figure out the dates. It will be a belated bday present for me....

Bunnyb, I couldn't see the haircut....???

((multi-purpose vibes for everyone)))

Oh my goodness. I am hopelessly behind.

Where did PP and Irish Boy go for the honeymoon?

Sassy! So good to see you back, but what is going ON?! I'm going to have to do some reading here of your most recent posts to catch up. Are you feeling better? A little?

Bunny, I can't see the photo, either.

Yuefie, my sweet, I'm thinking of you.

So, uh, my ultimate tribute to the Bust Lounge will be my Halloween costume. (Yes, I've changed my mind once again, got a problem with that?!) I may not be spending Thanksgiving with Maimy, WB, and MM or RV & Sheff & Tesao & Hotbuns [insert the shedding of a million tears here] buuuuuuuuuuut I get to spend Halloween with certain Busties! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I'll be back to post when I'm not so pooped, I promise. (((((((((you and you and you and you and ESPECIALLY you!)))))))
plan B

did that work? I tried saving it myspace or eljay but cant figure out how. eta: figured it out.

(((yuefie))) you're in my thoughts sweetpea, and PJ and the sis and neice too.

sassy, do I not get invited to UK BUSTIEpalooza? hmph. oh, funnybird, when you're back - I said to mornington that maybe we could meet up on Sunday 3rd December?

PnP and Irish's honeymoon is postponed.

Hi all! I'm having a lovely time. Syb, I'll be calling tomorrow -- perhaps we can meet at our hotel around on Friday, in the evening sometime?

Anyway, hope everyone's doing well. (no time to read). PS: Polly, we spent two nights in Doolin and loved it. Details to come next week when I'm back in the states!

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