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ahhh...embracing the title "solid poster" eh, bunny? tongue.gif

Now I am working tonight...they just didn't need me for last night. I'm getting over that cold, so it was probably good not to do two shifts in a row.

ETA: Bah! I just got cancelled for tonight, too! Dang. Feeling low.
I can't believe you keep getting cancelled, Amilita! All we ever hear around here is the shortage of qualified health care workers and how nurses have no problem finding work! I have a lot of respect for nurses. There is no way I could work with sick and hurting people all the time.

Polly, I've seen the pixieglas post a few times, does seem pretty harmless. After everything that has gone on, someone would have to be pretty dumb to want to be mistaken for me.

Mornington, you must post pics of the new do! Every time I get my hair cut, I get it a little bit shorter. I always look at your pictures and how cute really short hair looks on you...I'm trying to get brave enough to go that short. You can ask Roseviolet...I've had long hair almost my entire life!

Speaking of Roseviolet...where are you, dear? I hope you are over your post flight ickiness.

I went to minipixie's parent/teacher conference this child is bossy, loud and disruptive! Great! Neither me nor the exasshat had an idea she was getting into trouble at school!
I didn't get far into my Irish Cuisine book, but I did read the section on pork, and how black pudding is made, and now I'm pretending I don't know as I like black pudding. I also read that fish is not taken advantage of enough and that the cheese is excellent. (I knew that, although I contend the best cheese outside of France is in Wisconsin!) I'll report more later.

I am also getting my haircut tonight (in about fifteen minutes, actually). Suppose I must be off then.

*friendly wave to everyone*
(((yuefie))) i'm glad you can be there for shannon.
ps, syb--dunno if you're lurking but thanks for the info! see you in about a week!
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Oct 15 2006, 06:40 PM) *

antikvetch: despite being literally thrown to the wolves with little direction, i fucking ROCKED today. greeting and escorting the bands, stamping hands, being funny and sweet to the kids and polite and helpful to the band directors (even the two who were rude asshats). we had perfect weather, tons of great food, i'm sure we made a massive amount of money, the mr and i scored lotsa brownie pts with the Elite Cliquey Rabid Parents, and even tho we were exhibition-only, our kids scored a near-perfect performance ...

Mando-my-heart, just wanted to tell you how exceptionally proud I am of you. I think you're doing a marvellous thing, being an active Band Booster, because your kid WILL appreciate it for years to come. You know I know of which I speak when it comes to this. Believe me, you're making positive memories for Danny that he'll always treasure, and you're doing great. (((Mando)))


As for me, I'm still reading select threads on the Bust boards these days, but on the whole it seems I'm migrating myself over to LJ for posting. I haven't been able to access Bust from work for the last year and a half - hence my infrequent posting, because you gotta know I have little time at home - but since (a) work doesn't restrict LJ access and (b ) on LJ I don't feel like I have to tolerate people being ign'ant, I'm finding myself writing over there a lot more. Plus - and this is gonna sound petty, because it is - it really bugs me that Bust makes it look like I have fewer than 65 total posts when an actual historical count would yield several hundred. Damn dingos. At any rate, that's why I don't appear to be around much, but I'm still reading Kvetch and I still love (most of) ya, and don't assume I'm gone for good, because as soon as you do, I'll show up to tell Mando she's doing great or to tell another idiot off. smile.gif

Having recently been sucked in to signing up to eljay (points finger at mornington) I can honestly say that I don't see what the big attraction is over BUST, I prefer the opportunity to interact (good or bad) but we all look for different things.

I miss raisin.

Today I am going to spend reading and tidying, probably more of the latter (unfortunately).

Happy haircut to sidecar too! I too don't want to know how blood pudding is made, I like it so.

LJ provides plenty of opportunity to interact, if you wish to do so.
I like LJ a lot, but it's more person-focused, you have to know who to befriend/vice versa (I guess because I am friends only?) whereas I feel like on Bust I actually meet new people. Plus I find it difficult to scrape up enough news to post on LJ, whereas here I can just drop off to say hi. But LJ also has many good qualities, and is more intimate. Anyway, both are good, is what I'm sayin. And the ignore function has changed my life -- those damn trolls are barely blips on my radar screen, and that's really helped here.

TG - I understand about dingos, but we know you and we know better.
I've done LJ and MySpace and I still prefer Bust, controversy and all. I think Myspace was a little more user friendly IMHO and I like the bulletins, comments, and email options...but like anything else, I was really into it in the begining and now I hardly ever check it. I think it's really a personal preference thing. There seem to be a bunch of Busties, past and current, on both.

It sure has been slow in here the last few days!

I like Bust best for all the reasons faith said...I like coming in and checking up with a bunch of people in one place. But to each their own! It does make me sad when folks stop Bustin' cuz they are LJn' only, but people gotta do what they gotta do.

Happy...oh, what's today? Wednesday!

The agency called to ask if I wanted to work tonight. Uh, no. So I can nap and rest all day and then get called off? Nuh-uh. And it's the Project Runway finale, girl!

I did, at least, talk to my friend (the new supervisor) and they hiring tons of people and I think I just gotta suck it up and join the staff as a flex person. I was trying to avoid the holiday and other requirements that position entails, but I am so specialized as a labor and delivery nurse...and I know this hospital is the only one I want to work at...I think it's what I have to do. I don't want to get squeezed out of the one place I think I can stand to work...

So selfish in my posts lately...bad amilita. I love you guys, though...I do, I do.
pixie, for some reason i'm just finding it completely adorable that your little one is bossy and disruptive in class smile.gif i'm sure her teacher wouldn't agree, but for some reason that just strikes me as insanely cute smile.gif maybe i just like it when little girls are loud and bossy....

i have a lj community for healthy eating and exercise which i invited 4 of my friends to join and they neeeever post. it's basically just me talking to myself, which is ok since it's like a log, but still....

i love bust. compared to other forums this one is sooo great.

it HAS been quiet here this week-i've actually been forced to do, gasp, WORK!!! come on people, post!
maddy, bloody inconsiderate BUSTies making you WORK!!! Seemed that everything was happening in here when I needed to work and then when I'm finished it's as dead as a dead thing in here dry.gif . Where is everyone?
She is mom calls her the "polite little dictator" But I am distrssed that she is so disruptive to the class and that I didn't know about it before now! I've been to every open house and parent night and carnival the have had so far this year and the teacher never mentioned it! She may be switching to a new daytime caregiver soon instead of her daddy, so I am guessing it will get worse as we deal with that before it gets better!

Happy Wednsday Amilita! Don't wory about selfish posts, we all do it from time to time! That is really cool that you just do labor and deliver! At least you should get lots of happy things happening at work.

Bunny, I'm here!

QUOTE(maddy29 @ Oct 18 2006, 12:15 PM) *

pixie, for some reason i'm just finding it completely adorable that your little one is bossy and disruptive in class smile.gif i'm sure her teacher wouldn't agree, but for some reason that just strikes me as insanely cute smile.gif maybe i just like it when little girls are loud and bossy....

i have a lj community for healthy eating and exercise which i invited 4 of my friends to join and they neeeever post. it's basically just me talking to myself, which is ok since it's like a log, but still....

i love bust. compared to other forums this one is sooo great.
it HAS been quiet here this week-i've actually been forced to do, gasp, WORK!!! come on people, post!
I know, how rude. me, work? sheesh people. smile.gif

i have a question-random- when you see a smoker their cig on the ground and just leave it-what do you do? I want to tell them to pick it up before I kick their ass. This happened last night at the bus stop. It reallllly irritates me. I've seen people just throw their banana peel on the sidewalk, and their donut bag on the ground, when there is a trash can about 6 feet away. How can I say something without getting into a scary fight? any advice?

my idea is to say "oh ma'am/sir, you dropped something" and then if they look at me weird i can say "i'm sure you didn't mean to litter." what do you think?

If it's a stranger, I tend to just stomp it out and throw it away myself...if it's a friend...then I get all up in their faces! My biggest cigarette irritation is the people who flick them out of the window of a moving car!
(((amilita))) i worked registry as a mental health counselor at a hospital. i got tired of getting called off work too. i wanted a job with steady hours and money. good luck with finding some steay work!

happy haircut mornington and sidecar! what does the new 'dos look like?

i'm actually growing my hair out after all of these short pixie cuts. i even had a faux mo going on for awhile. now, i'm just bush woman. it's kinda crazy how my hair looks.

i like the Bust site. i feel it is nice for the constant interaction. i rejoined myspace because it helped my friend who moved overseas to keep in contact with me. plus, i did make some cool friends off of there. LJ i have yet to venture. i joined, but i still have not gone onto the site.

i agree Maddy, i would want to tell those people to pick up their butts. rude.

good luck polly with the security check!

*~*runs off to do some work*~*
*fly by*

((tallgirl))) thanks for picking up my spirits with your kind words. they were just what i needed today, especially since the child and i are battling thru some issues right now ... a saga probably best saved for LJ.

and i hear you on the rest of your post. i'd be over the moon with glee if you popped in here more often. but i very much understand.

(((faith))) you always have a knack for expressing things so perfectly. you just do. i wholeheartedly agree with your bust vs. LJ synopsis. i love meeting new people in the lounge. but sometimes - with certain things close to the heart - i prefer to hunker down with those who know and love me.

and speaking of m.i.a. kvetchettes, if crassy and dusty and fina don't resurface soon, i shall be forced into stalkage mode!

hugs for all who want 'em.
Barack Obama is on Oprah today. Lordy, I love that man! And I really love hearing him talk about his family.

Pixie, I hope you'll forgive me for saying so, but I'm not terribly surprised to hear that report on MiniPixie. She is just SOOOO bright and precocious that I'm sure it's an adjustment for her to learn to sit still in a classroom. But don't fret! She's only been in school for 2 months. She'll catch on. smile.gif I must say, I loooooooove the Mini-Pixies. They are the cutest girls ever! Of course, I have a special place in my heart for K (Pixie's daughter). When that girl was born, she became my little sunshine.

Mandi, feel free to tell us all of your marching band stories. It brings back lots of memories!

Maddy, how I would react would depend a lot on my mood. Sometimes I would say exactly what you suggested. But some days I would probably be like Pixie and just step on the butt myself. My friends who smoke usually throw their butts away properly.

~~~~~ job wisdom for Amilita ~~~~~

(((((((( Bunny, Mornington, Yuefie & Shannon, Pixie, Faith, Mandi, TallGirl, Stargazer, Maddy, and all the other Kvetchies ))))))))))

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've been kinda busy. But mainly I've just been dealing with the transition of being back in NC. I will admit that I felt VERY down and blue for a couple of days there. But I'm perking up a lot today! For instance, I worked out for the first time in ages. So maybe I'll find the energy to finish my work on the Postie List, as well as talk more in here. smile.gif

Note that today marks 6 months since I arrived in NC. Kinda hard to believe! So I, uh ... well, I decided to buy myself an anniversary present. I found the most AMAZING dress! It's as if it were made just for me. LoveLoveLove it!!! It's a bit formal, though, so now I need to come up with an excuse to wear it!

Kvetch: My cable company still doesn't carry Bravo, which means that I can't watch the final of Project Runway tonight. I have to wait until it's available on iTunes. So I may have to avoid the internet for a couple of days to that I don't stumble across anything PR-related. sad.gif

Anti-kvetch: I'm going to focus my energy on making a fab Indian dinner, instead.
Rose...I do agree that I *KNEW* all those thinsg about her already...there was a reason she was in therapy, and I even let the teacher know about the therapy the first day of school...I guess I am just stressed because neither J nor I had any idea she was getting into so much trouble in school until now. I always hoped that she would behave better out of the familiar...I guess that is too much to hope for with a child who's familiar has changed so often! rolleyes.gif And I'd INVENT a reason to wear the dress! Make Sheff take you out on the town for your 6 month anniversary!

((((hugs to all the busties))))
dusty post got eaten! Take my word for it, there was an apology and excuses and hugs for all.
::pokes head back in::

It's only Wednesday night. The weekend needs to be here now and it needs to be three days long, damn it.
Made it to SLC okay. I have a lovely view from my hotel room:
Left, Middle, Right and a close-up of that building in the "Left" photo. Not sure what it is- maybe the main LDS temple?

I haven't converted to Mormonism yet, but there is a Book of Mormon in my nightstand and I *do* have the afternoon free tomorrow! Uh-oh!

Well, off to bed- I'm still on Chicago time, so it's 20 minutes to 1am for me! ZZZZZzzzzzzz......

((hugs to all))
antoher fly by, im afraid!

pixie, i read your post about pixette, and my first thought was: i wonder if they would have said those things if she was a boy?

you know, if a man is a leader, a woman is bossy. if a man is decisive, a woman is abrasive.


amilita, we ALL do it from time to time. no hu hu. it SUCKS that you keep getting cancelled at the last minute.

mando: what ever happened on the job front?

*waves* hi, maddy! have we met??? i'm sorry to have to ask -- my brain has been eaten by my job.

Kvetch: i have been working WAY too much.

Kvetch: i have not had a day off in more than 2 weeks. saturdays and sunday, too.

anti-kvetch: today is a spontaneous holiday in memorium of the 20th anniversary of the death of Samora Machel, the first freely elected president of Mozambique since independence, capped off by civil war. his plane "crashed mysteriously" on the way back from South Africa from signing peace accords with South Africa and Zimbabwe.

kvetch: i STILL have to go to THREE FRELLING MTGS today which start at 9 am and end at 4pm.

ah well. some year i will have time for a proper post.

sidecar: i'm with you on the blood pudding. i KNEW how it was made BEFORE i ate it the first time, which was definitely a MISTAKE.

hmmm. also wondering where fina and crassy are.

dusty, thanks for checking in, even if your post got eaten. damn dingoes.

tall girl, it is just nice to see you in here every once and a while!!

hugs and kisses and silly fishes!

when's yuefie back? I want yuefie - waaaaaaah!

fina checked in with me, she's busy and being productive and not posting. *mental note to self to reply*.

News: i quit my mcjob yesterday. After 7 yrs i can't do it anymore. My boss called me during my holiday if i could work, since there was no one else available. There's too much frustration going on and i just had it. I told to in her face and now i'm excited and scared at the same time because i'm going to try it just being an illustrator. Wish me luck, i'll need it.

I went on a holiday to Berlin with my sister (who's also a bustie but she doesn't have enough time right now to pop in) and it was fking awesome!! Great people great places, not too expensive either. I so want to go back.
And we got a new kitty. Her name is Rat, and she's a real charmer.

Uh-Oh, first have to compete with the Dutch, cheese-wise;)
Irish quisine sounds great, though!

(((Tallgirl))))Glad you're still around!

Maddy, my friend did this; an elderly woman just threw some litter on the ground and my friend picked it up and tried to give it back to the woman. The woman wouldn't take it back and claimed she didn't do it. My friend then walked to a bin in front of the wonam and dumped the litter there while saying:"here. Is that so hard?"

Dutch people are pigs. They drop everything everywhere. If i would say something every time i saw someone drop litter i would be seriously injured by now. We did say something once to a group of people on the beach for throwing all empty bottles of beer in the water before they left. We almost got into a fight, since they figured it was their "turf". Stupid. P called one of them a 'pee stain'(this was after we found out there was no sense in talking to them). It has been our favourite name-calling word since then.

((((((((Tesao, Mandolyn, Pixie and Mini Pixie, Bunny, Maddy, Polly, Raisin, Dusty, RoseV, Stargazer, Amilitia, Faith, Sidecar))))))))))
yuefie's back today. but methinks her laptop is still down. and she can't bust from work.

(((polly))) nice shots!
(((dusty))) we miss you.
(((raisin))) ditto.
(((sonik))) yay for quitting jobs that don't make you happy anymore!

speaking of which, (tesao, you're too sweet for asking) i'm cleaning my hard drive (of personal stuff) as we speak. seems like the shiteth is hitting the faneth sooner than expected. supposedly i'm still ok. but i have my doubts. paranoia reigns supreme. it's all so infuriating ... and depressing.

my tummy is in an uproar as a result. sad.gif
is it the season for work woes?

groan, forgot yuefie's laptopdown, hopefully she managed to borrow that power supply from friend.

dusty, yay for the fly-by! damn whatever it is that eats posts - are they still dingoes?

online shopping baaaaad; confident and expert driving in the rain good (oh yeah, re-booked my theory test for three weeks today *throws another rotten tomato at polly for passing first time*)

eta: (((raisin))) take thee to paris creperie for some nutella crepes and nutella hot chocolate and pretend like it's the weekend. Book in hand of course.
Yikes! (((Mandijob))). How incredibly stressful.

Yay for (((Sonik)))...what is (was) your mcjob anyway? Re: the litter thing. I have to work on not hitting people's cars when they cut me off when I have the right of way crossing the street. *whimper* I can't help it, I was doing ok until people started waving an admonishing finger at me.

Did someone say Nutella crepes?


Polly, that looks like some kind of school or perhaps a municipal building to me. I think the LDS buildings are more distinctive than that. Er, like I just bought a diploma on Mormon architecture out of a gumball machine.
(((kvetchies))) i'm too lazy to write every single person's name. but, i love you all the same.

i was actually productive and got some work down towards the internship thing. i will continue work today. i've had to turn down offers to hangout with some friends so i can concentrate on my work. last year, i made more of an effort to go out than work on my internship stuff. probably why i didn't get a position last year. so, i'm trying to be smarter. hopefully, my friends will understand that i need to take care of myself. the timing just suck. i've also been thinking of cutting my days back at my job. i've been running around for the past several years. i have financial aid. i just like making a little more money. but, i think i need to take care of myself this year. especially before i begin internship next year.

kvetch: having to make a decision. really. it is that simple and frustrating for me. argh.

Just a drive by to say I made it home but my laptop is still down. I spent 45 minutes on the phone between tech support for Toshiba & Office Depot fighting with them over the fact that it's still under warranty, both of them trying to pass the buck. I did find the piece I need on eBay and at this point it will be easier to just buy it there. I am too tired to fight with these morons. Leaving Shannon was very hard to do, and we both cried. Even her step dad was choked up when I left, and I think we are going to try to do one of the holidays together. Shannon's birthday is Nov. 3rd so my sis and I are going to go up there if I am not moving then. I hope you all are well and that I will have time to read the archives and get caught up. Thanks again for all the vibes and kind words. Much love and hugs to you all. Oh and I miss you guys, I really do smile.gif


My mother is in the other room actually watching Dr. Phil.

I think the odious man should be muzzled and possibly killed, and she's watching him.

And I'm in the same house.

(((anoushh, amilita, bunny, rose, pixie, tes, mando, faith, raisin, syb, fina, tg, stargazer, dusty, sonik, polly, txplum, dm, and everyone else I've forgotten))) too tired to hug individually, but I am sending out the love.

I have a haircut. Think julie andrews blended with kylie minogue and barbera streisand's nose stickin' out from under it. I look good, actually tongue.gif .

Long, ultimately pointless day. Indigo wishes to breathe doggy breath all over you all, so I'm going to let him do that while I go to sleep. Night all.

(((kvetchies))) *mwah*

I just cut off all my hair last 2 weekends. I got it chopped (7 inches) two weeks ago and went and had more chopping done last weekend, cause it looked like shit and was not pony-able.
Now? I firecracker explosion of curls still not pony-able but still workable.

hugs and love to all my girls and an alligator.

vetch? um how bout the boss taking a month vacation where I was running the business, (which some of you know is my job anyway) but add to that scaling out and writing estimates to the tune of 5 blueprints almost daily and bringing them home (average 8-10) everyweeked. Oh and do I care to mention that yesterday just finished up 3 weeks of jury duty on a MURDER TRIAL, (thanks Brooklyn Jury picking hell!).

All I can say is I pray none of us have to ever appear before a jury of our peers, cause ladies and gents not to toot my own horn, but I think I was the only person that 1. stayed awake and 2. had an IQ over 15 on the panel.

hugs and love and hope that my life is returned to me soon.
Z the WB
I haven't been posting this week because work is getting worse and worse. I'm really don't know how much longer I can take being treated badly everyday. It's not just me, everyone gets treated like crap. Why are people so rude to people that are trying to help them.

Anyways, I hope things are going well for ((Busties)).

Can I get some sanity vibes and maybe some job vibes for ((Mr. DM))?

((Good things))
My brain must be fried. Or I'm getting all of your posts mixed up or something. Because when I was reading Yuefie's post updating us on her computer situation, I thought she wrote, "I'm tired of fighting with these Mormons." I blame Polly. wink.gif

(((((Yuefie & Shannon))))))

Polly, I can't remember exactly, but something tells me that the building you're spying is not a Mormon building. It's either a municipal building or perhaps the only Catholic church in town. But my memory of SLC is hazy. I was trying to figure out where you were staying based solely on the pics. I'm pretty sure you're not in the Marmalade District, but that's all I can figure out so far!

I wonder what compels people to go on the Dr. Phil show. I often fear that the people on that show want attention more than they want help.

So many people with job issues!!! What brought this on?
~$~$~$~$~ employment happiness vibes for DM, Mr. DM, WalkingBitch, Stargazer, Mandi, Sonik, and anyone I accidentally missed ~$~$~$~$~

Sorry I wan't on Bust much again today. I spent most of the day running around. I was in the mood to buy pants, which happens to me about once a year, so I had to take advantage. Luckily I found some deals at Marshall's. I looooooove me some Marshall's! Sadly, I will be MIA tomorrow, too, as Sheff's company is throwing a big party to celcbrate the launch of the latest game. We'll spend the afternoon at a pub ... and the company is picking up the tab! Free liquor! Woot!

Anti-kvetch: I got the sweetest letter EVER from BestGalPal today. I miss living across the street from her. Sniff.
QUOTE(walkingbitch @ Oct 19 2006, 07:18 PM) *
I just cut off all my hair last 2 weekends. I got it chopped (7 inches) two weeks ago and went and had more chopping done last weekend, cause it looked like shit and was not pony-able.
Now? I firecracker explosion of curls still not pony-able but still workable.


Post pictures on LJ of your new 'do and I'll post evidence of my Oprah arms.

Not like you need any prompting from me, and not that I'm in any way comparing my Oprah arms to your firecracker explosion of curls, but... you know... I WANT TO SEE THE CURLS!

ETA: My sweet Bunny, how do you know about Paris Crepes over here? You are too cute!
I found out it's SLC's City Hall. Here's a picture from the opposite side (taken by someone else) and that building on the left is the hotel I'm in.

ETA: I want to see pics of walkingbitch's and mornington's haircuts!!
Here's my haircut:

IPB Image

Anyway. Today was my last day at work for awhile. I've finished packing both my suitcase and my carry-on bag. Tomorrow, I am off to Ireland and all I have to do before I go is clean the kitchen floor and repaint my nails. Not in that order.

Syb, I'll see you Friday if you're lurking--and everyone else, I'll miss you! See ya at the end of October.
Yeah, Sidecar! Have a blast on your trip. I know you will. Are you going to kiss the Blarney Stone? I hear people like to piss on it when they're drunk.

Nice haircut. You're so pretty!

Okay, Mornington, what about your haircut? What with the time zone differences, I'm assuming you're going to read this before WB does (she'd BETTER come back or else I'm going to have to enlist Surly to break some transAtlantic kneecaps). wink.gif
Adorable haircut, sidecar! There are LOTS of internet cafes in Ireland (even my Luddite parents were able to figure it out!) so if you're tempted to check in occasionally....if not, we won't take it personally. tongue.gif There's something to be said for being on vacation when you're on vacation!

Thanks for the warning about the Blarney Stone, raisin! It always seemed like a tourist trap anyway.
{{{{sidecar}}}} Safe journey and have a marvelous time!

{{{{everybody}}}} I'm pretty much caught up on the reading but it's way past my bedtime. However, there has been no work to do for three days and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Also: it was 68F and sunny today. Huzzah!
Damn, that's a cute haircut! (On a damn cute person, I have to say.)

Have a great trip, Sidecar.

Yay! A txplumwine sighting! And a raisingirl sighting! And dusty posting! And tallgirl! Yay!
Turquoise bra and matching undies with lace trim.

Have a great time, Sidecar! You look adorable, hair and all.

Tomorrow is the start of the Dutch Design week. There'll be an exhibition i'm participating in along with a guy who's work i greatly admire. I was like; my work's in the same show as his??!!! And cocktails! I feel so 'important' (please take that with a grain of salt) when i'm put on a list in order to get me and my friends in. We're even on a list for an award show which normally costs about 100 euro. It's just that these happenings feel like a reward for slaving away at a dead end job and trying to get my work out for about 7 years.

There's also a show called RaiseUp opening this weekend in the Omy gallery in Toronto. I sent in some drawings which will be on display there.

(((((((Yuefie & Shannon)))))))
Rose, i read 'mormons' too.

((((Plumwine))))just because.

Ok, i'll check back in later, i really have to get some work done here. Guess vacation is over.
oooh cute hair sidecar!!! have a fab trip and if you were going to kiss the blarney stone then you're definitely not now, are you?

raisin, I happened to google nutella hot chocolate and look what I found! I knew you were there so really needed to ask; hell, if I can't take advantage then someone has to!


polly, the architecture in that city is amazing. Looks like a cool place.

can I ask for vibes for bunnynana please? she's really ill, her hip is giving her a lot of pain and pain medication (nightly injections from visiting doc) isn't working. She's off to a private hospital today after being referred to a bone specialist. Also, her sister -my great aunt- seems to be getting rather confused which is a concern as she's on a farm and very isolated and the dog won't go near her and you know that dogs can be psychic when it comes to illness.

undies: black bra and non-matching pink striped boy shorts with torquoise bows.

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat, Sidecar! I'm eaten up with envy. I soooooo need to be in Ireland again soon. Have fun!

It's heather blue boxer briefs today; the closest I have to lavender.

Extra job-vibes to those who need them.
((((sidecar)))) lookin' gooooood. Have a fantastic trip!
((((dm)))) & ((((mr dm))))
((((walkingb)))) ooh, photos please. I always wished I had curly hair.
((((raisin)))) tongue.gif I'll get the camera going soon, promise!
(((bunny))) & ((((bunnynana))))
(((yuefie))) & (((shannon)))
(((rose))) yay for free drinks! and trousers!
(((sonik))) yay! that's fantastic news... and you have every right to feel important
(((mando))) urgh, I meant to say yesterday. I've got fingers crossed for you

ph34r.gif edit: (((billy))) whaa?
((((txplum, syb, faith, dusty, anoushh, amilita, pixie, funnybird, fina, everyone))))

white boyshorts with blue polka dots, black bra.

I really have to go do some housework and that. Feh.


Yes, please, Mornington's and WB's haircuts so that we may admire them as much as we admire Sidecar's faboo haircut.

Must check out Sonik's work in Toronto.

Thank you, Polly, it was driving me nuts. Why, I don't know.

Hot pink lace underwire and ummmm, I think red mesh floral bikinis.

Which brings me to Red Fucking Fridays. You wear red to signify you support the troops, ie. the mission in Afghanistan. And I get caught every single Friday because I wear red every day. All I have to do is wear my Support Our Troops, Bring Them Home button, but I always forget. Grrrr.

Hee. On the bright side, I'm a Hardcore Bustie!

Oh, and jury duty. Yes, I think it is very scary that juries are made up primarily of people who aren't smart enough to make sure they aren't chosen, and the occasional principled person like WB.

(((((all kvetchies, esp. with super-cute new 'dos, jealousy-inducing travel plans, craptastic jobs, and sexy underwears))))))


I'm off to the traditional "weekly staff meeting followed by some mandatory conf. calls on my day off" fun! *wonders why they call it a 'day off' huh.gif *


sheer black lacy bra and, er, no pants (as per usual....I swear I have a couple of pairs around here somewhere)
I HATE the so called health care "system" here.


I do not need this stress right now.

Up to here with deadline and other stresses. Ugh.

Anoushh, sorry to hear the US system is yanking your chain. Speedy resolution vibes for you; and no, you do not need that stress right now!

Sonik, good move; I left an admin job to work on the thesis fulltime and have never regretted it. It's amazing how much head space it clears.

Cute haircut sidecar if *you're* lurking! See you friday!

Hi to everyone else I missed! Bad me!

I am so having a glass of wine later on.

while I'm fiddling around with photobucket...

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((((((anoushh))))) acos you sound like you need one.
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