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Morning sickness, Bunny? I've read that it Can start like 2-4 weeks after conception. That was one of the last symptoms I got with minipixie. More like 6-8weeks. The first sign is usually pain or swelling of the boobage..that can happen before you even miss a period.

Rose, I'm doing ok. Last night Mr. Pixie bought me a new purple jacket, the lastest issue of cosmo, and he rented The Lakehouse, so he's been taking care of me. All the pain in my head and back went away when I miscarried, so something was probably wrong from the begining. I got my referral to the chiropractor last night, so I am goign to call today for an appt. so I don't have to go through that again next time. And we talked about it a lot and we are going to go ahead and start trying again pretty quickly. We may skip this cycle just to make sure everything goes back to normal.

(((raisin))) We are going miss you!

PiP, the good news is you are a normal bride! I wanted to kill everything that got in my way right before the wedding, including Mr. Pixie!

(((yuefie and Shannon)))

Get some rest, Amilita!
Besides being my birthday biggrin.gif November 12 is usually right around the end of the marching band season. Yes, Mando? No? Sorta? Maybe? Late for work? Oops, bye. *waves*
amilita, glad you survived the mama brigade!

*calm blue skies for pink*
*feel better anti-nausea tummy rub for bunny*

si si, nov 12th is the final competition.
altho if the kid signs up for winter jazz band, not sure what that entails.

tallgirl, raisin (don't tell me you're going way, i won't believe it! *stomping foot*) and other "bandos", i found this tres comical band parent site: ... you guys would love it! tis helping me find a much-needed wry perspective.
'lo (((tg))) where you been?
(((bunny))) blink.gif yay for the boy!
(((rose))) I know! I think it's because H's used to working dogs - sheepdogs, the beagles he hunts, racing greyhounds - and neutering (both castration and spaying) often does have a negative effect on the dog's ability to work if done when they're adults (ie about 2 years old). But for pets like Indigo, it really is the best thing. It's always best to do it when the dog is young, though, before the hormones really kick in.
((((yuefie)))) & ((((shannnon))))
(((raisin))) *hides the internets from raisin*
(((pink))) maybe you should be pretty in green a la the hulk now? tongue.gif
(((mando))) ooh, I shall cross fingers for danny! and he doesn't have a proper welsh accent... pah on him. he sounds faintly scouse.
(((stargazer))) ****headache be gone!****

It was super-foggy this morning taking Indigo for a walk... he wore his coat because it was cold too. Bless. We didn't go far; he's still limping. I have had a marvelously unconstructive day, so I bought caramel G&B chocolate on the way back from the doc...

Patterned girlboxers, black bra.

(((kvetchies))) yay friday!
I am so overdue and I can't catch up with everyone but wanted to give my condolences to ((pixie)) and ((yeuffie)) and suggest exedrine migraine for caffeine withdrawal (it has a tiny bit of caffeine, so it helps the headache and the rebound). My favorite Dahls are: Henry Sugar and that whole book of stories, Boy (Dahl's autobiography of his childhood) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the BFG.

I am having crazy job stress and hating everyone and I know it's my own attitude -- serious crankiness from the meds and troubles associated -- but it doesn't make me less bitchy. I am wearing a T shirt and my hair long and bedheaded in protest of being forced to work all the goddamn time. Sigh. I am going to have a girl's night in with some high school friends tonight and if they make me late they are going to have to send me out fourty miles away in a car service so there. *grump grump grumpity grump GRUMP*
Hello Busties! First things first: grey boxer briefs, of course.

It's been a crappy week here. Last Sunday evening, our office building took a hit (or very near hit) of lightning. Part of the phone system (the part costing $1,400 grrrrrrrrrrr) was fried and some computer peripherals bit it also. The whole computer network (my responsibility) has been goofy all week. I think things are back to normal now.

Have a grand weekend, Busties.

Take good care of Indigo, Mornington!.
(((yuefie and shannon))))
mando, if i had a kid and he or she were in the band, we would be the ab fab of the band program. "Trombones rule, sweetie darling!"

One week from now, I will be en route to Ireland! (Syb, I'll email this week so we can coordinate a little closer.) Work has been very busy lately. I didn't even take a break for lunch today (but I did eat at my desk.) I'm so glad it's Friday; long week, and my reward is Snack Dinner and Battlestar Galactica. (Snack Dinner is what Martini and I call it when we have cheese, crackers, and nibbles instead of a meal.)

congrats to bunny!

beige target underwire, beige boyshorts. V.V. minimalist.
Do you know where you're going in Ireland, sidecar? My parents were there a couple years ago, and had this whole plan to drive all around the country in two weeks. They found themselves so in love with the place, that they spent most of the two weeks on one side of the country (mostly the west coast) and somewhat into the center. They said as much as much as they'd have liked to see more, they enjoyed themselves more by scrapping the plan and immersing themselves. Plus it gives them a reason to go back.

Well, if you'll be on the south or west coast, let me know and I'll get you some pub recommendations!!

((Hugs to all!!))

We're kinda doing the same thing, polly--we're not renting a car, but we're buying a bus pass and doing it that way. We know we're going to spend the last three days of our trip in Dublin, so Saturday-Thursday morning, we're pretty open. We're thinking we'll mostly be in the south and the west, so pub recommendations are welcome!
{{{{yuefie and shannon and family}}}} Belated, I know...sorry I missed it before. As nuts as she makes me, I'd pull my hair out if I lost my mom right now, and I hate that my BUSTies - and my husband - have to deal with that.

It's so rough...the other night GB were talking about it, and yesterday was seven months since GameMom left us. We were talking about music, and I mentioned one song I really liked - and GB said that he had that song running through his head when we were at the hospital with her, for days. (I won't share so as not to ruin it for anyone else...not that it did for me...but anyway.) I wound up having a good hard cry that night; guess I needed it. Also, my husband really rules.

The worst of the hell month is over at work now; Friday was still a 10-hour day, but a bunch of us went out for drinks last night and decompressed. GB tagged along for a bit, and a couple others brought extras too - like coworker J, whose adorable girlfriend came by so they could head to dinner. We hadn't met her before and they were SO CUTE together. Plus, GB has met many of my work peeps a few times and they all like him, so it was nice for the worlds to meet again.

I realize that I am mostly rambling. That's about all the writing brainpower I have left at the moment, and I'm mostly OK with that... smile.gif Trying to decide what to do with myself all day; DruidGirl might be involved in it, especially since GB is gaming with NotHippie. I'm feeling a bit crafty so far, but I'm also not above spending a while sitting in front of the computer in my I am now. (And it's Saturday, so no, I'm not telling.)

{<{<{<{hugs and smooches!}>}>}>}
(((yuefie & shannon & family))) thinking of you all, hoping there's some kind of comfort in the shared love and happy memories.

(((gameboy & plummie))) i can't believe it's been 7 months. (plummie, email or IM me the song. i'd like to know.)

(((billy))) lightening wreaked havoc on our phone system too this season, about 4 or 5 times - which has never happened before. i feel your pain.

(((pink))) because i know she could use a hug.

lol @ sidecar and me, drinking ourselves silly at competitions, embarrassing the crappoutta our kids. sweetie darling indeed! (and thanks for reminding me that i own the complete collection, and really must have a marathon ab fab evening sometime soon. hmmm. what a great idea for a bustie theme party!)

speaking of which, i've begged off from the show tonite. it's too far, the mr is working today and we'd have to kill ourselves getting there in time, plus they're the first band. which means sitting thru 3 hrs of the other bands (already seen, many of them suck) until the awards ceremony. i can't fathom getting home at midnight, and then being all bright eyed and bushy tailed to work tomorrow's home competition. better to have a nice relaxing evening tonite, and gather our strength.

and no, the girls night out last night - and the 6 bass ales and one shot of petrone and hallucinogenic weed - had nothing to do with my decision. not in the least. blink.gif oh, but it was SO MUCH FUN, and SO WORTH IT!

the worst is, danny's marching with a twisted ankle. we taped it, iced it after practise, and he's popping motrin. he's also like the star trooper, for suffering thru. i told him it's good brownie points, for when he really does have to beg off a competition. he's fine with our not going. (he likes it better when we're not there. it's so not cool hanging with the rents at these things!) i feel hella guilty, though. sending him off all gimpy. and then not even going to watch and cheer. IPB Image

i should really shut up about the band. you guys must think i sound like a broken record. i should start my own band parenting blog. the anti-band parenting blog. including the least detectable alcoholic beverages to hide in your travel mug, helpful hangover tips for those long fall show nights, and the best pot brownie recipes. heh.
IPB Image

(((faith))) thanks for the headache remedy!

the headaches are gone. now, i'm just dealing with the fatigue of not being overly stimulated, i.e. coffee, sugar, liquor. my body is just crashing. it's pretty cool. i sleep pretty hard now. i'm usually a restless sleeper. awesome.

kvetch: applying for internships. i'm getting nervous. well, i'm nervous already. i didn't get a position last year so i'm reapplying this year. argh. how did i get here? just trying to work through my anxiety. i hate school. i just want to be done. oh, and for my skin to heal. ouch. it hurts a little.
((stargazer)) Good luck on getting an internship.

((mando)) Glad you had a nice night out with friends.

((txplum)) Sounds like you had a nice time out with the coworkers and such.

I haven’t been around all week because work was crazy. Busy all day, then one night we had a meeting that went on forever. Last night Mr. DM and I went to see Jenny Lewis and The Watsons Twins, and it was the best show we’ve been to in a long time. I got a t-shirt that I wanted, and wasn’t sure if they even made it says “Born Secular”. Even with work being busy I haven’t been in a bitchy mood because I refuse to let work things bother me. Today was relaxing, our usual seeing a film and shopping.

I hope all the ((Busties)) are enjoying the weekend.

Hello, all! I'm exhausted! Haven't quite recovered from the cold I caught during the mamma visit and tonight was our group show opening. Whew. The show went so well...we got a really good of the artist's bands played...the Mr. sold 2 paintings and 2 wall sculptures!

The only thing I would change is having all the artists in the show sell of them sold two small pieces last weekend during our open studio event. All the art got good responses, and there are a few promising leads...the show is up until mid-November, so it could still happen. I really want to do right by everyone!

Mando, I like hearing about the band...really, I just like hearing whatever is going on with you. I miss you when you aren't around.

Good for you, Designerm, for not letting work get to you. That can be hard sometimes, and I need to work on that...I'm dreading working Monday and Tuesday night already. Silly to waste time on a day off thinking about it.

Billy, hope you have a good weekend after that mess at work.

(((Love to all)))

anti-kvetch: it is sunday, and i didn't have to be at work by 8 am!!!!

kvetch: it is sunday, and i have to be at work by 11 am. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

anti-kvetch: i have a wonderful job, with people that i like, so it won't be truly terrible.

i was so tired yesterday that i literally fell asleep during the morning sessions of our technical staff retreat. i didn't miss anything, because all of the presentations had been reviewed by the management team earlier in the week, but......still, it isn't good form for me to be dozing off. i hope i didn't SNORE!

sidecar, you are so great. you always make me giggle or snort. SNACK DINNER. yay! mr. hotbuns and i do those a lot, too.

((((anousshka)))) i hope that you are okay. tooth pain is THE WORST. for the longest time, my "10" on the scale of pain i have endured from 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst was the time that i had my os opened with a surgical scalpel with no meds whatsoever. THEN i had tooth pain following a root canal. SOOOOOOO much worse. no idea that tooth pain could be so bad. ((((((((((even more hugs and kisses and back rubs)))))))) nov. 6 is almost here!

(((((((the pixies))))))) i am think of you, pixie, and sending
~**~*~*~*~*~*~* get those job vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~~**~
to the mister.


yayayayay!!!! a plummy tes' ass wine sighting!!!! querida, i lovelovelovelove you soooooooooooo. i meece you, too! those long hours SUCK.

mornington, i just love that indigo is afraid of bunnies. wink.gif makes me think of anyanke, the vengeance demon. and the horse i used to have, who was POSITIVE that bandannas would eat her. i'm curious, though (please pardon me for not knowing this, i feel like an
eegit, but what is your relationship with H as opposed to your relationship with the Welshman??? oh! i thought of you last night when i was watching an episode of Inspector Morse and the Vice Chancellor of Oxford had a Welsh accent. smile.gif soooooooo nice.)

frell. i KNOW i am forgetting things.


mandomyheart -- you come in here ANYTIME you want and talk about all of your kvetches!!! that is what this thread is FOR!!! you are SO not selfish. you are the LEAST selfish person !!! and go ahead and talk about danny and band as MUCH as you like!!!! hearing about band camp makes me smile. makes me think of "and then there was this time, at band camp........" alyson hannigan style. i just want to hear what is happening in mandilandia!!! post away!

(((((((((amilita, for surviving the mammas!!))))))))


(((((((TALL GIRL!!!!!! YAY!!!)))))))

(((((((rosieposie -- finding ANYTHING that has IRS written on it in the mailbox would give me the vapors!))))))))

(((((((raisin -- get that work done and get that FINE ass of yours back in here, STAT!!!)))))))

billy, querido -- if i ever pop in here on a friday and actually find you wearing lavender boxer briefs, i think i shall swoon. seriously.

~*~*~*~*~*~vibes for every kvetchie!!! if i missed you, it wasn't on purpose. ~*~*~*~*~*~
(i have a mind like a SIEVE!!!)

hugs and kisses and silly fishes!!!
People, I have made my 500th post. Please join me in celebrating this moment.

(((tesao))) so good to see you in here! I hope work settles down for you soon.

Tonight, I'm seeing Regina Spektor and I'm so excited. Then, four days of work 'til Ireland!
Congrats on the 500th post, sidecar! that wasn't so long ago for me ... I remember the excitement of having the option to change "advanced member". Dublin is lovely and colour me jealous at you and syb meeting! my family are in Donegal which is further north than Northern Ireland (seriously, look at a map!)

(((faith))), (((raisin))), (((tes))), (((dm))), (((plummy))) and (((billy))) and every other BUSTie having chaotic work experiences.

hehe, how funny is it that tes picked up on the alyson hannigan band camp reference too? I still think of it every time. mando, your pot-lovin band mama blog would rock! but I like your posts in here just fine.

mornington, how you feeling about going back to uni tomorrow? I'll miss you around here sad.gif. I'm envious tho, I'm loving my time off but I also feel a little lost. I'm meeting with my supervisor and uni friends this week so should hopefully feel a little less disconnected.

had a lovely weekend with the boy, lots and lots of snuggles. he wrote me a lovely congratulations card and we had joint celebratory meal with him mum but doing our own thing when I go down the weekend after next.

my tummy is still upset so I've taken immodium; I don't agree with taking things like that as I think it's unnatural but I'm entering the red tent tomorrow and know it will grow worse.

I am tired because I am not sleeping. I am not sleeping because my brain is apparently on speed and not sharing it with my body.

As if my posting wasn't sporadic enough, I am coming up on 7 days until the wedding. So I am reading, and thinking of you all, I promise.

Oh, and mornin' I changed my avatar to shehulk for you.

*!*!*!*!*!*!*!lots of love and whatever vibes you need!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

(((Mando))) hugs, cause you need it too.
I think that's the perfect avatar pre-wedding, PiP!

I am SO freakin' tired. So that's all I'm saying.

yay! ((((pink)))) ***slow down brain***

(((sidecar))) you are now harder than hardcore. harder than the average nail.

(((bunny))) I don't wanna gooooooo. I have to be in at 9.15... and up at about 7.15 huh.gif I will be around in the evenings to bitch and whine, though. I'm shattered, and this week is looking extra-super busy. mm, tuesday 9-5 lectures. just the way I like it.

(((tes))) urgh, work on a sunday. H is a friend - he was going to be my flatmate but then he got kicked off the course at uni. The Welshman... is currently referring to me as his girlfriend biggrin.gif . Pete is not scared of anything... he's a fearless bunny. Today he decided to wear his litter tray on his head.

(((billy))) yes, oh master... tongue.gif

(((amilita))) yay for mr amilita!

(((mando))) I like hearing about the band. and your adventures with soft drugs. ***get better danny's ankle***

(((dm))) jenny lewis is fantastic, no? I want your t-shirt.

((((txplum, polly, syb, fina, anoushh - how is the tooth? - faith, stargazer, rose, pixie, and everyone else))))

((((yuefie & shannon)))) thinking of you.

I am shagged out biggrin.gif . You all needed to know that, yes you did. The Welshman has gone now... and I am thinking I ought to go to bed. oooh, I worked out how to make the central heating work. silly people put the room temperature control at the other end of the house from the boiler and I couldn't find it. Yesterday was knackering... took the welshman shopping for jumpers and a coat (and I got him into a maroon jumper with pink stripes, no less) and then went with him to his friend's birthday party, where I got to pretend to be a grown-up and talk about dolphin sex and guitars.

Must write to F before I go to bed. His dad's treatment isn't going well.

(((kvetchies))) *mwah*
I'm shagged out too! must be something in the air, seeing it's catching wink.gif.

I do not envy you the early early start and the looooong day, no indeedy. At least the workload will be manageable as you've done it already so you don't have to take it all in and learn it but simply refresh your brain. Not that it's going to be a doddle but you're going to ace this year. How will indigo (and pete the funny bunny -albeit not little bunny foo foo) cope with being home alone?
((amilita)) Yay for the good group showing, and selling pieces.

((teseo)) Sorry you had to work on a Sunday.

((sidecar)) Yay for 500 posts, Regina Spektor and only four days of work.

((bunny)) Feel better.

((pip)) The wedding will be soon, and then the stress will be over hopefully. Just remember to enjoy all of this because it should be a happy time.

((anoushh)) Get some rest.

((mornington)) Glad you had a good time with the welshman. Yes, Jenny Lewis is the best.

Today was relaxing, and tomorrow will be a long day at work because have a committee meeting. This is my first meeting because last time I had an emergency, and missed it. I hate to admit I'm a little nervous, but it will be fine.

Everyone have a nice week.

(((pink))), i know the anticipation and anxiety are at an all-time high for you. but try to relax and enjoy this last week before The Big Day as much as possible. it's all gonna go by so freakin' fast, and it's all gonna be so perfect and wonderful and fun, that you'll look back and think, my god, why was i worried about that? i promise. i'll be thinking of you, and sending all my love and good wishes.

(((mornington))) you can do it. i have faith in you.

i hope yuefie's doing ok. somehow i think she is. she takes such good care of her loved ones.

sidecar, in reality you and i must be closer to 5,000 posts ... hee!

antikvetch: despite being literally thrown to the wolves with little direction, i fucking ROCKED today. greeting and escorting the bands, stamping hands, being funny and sweet to the kids and polite and helpful to the band directors (even the two who were rude asshats). we had perfect weather, tons of great food, i'm sure we made a massive amount of money, the mr and i scored lotsa brownie pts with the Elite Cliquey Rabid Parents, and even tho we were exhibition-only, our kids scored a near-perfect performance ... but 8 am - 5 pm of much manual labor and running around makes for one sore and woogled mandi.

the best part is, my kid loves me to pieces right now. biggrin.gif (and his ankle is still sore, but he made it thru ... )

you guys are too sweet, listening to all my silly ramblings. but we're over the hump now, so this particular brand of mandi-whining will be dwindling.

tesao by.......

with hopes that pink's stingy brain shares the speed with the rest of her body, and with the advice to sit back and ENJOY that wedding! there is really only ONE thing that is important about your wedding: that the two of you are getting married. so if THAT happens, everything will have gone perfectly. loads of love and wonderful wedding, no more stupid stress vibes to you, darling. be sure to take the time to share everything that happened to you with HIM and vice versa before the end of the will both have had such different experiences and you need to hear what happened to each other and remember them!

((((((morn)))))) pete has a heart of steel!!! maybe HE could go to your lectures for you and take notes? wink.gif

((((((sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep vibes for anousshka))))))))

YAYAYAYAYAY!!! for morn and bunnyb being shagged out!!! i think that has happened to me like, ummmm..... maybe twice????

((((((dmedusa!!! good to see you! your meeting will be smooth sailing and all will be well!!!))))))

((((((danny and his ankle))))))

((((((ROCKIN sore and woogled mando!!! you are the BEST band mom EVAHHHHHHH!))))))

woooooohoooooooooooooooooo!!! sidecar, go you!!!

*clinks champagne glasses with sidecar*

i bet that mandi is wrong, that you have both made at least TWICE 5000 posts!!! perhaps more! how much better could life BE? regina spektor, short work week, IRELAND!!!

bunnyb, hope your tummy is better!

i now officially have 15 minutes to take a shower and get dressed for work. my cellphone just made all sorts of beeps to tell me so. yes, it did.

hugs and kisses and silly silly starfish!!!!
kvetch: almightly moontime cramps.

I'm loving and vibing you all in my heart but le blerg.

tes, I need to go over to LTAS and share that I took a leaf out of your book yesterday morning to wake the boy up tongue.gif .
(((tes))) don't tempt me. I think the notes would make more sense.
(((mando))) woo!
(((dm))) you will be fine!

I do not like 9.15 lectures. Not one bit. Although on the plus side, I didn't fall asleep and I got out by eleven. I now have to go to whitehall to pick up an external hard drive... *yawn*

*mwah* ((((kvetchies))))
DesignerM -- I saw Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins last night! And I never ever go to concerts, so I feel a cosmic connection there. I loved the show, but was a little disappointed because we got backstage passes but didn't get to go backstage (long story around my friend, I was just there for moral support). But the show was so fun regardless.

Kvetch: I worked most of this weekend, and will be working late tonight. I am starting to hate my job. Mood is BAD. And I have eczema, itchy itchy eczema.

(((mornington, bunny and her crampy muscles, tes, mando, sidecar and impending irish adventures, amilita and her show, billy and his building, txplum and the gamefamily, polly, syb, fina, anoushh, stargazer, rosev, the pixie familia, yeuffie in absentia, pink the bride who is now green and *pink smash!*))) I loved the Hulk when I was little. *Hulk angry! Hulk smash!* is my most overused TV reference, usually applied to my two brothers.

Thanks for all the well wishes, guys. I spent the weekend just taking it easy and I think I am ready to move on now. Mr. Pixie finally heard back about the job, but it is only temporary while someone is on maternity leave, so he decided to stay where he is for now. They had a big meeting this morning about ways to make school more safe, so lets hope they actually came up with some good ideas!!

PrettyinPink...just one more week and all this craziness will be over for you! That is what honeymoons are created you can relax for a week and get over all the stress leading up to the event!

Bunny and Morngton are shagged out, hon? After this weekend, I think I can probably add myself to that number!

((rose, yuefie, sidecar, fina, faith, plummie, amilita, Tes and everyone else))
((((((((many hugs to all))))))))

Kvetch: I really don't have time to kvetch. I have sooooooo much to do around here!
What's happened to dusty? And fina?
Yeah, and why hasn't crassy been posting in here lately?

It sorta seems as if almost everyone is exhausted/busy/overwhelmed/etc. lately, eh? Me, too. And I work tonight and tomorrow night. Yikes!

I have a major anti-kvetch, though...we've been waiting and waiting for the lady who does our taxes to let us know what we owe (there was an automatic extention 'til today for those in areas effected by the hurricanes)...and ya know, the Mr. works for himself and didn't pay anything in advance for ' we were worried that we wouldn't have enough in the bank to cover it. But we do! In fact, what we owe is about 2/3 of what we had saved, so now we have a little head start on saving up for '06! And we are going to pay quarterly after that I'm in charge of the finances.

(((Love to all))) I'm keeping up, but am gonna take a nap to prepare for work instead of doing individual shout-outs.
Fly by antikvetch:We are going away for the weekend! Whoo...just the two of us! And it was a co workers birthday today so she brought her birthday present up here for all to see....A cute little wiggly puppy! So we all took a cuteness break!
Kvetch: I got called off for my shifts tonight and tomorrow night. And they have no labor and delivery needs right now. Maybe this agency thing isn't gonna work out so well. *sigh*

At least we didn't urgently need the money for taxes! And ETA: I'm glad that when I ordered my Danskos today I didn't do any other retail therapy.

((faith, designerm, all those with work woes))
I've been just slammed at work lately. Well, I shouldn't say slammed; I've been busier in the past. But I am quite busy these days, esp. since I'm trying to tie up loose ends before vacation. I'm putting in for another promotion this week. I'm not sure I'm really the right fit, but I need to make a change, and all things being equal, I'd like to stay at my company. But another post for another time.

(((((amilita)))) that's awesome! Taxes when you work for yourself are so the suck, so that's a huge relief!. I need to figure out what my self-employed portion of my income is going to bite me in the ass. I've bought a lot of write-offable expenses, though, so hopefully I'll be okay. My accountant decided not to have me pay quarterly this year, but hopefully I'll make enough next year that it will make sense.

*waves to all the shagged-outers* I was not shagged out, but I had sex for the first time in eight weeks and that was good enough for me. the bakery seems to be closed.

Now I'm going to read my book on Irish cuisine. Don't laugh.

::pokes head in::

THIS -- my whole time management problem, all of my little "projects" piling up (so frustrating) -- FUCKING SUCKS.


That is all.

::slams door::

kvetch: getting over my anxiety to finish my essays. just finish already. damn.

seems like everyone else is busy busy busy busy too.

ok. off to work!
((((((everyone)))))) A fly-by to thank you all for the vibes and good thoughts for Shannon. I am still at her house, and I think I might stay a couple days more than I planned on. The weather here was so severe that the memorial service was still on Saturday but the graveside portion had to postponed until tomorrow. A huge storm hit Friday night and caused flooding in the area they live so bad the streets were blocked off and we couldn't get back to the house for 3 hours. There was a torrential downpour, crazy hail, rocks, dirt and debris in the streets, and lightning that lit the sky up like it was daytime at midnight. We had taken Shannon out and she and had a few drinks, so poor Natalie was driving our tipsy butts in a Toyota Corolla which could not make it through the streets to get home. We were literally floating up a street at one point, absolutely no traction. We ended up going to someone elses house to wait for some of the water to clear. It was crazy. Shannon kept saying it was our moms up there partying because all three of us have lost our mom's, all within three years of eachother, before our 30th birthdays. In some way I think this has bonded the three of us even more. Shannon is trying to convince me to move up here, she SO does not want me to leave sad.gif Anyhow, tomorrow is the burial portion so I will probably head home Wednesday evening. I have enough days to take off from work to stay until Friday, but I do need to get home soon. But I know it will be difficult to leave. The memorial service was heartbreaking but beautiful. The chapel was beyond packed, with the standing room in the back overflowing. Shannon was so strong, she wrote the eulogy and delivered it so eloquently. I saw grown men sobbing when she was done. I don't think I've cried that hard since I lost my mom. It has been very difficult to watch her and Don, her stepfather going through the motions of everything. We've been spending a lot of time at the house with Don, sorting through the mail and Pam's belongings. I would like to help as much as I can while I am here, before they both have to return to work. And Don has been enjoying the company. He's like a lost little puppy who perks up when we arrive. We are heading over there to watch movies as soon as Shan gets out of her class.

Anyhow, I just wanted to check in and say thanks to all of you fabulous BUSTies for all the love and support. You are truly amazing people. ((((((((kvetchies))))))) ~~~~~mutli-purpose vibes~~~~~ Hope everything is well with you all.


*opens door quietly*
*looks around quickly, sees no one else is here*

IRISH cuisine!!! bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhahahaha!!!!

*streaks through thread naked on the way to the shower*
tes is nekkid! tes is nekkid! laugh.gif

((((yuefie & shannon))))

I am a bad person. I have skipped the first lecture. To sleep... damned hound thought it was time to get up at six in the effing morning.

tes is in the skud! *wolf-whistles* (if I could whistle)

*wags finger halfheartedly at mornington* bad indigo, mandoo was lying on my shoulder and then sitting on my head at 5am this morning, silly kitty. I almost didn't get out of bed for the doctor's but I knew I had to -another 4 week sick note for me.

(((yuefie and shannon)))

(((raisin))) now, really, was there any real need to slam the door and disrupt the inner sanctum of kvetch? dry.gif

(((sidecar))) speaking as someone with Irish grandparents, what constitutes as Irish cuisine other than potatoes and guinness?

(((anoushh))) almost there mama-bear-to-be

(((pixie))) yay for impromptou breaks away!

@"@"@"@"non snail productivity vibes for stargazer@"@"@"@"

fina checked in over in the UK BUSTies thread.

There is much more to Irish cuisine than Guinness and spuds, I'll have you know. There's variations on spuds and fish, and Guinness stew. There's also the world's best soda bread and some serious cheeses: best outside of France. So there! smile.gif

Flyby... I'm barely online this week as I'm going nuts over this deadline and don't have access (deliberately) where I'm staying. Hope everyone is well and relaxing a bit amongst all the busy-ness!

PS: Sidecar, I'm going to PM you.
(((yuefie))) It is so great that you are able to be there for our friend during this!

Raisin *soothing hair brushing vibes*

Wake up Morninton and Bunny!

I'm curious about Irish cuisine...being part Irish.

a streaking Tes.....why am I not surprised? laugh.gif

*~*~*~*~productivity vibes to all who need them~*~*~*

There are only 3 of us here today (normally 40 people) because of a big meeting and I am in charge. So this will pretty much be a blow off day. I do get to have my first parent/teacher conference with minipixie's teacher today. AND...I finally get to go see my chiropractor!! Whooo...I am so looking forward to getting the kinks out!

(((yuefie))) hang in there. take care of yourself.

tes naked and irish cuisine? there's a combo.

thanks for the productivity vibes!

i'm hungry. *~*off to eat*~*
fly-by to my busties!

((yeuffie))) Wheee nekkid Tes!

A newbie just registered as Mandoline, I don't want to be mean/intimidating, should we tip her off that the name might be a conflict? It just seems like an unfriendly thing to here. Not that there's any danger of confusion, with our brilliant blue mandolyn.

Job = purgatory

edited becuz I kant spel
I was going to but I didn't want to intimidate her AND I was involved recently in suggesting to another newbie to change her name (she too had a very similar name to frequent poster and was receiving some animosity for it) and don't want to come across as a complete busybody. However, I don't think we' could possibly confuse our lovely mandolyn with anyone.
(((yuefie & shannon & fam)))

(((faith))) (((bunny))) allow me, ladies ....
I just saw that and was wondering. mm, maybe best coming from the one and only mando herself.

((((yuefie)))) & ((((shannon)))) & (((shannonfamily))))

(((stargazer))) do some work, young lady! tongue.gif
(((pixie))) yay for minitrips! and P/T meetings
(((syb))) ***get that deadline***
(((raisin))) shh, child, people are sleeping!
(((rose, amilita, anoushh & the bean, tes, fina, pink, dm, everyone)))

I have a mental image of tes holding two pints of guiness over her boobehs now....

today went on forever... and ever... and ever... and then it went on a bit longer. Tomorrow looks skippable; I'm getting a haircut (I hope) and meeting up with an old schoolfriend for a drink. Haven't seen her for years... and meeting the welshman too.

Right, off to burn dinner.

I noticed that earlier's very disconcerting when someone registers a name close to yours. thankfully pixiedusten seems to have went the way of the dodo.
There's a "pixieglas" floating around, too. Seems harmless, but it is a little disconcerting when someone "intrudes" on your identity here, though.

Very warm welcome to Mandoline, though, Mandolyn!

I leave for SLC tomorrow. I'll have my laptop with me, so I'll be able to keep up! So not looking forward to security screening- it's so nerveracking.
v well-handled mando! I think it's completely innocent and it's irrational that it irks me when new users do it, it's not like we can expect them to search all the user names before they register... although with the new search function it will list them all... there's a few bunny-somethings around but luckily they're not as solid posters as moi!

kvetch: supposed to be going to friend's leaving night on saturday (she quit whilst I've been off) but 1. close friend/drinking buddy is taking her gbf out instead (bf been dumped so they're having "crazy one") 2. friend has chosen a real dive of a pub to go to 3. I would much prefer to stay at home. I feel bad not going for friend's sake but she never comes out when my friends and I arrange anything. I'm also p'd off with close friend for "ditching" me, especially as I planned my weekends with the boy around this now-washout of a night out. grrr. I'm generally feeling grumpy.

happy haircut mornington!


good luck with security screening polly!
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