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(((mornington))) sorry about the school thing. my university sucks as well.

kvetch: lack of communication and inconsistancy in organizations albeit schools or big corporations. so i've been dealing with comcast all summer. charging me for service i've never seen. i cursed out many people over the phone. i ended service with them in aug. got a bill for this month! the woman said she was gonna credit my account...BUT, i'm still skeptical. they've screwed me over big time.

oh, and my roommate. what a dick. we used to be friends. our living together as roommates didn't end the relationship. it was really that i just didn't want to be friends with him anymore or the other people i used to hang with--not a supportive bunch to me. but, he has stopped talking to me. even when i try to talk with him. and i think this belongs in another thread, but...he is just so childish. he went out of town and didn't even mention he would not be around. weird. and this kid also doesn't have a job. he got fired from his job. something he didn't tell me, but i figured out when he was home everyday and received something from unemployment.

sixelacat~yeah for coming to chicago! it's where i'm at! cool. you will have a blast.
dropping by to send ~*~**~~*safe travel vibes to Rose~*~*~*~*~*

((mornington)) I read your blog...such BS!

(((yuefie))) Your friend is lucky to have someone like you to be there for her!

Yay for found hats!!

Thanks everybody for the congratulations!

(((mornington))) thoughtless fruit (and small and insufficient); it never ceases to amaze me how stupid those in the world of academia and the administrators of an educational establishment can be.

tummy was bit upset earlier and still tender and I have slept off and on for most of today but to hell with it: I am curling up on sofa with gourmet jelly beans, a bottle of shiraz and watching the lake house.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~* faster than fly so must be rocket-by~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for idiota shrimp headed APRICOT who obviously could not find their way out of a paper bag even WITH directions! and you know that the official name for this office is probably something like "student assistance" or the title for the people who work in the office is "advisor" when the only advice that they MIGHT be able to give is HOW NOT TO COMMUNICATE except perhaps with beauzeaux who bother mornington about non-existant rental properties or advice on how to get dates for creepazoid men on myspace who are pestering her.....(HEY! maybe all three of them are the same person?????)

yayay!!! for tiki-found hats!!

(does this entire tiki thing make anyone else think of the Tiki Room at disney land? is the tiki room still THERE even???)


kvetch: we are having a provincial supervisor's technical mtg this thursday, friday and saturday. we have known about this meeting happening for MONTHS. On Monday, we are given TOPICS THAT WE ARE TO PRESENT ON THURSDAY. which might be okay, except that we have a visitor from NYC, three more will be here later this week, one of THEM is our direct boss (of the office - my supervisor's boss) and HE is flying in on SATURDAY, with less than a week's notice, and wants us to work on SUNDAY) so i have to plan for all of that, i have had meetings both mon and tuesday that took all morning, there is another all morning meeting this morning, AND we spent all yesterday afternoon reviewing the other presentations. can everyone guess how much work tes has done on her presentation:?

kvetch: on top of which i am still tired from my mystery illness, haven't been able to sleep (too stressed out), am literally falling asleep at my computer, and am behind on a bunch of other tasks that needed to be completed YESTERDAY. coffee isn't touching the sleepy, desire to simply keel over and curl into a fetal position. i guess i'm coming home tonight, taking a nap and then writing some piece o' crap presentation.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. how much do i want to just calmly say: a lack of planning on Your Part does not constitute an emergency on MINE???

/end work rant

~*~*~*~*~* all purpose vibes for those that need them~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

says girl too tired to remember anyone's name!

hugs and kisses and silly silly cockles and mussels!!!

where the hell is everyone? unsure.gif
I wonder if it would be possible to have the dentist who fucked up my tooth killed?
(This tooth I'm having trouble with was previously filled just a couple of years ago. Shortly after having it filled the filling broke and had to be redone. About 8 months ago another one done at the same time--same dentist--broke and has to be redone next visit. I strongly suspect incompetence on the part of that dentist, for this and various other reasons.)

It's hurting more and more. How the hell am I supposed to cope with this an labor, not the mention the next few weeks (presuming it is) before labor?

I'm furious, worried, and sad. And in a lot of pain, which seems to be getting worse. (Which is why I'm up at fucking 3:30 am.)

I'm calling the current dentist's office in the morning, but I don't think there's anything he can do. I mean, even if I just had the damn tooth out, I can't take any narcotic painkillers at the moment, so it would just be exchanging one serious pain for another.

This is just really, really unfair. I know. Who said life was fair. But still...

Sorry--considering all the above all I have the energy for at the moment is a totally selfish post.

However, I've taken note of all the well wishes from everyone in the last few days in particular and REALLY appreciate them all. Thanks, everyone.
*jumps on sign of life*

(((anoushh))) I HATE toothache and majorly sympathising with the pain factor ... however, if weighing up weeks of pain compared to couple of days of unbearable pain if tooth was taken out, I know what I would go for. Besides, you'll be handling labour soon, chica, so you can handle anything!

~*~*~*feel better tes and good luck with the work~*~*~*~

vetoed the wine as tummy was way too upset.
My friend says she'd rather give birth ten times again than deal with serious dental pain.

Thanks for the encouragment. I have to do something, so will give the dentist a call. He was very sympathetic, and at least this dentist took my compliants seirously--finally--and did his best to do something. Unlike previously.

I'm now having some hint of why it was so easy to get an appointment at an NHS dentist. Oh, who padded the bill, btw.

Before having him killed is there any way I can subject him to this same toothache pain first for several weeks?
mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif
((((anoushh)))) I hate hate hate hate hate incompetent dentists.
*flings self at bunny* I'm here!
((((tes)))) ***feel better****
((((yuefie & shannon))))
(((amilita, rose, pixie, mando, sidecar, raisin, polly, dm, fina, syb, faith, stargazer, treehugger, tyger, funnybird, cstars, txplum, tg, and everyone else)))

good news!
I am allowed to restart immediately... so monday. biggrin.gif

Indigo, while scared of puppies, rain, trolleys, plastic bags, and bunny rabbits, is not afraid of thunder and lightning. He's weird, my dog.
What is up with that picture of you, Mgton?!

Sorry I haven't been around here, Kvetchies, I'm finding it hard to balance the time between here and Eljay because I'm weird/stupid/whatever like that.

Plus I've been wicked sore so haven't been online all that much. After the soreness wore off from Pilates, I explored the free weight room at the gym. Nice.

Mark your calendars for an upcoming BUST craft fair in NYC.

ETA because this has been on my mind for a while now: I have a little problem and I'm wondering if any of you regular posters or lurkers have any words of wisdom. I think I know what the solution is (bite my tongue and wish her congratulations, probably, and leave it at that), but someone I know has gone and gotten herself pregnant (yes, an accident -- she fully admits this) less than a year after giving birth to the first baby. And now she's announcing it to everyone under the sun even though she's, like, less than two months pregnant. I just don't know what to say except good luck (because it does sound like she's happy and in cute baby la-la land), but I want to say, "What are you doing? You can barely afford to raise the first baby." Ugh. Love her, love the first baby to pieces, but am concerned for her health and immaturity. There's a whole back story to this that I of course have NO TIME to get into right now.

Maybe that's more of a kvetch than anything. I don't know. I worry about her.

Yay Mornington!!! That must feel good, eh?

(((Anoushh))) Are you sure you can't take narcotics if you get your tooth pulled? I mean, you are in your third trimester, and it IS done...the baby gets it, too, but it's not like you'd be taking anything 'round the clock for weeks or anything.

Mammas go home today...first the aquarium. And maybe beignets one more time. Back to post more later. Oh, because I got the Mr.'s cold, so I wanna take the rest of the day to vegitate...

(((Love to all)))
Drive-by to say that I made it back to NC last night. Thanks again for all of the vibes! You people are wonderful.

Kvetch: Our cable & internet connection keeps going in and out today, so I may not be able to post again.
drive by just to say, I miscarried last night.

Also if anyone could send some job vibes to Mr. Pixie, the school he wanted to teach at called him yesterday and want to interview him again. Things are so dangerous at the inner city school he is teaching at right now, he'd love the chance to be able to get out before the end of the school year.
(((pixie))) I'm so sorry.

~*~*~*~*vibes to Mr. Pixie*~*~*~*~

Things will get better.
(((pixie)))) i'm very sorry to hear that.

(((pixie))) I left you a myspace message too, sweetpea, as read the news there first. I am sending you huge hugs as I know you're devastated. Also sending $"$"$"$safe job vibes for mr_pixie"$"$"$"$

(((raisin))) even though you're worried my gut instinct on this one would be that anything negative you say -even with love in your heart- is not going to be taken well. I'd sit back and care and be there if and when she needs you.

congrats mornington!!! that is such good news and no doubt such a relief.

amilita, does that mean more BUSTing time? i've meeced you!

*~*~*~continued no pain vibes for anoushh~*~*~*

welcome back rose! i've meeced you too!

(((yuefie))) meecing you as well (hell, I miss all my kvetchies but especially the sweet ones!) and thinking of you in such a dark time; I know it will be bringing back painful memories for you at an already painful time (and same time of year) and sending you huge hugs too.

depression is no good on my bank balance. I went shopping today after a driving lesson -where I successfully drove and did manoeuvres in appalling weather- and bought lovely books and two very pretty tunic tops. I had gone shopping to exchange birthday gift for boy's mum; she bought the gift for herself on monday when we were out and I was really silly and didn't tell her cos didn't want to ruin surprise (d'oh) and ended up buying her something more expensive; the boy says I'm very sweet but crap with money.

(((((Pixiedust))))) My thoughts & prayers are all about you, doll. You & Mr. Pixie are gonna come out on the right side of things, I promise.

Shit. I feel so small & petty now. There are people out there with real shit going on. I'm just kvetching about fucking money. Shame on me. I'm gonna go light a candle now.
(((auralpoison))) you are such a sweetie! Everyone's shit is their own and sometimes it's a bigger and smellier pile but we all have it. Sadnesses like this do put things in perspective for us, but we're still allowed to shit, or kvetch as the case may be...

*sorry for the crude analogy.

~~~~vibes for mrpixie's job~~~~
So, plane crash on the Upper East Side? Hooray. New York busties, can you pop in? I'm thinking of you (even though it appears not to be terrorism).

Wow, today is the suck.

*~*~*sending out good vibes to mr. pixie*~*~*

(((mornington))) i'm glad everything worked out for you!
QUOTE(sidecar @ Oct 11 2006, 08:17 PM) *

Wow, today is the suck.

Yeah, I think you've summed it up.

Called the dentist. Apparently I can have the tooth pulled if I can't wait for a root canal.
I don't know what to do. And I'm fed up that everything seems like such a big, fucking deal to accomplish at the moment.

Latest irritant--banks, credit unions, and all financial institutions.
I hate them all right now.

At least mornington got some good news. Yay!
The plane is thought to have been owned and piloted by New York Yankee pitcher Corey Lidle who died in crash sad.gif.
(((pixie))) you poor thing you. I’m so sorry.

Re: the plane crash … sounds like it was a combination of something wrong with the plane and pilot error. He’d only been flying a short time. There’s a really low cloud ceiling today, too. I don’t understand why they even allow helicopters and small planes to fly so low over the city. It’s an ubercrowded commercial air traffic corridor to begin with. Small wonder there aren’t more accidents. He was only 34. I feel so bad for him and his family. Not to mention the people in the building, minding their own business, going about their drab, dull lives …

Seems like every day, I’m more awestruck … and kind of terrified, actually … by how fucking easy it is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A mother and father were killed on monday, and their infant is hanging by a thread, driving on the same patch of highway we were on less than 24 hrs earlier. A car veered across the median and struck them head on. There but for the grace …

Yeah. Downer mandi, strikes again. I should just stay away from here when I’m like this.

(((mornington))) I’m glad things are looking up for you at last. I’d like to think all the vibing helped …. Hee.

(((annoush))) geez, when it rains, it pours. The gods need to cut you some slack. or maybe a bubble, like The Boy in the Bubble? no aggravations allowed in.

hmmmm, sounds like a marketable idea, actually. IPB Image

(((stargazer))) I don’t think I’ve said hello and welcome to kvetch … soooo, hello and welcome to kvetch! Hope you decide to hang regularly. Hmmmm, another cool Chicagobustie … yet another reason for me to get my ass there and visit someday!

you too, (((sixelacat))). You make a damn fine groovy addition!

(((pink))) just cuz.

(((auralpoison))) listen to what the wise lil bunny said. All kvetches are relative, great and small.

Speaking of which, heard from the doc and all seems well. Three “marble-sized” fibroids, on the top, bottom and side of my uterus. And since I’m asymptomatic, nothing to worry about. She did mention that I have a “simple cyst” on my right ovary, but again, it looks “normal”, nothing to take action on. I emailed her about the cyst and my bladder issues (which is becoming a quality-of-life issue, argh!). but for the most part, i'm relieved.

thanks for all the virtual handholding, m'dears. as always, you people are my comfort.

{{{{pixie}}}} I'm very sorry for your loss. I've been there and I know it's tough.

{{{{everybody}}}} A quick fess-up that I have been mostly unable to keep is WAY overboard and I just don't want to get on the computer when I get home - after 9 to 11 hours solid on it every day. Oh, and some weekend time too.

But I do hear tell that I might get a TallVisit in a few weeks... smile.gif
Yay! A plummie sighting!

(Mandolyn, you are officially allowed to say "Ha! Serves you right!" or some such equivalent when you read the following and not feel the least bit guilty.)

I really, really, really wish I could take a xanax about now. Just a teeny little one. Just one.


(Oh, and stop apologising for your feelings, Ms. Mandolyn--completely not necessary. And just, well, wrong. So there.)
((((mando)))) *fling* no apologising. don't stay away! I mean it. I'll send in the secret attack monkeys to drag you back and tickle you until you promise not to
(((pixie))) what I said yesterday
((((anoushh)))) urgh. a pox on banks and a pox on dentists
(((ap))) what bunny said.
((((yuefie & shannon))))
(((txplum))) yay!

H is here! Back later! *mwah*
(((pixie))) I'm so sorry. Good wishes for mr pixie too.

Mornington, hooray! that you're starting again on monday. Apricot schmapricot.

(((anoushh))) I'm sorry things are getting so overwhelming. Take one decision at a time re. dentists, institutions and the like, and take it easy on yourself too.

Mando, I hear you. Crazy things happen all the time all over the world, but when I first read 'plane crashes into building in NYC' my mouth went dry.

I am glad to hear all is well re. the fibroids though! And I agree with everyone who said they're pretty innocuous most of the time anyway.

AP, sorry to hear about your apartment woes. House-related problems reduce me to mush so I feel your pain. Hoping you can keep your place without having to deal overmuch with nosy neighbours!

Working from home most of today in advance of next week's deadline; lots to do...
Yay for a plummy sighting! that was really good of you to pop by especially when you're so busy; I hope it dies down for you soon. A plummy sighting means tes will be in here spanking soon ... squee!

speaking of squees ... mornington, glad H finally got is ass down to see you! what's he doing now?

mando, don't forget the virtual hairbrushing too ... my arm is bloody sore! I agree that it's a crazy world we live in, it can be over like that which means we have to make the most of every day.

(((pixie))) still thinking of you love.

(((anoushh))) so are you getting it out?

anyone know which roald dahl book is about a boy who grows wings and flies? btw, what's your favourite? Mine is Matilda with The Twits a close second; the reason I ask is that I bought The Eegits yesterday which is The Twits translated into Scots!

not too much to report here: the boy will be here tomorrow, squee!

When I read this:

(((anoushh))) so are you getting it out?

I thought, "Anoushh is due Nov. 6." Ha, ha. This is why I don't have children. That and I spend all my extra money on concert tickets.

Kvetch: I was outside in the bitter cold (30 deg F) for four hours last night.
Antikvetch: Well, I was outside for hours because I saw the Rolling Stones! The new stuff they played was garbage, but the old stuff was all good. Mick Jagger can still really move. Also, they had a set of big lips balloons that probably cost as much as my college education.

(((mornington))) I'm glad the let you back in! Yay!
((((yuefie)))) dunno if you're lurking, hon, but I'm thinking of you.
(((the pixies)))
*waves to plummie*
*snort* sidecar! that was funny.

I majorly overslept today, still in my PJs and bunnymama made me the best fry-up ever. I allow my arteries to clog maybe once a year and it was worth it: black pudding (scab), bacon, link sausages, mushrooms, potato scone, pancake, bread & butter and ketch-up. I don't like egg so the only thing missing was tomato. Mmmm. Oh and obligatory cup of tea with it.

Mum informs me that particular Dahl book is George's Marvellous Medicine, she has read them all to bunbun.
You know what's terrifying? Coming home after a week away, opening your mailbox, and finding an envelope from the IRS. EEEEK!!! Such things should NOT happen in October. Luckily, I called them and got the most helpful person on the phone! Hooray! So I just have to fill out this teeny form (and she told me exactly how to fill it out) and mail it back.

[wipes brow and takes HUGE sigh of relief]

((((((((The Pixies)))))))) Much peace and strength to the two of you.

Mandi, I hope you're feeling better after your talk with the doctor. I don't know much about fibroids, but I have tons of experience with ovarian cysts. Most of the time they settle down on their own & are reabsorbed by the body. They can misbehave, though (my ovarian cysts have a tendency to swell and rupture - a pain I wish upon no one, but which I have endured 4 times!), but that is veryveryvery rare for most people. You'll probably be fine.

Mornington, congrats on surviving the APRICOT madness!

~~~~~~ soothing for Anoussh ~~~~~~ Was it an English dentist that did you wrong? [shakes fist at dentist]

((((New Yorkers)))) I'm sure the events yesterday brought back a lot of bad memories.

((((((((all of you)))))))) Now that I'm back, I hope I'll be better at giving individual vibes. Thanks for being patient with me while I was away!

Kvetch: I'm suffering from a bit of a post-air-travel cold. Don't you hate those? But it's minor, so I'm still managing to get some things done.

Anti-kvetch: My dear husband. That man is the hottttness! Mrowr!
Noone taking me up on Roald Dahl discussion? Fine *sulks*

*~*~*~post-flight cold begone~*~*~* and ~*~*~*IRS play nice~*~*~*~* for rose.
Sorry, bunny- I was getting to it! I'm a HUGE Dahl fan, I was raised on Dahl, Suess and Silverstein (I had irreverent parents). Several years ago, I read The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More, but that was the last time I read any of his stuff. I just looked it up on Amazon, and there's so many books of his I didn't even know about- some are his earlier stuff, the adult books, but like, I didn't know he wrote a collection of ghost stories!

I'm going to have to go to my parent's house and find all my old Roald Dahl books now. I don't know what my favorites were- probably Matilda, The Witches and The BFG.
Sorry, I'm bored and impatient! I am such a huge fan and bought the bunbun the complete children's collection a few years ago and she fell in love too. The ghost stories are actually an edited collection, though, that Dahl compiled and introduced. I haven't read much of his adult stories but "Lamb to the Slaughter" left lasting impression. I've emailed friends and family Q of favourite too so there may be a influx of people re-reading his wonderful children's stories!

So... just received an email from my course convener and I passed my Master's degree biggrin.gif .
woots for bunny! terrific news! *flinging confetti* IPB Image

k. that's all i got. i'm so ragged. blamin' it on the red tent. and lack of exercise. and not enough sleep. and just too darn much emotional crap.

kvetch: cocktail party today at the club, lots of delish horse-do-vers ... but it's the goddamned chocolate chip cookies that are calling my name the loudest. and deep down, there's this sinister voice telling me that it's completely justified. argh.

eta: bunny, i just asked danny (huge dahl fan), and he suggested maybe george's marvelous medicine ...? i'm trying to search for you on, but it's a pretty crazy site, and it keeps hanging.

eta: maybe the magic finger? (scroll down for synopsis.)
Yep, that is terrific news! Congratulations bunny!!

(I think I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a kid, but I barely remember it and I don't think I read any other Roald Dahl. My tolerance for sinister and dark, not to mention weird, has always been rather low. I have a phobia of Dr. Seuss, too. Seriously.)

Mandolyn, I'm supposed to be avoiding sugar and such as a result of my glucose test and the desire to avoid a huge baby, but of late I'm failing. It's like I have nothing to comfort myself with these days and I can't even eat what I want. *pout*

So I sympathise.

That is terrific, Bunny! Whoo hoo!

Rose,feel better!


I'm feeling a little better today. I think I about cried out now.

I have another big old hairy Kvetch today!: One of Mr. Pixie's students was caught with a semiautomatic handgun down the hall from his room yesterday and we had to hear about it ON THE NEWS!!!!! WTH is wrong all these kids bringing guns to school! 2 days ago, two elementary school kids in the same district brought air rifles to school. I so hope Mr. Pixie gets the job at the other school district!!
((((((everyone)))))) I don't have time to read, but I wanted to post and say thanks for all the vibes and thoughts. I am leaving to go up to Shannons tomorrow, the funeral is Saturday and I should be back Tuesday or Wednesday. My laptop adapter broke and I can't really BUST much from work these days, hence the flyby. Sending good vibes to everyone tho'

(((((pixie))))) sorry sad.gif

((((((bunny)))))) that's fantastic! yay! woo! *blows toy trumpet of joy* I loooved the twits and george and the bfg. I was scared of the witches. I liked his autobiographies as well. have you seen sophie dahl's short stories in the guardian?

(((pixie))) meep. ***mr pixie get a safer job***
(((mando))) *profers ben & jerrys* *snuggles*
(((anoushh))) suess freaked me out. I don't want fucking green eggs and ham, thank you. I always found them patronising,
(((rose))) ***go away cold***
(((yuefie & shannon)))
(((sassy, sixe, txplum, polly, raisin, syb, fina, funnybird, faith, and everyone else)))

H pitched up at nine this morning. He rang me first. Luckily the Welshman had just gone to work, so I was awake... he's not doing much, looking at a few universities and avoiding going back up to his parents. He wants to get his sailing qualifications. We argued over our attitudes to dogs - he doesn't think I should get Indigo neutered as he's "too old" - but I have to; I think he thinks I spoil Indigo - I do, but that's what they're there for... and he was grumpy because Indigo was scared of him (H is tall) and wouldn't come to his name. Indigo doesn't come to his name very often.

kvetch: the wireless on my ibook has gone again and I have to send it back. I've got to go into whitehall tomorrow to get R to back up all my files...
kvetch: just feeling kvetchy
antikvetch: the welshman

ooh, and more good news - well, news... I'm learning to drive! The grandparents are giving mama a loan so she can get a little car for me, and R (who is a driving instructor) is going to teach me. I'm quite excited - and as I'm going to have a car, there's actually a point to me learning.


I hate, hate, hate it when men are stupid about getting dogs neutered. (Ok, I hate it when women are too, but the whole stupid over-indentification so many men have with pets and their testicles really annoys me. Especially as these are often the same men who criticise "anthropomorphizing" animals when you talk about treating them with compassion.)

Of course you should--you know that.

And what's wrong with spoiling him?

I think it's sensible for a dog to be apprehensive of a stranger at first.
Besides, you've hardly had him any time at all--he's still settling in and it must be a HUGE adjustment from his former life.

Good luck with the driving! When the childbirth class instructor asked us to share something big we'd accomplished (I forget the phrasing---something difficult that we got through, some thing like that) I said I moved countries and I drove in London--without panicking or getting lost.

I felt smug for weeks.
Rose, the first time in ages I didn't get a cold after flying was when we came back to the US. And yes, they do particularly suck, somehow.

take care.
(((yuefie))) thinking of you darlin'. Remember once when my laptop adaptor blew (literally - the cable was worn through somehow) the day an essay was due for uni.

woot for the driving and the car mornington! I need to get my ass (and car) in gear and pass so I can drive myself, realising of late without the boy's car that it would be so much more convenient if I just passed already. Must have look at the guardian; I have Sophie Dahl's Man with the Dancing Eyes which is a lovely read.

Spent nice, relaxing night receiving calls and texts of congratulations (and online messages smile.gif) and even a call from the boy's sis on her cell phone from Vancouver to say how proud she was which was v sweet.

Still feeling nauseous. Um, how quickly does morning sickness start, o wise ones?
Usually starts 5-6 weeks from start of last period.

For me it was the day after I said "I"m not even feeling sick...." That was about 6 weeks.

I should have known not to tempt fate.

The congratulations are well deserved, bunny. smile.gif
(((pixie))) take care of yourself. and on a sidenote...i like how everyone in here refers to you and the mr. as "the pixies." *giggles* makes me think of the band. yeah, i'm childish.

YEAH for bunny! what a big accomplishment! congrats!


kvetch: this killer headache. i'm thinking i'm coming down from caffeine withdrawal. i don't drink much. the most i would have is 2-3 cups of coffee a day. ever since i've been sick about 1 week ago, i've laid off the stuff. i don't know if the headaches are part of it. plus, i've been so tired. sleeping like crazy. caffeine is a drug! biggrin.gif i'm hoping this headache will go away eventually. i'm sticking with the tea for now.

antikvetch: i think i've become my own little experiment this summer. stopping the caffeine. switching to a more natural, organic beauty care regimen (which has wrecked havoc on my skin--but, it is improving). yoga. not drinking. wow. who said i'm afraid of change! when i do make change, i do it to an extreme.

much love to everyone! and another side note...the weather was bizarre-o here in chicago today. it was lightly snowing and the sun was out all at once. weird.
(((yuefie))) thanks for checking in, darlin. keeping you all in my heart, nice and cozy warm. wish i could do more.

*soothing head massage for stargazer* i so admire your new healthy attitude ... says the chick who just ate honey wheat pretzels for dinner. unsure.gif

annoush, you get the superhero cape for driving in london! we're not worthy, we're not worthy ....

mornington, you're so lucky you have your very own welshman. i love welsh accents. then again, i grew up listening to tom jones. and i know he's old and decrepit now, but that voice still does it for me.

kvetch: my mouse ball keeps tugging at the pad ... must be dirty. i have to keep slamming it. heh. slamming dirty mouse balls. heh heh.

antikvetch: listening to the band practise, even though they're at the middle school, you can hear them so clearly ... they're that powerful. the opening strains of "maria" make me tear up every time. i must remember this on sunday when i'm working the home competition, following orders from the really rabid band parents ... for the entire day. i think i'm gonna have to sneak some bailey's into my travelling coffee mug. think they'll smell it on my breath?

november 12th is coming ... november 12th is coming ... ooooooooohm ....
heh. slamming dirty mouse balls. heh heh.

Mando is diryt.



Cranky! I want to hit and rip and punch and kick and maim and destroy violently anything in my path! *GRRRAAAARRR*
UGH! ...overextending myself waaaaaaay too much this week... mundane details in Eljay... am going to attempt to give myself a computer-free week (with the exception of work)... I miss you guys already, but you should see the mountains of crap I have to do that doesn't involve me parking my ass in front of the computer... I hate this... better if I say something here and try to hold myself to it. One week is nothing, isn't it? ::shivering and shaking:: The week's time better be over before I/we know it. wub.gif wacko.gif biggrin.gif
Drive by!

Mammas are safely home, but I have not properly caught up on sleep...and didn't get much done today...lots to do to get ready for the art show opening Saturday night! And it's like when you give any party, and you worry about what kind of turnout you'll get.

Stargazer, I get horrible caffiene withdrawl headaches and so I avoid it...they say you can drink green tea to get just a tad of it to help with those headaches.

Mando...heh. You ARE diryt.


~~~vibes for Raisin to get through the week~~~

Big, major congratulations to Bunny!!!!!!!


((All of you))
(((amilta))) good luck with the art show! yay for the mamas being gone.

(((pink))) no more wedding stress and selfish people.


(((yuefie))) thinking of you this weekend, hunbun.

(((the pixies)))

(((rose))) is that cold at bay yet?



mando, danny was right with George's Marvellous Medicine or so my mama told me. have I miss what november 12th is? (apart from remembrance day).

kvetch: v upset tummy; was awake from 5.30-7am with pains and hasn't been right since I woke again.
anti-kvetch: the boy is coming, the boy is coming, the boy is coming! we can celebrate my accomplishment smile.gif.
undies: black mesh balcony bra with black and white flowery lace front and matching pants. My seeexy undies.
Bunny, I am here! And sooooooooooo thrilled for you! I wish I could hug you and bounce around the room with you. Many congrats! Hope you and the boy have fun celebrating this weekend. smile.gif

((((((((Yuefie & Shannon & Shannon's family)))))))) Much love and strength to you this weekend.

Pixie, how are you doing?
~!$!$~!$~ job vibes for Mr. Pixie ~!$~!$~!$~

(((((PnP))))) You're in the final stretch, sweetie!

Amilita, I'm sure the show this weekend will be FAB!

Raisin, you can do it! And you'll feel sooooooo much better when it's over. See you in a week!

Mandi, does the band season end on November 12th?

Mornington, congrats on learning to drive! As for Indigo, any vet out there would tell you that neutering is a good idea.

~~~~~ soothing for Stargazer ~~~~~

(((((((((( all y'all ))))))))))

Confession: I've never read anything by Dahl. Not a single thing. But I watched a documentary about him and his family and found it facinating.
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