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(((mornington))) & (((amilita))) & (((yuefie))) for the calming words. Of course I had to check webmd, but for once it’s not something alarming I’m reading. I feel betta. It’s also a great feeling to know that my doc is such a good, cautious doc. (who appreciates that I come in with notes, btw.) now, if could just find an equally good primary doc.

Happy belated anniversary, (((sapphy & sapphman)))! So sorry I forgot you also shared the day. Next year, I promise not to forget! *opening yahoo calendar as we speak* so so happy to hear sapphdad is home and healing well. Sending anti-sickie vibes down south for you and the mr.

(((yuefie & sashie & grampa))) what sybarite said, prostrate cancer is very treatable. Try not to fret. Easier said than done for people like us, I know. I’m glad you called the vet about sashie – for your peace of mind, for anything else.

“I really love pink and black together now.” That’s mamasan’s favorite combo too. I bought all the decorations for her party in pink and black.

So happy to see bunny so happy … have a glorious weekend, luv!

(((faith))) no fair not telling us how YOU’RE doing … I ain’t letting you off the hook that easily, m’dear. Dish up!

Billy, from the world’s best procrastinator … just do it!

(((sybarite))) just cuz.

Gotta love that irishboy … Precious … hee.

(((tesao))) you had me at “gorgeous beach”. But I think you made the right choice. Listen to your body.

I loves me some furkvetchie pics!

(((Mornington))) ta for saying I’m not a dinosaur. I so needed to hear that today. And hey, can I steal “acos” from you? That’s like adorabler than shit!

(((dm))) I hear you on the not-listening. I finally gave up and typed up the mr’s to-do list. now to get him to actually not misplace it, much less DO IT. le sigh. i’m ubertired of nagging & being ignored.

*non-toxic vibes for sheff & Raleigh burb*

The mr’s family says ‘psghettis’ too.

Antikvetch: I got my potted mums. A day late, but they are purdy. It may take him a while to get it, but the mr does try.
Antikvetch: brought back hideous black dresses, but stumbled upon a knitty-lacey skirt and sexy top combo for tomorrow’s wedding. Not quite the ravishing effect, but comfy, cute, and will look perfect when I drop the lbs.

hope every one has a great weekend!
*feeble wave*

I'm just exhausted the last couple of days, so am going to be pretty feeble in my posting just now.

But I wanted to say I"m glad for good news from Sapphy and also wanted to echo the "fibroids are very common and very, very rarely are any kind of big deal" sentiments to Mando. Though I totally understand the freaking out.

And glad that Sheff is ok and Rose's mama's surgery went well (and I think what Mando and others said about it being dad's way of coping with his feelings is right on the money. Really, really fucking irritating, but right on target.)
Glad you can be there for her, but sorry you have to deal with the other frustrations. (Maybe our dads are distant relations or something...)

Ok, I'm sorry, but I"m going to wimp out now. Just SOOOO tired of late. Everything seems to be just fine, just late pregnancy fatigue.


ETA--the references to "prostrate" cancer instead of prostate keep making me laugh. That's a good thing. I keep getting funny pictures in my head of people throwing themselves on the ground....

And belated happy anniversaries to everyone. I think our second was last Tuesday. Neither of us are very good at remembering. First year we both had to look up on the Billy Bragg forum (where we met) where we'd announced it last year so we could get the exact date....

Oh, speaking of BB, concert was really nice, and it was gratifying that Grant, the sound guy, recognised the Mr right away--"what are you doing here?" Considering he meets tons of people we were amazed to be remembered at all. Got a big hug from Bill--two, in fact, had a lovely chat with him, with Grant, and with the N. American tour guy who, it turned out, was Armenian, and proudly announced to everyone "she's Armenian" during the evening. It was funny. Thankfully it was a seated show as well.

Ok, small second wind here. I'll just add that I totally agree with the "person not working does the household stuff"--for the most part, within reason, always an occasional exception, etc. And I totally get the frustration. My ex and I constantly argued about this stuff--I just didn't think it was too much to expect him to behave like a grown up and to live like one, either.

And I am not kidding when I say that one of the pivotal moments for me in our relationship was when I asked him (via email--we were still living in different countries then) if he vaccuumed every day (he'd mention what he did during the day in most emails and most contained a cursory vaccuuming reference.). He said "most every day" and I thought "he's a keeper."

It would annoy me that when he had the day off he almost never thought about dinner when I was at work, but overall he's damn good.

Ok, now I'm tired. If I've not said anything to you doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you. Just running out of steam. Again.

I'm tired, too, and a little tipsy! Mamma visit good so far, but the Mr. has some issues with his mamma, and for the most part my mamma and I get along well. Very good to have them staying in a B&B together, mostly so he can get breaks from her.

I hate to say it, but I almost want future visits to be just one at a time, just so I can have an at-ease visit with my mom and an uncomfortable visit with his. And not mix that up. Does that make sense? *sigh*

And then I figured we'd each have an evening where we were alone with our moms, but I know the Mr. doesn't want to do that...and I kinda get a sense his mom doesn't want to, either! She was agreeing to see a violent movie (the new M. Scorcese one coming out) and I just don't think that's her thing at all! So I think I'll leave that 'til the end of the week, and just sorta DO IT. Like, bye! We're off! You two have fun! I want to have some one-on-one time.

((Anoushh)) You're no wimp! It ain't easy, these last few months.

((Mando)) Fibroids problematic sometimes...can be hurty...but not serious, generally. It's so hard to find a doc you feel right with...hooray! That's major.

((Tes)) Rest up!

((Yuefie)) Sounds like it would be OK to wait a couple more doses, as long as Sashie's eating and drinking...can't blame ya for wanting another visit, though. Not unreasonable at all.

Mornington forgot her pants! Hee. I'm picturing you leaving the house in your knickers, or whatever ya call 'em.

((Rosev and your mamma))



((Lurv for all))

My plans for this morning were cancelled. Bugger! So now the plan is to spend the entire day jacked up on coffee and listening to college radio so I can clean (but of course that includes vacuuming) this crash pad I call home. I will not spend the entire day on the phone, I will not sit around reading a book, I will not start a knitting project, I will not accept last-minute invites to go out. I'm even going to alphabetize books, according to author's last name. Haven't done that in a while and I've acquired more books (gotta love 75-cent paperbacks at the thrift store). Might keep the computer on as a distraction as I think of clothing catalogues I want to be mailed to me. Will post more throughly in a couple of days when the mess isn't so distracting.

I could have been in NY this weekend. Sniff.

((((((((Kvetchies))))))))) acos!
Goddamn it. I am so annoyed. I live in a pretty nice apartment. Have for more than five years with nary an issue. Two months ago they sold our building to a new company. Fine. They delivered a new lease, which has never been signed/turned in because they want us to rent for another year & because they want my mom's signature, too since she is legally a resident. She hasn't been here since June & hasn't mailed back the copy I sent her to sign, nor has she bothered to call. Two weeks ago, my bitch neighbors complained to me that they could smell the cat box. I figured out the problem (It had been driving me mad, too. I thought they were sick or something because there was less pee in the box, but it was more redolent. They'd found a box of news papers to pee in. Brilliant.) & solved it immediately. They lodged a formal complaint even though I am not responsible for the new stench. Thursday morning at the crack of hell two women show up on my doorstep inquiring after whether or not we paid the rent. Of course. In FIVE years we've never just not paid the rent. I gave them the cheque number, amount, whole nine yards. Then they requested a random inspection of my apartment. I know my rights as a tenant & declined. Yesterday I received a notice that I have three days to pay or they take possession of my apartment because I didn't pay the rent & that there is a mandatory inspection scheduled for Wed morning. Now, I KNOW I paid the rent so somebody around here is perpetrating. Either somebody stole the cheque (Which logically to me, means we can't be the only victims.), they lost it or they're lying because they want us out. FIVE YEARS we've lived here with no late rent, no drama. SUDDENLY in the last two weeks everything has gone to hell in a handbasket. I'm gonna check into these people's business practices today & see what I can find out.
Did the check go through? Because if someone cashed it, you can get a statement from your bank. (((auralpoison)))) that totally sucks.

rose, I'm glad your mom is doing better (and I hope dad steps it up a little; I also think it's a guy thing.)
(((mando))) yay for finding a good ob/gyn! It makes all the difference.
(((yuefie)))) prostate is very treatable; i hope grandpa will be okay, and sashie too!

Thursday, I took my last dose of flagyll, thank God. I was able to enjoy a glass of wine with my Battlestar Galactica, and it was delicious.

And it's belated, but yesterday I wore blue boyshorts and a beige Wacoal. Very exciting.
No, the cheque hasn't been processed. I had to pay thirty bones to get a stop payment on it. GRRRRR!

Way to start a holiday weekend.

Indigo got startled today by a puppy - it jumped out at him from between its owners legs while he was charging off to find a squirrel to hunt. He's limping. I don't think it's too serious - he's not crying, and I can't feel any major bumps. I'm going to get an ice pad from the freezer and put that on it - I'm fairly certain it's his carpus that got banged. I'm going to go fret over him now

Geez, where is everybody?

I meant to say before, Indigo is absolutely lovely. And I love hearing about him. I love hearing about everyone's pets, in fact.

AP--that totally sucks. Bastards.

I am trying to sew diapers and I keep breaking needles and I don't know why. I'm fed up.

This, in combination with the fact my teeth still hurt like crazy, I'm living with my parents, and I'm 8+ months pregnant means I"m having a hard time not crying.
((((anoushh)))) *extra hugs*

((((AP)))) a pox on their asses.


Sashie is doing much better, her eye is ok, the fever is gone and she seems cloer to normal. But my best friend Shannon's mom died suddenly today of a massive heart attack. She had just stopped by to see her ma on her way out to Disneyland this morning, and received a call that she needed to head straight back and to the hospital. By the time she made the hour trip in 40 minutes, she had already been pronounced dead. I am thinking of heading up on the Amtrak tomorrow morning, but our friend Natalie called me to say that she might just drive down here tonight to come and get me. Shannon was a major part of my support system when my mom died, and I really want to be there for her as well. She was extremely close to her mom, like I was with mine and my heart aches for her. I really do loathe the month of October sad.gif

Oh, that's horrible about your friend's mom, Yuefie. So glad she has you.

Sure puts whatever minor stress I'm having over our moms' visit seem silly...I'm over it now.

Also...(((anoushh, aural, indigo, everyone)))
where was everyone yesterday????

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* coping with huge loss vibes for yeufie's friend ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

i KNOW i'm not ready for that to happen yet, even though i also know that it could happen any day. my wonderful sister was just visiting my mamae recently and called me several times so that mother and i could talk. mamae has an almost impossible time picking up the phone these days, and often when she DOES get it, she then drops it. all of which is frustrating for both of us and quite expensive, especially when you don't get to TALK to anyone!

((((((anousshhka))))))) you just go right ahead and be tired, querida! pregnancy is HARD WORK. it saps your body of everything it can. i'm just so thrilled that you are going to have a BABY!!! wwooooooo hoooooO! (i had the same visions of men flinging themselves at the ground because they had a prostrate illness! heeee!!)

oh -- while on that topic, ((((((yeufie and her grandpapa))))) prostate problems are easy to take care of. i hope that all is well with you, sashie, and your grandfather!!!

***** FRANTICALLY WAVING AT SAPPHY ***** i keep missing you when you pop in, but i think of you ALLLLLL of the time, because of my Ipanema necklace!!!! and the glass pumpkin patch also reminded me of you, because it reminded me of Chuhuly and that amazing exibit he did in Atlanta!!!!

rose, i'm glad that your mom is SEEING THINGS again!! hope that she continues to improve, and that your dad gets a grip.

and even though it FREAKED ME OUt, thanks for the news re the chemical fire. my BFF lives about a mile from where it happened, and she was supposed to evacuate her home, but when she drove to the shelter, they wouldn't let cats (or dogs, or any pets) she just turned right around and went home. they shut all of the windows in the house and lay on the floor. it was far enough from where our house is that it and our kitties and mr hotbuns are fine. *breathes huge sigh of relief* mr. hb even called yesterday to let me know that he was okay. awwwwwwwwwwwww.

mandomyheart, i'm glad you did finally get you potted mums, even if they were late. i've decided that when a date means that much to me, *i* am going to plan it. that way i know that i will get exactly what i want, when i want it, and that mr. hb will be there with me. he doesn't like to buy in to the "required" times to give presents, or celebrate. he says that it doesn't mean as much, somehow, to him, when you buy something JUST BECAUSE IT IS WHAT PEOPLE DO. he would rather wait until he sees something that is just ME, something that i HAVE to have, and he will buy it THEN and give it to me THAT day. now, that's cool, and i like it, but i want to celebrate some days. so i take control of that. it wouldn't work for everyone, i'm sure, but it works for us.

Oh, and the fibroid thing? i've had/have bunches of them. they are most likely one of the things that kept me from having/carrying a baby to term, and i've had some removed. other than that, and that they make my periods a little more hurty as i age, they are no big deal. i wouldn't worry about them too much.

(((((((poor indigo)))))) hope he stops limping soon. sad.gif

YAYAYAYAY!!! for last doses of flagyl and glasses of wine!!! (is battlestar galactica worth watching, sidecar??? REALLY??? i will believe you if you say so, because you were SO right about VM!!

amilita, hope that all is going well between you and the out-laws and the parental units and what all. i'm SURE that can be a difficult situation. but just think! soon it will be over and you won't have to see either side for quite a while!!!! ((((((((ami))))))))

it's now around 10 am, and i should be wide awake, but i'm not. i'm still tired. i may just go take a nap (especially if i can convince meems the african attack cat to sleep with me. she's quit doing that at night since she got her very own cat tree, AND her round cozy cat bed. good for her, sad for me. wah.

hugs and kisses and silly barnacles!
Another fly-by, everyone. So sorry! I just have SO little time to read, what with helping mother. I will have so much to catch up on when I get back to my old schedule next week!

((((((((((((Yuefie's friend and family))))))))))))

Tes, I'm glad to hear that Mr. HB & your friends are okay. I was worried about them. I'm only sorry that I couldn't offer more info for you! (((Tes)))

((((((((all of you))))))))

Thanks for the kind words about my situation with my dad. I think you're all right. Mother is definitely the matriarch of the whole family, so when she is ill he sometimes goes into denial.

By the by, mother is improving daily! And the redness is leaving her eye, too. I think that by the time I leave, she'll almost be back to her normal activites.

Kvetch: I miss living in Tulsa. I miss knowing everyone and being a real part of the community. NC is prettier in tons of ways, but I miss this community a lot. I hear that there's a store here that sells t-shirts that say "I'm Down With T-Town." Gotta get me one-a doze. wink.gif

Anti-kvetch: I went to the opera last night at the big PAC downtown, which meant I got to chat with their house manager (who is an old friend). And my beloved neurologist was there, which was nice. But the very best best part was that one of my friends from high school was performing in the opera! It was amazing! Here I was, looking at the bios in the program, and there are all of these people from all around the world, and there I spy John! So I spoke to my buddy the House Manager and she told me that the cast was having an opening night reception upstairs. So after the opera, I went up there and saw him! It was so sweet. He was walking down the hallway and he spotted me and I saw his mouth say, "Mary?!" And then he pushed people aside to get to me. smile.gif We hugged and chatted and hugged some more and it was just lovely. I really miss that guy. He lives in NYC now, so I need to hunt him down.
((((yuefie, her friend and family))))) how heartbreaking; I'm glad you can be there for her.

((((rose))))) one of my friends is a freelance travel writer, and she just visited T-town! She came back singing its praises, in particular how pretty it is.

(((anoushh))) hang in there, sweetie. Just think: in less than a month, you'll have an anoushhkin!

(((tesao))) I'm glad Mr. Hb is okay, but that thing about the shelter and your BFF made me so mad! Has the government learned nothing from Katrina? (Uh, that was a rhetorical question on several levels, as we all know they haven't.) The Humane Society of the US just pushed a bill through the House to make sure that people evacuating in emergencies don't have to choose between safety and abandoning their animals.

Yesterday, I was out. I had an exciting day: I went to the gym, I bought a new fall hat, I bought my very first vibrator at the new sex shop in my neighborhood, I met up with Chicago Busties (including turbojenn and pollystyrene among others!) at a bar/grill for a drink, then went out for a friend's birthday for diner food and a trip to Hala Kahiki, this totally insane Tiki bar in the suburbs.

This is a pretty minor anti-kvetch, but I left my brand-new hat at Hala Kahiki, as it fell out of my purse, and I'm doubtful I'm going to get it back. I called when I got home and they told me to call back and check tomorrow. This is the second fall hat i've bought and lost in two weeks. Argh.
(((yuefie))) & (((shannon & family))) that's just heartbreaking. i feel so sad for her. i guess the one glimmer of solace is that she at least got to see her mom, and will now have a happy last memory to hold in her heart.

life is just too damn tenuous. loved ones can be ripped away from us just like that. gah.

the wedding from hell was much better than expected. and i've got some funny stories to share. but i'm off to see the kid march in the parade (and probably cry my fool head off), and also ... maybe now isn't the right time for frivolity anyway.

(((group hug)))
(((yuefie))) what I said on LJ

((anoushh)) Less than a month?! whoa. seems like just yesterday you told us...

Hugs to everybustie.

Selfish Post. Cause apparently, I'm selfish. My dad has always told me so, so did his last girlfriend, along with fat and two faced. Now my stepmom, the one I call Mom, thinks I'm selfish too.


Apparently, because I call my fiance by his first name, as he wants me to and as he introduces himself, and as I introduced him to my parents as, instead of calling him by his middle name as his family does. His dad's name is Jeffry Lee. His name is Jeffry Adam. His family calls him Adam cause they didnt want Big Jeff and Little Jeff. He doesnt like it when I call him Adam. He likes Jeff. I never mentioned it because it is a non issue. The cake at the shower said Congrats Leslie and Adam. So, because I didnt introduce him by a name he doesnt like me calling him, they apparently dont know him. And now she doesnt want to come to the wedding.
And I quote:
"You are so selfish about how other people see things. I don't think I'm going to the wedding. You need to grow up."

I also did fuck up in one respect. I introduced her to his mom, but only her. I didnt introduce everyone to everyone. Oops. My bad. I should have, but there is nothing I can do about it now.
So, while I'm at work, on IM, I get the above and then this:

PinkStepMom: I'm also a bit upset about not being introduced to ANYONE but his mom.
PinkStepMom: That was rude.
Me: I'm sorry.
Me: I didnt mean to make you feel out of place.
Me: I was tired and frazzled and wasnt thinking.
PinkStepMom: EVERYONE feels like that before a big event. Again, it's not always about YOU.

I'm sorry, but the Selfish side of me thinks, Uh. actually, yesterday WAS about me. BRIDAL SHOWER. I'm the BRIDE. Therefore, its about me.

Yeah. I need to grow up.
Fucking JUST what I need 2 weeks before the wedding.

((((((yuefie))))) & ((((((shannon & family)))))

((((pink)))) gah. that just strikes me as silly
(((mando))) yay!
(((rose))) & ((((rosevmum))))
(((tes))) if you need sleep, you need sleep. Nap! it's the way forward
(((amilita, anoushh, polly, bunny, raisin, syb, pixie, fina, sapphy, faith, txplum, ap and everyone else)))

The hound is still limping, but he's not crying. I think he bruised his shoulder. I've been holding up his bowl so he can eat - he likes couscous, apparently - as he's not quite balanced. He should be ok with a few days rest.

Welshman just gone - *happy sigh* - I do like having him around. Indigo isn't quite used to him, which I think helped keep him resting up, but he's better than he was.

Pink, if I were you I'd try to get the promise--oops, I meant "threat" not to come in writing.

You'd be better off.

Honestly, and they say you are being selfish???!!!

Oh, that was a IM conversation. I have the whole thing in writing.
Including me getting pissed :
Me: Fine
Me: You're right
Me: I'm selfish.
Me: Me me me me me
Me: sorry.
Me: its a damned name
PinkStepMom: Your sarcasm is wasted on me.
PinkStepMom signed off
((aural)) Sorry to hear about the apartment woes.

((yuefie’s friend and family))

((rose)) Glad your mom is feeling better, and you got to spend time with old friends.

I had a nice weekend, went to a concert, a film, shopped and the park. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
((((((pink))))))))) that is seriously the last thing you need.
(((indigo)))) poor baby
((((((((( cont. hugs for yuefie and her friend))))))))))
prettynpink~um, it doesn't sound selfish. how can you be responsible for everyone? your stepmom could've took the initiative to introduce herself to everyone.

AP~sorry about the whole apartment thing. i hate incompetent landlords. like mine. she is a spaz. really. so, unorganized. pretty useless. way to standup for yourself. but, you always do.

sidecar~that stinks about your hat. can you go get another one?

this is my first time in this thread. i've realized i need to spread my luv around and visit other parts of the board since i've been here for awhile.

kvetch~i'm sick. and why do i feel like regressing to a baby and pouting? just whiny. uh. my mom is bringing soup. cool. i'm horrible when i'm sick. big baby i am. and i have a mouse in my apartment that i have no energy to try and catch. dry.gif we will just have to coexist for awhile.

anti-kvetch~yesterday, the weather here in chicago was so beautiful. and it looked like it was nice today too, but i was so ill to enjoy. but, there will be other great Fall days. I love Fall! my fav season. biggrin.gif
Pink, sounds like a classic example of projection to me. Not a terribly mature defense mechanism. They are selfish, selfish people, but find the thought so intolerable in themselves they attribute it to you.


And yeah, how come you are supposed to be responsible for everything in the entire universe, including the fact that other people apparently don't want to behave like adults?

The hell with them.

Hi stargazer!

Um, we bought a car today. A Scion Xb.

Have to pick it up tomorrow due to insurance stuff. I'm almost starting to panic at how much I'm not panicking about spending this money. I told the mister that at least if we had to we can live in it...

Mandolyn, why not frivolity? Sometimes that just what you need when intimations of mortality sneak up and bite you on the butt.

(((Yufie))) things really need to settle down a bit for you.

(((Tesao))) just 'cause I'm glad to see you!
((((((((((((PrettyNPink)))))))))))) Oh sweetie, I'm sooooo so sorry this is happening to you. Why is there always one family member who flips out right before the wedding? There's always that one bizarre person who suddenly feels that they aren't getting enough attention or whatever & they act out in the strangest ways. I mean, yes, it would have been gloriously wonderful if you had been the perfect little Miss Emily Post type of bride, blahblahblah. But it didn't happen. And you apologized. As a woman who has gone through a wedding herself, she should surely remember how stressful the time is and how occasionally little things can slip through the cracks. I hope she gets over this mess and moves on. But if she doesn't and she chooses not to attend the wedding, then it will only make her look pathetic. As for her getting upset about the groom's name ... well, that truly shows you how wacked she is right now. Yikes. I hope someone else in the family intervenes on your behalf. You don't need this right now!

Anoushh, a friend of mine has that car & has really enjoyed it. And I totally understand the whole stressed-about-not-feeling-stressed. I felt that way after we bought my Corolla this year.

~~~~~ healing for Stargazer & Indigo & anyone else who is feeling poorly ~~~~~

Sidecar, I would LOVE to see what your friend had to say about Tulsa! If you have the details on her article, will you please send it to me in a PM?
~*~*~*~*~ hat-finding vibes ~*~*~*~*~

((((((((((Yuefie & friend & family))))))))))

DM, your weekend sounds so lovely! Glad to hear you had a nice time.

Mandi, how is Danny enjoying band?

Kvetch: Sick. Sick for most of the day. Tummy woes and a migraine at the same time. I started to feel better in the evening, but by then it was too late to go out and do anything. Bleh.

And one of my university professors passed away. I'm still not sure what happened. It all feels very strange.

And I leave here on Tuesday. But part of me doesn't want to leave Tulsa yet. It's been so nice running into people I know so well & visiting familiar places. I really miss familiarity. I have realized that when I'm out in public here, I am often looking around, gazing the crowd for familiar faces. That doesn't happen in NC because I don't know anybody there. I really need to fix this. But when I'm in NC, all of my courage fades away. Besides, I've been making friends in Oklahoma for 30 years. Of course I'm going to run into more friends here. I don't want to have to wait another decade or more to feel comfortable in a community. I want to feel at home now.

[deep heavy sigh]

Anti-kvetch: Mom felt really really good today. When she woke up this morning, she wandered around the house & got on her computer & after a while she realized that she was doing all of this without any visual assistance - no glasses, no contacts. Just her own eyes. She hasn't done that since ... well, since the early '50s! It's truly amazing.
(((((pink))))) I'm still going "feh". she needs to grow up.

(((rose))) yay! for ((((rosevmama))))
(((anoushh))) ***soothing no-stress vibes***
'lo (((stargazer))) ***feel better***
(((dm))) yay for nice weekends!
((((yuefie & shannon))))

demi-fly-by, but... I FINALLY have a meeting with that most stupidly-named of academic disciplinary bodies, APRICOT. tomorrow. wish me luck - I don't have to prepare anything so I don't really know what to expect.


Well, to hell with the housecleaning. I can't do it all in one day and it's an exercise in futility to think otherwise. Books aren't alphabetized, but furniture got rearranged.

You know, I like apricots, but not APRICOT, so good luck with that, M.

RV, when you say "T-town" I immediately think of Tinseltown. ::snickering:: No, but seriously, I've moved around a ton in my adult life and what I do know is that it can take at least a year to feel "at home" somewhere. No doubt about it, it's hard work. I'm also reminded of a (cliched but true) song the Lemonheads covered:

Your home is where you’re happy
It’s not where you’re not free
Your home is where you can be what you are
As you were just born to be

Now they’ll show you their castles
And diamonds for all to see
But, they’ll never show you their peace of mind
‘Cause they don’t know how to be free

So burn all your bridges
Leave your past behind
You can do what you want to do
‘Cause you’re strong in your mind

And, anywhere you might wander
You can make that your home
Just as long as you’ve got love in your heart
You’ll never be alone

Just as long as you’ve got love in your heart
You’ll never be alone
You’ll never be alone.

Aaaaaanyway, what else. Oh, Anoushh. Listen to her, PiP! Words of wisdom, woman: how come you are supposed to be responsible for everything in the entire universe, including the fact that other people apparently don't want to behave like adults? Seriously, half of my family falls into this category. I'm already entertaining ideas of not spending The Holidaze with them.

Anoushh, I love your vacuuming story of the mister. And how at the BB concert the guy kept on saying "she's Armenian!" We stick together (except for the crazies I try to stay away from)! ::laughing::

Well, I'm kvetchy and sitting here feeling a tiny bit sorry for myself. Don't want to work today, but can't really argue with holiday pay. Should have gone to NY after all since what I was staying around in town for didn't end up happening anyway. Harrumph.

Slightly less of a novella this time.
~~~~good luck~~~~~ to mornington with APRICOT!
I left a message at the bar where i left my hat, and they didn't call back. I found the same damn hat at another boutique for $10 cheaper, so I can replace it...but this would be my third hat in three weeks. Durn!

My boss's boss asked me to be an expert on one of his conference calls today! I'm very excited, even though I probably won't need to say anything. It's nice to be appreciated.

I only have nine more days of work before Ireland!
Ireland! So jealous. Are you going to rent a car to drive around the country or stay in the big cities or what?

You know, Sidecar, maybe you need to construct one of those things for your hat like we had with mittens when we were kids, one gigantic string or cord that went through the sleeves, forever connecting the two mittens to each other. blink.gif

ETA: HAHAHAHAH! That looks sooooo ridiculous.

Hey, at least you got it for $10 less this time around. Silver lining?
Pretty in Pink...there is one in every family! Mr. P's sister refused to come to our wedding and was a real Biatch about everything. And you are right...a wedding about YOU and your one is the one time in your life you are allowed to be as selfish as you want!

((mornington)) good luck with APRICOT!

(((Rose))) It is really hard to meet new people in a new town when you don't have a job or something to get you involved in the community. Did you ever hear anything back from that theater company? Great news about Mamarose! Give her my love!

Sidecar, I am always afraid of losing my hats too! Hence, I don't wear them seems as soon as I sit down and get comfortable, I want it off my head!

(((Raisin, yeufie, bunnyb, and everyone else)))

I have good news....I am going to have a micropixie next summer!
dm, I'm glad you had a nice weekend. everyone needs those now and then.

stargazer, welcome and get better so you can enjoy that pretty weather.

Yay for new cars!

~*~*~*~*~*~Courage for Rose~*~*~*~*~*~
Yay for RoseMom's working eyeballs!

mornin' whats with the APRICOT thing? oh well, good luck with all different fruits!

((((Rasin)))) Say you dont feel go and go home! you're getting holiday pay.

sidecar, I'm with Rasin on the jealousy of your trip to Ireland. I wanna go! Well, have all the fun you can. And dont do anything that Tes wouldnt do.

pixie....does that mean you're pregopixie? Is that what micropixie means? *holding back squeeeeeees for confirmation*

Thank you everyone for your excellent words of wisdom. I called my dad today and left him a message that said that I was sorry he is in the middle of this, I want her to come to the wedding, but if she doesnt want to, thats her choice, and that its too much unecessary stress. I cant control another person's behavior. If this is how she chooses to act, okay fine. I'm not her babysitter, so I dont have to care.

Since the announcement of the wedding, they have given me $2500 and then just fucked up right and left after that. They refer to Irishboy as my "future ex husband" even after me asking them not to and explaining that divorce is not an option for us. They threw a fit about the wedding being on a Sunday evening because they have to work the next day, when their wedding was on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of nowhere, so we all HAD to take off of work. He didn't show up to my dress fitting, didnt call, and then got upset when he found out I was upset about him not calling. Now she's upset because I didnt introduce her at the shower, I didnt tell her that my fiance goes by two names, and somehow she thinks that I expect my kids to get preferential treatment over her girls' kids.

I came to the conclusion today that I am TIRED of being told that I am a bad person and that I'm selfish and that I'm a bitch and that I'm annoying or whatever the insult is for the day. They wonder why I dont like to visit. I'm tired of it. So, I refuse to subject myself to it anymore. I used to think that they were right. That I was a bad person, that I was a liar and a cheat and blah blah. But then, I was happily accepted into Irishboy's family. I was happily accepted by C, my best friend. I cant believe that these wonderful people would put up with me if I was as bad as my family tells me, so, I'm done. I dont care if any of them show up. If Stepmom wants to get touchy and not show up, cool. If my dad feels like he has to stand by her, fine. I have my cousin to walk me down the aisle. I dont care anymore.

Its their loss.
ETA: It hurts like hell, but its their loss in the end. Besides, I'm used to being disappointed when it comes to them.

CONGRATULATIONS pixie!!! I know how much this means to you. Squeeeee!

So, obviously I'm baaaaack! morn, you can stop bouncing up and down now! oh, and you forgetting your pants was the funniest thing in three pages of archives! amilita, it's funnier when you realise that she means her underwear! hee.

I had a wonderful weekend; was beyond lovely to see the boy, to lie beside him and snuggle and enjoy lots of laughs. We ate out lots, shopped lots and saw the new Scorcese flick. He's coming up friday for his mum's birthday so wasn't too bad saying goodbye this morning as only a brief adieu. I'm booking an extra weekend this month too just acos.

(((prettyinpink))) wow, they are incredibly selfish and seemingly intent on ruining YOUR big day so don't let them!

(((yuefie and shannon and family))) sad.gif.

(((auralpoison))), (((mando))) um what are fibroids?, (((sidecar))) buy it!, (((designermedusa))), (((faith))) sweetie that she is, (((rose))), (((raisin))), (((tesao))) and (((stragazer))) feel better))), and (((anoushh))), (((sybarite))), (((amilita))), (((sixelacat))), (((funnybird))), (((everyone I've missed))).
bunny! *fling* biggrin.gif
((((pixie)))) yay yay yay yay yay!
((((pink))) what bunny said - it is your day and they're the selfish ones for ruining it. APRICOT is our stupidly-named "academic progress" panel - they're meant to be discussing my depression/inability to pass exams/getting sick... and letting me back into uni.
(((raisin))) laugh.gif at the hat string. and housework is indeed futile.
(((sidecar))) yay ireland! and what raisin said about the hat string
(((mando))) how was danny's parade?
(((((yuefie))))) & (((((shannon)))))
(((rose & rosemama)))
(((sixe, ap, sassy, dm, funnybird, syb, fina, faith, dm, tes, amilita, anoushh, stargazer, txplum and everyone else)))

Today I have done... not a lot. And napped inbetween.
Yep, PIP..I am a preggopixie! tongue.gif I really hope your dad talks some sense into your stepmom!

((Bunny)) Meeced you!

Mornington, Good Luck Tomorrow!

((((everyone else))))
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! We have a PregoPixie!

Just in time. Anoushh is about to pop, so we get a new prego! Oh I'm so excited! Busties are definitely people who should reproduce.
QUOTE(prettynpink @ Oct 9 2006, 09:14 PM) *

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! We have a PregoPixie!

Just in time. Anoushh is about to pop, so we get a new prego! Oh I'm so excited! Busties are definitely people who should reproduce.

Only if they WANT to, of course (trying to avoid disgruntling any Child-free-by-Choice- ers). *fanning the flames* wink.gif.

Meeced you all pixie dear! but not as much as I miss the boy.

mornington, meant to say: hope everything goes peachily with apricot! boom-boom.
Drive-by to say YAY PIXIE!!!

~from a non-disgruntled CBC'er!

I have been such a kvetch lately unsure.gif I promise I'll catch up! ((hugs to all))
congrats, pixie!

Welcome back (((bunny)))!

(((mornington))) *All parts crossed that APRICOT will have a heart*

(((pink))) your stepmom is cruel and selfish, period. Better she doesn’t show the day of, since she sounds like a disaster waiting to happen anyway. i can see how dad being a wimp has gotta sting, tho. So fucking aggravating, why can’t people put their own egos aside and just fucking be nice to brides, just because that’s the right thing to do, goddammit?!

Sidecar, buy some mitten clippie things … for your hats … hee.

(((yuefie & shannon & fam)))

thanks for asking about the parade. I sort of missed danny actually marching yesterday, I was too busy getting pictures of the kids I thought were him. But he did let me FINALLY take two posed shots, in full uniform … so I’m happy with that. the parade actually blew. They only had about half the participants. No floats, even.

You know what else blows? Pelvic ultrasounds. It seems I have three fibroids, not just one. And she took an extra long time scrutinizing my ovaries. So, yeah. Color me a bit freaked until I hear from the doctor. *whimper*

and my sister called while i was out and i have to call her back, i haven't spoken to her since the funeral. but i know if i call her now i'll burst into tears and freak her out. i don't want anyone to know until i know what's going on. *whimper again*

sorry to be such a whiney sniveling downer, guys.

(((mandolyn))) (((rose))) (((prettynpink)))


thanks for all of the love, Busties. i am feeling better. i'm glad i decided to take care of myself and stay home another day. so, off to work i go tomorrow. not 100% better, but no activities for me this week besides work. i need to get my butt back to 100%.

you know what i want to kvetch about...prettynpink's family drama...i'm sorry, but that really pisses me off. not like you don't have enough to worry about...and you're wedding day is YOUR you are entitled to be the center of attention. blah! i'm just mad for you. why can't some people just be happy for you without making it about them? i don't understand. *shakes head*


The strangest thing about it all is that usually, Stepmom is AMAZING. She's normally so awesome and down to earth rational. My dad is normally the out of line ass.

I dunno.

Apparently they spent all day yesterday fighting and he went all crazy too and changed her AOL password and blocked all her access to everything on the computer, which was stupid because she knows his password.

Meh. They are made for each other. Crazy fucking people.

Mando, its okay. You'll be just fine. I dont know if me providing a link to a medical site for you will put your mind to rest or worry you even more...

Glad youre feeling better star.
echoing the congrats to pixie!
((((pink)))) I agree, it sounds like there's a ton of projection going on and others involved are the rightful owners of the selfish hat.
yay for rosemama's vision!

I am sorry I don't have it in me to vibe everyone individually right now, but I'm thinking of you all.

(((mandi))) sorry sweetheart. I am vibing for you my love. and thanks x1000000 for everything.

Shannon and I agreed it would be best for me to come up at the end of the week, instead of now. She is surrounded by people, and flooded with calls and errands to do. Our friend Natalie was able to take some time off work and is staying with her. The funeral is set for Saturday, so I am going up on Friday. Shan said she would much rather have me there to hold her hand through that, and to stay for a few days after the flurry of activity has settled and everyone else has gone to their "normal" lives. I understand all too well that is when she will really need a shoulder to cry on and someone to hold her up. I've been on the phone with her frequently though, walking her through it. I know sometimes she just needs to vent, and get angry at the idiotic things people say. I know they mean well, but I remember what it was like wanting choke people senseless. She works as a benefits worker for the welfare department, and surprisingly her job has granted her two weeks off. But the poor thing has a freaking midterm due tomorrow, and begins a new class tonight. Because of the fact that she withdrew from classes in 1996, when they moved to San Diego, she has been placed on academic probation now. So she can't withdraw from this new class and can't risk missing anything. She said it will probably help her to get through the week anyhow. Her step-dad, poor guy, is an absolute wreck. He is the one that found her, and feels like he didn't do enough. Honestly though, the doctor said she went in her sleep of a massive, diabetically induced heart attack. She had diabetes, but never had any sign of specific heart trouble. In fact, to the contrary they always told her that her heart was quite strong. But she had myopathy and vascular problems in her left leg due to a drunk driver hitting her when she was just 21. He veered on to the sidewalk, and she was lucky she wasn't killed. She lost part of that leg last year, but was healing well and just beginning to adjust to being in a wheelchair. They were amidst construction, adding on a completely wheelchair accessible familyroom, bathroom and shower for her. She turned 58 the day before I turned 33. Shannon is the same age I was when my mom passed. It's never easy, no matter your age. They had such a strong bond, and really, she was someone quite special. I am just blessed to have known this wonderful lady at all.

((((((((Kvetchies))))))))) big old hugs for each and every one of you.

Mando, I've had LOTS of ultrasounds. Ovaries are hard to see (and can be even harder depending on your build.) So I'm not surprised about the extra time looking.

WHy can’t people put their own egos aside and just fucking be nice to brides, just because that’s the right thing to do, goddammit?


It's even harder when people are normally good and then they show more clearly their flaws in a way that really hurts you. I speak from experience with my own parents, and I'm especially realizing this of late as I do not have the luxury of the physical distance I"m used to.

I'm nearly twice your age, PiP, and part of me still tries to get them to understand how I feel, and to respond appropriately about things that they will never, ever get because they just can't. I've been really working on not doing it, but it's a powerful impulse.

It can be pretty damn painful, too, but it's necessary for your sanity.
(And probably theirs, b/c otherwise I'm pressuring them to do something that they just aren't psychologically equipped for, and at nearly 70, it's not likely to change, espeically as they have no interest in changing it.)

Anyway, dentist today.

Two hours waiting for appointment due to emergency visit for 9 year old who'd broken a tooth (exposed nerve) and who was HYSTERICAL and screaming.

Of course no x-rays b/c I'm pregnant (and the bastard dental practice in B'ham wouldn't give me my records, even when I offered to pay. This, of course, is crap. You have a right to your medical records--I worked for the NHS and I knew this and should have argued, but I was thrown by the fact it was a dentist, and just pure astonishment at what they were telling me. And it was right before we moved, so lots of hassle happening and I just let it go--foolishly.

Turns out my repeated complaints about my left upper back molar were indicative of, oh, the tooth having nearly rotted away. So eventually we had to leave it with a temp filling, a plan on seeing a specialist after the baby is born, and if I'm "lucky" I'll have a root canal (in the least accessable tooth, which also has three roots) and if I'm not it will have to be pulled.

The dentist was nice, at least. Which is a good thing as I still have to go back for other fillings next week.

Only silver lining is that I didn't have to pay for any of it.


Then I go--finally--to pick up the new car. On the way home I go to Trader Joe's. While there I realize I have to give up all hope of my tights staying up (now that it's cooler I was hoping to benefit from a little extra support for my legs) and they are in fact pulling down my underpants as I walk. Lovely.
So I go to the bathroom (something I"m doing at least every hour or so anyway by now) and take off the tights and stuff them into my purse. Finish my shopping and am thoroughly exhausted but at least done. Then as I'm loading the stuff in the car I realize they havn't given me a temp plate. This happened also with the last car I bought in the US. What is it about me?

So I have to sit there and wait for the guy to show up with the paperwork so I can drive home w/o being pulled over.
I tried to convince him I should get free floor mats as a result of the inconvience, but no... Didn't think it would work, but hey, the paying extra (and a stupid amount) for floor mats with the car really galls me.

Then I came home and made something to eat (and I'm really getting fucking sick and tired of my mother's constantly freaking out if I don't act as if the mister is, oh, five, and constantly make sure he's got food, and--gasp--instead let him fend for himself some of the time. Yes, I'm not working, and mostly I do make something.
But you know what? I"m 8+ months pregnant! Sometimes I get really tired. And sometimes I just don't feel like it--pregnant or not. The mister is actually kind of embarrassed by her doing this, too, so that doesn't help.)

That's the thing that was hard about spending the money on a car--I want to move but if we move now I don't know that we'll ever buy a house.

Ok, trying not to panic here...

(Thankfully, I'm just too tired to put too much energy into panicking at the moment....)
((star)) Feel better.

((anoushh)) Yay for a new car. I know it’s got to be hard at your parent’s house, but just think of the day you, the hubby and baby will have your own place.

((rose)) Feel better. Glad your mom is doing well.

((mornington)) Good luck with the meeting.

((sidecar)) Yay for good work stuff, and only 9 days until Ireland.

((pixie)) Congrats on your pregnancy.

((pip)) I’m sorry you have to deal with all this bs around your wedding. I hope it all works out, and you can enjoy your special day.

((bunny)) Glad you had a good time with the boy.

((mando)) I hope you hear from the doctor soon. I’m sure everything will be ok.

((raisin, polly, yuefie))

I'm a little pissed today because I tried to book airline tickets to go see Mr. DM's family at Christmas, and the website messed up. So I went from having to spend over $600 each to over $800 each. Not to mention there seems to be only two airlines that fly from NY to Newfoundland. And it's a small commuter plan which scares me, but I'll get over it. The bright side is I finally get to meet his family, I've only met his mother. We are really looking forward to it, a little over 2 months and counting.
Congrats, pixie!
~~~mando's ovaries~~~ you'll be fine. Fine, I say!
(((((pink))))))) As I recently told Best Pal C, weddings are an occasion to celebrate your love by bringing out the worst in everyone you know.
(((mornington)))) I hope APRICOT was good to you.
((((shannon and yuefie))))
(((anoushh))) pregnancy and dental work and living with your parents? Ugh.

Well, my conference call was moved to tomorrow. But! The tiki bar found my hat! I told my mom I was going to take up embroidery and put my name and phone number on it (but I do like your ideas of putting mitten clips on them.) I'm going to see if they'll mail it to me, as it's about 25 minutes out of town, or I'll pick them up on my way back from Madison on Saturday. I am very happy about this.
I feel your pain, sidecar- I lost the bestest hat in the world, not once, but twice. It was a double layer polar fleece hat from the Gap. I am not a hat person, so I'm even picky about winter hats (I don't usually even bother with hats the rest of the year) Anyway, this hat looked cute on me and it kept me very warm in the winter. I lost it once, then managed to find the same hat on eBay, outbid someone in the last 15 seconds of the auction (I shit you not!) and then lost the replacement hat. The kicker is that after i lost the first one, I paid for some of those custom labels that you can sew into your clothes. It had my name, email address and cell phone number on it. I sewed it to the inside of the hat. Do you think someone contacted me when they found it? No. There's a special place in hell for them. Fortunately, it was a pretty simple design and I traced the shape of the hat onto a piece of paper, so now I can just make myself another one. Not as good, but it's a replacement. I still might get that hat clip that raisingirl posted (thanks!!) and I don't care what anyone thinks!!

((hugs to all))
Congratulations Pixie!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

((sidecar)) I'm glad they found your hat! I keep saying I'm going to sew some sort of house arrest bracelet thingy into my jackets, so if I get 100 yards away from them some god-awful klaxons will start sounding....I need to work that invention out....

((DM)) boo on expensive travel, but YAY for Newfoundland!!!

((anoushh)) ~~Ca~~Ca~~Ca~~~healthy teeth~~~Ca~~Ca~~Ca~~ and a POX on stupid dental offices.....I haven't been to the dentist in years, I'm sorta afraid to go it's been so long unsure.gif (and they charge extra for floor mats?! wtf...) But hooray for new cars!

((((yuefie)))) Sharon is so lucky to have you for a friend....I'm sorry things have been so hard lately

((PiP)) I agree with sidecar, major events like weddings make seemingly normal people go off their rockers! ~~~~~anti-Springer vibes~~~~~

((stargazer)) glad you're feeling better!

(((mando))) you are not alone, loads of women have fibroids and are just fine. ~~~~chamomile and hairbrushing~~~~ And I bet danny looks so sweet in his uniform!

((bunnyb)) wooHOO for nice weekends with the boy!

((mornington)) important message to APRICOT: Listen up, board. You and I both know damn well that the only reason you are giving this lovely student any grief is because you are insecure about being named after one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends. Get over it IMMEDIATELY. She has been ill and you know she is more dedicated than half the folks you have in your uni because she still wants to attend after all she has been through. So quit screwing around. DON'T MAKE ME FLY OVER THERE.....

(((raisingirl, roseviolet, AP, faith, tes, polly, syb, fina, sapphy, txplum, amilita)))

kvetch: I am a bad friend. I forgot to ask off for a friend's wedding on Saturday, and can't find anyone to cover for me.... sad.gif

anti-kvetch: I am going to visit my BGP in Chicago in November! I LOVE Chicago, and I haven't seen her new-very-first-purchased-as-a-grown-up-with-a-mortgage-and-everything house. *bounces up and down* yayayayayayay....

((((sixe)))) If I ever have to make a formal appeal, you are soooo being my support.
((((anoushh)))) acos you need a hug
(((sidecar))) yay!
((((yuefie)))) & ((((shannon))))
((((dm, pixie, bunny, pink, mando, raisin, rose & rosevmama, stargazer, amilita, whoever I've forgotten))))

I'm going I'm going I'm going...

kvetch: why the hell do people keep ringing my doorbell asking if they can view the flat to rent? mad.gif

kvetch: creep-as-hell messages on myspace from wierd men
"You and I both know damn well that the only reason you are giving this lovely student any grief is because you are insecure about being named after one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends. Get over it IMMEDIATELY."

BWAHhahahaha! you crack me up six. mornington, how'd you get on?

Yay for returned hats, my thing to be lost is umbrellas and left one in arthouse cinema a few weeks ago. Hoping I don't lose current one as it's so cute - hot pink with cartoon-like geisha girl all over. I'm going through an oriental phase just now.

Boo for expensive flights; my train tickets to see the boy at end of October were double the price of the other ones for some obscure reason. Grrr.

(((yuefie, shannon & family))) under the circumstances, I think her course administrators should be accomodating but maybe she needs something else to focus on/exert pent up emotion into?



I'm still in love with what sixe said...

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk. LJ/myspaz blog. Just thinking about it pisses me off.

I'm going to walk Indigo and fume.

Yep. Me too.

(also, the sentence "The Tiki bar found my hat" amuses me beyond all reason. And I'm glad they found it. Hats are important in Chicago!)

As for floor mats, yes, they don't come with the car. For the Scion they wanted $120 for floor mats. Usually you can talk them into floor mats in the bargaining process, but the Scion is a no-bargaining price car. Which is fine, but I'm not paying $120 for fucking floor mats.

Mornington, I don't understand your post. Does this mean bad news?
more like no news, anoushh... first they thought I was retaking second year, then they didn't know I was ill, and then... they told me they didn't actually know if there was going to be a place for me before january so they'll get back to me. argh! they appear not to talk to each other, and neither my tutor or the academic i've been dealing with were there.

that much for floor mats?! ohmy.gif
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