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ok, I'm going to post a photo

IPB Image

oh yes. the camera is up and working... and here the photos are. or the myspace blog.


*****boot up the arse for bunny*****

*z*z*z***sleep for yuefie***z*z*z*
aw bless, he's such a cutie. fashionable too!
Oh Faerietales, me and my Mr. Wonderbunny are so sad for you and Cruz. He is adorable. I'm also pissed off, too. And what Bunny said, that WOMAN is the one who needs to be put down. WTF? I don't know if you'll read this in time or if this is even possible, but isn't there some way that he can be given to a friend or family member in another nearby town or city, just to save his little puppy life? Sigh. So sad.

Yuefie, I love how you circled and underlined family member three times. Hellz yeah.

(And I had no idea you were married once upon a time.)

Animal wifery. ::chortle:: Mornington (I can't figure out how to shorten your name -- maybe Mgton? haha), this waiting time must be difficult.

All this sad talk of pets... sigh... reminds me I need to take the ol' buns in for his twice-a-year geriatric check-up.

RV, hope your mum isn't in excessive pain post-surgery.

Happy Anniversaries to Mando (OMG, 20 years!) and Amilita (OMG, 1 year!).

So, let's see, I went to a Pilates class this morning. I'm already fuckin' sore. Tomorrow I should feel even worse! Can't wait.

Monday's work day from hell has all but gone away. It was all in my head. Seriously. It was kind of a benchmark of sorts, Bossman wanting to check in and see how I'm doing. But I didn't get any advanced warning (like, 10 minutes) -- not like it would have mattered. I got WICKED NERVOUS, though, and just let the nerves get in the way and couldn't push them out of the way. I feel like I need beta blockers or something, but also know I can't rely on drugs to get me through the nerves. It was just a super-naked kind of feeling, one I need have to get more comfortable with, but anyway Bossman is perfectly satisfied with my performance thus far (I am still in probationary period ::crossing fingers:: ) so I'm feeling better about the whole thing. Still, I came home and cried from all the fucking stress that's all of my own doing. I love this work, love the challenge, love the performance aspect of it, but I basically need to chill the fuck out, realize that nobody's perfect, and understand that Bossman is on my side. It's seriously a battle inside my head, which makes me sound like a hysterical woman. I hate that expression and all its implications. Ugh.

/end rant.

Bunny, I want to hang out with you, too, coffee in pajamas/pyjamas. There's a restaurant in Boston, actually, that has a pajama brunch on the weekends. I am so serious.

Everyone, hug and kiss all your wee and gigantic fuzzy pets on their noses for me. LOOK AT INDIGO'S TONGUE! He is a total beauty.

And YET AGAIN... sorry for the novella. ::winking at Yuefie::
I've tried shortening mornington to morn, hope she doesn't mind wink.gif or we could just call her mews?

That brunch place sounds like my kind of place, in fact, it sounds like a kvetchie type of place. Slumber party with brunch food mmmm.

Good on you raisin being at pilates this morning! I so need to get my arse into gear and do something, anything.

Typing on a laptop is not easy when you have a cat lying on one leg. He's not a small cat either (healthy-sized tom, he is not fat). I will do as requested though and kiss him on the nose. He is being all snuggly today except for the biting of my hair and the carnage that is my highway code.

eta: 4 posts before 2.30pm my time is a tad excessive don't you think? and you just know that -solid poster that I am- there's going to be more.
Happy anniversary, amilita & mr! IPB Image

Rose, glad you made it home safe n’sound. Vibing your mamasan as we speak.

(((Bunny))) what can I do to snap you out of your funk? I’d even crush a beer can against my head for you. (think belushi in animal house) color me tres impressed with your consistent number-one-poster abilities, btw! You’re like the Power Poster Girl, hee!

(((Faerietails & Cruze))) I don’t even know what to say. I saw your letter the other night, and teared up just reading it, and crossed all my parts for you and your pupper. This is beyond unfair. I wish I could adopt him! (and this is why I can’t step foot in a shelter. How could I just pick one? How can you not want to rescue all of them?) Sending you loads of copage vibage, sweetpea. wish there was more i could do. (and I know it won’t help, but I left you a cute little message in the MA thread.)

(((yuefie & sashie))) your novellas are more welcome than you know. Keep 'em coming!

“Yuefie, I love how you circled and underlined family member three times. Hellz yeah.” Massive ditto!

*do the right thing by (((mornington))) vibes aimed fiercely at apricot* i loves me some indigo pics ... keep 'em coming!

(((raisin))) deep breaths, girl. It’s all good, and it will continue to be all good. Sometimes I seriously think you and I are twins, separated at birth. Please know if you decide to post work rants on LJ – or here - I shall read ever so empathetically.

(((sidecar))) (((luci))) (((funnybird))) just cuz.

Count me in on the lovin on small weddings too. Some of the excesses going on today make my jaw drop. My bro’s wedding was more like a broadway theatrical production than a wedding. (speaking of which, my bro’s 1 yr anniversary is oct 22nd, pink!)

Many thanks for the anniversary wishes! Once more, I’m not calling attention to it (afterall, an anniversary is sort of a private holiday, anyway, right?), but I’m pissypants sad that I’m sitting here at my desk and no one knows. 20 yrs is a major milestone, dammit! I’m sort of hoping the mr sends me flowers, just so everyone will know, even tho I told him we can’t afford it and I’d rather have two large mums for the porch.

I’m a freak. I know. Why I can’t just TELL people? this eludes me.

It’s so strange, the weather is EXACTLY how is was for our wedding day: warm & muggy. It’s a little freaky how similar it is.

maryjane update: looks like i'm going with vesta, the low-heeled one. gresham doesn't come in wide (yes, i emailed naturalizer and asked). and if anyone is truly lusting - and as a thank you for your input - PM me for a 20% discount code, good thru oct 9th.

shoe shopping. cures what ails ya. IPB Image
(((feirytails and Cruz))) that is just soo sad! He sure looks liek a little sweetie. And I disagree that dogs with temperment problems are unadoptable. At the vet hospital I worked at, we had several people who brought in pets for boarding that were so nasty tempered to those of us who worked there, but they absolutely adored their owners. Some dogs only like certain people.

((rosemama)) No post surgery pain!

Rose, you probaly didn't miss anything, I don't remember if I even mentioned it on here or not. I went to the doctor yesterday to get a referral to a chiropractor because I have been having serious migrain headaches and a lot of lower back pain. The referral will take a week to process (damn HMO) so the doc prescribed some pain killers to get me through until then. dog is styling!

Bunny, I have days like that too...usually every Saturday where I just want to stay in my pjs all day.

Yuefie, I'm glad your pupper is doing better and Kim and Milla too.

Yeah for anniversaries!

Boo for performance reviews!

I have a busy day today... I'm going to lunch with my new friend! and then I have to go to the funeral. but I am looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends.
IPB Image

hee. number 1 poster smile.gif . In my funk BUSTing is the only thing I'm doing, not the only thing I should be doing, but want to do. May go tidy my bedroom.
*peeping in*

i am home sick. sad.gif

i have no business being on the computer. i should be sleeping. i did that until 1 pm.

then i just HAD to check my work email.

and then of course since i was online, i just HAD to check BUST.

i don't have time to vibe everyone, but OH, that is soooooooooo sad about Cruze, and i'm glad that Sashie is home, and OMG INDIGO IS THE CUTEST!!!!

mimi the african attack cat slept with me. when i came home early yesterday from work and crawled into bed, she came with me then, too. which is a big deal because she no longer sleeps with me at night (maybe because summer is coming and it is hotter? maybe because she feels comfy here finally? who knows? she is such a CAT. i told her i loved her for the first time yesterday.

Mandomyheart! happy happy 20th! that IS a milestone! on my parent's first anniversary my dad bought my mom a dozen red roses. with the food money. they had very little to eat until his next paycheck a week later, but what they DID eat was made all the tastier by having those roses on the table while they ate.

speaking of one year annis, happy happy!!! to amilita and mr!!!!

bunny b, i really LIKE the idea of calling mornington "mews"! it is SO cute!!! mornington, what do you think???

i'm going to go and lie on the sofa and hope that there is some trashy movie on.

i love each and every one of you, please forgive me for not doing it all individually~~~

hugs and kisses and silly linefish!!!
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageHAPPY ANNIVERSARYIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image mandi & amilita!!


and poor ((((((faerie & cruze)))))))



waiting to hear back from the vet to see if we need to go back in for the x-ray later or not. keeping my toes crossed the labs are ok and we don't. blargh, post nasal drip and allergies are teh suckage. but in good news, my health insurance enrollment package arrived, yay!

Went to the midwife this morning and found that I've gained nearly 5 lbs in two weeks.

(It's just under 20 lbs so far, but still--two weeks!)

I'm still in shock. I need to lie down for a bit and will be back when I can properly converse.

(Five pounds! In two weeks!!!!! blink.gif blink.gif )
((((anoushh)))) it's the bean! it's a big bean! biggrin.gif
(((tes))) homesickness is nasty. ***huge hugs*** I can cope with mews, if you're gonna insist... but I prefer morn.
(((bunny))) ***get out of that funk***
(((pixie))) thank you!
(((mando))) mm, shoes. and the mental image of you crushing a beer can against your head made me snort
(((rose))) & (((rosevmama)))
(((raisin))) how old is mr wonderbunny? ooh, I have to take the hound to the vet...
(((yuefie))) & (((sashie)))

Indigo says "hi". He just shoved his nose in front of the screen and yawned. It was a call for attention; he's gone to eat his dinner now. He does that every now and again - comes in, checks on me, and wanders off again. I'm thinking of getting a second bed so he can lie in the living room with me, but I'm not sure he would.

The Welshman should be back on saturday and we are going to "do something"... yay!

aaaand... F is booking tickets to come over in january. squee! plus, he called me cute today. I'm so not cute... squee.

ben&jerrys calls. *mwah* to all (((kvetchies)))

ninja'd ph34r.gif : it wasn't his dinner. he'd taken the bag of treats and was crunching into them. honestly, he cowers and thinks he's been bad when I praise him, and when he does something naughty... he just looks confused.
(((annoush & the bean)))
(((mornington & indigo)))
(((yuefie & sashi)))
(((faerietails & cruze)))

In the past two hours, I:
- learned that all our jobs may be in jeopardy, due to conniving evil bastid coworker and his selfish, self-serving, vicious undermining. I wouldn’t put it past the powers that be to cut us loose before xmas bonus time, either. I know I work for rich, cold-hearted lords of finance, but I didn’t take them for dumbfucks who would so readily accept such obvious deceipt. So unjust! So frustrating! So depressing, to realize he’s probably already won.
- got two cute black dresses in the mail, in the hopes that at least one would fit and make me look ravishing for Saturday’s wedding. Alas. And I didn’t think I could possibly feel any fuglier.
- came home to no anniversary surprises. Not even a card from the boy. in fact, the mr has been home for 20 minutes now, and he's puttering in the backyard. he hasn't even come inside to say hi.
- got into a really dumb, spiteful bidding war for something I only wanted to pay $20 max for, but wound up winning for $51.00 + $12 s&h, because I stupidly typed in $4599.00 instead of $45.99 as my highest bid. and i couldn't get it to retract so i wrote not one but two idiotic frantic emails to the seller. gah.

i need this day to be over. sad.gif
oh sweet baby jesus, what a fucktasticly shitty day (((((mandi)))))

and (((((((faerie)))))))

huge hugs for all BUSTies in need.

(((my dearest, wonderful mandolyn))) soothing hairbrushing your way, sweetpea.

(((tesao))) you are bound to have days like these, querida, especially so far away and so soon after seeing mr hotbuns (who is a cutie btw!) and you'll be home soon!!! I won't rub it in that I get to see my boy in less than 2 days - squeeee! okay, I kinda did, didn't I? tongue.gif

morn smile.gif, yay for you and the boys! you lucky thing you gettin to eat ben&jerry's! haha, meant the other two boys as you fine well know and yeah just rambling now ... happy for you, lovie.

(((faerietales))) how are you holding up? Cruze will be on rainbow bridge.

(((anoushh))) did the midwife seem surprised? I think it's normal so close to the birth, or at least post-birth baby puts on lots of weight fast (Arron put on that in a week).

(((funnybird))) how's the essays going? focus on the huge payoff you get once they're over! Viva las Vegas!



(((pixiedust))) how was the funeral? good to see old friend?

(((yuefie))) a' cos

(((rose))) and (((mamarose)))

(((everyone else)))
oh ((((((((mando))))))))
lots of virtual hairbrushings for you and a pox and a plague of boils on the bastard.
Hugs to Mando. Many hugs. Today is my parent's anniversary, too. It's an incredible number of years.

Mornington, none of this "I"m not so cute" stuff. Pffft.

I've got a deadline 11 days away and I'm sorely lacking motivation. Bleh. As I get squeezed for time, I'll find it.
Happy anniversary to mando, amilita and their misters.

((mando)) I’m sorry your day was really bad. I hope you get to stay employed, and that the Mr. remembers your anniversary. Hugs.

((mornington)) Glad your day was good, and Indigo sounds so cute coming to say Hi.

((bunny)) Yay for getting to see the boy soon.

((sashie)) Hope she is feeling better,

((yuefie)) Yay for health insurance.

((pixie)) Hope your migraines and back pain go away.

((raisin)) I feel your stress about the job. It’s easy to say don’t stress, but stuff happens and it gets frustrating. Good luck.

My job has been going ok, but today was stressful as hell. I can understand why they have went through so many people. I have my days where I’m scared to death that the boss will just let me go. I have confidence in my abilities, but when you don’t get training you need and everything is piled on you it’s hard. I don’t want them to say I’m incompetent when I know I am most certainly not. Just because I’m curious, if you get fired in the first 90 days do you get unemployment? I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I’m still curious. Ok rant is done. I can do it, I just have to keep telling myself that.

Have a nice evening ((Busties))
The funeral was good, as far as funerals go...very long, very catholic ceremony. I got to see a Bunch of old friends though! And I even made not too terribly uncomfortable small talk with the ex. Only one person made the mistake of referring to my ex husband as my husband.

And lunch with my new friend was lots of fun! For someone whom I've only known less than a week, we just talk so naturally, and it was really bizaar that we even dress our hamburgers the same way...and I am not just a ketchup and mustard girl!

(((Tes and bunny))) I hate long distance relationships! It takes twice the effort.

(((yuefie and Faeirytails))) for puppy woes

((((mornignton and Rose)))) just cause I love ya

((((everyone else)))) because Busties rock!
ETA: are too cute!
yeah mornington, pffffffft indeed.

~~~~motivation vibage for billy~~~~

yay for getting to see loved ones, new doggie wares, new friends & good lunches,

a mammoth boo hiss for all the asshats in the world, sadness, hurt feelings, feeling crappy and sickness of any sort.

(((((mando)))))) what an awful day; and on your anniversary, too!
yuefie, i'm glad to hear sashie is gonna be okay.
~~~~you can do it, billy~~~~~
*waves to tesao*
((((everyone else)))) I had a very long day at work; i'm really too tired for much more. i can't even believe it's already 7 pm. goodlord.

I hope mamarose's surgery was okay.
Just a drive-by right now. Thanks so much for all of the vibes for my momma! She made it through the surgery okay, although she had a bit of a nervous breakdown before hand. My family has a history of very bad vision problems - my mother especially - so she was terrified and started sobbing. They gave her a sedative, though, and she made it through. But it wasn't as easy as she had been lead to believe. She was in a lot of discomfort today. One side of her face is all bandaged up and her eye feels kinda gritty & her head hurts a lot, but she can't take anything other than ordinary Tylenol. Poor thing. In the morning she has an appointment with the eye doctor where they will remove the bandages & check the progress on her eye & basically see if the surgery worked. So fingers crossed!

Kvetch: My dad. The man is driving me nuts & is being rather insensitive. After my mother's surgery - when she was too groggy to walk on her own, he did NOT take her straight home. Instead, he took her to a restaurant because he hadn't eaten yet. Umm, you could have eaten something at home, Daddy. And all day long he never offered to get Mom a drink or food or walk her to the bathroom or anything. It was all me.

Anti-kvetch: Eventually he pulled his head out of his ass & went to the store to get Mom her favorite ice cream. And he helped me make dinner.

Kvetch: But even when she asked him to bring her a bowl of ice cream, he didn't do it. I did. And I brought her dinner to her, too. He kept expecting her to get up and get everything herself! Ugh. All I can say is thank gawd I decided to be here for her. Grrr.

Please forgive me for not vibing everyone. Know that I care about you all and truly appreciate all the kind thoughts and good wishes. I even told Mom about you all and she was very touched that she has been in your thoughts. Kvetchies are great! MWAH!
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ continued eye be well vibes for rosemama~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

querida, i'm sorry that your dad just doesn't get it. a lot of older men dont. moms and wives are supposed to be the caretakers and the glue and they aren't allowed to be sick. i'm glad that he at least got her fave ice cream!

mandomyheart, those people are ASSHATS. if they choose to believe this shrimp head instead of the REST of the employees, you don't want to work for them! nasty, horrid, vacuous little men. is this idiota short? he probably has a napolean complex. ((((((((mandy)))))))

and i can't BELIEVE that NOTHING was done for such a MILESTONE. i'm aghast. i want to throw rocks at your mister.

sidecar, did i tell you that i had finally started watching the first season of veronica mars (on DVD) when i moved to africa?? and that although i hadn't gotten all the way through, i found to my delight that they are showing VM HERE??? and that they are still on season ONE???? i had to rewatch 3 or 4 episodes, but that was cool. i'm really enjoying the writing, and the relationship between veronica and her dad. thank you SO much for the recommendation!!

((((((designer medusa))))))) hope that the job stress lets up some soon. your boss sounds sort of psycho. how are you supposed to do things that no one has trained you to do???

raisin d'etre, hope your job stress calms down, as well.

*raises fist at the sky*

what are all of these cruel evil fates that you are raining down upon beloved kvetchies, you creeps?????

pixie, i'm glad that the funeral went smoothly. and that it is now OVER.

mornington mews morn: your doggie stories are just TOO cute! mimi the african attack cat does the "check in with me thing", too. she will go off and sleep somewhere, or go and have a snack, and then come back and bat at my calf - or bite it. not hard, it never breaks the skin....just enough to get my attention, which is what she wanted!!! i think that you should buy her another bed! (says the crazy woman who had more stuff for her cat than for herself shipped in her air freight from the USofA! including a two cradle cat tree AND a large bag of Science Diet r/d dry food because she needs to lose weight!!!) unsure.gif

billy, dear, here is a squeeze for you so that are up for the job! hee.

hugs and kisses and silly silly peixe da linha!!!

(((rose))) ppffft men. bunnymama has been working 2 jobs all this week (she works nightshift as nurse as well as at podiatry clinic) and T not doing much at home to help. Our dishwasher is currently broken so it has fallen to me to do the dishes; last night he said to me don't leave those dishes for your mum to do -um what's stopping you doing them?- I said I haven't all week and, never happy, he said well put the last ones away before you do the next. grrrr.

*~*~*~*meet deadline vibes for billybonka and funnybird~*~*~*~ oh, funnybird, the soctopus I bought for the boy arrived today, it's bigger than I expected! So fugly cute tho! eta: checl out the sock bunny! I want one!

(((mando))) did your night improve? still brushing away.

amilita, how was your day?

where's fina? I meece her.

kvetch: I am so cold, it's miserable outside sad.gif and I'm off for a leg and bikini wax soon. Had my brows shaped this morning too.

anti-kvetch: I am beyond excited that I am seeing the boy TOMORROW!!! biggrin.gif

my "cold sores" seem to be clearing up with the zovirax although still not wonderful.

have a great day (((all)))
(((rose & mamarose))) oy. My grampa was the same way, and so is coworker’s papa. I think it’s a combination of being set in their ways (their wives do EVERYTHING, period) and also a bit of fear, ie: not wanting to recognize that your spouse is ill and/or hurty. Spouses, especially wives and mamas, are supposed to be invincible. Glad you’re there for her, punkin.

(((dm))) since I’ll be researching NY state unemployment regulations myself, I’ll let you know what I find. I want to say that you’re probably not eligible until after 90 days, though.

(((billy))) (((billy rents)))

(((yuefie & sashie))) sashie update please?

Two tesao posts in two days! I’m sad that you’re sick, but happy that it means you’re hanging out with us. What’s the possibility of your posting some mimi the attack cat pics?

Many thanks for the hugs ... and bunny, I’m especially greatful for the overnight hairbrushing marathon … hee! The mr did um, make me ... two nice vases of mums … from our backyard. Which might’ve been nice and sweet if I hadn’t asked him to buy two huge potted mums for the front porch. I know it’s the thought that counts, but … um, no.

I doubt the icky job axe will fall anytime soon. But there are definitely nefarious doings going on underfoot. Hopefully we can get bossman to step up to the plate and don the superman cape for us. Also hopefully Dirty Rotten Scoundrel will trip up and hang himself. the pessimism is palpable, tho.

But it doesn’t hurt to get the resume up to speed and put out feelers. I’m so ensconced, I know full well that the only way I’ll ever leave is if they let me go. However, the thought of having to find a real job - in a real office - terrifies me, as does the thought of how rusty and/or non-existent my admin skills are. I don’t even know power point. I’m a dinosaur, and probably not anywhere near worth my current salary, out in the real world. IPB Image

(((((mando)))))) more hugs ~~~~work de-stress vibes~~~~
and for (((((designermedusa))))) too
~~~~~super speedy recovery for rosemama~~~~~
~~~~motivation and deadline meeting vibage for billy and funnybird~~~~
~~~cold sores be gone for bunny~~~
((((amilita)))) how's it going?
((((sidecar)))) how much longer on that wretched flagyl?
((((mornington)))) I'm with tes on the second bed for Indigo. (says the girl who had numerous beds for Sashie. Yep, one in the bedroom, livingroom, the car, and two at my sisters house) I think it helps them to have their own spot that belongs only to them.

Sashie is ok. The vet did call back, but just to say that x-rays will not be necessary and to just keep giving her the clavamox and she should be fine. Poor thing had a fever last night and was grumpy and listless. She wagged her tail at me this morning though, so I am sure she's on the mend. Kim is going home, Milla is growing stronger every day. Thanks for the vibes.
I just spoke with my grandpa and it seems his knee replacement surgery he has scheduled for Nov 23rd will have to postponed again, because he was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. Not sure how bad or far advanced it is yet, But he has an appt. coming up to find out what his options are and will keep me updated. He's also recently been put on oxygen. Of course I am worried and his answer to me is "Hey, I'm old. What are you gonna do?". He really wanted to come out here, and to visit my grandmothers grave this month. Their anniversary would've been the 29th, which was also the 6th year anniversary of my mom's funeral.

*sigh* October. Bleh.

*snuggles in with Kvetchies and falls asleep* My tribe.
I wish I could invite you all round to my place right now to keep my company 'til the boy gets home from his life-drawing class. I'm drinking good shiraz, listening to Coltrane, cooking about enough spaghetti sauce for the whole lounge (and sloshing plenty of the shiraz into it as I go). We could gossip and bitch and kvetch - it would be so perfect...
Oh well. *raises glass to kvetchies*
((( each and every one of you )))

*considers heading off to inebriated ramblings...*
heeeelllllloooooo? where is everyone?

*wishes we could all join funnybird*

I'm all waxed, does it make me weird that I find waxing soothing? I suppose I must have a high pain threshold.

kvetchies will appreciate this: I bought sexy new luggage in mid-season sale today (sales annoy me but this was a bargain). Designer, hard fuschia pink trolley case for my diryt weekends.

Off to watch Grey's Anatomy, eat some baklava, drink some shiraz (shakes fist as funnybird) then pack.

smooches IPB Image
Just a little picture of Wally hanging out in the sink as he is wont to do lately.

IPB Image

Sorry for the drive-by...been cleaning in preparation for the Big Mamma visit starting tomorrow.

(((Rosev and Rosev Mom))) I suspect he isn't used to your mom needing care and I bet it freaked him out. But yeah, still, snap to it! Good thing you're there.

(((Mando))) For craziness at the workplace and for no potted mums. Geez.

I told my Mr. I wanted white roses and he went and got me some...he said there was an older man at the florist and he asked him if he would get points for adding another flower to the mix or if he should just get what I asked for. The guy told him he was lucky I told him what I wanted so he should just be obedient. Ha. We need to sic that man on Mr. Mando, apparantly.

So glad Sashie is going better and also glad no x-rays are needed...they are so expensive!

Bunny, have a great time with the boy!!! And I, too, find waxing relaxing and soothing. Although I've only ever done my eyebrows. It gives me a kinda "yow!" and then an "aaahhhhh"

(((Sidecar))) hope you're more rested...or at least will get to over the weekend.

I missed Mornington's pictures...I gotta go back a little furthur.

Hi Tes! Sure is nice to have you posting lots!

The Mr. and I had a nice, low-key anniversary. Went to a yummy dinner...let's see...had steamed mussels in a coconut curry sauce, gnocchi primavera, steak with green chili butter and frites, and bittersweet chocolate torte. So good. And he was being sweet to me, awww. He said the last year was a snap...just have sex, fight, have fun, do some chores, repeat. And that all we have to do is keep on doing that.

Love to all of youse who I didn't mention by name!

Oh, and Anoushh, your baby must be getting big and healthy! Yay!

And I would like to have some spaghetti with funnybird! Actually, I have a sudden craving for psghetti for real.

Ohhhhhhhh, pretty kitty!!!!

Today is Irishboy's bday. Last night I gave him his wedding ring for his present. He teared up and everything. He said that he finally got the ring he always wanted and then he started petting it and calling it his "precious". I had to take it away from him. I've said happy birthday to him so many times that he is getting sick of it. biggrin.gif

I am tired. Sooooooo tired.
I'm falling asleep at my desk, so I just bought a 24 oz can of diet rockstar. I should be revved up in no time.

I just want to curl up and watch a movie, but tonight is about him, so we're going to see the 'rents, then to see the rugby team, then to bed.

Tomorrow he leaves for his bachelor weekend in Portland.

Just thinking about the weekend that I have ahead of me wears me out. Bleh.
Favors, bridal shower, picking up my dress, favors, favors, cleaning the house, favors.

BUT tomorrow is payday!

Love to:
mando, medusa, rose & rosemama, bunny, funnybird, amilita, sidecar, tes, mornington, faerietails, billy, yuefie, doodle, rasin, pixie, plummy, and if I missed you know that I'm still sending you snuggles!!!
That's sweet about Irishboy loving his ring, PnP! My Mr. thought he'd only want to wear it sometimes, but he says he loves wearing it...he's not a jewelery person at all.

Good luck this weekend!

And thanks, Doodle, 'bout Wally! He is such a pretty baby!
rose, glad to hear everything went good with your mom’s surgery. Hopefully your dad starts helping, that would frustrate me as well.

((mando)) I really hope work gets better, and the Dirty Rotten Scoundrel leaves.

bunny, pink luggage I love it.

wally is so cute.

It’s tense at the DM household. I’m trying to be supportive of Mr. DM’s job search, but I’m tired of being responsible for everything. To top it off I asked him to do a few things this week, and he doesn’t listen when I talk. So I’m pissed, and being a b*tch.


wally! *snuggles* I want a cat. specifically that cat.

(((amilita))) sounds like a plan to me
(((pink))) too lovely! happy birthday irishboy!
(((mando))) acos. you are not a dinosaur.
(((billy))) & (((billyrents)))) *mwah*
(((yuefie))) & (((sashie))) & (((yuefiegramps))) yay! good news.
(((dm))) & (((mr dm)))
(((rose))) (((rosemama)))
(((raisin))) acos
(((bunny))) luggage! dirty weekends!
(((funnybird))) yay for wine!
(((everyone else))) yes, lazy, it's quarter past one in the morning - damn you welshman - and my brain hurts

Indigo does not like the rain. He objected to walking in it this evening, and he thinks the coat is weird. I bought too many books in the student discount goodness at borders. I'm shattered. And I have a headache.

And the fucking wireless card has stopped working again. Arses. I'll ring apple tomorrow. /grump grump moan moan.

(((funnybird))) I wish we could all hang out and dish, kvetch and gossip, enjoying your wine too.
you know amilita, I suddenly wish we were having spaghetti too. I love the way you said psghetti, cause that's what we call it, hee. wally is sooo adorable! thanks for sharing his cuteness with us. I'm glad you had a nice anniversary, your dinner sounded delicious!
((((dm)))) ~~~tension ease~~~
((((pink)))) awww, thats so sweet that he teared up when he saw the ring. ~~~wedding de-stress vibage~~~
((((rosemama)))) so glad you are there for her rose. how is she feeling?
(((((anoushh))))) ~~~comfort~~~
((((mornington))))) ~~~~headache be gone~~~~
(((((mandi))))) what mornington said!
bunny, I've been eyeing pink luggage as well, I need some proper luggage. I love pink, which is funny because I loathed it as a teenager. I was all about the black back then. I really love pink and black together now. my overnight case, well one of them is pink with black and white hibiscus. I really wanted a pink and black polka dotted one, but scored this adorable turquoise one that is retro hawaiian style w/ pin-up girls wearing leis.
~~~~~multi-purpose vibes for everyone~~~~

Poor Sashie is running a fever still, her little nose is warm and dry. She almost seems to have a cold, sneezing a lot, her eyes are runny, she's listless and was laying on the kitchen floor when I got home. She didn't even get up to see me when I walked in, poor little girl. So I am going to snuggle up with her on the couch tonight. My cousin just called to say not to worry about cooking cause he and his girlfriend are bringing dinner over and hanging out to watch tv with us. Yay. I love Thursdays, it's the only night I allow myself to completely veg in front of the tv. It's worth it for The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and then ER.

I'm Busting like crazy tonight! I guess I gotta get it in before the mammas arrive...

Guess what I had for dinner? Yup. Psghetti. biggrin.gif

(((Yuefie and Sashie))) How many doses of antibiotics has she had? Often they start kicking in after 2 or 3 days...but I don't know about pups or the one she's on, specifically. Hope she starts feeling better soon.

(((Mornington))) Indigo is so fancy he doesn't wanna get rained on...awww.

(((DesignerM))) I firmly believe that if someone in a couple isn't working, they should be doing all or close to all the housework, chores, etc. Don't blame ya for being annoyed. I know it's depressing to be not working and looking for work, but dang...
designerm: it SUCKS when one of you is working and the other isnt. but it REALLY REALLY sucks when the boy isn't working and gets all mopey because his manhood is all tied up in it and HE should be the one working and bla bla bla bla bla. when mr. hotbuns wasn't working and i was, and he was moping around the house in one huge mother everything good sucking black hole, i finally blew up at him.

he had always been complaining about things we needed done around the house that somehow never seemed to get done because of time. so i rattled off abouata 5 or 6 of those, told him to make a list and GET WORKING ON IT. bah.

it actually got THROUGH to him, and he did it! some bushes got moved, the garage got clean, he FINALLY got rid of his bachelor furniture, he went through boxes and boxes of things, mostly papers and books that he hadn't ever gone through and had been sitting in the same boxes for YEARS, unopened, the screens got fixed, the doorstops got re-rubberized (whatever that stuff that keeps the cold/heat out).......

it ROCKED!!!

wally IS cute!!!

hee. indigo didn't like his coat. how much did it cost? maybe he didn't like the way it looked with his brindled coat??? heee.

(((((((mandomyheart)))))))) just cause.

(((((((plummy tes' ass)))))))) cuz i love her forever.

(((((((bunnyboyler))))))) i added you on my el jay. go read about levadas!

esparguete is what it is called in portuguese. sounds like aspargus, right? i wish i thought i could EAT some and keep it down. well, maybe if it was just noodles. bah. my stomach is.just.not.cooperating.

i'm sitting here blinking and trying to drink coffee so that i can go to work and be semifunctional. at least it is friday! i'm supposed to go to a retreat with one of the teams this weekend, but i'm going to evaluate that as we go along today. i got up early to pack -- and i'm still not sure i'm up to it.

wah. anyone want to give me advice? it would be SOOOOOOOOOOOO good for work if i went. i'm still tired and all i ate yesterday was chicken broth with rice, white bread, juice and guarana (brasilian soft drink, bubbly) so far with the coffee, so good. but i feel like an elephant ran over me. we would bus it to the venue at 3 -pm, a gorgeous beach up north a bit, and not be back until sunday. i wouldn't have to take any sick time off because i would be making it up by working on the weekend.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. i am a BAD manager. unsure.gif

i know i've missed TONS of peeps.

love and kisses and silly fishes to everyone!!!!
(((designerm))) sucky situation but things will work out, all parts xd mr dm gets a job soon.

(((tes))) you get the weekend back? there's a beach? hmmmm. Comfy bed? I would go. I think, depends how bad I was feeling (but then, if you're in today... you're right to play it by ear).

(((prettyinpink))) too sweet! have a fantabulous weekend and batchelorette party!

(((mornington))) hope apricot get their asses in gear! what books what books? you had to rub it in about the goodness that is borders student discount days, didn't you? I missed it because my card expired on sunday. sniff. I'm no longer a student and it feels very odd. I don't like it one little bit.

(((yuefie and sashie))) funny you should mention black with pink as the case has sexy black trim! all packed and full of pink underwear.

speaking of which: wearing dark pink bra with cream embroidered trim and butterfly bow with matching girl shorts.

funnily enough I had psghetti last night too! and to die for tear and share garlic bread.

okay, I have a ton of stuff to do before I leave (although I am packed which is good) so love and kisses and don't miss me too much, see you Monday!

Tes, will you be working, brainstorming or similar or will you be simply relaxing in the company of colleagues? I would go if you're feeling up to it, but if you'll be acutely miserable don't. I often think people get sick for a reason; your body's demanding a rest.

Yuefie, prostrate cancer is very treatable from what I understand if they get to it early. I love your grandpa's attitude and hope he gets good treatment asap.

DM, what tes said. I'm in a sort of similar sitch. I see total red when the mr doesn't do stuff around the house when he has the time to do so. But he's getting it lately and getting stuff done; proof it can happen! Good luck with it all.

Mando, I'm sorry about your anniversary day. I hope things improved. Fwiw, my mister hates cards and we don't celebrate our dating anniversary at all; he thinks it's a sentimental American custom to do so. tongue.gif (((mando)))

Amilita, I love the way Wally's looking at the camera all 'what?'

2 late nights this week means sluggish me today. Went to see 'I Came So Far for Beauty', a show featuring Lou Reed, Beth Orton, Nick Cave, Laurie Anderson and a bunch of other seriously talented people singing Leonard Cohen songs. It was epic. If it comes to any of your cities you must all go. And Antony from Antony and the Johnsons sings like an angel.

Mismatched (but of course) white brar (necessary under thin top) and black mesh knickers.
Just popped in to make sure Rose & Sheff are okay, as I see on the news there is a huge chemical fire near there. But now I read and it seems Rose is in T-town with her mama. So I send vibes to ((((Rose's mom)))) instead.

~*~*~*sick, worried, sad, grieving Busties and their family members*~*~*~

Extra love for ((((Anoushh & the bun in her oven)))). Just because.

Happy belated anniversaries to Mandi and Amilita!!!

My anniversary was on Wednesday also (three years married, but together almost 11). How strange that so many of us have the same one! We picked up a late lunch and went to the park where we got hitched, strolled around there for a while, then went home and opened a bottle of good merlot and ate chocolate while watching LOST. SapphMan gave me beautiful earrings that match the pendant he got me last year. I totally love him, by the way. In case anybody didn't know that. smile.gif

We were planning to go out to dinner, but I've been sick all week. Bleh. Just a head cold, but I even had to miss work, which I hate to do. Now SapphMan is getting sick too. We'll go out for a nice dinner when we're both cootie-free.

SapphMan's dad is HOME, after 48 days in the hospital! Not feeling fantastic exactly, but glad to be back in his own recliner.

Whoops, time has gotten away from me and I have to get ready so I can go back to work today. Ta ta for now.
Oh! Meant to say, get going on your deadline billy! Fear is a great motivator: works for me...

Sapphy, glad to hear the good news about SapphDad!
Thanks Sybarite! I loathe this particular deadline; it usually means having to deal with the bottom feeders of the client base.

To break the routine, I set aside dark blue boxer briefs for today instead of the usual grey. It's rather sad that Bust determines the selection of my Friday underwear.
*dies of shock* tongue.gif (((billy))) I can't remember who said it, but 'I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by".
(((sapphy))) great news about sapphmandad! and happy anniversary ***get better****
(((bunny))) have fun with the boy. which you will. wink.gif
(((yuefie))) acos. and (((sashie)))
(((tes))) what syb said. ***feel better whatever*** the coat goes well, but I don't think he's used wearing one.
(((txplum, fina, faith, polly, raisin, anoushh & the bean, funnybird, and everyone else)))

He was better in the rain today, but he was desperate to get out - he woke me up. I think he's got an upset stomach; I might change his food and see if that helps.

I really, really ought to do some housework. It's just... so... dull... *snore*. I've got to do it before the welshman arrives tomorrow though, because the house is a mess, especially where the bun has been. Right, yes, work!

self-absorbed panic-laden fly-by: just got done with gyno appt. i love my gyno. she didn't give me a prescription, but she did allay all my fears about menopause & cholesterol & UTI's (i've probably had a low-grade yeast infection this whole time, btw) & digital mammography etc etc, and made me feel quite sane. she's the warmest, earth-mama person on earth. i wish all my pals could go to her.

she also gives one helluva thorough exam. i don't think my breast have ever been so ... fondled!

but, um, she found a fibroid. i've never had a fibroid before. or at least, no one's noticed it. she ordered a pelvic ultrasound, which i've scheduled for monday. she was oh so casual about it, and said there's no need for worry. yeah, right.

any tips, info, soothing advice would be greatly appreciated.

and of course i'm not telling any family until i get the all-clear.
and of course my first thought - while still in the stirrups - was: my busties will know.

be back soon ..... hugs & mwahs all around.
((((mando))))) I have not had fibroids myself but a friend had them and they were really no big deal, I don't even think they treated them. Still totally stressful though, of course. Happy belated anniversary and if you need any pointy-toed ass-kicking boots for the dirty rotten office scoundrel, you let us know.

~*~*~*joy and celebration for all anniversaries, and impending anniversaries~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~* health and happy home vibes for all Bustie animal family members ~*~*~*~**~

~^~^~^~^ job and/or academic stability, security, and success ~^~^~^~^~

(((Tes))) your home is always with you
(((Mornington))) you are hellacute! As is Indigo, of course.
Annoush - that's five pounds of baby and baby support system! We love those five pounds (and any pounds they are attached to or might bring with'em).

Billy, there's nothing sad about letting Bust influence your underwears smile.gif

I'm so glad rosemama is OK even though I know recovery is so annoying/stressful/irritating. She's so lucky to have you.

So much love to all my busties, including but not limited to (that's the legal language I have been using in my most recent annoying thing, I am repurposing it for positive Bust use): Yeuffie and her menagerie (and her grandpa), bunny and her fabulous pictures and cartoons and well-deserved vacation, Saphhy and her extended family and her beloved husband, funnybird the hostess, prettyinp the BRIDE TO BE and the ring story is cracking me up, amilita and the gorgeous Wally, designer medusa and Mr DM who will hopefully be squared away and not stressing her soon, raisin, pixie and her back, tx la plum, sidecar and her martini, every and any one I might have missed.
((((mando)))) my mum had a fibroid. they let her travel to algeria with it, so it's not a biggie. they just work out where it is and keep an eye on it, from what I understand. it's good you've found a lovely gyno as well.

I forgot my pants! they are white boyshorts with little polka dots. and a black bra with roses on it.

*mwah* more housework!
Hey gang! Sorry, but this is another drive-by. Just wanted you all to know that Mom's vision is doing really well today! She can look out the window and make out the individual leaves on the trees! She hasn't been able to do that for about 50 years, so this is amazing. She's still in some pain and her eye is VERY red, but she is steadily improving.

Also, in case you hadn't heard, there's a bad chemical fire in the Raleigh area that has lead to the evacuation of thousands of people. Luckily, Sheff is fine, but a lot of his co-workers had to evacuate their homes in the middle of the night and don't know when they'll get to go home. They say the chemicals involved are quite deadly and that if the cops find anyone attempting to enter the evacutated area, they will immediately be arrested. They mean business! So fingers crossed for those folks.

Kvetch: Insurance companies. My insurance company has been charging us TWICE to cover Sheff's car - once for coverage in our old state and once for coverage in our new state. This is about $1000 just gone. And my mother has been into the local agency twice to try to help me fix this, but I just got some mail that shows that they are STILL charging us. So I have to go in there and have a firm talk with some people today. Grrr. Here's hoping we don't have to hire a lawyer.
Yay! for Rosemama's improved vision! the way...we are going out for Indian tonight, interested?

(((mornington, yuefie, bunny, PiP, Dm, Faith, Fina, Tes,Amilita,billy sapphy, sybrite, and everyone I missed)))
If I could, I'd like to request some pregnancy vibes....It looks like we have a good shot this month, but I won't know for a few more days and I am going nuts!!!

Kvetch:I've been on the phone with Office Max for almost an hour just because they are having a sale on binders and someone wants some even though they aren't one of our regular vendors!

Antikvetch: Indian food tonight!!
Happy Friday everyone.
~~~quick healing for rosemama~~~ yay for improvement in her sight already!
((((mandi)))) ~~~soothing for your worries~~~ have a safe trip & a great time this weekend. *extra tight hugs*
((((sapphy)))) happy belated anniversary ~~~~feel better sapphdad~~~~
billy, I think it's quite sweet that BUST has influence on your Friday undies smile.gif

Thanks for the reassurances about my grandpa. Sashie is still feeling pretty crappy so I am waiting for a call back from the vet to see if they can get her in late this afternoon. I've been having her sleep with me and this morning she didn't want to get out of my bed to go outside. I had to pick her up and carry her out there and she just stood there looking confused. She just looks so old and miserable these past couple days. She definetely has a cold and almost looks as if she has pink eye now. She is still eating and drinking though, and doesn't seem to have much of fever any longer. The antibiotics she's on, Clavamox is a once a day thing and she's had 3 doses now, plus the shot they gave her, but it was prescribed for 2 weeks. I hope I am just overreacting and she is fine, but would feel so much better if they vet took another look at her. At least the peeing problem has eased up.

undie report: lavender w/ white polka dots and pink trim bikinis, lavender w/ pink lace trim bra.


mornington forgot her PANTS!!! (i am SO twelve!)

billy, if bust REALLY determined your choice of friday knickers, you would buy some LAVENDER boxer briefs!!!! you know it's true.

speaking of knickers: i think it might be time to buy some new ones. everyone already KNOWS mine by heart! i am wearing the gold lame bra and matching bikini today.....

okay, i decided NOT to go on the retreat. it would have meant working, and presenting, and being ON and impressing the team, and but i DID have a pang of "gee i wish i were going" when several people seemed disappointed and said they really wished i would come. the lovely swiss woman who is the project manager made me feel much better when she said: tes, there is ALWAYS the retreat for the team from up NORTH!!

so i'll get another chance, which will be good.

PLUS, my boss really blew me away when he said that yesterday was a sick day and i had to count it as one, no matter if i work on saturday and sunday both. AND, next week we will have 3 visitors from the states, then our clinical supervisor's meeting all day thursday and friday and half day saturday, and i will have to help entertain and accompany the visitors, PLUS present and help facilitate at the clinical supervisor's meeting, AND one of our big potatoes is coming in saturday night and i will have to work all day sunday. so next week is going to be a KILLAH.

i decided i needed to rest up this weekend. sleep sounds GREAT.

i'll be back, nature is calling (all of the apple juice and herbal tea have caught up with me!)

love love love love to everyone, i'm being self absorbed right now but promise to be better later~!!

hugs and kisses and silly giant octopi!!!
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