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Less than 3 ozs of shampoo, etc, in the original bottles, RoseV.

Otherwise they'll still take them away from you. And then, b/c they are so INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS they will throw them in the trash and dispose of them like any other rubbish. Because they are dangerous, of course.

*Rolling eyes so far back it hurts*

Anyway, the TSA has updated details;

I looove apple crisp.
(And after living in England for nearly 4 years I have to say I'm converted to the use of custard as a desert sauce. Yes, I mean plain old Bird's Custard. Egg free and yummy.)

ETA--I nearly forgot my kvetch. You'd think this wouldn't be possible considering how whiny and self-absorbed I feel at the moment...

We have tickets to see Billy Bragg tonight in Portland (about 2 hrs away.) Have been waiting for this for months (ever since he said loudly to me in Wolverhampton "We'll be in Portland in September or October--but don't tell anyone yet!"--LOL!)

I still have a cold and feel terrible.

(Small silver lining--it's a seated show. Thank goodness.)
raisin mentioned three of my favourite words "champagne", "rainbows" and "unicorns". hee. I loved your sweet imagery today; and the "Champagne tastes clashing with beer budget" analogy is wicked! I don't like beer and I live for pink champagne.

I bought zovirax so we'll see if it clears up. Dunno about it being down to lack of fruit and veg as I've been trying to shake up my diet recently and have been eating fruit until it's coming out of my ears (and I think my veg intake has been same as usual if not better). However, I've just started a vitamin B and C supplement anyway to help with my hair falling out (which lord_farquhar -my hairdresser- and I have put down to antidepressants) so hopefully will clear up either way. Only problem with the supplements is that they're the size of breadsticks. Oh, and they smell.

~*~*~*productivity vibes and safe trip for rosev~*~*~*~* I shall miss you, when you back? pixie, don't be monopolising all of her time! ~*~*~*safe surgery for mama roseviolet~*~*~*~

syb, darker hair does seem to accentuate tiredness; I've kinda gone ginger-ish overnight but still pleased.

can I ask for vibes please? bunnyfamily are looking to buy new house, bunnymama fallen in love with one and someone else has put offer in today. Vibes that we get it please?

kvetch: horrible rain here, it was nice when I went out earlier so was wearing my new green leather and suede boots for the first time and now they are sodden sad.gif.
kvetch: I am addicted to Starbucks' stem ginger muffins.
anti-kvetch: I am addicted to Starbucks' stem ginger muffins.
major anti-kvetch: I'm seeing the boy in four days! I am so excited and can't wait until his arms are around me.

*blows kisses*
[zips in]

Spoke to my father - who works in airport security - and guess what! The restrictons on liquids apply only to carry-on liquids. If you put your shampoo and such in your checked luggage, you don't have to worry about the 3 oz. restrictions. So it's not nearly as bad as I thought!

[zips out]
Oh, I thought that's what you were talking about--carry on stuff.

Anyway, always good to have a first hand source! Have a good trip.
((mando)) can't decide between la femme and jr footlight (probably because I want the footlights for myself!) and ~~~~~bandmom strength/patience~~~~~

echoing bunnyb's vibes (cos you can't have too much vitamin C!) ~~vitC~vitC~~anoushh~~vitC~vitC~~

((PiP)) loooove the pole gift! And portable, too!

((bunnyb)) ~~~away, weird dreams, away~~~ oh, and ~~~~~healing lips~~~~~
eta: ~~~~~~~~get dream house vibes for bunnymum~~~~~~~~

((pixie)) haven't set foot in a Catholic church since my fav priest got sent away to die in California away from his parishioners and friends/family because he had *gasp* AIDS.....evil asshats....

((rosev)) ~~~~safetrip~~~~~

((yuefie)) ~~~~heal quickly~~~~ for kim and milla

((mornington)) yay for broke but happy! When will Indigo be having his fall fashion show?

((DM and Mr. DM)) ~~~~~good job opportunity for Mr.~~~~

Ireland! sooooo jealous.....

((amilita)) yay for retail therapy soon ~~~~good bargains~~~~

((raisingirl)) those pumpkins looked kinda like the Chahulys all over Kew Gardens.....I want one too!

(((syb, qspice, tes, faith, luci, katie, billy, everyKvetchie I've missed)))

Okay, I'm thinking of jumping on the autumnal hair-dying bandwagon. Right now it's almost blondish, I just can't decide how dark to go: black, dark brown, or dark reddish brown.....

Has anyone heard the song Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis? It's been stuck in my head for days. I left it playing on the stereo when I went to work yesterday (on repeat no less). My poor kitties had to listen to it for almost 9 hours! When I got home they looked ready to start their own burlesque troop....
six, The Fratellis are from my home city and their album rocks!

that is so shocking and sad about your priest sad.gif.

eta: look look! sixelacat edited her post and it says so! we think it may be cos they are ticking/checking boxes on full edit. I use quick edit option.
(((sixe))) I like cigarillo myself... is the album any good? And urgh, that's horrible about the priest. and I'm catholic and that makes me ashamed. Not that I've been to catholic church in...uh... ten years
(((rose))) have a fantastic trip! and ***rosevmama***
(((bunny))) ****house vibes for bunnymama*** I have never understood why supplements are so huuuge.
(((anoushh))) ****go away cold****
(((dm))) ***get the job mr dm***
(((syb))) no accent. he just comes from a village near the grandparents.
(((raisin))) yay for old crushes!
(((polly, sidecar, tes, billy, luci, qspice, amilita, pink, everyone)))

About to go rush to shower/dress for evening of drunken uni fun - there will be nakedness. not mine though. A day of sleeping and doing nothing, and walking the hound. I'll post pictures when the stuff arrives... although it's not cold enough yet for him to need the coat. yet.

It's actually common for the Catholic church to do that, after all, there *are* no gay priests...../end bitter sarcasm

and I checked that box just for you, bunnylove!

*exits thread humming chelsea, chelsea, I believe.....*
see below about the album. I'm crazy about my music just now, so many good albums recently put on pinky.

have fun with the nakedness.

I see your ten years and I raise you ... I don't know but it's been a while. Actually maybe less than a decade (of the rosary) if school masses count (I went to Catholic school). There's a lot to make me ashamed to be a Catholic, not much to be proud. I may be a hypocirite and marry in a Catholic church, however, or I may go to Vegas.

eta: hehe re box. /end bitter blashphemy? It doesn't make it any less sad. I like Henrietta.
Another school shooting sad.gif

eta: I heard the headline and went straight to BBC website, reading through the article I'm shocked at how many incidents of school violence there has been in the last week.

Thoughts and prayers with the victims, their families and friends and the Amish community.
Uh, I'm on flagyll. I think there may have been a tiny bit of alcohol in something I ate at a restaurant on Sunday, and combined, they caused some short-lived mania. (You're not supposed to drink while on flagyll.) My hats off to people who live with mania full-time; you are brave and I wish you lots of strength, because it fucking terrified me.

(((school shooting victims)))
~~~get the dream house~~~
(((feel better anoushh))))
~~~safe surgery for mamarose~~~

I am currently hit with a massive storm, like seeing lightning out my window and everything!

So, the car accident. My wedding ended at midnight. About 11:30, my bridesmaids were in the middle of packing up our gifts and taking them to our car while Martini and I said goodbye to our families and whoever else was left. I look up and see my maid of honor, ashen-faced, running inside the venue as if something is really wrong. So I go up to her and ask what's up, and she says, "There was an accident, and I need to get some water." One of my guests was in her new car, pulling out of the parking lot, when two dudes drag-racing on the street near our venue smashed into her. So the everyone who's left runs outside to see what they can do to help. She and her boyfriend were unhurt, but her car was totaled. The valets, luckily, saw the whole thing so she managed not to get any blame assigned to her, and within a few weeks, her insurance gave her the money they needed and she had another new car.

And then my wedding was over.
Bunny, I just saw the thing about the school shooting! How messed up is that, it was an amish school for christ's sake!((students on amish school)).

~!~!~!~!house vibes for bunnymama!~!~!~!~!~

Nakedness, mornington? Man I missed out on a lot when I was in college!

Rose, glad your dad set you straight. I thought it just had to do with carry on luggage. Last time I got stopped by airport security...because I had a lethal corkscrew in my carry on, they just made me check my bag.

major anti kvetch:I met a new friend today! I am ashamed at how giddy I am getting over this, but since Rose moved I haven't had anyone to hang out with here in T town. We met online and have emailed about a dozen times this morning! And I am going to lunch with her before the funeral on Wednsday!

Kvetch...she lives in a small hicktown about half an hour away....but i guess it's better than the hicktown one of my other friends used to live in.

Sunshine and kittens to all Busties!
yay for a new friend, pixie! I know how important female friendship and understanding is to you, especially since rose has gone.

the news updates of the shooting are heartbreaking and shocking. the gunman ordered all the boys, male staff and females who were pregnant or with infants to leave before tying up the girls and then attempting to execute them all with a shot to the head. those poor, poor girls.
So sorry for the selfish post, but I'm so nervous to work tonight! I haven't worked a night shift in so long, and I tried to sleep late, but I know I'm gonna have trouble. Eek.

That school shooting is so sad.

~*~*~*~*~*vibes for bunny and bunnyfam*~*~*~*~*~

ugh...that school shooting is so dreadful...and all the other ones listed in that article...what the hell? It's not enough for someone to just shoot themselves? They have to terrorize a whole community while they're at it...fucking hell

(rose) I hope your travel plans go smoothly and that your mama's surgery is all good

pixie - how dare you try to carry such a dangerous weapon on that plane! and yay for making new friends! I am really missing IRL girlfriends...busties are all beyond lovely and wonderful, but my eyes cannot take the strain of the computer screen ALL the time...

oh, sheesh, sidecar...that's an awful thing to have happen on your freaking wedding day! I'm glad that no one was seriously hurt...

((amilita)) hang in there

(all busties)

oooh, hair dyeing...damn. I miss my cosmo-colored hair...I also miss my thick hair...the last few years it's gotten really thin, which I will happily and likely incorrectly attribute to stress. But I miss it terribly and am currently sporting this dreadful almost-bob in my natural mousy brown.

Most of my day was spent doing laundry-related chores. Mr.Luci owns far more clothes than I do, and I have no motivation to go remedy that. Why do I have such a hard time spending the occasional bit of money on myself? Part of it is not wanting to look at my body in a fitting room, I know...gar, now I've started thinking really negatively about everything, including the fact that our wedding won't be nearly as fun as all the ones I'm reading about on indiebride, because we just don't have a ton of close friends. Maybe two or three between us. This makes me feel so much like the little kid who invites everyone to her birthday party, only to have no one show up. Stupid depressive episodes in which I push everyone away from me and stupid social anxiety which makes friendship maintenance fucking hard.

This stupid depression thing is really getting me down about everything...I think I may have to take a couple of weeks off from the interwebs.

Lucizoe, I think it's easy to get mislead by television, etc, about how many close friends most people have. I don't think most people have more than a couple of really close friends. In fact, if you have one or two really great close friends in your life, I think you are lucky.

I know the feeling--when I was younger I really felt like that. It was even worse when I would compare myself with people I was aquainted with who seemed to know everyone and would be able to have parties where huge numbers of people would come, etc.

So I'm not like that. Most people aren't. It's ok.

I'm not trying to minimise your depression--I've got a history of serious depression myself, and it wasn't well controlled until I was at least 30 (and I still have to watch it very carefully--will my whole life.) Just wanted to give some feedback from another POV.

Also, when I was married the first time, he wanted to invite seemingly anyone he'd had any kind of friendly aquaintance with. I didn't, but I gave in to a lot of it. There were tons of people who in fact it would have been fine if they werent' there. I'm sure the vast majority of people he invited as friendly aquaintances are people he's no longer in touch with.

It wasn't horrible, but frankly I think it would have been so much nicer to have a smaller wedding. (We had about 90-100 guests--can't remember exactly.)

When the mister and I got married we had our friend Bob, who did the "ceremony" (which was signing the paperwork, essentially), my parents (it was their house and we were visiting), and at the last minute I called my friends who happen to live around the corner and said "if you arent' doing anything at 1 pm, why don't you stop by." and the same to my brother.

(My friends did stop by, and one of them, who is a landscaper, said "Why didn't you tell me? I would have changed my clothes." That's why.)

So yes, we had two extremes (ok, not nearly as extreme as some people, but you know what I mean.)

And while everyone said the first wedding was great--and it was very nice--it wasn't a great marriage. The latter is what matters in the end.

As for those school shootings the Guardian (UK paper) mentioned it was the 3rd fatal shooting in this country this week. That is seriously fucked up.

When are we going to do something about guns in this country? What the fuck does it take? Frankly, with leadership (so-called) that we have at the moment I"m not surprised this kind of thing is happening. You can't have a country where the people in charge don't value human (or other) life, dignity, or rights, and expect it not to affect the tone of the whole country.


I have every confidence you will do just fine--more than fine--but I totally understand the nerves. Totally. Deep breaths!
((anoushh)) Have fun at the concert, and feel better.

((bunnyfamily)) Get the house.

((pixie)) Yay for making a new friend even if she is a little far away, I need to make a new friend.

((amilita)) You will do good at work.

designermedusa meet lucizoe, lucizoe meet designermedusa - you're both in NYC and looking to make new friends, right? /steps back from the meddling.

(((lucizoe))) depression is depressing.

(((amilta))) remember you rock.

enjoy the concert anoushh and feel better!

the school shooting reminds me of the Dunblane shootings sad.gif. Guns don't kill people, bullets do - they should make those more difficult/expensive/ilegal to purchase (anyone seen the Nicholas Cage film Lord of War?)

I'm more than a bit disullusioned with humanity -or the lack of it- just now.
I believe Chris Rock had the right idea(from Bigger and Blacker).

They're saying he did this as an act of revenge for something that happened 20 years ago, which would put this guy at about 12 years old when whatever happened, happened. I'm guessing that he got teased by some girls or something. I try to be compassionate about people who got teased and bullied as children, seeing as how I was teased by horrible, obnoxious girls when I was a kid, and I doubt I'll ever forgive/forget, but at some point you gotta say "get some therapy and suck it up." It's so awful to begin with and, and the invasion of the Amish just makes it worse somehow.

needed a password for the clip.

Interesting, I thought that maybe as a schoolchild he had been witness to another shooting and that's why the police are refusing to comment (it seemed systematic somehow). Also, it's a Monday, the boomtown rats song is based on a school shooting, the girl said she did what she did cos she didn't like mondays and that it livened up her day.
I know I'm coming in late, but (((amilita)))) i am sure you'll be great.

bunny, i never knew the boomtown rats song was about a school shooting. i always thought it really was about someone hating mondays.

((lucizoe)) to echo what anoushh said, it's definitely about the marriage, and your wedding is not your marriage. and as for your wedding, you should do what feels right to the two of you and makes you happy. it's easy to get caught up in the stuff on indiebride or other people you talk to, but ultimately, it's about you (well, and whatever you need to do to placate your parents but that's another topic).

i'm wearing my "will work for books" t-shirt tonight. i love it! better not let my employers find out, though, because i'd be lying if i said that it wasn't true. i skipped the gym to talk to my grandma tonight--today would have been her 58th wedding anniversary. she went to the cemetary and left him some pansies, and i told her that sounded nice. she lamented that they didn't quite make it to 58, and i told her that this is a lot longer than a lot of people do, and it's okay. she sounded good; i wish I could do more for her than just call. but i know from experience that i can't make it better.

so...this foley thing? so. effing. gross. I hope Hastert goes down for this (if not for all the other shit he's pulled).
"The Boomtown Rats were at a US radio station for an interview when the story of Brenda Spencer came over the news wire. The 16 year old California high school student made headlines when she grabbed her father's gun and opened fire on her school from a house across the street, injuring eight students and killing the school's principal and custodian. When later asked why she'd gone on the shooting spree, she responded "I don't like Mondays."" eta: I didn't know either, I read it tonight after trying to find if there were any similar shootings to today's twenty-years ago. Am I fucked up?

If you read the lyrics it makes so much more sense; I feel really bad for saying that I hate Mondays this morning. It creeps me out.

(((sidecar grandma))) it's so touching and so sad.

I would so work for books, I would do anything for books. Preferably I would like to work with books and ideally I would like to be paid to read.

Okay, I need to stop posting and go to bed.
Sorry, username and password is "1" (as in the number).

More info on Brenda Spencer.

I was in 3rd grade when this school shooting happened, about 10 miles from my house. I remember that afterwards, they were really vigilant about keeping all the doors except the main one locked.
((((((((The Amish community and all other communities affected by school shootings))))))))
So heartbreaking. I, also, heard the theory that this was tied to his past. I wonder what connections he had to the Amish. So very very strange and sad.

Luci, remember that there are LOTS of different types of weddings out there and there is absolutely no need to have a stereotypical big wedding. Sheff and I had a small wedding and it was beautiful. I admit that I had always thought that I would have a big wedding, so I had to adjust my expectations a bit, but it worked out well. We only had around 20 people there - just family and a couple life-long friends. The small numbers saved money and allowed us to really pamper the people who mean the most to us. And it allowed our families to spend more time getting to know one another. And I got to speak to every single guest! And I got to eat! And do all sorts of things that a bride usually doesn't have time to do at a big wedding. But best of all, the small number made it all feel that much more intimate and romantic and special. I recognize every single person in my wedding photos and know that they wil remain in my life for a long, long time. If I had said those vows in front of 200 people, it wouldn't have been nearly as nice.

(((Amilita))) Best of luck at work!

Sidecar, that was so sweet of you to call your grandmother today. I imagine she is very proud to have such a kind person as her granddaughter. ((((((Sidecar))))))

I'm forgetting to vibe people. I'm so sorry about that. I've just got SO much on my mind. I have finished the laundry, the dishwasher is running, and I bought groceries and even ran out to the local dairy to get ice cream and grass-fed beef for Sheff. So I don't think he'll starve while I'm gone! smile.gif Now I just have to finish packing and get to bed at a decent hour.

A have a vibe request, though. A young man that my mom knows was injured yesterday when a HUGE horse fell on him. Sounds like the horse may have been 16 hands high and, of course, extremely heavy. And when the horse fell on the man, it had trouble getting up and ended up rolling back and forth on top of the man a few times. As you can imagine, he is in terrible shape. Luckily, he seems to be making a miraculous recovery and is expected to survive, but he's got a long road ahead of him. So if you'd like, please send some vibes to J and his mother, E.

Thanks for the early vibes for my mom! ((((((Darling kvechies))))))
Okay. What the frig did anyone ever do to the Amish people?! Seriously.

Of course I wouldn't be a true Raisin Girl if I didn't mention Tori's eerie cover of "I Don't Like Mondays" on her Strange Little Girls album. It's almost as creepy as her version of "Happiness is a Warm Gun." Almost.

I had a shitastic day at work today. UGHHHHHHHHHH. So very bad. I'm totally ashamed of myself and what happened -- or, rather, didn't happen. I don't even want to write about it, not now.

Well, I'm going to read my trashy library book for a bit to escape from the day's madness and then going to bed. Joy.
Darn you busties for being so great... wink.gif

Our plan currently consists of getting married at the coffeeshop where we first started spying on each other and, eventually, talking...that way we can ask the people we wouldn't for something more formal (like my piercer)...have coffee and cake or just fancy coffees and then go to a movie or dinner...It wouldn't even occur to me to do anything remotely close to white-dress territory; it's just not to either of our tastes. His mom might have issues with it, but that's her problem...blah. Maybe I'll go rant elsewhere for a bit...

oh, annoushh...just hugs, I guess...depression does suck, and I'm ready for it to go away now. I hate feeling like it's always going to be hovering...I feel like I keep making progress, then regressing...I'm currently about to hit rock bottom in the latest regression, I think...which is a far better rock bottom than previously...

Oh, god, sidecar...I let that slip my mind this icky...over a year this has been going on. Those poor kids and those stupid, stupid evil congressmen...when history finally reveals the true nature of these people...god, it's going to be both cathartic and gross...

rose, your wedding sounds lovely...thank you for that

and vibes for your mom's young friend...I've been lucky enough not to be kicked or stepped on yet, but falling off of 16+ hands is hard enough...I can't imagine what he went through...amazing that he's recovering

Hello! Just checking in. Guess what? The essay is still in progress. I've been putting off posting for want of some less predictable, dull news. Thank you for all the writing vibes. I'm trying to get it done by the weekend because on Monday Architect Boy and I are FLYING TO VEGAS!!!! WOO HOO! We're going to drive across Arizona and New Mexico to Texas, and go visit our friends in Abilene. After such a shitastic (thanks for the great new word, raisingirl) summer, I really REALLY need a holiday.

Lucizoe, that sounds like a lovely plan!

(((raisingirl, rosev, pollystyrene, bunnyb, sidecar, amilita, mornington, designermedusa, everyone)))

The Dunblane massacre is etched in my memory as one of those pieces of news that are so shocking that you never forget exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard it.
Three in one week. Fucking hell.
(((funnybird))) /~/~/~/~kick up arse vibes/~/~/~/~ (yeah, they don't really look like arse and leg but you get the idea; oh and I'm using arse aplenty to bring a smile to my lovely yuefie's face) WOOT about VEGAS! I am so envious!

Dunblane is forever etched on my memory too sad.gif. My mum found out she was pregnant with the bunbun the day before so I think the value of each life was intensified. When the news broke they just said " a school in Scotland" so every mother of a schoolchild went through hell, I know mine's did. I remember it was snowing that day too. It's the biggest lost of child lives on UK soil and the largest lost in a school massacre worldwide.

(((mando))) I PMed you darlin'.

luci, that sounds like such a sweet, romantic idea! the boy and I met in work, that is so not going to happen.

rose, safe journey vibes and vibes for *~*~*~J and his mother~*~*~*~ oh, and I hate mentioning but ever since you changed your font or size or whatever it was I'm finding it really difficult to read your posts.

anoushh, feeling better? how was the concert?

mornington, how was the naked revelry?

(((raisingirl))) I wanna hang with you some time.

k, need to go study for theory test take two (oh, did not help that Clarabelle, one of my closest friends, who has failed her practical EIGHT times, yesterday asked me how I managed to fail by so much, grrr rub it in why don't you?)

Bunny...I had the same reaction to 911 because I was pregnant with minipixie. I was really worried about what kind of a world I was bringing a child into.

I tell you what, which Mr. Pixie being a school teacher in a very rough inner city school all of this makes me very nervous! It's not like he isn't facign enough gang related nonsense in the first place.

~*~*~**~safe travel vibes for Rose and vibes for Rose mama~*~**~*

Ok...I'd vibe, but I went to the doctor this morning...and he gave me a prescription for some pain pills...and I am higher than a kite right now. I'm thinking I may tottle over to the inebriated thread.

sorry for the fly by but I need some emergency vibes for sashie. I woke up this morning to a bunch of little puddles of blood tinged pee all over my bedroom floor sad.gif So as of right now I have a sick pup, no working car and not nearly enough money. any and all vibes would be greatly appreciated.


all my love and healthy vibes ....

get a sample of her pee before you go take her to the vet - you'll need that or you'll have to wait for her to pee. Let us know!

back later... off to cook.
((((sashie)))) poor puppers! ((((yuefie)))) poor mama!
((((sashie)))) and ((((yuefie))))
Probably just a UTI, but I know it's very scary to have that happen. And you feel so bad for the poor things!

(((Sashie and Yufie)))

Keep us posted, of course.
(((Sashie and Yuefie)))

Have fun with your medicine, Pixie!

Luci, I think your wedding idea sounds great, too. It just so happens to be my and the Mr.'s one year anniversary tomorrow, and ya'll remember how casual and impromptu our wedding turned out to be...sneak into the park with a reverend and our immediate families, go have BBQ takeout at my brother's house. It was so fun and stress-free (ya know, when you leave out all the flood stuff!)...I think whatever you come up with will be great. It's all about the love!!

And word, Anoushh, that most people I know don't have massive numbers of close friends...gosh, and every "circle of friends" I've been involved in has had some kind of uber-dramatic implosion, usually involving a sex/love thing that doesn't work out. I know a few people that are just charmers and seem to have endless energy for maintaining friendships, but I know I can't do that.

I'm glad my bout with depression has made me so much more able to understand it in other people...I know what you mean, Luci, about always wondering if you're on the brink or if it's gone for a long while or a little while...I guess that's what was so freaky about the Taco-truck experience. It made me feel like my state of mind, while so much improved, is fragile. (((hugs to you and all the other gals dealing with depression)))

Rosev, I hope you and your mamma have some good bonding time and that your visit goes well!!! I hope you'll be checking in...

And ~~~healing vibes~~~ for J. How scary.

~~~essay vibes~~~ for funnybird. And how exciting for your holiday...I have a secret desire to visit Las Vegas and go to some cheesy shows and eat at buffets. Even more, I want to go back to New Mexico. Have fun!!!

(((Raisin))) Feeling any better?

(((Mornington))) Ba-cuz.

~~study vibes for Bunny~~~ And I'm putting a big spoonful of peanut butter in Miss Clarabelle's mouth so she can't say such things to you!

Dang. I just lost some of my post. I'm sorry if I lost some individual vibes...I'm too tired to figure it out.

Work was tiring last night...busy, but not out of control. My dogs is tired. Not going to the gym today like I planned. I had to take care of a fetal demise, which is hard emotionally and paperwork-wise. Thanks for all the work vibes...I do feel like I'm getting my legs back and like it'll be OK eventually.

(((Mando and Danny, Polly, Sidecar and your gramma, Designerm and your Mr...all of you)))
hee - amilita and the mr have the same wedding anniversary as mando and her mr (it's their 20th)! how cute.


eta: mornington, I thought of you and indigo earlier as bunbun was watching me or the dog (dog training programme on c4), it's actually quite good for tips.

oh and I thought of rose, yuefie, sidecar and polly when I was eating white stilton with aprocots. I know you all love cheese as much as I do.

also, not sure where else to post this but on tv is the preview for death of a president (the UK fim thing they've made that computer generates the asassination of Dubya). Anyway, they show the shooting in the preview! imagine switching the tv on one day and seeing that, a fleeting moment of joy when you think it's real ...)

tongue.gif Thanks Amilita! I am past the "can't feel my ass" phase...and I was having an "I'm invincible" episode I've been filing all day because I figure I can't F that up too badly. And I must have really been a case earlier because the ex called to see if I could get minipixie out of school because he was still in his doctors appt....And I told him I couldn't he called me a few minutes ago to ask if I wanted him to come pick me up from work?!! I think from now on, I will take one pill instead of the prescribed 2!

I like your ideas for your wedding, Luci! It's great to make it about what makes you happy. Mr. Pixie and I had a very untraditional wedding, and I was really afriad I was goign to get a lot of lip from my ultra religious family, But everyone really liked what we did.
Oh! I knew there were lots of people with their anniversaries around now, but I didn't realize Mando's was tomorrow, too. Forgive me...when all this was happening last year, my mind was a fog. But I won't forget your kindness to me!

Happy Early Anniversary, Mando!
ah, (((bunny))) ... you are just too damned adorable! IPB Image

thanks for the early wishes. and amilita, how could i forget that we share the day? i have no excuse, other than being old and addled.

sadly, i don't think we're doing anything fun and exciting tomorrow night. combination of my not wanting to exclude danny (he has practise, of course). and the premier of LOST. rolleyes.gif and then ... i don't know. it just doesn't feel right somehow .... to celebrate ... while people i love are in so much pain. then again, i do plan on kicking up my heels at the outlaw wedding this weekend. better to save the celebrating for then.

all parts furiously crossed for (((yuefie & sashie))). damn. i feel like that dog is MY dog.

then again, all bustie dogs are my dogs. hee.
so it's official. my little Cruze is getting put down tomorrow at 3. i went to the meeting today, and the animal behaviorists had all kinds of reasons why he isn't adoptable. i've kind of been expecting this for about a week now, since i was playing fetch with him and this stupid co-worker bitch came, provoked him, and went and called a behaviorist to see his "upredictable outburst." and then this other bitch came and voiced the same opinions. and voila, one week later up went the notice.

i can't take it. i've been crying all week, even though they only put up the notice on sunday. i could just feel something was up. but he's such a good boy, he really is. i know he has issues, but they've been working with him and he's improved so much. it just isn't fair. i'm going to be devastated tomorrow. i'm already devastated. and i can't do my school work or anything else for that matter, and i just have so many things due this week that are all getting done late and half-assed. my teacher probably hates me right now. i haven't told anyone yet, not my roommates or anyone. i don't think i want to. i don't want to have to say it, and i don't want to cry when i say it. i just want to go to sleep and wake up sometime next year and forget any of this is even happening. and i don't want to cry in front of him when we're playing fetch tomorrow because i don't want to scare him or make him feel bad, but it's just so hard. i've already cried in front of him a couple of times and his little face just looks so confused. i don't know how i'm going to do it tomorrow.

i knew i'd get attached to animals when i took on this job. i've gone through this before, and it never gets any easier. but all he ever wanted was a little affection and attention. he doesn't deseve this, dammit. if he were a total psychopath i'd understand. it would still suck, but i'd understand. but he isn't a psycho, he isn't all that unpredictable, and he's a pomeranian for god sakes, not a great dane that will drag you to the floor if you try to hold him back on a leash. it's not fair.

IPB Image

sorry for the downer post-hogging. ((((((group hug)))))
((((((sashie and yuefie))))))
happy anniversary to mando and amilita! (mine is in two weeks and change).
(((((faerietales and cruz))))) he has such a sweet face; i'm sorry it's come to this.
((((faerietails and cruze))))

I have no words for how awful this is. I am so angry for you, and my heart is absolutely aching...You gave him lots of love and lots of games of fetch, and you believed in him and he knows that...

I'm so so sorry...

(((faerie))) & (((cruze)))
((((((((faerietails & cruze))))))))) *extra tight hugs* I am so sorry and sad for you, that's just plain awful. That person sounds like they are black hearted. How does one provoke a dog they know has issues to begin with, what to prove a point? I just don't get it, why does this person even work anywhere near animals if they don't have the heart for it? Ugh. Makes me sick.

((((luci))))) your wedding plans sound FAB to me. I had a "proper" wedding when I was younger. Yep, it stank. It was all pomp and circumstance. I felt overwhelmed, it cost a fortune and I have no warm memories of that day. All I remember is the stress and strain it caused for all concerned, and the outrageous expense. If I had it to do again, I would seriously consider something like you described. Somewhere meaningful for the two of you, casual with a few friends there to celebrate, no fuss, no frills. Great idea indeed. And I agree with what has been said about havng a few close friends. I know lots of people, but when it comes to my real friends I would want to share in such a special day, I can count them on my fingers.
(((((pink)))))) extra ~~~wedding plan de-stress vibage~~~ for ya
and wow (((sidecar))), glad nobody was seriously injured and that you've got a crazy wedding story now. Flagyl SUCKS. That stuff wreaked havoc on my system, blech.
((((funnybird))))) Vegas is fun! continued ~~~essay vibes~~~
~~~~~anti work stress vibes~~~~ for my sweet ((((((raisin)))))). you ok?
Mando & Amilita 'versaries huh? Best wishes to you both!
So twenty years Mandi, that is nothing to sneeze at! You can cozy on up to the Mr. while lost is on, right? wink.gif
And Amilita, wow, your first anniversary. It seems like the year has just flown by. I am so glad for you that you are begining to get some semblance of your life back. Not that it will ever be the same, I do understand that. I am just glad for you that things are looking up, you sure do deserve it hon. And again I must say how much I admire the work you do. It's not easy and it's great to know there are wonderful people like you out there who really do care about it. sending you tons of ~~~~~work stress coping vibes~~~~~~
where is ((((txplummie)))) at?? I am missing her witty self.
I know I am leaving tons of you out, and I apologize. I will come back to read and vibe some more tomorrow. You all know I lurves ya, right? Sorry for being a vibe hog, the shit just seems to be hitting the fan left and right. And I really, REALLY appreciate all the vibes for Kim & Milla (who are both doing considerably better), and all the love and messages. Cause, you know, you all rock wub.gif (((((((YOU)))))))

So Sashie got to come home with me, but I have to take her back in the morning for an additional exam and possibly an x-ray if the lab work indicates a problem. they think it's a urinary tract/bladder infection, and some stomach irritation from the infection. they were concerned and considered keeping her overnight. she stayed all day until closing time, received a shot of antibiotic, and they also gave her clavamox to take for the next 2 weeks. they did the urinalysis, but they also did a fecal check and blood work because there was a tiny bit of blood when I took her out to poop this morning. her stomach and bladder are both a bit swollen which is why they considered keeping her. but there was no blood in the fecal sample they took, she is not dehydrated, she still wants to eat, she's still drinking plenty and has been in good spirits, playing cute with the receptionist who gave her the treat. I wish you all could've seen her tear up the treat they gave her, like I starved her or something. of course she is super pissed at me tonight, heh. She keeps laying on my brother's lap and staring at me like she is so offended I left her there, hee. Think she get's the dramatic 'tude from her mama? She's on a cottage cheese and rice diet for the next few days to ease the stomach irritation. I am not unfamiliar with this, she has a sensitive tummy anyway. I get to shove the clavamox down her throat for the next two weeks cause she is smart enough to dig the meds out of whatever I hide it in. And if I crush it up she wont touch it, even if it's chopped liver or steak. the vet did say she seems to be in pretty good health for an old girl. they were impressed that I feed her high quality food. I get the feeling they see a lot of people who buy that cheap nasty bulk dog food and keep a huge bucket of water outside they fill up once a week. There was even a question on the form I filled out that asked if she is considered a family member or "just a pet". I circled the family member, after I underlined it three times. oh and they offer a health plan that covers a yearly dental cleaning, all vaccines, plus a once a year heartworm test, blood work, urinalysis, unlimited office visits, twice yearly deworming, and 10% off all meds and hospitalization costs. I signed her up since it was only a $40 difference between what she had done today anyhow, and now she gets her teeth cleaned. I wish it were that easy for health coverage for humans! I used to have a similar plan for her but her old vet was all the way up in San Marcos and they discontinued the plan right before we moved. I like this new place, they were very nice and the receptionist adored Sashie. She's such a ham!
My car is not going to be cheap to repair so it looks like it will be on hold for getting fixed for a few weeks at least. The landlord said no 2 bedrooms are coming available until December, if I'm lucky mid November which means I will be covering the entire $1325 for rent by myself. Between that and the vet bill, I've got no wiggle room. 'Tis okay tho', cause my baby is okay, we weren't injured in the car, and I need more exercize anyhow! I've got plenty of stores and stuff in walking distance, a post office and my bank are accross the street. Gotta keep positive, things sure could be a lot worse!


ETA: sorry for the novella!

Bunnyb, good luck for today! All my parts are crossed for you.
((((yuefie and sashie))))
((((faerietails and cruze))))
Happy Anniversaries to mandolyn and amilita.
IPB Image

that's to cheer people up, but it's true too.

(((faerietails))) and (((cruz))) that is heartbreaking and I really feel for you. This woman works with animals? eeek, she should be put down.

(((yuefie))) and (((sashie))) glad things looking better and you're being positive. $£$£$£money vibes for her yuefness$£$£$£$£ um, you were married? way back in my mind knwing that seems familiar to me...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY again to Mandolyn, Amilita and their misters!

(((funnybird))) you are such a sweetie smile.gif. I overslept though and not enough time to make the theory test; I'm feeling a bit of a waste of space just now. Also cancelled coffee plans with friend which she's cross about so trying to reschedule for before my bikini and leg wax. I feel the need to inflict pain upon myself.

(((yuefie & sashie)))
(((faerietails))) & (((cruze))) poms are difficult dogs, damn it! and if you provoke a dog it will snap at you... sheesh. I can't understand people who work with animals when they don't want every one to have the best life possible.
(((bunny))) they have a poster for that in my tube station and I really want to watch it. except I don't have more4
(((luci))) I liked your idea too!
happy anniversary ((((mando)))) & ((((amilita))))! and mr mando and mr amilita obviously.
(((rose, funnybird, pink, sidecar, polly, raisin, pixie, anoushh, txplum, syb, fina, faith, and everyone else)))

indigo's stuff arrived today! he looks super-handsome. I'll post pictures when my camera's charged. I've just groomed pete and I'm now covered in white fluff... he's giving me the evil eye.

my ankle still hurts after I twisted it yesterday. I go over on my ankles really easily (I can do it barefoot!) but I can't find my support tube. Bah. I limp like a pirate.

still no news from college. can I get some "apricot pull thier collective fingers out from thier collective arses and damn well let mornington back in" vibes? yes, my college disciplinary board is called apricot. I have no idea why. I'm going in tomorrow to look for animal wifery (just for you, yuefie) placements.
*mwah* (((kvetchies)))
why exactly am I awake at 4 am?? blasted insomnia.

yes bunnybun, I was indeed married. a looong time ago. the funniest part is that the ex and I have had a little contact on MySpace. And his wife, the one he was cheating on me with, has tried to cozy up to me there as well. People are just so strange rolleyes.gif

awwww and because I forgot (((mornington))) earlier and I don't want to be the cause of her sulking (heh) and she even said animal wifery just for me ~~~~~~~~pull your freaking heads out of your freaking arses APRICOT!~~~~~~~ yay for new indigo pics, can't wait!

and bunny, I love your gratuitous usage of arse just to please me wink.gif and extra thanks for the moolah vibes. as my best friend Shannon used to say, I sure could use the little money fairy to take a crap in my mail box.

why doesn't sleepy time tea work for me? nor my natural sleep inducement cd, which used to work well. perhaps I am immune to it all.

Sashie thanks you all for the lovies and vibes IPB Image

Hey gang. Just dropping by to say hi. I arrived in T-town just fine yesterday. And Mom is already at the clinic, getting prepped for her surgery. I'm staying home to field phone calls from friends and family ... which is a good thing, seeing as one of Mom's co-workers called at 7am just to wish her luck (Mom left with Dad shortly after 6am). Sounds like a crazy time to call somebody, I know, but my parents keep some weeeeeeeeird hours.

((((((((Faerietails and Cruze)))))))))) I'm so very sorry.

~~~~~~ healing for Sashie ~~~~~~

xxxxx crossed parts for Bunny xxxxx

Happy anniversary to Amilita & Mandi!

Pixie, painkillers? Did I miss something?

I probably missed a lot of things, actually, as I've only skimmed the arcives. But maybe I'll be back later. Have a good day, everyone!
~*~*~*successful op for mama roseviolet~*~*~*~*

~z~z~z~sleep vibes for yuefie~z~z~z~z~

~*~*~*no more sore ankle for mornington~*~*~*~* I take it that makes walking indigo fun?

thanks for having your parts xd for me too but I missed the theory test and going to put it off for a few weeks until I feel motivated. I also took raincheck on coffee -annoying my friend more- and rescheduled waxing until tomorrow. I don't know what's wrong with me but I don't want to get out of my pjs; I have a driving lesson tonight though so going to have to. I hope I snap out of this funk before Friday as I don't want anything spoiling my time with the boy.

eta: hehe, just received text from friend the Busker who knows how I'm feeling & it said "well, I hope you've just felt by boot cos I've just put it up your arse!" that makes me feel better, she's right of course, I can't hide away and cancel and miss appointments as it will just make me feel worse.
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