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(((prettynpink))) wow, you are a far stronger girl than I. I don't take criticism well, especially if it is in regards to the boy (which it seldom is) and I would FREAK if someone told me I was SO young (just sayin', kvetchies be warned). I don't want you to think we're attacking you cos I'm not and don't think you're making the wrong decision, you love Irishboy. What I will say regarding drinking -and I know as my grandfather is an alcoholic and my father when he was in my life- is that if he is an alcoholic then he can't drink, pure and simple. Any addiction has to be completely avoided.

I also have an amusing -and completely unrelated- story: today I went shopping and bought pink pjs and underwear, one pair of girl shorts have pretty in pink printed across ass - is that plain wrong? I wasn't sure!

(((luci))) concentrate on you, be happy and you will find your niche. No point doing anything you're not happy in.

I'm really worried about mornington and yuefie - any word? vibing you both and fretting about you sweeties.

mando, OMG thank you for that! I've crashed 6 x! (I had to play before finishing archives). I blame it on the right arrow key, I need to practice.

Lovely coffee and wander with boy's mum, she had plans so no dinner but now I'm curled up in my new PJs having a lovely, relaxing night to myself.

Cute pumpkin patch!

undies: dusky print padded bra and non-matching black girl shorts with fuschia pink bow, diamante pink heart and kiss me print.

((amilita)) I’m glad the cops did something about the taco stands. It’s not right for them to disturb your peace and quiet. Yay for finding the right comforter at the right price.

((kim and the adoptive parents)) Sorry to hear about one of the babies dying. If Twin DM had died I know I’d feel like something was missing.

((pip)) Hope things get better.

((bunny)) I bought pj’s today as well, but they are blue.

((mornington)) Hope the day got better.

((sixel)) Good luck with training people.

((luci)) Congrats on making the decision about withdrawing from school. You got to do what’s right for you.

Have a great weekend ((Busties)).

(((pip)))) I got married young, too, so you're not the only one. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Just be firm and make your expectations clear, and prepare for the worst if he's not willing to meet them. (from another daughter of an alcoholic to another). I would'nt write it off as wedding stress, but that's certainly not helping.

long day. the cat got her teeth cleaned, and she seems to be recovering okay.

~~~~kim and babies~~~~~
(((mornington, f and f's dad)))))
((((rose)))) i hope you feel better

(((((kvetchies))))) sorry for the flyby again, just tired and it was a looong day. Milla is still hanging on, Kim has an infection and is in some terrible pain accross her abdomen. They gave her moriphine but she is still hurting. Poor thing, I just feel so bad for her. She was made to feel really bad by a relative of the parents of the babies, like it is somehow her fault. Sometimes people just don't know how to handle their grief and it comes out as misplaced anger at others. Grief is not a pretty thing, especially when it's like that. My sis and I are trying to be there for her as much as we can. She has only one aunt who lives out here who is taking care of her 2 boys, so there isn't really anyone besides her girlfriends to be with her at the hospital. I'll be back tomorrow to update you all and try and vibe ya back. Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and messages. Love you guys bunches!
(((yuefie & fam)))
i wish we lived closer.
what sidecar said.
this is a halfassed drunken post.
yoou have no idea how i saught coherency in the typing of this.
but beloved cousin love so rocks..
even in death, they make me laugh.
Yufie, that so totally sucks about the relative. It's good she has you.

Mandolyn, I think you've done quite well!

Drinking problems suck for everyone. And it's so hard knowing that you cannot make someone else--someone you really care about-- do the right thing, even if it's blindingly obvious it would be better for them. They have to do it for themselves.

I've been in that situation more times than I care to remember. It's so not easy.

WHY is it that when I was busy, BUSTing was the most exciting thing to do -as was everything else I wasn't supposed to be doing- and I craved my freedom and now that I am free I am incredibly bored? Ho-hum.

I had an ex who was a drunk -and a lots more besides- and I wanted to "save" him but then came to my senses and realised that MY happiness was what was important and found someone who loved me and treated me like a princess. PIP sounds happy and excited and she's getting married 2 weeks on Friday (oh I am such a cruel biatch) so they'll get through this together, he needs to get help though. A person is more important than the addiction.

(((yuefie, family and kim))) thinking of you darlin'.

(((mornington))) too. I'm fretting but don't want to invade your personal space; know that we're here for you.

designermedusa, how is mr dm's job hunting going? yay for pjs! I bought so many different shades and styles of pink underwear yesterday it's not funny (marks and spencer's underwear and support of Breakthrough Cancer rocks).

yay for drunken posts! may do one of those myself later.

Bought Lily Allen tickets for friend and I so that is now first gig in gig month.

(((bunny))) 'acos you are fabulous.
(((pink))) I'm with what bunny said. and sidecar
(((mando))) tongue.gif
(((yuefie))) & (((kim))) & (((mila))) & (((yuefiesis)))
(((dm))) *mwah*
(((luci))) good for you! you sound cheeryer too.
(((raisin))) I wanna glass pumpkin patch.
(((polly, sixe, syb, fina, faith, tempest, txplum, tg, funnybird, cstars, and everyone else)))

So... yesterday was just a bad day. I got very down - I'm still fairly down but I think that was the bottom of the dip. I argued with G; he was pushing to go out and I just couldn't cope (I had a date later and knew I wouldn't be able to do both, very nearly didn't do either). So... we're not going to see each other again. I feel shitty fordoing it, but I just don't think we'd work as more than friends.

And at this point, I'm taking this to the LJ. If anyone seriously wants the gory details... I feel bad for discussing this on a public forum. Feh.

F's dad is having radiation treatment and it's making him horrifically sick - they decided not to do the surgery as they didn't think he'd survive. F's rather worn down, but he's been taking time off and looking after himself. Thank you for the hugs for him.

And thank you for the hugs yesterday. They mean a lot to me. Actually, a huuuuuge lot. wub.gif
(((kvetchies))) are the bestest.

(((((f's dad))))) ((((f & family)))))

((((mornington)))) *extra tight hugs*

((((mandi, bunny, sidecar, pink, rose, anoushh, dm, raisin, amilita, billy, luci, fina, faith, polly, everyone))))

K had to have a procedure done this morning to drain an abcess in her c-section wound. obviously that is what was causing all the pain. She is still in a great deal of pain so they gave her more pain meds so she resting now. We are going to head back up there after we grab some lunch. Yeah, the person who said that suff to her was so off base. I mean they implied it had something to do with her genes (and more specifically her race and lineage) wich is utterly ridiculous seeing as they weren't even her babies, she was just carrying them. Ugh, people are so needlessly cruel and plain stupid sometimes. The thing is, after the babies were born K's obligation ended but she stayed involved, wanting to know what was going on, pumping milk for the babies, supporting the mother. The person who came to her room to say those things really had no right to even say anything to her at all. Anyhoo, Milla is very small and fragile, but seems to be fighting to hang on. I feel so badly for the mother, she and K really bonded and I would be suprised if they didn't stay in touch. She was so concerned about K, and has been in to visit several times. She's a very sweet woman, too bad her husband and his family aren't. I just hope Milla pulls through, poor tiny thing.

Thanks again for all the thoughts, BUSTie vibes really are magic!

Hehe rose, I love my new avatar too. Really, NO PIE???? I mean, c'mon!

~*~*~*fly-by*~*~*~ I have been working sixteen hour days for only the second time in my year at the firm and it's fried my brains. I need to catch up on the archives in depth, but just wanted to let you know I am thinking of and caring for you all.

PIP -- you sound like you've thought this through, and I think you've made sensible choices, and are keeping your eyes wide open, which is the most important part of marriage (and frankly, any relationship!). I have a problem drinker in my life, and I love him and he's extremely high-functioning so I understand that there are a lot of shades of grey there (which is not an excuse for any alcohol-related mistreatment of me, which I, like you, call him on, though since he's a relative it's sort of a different dynamic), but as long as you're sure about what you can and can't put up wtih it, I think you'll be good in the long run.

Mornington, you are beloved. By me and others here. Just saying. (((mornington)))

I forced myself to go to a party last night, to make sure I wasn't so cut off by work, and it was filled with McKinsey consultants and I was so bored and would have rather been at home wtih my Tivo. Le sigh. Now I am hung-over by defensive drinking ("Maybe you'll be cuter/more interesting if I drink more...No? Better try again....").

Oh, of course I am writing this from work. Better get back to it. ((busties, especially those I've missed during this fly-by))
you know, i used to wonder why people had trouble just popping in here to say, hello, i love you all.....

but now that i find myself in the same position, feeling as though there is NO WAY i can go through all of the pages that have archived since i was last here, and feeling HORRID that i can't say something about each and every one of you wonderful women.....well, perhaps i understand a bit better....

mandomyheart, you are wonderful when you are trying to be lucid!! we SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <3 you!!!

faith!!! our paths just DO NOT cross enough!!! love to you, querida!!

pretty in pink....i don't know how much you know about my past, but it includes being in love and engaged to be married to a wonderful, strawberry blonde irish man who just happened to be an alcoholic. i think that i would have gone through with it and married him if he had stuck to alcohol, but he managed to become a heroin addict before we married.....and i just couldn't. sad.gif i've often wondered if i did the right thing.

you sound as if you have thought it through. and i know you well enough to know that you DO think about things. i will always feel honoured by having talked through some things with you..... so i think that you should follow your heart here. i'm glad that your kvetchies are calling you on difficult things, and i hope that you know that we will be here for you. i wish i could talk to you now!!! PLEASE, pm me if you think i can be of any help. wub.gif

raisin, do you know the name of the artist who created your glass pumpkin patch? reminds me SOOOOOOOOOO much of one of my personal faves who does flowers and strange vines and sea creatures..... waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool, no matter who is responsible!!!

((((((mornington)))))) dusty is TOO right! there are plenty of us who notice, and care, and love you! never doubt it!!

(((yeufie, k, milla, all concerned))) this has been SO HARD for everyone involved! the father sucks. mean people suck. hang in there, yuefie. you are wonderful, and so is k. and so is PIE!!! and thus, your avatar! i've sent that post card to busties before.....

rosiev, are you there? will you be around at thanksgiving? is there any chance that i will get to see you???

amilita, meu amor, i am muito muito happy that you are RID OF THE VILE TACO TRUCKS!!! you don't need that shit, especially after all that you have had to deal with!

sidecar? have i told you recently how much i admire you??? i know that you haven't said so in the last page or so, but i have this *feeling* that you may have a bakery on the premises again. and that is just SO SUCKY. and you handle it all SO WELL.


i missed billy bonka!!! come chat with me on im sometime, mr. bill! it's been too long!

i know i'm late......but i know what i wore yesterday: satin leopard print brar and matching thong.....

i WANTED to post yesterday, but i was too embarrassed to do so without loving on everyone individually. today is saturday and i've had some lovely red wine and feel less bad about missing people....

hearts and flowers for my own ms. plummy wine tes' ass!!!

and that always makes me think of tall girl, so love to you and your 2 boys, dear!!!

dusty? are you out there in canada land??? i meece you darling!!! i wish that we could still send each other posties.......consider this a virtual one....

((((luci)))) you are a strong, clear headed woman. you are doing what you think best for YOU. no one can take care of us as well as we can take care of ourselves. i honour you.

designer medusa.....happy to see you!!! hope all is well with you.

and with anousssssssshka and her lily dog and her soon to be mom self! talk about STRONG, COURAGEOUS women!!! you astound me. i'm SO thrilled at the thought of you with a bebe!

speaking of bebes, i wonder how mae and ze love and ze avocado are doing??? anyone heard from them lately????

hugs and kisses and silly silly silly moules!!
"i WANTED to post yesterday, but i was too embarrassed to do so without loving on everyone individually"

um, do you know who you didn't love on? sniff. maude, I need to stop having eating worm days.

good to have you back tes.

(((mornington))), (((yuefie))), (((faith)))
yesh, bunnyb, darling, worms are only GOOD to eat if they live in trousers and are cyclops!!! wink.gif

get on over to the LTAS threads and you can see that i love you!!! silly rabbit!!!!
[pops head in]

Tes, I am here! I still don't know much about Thanksgiving this year, but I would not be at all surprised if we saved up Sheff's vacation days for Christmas. So it's looking more and more likely that we can spend Turkey Day with you and Mr. Hotbuns! WEEEEE!!! Just let me know if you want me to bring anything. Wine, pie, whatever. smile.gif

~~~~~~ healing for Kim ~~~~~~

(((Bunny)))) Some day our paths will cross for a longer period of time and we shall gab and laugh and munch on cheeses together as we once did in days of yore.

Sadly, that could not happen today, as I spent HOURS on the yard. Seriously. My toes were stained green from the freshly-cut grass. But the property looks so pretty now! I wish I could have all of you over & we could have a big picnic in the dappled light of our back garden. It would be heavenly!

((((((love to you all))))))

I gotta finish getting ready. Some friends just got a fancy new TV, so we're going to their house for dinner & movies. Yay!

[pops back out again]
***flings self at Mornington***I'm sorry you had such a bad day yesterday! You and Bunny and yuefie and Rose...You guys have really been there for me when I needed it. I want to be able to do the same for you guys as well!

Tes has been in LTAS...I may have to wander over...

(((kim))) She sounds like such a totally amazing person! I can't imagine being able to do what she's done! (((milla)))

PiP...I can't belive you have less than 2 weeks left! Wow! I remember when you first started posting in the wedding thread!


Nothing terribly exicting happening here. just a quiet weekend. I have a Dr. appt Tuesday so i can finally get a referral to my Chiropractor. And on Wednsday I have to go to my friend's dad's funeral. I was able to get the info without talking to the ex.

By the way, I am not Catholic. I have been to a couple of masses, 1 funeral, and 1 wedding at a Catholic church , so I claim a lot of ignorance from inexperience, but I was invited to a Rosary Tuesday night, and I don't quite know what that is. Is it basically a wake or something different?

pixie, I'm Catholic but I've never had to go to any Catholic funerals; my family always say wake for the night before so I imagine it's one in the same. A rosary is where you pray with beads (a combination of praying and meditation). Oh goodness I am such a lapsed Catholic, my indoctrination has been reversed and I can hardly remember the Hail Mary and decades and mysteries ... my nana would kill me if I asked her for refresher course.


eta: when's thanksgiving? november yeah? is Canadian thanksgiving next week?
"Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed are thee among all women.....

i'll back bunny up on the Rosary. everyone gets together and (at least when i have been) there is a mass and the rosary is said by everyone....sometimes it is like a viewing except no one gets to see the body and everyone goes past the body (in the casket) which, in Brasil anyway, has candles burning at the head and the feet, and as they go past they are saying the rosary. the point is to pay your respects.

in the us of a? in 2006? who knows. i grew up with mass said in latin and the priest spoke to the altar with his back to you. muito different these days......

rosiev!!! yayayayayay!!! what FUN!!! i know that it is terrible of me to say, because i am sure that you would both rather be with family, but i am selfish enough to be THRILLED at the idea of having you and sheff chez hotbuns at thanksgiving (nov 23 in the us -- canada...hmm. early in october. the 9th, maybe??? someone else needs to answer that one.....dusty???

PiP -- i never got to tell you how GORGEOUS you are in that dress!! with a veil that matches! yes, the dress is very very pretty....but ever so much more beautiful with YOU in it!!! i love that it has that bit of colour. is it dark green? that would be even better, given the irishboy connection!

pixie, querida, SO GOOD to see you! muito glad that you got the info re the funeral without having to talk to the ex, especially happy that you will get to FINALLY see a chiro. hope that it helps and that you feel better sooooon.

(((((kim and milla)))))

i'm drinking coffee. it is 8:30 am. soooooooooooooooome day i will be here when there loads of people in here......poor bunny had no chaperone last night and she was in here ALONE with me!! heeeee!

hugs and kisses and silly lamprey!!
thanksgiving in canada is the second monday ... which is, if i recall, our columbus day this year.

and, my opa's german catholic family sits with the body doing the rosary for three to four days before the funeral. the casket is closed until the viewing, like in brasil, and there are candles. there's a daily mass, but it's not "the funeral mass" (if that makes sense?) but more like a mourning mass.

hey tes? opa's church was like that, until they went to the "apply the churchy learnings to everyday life" portion, and then they turned around and it was in german.

work has been hellaciously busy. unions, strikes, breaking stuff, fixing stuff, trying new stuff, blahblahblah. i finally had time friday to do my travel and OMG i haven't done it for a long time, and my next check is going to be 33% BIGGER because of my lapsed t&e. more if we strike, because instead of splitting my time 25% there, 75% here, it'll be 100% there, and that's $30/day in travel!
'/blasphemy' Made me laugh bunnyb!

I love weekends. Was out Friday night with some work colleagues so tried to keep a semblance of sobriety. 'Twas fun though. Last night my dad and I went for dinner and had a great, great time. I've had a lot on my mind recently and really needed some perspective, which he's good at giving and we had a lovely talk. And steak and frites and white asparagus, yum.

Today I am being a bum. My only real planned activity is dying my hair (darker) this afternoon. I feel the need for autumnal hair.

Mornington, hope things are going better for you today. Hope everyone else is having a lovely lazy Sunday too!
Ah, the pleasure of enjoying Thanksgiving with Tes .... now that is a reason to feel thankful!

QSpice! So good to see you! Hope things work out so that you can make more money. Also, I wanted you to know that your food blog is amongst the blogs that I read regularly. I may not post comments, but I am there. smile.gif

~~~~~ more healing for Kim ~~~~~

Sybarite, sounds like you have a great relationship with your dad. So sweet!

(((!!!zzz~~ hugs and fun and sleep vibes for Faith ~~zzz!!!))) Just don't do it all at once. wink.gif

((((((Mornington & Bunny & Yuefie & Pixie & PnP & Mandi & SideCar & Rasin & Funnybird & Anoushh & Dusty & Billy & everybody)))))

Had fun at the friends' house. I baked some snickerdoodles and we brought some wine. They made dinner and ... well, I feel awful saying this, but I am a MUCH better cook than they are. But we still had fun! The only problem is that now we want a TV just like theirs. Lovely big, flat, widescreen TV. Holy moses. It was a thing of beauty.
Big, whiny kvetch: I have a cold. Right smack in the middle of the "Already-Feeling-Like-Hell" trimester.

I think I need to lie back down.
Thanks guys for the explaination of the rosery. I think since I don't know the correct procedure, I'll pass on the Rosary. I don't want to accidently do something disrespectful. Last time I went to a Catholic funeral I skipped the wake too. It was the same group of friends. It might be different if it was in teh church the ex went to. I went to enough social engagements, as well as a few masses, I knew most of the people he went to church with, and I knew the preist.

Canadian Thanksgiving must be coming up soon, I saw some threads about it on another message board I was on earlier. Has anyone heard about a bridge collaps in Montreal this morning? I haven't heard any details yet, but on the other board they were asking the Candian posters to check in.

Rose..I'm jealous that you get to spend Thanksgiving with Tes and Mr. Hotbuns!

(((Tes))) I miss you when you don't post for so long!

(((bunny, mornington, sybrite, yuefie, PiP, everyone else)))
*continued love for kim & milla* massive hopes for their healing and getting stronger.


tesao, for someone who doesn't post in here much anymore, you do so well with catching up and mentioning everyone. you're such a carebear.

i have the concentration of a slug today. i've read and vibed, but profuse apologies for being whiny and self-absorbed. feel free to skip over.

notes to self:
- do not attend band competitions hungover.
- bring purel.
- next year, make no outside-of-band plans from late august to mid-november.

the kid loves it. he's having a ball, even during this grueling 3-competition weekend. and they are such an excellent, cohesive, disciplined band, they are a pure joy to watch. but last night was pretty unbearable (uncomforable bleachers, cold & damp, nasty porta potties, obnoxious rude parents who talk thru everyone else's performance except their own kids', hoards of VERY LOUD teens, announcers who suck, getting home very late, etc). and i'm more than a little resentful how consuming and intrusive this is all becoming. and we're not even into the season proper. i know it's temporary. i know it's a great learning experience for him. but i also can understand why some parents don't get involved.

end/pity party.
tesao, what's the Holy Be again? Jeez, I'm bad.

syb, glad it amused! is your dad in your city? not the States? and what is white asparagus? I love asparagus tips, bought some more today, in fact.

(((anoushh))) feel better.




(((everyone else)))

thanks for the thanksgiving info, I was confused although with the boy's b-i-l being canadian I vaguely remembered something about their's being first.

Hair lightened today although still autumnal looking (syb, there's a need to do it once it grows colder!) and it's a kinda caramel honey colour. V pleased with it and hope the boy likes it, he's been nagging me to go darker for ages. Also found and bought my winter coat today and some perfume and benefit's get bent mascara. Depression is not good on the bank balance.

Had really really freaky dreams last night; so much so that I'm surprised I didn't wake crying. One was about work -yeah my line may have to be extended with the anxiety work is causing- and the other the boy, a close friend and I were in a tower when the one next door was hit by a plane and ours tipped forward and fell. Scary stuff. Who knows what's going on in my subconscious just now.

Anyway, I'm settling down with pizza, red wine and dvds.

PiP...I can't belive you have less than 2 weeks left! Wow! I remember when you first started posting in the wedding thread!

hey now. dry.gif I have more than that! Its 3 weeks. The wedding is on the 22nd. Quit rushing me!

We are getting presesnts, and they are cool. I love being registered at macy's and williams sanoma. LOVE it. People are getting us amazing things.

*****vibes for bebe and bebemomma(s)*****

((((mornington))))) whats life without a little funk?

mando, you know, a slug might have very good concentration. you never know.

Tes, thank you! I love the dress, but I love the shoes more. the pictures do the color no justice. its a vibrant emerald/hunter green.

((((long list of busties)))) I think I'm just going to write down all of the names, and keep that as a separate document and just copy and paste my vibe line. lol. I lurve you all!
(((((anoushh))))) ~~~feel better~~~
((((bunny)))) ~~~no more unsettling dreams~~~
Hi tes! *mwah*
and q'spice *waves* I agree with rose, love your foodie blog.
yay for nice dinners with cool dads smile.gif and white asparagus, yum.
my experience with catholicism is restricted to going to mass when I was 3 and attending our local catholic church's annual autumn bazaar growing up.
((((mornington)))) you ok punkin?

Kim is doing a little better, thankfully the antibiotics are working, the fever is gone, the severe pain has eased in to more of a discomfort and the pain meds are able to offer some relief. Her ex sister in law arrived today and is planning on staying with her for a bit to help out with her kids while she is healing. Little Milla is still hanging on. Thank you all so much for the continued vibes.

Hey mandi, I'll match your whiny and self absorbed! The steering went completely out on my car last night, hmph! Thankfully it was just as I was pulling in to a parking spot and I managed not to hit anyone else and guide the car all the way in to the spot. It was not easy though. It took me almost ten minutes and my arm is sore today because of how hard I had to crank it. So yeah, I need a new steering rack now. On top of an entirely new electrical system it seems, since we've replaced ALL the fuses and bulbs and everything else under the sun concerning the lights and they continue to fail. My car is turning in to a money pit death trap it seems. But my sister did remind me that my car has been rather good to me, seeing it's an old volvo. I mean it's been involved in a couple of accidents similar to the one she and I were involved in, in her ford escort sport that was totalled, and it barely shows a dent. And I am quite attached to it. But yikes, a steering rack and the light system sound pricey. I am going to have it towed to the shop tomorrow to see what the actual damages are.

slugs concentrate on being pains in the asses. we have a slug infestation of garden path just now and ugh.

prettyingreen (hee, see what I did? wink.gif), I noticed pixie brought your wedding forward a week but didn't want to draw attention to it and freak you out more!

(((yuefie))) a'cos.

vetoed the wine, feeling a bit fragile and it will only intensify that.

((bunnyfoofoo)) I did see what you did there. sneaky you.

MAJOR AntiKvetch: I get to write a thank you note for the lovely STRIPPER POLE that my friend F the T gave me!

Peekaboo pole
Drink lots and lots of fluids, anoushh!

Back to post more soon...gotta go take pics of sculptures before they get stored in the attic and clean downstairs...
i want a stripper pole. *pout*

yuefie, so glad to hear kim is doing well and lil' milla is still fighting. sounds like your auto is worth the investment, it's taken such good care of you thus far. how many miles does it have on it?

(((bunny))) a pox on scary dreams. but yay for caramel honey hair.

input requested (because i've decided that only a pair of cute n'comfy maryjanes will lift my incredibly low n' sour mood):
la femme
jr footlight

I like the Gresham ones--remind me of flamenco shoes!

ditto, they make me think of my lusted after fluevog harlows.

eta: remembered one of my other dreams - the boy and I stalked a family around a fair to see if the quadruplet girls were all identical. wtf?
oh, and the mum looked like fina!
Mando, I like the first two...the Capezio and the Soft Spots. I love the ones that look like they could really be dance shoes. In fact, I think I may need some of those...

Funny dream, bunny. And all the hair talk makes me really want a haircut...I think the weather is cool enough for bangs, perhaps.
kvetch: before I go to bed ... anyone have any tips to heal cold sores? where my lips meet are badly cracked/chapped/painful and because of the position they are not healing (i.e. mouth continually opening and closing like a fish). I've applied lots of vaseline but now I'm panicking that they won't be gone by Friday and the boy won't kiss me. boo-hoo.
Bunny, I don't know if they have it over there, but here we have some stuff called zilactin's over the counter and it works really well.

waves at all the Busties...too tired to vibe. Love you guys!
I like the gresham and the vesta ones, (((mando)))
(((bunny))) picture! I demand pictures! tongue.gif ***no more nightmares***
(((anoushh))) ***cold-be-gone***
(((pink))) oooh
(((yuefie))) (((kim))) (((mila)))
(((amilita, polly, syb, faith, fina, tes - woo! - billy, dm, and everyone else)))

I'm am... shattered. I should go to bed but just spent nearly two hours talking to the Welshman biggrin.gif . I talk a lot. But so does he.

I bought pants today. And lush bubble bars. Yay for baths. aaaaaand... I bought Indigo a coat and a fancy collar. Broke but happy... told you I was getting out of this rut, didn't I. My only kvetch is that the borders hasn't got bust or bitch in at the moment. Damnit I want a magazine.

Right, bed. it's getting chilly and I'm tired. Hope everyone had fantastic weekends (((kvetchies)))

F says thank you for the hugs.
~~~~~ continued healing for Kim ~~~~~

Mandi, that is a tough one! The Capezios are nice because they're made for dancing, so you know they'll last. However, I really like the shine and details of the Nauralizer shoes. I especially like the double straps on the heels.

Bunny, I use Abreva. Don't know what it might be called in the UK, though. I couldn't find it on the Boot's website.

PnP, love the new avatar!

Hope you all had a nice day. We've been up to a whole lotta nothin'. wink.gif We left the house for a bit this afternoon. We drove over to a historic house near-by, where we walked around for a bit. Then we went on a lovely drive through the countryside. It was a lovely way to pass the early evening.

I can't believe that I'll be back in T-town in less than 48 hours!
nooooo... I forgot rose! how could I? ((((rose))))
I want them! soooo pretty!

Mando, its portable! For those pole dancers on the go. tongue.gif

My friend got it at spencers for me. I think its so funny. My stepma said that she doesnt understand me because she would be offended by a gift like that. Pshaw. Its fun!

(((huggles for Mornin')))
Bunny, this may seem like a stupid question, but are you sure it's cold sores? Are you getting red and cracked skin in the corners of your mouth, or do you actually have visible cold sores?

I ask this b/c very occasionally for ages, then quite chronically after I first moved to the UK I had the cracked, painful, red, and bleeding corners of the mouth. It seemed like a silly thing to go to the dr for, so I didn't (should have, though.)

Anyway, end of story is that this is a yeast-caused problem. For me cutting out sugar and other yeast-feeders and applying anti-fungal cream did the trick.

Just thought I'd share that since it took me ages to figure out.

If it's cold sores, though, I got nothin' Sorry.

Appreciate all the good wishes. Still feel like crap, but I feel cared for. smile.gif

I'd be offended by the pole thingy. No one is going to get me one, though, so it's not exactly a problem in my life....

I'm glad you aren't offended, PiP--there's enough crap to get through at weddings as it is. Just remember--as long as no one punches anyone or gets knifed, everything is ok. The cake can fall on the floor and while it would be very disappointing and everything, it's not the end of the world.

That's the kind of thinking that kept me sane, anyway....
Mr. DM and I had a nice weekend. Saw a film and other than that just relaxed. Mr. DM has a meeting at another employment agency tomorrow, and I hope he gets a job opportunity.

((rose)) Have fun on your trip, and good luck to your mom (she had surgery right?)

((mornington)) Glad you had a nice day. Hope Borders gets you magazine soon. My old Borders was really bad about having good magazines.

((bunny)) Hope the cold sores go soon.

((mando)) I love the vesta shoes.

((yuefie)) Sorry your car is not working right. Hope the repairs aren’t expensive.

((kim and everyone involved))

((anoushh)) Feel better.

((pixie)) I saw the pictures of the Montreal overpass collapse, it looked really bad.

((syb)) Glad you had a nice meal with your dad.

((quantum)) Yay for more money at work.

((tesao)) Hello.

((faith)) Long hours at work that sounds rough. I hope you have some you time.

Nice week ahead for all ((busties)).
::walks in, eyes bug out at the length of the archives, thinking that reading all of it looks too daunting to do on a Sunday night, eats more apple crisp while pondering the meaning of the world, looks around and realizes that there's fresh laundry on the sofa waiting to be folded before she retires for the evening, thinks some more about how Depp her love is for BUSTies, knows that she still hasn't told the story of failing her driving test the first time, stumbles out in a haze of Kvetch, wanting desperately to come back for one more hit::
as long as no one punches anyone or gets knifed, everything is ok.

That's true. My wedding ended with a car crash, and everyone still talks about how much fun the wedding was. PnP's wedding date reminds me that in three weeks, I will be in Ireland!

My medication is making me loopy. Looopy! I was singing and dancing to myself, and I'm feeling way out of it. (And tesao, the bakery is closed, but there's still some trouble--I have a stubborn bacterial infection. Thanks for the preemptive hugs.)

My parents were here for a private burial for my grandpa this weekend, so they came into the city and had brunch with us and it was nice. Then Martini and I ran errands and saw "The Science of Sleep." It kinda blew my mind, and not in a good way.

(((((youze guys)))))

oh and mandi: GRESHAM ALL THE WAY.
Heh. Sounds fun, sidecar! Did you already say what kind of medication you're on? I want one of those.

Aww...when do we get pictures of Indigo in his new duds, Mornington?

Good luck to Mr. Designerm! ~~~lots of job vibes~~~

I'm about to do some retail therapy soon. Once I've gotten a few more shifts under my belt and probably after my mom and mom-in-law leave next week...they are getting here this Friday.

Love to Anoushh, PnP, Faith, Yuefie, Bunny, Raisin, Rosev, Pixie, Tes, Sonik, Billy, and everyone I'm not naming!
whoa, a car crash? would you care to elaborate on that one sidecar? curiosity is killing the cat over here. well that and an obvious lack of pie tongue.gif

((((amilita))) just 'cause

((((mornington)))) how is indigo and pete getting along?

~~~jobbie vibes~~~ for dm & the mr.

~~~safe travel vibage~~~ for rose

colds and cold sores be gone! ~~~feel better vibes~~~ for all kvetchies who need 'em

mandi, I like the gresham ones, they are soo cute. but the mandy's look very comfy too.

hey raisin, come back soon! and bring some of that apple crisp with you. hey that's almost pie, maybe that would cheer my avatar kitty up, hee hee.

(((((YOU))))) hugs and keeces for everybody and maybe some pinches for some of ya too wink.gif

ugh, one day without a car and I'm climbing the walls.

I think they're cold sores... they're round at least. I never suffer from cold sores anywhere else on lips though so maybe they're not; I'll ask the pharmacist today.

PIP love the avatar! I think the pole is a really fun present (and something you obviously wanted wink.gif). Reminds me of a friend's 18th birthday when her male firends bought her a vibrator and she opened all her gifts in front of her gran.

$"$"$"$"get that job vibes for Mr DM"$"$"$"$"

I heart raisin.

I second the curiousity about sidecar's wedding!

vitC~vitC~vitC vibes for anoushh~vitC~vitC~vitC~

rose, how long you going to T town for? will you have internet access?

mornington, I'll try to take photos. where'd you buy the pants? m&s ranges kick (and comfort) ass just now. I heart my new underwear (although keeping a lot of it until the weekend biggrin.gif).

funnybird, how did it go?

where are crassy and tempest and cstars and sixelacat and KMP and damona?

k, going to edit my post just to see if a little message comes up like it did with raisin's in bootay thread.

p.s. I think it was Tesao that had asked about the glass pumpkin patch. Well, the glass pumpkins at MIT were, like, hundreds of dollars. Each one is made by teams of students in the glass lab and they are GORGEOUS, as you could tell by the picture I posted. They came in all sorts of beautiful bright vibrant colors, stripes, swirls, opaque, clear, and almost all of them had these swirling ribbon-like stems. Yet again another example of Champagne tastes clashing with beer budget. Maybe next year I'll get there extra early so I can get a small one for less than $100.

(ETA: While I was there, I ran into a guy from college I had a MASSIVE CRUSH on for, like, two years. We were friends, but wasn't all unicorns and rainbows with him. Of course there's a complicated story behind it, so I'll add it in the "stories to tell" right behind my story of failing the driving test. But he is still 100% fucking hott after all these years -- and probably still a bastid.)

Okay, PiP, I'm having a hard time imagining a traveling stripper pole. Don't those things have to be bolted to the ceiling and floor? But what do I know, I've only seen strippers and stripper poles in public places.

Oh, crap, LOOK AT THE TIME! I really have to get going. Ugh. ::yawn::

I don't know how the hell I'm ever supposed to catch up.

Hugs and keeces and silly, silly apple crisp!
I want a stripper pole too.

Mando, greshams all the way (and not just because I'm a slavish pack follower).

Mornington, I love a male Welsh accent. Lucky you!

Bunny, I once read (can't remember source, sorry) that cracks at the corners of the mouth signals a vitamin deficiency, which would also tally with what anoushh describes. Maybe load up on fresh fruit and veggies and some B and C?

'K, my hair is now dark. It's nice and shiny but I need to look all healthy and rested if I'm going to go about with hair this dark brown. Otherwise the colour just accentuates the circles under my eyes.

Bruise is just about gone, hooray!
ooh Squee! Rosie will be here tomorrow!! I know you may not have time to go out and do things while taking care of your mama, but if she's feeling up to it, I could always bring minipixie over to see her.

Bunny, if it's just in the corners of your mouth blistex may work. and I agree that it could be from not having enough vegetables. I get mouth sores when I don't eat enoughh vegetables.

((Yuefie)) I'm glad Kim is doing better!

Raisin, yay for old crushes!

Sidecar, a car wreck? I had a tornado at my wedding.

Pip...Sorry I brought it forward a week. I got mixed up on the dates. I saw one of those poles just the other day when Mr. Pixie and I were shopping.

((Mornington)) just cause

((amilita, fina, faith, DM, Tes, all busties))

Hello, everyone. Got a LOT to do before flying out tomorrow morning, so this will probably be my last post for a bit. I'll have access to the internet at my parents' house, but I don't think I'll be on it very much.

Mom's eye surgery is Wednesday morning. It's a cataract surgery which normally isn't very risky, but she has an old injury to this eye so there's a higher risk of complications. She says she is looking forward to having better vision, but I'm sure she's nervous, too. After the surgery, she won't be able to lift anything over 5 pounds (?) and she won't be able to bend over for a few days, so I may have to help her get dressed and everything. I also plan on giving her a nice pedicure and cooking for her and just pampering her for a bit. smile.gif

Okay. Gotta mail bills and buy groceries for Sheff and do laundry and find out what (if any) liquids I can take with me and PACK! Eep!

((((((((((love for all of you))))))))))
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