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kvetch:I went and had my oil changed on my lunch break. Now, I realize I know more about cars than your average woman. My ex husband used to work for a lube place, he was an amatuer mechanic, and I've watched him rebuild more engines than I care to think about. Plus, Mr. Pixie is the Office Manager of a transmission shop. My $19.99 oil change would have cost me $200 if I didn't have the knowledge I do. We even joked about it last night, but it still infuriates me that if a woman goes in to have anything done on her car, they will automatically try to sell her a bunch of stuff she doesn't need! First they told me my transmission was supposed to be serviced at 50k miles and it wasn't and it is 65k miles now so it really needs to be done and shows me an offending drop of red transmission fluid pointing out how "burnt it is" Umm...transmission fluid is red when it goes in! And how in the hell does this guy know if it was serviced at 50k? As a matter of fact it was by the dealership I bought it from!
Then he tells me that there are cracks in my sepentine belt...they can replace it for the low cost of $79.99. I can get one at the parts store for around $30 and any belt that has been on a moving car for more than 5 minutes is going to have cracks! I calmly told him I just wanted an oil change.
"well you really need to have these other things...." I cut him off and told him my exhusband used to be in the business...he shut up, walked away, and wouldn't even look at me, much less talk to me, as he was ringing me out! I can't help but sit here and wonder how many women are suckered into this kind of thing everyday?! And it happens EVERYTIME!
When I was trying to buy a car, a guy at a dealership tried to convince me an obvious transmission problem was "just a CV joint" and wouldn't cost much to fix..he'd knock off $100. I flatly told him I would not be buying a car from someone who didn't know at least much about cars I do.
Bleh! to
*dishonest mechanics
*cancelled Broadway shows
*crappy UPS delivery people, packages in bushes and nosy neighbors
*mines that won't detonate (heh heh)
*sapphy's annoying client
*rose and mornington's illnesses

~*~*~job vibes~*~*~ for designerm and seabird

mornington, hope the counselor helps.

saphy, I wish I could see your hair, too. Oh, and I'm definately not going to the guy lots of my friends love...he's been cancelling appointments because he's hungover/wasted and totally forgetting appointments (I imagine for the same reason.) But, I do have a lead on a woman who has cut hair of some other friends...problem is she is mostly a color person, so I have to find out if she even just does cuts.

Thanks for the sympathy on the sleep thing, ya'll. The Mr. did better this morning.

I tell ya, by observing my nephews and how they wake up, I think that's just an ingrained personality thing...ya don't even wanna talk to the twins much for a couple hours after they get up, but the older guys are fine and chipper. I'm somewhere in between.

Crassy, I love that you pretend to be asleep until your Mr. leaves. That makes me feel less bad for the couple of times I've acted more confused/asleep than I really was so he'd leave me alone. Hee. I WAS really tired, though.

teaso, we miss you, too!

Mando, I love that you checked the brakes! It's not unreasonable, either...I'm sure Danny is having a good time. That's gotta be hard, though.

Well, I've gotta call our landlord and tell him we are definately moving the gallery to our home's storefront. I really like him...I'm procrastinating.

Went to a neighborhood crime watch last's good to be meeting the neighbors and all that, even if we live on the busy street that borders the official neighborhood. So we're not a part of things in the regular way.

A captian of the police department came to the meeting, and when people were saying things about how cops are just driving by without talking to the people around out on the streets, he got rather impassioned while telling the people at the meeting how traumatized some of the cops are. I really felt for him.

It seems they don't really have any ongoing psychological help for these men and women, and I can tell you from what little I went through, THEY NEED IT. People don't wanna stop harping on the looting that cops did, but for one thing, it wasn't the majority who did that. And for another thing, those cops were on their own! They had to steal water, food, vehicles, gas, etc. They had no backup, dammit. They had to steal to be of any help to citizens.

I am so grateful to any first responder who stayed. Period.

End rant. I'm all ranty lately. Love to all.
*******drive by********

((((((much love to all))))))

quick kvetch: i've had hellish periods for the last year and a half, since baby w was born. incredibly heavy and horrible cramps. i kept hoping it would go away, but it hasn't. so i went to the dr yesterday and he said that my best option to manage this would be to go on birth control pills or get one of those hormones-filled IUD's. the irony is, i had a tubal when i had my c-section w/ baby w so i wouldn't have to deal with hormoanal birth control. this sucks. my other option is a hysterectomy. um, no. i'm 26, i'm not ready for menopause! does anyone know if there are other options? my dr is pretty good, but... y'never know. anyway, i had to have a cervical biopsy too, which i' still crampy and bleeding from... argh...

((((((more love to my kvetchies!))))))
Damona, they could do a partial hyst, where they just remove the uterus itself but not the ovaries, couldn't they? Then you don't have to bleed or have uterine cramping, and you just go through the hormonal changes of menopause normally. You get to keep all your hormones!

I've known some relatively young women who have gone through that procedure and were feeling great becuase of it.

good luck!

Dusty, I am one of the least stressed people around, though!

I'm sure he'll be fine, Mandi. You can do this.
I second what Amalita said. My ex MIL had a partial right after my ex was born....Insert joke here...But she never had to take estrogen o anything like that until she got into her 50's and went through normal menopause symptoms. I think after i am through having children, I may look into that. Who wants to keep having a period if you are done reproducing?
Drive-by to say thanks for the vibes. Feeling a tad better today (actually unpacked a few things & did a load of laundry), but still resting a lot. I'm thinking a nice bath will help, so that's my next destination.

Anti-kvetch: Things are going very well for Sheff at work. In fact, he and his team have dones such a great job that they are getting Friday off! A surprise 3 day weekend! I better be feeling better by then.

Tes, check your e-mail!

(((((( extra hugs for AntiO )))))) Your life is too exciting, man.

~~~~~~ soothing for Damona ~~~~~~ I feel for ya, hon. Hope you find something that helps!

Pixie, your story reminds me too much of the bad experience we had at a car dealership last weekend. I'm still fuming. As for packing, just remind him that anything he packs, he'll have to carry with him. A lot. And seeing as this is your honeymoon, you shouldn't need much clothing anyway, right?

Crassy, so sorry to hear about the tickets! What a nightmare!

~~~~~~ soothing sanity vibes for Mandi during Danny's absence ~~~~~~

Amilita, I feel for ya on the sleep thing. Sheff and I are an odd pair. He'll sleep all day if you let him. But if he has to wake up, he will bounce right out of bed the moment the alarm goes off. This totally astounds me. I usually have to lay there & moan & groan for 20 minutes or more before my toes touch the floor.

Starting to feel a bit wiped out again, so please forgive me if I just hug ((((((((((((all of you!!!))))))))))))
(((everybustie))) cancelled plays, C4 explosive migraines, neighborhood watch, debauchery in DC(but not for Danny, he's too smart for that), moves and crazy neighbors and wild glasses. This is why I love kvetch.

So my birthday was yesterday (which I rarely announce around here because I always forget other peoples' bdays, so no worries if you're a birthday rememberer, I probably never told you) but I am also on a new pill and I just got in a real funk. It's not my old friend depression, who I recognize, and I have very specific symptoms/ways to deal with. It's just a very hormonal, poor me whinge-fest. Things with Mr. Fling unflung themselves and left me feeling a bit rejected FOR NO GOOD REASON, then I kept expecting the ex to call even though we haven't spoken for almost a year and I didn't call on his birthday, and I am just asking everyone I know to set me up because I need to move forward, even if it's through lame blind dates. My cousin's very cute wedding this weekend (they're in the Sunday styles, I think the only interracial couple, if you follow the NYT weddings) made me even more angsty. I hate myself when I get like this! Argh!

And thank you all for your bar congratulations -- and yes I am trying to use it to put my head in perspective. Gah.
(((faith))) ***anti-angst vibes*** and happy birthday for yesterday
feel better (((rosev))) & woo! to shef
boo! for silly mechanics (((pixie))).
(((crassy))) - that is sooo annoying. Are they refunding you?
yay! for (((tes)))
(((mando))) you're such a petal for checking the breaks. ***sanity vibes*** Danny sound like a good, sensible kid (eigth grade - what's that, fourteen?) and faaaar to smart to get involved in any debauchery.
boo! for migraines (((antiotter))). Although I am jealous of you getting to blow stuff up.
(((saphy))) boo! for annoying clients
(((fina))) & (((dusty))). stop winding each other up /best mama voice

Well, I saw the counselor. We have another appointment next week. Maybe it's just my mindset but I don't see where he's going or what he's actually doing. He seemed to be tearing into me about not going to my GP for antidepressants (umm, I went to him to see if I am right in thinking I need them) - and about turning down appointments that I'd been offered before (I was due to be lambing so I couldn't make them). I don't know if they're going to help - I'll go back, but I very nearly walked out halfway through today. My reaction was pretty much "I finally get the guts to say I need help and I'm being torn into for not doing something earlier". He just seemed... I don't know really; impassive and uncaring.

I really, really wish my mother was in the damned country. I hate not being able to run to my family when I feel this shit; I can't stand my friends seeing me like this, and I feel terrible for inflicting my sorry self on H and ex-bf, and all of you.

Dang, mornington. That counselor doesn't sound so great. One of the halmarks of depression is difficulty seeking help! Also, I get nervous when anyone seems to decide right off the bat that antidepressants are called for...I mean, he may be right that you need them and it could be obvious, but combined with the attitude you felt from him...

If you go on medication, will the counseling continue? Can you request another counselor? It wouldn't hurt to give him another would be really good to express your reservations about him treating you, but I know that is hard to do.

Good luck to you, sweetie. Don't worry about posting too much here; feel free! Don't stop getting help just because you ran into one bad apple!
(((mornington))) I MUST send you a postcard that nakes you :-).

(((fina))) how scary! I can testify too that you are one laid back girlfriend . Btw, I have caught more sun in this fab heatwave we are having and bought more pork and apple sausages!

(((faith))) belated happy birthday wishes and CONGRATS for passing the Bar - way to go!

yay for pinchejoto sighting and tesao, missgoofball, kissmypineapple, sunny and seabird!!!

package "IN A FRICKING BUSH" and "My ex husband used to work for a lube place" both had me giggling!

amilita, I am sooooooo not a morning person either and the boy is but he usually makes up for waking me up by bringing me breakfast in bed :-).
Also, I found a great hairdresser in my friend D (who is currently studying hair and beauty and who I modelled for a few months ago which was loads of fun). He knows exactly what I want, what suits and does a great job.

*~*~*~*no more drama vibes for antiotter~*~*~*~* make like Mary J. dude!

(((sybarite))) are things better now, sweetie?

~*~*~*~*no more cramps for damona~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~*safe school trip for danny~*~*~*~* and ~*~*~*~*stress-free vibes for mama~*~*~*~*

(((everyone else cos I luv ya)))

kvetch: jonesing for the boy (all the more symbolic in a moment). His finals are next week and he has a presentation tomorrow, he is beyond stressed and I miss him so much.

anti-kvetch: I've been looking for a Jones soda supplier in the UK for ages as the boy is a fan AND his name is Jones; today my friend found a coffee shop close to uni that stocks them and I'm going to buy the boy some to cheer him up during his studying.

another anti-kvetch: I am loving the great weather we are having; I feel so much lighter, brighter and healthier. Taking my smoothie maker out of the box (was a very welcome Christmas present from a friend which I haven't had the space or opportunity to use) tomorrow to indulge in some lovely fruit smoothies. Healthier lifestyle=healthier mind, I hope!

I just don't have the time to hang out in here like I used to these days. Busy, busy at work and I picked up a bit of a cold this week too. But I did get to see Conan O'Brien yesterday AND Sigur Ros, a band I really like, all in one day!

((((much love to everyone)))))
(((Damona's innards))) A good friend of mine had symptoms like you are describing, and the doctors did a procedure to remove just the lining of her uterus. So, her organs are still there and she has not experienced early menopause. I think this procedure was called uterine ablation (not 100% positive on the name). Maybe this is an option for you?

Hurray for a (((Tes))) sighting!

((((Crassy, Sidecar, Mandi, Amilita, Rosie Vee, Fina's face, Dusty, Bunny, Pixie, Faith, Syb, Antiotter, Lively, Mornington))))

Kvetch: unexpected $450 car repair.
Anti-kvetch: we actually had the money, so there was no panic. All this extra work really is making life less stressful money-wise. A nice feeling.
Gee I think Mornington ran into my old therapist. He was sure all my problems would be solved if I got on Birth control pills and prozac, both of which I was very much against. I took the prozac for about three months, but started having short term memeory loss and another therapist switched me to lexapro instead.
happy birthday (((faith)))! so sorry you're feelin' down, maybe you could talk to the dr. about the new symptoms?

amilita, i think you're right that the cops really had to go through something terrible and didn't have any help, it's a miracle any of them stayed on really, i don't know if i could have. they really need to set up a bunch counseling centers where anyone can go for free -no questions asked.


(((rose))) awesome news about shef's extra day off!

(((mandi))) *~*~*safe danny*~*~*

(((sapphy))) is this job going to be over soon?? i just had a terrible flashback of a audio job i did for a production where the director changed his mind every single day (hell even sometimes twice a day during intermission!). ugh!

(((mornington))) i think that dr. sounds lame-ass, that is soooo not the way to treat someone of make them feel when they're coming for help. i would look for another person--afterall if you don't feel comfortable with the counselor you're not going to be able to make things better! but like someone else said, don't let one bad experience make you not go for the help you need!

i wanted to talk to my ups delivery person personally but am never around when he delivers. i thought about calling, but didn't think they'd be able to keep all that info in their system- i guess it's worth a try though.

and for the play, they did refund me (even the processing fee) so i called my mom to see if she had opened the envelope. she had and i told her there has been a slight change of plans but we're still going to a show on that date and i'll tell her all about it on mother's day. so i got tickets for 'beauty & the beast' which my mom loved in movie form, so i'm thinking she'll like it, even though personally i would have liked the other one. oh well.
Some Wally action for all my kvetchies who need cheerin' up! He's about 12 weeks old now. Plus, especially for crassy, he's laying on the red kitchen floor, which we were talking about. (You can see how it's somewhat rough.)

And happy belated birthday, faith! I hope you start feeling less out of sorts soon...

It's funny, it seems like sometimes things go in cycles around here...lots of health issues, or right now lots of us seem down. Maybe it's my imagination trying to see patterns or trends. Or just the way life works.

Tonight our friend is gonna feed us homemade spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and wop salad. Yes, here in the politically correct South, you can find that on the menu at some of the old-school places!
hi all kvetchies!!!

(((mornington)))depression is a sticky situation and the doc should have had more compassion for you even showing up.

((damona))'re dirrrr-ty...heheheh but i love you for that....i didn't even think of that...'package' 'bush' anyway, amazon had decided to refund the entire amount for the inconvenience. woo hoo! and today i am thinking about ditching class in order to help mom clean/move furniture and to clean and study....suggestions??
wallys adorable!!!
*birthday love and you-go-girl congrats and buck-up-little-camper vibes for (((faith))), who i think is all that and a bowl of cookie dough ice cream*

(((damona))) sorry, wish i had answers for you, darlin. maybe you can find out more about sapphie's tip?

(((crassy))) sucks about your original plans being foiled. but i've been jonesin to see beauty & the beast for years now, so color me jealous!

(((mornington))) we are your family, sweetcakes. use us as you will. and i'm going to go out on a limb and advise you to go with your gut and don't go back to that asshat. my one and only time in counseling, i knew from the get-go that this woman and i weren't cut out for one another, but i kept on with her thru 6 visits because i was afraid of hurting her feelings. which pretty much turned me off from trying again (but then again, i've always been torn about therapy for myself and didn't need much to dissuade me). maybe go to your GP and ask for a referral from him/her? i don't see a valid reason to give this cold fish another shot.

many thanks for the kind words & safety vibes. didn't hear from the boy til late last night. he and his roomies were a bit distraught at the two full-sized beds for 4 boys. i suggested they sleep head-to-toe, to which he replied, rather emphatically "mommy, two 13 yr old girls in a full bed is one thing, two 13 yr old boys in a full-sized bed is a completely different situation." so it was rather difficult hearing how exhausted he was this morning after little-to-no chair sleep last night. but at least he called.

and can i just say my b-i-l is a fucking noodge? he works in DC, and has been badgering danny to meet up for lunch. um, he's not 25 years old on a business trip, he's on a class trip with chaperones and his buds and a very tight itinerary, you twit. and you just saw one another last weekend. i know he loves danny to pieces, but he's also a little thick and gets under my nails sometimes. ok. alot of times.

and can i also just say i'm tickled to pieces that sunny made it to my house safe and sound - despite the evil bad-signage of the jersey highway dept - and that it's lovely to finally have her all to myself? altho i do intend to share.

eta: Wally The Adorable is getting too big! tell him auntie mandi says to stop growing up!
What on earth is in wop salad?

Wally's ears are MASSIVE!
Wop salad is just an Italian salad with olives or olive salad...and parmesean, vinegrette, friend puts salami in hers! Yum!

awww, look! our leetle wally is growing up! (& i lurve the floor!)

mandi, they moved it to a samller more intimate theater, so it should be good (*psst: i got tickets for only $65 each through 'plum benefits' that we have at work)

and yay for danny & sunny getting to their destinations safe and sound! (even though chair sleep bites i'd wager it's easier for a 13 year old?)

hee hee, my kitty had the same massive ears that wally does and he "grew into them" but we used to call him 'bat cat'

does anyone know if you can take a document in adobe pagemaker and make it into a 'quark' document --that's the only way the printer (who's doing the job for free) will take it!

1. I just called our gallery landlord and told him we are moving the whole works to the storefront at our house. It's all cool, he understands, but I hate doing stuff like that and it made me sad. We had already started fixing it up to be a gallery annex, but times are tough, and it's gonna be the actual gallery. It will be better this way, actually; our time won't be spent sitting and waiting for customers, but on stuff like making the website kick ass.

2. My mom just told me she had to put one of her kitties down on Tuesday because he tried to bite my 2-year-old neice unprovoked (actually he did bite her on the butt, but she had a diaper on) and then chased her around trying to attack her. My mom says he's been getting meaner.

3. I just saw that Rufus Wainwright was here April 9. The day before my freaking birthday, and I missed it. Tulane does a crap job of publicizing shows, is all I have to say.

So I'm a nerd and went to my own link and stared at Wally for a minute. I feel slightly better. Oh, and I was wondering if he will grow into those ears! It seems he might, huh?
Squeeee! What a cutie that Wally is. It looks like he has chihuahua ears. :-)

Yes, I am really looking forward to this job being over soon. The thing is, the guy told me when he contracted me to do this, that the necklace is for a CHRISTMAS gift, so there was "no rush" (his words). Well, that is fine, because Mother's Day has kept me hopping (it's my busiest time of year besides Christmas) and so of course I want to get that stuff done first. So why does he keep calling to ask how his necklace is coming along??? Because he's insane, that's what I've decided.

Jealous of the Mandi/Sunny lovefest.
Ha. I wonder if Wally's going to be a big cat. I called my guys Noddy and Big Ears for a while when Minou went through the huge ears phase, after some Enid Blyton books I had as a child. (((Amilita))) BTW, I kicked the guy who used to wake me up to the curb, but I'm sure Mr. Amilita has redeeming qualities.
(((Sapphy))) isn't it great to be in business for yourself and not subject to other people's whims?

Awww, poor (((Mandi and Danny))). Dude, let's do lunch, heh. I think that's great advice to (((Mornington))).


Happy belated birthday, Faithy!!!! Hate to hear that you've been feeling so down because you are just beyond fabulous in my book. ((((Faith))))

Mandi, please give Sunny my love!!! Hope her move is going well! And hope Danny's back survives the strange sleeping conditions.

((((((Mornington)))))) You do not need to go back to that therapist. Your counselor is supposed to be supportive and helpful. If the counselor starts lecturing you during the first session, just never go back. There are plenty of other therapists out there who are far more professional & sensitive.

Yay for the Wally pic! Love that red floor, too.

Sapphy, that guy lives in Crazy Town. Plain and simple.

Thank you all soooooo much for the health vibes. Yesterday's bath helped a ton. Two words, my dears:
That's what we've got in our master suite. Fabulous! Improved my mood & health substantially. And since I was feeling better last night, Sheff took me on a drive through the countryside. We passed a couple of dairies (which made me think of your family, Pixie) and a house with a Brazilian flag painted on the mail box (which made me think of Tes). Good times. Today I finally finished all of the unpacking & dish washing. The place looks gorgeous! Sheff is going to be so happy when he gets home. I'm thinking that for dinner we'll have chese tortellini with a nice basil sauce ... by candlelight. Mrowr! :-)

Warning:self absorbed rant ahead

Rose, remeber that big gown that I had you tack the hem up on a few years ago... yeah, so I was trying it on last night for my "formal wear" for the cruise...amn zipper wouldnt go all th eway up and i was getting frustrated...and i finally ripped it off my seriously ripped it all the down. It felt kind of good, but mr. Pixie got mad, especially when I crumpled into a heap crying about the weight I have gained.GRRR.
I just don't know what to do at this point. I mena, my goal was to lose weight by the honeymoon. And unless i miraculously drop a bunch in the next 48 hours, ain't happening. Mr. Pixie wants me to go back to the doctor for a bloodpanel since it's been a year or so. I've had 2 previous blood panls over teh last fews to try and determine why my weight is fluctuating so much. It seems I actually gain weight while trying to lose, and lose weight when I don't give a crap about what I am eating.
SO I'm thinking about it, BUT we really wanna have a baby and I kind of see it as pointless to do anything rigth now, knowing that I am going to be TTC in a few months. I just keep hoping that I will lose a bunch of weight in my hips and thighs like I did when I was pg with minipixie.
So anyway, my mood has been dark and ugly all day. Even my boss asked if I was ok...Poor Mr. Pixie isn't even looking forward to the cruise right now because we had a major money crisis this morning which has thankfully been averted by strategically robbing Peter to pay Paul. I am paying that boys credit cards off ASAP and then this won't keep happening!
((((mornington)))) you sweetie pie you, rosev is absolutely right. You should never leave a thearpist's office feeling worse than when you walked in. That guy sounds like he needs to attend some sensitivity training ASAP and get his head out of his ass while he's at it. His job is not to pick you apart, but to support you. He needs a big fat poke in the eye with a sharp stick. NEXT!

(((rose))) YAY for you feeling better and for your tub in your room. Sweet!

And some more belated b-day wishes and super congrats to the wunnerful bar passing (((Faith)))

((((mandi))) for being such a good mama and a bustie luv-bug extrordinare

((((bunnyb)))) heh, you diryt girl, you. much love for being such a honey bunny, for the love & support for my little bro who is going through a particularly difficult time. Your email made a world of difference and he asked me to pass that along to you.

He also asked that I send much love and vibage out to ya'll for the support and vibes for us both.((((kvetchettes))) <~~ some big hugs from PJ.

(((((tesao)))) sorry I missed your fly-by. Still pouting that I live on the left coast, while you're visiting the right one, hee ;)

((((amilita)))) & (((amilita's mama)))) evil kitty, how sad. thank goodness the baby had a diaper to pad her little tush. Wally is too cute for words. those ears, too much for one little kittyboy :-)

(((damnona's girlie bits))))

(((fina))) continued health vibes

(((sidecar))) color me jealous, I would die to see the masturbating bear sky dive, high-lare-eeeeuss! Oh and to see a taping of Conan is one my goals, though I may have to wait till he makes it out to LA, at the rate I'm going.

(((crassy, sapphy, antiotter, msgoofball, sybarite, dusty, miri, KMP, seabird, TG, plummie, anyone I missed)))

Sooooo.... There is a chance I might be able to return to my old job, just part time. Anything would be nice at this point. And as long as it's 20 hr's a week, I will get my medical benes back after 3 months. So please cross you fingers, your toes, your... whatever parts ya can cross for me and send out some super duper magikal kvetchette BUSTie vibes, if ya will. I really could stand to be able to go see a doctor with how screwed up my cycles have been, my emotional roller coaster (crying at lame commercials, feeling homicidal over really insignifigant stuff, etc), tummy upset and migraine headaches. Also they are implementing a dental plan, one that while not fab would allow me some sort of dental care. I've been suffering from a toothache for a few days, so this could be a great break for me.

I've been workingout a few times a week which is a new thing for my very large and out of shape butt. I've managed to lose part of the weight I gained during my fall/winter battle with sickness/depression/miscarriage/BAD breakup drama, and it is showing in the way my clothes fit. BUT, the scale will hardly budge and it's annoying me to no end. Yes, I'm thrilled that all of my pants are falling off my butt, and that I've gained some muscle, even though I don't have the money to really purchase new clothes. It sure would be nice though for the scary number I see when I step on the scale to just drop, even a teensy bit. Eh, at least I am feeling better physically. I never took myself for the workout kinda gal, but I so look forward to it now :-)

hugs'N'keeces *mwah*
(((lively))) ***job vibes***. and keep repeating that muscle weighs more than fat. the numbers on the scale don't matter, it's how you feel that does.


yay! for amilita's tub & for feeling better

(((amilita))) it's sad about your mum's cat & I hope she's ok. And oh my goodness those are some EARS on that cat. D'you think he has bat-sonar?

(((mando))) thank you sweetie.

(((bunny)))... good luck to the boy


thanks for the thoughts guys... I'm going to keep the appointment next week and see how it goes. I know I'm quite a defensive person - I get upset easily too. I'll try to make an appoinment with a GP and see about a referral too, but I'll leave it until after I've seen this guy again. Part of me thinks he's got to pick at me to see if I'm not just trying to get a free pass through these exams.

I ended up ringing my mum last night, waking her up, and said that I wanted her to come home. I know she drives me mad, and guilt trips me to hell and back over my brother, but I do miss having her around - I forget all the good stuff she does when she's so far away. She's back next weekend. The downside is she felt she had to tell my father - and he is now attempting to parent. Just what I need.

Anyhow, anti-kvetch: took Daphne to the vet. I've now got one of those vaccination-booklets with her name on it and it all feels special. And she was really very good - hardly moved when given her injection, let the vet cut her nails. She only tried to bite when the vet looked at her teeth, but the fingers were just there! She let me cuddle her too when I was crying on H as well.

And I skivved lectures (bad bad mornington) and went into town with bgp1 & 2. I'm a little brighter today.

much love & spare rabbit fluff to ((((everyone))))
I'm proud to say that I have read everything on here since my last post, and I vibed each and every one of you individually.

There's a momma bird who has taken up refuge on the ledge outside our kitchen window. She's such a trooper, huddled over her eggs round the clock, even now after a day of non-stop drizzle!
Just a fast post to wish eveyone a Happy Friday!

((May all Busties get everything they want and need))

((Good News))
Hiya {{{{everyBUSTie}}}}

A quick delurk for Crassy - I hope this isn't too late, but I asked GameBoy about your file dilemma. His answer was multifold, but between the two of us (and a quick call to his co-worker), this is what we can offer:

If it's a simple job and color matching isn't crucial, convert your PageMaker file to a PDF; late versions of Quark should be able to open it then, or your printer could just print straight from the PDF. Otherwise, some earlier versions of Quark may auto-convert if you ask it to open a PM file; or, there may be a conversion plug-in for the version he has.

Depending on your time frame, the final option is: go to Kinko's and use one of their machines to re-layout the file in Quark, or ask your printer to do it for you. Sadly, either of these may defeat the purpose of the "free." :-(

I wish I had a better answer, but maybe you'll find something in there you can use...

In other news, I am a) riding the crimson tide like I wiped out on a killer wave, b) working on my first real solo sewing project, c) actually getting to work on "concepts" for a work project. Otherwise, I'm mostly OK, though roller-coastering emotionally quite a bit lately. Obviously I'm still reading the boards, but most days I don't have enough brain left to post.

Oh, but also: HAPPY BAR AND BIRTHDAY to Faith! I knew you could do it. Hope you're holding up all right...I'm a bit angsty myself lately, so I feel you.

{{{{damona}}}} I think Sapphy is right about the ablation procedure...I'd recommend looking into it too. Good luck, darlin.

{{{{mornington}}}} Because you're a sweetie and never forget me in multi-name vibes.

{{{{amilita}}}} Yes, he *will* grow into the ears. Which might be scarier than the ears Buddy Cat looked much like that (except for color markings) when he was Wally's age, and yeah, he grew into the ears. But just ask TG: he's also a whole hell of a lot of cat. Your Wally might be a big ol' dude before long.

Also: cute. as. hell. :-)

Dammit, I'm starting to lose my train of thought. Um...

{{{{lively}}}} 'Cause I've been thinking you really need it.

{{{{mandi}}}} Because if you didn't worry, you wouldn't be a kick-ass mom.

{{{{everybody else whose troubles and happinesses I've missed}}}}

P.S. Stevie, did you get a chance to watch VM yet???
Hello everyone! I am feeling better this morning. Mr. Pixie took me shoppinglast night and bought me two more dresses for the cruise so I am happy.

My head is already on a beach in Jamaica sipping on Mai Tai's. I don't know how I will get through today at work! Then tonight we have to take our three dogs to three different places that will be watching them. But I am so ready to be gone.

~$~$$$~job vibes for Lively~~$~$$$~$

!~~!~!!anti depression vibes for Mornington!*!*!**!*

~**~**all purpose vibes for everyone else!~*~*~**

*waves at Plummie* I know we would have liked to meet up with you guys this weekend, but our schedule is a lot tighter than we expected. We will be going to the Galleria tomorrow afternoon and then Medival Times tomorrow night. But we are planninn to go to Six Flags some weekend this summer and maybe we can have a Busty Con then!
(((mornington))) poor babe. that is just uncalled for. the first time i was pushed into therapy i resisted it like the plauge. i just wasn't ready for it. and when i saw my first therapist she did the same thing. i felt like a failure for not going into therapy sooner. it made me even more resistant. my current therapist is great and what a therapist is supposed to be: encouraging, honest and really empathetic. he has helped me a lot. and i agree with everyone in that you need to find somone who makes you feel good and safe so you can open up and make progess. good luck to you sweety.

pixie i am so jelouse that you are going on a cruise. i need a vacation soooo bad. i hope you have a great time. i decided what to make you for your wedding gift. i am starting on it today.

(((lively))) keep up the good work you sexy gal!! just startig to exercise is the hardest part. i started lifting weights again and doing pilates and my body hurts all over. i don't really need to lose weight but i want to get back in shape. it is tough though.

amilita, wally is so freakin adorable!!! i had to scroll down and see the pic for myself and i am in love with that cat. i miss my kitty sooo much. i can't wait till we move into a house so we have the room for some animals. i really want a lab and a cat or two. but that means i need space and a yard.

(((busties))) **super duper vibes for all that need them**

I went to one session with a therapist once and cried all the way home. Its devastating to have them dump on you. And ya, go you, Mornington, for getting there in the first place.

Crassy, if it's Adobe Pagemaker, you should be able to make it into a PDF, which the printer can then import into Quark.

Also, the printer should move to InDesign because Quark is crap. But I guess that's not helpful

((mornington)) My last two therapists were grief counselors. One was great in terms of actual therapy but flaky as far as remembering appointments and billing; the other was great at the latter but detached and confused. I wouldn't go back to that guy, but continue "shopping," so to speak. Best of luck.

too much work and my allergies are acting up. Also: insurance is a bitch. On a related note, I started a new BC script called "Orvocon." I can't decide if this sounds like a feminist gaming convention or a fertilizer. Looking forward to a quiet weekend with my boy and my dog.
A therapist isn't supposed to dump on you, you're supposed to dump on them, and then they're supposed to ask you dreadful questions to make you admit all the stuff you really know already but don't want to acknowledge. Right?
My allergies are being bad, too, sidecar. Bleh!

This morning, my VCR/DVD player won't work...I watched a movie last night. It won't come on at all...I tried switching outlets, but no go. I can't even think of anything else to try, so I suppose I'll get a new one tonight or tomorrow.

Our website is very close to being done...I'm gonna send a link to everyone who asked to see the newspaper article; I hope that is OK! If you want the link, email me! I just made a funny post this morning.

Happy weekend everyone! Good vibes for all of you!
I know this is seriously sick and probably belongs in Media whores somewhere, but this morning I got panicy when I realized we would miss the second half of the CSI season finale and 2 episodes of Soprano's!Now I am wondering if Mr. pixie can set the VCR to record 3 different times.

I go all my work done this morning so all I have left to do between now and 5 is maybe an hour's worth at most. I am wondering if I can get my boss to let me cut out early.

argh! i made it into a .pdf and it's only showing up 1/4 of the document when it opens (the left hand corner), does that make sense to anyone? what am i doing wrong? i read the help section a million times & can't figure it out.
I'm not sure. Usually in the PDF-maker (is it Distiller?) there's a Setup section where you can specify the document size. I don't have Pagemaker here, so I can't help do it for you , unfortunately. sorry!
Drive-by to swear.

We got in touch with our insurance company today. Just to let them know that we live in anew state now and blahblahblah. Well, it seems that since we've moved and our new state has completely different insurance laws than our old state, then our rates will be different.
VASTLY different.
The rate they quoted us for our one car - just one little car and two very adult drivers - is TWICE as much as we were paying in Oklahoma for TWO cars. Fucking ridiculous!!!! The woman with the company said, "I can't believe I'm telling you this, but I'd shop around. Hopefully you'll find something better."
Hopefully. Ugh.
She said that our main problem is that Sheff is a new driver (he's had his license for just under a year). In Oklahoma that wasn't a problem because they go by age there & understand that a new 16 year old driver is probably going to have different driving habits than a new driver in his late 30s. But in North Carolina? Doesn't matter. He's a new driver. So the state adds on a HUGE HUGE fee. Absofuckinglutely ridiculous.

Guess we can't afford a new car afterall. Fuckers.

(((lively))) you and your wonderful lil brother (and my adopted big brother) are very welcome; you are both very special and mean a lot to me, I want both of you to be happy and healthy so continued love and support coming your way all the way from bonny Scotland.

(((mornington))) thank you so much for the vibes for the boy; he is so stressed and he's usually very laidback and confident so it's difficult for me to see him this way. I posted him a very cute good luck card with lots of care bear stickers on it with a description of the care bear vibes they would each give him which made his day; I love to make my boy smile :-), it makes ME happy. \gush.

no undie report?
*flings in*

((((bunny, bunny's boy, amilita, rosev, sidecar, txplum, lively, mando, danny-be-good, crassy, pixie, vesica, ladylib, dm, seabird, dusty, fina, msgoof, antiotter, tallgirl, and every single kvetchie))))

I smell of formalin, I won't stay long. I've been gagging all evening as the fumes made me ill (we were dissecting a dog thorax).

Hope you're all good & have sparkly weekends. Thank you for all the vibes - it has really really helped me keep above water. So beeeeg sqooshy hugs to you all.

*flings out*

oh, I am wearing undies, yes.
*another fly by*

(((((every bustie))))

chonies/bra check: lavender hipsters w/ pink butterflies, lavender bra w/ pink lace trim.
*pops in*
I just wanted to say bye before I head out to my honeymoon tomorrow! Know that i will be suffering serious withdrawls from Busting. For those on the postie list, I can't wait to get postcards for you all!

RV1. I need your new address for the posties..2. That REALLY sucks about insurance! I think it is high enough here!
Happy honeymoon, Pixie!

Boo on expensive insurance.

And good luck to crassy with her file problems.
Oh my gah. I think the Mr. is trying to be the saviour of the cat world...this morning he found a longhaired siamese baby with a tabby's a tan and brown with huge blue eyes. I think he may be about 6 weeks...I think we are gonna adopt him out ourselves.

The animal shelters here are so depleted, many places have suspended doing adoptions...the SPCA says they are euthanizing any kitten who isn't eating solid food, but my vet said someone else heard they were euthanizing all kittens because they have no clinic at this point. Geez. I don't think I wanna take the chance.

I'll take pictures I have to go give a friend a ride home from the airport. This was supposed to be my day off...yeah. Nice try.

Oh, and our landlord rented our gallery space, so we agreed to be out by Wed., which is great, we should get a load of rent back, but weekend of relaxation is not so much happening.

And I'm sick. Sorry for being all me-me-me! I know I don't have to apologize, but I am.
Hello, everyone! I unexpectedly have some posting time because I almost passed out in my fitness class today! Good Cod, I am so embarrassed. I've had this minor cold/allergies thing all week, but I was feeling better this morning and I got my allergy drugs, so I decided to take it, knowing full well that this class shreds me when I feel 100 percent.

About halfway through, I started to get dizzy and nearly threw up, so I had to bail. My instructor was like, "You have a cold, get some rest!" She wsa cool, but ugh. Some of it is my hangup about my weight (I am not fat, but I'm packing an extra 20 pounds or so, and am one of the bigger girls in my class) compared to others. I have learned my lesson: STAY HOME when you're not well, or start out with a LIGHT WORKOUT not a sweat-heavy total body class.

(((((Rose))))) When we moved to Chicago from Wisconsin, our insurance went through the roof. Try shopping around. I was able to knock $200 off my yearly bill last year. I used and for quotes. Also, do you have renter's insurance? Sometimes a place where you have two kinds of insurance will cut you a deal.

(((PJ & Lively)))) sounds like you need it.

(((sapphy)))) hang in there with the crap client!

Yesterday, I wore a beige wacoal and black satin VS hipsters with a corset-like thing on the back. Tres sexy.

And Plummie, we need to have an IM date about VM. Because I'm not about to watch it for the third time or anything...

And happy early mother's day to the Bustie mums! ((Mando, Damona, Pixie, and any other moms I'm forgetting)
Happy early mother's day to all the Kvetchie mommies!

~~~~ safe travel vibes & happy honeymoon vibes to Pixie & her hubby ~~~~
Your trip sounds so fantastic!

(((((( hugs to Sidecar)))))) Take care of yourself!

Amilita, another fur baby? EEEE!!! Can't wait to see the piccies!

Belated undie report: My bra yesterday was a beige minimizer. I think it's actually a Walcoal, too. Hmmm. Wonder if I have the same brar as that Mandilicious One!

I'm still cranky about the insurance stuff. I went to the Progressive website & they'll charge us more than our existing company. But I'll give a try, SideCar. Thanks so much for the help!

I'm still cranky, though. Sheff can't even mention cars to me without me getting seriously grumpy. Grrrr.

Anti-kvetch: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me just came on! Yay!
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