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Mediocre tacos blocking your house and/or disturbing the peace? There's no excuse for if they were good tacos, well, then I'd have other problems. We have some friends who live in a more "urban" suburb than we do and there's a larger Hispanic population than what my area. There's a 24-hour taqueria near their house. If that were near my house, I'd weigh about 800 pounds. Of course, now talking about taquerias has me craving horchata. And my local taqueria closed an hour ago. Damn.

Well, off to watch the re-run of tonight's PR- I let Le Boy watch Battlestar Galactica while his friend was over. It's okay, I escaped to the bedroom to watch my Gilmore Girls DVD.

Does anyone here have sensitive skin and use MAC? I like some of their colors, and their stores look fun, but I've never tried it, and Clinique's about all I can handle. Why I would spend $$ on expensive makeup I don't know, I wear it so infrequently. I'm still using makeup I bought for BGP's wedding and that was, oh, 3 years ago!! I'm with you, though, sidecar- I think the expensive stuff does last longer. i had to replace the eyeshadow base I bought back then because it dried up, but my foundation's still going strong. No weird smell, no goopiness. Has anyone tried Prescriptives? I'm thinking about doing their custom-mixed foundation because even though I have the lightest shade Clinique makes, it's still not quite right. Plus, I need a little green tint to balance out my rosacea, so I think I may go custom next time. I don't think it's too expensive- $30 for a bottle or so.

((hugs to everyone!)) Mornington, I finally got my replacement power cord for my iBook, so I'm much better today, too.
Oh Amilita, how infuriating! Hope everything works out for you & you get some nice taco-free sleep tonight.

((((((Mr DM))))) That really sucks. Hope he finds something more long-term soon!

Yuefie, did you get in on time? Did you get to see Beck?

Sidecar, your smoking ban sounds a lot like what they have in Tulsa. Smoking is allowed in bars, but is only allowed in restaurants that have a seperatly ventilated area for the smokers. I only know of one restaurant in Tulsa that caters to both, but it's an old greasy spoon with a lot of smoking customers. In fact, the smoking section there is twice as large as the non-smoking section.

Kvetch: I think my mouse has died. I still have the touch pad, but it's too hard to alter my font without the mouse. So I'll be back in black for a bit. A tad annoying, but only a tad.

Kvetch: Blisters on my heels. New shoes suck. Thank goodness for Neosporin!

Anti-kvetch: I went driving around again today! I found a certain mall that is a ways out. I went there to go to one specific store, but discovered upon my arrival that this particular store was closed for renovations. But! That's okay! Because right next door was a Sephora! So I popped my Sephora cherry today. Woo hoo! I decided not to buy any actual makeup without consulting my dear Busties first. Instead, I bought a couple Philosophy items: Cinnamon Buns shower gel/shampoo (which smells exactly like this amazing lotion I owned a few years ago that Bath & Body Works stopped making) and Gingerbread Man (which will hopefully help me get rid of the awful in-grown hairs I get on my legs all the time).

Pardon me whilst I run upstairs to take a luxurious shower! wink.gif
Oh man, I was just like, "Huh. I didn't know rosev had a pet mouse." Ha Ha. Time for bed!
dry.gif Oh gosh, ((((amilita)))) that sounds very frustrating! just the fact that you are now in the position of having to fear retaliation just, well it just blows.

((((mr. dm)))) and (((((dm))))
(((((rose's heels)))))
(((((anoushh))) just 'cause
(((((bunny))))) feeling any better?
(((((raisin))))) *mwah*

laugh.gif polly, we have no fewer than four 24 hr. taco shops (that's what taqueria's are called in San Diego) where I live. And that's out east in the boonies. In SD proper there's practically one on every third corner. I'm sure thats a slight exaggeration, but only slight! It's funny because right after bar closing time or any major event lets out they are slammed. I used to use the lightest shade of a Clinique foundation and it was never quite right for me either. I have terrible skin, it's sensitive, oily and acne prone! I couldn't use any of the MAC face products, just the eye and lip stuff. I like the heavier coverage stuff and that seems to never be conducive to sensitive skin. In fact I've had a hard time with most foundations, which is why I went with the mineral stuff.

sidecar, he was totally rockin'! I have been to several Tom Petty shows and this one was, hands down, the rockin'est one yet! I think they did it up right, seeing as this is supposed to be their last major tour.

Yes rose, we did make it time to see Beck. And wow, he really rocked too. Very high energy, as usual. And even though (as usual) the San Diego crowd sucked and lacked any real enthusiasm for Becks' set, we hooted and hollered and were dancing around like loonies

And I thought of you ((((mornington))), my sweet.

It got so cold though because the lawn was damp and a nice breeze kicked up. I must remember that just because the days still feel like summer here, doesn't mean the nights do!

amilita, me too! Glad that it's not the case.

Mmmm, Cinnamon Buns shower gel... Sometimes I go into Selfridges just sniff the tester bottle. I do it with Body Shop Body Butters too.

Yuefie, Im glad you enjoyed Beck. He's one of my favourite artists to see live; he always puts on such a fun show.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words of sympathy and support. I was pretty shaken-up, and even now the whole appeal thing sounds rather scary; what if my extenuating circumstances just aren't judged to be extenuating enough? I'm trying to be optimistic; I know my department generally looks out for their students (deadline mixed messages and communication screw-ups aside) and will fight on my behalf, plus staying on for an extra term means an extra term's fees (which should make the beady little eyes of the registration office light up). I've been getting unexpectedly kick-arse grades so far, and have enjoyed feeling parts of brain re-awaken after being deadened by five years of 9-5. To waste all of that (and to have to endure the general ignominy of failure) is too painful for me to contemplate.

Today I'm attempting a all-day marathon writing session, bunnyb style. I called in sick to work (well, my throat is a little sore) and I'm gonna fuel-up on toast and coffee, then type like a bitch for 14 hours. I'll be checking in on breaks.

~~~for bunnyb's tum~~~
(((designer medusa)))
eeek. just wrote out post and lost it sad.gif. anyway, it's a fly-by. rose, color=#CC66CC in square brackets then your text then /color with square brackets to close will bring your colour up without use of mouse. voila, all done without mouse.

@_@_@_@_@uber speed snail vibes for funnybird@_@_@_@_@ keep checking in and I can testify that Haribo works! btw, what are the papers on?

&~&~&~&no taco vibes for amilita~&~&~&~&~

(((everyone else))) will be back to kvetch properly later; need to study then go for test (2pm). Slept well although still tired and feeling better.

*doing a few cheerleading jumps for funnybird* you can do it, doll. we have faith in you.

bunny, glad you got some sleep.

((the dm's))) sorry to hear your ick news. hopefully the mr will find something betta.

amilita, definitely call the cops. you tried to be nice and reasonable. they're being asshats.

our local smoking bans apply to all restaurants and bars. only private clubs are exempt. i still find it offensive and absurd ... and i only smoke once in a blue moon now (when i'm drinking) ... and the fact that you can't smoke in an IRISH PUB anymore is a true sign of the apocolypse. apologies to the vehement anti-smokers. i just think it all could've been handled more fairly, and to the same effect.

of course, the lack of an ashtray in my camry definitely contributed to my "quitting" (see above), since my twice daily smoking used to take place on the way to work and on the way home. so. there you go.

yuefie, glad you made it to the concert in time. and this is why i annoy the crap out of whoever goes to concerts with me. i check that we have the tix every 5 minutes. i kid you not.

rose, i absolutely adore Cinnamon Buns. but i don't find it to be a great shaving gel. i much prefer caress Glowing Touch Silkening Body Wash. very moisturizing & makes me feel like i just came from the beach.

kvetch: the fucking phones are fucked again. which means upteen calls to inempt and/or rude verizon reps - not to mention a panicky bossman, because the weekend's coming. argh. i already have a headache.

The generator just went on and I just called the cops. I'm gonna go postal if they don't make 'em move.
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Sep 28 2006, 08:52 AM) *

... and the fact that you can't smoke in an IRISH PUB anymore is a true sign of the apocolypse. apologies to the vehement anti-smokers. i just think it all could've been handled more fairly, and to the same effect.

Except the Irish can't even smoke in their pubs anymore!

ETA: Go amilita!!
Oh my gah, the cops actually CAME and quickly! You don't know how unusual that is here...I'm gonna faint. They are still out there talking to them...

ETA: I saw a ticket being written and the generator is now off...trailer still there for now. I just hope none of our windows come up broken tonight or something...
~*~*~job vibes for Mr. DM~*~*~

Mmmmm...Sephora. Congrats on popping that cherry, Rose.

Kick their asses, Amilita!

~*~*~phone vibes for Mandi~*~*~

The news from here is that my f-i-l is going to be released from the hospital (knock on wood) this weekend. Woo-hoo! For those of you who have lost track, he's been in there since August 14. We're not really sure what his prognosis will be, but for now just getting him back in his own house is major.

Dinah kitty continues to improve, too. Her appetite is voracious now, and she is much more affectionate and playful. She seems to have put back on a little bit of weight also. (It's so ironic that I'm excited about her gaining weight, when she was so fat for so long and I was trying to make her lose weight.)

Beautiful fall weather here, and Benadryl is keeping my allergies under control so I can actually enjoy it. Woot!
*I'm back, and now with 33% more cheer!*

sort of

Funnybird, that blows major goat balls. Bah.

That's good news, sapphy! And I'm glad the kitteh continues to improve...

Amilita, what an icky situation...I'm sorry about the generator...and that the tacos aren't even good. I mean, I could support a constant cheap taco supply near my house, but not in the situation you describe...and not for mediocre tacos!

((any and all busties who need hugs))

yay for the concert, yuefie! I keep thinking about that cover of BUST with Beck on it, with "Do ya think I'm sexy" written under him. Why, yes. Yes I do, Mr.Beck! Even with the scientology...

heh, I like the smoking ban...last time I was in michigan I got totally confused by people smoking in a restaurant. I was all like, "can they DO that?"

Oh,, I seem to be depressed again. Story of my life. Disappointment in school and my physical health situation and this dark, dark apartment...planning "wedding" stuff (I used the term wedding loosely) is fun and all, but it also drives home the fact that many of my friends have all scattered so far and wide that I can't even justify inviting them to the that makes me feel lonely (I will have two of them there; one is going to take some pictures, damn her talent! wink.gif )...and then I start missing my grandpa, then mourning the relationship I never had with my evil, also dead grandma...and I just get annoyed by the whole process. Self esteem issues rearing their ugly heads again.

So I think I actually need some actual freaking therapy...cbt stuff, which is different from the previous, um, nine. Sheesh. Nine therapists and I'm 24. I'm going to go whimper and cut mat board now.
(((sidecar))) I used to wear that scent!
(((dm))) & (((mr dm))) that. blows. goats.
(((raisin))) lj lj lj lj lj. just for you...
(((amilita))) urgh. hope it gets sorted! and enforced... and your windows are ok.
(((polly))) i have sensitive skin, and mac foundation is ok (although i'm prone to acne, it takes a few days of wearing for me to get a few spots). And I haven't had a problem with thier mascara either.
(((yuefie))) yay! (although... noooooo. he has to come here first...)
(((rose))) rip mouse.
(((funnybird))) ***writing vibes***
(((mando))) ***go away headache*** & ***phones be back quick***
(((sapphy))) yay for f-i-l!
(((bunny))) how'd the test go? are you feeling better?
(((anoushh, pink, txplum, tempest, cstars, sixe, syb, pixie, treehugger and everyone I've missed)))

nothing to report. it's been raining. I have to go cook food. And watch What Not To Wear, even if it doesn't have trinny & suzannah on it anymore. Oh, I have a date tomorrow... blink.gif . Pfft.

So BUSTie vibes work ... so I'm told. I wouldn't know, I didn't receive any and I failed sad.gif.

Feeling crappy.

And crabby. Sorry.
My sister just called to tell me that one of the babies Kim carried died this morning and she is really taking it hard, blaming herself. I'm so sad for her and the parents. sad.gif


((((((((Bunny)))))))) So sorry, honey bunny. I would have vibed if I'd been in here earlier. So sorry that things didn't work out.

((((((((((((Kim and the adoptive parents))))))))))))

Kvetch: Headache. Bleeding. Bleh.
(((yuefie))) that's so so sad. sending a ton of copage vibage westward.



(((bunny))) so sorry i didn't send you the vibes. i feel hella guilty.

(((mornington))) you fixed my phones! thank you! (but bossman drove me batshit crazy all day. god he can be such a fucking pain in the ass.)

i'm so upset about the baby. can you imagine growing up without your twin? my grandma was a twin, and her sister died at birth. talk about survivor's guilt.
The babies were named Zoe and Milla, Zoe didn't make it due to a brain hemorrhage. Milla was seemingly the weaker of the two, and isn't doing so well now either. They just seemed to be doing well and gaining strength but then Milla started having problems and Zoe suddenly died. It's all so sad sad.gif
Bunny--yes you did! And just b/c people don't write on here doesn't mean they aren't thinking it.

That test is crap. I've been driving for 20+ years and I failed it the first time. I know it sucks, but next time will be better.

Was just thinking of Sapphy last night. Glad to hear there's some good news!

(((Yufie and everyone))) It is sad.
((bunny)) sorry to hear about the test (and this is the first chance I've had to log in all day.)
(((yuefie's friend and the babies and their family))) that is so sad.

btw, polly, my skin is dry, pale, and sensitive, and i find prescriptives stuff much better. when i wore foundation, that's what i used, and that's the tinted moisturizer i wear now. it's $30 but it'll last you a year. the shade's lighter than clinique's too.

sapphy, that's great news! what a relief for all of you.

back to cleaning up rogue html code. blah. i'm starting to see everything in tags now.
(((Kim, Zoe and Milla))) So, so sad. They were how many weeks along, Yuefie? Wasn't it like 34 weeks or something? I remember it wasn't super premature.
(((Luci))) Ain't no shame in therapy, girl. Just shows you care about self-improvement and getting what you need. And I remember that Beck cover, too!

Yay for f-i-l, Sapphy!

One thing I learned about myself this week is that although I am feeling so, so much better, I have almost no coping reserve. That taco trailer thing was really throwing me's like, I just want things to be OK for a little while. I can't deal very well with much. When I left the house earlier, the lady came over and told me they would be moving tonight and that there would be no more generator today...and so far, so good.

I definately haven't been vibing as well as I could in writing, but I'm keeping up reading and vibing everyone in my heart and head, at least!

I've been really getting some things done, including talking to some important friends on the phone who I have been neglecting for most of the year. It feels really good, but I still feel a little overwhelmed with it all and trying to make up for the last year of depression and turmoil is a lot. We also have our first group art show in our gallery coming up on Oct. 14th...we have SO MUCH to do to get ready, but I think it's going to be good.
*drags self in sheepishly*

sorry for being a biatch earlier, I was disappointed and still really tired (I also hadn't eaten at all at that stage). I know that you vibe in your heart and you think of kvetchies during the day just like I do. Group hug? anyway, I was annoyed with myself but booked again for Wednesday! I aced the hazard perception which at least proves I can drive but sucked at the multiple choice (there were insurance and ecologically friendly Qs in there!)

(((kim, zoe and milla))) that is so, so sad. T (stepdad) was a twin and his died at birth, he has his name as his middle name. Although, boy's mama told me really uplifting story recently of someone who miscarried (for the third time, I think) after several rounds of IVF treatment and was devastated and was going to take time out when they discovered another heartbeat - it had been twins and one survived smile.gif. Kim has done a beautiful thing no matter what and the parents will be delighted at having a child, it's horrible though that it has to be tinged with sadness. (((yuefie)))

(((amilta))) that's natural when depressed - I can be fine and coping/coasting along happily and then bam something happens -big or small- and it sends me over the edge. Like work. You're making progress and you're back working so baby steps, k?

(((luci))) same applies to you. No shame in therapy either. Doc suggested counselling to me this time as anxiety not helping the depression and may as well since work are paying for it!

funnybird, how did today go? thinking of you and I'm open to proof-reading if you want me to/have time before submitting/need fresh eyes.

(((sapphy))) glad things are improving!

(((mornington, sidecar, mandolyn, raisingirl, sixelacat, sybarite, dusty, roseviolet, pixiedust, polly designermedusa, tempest, crassy, fina, faith, txplumwine, tesao ....)))
Hey, driving tests suck and so does low blood sugar.

And we all have those "nobody loves me!" moments. I know I do. It's ok.


Therapy is an investement in yourself, which I think is a good investment to make.
thanks (((anoushh))), as for no-one loving you: I so wanted to give you individual attention in my last post for being so sweet and forgot sad.gif so sorry and here's a post just for you!
amilita, the babies were born at about 31 1/2 weeks. She was hospitalized at 30 weeks because she had begun to dilate. They then told her she would be on complete bed rest for the forseeable future as they were trying to make it to at least 36 weeks.

My sis just called to ask me to please pick my niece up instead of coming up there. This morning they told Kim they needed to do an MRI. She has been suffering from bad headaches, nausea and running a fever the past couple of days and they've been giving her antibiotics. Apparently they came in to tell Kim that they now need to do a second MRI. She said from the nurses demeanor it's clear they are very concerned, and they are now waiting for the doctor to come in to speak to them. Kim is in a total panic meltdown and my sis, of course, does not want to leave her side at all. So I am off to pick my niece up and to deliver the sad news to her. Any vibes you can all spare would be ever so greatly appreciated.

(((((mandi)))) for all the love, always.

((((bunny))) ugh, drivers tests are the worst. just thinking about taking one makes me shiver & my tummy ache. I had such massive test anxiety that I put off getting my drivers license for a *very* long time. And it wasn't that I couldn't drive or had that much driving anxiety (I did have that too and still do), it was actually the test taking I couldn't handle. I did the written portion several times with any problem, but the behind the wheel part, I would keep cancelling my appts. Don't me too upset or hard on yourself, you'll do better next time.

((((anoushh)))) *extra huggin's*

(((((luci)))) what bunny and anoushh said. (I still have that issue of BUST with Beck on the cover)

(((((kvetchies)))) my love to you all

((((((((((((Kim & Milla)))))))))))) That dear woman. My heart goes out to her and to the whole family. Keep providing up-dates, Yuefie.

Bunny, I failed my first driving test. When I'm nervous, I have trouble telling my right from my left, so I made a wrong turn. The tester made me pull over and asked me to raise my right hand (I did). And then told me to raise my left hand (I did). Then he snarkily asked, "Think you can keep that straight for the rest of the test?" I burst into tears. I was humiliated ... until I found out that most of my friends had to take the test twice! It's far more common than you might think. So just take today as a great learning experience. You're sure todo much better next time. smile.gif ((((Bunny))))

((((((((all of you))))))))

Suddenly feeling more crampy. And I'm supposed to go out with Whino later. Uuuuugggghhh. At least this means I'm not pregnant, though. Gotta look on the bright side.

[hobbles off in search of ibuprofen]
(((More for Bunny))) And I forgot, but I failed my first test, too! The driver's part. I can totally understand feeling frustrated.

~~~cramps be-gone~~~ for Rosev

(((Kim))) Please keep us updated, Yuefie. Those babies were more premature than I remembered. Sending lots of good thoughts...


I found a comforter in just the right terra cotta color on major clearance at Target for 12.50!

And we picked up the postcards for our group show and they are kick ass!

When I was a teenager I failed my driver's test three times. I may have had the same examiner for at least one of those tests as you did, Rose.

I distinctly remember thinking, when I finally passed (and I took nearly a year break to get over it eventually) "At least I'll never have to do that again!" ANd of course I moved to the UK and did have to do it again. Passed on my first try then (but failed my first theory test, only passing the second time) and was later told that particular examiner was really mean and tough, so sort of felt vindicated. But I spent a lot of money on driving lessons just trying to get over that fear of being tested and learning to take the test. It was so frustrating having been driving for 20+ years and going through that again.

I had a cororker who moved from Malaysia and had to retake her driver's test. Last time I spoke to her she was trying for the 3rd or 4th time.

$12.50 for the perfect comforter is a huge score!

I have mixed feelings about surrogacy, but what a terrible thing for Kim, babies, and everyone to be going through. Best wishes for everyone. Yufie, don't forget to take care of yourself, too.

(I don't understand the appeal of Beck, personally. But I too still have that issue....)
(((kim))) & (((milla))) we're all pulling for you, sweetpeas. pooled bustie vibes are a wondrous majik indeed.

i totally tear up, just thinking of what they're feeling.

(((yuefie))) (((yuefiesis))) (((yuefieniece))) (((PJ)))

(((amilita))) i haven't been thru your year, but the inconsideration of the taco brigade would still make blind with rage.

(((bunny))) my favorite biatch. wink.gif (and you know very well i can see your biatch and raise you four.)

"... we all have those "nobody loves me!" moments. I know I do."
i don't. nuh uh. never. wink.gif

rogue html code. sounds like a killer band name to me. hee.

antikvetch: i've been putting off calling my cousin, for a week now. didn't want to make anyone cry, in case they were momentarily "ok", the whole "i don't know what to say" syndrome. but i knew i had to call tonite. it's been a week. and we just had the best conversation. we laughed. we cried. i don't know what made me forget, the thing grieving people DON'T need is to be treated with kid gloves. or avoided. they need to laugh. they need to cry. they need to talk. they need to know you care.

seriously. how could i forget that? maybe because i'm too immersed in my own pity party. idjit.

(((group hug)))
I don't really have any news and I'm too drained to kvetch properly, so I just wanted to say thanks for all the vibes and hugs. BUSTie vibes are truly the best.
(((kim and babies))))

I also failed my first driving test. I had to retake the written test when I moved to my state, and I got three wrong, but I passed. (and rose, you're not the only one who cried when she found out!)

(((((mando))))) your cousin truly appreciates it. trust me.

((((random sparkly hugs to all and sundry)))))

You are more than welcome ((((Yuefie)))) And I love that you have that image as your avatar now! "No Pie?!?" A tragedy, indeed!

Mandi, I'm so so glad you had such a wonderful phone call with your cousin. I'm sure it made her feel loads better.

Anoushh, is your pedicure tomorrow? I forget. As for the driving tests ... there is a certain type of personality that works at the DMV. I think it was a pure stroke of genius when the writers of The Simpsons decided to make Patty and Selma work there.

Hooray for sales! And postcards! Hope the gallery show goes well, Amilita.

How's the tummy, Bunny-hunny? wink.gif

((((Mornington)))) 'Cause I feel like giving you a snuggle.

Funnybird, are you out there or still busy writing?

((((more hugs for DM & the Mr.))))

Sapphy, I forgot to say earlier that it was good to hear from you. Here's hoping your loved ones continue to improve.

Pixie, I forgot to mention something to you on the phone! Remember Talulah, the cute sheep that you bought for me, like, 10 years ago? Well, my old college buddy actually asked me about her this week. What do you think it means when your old friends inquire after your stuffed animals? biggrin.gif

Kvetch: I felt too ill to go out with Whino and friends. Bleh.

Anti-kvetch: She was super sweet about it. She even asked if I needed anything because she knows I live a little ways out in the country. So sweet!
Am I the only one here who passed the driving test on my first try? *dodges rotten tomatoes* laugh.gif

I hate being away for two days during the week. So much happens!

(((((bebes))))) The loss of a life is so incredibly hard, especially when that life hasn't had a chance to be one yet. She will come back as our first female president. The world is just not ready for her dynamic personality yet. In other words, there is always a reason for what happens. It may not make sense, and it quite often hurts like hell, but things will work out.

I heart smoking bans. You cannot smoke within 25 feet of the entrance of a business in Washington. YAY. Going to the bar is lovely now.

I do like the taco stands in San Diego, however, if a taco stand was in front of my house, I would not be very nice... not. at. all.

Bunny, you will pass. dont worry about it. My brother took it 5 times before he passed.... I dont like to ride with him.... blink.gif

So. I've had an interesting few days. Warning: Detailed, LONG post ahead.

Tuesday: I'm getting my hairstyle done to test it for the wedding day. While in the chair, I'm telling her about the fuck up on Monday on the part of the Chapel. Speaking of the devil, my phone rings. I shit you not:
"Well, the Chaplains Office doesnt have your paperwork. You must not have turned it in. We dont have it."
"Bullshit. You do too. I faxed it to them, then called a half hour later to confirm that they had it. They READ it to me. DONT tell me that we didnt turn it in"
"Oh, well we dont have it at all and their office says they never received it. You're going to have to resubmit it"
"Thats bullshit. That office has it. They LOST it."
"You're going to have to call them"
"Fucking wonderful." I hang up.

I proceed to call Future Mother In Law. She is PISSED. She proceeds to call her husband who is a retired Senior Chief in the Navy. He dusts off his anchors and makes a few phone calls.
Suddenly MY phone is ringing for Senior Chief Irishdad. "No, this is his future daughter in law"
"oh, I am soooooo sorry ma'am" about 20 times, in varying styles and such, "Your wedding and rehearsal date are secure" and "Its my fault as office manager" and so on and so forth...

It wasnt so much kissing my ass... because it was rather moist... I think there was licking involved.
Either way, Irishdad pulled rank and kicked butt.

We saw Bridezilla and the rarer species of Future-Father-In-Law-Zilla on Tuesday.

Wednesday: I get up at 8:30, go to my appointment at Planned Parenthood at 9:15. Didn't get violated until 10:05 after sitting in the lovely paper dress in the cold exam room for 25 mintues without so much as a head peaking in to let me know that they were running late. Yeah. Not happy. Irishboy has an appointment 30 minutes away at 11.
Booked it home to pick him up to take him to his appt., get there, he finishes up, and we head to the chapel to give them the paperwork. They got snippy, I got snippy, they apologised, I smiled and nodded.
Then we went to his parents house, and everyone was hot tempered. FUN.
Irishboy drank with his brothers even though he was supposed to be DD for me, as its my best friend's 21st bday week. GRRR
Anyway, we went to the bar, had a BLAST. I had to take BF home with me cause she was in no shape to drive. On the way home, because he was angry at a friend of his, Irishboy starts to take his temper out on me, calling me names and being a general shit, with my BF in the car. I was beyond angry. We went to J in da' B and got food, where he was rude to the people there. I got on his case about it, then took him home and left him in bed while BF and I sat and enjoyed ourselves in the living room.
I come back into the bedroom and there are hambuger droppings ALL OVER my side of the bed.

4:30 am
Told Irishboy after I dropped him off at the ferry and he called me, that I refuse to deal with his behavior and if he would like to tell his parents and mine how they wasted all that money on a celebration that isnt going to happen because he cant treat me with respect, by all means, he can continue acting that way. I explained to him, in detail that what he did was unacceptable and that I refuse to live like that because I dont deserve it, and nor do I want to raise children in an environment like that. I dont want my children afraid of Daddy cause he's had a few too many. He was crying on the other end of the phone. Said he's sorry. That he cant live without me. I told him that while it would completely break my heart, I CAN live without him. I dont want to, but I sure as hell will if this continues. He has a chance to fix it, because I know that he can behave himself and I know I dont want to spend my life with anyone else.

8:45 am
he leaves a message on my phone apologizing, saying I love you and saying that he's afraid that I'm not coming home to him tonight.

Get phone call that he's had a panic attack in the middle of the OR. His first one ever. Tell my bosses, get off work, drive all the way around to seattle (hour and a half drive) to pick him up and bring him home. Put him to bed and went back to work at 2:30. (before any conclusions are jumped to, no it wasnt an attention thing. it really was a true panic attack)

*big sigh*

Can life just leave me alone? Just for a smidge? I just want a plain old boring nonstress day.
That would be nice.

PiP, I've been wondering if it is my place to say anything, but my rader went a bit when you said that you were having trouble paying for your wedding b/c you had to pay for something to do with his drinking. I didn't know if you meant you, as in both of you, or what, but it concerned me. It also concerned me that I didn't get any sense of him being profoundly sorry at the impact of his behaviour on your life and your plans.

I knew it could just be that you didn't mention it--you can't mention everything here--but it did concern me.

What you are saying now concerns me, too. This sounds like some seriously slippery slope problem behaviour. I know this is a terrible time to have this be happening, and maybe you'll hate me for saying this but I'm concerned. I've had a relationship with someone who, during the time I knew him, went from what might be called "problem drinking" to definitely alcoholic. Frankly, whatever you called it, none of it was fun. And there were always lots of apologies after, I can't live without yous, etc, but you know what? There always is. It doesn't mean anything is going to change.

The fact that he is drinking when he promised to be DD, when there's clearly been some serious repercussions not so long ago from his drinking, that he acted like a jerk when drunk--this is all incredibly worrisome to me.

If this is how he's behaving now, what happens after you get married? Does he take any responsibility at all for the consequences of his actions when drinking, or is there always an excuse.

You don't have to answer any of this, of course. You don't have to reply on here, or you can. And again, I"m sorry if this seems totally inappropriate considering the timing and everything, but you are a nice person and you don't deserve this shit. I think he needs to realize this is SERIOUS.
It could all be down to wedding nerves though, couldn't it? Stress can manifest itself in horrible ways. (((PIP)))

~*~*~*~uber be okay vibes for kim~*~*~*~*~ (((yuefie, sis and niece))) and (((baby milla)))

*throws a rotten and rancid tomato at pollystyrene* wink.gif it was the paper part I failed cos I was underprepared, the annoying thing is that I know I can drive and had a fantastic driving lesson last night with no issues at all. Anyway, I'm going to cram from now til wed so I pass.

hehe, friends asking about stuffed animals is sweet! ~*~*~*no more cramps for rose~*~*~* oh and tummy lots better, my appetite isn't fully regained but I plan to eat well today. I bought lots of lovely food yesterday including white stilton with mango and ginger - obviously thought of you!

(((mando))) the biggest kvetchie biatch? wink.gif, sounds as if that phonecall did you a lot of good too smile.gif.

funnybird, how's the work going?

no undies as yet, not dressed.

I'm seeing the boy a week today! wooot! he starts the new job on Monday and is visitng his office today, he's currently on train from London to Manchester after his induction. Metting his mum for coffee this afternoon and I may suggest dinner.



((((Kim)))) I hope they've found out what exactly is wrong and that she's doing better. And (((milla))).

Bunnyb, sorry about your test! There is such a backlog here that it takes months to book a test; I'm glad you were able to reschedule another one so quickly.

Mando, so glad you had such an awesome talk with your cousin.

Anoushh, enjoy the pedicure!

PinP, bloody hell. I hope things have calmed down. People do freak a bit under wedding pressure, but the forms that freakout can take should not be ignored. Friends of ours are getting married soon and have just bought a house together; they had a row the other night which was quite unlike them which we put down to the stress of all that's happening.

I just ate a pomegranate and now my lovely laptop has pomegranate spatter all over it.

I had quite a sexy dream about an ex of mine. It was kind of cheesy: at one point I dreamt he was in the shower and stuck his head out with a big grin. The mister and I are still on the outs so maybe I'm dreaming about exes in retaliation? Or maybe I'm just thinking too much.

Black knickers and black bra: matching, for once!

I am also wearing the skirt and heels combo I fell over in last week. Wish me luck...
*sigh* bad day.

*snuggles up to (((rose)))*

(((kim and bebe and yuefie and yuefiesis)))
(((everyone else)))

Really bad day. and it's only half twelve. I'm going back to bed for a few hours and maybe I'll be better able to cope when I wake up. Probably not, though.
*~*~*~don't fall vibes for syb~*~*~*~ I fell into Starbucks yesterday (literally) and was wearing flat ballet shoes. I am so accident-prone, I have the habit of tripping over my pyjama trouser legs - seriously. Think there's a backlog on practical tests but I'm not planning to sit it immediately anyway although before Christmas.

I love pomegranate but so darn messy!

keep meaning to say: saw Beck once at a festival and he rocked. "Loser" especially, such a cult anthem.

eta: xpost with (((mornington))), you ok?
Gah. Up at 6am? Who am I?

(((yuefie, Kim, Milla))) no words, just let them be okay....

(((bunnyb))) I kept failing my driving test (even though I aced Driver's Ed at 14) until the very last time before they tell you to just go away for 6 months. I took a wrong turn and the examiner screamed like I was kidnapping her, and my nerves were shattered after that. Glad you can schedule a resit!

*chucks tomato at polly* yes, yes you are... tongue.gif

(((mornington))) The hours between noon and 1 have special powers. If you officially declare "do-overs" and have a nap, after 1pm is a totally new day. I swear. smile.gif

(((PiP))) ~~~~~no more stress~~~~~

(((amilita))) your reserve will build back up. In the meantime, yay for moving the taco trailer!

(((mando))) and you did call and you do care and your cousin knows it. Good for you!

(((rosev))) ~~~~~muscle-relaxing vibes~~~~~~~

(((DM and Mr.DM))) ~~~~~even better next job~~~~~~~

kvetch: having to go in to work yesterday on my day off to deal with irate customer, who was told by practically the whole company that what he wanted to do wasn't possible after I told him it was. Grrrr.

anti-kvetch: am showing everyone HOW to do "the impossible" at this morning's meeting, so that never happens again!

(((anoushh, txplum, tempest, cstars, syb, treehugger, funnybird, sapphy, luci, pixie, anyone I missed))))

eta: nude Wacoal padded bra and, erm, commando
It's amazing what one can get done in a few days. I rule.

Get this, there's a glass pumpkin patch over at MIT this weekend. One of those times where I wish I had a digital camera to take pretty pictures of handmade glass pumpkins. Nerds rule. Artists rule.

IPB Image

Will be back later after reading the archives to join the rest of you flunkies (well, and maybe you, too, Polly) with the tale of failing my first driving test, among other things.

Beige seamless Wacoal with boring black cotton knickers.
Good morning, Busties.

Mornington, I hope your day has taken a turn for the better. Sybarite is having much better dreams than I am. I wrecked my car in last night's dream. Segue to....... I passed my driver's test the first time!! When I was, ahhhhh, much younger, Texas would turn a 14 year old loose with a driver's license. I was in the last bunch granted that privilege.

Grey boxer briefs, as expected.
its not my place to say anything annoush i dont think but i was thinking the same thing. at the same time....i mean PiP you are SO young. maybe he needs to grow up a bit Before he gets married. I mean, when i was your age i was out going crazy drinking too and i would be pissed if anyone took that away from me before i settled down to real life. thats alot of pressure for someone so young and it may come back to bite you in the end (although clearly i hope not) when 10 years from now he has a midlife crisis bc he didnt get to do his early twenties thing before he had to settle down and like, get married. yikes. i am not sure thats fair to anyone.
If someone is a problem drinker there's always an excuse, whether it's "wedding stress" or something else.

It sounds like a good part of the reason there is weddng stress is b/c of his behaviour, as well.

This might be helpful--for anyone wanting to know more about this, I mean.

I feel I've belabored the point enough, and I don't want PiP to feel like she can't talk about what's going on here. I was just really feeling, very, very concerned.
PNP, I'd like to applaud you for calling him out on his behavior. Stick to your guns, hon. Both for your sake and for his. ((((((PNP))))))

Hey there Billy! Getting excited about the race this weekend?

Raisin, thanks for posting that pic! I bet that looks amazing in person.

Six, best of luck training people in that meeting today. Oof!

~!~!~!~ stay-upright vibes for Syb ~!~!~!~

((((Mornington)))) We're here for you if you want to talk.

Horray for Bunny & her delicious cheese!

(((((((( continued hugs and vibes for Kim and Milla and family ))))))))

Thanks so much for the vibes! I'm feeling much better today, thanks. smile.gif
It is so cool and autumnal and beautiful here today! I think I might go out and enjoy it.
(((pink & irishboy))) because i've been there. in more ways than one.

continued love for (((kim & babe)))

*hello wave to billy*

now i want a glass punkin.

thanks for the nice comments on the cousin love. you people are truly lovely.

just got this in my email. and found it wildly appropriate. be careful, it's addictive.

usual boring undies. feh.
Wow...I don't post for few days and suddenly there is like 3 pages of archives!

(((kim, millia, zoe, and Yuefie))) My mother was a twin. Her twin brother died at birth. My grandmother also had a second set o ftwin boys that also died at birth. It is just so scarey! It is hard enough getting one baby through 9 months, I can't imagine two! And it would break my heart to lose a baby!

(Bunny) I'm sorry I wasn't around to vibe. I passed my origional driving test here the first time, but when we moved to Washington and I had to take the written portion again, I failed twice! To many differences in the Oklahoma vs. Washington laws.

Rose, Talulah, really? I remember her of course! I have most of my boyds packed in a box in the closet. karen gave me so many of them and she died right before we moved and I just haven't been able to unpack them. I've thought about bringing them to work and decorate my office. I have the barest office and I've worked there 10 months now!

PiP..Wow...that would be a hard situation to be in! Wedding stress is probably part of it. God knows, Mr. P and I almost had a wedding calling off fight a few weeks beforehand. But I totally think you should stick to your guns about the drinking. Me, I'm a fun drunk. I get all cuddly and giddy. But I dated a mean drunk, and that is no fun at all.

Amilita, I'm glad the Taco situation got resolved. That would really irritate the heck out of me too!

Raisin, Those pumpkins are FANTASTIC!!

((billy, sybrite, faith, fina, six, and everyone else))
(I passed first try too! Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!)

So, yeah, totally just handed in my college withdrawal forms. I rule. And I am seriously good with my decision. I chatted with Mr.Luci for a long while about the looooong list of pros and cons I drew up in my morning class, and he finally let me in on his opinion, which was that I should have done this weeks ago.

BUST has now seen me through, um, four colleges. Slacker! I think fashion design is next; the curriculum of a couple of places I looked at online last night seem much more in line with what I want. I'm so disorganized with my thoughts and desires; I really wish I was only good at like, one thing. It would make things easier.

Ugh, PiP. I'm not really sure what to say except, boo on him for being so immature and I really hope you two can sit down and hammer out a plan before the drinking causes anymore issues. That's so unfair to you.

raisingirl, those pumpkins are gorgeous! I bet the sunlight really looks lovely reflecting off and through the glass...

mando, good for you for calling. I was thinking about sending my ex's mom a little present from one of the shops in my neighborhood, along with a card (not a sympathy one, i don't think...maybe even something funny and light-hearted)...I spoke to him yesterday and he's doing much much better than the weekend, which was nice to know

mornington, I think sixelacat is spot-on with the do-over comment. Nothing wrong with do-overs...

stay upright, busties!

((all y'all))

eta-so weird. I'm about a week late for my period. Stress of last week and all that. I withdraw from school and boom! Get my period. I love my body's weirdness
Thank you for all the vibes and the gentle warnings and all that. Anoushh, you have every right to say that. I would expect my busties to speak up most of all.

Okay, First off, yes I'm well aware that I'm foolishly marrying a man that has a drinking problem. I also know an awful lot about dealing with alcoholics because my dad is one. Of course I also understand the psychological aspect of marrying an alcoholic that is allowing me to "fix" him. Right. All that blah blah.

heres the deal:
He's had drinking problems, yes. He has worked very hard for *himself* to control it. He can *usually* control it. When he doesn't, he is not a mean drunk. He is actually an angry drunk on RARE occations. Meaning that everything is fine until something pisses him off and then he just hold on to the grouch. Sometimes he is an utter shit. '

Here's my thing. I dont want to leave him because I love him. He loves me. I refuse to let my experiences with my father ruin this relationship. I am willing to work on it as long as he is, and as of right now, he's willing to work on it.

We know we're young. We know we have problems. We know that marriage is work.
We also know that the choice we're making does not, for us, allow for an easy out. Divorce is not an option.

We've discussed it. We think that we're worth it.

Anywho, (((((Busties)))))) thank you for the support.

undies: purple bra and period panties.
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