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I am *so* tired. I am in a sugar high from Haribo and nutella and have lots of caffeine in my system. Too much on today to make it to bed for a good few hours and yet it's calling my naaaaaaaammmmmeeeee. Rhymes with care and bear.

Doctor has given me a sick line for three weeks so that sorts out my short-time problems with work and gives me some breathing room. Phew. Off to see C, G and baby Arron this evening - can't wait! squee! (sugar makes me excitable, sleep deprivation or not).

I'm gutted but I missed the Margaret Atwood creative writing masterclass today but was way too tired to travel to uni and have errands to run.

Indigo is gorgeous.

(((syb's cousin & syb))), (((mornington & f))), (((raisin))), (((yuefie))), (((rose))), (((lucizoe))), (((funnybird))), (((amilita))), (((mandolyn))), (((tesao))), (((prettynpink))), (((fina))), (((dusty))), (((pixie))), (((KMP))), (((sonik))), (((sapphy))), (((msp))), (((flanker))), (((faith))), (((sidecar))), (((anoushh))), (((polly))), (((txplumwine))), (((designermedusa))), (((tempest))), (((everyone I'm missing)))

eta: my tiredness has made me even paler against my shocking dark hair and combined with the sleepy red eyes I look quite Gothic sad.gif.
bunny, i'll say it again ... what a beauty! i lurve greyhound's eyes, they're so sad. i always thought i preferred dogs with fur or fluff, but now that i have a boston terrier for a nephew - which no one seemed to pick up on before, i thought it was cute *pout* - i'm all about the sleek coats, too.

yuefie, my s-i-l was a member of naafa. she was on geraldo and phil donahue, back in the day, and was quite the activist. i think that's where i got 'fatist' from.

(((sybarite's cousin))) my cousin too. luckily, they got it all, and she's doing radiation for 6 weeks. i hope your cousin's prognosis is good.

(((raisin))) have you thought about doing that genetic breast cancer test? that's one of the articles i clipped out (in the most recent issue of marie claire). and i hear you on the joys of PPO's. the mr's union insurance does suck with payments, but the freedom is quite lovely.

antikvetch: we have a new little cousin on the mr's side ... and my ovaries doen't get tugged much anymore, but this little guy is pure adorableness. circle of life, indeed.

and speaking of ovaries, and apologies in advance for xposting, but i could use some help: i offered to help with lil preggo cousin's baby shower in november - because her selfish sister and mother suck much ass, her poor hubby and m-i-l are doing it all themselves, and i was her favorite bridesmaid - and mamasan came up with the perfect idea of sesame street (the shower theme) cookies as favors. trouble is, the major places on the web don't do them, or if they do, they're too big. i don't have much hope for the local bakeries either, and i can't spend like $5 each on them. i need approx 40, assorted, individually-wrapped, elmo, cookie monster, big bird, and maybe two others. i found the cookie cutters on ebay, but there's no way i can make them myself and make them look professional. as examples: disney cookies, elmo cookies (but they're kind of large & they only do elmo), Carebears cookies (because you guys love carebears so).

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
So Birkenstocks are supportive, Bunny? I always think of them as squishy, but maybe that is just because I need a shoe to create an arch in my foot, not to mold to my feet. Flat feet are a pain in the...well, feet. And legs and hips, if it gets bad enough.

I am convinced that I can't do the balancing poses in yoga because of my flat feet and my short little nubbin toes. One yoga teacher tried to get me to create arches in my feet by like, twisting my calves one way and my thighs the other way, but that was so freaking hard. If I'm gonna work that hard on something, I'm going to learn how to play guitar. And I can't just stand around all day creating arches in my feet! I have to, you know, actually walk around and do stuff. Which I'm gonna do now...

I got an email. F is ok. As far as I know his dad's still in hospital and it's not looking good. I still feel helpless, but... better somehow.

pink, I sent him the picture of that thing too. I think he appreciates it. You never can tell with him.

ok, off to walk the hound.

Oh no, Birks aren't squishy at all, but they are flexible. I'd definitely say they force your feet into a good position. Very supportive arch, and they've got that ridge under the crook of your toes- they say it helps exercise your toes and I tend to believe it because if I don't wear them for awhile (like more than a week), my normally monkey-like toes aren't as agile.

Amilita, I too suffer from flat feet. Oh the agony this can cause your feet and havoc it can wreak on your hips, legs and even your back too. I've found birkenstock's to be very supportive and helpful and notice a real difference when I do wear them.
I love my two pair of gizeh thongs, they are so comfy and do provide support to arch and toes (breaking them in can be tough as they do force lazy feet into a supported position).

Had slight snooze earlier then woke up disorientated and went to baby visit. Had two major holds of him and he is simply adorable *smitten*.
I absolutely love my Birks. I wear them as slippers around the house, yes with socks, and this is ok because I am a west coast girl at heart where socks with sandals is not just tolerated but encouraged. When I used to have jobs that involved lots of standing it was heaven to put these on when I got home. I was lucky though as my best pal gave them to me so I didn't have to break them in.

Mandi, that's an awful lot of cash to spend on fancy cookies. Are you sure you couldn't make them yourself with the cookie cutters? Big Bird and Oscar at least would be easy... They wouldn't look Professional but they would still be recognizable and really cool. Have you cruised the baking sections of local grocery stores? Cos often they will have cute little edible designs of thematic things that you can stick onto freshly-iced cookies to add a more professional touch, they're usually really cheap too.

I dunno, I just love to bake cookies. We are doing a cancer fundraising coffee morning at work this week for the whole building and I am keen to make ginger snaps and rice krispie squares... it's so hard finding molasses here though.

Finally got around to calling the place we want to have the ceilidh at and the date we wanted is booked, so we have moved the wedding date back a week. I guess that is what we get for being slow off the mark.

Bunny I've not heard yet when the party will be but will let you know. Fantastic that you're signed off work for a bit!

Mando, I'd check with your grocery chain--they can often do those sort of things on the cheap.

I am no help on the comfortable shoe front because I usually wear two-three inch heels. Sometimes I'll wear sneakers or ballet flats, but not more than once or twice a week. I'm not on my feet all day, though, and that makes a difference.

Work this morning was a stressful nightmare and this afternoon was slow and sleepy. Can't wait 'til 5!
If someone wanted to throw me a shower I'd be horrified if they spent that kind of money on cookies. (I'm a frugal person by nature.)

I'd be so touched at the shower--and even more so if they baked cookies--I dont know what I'd say. (In fact, I talked myself out of a shower b/c I have such a hard time accepting things. Stupid me.)

I mean, homemade cookies--yum! And I'm speaking as someone who adores Sesame Street, incidentally.

Fina, the socks w/ birks is a very west coast thing. The mister can hardly stand it--drives him crazy on men. He says on women "it's different."
I sometimes do socks with my birks (no other sandals, though- what kind of simp do you think I am?), but they have to be cute socks, not just plain white ones. They've got to be like, red heel monkey socks or something.

Mando, if you can't get those cookies from your grocery store, like sidecar suggested, I'd totally take tart up on her offer (in the "Where can I find..." thread) to do a little bartering. Good luck, and don't feel bad- I'm very creative, but cake/cookie decorating is very intimidating to me. I'm sure it's just because I don't attempt it often and i'd be decent at it if I tried, but it's such a hassle and to then run the risk of it not going well? Forget it.
the boy's sis who lives in vancouver wears socks with sandals, when on the west-coast do as the west-coasters do. it's a no-no for me but then my birks are thongs so can't anyway (oh dear, what a shame). I do however team my cute little red kickers (or my clown shoes, as the boy calls them) with socks with hearts or cherries or bumble-bees.

eta: I have £$%*ing hives AGAIN! not good shit.
Oh yeah, and I'm bloody tired and cranky.
Oh, I meant to say "yay for new dogs!"

I love the sleek coats as well, but hey, pets are great, whatever the coat.
Bunny, your socks sound cute! I love cute socks. smile.gif
~~~~~ soothing for Bunny's hives ~~~~~

Yuefie? How are you feeling? I was thinking about you a lot today for some reason.

Mandi, I'm sorry to say it, but I have to agree with the others. If I found out you were paying $5 or more for cookies at my baby shower, I would feel terribly guilty! But hey, I'm like Anoushh: super frugal.

Fina, congrats on reserving the space! Weeeee!!!

(((((( pre-wedding sympathy hugs for PnP )))))))

(((((Mornington)))))) Thanks for letting us know about F. And thanks for the photos of Indigo! Gorgeous!


Since we're talking about shoes ...
I went shopping today. I went to the Saks outlet store that we have near-by and that's where I spied a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals. Regular retail price: $595. I went ahead and tried them on just because I'd never worn anything so expensive. Even my wedding dress cost less than these sandals. They were on sale for around $300, but that's still faaaaaaar too rich for my blood! It was kinda fun to wear them. smile.gif Later on when I was looking at purses, I spotted one that looked kinda nice, but on closer inspection, I thought it looked a little cheap & I wasn't fond of the shade of green. Then I checked the price tag. Prada. On sale for $600. I was too shocked to check the regular retail price, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was near $1000. Can you imagine spending that much money on a purse? Holy crap!

Anti-kvetch: I got a much cuter purse at Nine West for only $30. Mwah ha ha haaaaaaa!
Hiya rose, I'm doing alright smile.gif How are you doin? *mwah*

My kvetch of the day: Last night I had to stop my brother from choking the shit out of roommie. Seriously. He is still pissed off about it too. We were just sitting down to dinner when roommie walked in the door from work. He stops and exclaims! "It smells like pussy in here!". I choked on my wine, tried to gulp it down when I look over at PJ and could practically see the steam rising off his head. I finally managed to say "Well only if someone really needs to see a doctor." He pretty much bolted down the hallway in to his bedroom and didn't come out the rest of the night. I made sole for dinner. It was fresh, not rotten and the house did not reek of bad fish. But even if it did, to say something like that, in front of my company no less, geez! I know he hates seafood, as does PJ. But Pj wouldn't dream of making a huge scene about it and would never say something so crude. What a freaking idiot!

((((((((kvetchies)))))))) ~~~vibes for all~~~

yuefie, your roommate sounds very childish.

rose, I always see really expensive stuff that I like, but I’m frugal as well. Mr. DM tells me that I deserve to spend, but I just feel weird about spending large amounts of money on clothes and shoes. I almost bought a $50 pair of Steve Madden shoes on Saturday, but they didn’t fit. That would have been a splurge. Yay for getting a new purse. I got a pair of Aerosoles (love that brand of shoes) for $30 this weekend, more than half off the regular price. Can you tell I like to talk about shopping? biggrin.gif

fina, yay for getting the date you wanted.

((F and family))

raisin, amen to the healthcare stuff. Everyone should see what doctor they want without worrying that they will have to pay out of pocket.

((bunny, polly, anoushh, sidecar, amilita, mando, syb, mornington, pixie))

My job is going well, and the new person seems to be quite bright and cooperative. I don't know if it's going to be a very long term career choice because there are definate things that I don't like, but for now it's ok. My coworkers were whining today because our building had no water and none tomorrow because of construction work. Yes it sucks that we have to go somewhere else to use the bathroom, but you know people whining all day doesn't make it any better.
Sadly yes, but childish doesn't even begin to cover it. Emotionally stunted? Check. Clueless? Check. 36 days and counting...

((((dm))))) glad the job is going well enough for you. why is it people like to whine about something they can't change? what's done is done, so buck up!
yay for fina!
awww poor bunny foo foo, ~~~hives be gone!~~~
(((((pink)))) ~~~hassle free wedding plans~~~
(((((mornington, anoushh, amilita, polly, sidecar, raisin, faith, mandi, dusty, syb, fina, tes, billy, sonik, flanker, pummie, tg, msp, sapphy, kmp, sixela, sassy, funnybird, tempest, rose, pixie, luci, treehugger, cstars, lys, ladylib & damona, lurkers & everyone I'm forgetting)))))

I had the day off and wasted it. Well, sort of. I did absolutely nothing productive, except for a single load of laundry and emptying the dishwasher. I should have scrubbed the house from top to bottom or gone to the DMV. I didn't even make to the gym. All I managed to do was take the pooch for a nice long walk around the lake and read my book under a tree. So why I am sitting here yawning?

I like the "hardcore BUSTies" title sidecar and dm! are they new or am I just blind?

sorry fina, meant to say congrats - am I right in thinking it's next Oct? and, yes, it's fantastic being off work for that long! I feel bad as I've never been signed off before but it's not like I'm pretending to be depressed and work has been stressing me out a lot a break is much needed.

I'm lovin' the shopping talk! rose, those jimmy choos are gorgeous! unless I was head-over-heels for something -and it's been known to happen- I couldn't justify that amount of money on a single item. Instead, I spend £200 ($380) on two pairs of boots and a pair of shoes in the one week. The item I will allow myself to splurge on is make-up: I always buy the good stuff cos it lasts longer.

yuefie, roomie has his head so far up his ass that I'm amazed he can detect any smell, especially an unfamiliar one.

pass the cat nip, or maybe the scratching post so I can file my claws.
laugh.gif hee bunny! yes, how in the heck would he know anyway? meowrrrr! I am sure the only smell he is detecting is the one emanating from where he has his head so firmly planted rolleyes.gif

I think lounge lady made hardcore BUSTie the default instead of advanced member.

Great maude, how did it get to be Tuesday already?! I'm beginning to think I lose time when my evil twin comes out to play tongue.gif (or I've seen waaaay too many soap operas!)

bunnyb, you are cracking me up with your remarks about yuefie's asshat roomie! Oh, and the pic that reminded me of you this weekend is here. His gallery is a bit weird, the bunny painting was really the only thing that I really noticed/remembered from his booth....

((((yuefie))) boo on asshat roomies! You have the patience of a saint, my dear, I think I would have put a fork in his eye by now....(and thanks again for Tiny Dancer, I made everybody at work listen to it all day Monday!)

(((amilita))) I so admire what you do! I have an idea how hard it is, my mum did nights first in ER then in ICU for years before she got days, hospital nurses always amaze me....

(((rosev))) window shopping expensive stuff is so fun!! Yay for nice reasonable purses!

(((pixie))) I think we had a convo once about Oklahoma, because you are in the 'burb where I was born before we bounced all around need to do a family visit soon, before the holidays...

(((mornington))) just 'cause

rats, must go now. ((((all kvetchies))))
Ah, it will probably be due to newbie rules, there are some who have newbie status (prob until they've made the ten posts) and BUSTies (below 100 posts?) and then hardcore BUSTies. There seem to be different groups of members and advanced members that we're all in too.

eta: six, cool pic! hehe, I'm cracking myself up on my sugar high! oh, and you've just reminded me: I used your monty python quote to open one of my dissertation chapters!
Best Pal C and I went shoe shopping last week. We saw a pair of sandals for $300 (that was the sale price!) with bits of plastic pasta stuck to them by Moschino Cheap and Chic. They were neither. I have been eyeing a super-cute pair of patent leather pumps at, uh, Payless, but spent money on nicer shoes last week, so it may have to wait 'til next paycheck.

I mostly buy cheap shoes, in part because my dog has a shoe fetish, but I almost always buy expensive makeup. Pricey makeup lasts longer, I think it's better for your skin, and also, expensive makeup is not nearly so expensive as expensive shoes or clothes (unless you're buying La Mer, but that's made with the tears of fairies or something, so, you know.) I do love me some drugstore shit though. That being said, I bought L'Oreal's eye makeup primer, thinking I could save a couple bucks, but it is the suck compared to Urban Decay's eye primer potion. (Who needs to go to the makeup thread now? *raises hand*)

((yuefie)) sorry for the unproductive day. I *hate* it when I waste a day like that. I hope you at least feel relaxed! Maybe a quiet day with the pupper was what you needed.

(((mando))) just 'cos.

((((raisin)))) I went with my company's HMO because it would be more than twice as much (I also insure Martini) to go on the PPO. It's a pain in the ass, but we just can't afford the PPO. Luckily, my doctor has been awesome about referrals.

I just noticed that I am now a hardcore bustie in my name! I wish I could see how many posts I had with my previous two names, but am kinda happy I can't as I was unemployed for a chunk of time when I was steviek, and, uh...I'd probably be saddened by how much I'd posted back then.

Well, since there are no more Advanced Members out there, I chose to remove my "Advanced Mumbler" tag. But it's okay because I've been meaning to make a t-shirt that says "Pacifism kicks ass!" Now I don't have to. smile.gif

(((Raisin))) Just before I left the bank, they completely abandoned HMOs & switched over to PPO and some other option that I forget. Apparently, a lot of companies are phasing out the HMO option. Can ya blame 'em?

((((((((Mandi))))))))) Just 'cause I think you could use some hugs.

Hi, Yuefie! I'm just fine, thank you. I've been worried about you because you've been feeling so sick and you mentioned losing big clumps of hair. I hope you're on the mend. [farts in the general direction of the roommate]

Pixie, I arrive in T-town next Tuesday. Mom is having her surgery the day after I arrive. I spoke to her tonight and she is really looking forward to my visit. I have a feeling I'll be looking at a looooot of photos of Hawaii!

Ah, Hawaii. I wonder if I'll ever go there. And I wonder if my pasty flesh would survive the trip ...

DM, congrats on things improving at work. Well, except for the whining, of course! I hope that NYC continues to bring you happiness.

Six, I like that painting.

Sidecar, I think Moschino Cheap & Chic is the most misleading name out there. I've yet to see anything cheap under that label. And I'm usually a fan of cheap shoes, too. I got my wedding shoes at Target & they're still one of my favorite pairs ever.

I forgot to mention that I did get 2 pairs of shoes at the Saks store. It was buy-one-get-one-at-half-price day, so I got some heels & the cutest little suede loafers. I just wish I could find pics of the shoes on-line. One of the pairs is a gooooorgeous set of purple peep-toe heels that I hope to wear to the opera next week, so I'll be strutting around the house in them in an effort to break them in.

I don't own any expensive make-up, though. Just drugstore stuff.

The BestPals are moving to Seattle at the end of this week! EEE!!! They've been enjoying all that southern California has to offer while they can. They went to Magic Mountain over the weekend and called me a couple times while they were there. They know how much I like roller coasters. smile.gif
kvetch: I'm awake early again sad.gif. I've had about 3 hours sleep and I feel nauseous eta: vomiting and my head hurts. All in all, I've probably had 6 hours sleep since the weekend. I don't know what's up with me but I feel awful sad.gif.

((((((bunny))))) ~~~sleepy & feel better/anti-vomiting vibes~~~

Trust me, I don't have the patience of a saint. That is why I complain to all of you, so I don't lose it and go on a homicidal rampage. It's tough when the person in question is also a signer on the lease. Thankfully he will be removing himself soon!

Oh and you are quite welcome sixela smile.gif (did you get the MySpace message I sent? It's another Dave Grohl song!)

((((sidecar)))) I did have a nice time with the pooch, and managed to get something done around here tonight, so all in all in wasn't a total waste. And I too heart UD's Primer Potion. Without it my make-up slides off in a matter of a couple of hours. (and the mascara sealant part of their Lingerie & Galoshes works well for my mascara that isn't already waterproof.)

(((((rose)))) thank you for the concern and also for the farts in roomie's general direction. that cracked me up tongue.gif . so you are going back to OK for a visit next week, pixie must be stoked! how long are you going to there for and will be still be able to BUST?

I spoke with my grandfather tonight and I feel like I need to somehow make more of an effort to visit him soon. He has been calling me more often than usual and tonight he told me they now have him on oxygen. He lives outside of Detroit. There is also some other family there on my grandmothers side, but none that I'm close to or stay in contact with. I also would like to see the family I have in 'burbs of Chicago, and my cousin who lives just outside of St Louis, since they are the ones I stay in touch with. That's an awful lot of flying so I need to figure it out financially. I suppose really it's just the airfare, as I wouldn't need hotels. Anyone here adept at budget travel? Any particular airlines or websites I should check out? I suppose I should also post this in the travel thread.

((((bunny)))) gah ****stop puking vibes****
(((yuefie))) your roomate is a cockbadger. I've been wanting to call someone that all day, and I don't know if it means anything, but a cockbadger he is
(((rose))) yay for shoes! in the sale!
(((sixe))) don't. it's now wednesday and I appear to have done nothing. unsure.gif
(((dm))) yay for the job going well although boo on no water
(((anoushh))) are your joints feeling better?
(((mando))) it does sound a lot to me for biscuits...
(((raisin))) acos.
(((fina, syb, treehugger, pink, sapphy, tempest, funnybird, pixie, dusty and everyone else)))

so, yes, I have done nothing. I really ought to do a little housework... where has my motivation gone? *sigh*.
antikvetch: I'm going to see Ryan Adams on saturday!
kvetch: I just feel... grumpy. In a faintly comical, disney snow white and the seven dwarfs way. Ah well.

ninja'd ph34r.gif antikvetch: my ibook is back and they didn't delete anything! *dances*

I am finally out of the house! I'm working from uni today and it's blissfully quiet, hooray! Lots to do so will probably stay late and have sashimi at my desk. Mmmm.

I don't wear much makeup (except when black and blue...) but I recently started splurging on lipstick and it makes a huge difference. For a good red, Chanel is the shit. Highly recommended.

I still use Olay moisturiser though. I once tried to buy a L'Oreal moisturiser in a drugstore in Paris and was disdainfully pointed towards the supermarket. Merci.

Bunnyb, I too have been having problems sleeping, which I can ill afford as it kills my concentration the next day. Have you tried an over-the-counter like Nytol? They work well and don't leave you messy in the morning.

'K, back to work...
Ooh Rose! So soon! Well, good. maybe one of the night Mr. P has class you can come over and hang out with me and minipixie.

((bunny)) poor thing! You get to feeling better. I've been battling the headache/sleepnessless this week also. It sucks!

((Yuefie)) feh on asshat roomies!

Mornington, how goes the pooch? I thought of you guys last night when we saw some baby greyhounds at a pet shop.

((sybrite, fina, amilita, faith,DM, and all the ones I missed)))

We are having a staff meeting today and it has a tea party theme! So during the meeting we are all wearing huge society lady hat! It is making me smile.

Kvetch: My horrible day so far...

It started quite well. I got myself to the library with all my books and my laptop, and was beavering away on my essay in an attempt to get it finished for Friday (bear in mind this is just one of three essays that I owe, the other two of which I've barely started...), when I get a voicemail message on my 'phone from the graduate administrator at college, advising me that if I don't hand in all three the end of this week I will fail the year.
This seems obvious in retrospect, but the fact that I'd told my supervisor just last week (who happens to also be the director of graduate studies!) that I was really behind and struggling, and she didn't mention it pisses me off rather. I mean, I still don't think I could have managed it but it would have been better than having just two-f*cking-days notice!!
I called the administrator back, and she was lovely and helpful and suggested that the department appeal to get me a retrospective three-month leave of absense so I can extend my academic year by a term, so that I can get the essays done and basically not fail. I just have to e-mail her the details of my extenuating circumstances (my crappy summer of job-related stress).

I feel really dumb for not realising how serious my situation was. Although it's not as if the department has ever made anything particularly clear or easy for part-time students. I can't even think about the university refusing. Oh well, I guess this was the arse-kicking I was complaining about needing. *Sigh*

Anyway, apologies for coming here just to rant and whine. ((Bunnyb)), I'm sorry you're poorly. It happens to me to, after I've been under lots of stress. My body holds together through all the sleep deprivation and caffine abuse, then falls apart as soon as I relax. I hope you feel better already.

Also, (((sybarite, mornington, yuefie, rosev, sidecar, pixiedust, everyone)))

ETA: OOOhh, 100 posts! (More like 400, if it wasn't for dingos.) Hardcore indeed!
*feel betta NOW vibes for bunny*

*singing the theme from born free for sybarite* (my mom sings to that when she lets sammy the outside-cat out, hee)

(((grandpa yuefie))) (((PJ))) just cuz.
oh and yuefie, next time loonytunes walks by, say "hmm, i just got a rather strong whiff of stinky ballsack sweat."

i could also use some budget travel advice. ie: is there anyway to get roundtrip tix from NY to boston for under $100?


(((F & Fdad)))

"... the tears of fairies" ... hee. nannyfriend says her boss puts le mer on the baby's bottom. i can't even imagine paying that much for face cream. hair products, yes. face cream no.

and speaking of pricey, this is why i'll never be rich or "well-off" financially. if i love someone, i have no qualms about spending insane amounts of money on them (ie: little cousin and the cookies). however, i do like the idea of baking them myself, or at least trying. i'll keep you posted. ta for the help, chicklettes. all has been duly noted.

ta also for the hugs. trying to immerse myself in the trivial. but i'm still not past the "he was alive two weeks ago today" and "how can people (myself included) keep going on with their lives" mindsets. not that i've had the courage to call my cousin and see how she's doing. combination of not knowing what to say, not wanting to bring her down if she's feeling ok, not wanting to show pity .... feh. i suck.

on the plus side, really looking forward to me and the kid hitting up trader joe's later. we're going to have so much healthy food in the house, it's gonna be insane!

on the other plus side, i think i'm the new darling of the band parents.
you guys better get a deprogrammer lined up. laugh.gif
~~~~~~ calm tummy vibes for BunnyB ~~~~~~

~*!~*!~*!~*!~ bushels of all-purpos vibes for Funnybird ~*!~*!~*!~*!~ Here's hoping the department comes to your rescue!

Pixie, that meeting sounds like fun.

Syb, I use Olay, too, although I confess to buying the stuff from the pricier end of their line. My favorite skin care product is the microdermabrasion kit. Makes my face feel super soft.

Yuefie, when I want to travel, I go to a few different travel sites & just see which one will do it cheaper. Wish I could be of more help. Sounds like quite a complicated itinerary you've got there! (((((grandpa)))))

Hooray for Mornington and her iBook! That's got to be a big relief.

Mandi, sounds like things went great with the other band parents! Yay!

I had a weird dream this morning. I had been cast as Tinkerbell in an operatic version of "Peter Pan". The first couple of performances went fine, but then a new tech crew was brought in for a performance and they decided to replace Tink (me) with a small sparkly red prop which would come down from the fly rails. However, no one told me! So I walked out on stage as usual, and then suddenly this red thing flies in and, at the point where I was suppossed to sing, a different voice was pumped in through the sound system. So there I was, standing on stage in front of hundreds of people, looking like some freak who'd just walked in off the street. Part of me felt like crying & part of me felt like laughing. It was just so ridiculous!
yuefie, i usually look on orbitz, and then go to the site of the place that offers the cheapest flight, because the airline itself will usually knock $10-$20 off on their own site. i don't particularly like flying with them, but you can usually get a cheap flight on southwest. is a good aggregator, too, and they'll let you do multileg searches. sometimes you can find decent last-minute deals at airtran (although they suck) and i always like to see what i can find at sherman's travel.

i had a dream that my mom called and said my dad had emergency bypass surgery. ugh.

((((funnybird))))) how stressful! i hope everything goes smoothly with your department.

I actually use Lush face cream, skin drink. It's pricier ($16.95) than the Neutrogena or Body Shop lotions I used to use, but I love how it feels and my skin never dries out anymore. Also, it usually lasts me four months or so. Lush has some lotion that's nearly as expensive as La Mer, and I think it must be made with chips of diamonds in addition to the tears of fairies.
*drags self in*

Feeling bit better, still awake (albeit exhausted) but the sleep will not come. I've had about 3 or 4 hours sleep since the weekend. I am dead on my feet and feeling icky. I think it's been all the stress of late. Oh, and I have my theory test tomorrow to study for. Syb, (or anyone else), can I take nytol with anti-depressants? I feel wired to the moon.

(((funnybird))) uni administrations suck, checking in on you before now and some notice would have been bloody nice. Grrr, I hate the disorganisation of academics.

(((mando))) life and the perpetual circle of it is so hard. My friend started a new job yesterday for the police and whilst filing today came across the report for our workmate's son's death and she said it was awful. I don't understand death in people who are young, it's senseless tragedy.

yay for the ibook morn! I miss the boy's ibook (less than I miss him).

"hmm, i just got a rather strong whiff of stinky ballsack sweat" laugh.gif I hope people are lurking.

(((yuefie))) for being a star and (((grandpa))). Btw, I meece PJ.

mmm sashimi, colour me jealous syb (although the last thing I'd have with tummy the way it is)! and the tea-party at work sounds so cute, pixie!

funny dream rose, I can see you as the absinthe fairy in moulin rouge - kylie.

I buy Benefit and Ruby and Mille make-up and sometimes some Urban Decay and the odd Bourjois item, and I like Lush's Babyface cleanser bar.


eta: neglected to kvetch that since being sick this morning I have had the worst indigestion ever.
Bunny, do you take your ADs morning or evening? I never had the "wired" feeling with them, but I have known people who were sensitive to them who found taking them in the morning was better. (I take mine at night and it makes no difference, but I thought I'd mention it.)

Good luck with the theory test. Watch out for that stupd hazard perception part, which is really just a video game. The directions were so unclear I did it wrong the first time. Basically, unless you just jab away at the button randomly and constantly, you don't get penalized for "overdoing" it. I didn't know that at first, and didn't hit the button enough. If that's not clear, feel free to PM me and I'll try to explain better.

Ask a pharmacist about the nyquil, just to be safe. Probably ok, but depends on the type of AD. It won't kill you, but might have some effect with certain types of ADs and not others.

Mandolyn, you know money doesn't equal love. Of course you can indulge people you love, but you don't have to go broke! If people don't appreciate the idea that it's really the thought that counts, they aren't worth it. And you, and your efforts, are worth a lot, not what you can buy! (I Know you know this, but you really don't value yourself enough, I think, so I wanted to say it.)

And your comeback for Yufie--that's worth a lot too! Hee!

Yufie, I've never found one site to be consistently better than the others (though by a small margin I'd say Expedia worked best for me.) I'd imagine it varies by your travel needs. I do like sites that allow you to search with flexible dates, though, b/c air fares are such insane things that it's a guessing game otherwise which is the cheapest time to fly.

I have been impressed with the quality of Mac eyeshadow, for example, compared to cheapie stuff, but I've also broken down and bought expensive stuff that was absolute crap (Bobbie Brown powder, anyone?) And Mac liquid foundation has never, ever worked for me. What really amazes me is how expensive some cosmetics and body care things are that have the same crappy ingredients as a lot of drugstore products. I mean, if I want petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and talc, why wouldn't I just by the cheap brand?

Lush in the UK wasn't cheap, but it was cheap enough to justify me buying it. Here it's just expensive enough that I feel really guilty. *whimper*

However, I have booked myself a pedicure for Friday. Please, please, please tell me that's ok, in spite of the fact we are desperately trying to save money so we can move as soon as possible, and I'm basically not working.

(And I"m really mithering over the fact that my therapist, who've I've been seeing about every three weeks since coming back to help keep me sane--and it really does help. I've known him for about 20 years--made a suggestion that we think about moving out, money concerns aside. It made me feel like "is it really that hopeless here? Am I making some huge mistake by trying to save enough money to buy a house by living with my parents, instead of moving now and spending every penny M earns on living expenses? I keep thinking I'd like some kind of reasonably secure environment for the child, too. I can't find the words, but I don't usually do that with things he says, and I am with this and it bugs me. If it keeps up I'll have to ask him about it next time.)

Apologies for not posting this previously, but I've been really admiring everyone struggling with academic stuff. I admire your resolve, and I know how hard it is. (I found papers in grad school to be physically and mentally painful to complete). If some of the morons who got through my grad school can do it, however, I know you can.

Funnybird--two days' notice as your first communication with them is not reasonable or acceptable, I'd say. Good luck.

I really need to get in the shower. And I need to shave my legs if I'm going to go to the pool (yes, even by my new "hey, who cares, I'm pregnant!" standards I need to. But there's no place to prop my leg up in the shower and bending over is hard. Hell, I'm tired after I just shower, without the shaving.)

And I miss working. A lot. But that's another story.

Damn, I'm self absorbed these days....
Funnybird, the fluctuating importance of deadlines in academia continually exasperates me. I did a joint undergrad: one department stipulated 5pm on the day incorporating the correct citation system, or you dropped a grade. The other was like 'eh, whenever'. Mixed messages a go-go. I hope you get that extension!

Ooh, I love bourjois eyeshadow. I also love L'Occitane's clay face mask; it makes my face all glowy and has lasted 6 months with weekly use. Jo Malone perfumes are the best; they have a great range of unusual scents and they last for a while without stinking up the room in the process.

Lush stuff always smells too strong to me. I know I'm in the minority though...

I wish we had a Trader Joe's here.

Anoushh, if I were you, I'd skip the shaving. When you're in your third trimester, nobody is looking at your legs anyway. And yes, you should definitely get the pedicure (again) because you're well into your pregnancy and your feet deserve it!

~~~~~ more soothing for Bunny ~~~~~

Must run. Things to do!
you definitely deserve a pedicure! thanks for the advice on both the ADs and the theory test. I have the hazard perception dvd so I'm testing myself using that. As for the ADs, I take them in the morning and the dr told me to take them then, I'll speak to chemist.

MAC pigment is fantabulous and the colour I have really open up my eyes (my friend who is a make up artist used it on me and I was won over).

Still pretty dead on my feet but holding off to bedtime, hoping I'll be so sleepy I'll sleep through.
(((mornington & mandi))))) "your roomate is a cockbadger" laugh.gif As if I weren't laughing hard enough at this statement, I then read "hmm, i just got a rather strong whiff of stinky ballsack sweat." and boy let me tell you, I'm thankful I wasn't eating or drinking anything because I would've choked or sprayed the computer screen I laughed so hard. You are all some real pals, and never fail to make me laugh when I need it most! Between those and ((((rosev's)))) "farts in his general direction", I'm feeling a lot more humorous about the situation. That's just what I needed, to be able to gain some perspective and laugh about it. Thank you all for putting up with all my complaints, it keeps me sane! And yeah, let's hope if anyones still lurking they enjoy what they're reading tongue.gif

Extra tight hugs and squeezes for those who need 'em. How's my hunnybun feelin'?
(((((funnybird))))) ugh.
And yeah anoushh, a pedi sounds like a good thing for you. Self absorbed? My dear, you are nearing the end of creating another person and, at least to me, that qualifies as a reason to be a bit self involved. I haven't found your posts to be particularly self absorbed tho'.
(((((amilita))))) you've been on my mind, how's everything going for you?
(((((syb))))) I would be so sad without TJ's!
(((((everyone))))) *hugs&keeces*

I will admit to being a product whore, I have no particular loyalties except to my mineral foundation Illuminare. Same goes for haircare products. And I buy expensive/moderate, cheapie/drug-store and of course the natural stuff that tends to be either dirt cheap or terribly over priced. I am always on the hunt for something better than what I am currently using, and vacillate between wanting to use the stuff that is healthier (ie: natural, organic) and giving in to something synthetic that's new because it promises fab results. What, there's a new hair care line that promises to preserve your color or tame the frizz? Where do I get it?! I've got no fewer than four varieties of shampoo in my shower, and uh, five conditioners. I would be embarassed if anyone were to look under my sink where all the surplus crap lives.
Oh yeah and thanks for all the grandpa love and the travel advice. I did a little poking around and found that booking individually is probably best. Southwest had some pretty decent prices too, even tho' I don't usually like to use them.

ETA: My anti-kvetch of the day - I forgot that tonight is the Beck/Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers concert which means YAY I get to hang out with my best guy pal and my other friends I miss so much! Off to try and get some work done so I can skate through tomorrow, 'cause I know I will be tired from partying tonight!

Aw, thanks yuefie...I've been doing OK. Just busy with all this copious paperwork to get signed on with this new agency. Hope it pays off. I've gotta go take a CPR class tonight, so I may miss Project's so hard to find any classes or anything here, though, so I'm grateful to get in this one. The recruiter gave her space to me! Nice, huh?

I've been all PMS-y, too. I got so mad at the Mr. last night. He has this habit of bringing a guest over and then reading, horsing around like a kid, not offering a drink, etc. It's not evil or anything, but when I'm there, too, I end up being the one hostessing/having a conversation/whatever. It really pisses me off, and I allowed my anger/the situation get to the point that the friend felt a little uncomfortable...but I'm sick of it. I think the Mr. got the message, finally, last night.

Count me in as a MAC eyeshadow fan, too. What's the color you love, Bunny? They also have an eyebrow pencil that is a great color for my light blonde coloring. Can't live without that. I love Stila lip glazes and other fancy lip stuff...someday I'm gonna get a red Chanel lipstick. Oh-la-la. I buy cheap mascara, at least. And when it comes down to it, I don't even wear that much makeup!

Anoushh, you totally deserve a pedicure. You sure can't get down there and do anything for your own feets! Would your hubby shave your legs for you? I'll never forget this one couple...when I turned on the big vagina spotlight for delivery-time, the husband was looking in this really intense, scrutinizing way, and then was like, "Oh, I missed a spot, honey." He had given her a fresh, clean shave the night before. So sweet. Ha.

I wish we had a Trader Joe's here, too. We're driving to St. Louis for XMas, so I'm gonna bring some stuff back.

(((Yuefie and her gramps, Mando, Mornington, Fina, PnP, Sybarite, Rosev, Sidecar, Funnybird, Crassy, Pixie, Tes, Sonik, everyone!!!)))
"the big vagina spotlight"--that's such a hilarious way of putting it!

That's a good idea, Amilita. I never thought of him doing it. He's actually very good with a razor as he shaves not only his face, but his head, and he's very picky about it.

I also realise that RoseV is right--who's looking at my legs now?

And yes, I can hardly reach my feet, so it's for my own well being. Thank you. I've never had a pedi before and I figured this is as good an excuse as any. I've had a couple of facials at this salon (local Aveda salon) and I swear it was the only time I REALLY wished I was rich (rather than the normal "I wish I didn't have to worry about money so much) so I could do it all the time.

Yes, with all those fabulous insults/comebacks I almost want to have an excuse to use them! biggrin.gif

Amilita, no, it's not evil, but I'd be pretty damn annoyed by that, too. Hopefully it got through to him this time.
For all the hassle, it sounds like you are coping really well with work. I hope you feel that way about it.

Speaking of concerts, we are off to see Billy Bragg in Portland on Monday. I'm SO glad it's a seated show. And, unlike the UK, non-smoking. Thank god.
Bunny...I don't know which one you are on...but when I was on prozac and lexapro I can't remember there being any OTC drugs that I couldn't take with them. Prozac used to make me feel wired. My docotor prescribed a different antidepressant to take at night that would put me to sleep. It kind of sucked taking pills to wake up and pills to go to sleep, so I switched to the Lex and then didn't need the sleepy pills anymore.

(hugs to everyone else)

I just found a little while ago that a friends dad died. I have been close to this whole family for a long time, but I haven't talked to them in almost 11 months because they were also really good friends with the guy I dated before Mr. Pixie and when we broke up I quit the organization we were all a part of. So now I *want* to call them and offer to help out, but I don't have a current phone number...which means I would need to call the ex to get it. GRrr.
I am a massive product whore. I buy cheap mascara, almost always, as Maybelline has yet to let me down. For eyeshadow, I find the expensive stuff is often better -- I usually go with MAC, Lorac, and Smashbox (although Almay makes good eyeshadow; I love L'Oreal's colors but the staying power is bad). I am crazy banana nuts for Rimmel's liquid liner--best I've ever used. I do splurge on tinted moisturizer (Prescriptives or Stila), but that's because I use it sparingly. I got some Chanel lipstick free at my evil former job, and it has spoiled me. Also, my MIL bought me some super-cute Estee Lauder and Clinique lipstick sets as a gift last Christmas, so I'm set for lipstick for awhile. Oh, and I use NARS blush or Revlon bronzer. I like the way the NARS stuff smells. On the rare occasion I use powder, I use Benefit's Georgia, even though it's for cheeks, I like it on my face.

Trader Joe's is opening a block from where I work in November, and I'm all 'BRING IT ON!' I work near a Whole Foods, and while it's good, that shit's expensive. Says she who buys NARS blush. (ahem.)

~~~sleepy vibes for bunny~~~
anoushh, enjoy your pedicure! And forget about shaving. You can get away with it at 3T.
(((pixie's friend))) really, you have to think how much she means to you and whether it's worth having to speak to the ex for one phone conversation. btw, i'm on fluoxetine.

anoushh, it's only English and Welsh concert venues that are smoking now, Scotland is non-smoking smile.gif like Ireland. I love pedicures, they feel so decadent. I may get C a blooming mother makeover in next few months. She's told me never to buy the baby anything again as I've spent too much!

amilita, it's the vanilla pigment I love, it's like a gold sheer. I love that Benefit products have kitsch packaging and product names.

yuefie enjoy the show!

can't engage with a lot just now, waaaay too tired. haven't been sick again but heartburn a killer, managed to doze on sofa for under an hour too. going to do a couple more hazards and then off to bed I go, hopefully for an undisturbed night's rest. so i vibe everyone generally, happiness to you all. smooches.

oh, and tesao? one post is not good enough! you better get your diamond studded ass back in here at the weekend or you'll get spanked.

eta: syb, meant to say earlier - I ADORE jo malone! boy bought me verbenas of provence for our anniversary which is citrusy and beautiful and I bought him the amber and lavendar which is very sexy.
*raises hand* I looove product. MAC foundation (damn you all you in the makeup thread...), and lush here make cosmetics which I worship because they do fantastic colours... red liquid eyeliner anyone? no? pink mascara? bright fucking blue eyeshadow? biggrin.gif . I like rimmel eyeliner - it doesn't hurt my sensitive eyes - and thier mascara too. l'oreal mascara too. But for everyday eyeshadow... body shop. last for aaages.

(((pixie & friend)))
(((bunny))) ***feel better tomorrow*** I take mine in the morning and I've never felt wired. sleepy, yes.
(((amilita))) ***pms be gone***
(((anoushh))) yes! spoil yourself a little!
(((yuefie))) I am so very very very very jealous of your tom petty-goodness
(((funnybird))) gah. that is just... gah.
(((mando))) I knew you'd be the coolest mama.
(((everyone else)))

I appear to have done nothing all day. Although I felt cold last night, so when I changed the sheets (oh, the achievement) I added the winter layer. I will now be too hot but I hate hate hate being cold at night. And... I have a letter from uni on the way... they sent it to the grandparents. I hope it's telling me something I want to hear.
And I have the headache *puts back of hand to forehead and slumps slightly*.
*mwah* (((kvetchies)))
oooh ***colorado school***
I can't believe I forgot about the smoking ban in Scotland. Espeically considering the time I''ve spent in pure, unvarnished jealousy over it.

Do you know, the whole time I lived in the UK I never went to Scotland? What an idiot, especially considering I really like Scotland.
Best guy pal just phoned to say that they were halfway through the hellish journey here (the traffic is insane this time of day) and they realized that had left the tickets, so they have to turn around and go back for them. Boo! The last time I attended a show at this venue we missed the opening act because of how long the line was to get through security. We could hear them but by the time we made it in they were leaving the stage. I so don't want to miss Beck and neither do they which is why we were trying to make it early. God I hope the traffic fairy smiles upon us!

I'll be boogeyin' just for you (((ms. mornington))), my love.

((((amilita)))) ~~~soothing~~~

((((pixie's friend))))

Smoking has been banned from pretty much everywhere here, even the beaches are smoke free now. However, most outdoor venues still allow it, which suprises me!

((bunny)) Feel better.

((yuefie)) Does JetBlue fly to where you want to go? If they do, they have really cheap fares most of the time. Have fun at the concert.

((funnybird)) Sorry you had a bad day.

((mando)) Enjoy Trader Joe’s, I keep meaning to go there. But I mostly pretend to try to eat healthy, so I don’t want to buy lots of stuff that I won’t eat.


Mr. DM found out today that his temp job ends Friday. This job was supposed to last until June 2007. So we’re both a little angry. Nothing he can do, but look for something else though. I just need to support him, and not make him feel bad which is hard because when he’s not working I feel the stress.

Life moves on, and so must we.
yuefie, I hope you have fun! Martini saw Tom Petty a few weeks ago and said he was rockin'.

I wonder if I would like Jo Malone. I find perfume to be overwhelming, but I've heard good things about her. I usually wear a light vanilla scent from the body shop.

We have the most half-assed smoking ban ever. It's banned in restaurants, but not bars, until sometime next year. Once the full ban takes affect, if a bar has air filters that make the air equivalent to smoke-free air according to some city test, they can still allow smoking. In the meantime, if a restaurant has a bar, they can allow smoking at it. But because it's "banned" in restaurants, there are now no smoking sections. so if you're seated near the bar, it's actually worse. On the plus side, a lot of the music venues (esp. the two smokiest) voluntarily agreed to enforce the ban now.
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Sep 27 2006, 10:33 AM) *

i could also use some budget travel advice. ie: is there anyway to get roundtrip tix from NY to boston for under $100?



(Okay, going back to self-imposed semi-hiatus; be back in a few days. You just know I'm going to go back and read the archives so I'm sure not to miss anything.)
Arrrg! I'm so frustrated! I came home from CPR class, and the Taqueria Gang's trailer is parked in the lot next door.

Now, I should explain that I live at the intersection of two busy streets, and across the street in the morning, many, many Hispanic men hang out and try to get picked up for day labor. This a new, post-flooding thing. Fine. OK. It's mellow, they're trying to work.

But enterprise follows enterprise, and taco trucks have seen an influx along with all the Hispanic day laborers. Fine, too. Except when one tried to park almost right in front of our house. Extra trash, not OK. A bunch of strange (to me) men hanging around right outside my front door, not OK.

So I talked to them and without threatening to call the cops, told them very firmly that running their business right outside my house was NOT OK. No, sir. Not 3 days a week. NOT OK. Not 2 days a week. NOT OK. We will have a problem. I don't care if Jes*s loves me or any of that. NOT OK. We are going to have a problem. None of that seemed to move them, but the fact that they were in the bus stop DID, finally. So they went back to their usual place in front of the gas station across the street. Fine.

But then tonight I saw them parking their crap-ass trailer blocking the entrance to the (closed) Popeye's next door to me. They saw me staring and I could tell they were scrambling to hurry off before I got out of my car. I'm so pissed.

Did I mention that they run a generator and they happen to be right UNDER MY BEDROOM WINDOW? I am livid.

Did I mention that a friend bought some tacos from them and they aren't even good?


The Mr. and I agreed that if they are running their business down there in the a.m., we are just calling the cops. I'm afraid of retaliation and stuff, but we will request that they not tell them we called. They are blocking this parking lot entrance and exit. There is no use talking to them because we already did. So f*ing mad.

Sorry for the selfish post! Love you all!
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