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Bunny, it's been long enough since MonicaGate, so I think we can wear berets again. Especially if they're colored. Yours sounds lovely! I'm only sad that your hair won't stay dark for long. I was enjoying the idea of us being twins. wink.gif At any rate, hope you start to feel better and that your hair stops shedding so much.

Pixie, that is strange! Maybe he just needs a bit of warning before you do something as ridiculously experimental as leaving the house! I mentioned the situation to Sheff and he said, "Yes, that sounds pretty typical." What is it about RPG that makes the players so demented?

Mandi honey, I'm glad the two of you were able to keep your spa appointment. I'm sure you both needed it. So easy on the cleaning! Your muscles are tender, dear, and you don't want to make it wose!

~~~~ soothing for Anoushh ~~~~

(((((Pink))))) I love the pic! I giggled as soon as I laid eyes on it. smile.gif

Amilita, congrats on getting back in the saddle. Hope everything works out so you can stay at the same hospital.

((((Mornington))))) (((((F's dad)))))

ETA: Amilta, thanks for the heads-up. I'm watching it now.
anoushh, many thanks for the migraines tip. (i'm assuming this is the same oliver sack's of awakenings fame, the movie that makes me cry even if i just glimpse part of a scene while flipping channels?

amilita, i'm so glad to hear you're back to work and doing ok with it. you're my hero. but you know that.

i had no idea that there was such a thing as free birth control. blink.gif

antikvetch: my house is clean.
kvetch: an hour on the the heating pad and my shoulder still kills. are massages supposed to cause so much pain? (this was my second one eva.) it wasn't even deep tissue, just swedish.
antikvetch: desperate housewives premier. i am in much need of mind-numbing trivial tv.
kvetch: the mr is cooking a pork roast with the worst smelling marinade in the history of the world. and we're supposed to be starting our new family diet and eating proper dinners .... and i think all i'll be able to handle is ginger ale, because the smell is literally making me nauseous. i need to be setting a good example for the kid. argh.
((((amilita)))) P-U indeed. That whole situation is just sad. The job you do is quite demanding and not an easy one. I'm vibing for you sweetie.
((((anoushh)))) take it easy, you poor thing. ~~~~soothing~~~~
((((pink)))) ~~~ultra smooth wedding plans~~
((((((mandi-babe)))))) oh good lord, I would hurl so bad right now if I had to smell anything cooking. I feel for ya love, I do.
(((((plummie)))) ditto on what mandi said.

((((mornington)))) how are pete and indigo? and f's dad? and you?
HAHAHA rose, MonicaGate. I guess the statute of limitations is up. Pix, that guy sounds like a dickhead, not a friend.
((((raisin, polly, sidecar, bunny, sonik, syb, dusty, KMP, sixela, msp, sassy, flanker, billy, everyone))))
Hey bunny, my hair is falling out too. In huge clumps. I cried in the shower today when one the size of my palm came out. It's been like this for the past week or so. My hair is really thick, but at this rate it won't be for long. I figured it's just stress too, so I'm browsing around online to see what type of supplements might help.

Ohhhh my aching head. It's been getting progressively worse as the days goes on. My friend, who is a bartender, insisted a brunch of mexican food would be the best hangover cure. 'Twas not true, at least not for moi. I pounded an Odwalla Antioxi-dance drink with a pack of Emergen-C and a b-complex. Also a bottle of SmartWater. Raisin, you lucky girl! Me and the fermented grape juice are NOT friends. Yeah. I forgot this much while I was polishing off a few glasses last night. But it was good at the time, and went splendidly with all the yummy cheese I splurged on. And I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't going to drink it again sometime. The key is moderation. Not that it's ever been my strong suit in anything.

Kvetch: My sister just dragged me out to Lane Giant (Bryant) and that has left me feeling cranky. My foot would like to have a talk with the designers & buyers asses right about now. We are in Southern California here, and they are dressing us for nice New Jersey autumn. It's still hot out here for chrissakes. What makes them think I want to dress like a man? And enough with the gouchos, please. Sorry for my self absorbed ranty post, think I'm gonna take my crabby ass a nap now.

((((((((YOU)))))))) *smooches for all kvetchies* (I know I've been sucking at naming you all, but I'm still vibing for ya!)

ETA: can you all please spare some vibes for my friend Kim who is a surrogate and gave birth to twins yesterday, six weeks early. The babies are doing well, but she is not. She had a c-section and her blood pressure is running high. The mother is cool, the father is a control freak asshat who has made my poor mimi cry a few times. I stopped by there earlier and thankfully he was not there. She was sleepy so I didn't stay long.

Yes, thank whatever higher power you wish for the NHS. For all it's flaws it is SO MUCH BETTER than what we have in the States. Nothing is free here--nothing. Having worked both places I'd say my taxes seemed about the same in both countries, but I never had to worry about my medical coverage in the UK. Here you pay stupid high taxes AND--if you are "lucky" you pay some stupid high copay for crap insurance on top of that, which doesn't cover half of what you get on the NHS for free or little cost.

Here's something that recently happened to a friend of mine:

My bitch: We're apparently losing eligibility for the health insurance we've had for the last 13 years or so. We can get a different plan through Mr. R's work, but it's going to cost us about $250 more per month, and we still have to pay 20-50% of all medical costs and 50% of *retail* costs of any meds (instead of $5 per prescription regardless). And there's a $2500 deductible *per person*. This is still considered pretty good in this country. We're fucked.

Better not get sick or have any accidents,or we'll lose our house, and we'd probably best try weaning ourselves off meds to see what we can do without.

It makes me so angry my head feels like it's going to explode. I've been a patient and an employee of both systems and there is no contest at all which is better. I nearly cried when I heard that this "Labour" gov't was consulting so-called "experts" from the US[b] about how to "fix" the NHS. Um, that might work if they were trying to figure out what NOT to do.

Yeah, I get worked up about this stuff. It's insanely immoral, to say the least.

Thanks for good wishes, everyone. I make japanese food for dinner and now I'm exhausted so am off for a nap. Sorry I can't reply to everyone at the moment (par for the course these days. At least everything is going well--just normal late pregnancy blaahhhs.)

PS--Yes, it is that Oliver Sacks, who I adore. Robin Williams did a great job of playing him, I think.

And yeah, whoever is responsible for all those gauchos in the store should be killed. Right along with whoever was responsible for making sure all the maternity departments of every store I went to this summer were featuring those and maternity hot pants.
Death to them, I say.
Recently, I read nursing described as a "high stress and low influence" job. So, so true.

That story on 60 Minutes was pretty good...our attourny general is such an ass. He's behind the arrests. I doubt it'll go to trial, but my heart goes out to those women so much. I just emailed this support group to see if I can participate in bringing the two nurses food and doing "other acts of kindness." I think that would help me and them.

So weird about your hairs, yuefie and bunny. ~~~folicle vibes~~~

Anoushh, rest up, lady. The last part of pregnancy tends to be the're in the home stretch, though!

Yuef, I'm sending good thoughts for your friend with the twins. Yucky new daddies who give the new mommies a hard time! Bleh.

Mando, that doesn't sound so right about the massage hurting you so much. I got hurt in one once, but that was becasue I let a man walk on my back. Not so smart. I think it would be a good idea to call the massage place and let them know. I can't remember if you said you had trouble with that shoulder previously...

Hooray for your new luggage, Rosev! And yay for spending money on yourself! I think now that I've worked a little, I will buy some new Danskos...I need closed back ones for fall/winter. I threw my black ones away last year because I used to wear them to work and I transferred some bad feelings onto them. Ha. I guess I'll go with brown...

~~~don't get sick Bunny~~~ and by the way, I saw your cute pic over in Say Cheese! You can wear the yellow, girl, and not many people can. And I've been wanting a beret for awhile, not that I'd ever wear it, most likely.

(((Mornington))) just cuz. And (((friend F)))

(((PnP))) for all the weddin' stress and family shit and money'll all be OK and you'll be married to your sweetie soon!

Love for all I didn't name by name! Sidecar, Crassy, Txplum, Faith, Raisin, Sixe, Sonik, Sassy, Polly, everyone...

ETA: Maternity hot pants? WTF?
Geez--talk about misplaced priorities Amilita. Yeah, those poor people should be prosecuted, and everyone who let them be in that situation in the first place--Bush on down--should all get huge raises and tons of praise! Not.

I wonder if they could do with donations or something from those of us who are too far away to help in practical ways? Good of you to see what you can do to help (and yeah, sometimes you have to do something like that to keep your own sanity, don't you?)

Also, I havn't tried these, but since they are half the price of Danskos I was thinking they might be worth a try. Just thought I'd share.

Not only is birth control free in the UK, but so are all Rxs and all dental care during pregnancy and for one year after, as well as in various other situations, where it is also free. And when you "pay" for an Rx, you are paying the grand total off approx $10 per Rx. That's it.

Ok, I really am going to lie down now.
Anoushh and anyone else interested, there is a website for the two nurses in New gives an address for legal fund donations. You can also send a card of support.

I don't like to link directly to anything that could lead back to me here, but the address is

And PS, thanks for the shoe link!
Ok, I just saw that 60 minutes story and I'm actually all choked up. It brought home again how appalling everything about our current government is, and how appalling that this was allowed to happen.

And now people who did their damndest in the worst conditions are being harrassed and hounded and facing LIFE in prison for it? That's just fucking appalling.

And somehow it doesn't seem a coincidence that the three charged were all women.

That attorney general is appalling, too.

ETA--I'm apparently so appalled I can't think of another word to express how I feel. Oh well.
Yeah, and not that it makes it any more appaling, but they haven't even been officially charged, although they have been arrested and now the case has been handed over to the city prosecutor or something.

I don't even really get how that works, but I know they didn't have to go to their houses in the middle of the night after their lawyers said they would turn themselves in if necessary...this did not have to be played out so dramatically or publicly. If at all. I think the charges are ridiculous. But it's all Attourny General Foti's big, fucked-up, grandstanding idea. Disgusting.
Doesn't NO have a backlog of, you know, criminals to process? Every time I hear a report on NPR, it tends to be about how effed up everything still is there. Which makes me admire you all the more, Amilita.

The insurance situation in the States blows. I would really like to work to leave my job and begin my own editorial services business (editing, copywriting, Web design, etc.) and writing full time, but to go back on Martini's insurance, our premiums would be $470 per month. His dental has caps our coverage at $1,000 a year and he has bad teeth, so one year, I had to go without cleanings because he needed two root canals. My insurance is amazing, although it is an HMO so there are often some frustrations (before I see a specialist, like, say, a dermatologist, I have to call my doctor's office, request a referral, wait for it to come in the mail, and then repeat the same thing every three months).

I've been trying to find new BC, so I haven't had to pay in six months, but I finally found one I like. Unfortunately, my insurance charges the highest copay for anything brand and mine is not available generic, so I have to pay $35 a month. At least I have mail order so I can have three months for the price of two.
I saw a little of 60 Minutes and it was infuriating.

On a lighter note, are Danskos all they're cracked up to be? My friend swears they're the only thing that gets her through her annual conference at work and I have one in a few weeks with my new job, so I'm wondering if they're worth the $150 or so.

ETA: I ended up seeing Little Miss Sunshine with my wonderful! What Napoleon Dynamite did for geeky boys, this movie does for nerdy (but very cute!) little girls.
I got some in a sale that had some shoes on closeout and you could buy one get one pair free. The other pair was ok (some Simple mary janes), as it turns out, but I LOVED the danskos. The problem is I really loved them and they are expensive.

I didn't have to be on my feet all day, so I can't speak for that, but they are incredibly comfortable and I wore them all the time (and will again, now that fall is here.)
Ooooohhh, my first ever pm! Off to check now.
At work, can't hang around.

*beams* I sent funnybird her first PM, that makes me happy. Glad the ideas and productivity are flowing and I'm off to buy a soctopus for the boy. I like the thought of 8 arms to hug him when mine aren't there; mandoo is being a great comfort for me, he is lying (straight out like a person) in front of me as I sleep -basically spooning- so I can put my arm around him.

(((amilita))) that case is so shocking, those poor women. thanks for the pic love and the yellow compliment - I am taking the mustard as far as it will go - 4 tops, a chunky swing cardigan, a huge bag, accessories... the beret is teal and cute with little diamante bow brooch.

(((anoushh))) home stretch, home stretch, home stretch

(((yuefie's friend kim))) C had high blood pressure too, asshat fathers will not help. I have such huge respect for surrogate mothers.

I've found the presciption and insurance talk very interesting. Yes, maude bless the NHS. Mando, there is indeed such a free thing here as BC and it is blessed. I can't believe smears aren't free, every 3 years or not there are women who cannot afford them and they should be compulsory, that is deprivation of the worst kind.

(((sidecar))) dreams have a way of coming about no matter what the obstacle and I hope your's do.

and I object to having to pay for my prozac prescription blink.gif ... I am so very glad of the nhs sometimes. Even if you can't get an appointment for love or money.

I still haven't heard anything from F. I don't have a clue what's going on and I'm fretting even more.

(((bunny))) damn you and your yellow-wearing abilities. I can't get my head around the mustard trend... mostly because I can't wear it.
(((amilita))) that trial is appalling. I hope you manage to get in touch with the support people
(((yuefie))) & ((((friend with the twins))))
(((mando))) is your shoulder feeling better today?
((((everyone else))))

Yuck. I hate the rain. I'm going to curl up with Indigo and read aaaaall day. And fret.
Sooooooo don't have time to post, but wanted to say that I just posted a message for Tesao in LJ saying that her Kvetchies miss her. wub.gif She posted two pictures from vacation (but has more) and no narrative.

Polly, Danskos are definitely worth the high pricetag.

Interested in the healthcare discussion, will try to be back later to contribute.

I gotta run! Paying now for this weekend's debauchery. Ugh. Shuffleboard was fun. The weekend needs to be three days long.

MWAH to you and you and you and especially YOU.
(((mornington))) fretting is the worst, curled up reading all day is not. It's not raining here though.

funniest thing seen for while: yesterday in lord farquhar's, his dog scamper is very inquisitive and sticks noses in everyone's bag (as well as their crotch), anyway he was having a good sniff in my friend's bag and brought out her thong from the previous night (she was staying with a friend) and dragged it across floor. She was mortified and I was crying I was laughing so hard. A god laugh like that was much needed.


There is fat black cat stalking my bagel, as mr.luci saw fit to offer him a lick of cream cheese (boy, honey, I wonder why Jinx is so fat??) before he left and he just discovered the source...

So, this weekend was utterly dreadful with funeral stuff. You know how parents play favorites, blatantly or not? Well, he was definitely his dad's favorite, everyone knew it...and that man is utterly broken. I have never ever seen anything so heartbreaking in my entire life. At calling hours when I hugged him he just grabbed me and started sobbing and shaking...the man who would berate his very sensitive son (the ex) for having was so weird and awful...his mom's voice is gone because she hasn't stopped screaming since Sunday night...

I spent so much time with my ex...he was at my parents' house until 3 AM friday night, just crying and trying to figure out what to say at the funeral. I was just holding him and making him tea and trying to help, not that one can say anything in that situation...

After the funeral and the post-funeral food (for which I have another, more lighthearted story later), my friend and I went over to his house to get him out of there...plans to get him drunk and stoned and whatever, try to actually knock him out so he would sleep...

His mom was alone in the kitchen, trying to put away all of the extra mountains of food, so I offered to take some off her hands and we literally filled the trunk of my car...I just kept hugging her and holding her while she cried, wondering all the while how in the hell did I wind up back in this house in this situation and just feeling so helpless...

I sat up with the ex again saturday night - my parents made him sleep there earlier in the week and the extra bed was still made...the two others went home after we had some drinks and got a tad stoned...we tried to convince him that his little brother wasn't in a bad afterlife, that such things are reserved for bad people, and he was.not. a bad person. I don't know if he believed us...

Some of his friends went to the place where the accident happened and found pieces his of motorcycle still on the road and in the ditches...they picked all of it up and we went and got them...

I'm sorry this is so long and rambling...

I got maybe 8 hours total of sleep this weekend, and then had a flight, and then a project due on tuesday that is in no way complete and if I hadn't called in sick today (for which I shall catch a bunch of shit tomorrow, but whatever...I've been sick for over a week now and all the stress hasn't helped me heal) it would not have gotten done, as I would be at school until 10 tonight, home midnight, then up at 6 to get my train back to school, with an hour and half to finish it up before class. Fuck it. It was either call in sick or drop out entirely. Isn't that absurd? the post-funeral food 'do, the whole old group was there, but one of them, C, wasn't allowed to be near us or sit with us, or indeed, even stay at the gathering (wifey, M the bitch, made him leave) because she could not deal with the fact that C's exgf, my friend H, whom he cheated on with M, was there too. So she made him leave the place and go drive around for awhile, as though H would even give a shit. This woman is so fucking insecure - I wanted to beat her to a pulp for being so childish and immature. She was glaring at H, and when they came back, she sat down and C had to go fetch for her. While inside getting food H started a chatty little convo, as they haven't spoken for years, and during the ten minutes they were talking, M actually called him on his cell phone twice.

I am so sorry that this is so long and rambly and depressing...I promise this is it for the sad talk..I just really needed to get it all out...

And I am beyond annoyed at the latest board drama singling out my favorite thread. Fucking hypocrites everywhere.

And next time I post it will be less self-involved, I assure y'all.

Thank you
(((Luci))) Sorry after all you've been through, you still are sick and have deadlines to deal with...I bet it made a huge difference for you to be there for your ex and his family.

Polly, the Danskos are all that. I can't tell you how many Dr.s and nurses swear by them. Though I know a few who tried and hate them. It's all in the hard, inflexible sole. I have flat feet and they are the only shoes I can wear without orthodics and be OK.

I'm a little nervous to try the Land's End look-alikes, cuz I don't know how they'll be on supporting my nonexistant arches. You can look at for some good deals...lots of felt and suede ones that aren't so good for nursing but could be good for a conference. I don't know how the more fashion-y ones are, comfort-wise, but there are plenty of more classic ones on the site.

Sidecar, NO does have an insane backlog of criminal cases. And Foti was supposed to be investigating the allegations that people were stopped at gunpoint from leaving the city over a bridge to the Westbank by the police force from over there! The police's position was that they were doing so to help the people because the help was going to be coming to the city itself...are you laughing yet? This happened to many locals and to many tourists. And nothing seems to have come out of whatever investigation was done on all that. (And that, incidently, is the bridge I walked up, so I don't know if we just didn't get far enough to meet the Gretna cops or if our timing was lucky...)

On the happy side, I did go to a movie yesterday alone, and I enjoyed myself a lot and am going to start doing that more often. I need to sort of re-establish my personal activities and all that now that I'm a married longer a newlywed in what, about a week?

And Bunny, my Mr. can wear yellow, too! It's crazy. One of our friends would talk about it everytime he wore this yellow t-shirt that is now ruined...I'm on the lookout for another.

Love for you all!

Working from home today and sharing internet access with the boy, a situation we usually strive to avoid, but I'm still hiding and working from home because my face is still bruised. I'm hoping it clears up stat, although I know I'm probably unnecessarily self-conscious about it at this point. I seem to be over the worst of my cold/bug/whatever it was, thank cod.

(((luci and ex's family))) It sounds like you were very strong over the weekend, despite what sounds like wholly unncessary drama. Be good to yourself today.

Bunnyb, I'm going dark brown too but I'm with mornington on the mustard... just not me I'm afraid.

Enjoy your Mondays all!

Bold colours seem to suit me cos of my colouring (peaches and cream skin as the boy's mum calls it) but the bold hair does not, I want to be blonde again waaaah. although it does make my eyes appear bluer.

syb, I take it concealer isn't working? benefit's get even is fantabulous.

(((luci))) his poor family. is his gf still in hospital?

kvetch: I have cold sores where my lips meet, both sides sad.gif.
booooooooooooooooooom dia!!!!!

this is NOT a fly by, because today is a national holiday (marking the beginning of the war). soooooooooooooo. i am posting briefly, but only momentarily, because i need to at least scan the archives to see what is happening with people!

i promise i'll be back after i've looked at them!!

hugs and kisses and silly silly sardines!
*rugby tackles tes and gives her big booby squishy hugs and covers her in kisses*

we have meeeced you! your purple is a sight for sore eyes. welcome back querida tongue.gif.

we want mr hotbuns reunion goss! some of our passions need flamed! (okay, and some of us are really bored and without our men).

Bunny, I just checked out thw photos & I also admire your ability to carry off the yellow! Wowza! I could never ever do that. You may be peaches and cream, but I am strawberries and cream ... with some chocolate sauce on top. Mustard just does not belong.

Luci, I feel for you so much. As a person who was in virtually the exact same place a year ago, I fully understand all of the strange emotions you must be feeling right now. My heart continues to go out to you and to your ex's family.

[luxuriates in Tes' hugs and kisses, then dashes off to tackle the to-do list]
*rolling around on floor with bunnyb*

*blowing kisses after rosev as she dashes off to the to-do list*

okies. i think i am more or less up to the present.

muito obrigada to the best raisin d'etre i know. she got me to pop in and post!!! MWAH, querida!

((((((lucizoe)))))) how sad, for everyone. i'm glad that you were there for the ex, and i'm sure that it was exhausting, and

~*~*~*~*~*~* vibeage for getting the school stuff done painlessly ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

(((((mandomyheart))))) it is heartbreaking when children die. danny is a wonder. he is strong and caring because he has the bestest mom in the world except for mine. i hope that your shoulders feel better soon. i've often been sore after massage -- because getting the kinks out of muscles sometimes takes some pressure. i even had bruises once.....but it was because i had asked for extra deep tissue massage, so i didn't freak out. did you survive the roast with the worst smelling marinade in the WORLD, ever????

sidecar, i am STILL howling over martini's passport!

here is a HUGE raspberrrrrrrrrry for lurkers who are just here for getting viscious, vicarious kicks out of stalking our kvetchies!!! frellwit asshats. grrrrr. assholes do VEX me! i agree that posting about all of the good things in your life is the best way to deal with them. *shaking head in amazement at the time some people have to spend on idiotic pastimes like that*

amilita, your steadfastness and courage amaze me. bless you.

~*~*~*~*~*~* get the best schedule vibes ~*~*~*~*~* coming at you.

so, i didn't see 60 minutes. what i gleaned from your posts: doctors and nurses in hospitals in NOLA after katrina euthanized some people who were in really bad shape and they are now being accused of murder???


(((((((((post-surgery weimareiner))))))) did i spell that right?? my pere used to call them purple dogs!

speaking of dogs, and the dog park, and dog-friends: can they TELL that another dog is the same breed that they are?

bunny bee: what is foo foo? (i mean, i know what it is in africa, but i can't believe that is what you mean)

also: re mustard, i look like crap in any shade of yellow. when we say mustard, are we talking american mustard like the color they put on hotdogs at the ball park? or french mustard? (and the beret with the sparkly pin sounds TOO cute!)

speaking of cute, i want to see pictures of prettyinpink in her wedding dress!!!
AND the hair of the bun! AND this cute but weird mole sonik mentions!!! where do i have to go to see all of these wonders???

(((((mornington))))) i hope that your blues have been chased away.

faith, darling, so good to see you here! AND you too, fina!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! sapphy's back!!!!!! how was the crafty weekend??

*waves at pineapple* glad that you are back, too. so much has happened! i'm sorry about the loss of your friend.

*waves magic sparkly wand at sybarite*

bruises be gone!!!

(((((yeufie and surrogate friend))))) that sounds odd. i didn't mean it to. surrogates are doing such an amazing thing for a couple who want children, and having a mean obnoxious controlling father around just does not cut it. ass hats.

((((((anoushhhhhhhka!!!))))) how is lily?? when are you do? how are you doing besides being tired of being pregnant? and what MORON came up with the idea of maternity HOT PANTS? gah.

i am positive that i am missing SCADS of people so loads of extra all-purpose vibes for what ails you

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ everyone get/get rid of what they want/need ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

hugs and kisses and silly silly LIMPETS!!!
(which we ate in Madeira, they were tasty and had funny shells and looked like large barnacles)
for tes and anyone else (other than mornington and kittenb) who may not get it:little bunny foo foo is a kidlet's song. txplumwine called me funny bunny and I was in a quirky mood hence the tag-line.

as for the mustard, definitely dijon.
hare today, goon tomorrow!


Yeah, you kinda got the story, except I don't even believe anyone was euthanized. Some bodies have been found to have morphine and versed in them, but those drugs are routinely used for comfort measures. It's not the most reliable drug cocktail one could come up with to kill someone, if that was the intent.

And I think the powers that be and the family members of those who died are not fully appreciating what four days of stiffling heat, dehydration, inadequate nutrition, stress, etc. can do to a healthy person, much less someone who has health problems which require hospitalization! And they are not appreciating how abandoned we were.

Bottom line is that whatever occured, the motivation was purely humanitarian, and I would trust any of those three women with my or my loved ones' lives.

On a happy note, I just heard back from one of the women who is organizing the legal fund and other help for the nurses, and she's going to keep me up on what I can do. They are getting those rubber bracelets made in our blue uniform color with "Support Memorial's Heros of the Storm" and fleur de lis symbols printed on them...I'm going to help sell those. And I vowed never to wear one of those dingity-dangity bracelets, but I think I'm going to make an exception.

Amilita, I do believe that is *quite* a worthwhile exception to your rule. I would love to purchase one from you when you get them, so do let us know!
((((((((tes))))))))) yay for your vacay w/ mr. hotbuns! and uh, post more pics ya tease!
(((((everyone)))) be back later *mwah*

A Tes sighting!!!
Dress pics for those of you that havent wandered over to Say cheese:
Veil and Train
The Train
Checkin' myself out.
Just Breathe....
The Happy Bride with the crooked headpiece.

Honestly, I think that it is utterly disgusting that the people who did their BEST to help and provide aid during such a HORRIBLE crisis should be given medals, and honored as the heros of 911 were honored. Did any firemen get arrested for not digging someone out because they made the choice to save someone else instead? Absolute horseshit.

Kvetch: I have my annual exam on Wednesday and I cant have sex for 48hours. Irishboy was Rugby broken last night, and drunk the night before... I needs some lovin' or my virginity might grow back. sad.gif

ULTRAKVETCH: The chapel at which our wedding is to occur is run by The Chaplain's Office. All requests for the space have to get turned into said office and then they approve it and forward to the chapel office. Right. So I called today to find out what time we had requested the chapel for for the rehearsal on the 20th. The Chapel Office informed me that they didnt have any paperwork, so we didnt have the time reserved. Its now reserved for a women's conference and a retirement. Luckily they had the wedding date request "penciled in" with a "pending approval" note, so thats safe.
Yeah. dry.gif SO nothappy.
The lady at the Chapel office was like "well we cant reserve it without the paper work."
"yeah, but isnt that between your office and The Chaplain's Office?"
"Well, yes they have to send it to me but I dont have the paperwork"
"Right. Neither do I. The Chaplain's Office does."
"Right and they never sent it."
"What would you like me to do? Its between your offices..."
a pause "I'll see what I can find out for you."
yeah. you do that.mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif GAHHHHHH mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif
"I needs some lovin' or my virginity might grow back." laugh.gif it makes me laugh but I empathise completely ... 11 days, 11 days, 11 days.

*~*~*~wedding anti-stress vibes~*~*~*~ I seem to be experiencing a feeling of deja vu. Pixie, did you have a smiliar wedding kvetch a few months ago? asshats.
Whoo! A Tes sighting! I may have to check out LTAS when I get home tonight!

Oh Bunny dear, I had soooooo many wedding kvetches! Everything that can go wrong, usually does in the days leading up to the wedding!

((((virtual hairbrushing for Prettyin pink)))) All that matters that you , him and the preacher show up somewhere and say the right words! You are going to be georgeous! And honestly, I barely remember anything that actually happened at the wedding because there was just so much going on.

*waving at yuefie* Hiya Sweets! don't have a food processor? Really? I'm shocked! I would have thought Karen would have gotten you one! I'd send you home with one of my older ones...but I am sure airport security would LOVE you having blades in your luggage! When do you come again?

Lucizoe, I second Rose, we had a similar occurance last October.....and it was the most stressful awkward time! Funerals are never a good time, but then add in relationship weirdness and people who can't get over themselves or the past! I admire you for doing what you could. Sometimes it's not easy.

Pixie, even if Karen had given me a food processor, I would have let Smokeboy keep it. I let him keep pretty much everything - especially the things his family had provided. In fact, I even let him keep some of the gifts he had given me. Getting it all over with was more important to me than any of those objects, anyway, so I'm not bitter. There are a few movies and books I wish I had grabbed, but I can live with that. smile.gif

Pink, I love the details on the dress! Gorgeous! Here's hoping the chapel gets all of that paperwork straightened out. If I were you, I'd call them tomorrow.

Amilita, my mom is an ER nurse and has a lot of sympathy for what happened at that hospital. I'll be sure to tell her about those bracelets.

((((((( more hugs for more people than I dare list right now ))))))
If it was packed really well, you could probably check a food processor. Lots of styrofoam inside and tape outside.
It's Monday, and I feel very tired.

Hmm, amilita, I was re-reading your reply regarding Dansko shoes. You say they have a hard, inflexible sole, and after looking at that outlet website you sent me (thanks! much better prices!), I'm wondering- are these like those Dr. Scholl's type shoes that have the wooden soles (here, I found some)...the Danskos are cushioned inside and stuff?
'lo tes biggrin.gif

(((amilita, dm, polly, yuefie, mando, bunny, anoushh, pixie, pink, rose, luci, tes, syb, fina, faith, sidecar, txplum and everyone I've forgotten)))

too tired and grouchy to vibe individually, but I'm giving hugs to you all.

still haven't heard from F and want to cry. Indigo walked of the lead for the first time today and that was good but I've sunk down again. I need something to get me out of this rut.



IPB Image
(((((((pink)))))))) you get extra huge hugs for posting that vision of corpulent cuteness!

I forgot I have dinner company coming so I am scrambling off to try and pull a decent dinner together. Be back latah! *mwah*


(((designerm))) ~~~good nights' sleep vibes~~~

polly, yeah, they are sorta like Dr. Scholl's...I can wear those, too, but they are less versitile than Danskos. They are a little cushioned, but not much. For me, a firm sole is perfect. It may not be a bad idea to try some on in person before you order'll know what size to order, too. And you can get an idea as to whether they'll be right for you.

In the land of "comfy shoes" I kinda think there are Dansko people and Birkenstock people. Birkenstock people like the cushy cradling and Dansko people like the firm support. Does anyone know folks who love both?

Oh, and Rose, it's really good to hear that healthcare workers in other parts of the country care about what's happening here with the Memorial women.

ETA: squee! Thanks, PnP!!!


sweet sleeps and dreams to you both.

I'm definitely a birkenstock gal and had to laugh at "cushy cradling" cos they give firm support despite feeling like slippers (once you're broken them in and they have adapted to the shape of your foot and arch) but then I looked up the danskos and they just look painful. I wonder what bunnymama thinks, she's a podiatrist.

happy dinner companions yuef!
Hmm, yeah, I do love my birks, but after a few hours of standing, even they get uncomfortable. Maybe I'll ask my friend if I can try her Danskos on.

Kvetch: my head hurts. Tension-y headache with some sinusyness that makes it hurt when i breathe. Aspirin I took 45 mins. ago not helping yet.

Anti kvetch: Le Boy volunteered to mafe me a chicken & mayo sandwich on challah. Yum.
(((lucizoe))) you get the superhero cape today. i bet your support and caring and SANITY were greatly appreciated. kudos for taking care of you today.

(((mornington))) you should call F. just to put your mind at ease.

(((sybarite))) you poor thing you. whenever i get bruises, they take forever to fade. i can't even imagine walking around with facial bruises.

(((dm))) not sure i've mentioned this before, but ... i was never a boston terrier gal, but now that i have a boston terrier for a nephew, i can't get enough of 'em. your icon always makes me smile and think of buddy.

welcome back tesao! thanks for the tip on being sore after a massage. good to know i'm not defective. this morning i was still hurty, but it's much better now.

(((prettynpink))) want me to kick church lady in the shins for you? cuz i will.

(((ubercute supersized rodent))) is he, um, supposed to be that big? cuz i'm worried for him now. (and please, you all know i'm not a fatist, so no PC reprimands, k?) cool.gif

lol @ thong dog!

extra tight hugs for (((dusty))) & (((yuefie))). they know why. wub.gif

kvetch: i keep stumbling across articles, urging women to be more agressive with their doctors for better cancer-screening tests. not that i have recognizable symptoms. (other than irregular cycles and my first "skipped" period. i think.) and not that my insurance will cover expensive & "unnecessary" tests. and not that i'll actually find the gumption to bring any of this up with gyno doc next week. *le sigh*
QUOTE(amilita @ Sep 25 2006, 11:32 PM) *

In the land of "comfy shoes" I kinda think there are Dansko people and Birkenstock people. Birkenstock people like the cushy cradling and Dansko people like the firm support. Does anyone know folks who love both?

That would be me. One for summer and one for winter.

But I'd agree they aren't for everyone. (Though everyone I've know who's had a pair has loved them, but there's a big ebay market so someone must be selling them, too. And if you stand all day your feet are going to hurt somewhat. I think the most comfortable shoes I ever had was a pair of Merrills, the slip on kind. That may be b/c when I first tried them on they were a borrowed pair from a friend after I'd spent more of the day traipsing around London than I'd expected in some "fancy" shoes and my feet were killing me and these were like heaven in comparison. I bought a pair and I still love them, though.

The neighbors trapped a raccoon sometime last night and I kept expecting to see it gone somewhere, but it's still there and has been there since at least 8:30 this morning, most likely longer. I'm worried about it, and it's been warm today. When I picked the mister up from work about an hour ago we went over to try to politely enquire after it, but no one was there. He really wanted to just let it go, but we were afraid someone would see us. I hate this sort of thing. And I wish I'd said something earlier in the day. I just kept thinking "well, they must be doing something with it soon...."

Rose...I understand all too well! Even though I'm the one who kept most of the stuff in the divorce...I've been getting rid of it little by little. I just don't even want anything around that reminds me of the past.

To that end I have been purging one of the closets all evening! It was orgionally designated the "wedding closet" and now I've moved all of that stuff into the attic and I've been purging all the bathroom and makeup crap that I have been doing without this long. Long range goal is to make enough space in that closet for the Halloween and Christamas decorations that are now in the very back of the attic which Mr. P unfortunantly will have to dig out in the near future!

PnP..that is too cute!!

((mornington)) just cause!

(((Bunny, tes, yuefie, polly, DM, Amilita...everyone else I'm missing)))

Amilita, I've got 60 Minutes taped, will watch it at some point this week. (and truth be told, I also want to see how good a pianist Condi is ::snickering:: )

Bunny in a beret! Sounds real cute. I love berets.

Lucizoe, I hope you get more sleep and take good care of yourself and that Mr. Lucizoe tucks you in bed. What a sad weekend.

Welcome back, Tesao, so glad my prodding worked. Prod prod prod!

PP, you are gorgeous! Even with your tongue sticking out. wub.gif

((((Mornington and furbabies just because)))))

Anoush, are you on LJ? I mentioned something about nationality and religion and I'm wondering if you can relate at all... I should PM you to discuss further...

So, insurance: In less than two years I'm supposed to start getting mammograms (yes, at age 35) because MaRaisin had breast cancer. Mammograms aren't even supposed to be all that accurate for younger breast tissue, but maybe by 35 it's not considered young anymore. Soooooo not looking forward to that bill or having the insurance company tell me that I have to pay 100% of it because it's not "medically necessary." Oh, let me get this straight: my mother went through a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation, and is still on drugs now and you're telling it's not medically necessary that I get myself checked out? This is another huge incentive for me to stop being fat once and for all, too.

So with the current job, I purposely went with the higher-priced insurance plan that is not an HMO because I don't think I should have to ask my main doctor (who I don't even like and need to find another one in a better location, but that's another story) for PERMISSION to go to a dermatologist or anyone else. I'm in charge of my fucking health, not the coddamned doctors or insurance companies. I hate hate hate HMOs on principle. I didn't have insurance for years and years and now that I finally have a choice to not take the HMO, you bet your bippy I'm not paying my hard-earned money for that kind of jumping through hoops and paperwork. I'm paying MORE for the privilege, but at least it's my choice.

UGH! I'm stressed out and sad and frazzled and tired and lonely and feeling sorry for my stupid self and feeling gross/PMSy and have loads of laundry to do and I was going to cook tonight so I have lunch to bring to work this week but that's not happening tonight and and and and... I will probably regret it tomorrow, but it's my bed and I have to lie in it or something. GAWD.

Tired, speaking of beds. Really need to sleep. If I'm not around much this week, it's only because I need to get my act together in the non-plugged-in world. I think this may affect me coming to NY in a couple of weeks and it looks like November will be a whole lot better.

p.s. Sorry I keep writing novellas. xo
(((raisin))) when you're feeling like that sometimes you just need to curl up in the duvet (with the bunbun).

I, for one, love reading your novellas and I hope you're not away too long so *~*~*get act together in non-plugged in world~*~*~ vibes.

WHY in maude's green earth am I up at this time (almost 6am here)? woke up and could not get back to sleep so I've given up and resigned myself to it being a very long day. Grrrrrrrrrr. I have a doctor's appointment in 3 hours and I hope I look like doo-doo cos I need him to sign me off.

sweet dreams to BUSTies who can sleep.

eta: I'm such a dumbass, I knew that I had seen the socktopi somewhere before when yuefie posted it in the inebraited thread. D'oh, it appears on flashing banner at top of screen. Ordered one for the boy earlier today with funnybird's kind help (it's even the same website!) *slaps forehead in Homer moment*
HAHA bunny, I forgot about posting that. Yeah, I must have been distracted by it's cuteness at the top of the page. I really do want one so he can live on the top of my bed with my Davey bear. My girlfriend Monica fell so in love with Davey, she ordered herself one today. I knew she was going to because she wouldn't put him down yesterday.
((((((raisin)))))) *snuggles* and ~~~~good rest~~~~
((((dm)))) ~~~good sleep~~~how's the job going?
((((anoushh)))) *tootsie rubs*
(((((luci))))) ~~~soothing~~~
(((((mornington))))) ~~~calm your worries~~~ (((f & f's dad)))
((((syb)))) ~~~bruise fade fast~~~
speaking of which, the one on my tushie (from my drunken fall Saturday night) is soooo ugly and purple! thankfully there is nobody else to see it these days wink.gif
hee, mandi a fatist. I cracked up at that one. You couldn't love me as much as you do if ya were babe!
Thanks for the vibes for Kim. She is doing much better today and the jerky dad seems to be staying clear of her now. A friend of ours took him to task, so I imagine that's why he wasn't around today. The mother of the babies is a very nice woman and is beside herself with gratitude. I think she and Kim bonded and she is also keeping her husband from bothering her any further. I admire what Kim is doing, being is a surrogate can not be an easy thing to do. But she has two boys of her own who her keep her quite busy as it is, and a very demanding job in a high profile law office. The woman must have nerves of steel!
I ended up pulling it together and making a fab dinner of too much incredibly good cheese (cabernet soaked cheddar & olive & herb gouda), olives, savoury garlic & onion bread w/ olive oil & balsamic vinegar for dipping, fillet of sole and steamed broccoli & asparagus. Nobody seemed to notice the missing requisite potato/rice/pasta side. We stuffed ourselves silly, had good conversation. Then I fed them cheesecake with raspberries and white chocolate sauce for dessert, but was good and only had a few of the raspberries myself. And I only had a half a glass of wine this time.

(((pink))) what is that? I want one. A real one so I can make it sit like that and just go "omg so cute" all day.
(((bunny))) feh on wakefulness
(((yuefie))) I wanna come round your house for dinner!
(((mando))) there can't be any harm in bringing it up, no? and I can't call F, I don't have his number - so I sent him an email
((((raisin)))) *extra-tight hug*
(((polly))) *headache-be-gone*

I haven't got the patience to wear in birkenstocks. I own a pair, but I blister waaay too easily. Silly, because I will break in doc martens.

I took some pictures of Indigo - they're here (yes, I'm showing off). He's been really good off the lead; he doesn't stray too far and doesn't run. I guess he might go further away as he gets more confident, but at the moment he's staying close.
kvetch:flickr is playing up because I apparently have too many email accounts... they all run off yahoo and it just doesn't seem to be accepting the information. Feh.
antikvetch: I found out last night who failed thier retakes. One of whom was my flatmate, and another who just irritates me. I'm fairly certain this makes me a nasty person, but I'm allowing myself a little glee.

*mwah* to you all. I think I'm in a better mood - slightly - today. We shall see.
Oh, mornington, he's a beauty... if it makes sense, he looks shy, which of course makes him cuter.

I'm glad you sent F an email; hopefully doing so made you feel a little better. And take the glee where you can get it.

Eh, bunnyb, concealer works okay... but during the day it just looks like I'm covering a bruise w/ makeup. I am getting so bored of being at home but there's a seminar and then a night out at the end of the week so that'll get me out and about. And until then there's always work to do...

Yuefie, your evening sounds loovely. I could live on cheese and wine, I'm sure of it.

Good for you Raisin for taking charge of your healthplan. US health insurance is totally byzantine to me but it sounds like you're getting what you need from it which is what counts. My cousin was recently diagnosed with bread cancer so I'm encouraging everyone female I know to get screened.
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