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Mando, that just breaks my heart about your cousin. I've been thinking about you a lot this week.
((mando)) sounds like the way to go, if it's going to happen, as unfortunate as it is. Glad you and your family made it through it.

So happy Danny has a diagnosis now, and treatment! I looked up CVS and it's interesting that it's connected to migraines. I used to get severe PMS symptoms that were very similar to severe migraine symptoms, (and included stomach issues, not just uterine stuff) and I've always wondered if they were connected because my mom gets migraines, and has had PMS symptoms like mine in the past, but I've never gotten a traditional headache-type migraine (knock on desk!) so I wonder if I got the PMS-type migraine, but not the headache migraines. It's all connected.

(((Danny and Mandofamily))) Danny is just such an amazing young man, knowing how to support his mom through hard times. I am also glad that so many people were able to celebrate your cousin's life. And I know what a relief it is to get a diagnosis for a physical problem, even though it shouldn't be shameful to have psychologically-induced pain/symptoms, having it be concrete makes you feel less defensive.

A former colleague and acquaintance is on survivor and it is ooking me out to have all these strangers on the TV without pity boards describe in detail their sexual fantasies about him and pick apart his looks. It's just so weird! Reason 999 I could not handle that kind of scrutiny personally. I am going to have to stay off those boards because it's so tempting to get on and be like: I know him! He's not [X] and quit perving on him! But obviously that would be bad because, first of all we're not that close, and second of all, they're entitled to their opinions about TV!

Kvetch/Antikvetch rolled up in one: For those of you who have been so supportive through my mood issues, I thought I would mention I have new diagnosis (I know, like the fifth I have had) -- bipolar type II, which means hypomania. I never thought I had bipolar because where are those magical highs everyone is talking about? I'm never manic and productive. But apparently there's a version with very "low" highs, which makes much more sense, I just thought that those phases meant I was doing better. So a new kind of med, and hopefully I will feel less out of control (because the antidepressant was making me extremely angry -- putting aside issues here, I also made a different friend cry last week, and it made me realize I was not as in control as I wished to be). Unfortunately the new drug will take 6 weeks to kick in, but at least it's progress.

Happy new year to busties of the tribe.

Raisin, Sonik, RV -- I am with you, I HATE it when artists pull each other down -- Maude it's hard enough, without people who should know better dragging others down. Word on the whole faux-privacy of internet. I get so paranoid about what I say here, but I have decided that while I won't go out of my way to advertise myself, I try not to write anything that someone I knew couldn't find out. Like the mood stuff -- it's not a secret, even if I wouldn't advertise it.

As for the little miss mary sunshine theory -- that always cracks me up too because my "default" is as sunny and chipper as can possibly be, both because I have absorbed a lot of people-pleasing/nicey nice instincts and also because sometimes my real mood is so fucked up that I just want something safe to adhere to. So I often get people totally shocked when they find out I have been depressed/am treated for depression. "But you seem so happy!" I guess it could be worse.

Polly, having been all over with the migraine/PMS issues, there is a huge huge hormonal component to many migraines, and even men can have hormonal cycles (obviously not tied to menstruation but just bodily rhythms) that affect headaches. I'm glad that your PMS stuff seems to be in the past.

PIP -- I have never planned a wedding but I am with the other busties about calling all your friends to make the cake, lend you a cake service, help with the play list (I actually kind of like CD mixes rather than a DJ, you get to control the music). And remember, it will be the most wonderful wedding because it's yours. Not to minimize the stress, because as a bride, you're entitled!

RV -- I like that you gave your friend some feedback re. therapy - having been on both ends, it's good when friends don't validate every crazed thought in your head, and it shouldn't be insulting to hear "maybe someone could help you be less upset than you are." It's always a fine line for friends to walk, but it sounds like you are doing the right thing. And Amilita, I love that you can take some of the strength you derive from therapy (not that you didn't have plenty on your own, obviously) and pass it on -- no matter what happens with your friend, he knows there's someone out there who is actively pulling for him, and that's pretty amazing.

Must go work now. Thanks busties, once again, for everything.

Hope the new drugs help after awhile, Faith. I'm glad to see you around these parts again too, feel like I've meant to say that for ages!

Glad work went mostly ok, Amilita!

PIP, if you have all the arrangements set up already it may just be easier for you to get a wee loan to pay for the wedding stuff and the boy (or both of you) can pay it back after... you might even get some wedding money as gifts that could help. $500 is not very much to get a loan for and pay back pretty quickly, your bank would probably do it no probs. Obviously it's not ideal, but a quick fix so you don't have to cancel the cake, dj etc and lose the deposits on those, and to avoid freaking out over having to make last-minute changes to what you already decided you wanted.

Bunny, party date is not confirmed yet but I think will be either 14th or 21st Oct. Will pass on your good wishes to F, ta!
(((((mandi))))) (((((danny))))) & (((((mando-family)))))) ~~~continued healing & comfort~~~ and thanks for sharing with us all.
((((grieving busties, old & new))))
(((((faith))))) (((((rose)))))
~~~sickies and ickies feel better~~~
Hi everyone. I'm vibing for you all, even if I'm not taking the time to name everyone individually. I'm feeling kinda blah and moody myself. There's some stuff going on in my family that's putting me on edge a little, but honestly I don't even know if I can blame that for as shitty as I am feeling. But I do know something has been getting to me. It's been nagging at me a bit and I finally figured out that it would appear I have a "reader" here, as something I shared only here was repeated elsewhere and I feeling a bit creeped out and violated. I mean, how violated can I really feel seeing as this is a public message board and all. It's just wierd to have someone I know in real life track me down here. Feh. Sorry for being a Poopy Pants McNegative Nancy. We're coming up on October and I always have an especially difficult time when I feel the weather begin to shift to fall. All the hardest times of my life have happened in the autumn and there is something about the feeling of the change in the air that just stirs something in me. It's like I can feel where I was when the difficult things happened all over again. Sad, as the fall had always been my best season growing up. Oh well, life is no bed of roses and some have it far worse than my whiny self. ~~~sending all the sunshine I can muster to those who need it~~~

ETA: undie report: light blue cotton & lace trimmed bra, light blue & navy polka dotted hipsters.

(((mando, danny and family))) I'm thinking of you mandomyheart.

(((yuefie))) you're allowed to have down days, we all have. Yes, public message board but still not nice to have your safe place to vent gate-crashed.

(((prettyinpink))) Ipod hooked up in corner with all your and his music on it -party shufle- and you have no non-funny dj jokes to contend with, a basic package with photographer for the big photos and then disposable cameras and tubs of bubbles as favours for guests and they blow bubbles, take photos of their tables and dancing and then give you cameras back at end of reception and you develop them when you have money (gives you variety of photos and you'll see things you missed yourself) and I would go with friends bringing desserts or could you speak to your nearest and dearest and ask for a cake instead of gift?

fina, keep me posted! is it a Hallowe'en/dress-up party? all your friends seem to want to dress up! anyone having a letter party this year? I'm holding out for 21st as the boy is up the previous weekend.

(((sapphy, amilita, faith, syb, rose))) get better. polly, how's the tummy? too many sick BUSTies, my head still throbs too.

sonik, good luck with deadline! syb, yesterday sounds promising! so good when on same page as supervisors! I need to get together with mine soon...

Margaret Atwood is giving a creative writing talk at uni on Tuesday and it's open to the public so I'm hoping I can get to go, would love to hear her speak.

Took funnybird's advice - so she's in the bad books for being a bad influence! - and went shopping today! was supposed to be winter coat shopping but too early so ended up buying a pair of shoes and another pair of boots! hehe, thought of mornington as she's such a shoe fan! bought a few other things too and had lovely time and lunch with friend who I used to work with and don't see that often.

undies: white t-shirt bra and white pants with blue flowers, blue trim and key hole at back with blue striped ribbon.

((((((((((HUGE tight hugs for all of my Kvetchies)))))))))))

Mandi, thanks so much for checking in. I know this continues to be an unbearably stressful time for you and your family. It's good to hear that your cousin's son got to spend so much time with his family in his last days. And it's wonderful to hear that there was such an enormous out-pouring of love at his funeral. I know that it's still very raw and painful, though, so you all will remain in my thoughts.

As for Danny, I'm so so glad that he got a diagnosis! I know first-hand how much that can help. Just knowing that you have a legitimate problem and you have a doctor who is willing to help is amaaaaaaaazing. Best wishes to him!

Luci, how are you feeling today?

(((((((Faith)))))) It's good to hear that your doctors are supporting you, too. I hope the new meds help. As for the friend on Survivor, I'm with you! I have zero desire to be on reality television. One of my cousins desperately wants to be on Fear Factor, of all things, and I just. don't. get. it.

((((((Yuefie))))) Weather reminds me of past events, too. But I hope that in time, when the weather turns cooler, it will only remind you how far you've come & how happy you are to have those tough times behind you.

~~~~~~ mucho healing for Sybarite ~~~~~ How is he bruise looking?

Sapphy, that crafting event sounds fabulous! Enjoy!

Amilita, I've never had ratatouille. Sounds intriuing!

Sonik, I think I saw that mole on a David Attenborough show. They look so strange, yet kinda cute at the same time. Good luck meeting that deadline!

(((((hugs for DM))))) Just 'cause.

((((Bunny, Funnybird, Polly, Raisin, SideCar, Pixie, Fina, and EVERYbody))))

Thanks for the supportive comments about my friend. I'm worried about her. She has had sooooo so much happen to her lately and she's falling off the deep end and I just don't have a clue on what to do to help her. BestGalPal is having a hard time, too. Part of me can't wait for my parents to come home from Hawaii simply because I'd like to talk with someone who has some good news for a change, you know? I know that sounds terribly selfish, but I need to hear something happy & encouraging!

Anti-kvetch: My head is feeling better & the grmpiness is gone, so I think I'm getting better.
Anti-kvetch: Sheff has suggested that we should drive to the big outlet shopping center this weekend. Maybe I can find a new purse! Or even (gasp!) some new much-needed luggage!

ETA Undie report: White satin & lace boyshorts.
(((faith and other busties with diagnosies))) I think I know someone with that type of bipolar. I didn't realize there were different types...but I do know that it is very common for regular antidepressants to cause worse problems for people with bipolar..that is how I found out that the person in question might be bipolar.

I also totally get the idea of not saying anything you don't want the whole world to know. I had readers for too long. I think most have grown up and moved on by now, but I am still careful of what I say and write no matter which forum I am on. I have my journal to write the really personal stuff that I don't want the world to know.

Rv...I'm glad you are feeling better. I am in the funk/mood what have you that you were telling me about yesterday! I woke up and it was foggy and miserable looking outside and it just kind of stayed with me. My throat hurts from being out in the rain last night too.

((yuefie)) I pm'd you back

*waves at Bunny* Hi sweetie! Shopping sounds like so much fun right now

((amilita, polly, sbarite, fina, raisin, everyone else I missed))
Pixie, how did the fundraiser go? Did your company meet its goal? And where did you have the fundraiser, anyway? I think you mentioned Brookside, yes?

Major anti-kvetch: Sheff just called to tell me that the two owners of the company summoned him into their office this morning - which sounds terribly frightening to me! But they just wanted to tell him how much they appreciated all of his hard work on their last project. And they gave him a nice bonus! I'm just beaming with happiness for him. It's so wonderful for him to work with people who really appreciate him! Plus, he said it means that I can spend even more when we go shopping this weekend. Weee!

Anti-kvetch: Sheff. I can be so hard on myself and I'm so hesitant to spend money on myself (I "splurged" on some $5 lip balm recently. Seriously.) so it's sweet that he's going to take me out and make me spend money on myself for a change.
Yeah, it's not so much that I've said anything that I mind the whole knowing, it's that someone hunted my posts down. Someone who would never have thought to come here in the first place. I just think it's sneaky, childish and shitty. That's the reason I changed my user name the first time, but I refuse to change it again

Those of you who have PM'd, thanks a bunch. *hugs*

Rose...we raised almost $2500! This was the first year we did this particular fundraiser, but the one it replaced only netted $350 last year, suffice to say my boss is ecstatic! And I scored major brownie points with everything I did yesterday and have been getting kudos all day. This is the first time I have truely felt like I was her the responsibility sense. My 1 year is coming up soon, so hopefully it will translate into a raise. And it was at the Appliance Gallery which is just a bit down the street from Suede, next to a chocolate restraunt. Perhaps the one you were always talking about? My boss and I were geeking out over all the pretty shiney upscale kitchen appliances!
Weird but I have the Thank God it's Friday feeling even though I have no idea what day it is and I'm not working. Hehe, and my friend and I went for lunch today at TGI Friday's, apt.

mornington, I've been talking about shoes and you haven't responded - are you okay chica? *frets*

*waves back at pixie* it was fun sweetie! although I went a little crazy. Retail therapy and all.

I have confident feelings that tes is going to check in over weekend *crosses all things crossable*
sidecar, The Office was hilarious last night.

sapph, have fun at the lodge.

((amilita)) Hope work goes well tomorrow, and they don’t put to much on you.

((syb)) Feel better.

((mando)) Glad Danny got a diagnosis. It’s nice to hear that there was much love at the funeral, and so many people cared about your cousin.

((faith)) Hope the new drug helps.

((yuefie)) Sorry you have a snoop.

bunny, yay for shopping.

rose, have fun shopping. Yay for sheff’s bonus.

pixie, yay for your fundraiser.

I finally hired someone to help me at work. She starts on Tuesday. This should help me not be so overwhelmed.

Mr. DM is sick.

I’m so glad it the weekend,

happy rosh hoshanah to the Jewish busties! We're going to a belgian place tonight with our friend for her to break her fast.

((((mando, danny, & fam)))))
sapphy, that is such GREAT news! Enjoy your weekend.
((((feel better all you sickies))))
((((faith)))) i'm glad you have a diagnosis. i hope you're able to get it worked out.

i have almost nothing planned for the weekend. ah, bliss. i plan to finally finish laundry.
(((bunny))) shoes?! who said shoes?! I'm fine, just... not typing.

(((pixie))) woo!

(((dm))) & ***feel better mr dm***

(((mando))) It's so good to hear something conclusive about danny. It's just good to hear you're about full stop. (((mandofamily)))

(((pink))) gah. I'm with the mix/ipod suggestion... maybe getting lots of friends to suggest songs.

(((faith))) I hope the diagnosis helps!


(((yuefie))) feh on them.

(((rose))) yay for sheff's bonus & yay for splurge shopping!

(((syb, funnybird, fina, sonik, raisin, amilita, sapphy, anoushh, txplum, tempest and everyone else)))

So... finally got to see the doctor. He's doubled my prozac dosage and I'm going back in three weeks. As he said, everything is going quite well at the moment, so I shouldn't be having inexplicably low moods. We shall see.

Feeling very quiet today; strangely not in the mood for company - it seems the more often I have people in my house, the more I crave solitude. Although with el hound and the bunship it's not really solitude... non-human companionship lately. I wish to shake myself by the shoulders and say "go blog about it you emo emo child"... unsure.gif

*mwah* to all & yay! for friday & hppy rosh hoshanah too! ((((kvetchies))))

the undie report is... black mesh knickers, white bra. I don't match but I don't care.


Thanks for all the support and good ideas.

My step-foster-kinda-sister is into photography, and she's down with doing it for free. (heh.......yeah, I'm 12.) Plus, we're planning on having a ton of the disposable cameras for people to use and drop off for us to develop. I expect many penis shots from the rugby guys.

Today, I went to Central Market and looked at their roses, and they have these GORGEOUS huge antique looking roses from Equador. I'll use those for my bouquet, and that will save us almost $100. Awesome. Only three roses per bridesmaid, 5 or 6 for me, $1.50 per rose. YAY me.

So, that sets us at about $175 for the cake and $300 for the DJ, which should be workable.

29 days...

Undies: White lace VS see through panties, White Angels bra

Hello all!

It's been a while since I've posted or even lurked, and I really missed seeing what's up in Bustie-land. In case anyone cares (I'm not being a martyr, just not assuming that anyone noticed I was gone...I wasn't super active), and regardless, it will be cathartic to tell you all what's happened to me since my absence. (Feel free to skip the following, it really truly is just cathartic for me to see it all written in one place

I hiked the Grand Canyon with Mr. KMP, and it was gorgeous! Has anyone ever heard of Havasupai? That's where it was, and I've never seen water so blue when it wasn't in an ocean.

I got my gynecological problems under control. Don't know if anyone remembers my battles with the yeastie beasties, but turned out they weren't there in the first place. Found the most amazing gynecologist on the planet (and if you live in Indianapolis, I'll give you her number!), and she found a treatment for my vulvodynia that has been an absolute miracle for me.

My mom hit the 6 mos. sober mark!

A friend of mine was in a horrendous car accident, and passed away due to complications from her sustained injuries in July.

My second semester of grad school is going fabulously, my lil' sister is now at SFU, and my brother is graduating from HS this year.

My oldest Weimie had to undergo major surgery, and we think it's the beginning of the end for her, so it's been a rough week.

~*~*~*((((Major major retroactive vibes for all the Kvetchies, and also non-kvetching Busties, for jobs, illnesses, family matters and all the roughness and major life changes I've missed!))))*~*~*~

((Mando, Bunny, Pixie, Rose, Sidecar, everybody, everybody))
Hey KMP! Good to see you...sorry for the hard week.

Central Market?!?!! PiP, I can't believe I didn't know you were in the neck of the woods that would have a CM! I may know people who know people who could help you out (near most every location). You are welcome to PM me if you'd like a hand.

{{{{{mandi, danny and mandifam}}}}} Because and because and because.

Since it's been a couple of days...woohoo Bunny!

Sorry so many folks seem to be out of sorts. It's been quite a funky couple of weeks. GB and I are both worn to pieces, but there's plenty of good going on. Though I feel a bit at a loss to recap it!

Anyway...{{{{{you}}}}}. Have a fab weekend, all, and l'shana tovah!
Hey KMP, I was actually wondering if you had switched user names and I just didn't catch it, heh.
(((((((kvetchies one and all)))))))))))) ~~~~all purpose vibes a plenty~~~~

Thanks everyone for the vibes re: the snooping shithead. I figure if I am going to spied on I might as well make it worth their while. dry.gif It's just lame and classless. Or make that klassy. Whatevs. If I'm so interesting that there is need to snoop than so be it *tounge firmly in cheek*

Today was a day from hell. Here's hoping that tomorrow will be much, much better.

(((Kissmypineapple))) that is so tragic about your friend, you poor thing. Your weimie too (is a weimie a dog?) I'm sending peaceful and pain-free vibes for her.

So many kvetchies are hurting just now that I want to cuddle the thread up in cotton wool and marshmallows.

KMP, my goodness! What a year you've had! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. That must have been awful. And I'm sorry that your dog is poorly. But it's wonderful to hear that so many other things are going well. Hooray for your happy cooch! And for sober mothers and grad school and the Grand Canyon!

28 days until PIP gets married. Wow! Congrats on finding some solutions to your financial bind. It's so satisfying when that happens, isn't it?

((((((Mandi, Yuefie, Pixie, Mornington, DM, Sidecar, Raisin, Polly, Funnybird, and anyone else who happens by )))))))

[cuddles up in the fluffly cloud o' luvinz with Bunny & gives her a peck on the cheek]

So, it's noon. And Sheff isn't awake yet. But he said he was going to drive with me over to that outlet center, right? So maybe I should wake him. Maybe. Hmmm.

[chews on marshmallow while contemplating options]
Hi KMP! It's great to see you back! Glad you got your girly problems under control. adn *~*~*~ get well vibes for the pooch~~!!~!

Rose, you are so patient! If Mr. Pixie was taking me shopping today...I'd have tackled him a couple of hours ago and woken him up! AND...I opened my new vaccuum last night! I am going to be a cleaning fool today! We got the one with the enbedded dirt detector! (on a side note...I can tell i just turned 30 since i am getting pyched out over appliances)

Bunny! Mwah! Love the pic you sent me!

Yuefie....most of the time people get bored and quit. I always made a point of writing about all the amazing things goign on in my life when i had lurkers. Nothing pisses them off more than knowing you are doing well and happy.

Plummy..there is definitly something up with feeling funky and out of sorts. I think we have all been there this week!
cotton wool clouds remind me of the Care Bears:

IPB Image

I'm a huge fan and have been obsessed today: posted an adroable Care Bear graphic on mornington's myspace page (pixie, knew you'd like the tinkerbell!) which is supposed to look happy and excited cos I'd read her being just that elsewhere, and then I bought some cuddly care bears for the bunbun and I. I'm going through a lilac phase just now.

I'm very very tired despite having a nap at lunchtime -probably because I had a nap at lunchtime- and still not too sure what to do with myself. Should probably begin studying as have driving theory test on thursday.

kvetch: the headache I've had since tuesday or wednesday still hasn't cleared up.
Today I slept in and then picked up clutter around the house. I tossed a lot of random garbage out, and I found Martini's passport. In an old bag. Under our bed. You know, right where it belongs.

(((KMP))) welcome back! I'm glad to hear that your crotch is under control and you and the mister had such a great trip, though saddened about your loss. Stick around!

Operation I'm Not Up to Much continues. I'm thinking about going to the neighborhood's barbecue festival, hem some curtains, and maybe watch some TV.

Bunnyb, I heart you so much! Care Bears rock!

Kvetch: My landlady is getting on my last nerves
Anti-kvetch: Staying at the boy's this weekend will help so much!!

I heart you too but you said that the Smurfs were better than the Care Bears and that broke my heart sad.gif. Hmph, no-one is better than the Care Bears.
(((KMP))) what a year! can I ask what you weimie's in surgery for?

(((txplum))) there is something in the internet air.

(((sidecar))) you deserve some time to relax

(((bunny))) I used to have a care bear when I was little. I wonder what happened to her...

(((rosev))) poke him with a stick. go on... tongue.gif

(((yuefie, raisin, mando, pixie,. pink, polly, funnybird, dm, syb, fina, faith and everyone else)))

Is there room in the bunny-rose lovefest? I think I need a hug.

It's been an odd day... feeling flat and blue for no real reason. Indigo had a little accident on the kitchen floor (literally ten seconds after I said "I'm putting my shoes on and then we're going for a walk") and I've just been moping about a bit. Went and got him some new toys - he loooved the pig's ear, so I should have bought more of those.

kvetch: being called "sweetie" by some complete stranger who wanted to chat me up. mad.gif

antikvetch: F is thinking of coming over...

edited to add: no he's not. his dad's just been rushed into emergency surgery


((((F's dad)))) Emergency surgery? How frightening. Hope everything turns out okay. unsure.gif
((((((((Mornington))))))) You're always welcome to the love, M. Care for a marshmallow?

Sidecar, you should definitely go get some BBQ. It'll be good for you. Protein and all that. wink.gif

I never owned a Care Bear. Sniff. We just couldn't afford it, what with we three kids running around and anyone else my parents had taken in. At one point, we had 12 people living under our roof. No money for Care Bears then, lemme tell ya!

Pixie, I think you may have gotten the same vaccuum we got. Ours has that little dirt sensor thing, too. It's a very nice little machine and soooooo much less expensive than the Dyson that Sheff originally wanted. I have a friend who uses the extra-expensive Dyson at work (she's the woman who teaches at a Montesory school in Vegas) and she really hates that thing. She says her Hoover at home has always worked better. Hence, my reluctance to get a Dyson in the first place, and hence my consultation with Consumer Reports. I love Consumer Reports. Definitely one of my favorite mags.

Hey, kids! I have new luggage! Weeee!!! I tried to find my new set on-line so I can show it to you, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. At any rate, it is loverly. Two roll-around suitcases and one carry-on bag that is simply adorable. The bags are in a dark red patterned cloth with black leather trim and handles, and the interior is this soft creamy fabric with more accesories and storage areas than I know what to do with. I am especially fond of the cute little make-up and jewelry bags. And it's all so lovely! I can't wait to use it!

Okay, those were probably the two most boring paragraphs ever, but oh well!
(((f's dad))), (((f))) and (((mornington)))

Hee, I'm reminded of The Luggage in Terry Pratchett.

Sheff, if you're lurking, what about a care bear for our care bear, roseviolet? I bought the boy lovealot bear and he bought me grumpy.

still tired but head better.
pixiedust about some hugs from me?((((hugs)))) the bun!! further the boring paraqgraphs..I got new kuggage for my bday too. It has ladybugs on it!

Bunny..I used to have a carebare...maybe lovealot? It was brown with a heart in the tummy.

(((all busties)))
Heh. I had a babysitter who referred to them as Care Bores under her breath; I'd hear her, but little sister didn't have a clue, poor baby.

RV, are you at least going to take a trip to England anytime soon?

Had an exhausting day, full of errands and shopping. Waiting to watch Bringing up Baby (I am equally in love with/full of admiration for Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn) in a couple of hours. Thinking of breaking open a bottle of cheap white wine from TJ's in the meantime since a) it's taking up precious room in the fridge, b ) summer is over, and c) I'm feeling sorry enough for myself for being home on a Saturday night.

I'm in such a non-dating rut and I don't know how to take the first small step out of it. Maybe I should just make it official and declare a vow of celibacy; that in itself might be enough to set off the phermones to attract the men, right? Hey, it worked for Morrissey.

Okay, bottle of wine is open. ph34r.gif've been warned.

Oh! Happy New Year! I love this time of year and even though I'm not Jewish or pagan, deep down I really do consider this the start of the new year. January is just a formality.
~~~~~F's dad~~~~~~~~ I truly hope he is okay, mornington.

It rained waaaaaay too much to go to an outdoor barbecue festival, so we took Sophie for a quick walk and settled in to watch Rome and eat pizza (I did make the pizza--hand-rolled dough, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, and a spicy-sweet tomato sauce). Maybe if the weather clears up tomorrow we'll go check it out. (It's been crazy; the paper said that none of the city emergency officials remembered the last time they turned the tornado sirens on in the city.) I feel bad for the organizers. This was the first one and it was to raise money for the local parochial school, which is where a lot of neighborhood kids go and it's also fairly liberal, so it's at odds with the church sometimes.

I put the quilt my mom made me on our guest bed, and the dog has stretched out on it, to its entire length, as if we put it out there for her.

RV, I bought new luggage last fall, and every time I see it, it makes me happy.
Isn't it cute the way that pets will lie down on a new blanket that's been put out? As if they need to claim it as their own or something? So cute. The Dog Whisperer might not approve of that opinion, but oh well.

Raisin, the luggage will be used soon! I'm going back to Oklahoma in a week and a half. My mother is having eye surgery, so I am going to take care of her for a few days. Dad has to be in Texas for part of her recovery, so it just seemed like the right thing to do. Maybe this will alleviate some of the guilt I felt when Dad had some minor surgery this summer and I couldn't be there to support him.

Pixie, they had this one set of luggage that was BRIGHT pink! I mean, Pepto Bismol pink! Sheff thought I might like it, but frankly I wanted something more elegant ... and something that Sheff could carry without embarassment! I really really love what we got. I just wish there had been a matching bag for my laptop.

As for the Care Bear, I don't think Sheff needs to get me one. Thanks for supporting me there, BunnyLuv, but Sheff is very caring and gives some great hugs, so he's all the care bear I need.

You may all vomit now. wink.gif

Anti-kvetch: Had a loooooooooong talk with my friend in Vegas. Somehow we started imagining what it would be like if Paul Harvey sold diet pills on his radio show. We did bizarre impressions of him accusing people of spending too much time on their Sleep Number Beds, listing to their Bose stereos, and letting their asses get wider. It was weird and wrong and amusing ... just like anything that happens when I'm talking to that girl!
(((rosev))) you and Sheff are adorable! Good for your trip to Oklahoma, I need to make one myself to Stillwater....and I LOVE new luggage, it's one of the joys of travelling!

sidecar, it's soo funny when pets colonise a new object! Their world is so small (pretty sure mine couldn't find the Sudan on a map), it makes me all warm and fuzzy when they get to know every new addition to their world in a friendly way....

mornington, thanks for thinking I'm nice! more ~~~~~F's papa's okay~~~~~~ vibes, and ~~~~~sexie and fun~~~~~ vibes for you, to shorten the bluesfornoreason.....

bunnyb, thought of you today at an art fair when I saw this.....made me think we all have a kick-ass bunnyb inside us.....

sassy, yay for getting to stay over with new guy and getting away from roommates for a bit!

((((pixie, yuefie, KMP, txplum, everybustie I'm forgetting)))

I have learned that if you are ill and sniffly hot Indian food is your friend.

I *love* buying new luggage. Our problem is where to store it.

I slept all day yesterday and today's looking the same way. We did go see the DJ though, which was good fun. I suspect I'm paying for it now though. I'm so sick of being sick!

Mornington, hope F's dad is being well looked after.

Mando, cheers for the update and it sounds like Danny was a star at the wake. The strength kids can muster up sometimes is amazing to me.

Hoping everyone else is having a great weekend! *sniffles, crawls back to couch* Pity party anyone? sad.gif
Heh. I have NO hangover. And I think I'm going to spend the afternoon drinking Ouzo and playing shuffleboard. ::cackling my ass off::

xoxo thank you for reading all of my drunken ramblings from last night. I feel a ton better this morning. Y'all RULE.
Since some people have said that my font seems a bit small, I thought I might tinker with it a bit. Is this better?

Raisin, I enjoed your drunken ramblings! Especially the typos over in the confessions thread. Where are you going to play shuffleboard? I thought that game was only played on cruise ships. wink.gif

This weekend is the big Sea Otter Celebration at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. You can check out the OtterCam here. If there isn't much to see there, you can alwasy try the Vegas wedding cam!

Sybarite, you're making me crave vindaloo.

Mom and Dad are home from Hawaii. Can't wait to see the pics!

Got a text message from a friend last night informing me that he was walking down Electric Avenue ... and, indeed, he intended on taking it higher. Heh heh.

((((((( hugs & coffee for all ))))))
hehe..pepto luggage! Mr. P bought himself some luggage with part of our wedding money, so he told me I could have any kind I liked. He refused to use the stuff that me and Mr. Dust used to have. Then one of my kitties (who is not declawed) thought it would be nice to use as a scratching post! Ah well..It looked rather 90's and beat to heck anyway.

Yay for no hang over! Me too..of course I rarely have a hang over with wine.

mmmm..Indian food! That is sounding like a promising dinner! Hope you feel better!

Six, you have ties to Oklahoma?!! Why did I not know this?

Last night Mr. P had some of his freinds over. They come to play D&D and franly it bored the shite out of me. So first we went and saw the Black Dahlia. Very messed up movie! But then as I was settling down for a borefest, my mother called to see if minipixie could come over because my sister had made a surpirsie visit to her house. SO even though minipixie was with her daddy I was able to go and spend some time with sis, so that was fun. Unfortunately when I got back, Mr. Pixie sai dthat his friend had been pretty rude about the fact that he drove 3 hours to play and because of teh movie, they only got to play 3.5 hours instead of the usual 6-8, and that he only comes to play, not hang out, so if they aren't going to play as much, it might not be worth his while to drive down here! Mr. Pixie is PISSED! This was his best man in our wedding!

Today we are goign to try to take it easy and go to an art museum to see an impressionist exhibit.
Pixie and Mr. Pixie, I feel your pain. Le Boy does RPG/D & D stuff, too and it irritates the shit out of me...I can't even put my finger on why, it just does. Anyway, last June, Le Boy's brother/SIL and sister/BIL had christenings for their respective sons, who were born a month and a half apart over the winter. One had it on the Sunday before Father's Day, one the Sunday after. Sundays are the day Le Boy does the D & D stuff and with Father's Day in the middle, he missed three weekends in a row. One of his idiotic friends said, I shit you not, "why couldn't they just have the Christenings on the same day at the same church?" Um, well, to begin with they live 40 miles apart so they don't go to the same church, and a combined reception afterwards would have been about 250 people, not to mention the fact that doesn't each kid deserve to have his own day? AND ALSO, JUST TO REMIND YOU, THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOUR STUPID ROLE PLAYING GAMES YOU ASSHAT!!!

Sorry, I had to get that out. No offense to any Busties (or their loved ones) who participate in RPG's.

(((Sigh))) About to have another lovely Sunday without Le Boy to do laundry and hang out with the dog. rolleyes.gif I guess I could be doing worse things.

((Pixie, rose, raisin, syb, six, side, bunny, morning, sassy, yuef, tx, kiss, pretty, designer, mando.....sorry, I was on such a roll shortening everyone's name, I just couldn't stop. smile.gif ))))

((((Everyone else I missed))))
(((faith))) thank you for your sweet sweet words about danny. You always know exactly what to say, and never fail to make me feel better. I hope your new meds will make a positive difference in your life. You deserve to be healthy and happy.

You too, (((mornington m’luv))). I hope the new dosage proves to be the right one for you. (((f’s dad)))

(((sonic))) so sorry to hear about assholes being mean to you. Bet they’re just jealous. Wish I could run up and kick them in the shins for you. *winking at yuefie for instigating that idea*

(((dm))) superglad to hear you’ve got a new assistant. I so want you to be happy at your jobbie.

(((sidecar))) I’m worried about you and these freaking tornadoes. Gah. and but of course that's sophie's quilt!

(((sybarite))) superstrength feel betta vibes, heading across the waters.

(((prettynpink))) your gown is to die for. And you look beyond stunning in it. I’m so excited for you! When is your date again?

(((plummie))) wish you would post more in here, darling. I miss you when you’re not here.

and that goes ditto for ((tallgirl))) too.

Welcome back, kissmyp. Poor thing, Sounds like you’ve been thru an emotional rollercoaster. So so sorry about your friend. But happy to hear about mom and happy gyno news. And I’m sending much soothing vibage for your poor pupper.

Antikvetch: mom and I kept our long-planned spa appt yesterday.
Kvetch: my shoulders are KILLING me, from the massage. Although at the time, it felt delish. I know I carry all my tension in my shoulders. I should get more massages, I guess. But … ow.
Antikvetch: best mani/pedi eva.
Kvetch: I have yet to clean up after mom’s party (vacuuming, washing the floor, etc.) and have absolutely no energy to do it today. but if i don't, another week will go by and it'll be all the more filthy. *heavy sigh*
Kvetch: the boys are once more into Football Hysteria Mode again. not sure i can take another sunday without buying an ipod.

Thanks again for all the love and good wishes, those who sent them my way. I can’t ever thank you enough. You carebears mean the world to me.

I hated Care Bears--maybe I'm too old. I really wanted one of those girl dolls who rode her own motorcycle, though. I think her name was Dusty and she had a platinum blond shag.

I"m tired of being huge and uncomfortable and dizzy. I know this is all par for the course at this point, but I"m tired of it. I keep getting palpitations after I eat, too.

Mandolyn--Oliver Sacks' book Migraine is a fascinating book about more aspects of migraine than you'd ever imagine, including abdominal migraines. It's amazing.

Mornington, I've always ended up needing the higher end of the dosage range of antidepressants for them to work for me. Good luck with it.
Well, yesterday at work was so much better. Feeling more comfortable acting like a nurse, and we were way, way less busy. I don't think there is any way I can do weekdays...I just leave feeling so beat up mentally and physically. It's unreal, and I could go on a long diatribe about the way nurses are treated, but I don't wanna bore you all and I don't feel like thinking about it anyway.

Three out of my four deliveries were young, low income girls with little education. That can be depressing. Two barely bothered with prenatal care, despite having access.

I have to find a new agency or just sign on at the hospital, and I've already told the Mr. that I can't do days. I'll talk to my shrink about that part later this week, because she recommended I do days. Nights can be isolating (not great when you have issues with depression) and it works against your body's rythyms. But I think I'll alternate 1 and 2 shifts a week, so that should be managable, I think.

Today is a rainy day, and I think I may go see The Illusionist. I haven't been to a movie by myself in forever, and I miss it.

(((hugs for all)))
((Amilita and Anoushh)) Forgot you in hugs. Amilita, hope you can strike a balance with work (glad it's getting better) and your sanity. It can be hard to do.

Hmm, seeing a movie solo today. Not a bad idea.
six, which one made you think of me? (link took me to gallery).

pixie, that would have been tender heart. Lovealot is pink. I call the boy carebear and he is, all mine.

insensitive geeks! no offence but that extreme involvement in role play vexes me. thank goodness the boy isn't into that anymore, although hobbies are good.

(((mornington))) how are f and his dad?



(PINK - don't read following!) pink marries four weeks today and I'm cruel for reminding her.

sybarite, mmm indian food and red wine. my vices, spices are great for sinuses etc.

Had my hair trimmed and dyed today -v dark brown and v different unsure.gif - I also reacted to the ammonia, I think, and was all trembly and dizzy for a while and had to have sugar fix. I then went for tapas with boy's mum which was yummy and had some peppermint tea afterwards to settle tummy. I'm now thinking of some mashed potato and gravy as still feeling a bit dodgy.

Bunny, I changed my avatar just for you.

Mando, thank you. The wedding is on October 22nd.

If I could send you all invites I would. That would be awesome. Any busties in the seattle area are more than welcome to come to any events planned!

Yelled at my dad yesterday for not calling me. He hung up on me. I called back and told him that I was awed by his maturity. Saw him later at the family b-day party, he barely said a word, but gave me a big bear hug which is dad speak for "I was wrong but I refuse to admit it"

Saw Jackass Two. Am scarred for life. FOR LIFE. Almost vomited. Utterly disgusting movie. Funny in parts, but horrible in others.

((huggles for you all cause I'm too lazy to type out everyone's names! ))

(((pink))) mm, sexeh avatar there!
(((bunny))) pics pics pics pics pics tongue.gif
(((amilta))) when will you have to sign on?
(((mando))) feh on housework
(((pixie))) gah. I don't understand playing rpg's for that long *snuggles up to pixie*
(((rose))) definitely clearer! ooh, luggage. I feel it's like handbags, except bigger and better!
(((raisin))) I read your ramblings this morning in the inebriated thread... you crack me up girl
(((yuefie))) you do too
(((txplum, tg, fina, faith, tyger, tempest, treehugger, and everyone else)))

Watching panorama and I'm finding Andrew Marr strangely attractive unsure.gif ... although Gordon Brown was a straaange looking young man.

Found another greyhound in the park - indie was delighted! Hopefully we'll meet again and I'll arrange a playdate or something.

Still no news about F's dad... I'm fretting and fretting and I'm not sure who I'm worried over more... and I don't want to bug F in case I'm making it worse. Doesn't help that I'm feeling blue myself still. Nearly bit G's head off earlier. Oops.

no pics, pics, pics, everyone says too dark so lord farquhar going to soften it up a little with some toffee highlights and til then I'm wearing the cute teal, lambswool beret I bought. yes, I bought a beret, mock me if you will.

hehe pretty, you is pretty!

kvetch: my hair is falling out. forgot to mention that earlier, need to go buy some protein tablets from healthfood shop. probably due to stress.

kvetch: my headache from tue or wed stopped but now I have a scratchy throat and I'm vibing myself that the flu I have held at bay for so long isn't about to hit. not that it would really matter if it did except make me miserable and maybe postpone my theory test, I will hopefully have no work for a while once I visit the doc's again on tue and not seeing boy for 12 days (squee!)

raisin, you is funny and the dried grape who gets to hang with you is a very lucky male - maybe meet him at a wine tasting?

yuefie funny too, I want a soctopus. funnybird, did you receive my PM?

anyone in lj land caught up with tes? tell her to get her ass over here, some of us have been in a funk without her. *smooches*


random Q (after reading something in another thread): are birth control pills not free in the States? ohmy.gif
Oh! Anybody watching 60 Minutes? They are interviewing the Dr. and two nurses from my hospital who were arrested for murder...there was a great shot of the flooded hospital during the intro. Dang. I'm taping it.

ETA: P-U! But first I've got to listen to Condee Rice spew a buncha bull.

Bunny, birth control pills are not free here. If you're lucky, your clinic or Dr. will give you some free sample packs. Sucks, eh? Shoot, some insurance companies won't even cover oral contraceptives!
Gee, and I thought it sucked that anti-depressants weren't free and sanitary products weren't tax free. Maud bless the NHS eh? do family planning/sexual health clinics provide free condoms and lube? what about smear tests, are they free? and ante-natal care?
It's fairly easy to find free condoms at family planning clinics...probably some college/university health centers, too. Pap smears are not free, but you can generally find clinics who do sliding scale fees or something else cheaper than a Dr.'s office. At least in cities and towns big enough.

As far as prenatal care, you can apply for Medicaid and get covered through that. Hospitals are required to care for anyone who walks into the door, but only for things considered critical, so if you came in to a hospital in labor, even if you never applied for Medicaid, you would not be turned away. It's all very complicated and peiced-together. The system does not work well.
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