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Just flying by as well.

(((((mando))))) definetely don't stay away because you aren't feeling like a sunshine-y rainbow. we will be your sunshine, k sweets?

I am with you polly on the unexplained tummy issues, and can't wait to finally see someone. I've been nursing this protein shake all day. Well, nursing is a stretch, more like choking it down. Bleh. That'll teach me to only eat fruit and drink loads of caffeinated tea. I've just had no appetite since brunch on Sunday, which was fabulous but the thought of it now makes me feel a little green. Time for me to do a little fruit and veggie cleansing fast methinks.

Be back later when I can vibe everyone properly. But just know, the thought is there. (((((((you))))))))


(((sapphy))) I'm so relieved that that things are looking more positive for both sapphman's dad and for dinah kitty!

(((mando))) do not stay away, kvetch is for good, bad and all times. How did danny get on?

~*~*~*danny, polly and yuefie tum-tums~*~*~*~

mornington, how was the stephen fry documentary? I was too busy too watch it and then ended up watching super nanny with the bunbun!

sassy, how'd the second date go, querida?

speaking of the bunbun: bunnymama bought her a Jack Sparrow costume at the weekend and I think she's going to wear it from now until Hallowe'en (and she wants the Elizabeth Swan outfit for the Hallowe'en parade at Disneyland, Paris - she's going for her birthday). So I get why you're cautious about the costume pixie!

amilita, C is out of "recovery" and in a maternity ward and her and baby doing better. I'm hopefully visiting tomorrow but that depends how tonight goes ...

I am currently on my sixth (I think) coffee and don't think I'll be going to sleep as I try to get the dissertation finished. At this point, I just want it over.


eta: oh and I timed my last minute marathon perfectly as I have killer moontime cramps (tummy and back) and soaring body temp. The boy calls me his little hot water bottle when I'm under the red tent.
Check out Bustie's Best Friend to see how I'm spending my evening.... mad.gif
((bunny)) The dissertation will be done soon. Yay for boots in the right size.

((yuefie)) and ((polly)) Hope the stomachs feels better. I need to stop eating sweets because I’ve been feeling sick lately, and I know it’s all the sweets I’ve been eating.

((danny)) I hope the gastro doctor appointment went well. I had to go to one last year because of issues I was having, and it all turned out well.

((sapph)) Glad your stress level has gone down, and sapphman is back and Dinah kitty is improving.

((raisin)) I like compliments on my clothing choices as well. Yay for a cute dress.

((sassy)) Glad to hear your date went well, and good luck with the review.

((tempest)) Yay for a good review.

((pixie, txplum, rose, mornington, sixelacat, sidecar, mando))

Kvetch for Mr. DM: He has a really annoying coworker that talks all day, he sits in front of him. This guy insist on going to lunch with Mr. DM. I told him to just tell him that lunch time is his personal time, and he wants to be by himself.
Anti-Kvetch for Mr. DM: Other than the annoying coworker, he likes his job so far.

Bunny...I'm catious about the costume because he doesn't just want any old Jack Sparrow costume. He wants a like custom made $300 Jack Sparrow costume! And while the role playing possibilities would be nice...for $300 it better come with Johnny Depp in the costume! Now he's contemplating being V from V for Vendetta. At least that should be under $100. Can you tell my husband takes halloween far too seriously? I don't think we are even going to have the kids this year!

*waves at Yuefie*

I feel Mr. DM's pain. I'm not really social during my lunch time. Some peopel gather in teh kitchen at work...I take my food back to my office, lock the door and pull the blinds!

So. I'm not sure whats wrong with me. I read things completely wrong constantly. I read this:


Sapphy, glad the kitty's feeling a little better.

as "glad the kitty's feeling a lobster." Totally confused. blink.gif

and cheese just sounds icky right now, because I had a small glass of milk and a small milkshake. Ow.

speaking of good costumes, I saw a Davey Jones costume at the Disney store. It is comepletely awesome. But it is also for a kidlet.

Mando, this is Kvetch Up. The whole point of this thread is to talk about the good AND the bad. Please dont go away because you feel that you're depressing us. At least this way, you are able to share your pain, and know that there are people all over the WORLD thinking about you and sending you love. Thats something special. Something that we all treasure about this thread and about this community.

Ahoy, me harties!

((((((Mandi)))))) Allow me to echo what everyone else has said. You know that you are welcome here, through good times and bad. So whether you want to take a break or whatever, please know that we are here, sending you and your family endless love. I hope everything went well with Danny and the new doctor.

~*~*~*~*~ soothing & productivity vibes for Bunny ~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~ soothing for Yuefie's & Polly's tummy ~*~*~*~*~

PIP, hope you're maintaining your sanity!

Sapphy, thanks so much for the update. My thoughts and best wishes will stay with you and SapphMand and his dad. And, of course, your fur-baby! I just love that her name is Dinah. smile.gif

~~~~ sanity vibes for Mr. DM ~~~~ The hardest thing about those chatty-cathys is that they very rarely take a subtle hint. If only Mr. DM could escape to his car!

Mmmm .... cheeeeeeese. That deep-fried cheesecake sounds a bit intense, though!

(((((((( love to you all )))))))
*pirouettes into thread*

I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (for the time being!) Squee! It's done, it's over it's complete. Phew, relief doesn't cover it. A bit of an anticlimax in a way but just glad to have it over. Thanks for all your patience, support and kick up the arse vibes, you're all the best and when I mentioned the support of friends in my acknowledgements I had kvetchies in my thoughts. I'm off to have it soft-bound and hand it in and then off to visit C and the baby.

It's an incredibly miserable day outside, one of those days when I wish I could curl up in my duvet with Mandoo and a book I can get my teeth into without having to think too deeply and maybe some Depp dvds (that's Johnny, not deep dramas) but later, once the happy things are out of the way (soaked or not, i don't care!)

((((((((((Bunny, C, G and baby)))))))))))

(((((((((Mandolyn & family))))))))))))((((((((((((Danny))))))))))))

(((((((((((Sapphy & f-i-l & kitty)))))))))

deep fried bars?? Never heard of it. But it sounds genius.

Kvetch: today i found a thread on the net in which a couple of people totally bash my work. That's no problem, people are entitled to their opinions even if it's quite vitriolic. But apparently these people have so much time on their hands that someone found my bust profile and put the link in that thread. S/he was joking about sending me a pm. I don't really know what to think of this. Apparently they think (and therefore it's a *certainty*) i'm making fame/money by completely copying the style of someone i've never heard of and it's just fine to throw someone's private info into another thread to make fun of and sneer. Someone said that i showed a complete lack of integrity..ha. I'm going to be the better person and shrug it off. Whatever.wink.gif

Conrats, Bunny!!!! How wonderful! Have fun with the new momma and baby.

Sonik, that is so strange. It reminds me of a big argument that happened at Crafster during one of the first craft challenges. Someone had submitted a project for the challenge, and somebody else accused them of stealing the idea from a certain artist ... an artist that the original crafter had never heard of! It became very ugly and strange. The fact is that it is extraordiarily difficult to create a completely unique style in this world of ours, especially because the mass media allows people from widely different geographic backgrounds to have access to the same inspiration. Your style may resemble someone elses, but your talent and ability are still your own and your pieces are still uniquely yours.

(((((( more love for Mandi and family ))))))

~~~~~ soothing for Danny's tummy & any other ailments out there ~~~~~

Sheff is home sick today. Poor thing is curled up in bed, sipping on OJ.

And remember my friend V that I mentioned last week? She walked out of her job & broke up with her boyfriend. Well, she got back together with the boy. But she's still jobless and she's supposed to move out of her parents' house & into her new apartment in less than 3 weeks and she has no idea where the money will come from. On top of that, she hit a huge armadillo last night & nearly totaled her car. So even if she got called in for a job interview, she has no way to get there. It's just one nightmare after another.

In happier news, the air feels cool & distinctly autumnal outside today. Gorgeous!
Ugh, art competition. As Prior Walter says, "Honey, it's something you learn after your second theme party: It's all been done before."

And it has. So people need to just deal, the fuckers.

(I've moved on to angry, incidentally. Guess what? It was a fucking old fucking lady in one of those stupid old people cars (you know, like cadillac-size boat) who either couldn't be assed to bother to check traffic, or just couldn't fucking see traffic, before making a left turn and killing my friend and breaking his girlfriend's back, puncturing her liver, head injuries with short-term memory loss, so every single time she wakes up, her mom has to tell her that her boyfriend is dead. I hope that old lady wakes up every day remembering that her stupidity and refusal to acknowledge that she is AGED killed a 25 year old kid).

I was crying in the scene shop on Monday and someone asked why, so I told them that my friend had died. Death junkies: "How? What happened? Why are you here?" Well, I'm here because I don't want an unexcused absence on my record and frankly, the opportunity to pound some nails into oblivion rather appeals right now

...and now I have to go build a set model.

*whiny* sorry


Mr.Luci's mom, Our Lady of Perpetual Negativity, made overtures towards us giving her grandchildren the other day. As in, we called her to tell her we were engaged and her brain immediately jumped to "I finished the baby quilt I was making!" The woman is baby-mad. Nevermind that he's told her since he was a teenager that no children will ever share his DNA...

His family is huge and very into family-do's...he's worried and I'm worried that our plan for a teeny tiny little party and dinner is going to cause some sort of rift...he doesn't even want to invite his dad, but feels obligated, and I think one obligated guest is enough. Should be interesting when we send invitations.

yay bunny!! *cabbage patches for bunny* that's awesome! As someone who cannot make it through a ten-page paper without a tranquilizer, I salute you, chica!

oh, poor yuefie and other bustie illnesses!

saph, I'm glad the kitty is feeling better...I'm so hyper about klyde's weight, being such a skinny little dude, that if I perceive he feels lighter I start checking his nose and ears and eyes, all paranoid that he's's a good thing I'm not having kids; they would live in hermetically sealed bubbles for the first 20 years of life...

mornington, I'm interested in the stephen fry documentary too...I lurve him


(((((mando and family)))))
Sonik that sucks! You work hard, and it's so frustrating that these people would invade your mental space on a whim. Some people are happier when they have an axe to grind, it's sad.

Congrats bunny!

My mood is still bad, I am getting a doctor on the case. I am just tired of feeling restless and cranky all the time. Yuck.
Congrats bunny on becoming an auntie and finishing the behemoth paper that is your dissertation.
(((((mando)))))) extra tight hugs and ~~~soothing vibes~~~~ for you and the family. I know tonight will be difficult, you are in my thoughts love.
((((sidecar)))) hows the week been so far? I'm hoping you got some sort of relaxation and unwinding in, though I know you may have to wait for the weekend.
((((luci)))) that poor, poor girl. I cannot even imagine having to be the one to tell her each time. her poor mother too. *shudder*
~~~feel better vibes~~~ for all who need 'em
We'll call this one a drag by. I'm still not feeling 100%, just kind of off and a tad bit queasy. Not as much as yesterday, thankfully. I'm so glad for Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein Chai drink right now, it's saving me. I have a buttload of work to do, a culmination of the all the work I've been procrastinating the past couple weeks. So, I am going to buckle down and power through it now.

I'm so very sorry, (((Mandi))) and (((Lucizoe))).

Maybe she was too old to realize that she was losing it, Lucizoe. I think you are right that the state needs to intervene. We used to have mandatory testing for seniors in Ontario, we had it removed, and then we had at least one truly horrific accident that I'm sure no needs to hear about right now. I need to check what the current status is.

(((Sonik))) That's terrible.


(((Bunny))) I always read Mandoo as Mando, and it makes for some very interesting reading.



I'm back from 12 days out of town. We went to a political convention in Quebec City and stayed a couple of days longer. It is a truly lovely city, almost medieval looking. Then we went northeast to an amazing place on the St. Lawrence where whales feed. We finished up with a couple of days at my cottage.

I felt like we were going so far north my nose would bleed, but when I looked at the map, we were actually no farther north than the northernmost part of Maine, and in fact, the US/Canada border from the mid-west to the west coast is all further north than where we were. Not to mention there are palm trees in England in places north of where we were, so there's more to it than latitude.

I had to speak French, since we were in Quebec the whole time. And they served coffee with milk instead of cream, yay.

At the convention we passed a motion for Canada to withdraw from Afghanistan, which was cool. I was (most reluctantly) interviewed for tv on the subject, and only later discovered it was for the parliamentary channel. Ummm, no offense, but who actually watches the parliamentary channel?
Yay for bunnyb! Finally submitting is one of the best feelings in the world; like ten tonnes being lifted from your shoulders. Unfortunately, it's not a sensation I'll be experiencing anytime soon. My supervisor just told me to stop getting so wound up and 'just start writing the damn thing', and that it would 'probably be a good idea to get the essays done by the start of term' (week after next). The department is generally laid back about deadlines (it seems that a significant number of the full-time MAs got extensions for their dissertations), but I'm starting to think that what lazy procrastinators like me really need is an occasional arse-kicking.

rosev, your friend hit an armadillo?!?! That's bonkers! (or to us in UK it is, where the most exotic road hazard we have is the hedgehog!)

(((yuefie, hope you're feeling better)))

(((sonik, good for you for not stooping to their level by responding to spiteful, probably jealous people)))

(((Lucizoe))) It's too easy to underestimate how dangerous driving a car can be. I agree there should be mandatory driving tests reinstated after a certain age. And how heartbreaking about his girlfriend. Driving nails sounds like damn good therapy to me.

Well done bunnyb! Hope you're celebrating now!

Funnybird, I too need someone to set strict deadlines for me. (I'm writing my Ph.D thesis.) I'm used to newspapers, where a deadline is very much a deadline and totally non-negotiable. Then you hit academia and they'll stretch it out... but then an extension means whatever you turn in had better kick ass. Personally, I muster a little satisfaction when I submit a chapter draft; got to grab it where you can.

We could wander over to the academia nuts thread but it's been pretty quiet of late...

Sonik, that stinks, and sounds like professional envy to boot. I cannot understand people who spend time and energy putting people down, instead of, say, doing their own work. I'm sure anyone who knows you or your work won't pay any attention to such vitirol.

Dusty, I've always heard quebec city is beautiful.

I'm working away (-ish) but from home, as I tripped and fell yesterday and am now sporting a bruise on my jaw, so I'm hiding a bit. I am not superstitious by any means but I can't help feeling something is awry in the world lately... too many bad or crazy things are happening. The latest: a coup in thailand. It's like: what?

Anyway. /end paranoic ramblings.
Dang, Sonik! Everyone else already said it so well, but that sucks that people have to follow you around on the internet for something like that. Of course there is such give and take in the world that there is tons of influencing and inspiring going on... but you bring something special to each thing you make. And there's the simple fact that YOU made your work...even if it reminds them of someone else's work. So what? Bleh on them.

I see this kind of thing a lot, now that I'm more involved in the art world. Right now a friend of a friend wants to sue someone else because she's making shoe shrines. No matter that they do it in different ways or that other people did it before either of them anyway. Sheesh. I hope she comes to her senses.

Sybarite, I hope you're not right about the world! I feel as if things are just getting straight with me and I will voodoo hex everything if things start getting too wonky too soon down here in these parts. Ow! On your jaw.

Funnybird and Bunny, that kind of solo academic work takes such discipline. If it were me, I'd make schedules for myself...then I'd break 'em and make new ones all the time! Big congrats, Bunny. On the delivery of your academic pregnancy. biggrin.gif

And by the way, Bunny, I, too, first read that Mando was curled up in your lap. I was all, "Lucky Mando! I bet she's getting a hair-brusher!"

Dusty, welcome back! I was thinking of you when I was whale watching last week in Cape Cod, wondering where you had gone that you might be whale watching, too.

(((Yuefie))) keep feeling better.

(((Faith))) good for you for looking after your state of mind.

(((Luci))) That just sucks even more that it's an accident that should have never happened...not that any should, but I hope you all know what I mean. There should be some kind of mandatory testing for people past a certian age to renew their licenses.

Oh, and I don't know if it will help in the slightest, but maybe you could be sure to send out wedding announcements. You could kind of make a big deal out of them and how you want a list from your in-laws of who they would like to receive them, etc. I think that made my mom feel better about our decision to have a very small wedding and to not invite any extended relatives. It's all official and polite-society. Sometimes I think parents who get upset about small weddings do so because they will miss out on some of the attention that goes to them, ya know? And this way, they will get more well-wishing and phone calls and all that. Just a thought. Really, though, fuck 'em! It's your wedding!

Rosev, hope Shef starts feeling better. And I am timidly announcing that we, too, are getting a little fall-ish feel here...of course that just means you don't break out sweating the moment you walk out of the house. But soon I will make this chicken soup with kale and white beans and kielbasa to go with pumpkin bread...that's my official ringing in fall supper! I'll save you some of the bread, Rosev, because you love the pumpkins so!

Mornington, I have been neglect in congratulating you on your new puppers! I didn't miss pictures yet, did I?

I work tomorrow! Eek! I went and bought some lavander scrubs today, as the old ones I *er* appropriated from my last job are too tight and have tapered legs, anyway. I got me some flared, sit-on-the-hips scrubs! Ah ha ha! They half crack me up and I half actually like them.

I am furiously watching Lost Season 2 on DVD...I have 8 episodes to go plus the bonus disc. If I had my way, I would do nothing but that until I was done. Can't wait 'til Season 3 starts! It'll be my first time watching it in real broadcast time...I hope I can be patient.

Love ya all! Hugs for everyone I didn't mention by name.

Oh, PS wish me luck on doing a kind of intervention with a friend who is not especially close but who I think is very depressed and I worry could be suicidal. I think I am totally alienating him with my offers of help and advice to seek therapy...but I talked with my shrink today and she though it would be totally appropriate to just flat-out ask him if he's going to commit suicide. I only have his email, so I'm going to do it. This place is bad still, mental health wise. Shrink said that she though the anniversary was going to be a turning point for many people, and some would get much worse and some much better. I thank my stars and all the support I have and my brain chemistry and whatever else that I am feeling so much better.
yay (((bunny))) I hope you're out celebrating!

(((sonik))) boo on them. I can't really add anything to what syb said, but it sounds like they're being childish about it as well

(((syb))) ouch! ***feel better*** as far as I can understand, the coup in thailand still hasn't affected thier king... I've been semi-listening to the news all day and it just seems a bit bonkers really.

(((luci))) I too cannot understand why they don't have mandatory tests for people over a certain age (they have them here...). It's terrible that it could have been an entirely preventable accident. and boo on mil.

(((amilita))) ***good luck***. them scrubs sound sexeh.

(((funnybird))) I got arse-kicking to spare now bunny's done!


(((yuefie))) ***feel better***

(((rose))) an armadillo?!?!?! blink.gif


(((mando))) I might be late to the party on this one, but you are not to stay away when you are feeling down. *stern face* mmkay? ***danny's tummy****


(((tempest, anoushh, polly, dm, txplum, fina, tyger and everyone else)))

I've found puppy classes for the hound! I know he's not a puppy, but we met two today and he was better with them than he has been with others - I think once he realised they were puppies he calmed down. Hopefully they'll let me join even though he's not a puppy - he needs the socialization and I've never trained a pupper properly before... I understand the theory but in practice. Oh, and we nearly caught a squirrel.

Going to the doc tomorrow to discuss the headaches - haven't had many recently - and also the prozac. I'm still getting low moods and I just want to discuss it, see what he thinks... /blathers on.

I just realised that it's freshers on sunday and I still don't know if I'm starting this coming monday or not... bah.

((((kvetchies))) *mwah*

Bunny, congrats again! I know you must feel on top of the world to have that done!

Mornington, hope you get to take puppy classes. I have been through them a couple of times before.

Rose...V hit an armadillo? Good grief...I understand if she was on this side of town, but in the city?!!

(((((yuefie))))) feel better hon!

Amilita, hope your intervention goes well. When I was depressed, I wish someone had talked to me about it. I needed help long before I got it.

I totally agree that older drivers need to take a mandatory driving test! I was almost run off the road once when minipixie was really little by an older driver. We both pulled over and the guys wife was like," honey he just didn't see you"(as he made a left turn across 4 lanes of traffic) I went ballistic about how I had a baby in teh car and if he couldn't see me then he didn't need to be driving!

Oh amilita, don't listen to my doom-mongering. It's just me not getting out enough I expect and stewing as much as working at home.

And fwiw, I would simply be there as much as possible for your friend. We know someone who committed suicide, it's just so devastating. He may not respond if you ask him straight out, but maybe just let him know that he is not alone. From the little I've heard I understand that's really important. Good luck.

Mornington, good luck to you with the doc. He's meant to be there to help you, so make him!
I was unsure about asking directly, Syb, but my shrink said that is the best thing to do...he's really not directly responded to anything I've said about depression or therapy, but instead writes about other things. In the few emails we've had. I feel confidant that it's the right thing to do, to ask directly...I'm just nervous, so I havent' done it yet. Off to do so. Thanks for the bolstering, all of you. Needed it.

Oh, and mornington, the Mr. does think the scrubs are sexeh! dry.gif Anything nurse-ly. *shesh* Just makes me think of working my ass off.

Sonik! (((you))) That's terrible. And I love your artwork. So there.
congrats to bunny!
(((yuefie))) feel better!
welcome back, dusty!

mornington, I hope you get into the class! It was the best thing we did with our dog--not only did it socialize her and teach her how to behave, but it helped us communicate better with her, and we all bonded even more. I want to take a second round of classes, maybe later this fall.

My cold is thisclose to being gone. I am ready for that -- I ran out of kleenex in my office, so I've been spitting phlegm into my garbage can. Who's the classiest? That's me.

I called my grandma yesterday, as it had been a week since my grandpa's passing. She was okay. She told me, "You grandpa and I just took each other for granted--we didn't think we had anything special." I told her she was an inspiration, and I hope she felt better.

anyway, out of work and to the grocery.
(((sidecar))) classy indeed.

I just got a tail wag. He's lying in the hall watching me, and he stretched and sighed and wagged his tail a couple of times. He hasn't done that before. I feel kinda special.

(((amilita))) I know you can do it... and I honestly think it will help him too.

Quick drive by in my professional persona:

It is totally ok--and a very good idea--to ask about suicidal thoughts directly if you suspect them. You WILL NOT give anyone the idea. I mean, if someone suggests it to you, are you going to do it just because they asked? If you are in the right (or maybe I should say "wrong" ) frame of mind, anything can give you the idea. And when someone is in that suicidal frame of mind, they can often have an incredibly hard time bringing it up, or they can also feel like they are screaming out very obviously for help and no one is noticing (when in fact to everyone else it is the tiniest of whispers).

Feel free to PM me if you want any advice. It will be limited, of course, by being third hand in this case, but if you consider it advice from a friend with some relevent skills rather than a professional consultation, I think that would be about right.

Good luck.
(((sonik))) I agree with what eeveryone else has said, it's asshattery, plain and simple.
(((amilita))) while I do not envy your position, I too think you are making the right choice in asking point blank. Sometimes people who are thinking about need to be called out on it. And if he isn't, though he may be a little upset at first, any reasonable person would be touched that you cared enough to ask.
(((sheff))) ~~~feel better quickly~~~
((((mandi-luv)))) ~~~~continued ultra soothing comfort vibes ~~~~ especially for tonight. got my toes crossed for danny's health too.
(((sidecar))) & (((luci))) ~~~~soothing vibes for our grieving busties~~~~
how's your tummy faring polly?
~~~~feel better vibage for all the sickies~~~~
((((anoushh)))) I know I've asked before, so forgive me, but what is your due date again?
(((dusty))) glad you're back, your trip sounds like it was lovely.
((((everyone))))) hugs & keeces ~~~multi-purpose vibes all around~~~ forgive me for not vibing everyone individually. I'm usully much better at it but it's been said before not to stay away because you haven't got it in you.
I am so pooped, I can't wait to have a shower and snuggle up with my puppers and a good book. But I did manage to get a good amount of work done today. Unfortunately there is plenty more where that came from.

No problem, yuefie--it's nice that people are interested.

November 6th. My sacroilliac joints have shifted to a very uncomfortable position in the last couple of days and I can barely walk. But saw the midwife to day and other than that all is well.

Feeling a little panicky now and then, but otherwise ok.

Too tired to individually respond tonight.

Going to bed at 10pm because I've been running on empty and need to take better care of myself. Missing out on what's probably going to be the concert of the year tonight (yeah, Yuefie, I suck!) until Massive Attack comes to town in a few weeks and then I'll say that that's the biggest concert of the year (uh, pour moi).

Puppy dog tail wags for yinz.
Yay for bunny.

((sheff)) Feel better.






((amilita’s friend))



Dusty, glad your trip was fun.

I'm tired.
((((((Luci)))))) That is so tragic. My thoughts are certainly with that dear girl and with all of the families. And I agree that pounding nails can be quite therapeutic. If you need to vent a bit more, just let it all out. We're here for you.

((((Amilita & friend)))) Best wishes to you on returning to work and on the intervention nd everything.

Dusty, it's so good to hear that you had a good time. And I can understand why it must have felt so very far north there. Remember that England benefits from the gulf stream!

Annoushh, how's the Mr doing? Is he adjusting to American life okay?

Hooray for Indigo's first tail wag!

~~~~ healing for Raisin & Yuefie & anyone who needs it ~~~~

Pixie, V lives in Texas now ... hence, the armadillo. smile.gif And it was a big one, too. Her bumper and grill were cracked, as was her radiator and her air conditioning unit. It'll cost $1500 to fix her car.

Thanks for the vibes for Sheff. He's feeling much better now. While he rested today, I just kept as quiet as I could & then when he got up in the afternoon, I did some yardwork. Strangely, my hands were super shaky after using the weed-wacker. Now it's 8 hours later & I'm still a bit shaky. I also started feeling cold & testy. So now we think I may be a tad sick. Hmph.
Yay for tail wags and boo on exspensive car damages.

I'm awake when I shouldn't be. I just rearranged my book shelf, after taking the pupper out for a midnight stroll. I think I will have another warm bath and then If I still can't get back to sleep I'll organize my files. That should be enough to bore me to sleep wink.gif

(((((((((Luci))))))))))I have no words for that tragedy. This must be so hard.

(((((((Yuefie))))))I hope you feel better soon!

That trip you made sounds great, Dusty! And you were on television?

Vibes for Sybarite and Funnybird to make deadlines! P was struggling with a thesis and it's still not good, although he's now in the second year blink.gif . The professor made all sorts of points which confused him further and made me doubt my capability to proof read his thesis and actually give feedback that made any sense.

Oh and ******(((((good))))****vibes for you, Sybarite, no harm must come to busties!

((((Amilitia))))best of luck with the intervention. It's hard to reach people when they're so down, but i admire your concern. I hope this guy 'll turn round.

Belated congrats for having pets, Mornington!

(((((((Sidecar and family))))))))


Thank you all so much for the kind words. It's really only 6 drawings they're judging me for. If they'd taken a closer look on my site, they could've seen that i come from a different direction. The artist in case wasn't that loud, he was quite reluctant to say something, while the others appeared gleeful/curious as of how he would bite my head off. His work's really good, btw, but there are more differences than there are similarities. There was just this whole schtick of " this man worked so hard to achieve something and the next generation (which is prolly me) just takes it for granted and copies the whole thing"(uh like i didn't struggle to get my work out) Now i think that's more than a little self righteous. And then the whole "she draws from photos" which i don't. I incorporate it sometimes for research reasons (like i have to know what a bridge in a town i depict actually looks like, ya know?), but come on.
Some of them visited my site, and my email and phone number is right there. I don't understand why they had to go trough all the trouble to post my Bust profile there. I don't even know these people huh.gif

Sorry for the rambling, this will be the last i'll ever say of it.

It's a beautiful day here and i just bought a great cd by Jean Grae.
And yesterday i saw a documentary about deserts and they showed this critter. Cute and no eyes!
hey all.

(((luci))) it's tragic anyway but the circumstances makes it seem more of a needless waste, you have ever right to be angry. His poor girlfriend and her mother, I can't bear to imagine that pain.

(((sonik))) professional jealousy is all that is, they are envious of your talent and need to marr it in some way to boost their own low self-esteem. (if they found your profile then I hope they lurk and read that, it's pathetic).

(((amilita and her sexy scrubs))) I'm thinking of you today with the work and hope the intevention with your friend goes okay ... it's a tricky one but if he wants to reach out he'll now know you're there.

(((mandolyn and family))) you are in my thoughts, querida (is that an affectation, cos it's only meant to be affection? smile.gif)

(((yuefie))) cos she's the sweetest, loveliest BUSTie smile.gif.

(((funnybird))) from a major procrastinator who suffers from writer's block - sometimes getting those first few words is the hardest but also the best. I work well at my own pace, with my own deadlines but a major kick up the arse and drastic measures needed too. So go do some work!

(((mornington))) yay for first tail wag! that's a sign he's happy.

(((roseviolet))), (((faith))), (((raisingirl))) and (((sybarite))) feel better and (((sidecar))), has your cold fully cleaned up?

hehe for reading mandoo as mando! I hope you didn't read it like that when I was talking about fleas! I sometimes mistype one as the other.

(((dusty, designermedusa, pixie, fina, cstars, sixelacat, flanker, sapphy, sassy, tesao, txplumwine, tallgirl, anoushh, and you)))

Not really sure what to do with myself, finding myself at a loose end... lots of books to read and a bedroom to decorate but just now I'm suffering from quite the headache, am tired and just want to veg and not think or over-exert myself any!

Visited C and the baby yesterday (amilita, he was coming out forehead first and forceps not working so c-section it was; C was in recovery for so long cos she'd been without oxygen for a bit.) Baby Arron is teensy but oh so cute, didn't get to hold him as he was under a photosensitivity lamp as jaundiced (he had cute little cotton and velcro sungasses on!) and has an infection that C transmitted him, although unaware that she had it, but doing well. All remaining so they should be home tomorrow. Thanks for the good wishes.

oh, and shameless self-promotion: I've posted 2 pics of the boy and I in Say Cheese.

(((amilita))) I'm so glad you are going to talk to your friend. If nothing else, it will let him know how much you really are concerned. Oftentimes in depression more subtle questions just seem like perfunctory politeness, but outright asking will at least let him know how concerned you really are (from my personal experience of depression)

(((sonik))) YOU know the truth about your work, f*** them if they don't get it!

(((mando))) I hope you and danny are doing okay. Post whenever you feel like it, doll...(okay, we've only just "met", but obviously from your posts you are the best mom evah, and that makes you a doll!)

(((yuefie))) poo on not sleeping! I hope you are sleeping in this morning!

(((luci))) pounding out a little anger sounds like wonderful therapy!

(((mornington))) Have I mentioned that I love that you picked the most reticent dog to adopt? You are going to be the best vet ever! I already wish I could take my pets to you.....

(((rosev))) ~~~~go 'way virus vibes~~~~ Your armadillo story reminded me of my grandfather, who stalks around that part of the country like Elmer Fudd, hunting armadillos (just on his own properties). In 30 odd years I don't think he's ever got but maybe one or two. We give him armadillo things for Christmas every year.

(((bunnyb))) W0000000000000000T for getting done! You just enjoy yourself now, you deserve some relaxing! And congrats on being auntie to an obviously cool baby. Tell me, does he wear his sunglasses at night? smile.gif

((((((sidecar, sybarite, pixie, funnybird, dusty, faith, prettynpink, sapphy, dm, polly, txplum, raisin, everykvetchie))))))))

Oh, and my own kvetch/antikvetch in one: Being told by several co-workers at new job location that they wish they were as happy as me. huh.gif At different times, 3 different people have mentioned out of the blue how happy I am all the time, just in general. And a cust came up to a group of us and asked which of us was the nicest because they had a billing issue, and everyone pointed to me. Who is this person they are talking about??!! Little Miss Mary Sunshine I am not! It makes me a little sad to think that they are so unhappy with their jobs (I do like my job) that my average level friendliness is seen as unusual......
(((sixe))) you seem nice to me. I've just got to get through the next five years first... and then I will treat your pets. biggrin.gif


(((bunny))) you've had a stressful week so I guess it's not unusual to feel tired and that. And... "little funny bunny foo foo" cracks me up every time. I have no idea why

(((sonik))) what is that?! I want one

(((rose))) ***don't get sick*** & (((shef)))

(((yuefie))) ***get some sleep***

(((anoushh))) wow, I had no idea you were *that* close (although if I actually engage my brain, it does make sense, I just have no concept of time) ****soothing joints****

(((raisin))) ***get some sleep***

(((mando & family)))



(((amilita, polly, syb, funnybird, sassy, tempest, dusty, pink, flanker, sapphy, txplum and everyone else)))

G is coming round tonight - he got paid and is treating me to takeaway pizza and wine. 'Cos we classy. F being adorable and sending me sweet songs.

kvetch: not being able to get a doc's appointment

antikvetch: pete. is. being. cute. *head explodes*.

right, off to make earrings and listen to Izzard for a bit before I go walk Mr "racing my arse" Sleepy.


Pizza and wine IS classy! It's not beer for a start. More importantly, is it Domino's pizza? *salivates* one of the main things I'm going to miss about the boy is the frequent eating out/eating in! wink.gif

"Mr racing my arse" bwahahaha. Glad you like little funny bunny foo foo!

six, the sunglasses were to protect his eyes from the heat lamp and he was only to be under it for six hours but he may have had them on at night, he's a trendy lil dude courtesy of his Auntie C (oh, that's me, his mama and I share the same name). He kept nudging them off whilst he was sleeping and dreaming - we think he was jumping all the time (like when a dog dreams!) cos he was seeing the forceps coming towards him.
Well done for getting it done Bunny! That's so awesome!! F has her viva next week and is absolutely shitting it but it will all be over soon. Btw I will be in your hood again in about 3 weeks for a friends birthday party- if you're not in Manchester, let's do tapas! Or just come with me to the party!

(((anyone and everyone else)))

Sonik rocks and that is final.

I am getting a cold. It's been ages since I was sick so I guess this is ok. Also one of my toenails is turning black and I bet it will have to fall off. This is actually very exciting as this has never happened before to me.

Must go make a vegetarian moussaka for my Turkish lunch at work tomorrow. It looks like it might take awhile!
Uncanny: Pizza and wine were my exact dinner plans for tonight too! Classy indeed.

I going to try and write something tonight. Architect Boy is at his life drawing class, so I have the flat to myself. It doesn't help matters that the few hundred words I managed to bash out earlier this week, I accidently didn't save. Is there any hope for me?

Bunnyb, after your ordeal no one could blame you for not finding books and redecorating appealing. Give yourself a break! Go shopping! Watch DVDs! Drink booze! (These are all the things I crave, but am denying myself until I've done some bloody work. Can you tell?)

Sonik, what is that?!?

(((luci, mandolyn, amilita and others busties in times of trouble and distress)))

(((mornington, sixelacat, sonik, yuefie, rosev, fina)))
woot, fina! when, when? I'm in Manchester from the 6th to 9th... oh and big good luck vibes to F for her viva! scary!

(((funnybird))) eeek. I don't know if this will help you but what I do is type up all of my notes (which makes a word count, lack of sentences or not) and then make them into sentences, kinda like bullet-points and then redraft and structure. My problem is that I never deprived myself shopping so I'm shopped out (it was a lovely means to procrastinate) but I have a rather healthy pile of Johnny Depp dvds waiting and a bottle of wine...
okay totally selfish post:

everything is going pretty well for the wedding except that we just found out that we have to pay $550 for Irishboy's exit fee for his court ordered alcohol class, which means that I have nothing to pay the DJ, cake maker and photographer with.

I am freaking out. I had $700 budgeted to spend for all three and I dont know if I can manage it. I have to have the cake and the photographer, but it cant be a party without music. ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!


ETA: My parents are completely broke, and so can contribute no more, and his parents have paid for 2/3 of the wedding so far. My best friend paid for his ring because I have no credit, but he needed a wedding ring, so I'm paying her back. I dont know what to do. I dont have my corset, or our cake serving set and other things that are freakin' essential to a wedding dammit!!!
Sonik, you should go to that other website and say hi! It will completely freak them out.

I saw a post on Craftster a while back where a bunch of people were picking apart a guy's work, saying they could do it better and that he was charging outrageous prices - but they completely shut up once he came on and said, hey, that's my stuff, and here's how much work goes into it, and here's approximately how much I end up making per hour from those pieces, and you're welcome to try to make something as good.

People on the 'net seem to think they're having a semi-private conversation and it's pretty amazing how quickly they backpedal when confronted with (basically) "I can hear everything you're saying."
Hey all...I'm totally exhausted from work today. Some good things, like the feeling of being productive and seeing some old collegues, and some bad things, like utter craziness and not really getting a proper (or much of any) orientation. Plus, I found out that the hospital won't be dealing with the agency I'm with after I'll work Saturday, and then I either need to go with another agency or come on as flex staff at the hospital. I'll look into both and figure it out.

I skimmed, but too tired to respond individually. (((lurv)))

Oh, and that friend has not replied, which I thought would be the case. I feel like I did what I had to do, though. *sigh*
Ugh. Ice cream party today and I kind of had that, uh, instead of lunch. I also ate three apples from recent apple-picking adventure. I've kind of been paying the price for several hours now for that stupid ice cream lunch. I may have to wear a tent tomorrow if I am still feeling this bloated/gross/fat. Stupid stupid stupid.

Fuck those assholes for thinking Sonik ripped off another artist. I can't help but think of my namesake -- people said the same thing about Tori Amos ripping off Kate Bush. Do NOT get me started. I break kneecaps for those sorts of accusations. Fuckers.

PP, I meant to tell you in another thread that you are absolutely gorgeous in your wedding dress. I'd make a cake for you if I could and wouldn't charge a penny.


Still catching up on sleep, not very successfully. Hope to post more this weekend. So glad tomorrow is Friday and payday.

::burp:: wacko.gif
Amilita, congrats on returning to work! I'm sure they appreciate your hard work. As for the friend, just give it time. He may not feel comfortable talking about this for a while, but at least he knows you're there if he needs someone.

((((PIP)))) That sucks! I wish I could think of some amazing, original, cheap option for you, but any recommendations I might make are pretty obvious. For instance, a lot of my friends have made CDs that they play during the reception, but I guess that might not work for everyone. Hmmmm ... Maybe instead of a cake, you can ask all of your friends to make brownies and cookies and such and just have a big pot-luck dessert bar! That would be fun!

Funnybird, here's hoping you got a lot done tonight!

~~~~ healing for Fina & Raisin ~~~~

Pizza and wine sounds sooooo gooooood. Maybe that's what I'll do for dinner tomorrow.

Sixelacat, I got that whole "happy" thing at my last job, too! It's funny because the company itself drove me nuts & I often went home & ranted at Sheff about the frustrations of that office, but I was also as kind and generous as can be with the customers. Afterall, it wasn't their fault that the management was insane!

((((((((love for all))))))))

Kvetch: Headache. And I'm cold. And I'm still a bit grumpy(which happens to me when I'm under the weather, remember). Plus, I subtly told a friend that maybe she should think about getting some counseling & I think she was hurt by it. But I couldn't help it! She kept talking about how she thinks that her life is over because she's 32 and she isn't married and doesn't have kids and I kept trying to tell her that there's much more to life than a husband and kids, but if that's what she really wants, she still has plenty of time. And then she started complaining about all of her broken relationships (I think she's had 4 boyfriends in the last year) & kept saying, "Maybe it's me. Maybe it's all my fault." And ... well, I didn't say it, but maybe it is. I mean, maybe she's focusing on the wrong things & sabotaging herself, you know? Ugh. So I'm hoping she isn't furious with me tomorrow.

Anti-kvetch: I got a bit of weeding done in the garden, although I could not get the lawn mower started on my own. And I found a preying mantis in one of the flower beds, which was super cool. It seemed pretty fascinated with me, too!

Kvetch: Did I mention that I'm cold all the time? And my head hurts? And I'm grumpy? Yeah.

ETA: It's my 666th post! Woot!!!
RV, sounds like your friend could use a subscription to Bust. And you need to remind her that Gloria Steinem didn't get married until she was 66.
A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, as the old saying goes.

Post-work I went out with Best Pal C tonight for tapas in Little Italy and bought some amazingly cute shoes. Also, I watched The Office when I got home. So, so funny.

I am so excited that it's the weekend again.
Mornington, Funnybird; it's a golden mole. It's a little critter that lives in the desert. It has no eyes, but by sticking its little head in the ground now and then (at night, that is, at daytime it's underground) to hear where it's going. All things in the desert make sounds that reverberate deep under the sand, and not only the mole makes use of this, but also elephants, for instance.

I have a deadline today, so i'm off to work!

((((((Prettyinpink)))))))That's so what you don't need right now! I dont' know anything about weddings, so i can't give you tips, but i hope you can make ends meet eventually *crossing parts*
((((Rosie Vee and her sick, grumpy self))))

~*~*~wedding money vibes for PIP~*~*~

((((Sonik)))) Those people are idiots for talking about you behind your back, right in front of you. Not to mention for talking trash about your work.

I've read but don't have time to post more individual vibes and hugs, so ~*~*~*~(((((((everyone!!!)))))))~*~*~*~

Kvetch: My allergies are bugging me, as they do every year at this time. Benadryl is my friend.

Anti-kvetch #1: The doctors are talking about possibly letting my f-i-l go home from the hospital within the next week or so!

Anti-kvetch #2: This weekend I'm going to a lodge in the woods with some friends for a crafty retreat. It feels decadent to do this, with all the family stress that has been happening lately, but this was already planned and reserved six months ago. And SapphMan is home this weekend, so he can take care of Dinah (who is doing GREAT by the way), so it's not like I'm being stupidly self-indulgent I guess. Should be fun.

Happy weekend to all!
Must get ready for thrift store shopping excursion, but friend emailed and said he would never kill himself as long as he has his cat to look after...I believe him, although it's pretty clear it's something he has/would consider. I'm glad he answered me.

He's having such a bad time, but he still hasn't taken me up on my offer to find him somewhere for therapy. I offered again. But I think I'll ask my shrink for options next week, and just give them to him...that's one less step for him, then.

I am nervous about work tomorrow...I think this woman I'm working with thinks I should be able to do whatever, and I'm afraid she's gonna try to slam me with a full patient load. I need to tell her that I still don't know how they do a bunch of things...bleh.

Back later...gonna make ratatouille for dinner, with melty swiss all over the top. Yum. And I'll post properly, too.

ETA: Sapphy, so glad f-i-l and Dinah are doing so well.
PinP, any chance you could do up a playlist instead of having a DJ? That might save you some $$$. I don't know enough about what's needed for weddings to make any further suggestions. I hope you can work something out.

So now I have a cold in addition to the bruise, and the mister and I are supposed to be going to see a DJ and have a boogie for the first time, probably, in 2006. Half of me wants to go and half of me wants to stay home. I can't decide. I am very sick of being at home though.

In the meantime I must follow up on chapter suggestions following my meeting yesterday. My supervisors and I were on the same page for the first time in months which is cool, but as ever I have a lot of work ahead. Today, however, I'm collating stuff, which is what I always do when I'm feeling under the weather if I can.

Hope everyone's Fridays are going well...

Working at home, so: black mesh knickers with pink ribbons and no bra.

ETA: Cross-post a-rama. Sapphy, glad to hear everything is really looking up! Enjoy your retreat!
apologies for not reading. possibly later i'll have it in me. but i'm just so emotionally drained. i'm sure some of you can imagine.

1. it was probably the most heartbreaking funeral i've ever experienced. and the most heartwarming. evidently this kid knew the entire town. he was well-loved. over 1,000 people came to the viewing. and more than 800 cars were in his funeral procession. i know that's what got his family thru. i'm still blown away by the love, caring and friendship i witnessed. from cops to crackheads. my little cousin was a prince. and lived life to its fullest. including having a really wonderful last month on earth (a family cruise and two family parties .... lots of family time.)

2. it was danny's first wake, and he handled it beautifully. better than i did. he kept holding my hand and kept his arm around me tight when i needed it most. i'm so proud of him.

3. danny's gastro visit went well. really nice, laid-back knowledgeable doctor. he has something called cyclical vomiting syndrome. which can be best explained as "abominal migraines". they're not sure what triggers the episodes. it can be bodily stress, like a virus or a cold, or even just excitement and anticipation ... i'm still in research mode. the doc prescribed reglan for when the symptoms hit again, and hopefully it'll cut short the next episode to just a day or mere hours. he gave us a note to keep on file at school. (the teachers and admins are being extraordinarily understanding and kind. which is a load off.) we go back in a month. and i've gotten my husband's internist - who we trust & respect - to agree to start seeing danny, even tho he's underage. danny's relieved to know he's not "nuts", that he's got something "real" (ie: physiological) , that it's not just all in his head. i'm relieved it's not serious, and that we now have good doctors to turn to.

thanks for all the kind thoughts and caring.
i carried you guys in my heart this week. especially those who've reached out personally. which i appreciate more than i can say.
i'll be back soon to catch up. promise.
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