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WHERE on Bustie Land did the LJ thread travel to? I am brand new to LJ and I cant find anyone!
The Online You.

PP, on LJ: Bustalicious. Your membership has to be approved by Dina.

LJ can be addictive. I kind of have a love/hate relationship to it. Any regular Kvetchies who want to add me, I'm not so hard to find. (Then again, I spend way more time here than there.)

My exboyfriend just called me. His little brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. Is it really stupid that I'm crying my heart out over this? For six years he was a part of my life and now he's gone, even though I haven't spoken to him for over a year...I don't know if I should go to the funeral, if I can even be excused to do so from issues are usually an automatic excuse, but this is a trickier grey area...

I don't know. He had such a huge smile.

Fuck. This sucks.
((lucizoe)) i'm so sorry to hear that -- that sucks. do you know if there will be a wake or something? sometimes, those are easier to get to and a little less formal, so that may be a way for you to show him that you care.


yuefie, i hope you and PJ are okay! ~~~anti food-poisoning vibes~~~

so the funeral was yesterday and the wake was friday. it was sad. it was especially hard to see my grandma say goodbye to him at the funeral. but it was also a real celebration of his life. my great-aunt, my dad, and my uncle (it was my mom's dad) all got up and spoke at the funeral about who he was, and how much he and my grandmother loved each other and how much my grandpa loved his family. the pastor also told a few stories and talked about what a great guy he was. it was hard, but it was good. i'll tell ya...i know they were just two little old people in indiana, but one of the world's greatest romances ended this week. i really will miss him.

my brother came back and spent the night with us, and we had a pretty good time. even though the circumstances were unfortunate, i'm glad i got to see my family. my dog totally loved my brother too -- she slept next to him in the guest room and followed him from one end of our apartment to the other.
((bunnyb)) Mr. DM and I had to go through a long distance thing too (him in Canada, me in Florida), it's hard but it will be ok. I hope you feel better.

yuefie, I love me some cheese grits. rose, I love Mexican food too. All this food talk is making me hungry.

((rose's friend V)

((luci)) Sorry to hear about your loss.


I tried not to be bitchy today, and I did pretty good. Mr. DM and I decided we need to make friends here, it's hard only having each other to hang with. We went to Central Park and saw a really cute English bulldog. I love dogs.

((Busties have a good work week))

(((lucizoe))) i'm so so so sorry to hear of your loss.

and i don't see how it's possible that it could be the same person (altho the world is a scary, tiny place, sometimes) ... but my cousin's son (23 yrs old) was also killed in a motorcycle accident last night. he left the party, stone cold sober, and just went out for a quick joy ride on a friend's bike - we think he was killed by a hit-and-run, and it didn't sound like he was speeding or doing anything crazy. the details are still sketchy.

i had made him promise to come back and bring his girl with him for a piece of cake.

it was a wonderful party. we completely surprised my mother. and it was lovely that we were all together. (my cousin must've thanked me a hundred times for having the party and having us all together, because she spent his last few hours with her son in such a happy way). but it ended in unspeakable tragedy. my family is shattered.

it's beyond surreal.
i'm beyond numb.

(((group hug)))
Oh my, I don't even know what to say. sad.gif

(((((mandi)))) (((((mandi's cousin & the rest of the family)))))


((((mando and family)))) I'm so sorry...they were different ages by just a few years...

I can't pick or choose wake or funeral; both will be over 300 miles away...either way I need to do a formal letter to my board and then see if they'll excuse me, if I'm even wanted there. It's so weird and yes, surreal and just awful. His girlfriend was on the bike with him and she's totally unhurt...cops and doctors said it was instant and painless, although who knows if that's true, but it's a bit of comfort, I guess.

I'm hurting more for my ex, really...and that sort of makes me feel good, like there are still good feelings there. It breaks my heart, though...his mom is going to be a wreck and his voice was just...god, I can't even think about it. He told me to call my brother and tell him that I love him.

dm, it must have been English Bulldog day or something; the dog run at Tompkin's Square was completely full of them. we need to make friends too; we've been in nyc since April and thus far, I've only hung with the busties once and now I've got school things, and to be honest, we're good together. I think it's a huge testament to us that we can live in this teeny tiny apartment and pretty much only have one another for company and still be so crazy in love, but it's getting old...

bunny, you rule and shall continue to rule and you'll get through this...rose put it very well - those reunions are fantastic!

I'm going to eat some more ice cream now, I think

~*~*~vibes for yuefie's tummy, if she needs them*~*~*

(((((((mandolyn))))))))) i am so, so sorry. i wish i could do something for you.

((((lucizoe)))) I hope your board will be understanding. from someone who lost a brother, even a card will make a difference if you can't get away.

Oh, I am so very sorry. I too wish there was something I could do. That's just not fair.

(((Lucizoe))) Of course it's not stupid of you. If it's important to you to go, then I think the board should listen to that. DOn't forget that as sidecar said there are also other ways to be considerate if that works better for you and for them. But if it's important to you to go, they should really respect that.

Oh my goodness ...

((((((((Mandolyn and her cousin and the entire family)))))))) I am so terribly sorry. Such a shock.

((((((Luci and her ex and that whole family)))))) I've been in very similar shoes before, dear, and I can tell you that all efforts will be welcome. I hope the board is understanding.

((((((Sidecar and family)))))))

Please forgive me for not coming up with anything deep or comforting to say. It's so so hard to see so many of you in so much pain. I feel that I've been struck dumb.
((((((((((((((((((( endless love for all of you))))))))))))))))))


((mando and family))
((luci and family))
((sidecar and family))
I'm sorry for all the losses around here lately. My thoughts are with all of you and yours.

Sidecar- check into the Midwestern Mamas thread this week if you have a chance! We're hoping you'll be able to make it to a Chicago Busties gathering.
At yuefie's loving encouragement, my first kvetch post (after much lurking):

(((mando))) I'm just sorry, he was so very young....

(((luci))) wake or funeral, whatever you feel will comfort them....your board and school should understand.
Just tell them it was extended family, they'd never know the difference....

(((sidecar))) that world's greatest romance never really ends, because if they are anything like my own grands (married over 50 devoted years) she still loves him like he was there to hear her say it, and she knows he knows that wherever he is.....

I'm keeping this post brief (-ish), so:

kvetch: not being able to purr or sleep curled with my toes on my nose.
anti-kvetch: having furbaby on lap who can and is!


IPB Image

Here's an adorable pupper, Gus, for my kvetchies to make you smile and gush, don't those eyes make you melt? ((((mando)))), ((((luci)))), ((((sidecar)))) loss is devastating, no matter who, when or why.

hey sixelacat! all these new, lovely, kvetchies make me warm and fuzzy.

oh, I bought an oil cloth book bag yesterday that has bunnies all over it; it made me think of kvetchies but especially mornington and raisingirl.

thanks for the love. I'm doing better, spoke to the boy and had a cry which helped. it's just going to take some adjusting and keeping upbeat and excited - 17 days until I see him (that's the longest I've ever, in three and a half years, gone without seeing my boy). dissertation is to be handed in no later than wednesday afternoon. more haribo, lucozade and lots of coffee for me today, it sucks but I'm back at work too.

looking forward to the tesao update.


eta: I want a pug.
(((lucizoe, mandolyn)))
I'm so, so sorry. It's too horrible and tragic that such young lives were cut so short.

You've been in my thoughts all weekend, my fellow in academic purgatory. It all sounds like horrible timing, but you can do it!
I'm off to school to meet my supervisor. Here's hoping she takes pity on me.

((((luci)))) & ((((ex's family))))

((((mando)))) & ((((mandofamily))))

((((sidecar)))) & ((((sidecarfamily))))

I can't think of anything helpful to say, but I'm thinking of you.

(((bunny))) you will be fine... it'll be hard, but you will be fine. And... argh! the cuteness *head explodes*

(((funnybird))) good luck!

(((sixe))) *waves*

Wow. My deepest sympathies for Mando and Luci. I'm so sorry and I don't know what else to say except you're in my thoughts. So sad.
I'm an auntie! Best friend C had a baby boy this morning! He's 5 Ibs 11 with no name yet (she's zonked - had to have Caesarean as baby turned the wrong way and has been in an out of hospital and not slept since Saturday -her due date). A very proud daddy phoned me. No visitors allowed until during the week but I'll be visiting once dissertation out of the way.

Good luck funnbird!

/runs off to procrastinate a bit by buying baby boy clothes.
(((mando and luci)))

Congrats Bunny!

Really makes you notice the circle of life...

My thoughts are with you all.
Oh, so much to catch up on here. I was in Ohio for my grandmother's burial (it's been more than a year since she died, so it was hard but not fresh, if that makes sense). My mood is mediocre but no longer totally basement-level, so that's good, thanks for all the concern.

Congrats to auntbunny!!! ~*~*~*~continue to kick ass on dissertation~*~*~*~*

(((lucizoe))) that is so difficult, I think if you can and want to go, you should, but if you can't/aren't sure, a nice card and then a visit or gift in a few weeks, when the immediate mourning has subsided, is really nice.

((mando and mando's cousin and all their relatives)) so tragic.

(((prettynpink))) so sorry about the dress fitting and family stress ~*~*~*~*strength vibes for pinkaunt~*~*~*~*~* FUCK CANCER.

((sidecar))) welcome home. I agree that the great romance is not tethered to these mortal coils.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*! vibes for V !*!*!*!*!* Glad you had fun bowling RV.

So good to see TXplum, flanker, mornington and indigo and pete, vesica, amilita, raisin, sixelecat, funnybird, sassy, crassy the humane advocate, annoush and her tasty sandwiches that are making me hungry, yueffie and her arm and popeye-spinach only, and every one of you fabulous folk.

Yay, Aunt Bunny! Like PnP says, it sure does make you think about the circle of life. And that picture of Gus certianly made me cheery!

And I'm thinking of ((Mando)), ((Sidecar)), ((Luci)), and ((Faith)).

((All of youse in academic pergatory, as Funnybird calls it!))

How's the arm, Yuefie?

Tempest, I'm glad my Mr. isn't the only one who can't seem to find anything. I tell him that if he continually places me in that role of the one who knows where everything is, it will, over the years, make me a more boring person. I mean, does he want a companion who is able to have interesting thoughts or someone who can find him a towel upon request? Sheesh.

Welcome, Sixe!

Ya'll, I just scheduled a bunch of work shifts with this agency! I'm working 12 hour days this week on Thursday and Saturday...and I'm so freaking nervous! It's a hospital I did a travel assignment at way back before I relocated here, and I feel confident in my abilities and everything, it's just there's still a lot of newness and unfamiliarity...and to tell the truth, I haven't worked in a year, and I'm intimidated about the physicality of the long shift. And just having to be in one place for that long...I'm not used to that kind of discipline anymore, ya know?

On the other hand, I'm so excited to earn money again, and the Mr. is glad, too. I think it put a pressure on him to be the breadwinner. Of course, he will now have to chip in with cleaning and stuff now that I'm not a homemaker anymore! Ha. The agency's pay rate is really good, and once I get a few paychecks, I can get back to finding us a healthcare policy. Yay. And I really want a refurbished iPod!

Hope everyone is having an OK Monday! Keeces!

((All of youse in academic pergatory, as Funnybird calls it!))

Totally read that as "academic pregnancy". blink.gif

I was soooooo confused.
congratulations ((((bunny))))
((((mando)))) & ((((mandofam))))
((((amilita)))) however, working again could be what you need, even if it is long hard hours. You'll get back quickly enough
(((yuefie))) yes, how's the arm?
(((raisin))) mumblemumble LJ mumblemumble at some point. biggrin.gif

Poor Indigo wants to play with Pete - he's bowing in front of Pete's house and Pete just ignores him. So very funny... /dog-obsessed rambling.
kvetch: G. just in general (see also: argh, nooo, fuck, nooo, *sniff*, we should not be having this conversation, argh)
antikvetch:: F.
kvetch: F. (see also: inconveniently-placed seawater)

how was everyone's monday? ((((kvetchettes))))
hehe, "academic pregnancy" weeeell, this is my baby and she's a little overdue... oh, and is also about motherhood blink.gif.

weird, I posted a bit about the circle of life and then deleted it.

(((amilita))) getting back on the horse -so to speak- is always scary but you'll be wonderful!

funnybird, how'd you get on?

where is yuefie? and rose? and everyone? (other than the lovely PIP, mornington, faith and amilita)? sassy? raisingirl? anyone? *solid poster complex*

kvetch: so ... work sucked. I applied (way back in May) to change my shift so that instead of having a Monday off I worked and had a Friday off instead so that I could travel down to see the boy/be off so could see him when he travels up and they've refused my request as it "doesn't suit business needs". My manager basically told me back in May and since that it was more or less a done deal but he's on holiday and didn't finalise it before he left and now his boss is saying no. My immediate team leader also doesn't work Mondays. I'm beyond pissed. Work has been one loooong headache for quite a while and a PT job should not upset me so.

Not heard from C or G (proud daddy) so quite concerned; I'm sure they're just busy being doting presents. I bought a few cute baby boy outfits and lots of cute socks smile.gif.

(((everyone))) and continued love for those who have lost loved ones.

((mando and family)) I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin’s son.
I know this is a tough time, but I’m glad your party went well.

Welcome, sixelacat.

Bunny, that pug is so cute. Yay for being an auntie. Boo for the job sucking.


((amilita)) Good luck with working again. I know it can be hard after being off for awhile.

My Monday was pretty good, but I have so much work to do. I always stay busy, but that’s a good thing. Mr. DM started a new job today. It’s through an employment agency, and it’s a different job than he was told he was going to do, but he’s happy to be working and I am happy for him.

((mando and family))
((anyone else I forgot))

So, if anyone has been reading crush thread, I had my dinner date last night. I was nervous as hell. We made steak, garlic mashed pototoes, corn, and those awesome nutella mud pies. Wow. And the fact that he just let me slug back wine (which I paid for this morning..ouch), and take control was sexy as hell. And we necked on the futon for like 3 hours. I honestly didn't want to leave. I got home at like 2 last night. It was basically like a 12 hour date. And he loves Eddie Izzard. How freaking cool is that? He was even running around last night going "I'm covered in bees!!" And telling me he fancies me...heh.

My work sucked today, because I'm under these massive deadlines. And my three month review is up at the end of the week. And, I work with like 80% woman, so everyone was hormonal and screaming at one another. Oh, and I have cramps. Thank God for Dairy Milk bars and Greys' Anatomy new dvd!!

Mornington, how's Indigo? I met Bailey the beagle, and Yetta the lab yesterday. And his two male cats. Heh... I love pets. I now REALLY want a dog....

Bunny, congrats on being an aunt! smile.gif
I hope everyone's day went decently. I'm going to crash with a pint of B&J and GA Season 2.. smile.gif

Woooo, sassy! Do you have plans to see him again soon?

anti-kvetch: Had an informal review today...was told that I'm doing great, the kids really feel as though they can talk to me, I'm keeping them interested in school, etc. I was happy. smile.gif

I have a seminar tomorrow. I get to sleep 5:30 alarm for me in the morning! I'm ridiculously excited.

((faith, mando, amilita, sidecar, bunny, mornington, everybustie else))
Seeing him tomorrow night! Maybe catching the Illusionist, b/c I think he's sick of me blabbering about it... smile.gif

The sad part about review is I know that she knows when it's going to be. She can't just be like my other co-workers supervisor who was just like, "I approved your raise." and be freaking done with it. My cunt of a supervisor has to get all controlling.... bleh. I hate working for a woman! And she's always pulling this race card bullshit on me (I'm white and she's black... and I'm like who gives a shit??).

Tempest, that sounds like a good review no?

Bleh. Going to go watch telly.

Bunny, new parents often get overwhelmed with the barrage of family, nurses, ect and don't have a chnce to call anyone. Everything is probably fine.

Amilita, congrats on going back to work. Maybe it will help you to get past some of the depression issues. I know it helped a lot when I went back to work and got to busy to let thinsg get me down.

Luci and mando...That is so tragic! Motorcycle accidents seem so prevalent right now!

PiP...glad to see you on My Space today!

Mornington, I love the pupper! I enjoy your blogs about him.

Sassy, those Nutella Mud pies sound wonderful!

((((Rose)))) hope you are doing fine. Call me and let me know when you are going to be in town. Have the 'rents returned from Hawaii?

Yuefie, where are you hiding today, dear? I hope the spinich didn't catch up with you!

((everyone else))

Mr. Pixie and I went to a murder mystery dinner at my work Friday night! It was pretty cool. He enjoied the role playing aspect. I couldn't believe seeing my co workers all dressed up and letting loose. Thursday we have a wine tasting and silent auction to go to also at my work. I've decidee working at a non profit during United Way campaign season has it's perks.
Anyway, all is well with us.
Hello! I've been busy today. Had to run around to various places, then do some laundry and a bit of mending, and then I cooked dinner. I also did some weeding in the garden, where I came across the biggest friggin' spider I've ever seen!!!!! I won't give any descriptions because I know some of you are very spider-sensitive. The point is just that I don't plan on doing more work in the garden unless I'm wearing boots with my jeans tucked into the tops.

I've also been suffering from a thundering headache, so forgive me for not giving out individual vibes.

((((((((continued love for Mandi and her family))))))))

((((((Luci and loved ones))))))

((((((Sidecar and family))))))

Has anyone heard from Sapphy lately?

~*~*~*~*~ sparkly vibes of happiness and hope for all ~*~*~*~*~

ETA: Hi Pixie!
I too am mostly speechless for {{{{{luci and mandi and their fams/peeps}}}}}, and know there is little that can be said but for love and peace and comfort.

{{{{{bunny and funny}}}}} Much encouragement for the rough times and a *tiny hee* for my rhyme.

Yay for new (and old) boys, new jobs/work, cute critters and new Kvetchies. smile.gif

Long weekend; the best words I have for it are that it was like trundling around in a nutshell that only occasionally had a window to look out of and a place to stick my feet out so I could walk.

I get just a little fucking weirder every day, I think.

Kvetch: my boss is driving me freaking batshit. She is normally a bit too perky and mothering, if moody - but lately, she's been flitting around 90 to nothing, peppering us with questions, undermining half our projects and accepting too many others, bouncing bouncing bouncing and talking talking TALKING. And kissing client ass so hard I half expect her to have imprints on her face.

Anti-Kvetch on that score: She won't be our boss for much longer...she's moving to another department and will become a client, meaning I will be much better able to deal with her because she won't be on the other side of my cube wall.

Anti-Kvetch: I work with a lot of really cute, really nice boys...and I'd even call them *friends* now. That's not even mentioning all the awesome chicks around, too.

That's about all I have, so {{{{{you}}}}} smile.gif
I am being visited by the searing gas pain fairy (Le Boy's friend who is an illustrator drew a character, the Searing Gas Pain Fairy. It was an accurate visual, let me tell you. Unfortunately he doesn't have it up pn his site anymore.)

We went to Cheese Days in Monroe, Wisconsin. I really don't think I ate that much cheese, but, oh, am I feeling it now. In combination of being achy from walking around so much, I hurt all over.

Work was hectic today, but at least my co-worker who's teaching me everything is pretty patient and understanding.

It's only 10:00 and I'm ready to go to bed. Sad.
Polly! This is the first time since 2000 that I missed Cheese Days! Seriously, this year, I had a hotel booked and everything. We were gonna go to the drive-in and the New Glarus brewery tour. I guess we'll do it in '08. How old was the cheddar at Hooks? Because the first time I went, they had five-year cheddar. Then the next time, it was seven and in 2004, it was nine-year cheddar.

That is crazy that you ended up going. Did you have any cheesecake on a stick? Because that, and the cheese tent, and the coneful of curds...oh man, I love Cheese Days. I am SO JEALOUS.

~~*pop*~~~deflating vibes~~~*pop*~~ for (((polly))) That is exactly what too much cheese does to me, too....

(((txplum))) sometimes you feel like a nut! But yay for cool co-workers and soon-departing ADDboss!

(((rosev))) EEEK! Away Spiderzilla, away! But yay for Productive Day (on a Monday no less! Good for you!)

(((pixie))) I've always wanted to go to one of those dinners, just once. I think I'd feel a bit silly, though. Maybe if there was a "wine-tasting" beforehand tongue.gif

sassy, he must be a good guy if he likes our Lounge Izzard! (I love doodle's name for him!)

bunnyb, I feel there's a pun somewhere about "labour of love" and "academic pregnancies", but I can't work it out.....I guess that means love's labour's lost.....(oh, that was not right, I promise not to do it again!)

Oh, and I bought the cutest onesie for a baby shower next month! It's red and black and has The Ramones on the front....

*waves* hi mornington! The first time I saw Indigo's name I read it as Indingo. He looks a sweetie!

(((amilita))) I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of work in no time!

(((((((((mandofamily and lucizoe))))))))))))))
(((((((mandi dearest)))))) I am sorry and don't know what else to say. Any loss is dificult, but to lose someone so young, who was just there celebrating with you all, it's devastatingly awful and heartbreaking. My condolences to you and your family.
(((((sidecar)))) I hope you have a chance for some R & R and that the weekend wasn't too harsh. ~~~good things for sidecar~~~
((((luci))) may you be able to get everything worked out.
So much sadness and loss, I feel for everyone sad.gif
Sixela, glad you stopped in and are sticking around. Kvetch is a great place full of wonderful busties
((((((((everyone))))))))) vibes all around
Haven't read through but I'm too pooped now and heading off to bed. I fear I may be fighting something, I feel a little queasy and very tired. Not freaking out with paranoia since I'm sure it's completely unrelated to the spinach brouhaha. I'm sure it's the fact that I only ate an apple and a plum all day long yet I drank at least 8 cups of tea. rolleyes.gif

*~*~*~feel better yuefie~*~*~*~

~*~*~*no more headache rose~*~*~*~

thanks pixie, it's not just overwhelmed parents tho: G text me this morn and C still in "recovery" and no visitors allowed yet (their family will be freaking!) but he's going to let me know once he's spoken to the nurses today. amilita, the baby was in breach and C had an emergency C-section, is it normal for her to be in recovery for 24hours?

(((mandi))) and (((luci))), I'm thinking of you, any word on funeral and school, luci?

(((faith))) and (((sidecar)))

murder mysteries are so much fun!!!

funnybird, how's my fellow mama-to-be doing? wink.gif I'm in full-blown labour (complete with cramps which are mini contractions, after all! mornington, when does uni go back?

mmm, cheese days? oh mammydaddy *swoons*.

txplumwine, heehee for the rhyme!

just back from doctor's and I'm self-certifying myself off work for week then returning for 4 weeks doctor's note. I feel bad but fuck work, they've royally screwed me over and it's been one thing after another sad.gif. I've been in tears my last 3 or 4 shifts.

(((sassy, tempest, prettyinpink, crassy, sybarite, dusty, designermedusa, fina, tesao, everyone I'm missing...)))

eta: almost forgot - my beautiful boots arrived in larger size today! *swoons some more*
Hold on. Cheesecake on a stick?

I have clearly been leading a sheltered life.

And wow, talk about the circle of life, with Bunny's friend's baby being born. Congrats, Auntie.

I'm sad about the motorcycle deaths. Young lives being taken too soon, etc. Makes me want to call my good friend who goes riding in the desert with her boyfriend on his new bike. unsure.gif

ETA: I wore a cute dress to work yesterday and I got a ton of compliments. Yes, I am just that superficial to eat up the compliments like that. And now I'm sitting here thinking what the fuck am I going to wear today?! I can't live up to the standard I set yesterday. Ugh.
Yep, chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick. No, I didn't have that- I went for the cream puffs instead. Cream puffs the size of my head, being made in a trailer with cute little grandmas in back whipping the cream (in Kitchenaids, not by hand!) so it was super fresh. Soooo good.

We got 10-year old cheddar made by a company called Brunkow, some really good authentic Swiss, some stuff called tiger cheese, that's a blend of colby jack and munster (it's yellow with orange stripes), and some stuff Le Boy picked out that I didn't try that's like pre-baked, then you bake it again to get it all melty and gooey. I'm thinking it's sort of like Saganaki without the flambe part. I made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner last night, and I suffered for it. I never thought I'd say this, but it was too much cheese.

We did have the cheese curds though, waited in line for 45 minutes for those damn cheese curds. They were good, though. Tried to go to Baumgartner's, a German pub, but they were really packed and not serving their full menu anyway. We ended up at Turner Hall, which was also serving a lesser menu, but at least it wasn't packed. And we got the waitress to finagle us some Rosti potatoes which weren't on the menu. Yum!

ETA: Kvetch: my laptop is temporarily out of service. Le Boy was using it last night and the battery was getting low, so he plugged it in, but nothing happened. That's when I noticed some flashing inside the translucent cord. I think the wires got rubbed raw and were sparking inside the cord. Good thing I noticed, otherwise our house probably would have burnt down. Fortunately, we found a replacement cord on eBay, otherwise it would have cost us $80 to replace it and being a 5 year old laptop, that's a lot of $$ to spend on it.
~~~drive by~~~bunny, that seems long to be in recovery after a C-section, even with general anesthesia. Hmm. Did they not know she was breech? Do they usually do trials of labor for breech babies there? That is almost never done here, though if you go to more "liberal" areas in the US, they may try to turn the baby by manipulating it through the mamma's belly.

By recovery, did they mean like a typical surgical recovery area that's very intensive, or do they just have a different protocol for sections? I'm so curious!

I hope C is doing well...I wonder if she had some kind of complication, though. Keep us updated!

Love to all! I'll be back later...thanks for all the well-wishing regarding going back to work. I'm not as nervous today...I actually could've worked today, but I felt like I needed some mental-preparation time. I'm glad I did it that way.

mmm....cheese. I wake up and start droolin' over a bunch of cheese posts!
I like to go to the ice cream trailer, because it's served by the Alice in Dairyland princesses. /Wisconsin geekiness.
I'm not sure, amilita unsure.gif . She's my best friend (since babies) so I'm obviously concerned. From what I gathered from G yest -and he was pretty out of it, proud daddy but very tired- it was a very sudden c-section, I don't think they knew she was breech.

T's neice had a C-section a few weeks ago (she was the one whose waters broke in June) and she was in and out of hospital by now. I know that C mentioned last week that she had high blood pressure so maybe that's something to do with it? *will learn more once speak to G, silly boy!*

My experience of maternity wards and processes is very limited so I'm not sure if this is normal, it's certianly not something I've heard of. I think recovery is definitely a section cos she's not on a maternity ward yet.

Alice in Dairyland? whoah. Think I may go have some cheddar and Branston pickle sandwiches.
It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!! Aaaaaarrrrr!!!!

Here are the official rules wink.gif
Oh, yeah. The high blood pressure could definately be it...she may be getting magnesium sulfate and that can make you very drowsy/sedate. Also, some people's pressures start to come down right after delivery, but some people's take a little longer. They could be restricting visitors for either of those reasons...

**Thinking good thoughts for C**
Wow, so many grieving & worried Busties.

((((Mandi & family))))
((((Luci & ex's family))))
((((Sidecar & family))))
((((Bunny, C, G & baby))))

The stress level in my world has actually lessened a bit (knock on wood). My f-i-l is still in the hospital, but continues to improve. SapphMan was back up there for a few days last week, and has been home with me since Thursday. We even went out to dinner and a movie over the weekend, almost like normal people.

Dinah kitty is also improving. Her skin is still yellowish, but much less so than it was. After requiring force-feedings with the turkey baster thing for about nine days, she started eating her special food voluntarily last week. We have to bring it to her (she doesn't come running to us to ask for it), but it does seem like her appetite is coming back. Her behavior is much closer to normal, too--she greets us at the door, rolls around in a sunbeam, etc. I'm cautiously optimistic.

A dreary gray day today, and I'm planning to spend most of it working on some sewing projects. Kisses to all.
(((sapphy))) glad to hear things are improving. i've been worrying about you.
(((mornington))) sorry i didn't say so earlier, but congrats on your new family addition! he's a beauty!

(((yuefie))) because you always understand so perfectly.

(((everyone))) for all your kind words and thoughts. i feel guilty for bringing such sadness in here. and once again feel like i should stay away. maybe i need the "death of a loved one" thread for a while. it's a little hard to accept that life goes on when your own world is so fucked and tilted all of a sudden.

but i could use some good-news vibage for this afternoon, 2:30 EST. we're taking danny to see (hopefully) Good & Helpful Gastro Doc. i need something good in my life right now.

eta: bunny, i meant to convey congrats on the new bebe, too. i wasn't in recovery that long after my c-section, but they did have to monitor my sugars (gestational diabetes) and i had an IV drip for 48 hrs (for mitral-valve prolapse). so it could be just a precautionary thing. and not to be flip, but i WISH i didn't have visitors for 24 hrs. after being in labor for a day and a half, i was exhausted and so not up to seeing anyone. not even my kid. try not to worry, hon.
Bunny, blood pressure makes sense. Mine shot up after I came off the epidural and they wouldn't let anyone in the room for about an hour while it came down.

Sapphy glad FIL and the kitty are doing better.

Talk like a pirate day, Rose? Please don't tell my husband! I think he's finally given up the idea of being Jack Sparrow for Halloween.

Chocolate dipped cheescake on a stick! *drools*

It is an absolutely georgeous day here! It is bright and sunny with just a hint of chill in the air and it is starting to smell like fall! We started a fire in the fireplace over the weekend and I think Mr. Pixie turned off the A/C this morning! I am so glad that the oppressive hundred degree heat seems to be gone.
Chocolate dipped cheesecake, nothin'- when I was in Madison, WI a couple years ago, there was a bakery (or maybe a confectionary) selling deep fried, chocolate dipped, frozen (maybe I'm imagining the frozen part) TWINKIES on a stick. Good lord, I hope they kept a defibrilator in the store. Those Wisconsiners, such hedonists. And I love them for it.

Sapphy, glad the kitty's feeling a little better.

Mando, you and Danny will definitely be in my thoughts this afternoon for a successful gastro appointment. I'm beginning to think I need one of my own. Except for occasional bouts of stomach issues (where I could trace it back to something) I have had more unexplainable stomach issues in the past year. I don't know what my problem is. This gas just won't pass.

And Mando (and Luci) don't feel like you have to stay away.
Ooooh, I've made fried twinkies before! I think I still have the recipe around here, they are sooo easy! And fried candy bars, come to think of it (Milky Ways were the best!), and fried Oreos....*drools*
mm, deep-fried mars bars. I've never had one but the glutton in me wants one.

((((kvetchies))) I'm just passing through... off to watch stephen fry's documentary on depression.


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