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In this instance all ticket suppliers are sold out (in 5 minutes) but I'll keep those in mind for next time, funnybird! I think I may go see the trousersnake if he tours again, my ears haven't had a good ringing from screaming teenyboppers for many years.

Oh, and make your way to the British Library stat. I know it's very tempting to hide under the duvet and wish it would all go away but it won't and you just get into a further mess and she's there -and willing- to support you and provide option. Oh, and very happy wedding anniversary tomorrow!

coffee ...
I love all british words: I trip people out at work about it. I miss living in the UK. sad.gif

Bunnyb, you reminded me to get my scissor sisters tickets this weekend. They're coming in Oct. Can not want. Last I heard they weren't sold out.

Funny, get your arse to British Library. And happy wedding anniversary tomorrow!! Have a great weekend!! disseration vibes all around.

Off for more coffee......

Gawd, I hope I don't step in more shit today.... sad.gif

Hee hee, arse! Yes bunny, it my favorite word tongue.gif
I am an arse for being awake at 4 am. I slept pretty good for a few hours though. I think I am going to have a warm shower and sleep for a couple more hours. The arm and shoulder have eased up a bit, thankfully. I think my Davey bear and that hippie rub stuff my friend gave really helped. Oh, it could be the muscle relaxer too, heh.
Ticketbastard is teh evil suckness. I'm loathe to purchase tix through them, but am often left without choice. If there is an option to purchase directly from the venue box office, I always will. A pox on their monopolizing asses!
You ladies get your dissertation's and other important work done now. Don't make me put you's over my knee dry.gif
happy anniversary funnybird!
(((sassy))) ~~~no more turd traps~~~ and ~~~boss be nice~~~
((((amilita))) yay for a fab vacay!
((((raisin & mornington))) 'cause I luff ya both.
((((mando & danny))) how's it going, lovie?

squee! the boy and I are going to London the first weekend of December to see Wicked: the musical!

*runs off back to dissertation with tail between legs*
Oooh, whales. Such beautiful animals. We got to see some in South Africa. I love how dignified they are. Glad you got to see some Amilita!

Ticketmaster are the stale dogshit on the baby shoes of satan's spawn.

It's Friday and it's sunny here; however, I must catch up on work after yesterday's shopping excursion.

The inevitable mismatched white bra (bc of thinness of top) and grey lace knickers.
Mornington!! I was just reading a post from yesterday - you know Watershed?!?!?!? They're from here (where I live.) I love them!
danny's doing ok. made it to school again today.
heartfelt thanks for all the love & healthy vibes.

now if i can just get thru hiding my sister and b-i-l from mamasan tonite.
and suprising her tomorrow.
and making a great party for her.
and keeping my sanity amid probable family dramarama.
then all will be right with the world.

love to you all.
oh and lingerie-wise, the usual suspects. cool.gif
ticketmaster is the total suck.

even if i didn't adore him completely, i would stay with mr. for the free concert tickets (saw the killers about a year and a half ago--the awesome; i hope you are able to find tickets somehow bunny!)

i'm feeling a little better, but that might just be the drugs. am off to the wake now -- funeral tomorrow. i'll be very happy when this crappy week is over. hell, work is looking good.

beige wacoal, pink boyshorts
Hopefully they'll release more tickets/put on another date.

(((sidecar))) thinking of you today and tomorrow. (((Mando,))) too, for different reasons although both a stressful weekend.

Bunnymama's birthday today and she not long home from work so we did gifts and cake. She loved the willow tree figurine and the ring that she pointed out to me and I told T to buy her was a complete surprise.

I'm off to the boy's shortly for family farewell (he's leaving on a jet plane - well a train) and I'm wondering if I can have a few glasses of red wine and then type some more. Hee, at least it will be fun to read through tomorrow!


((((mando)))) you will be fine *****all goes smoothly vibes*****

(((bunny))) I stick my tongue out at you. Happy birthday bunnymama! & fankoo for the post!

Vesica, my dad lived out there for a few years - I looove me some watershed - used to try and go see them whenever I was out there. And The Parlotones. I think they're supporting the Springbok Nude Girls (I'm going to see them in november... mm, arno...)

happy anniversary for tomorrow (((funnybird)))



I've ressurected my ancient windows craptop... actually, it's just the outer that's ancient. the system is pretty up-to-date. But still, windows... I managed to get a dog bed! It's actually a crate liner matressy-type thing, but it was the biggest they did - it looks pretty comfy too. I'm getting wholly over-excited now.

G wants me to go to the club where he's djing tonight but I don't think I'm in the mood to drink or be surrounded by drunken strangers... I think I might stay in with pete and make some bracelets up. Ah well. I've got until ten-thirty to make my mind up.

Mornington, when does your doggy move in?

I got my arse to the British Library... And couldn't find prof anywhere! Gah! I've e-mailed her again, but I guess I'll just have to try and sort myself out, at least until Monday. Oh, the anguish!

On the plus side, I finally got round to getting a reader's pass. The British Library is a very cool place; the geek in me was thinking what a good location it would make for a date. Not that I'm up for that kind of thing anymore. I already have me a bookish sweetie.

Bunnyb, how's the word count looking? I think red wine is good idea. Wine is always a good idea.

68 minutes until happy hour. thank GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

i need a big martini.
i just had a meeting to pick up a $5000 check for the non-profit i work for -yay!

i got lost on the way there- boo!

while lost i rolled down the window to see better (it's raining) and a big truck passed and splashed a huge puddle of north jersey style muck into my car. half my hair, half my face, and half of my car got soaked (right before the picture w/the big check for the papers)- boo!

but i still got the check -yay!

happy weekend y'all, i've been treking all over today getting work done and now i'm leaving work and treking all over to get some volunteer work done for the humane society (where i just joined the board). and it's dreary and raining all day. ugh. but it's for the pups and kitties.
(((((sidecar))))) my thoughts are with you and your family. may this sucktastic weekend be over before you know it.
((((crassy)))) ugh, that sounded awful. but yay for the big check. still, being splashed with mucky water, all over your car and you right before a photo op, that sucks out loud. yay for puppies & kitties, and doing volunteer work for the humane society. you are a sweet soul crassy wub.gif
~~~get better vibes~~~~ for all the sickies
~~~productivity & dissertation vibes~~~ for our resident academia nuts
~~~everything run smoothly vibes~~~ for mandi's party
happy birthday to bunnymama!
syb, I laughed so hard at your description of ticketbastards, that was rad!
where's rose at? and damona, still no damona sightings? and no tes huh? hope she & mr. hotbuns had a marvelous time.
(((((rose, bunny, mornington, polly, raisin, amilita, billy, msp, plummie, dm, faith, tempest, sassygrrl, dusty, flanker, mavin, funnybird, sonik, vesica, surly, tallgirl, fina, anoushh, sapphy, dina, sheff, lys, treehugger, luci, cstars, YOU)))))
~~~good vibes for all~~~

((crassy)) Sucks about getting splashed with water, but yay for check!!
((sidecar)) My thoughts are iwith toy.

((mornington, yuefie, rose, bunnyb, polly, funnybird, mando))

I'm happy to report that I did NOT step in SHIT today at work. My supervisor was being her usual cunt self though. Proud of myself for not cussing her arse out. Apparantly, I forgot to make some calls in the morning (I had about 50 to make otherwise) and got really swamped. And I didnt' get around to make them until like 3. She sent this really rude email about how I wasn't following procedures, and I explained why...ugh.

So need red wine right now. smile.gif

Happy Weekend all!

Bunny, so jeolous you're seeing Wicked. It's got the original girl in it! I saw it here, and loved it... smile.gif Then again, I'm such a fan of musicals it's pathetic...

bleh, sidecar... I meant to say thoughts with you and family....

Crassy, that sounds straight out of a movie. Yay for big bucks, poo on muck shower.

life is stupid crazy emotional right now. I'm tired of it. I think that the whole world should just take a break right now and get drunk together.

My dad didnt show, or call to explain why he didnt show, to my dress fitting. I was very excited about it and was counting on him, and as per usual, he showed me how exceedingly irresponsible his is and how much more important his new family is to him instead of his own children. Asshat.

My aunt was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer (I think thats right). Three tumors, inoperable, incurable. She's going through chemo. This is not easy to go through because I JUST started therapy to deal with my mom's death from breast cancer. PinkAunt said that no one ever told her that losing your hair hurts. That made me so intensely sad. She wants to come to my wedding, but she can't. I'm going to take a weekend and go see her.

Irishboy and I have been fighting and fighting and fighting. Susan Miller was right about this month being crazy emotional. To make up to each other, we're going here tomorrow. Lots of silly kidlike fun. Tonight, to cheer me up, he's taking me out to dinner, where I shall eat something disgustingly bad for me, and then to a movie.

Undie report: brand new matching purple angels bra and lacy thong.

((((pink)))) Boo hiss on your dad for flaking. Lameness. It's so hurtful when the "new life" takes precedence over other family members. Especially when it is an event that is very important to you. I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. ~~~~healing vibes~~~~ for her and a big FUCK YOU to cancer! I hope you and Irishboy have a good time together. Planning a wedding is always stressful, and on top of that something does seem to be in the air.

(((sassy))) screw jerkass boss in the ear. enjoy that wine!

belated undie report: minty green/aqua hipsters with daisies, lady bugs & bees, black cotton bra.

pink, you have to crazy golf! I went recently with the boy and so much fun! I'm so sorry about PinkAunt. Cancer sucks.

glad to hear firsthand about wicked, sassy! so excited! so, the profit I've made on extra scissor sister tickets will pay for the musical smile.gif.

funnybird, the british library is beautiful, isn't it? I liked it lots. Pity no supervisor sad.gif. Word count healthy but going to be long, hard slog over weekend.

three-four large glasses of red wine have been had and I'm high from the amount of coffee I've had today so I may get a bit of work done before beddy bies.

mornington, did you go out? glad you liked card!

crassy, yuefie is seconded - you are such a good soul.

where is rose? I meece her.


belated undie report: hot pink and baby pink striped hipster shorts with torquoise bows on hem with white, padded t-shirt bra.

Fuck. I need a new corkscrew.. I corked the wine, and can't get it I guess I can drink it tomorrow.... sad.gif

((pink)) Family sucks sometimes. Sorry to hear about your dad. And sorry to hear about your aunt. Hope you and Irishboy have a good time this weekend...

Off to find cheap wine....
I wonder if there's much left in that bottle...

I didn't go; I couldn't be bothered & he hasn't sent me so much as an msn message. boo on him. So I'm watching the hunt for red october on tv and stitching.

((((pink)))) that bites. boo on your dad and I hope you and irishboy have super fun tomorrow! and a huuuuge FUCK YOU to cancer.

I want to see wicked.

(((crassy))) urgh. not nice. although woo! for cheques all the same.

yes, where are you, rose?


I was too lazy to get off my arse and get to the store. So I'm settling for chocolate soda.. going to drink it with the boy on Sunday. smile.gif

((Hugs to all))

Off to watch Northern Exposure and eat ice cream.

Okay, call me hysterical and paranoid but....

As PJ and I are sitting together watching TV after enjoying a delicious spinach salad I made with dinner, a news report comes on about the dangers of bagged or prepackaged salads, spinach in particular. They go on to talk about a recall, and show stores pulling all spinach off the shelves because of an E Coli contamination. They launch in to a story about a woman In Oregon who became deathy ill and almost didn't make after the eating tainted spinach. She now has major lung and kidney issues because of this. They go on to say that ALL spinach should be avoided because simply washing it will not remove the bacteria because it is embedded in the leaf. Then they say that they've located where the contamination originated, San Juan Batista, Ca, at the Earthbound Farm Organics packing facility. That IS the brand we just ate.

I feel like gagging myself 'til I puke it up unsure.gif

ETA: I found this E Coli Outbreak linked to bagged spinach

OMG ((yuefie)) - I'm so sorry, that's terrible unsure.gif ~<~<~ stay away e-coli ~>~>~

((((pink)))) FUCK YOU, cancer.

((crassy)) Funny story. It reminded me of how rainy weddings are supposed to be good luck smile.gif I third that you are a good soul, with the most adorable avatar.

((sassy, mornington, bunny, sidecar, maddy, mandolyn, funnybird, vesicapisces, sybarite, amilita, designermedusa, mavin, rasin, anoushh, faith, tempest, sonik! and everybustie else))

Let my evening job searching begin! Well, I will check my threads here first, but...

Undies: Nude lace thong and nude bra.
[crawls out from under rock]

Yuefie, I saw that on the news, too! Just the other night I made a pasta dish with a lot of fresh spinach in it, but we have managed to stay healthy. Hopefully you and PJ will be okay, too. Remember that there are a lot of people who eat spinach in this country and, percentage-wise, very few have become ill, so there's a very good chance that you'll be okay. Just be aware of the symptoms & go to a doctor if any of them develop.
(((((Yuefie & PJ))))))

((((((((((Sidecar & family))))))))))))

((((PIP)))) Planning a wedding involves too much stress. Plain and simple. It certainly doesn't help when all of this other stuff happens, too. My dad was diagnoses with prostate cancer 3 weeks before our wedding & we had no idea how bad it was at the time, so I certainly understand the anxiety you must be feeling about your aunt. I hope you get to see her soon.
((((((((((PIP's aunt))))))))))

Hooray for Sassy avoiding literal shit today! Boo on Sassy dealing with metaphorical shit today! tongue.gif

And hooray for Crassy & the big check! Woo hoo!!!

Bunny? Are you getting your work done? Huh? AreYaAreYa?

So many kvetchies who need love, such a short attention span. I suck. sad.gif

Anti-kvetch: Sheff & I are going bowling tomorrow! We're going with one of Sheff's work colleagues & her husband. Hope we have fun!

Undie report: Ummm ... none! I'm doing laundry, so I'm just sitting around in my nightgown. I wonder if this counts as "porky piggin' it". Sheff doesn't think so. Hmmm.
Thanks for humoring me. I know, it's just one of those wierd situations where you can't help but shudder, have a mass-panic-anxiety-attack-freak-out-session. But then logic kicks in and rationality is restored. And yeah, ewww. It's freaky how we had *just* finished eating the exact brand the breakout originated from. If you all could have seen the looks on our faces, and the way PJ turned to look at me as if to say "You tried to kill me!" So there I go running of to the net to see what I can dig up. I told him if he feels sick at all I want to know immediately. Thank goddess my girlfriend and her baby didn't come over to my place for lunch like originally planned, because I was going to make the spinach salad then. And Lily is such a good eater and loves spinach. Yikes!

((((rose)))) going commando in your jammie's rules! glad to see you crawled out from under that rock wink.gif

((((flanker)))) ~~~job search vibes~~~

You should always make sure you wash that stuff, no matter what it says.

But while I totally understand the freak out, I'm sure you are fine. Totally understand, though.


My mother just came in the room to tell me she thought I should "Help" the mister make his sandwich for dinner.

Well, let's see. I marinated and baked the portobello mushrooms for the sandwiches. I cut the roll in half and left it next to the toaster. I sliced some cheese (pesto chedder), lettuce, and tomatoes and left them there. I suggested he add salt and pepper to taste to the mushroom as I'd not used any and I thought it was a bit bland (and I'm usually the one saying "don't salt things).

I told him all of the above so he knew what was there, and reminded him that there is a pesto, potato, and green bean salad in the fridge.

I suppose I should cut up his food into tiny little pieces next and feed it to him.....

Oh yes, it was most certainly washed. I always wash it no matter now many times the label says it's been washed. But like they said in the newscast, washing doesn't remove the bacteria because it is embedded in the leaf. Yikes!

Yeah, and I suppose you could also chew it up like a mama bird tongue.gif Sheesh! (((anoushh)))

I'm off to bed now. Nitey nite.

Yikes! I didn't know that. I quit buying that stuff (prebagged) years ago, and now I'm glad.
Though I suppose there's nothing limiting it to prebagged, is there?

And I still remember a case of salmonella from cutting through a cantalope that wasn't washed on the outside, so yes, you will find me washing the cantalope before I slice it in half....

Chew it up like a mama bird!
Hee! I might suggest that next time.

He's 50 years old. I think he can manage to make a sandwich.

Just remembered another kvetch (can you tell my mood? Like I have to ask.)

I don't appreciate PMs telling me how full of shit I am.
Whoa. I always wash produce, regardless. I use the fruit and veggie wash stuff you spray on and rinse off and of course I have my handy veggie scrubber.

Yeah, it does sound to me like he is capable of making a friggin' sandwich. If anything, *he* could making one for the mama to be... not that you're fragile, just saying it would be nice!

Hmmm, pm's of negativity. Can't say as I haven't had a few myself. Shrug it off.

((((anoushh)))) ~~~soothing~~~

Okay, I really am heading to bed...

um, i'm panicked today. yeah, getting work done but fReAkInG out. (now I'm also freaking out about contaminants on fruit and veg and how lax I am sometimes).

my tummy is all knots but I think that is mainly down to the really disturbed dreams I had: terrorist attack right above our heads (that'll teach me to discuss 9/11 the night before), the boy and I running and then contacting everyone, and then a separate dream where the boy and I have split up: not the time to be dreamining things like that. Beginning to get panicked about him leaving tomorrow - yeah, did I mention I'm freaking out slightly?

pesto cheddar? mmm. reminds me I have pesto and sundried tomato stuffed portobello mushrooms for lunch.

(((anoushh))) how horrible. I don't think people care enough to take the time to send negative PMs to me, they just ignore me.

(((yuefie))) ~*~*~*e-coli stay away~*~*~* and how dare you try to kill my PJ?!

love to (((all)))

eta: sassygrrl, I just thought of you, not that it fully compares but I stood on peed duvet a minute ago (I'm bunbun sitting), thank maude I was wearing slipper socks.
((bunnyb stomach and freaking out in general)) Thank you for thinking of me love!

I guess this could go in the writing letter, but I hate my neighbor. No, wait. I hate my neighbor's lawn mower. Must he mow his freaking lawn at 8 in the morning on a Saturday. I wanted to open window, and piss on him.

((anoush)) Bad PM's. Asshats. Pesto chedder sounds yummy....

((yuefie)) Evil spinach!! Funny, because I have craving it all week!

((love to all))

Need cofffee.

Anti-Kvetch: Forgot how great Kevin Smith movies are last night. I watched Dogma again. Must add that one to the list. I saw his website, where I could get an autographed copy... smile.gif

Oh, pink, I'm so sorry...inconsiderate jackass and vibes for your aunt (((pink)))

damn, yuefie. How are you feeling? My mom actually called me yesterday morning while I was in class to tell me not to eat any was weird, but sweet...I hope you're okay (((yuefie)))

ugh, crassy, jersey mud

oh, bunny, I get those dreams when I'm panicked's funny, though, I think my brain has sort of trained my body to give me stressful dreams when I'm emotionally worked-up, because I got all worked up being freaking HAPPY last Saturday, and I had another stressful can totally do this shit!

sassy, I hate that. When I lived with my parents it was every single weekend day we could hear peoples' lawnmowers and leaf-blowers, etc. What is so wrong with letting your grass grow an extra inch (gasp! oh noes!) in exchange for birdsongs and silence. It really bothers my dad...he's learned to enjoy when it rains on the weekends...


I got home last night, opened the door, called out "Hello?" and Mr.Luci answered, "I am a horrible cat daddy I locked Klyde in the closet all day and he shit on everything and it's all over him and I suck" except all one long word...poor klyde and poor boyfriend, he was so upset by this. Klyde (of the avatar) seems okay; a little bit clingy, as he's high-strung anyway (hides during thunderstorms and takes three days to warm up to guests). Mr.Luci just feels like crap still. I told him Klyde has no idea who locked him in the closet, but he does know who let him out of it and further, who put him in the evil bathtub to get the shit off his fur (me). So I think he's okay in Klyde's book, and we're going to leave the closet doors open from now on. I really want to remove them; that's what we did in our old apartment and it really opened the space up, but we have no place to keep the doors here...

Funnily enough, Jinx seemed upset too. I thought that mass of fur was impermeable, but Klyde was probably yelling and scratching a lot of the day and I could see that upsetting the other cat. And now I'm getting upset thinking about how scared he must have been. Must go cuddle him now.
Hey all! I am deeply, deeply tired. Yesterday, our flight out of Boston was at 1:15, but due to the highway construction and hitting a.m. rush hour traffic into the city and having to return the rental car, we got up at 5 a.m...and then our first flight got so delayed we would miss the connecting flight. So, luckily, we were able to change both flights to get home yesterday, but the bad news is we didn't get in until 10:30. *yawn*

And today we have to keep the gallery open...but then the new roller derby is having their first bout tonight AND a friend is having a birthday party. I'm gonna really try to do both things, so I guess I'll look forward to relaxing tomorrow.

Aw, raisin, we WERE so close yet so far.

Anoushh, that cracks me up about the sandwich. And it's totally different, but for some reason it makes me think of my Mr. standing in the bathroom of the condo we rented last could touch the edge of the shower and the opposite wall while stading in the middle of the room it was so small...saying to me, "Can you find me a towel?" WTF?! They were right on the shelf! I guess your mom is manufacturing your hubby's helplessness, while mine actually is!

And for what it's worth, I'm sorry someone sent you nasty PMs. And as an aside, I, personally, love that you are one of the few people on these boards who seems to read my long, long posts about birth and such. And we seem to agree on so much of it! Makes me glad.

Yuefie- hope you're feeling fine.

Luci! That is sort of a funny story...aww. Poor Klyde. Poor Mr. Luci. It'll probably bother the Mr. for longer than the kitty. Animals are resiliant. And I love your avatar; I've been meaning to say so. (((Klyde)))

Mine are still getting used to us being back...I feel bad cuz our friend who was so kind to take care of them for us isn't really the type who will hang out with them a lot, so I think they were lonely. And my girlie won't hardly come out from under the bed still! Wally wouldn't stop biting my ankles last night...he really missed that, I think. tongue.gif


Hi to everyone else!!!
(((bunny))) nooooo. do not freak ****soothing****

aww, poor (((klyde))). And (((luci))) & (((mr luci))) of course.

(((sassy))) stupid neighbour. I can here music somewhere... with too much bass. mad.gif

(((yuefie))) argh! but packet spinach is the only thing pete eats other than carrots.

(((anoushh))) whaa? evil pms... a pox on whoever sent them.

(((rose))) *fling* *mwah*

(((pink))) ***fuck cancer***

(((flanker))) *** job vibes***

(((mando, polly, syb, faith, cstars, fina, vesica, dm, amilita, crassy, raisin, mavin, funnybird - happy anniversary - and everyone else)))

(((sidecar))) how're you holding up?

so... I got my pupper! We've been for a walk in the park - he had a little freak out when a man tried to walk through a gate in the opposite direction, but other than that he's very good. He's not sure about pete - i think he's scared of him as well - so i'm keeping them separate for a while until they both get used to the smell of the other... pete's a little freaked as well, but he's settled down now - part of the problem just now was that pete tried to sniff indigo at the same time. Indigo's lying in the hallway watching me now - he's still a bit stressed out but we'll have dinner in a bit and hopefully all will be well. I'm going to introduce him to G tomorrow evening - walk in the park, maybe dinner if Indigo copes.


Still sending lots of ~{~{~{get thru the weekend}~}~}~ vibe-hugs to {{{{{stevie and her family}}}}}

{{{{{pink & auntie}}}}} FUCK CANCER.

Negative PMs...where you care enough to send the very $&*(#@! {{{{{anoussh}}}}} Also, for what it's worth, my mom does the same thing to me when I'm over at her house with GameBoy. No, it is NOT my "job" to pester him until he sits down so I can get him a drink from the refrigerator he was just standing next to.

{{{{{bunny and stuff}}}}}

{{{{{yuefie}}}}} God, how scary! While that has absolutely nothing to do with *why* I don't eat spinach/lettuce/leafy greens of any sort, I have to admit it's nice to have found a benefit.

Also wanted to include my weekly lurking disclaimer: I've been here most every day and have read most everything. So {{{{{you know who you are}}}}}.

Luci, we have been there, done that with the girl kitty...but lucky for us, I think she'd rather explode than poo anywhere but the box, because she has never ONCE done that in all her pea-pickin' life. She does share that rather spectacular Invisible Kitty ability. smile.gif They will both be OK, soon enough.

Yay for MorningPup! Indigo is SUCH a great name.

I am fiddlefarting around, taking my sweet time to catch up with GB at DruidGirl & NotHippie's. More accurately, I'll be catching up (again, some more) with DruidGirl and GB will happen to be there. It's a day of sex-free girl-on-girl action...anybody wanna watch? biggrin.gif

Kvetch: I have some free-floating poo (though not the literal kind, thankfully) floating around my head and my house.

Anti-Kvetch: The Faerie King and DruidGirl helped me work some of it over last night and I'm feeling much more able to deal with it today.

Now, I will smooch you all before I am turned into a tree (hee! tree hee! oh, I kill me). Love!
((((((sidecar & fam))))))
awww, poor (((((klyde & mr. luci))))) and ((((jinx & luci)))) too.
((((bunny's tummy)))) go away Fear! ~~~soothing & productivity~~~
((((indigo & pete)))) I'm with pete, mornington. I only like the baby spinach which is why I am so squicked out. I'm not much of a fan of regular lettuce, 'cept that butter (boston?) leaf kind, I always get the "live" hydroponically grown stuff. romaine & the like, they're ok. but I despise iceberg, it tastes like dirt to me!
(((((amilita)))) so glad you two had a fabulous vacay, you really deserved that. hope you manage to find some rest and still do all the things you need and want to. and for what it's worth, I really enjoy your posts about birthing too. In fact I'm quite fascinated by them, seeing as you're a labor and delivery nurse. It's nice to have someone who know's their stuff weigh in.
(((sassy))) jerkoffs who mow their lawn's early on weekends are a plague.
((((anoushh)))) let it roll, let it roll!
((((mandi)))) ~~~hassle free party vibes~~~~ and hope danny's doing well.
((((pink)))) more hugs and continued vibes for (((((auntie-pink))))))
((((flanker)))) ~~~jobbie vibes~~~
*runs over and tackles txplumwine, covers her with keeces* (((((plummie))))! huge squishy hugs mah' sugarplum *mwah*
*turns to see where raisin is hiding* you're next wink.gif
(((((polly, crassy, rose, dusty, syb, faith, everyone))))

Thank you all for the job vibes - the search continues this morning/early afternoon. Then I must write my first English essay draft that I've done in years. I'm glad I'm not anxious about it, the way I was in high school when I struggled to put essays together 'cause I couldn't focus.

((bunny)) I'm sorry you're freaking out - hope it passes soon.
~~~~ calming vibes for you ~~~~

When I was a teenager who really enjoyed sleeping in, I had a neighbor who would work on his cars in the driveway sometimes at oh, 7:00 AM. Where was my bedroom? Right by his driveway! Lucky me. But he was the nicest man ever, so I couldn't even be mad.

((klyde, luci & mr. luci))

Mornington, congrats on welcoming your new furry friends home (you got a new bunny too, right?)!

Amilita, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on birth and such too.

~&~&~ job search vibes for sassy ~&~&~ as per your request smile.gif

((txplum)) glad you're around, even when you lurk! I'd love to watch some girl-on-girl action, but I guess I should be responsible and focus. focus. focus. *sigh*
I'm awake & watching the Eddie Izzard marathon on BBC America. Yay! Must remember to buy all of his stuff on DVD. Yup.

What's with all of the nightmares lately? Seems like tons of Busties have been having nightmares lately.
~~zzz~~zzz~~ sweet dreams for my Busties ~~zzz~~zzz~~

Bunny. Darling. Heart of my heart. Get back to work. tongue.gif

((((((Klyde)))))) Poor little thing!

Hooray for Indigo coming home!

And welcome home to Amilita! We missed you. So good to hear that you had such a wonderful time!

I hope that Mandi's big party tonight was fab. Knowing her and her excellent party-hosting skills, her mother had a blast! smile.gif


((((((all of you))))))

So we went bowling with one of Sheff's co-workers tonight (and her boyfriend). We got miserably lost on the way there. And I bowled so poorly! My final score: 42. And yet, we had lots of fun. So that's good.
Watched Izzard last night. Glorious...

Rose, bowling sounded like fun...

((sweet dreams vibes for everyone))

Mornington, yay for bringing home Indigo! He's a doll!

Bunny, get thee to work!

((Kylde)). Funny kitty story of my own. My roommate's cat got all angry at her, and spilled her pounce all over the house. So, I had to clean it up. Poor little thing.

Welcome home Amilita!

Mandi, I know you had a fab party last night!


((all my other busties)))

Anti-kvetch: Got big dinner date tonight!! Nervous!! sad.gif

Flanker, contiuned job vibes as well smile.gif
(((sassy))) ooh, dates wink.gif . ***don't be nervous***

(((rose))) I wanna watch an izzard marathon!

Indigo has just got up. He woke me at six to go for a walk, but I refused to take him properly until eight... he's going back to sleep now. He lies in the hallway because he knows he's not allowed near Pete... he desperately wants to know what Pete is - he's scared and curious all at once. Pete doesn't help because he sniffs right back... silly creatures. I'm a little worried 'cos Indigo's not eating, but I'm about to go try him on some lunch. And then I'm meeting N (the ex bf) for a toddle round the park... all good fun.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! ((((kvetchettes))))

Yay (((Indigo)))! He seems to be settling in well--I remember the anxiety of introducing a new pet to the established ones.

Ooh, sassy, a dinner date! Details? Did you go "date shopping" for something fabulous? I always bought a new acessory or item of clothing before a date--part of the fun!


Amilita, the towel story sounds like my mr., to a t. My main job is to know where absolutely everything is, at all times.

Rose, I'm jealous of the Izzard marathon! And, how's the bag hunt?

(((Bunny))) Here's to peaceful dreams tonight.

~~~job vibes~~~ for flanker. And let me know if I can help with proffreading or anything--it's what I used to do for fun in high school/college. (I used to pester friends and loved ones for things to proof.)

The mr. is feeling better enoughto be up and about, and to get reeeeeally cranky at not going back to work yet. A good sign, but difficult for me, as I take the brunt of the frustration. I'm trying to do everything at once, including the chores that are usually his, and lots of hand-holding/cheering-section duties for someone who's as likely to bite my head off as thank me. It's taking its emotional toll. I'm drained.

((((hugs)))) and much love to all my lovelies!! I'm off to prepare for my evaluation/observation this week!
Tempest, I did buy some new underwear!! Not that he's going to see them, but they make me feel sexy. And I got a new pair of jeans... So, I guess I did buy something new!

Yes, we're narrowed it down to NY strip (heheh) steaks, garlic mashed potatoes, corn, and those awesome Nutella mud pies that I posted in the throllie thread. I'm still really nervous! smile.gif

He's picking me up at 2, and we're going shopping for food. And hiting Best Buy as well.
Yay sassy! As long as they make you feel sexy, they count as date shopping! And the new jeans fall squarely into that realm...are you going to wear them tonight?

Ooh, nutella mud pies? I have to try that. I need another great dessert recipe.

Are you excited nervous, apprehensive nervous, or both?
Both... smile.gif

But also really excited as well. Eek!

Yes, they seem addictive (mud pies). Probably not good for the waistline, but what the hell. I'll report back later!

((flanker)) Good luck with the job search.

((anoushh)) Mom DM used to try that shit about me getting food, etc. for Mr. DM. No he is capable of doing things for himself. Dad DM used to sit in the living room and expect his food to be brought to him. I’d tell him to get up and get up himself. To his credit he has gotten better about helping over the years.

I am so lazy when it comes to washing fruits and veggies, I just run it under the tap. Maybe I should be more cautious.

((sassy)) Boo for neighbor’s mowing at 8 a.m. Good luck on the date.

((amilita)) Glad you had a nice vacation, too bad the trip back had problems.

((mornington)) Yay for getting Indigo, and a bed big enough for him. I want a dog so bad as my boston stays with Twin DM.

((Mandi)) Hope the part went well.

((rose and sheff)) Glad you two had fun bowling. I love bowling, but I’m way too competitive, as with everything.


This weekend had been ok, but I just can’t seem to make it through the weekend without getting snappy at Mr. DM. It makes me feel so bad, and I can’t explain my bad mood. My goal is to not snap today, and try to enjoy the day.

I'm only awake now because I've consumed obscene amounts of caffeine, Lucozade and Haribo sweets.
Not doing too good, I held it together at the train station with the boy (I had to be strong or else he would lose it and I had to be there for his mum who got quite upset) but now that the tiredness and stress has hit me, all I want is my boy. I know I can't fall apart just now but I can't concentrate and I know I'm not going to make tomorrow's deadline and have contacted my course head. I want to curl up in my duvet and cry over a tub of Ben & Jerry's but I need to work through it.


Uhhhh, I am sooo full. Just got back from brunch with my girlfriend, her baby, my sis and niece and we all ate too much. Mmmm cheesy grits & turkey hash scramble. My niece how the hugest stack of chocolate chip pancakes I've ever seen! GF and I stayed up late looking up old friends on MySpace and found one of her first major crushes. Sooo, I sent him a message, heh. Anyway, be back later. *mwah*

(((((((((((((ENORMOUS hugs for Bunny)))))))))))))))))
Oh love ... I know so very well how you must feel right now. All of those times when Sheff or I had to say goodbye & fly away from the other, not knowing when we would get to see one another again. It's heart-breaking, I know. I hope that soon you will be able to lift up your head and see the great opportunities that this will provide for you two. Sometimes being apart can strengthen communication skills because that's the main thing you have. Plus, those reunions are pretty spectacular! So have faith, dear. Not all is lost. When a love is meant to be, mere miles cannot kill it.
((((((((( more love for Bunny )))))))))

~$~$~$~ job vibes for flanker ~$~$~$~

((((( peace and love for DM )))))

Sassy, that dinner sounds delicous! I was drooling just reading your post.

Yuefie, how are you and PJ feeling? Tummies in tact?

My friend V is going through a hell of a lot of stress. Friday was her birthday and also was the day she walked out on her job (and rightly so, if you ask me). But she has recently signed a lease on a new apartment and she has no idea where the money will come from for rent, let alone food, and she feels soooooo overwhelmed. And for some unknown reason, she broke up with her new boyfriend this weekend, too. She's been crying and vomiting from the stress and I'm stuck here, over 1,000 miles away, unable to think of anything helpful to say. sad.gif
So anyway. Vibes for V if you have any to spare.

I'm making fajitas for dinner. Rose needs Mexican food! Needs it NOW! Numnumnumnumnum.
Oooooh, I've spotted Tesao over in LJ land. Guess it's just a matter of time before she posts here! wub.gif

And Mandomyheart, I'm waiting for an update from you! wub.gif

(((((Kvetchies in Sunday night distress))))))
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